Trump Administration Is Stockpiling 3 Different Types Of COVID-19 Vaccines

by | Sep 2, 2020 | Emergency Preparedness, Experts, Forecasting, Headline News | 10 comments

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    The Trump administration is now stockpiling three different types of coronavirus vaccines through Operation Warp Speed. None of these vaccines have been approved for use but all are from different Big Pharma companies.

    Based on all the information available, nothing about this new COVID-19 vaccine is neceasrry, yet it looks like it is going to be mandatory. Even IF the “law” doesn’t mandate it, there will be ways to coerce Americans into getting it.

    How Much Fiat Currency Would You Take In Exchange For The COVID-19 Vaccine?

    The United States has already manufactured and stockpiled “hundreds of thousands of doses” of coronavirus vaccines in the hopes that one will be effective in combating the virus, a senior administration official said Tuesday, according to a report by Fox News BusinessShould the Food and Drug Administration give any of these concoctions clearance, the vaccines would be ready to be deployed by the military, as Trump himself has already said would happen.

    FDA Commissioner Is Willing To Skip Phase 3 Trials On COVID-19 Vaccine

    Trump: “The Military Is Ready To Deliver A Vaccine”

    Time is almost up. You had better wake up uick. Trump is going to have these vaccines ready before the election ost likely. If we stand any chance at retaining our humanity and the freedom which is our birthright, we had better learn to stand together and opposed this en masse!

    “As I mentioned manufacturing is already underway for three of our vaccines,” Paul Mango, Health and Human Services deputy chief of staff, said last week. “We already have manufacturing started for the other three. We are retrofitting a number of facilities.”

    Mango said the U.S. expects to have four coronavirus candidate vaccines in large-scale clinical trials by the middle of September. The government is “very pleased” with the progress, he said. –Fox News Business.

    Operation Warp Speed was spearheaded by president Trump. The ambitious $10 billion program bean in mid-May with the goal to develop, produce, and distribute a COVID-19 vaccine by the end of the year. Operation Wapr Speed would also creat  of making “at least” 300 million doses to administer to Americans.

    More Proof Trump Is Working On Bill Gates’ Vaccine Under “Operation Warp Speed”

    Medical Tyranny: Trump Pivots To Mandatory Vaccinations Under Operation “Warp Speed”



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      1. Big Pharma is the disease.

      2. A research “found that Americans who voted for Donald Trump in 2016 are particularly prone to anti-vaccination attitudes”. The author of the study, Matthew J. Hornsey, said of Trump that “he was the first U.S. president in modern history to be on the record with anti-vaxx views”. So far, so good. However, Trump’s tweets and dealings towards vaccination in the last couple of months definitely contradict his so-called anti-vaxx views and betray his anti-vaxx supporters. In the near future, some Trump supporters who are also anti-vaxxers might/shoud/will find themselves in a quandary. Will they keep on supporting Trump and reluctantly roll up their sleeves? Will they reluctantly or blindly keep on supporting Trump and refuse vaccination? Will they think “fuck that betrayer and his vaccine” and refuse vaccination? Let’s hope they choose this last option. Anyone who incites or compels you to get vaccinated doesn’t deserve any trust or support whatsoever.

      3. Hitler had many Jewish friends prior to his ascent, but was convinced by some Germans that the Jews were the problem. What do you think would have happened if Hitler had focussed on corruption regardless of ethnicity instead?

        My guess is that they might have ended up dominating all or almost all of Europe.

        There are many corrupt people in the power circle right now, not just in America, but world wide who are desperate for a fall guy to pin their failures on, recently and fraudulently pinned on covid in scientific fraud.

        Globally, many would like to pin it on America, and if racism would be used in America as it was by Hitler, they would be attacking us by air, land, sea, and cyber attacks as well, not because the power brokers really give a damn about human rights, because they have proven that they don’t, but it would give them an excuse for their failures and the illusion that they actually care about human rights.

        America is actually one of the least racist countries on earth. No other country on earth has had such an open immigration policy, and that is proof that this is race baiting as well as brain washing. We just had a black president prior to Trump. A black person achieved the highest office in the land, which could never happen in a racist country, and it sure as hell never happened in China, Europe, Canada, Austrailia, New Zealand, Mexico the rest of Latin America, or or Russia.

        Andrea Iravani

      4. The Russians have a vaccine already in final trials getting ready for a rollout to whomever wants it worldwide.

        So what does the CIA/M16/BDN do? They create a false flag scenario where they can blame the Russian department in charge of the vaccine with poisoning someone(Nalvany) with Novichok again. Then the orangetard and his moochin Treasury Secretary place sanctions on this Russian entity whereby anyone who tries to get the vaccine from them is liable for sanction actions themselves. Convenient huh? Yes, it has already happened.

        Viola…Bill Gates and big pharma vaccine profits are assured. No other country will be allowed ahead of orangetards favored corporations. There is no longer free trade with this president. It is overt fascism where the merger of state and corporate power picks winners and losers.

      5. The problem is that Biden would require it as well I’m sure.

      6. Since black people are the most at risk population for Covid-19, they should be first in line to receive it. The military can make sure that the vaccine gets to every black person first just as they were very effective during the Ebola crisis in Africa.

        Europeans who are healthy are the least at risk of dying from Covid-19 so they should be the last to receive the vaccine. The genetic order of priority based on risk is as follows:

        1) Black people first
        2) Muslims with genetic deformities due to intermarriage
        3) South Asians due to high incidence of diabetes

        • Frank,
          The answer for each of those ethnic groups having unusually high death rates from CV (Coronavirus) is:
          1. Vitamin D
          2. Vitamin D
          3. Vitamin D
          Medical studies back up what I just said.

          Most of the African Americans (AA) arrived here from Equitorial Africa where the sun is incredibly strong. For a European American (EA) originating from Central to Northern Europe to get a full load of vitamin D from the sun, can be had with as little as three hours a week just working in the yard wearing shorts, but an AA needs up to ten times that exposure (i.e. 30 hours) in the sun in the continental US to get adequate vitamin D. It’s simply isn’t practical, they African Americans must use vitamin D supplements.

          The same goes for Asian Americans who came from south east Asia.

          Muslims are a special group, they come from an area with strong sun, but not only are they now living under the limited Suns energy of a northern nation, but their religion requires women to completely cover up when outside the home. Yes, the burka is literally killing their women.

          All three of these ethnic groups have near zero Vitamin D levels. They suffer from cancers, diabetes, heart issues all linked by medical studies to vitamin D deficiencies; these are also risk factors that are linked to high CV death rates, along with vitamin D itself. In fact 75% of Americans of all ethnicities are deficient in vitamin D.

          We are entering the fall, when the sun weakens and vitamin D production from the sun drops to zero. Vitamin D is stored in fat so vitamin D levels drop very slowly, assuming some people got regular sun exposure during the summer.

          CV will likely spread better in cold weather, but a higher death rate will be a slower rise curve as D levels slowly fall off in people.

          Supplementing in the winter is easy, take:
          “your body weight” Times 27 = how many “IU of vitamin D” you need each day.

          Supplementing in the summer is more complex, because you must compensate for age, skin type, sun exposure, strength of the sun and percent skin exposed. There are online vitamin D calculators. Of course the ethnic groups mentioned above could probably ignore sun exposure unless they have an outdoor job like lifeguard, landscaper etc and just use the winter rule.

          That AA star of the movie “Black Panther” who died at age 43 from prostate cancer a couple weeks ago, likely had near zero vitamin D levels and didn’t need to have died. If only people in the US (including doctors) weren’t so damn ignorant about vitamin D.

      7. Keep sending those paper mailed presidential surveys back and write in that your top priority issue is no mandatory vaccines.

        If you don’t get the surveys which lately are coming weekly, you can just give 10 dollars to the RNC directly and then you’ll get on their mailing lists forever, as long as you’re officially registered republican. From that point you don’t have to donate to keep getting the mailers, just return the surveys now and then and you’ll stay on their active paper mailing lists.

        They’ll annoy you with an infinite stream of fundraising letters with poll surveys checkbox bubble dealies, but you can also write in issues and not pick their preferred prioritization approach. Toss in some stickers or printed documentation about the dangers of vaccines or any other issue you wish to send their way.

        Can we request that Judicial Watch chime in on this issue? Highwire and Childrens Health Defense are instrumental in this issue, along with NVIC and a myriad of other rather new but quickly growing organizations. Join CHD’s mailing list and join NVIC’s become a participating member to get on their mailers for state specific data regarding legislation regarding vaccination. Subscribe to their the Vaccine Reaction Newsletter which is free. We give to NVIC yearly and every time we hear a whisper of mandatory vaccinations we give to them again. Their state specific emails have allowed us to retain rights and circumvent clever state approaches which would see us voluntarily relinquish our rights to medical autonomy.

        Scroll down on the below link to see real time what vaccination legislation is happening in your state. Then give immediately and get on the lists so you can participate in letter writing and even on site objection at state offices when they organize those type of events. It’s remarkable, the big pharma corps lose, lose again, keep losing, but never stop pushing the legislation and eventually they get something through. Also interesting is how many states are putting laws on the books to stop such mandates, but those don’t find success as much as big pharma does.

        We’re absolutely frightened because we are firmly committed to not taking any vaccines, for any reason. Please help by joining with NVIC. Colorado recently passed ‘re education module classes’ for parents whom refuse vaccination and still want their kids in school. Apparently losing access to all extra curricular activities possible because we can not prove vaccination is not enough, it’s important to browbeat the resistors and use the power of the state to force their ideological re education. Chilling indicators of things to come, applied to the adult community next.

        I am not compensated, employed, or associated with any groups mentioned, except I am a subscribing supporter of their efforts. It’s like what can you do, just support the people trying to cut these legal mandates off ahead of time through legislative process. Pray it never goes further than that. CA was the wake up call and although these groups swelled in numbers, it’s still not enough. They need more supporters to fund such a substantial resistance on a national level. Thank you.

        For Trump, this turn of events to be pro vaccination is shocking and would break the back, if only there was another back to stand on. We have no choice but to vote for him but continue to loudly object. On the local level the vote is always per the issue, we do not vote for mandatory masks, mandatory vaccines, mandatory anything. Generally speaking this is a good voting strategy.

      8. Many have been criticizing Trump for giving his RNC convention acceptance speech on the White House lawn for violating the Hatch Act of 1939 which prohibits federal employees from engaging in political activity. The act was later amended to prohibit state and local employees from engaging in political activity. In 1993 the act was amended to allow federal employees to engage in political activity.

        Since the 1993 amendment government employees including teachers, police, and fire fighters have abused the ability to engage in political activity to the extent that the government is no longer functioning in any capacity what so ever. 

        These individuals were hired to serve the public, but have been fully exposed as total tyrants demanding that the public serves nd obeys them, or else they will totally destrot America in a scorched earth policy literally burning the country down and refusing to go to work and do their job, or go to work and not do their job, while still demanding salaries for their tyranny, neglect, abuse, and defiance.

        The federal, state, and local government institutions have become so politically active, tnat political activism has become their main goal, and have clearly been proven incompetent to balance the ability to be politically active and do their jobs simultaneously. Schools have abused students, and citizens for non compliance in their political agendas, which have included a wide array of issues that these unelected fascist tyrants have decided and demanded that the entire country capitulates to their litany of demands and adopt their system of beliefs or they will simply throw temper tantrums.of rage and prevent anyone in the country from being able to thrive, succeed, or survive. 

        You are the worst examples in the world for Americas youth! You live high on the hog compared to the majority of your students, yet demand even more for yourselves, and produce the worst results in the industrialized world! 

        You have not even grown up yourselves so you certainly have absolutely no business of guiding children to behave like responsible adults! 

        This includes Tony Evers!

        You really believe that everyone exists simply to serve you! You demand more and more every year and produce less and less every year! 

        Now you are burning the country down and holding us hostage resulting in the destruction of families, individuals, and small businesses, in your Great Leap Forward cultural revolution based on scientific fraud and propaganda! 

        The Great Leap Forward in China resulted in the deaths of 45 million to 50 million Chinese, as fact inconvenient as that bitter pill is for you to swallow, now Kevin Barrett is claiming that this was just CIA propaganda that they died, when even the Chinese government has recently acknowledged it, and other countries intelligemce agencies are totally aware of it as well!

        We do not need or want future generations to be brain washed with lies and propaganda! In fact, we cannot survive as a nation if they are! 

        Andrea Iravani

      9. Dear Frank Thoughts,

        You made a little list of who should get the covid-19 vaccine in “genetic order of priority”. Do you really believe in the legitimacy of covid-19 and the vaccine that comes with it? If you were serious, you do. If you were truly sarcastic, it was so subtle that it made you sound serious anyway. In the latter case, dismiss my present comment. In the former case, keep on reading. There is no priority here. Not one single human should take the covid-19 vaccine. Period. If you read articles on this site, it is surprising you don’t already know that.

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