Trump Administration Has “Great Confidence” A Vaccine Will Be Ready By FALL

by | Jul 29, 2020 | Headline News | 15 comments

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    Vice president Mike Pence said the Trump administration had “great confidence” in a coronavirus vaccine. The Trump administration insists that a vaccine will exist by the fall after it was announced that trials were entering their next phases earlier this week.

    As we’ve noted, this vaccine is going to be one of the pillars of the New World Order.  It will be mandatory in every sense of the word. Some have even suggested the mandatory mask edicts being enforced by grocery stores is a test run to see if private businesses will enforce the will of the tyrants that are trying to take over the world.

    Greg Mannarino: It’s Critical To Understand That The Goal Is “Full Control By The Federal Reserve”

    Pence said he’s “optimistic” that tens of millions of Americans will be vaccinated by the end of this year, according to a report by Newsweek. Additionally, pharmaceutical firm Moderna announced earlier this week that their COVID-19 vaccine experiment in partnership with the National Institue of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) was going into its next phase.

    This will all be tied in with a payment system centrally controlled by the elitists.  The beast system is here, like it or not.

    Testing Will Begin In Africa For Biometric ID, “Vaccine Records,” & “Payment Systems”

    Pence praised Dr. Anthony Fauci, a liar, and propagandist extraordinaire, who is pushing the New World Order on us all, saying “I’ve got to tell you, when you’ve got Dr. [Anthony] Fauci saying that it’s not if, it’s when we have a vaccine, it gives you the signal that we really have great confidence that by this fall we’re going to have a vaccine.” Pence made that comment while speaking to Fox News anchor Martha MacCallum.

    Under Operation Warp Speed, we’re literally producing those vaccines right now. We’re purchasing millions of syringes right now so that the moment the FDA says a vaccine is safe and effective we will have the supplies on hand to literally offer vaccines to tens of millions of Americans,” Pence added.

    Fauci Talks “Winter” Again: “We Will Have An Answer On A COVID Vaccine”

    Don’t forget, that they have already warned us of an upcoming “dark winter.” They are really doing this. Make any last-minute preps now if you can.


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      1. This is just another gas-lighting method used for the purpose of theft. How many times do we have to witness their fraud schemes?

        Andrea Iravani


      3. I have Great Confidence that majority of Americans will tell Trump/Gates to shove their Needles up their Arss’es

      4. A dqrk winter indeed. When they try to force us to get the shot. That’s it we have nothing to lose. That’s when we turn the leccy off. We shoot transformers not people. If we can Crash the electric grid and everyone will be in the dark. If someone has a better viable solution im all ears? No electric shuts everyone & everything down. All I wanted was to draw my Social security Ponzi Check and play Hobby farm the remainder of my days. O bummer made me a criminal for refusing to Buy insurance. Trump is a big disappointment. I think his true colors are beginning to appear. I think it will make no difference who is elected this Nov. Its all a Dog and Pony show. I hope Nibiru starts bombarding us with space rocks and a big one hits DC and bigger one hits Calif and A sizeable one hits shitcago LOL

        • Eventually the power would come back on and the leftist will still be there. No, why deprive ourselves of electricity? The answer is to give them the civil war they want and genocide every single one of them.

          • I doubt the power would come back on anytime soon. There are not extra transformers. The transformers are made overseas and some take over a year to build. If the Grid went down the Government estimates that 90% would die within a very short time. With 90% gone there is no potential customers & no finiancial incentive to restore power. We would skyrocket to a stone age existence. Im fully aware its a scorched earth plan to kill the grid. Just how do you fight a civil war? and only those that resist tyranny would have their power cut off by the government. Or you are not going to be able to pay the bill. So you are gonna lose the leccy anyway? Shoot Transformers not people is the only viable choice.

          • When their electricity and oil are gone — even for a week, though a good collapse of it will be longer (forever, due to the domino collapse of all that depends on them) than just a week — the elites and all that they depend on to be elite will be out of business. That “civil war” the equally dependent naysayers are betting on to (they expect) be the catalyst for “resetting” everything to just the 1950s (but, without — at least voluntary — passenger train service), will then be full-blown waged by the masses who also don’t know how to live without electricity, oil and plastic.

        • Old Guy…..Trump does amaze and surprise me with his statements and ideas at times. I think he does it to throw off media and lefties and keep them guessing.
          It sure works.

          • I absolutely agree what Trump is doing is to throw the deep state off. Trump knows the vaccine isn’t good for any of us. He has to play their game. If anyone here thinks Trump is against us little people you are sadly mistaken. Yes, we are going to go through trials and hardship but think of where we would be today August 2,2020 if Hillary HAD been president. We would already be their chattel. Trump winning blew a huge hole in their plan and they will do anything to hurt us because of him. Trump said “they are not after me, they are after you!” And he is right. WWG1WGA

      5. “The people who cause problems have names and they have addresses.”

        Hit them all.

        • Agreed! Amounts to same cutting the head off the snake. That is the ONLY way to stop the destruction of America. BTW, if Trump is Sooo confident in his vaccine, I want him to get on TV and be the very first person to take the gov. produced injection. Lead by example?

      6. The “vaccine” can be ready anytime. It doesn’t take long to mix up a concoction of poisonous heavy metals, animal cells and DNA altering stuff. They don’t need to kill an imaginary virus just like flu vaccines don’t kill flu. The point is control and genocide.

      7. Pence is a Freemason, or so I’ve heard. Seems about right with his actions.

      8. Due to covids “gain of function” programming, a vaccine is not possible. All mention of a possible vaccine is a total scam by big pharma. The easy covid instant kill med is chloroquine/hydroxy chloroquine. Unfortunately, chloroquine, and hydroxy chloroquine are primarily made in malaria frequent countries, and the communist democrats, deep state, and big pharma have blocked all imports of the cures.

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