Trump Pushes Mask Wearing Propaganda: It’s “Patriotic”

by | Jul 21, 2020 | Headline News | 35 comments

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    After months of not wearing a face mask amid the coronavirus plandemic, it appears the president Donald Trump has caved and is now pushing the mainstream media’s propaganda about wearing masks. In fact, Trump said it’s “patriotic” to symbolically muzzle yourself.

    Trump is now bowing to the psychopaths who are pulling the strings, just like those “with eyes to see and ears to hear” knew would happen. He wore a mask in full display of the media for the first, and so far, the only time while touring the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center earlier this month.

    On Monday he shared a picture of himself wearing a mask at what appears to be that event, adding: “Many people say that it is Patriotic to wear a face mask” and “There is nobody more Patriotic than me,” according to a report by Business Insider

    Are Face Masks & COVID Rituals Occultist Symbols For Submission?

    This picture tweeted out by Trump on Monday appears to be from his visit to alter Reed National Military Medical Center on July 11 of this year. Instead of focusing on the mask propaganda, the commenters on Twitter seem more concerned that Trump called the coronavirus the “China Virus.” The divide and conquer tactic is in full swing in USSA politics.  They don’t want you focusing on the New World Order, the fact that the U.S. government is pushing us into it with excessive money creation, or that the Federal Reserve chooses the president (whichever puppet will be more receptive of their goal to own the planet.)

    Greg Mannarino: It’s Critical To Understand That The Goal Is “Full Control By The Federal Reserve”

    As long as people are divided and fighting over skin color, politics, religion, gender, face masks, or any other number of thins, they will remain passive sleeping sheep and fall right into the hands of the NWO.  Waking up to this false dichotomy and the illusion of choice isn’t easy, but the alternative is severe.


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      1. Resist. Damn it. Resist.

        • -Resist the Beast System-

          Step 1. The Occult Mask of submission is the First step. Prepping you to accept the Mark of the Beast.
          Step 2. Fear will make the sheeple accept the biochip/death vaccine.
          Step 3. The vaccine is a tracking device. It also alters your DNA.
          Step 4. ChiCom CCP bioweapon flu is good cover story for the 5g deaths. Also a good cover story to arrest and murder dissidents.

          Other countrys like USSA will also use chicom ccp flu as cover story for 5g deaths and murdering patriots. They can’t suicide enough patriots with the military vaccines. So now this hoax plandemic.

          Did you ever ask with so many US military are suicided? Vaccines have self destruct mechanism?
          That is my unsubstantiated theory. Not a bit of proof. I just know how good people had MASSIVE personality changes after the vaccines given. Most killed themselves AFTER coming home. Not in theater of ops. The numbers are too high to even count.

          Some of us figured out several ways of getting out of vaccines. It takes creativity. And inside assist. But not everyone is juiced/vaxxed. I know of not one person who suicided that was NOT vaxxed.

          Patriots are also Dissappeared and suicided in USSA. Not just in China. China even has mobile crematoriums. Government doesn’t like it when you think or speak. So they put people in state of fear and muzzle them with tech monopoly censors/bans, and occult face diapers.

      2. Wearing a mask to keep germs out (or in) is as ridiculous as trying to keep mosquitoes out of your yard with a chain link fence. It hardly makes any difference, but try to tell that to the covidiots going right along with the plandemic. I finally HAD to wear one today to go into the grocery store, they won’t let you in without one. So I wrote Enjoying your communism yet ? on the mask and got some looks from the sheeple. The elderly greeter smiled as I walked in and said, “Right on! “. Once inside, I pulled it down enough so my nose was sticking out and I could breathe properly.

        • U know, its not that serious to wear a mask, i have cirrhosis and am extremely high risk for covid, and people like u make me absolutely sick. Comparing it to communism is so retarded i cant even describe. Its easy to call people stupid for doing the only thing u can to try to help a little bit when u arent so high risk. You see all these other countries saying its communism to wear a mask lol, your freedom isnt taken by wearing a mask, its laughable some of you are so keen on name calling people who may want to just try to be respectful to others or have an issue themself. And no im not a liberal im a conservative.

          • You’re afraid, we get it. But we can’t allow your fear to ruin our way of life. You believe that your government is benevolent. You are foolish to think that. Anytime the government lies with such ferocity, like it is lying about the efficacy of masks (or the virulence of a disease), it does so for a very sinister reason. We don’t merely suspect this, we know it; we’ve seen it before. We learn from history. The mask is simply a test run. If You the Sheeple accept the humiliation of it, then you will accept step two, the true goal: mandatory vaccination. Then it moves on to “whatever safety measure the government concocts–or else you can’t buy, sell, or even leave your house.” That’s what the MASK represents. WE will stop it. We are not interested in your irrational fears or your own selfishness that prevents you from staying home. Because that is the only real chance you have of reducing the risk of contracting infectious diseases, most of which are far more virulent than this Kung Flu.

            • Whether you believe this or not doesn’t matter but here is the truth; Covid-19 is a bio weapon that got out of the lab, (intentional or accidental unknown by me personally). The Govt can’t say that because of the panic and fear that would cause (you think people panicked upon hearing of the shelter in place orders a few months ago) the panic would cripple the USA, no store employees, no UPS drivers making deliveries, etc., etc. The Govt has flip flopped on the mask issue for one reason and one reason only, the USA doesn’t manufacture respirators and didn’t and still does not have enough for everyone and they know it! A simple mask is no where near what is really needed (n95 or n100) but something is better than nothing and because the only types of facial coverings that are available and not enough protection, social distancing becomes even more important! I could go on, but I doubt you care. You are right on one issue though, the Govt doesn’t care about it’s people and you really are on your own! Good luck!

              • Seems odd that after the so called Sahara dust blew across the central states that the covid 19 cases abruptly went up in those. states. Also the dust was supposed pass in 48 hours, but didn’t clear from my location for over a week.

          • Brian and his castrated gelded freinds, it is your choice:
            – Go ahead, Wear that face diaper.
            – Go ahead, take that vaccine from Bill Gates. Bill Gates who says the “Earth has too many people”.
            – Go ahead, take that biochip tracker and DNA modification.
            – Go ahead, Allow the government to DESTROY all small business. (Why do you sheep go along with lockdown?)
            – Go ahead, go on the communist “dole” “free ride” package so you are TOTALLY controlled. (Poverty is good control mechanism for NWO communist tyrants. Is intentional politician caused famine next?)
            – Go ahead, when Biden-Beto Odork, “come for your guns by force.” In their own words. Give it up Brian. Go along. Be reasonable. It is “for the children”. It is for “safety.”

            Yes it is ALL for “safety”. True statement. It is for the “safety” of the Tyrant’s goon thugs that like getting all dressed up in their Gucci tactical cool party outfits.” But goons don’t like armed citizens that fight back. The goons only like to dance against single-unarmed, half assers. “Tyrants wanna be’s” Goons don’t enjoy facing a squad of armed-experienced- combat vets, that hunted down and KILLED the savages, in the savage’s own backyard for 17 years”. (Vets did their job. The politicians had No end game.)

            That is why HomeLand Security lists vets as “risks”. The tyrants goons prefer unskilled-untrained-scared-sheeple-unarmed.

            Ask the people of Houston how the Feds treated them with hurricane-floods. Tried to herd them onto FEMA prison barges. Yes we have video footage.

            Go ahead Brian and Freinds. Submit to the face diaper of occult submission. But your choices lead to Tyrannny and Death. Because once all has been taken from you. The “theys” will not need you. Robots-AI can do the grunt work. You will then be chicom flued listed as cause of death. Nice cover story for killing millions. Media loves it and promotes it.

            Other critical thinking people would say, “No Thank You to Bill Gates and rich puke Demon worshipping freinds, who promote a vaccine for your death and their own PROFIT.”

            Some of us are just leaving. We will NEVER accept your “new normal.” So we will leave in peace. Before the coming civil war. Seen enough of man’s inhumanity to his fellow man. You idiots are determined to destroy the country and implode the world. You have already allowed Politicians-Media to DESTROY the economy of the USA. Chicom flu did NOT destroy. The actions of politicians-media did ALL the damage. the chicom ccp bioweapon is manageable. The reaction by politicians-media is not. They have stolen everything from you locked down, submissive occult worshipping face diaper sheep.

            Einstein said, he didn’t know “how WW3 would be fought. But WW4 would be fought with sticks and stones.”

            Learn to stop pushing each other, or bad things happen. I want my family far away from your stupidity and violence.

            Remember Poland. Remember when the Berlin wall fell. One day people just said, “no more’, “enough”. and the wall fell without a shot being fired.
            * * No more check point charlie.

            Why can’t you people just say “no more” , “enough”.?
            Stop going along with Insanity and self destruction of our economy.
            ** No more lockdowns or forced occult submission face diapers.

            censor it. ban. red list. or pay a visit. does not matter. God will win this futile tantrum by the Demons and Beast System masters. God has a plan. God wins. Keep the Faith.

            God bless Pat Tillman. RIP
            God Bless “Capt. America”. RIP
            God Bless All warriors that Love God, Love family and Love America.
            . . . . . And know that we will not let knee takers in our home. NEVER.

            Yes this is all stupid to you Brian and sheeple like you. Just go along with whatever idiocy a politician-fake science, or media promotes.

            we are gone. enjoy YOUR “new normal”. Not ours. We do NOT submit to occult face diaper or the Beast.

      3. Meh…. The store I usually shop at now has a sign outside saying mask required. I just go on in and have never been hassled. Just tell them you have athsma and they can’t say shit. If they do I have a couple of masks that have a sheep face on them lol. I will walk around saying MAAAAAASK MAAAAAASK! But really I will go down the road to the other store…

      4. in fairness to trump, all he hears are his medical staff and media telling him that masks has to be done; there is not one person with enough clout anywhere near him; so it’s easy to see him fall for it; much the same as texas’s gov and lt gov did.
        but if he would have just waited, he could see by the numbers alone, fatalities have started dropping again and will continue as the treatment is much better and the people who know they are at risk are taking the right precautions.
        i would bet my car within a week they are back down to around the lows it was at of around 200 a day and has been proven over 75% of those had other conditions that were the real trouble; just like every other flu that comes thru.

        • The want to take Trump out with a biological attack.

      5. The Republicans are predominantly RINO’s – little difference between the marxists aka democrats and the RINO’s aka Republicans. If Republicans were classical Republicans you would have seen them fighting back and in the headlines for taking action to stop the marxist criminals insurrection both in the streets , within government , within the courts, etc. But clearly we have not seen a rule of law constitution based Republican party except a very few genuine. We see the complicity of the marxist-globalist RINO PARTY. Another recent perfect example is the announcement that RINO john kasich Republican party leader will be speaking at the marxist party convention in support of biden and against the Republican party entirely.

      6. Trump is useless in the fight against the Marxist, globalist forces . He hasn’t a clue what this whole COVID / mask wearing scheme is really all about

        • U know, its not that serious to wear a mask, i have cirrhosis and am extremely high risk for covid, and people like u make me absolutely sick. Comparing it to communism is so retarded i cant even describe. Its easy to call people stupid for doing the only thing u can to try to help a little bit when u arent so high risk. You see all these other countries saying its communism to wear a mask lol, your freedom isnt taken by wearing a mask, its laughable some of you are so keen on name calling people who may want to just try to be respectful to others or have an issue themself. And no im not a liberal im a conservative

          • Brian, you are a sheep. Go wear your mask. Don’t tell others they have too. No science on masks helping anyways. Be fearful of the fake flu..
            This is a commie takeover sorry your simple mind don’t see it that way.

          • Then wear your mask, sir. But, do not tell the rest of us what to do. This overblown hype that has crippled our economy is purely political. Good day.

          • Do some research….Stopping covid with a piece of cotton is like trying to keep bugs out of your yard with a chain link fence.

      7. Pretty simple. You do not need to have mail in voting if a mask allows you to be in line to vote in person.

        • Mail in voting is a good way to rig the election…

      8. Pretty simple. You do not need to have mail in voting if a mask allows you to be in line to vote in person.

      9. The MASK conquers all! Trump should come clean and wear a mask literally made out of a carpetbag. Bye-bye Great Orange Hype. Hello President BiteMe…and Civil War!

      10. Just saw Texas Lt Gov Patrick bow to the MASK on FauxSnooze. Just a week ago, he was a frothy freedom-fighter. The MASK conquers all!

      11. hum!!!! Maybe his only way to get across to us, wear the mask, stand in line and vote. That will be cause, for a go vote election, not mail in.

      12. Masks do not do anything. This is all a big leftist scam to control people. Testing is bogus as well. The tests do not measure viral load. The amount of viral load is what gets people sick. People that test positive and have zero symptoms cannot pass the virus on to anyone. This is about controlling the population. This could never have happened 40 years because people jealously guarded their freedoms. Now that the country has been flooded with low IQ 3rd world morons that will believe anything they are told the left can get away with this. This is all designed along with riots across the country to destroy the economy and have Trump voted out. All funded, staged and planned by Soros and Odumbo the jug eared communist Muslim homo.

      13. I’m not a fan of masks but I’ll wear it for 10 minutes in the store. I’m 70,diabetic and so is the wife. Would you risk it? I know people who have had it and are suffering still

      14. Fussing about masks is like rearrainging deck chairs on the Titanic. There are better things to be concerned about. Oligarchs own our politicians and are collecting over $1 million in interest payments every 5 seconds, 24/7, 365 days/yr. on our $25 trillion (or is it 26 trillion, soon to be $28 trillion, federal debt). While families and small businesses struggle to survive without jobs and income, the majority of the stimulus money is going to the corporations owned by these multinational conglomerates who own our debt and politicians. They will use their new-found wealth provided by our taxpayers to buy up all the businesses that go bankrupot from the ChiCom Virus Crisis. Don’t worry about wearing a mask. Get used to the chains you wear being a slave.

      15. Trump is controlled now.

        His words and actions are that of a puppet.
        Good Bye America, we were the best.

      16. Tom, this was a great response for all of our fearful fellow citizens. It was succinct, compassionate but firm. Would you be ok with me sharing this with my contacts? Thanks.

      17. where are all the missing children, and why isnt anyone talking about this?

        Childrens Lives Matter

      18. I went where I was told, and did what I was told, and I was awarded, repeatedly, nominally, with worthless honors. I think, patriotic people are in a very nice headspace, and that’s about it.

      19. It’s so he can require boter ID and vote on person. #Psyop

      20. We wrote trump a letter.

        We do not vote for mandatory masks.

        We do not vote for mandatory vaccinations.

        Put the activist stickers in the envelope and everything.

        David Knight was right this whole time. Illusions.

        • There’s a town in Oklahoma that actually took a vote to wear a mask or not wear a mask. NOT won.

      21. There’s a town in Oklahoma that actually took a vote to wear a mask or not wear a mask. NOT won.

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