Trump Looks At “Social Credit Score” For Gun Owners?

by | Sep 5, 2019 | Headline News | 43 comments

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    The Trump administration is considering a proposal that would use Google, Amazon, and Apple to collect data on users who display characteristics that could lead to violent behavior.  This authoritarian use of information is common in Communist regimes like China and is likely coming to the USSA sometime soon.

    The USSA’s “social credit score” (provided by other controlling and data manipulative tech companies such as Google) would be used to decide who gets to own a gun in a tyrannical country. Just the Trump administration’s willingness to even consider such a move should be enough to send chills down the spine of every freedom-loving human on the globe.  Once the bastion of liberty, the U.S. is now quickly closing in on Communism.

    The Washington Post reported that the proposal is part of an initiative to create a Health Advanced Research Projects Agency, or HARPA. The agency, with a separate budget and a director appointed by the president, would be located inside the Health and Human Services Department, the Post reported, citing administration sources. A written proposal names Apple Watches, Amazon Echo and Google Home as technologies that can be used to collect information. -WND

    WND recently reported China is not alone in its implementation of a “social-credit scoring system” designed to engineer the behavior of its citizens by punishing people for offenses such as spending too much time on social media, smoking in a non-smoking zone and bad driving. A similar system already is under development in the United States that utilizes Silicon Valley technology.

    The Daily Caller reported the White House declined to provide a statement, but sources told the Washington Post that Trump has reacted “very positively” to the proposal. A foundation founded by a close friend of Trump, Bob Wright, approached the president recently with a proposal for a project called Safe Home, or Stopping Aberrant Fatal Events by Helping Overcome Mental Extremes, the Daily Caller said.

    Trump said mentally ill people are responsible for the uptick in mass shootings. “I do want people to remember the words ‘mental illness.’ These people are mentally ill. … I think we have to start building institutions again because, you know, if you look at the ’60s and ’70s, so many of these institutions were closed,” he said on August 15. The president has also floated the possibility of supporting background checks.  So far, Trump has been just as bad, if not worse than Barack Obama when it comes to the protection of gun rights.

    The political/ruling class is obviously incredibly fearful of guns in the hands of civilians.



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      1. When WASP masculinists were no longer expected to support a family in traditional, first world living conditions, as a matter of the rote, social contract, T placed womyn on a golden pedestal and told you how jobs numbers for replacement demographics had never been better, condemning the Lost Generation to be non-persons. Since T doesn’t know the meaning of competitive labor practices, since T is clearly not a cultural conservative, why is Soros the only one accused of having global undersigners and benefactors, all things being equal.

        imhblo, ubi with brownie points is probably, only one or two iterations away from 666. Opening garage doors and using the soda machine with an impalement and a tracking chip is considered a trivial convenience, at that point.

        Does he drive a single rivet, or drip one drop of his own sweat, or does he bargain with the work of others. What if someone pays him to do this.

      2. As a white,christian male who owns guns I have two options….submit or move to Iceland. Trump better trash this idea or revolution will follow because conservative America would have no credit to use.

        • Jim, agreed he needs to kill that idea or civil war 2 will be on. I’m not about to leave my new home in GA so if necessary I will just die right here defending what I have. My score would never get above zero.

        • I don’t use social media. It is just a giant public open cesspool.
          So I assume that makes me obsolete.

      3. Trump is not reacting. This has ALWAYS been the plan.

        Please wake up, Drumpfter contingent. It is almost too late.

        • If. it turns out that trump is against rural america then it matters notif we wake up all the damage is done

      4. “So far, Trump has been just as bad, if not worse than Barack Obama when it comes to the protection of gun rights.”

        Just another lie.

        • Noone was sincerely concerned that someone could be using bump stocks — assuming that it’s a stable, white, free-market Christian. If it fits in your belt buckle, shoe, hat, or holds another round, etc, etc, ad nauseam — none of this kept any dignified person up at night, unless they were fighting a war of attrition.

        • Exactly. He’s also just building the wall (30 feet) where a wall previously existed (20 feet). I’ll continue to support because the alternative is worse. But this option looks almost as bad.

      5. “So far Trump has been just as bad, if not worse than Barack Obama when it comes to the protection of gun rights.”

        Actually Obama didn’t cause any permanent damage…not that he didn’t try. His ruling that those on SS disability for mental illness conditions be entered into FBI systems for background checks was reversed by Trump (That’s why I don’t understand where this new proposal by Trump comes from). Any new gun control laws Obama tried to get passed never did.

        In spite of being called “The best gun salesman ever” for his attempts to pass gun control laws, he actually did sign some pro 2nd amendment laws. He allowed for weapons to be carried in National Parks, reversing a Reagan law that required them to be locked up in your car trunk or glove box. And also another law reversing a Bush the Younger post 9/11 law forbidding weapons in checked Amtrak baggage.

        This is a sneaky end run around Congress using executive powers to set up new agencies. I hope he drops it. And if he proceeds, Congress better not fund it…yeah, right…

      6. More loony toons for the kooks at the new ” Hate Trump” site. So if you fools don’t back The Donald, who do you want as President. Crazy Bernie, maybe the fake Indian Princess?

        No your homo-love heart throb Ron/Rand Paul isn’t running, he’s too busy sucking on Putin’s dipstick .

        • Seminole Wind

          Actually Rand and his father Paul have been trying to prevent WWIII and protect the Bill Of Rights in its entirety simultaneously. I know simultaneously is a large word.

          1. at the same time:

          • Oh, it’s not hate Trump as he is far preferable to the Democrats. It’s reporting what is as opposed to what you desire to see. Hopefully nothing comes out of it, but the thought that the political climate is such that it could even be debated is Orwellian in nature.

            • Noone is taking the culture in a whole new direction.

              This is a relay race, in which one administration passes the baton to the next, in a logical progression.

              Noon has realistically been following politics for the last several decades and could be surprised.

              • If you can’t use correct grammar, you can’t expect anyone to pay attention to your thoughts.

                ht tps://

                • Someone paying attention to my thoughts would make himself useful.

        • SW, I gave up on Trump because he abandoned his support base, including you. How can you support him now considering any type of gun control proposal?

          • The Deplorable Renegade

            “Considering” is psychological chess, doing is reality. Trump is known to play the media. I’m waiting.

            • Amen, Kevin

            • Amen, Kevin2

              • Trump is the only politician I ever donated to. I would like a refund of my ten dollars. Btw, in retrospect I would prefer Bernie or Hillary any day. Neither of them would have accomplished anything. Hindsight is 20/20.

            • Yeah, 6 dimensional chess…I have heard this nonsense from the true believers and the Hannity followers. No, ole Donnie is a stooge for BIL Jared and Don JR (friends of George Soros.) But go ahead, cheer on the passage of those Red Flag laws, ’cause those infringements of the Bill of Rights don’t affect the great Amurricans with the Mark Levin coffee mugs!!

      7. Welcome to communist China. The illusion of freedom is over. The coming year will be very interesting.

      8. Donald stood before the NRA and said he would support the second amendment 100%

        On Aug 8 2019 Trump had a read my lips moment and turned on his base. He also said we need to change our culture.

        No Mr President, we need to replace you

      9. The government is not designed nor has the compassion to fix sick people. Why just guns, why not Social Credit Score for cars, trucks, boats, knives, owning pets, having children, et al? There are sick people out there. They need help. Trying to take away my guns by some arbitrary regulation published in the Federal register isn’t going to stop a sick person from committing suicide or killing people, qualities defining a few
        (not all) Moslems and I don’t see a move to outlaw and eliminate them in America.
        I will not comply. If it makes me a criminal, I will just import really good guns, RPG’s, grenade launchers, and such. Since
        you have made me a criminal it may as well be for a real “Assault” weapon. Government guys can’t stop drugs, they could not stop Booze, what can they do with real weapons?
        I’d ki ll a government agent in a second, if my rights were being violated and I had no quick legal recourse in a court.

      10. “From my Cold Dead Hands”…..when they came for my guns, I handed them over. Then one day they came for me, but I couldn’t resist.!!!!

      11. the guy is a scam. simple. we’re screwed. now i think it was planned this way all along.

        • It certainly appears T was the trojan horse all along. “Lock her Up” lol. Americans really have no choice anymore. Recent presidents include sketchy characters who came out of nowhere such as clinton and obama are probably actors groomed from childhood by the cia.

      12. cant do it unconstitutional. thats like saying because you listen to death metal your fascinated with death and likely to shoot up a crowd so your banned from guns. guilty before youve committed a crime. cant do it. if this goes through the constitution is void.

      13. Z!onizm is, and shall always be, your master.

        We need a true conservative that will gut 80% of the government and spending. If you don’t earn, you don’t eat. Pay your own bills, not the taxpayer. And if 75% of the population commits a felony, then 75% will be behind bars, even if 300 million are behind bars. A law is a law, deport 40 million illegals. No more handouts.

        If taxation is necessary, keep all tax money collected remain locally, let the inner city of Chicago pay for it’s shitholers, not the rural farm in Nebraska. Let the west coast and east coast shitholers pay for their socialistic shit.

        If people hate America, strip their citizenship deport them to central Africa, and charge them for the ticket. That would eliminate half the kids in college along with 95% of the Democrats.

        OK, daydream is over.

        No no no, we are all doomed for a fate even worse than the past 100 years. Start giving illegal aliens [and everyone except straight white males] million dollar mansions and a free for life card.

        • They run about 1/2 mil, here, and yes, that is subsidized.

      14. Trump is owned by the Zio Mobsters ,and wouldn’t be there ,unless they let him

      15. Trump is owned by the Zio Mobsters ,and would not be where he is unless they let him

        • Yeah, ole Don went to Jared!! Even Donald Jr is gung ho for the National Gun Registry and Red Flag laws. And Don Jr is a BIG GAME hunter, so he can tell us little people what to do!

      16. Store bullets while you can.

        Trump is not who he projects himself to be.

        More of the same. They ALL want to take from you.
        Take Life-Liberty-Freedom-Choice.

      17. Goddamn there are a lot of ostentatious morons on this site.

        • So much grammar.

      18. This type of stupid will most definitely cause violent reactions. Hope they have insurance to bury themselves.


          Most people cannot logically retrace their steps, so have considered everything, up until this late point, to be perfectly normal.

      19. Somebody is really determined to make us law abiding citizens
        law breaking citizens.

      20. All of Trump’s “base”–especially those advocating the Bill of Rights, including the Second Amendment– will be said to have flunked the “social credit score”. Do they understand that? Does Trump understand that? Apparently not.

        The Second Amendment says the right of “the people” not “those people who qualify” “to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed”. The people are the Militia. The Amendments of the Bill of Rights amended the erstwhile “supreme law of the land”, the “Commander-in-Chief of the…Militia”, the “discipline prescribed by Congress”, and the “calling forth of the Militia” clauses of the Government-supremacist U.S. Constitution.

        The people are their own Commander-in-Chief of the Militia. They call forth themselves as the Militia– not to enforce Government’s laws but, as the Second Amendment proclaims, for the security of their freedom in their states (not for the security of Government’s power over them, a tyrant’s definition of his own “free state”). They discipline themselves as they prescribe for themselves. They self-well-regulate. The people are not required to belong to any Government military such as the “National Guard” in order to have the right to keep and bear arms (any kind of arms) and to use them when necessary for the security of their freedom in their states, including the security of the very right to keep and bear arms for that purpose.

      21. comments censored

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