Trump Needs Two Of These Three States To Win And He Has A Commanding Lead: “Polls Show Your Neighbor Is Voting For Trump”

by | Nov 8, 2016 | Headline News | 48 comments

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    According to Reuters, Hillary Clinton has a 90% chance of winning the election unless Donald Trump can win two of the key swing states of Michigan, Florida or Pennsylvania. This, of course, explains why Clinton held a star studded concert in Philadelphia last night in an attempt to attract audience members who would have otherwise stayed home had Bruce Springsteen not been the real headliner.

    Trump, on the other hand, continued to fill venues to capacity across the country with miles-long lines and standing room only.

    And though many national and electoral polls have Hillary ahead, the odd mainstream polling data showing a Clinton win despite a massive response from Trump supporters appears to be easily explained by what senior strategist Robert Cahaly of the Trafalgar Group calls the “neighbor ballot test.”

    It’s a sign Trump’s share of the vote is being underestimated, Robert Cahaly, senior strategist for the Trafalgar Group of Atlanta that conducted the unorthodox survey, told LifeZette.

    Cahaly says the “neighbors” numbers back up the “shy Tory” theory — that respondents are shy about saying they will vote for a candidate or cause that has been tagged as racist or distasteful by the media and popular culture. The most recent case was the British exit from the European Union, or “Brexit,” as it is called.

    Source: LifeZette

    According to that ‘neighbor’ ballot test, Trump is destroying Clinton.

    Provided that the vote counting in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Florida is legitimate and not plagued with illegal or dead voters, it appears that Trump is set to take not just two of these states, but all three of them:

    Clinton: 46.51%
    Trump: 48.43%
    Johnson: 2.30%
    Stein: 1.08%
    Other/Undecided: 1.69%
    (1300+ Respondents, MOE +/- 2.68)

    Clinton: 46.13%
    Trump: 49.72%
    Johnson: 2.43%
    Stein: 0.62%
    Other/Undecided: 1.09%
    (1100+ Respondents, MOE +/- 2.89)

    Clinton: 46.82%
    Trump: 48.52%
    Johnson: 2.89%
    Stein: 0.90%
    Other/Undecided: 0.87%
    (1200+ Respondents, MOE +/- 2.77)

    Commenting on the survey, TFG Senior Strategist Robert Cahaly said, “Though the results vary from state to state, these four surveys have one thing in common: question 2 points to where we think ‘hidden Trump voters’ are.”

    Cahaly continued, “We have believed for weeks that the actual Clinton/Trump final numbers will fall between the ballot test and the neighbors ballot test.

    Cahaly concluded, “We expect Trump to have an overwhelming victory in Georgia, an outside the margin of error win in Florida, as well as close wins in Pennsylvania and Michigan.”

    Source: Trafalgar Group Press Release, Nov 7

    In short, one of the reasons that this years polls have been widely skewed from one candidate to the other is that there are a lot of voters out there who have not honestly answered the question of who they will vote for if they are a Trump supporter. This is due in part to the fact that a large swath of Hillary Supporters, and even Clinton herself, have referred to Trump leaning voters as racists, bigots and  misogynists. 

    Those “shy” voters will have no such problems inside a private voting booth, which suggests, based on Trafalgar’s survey results, that they will overwhelmingly lean towards Trump in key swing states.

    If the vote counting is on the up-and-up, these surveys show a hands-down Trump win.

    Watch: The 5 States Hillary Must Steal To Win The Election

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      1. Whats in your wallet

        • What’s in my wallet. In the last two months I have upped my ammo supplies of 7.62X51 for me 5.56 for the wife and .45 ACP for me and .40 S&W for the wife. Bought some more 9mm for our backup pistol. Order backup parts kit for the wife’s AR-15. Have a new piston and rod to put in my M1A SOCOM II. If hilly comes in strong I will order more ammo tonight before midnight.

          Just received the survival food order from Walmart and Costco to complete depleted supplies. Added to our oatmeal basic stock. Topping off fuel supplies. Added to the Honey stock. Added Sawyer water filter as a backup. Added backup batteries. Building up the woodpile as our back up heat source. Added perimeter security fence. Added backup generator to replace our old beat up one.

          Worked on our bug out site we own (plan is to bug in and decide to go out) for fuel and wood. Repaired F-150 truck and SUV as bug out vehicles. Reviewed routes to our bug out site. Bought 40 foot pump hose (we have a shallow well at 24 feet deep) as a backup manual water pump if no electric.

          So yea my wallet is down…but I feel prepared…

          Also my wife and I voted in Michigan for Trump (and called or wrote all the family to vote for Trump) .

          • I keep hearing about all these polls but have yet to ever get asked to participate in one, or know of anyone else who has. Makes me doubt the true existence of them. Until I do get asked to be part of it, I know they don’t represent me, so I give no credibility to any of the supposed results whatsoever. They can make up whatever they want.

            Besides, the the ballot is the only poll that matters. Whether it is a paper ballot or a 30-round P-mag ballot full of green-tipped votes.


          • Then you are just as ignorant as Megan Kelly and her crew of embeciles.

            This election is not about Trump or Hillary it is about the rule of law and a repudiation of the dark side of politics and economic illusions. It is about saving this country from the clutches of the control freak criminals who call themselves democrats ! It is about the IRS, DOJ, FBI and CIA as well as many other alphabet agencies that have been completely corrupted by these criminals. It is about the supreme court going forward. It Is about whether or not YOU are willing to stand up to any of it ! So go look in the mirror and see who you are ? I think you are a fool and a coward ! Just like Megan Kelly and her crew who have gone out of their way to undermine Trump !

            He is not the perfect guy, but who is? Ponder that because he just saved your ass and your country from complete disaster ! For me, anybody who worked against him or did not vote for him is my enemy simple as that and I have a long memory. But I will allow you to repent of ignorance and ask for forgiveness ! But you must show it, not just wimpy words. Had enough wimpy words forever !

        • I also did my part and bought another case of 5.56

          • Christmas already?

          • “M”
            So you voted 5.56. Very good choice. I wish 5.56 or 7.62X51 was on my ballot, I would have voted 7.62X51.

            Also voted Wise Food just came in the other day.

            Remember like they say in Shitcago/Chiraq. Vote early and often. And don’t forget to bring your dead family and friends.


            • Very good choice also Sgt! My other primary is 7.62X39. I voted through the mail a couple weeks back on the off chance it will count.

              • hope all you honyocks got night vision!…i mailed MY vote in long ago.

                • BCOD


              • Menzo and Sgt. Dale, I made my vote 2 weeks ago picking up some more 9mm and 12-ga.

      2. President Donald J. Trump can Arrest Hillary right after he wins the election, before she tries to flee the country. $1.8 Billion was transferred to her foreign bank acct.

      3. Bristol, CT. The line was YUUUGE compared to the past

        Confirmed to me from another local district too at 6:30am.

        People didn’t seem to hide they were there to represent the “silent majority.” Their quote.

      4. “When the World Trade Center twin towers were completed, the total costs to the Port Authority had reached $900 million.” –

        “The $5trillion wars” – Linda J. Bilmes of Harvard University, in Boston Globe, October 17, 2016


        For several years after September 11th 2001, messages proposing a reenactment of some of the events of 9/11 using full scale replicas of WTC1, WTC2 or WTC7 and airplanes, were ignored by relevant factors, including some online opinion leaders.

        Then, in February 2011, a Message to Congress – containing a proposal about said reenactment and a way to prevent disasters like the one in Fukushima on March 11 2011 – Was removed from youtube.

        Several petitions about said reenactment were also removed from the petitions website of the White House.

        The petition at

        has been removed after it got more than 256 signatures.

        It contained the following text:

        “We petition the Obama administration to:

        Ask the American people to reenact 9//11.

        According to Wikipedia, at the address

        it is written:

        “When the World Trade Center twin towers were completed, the total costs to the Port Authority had reached $900 million”.

        That is much, much less than the price paid by the American people for last decade’s wars.

        Please remind the citizens of the U.S. that they are free to peacefully assemble, to organize themselves, to use available blueprints, dummies, full scale replicas of WTC buildings and airplanes, in

        order to reenact, in a remote location, some of the events of September the eleventh, 2001.”

        Several twitter accounts advertising said petition have been suspended without notice.

        The above evidence is stored by some of us, at several locations, with several institutions.

        America’s best scientists are spending – each and every year – tens of billions of dollars to improve the precision of some measurements.

        So far, no reenactment of some of the events of 9/11/2001, using full scale replicas of WTC1 or WTC2 or WTC7, has been done.

        Is this because of peer review (It’s good to remember that peer review said the Earth was flat.)?

        Kind regards,

        Ben Franklin

      5. All those in favor of Nuclear war, vote for Hillary.

        All those in favor of ? “Making America Great”, vote for Trump.

        All those opposed to confrontations with disgruntled losers, vote early.

        Peace and Love. May we all survive this day and prosper in the future.


      6. Springsteen: Just another Learjet leftist jackass hypocrite. I will vote left the first time Springazz opens up just ONE room in just ONE of his mansions/vacation homes/penthouses to just ONE indigent person for just ONE night.

        But these leftist frauds never do, so I’m safe.

        • TEST…Actually I can handle the two POS’s (Springsteen and Jon BJV), but the two JZ and his hooker wife truly are the degradation to the humanity and mankind.

          I guess the Hillary type and her rapist husband are in love with them since all they talk in their songs is about bitches and hockers.

          • Stolz:

            When you have a free concert and still can’t fill the auditorium, that speaks for itself.


          • Stolz, the 2 POS, JZ and hooker wife, are always standing up for the black thugs out here. They really are disgusting.

            • was saddened to see Jimmy Buffet attend the hillary fundraiser along with Jon BJV last summer.
              All those years of his with “no corporate gig”, which was rare as hell with celebrities, and now he stupidly supports her.
              I thought Jimmy was smarter than that.

            • old braveterd is hiding out in his BOL…

              I am a little old gray-haired, white lady, but am not afraid to stick around just because the election process is underway…unlike braveterd, who hides out in the woods, shivering under the covers… he,he,he!! don’t worry, braveterd, nothing is going to hurt you.

      7. Just got home from voting. It was packed, I have never seen this before I had to wait to vote, this is a first.

        Voted for TRUMP!!!! Wore my Red shirt there saw several others wearing red.

        I did see someone coming out of the voting sight and they got into a vehicle with Indian plates??? I live in the middle of Illinois.


        • Must have an Indian Reservation near you, some of them issue plates to the tribal members.

      8. Shy Tory theory — that respondents are shy about saying they will vote for a candidate tagged as racist or distasteful.

        So…. any word from the lying left media on this leftist racism and hate below? Nah, didn’t so.

        “I hope his wife feeds him lots of eggs and butter and he dies early like many black men do, of heart disease.”
        Liberal USA Today columnist Julianne Malveaux on Clarence Thomas

        “Blacks and Hispanics were too busy eating watermelons and tacos to read the fine print on the phony insurance policies.”
        Mike Wallace, of 60 Minutes fame

        – Garry Trudeau, he of dated, boring Dunesbury (wonder if he’s still wearing platform shoes and into disco?), caricatured Condi Rice and put a label under her calling her “Brown Sugar.” Nice touch there, Garry. All you need now is a white robe with one of those pointy little hoods.

        – Lib racist Pat Oliphant incredibly pictured Rice as a big-lipped parrot in one of his “cartoon” (yes, everyone finds racism “real” funny, Pat). .

        – But, as they say in the commercials: Wait, there’s more… Jeff Danziger has shown Rice as the servant in Gone with the Wind (frankly Jeff, to paraphrase Clark Gable – and as shown in the last few elections – no one gives a damn about anything you liberals have to say)

        – Ted Rall referred to Condi as the president’s ‘House N-word’… however, Jesse Jackson has, insofar as I know, not had– for the first time ever that I can remember – any protest to lodge over this.

        – Finally, one upping the former DEMOCRAT Gov. of Alabama, George Wallace, John Sylvester, in P.C. Madison, called Condi an “Aunt Jemima.”

        – Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said last year that the Supreme Court’s lone black member was “an embarrassment to the court.”

        – Left wing Democrat Ted Kennedy’s brother, former Attorney General Robert Kennedy, ordered the illegal wiretapping of Martin Luther King

        – Former Democratic National Committee chairman Howard Dean suggested a few years ago that most blacks hold menial jobs in a speech

        “[Clarence Thomas] is a clown in black face sitting on the Supreme Court. He gets me that angry.” —Star Trek actor George Takei

        In another from the politically correct jerks at South Park, they have an episode which shows Donald Trump being raped and murdered: killing him off in shocking final scene. Isn’t that nice from the “Love wins” supporters!! See

        Then there is this classic leftist racist statement. In Oct. 2015, Univ. of Pennsylvania professor Anthea Butler stated that as brain surgeon Ben Carson believes in the 1st Amendment as it applied even to Confederate flags, Butler wants Carson awarded a “Coon of the year” award. (Coon is an insulting term for a black person) See Probably not as bade as the H8TE filled racist headline form GQ in 2015, which ran a piece with the headline, “F**k Ben Carson” (except it didn’t use any asterisks in the first word).

        “If there is justice, he’ll get AIDS, or one of his grandchildren will get it.”
        NPR’s Nina Totenberg on Jesse Helms, wishing a disease on someone – or his innocent grandchildren – that I wouldn’t want my worst enemy to have.

        More H8TE from the radical gays as well:

        Well-known gay activist Dan Savage – tapped by Disney to assist with a 2015 production as he is a recognized spokesman for the gay community daydreams about “f—king the s—t out of” former Sen. Rick Santorum (so, Dan… you equate sex with violence? Quod erat demonstrandum) and suggesting that another politician he opposed should be “dragged behind a pickup truck until there’s nothing left but the rope.” There’s also trangender reporter Zoey Tur threatening Ben Shapiro during a TV panel discussion (on hatred of all things!!( by telling Shapiro, who had the temerity to simply disagree with Tur, by threatening him on LIVE TV: “You cut that out now, or you will go home in an ambulance.”

        And one from the book-burning, Nazi Brownshirt gay sturm trooper types: on Twitter, after the Indiana gay kerfuffle “Who’s going to Walkerton, IN to burn down #memoriespizza w me?” And don’t forget the 23-page document faxed to ABC News, Bryce William – the black man who shot two co-workers on live TV specifically noted he was gay in his faxed document, and who specifically cited his identity as a factor in his murderous rampage. Just like Floyd Corkins, whose support or radical homosexuality was specifically behind his attempt to murder as many of the Family Research Council staff as possible, and then add to his H8TRED by stuffing Chik-fil-A sandwiches in the mouths of those he killed. But… no hate crime THERE, right?

        Wallace, Malveaux, Totenberg quotes above from You Don’t Say, by Fred Gielow, Freedom Books, 1999

      9. If there isn’t vote fraud Trump wins? And A Trump win is nothing more than a speed bump. However I want hellery to go down in flames. Did I tell you I don’t much like her?

        • Half the country cannot understand Hitlery’s TREASON. Also many RINO’s, like Kasich & the Bush Family, may have caused the continuance of non-Constitutional fed. Govt. If that happens, good luck being elected dog-catcher in the future.

      10. Current vote tally as of 9:50 CT:

        Trump: 3,763,987

        Hitlery: 2,986,373

        Dead People for Hilary: 99,873,383

        Chicago Cook County residents: 88,987,235

        George Soros vote machines: 253,987,387

        Goldman Suchs proxy votes: 56,999,999

        Mexican citizens: 73,983,093

        Prisoners on Death Row United for Hitlery: 8,349,934

        Cuban citizens: 93,393.384

      11. Note, again, to the fascist elite, corruptocrats, vile Hilary, my ignorant leftist neighbor who jogs two miles a day while on disability, Rahm Emanuel and other leftist fascists:








        • Turn his butt in for disability fraud.

          • Wish I could, but doubt it would fly. This vile woman now has up a Hilary sign with the utterly idiot temerity to have put up an American flag next to it.

            Yes, you are correct. It should be a Nazi (National Socialist) or North Korean flag. She then moved all her idiot Democrat sign over to our side of her yard to try to block our few signs. This is the level of maturity from a woman who is 50 years old, going on 2. And of course, all the thanks we get for years back, when she actually did have an accident, we mowed their lawn, shoveled snow when it snowed, cooked meals and brought them over, etc. etc.

            Leftists are truly vile and mentally ill. I see this kind of garbage all the time from the left.

      12. Space weather solar CME threatens computerized voting systems and global communication satellites later this afternoon. Vote as early as possible and insist on a paper ballot to preserve your vote. Search “Election Day CME” for updates and spread the word as quickly as possible.

      13. Had a neighbor stop yesterday wanted to know where the hall to vote was. They have lived here longer than me and I been here 14 years. The voteing place is 3 miles from their home. But all is good stated they did not want the bitch in office!!! Locked, Loaded and ready

        • Those are the folks who are going to turn the polls inside out today. The Democrats are not going to know what hit them, I sincerely hope.

          Most of the huge Hispanic turnout is occurring in blue states and is not going to do a damn bit of good for the Dems.

      14. if voting were important they would not let you do it

        • That’s a nonsense phrase. Please cite the presidential election in our history where the election results did not put a president in office.

        • runn- If voting MATTERED they wouldn’t let you do it.

          Candidates are selected, not elected. But that said, it’s not impossible TPTB want Trump in there for some reason. So it doesn’t mean that because they’re pre-selected Hillary will win. Anyway, it’ll be interesting to see who they selected.

      15. Headline tomorrow should read, “Hillary Bitch-Slapped by American Voters”

      16. There are significant blocks of voters that aren’t included in the polling which makes them unreliable.

        The Dead, the Illegals, the Hackers, the overseas voters, the multiple voters, the felon vote, etc., none of these show up in the polls but do show up in the final vote count.

        Maybe I’m wrong, but I don’t think these are going to go in Trump’s favor.

      17. We dont need another pussy in the white house.

      18. Voted at my usual time, about an hour after the polls open in SW Pennsylvania. It was unusually busy, hopefully a good sign for Hillary Clinton’s jailer.

        As for preps, I couldn’t decide whether to stock up on 5.56 or 7.72X39 ahead of time, so I got both.

      19. I am a retired IT Database Manager who worked in a large bank and saw the corrupt federal system work first hand. The method liberals use most is “…make the policy broad, simple and obfuscated. Then bust individuals one at a time using the garbled legal language…” This is called the slice and dice in legal jargon because the prosecutor can get at you from any angle.

        I saw slice and dice using credit cards that said in fine print “…if one purchase is made out of state in the time period or is made using a national corporation (operating in multiple states) bonus plan than all credit card transactions are eligible to be reviewed using the interstate commerce clause of the constitution…”. This is how the feds can dump every purchase you ever made on a credit card without court order. Its just about impossible to do business totally locally.

        So when it comes to gun control Hillary will use the same methods “…make the gun control policy broad, simple and obfuscated. Then bust individuals one at a time using the garbled legal language…” The object is to Not allow the union to be busted up (power and taxation come first) but to destroy individuals. They have to go after individuals because the NRA is too strong in this country. The tools they will use are restrict fire arms by slice and dice. Here is an example:

        Ban and restriction of individual “attack” weapons- they will ban fire arms that are considered “battle” weapons that “are used to kill people”. Even though these weapons are your self defense choice. They will have the MSM spend months prosecuting the “crimes” of these weapons for months before the SCOTUS comes down on banning them. You will hear 500 public polls saying the public approves banning “battle” weapons that “are used to kill people”. The idea is to shut down public out cry and shove the new law down our throats

        The federal government is betting that their slice and dice method using the MSM (American Pravda) will shut down states rights and any attempt to do a con con. They are prepared to spend billions and commit treason to brain wash the public that gun control is necessary. They will cajole the American public with the MSM the same way they did in Britain and Australia into believing the public safety is at risk from firearms. I expect if Hillary is elected (God forbid) that we will have false flag after false flag that scares the public and high lights the weapons they want confiscated. This is Hillary’s goal. To make the Oligarchy omnipotent before the Central Bank Bubble burst.

        Then how will they confiscate weapons without massive return gun fire? The slice and dice method is patient. For example you will be stopped for a speeding ticket. Next thing you know you will be in front of a judge saying you will be given “..5 to 10 years in prison for owning banned weapons…” Your family will plea bargain and turn in your gun collection as ransom. This is what they will do for years. If you protest your picture will be in every paper and on TV news as a terrorist who fought the police and you will be ruined.

        Again their objective is to break our backs slowly one at a time until the whole conforms . This is what they have been doing for a 100 years. This is why it is so important Trump is elected today. It is not about Trump. It is about the collective shout of those they are trying to make into slaves…

      20. One of the more overlooked aspects of the 2016 presidential puppet show is the fact that both candidates have offered up their daughters to the Money Power Jews to gain their approval…

      21. The popular vote does ‘nothing’…except to voice the public. If the Electoral College (senate, congress, legislative bodies) decide on Hillary, then the peoples vote means the above…NOTHING.

      22. I don’t get this electoral colledge thing . Is it just a legal scam? Everyone I see says they know of no one voting for Hilary . No signs in yards no bumper stickers. How can this even be close?

      23. And why does Trump need these two states? Why can’t they just count up the total nation wide votes? Sounds like a scam?

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