Trump Drops ‘Mother Of All Bombs’ On Islamic State Hideout: “The Largest Guided Bomb In The History Of The World… Blast Radius Stretching One Mile In Each Direction”

by | Apr 13, 2017 | Headline News | 74 comments

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    President Trump has dropped a Massive Ordinance Air Blast (MOAB), affectionately known as “The Mother Of All Bombs,” on an Islamic State cave complex in eastern Afghanistan.

    The bomb, used for the first time ever in combat, is a high yield conventional (non-nuclear) bomb with a blast radius that stretches about one mile in every direction. At the time of its development the MOAB was considered to be the most powerful non-nuclear weapon ever designed.

    Trump Flashback: “I Would Bomb The Shit Out Of Them”

    How the MOAB works:


    North Korean Officials Begin Evacuation Of Pyongyang: “Bomb Shelters Will Not Be Able To Accommodate Entire Population”

    Peter Schiff Warns: “Nothing Has Changed Under Trump… We’re Headed For A Major Crisis”


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      1. Are we sure Hillary wasn’t elected?

        • No shit, right?

          The only difference so far is that we’d have a Tranny on the Supreme court and testicles would be outlawed upon pain of death with Hillary.

          Other than that pretty damn much the same shit isn’t it.

          • Some of President Donald Trump’s critics were quick to decry the cost of dropping the “mother of all bombs” on an ISIS target in Afghanistan on Thursday.

            But the number heavily cited across social media, $314 million, was how much the US military paid for 20 such bombs, technically called the Massive Ordnance Air Blast.

            One MOAB costs about $16 million, and 20 have been produced, according to the military equipment site

            What a great total Effin Waste of tax Payer money. Its not their money they go get to play with. Effin Losers.

            Meanwhile America’s Bridges collapse from rust. Looserzzzss!!

            • At that cost, let ISIS thrive. Bring our soldiers home, seal the borders. ISIS scum in Buttcraskistan are not a threat to the national security of the U.S.

              Total waste of taxpayer money.

              • You have no idea what you’re talking about and it looks like you have no idea what it cost to be free it looks like you’re just another pussy with your head in the sand thinking everything is gonna be OK if you just lock the gates. You’re an idiot and it’s a good thing Donald Trump doesn’t think like you. Peace through showing strength. Period

              • Hey Blackmoe. Come out of your cave where you live and look about what is going on in your own country What about Orlando have you have you forgotten or you just don’t know what took place there just a couple of months ago wake up bro…. you of the other dead hands out there that thinks like you .. isis is here in your backyard deal with it.

            • The bigger the bomb the bigger the balls and the bigger the odds are they will not mess with us like they are gearing up to do and been doing under the previous ball less administration have you not figured that out yet and number two you’re rusted and corroded Bridges is not a result of Donald Trump but The result of your sorry deadhead bull crap politicians you’ve been voting for your whole pitiful life. Be thankful for what we have now and for what is being done for your sake And my sake and the country’s sake.

        • Haha trump is hillary in drag. I supported his campaign because I hoped he would be more of a man. Boy was I delusional. Killary must be his secret advisor at the least.

          • REALLY ? All of this hand ringing, nashing if teeth over dead TERRORISTS ????
            Why don’t you all start a petition to have DT rehire that State Dept spokeswoman who claimed that TERRORISTS just need jobs, tovget their lives straight : ) ???

        • One of Trump’s campaign promises was to “bomb the shit out of ISIS”.

          Dropping the most powerful non nuclear bomb ever made, first time it’s ever been used against an enemy, on an ISIS position would seem to be at least a tiny little step towards keeping this promise.

          • Tiny step? A 16 million dollar hard on to kill a measly 36 ISIL terrorists. Give me a break.

        • Trump = Bush III

          • Instant soil prep for a poppy plantation…

            All that nitrate residue fertilized the soil
            The blast collapsed any tunnels that would hamper irrigation and drainage.
            All that’s left to do is rake it level and sow poppy seeds.

            • after they prep the soil for poppies they just need to make legal painkillers COMPLETELY illegal (like they are headed now)… think of the $$ for the US govt!! oh… and hire some extra anchors for the nightly “news” to complain about the heroin epidemic too-

            • Also killed many ISIS and buried them at the same time , a 2fer

              I hope there was not much collateral damage as this is one incredibly large explosion. I have seen and experienced many B52 attacks in RVN /Laos/Cambodia first hand and each plane carried 84/ 500 pounders. Many times I was within 10 kliks or less and I can attest to the reason some of these attacks were called “Rolling Thunder” at other times they would be off in the distance 25 or more kliks and the ground still shake and a thunderous sound and shockwave and it was clear what was happening just over that hill. I will never forget those events and what it felt like. Both exuberance and realizing death was raining down on anyone within the kill zone. Once they started going off it was like unzipping a zipper of death off in the distance, almost like one continuous explosion, but with a slight space in between in a chain of continuous explosions and then the next one started and numerous others in sequence. Rolling thunder off in the distance, incredible to experience it all. Leaves mixed feelings for sure. Most of what was being bombed was not inhabited but sections of the Ho Chi Min trail. Now that entire experience seems like another life to me, as if I have lived two very different lives in one visit to this planet ? No wonder so many of us find the snowflakes disgustingly weak and pathetic wimps. Trump is doing exactly what he said he would do so for all you naysayers I say phck you ! You do realize China now says they are willing to attack NK ? How do you brainiacs think that happened ? Do you think it is a coincidence ? If so you are far more ignorant than I thought. It is beyond obvious the dinner with China pres XI and the missile launches were part of the plan and it is all completely interconnected. Trump has simply acted proactively to control the situation in Syria and NK and that is exactly what he is accomplishing. Very much the opposite of BHO and crew who always led from behind and let every event control them or they enabled the wrong people and events with lies and distortions. Trump has accomplished many good things on many fronts and I do not see him slowing down for good reasons. We will see much more unfolding here in USA on domestic issues and the many crimes committed by BHO and crew very soon ! Better to hold your tongue than be proven the fool !

              • I have your back on this one. That POS pussy Obumma and these spineless thieving politicians that have been running this country into the ground are the ones that created this shit sandwich. The Trumpster is just having to clean up the mess. That missile strike in Syria was to get everyone’s attention. And just in case it didn’t, that MOAB damn sure did. If you think the Russkies and that fat little bastard in NK didn’t get the message. Think again. My guess is that the Chinese will take out that crazy NK SOB just shortly. The people of NK will be much better off as will the world. One of Trump’s strength’s is that he is totally unpredictable. He has his next 10 moves planned out before these guys can think of the next one. No one likes war and if we don’t start making these bastards understand that the free ride is over, that is exactly what we are going to get. In fact, if you really think about it, we have been at war for the last 20 to 30 years. Enough of this bullshit already. Walk into a biker bar with some flowers in your hair and your going to get your ass kicked. Walk in with a couple of cocked and locked 45’s on your hip and most will not jack with you. Peace is obtained with strength. Not via weakness.

                • Completely agree. The ball less wonder boy, Obama- put his fingers in his ears for 8 years and sang LA LA LA. That is the height and breadth of his legacy… except for hitting home Depot for a rainbow projector to shine on the White House exterior.

                • Nicely said.

              • Spot on. But there sure are a lot of trolls here.

              • I know what you are talking about when you mention the B-52 strikes.I was in the Mobile Riverine Force 68 to 69 and will never forget a B-52 bombing while operating at the Ben Luc bridge.I think they dropped the bombs about 5miles away but it made my boat shudder even tho it weighed several tons and was afloat in the river.Living in NW FL. I remember when they tested the MOAB at the bombing range that is about 20 miles from me.It felt like a B-52 strike at my house.They were warning people via radio,not to be alarmed when the big bang happened for days in advance.I heard that anyone around the blast area that wasn’t killed by the shock and fire would have the air sucked out of their lungs and killed,some badass bomb.

              • Just to think neither Allah or Mohammed could save them from the MOAB! LOL!

        • Attention fat kid….. we don’t have to use nukes to level your military.

        • “Are we sure Hillary wasn’t elected?”

          Been asking myself that very same question.

          • On the good side of this there are many dead scum muslim savages.

            • Not nearly enough Monzo. Barely a scratch on the surface.

        • So NOW all you douchebags are mad because hes doing what he said he would do? Seriously- youre worse than a buncha snowflake liberals who are SO offended over the missile named after a Tomahawk! So WTF is it going to be people? You knew damned well he said this, now all of a sudden hes a “neo-con”, “warhawk”, and the worst- “Hillary”. Fucking two faced RINOS. No better than Paul Ryan and the rest of them.

          • DM,I am pissed that we are entering wars in mid east,something Trump campaigned against,and now with sonny in law jared in mid east perhaps making decisions seems leaving that sandbox just keeps getting harder,as for this bomb,am OK with it.

            Now,not just eradicating obola care/already putting out tax plan to cut taxes,eh,another lie on his part it seems.

            On a side note,you seem a little jumpy,perhaps a catheter is in order!

          • DITTO, re my comment at 7:02pm..

          • DM
            We the People voted for Mr. Trump because we wanted and adult in charge.
            Someone that would look out for American Interests. America FIRST.
            Someone to CLOSE “obama the TRAITOR’s” Open door border INSANITY.
            SECURE our borders. Stop allowing anti Americans into this country.
            Someone who would NOT get Involved in Syria.
            Someone who would make PEACE with Russia.
            That is who Mr. Trump pretended to be.

            We are TIRED OF WAR. Had enough. We wanted Peace and Prosperity.
            For the government to leave us alone. So we can work hard and do for ourselves.

            NO WAR.
            Things could spin totally out of control. Nuclear WW3.
            Is Syria worth that? NO. Hell no.

            Trump LIED. No Peace. No partnership with Russia. Just more conflict.
            More involvement in Syria. War Mongering INSANITY.

            You will get what you want D. And that is likely more than you bargained for.
            My Friends Story:
            That Mexican gang was real tough when they tried to run my friend off the road.
            6 of them came to beat his ass and take his bike. Tatted up thugs looking for trouble.
            They were not as tough when he returned fire. Did not end well for them. Marines can shoot back. All fun and games until the other guy returns fire and ends your life for being stupid. Be a thug, die like a thug.

            Violence begets violence. Words turn to fists, Fists turn to knives, Knives to guns. Now you have words turn into a gun fight. Start a fight with guns the other country brings out Nukes. If you have em you use them.

            That is your future with Russia if someone does not wise up.

        • Here’s a simple test for you !!
          If more of our guys are getting killed HRC got elected. More of theirs? ?? DJT GOT ELECTED..

        • Hillary-Trump-Obama-Bush I-Clinton-Bush II

          ###### ALL the Same. One Party. No Choice.
          War War War War War War War . Greed Greed Greed Greed Greed Greed.
          Control-Manipulate-Rob and Steal from the sheep. Say ” Baa Baa Baa”. You have been sheared and now the politicians are trying to get you SLAUGHTERED.

          No difference. Different sales pitch. All politicians are con artist and LIARS.
          All work for those behind the scenes. All politicians are war mongering idiots. Criminals. Traitors.

          World War 3 and the Nuclear Destruction of Civilization is upon us.
          Wake up. “No one represents You. No sane person EVER is elected to office.”
          Only Tri Lateral Commision-Rothchild-Bilderberg-Soros-Deep State-Intel agency… PUPPETS.

          Trump is a Puppet. Easily manipulated by those surrounding him.
          Makes me sick. Trump is such a disappointment. Damn LIAR.

          We demand PEACE. Not war. Not conventional war. Not Tomahawks. Not Big Ass bombs. Not conflict. MAKE PEACE. STAY OUT OF CONFLICT !!

          Leave Syria alone. Stay OUT of it. Pull ALL US troops out.
          Put those troops on the USA Border. Secure OUR USA border.
          Deport Drug Cartels/Gangs and Radicals that hate America. Get Their asses OUT!!

          Make Peace with Russia. Make Russia a respected adversary with a cooperative relationship towards mutual interests. Americans have MUCH more in common with Russians than with Syria. Work together to colonize Mars.

          Piss on WAR. War is for insane idiots.

      2. Wow….I was under the impression that Hillary lost the election. Go figure…

        Well, keep stacking and packing, friends. Either way, were gonna need every ounce of preps we can muster.

        Gold, silver, brass, lead, and a shiny catapult for the latter. 😀

        – Grunty

      3. You want U.S. to give you more weapons,Here You Go!lol
        A little different than Obama’s technique!
        Be well
        Maniac –out

        • Thumbs up LA.

      4. I fear we may witness many weapons never used or seen before. All bets are off.

      5. Wouldn’t it just be a whole lot simpler – and cheaper – to tell the CIA to stop funding and arming ISIS?

        • No, that’s all part of the big game. PRS = big money
          1) Problem: Create your enemy
          2) Reaction: Public outcry to defend us against our enemy
          3) Solution: Build “defensive” (offensive) arsenal and kill your enemy, raking in billions of $$$; the big payoff
          4) Repeat

          • We used to have a saying where i worked.
            “Just because you’re paranoid, doesn’t mean they are not out to get you” !!!!!

      6. Ouch. That’s gonna leave a mark.

      7. Wow…the message this sends now…If Trump wanted to sow doubt in people minds to keep them off balance, this certainly does it. And this accomplished what exactly besides making some ISIS terrorists greasy reminders of their existence?

        Why do I get the feeling this is straight out of the NEO-CON playbook as the Elite 1% keeps getting us 99% killing one another on their grand chessboard for their bank account balances and their personal whims…Someone said the other day that President (Snow) Trump……..Oh wait months ago I SAID THIS IS WHAT WAS COMING REGARDLESS OF WHO POTUS WOULD BE…

        I hate being right all the time…..1% getting the 99% to kill one another, that’s what the whole catching Catpiss story was all about, so I guess we have to make it come to life….

      8. Defense contracting stocks probably just shot through the roof.

        • Exactly the desired result. This is all about money.

      9. Trump keeping his promise.
        He said he was going to bomb the shit out of them. HE DID.

        Good test for N.K. HEY Kimmie are you watching????

        This Bud is for you, NO NO NO! This MOAB is for you.

        Too bad he can’t use this on the FUCKTARDS in Washington.


      10. Why Not? Better than using our troops for cannon fodder. And that bomb made certain not one of those who where targeted never ever set foot on the USA soil. No illegal or free pass immigration for them. Im setting on 50 tons of scrap metals. Piles of aluminum breakage, electric motors, auto wiring harness, car batterys, scrap cars and farm equiptment ect. The Price is so low Ive been actively collecting it. Now its likely that the price will rise. Better investment than gold. Those jew scrap dealers will pay me in cash.

      11. I believe General George Patton said that fortifications are a testimonial to the stupidity of mankind. Given enough of these, with their (I assume) shaped charge warhead and GPS guidance allows de-facto high explosive drilling. Even NORAD would not be invulnerable.

        • Nowhere to hide in todays warfare.

      12. Laugh you stupid Americans. You have no skin in the game. To you cowards I say, Google ‘Images Hiroshima victims’. I pray for your children.

        • That shows what happens when you attack America.

      13. Are we done now?

        I’m so used to being lied to, I thought he was just blowing smoke at voters.

        Since you’re on a roll here, President Trump, why not take out “The City of London”. The Banksters are in Nuclear Safe bunkers, but the rapists (I mean refugees) are above ground.

        And save some small bombs for the rapists (I mean refugees) in Sweden.


      14. Mankind has exausted his usefulness . I’m awaiting the deer in the headlights look upon most faces soon. Our entire culture of going with the flow will now go with the flow straight down the toilet! Sheeple shearing has been a prosperous venture, but nothing remains the same and what ever the outcome of our present nightmares may be, there’s more coming so wake up and quit putting faith in the likes of trump or any other human and then you all won’t be so disappointed .
        I’m amazed the fan is still turning, but tomorrow’s another day of deceit so cheer up and enjoy the awakening. Everyone is soiled and deserving of what ever comes down the pipe of snowflake culture. It’s all remenisant of ,If you can find one good man then maybe all is not lost. Welcome to Sodom!

      15. Why Not? Better than using our troops for cannon fodder. And that bomb made certain not one of those who where targeted never ever set foot on the USA soil. No illegal or free pass immigration for them. Im setting on 50 tons of scrap metals. Piles of aluminum breakage, electric motors, auto wiring harness, car batterys, scrap cars and farm equiptment ect. The Price is so low Ive been actively collecting it. Now its likely that the price will rise. Better investment than gold. Those xxx scrap dealers will pay me in cash.

      16. I have it on good authority that they just ran out of virgins…

      17. Lest not forget…..every time we kill (10) “terrorists”, we’ve just created (100) more. Imagine if you will, a Chinese drone or cruise missile hitting targets in your city or town. Even if they killed some of the gang bangers or “extremists”, i would be pissed as hell. How dare these Chinese bastards decide 1000s of miles away who is going to die, or what will be destroyed on their whim. I believe most of us would be pissed off. Maybe i never had anything against the Chinese before the strikes, but i sure as hell do now. This is the root cause of the problem, and we’re in a no win situation. For us to survive, and thwart world war, we must get the hell out of these countries and mind our own business. There can be no doubt that the real enemy of peace and stability in the world is Washington DC.!!!!!

        • It wouldn’t take long before that math stops working.

          The Muslims have been attacking civilized societies for far longer than we have been in the middle East, so that logic doesn’t work either.

          You kick the shit out of bullies BEFORE there are too many of them to beat. I promise you, that bomb today will cause a great many of them to reconsider their loyalty to jihad.

          It will also get the attention of Kim phat pug and Putin. Rather than starting WW3 as obola kept trying to do, Trump may have just prevented it.

          It doesn’t matter, though. Half the people I see here will be pissed if he prevents war, and the other half will blame him if he doesn’t. In fact, many of you are going to hate him no matter what he does. Kind of like Democrats.

      18. One bomb and the posters on this site have gone nuts. Think how many of those 3rd class rulers out there are looking over their shoulders. Things may calm down a bit. Russia might be another matter…but then again maybe not.

        • Good ol’ amerika terrorism, I wonder why amerika “never” picks on the big guys. We called that cowardice in my day.

        • Right! I have been saying this. Trump isn’t a sell-out, he’s doing what he promised he’d do, make us great again and safe again. Isn’t it interesting how easily people can turn on you? He does one thing they don’t agree with, which happens to be a thing that they don’t even reasonably understand, and now he’s worse than Hillary.

          He’s done more to protect this nation in 100 days than the last four presidents combined.

      19. Not exactly if you knew this. August 7, 2013 Nuclear Strike on Syria

        The Genie is Out of the Bottle. Needless to say I was shocked at what he told me next: “The fact of the matter is, what we are seeing in both these cases is a tactical nuclear strike, probably by cruise missiles launched from aircrafts near the borders of Syria or right off the coast in the Mediterranean.”

      20. I guess Mac Slavo forgot to tell people the missle strikes ordered by Trump in Syria helped ISIS.
        You Americans have been fooled into falling for the old bait-and-switch routine again.
        Trump and Hillary put on a great show and you Americans fell for it.
        Trump sold himself as the anti-establishment President who would make America great again.
        Because the mainstream news acts as though they hate Trump the naive American sheep believe Trump is a anti-Zionist.
        The truth is Trump is a Zionist puppet and he will make war great again.
        The puppet masters hiding in Israel are still in control.
        Where are the news articles exposing the Zionists who are behind these fake wars?

      21. Continued ME WAR creates Refugees in Western Nations. They get free everything causing taxes to increase! Hence, costing me more money! And voters for Democrats! Of course they need them because over the last 8 years they lost +1000 seats nationwide. And For what, an Elite Globalist 7 Nation Plan and ultimately Globalism!

        I don’t give a Hoot about what the ME does as long as they keep it inside their borders. Although, I do care when our troops get sent over there with Rules of Engagement and Substandard equipment. Like in Iraq!
        I do care that Our GOV sends parades of Diplomats to start crap! Like Arab Spring! and Iraq!
        It costs People of Western Countries Money and Lives; but it could also be part of a plan???

        SICK OF WARS! Sick of the Narrative LIES/False Flags used to implement the NATION BUILDING! Notice the Building is actually demolition and death! It is Immoral!

        Stop the Conflicts and send REFUGEES back to their Homelands and let them Make the Homeland Great Again. Lets try that for a change.
        The current option is CRAP!

        Oh I don’t give a dookie about N. KOREA, Either! So what its over there. Save money and Hydrogen Bomb it!

      22. Do you realize we just used a WMD.

        No fall out, but the blast of a tactical nuke.

        What are we doing?

        No good comes of this, we look like loonie toon war mungers.

        • Trust me and believe me we are doing the right thing. Period

      23. Trying to analyze this from a tactical view. Dropped out the back of a slow moving cargo
        plane. How would that work over Iranian or North Korean airspace? You would have to neutralize all of their surface to air batteries and anti aircraft guns before you do the
        fly over. Which means we would need total air supremacy just to pull this off. Meaning
        how could we do this early in the conflict? This could most likely not be done in the first
        24 hours. If they ( lets say Iran ) have early warning radars, S-300’s, S-400’s or for that
        matter, shoulder-fired portable SAM’s, it might not be doable. Air supremacy does not just mean knocking out the opponents air force. You have to knock out everything they can
        fire at our planes from the ground. This North Korea thing will not be a walk in the park.
        I don’t know if they have the advanced SAM’s but even some 90 mm aa guns might be
        able to take out a slower moving cargo jet. Especially if its carrying a 22,000 lb bomb.

      24. Watching the video of this bomb reminds me of what Obungler has done to our economy and our culture.

      25. I am glad Trump dropped a MOAB bomb in Afghanistan. Good. Why is the U.S. there? People tell me to it is to fight the Tal I ban?

      26. Whine, moan and bitch. Damed if you do, damned if you don’t. If you all think you can do a better job than POTUS, get your asses out there and do it.

        • Any random stranger would exercise better judgement.
          Any random stranger no one knows anything about could likely do a better job as President, As long as they did NOT reside in California.

          Anyone who has seen combat would avoid war. Just wanna be desk commandos, bankers, politicians, deep state, intel outfits, seek a fight.
          Sane RATIONAL people avoid conflict.

      27. So what, Trump authorized making muslimes into greasy black spots in AFGHANISTAN, doesn’t do shit for us in the USA where the treasonous savages live among us, are training in protected terrorist camps on our own soil, waiting for their opportunity to strike JUST LIKE THEY ARE IN EUROPE.

        This is nothing more than a stage four cancer patient flailing about in rage in the kitchen breaking wine glasses, it is utterly useless against killing the ENEMY within.

      28. Obama’s loony left terror coddling policies need to be corrected.

        This bomb was just the right message for certain groups that appear a bit hard of hearing.

      29. tunnel complex = air blast ? what sense does that make ?

        • Collapses the tunnels to one extent and sucks the oxygen out of the ones it doesn’t so that the enemy in them dies.

          Like WWII flame throwers against caves with Japs hiding in them.

      30. Is about time US stands up to isis and all the other USA haters out there and does what it says. We’ve been led by pussies for too long and these rag heads, dictators and USA haters have been taunting us for too long we are long overdue for someone like Donald Trump and this is the way it has to be or we are finished as a country.

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