Trump Weighs Private Spy Network To Counter Deep State: “It Is A Direct-Action Arm… Totally Off The Books”

by | Dec 10, 2017 | Headline News | 90 comments

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    The Deep State surveillance network, powered by technology developed by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden, is in full effect. Over the last several weeks we’ve learned that not only did the Obama White House deploy a vast spy net over anyone within President Donald Trump’s political and business orbit while he was still a candidate for office, but that they were actively monitoring other organizations and individuals such as Blackwater founder Eric Prince.

    Now, according to David Knight of Infowars, the President is turning the tables and is reportedly considering hiring private spies to counter the Deep State’s attacks on his Presidency.

    Via The Intercept:

    The sources say the plans have been pitched to the White House as a means of countering “deep state” enemies in the intelligence community seeking to undermine Donald Trump’s presidency.

    “Pompeo can’t trust the CIA bureaucracy, so we need to create this thing that reports just directly to him,” said a former senior U.S. intelligence official with firsthand knowledge of the proposals, in describing White House discussions. “It is a direct-action arm, totally off the books,” this person said, meaning the intelligence collected would not be shared with the rest of the CIA or the larger intelligence community. “The whole point is this is supposed to report to the president and Pompeo directly.”

    In an interview with Owen Shoyer, Dr. Steve Pieczenik explains how such direct action may work:

    I think it’s an interesting idea… the Deep State probably entails 16 to 18 intelligence networks… Most of the spy business is too fragmented and having the DNI (Director Of National Intelligence) created over all of them makes it even more of a problem… I think we’re over-manned and under-staffed intellectually… I don’t think most of our spies are really trained very well…


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      1. I fully support the move considering all the opposition Trump has been facing. He’s trying to save the country. If this operation will help, I say go for it. I’ll support anything that will help save this country. The deep state has to be stopped and defeated at all costs.

        • Its not only deep state, its all the domestic enemies and traitors too

        • BH, He’s helping to usher in the NWO, otherwise he would never have been selected. She’s worse, but he’s not much better. He’s not going to save the country. You’re gullible and easily misled, his favorite kind of person.

          • Pentagon To Undergo First Ever Audit After Decades Of Sloppy Accounting And Missing Trillions

            By Tyler Durden Zero Hedge- ht tp://

            After decades of waste, overpayments, trillions of missing or improperly accounted for dollars, and most recently losing track of 44,000 US soldiers, the Pentagon is about to undergo its first audit in history conducted by 2,400 auditors from independent public accounting firms to conduct reviews across the Army, Navy, Air Force and more – followed by annual audits going forward.

            The announcement follows a May commitment by Pentagon comptroller David Norquist, who previously served as the CFO at the Department of Homeland Security when the agency performed its audit. “Starting an audit is a matter of driving change inside a bureaucracy that may resist it,” Norquist told members of the Armed Services Committee at the time when pressed over whether or not he could get the job done at the DHS.

            According to the DoD release:

            The audit is massive. It will examine every aspect of the department from personnel to real property to weapons to supplies to bases. Some 2,400 auditors will fan out across the department to conduct it, Pentagon officials said.

            “It is important that the Congress and the American people have confidence in DoD’s management of every taxpayer dollar,” Norquist said.

            The Pentagon is no stranger to criticism over serious waste and purposefully sloppy accounting. A DoD Inspector General’s report from 2016 – which appears to be unavailable on the DoD website (but fortunately WAS archived)- found that in 2015 alone a staggering $6.5 trillion in funds was unaccounted for out of the Army’s budget, with $2.8 trillion in “wrongful adjustments” occurring in just one quarter.

            In 2015, the Pentagon denied trying to shelve a study detailing $125 billion in waste created by a bloated employee counts for noncombat related work such as human resources, finance, health care management and property management. The report concluded that $125 billion could be saved by making those operations more efficient.

            On September 10th, 2001, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld announced that “According to some estimates we cannot track $2.3 trillion in transactions,” after a Pentagon whistleblower set off a probe. A day later, the September 11th attacks happened and the accounting scandal was quickly forgotten.

            And twenty years before that, DoD analyst Franklin C. Spinney exposed what he called “accounting games,” saying “Those numbers are pie in the sky. The books are cooked routinely year after year.” In a 2002 testimony before the House Committee on Government Reform, Spinney laid out the DoD’s accounting quagmire of un-auditable books and budget projections which don’t match reality.

          • Anonymous, do you have any evidence to support what you’re saying?

        • I back the country and the constitution. I fail to see how yet another off the books, extraconstitutional “direct action” bunch of spooks can be a good thing.

      2. Its a damn shame that the political system is so corrupt that an “off the books” group needs to be employed to circumvent the “off the books” group that circumvents the legal established order.

        • Kevin2, yes it’s a real shame, but Trump is dealing with people who are ruthless and will stop at nothing to get us into the NWO. I say the Trump administration has no choice but to be at least as equally ruthless to defeat the deep state. The deep state plays dirty so the Trump crowd has to also play at least equally dirty. You don’t win conflicts by playing pattycake with your opponents.

          • Braveheart1776

            As I stated:

            “an “off the books” group needs to be employed to circumvent the “off the books” group that circumvents the legal established order.”

            We as a people slept, shrouded in unquestioning patriotism (when there were countless reasons to question) and allowed the Republic to be literally stolen before our eyes. There are people that confuse blind obedience with patriotism. If the US decided to attack Canada there are Americans that would be supportive. They have comfort in being followers.

            • There is the problem. Mindless obedient brainwashed people. Too lazy in their thinking to dissect information and too lazy or insecure to use critical thinking. People don’t want to think about who or what rules them as long as they are ok and entertained. They want to fit in with the crowd and the crowd gets their info from MSM outlets. To think outside the box takes research and effort. The less effort people have to do the better in their minds. They think that the govt. knows best and will handle all the issues for them. The same can be said for the food industry. The people think if it’s on the market and FDA approved it must be ok. Same with drugs. They are FDA approved so the doctors and scientists know best. The people (sheeple) will hand over all decisions in their lives to complete strangers as long as it is govt. approved. The medical mafia is another story. I see so many ad’s on tv for drugs and then almost as many from law firms sueing these drug makers for damages. But hey, the world still turns and the sheeple still trust them. Obesity, diabetes, cancers, all sorts of ailments are directly related to govt. approved things. People are for the most part pathetic sheep that cannot or will not take responsibility for their own lives and health. In my opinion the crap that is happening is of their own choosing. Laziness both physically and mentally has a big price to pay. You make your bed…. you lay in it.

              • Genius, you nailed it and that’s about the size of it. I’m proud that I avoid all MSM sources. I’m in good health and not on any FDA poisons. I don’t follow orders from anyone. I’m not someone’s good little Nazi and I don’t fit into anyone’s box. I know how to recognize propaganda. I live in the real world, not the freakin fantasy world of the sheeple.

                • Sorry BH, but your Trump’s good little Nazi, you just don’t know it. Oh, and you are the sheeple.

                  • You will find that posting here anonymously only gets you dismissed and laughed at. Doubly so if you employ incorrect grammar.

                  • Anonymous, if you can back up your statements with any kind of proof, present it to me and I’ll look at it, otherwise STFU. Since you won’t post under any kind of moniker you’re not making a good impression on anyone.

              • Good post ‘ol boy. Shame only a few will take heed.

            • Kevin2, yes it’s sad but true. The ones who confuse blind obedience with patriotism don’t have critical thinking skills like you, I, and the other people here at this site. And yes I’ve always questioned patriotism When I found reasons to do so. I’ve lost count of how many times people gave me the craziest looks when I question certain things. They would look at me as if I just arrived from the moon. It was clear to me that they lacked critical thinking skills. This was back in the 60s and 70s. Even then most people were brainwashed by MSM. A lot of people regarded me as a pariah back in those days, but so be it. I know how to think for myself and I know how to recognize propaganda when I see it and hear it. I don’t regret being an independent thinker for one minute. The sheeple have comfort in being followers but I have comfort in being a rebel.

              • And comfort in making my own decisions (good or bad). I don’t blindly hand control of my life and what I do over to some unseen all powerful tyrants. Break the law? That depends on if that law is constitutional and moral. The supreme court (Marbury vs. Madison) said ” any law that is repugnent to the constitution is as if it never existed” So in that I say, moonshining and carrying a concealed weapon without a permit is moot. There is NO CRIME if there is NO VICTIM!

                • Genius, Kevin, and Brave. I agree with what you are saying. The crime , from the govt. point of view, is that the machine did not get to collect their fees. Funny how the dollar makes everything ok.

                • “Break the law? That depends on if that law is constitutional and moral.”

                  Actually there is somewhat a legal definition for that;

                  Malum Prohibitum:
                  Illegal because the law says so.

                  Malum In Se:
                  Illegal because its morally wrong. Examples, rape, murder, theft.

                  Throughout history some of the most moral people picked and chose on the former while adhering to the latter. Its not too uncommon that the former directly conflicts with the latter.

                  • Paraphrasing the latin legal definitions – does man serve law or does law serve man; in today’s govt., the latter is the case

              • No BH, sorry to tell you but you have no critical thinking skills. You can’t even discern normal from crazy. BOTH Trump and Hillary are mentally ill nuts. She is more covert than he is, but they are both nuts. And dangerous.

                ONE HINT OF MANY: Trump picked Sessions knowing he stood for Policing For Profit/Civil Asset Forfeiture because Trump has no issue with that, a clear sign of no moral compass = mental illness. And that’s only one example of many. But you can’t discern normal from disordered because those critical thinking skills you think you possess. Nope. They don’t exist. Only in your oversized ego and wild imagination.

                You are not a rebel, you’re an aggressive sheeple. Remember, people who are brainwashed don’t know they are brainwashed, otherwise they couldn’t be brainwashed, could they.

                • BH is my friend, makes great posts and certainly is not nuts. Your correct that Trump is an authoritarian not a libertarian. I didn’t have the choice of picking through 320 million people for President; the choice was two and with that Trump was greatly preferred. My choice of those in the real running was US Senator Dr Rand Paul. I wish he was at least VP just in case TPTB wish to go full court press against Trump. Imagine Trump saying, “Get me and you get him”. “Can you say audit Ft Knox and the Federal Reserve?”

                  • Kevin2, THANK YOU, SIR.

                  • Kevin2-CORRECTION: You’re correct, NOT “Your correct.”

                    You typed “Your correct”, Stuart the Grammar Nazi will be along soon to correct you. Thought I’d beat him to it. Before you and Brave use that as a lead-in to tell me to beat it, I’ll do so whenever I’m damn good and ready.

                    I didn’t say Braveheart is nuts. I said he doesn’t have the critical thinking skills he thinks he has. He’s hyper-alert and exceptionally self-sufficient and doesn’t follow the herd who will lead him down the wrong path, like into debt just for one. But then he follows the Trump crowd and trusts him. There is no correlation with hyper-alert/self-sufficient and critical thinking skills. They are not related.

                    Like I said, he’s an aggressive sheeple, not dumb. He’s aggressive and he follows the Trump crowd who are also being misled. He also believes a pathological liar, which = easily misled, which = sheeple.

                    So, let’s not get alert/self-sufficient and critical thinking confused — two different things. Critical thinkers can discern trustworthy from untrustworthy with ease, and pathological lying from honesty/truth, just for two, and they also don’t think if they stop supporting Trump it means they are now loyal to Hillary, who is also very untrustworthy and corrupt. They know their BS Detector is set on high, and unlike others are not delusional or imaging it. I was born, raised and educated in NYC, am only 10 yrs younger than Trump, and have had Trumps’ number since the 80’s. I saw and heard things you didn’t see.

                    As a suggestion, for about a third of your news source watch MSNBC. I know they are liberal crackpots, but watch them anyway, and see the other side. “Keep your friends close but keep your enemies closer.” But I’d say a third, or as much as you can stand is adequate, and to YOUR advantage, not theirs. Try it and see.

                    As far as the Anonymous screen name, are you saying your screen name isn’t anonymous? It seems if one’s screen name doesn’t identify them in any way, then they too are anonymous. — Anonymous

                  • “BH is my friend”? Get out of here! How on earth can you call someone who you’ve never met your friend? An acquaintance yes, but friend?

                    Look at the recent record of your “friend” to see that he is a snide hypocrite. Pretending to be someone’s friend (HCKS) and at the same time doing him down behind his back and eventually forcing him off of this site!

                    If that’s the sort of person you call friend, your critical and moral judgement is severely impaired, which makes the rest of the quasi intellectual pronouncements that you post here very suspect.

                • Anonymous, I’ll only say this one last time. Either shit or get off the damn pot. Show some proof or STFU. Anyone posting under your name has no credibility.

                  • Braveheart1776 or Deplorable braveheart? What’s your monicker next week? At least Anonymous is consistent. Speaking of consistency, it wasn’t so long ago that you were rubbishing Trump on this very forum.

                    And, let’s face it, everyone here posts under a nom de guerre. If you want honesty post in your real name or, as you so inelegantly put it, STFU.

                    However, no one is that foolish, that’s why you, alongside everyone else here hides under an assumed name.

                    What’s so important that you need a pretend name to attack? Oh, and your patently obvious hero worship of k2 is particularly nauseating!

                  • BH, Every time I provided proof; link to Howard Stern show transcripts from the 80’s and 90’s about “get them young”, and mentions of Ivanka’s breasts and that he suggested to her getting breast implants right on the air, and also that he owned Trump Modeling agency for over a decade, promising young, pretty underage girls ages 12-16 successful modeling careers and then sexually assaulting a few of the many girls and threatening the ones that came forward, and then there’s the articles from the 1990’s that ran for 21-days within a 60-day time period of Trump’s front-page news headlines announcing in big, bold, all caps, “Best Sex Of My Life” right after being caught cheating on Ivana with Marla, and openly admitting several times last year that Jeff Epstein a registered Tier 3 sex offender/pedophile and felon is his best friend — all these links were already provided. You ignored them. And there’s more. Lots more.

                    I don’t know where you are from, but where I come from NONE of these behaviors, along with him being involved with the seedy underworld and a few known crime-family mobsters whom he openly and proudly hung out with during his gambling casino days, are consistent with **good moral character and judgement**, but unless one has critical thinking ability and a strong moral compass, they wouldn’t be able to see that.

                    Critical Thinkers do not see the world in black-and-white and either-or, nor do they buy into lies.

                    In the past I’ve replied to your requests for proof with links and you ignored them, so I am done with all that. Not falling for it again. Google is your friend. Find out for yourself. Or keep believing lies. Your choice.

      3. Good move. But, the President must keep his thumb on the mercenaries employed, or things could get dicey.

        • Things are dicy now and have been for a long time. The CIA is rogue. Think Kennedy had control of them on November 22nd 1963?

          • Trump has never allowed anyone to push him around and appears fearless. Conditions are such today, the deep state traitors criminal acts are being exposed for all to see and as mentioned above, they are reacting like a cornered wolverine.

            • Mrbud, Bullies aren’t fearless. The word is insecure.

              “Appears” would be the key word in your post. He appears to be what he is not; the great deceiver.

      4. Seems like in less then a year Trump has all the soddomites from Saudi Arabia to the USA running for their lives? Go Trump.

      5. The politicization of the intelligence community is the legacy of the Obama administration. Can you imagine what it would have been like with another eight years of that?

        • It predated that by at least 54 years.

      6. Spraying down all my ammo with dry Teflon lube. Can’t hurt?

        • You got a sticky gun? I doubt it will hurt just don’t breath it and wash your hands well when finished. Must be an AR-15?

      7. Does the average Chinese soldier have 308 proof body armor? Blind them with bird shot? Or a 22 in the face. Adapt accordingly?

        • What’s a Chinese soldier have to do with it?

          • They do make body armour that is supposed to stop a .308 at 50 yds. Hence a 30.06 or .300 WM is better but still, the impact of a .308 would about kill you anyway.

      8. If you haven’t taped a traveler plastic bottle to the end of your 22 . And realized the significance. You might be misinformed?

      9. Revolvers don’t leave tell tale brass behind?

      10. Don’t forget , An infrared resistance vest can be made from a car windshield heat blind . Infrared is gonna get you? Adapt accordingly?

      11. Gotta love a good umbrella.Portable shelter. A tent you can walk with? Golf umbrellas the best? Pop up tent? Gotta love a good umbrella?

        • OK those are good ideas but I passed them 25 years ago. Have moved on to more in depth things. Learn some chemistry and use the net to find a plethora of info and parts.

      12. We will be hear , hear and gone like a song. All this time so long and were gone .Should we repent and be fine or stay drunk all the time , couse were hear a short time then long gone ? Do what we can while we can? Sacrafice? Or die for nothing? Take your pick?

        • Nobody here is going to be remembered for anything after a generation or two. I will die when my time comes I can’t stop it. But if I die fighting the tyrants then I can pretty much guarantee, they aint going to have any fun doing it and the cost WILL be high for them.

      13. Mac Slavo. You support everything this sexual predator and bullshit artist President does. You will also censor this.

      14. I think Nailbanger has the right idea.
        It is 4GW. As Nail and I both know we face a
        government that is out of control. Ours
        is and has been for years.
        Trump has figured it out and hopefully
        he will route out the festering rot that
        Democrats secrete.
        Government employees should never
        have been allowed to Unionize.
        I spent most my working life as a union member
        so I can complain.
        FBI has a union and our Military does not.
        Who do you trust?

        • Who do I trust?
          No one.

        • Niether….

      15. Yeah, Trump’s own Schutzstaffel, I’ve been calling for it for a while now! It’s the only thing he can do to protect himself and his family.

        • I would sign on for that detail.

        • Oberst, Trump is still using his own private security that’s he’s had for decades.

          • I would bet it is mossad!

      16. Long overdue.

      17. I would think it would be a lot more effective if they had kept it under wraps until they had info. that would help their cause.

      18. He should JFK them and scatter the cia/”intelligence agencies” into a thousand pieces and give them to the wind.

      19. I was thinking the same thing ‘still playing in the mud’, but the President is a strategist and I would imagine it’s already in place. My biggest concern is Sessions.

        • Magpie, my one reservation about Sessions is that he supports civil asset forfeiture just like his predecessors. I believe Roy Moore would’ve made a better AG since he follows the constitution.

          • Good point!

          • Thats why my motto is scorched earth,
            They can have the ashes

          • BH

            Unfortunately we are forced to make compromises. I really dislike it. The USSC is supposed to make the issues that are near and dear to us, adherence to the Bill Of Rights and Constitution in word and intent a moot point.

      20. Everything is politicized…….everything. Where do we get the truth? Who is guarding the guards?

        • Jim in Va.

          Well over 2000 years ago the question was asked; “Who protects us from our protectors”. Unfortunately even with time and geography we’re still waiting for a satisfactory answer. The cold reality is “Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely”. The larger the entity, the more wealth it manages, the more power it has, the more corrupt it is. The most insidious corruption is that which masquerades under the cover of benevolence and necessary for the protection of the people.

          • That reminds me of AL Pacino in the godfather movies lol. The more you try and go legit, the more criminal it gets!

            • JUST WHEN YOU THINK YOU’RE OUT, THEY SUCK YOU BACK IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      21. I would volunteer to help his opponents disappear into the Night and Fog.

      22. Watch the movie Casino. The desert can be a useful place.

      23. Goodfellas also has good lessons.

        • I hit one of them deers ma.

      24. Night Of The Long Knives.

        • More like “Night of the short lives” lol

      25. Trump needs a special forces plus spy’s team. The special forces dudes job, to kill any spy that steps out of line.

        These are dangerous times.

        Any special group that Trump could put together, will include turncoats. The issue how to clean house.

        The swamp is deep and full of nasties.

        • Ya and I am the nastiest asshole you will ever meet! Trust me…..

      26. Watching the Kate Stienle memorial Antifa protests . Shows how bad we need a total to the bone civil war? The take no prisoners type.

      27. Would it not make sense that we just destroy the NSA? Much cheaper?

      28. “Totally off the books”

        oh boy!

        and fools will gladly sign up for the utter stupidity

      29. waaaay too much Trump sucking going on in here


        just be responsible for your own psychosis when the chips are played ..mmmmk?

      30. The opposition are useful idiots, so dysfunctional, that there was no way they could earn their keep in a social setting.

        And, we are supposed to believe it requires special powers, to deal with that.

        You were keeping nature from taking it’s rightful course.

      31. Your controlled opposition is too degenerate, to earn their keep in a polite, clean, social setting. The enemy you have set up, over us, was never that credible, for the past 50 or so years, since the civil rights era.

        And, now, you’re telling us that it takes special, authoritarian powers, to deal with the simpletons and beasts — your own pets, who defied common sense.

      32. It’s time for an American version of the KBG. Eliminate the DIA, CIA and FBI. Have a single agency under direct control of the president.

      33. When suspicion of those around you is justified, it is not paranoia.

      34. Anonymous is nothing but a Libtard shill who can’t take the truth that Crooked Hillary lost and the Democraps are nothing but corrupt piles of shit and they all- including him need to be removed from this country or from the face of the earth- either one is fine.

      35. so true Mrbud
        to finally clean out the deep state and wind up with a completely rogue org with no, 0, zip, nada oversite would be catastrophic.

      36. The CIA was originally set up under the executive power…from the OSS, I believe. The president’s own personal special ops outfit. It went rogue shortly after Allen Dulles took over.

        So, start another spook outfit…the more the merrier. The whole of government is a corrupt cesspool anyway. Fuck them all.

        Stay off my grass.

      37. Sorry doesn’t sound like the president. with any move he intends he never tells anyone what he will do. totally out of character.

      38. Awww…Eff it. Drain the swamp. Trump has a good start.

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