Trump Asked About INVASION Of Democratic Socialist Venezuela

by | Jul 5, 2018 | Headline News | 65 comments

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    United States officials are claiming the president Donald Trump has been asking his aides about a “Venezuela invasion.” The suggestion of obvious war allegedly stunned those present at the meeting, including U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and national security advisor H.R. McMaster.

    This account of the previously undisclosed conversation comes from a senior administration official familiar with what was said also claims the conversation only lasted five minutes, according to The LA Times.  The official spoke on the condition of anonymity because of the sensitive nature of the discussions.

    Venezuelans are currently suffering under a harsh dictatorship called “democratic socialism” and a majority are struggling to find food to eat. A war could further devastate an already destitute nation.

    As a meeting last August in the Oval Office to discuss sanctions on Venezuela was concluding, President Trump turned to his top aides and asked an unsettling question. Trump wanted to know why he can’t just invade the quickly unraveling country, said the official. During the exchange, according to Vanity Fair, McMaster and others took turns explaining to Trump how military action could backfire and risk losing hard-won support among Latin American governments to punish President Nicolas Maduro for taking Venezuela down the path of dictatorship.

    Although president Trump gave no indication he was about to order up military plans, he pointed to what he considered past cases of “successful gunboat diplomacy” in the region; like the invasions of Panama and Grenada in the 1980s. according to the official and as reported by The LA Times. 

    On August 11 of last year, the very next day after Trump asked about invading a destitute nation, the president shocked the entire US with talk of a “military option” to remove Maduro from power. The public remarks initially were dismissed in US policy circles as the sort of “martial bluster” people have come to expect from the reality TV star turned commander in chief.

    However, it was not long after his talk of invasion and “military options” that he raised the issue of a conflict with Venezuela with the Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos, according to the US official.  Two high-ranking Colombian officials who spoke on condition of anonymity confirmed the report.

    Within days, Maduro rounded up support from pro-government allies to “invade” the United States. “Mind your own business and solve your own problems, Mr. Trump!” thundered Nicolas Maduro, the president’s son, at the government-stacked constituent assembly. “If Venezuela were attacked, the rifles will arrive in New York, Mr. Trump,” the younger Maduro said. “We will take the White House.”


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      1. REX TILLERSON was present????

        • Trump asked about invading Venezuela……. then remembered…. Who gives a flying shit about Venezuela?


          • Venezuela is a brown shithole country. If it was inhabited by whites, there might be a future for it, but it is not, so they’re doomed. It’s just the way it works.

            • The elite NWO cabal wants the USA to act as it’s police force to overthrow the likely opposition to it, who happen to all be two bit dictatorships. Kissinger mentioned it in the minutes of a Bilderberg meeting. What the NWO fears is the emergence of an opposition alliance, when the NWO finally arrives, viz ‘Allies versus Axis” or “NWO versus Non-Aligned”.

              The following list has been identified as having to be brought to heel, using US power, bombs and lives:
              1. North Korea
              2. Iran
              3. Venezuela
              4. Russia

              After helping the NWO masters use America destroy the independence of those countries, the plug will be pulled on America with it’s economy collapsing.

              Letting these countries alone is in our best interest, they will continue to defy the NWO-UN axis of evil.

              Some day we will learn, of we keep our boots off of other people’s properties, they may stay off our lawns.

      2. Hey Matt – Can you not post this?? Rex Tillerson???

        • according to The LA Times ….. There is a credible source.

          But wait, it gets better…. Vanity Fair

          hahahahahahahah hahahahahhahahahaha

          What is next? A confidential source from the Penthouse letters?

      3. Sorry, it’s Mac (not Matt)

      4. Correction: I’ll bet it was one or more of the neocons who proposed an invasion of Venezuela and tried to blame Trump for it. I smell the Bush family behind it since they’ve been in the oil business forever. In any case we’re broke and don’t even have the troops since they’re scattered all around the world. The reason for the invasion is obvious: OIL. That country has 10% of the world’s known oil reserves and whoever controls it can call a lot of shots. And I know the Venezuelan people won’t stand for any invasion, Maduro and Company not withstanding. Let Venezuela solve their own problems free from foreign interference.

        • Your reasoning is, as usual, convoluted. First you try to exonerate Trump (with absolutely no logic or facts behind your statement).

          If you had bothered reading the article, Trump had publicly mooted the idea re invasion without help from anyone else! Then you go on to virtually accuse the Bush clan of involvement…on what evidence? Your sense of smell?

          Then you categorically state “And I know the Venezuelan people won’t stand for any invasion”. How do you know? That nose of yours working overtime again? Maybe they would welcome being freed from their own version of enslavement to become willing victims of another form of enslavement. After all, Murika has a long tradition of “freeing” their south American neighbors from tyranny.

          Reading skills and critical thought are not your strong points are they bh? Stick to being the site tough guy/clown.

          • There will be a revolution in Venezuela before long. Problem is that the revolution will just replace this tyrant with another tyrant.

            Venezuela is the next El Salvador.

        • B’heart and Anon: Super crazy idea going into Venezuela. Every country we invade post ww2 has been an utter failure and made the country worse than before. (Irag, V. Nam, etc.) We need to quit meddling in other countries, let their citizens handle it. Our gov. screws up everything they touch overseas! Oil indeed is the motive. Why not PAY for it instead of invading. Getting our troops killed for nothing, just like Korea, V.N. farce.

          • Yes, how terrible it is that Taliban religious radicals have been replaced with a democracy in Afghanistan, that an evil dictator in Iraq has been replaced with a democracy, how US intervention in Bosnia installed a democratic government.

            Don’t get confused with BS you see on TV and think it accurately represents the country as a whole.

      5. When is someone going to ask the vice peddling pussy grabbing PSYCHOPATH thief Orange Satan the following:

        Orange Satan, when are you and your COWARDLY OATHBREAKING Military Junta of dumbed down toxic dump CORPORATE WHORES going to invade the headquarters of MONSANTO, ALL PHARMAKIA PEDDLING CORPORATIONS, and the other genocidal PSYCHOPATHS perpetrating the AMERICAN HOLOCAUST and CHEMICAL CULLING on the dumbed down, divided, disease ridden, obese, indebted slaves, addicted to EVERYTHING, Pharmakia Junky, drunken bum, toxic dump American COWARD victims and their poor doomed children being slowly murdered and poisoned DAILY in the collapsing Police State hell on earth of damned and doomed New Babylon America??????

        When will that very, very, very important question ever be asked of the vice peddling, pussy grabbing, GENOCIDE SUPPORTING, CORPORATE WHORE, psychopath thief Orange Satan Trump?????

        • Chill out Ron!

          • I will “chill out” when every last PSYCHOPATH from the inner pits of the bowels of hell in Washington DC, and every last PSYCHOPATH in control of Monsanto, and every last Chemical Company PSYCHOPATH straight out of hell, and every last Pharmakia peddling PSYCHOPATH……ALL responsible for destroying our precious soil and SOLELY RESPONSIBLE for poisoning, dumbing down, and slowly murdering the people I swore an Oath to protect are ARRESTED, TRIED, AND HUNG after coming soon Citizen Tribunals….then I will “chill out” and go back to Permaculture Farming and worshipping my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in peace as he promised.

        • Are you talking about Clinton? Bush? Obama? Nixon? Kennedy? Johnson? Carter? Every President does this. They are all the same, but if you are “straight” (and love grabbing pussy) you vote Republican. If you like sticking your dik where another man shiiits, then you vote Democrat.

          That is the only difference in the voters and the Parties.

          • Of course you only think about “pussy” like your Alpha Male God PSYCHOPATH genocide supporting thief Orange Satan Trump, and the sodomite little coward boys, who actually think they are MEN, have been taught as you say to only think about putting their weenies in another boy’s butt-you are both COWARDLY little boys who only think about a six pack and sex with whatever you find to stick your little weenies in for your one second joygasm, the only joy you know. We know all this about you COWARDLY little weenie boys because IT WAS ALL PLANNED by the DEMONIC PSYCHOPATHS controlling the Police State hell on earth of damned and doomed New Babylon America-just get the drunken bum toxic dump COWARDLY little weenie boys, who fathered children they should of NEVER had, to think about pussy, pussy, pussy, pussy or another boy’s butt ALL THE TIME and THEN THEY STEAL THEIR CHILDREN you cowardly little weenie boys CARE NOTHING ABOUT….pussy, pussy, pussy and another boy’s butt-that is all cowardly little pussy boys with their little weenies think about in the collapsing Police State hell on earth of New Babylon America, so they do not have to think about the PSYCHOPATH monsters they are whoring their children out too, destroying their HEALTH, FREEDOMS, and FUTURE….pathetic, absolutely PATHETIC!!!!!!!

            • In case you have trouble parsing sentences, I’ll explain the Trump tape to you. In a typical locker room conversation that shouldn’t have been taped in the first place, he merely said that someone in his position of wealth and power could grab a woman if he wanted to. He never said that he had grabbed a woman or that he wanted to grab a woman. He merely said that it was possible.

              You’re listening to the boot licking media too much.

              • Archivist – you’re being disingenuous, if not downright dishonest. This is a man (Trump) who knows exactly what he is saying and was elected solely by courting controversy. In a religious country like America Trump is the antithesis of all that God fearing Americans stand for.

                Ron may be over the top in his rants but at least he doesn’t don a cloak of moral and academic superiority.

                Check the archives:

                ht tps://

              • A dumbed down American boot licking COWARD trying to explain the motives of the PSYCHOPATH vice peddling genocide supporting Orange Satan……the INSANITY never ends with dumbed down American COWARDS.

        • I’m shocked you could spell psychopath. Must be a copy and paste.

          • Must be a soda sucker, those dumbed down GMO gobbling EDC filled COWARDS always say the silliest things….not much moving in the brains of a dumbed down American soda sucker that is for sure!!!

            • Only a commie, leftie talks the way you do…you Demoncrap troll.

        • Ron apparently you hate men who grab pussy. Then my guess is you prefer men who grab cock, like your ex-president Barry did?

          • I do not live in your Obamabot trash vs Trumpbot filth paradigms American COWARD pussy grabbing little weenie BOY. There are no MEN left in the collapsing Police State hell on earth of damned and doomed New Babylon America, only COWARDLY little weenie BOYS, who only have their little weenies left to play with as they whore out their children to PSYCHOPATHS!!!

            • Ok now I understand, you like weenies and hate pussy.

      6. No source = fake news.

      7. He is playing chess(Trump), while the deep state continues to play checkers!

        • CB, Trump is the deep state. He is a globalist puppet just doing his part to help enslae Americans. If the deep state did not want him in office, he would have never won the Republican nomination. I digress. All of the fake media and celebrity outrage is done on purpose to divide the fake “left and right” (all you have are statists and freedom lovers) just as Obama divided the people by race. Are noticing the pattern? It is called divide and conquer. The elite are doing it from every angle and direction as a distraction while they are gaining power.

          As for this war, I smell the war criminal Henry Kissinger all over this. He has met with Trump on numerous occasions. Henry never met an all you can buffet or are he did not like.

          • Wish I could edit a post. My previous one should have read: Henry never met an all you can buffet or war he did not like. Stupid autocorrect.

          • Here is a new conspiracy theory I have not seen anywhere:

            There are actually two different deep states….. any they are in a power struggle.

            Boom, just blew your mind.

          • Finally, someone else making sense about the GENOCIDE SUPPORTING, vice peddling, pussy grabbing, PSYCHOPATH Globalist Corporate whore thief Orange Satan Trump…Congrats on waking up to this demonic Luciferian psychopath and Globalist Corporate Puppet Whore Orange Satan Trump!!!!

            • Ron, you say “pussy” like it a bad thang’

              • Probably because he’s a fag.

        • I hate the chess vs. checkers comparison. Actually checkers is harder to play really well.

          • Chess is infinite: There are 400 different positions after each player makes one move apiece. There are 72,084 positions after two moves apiece. There are 9+ million positions after three moves apiece. There are 288+ billion different possible positions after four moves apiece. There are more 40-move games on Level-1 than the number of electrons in our universe. There are more game-trees of Chess than the number of galaxies (100+ billion), and more openings, defences, gambits, etc. than the number of quarks in our universe! –Chesmayne

      8. If they want to get rid of Maduro, the people of Venezuela should do it themself.

        • It just takes one military man to get some balls and do a military coup.

          Problem is all the military people are now part of the criminal regime and are reaping the criminal rewards.

      9. Obviously not a recent “meeting” by the POTUS because Rex Tillerson is noted as SoS and he was replaced in April by Mike Pompeo….


      10. Deplorable Braveheart: Thanks for pointing that out, it probably IS fake news. I hadn’t thought of that point before you commented. Good show, old man. I also suggest that to a man with a hammer, everything starts to look like a nail. A very good comment, with distinct and insightful thought. And I agree.

        • It is more fake news meant to bring sympathy to the anti-border wall and anti-immigration enforcement push.

          Can’t turn away “victims”.

      11. So what if he did ask? Is it wrong to ask questions? Is it wrong to look at all the options?

        I know what is wrong – a continual stream of “ohhh and THEN Trunp said THIS…” from leakers I side the WH.

      12. Venezualea were the people starve.

        This article is bunk but the preventable conditions in places like Venezualea are reminders to prepare and to grow food on your own. Learn how to clean and butcher an animal. There are videos on the web.

        Don’t use weed killer. Some weeds are edible. Leave them alone. Why fight the tide. You can mow weeds the same as a lawn.


        • Venezuela requires people to register their home gardens so the government can appropriate resources for the good of the people.

          You would have to live in the middle of nowhere if you want to grow your own food.

          Don’t use weed killer. Monsanto GMO seeds are genetically produce to not be affected by Roundup weed killer.

          So, the problem is, if later you decide to stop using Monsanto, your soil is contaminated with Roundup and you can’t grow anything else.

          • john, the real danger from those GMO foods that are tolerant to being doused in Roundup is the accumulation of the chemical in Roundup, glyphosate, in the food, that causes cancers, autism, and other bad shit. That’s one of the top reasons why Americans health is deteriorating so much.

            Avoid anything with soybean oil or high fructose corn syrup, the top two common poisons made with glyphosate tainted GMO produce.

      13. These countries vote for these socialist – let them eat cake.
        No sympathy – and No sympathy for western Europe – May they suffer the same fate.

        • Sometimes there needs to be a culling.

          • Indeed there does.

      14. With all of that oil how could Venezuela be sinking into such poverty? It doesn’t make any sense, what is the cause and the rest of the story? Not allowed to nationalize their oil wealth by Big Oil and US controlled politicians who connive tirelessly to extract any wealth obtainable by any means necessary? Sounds like the Libya situation, Gaddafi and his people enjoying a high standard of living and wanted to develop the United States of Africa with 144 tons of gold and large oil holdings, got butchered by NWO henchmen forces from the US following Israeli orders. Perhaps US blacks could have returned to a prosperous Africa. Still waiting for those emails to be revealed Hillary, never gonna happen. A US government of bald faced liars.

        • Maduero nationalized the oil producers …. meaning he stole the companies from Exxon/mobile etc.

          Nobody will do business with Venezuela or sell them the replacement parts for the oil rigs.

          That is what happens when you steal what is not yours.

      15. Who gives a rat’s ass about this filthy turd world hispanic dump?

        They wanted “equality” and free stuff, and they have Equality and free stuff now. They are all equally starving. To hell with them. It is better to starve under Socialism than stuff yourself under corrupt White Racist Capitalism.

        Let them rot, but make sure they don’t all swarm OUR country. We need to tell them we are NASTY, Capitalist, White Racist.

        They are better off in a Socialist Soviet Paradise, rather than come here and have to live with White people.

        • They want to come here and bring their socialist ideology with them.

      16. Trump is probably looking at all possibilities. Just because he asked about something doesn’t mean he’s going to do it. He’s talking about many ideas. When you have discourses with his people they may come up with ideas no one has thought about. My girlfriend and I talk about a lot of things in our lives doesn’t mean we are going to do it but it may open the door to a workable idea. I support Trump!!

        • but it may open the door

          A back door maybe? if she is feeling adventurous!

        • Chip 1975;
          Wise thoughts Chip. I ask a lot of opinions to try to help with sound choices. Only trouble is that when you ask for opinions and then don’t use them some people take it as a personal insult.

      17. More fake news. He said. She said.

        • He said. She said.

          That is racist and misogyny now…. You have to say, “Gender-neutral said, gender-inclusive said.”

      18. Oil rich and impoverished? No matter what yougotta have a market that pays enough to derive a fair profit. Ive known rice and corn to rot in on farm storage because the grower didn’t have a contract and no one would buy the grain. In the USA the cost of growing crops exceeds what it will sell for on the open market. So the Dept of Agriculture pays support payments to select growers who jump thru the hoops for them. If left alone (and that a big if) the folks in Venezuella will eventually learn to grow and process their own food. Those who are parasites that cant or wont learn to be self reliant will starve. They probably would be safer and better off if they didn’t ever have any oil reserves.

        • Thats why those old fuckers at the farmers market charge so much for their mayhaw jelly. Those bastards….

      19. As per Wikipedia, “The proven oil reserves in Venezuela are recognized as the largest in the world…”

        NATO interests would stereotypically defeat a foreign country, then accepting it’s refugees. Demand for resources is increased, and so is fresh meat for fake wars.

      20. I really was thinking that Tramp would want to invade V months ago, he is slowing down. You see sheeple, Tramp wants a war some where

        • I guess Syria is not enough, besides, he is not done with North Korea.

      21. “If Venezuela were attacked, the rifles will arrive in New York, Mr. Trump,” the younger Maduro said. “We will take the White House.”


        Oh yeah. What would you be there to do, asshole, mow the lawn?


        Talk about a completely one sided stomp of epic proportions… The US versus the entirety of South and Central America. No contest. It would last about a month and a half.

      22. I think anyone that was retarded enough to ever invade the US would be in for one hell of a surprise…MILLIONS, yes MILLIONS of guns and armed citizens and how many Veterans, etc, etc and that is before the military is even considered…

      23. Concerned Citizen;
        We have been attacked… you just haven’t heard
        about it.
        Prince Alwaleed sent his “ISIS” goons to the Tropicana
        in Las Vegas to assassinate Prince Salman, but failed.
        They did however, manage to kill Paddock…and
        58 music fans in the park. Alwaleed owns the top
        five stories of the Mandalay Bay.
        The shooters were to escape to a helipad on the roof top
        and an airplane sitting on the runway.
        That’s why the police, FBI, guards all stalled on the stairway
        to let them get away. The question is ….were the authorities
        really who they said they were??

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