Trend Forecaster Predicts: “Bitcoin Will Soar Over $100,000… It’s The Gold Standard Of Digital Currency”

by | Dec 13, 2017 | Headline News | 37 comments

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    Recent reports that Bitcoin and blockchain technologies are in a bubble may be inspired by the fact that crypto currencies stand to completely upend the global financial systems that have been in place for hundreds of years. And while it’s easy to draw parallels to Tulip Mania and suggest Bitcoin prices may be reaching a top because of the rapid and meteoric rise of cryptocurrencies in recent months, what tulips didn’t have that Bitcoin and other blockchain technologies do, is access to, quite literally, every single human on the planet who has a a cell phone, computer or other smart device.

    According to a recent short film by Future Money Trends, we’re just in the opening stages of a revolution that will eventually lead to the death of centrally printed paper currencies. And along the way, many early adopters will become very rich as increased use of the technology leads to soaring prices:

    All this talk of a bubble is ignorance or malicious talk from competitors like the banks who collect trillions in middleman fees worldwide… We see Bitcoin soaring past $50,000… and then over $100,000 because the simple fact is that there are only going to be 21,000,000 coins outstanding…

    It’s being used all across the globe… to put it simply in the world of crypto currency, Bitcoin is the gold standard… Bitcoin is the gold of digital currency.

    Extinction: Paper Currency DEATH – Rise of Blockchain:

    And while Bitcoin is the gold, Ethereum is a whole different animal, demonstrating just how versatile blockchain technology really is:

    Name a price that’s much higher than you think and that’s where it could be headed… It’s not even the silver to the gold… it’s the copper. It’s what’s going to help transform and build up blockchain technology worldwide.

    This is the crypto currency that’s being used by Fortune 500 companies today… and what many don’t know is that even other crypto currencies are using Ethereum to support their own platforms.

    Behind the currencies, says Future Money Trends, is the infrastructure that makes it all happen and one that stands to impact the lives of every person on the planet:

    The backbone behind the entire blockchain is the mining companies… the warehouses full of computers solving math problems, to support the blockchain and be rewarded with freshly minted digital currency.

    Mining itself has become big business, with numerous mega-miners like Genesis Mining and Hive Blockchain Technologies taking advantage of rising prices by hoarding virgin mined cryptocurrencies as global usage among the populace for real-world applications increases exponentially:

    Billions of people would agree that they trust cryptocurrency more than their national currencies… People in China, India, Venezuela, Argentina and all throughout Africa are already making Bitcoin their medium of exchange.

    This specifically included the two billion unbanked people that happen to have a smart phone, which is all that’s needed for a Bitcoin wallet… Cryptocurrency is already a better way for payments and transferring money. The blockchain self validates and the fees are nil compared to banking fees.

    This isn’t going to happen overnight but the path for cryptocurrency to dethrone the central banks is certainly on the table over the next five years.


    For more videos like the one you just watched visit Future Money Trends


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      1. But the Emperor has no clothes.

        • good one

        • $100,000, sure, what could possibly go wrong. Gotta go, some guys from the Government are here to see me, they say their hereto help me.

      2. I guess I’ll have to take one of my old computers out of storage and put it to work mining for bitcoins.

        • Till the internet cables are cut or the Fed plug is pulled or an EMP false flag to shut the banks down for bail-ins. Then what?

          • Then what? that is what the physical precious metals are for. gold, silver, lead, brass, and copper. 🙂 till then, you have paper cash and digital gold. blockchain looks like it is more then a tulip.

        • sweet, since he owns bitcoin he might as well try to propagandize it higher?

        • “According to a recent short film by Future Money Trends, we’re just in the opening stages of a revolution that will eventually lead to the death of centrally printed paper currencies. ”

          I call bullshit on Future Money Trends …. again.Not gonna happen. The Banksters will not allow entrepreneurs to take over the global monetary system and the PTB always do what the Banksters want. Governments are already moving to monitor the exchanges and tax those who make a profit speculating in Bit Coin.

          Bit Coin and other digital money like Oil Coin are interesting phenomena. In the case of Oil Coin they are going to increase the number of coins in circulation as the price of oil rises.

          An interesting idea, but are they going to “withdraw” coins from the marketplace if the price of oil falls ??? And if so, from whom are they going to take those coins ???

          Digital speculation is fraught with dangers for the small speculator and will remain so until quantum computers are ubiquitous. No doubt FMT has purchased a few Bot Coin or other digital coin as speculation and is now priming the pump before they unload on the unsuspecting masses.

          That’s their MO !!! 🙂

          • BS is right. is Bitcoin stabilizes and becomes usable, then the government will outlaw it and force everybody to use the dollar.

            More likely, everybody knows collapse of the dollar is coming, so allow bitcoin to become the biggest bubble in history, then when it pops, the collapse can be blamed on it.

        • Gold and silver are EMP proof. Bitcoin is not.

          • Sure it is. There are even satellites that have been placed in orbit to ensure the grid, and BTC, will continue.

            • Ok you can’t physically hold it like gold or silver. So it is probably just good ‘ol chocolate under that gold wrapper. It will just melt in your hand. Might as well hold pyrite-“fools gold”.

              • bitcoin is just a charged particle so it will remain long after man is extinct but then so will bruce jenner.

            • PD that satellite will be useless in a down grid scenario. No electricity = no transactions. But cold hard metal will still be traded, as will hot lead and copper in other exchanges.

          • I bought another ounce of gold today.

            The salesman asked if it was for a Christmas present. He seemed shocked when I said no. Weird.

        • I am thinking mining ETH or LTC is easier and more profitable.

      3. And as soon as every grandma, barista, actress/stripper and other fine arts graduate is invested up to the hilt gonna make a fortune in something they were talked into yet they have no clue what it’s really about,yet is a just can’t lose guarantee no brainer 100% the REAL puppeteers will pull the plug on these digital “currencies” leaving them all with no one’s and only zeros…in 3..2..1..

      4. Gold and silver will again prove they are real money as they always did for centuries. Every thing else is credit or debt/Fiat. Sorry, but I will keep stacking the physical.

        • silver is a good price now. Gold is OK too.

      5. have no doubt blockchain tech is a serious tool; which is exactly why i have no doubt unka sam/gummints in general will NOT allow it to have too long a leash before a reckoning occurs…
        my guess is that it will be the issuing of ‘legitimate’, ‘legal’, gummint-sponsored cryptocurrency, with all the others being outright banned, taxed to death, or otherwise marginalized…
        my, uh, two doge coins worth…

      6. Archivist, just be afraid of two things: the bitcoin bubble bursting– as well as the power going out from a solar flare (or otherwise) in which case you and everyone else with bitcoin funds/wealth will lose that which only exists digitally, intangibly.

        One expert wrote that a single bitcoin transaction uses as much electricity as one homes does in a week!

        As I posted elsewhere on this site, if I had the time (and I don’t) I’d do a thousand dollars at a time and when it reached a profit of 50%, I’d cash out (minus all the stupid fees) and maybe just maybe repeat the process.

        Just like video games, bitcoin mania is the single biggest (obsessive) thing to take any of our heads off its swivel.

        But maybe, just maybe I am all wrong, so let us know how you make out.

        • There’s nothing for me to fear. All I could possibly lose is the amount of electricity the spare computer uses to run the mining software, which goes on the internet and processes transactions.

          I certainly wouldn’t consider buying bitcoins. Junk silver is my only real vehicle for preserving a little bit of wealth.

      7. Just waitin for the bubble to burst like it has in the past.

      8. B.S. You don’t hold it in your hand you don’t have it. No ifs ands or butts!!!!

      9. This whole “BIT COIN IS GOING TO THE MOON!!!” is obsessive flawed logic.

        It reeks of scam.

        Currencies were/are designed to have a calm civil way to trade and exchange good and services versus “I will trade you 12 eggs of 1 loaf of bread”. Currency solves the problem of “I will trade you 1/1000 of a car for 1 hamburger”.


        The concept that someone would/should buy a currency with the objective that it will sky rocket based on “IT IS THE BESTEST CRYPTO CURRENCY EVER” “JUST BUY IT AND YOU WILL BECOME CURLY HAIRED NERD MILLIONAIRE!!!” is insane.

        I have no problem using digital currency.

        I use paypal, it is digital currency. I sell things on ebay, I get digital currency, I transfer digital currency to my bank, I go to my bank ATM, I get Dollars out, I take the Dollars to the store and buy a hamburger.

        Or I sell things on ebay, I get paypal digital currency, I mail the items I sold… then I can buy some other items, transfer paypal currency to the seller and they mail the items to me.

        That is how money works. That is how currency works.

        Currency/money is for exchanging good and services. IT IS NOT FOR JUST OWNING BECAUSE IT IS GOING UP AND YOU WILL BECOME ZILLIONAIRE!!!

        When/if crypto currency become the norm and can be easily used to exchange goods and services then I will deal with it…

        But as long as it is the “FAD DEJOUR”, “IT IS GOING TO THE MOON!!!” “BUY AND HOLD IT AND YOU WILL GET RICH!!!” I am not interested.

        Some people need to calm the heck down about bit coin.
        Fanaticism NEVER turns out well.

        • Bit Coin is going to the moon, must be the same people that tells us Gold is going to $50,000 an Oz. Trekker Out

          • At least with gold you have something tangible.

      10. Future money trends also recently staked their reputation on zinc saying if they where wrong they would never predict again …. it went from $0.50 down to $0.35 and slowly working back up again.
        They have been called pump and dumpers!

        • The Modus Operandi of FMT is pump and dump. They have NO credibility. They push an investment like gold, or silver, or BC, or some penny mining stock and then unload when the price peaks leaving the fools who believed in them holding the bag.

          Usually within a week (or two at the most) their latest pump crashes and they reload: rinsing and repeating again and again and again.

          There is a special place in Hell for pedophiles and investment “guru’s” who live to take advantage of the innocent and ignorant. Don’t let them take advantage of you. 🙂

      11. Great interview on Infowars today with an intelligent crypto guy. Worth listening to if you are interested. I started buying BTC in April. I am doing okay.

        What is backing those FRNs other than “full faith and credit?” Nothing.

        What is backing up your Wells Fvck-You-Very-Much bank account? The FDIC (which would blow up if there were a real bank run due to severe underfunding?)

        PMs and BTC/ETH/LTC are not mutually exclusive. It is another egg in your survival basket. You don’t have to buy a whole BTC/ETH/LTC. You can easily buy a portion of each. I like Coinbase. Not that hard to navigate.

        • “What is backing those FRNs other than “full faith and credit?” Nothing.”

          Actually the FRN is backed by arguably, the most powerful military in the world and the most extensive police state the world has ever known.

          If someone steals your FRN’s (except a bankster) the police state will investigate and charge the thief (except a bankster). Who is going to protect your bitcoin ??? 🙂

      12. That guy, totally agree. Bitcoin is literally nothing short of a get rich quick ponzi scheme and people who are heavily invested in them as a way to get rich will realize that their talking points won’t save them from reality.

      13. bitcoin is junk and has always been junk. I could never get behind anything that couldn’t replace even a low end creditcard company.

        Its slow and its fees are getting crazy.

      14. As far as Bitcoin and crypto-currencies go, I like the concept but not the application. Right now, hey just don’t measure up to the bedrock principles of a true and pure free market.

        Those principles are as follows. Money, wealth or capital must go from point A to point B quickly, efficiently, and discreetly. That means money, capital or wealth not only get to point B fast, there’s no delay in accessing them at point B. More important is said money, capital or wealth moving discreetly. This means the owner of said money, capital or wealth is able to move it from point A to point B without ever having their name, and the name of the other party, on the transaction. Put them together, and you have financial resources being allowed to do their job the way they’re supposed to do their job.

        Further, when money, capital or wealth go from point A to point B, they must be 100% freely convertible into any local/national currency of the owner’s choosing, or physical gold/silver bullion or coinage which actually exists at point B (no GLD/SLV nonsense).

        Crypto-currencies simply do not measure up to my last two, and most important points. They’re electronic value units backed by the ability of the miner to blow megawatts of power creating them. Block chain and smart contract mean every detail of a transaction effectively becomes public record. Take this point to where it’s intended to go and were you to use Bitcoin to buy a sack of groceries, there would be a public record of what’s in your grocery bag and who you bought it from, which has absolutely nothing to do with a true and pure free market. This also means 100% free convertibility of your crypto-currency is non-existent.

        On to another point. The limited number of coins mined leads me to think that crypto-currencies are re-hypothecation in reverse, and parking lots for inflation. You can fractionalize one of these things out to as many decimal point as you want, which means you can pump larger amounts of value out of the air and into a smaller electronic unit of value storage. It’s the exact opposite of pumping electronic money onto the computer screen of a bank, where actuarial money will never become actual, circulating currency.

        Look at all the parking lots for inflation that are already full. Real estate. More inventory on the market, sitting for longer while shadow inventory continues to build, off-books. Automobiles. The sub-prime lenders have run out of deadbeats and illegal immigrants to make loans to. Result: 10 million plus, and growing, vehicles channel-stuffed on to dealer lots, with no buyer in sight. Student loans. Soaring defaults. Do you really need a master’s degree to be a coffee jockey at Starbuck’s? These worthless degrees cost enough money to buy at least two or three pieces of real estate.

        We’re finally starting to see people mortgage the house to buy Bitcoin. Novel way to transfer inflation. Bitcoin implodes, inflation transferred into it gone. House also gone due to foreclosure. House sells at fire sale price. More inflation disappears.

      15. The key to the demise of digital currency is summed up in its strength as stated – “….blockchain technologies do, is access to, quite literally, every single human on the planet who has a a cell phone, computer or other smart device.” Destroy the ability to trade/exchange, destroy the worth of the currency. It does not matter what one has in terms of currency – gold, paper, water, Bitcoin…. – if it cannot be handed over in some fashion, accessed, proven to ‘be’. The flaw is the need for highly technical and advanced hardware. Gold or any material needs only to be touched, carried, given to the next person for the completion of a transaction. Bitcoin? What/how in the event of a loss of transmission? Hold out a flash drive and say, “here’s your money”?

      16. I am actually very pleased to see most people replying here, at least the recognizable names who have posted here for a long time, being very skeptical about this bitcoin mania.

        It is good to read some very good posts (the replies anyway) here. You people are calm, cool and collected, as one would expect from a site dedicated to being ready for shtf.

        Cheers to you smart folks and HAPPY HOLIDAY!

      17. 90% of the comments above show how ignorant people are in general about crypto currency and Bitcoin in particular! For instance POW proof of work or mining is being slowly being replaced by POS proof of stake. A new ICO that launched this week is creating the first “crypto bank” where customers deposits will be insured and will give global access via a debit card ( bit pay already have one for Bitcoin). Educate yourself or be left in dust when the fiat scam finally collapses.

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