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Contributing Author
January 11th, 2021
Wealth Research Group
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This article was contributed by The Wealth Research Group. 

Why is America getting split apart? What is the underlying cause of the division, the root of the issue, the heart of the rift that is visibly growing between left and right?

If you ask a Trump supporter or a Trump hater, they would give you one of a myriad of answers, but the bottom line, as far as we’re concerned, is trust in authority.

Trump’s supporters want him in office, because they trust him. They have no faith in career politicians at all; there’s a growing number of Americans, Europeans, and other westerners, who have come to the conclusion that career politicians are bought and paid for, represent interests that are not those of the majority of Americans and are colluding with foreign interests to globalize and to strip the rights of the average person. In developing nations, where distrust in government is the norm, this seems obvious, but westerners somehow forgot that governments have historically been a hindering force, not a liberating one.

If the media calls these anti-establishment ideas conspiracy theories, then Trump supporters consider it a way for the mainstream media to delegitimize what they think in their heart of hearts to be true, thus they don’t panic when the media attempts to debunk anything.

They simply do not trust the mainstream media at all.

My purpose is not to debate whether they’re right or wrong; it is to show that in today’s world, there are tens of millions, if not hundreds of millions of people, who have either zero faith or well below average confidence in their elected officials, whom they deem as crooked and working to enslave, deprive and censor them.

These issues are not to be brushed off and they’re not only shared by people on the sidelines or fringes of society; conspiracy theories once deemed as “nuts” have come to fruition, and now a great many feel enlightened about the nature of politics, big business and the deep state and the relationships that form between global interests.

As long as the system was reasonably working for most, they just sleepwalked through life, not caring about these issues, which have been known to many of us for decades. The ignorant were blissfully enjoying the invisible cage.

You and I have known about the elites, the deep state agenda, illegitimate warfare, global interests and secret societies for a long time; now there are many more who do, since the tragic comedy that is politics is much more visible to us. We can see their mistakes, their lack of self-discipline, their hypocrisy and double standards.

Criticism is labeled as spreading fake news and is censored; it’s a thin line that tech giants are walking on.

Wealth Research Group does not believe that these dividing issues are going away whatsoever; trust is impossible to rebuild, once it’s fully lost. Permanently shutting down Trump’s Twitter account may end up being a disastrous decision for this country.

While calls for impeachment have been made and articles have already been drafted, Trump is talking about building his own communications platform.

As I said before, it’s difficult to publish our letter without getting comments from both the left and the right, arguing their case.

Our mission is to analyze the politics and then translate it into finances.

In the end, being an efficient person requires handling YOUR BUSINESS, even in the midst of social crises. Stay disciplined about your affairs first; nothing is more important than realizing that being the best version of yourself is the most effective thing you can do for others.


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    Author: Contributing Author
    Date: January 11th, 2021

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    1. Andrea.Iravani. says:

      I am still waiting for an explanation as to why the anti-lockdown anti-vaxxing, anti-masking Trump supporters supported Trump after Trump sat back and did nothing when governors and mayors violated residents 14th amendment rights with lock downs, with Trump demanding to get the vaccines out right away, and with Trump sending masks to school kids paid for by tax payers. 

      Trump supporters are correct in one assessment about Trump, that the old guard despises him. Trump as the new guard was every bit as much of a tyrant as the old guard. That is not populism. I do not understand why people voted for Trump in 2020. 

      Andrea Iravani

      • Frank Thoughts says:

        Totally agree. As President, Trump has extraordinary powers yet all he does is whine and complain about the ‘deep state’ and the paedophile networks undermining him but he doesn’t do anything about it.

        On top of this every few months throughout his presidency he has promised he would take action “next week”, or “by Christmas” etc. The weeks roll by and still nothing happens. He is even now putting out lies and misinformation that he will do something in the dwindling days to the inauguration. But I can guarantee you 100 per cent come the day, the moving vans will have shifted his fat butt out of the White House and off to Mar e Lago.

        He played his supporters and they still can’t see it. He thinks they are chumps and low-lifes; they think he is some God.

        As an ex President Trump will face numerous court cases for corruption, money laundering, underage rape, slander, incitement etc. He is going to be wobbling up the ramp to the SDNY in New York month after month just as Harvey Weinstein had to.

        • little ray says:

          “He played his supporters and they still can’t see it. He thinks they are chumps and low-lifes; they think he is some God. ”

          I agree. And they *really* don’t like inconvenient facts to be brought up.

          This whole Trump worship thing has the look and feel of a sci-op. How else could you get people to simply ignore the bad things he does like declaring covid an emergency 3 consecutive times and his warp speed injection? I wonder how many deaths and injuries that MRNA injection is gonna cause?

    2. The MSM are the enemy of the people!
      Instead of vandalizing the peoples house Patriots should go after
      Twitter, Google, Facebook,CNN,MSNBC, CBS,ABC,NBC etc.

    3. Darth Skippy says:

      I started learning simple job skills, as a literal toddler, in hopes of following my father, into what is now a captured industry.

      There was a solid season, of this administration, in which those 501b lobbyists were celebrating potus, bigly, in social media.

      Someone, waiving the LGBT flag and making concessions to minorities, was never, ever (!) going to restore the social contract to the WASP, masculinist, single wage earner, as nucleus of the family.

    4. Its democrat socialist, greedy power hungry politicians and those who want a free ride.

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