Trump Says He Will Make A “Major Statement” When He Returns To The US

by | Nov 14, 2017 | Headline News | 17 comments

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    This article was originally published by Tyler Durden at Zero Hedge


    After a 12-day tour through five Asian countries where he discussed the threat posed by North Korea and how America might shrink its massive trade deficits, President Donald Trump is heading back to the US Tuesday. And in true Trump fashion, the president hinted that he would be making a “major announcement” upon his return to the states – but offered no clues about what the topic of said “announcement” might be.

    Here’s the tweet, sent around 1 a.m. Eastern Time:

    Of course, there’s a lot happening in Washington right now, and Trump’s hinted-at announcement could be in reference to one of any number of issues. Will he deliver an update on the administration’s position regarding tax reform as two bills that differ in dramatic fashion wend through Congress? Perhaps some type of security announcement? Or the revelation that the US has finally entered into talks with North Korea after Trump adopted a notably softer tone toward his favorite Asian antagonist over the weekend?

    There’s also the possibility that he could deliver an official statement about Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore, who Trump previously said should “do the right thing” and step aside if allegations about him having inappropriate sexual contact with a 14-year-old girl turn out to be true?

    Shortly before his teaser tweet about the upcoming announcement, the president hinted that he had made some major breakthroughs on behalf of the US’s trading relationship in the region, claiming that the US’s regional partners now understand that trade deficits “must come down”?

    The president also took the time to thank the staff of the US embassy in the Philippines for doing such “GREAT WORK” during his visit. Strangely, similar praise for other US embassies in the region was not forthcoming.

    He also took a swing at polls that reflect a presidential approval rating below 40%, pointing to a Rasmussen poll that puts his approval rating at a reasonable 46%…

    With the House gearing up to pass its version of the tax reform program on either Thursday or Friday, it’s possible Trump could be taking to the bully pulpit to try and whip up votes among intransigent blue-state Republicans. Or the announcement could be on any one of a number of topics. North Korea, trade, tax reform, the upcoming Alabama special election – all are priorities for the White House and the Republican Party right now.


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      1. He’s going to resign and appoint me King Larry, King for Life. Yay!

        • He’s going to resign and appoint Larry King, King for Life. Yay!

      2. He is going to announce that the US is leaving Afghanistan and the opium trade having stocked up on tons of the drug. We keep killing those Pashtuns but they keep coming back like annoying biting flies. More trillions flushed down on greed driven murder. Big Pharma abhors the competition, Drugs R Us. Psychopathic murderers at the helm.

      3. Trumps only concern with the FDA and big pharma is prescription drug pricing which he stated. Meanwhile he assigns those leading authority positions to existing high level industry insiders. We will lower each prescription price by twenty five cents because of maga. I can see the slickly produced million dollars tv ad.

      4. And still I smile…

      5. He’s going to fire Sessions.

        • Please fire Sessions! He just informed Congress that there isn’t enough to appoint a Special Counsel on the Clinton Uranium deal! This is why politicians should not be appointed to positions such as Attorneys General because he owes too many people from his time in Congress.
          Once again, the elite are untouchable. This just reinforces that equal justice under law is no longer prevalent in America.

        • I WISH

      6. Hillary’s finally going to jail?

        Pfff too much to hope for.

      7. He’s going to hang Hellary by her balls?

      8. He will announce that Vietnamese food gave him the Hershey squirts.

      9. He is going to tell us that he is now transgender and his wife is irrelevant

      10. The biggest news would be a seven year treaty between the Palestinians and their supporters and Israel. The peace agreement would guarantee Israel’s right to exist. His son-in-law has been working on it. Some people believe that he is the Anti-Christ. If that is the announcement, I would be totally stunned.

      11. He’s going to announce more sanctions on EVERYBODY!

      12. He is gonna tell us he got circumsized and is now a full fleged jxw

      13. He is going to announce Ivanka will launch a range of ‘Tiny Titty’ bras for the Asian market. Melania will also launch a range of bikinis and ‘slut wear’ for the Asian market. Xi Jinping will be an early stage, angel investor, taking a ‘pepper corn’ stake. Round 2 investors will be sought through a reality TV program starring The Donald called The Donald (or in Mandarin, A-Xi-Hole).

      14. He Will say deathpenalty for drugsusers Will Come to law

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