Trump Signs 3 Executive Orders: Withdraws From TPP, Freezes Federal Hiring, Limits Overseas Abortion Funding

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    This report was originally published by Tyler Durden at Zero Hedge

    As we previewed and was widely expected, President Trump has just signed 3 executive orders: one officially withdrawing the US from the Trans Pacific Partnership, a second one instituting a federal hiring freeze except for the military, and a 3rd executive order limiting abortion funding overseas.

    “It’s a great thing for the American worker, what we just did,” Trump said on Monday after signing an order withdrawing the U.S. from the Trans-Pacific Partnership accord with 11 other nations. He didn’t sign any actions to direct a renegotiation of the Nafta accord with Mexico and Canada, yet he said on Sunday he would begin talks with the two leaders on modifying the accord, BBG reported. “We’ve been talking about this a long time,” Trump said.

    As the AP notes, the move is basically a formality, since the agreement had yet to receive required Senate ratification. Trade experts say that approval was unlikely to happen given voters’ anxiety about trade deals and the potential for job losses.  It remains unclear if Trump would seek individual deals with the 11 other nations in TPP— a group that represents roughly 13.5 percent of the global economy, according to World Bank figures. Trump has blamed past trade deals such as the North American Free Trade Agreement and China’s entrance into the World Trade Organization for a decline in U.S. factory jobs.

    Trump’s trade focus fulfills a campaign promise to rewrite America’s trade policy during his first days as president. In declaring his determination to renegotiate Nafta, Trump would rework an agreement that has governed commerce in much of the Western hemisphere for 22 years. By scrapping the Trans-Pacific Partnership accord negotiated by former President Barack Obama, Trump will delight many of his most fervent supporters as well as a good many Democrats, while opening an economic vacuum in Asia that China is eager to fill.

    Trump campaigned against the TPP and other trade deals, including Nafta, during his campaign for the White House. In a video released in November, Trump promised to exit TPP “on day one,” calling it “a potential disaster for our country.”

    The TPP, a 12-country deal that sought to liberalize trade between the U.S. and Pacific Rim nations including Japan, Mexico and Singapore, was a signature piece of former Obama’s attempt to pivot U.S. global strategy to focus on the fast-growing economies of Asia.

    With TPP now history, Trump will next focus on NAFTA.

    The president said Sunday that he’ll meet with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto to begin discussing NAFTA, which he has routinely blamed for the loss of U.S. jobs. The newly sworn-in president praised Mexico for being “terrific” and signaled that he’s willing to work with the U.S.’s closest neighbors.

    “We’re going to start renegotiating on Nafta, on immigration, and on security at the border,” Trump said at the start of a swearing-in ceremony for top White House staff. “I think we’re going to have a very good result for Mexico, for the United States, for everybody involved. It’s really very important.”

    Officials in Canada, which is the biggest buyer of U.S. exports, have indicated they want to avoid getting entangled with the Trump administration’s targeting of imports from Mexico and China. The three countries are the biggest trading partners of the U.S.

    David MacNaughton, Canada’s ambassador to the U.S., told reporters his focus is on avoiding Canada being “collateral damage” in trade actions.

    We wish David the best of luck, especially since the ball is now entirely in Trump’s court.

    * * *

    A second Executive order confirms a federal hiring freeze, “except for military,” President Trump tells reporters while signing order.

    President Donald Trump is signing a memorandum that freezes hiring for some federal government workers as a way to reduce payrolls and rein in the size of the federal workforce.

    Trump’s directive is fulfilling one of his campaign promises. He tells reporters that members of the military will be exempted from the hiring freeze.

    The new president has vowed to take on the federal bureaucracy and the action could be the first step in an attempt to curtail government employment.

    The memorandum signed by Trump’s is similar to one that President George W. Bush signed at the start of his administration in 2001.

    And a third executive order saw President Donald Trump is reinstating a ban on providing federal money to international groups that perform abortions or provide information on the option.

    The regulation has been something of a political football, instituted by Republican administrations and rescinded by Democratic ones since 1984.

    Most recently, President Barack Obama ended the ban in 2009.

    Trump signed it one day after the Jan. 22 anniversary of the Supreme Court’s 1973 Roe vs. Wade decision that legalized abortion in the United States, the date which is traditionally when presidents take action on the policy.

    The policy also prohibits taxpayer funding for groups that lobby to legalize abortion or promote it as a family planning method.

    As we laid out before, here is a brief summary of what Trump can (and can not do) on day one. Exhibit 3 lists the President’s “Contract with Voters”, which includes several items that can be accomplished through executive action but involves significant legislative activity as well.


    This report was originally published by Tyler Durden at Zero Hedge


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      1. President Trump, GO GO GO! Godspeed and I stand behind you, sir!

        • He may just need a civilian militia for what the elite may reign down….

          This will be interesting when the elite temper tantrum starts…

          • Boyo, I’ll volunteer for such a militia if it comes to that. I wouldn’t have any problem taking on the globalists.

            • Count me in!

          • I’m in.

            • Count on Me my, Wife, Son and my Daughters. Along with my Prepper Group. Small army of around 150.

              Trump just might need us. I will stand with Trump!


              • I will also stand and take out more than my share!when it is time.

        • WOW!! I CANT BELIEVE THIS!! TRUMP IS ACTING TO PROTECT US AND OUR COUNTRY!! That’s strange… we haven’t had this in our country for a long time– He actually seems to be “For the People”??!! Baffling!! ;/ (No, I’m not being sarcastic. I really find it strange and confusing… and very, very pleasing..)

      2. And the work of restoring our American republic begins!

      3. Soooooooooooooooo!!! 🙂 now lets see………………….

        I only had one issue, “the 2nd Amendment”, I had made my decision long before all the media BS, never watched any debates, I already knew who I was gona vote for when this thing started and Trump stated his stand on guns.

        NOW I want to see just how he plans to deal with it, I realize the schumerites, California babes, NY bloomers,and the rest will do what they can to stop him, however, all/any gun control executive orders best be done away with ASAP as he said he would do, and those he can do.

        I want to see a republican bill hit the floor on “Constitutional carry” “country wide”, (off shore or attached states) and any so called US Territories.

        I want to see a bill like the one that half baked anti gun Kane signed here in VA just as he was leaving the Gov seat, after crying all this gun control crap, he signs a bill to allow “retired” LEO to carry “anywhere”, “anytime” with or with out a permit, and drink and drive too I suppose, incl judges, while we retired military type that also did 20 to 30 years in a uniform are subject to being turned into instant felons or shot holding a water pistol.

        So I’m glad it turned out like it did, otherwise the usual suspects would have pasted the headlines all over “its a mandate”. I also want to see more legislation protecting people that use deadly force for self protection, ie civil suits control. I also want to see some federal bill allowing us military retirees with permits to carry on military posts, we travel and like me use the local post daily, but am not able to “legally” carry on post, which makes it pretty silly in a way, I’d be willing to lock it in the trunk when going on post if that’s acceptable.

        VA almost pulled it out too, but the voting rights act for felons made did make some difference as expected by this Gov we deal with now, he knew exactly what he was doing and why, but it didn’t help the big picture.

        So I’m glad he got in, now I want to see what he actually does on that issue. If nothing comes out of it, than I’m done with either D or R. Maybe the “D’s” will learn something and realize people value their right to self protection.

        And as far as this BS of saying owning a gun is like owning a car, the Right” to drive isn’t in the constitution, (although its pretty much at a necessity point) the right to self protection is, if the founders had wanted that, they would have at the time added an amendment for the right for all men to own a horse or what ever mode of transportation was available.

        Although I will admit there are some good issues that the Democrat party have, but self protection over rides them. Revenge is a real trait, its what makes countries go to war when attacked, its the same with people, we are each like a country, some will fold when attacked, but some will fight back, it may be revenge, but its called “the right of self protection” by countries.

        I expect it will be another 4 years of in fighting anyway, too many issues on both sides that will continue to divide the country as usual, were too diverse in every way, and it will only continue that way with demographics changing daily.

        btw, never got any voting request Russian emails either…………

        • WKWC I agree with most everything you posted, but I don’t expect a lot of gun laws being repealed. I would like to see, H.R.38 – Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act of 2017 passed right away, while we have a chance. It is a stick in the eye of all blue states. It requires all states to honor CCW licenses issued in other states. Here in Hawaii although legal, no private CCW licenses are ever issued.
          If the law passes I will then renew my old WA state CCW license. I will then carry here in Hawaii. Many of my fellow Hawaii citizens that will do the same(in states of their choice) and we will start to “work” the system for some change.
          Then we can start to work on open and “Constitutional carry”.
          I hate Democrats and what they have done to our 2nd Amendment rights.

          • How do you feel about States Rights relative to CC ?

            I remember as a kid, there was quite a bit of variability (still is to some degree) in the driving age in the several States with the more Southern States having a younger driving age.

            New York State was 18 at the time (As I remember – please correct me for the late 1950s early 60s)

            Whatever the age, on several occasions Southern kids with valid drivers’ licenses were stopped in NY for a traffic issue and then promptly grounded on-the-spot, could not drive their vehicle further, and had to be ‘rescued’ by family or friends.

            That went away somewhere along the line and we now have driver’s license reciprocity (best I know) throughout the US.

            Driving is not a Constitutional Right, but a licensed privilege of the State (so it is argued..)

            So the logic train here is “If a licensed privilege of the State is mandatory (or did everybody just to hell with it ?) to be recognized, then a license relative to a Constitutional Right ought to be recognized ?”


            • bb
              How do you feel about States Rights relative to CC ?

              States should follow the Constitution. Constitutional Carry. No ifs ands or buts.

              Just because we are in the 21St. century doesn’t mean that there aren’t predators that will attack you. They carried them all the time in the 19th and 20th century why not now? A predator is a predator.


              • Sgt Dale

                States should follow the Constitution.

                Certainly at a minimum Carry Permits should be honored in all states. I see zero grey area in interpreting the below. FULL FAITH, not partial or selective. Public Acts (legislatures and governors passing said carry permit laws), Judicial Proceedings. In many states (Delaware being one) has a Judge sign the permit. NJ acts as if its in a different country (which it is).

                Article IV, Section 1:

                Full Faith and Credit shall be given in each State to the public Acts, Records, and judicial Proceedings of every other State. And the Congress may by general Laws prescribe the Manner in which such Acts, Records and Proceedings shall be proved, and the Effect thereof.

                • Keep in mind in NJ…. Most Republican politicians are Liberals and the dem’s are corrupt, homo loving, anti-gun Marxists. People/Companies are being taxed outof existence. That is why people and companies are fleeing NJ in droves. NJ is well on its way to becoming the next Detroit…. Just another Marxist run Cesspool…..

                  • You’re saying something very wrong. You surely know that Marx, in The Civil War in France (1871), written during the Paris Commune days, praised the Commune’s achievements, and described it as the prototype for a revolutionary government of the future, “the form at last discovered” for the emancipation of the proletariat. Well, one of the main approved decrees by the communards, on March 29, abolished the regular army and established the arming of the WHOLE PEOPLE, so that “can not be set up in Paris, or introduced any armed forces other than the national guard […] All able-bodied citizens make part of the national guard “. You easily see how you didn’t understand at all the real, historical significance of communism.

              • Sgt:

                I leave the State paperwork (from any and all States) in the rearview. I am a Constitutional Carry man everywhere in the USA except some few restricted places like the Courtroom, etc.


                • We’ll get it in baby steps if necessary but we’ll get it. Florida kicked off ‘Shall Issue” in 1987. Now three decades later Shall Issue which in almost a half dozen states morphed in Constitutional Carry covers 43 States.

                  When your cause is just you will win. It might take time, but in the end you will win.

                  I’m a NJ refugee fleeing Jim Florio S-166 gun ban back in 91. NJ internally is about as corrupt as you can get. Think they picked it for the background for the TV series “The Sopranos” because it was known for honesty? Its Louisiana with a white collar spin. Unfortunately corruption is accepted there. Dislike the place but the diners are terrific.

                  • Get rid of the gun act of 1934(auto weapons act)and all other gun bills like 1938/1968/brady bill ect.,get rid of them all,along with all the permit nonsense ect.

                    The bill of rights is clear with 2nd,there were no exceptions/permits ect.Any disagree please loan me their decoder ring and will look at 2nd again,otherwise,dump all the laws and regs.

                    • Warchild, I agree. ALL gun control laws should be scrapped. Also I don’t recognize the concept of “gray area” when it comes to self-defense.

        • Maybe the “D’s” will learn something and realize people value their right to self protection.


      4. Give the new POTUS a little time to get things done. He has a lot of messes to clean up. Beside he has only been on the job for a day

      5. Trump is going to have a tooth and nail fight with the socialists. He is also going to have a hard time with some of the republicans lite. This old swamprat stands behind Trump and his efforts to save America from the globalists. Its high time that we tell the UN to take a hike and have real borders again. I don’t know how much Trump will get done to restore America manufacturing but I am excited that the little people in America might have a voice in America again.

      6. So, a multi-billionaire now holds the reins of power in the US and you people are cock-a-hoop. Trump did not get where he is by his philanthropic nature!

        Trump is going to “drain the swamp” by putting in a raft of Goldman Sucks bankers? These are the same bankers who stole billions from you in 2008 (and before) and continue to steal from you right up until now.

        He’s also calling on the “experience” of former Bush henchmen. That is not draining the swamp to me! It’s filling it with bigger and more viscous crocs.

        So far Trump has shown that he is too sensitive to any and all forms of criticism and this thin skin will be his (and your) undoing.

        • Don’t drink your own Kool-Aid, you’re in for a long eight years.

        • Anonymous

          I don’t know where you find someone knowledgeable enough to head the US Treasury that didn’t work in Finance. Its impossible to find someone who worked in Finance that didn’t work for the big banks. This is the reality.

          Yes Bretton Woods is not returning anytime soon.

          • Kevin2 – “It’s impossible to find someone who worked in finance that didn’t work for the big banks”. That may be.

            Does that mean we keep on employing the same unconvicted felons because we cannot be bothered to learn how to open a door? Trump himself has absolutely no experience in politics so your argument re lack of knowledge is somewhat specious.

            All I’m saying is this cheerleader euphoria will quickly evaporate when you find that your newly crowned emperor is very fat and ugly once his nakedness is exposed. The vox populi is a fickle and unforgiving creature.

        • Anonymous, you sound like a Hilary supporter. STFU.

          • Deplorable Braveheart – At least I don’t run away frightened to my (borrowed) BOL at the first sign of trouble! You don’t have a clue who I voted for you idiot, but that’s you, putting your foot up your own asshole adding 2 and 2 and coming up with 22!

            When is the next time that you crawl away like a scared scalded cat to shoot at tin cans? Braveheart is the wrong name for you – “Scaredy heart” is more like it!

            Also, I aint had any weapons stolen from me, because I look after my stuff!

            You’re always talking tough, when was the last time you faced someone shooting at you (if ever)?

            If I was a braggart (like you) I’d mention Helmand Province 2002 (Battle of Roberts Ridge) – but I won’t embarrass you – it’s too easy to do so with a keyboard commando like you! Your just Wind and piss! So STFU up you and your constant bragging!

            • Anonymous, oh you poor misguided soul! {SARCASM] yeah, I left a week before the inauguration because I already had the trip planned anyway. Plus, I’m sure you saw at least SOME of the reports about Obama and company possibly planning a coup against Trump? Just didn’t know what to expect so yeah I took a little trip. I’m not the only one who was concerned, mofo. Yeah I’m glad to see everything turn out as well as it did and Trump is making a good impression on me so far. Who the f#$% is running away scared? I’m NOT the one. AS FAR AS MY GUNS BEING STOLEN ARE CONCERNED, A BURGLARY CAN HAPPEN TO ANYONE, LAST TIME I CHECKED. ARE YOU GOING TO CLAIM YOU’RE NOT VULNERABLE TO ANY TYPOE OF CRIME? CAN YOU STAY AT YOUR HOME 24/7? No, I didn’t think so. I know damned well I can’t. There are times when I have to leave my home for a certain amount of time every day for something called WORK. You do know what that is, don’t you? No, I don’t have the right amount of income to turn my home into a FORT KNOX. If you’re able to do that for your home, then congratulations! Everyone has their limits and I’m no exception. If I misunderstood something in your post, OK I’ll apologize for that right now. If someone proves me to be wrong on something I know how to make amends for it. Otherwise, you don’t have a good reason to show your ass. I’ll admit I didn’t vote for Trump because I had a few reservations about him. But I also knew I didn’t want Hillary in the WH and I’m glad just like everyone else that we all dodged that bullet. I’m giving Trump a chance. So far he makes a good impression on me and hope he keeps going in the same direction. But IF he sells out on anything, then we hold his feet to the fire.

      7. Seems President Trump is off and running. The difference between a proven business man( who knows what he’s doing ), and a community organizer who needs someone telling him what to do ( obama )…..

        • Besides the globalist agenda of Obama verses the populist agenda of Trump the difference in style is appearance over substance. Obama being a politician weighs the appearance of actions in the public eye with a compliant media putting the best spin on it for its public acceptance. Trump being a results orientated businessman puts substance first and I think has little to no regard about appearance. He certainly knows that whatever he does to further, “America First” will be met by scorn from the MSM.

      8. Donald keep dumping all the B.S. that Obullshit did. PLEAS!!!!

      9. Obama loved executive orders so it seems fitting to use some to clear out the Muslim radicals from North America. Here are some suggestions:

        1) An Oath to Liberty: if a Muslim is to hold high office or wear a uniform, then they need to make an Oath to Liberty: a legally binding pledge that means no fundraising for Islamic causes and to not work for any other cause but the one they hold office for.
        2) The Removal and Dispersal Act: Suspect Muslims to be deported to a third party facility off the North American continent for processing and dispersal.
        3) A Global Alliance to End Islamic Fascism and Violence: A military and security alliance to go to war against radical Islam and to finally take it down. This should align with any country who shares the values of the pact.
        4) Preferable Migrant Act: Put an end to migration from countries and peoples who have a poor integration track record. Using a points system, assign high points and entry to communities that show success as immigrants, while those who commit criminal acts, leach off of welfare have their numbers reduced and then stopped.

        • The quran forbids mzlmz to become Americans. The entire context of religious-political sharia law demands subjugation to their religion, and no allegiance to the US Constitution or any other form of government.

          The quran forbids women’s rights, marital choice, free speech, religious rights, homosexual rights, or even homosexuals. Our way of life is completely out of bounds to izlm.

          Their quran defines a mzlm as “a person who submits to the laws of Allah as revealed by the prophet Mohammad.”

          Until there is no worship for anyone but allah, aka satan, their unholy Q book, the quran, commands mzlmz to kill everyone else.

          As for taking an Oath to Liberty, mzlmz are also commanded to practice taquia which is a provision in izlm to lie to advance the cause of allah and to deceive the infidels.

          So it would be very hard to trust a mzlm, because you wouldn’t know if they are saying what they really believe or if they are lying because they are in a weaker stage of Jihad. But they are commanded to become radical when they are in a stronger position to fight and express their true feelings.

      10. So far Pres, Trump is doing a very fine job,,, I hope he gets our 221 million back from palestineis that O; just gave em before he left,, I am glad not to have to pay for Abortions in faraway lands ,,, KEEP UP THE Great JOB,,, MAGA

      11. Just a minor thing, did anyone else notice there was only one pen being used? Not the 15 or 20 as in the past.I like that!

      12. Nice work, Trump. You were originally not my first choice, but you sure would have been in retrospect after seeing all this good stuff you have done.

      13. Why should Obama be worried? President Trump works more in a day than he did in a month. I bet he ha a lot of regrets.

      14. Thank you President Trump.


      15. Other sorely needed executive orders:

        Create the office of Prosecutor General of the United States, along with Deputy Prosecutor General, authorizing them to obtain personal oaths of loyalty to the President from every federal, state, and municipal elected official and civilian employee.

        Authorize the Prosecutor General to establish a Federal Guard as a paramilitary unit to carry out the orders of the Prosecutor General.

        Authorize the Prosecutor General to appoint a prosecutor general for each state, with the authority to establish a state guard as a paramilitary unit to carry out the orders of the state prosecutor general.

        Define the scope of the state prosecutor general as to include the role of “citizens’ enforcer”, which would allow citizens to directly report government employees who are not doing their jobs to the state prosecutor general for immediate action, ranging from surveillance up to arrest/imprisonment, to be taken; this would codify into law the principle the people who pay the taxes that pay the bills are the law of the land.

        Require every elected official at the federal, state, and municipal level to sign a personal oath of loyalty to the President; failure to do so when presented would result in immediate arrest.

        Require every civilian government employee at the federal, state, and municipal level to also sign a personal oath of loyalty to the President; failure to do so when presented would result in immediate arrest.

        • Feels too much like the 4th Reich….

          Why do we need a paramilitary to carry out what amounts to a Judicial function ? If Federal subpoenas are issued, we already have Federal Marshalls or local Sheriffs to serve them and gather up the person, if necessary.

          Just because someone is a slug who works for a Government doesn’t negate their Constitutional Rights to due process.

          Loyalty oaths with failure to sign resulting in arrest is definitely straight out of Totalitarianville. Totally creepy.

          I see Brown Shirts…


      16. I am very interested in USAexit bill in regards to leaving the un,that would be a very nice start.

        I am willing to give trump some time and realze we all must hold pols feet to the fire,he is serious will need a lot of support to get things done.

        I still see a very good chance he will sell us out to the reptilians,hope I am wrong on that one!Hmmm…,Warchild wrong,that would be a first!

        • I volunteer to run the wrecking ball that knocks the fricken portal hell known as the “new york Un building” into the sea!!!

          • that would be “portal to hell”

      17. Warchild, IF there’s a sellout, it will be GAME ON! Keep your powder dry and all your options open.

      18. blistering conservatism!!!
        The change is MUCH faster than hoped for…
        I hope temperance is not lost in all the hype.
        It can be easy to make too many changes too fast…
        but damn, this is refreshing, ain’t it??

        • Amen, vocalpatriot!

          The Kenyan (AND America, as well) deserves to have ALL his illegal executive orders, that he bypassed Congress to put into effect, trashed IMMEDIATELY!

      19. Michael Savage is putting out a book, in a month,
        called ‘Trump’s War’. I plan on buying it.

        I listened to Savage tonight. He played sound byte clips of the vulgar, filthy, dirty women marchers.
        What came out of their mouths were disgusting.
        Stupid. Childish. Sick.

        These marchers were paid for and organized.

        Now that they had their temper tantrum, go back to their decadent homes in Hollywood, smoke your dope, snort your coke up your nose. None of the women marchers had a freaking clue. They sounded and acted very stupid/dumb.

        Here’s a clue – None of the filthy women vermin Represented me as a woman. They Lost Big Time.
        We Won. Get Over It. They also have Zero Clue to what the real women in the USA think. It certainly not what they spewed.

        No- Trump will Not Be Impeached.
        No – Hillary will Not Get In and Become President.
        No – Obama is Not Coming Back for a 3,4,5 term as President. No,No,No, No. Get a Life. Get Over It.

        Go away and shut the ‘f’ up.

        Nobody cares. Nobody watched. And, Madonna, you threatened to blow up the White House. To kill Trump, and his family. The Secret Service needs to arrest you and lock you up. Oh, I see, you are now posting on your social news that it was ‘ an anomaly, you didn’t really mean it. ‘ That was a Direct Threat.

        You are an Old Hag, A Burlesque Crotch Rubber, and what you say means ‘Jack Sh*t’ to me.

        I don’t respect Robert Deniro, Springsteen, none of them that were so vulgar and filthy against Trump.

        We the people can getcha where it hurts – At the box office or cable. I refuse to watch these Burn Outs who think their opinions are Almighty and are Speaking for me – because they are not. You hear me? Your not Speaking for the majority of the women in the USA.

        Get a Grip. Get Over it. You LOST. We WON.

        Trump has done more good for the USA on his first or 2nd day, then, well, I don’t have to fill in the blank.

        Good riddance, hags. Talking about tampons and menstrual pads. Hysterical, burnt out, vulgar vermin.

        Rant ended. Thank you

        • There are so many beautiful, elegant women in the world, just not in the US. To whit, replace these obnoxious, obese hags with some beautiful, elegant, slim Asian, Russian and Eastern European women (Trump is no dummy: he always goes Eastern European).

          Use the health insurance companies to mandate fitness for work as non negotiable. This will then give the legal basis to fire all these over-weight, ugly women and replace them with beautiful, fit women. Why anyone would hire such people in the first place I do not know: they must have so many days off for health problems and be seriously under-performing when at work.

          We need to facilitate the dying off of the Great American Land Whale. Use market forces to pressure these women and use ‘shade casting’ to shame and marginalise them in the culture. Show lots of pictures of them against elegant, beautiful women until people realise they are hags and should not be hired in the first place.

          • And so says Mr Universe. Frankie you really are an old and vile misogynist.

            Do you actually like anyone in the human spectrum? Ah, yes! I remember, Hijab wearing border guards who frisk you (in your fantasisies?).

      20. I read somewhere . If it wasn’t for government paid abortions the black population would double every 7 years? Since 1970 ? Anyone good at math? I came up with . The population of America would be double what is is now ? And 65% black? Someone correct me?

        • Good point: some groups NEED birth control of some sort. Populations with lower IQs definitely need more birth control. I don’t like abortions (that kiddy should have been nipped with a condom or birth control pills) but sometimes it is the best option: can you imagine if all those women took those babies to term and then put them up for adoption or in care? Imagine the welfare costs alone for that.

          Look at Africa: no birth control, no abortions and the place is going mental with exploding populations. And they can’t find the money to pay for all those people: the only idea they have is to send them to the West to leach off Western countries. They also lack the law and order and the critical mass of intelligent people to actually develop.

          At this rate, white Europeans and Asians will need to partition off into their own territories in order to preserve their race and unique race identifiers (blonde hair, blue eyes, red hair, elegant bodies, high IQs etc.). Just go check out the local government office to see what most women will end up looking like if there were no abortions. Big butted, obese, homely and diabetic hippos (something even Hillary Clinton has noticed).

          Births need to be tightly regulated in order to prevent disease on-passing and also to ensure those who are born are of the fittest genetic material.

          • Surgical sterilization of multi generational EBT and welfare users. Sterilize EBT and section 8 users, the day of my paying for your bastard children is ending!

        • Wolverine:

          The problem is easily solved with an inter-uterine device (iud). Put it in and forget it. Better than pills. But the docs push the pill because Big Pharma gives docs incentives. Also abortion makes money for the clinics. But it is vile. It should only be done in rare cases where the baby is so sick, it will either die anyway or live in a state of total dependence.

          The only women not having babies, white high IQ brainiacs, are the ones who should. If I was a white philanthropist; I’ld offer an incentive to such women to have children, preferably many children.

          And I’ld offer incentives to mentally deficient females, regardless of race, to either get an iud or a tuba ligation.

          But there would be cries of horror from the same crowd who push abortion as if it was a sacred ceremony, and not a bloody crime; which it is.


          • I am not a believer in regulations by the government. I also don’t support forced abortions or forced sterilizations. Parents of sick or retarded can choose. There is no cruelty here. Rather it should extend better options, so that abortion will end as a consequence. You don’t have to outlaw it, just circumvent it.


            • When our government takes money from my paycheck to give to people who are lazy, stupid or both….time for forced sterilizations and or abortions. I do not work 6 or 7 days a week for the pleasure of supporting others, I need my money for me and mine. I cant afford health insurance, yet I am forced to pay taxes so that others can have free medical care?!! Now what is wrong with this picture?

        • Using the law of 72. Take the increase rate for a given period (or interest rate or inflation rate) and divide it into 72 and you will get the time (in the periods you are using)it takes to double.

          72/X % = 7 years. So the population growth rate would be about 10.3% per year compounded to get a doubling in 7 years.

          At least for the initial doubling if we posit about 30% of the population being childbearing females (about 7 million women/girls) would have to have 22 million babies in 7 years. That’s 3 babies in 7 years for every female from 13 to about 50.

          These same women (mostly) are gonna be working hard in the next 7 years since the new babies are only gonna be 7 years old max in 1977. They are gonna have to have about 6 babies per woman to make the 45 million for the doubling to 90 million by 1984. You get the picture…

          The Black population of the USA was 22.6 million in 1970. If they reproduced at 10.3% per year and started doubling in every 7 seven years, there would be 7 doublings between 1970 and the upcoming 2019.

          There would be 2.88 Billion Black Folks in the USA, which is about 3X the population China right now.

          I don’t think this was a likely scenario…:-)


      21. If you are reading this and you aren’t a Disinfo agent and you think Trump is for real, you have been duped. The herd will find no favorable answers in the political process or anywhere else in the system that enslaves us. You are trapped in illusion. The herd has been had. Dumb cows.

        • Charles King:

          If Trump doesn’t do squat, he’s already been useful just by calling out the media as liars.

          At least cows are productive and not war mongers and money changers.


      22. All immigrants from the Mid east must take the ham sandwich and pork rines test to enter America. If they dont eat pork, they cant come into America simple, and the pork growers benefit!

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