Trump Administration Warned: “Imminent Threat To US Nuclear Facilities” From ‘Wave Of Catastrophic Earthquakes About To Start”

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    This report was originally published by Stefan Stanford at

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    Trump Administration Notified Of ‘Imminent Threat To US Nuclear Facilities’ From ‘Wave Of Catastrophic Earthquakes About To Start’

    According to this May 12, 2017 press release from the International Earthquake and Volcano Prediction Center, President Donald Trump’s Secretary of Energy Rick Perry has been notified of an imminent threat to US nuclear facilities from a wave of catastrophic earthquakes that is about to start.

    The IEVPC is a non-profit science research organization made up of scientists and contractors from around the world with a Mission and Objectives as described below:

    The Mission of the International Earthquake and Volcano Prediction Center, Inc. (IEVPC) is to develop the best possible means for protection of the people on Earth through early prediction of catastrophic geophysical events (CGE) such as earthquakes, associated tsunamis, and volcanic eruptions.

    Reporting within their press release that the determination of the scope and scale of this threat is based on years of seismic and climate research by IEVPC scientists that has culminated in the recent publication of the book titled “Upheaval! Why Catastrophic Earthquakes Will Soon Strike the United States”, we see the IEVPC’s warnings being echoed now in stories from around the internet and the world that ‘the big one’ is near and there is nothing that can be done to stop it.

    According to the LA Times story the Drudge Report linked to on Wednesday, fear of earthquakes is a normal part of life in California so people deal with it in different ways – some prepare by retrofitting homes and apartments while for others, that fear prompts denial and a willful ignorance of the dangers which they face the Times reports.

    Despite the denial, the dangers people face are very real and the LA Times story is a perfect example of stressing the need for preparation for an event which we pray never comes yet, as scientists and experts warn in this particular case, WILL come one day no matter how much people want to deny it. And as we detail below, there are several very good reasons why scientists believe ‘the big one’ is a matter of ‘when’, not ‘if’, as more and more evidence indicates an ‘upheaval’ in the future.

    Seismologist Lucy Jones has spent her career trying to understand public attitudes about earthquakes, with a focus on moving people past paralysis and denial.

    Jones said the way experts like her used to talk about earthquakes wasn’t very effective. They tended to focus on the probability of a major earthquake striking in the next 30 years — the length of a typical home mortgage. They also took pains to say what they didn’t know, which she now believes allowed the public to tune out and hope for the best.

    Now she is making a dramatically different point. She said that in a keynote speech to international scientists in Japan on May 21, she emphasized that a devastating earthquake will definitely happen, and that there is much the public can do to protect themselves.

    Denial may getting a bit harder these days. Over the last several years, a few California cities have taken dramatic steps to require retrofits of thousands of vulnerable buildings. And next year, scientists and the U.S. Geological Survey are expected to unveil the first limited public phase of an earthquake early-warning system that would eventually offer seconds and perhaps more than a minute of warning through smartphones and computers.


    In this new story from the Daily Mail they report that according to a new scientific research study, global exposure to natural disasters has doubled since 1975 with 1 out of every 3 of us now at risk of earthquakes, the largest ‘natural disaster hazard’ that people now face. With a massive landslide recently wiping out a large part of the Pacific Coast Highway being the latest ‘Earth changes’ to remind California they’re quite literally sitting ducks, we see much of the state in the ‘highest hazard’ zone as seen in the map above and at this Earthquake hazard ranking website called Temblor.

    While California and the San Andreas fault understandably grab much of the attention that’s given to possible devastating earthquakes in the future along the west coast, as we’ve previously reported on ANP, what could be a much more dangerous geophysical hazard to the US lies further north and several hundred miles off of the coast in what is known as the Juan de Fuca Plate.

    As we read in this story and hear in the 2nd video below, scientists are interested in Juan de Fuca because the miniature plate is the single greatest geophysical threat to the United States. Researchers believe Juan de Fuca’s subduction beneath North America’s continental plate could yield megaquakes several orders of magnitude more powerful than the San Andreas Fault’s largest tremors.

    As we see in the image below, the Juan de Fuca Plate lies between the Pacific Plate and the North American Plate and is ever so slowly pushing up on the North American Plate, with the potential to cause quakes MUCH more powerful than the San Andreas Fault according to scientists. From

    Several hundred miles off the Pacific Northwest coast, a small tectonic plate called the Juan de Fuca is slowly sliding under the North American continent. This subduction has created a collision zone with the potential to generate huge earthquakes and accompanying tsunamis, which happen when faulted rock abruptly shoves the ocean out of its way.

    In fact, this region represents the single greatest geophysical hazard to the continental United States; quakes centered here could register as hundreds of times more damaging than even a big temblor on the San Andreas Fault. Not surprisingly, scientists are interested in understanding as much as they can about the Juan de Fuca Plate.


    With the Juan de Fuca Plate helping to create the ‘Cascadia Subduction Zone’, we remind you of the 2016 Cascadia Rising earthquake and tsunami drills that simulated a 9.0 magnitude quake pummeling the region and the resultant tsunami leaving devastation in its path that could be felt all the way to the East coast with possible cascading utility outages while leaving up to or more than 10,000 dead and possibly millions more displaced.

    As we also read from Temblor and see in their ‘hazard map’ below, there are numerous faults along the West coast just ready to pop, making the entire West coast region the most hazardous for earthquakes in America by far. As this May 19th story from Temblor reported, the Gulf of California had recently been the home to a series of ‘rapid rupture’ quakes that portend more danger ahead.


    Any examination of possibly catastrophic earthquakes in America cannot be complete without looking at the New Madrid fault zone, a region which has been home to some of the most devastating quakes ever recorded in US history and while the 1811 and 1812 quakes covered over a million square miles and were felt as far away as the East coast, the population in that region then was nothing compared to what it is now.

    As experts have warned, a New Madrid quake in 2017 could be responsible for ‘black sky days’ all across America with cascading power outages caused by a large quake there, and if history is a guide, it could get much worse.

    The 150-mile long New Madrid Seismic Zone in New Madrid, Missouri, is the source of the concern, and is also thought to be overdue for a massive tremor, which would impact seven states – Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, Arkansas, Kentucky, Tennessee and Mississippi.

    It has not seen significant earthquakes for more than 200 years. In the winter of 1811 and 1812 there were three earthquakes of magnitude 7 – as high as 7.7 – and a series of aftershocks across the American Midwest. The results were catastrophic, with the course of the Mississippi being diverted, chasms ripping open, and volcanoes of sand and water bursting through the ground.

    The Mid-America Earthquake Center at the University of Illinois released a report in 2009, which suggested the effects of a force seven or stronger quake from the fault line. Amr Elnashai, the study’s lead author, wrote “All hell will break loose.”

    The predicted scenario saw close to 715,000 buildings, including 130 hospitals, and 3,500 bridges damaged. Deaths and injuries were estimated at 86,000 with a combined loss of $300billion.

    The Central US Earthquake Consortium (CUSEC) is based next to Memphis Airport. James Wilkinson, its director, fears the Mississippi would be released from an engineered prison of levees, causing maximum damage. He told The Atlantic: “The thing that, to me, makes the river scary is how much industry we have along it: there’s power plants, there’s chemical plants, there’s ports.

    “And the river might change course altogether. “I mean if we’re at flood stage, it’s kind of the worst-of-the-worst case scenario. “We’ve had earthquakes, we’ve had damage, but nothing like what we’ve seen in other parts of the world. So the clock’s ticking.”

    In the 1st video below, Joe from the Daily Sheeple breaks down the recent viral LA Times story for us and shares some practically prepping tips and knowledge that anybody living in an earthquake-prone zone should know. Of course, many aspects of ‘earthquake prepping’ can be used in prepping for other emergencies and disasters as well.

    And while we’re not into the ‘earthquake prediction business’, studies have shown time and again that creatures in the ocean and animals living upon the planet can tell in advance such devastation is coming being much more in touch with the ‘cycle’s of nature’ than most people living in ‘concrete and steel’ jungles across America, many with their heads permanently attached to their cell phones.

    As the National Geographic has reportedthe belief that animals can predict earthquakes has been around for centuries. In 373 B.C., historians recorded that animals, including rats, snakes and weasels, deserted the Greek city of Helice in droves just days before a quake devastated the place. As we reported on ANP back on May 9th, it’s been shown time and again, deep sea creatures often ‘sense’ way ahead of an earthquake that something is about to happen and research has shown that some will often come to the surface before one.

    As this Wikipedia entry on ‘electroperception’ reports, electroreception is the biological ability to perceive natural electrical stimuli and it has been proposed that sharks can use their acute electric sense to detect the earth’s magnetic field by detecting the weak electric currents induced by their swimming or by the flow of ocean currents. How many other animals have such abilities? It’s also been reported that dogs can sense earthquakes ahead of time and it’s well known in the medical field, some dogs can sense a seizure in a person before one begins. So up for discussion, since we’re also officially ‘mammals’, shouldn’t we have such ‘abilities’ as well?

    This report was originally published by Stefan Stanford at


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      1. Ain’t I been saying it

      2. I think even the ancient people used to throw virgins into the volcano to stop earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. I don’t think it worked but it did get rid of troublesome girls.

        • Who got to check whether they were virgins, and how?

        • maybe we should use Hollywood leftest twerk skanks…..
          or mite blow up in of faces …dont know &sheitzzz

      3. During the Indonesian earthquake/tsunami elephants broke their restraints and dashed uphill. People ran into the ocean retraction. Something has dulled this sense in man. Maybe there is a pill for that.

        • No. It’s the Darwin factor. If you believe in that kind of thing. Sometimes I wonder why God didn’t give it all to the monkeys.

          • He did.

        • I’ve been on the bus numerous times, and seen these dogs (eeing eye dogs), laying down at their master’s feet, dozing… can’t see the windows or doors– down low on the floor. and yet, just before the bus driver arrives at the get off place, the dog gets up and nudges its owner (“time to get off!”). Yep!! I’ve seen it time and time again!! Everyone on the bus giggles and comments about it!!

          Reason humans don’t do it because we’re very, very reasonable creatures (good, because our superior reasoning faculties help us survive, build things, etc). However, gut instinct (Intuition) is a higher way of knowing… not dependent on reason. In deep meditation, this 6th sense (intuition) is awakened. Basically, reason is cool. However, there is a higher way of knowing– intuition.

          • That “higher ‘intuition'” isn’t an inanimate phenomenon. “It” is He. Modern, technology-obsessed people just don’t want to realize or admit that. To do so would reveal people’s “reasonableness”, their belief that only they are “reasonable”, to be what puts them at odds with what they need from Him for our real survival.

      4. You can rest easy now, until NEXT May. I have just exhaled. 🙂

      5. HAARP is at it again eh?

        • Good get rid of CALIFORNIA.

        • surely you don’t think all earthquakes come from haarp?

      6. Boy, we destined to end up butt-fucked really hard with NO lube my friends!! What will be next if I dare to ask.

      7. The fear of disasters joins a long list of things that we are told are worse now. But the main reason why disasters have the potential to be very catastrophic is because there are just more people on the planet living densely in urban areas. If everyone lived in log cabins and the population was a mere 10 million spread out over the US, then the number killed in an earthquake would be negligable. But, we live in high rises cheek by jowel, and we are now in the hundreds of millions.

        It is worse in the turd world, where there is no building code and no standards for things like gas pipes. If the world had got to grips with the population explosion and had some discipline on urban planning, then the risk would be a lot less. It is like Ebola etc.: it spreads because you have lots of poor, unhygenic people packed together. Same with flooding: just more fools who buy houses beside rivers or on flat basins and flood plains.

        • Exactly. Build during the dry season. Move in before it rains.

      8. When I was in Oregon last summer on the coast, I always made sure I knew where high ground was, and how quickly could get there (Cannon Beach has about at 30 min. lead time). The Cascadia fault generally goes off about every 200 years or so, and it has been 200 years now. As it is a subduction fault (like Indonesia), it is a major tsunami threat. New Madrid ain’t chicken feed, either.

        Of course, IMHO, the fascist leftist mayor of Portland just did more damage to the city than any earthquake could do

        Oh yeah.”Seismologist Lucy Jones has spent her career trying to understand public attitudes about earthquakes, with a focus on moving people past paralysis and denial,” Dear Lucy: you are talking about a bunch of closed minded, entitled leftists who refuse to see ANYTHING real, anything that does not comport with their idiotic leftist assumptions, such as thinking everybody CAN live off of everybody else, that $1.3 trillion in student loans to get a degree in 18th C. Belgian Lesbian Musicology, and permanently living in mommy’s basement at 32 is “normal.” Good luck with waking them up to earthquake hazards. Maybe if you get Kim Kardashian to warn them, or maybe Kathy Griffin to hold up a severed head as a warning it will get their attention span… which is less than that of a goldfish….

      9. GE – we bring good things to life .

      10. End of June, we will come out of all of these planetary alignments. Wacth how earth rebounds after being pulled in many directions. Expect 8+ EQs.

      11. Good riddance. That would take care of the left-coast imbeciles pretty quick! I don’t see a problem with that.

        • 32+%!. Sounds good to me.

      12. How can any US citizen be interested in the seismicity of Alaska, yet not in that of Canada?

        You might just about forgive this for weather reports (tho even weather doesn’t respect geopolitical boundaries), but when it comes to catastrophic earthquakes, you’d have to be a moron to exclude a section of a map from your appraisal because it was in another country, despite being part of the same continent.

        No doubt Canadians disregard the seismicity of Alaska and the rest of the US…

        Utlimately, we’re all on the same planet (Mars colonists excepted), and if you want to understand seismicity, plate tectonics, ocean currents, etc. you disregard national boundaries.

      13. My only comment is to prepare and get out of cities. A few of us here deal with Volcanoes and earthquakes et al on a daily basis.
        Today is first day of Hurricane season( I have plywood to buy).
        Fortunately, sites like this and others, have a lot of good information. Do what you need to do, do what you can afford, understand, no one gets out of here alive, but there is no reason to suffer till you die.

        As an aside I am surrounded by batshit crazy eco-nuts. They look for Fukushima radiation all the time and they haven’t picked up any Fukushima radiation in our seas or our local fish, just the usual background stuff.

      14. GREAT ARTICLE, MAC… thanks!! 🙂

      15. When we had an earthquake here not so very long ago in Michigan, I remember seeing so many earthworms surfacing to the top of the ground and wondering why that was happening only to figure out shortly after the quake, that probably had something to do with it! Also, when I lived in Washington State years ago, I remember before Mt. St. Helen’s blew many of the deer and other wildlife were coming down the mountain ahead of it happening. The old guy that lived up there knew that and knew it was coming shortly. He never did get out of there himself and perished. Sad. He wasn’t about to leave for any reason. Animals can signal us in many ways and we could learn a few things from them I suspect if we only pay attention. Something that seems to be lacking today with much of the population!

        • I was there when St. Helen’s blew albeit I lived 100 or so road miles away.
          That mountain was shaking like Miley Cyrus’s butt before it went off. Animals always get away from unusual things. Why do you think the first day of hunting season all the game is gone? The days before, game was wandering around like there is nothing to be concerned about. Too many strange things and smells come in to the territory, They spook and leave.
          You can’t move as fast as they can.
          As for the old guy at spirit lake, that died I’d probably done the same thing.
          I don’t think he had any family to go to and his wife had died some years before. I would have stocked up on beer and enjoyed my lake and the sunsets.

      16. first thought – “let ‘er rip!!!” second thought – “what the hell can man do about it… besides move, be ready as possible for a catastrophe or accept he’s in the wrong place at the wrong time when things go south?”.

      17. Nuclear power plants are located overwhelming in the eastern half of the United States. Charleston, SC and Boston, MA are two high risk cities on the eastern coast seismically. The San Andreas fault area doesn’t seem to have nuclear plants. I’m not a geologist so I don’t how even a 9.0 quake or greater on the Pacific coast would affect the facilities in the eastern half of the United States. Any quake of such a magnitude would knock out non-nuclear facilities. The resulting stress on the national grid might take down facilities that aren’t directly impacted by an earthquake.

        • Brian

          They can wheel power great distances but the carrying capacity of the grid certainly wasn’t designed for this. An earthquake is unique in the respect that generation (power plant) and demand (end user) are potentially both nocked off line. If its relatively in balance the impact beyond the effected area is minimal. I believe that California is generally a net power importer. Lose the demand which is greater than the also lost indigenous generation and there would actually have excess power available.

      18. What does Dutchsence say?

        • dutchsince is the way!

      19. When federal official or agency warn of imminent catastrophe. It’s usually a fund raiser. They are looking for a boost in funding.

        Such as it was with Zika and Ebola that were terrific fund raisers for the CDC, WHO, vaccine researchers etc.

      20. I did several experiments by looking at data from solarham web site, and USGS earthquake data. There is a link between solar flares and eartquakes. So it stands to reason there is a link between all planets. Sun/stars planets etc. We shall see I guess…

        • There is also a strong link to the moon, highest probability earthquakes coincides with high tides.

          Search out “DutchSince” on YouTube, where he does daily earthquake predictions. He has a surprisingly high accuracy rate, and provides worldwide predictions.

          It’s his thesis that earthquakes are driven by deep earth forces that we see first as deep earthquakes, which in turn drive shallow quakes in a predictable pattern that fan out along existing fault lines. He’s also tieing in the influence of volcanism and fracking. Catch a few nightly forecasts.

      21. Just more poppy cock, just like global warming. This is just those anti nuke people trying the shut down the plants out of fear. We need more nuke plants, nor less. It is our best form of electric production.

      22. I was born with an exaggerated ability to feel earthquakes. I would get up in the middle of the night as a child to tell my parents there was an earthquake. I remember wondering why everyone else was not up. Later we would find that there had been a very small quake in the midwest somewhere -maybe even a couple of states away from where we lived. As an adult I would “feel” large earth quakes up to a few days before they happened. I could even feel whether the quake was a big jolt or 2 or little shakes or up and down or more sideways. I am very sensitive to movement under me in general. However, around 2008 we moved to a country home in the midwest and it seemed I felt quakes a lot more often, but I am not sure if any of them are quakes anymore. I miss being able to predict large ones or feel small ones.

      23. Thank you Kevin2 for the information. California definitely consumes more electricity than it produces. You can count the number of nuclear power plants in the Pacific coast states on the fingers of one hand. The likelihood of a power plant accident like Fukushima is low. An earthquake in the New Madrid area is more likely to cause a power plant failure. One problem is the age of the existing nuclear plants. We’re talking about four or five decades old. There have been a lot of advancements in steel and concrete since they were built (like the interstates). I suspect that we could replace them with better structures. You can’t just look at the nuclear plants alone. A massive earthquake would affect all types of infrastructure and would affect the recovery time.

      24. Can’t happen soon enough…….for many reasons, the stresses involved in the crust wont magically go away without release..better to have it happen when the climate allows us to react to it without crippling cold or blistering heat…Just sayin..Get it over with, already.

      25. I know for a fact that dogs can sense earthquakes at least a few minutes in advance. almost 40 years ago my dog started barking incessantly while I was changing the oil in my car. I got out from under the car and almost the instant I stood up an earthquake hit and my car fell off the jack stands. I would have been killed if not for the dog barking. His name was Rex and he had a very nice steak dinner that evening.

      26. Just before a major earthquake, the birds go silent. It is very quiet. Dogs may behave in ways that are unusual. It is not only instinct. It is awareness. A human can feel the subtle changes under their feet. But this awareness is stressful for most people, so they block it out.

        People are always predicting the big one.


      27. I notice on the scary maps that there’s NO Yellowstone. I want to be afraid of Yellowstone. too, This isn’t fair. Where did these “scientists” go to school? How can anyone be expected to live in fear if they can’t even remember a Supervolcano? Geez.

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