Trump Says He’ll “Be Back In Some Form” & Wishes Biden Luck In Farewell Address

by | Jan 20, 2021 | Headline News | 21 comments

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    Donald Trump’s hours as the sitting president of the United States are numbered. In his farewell address, he said he’d “be back in some form,” and he wished Joe Biden “luck” in the upcoming administration.

    According to reports, the outgoing US president and first lady spoke to a group of supporters on the day of Joe Biden’s inauguration as Trump’s successor in the White House. Trump, who decided to not attend the inauguration ceremony, asserted that his administration had been a success and claimed credit for the future successes of President Biden.

    “The future of this country has never been better. I wish the new administration great luck and great success. I think they’ll have great success, they have the foundation to do something spectacular,” Trump said in his farewell address according to RT.

    He also promised that he would be “watching” and will “return in some form,” before waving supporters goodbye and boarding Air Force One.

    Trump’s presidency ended on a low note after he became the first leader in US history to be impeached twice. He leaves a country devastated by Covid-19 – which Trump has called a “plague” caused by a “Chinese virus” – and deeply divided along political lines. He refused to concede his electoral defeat to Biden, claiming that victory was stolen from him. According to critics, he incited his followers to storm the Capitol Building and threaten lawmakers who had gathered inside to count electoral votes in a normally pro forma ceremony. –RT

    As of right now, Trump appears to be leaving peacefully.  Could he have been hinting at another political run in the future? He did say he thinks Biden’s administration will have “great success” and said he’d be back. According to other reports, Trump has now left the White House. 

    It’s hard to guess exactly what he means when he speaks, and as with anyone, use discernment.  There could be several things he’s eluding to.

    Stay prepared. Things could get crazy at anytime.


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      1. He never wished Biden Good Luck.

        • Stay Frosty Patriots A MUST WATCH VIDEO=
          Simon Parkes 21st January Current News- Plan A scrubbed… Plan B now Remove the spaces.
          ht tps://
          Arrests were to take place in DC on the 20th, but something went wrong. The arrests may come in March and Biden will be arrested. Lots of things happening behind the scenes. There are 2 parallel governments running right now. The FAKE Biden civilian government and the Military Government that Trump installed. The Pentagon refuses to obey any Biden’s requests and is banned from the Pentagon. Stand by.. Listen to this. Trump was to be inaugurated on about April 1st. We’ll see if this happens. Trump won 49 states, all but NY and about 75% of the vote. Its a DEEP state Coup we are dealing with. Biden is not the Legal President. Illegitimate, ignore all from this dementia criminal fossil.

      2. We heard all about the kraken this and the kraken that. When the kraken sort of showed up it was a toothless lizard. There was not one person of importance that faced indictment and arrest. People believed that there would be a major sweep to arrest the traitors towards the end. The only thing that got swept up was some broken glass! Why wasn’t Alito and Thomas not brought in and shown the proof of fraud?

        The American people have had enough of the traitors walking free! Why wasn’t Hunter arrested for child porn? It’s like everything else on tape or photos ‘nothing to see here’. I have greater disdain for the Republicans than the dems. Now that we have been screwed over we are supposed to unify.and have a civil tongue? Screw unity and civil tongues. Now is not the time for either!

        • The republican party has just doomed themselves….that party is done just as planned …just another step to communism

          • Both parties are slow walking us into Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030. If we don’t become ungovernable damn quick, we will not retain basic human rights or any form of recognized representation.

      3. He was a Judas goat,he brought all the patriots out of the woodwork and identified them so now they can be rounded up an slaughtered. I know people who worshiped him like he was their messiah. He is very charismatic and talks a good talk. But it was mostly theater,entertainment.

        • JW – perceptive view, or very cynical, no matter, a little cynicism is healthy, either way you may be close to the truth.

          • Well look at it this way, I think of him as that comic book character from the 50s and 60s,Ritchie Rich,The Poor Little Rich Kid. He may have ran for President for the wrong motives,self aggrandizement. To feel important etc. Wanted to be worshiped,God forbid. But I think after time passes he will be the most hated President in the history of the country. For betrayal of his constituents. I know everyone has their own thoughts. I don’t hate him at all. But do feel disappointed.

        • I said he was a snake oil salesman in 2016 when he was running (and yes I voted for him because there wasn’t much of a choice). No one wanted to hear it then and many still don’t want to hear it, even though it has been proven. He did just enough to keep the adoring masses enchanted, but really played the same old song. I know the adoring masses will say, “but he was opposed every step of the way”, which to some extent is true. That is no excuse for not draining the swamp. He had the goods on Hunter and China Joe and did nothing. He had the goods on Hillary and did nothing. He had the goods on the FBI and did nothing. One person charged with a minor crime the entire time. He had the goods on the stolen election and did nothing. He surrounded himself with the swamp once he was elected. The troops are still in Afghanistan and Iraq. He did nothing to decrease spending and increased the national debt dramatically. Ted Cruz asked him to send the Paris Accord to the Senate for a vote to end it permanently. He did nothing and now China Joe is rejoining. I could go on and on. How did that magic elixir work for everyone?

          • Think of this,what real lasting achievements did Trump ever accomplish? Granted he was constantly opposed by the Dems. But just maybe the whole thing was a Hollywood script from A to Z. And he was controlled opposition. Kind of a Manchurian candidate.

      4. If Trump could not win when he was in power he has no chance to win out of power with elections rigged the way they are.

        Best advice is to stock up on supplies because Bible prophecy tells me that there will be a Queen of Babylon (female president), in her time New York city will be nuked, Iran will be attacked liked Iraq was, the US will fall a short time later and then the rapture on Passover 2029 with the coming of Apophis.

        • Remember the Project for a New America? Remember it said which countries would be invaded and Iran was the final one. Well, Kamala is on deck to get that done. But first they had to quiet the domestic situation and so they needed Donald J Trump to bring all the crazies out of the closet so their weapons can be seized. The other side of this was handing over vast sums of wealth to the military and space command so that the attack can be run from space, and bypass resistance from Russia and China.

        • N – no disrespect, but your comment is a little far out there, even on this site. There is no connection of your….. theories, don’t know what else to call them, to actual current events. Either that or you’re just trolling.

      5. After the way he betrayed us all by quitting and running, we don’t want to see him again. He lost the respect of millions those who voted for him.

      6. Patriot Pied Piper Donald J. Trump pulled his final scam yesterday as he handed over to Biden all the details of the domestic terrorist “patriot” movement, who will over the coming months be rounded up and disarmed and subsequently incarcerated.

        Everything Trump accused the Democrats of – paedophilia, corruption, foreign interference – were all the hallmarks of Donald J. Trump. Shamelessly he knew that his hide would be protected until he died because he held the office of president. It didn’t matter how low he had sunk, being president means there are no laws that you can break.

        Even when ample evidence came out that Trump was a good buddy of Epstein and Maxwell, that he and Melania ran in the horny rich set that ruled over Florida for decades, dumb-ass patriots were too busy playing the Pokemon Go of QAnon.

        It’s all kind of funny if it wasn’t such a waste of human energy.

      7. He never said Biden he said New Administration.Biden took the oath he was not sworn in. The transfer of power was handed to the military the Pentagon is In charge.Sit back and watch the party just beginning

      8. Just great, Don.

        NEVER wish your enemy “good luck” – especially after he has cheated to beat you. That’s just stupid capitulation bullshit.

        I thought you were better than that.

        Oh, by the way – thanks for doing ALL that great stuff you promised to “keep our Second Amendment safe.”

        Oh, wait. That was a promise you failed to keep.


      9. A lot of big talk on: how we caught them, we are in control, WWG1WGA, the election will be overturned, the insurrection act will be signed.
        YEA RIGHT. All lies!

        I have torn up my voter registration and will never vote again !!
        What’s the point. The corrupt voting machine of the globalists will never be dismantled, never will my vote count again. If you think it will please explain HOW?

        All conservative politicians will be replaced by globalists in short order.

        Trump will go down as the Man who lost the republic !!

      10. A lot of big talk on: how we caught them, we are in control, WWG1WGA, the election will be overturned, the insurrection act will be signed.
        YEA RIGHT. All lies!

        I have torn up my voter registration and will never vote again !!
        What’s the point. The corrupt voting machine of the globalists will never be dismantled, never will my vote count again. If you think it will please explain HOW?

        All conservative politicians will be replaced by globalists in short order.

        Trump will go down as the Man who lost the republic !!

      11. Look at all the pay-to-play pardons he approved on the way out. Yet he couldn’t pardon Assange…the guy who helped him get elected by releasing the DNC emails. This really shows he’s a deep state lackey and a swamp creature, and always has been.

        Proves he’s exactly what I’ve said all along…a con man and a grifter. A narcissistic fraud who conned 75 million people.

        He’ll be back alright. But he’ll be in an orange jumpsuit. He’s finished.

      12. Now,exactly what form did you mean Donald? Liquid,gas or solid? Don’t leave me hanging – the suspense is killing me!???

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