Trend Analyst on Stocks: “If The Dow Drops Below 15,000… I Would Suggest People Start Buying Food & Ammo”

by | Oct 15, 2014 | Headline News | 492 comments


Stock markets across the world are starting to crack. Last night Europe was heavily in the red with drops in excess of 3% in some market exchanges. And, as soon as the bell rang this morning on the East Coast, U.S. stocks continued the global decline.

Though the Federal Reserve released a report today indicating that the U.S. economy was on pace to grow moderately, investors were having none of it. After topping 17,000 for all time highs just a few weeks ago, stocks have tumbled over 1,000 points through today.

Daniel Ameduri of Future Money Trends alerted subscribers several months ago to brace for a correction of at least 10% this fall, and perhaps even worse. That prediction, echoed by many contrarian financial analysts and economists, is now coming to pass.

This thing went up on air, decade low trading volume, no public participation, and unprecedented company buybacks.

The rally since 2009 was stunning considering the fundamentals.

The meltdown will be shocking.

Source: Future Money Trends

There is panic on Wall Street. And while very few people are talking about, it is very likely that what’s fueling the sell-off is a global panic surrounding the possibility of a widespread Ebola congtagion.

With Americans growing increasingly concerned about the government’s inability to control the spread of the deadly disease in the lead up to the holiday shopping season, global investors may see the writing on the wall. If Ebola cannot be contained, then people will likely opt to stay home this year instead of joining massive crowds in closed quarters during key shopping days like Black Friday.

Fundamentally, the U.S. is in trouble as noted by these 12 charts which show the permanent damage that has been done to the U.S. economy. As well, numerous ominous signals began flashing warning signs in recent weeks. Many of them had not be seen since prior to the crash of 2008.

Now, without any clearly defined plan or protocols to control the Ebola contagion, the Obama Administration may have just triggered the next big crash.

According to Ameduri, if the market breaks under the technical levels in the area of 15,000 points on the Dow Jones, we could be in for a serious crash.

“Below 15,500 on the Dow and it could get ugly,” he says. “Below 15,000 and all bets are off.”

Stock traders and computer trading algorithms closely follow technical movements of stocks. The automatic trading systems, specifically, depend on benchmarks and “stops” to determine when to buy or sell. In May of 2010 stocks dropped nearly 1,000 points within a few hours after automatic trading systems initiated a massive sell-off as technical barriers were broken because of what the government eventually claimed was a “fat finger” trading mistake by a single individual.

While it’s impossible to predict if we are nearing a breaking point in financial markets, investors around the world are obviously concerned. The precipitous drop in stocks over the last few weeks will no doubt lead to massive inflows of capital from the government’s secretive Plunge Protection Team in an effort to stabilize stocks.

But, as we saw in 2008, even efforts involving hundreds of billions of dollars are sometimes not enough.

Ameduri, who has produced scores of informative documentaries about the financial crisis, has told his clients to keep a close eye on the Dow Jones and to prepare for the worst.

“If it drops below 15,000 points I would suggest people start buying food and ammo, because this depression is about to turn nasty.”

Are we on the cusp of the next great crash? Or will President Obama and his Working Group on Financial Markets be able to defend stock exchanges?

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    1. Joe

      I think if its a correction, then it will eventually stabilize, but if it keeps free falling…then so will we.

      • KY Mom

        Off topic…

        “The CDC has announced that the second healthcare worker diagnosed with Ebola — now identified as Amber Joy Vinson of Dallas — traveled by air Oct. 13, with a low-grade FEVER, a day before she showed up at the hospital reporting symptoms.

        The CDC is now reaching out to all passengers who flew on Frontier Airlines flight 1143 Cleveland to Dallas/Fort Worth. The flight landed at 8:16 p.m. CT.

        All 132 passengers on the flight are being asked to call 1 800-CDC INFO (1 800 232-4636).”

        Frontier jet made 5 MORE flights before taken out of service in Ebola scare

        On a recent discussion on CNN, medical experts admitted the Ebola virus can live up to 6 days on a surface.

        Think how many doors, light switches, grocery cart handles, and other surfaces people touch every day.

        • SterlingSilver

          Mr. Redthumbs outta head back over to familiar territory at huffpo and hang with ilk of like kind

          • the renegade braveheart

            Sterling Silver, I second the motion on that. They should stay at the communist, corporate controlled media with their own kind.

            • sharonsj

              Gee, I didn’t know all big corporations were Communist. I thought they were capitalists cheering on the Free Market. (sarcasm)

            • Stan522

              Below are quotes from nurses who worked directly with patient ZERO, Mr. Duncan….

              (This should be Mac’s next post)

              NO protocol. Not just crappy protocol or lacking protocol, but no protocol whatsoever. Contributed by Melissa Melton of The Daily Sheeple. This is worse than we all thought……..

              (After Mr. Duncan was bought in the second time) “Mr. Duncan was left for several hours not in isolation, in an area with other patients. Subsequently, a nurse supervisor arrived and demanded that he be moved to an isolation unit, yet faced resistance from other hospital authorities.” –

              “Lab specimens from Mr. Duncan were sent through the hospital tube system without being specifically sealed and hand-delivered. The result is that the entire tube system, which all the lab specimens are sent, was potentially contaminated.”

              “There was no advanced preparedness on what to do with the patient. There was no protocol, no system. The nurses were asked to call the Infectious Disease Department. The Infectious Disease Department did not have clear policies to provide either.”

              “Initial nurses who interacted with Mr. Duncan wore generic gowns used in contact-droplet isolation, front and back, three pairs of gloves with no taping around the wrists, surgical masks with the option of an N-95 and face shield.“

              “Some supervisors said that even the N-95 masks were not necessary.”

              “The gowns they were given still exposed their necks, the parts closest to their face and mouth, they also left exposed the majority of their heads and their scrubs from the knees down.”

              “After they recommended that the nurses wear isolation suits, the nurses raised questions and concerns about the fact that the skin on their neck was exposed. They were told to use medical tape and had to use four-to-five pieces of medical tape wound around their necks that is not impermeable and has permeable seams. The nurses have expressed a lot of concerns about how difficult it is to remove the tape from their necks, and are uncertain if it is being done safely.” [emphasis added]

              “Hospital managers have assured nurses that proper equipment has been ordered, but it has not arrived yet.” –

              “Nurses had to interact with Mr. Duncan with whatever protective equipment was available at the time when he had copious amounts of diarrhea and vomiting, which produces a lot of contagious fluids.”

              “Hospital officials allowed nurses who interacted with Mr. Duncan to then continue normal patient care duties taking care of other patients, even though they had not had the proper personal protected equipment while providing care for Mr. Duncan that was later recommended by the CDC.”

              “Patients who may have been exposed were one day kept in strict isolation units, the next day they were ordered to be transferred out of strict isolation, and into areas where other patients, even those with low-grade fevers who could potentially be contagious.”

              “Were the protocols breached? The nurses say there were no protocols. Some hospital personnel were coming in and out of the isolation areas in the emergency department without having worn the proper protective equipment.”

              “There was no mandate for nurses to attend training or what nurses had to do in the event of arrival of a patient with Ebola-like symptoms.”

              “The message to the nurses was, ‘It’s up to you.’ It is not up to the nurses to be setting the policy, the nurses say, in face of a virulent disease.”

              “They asked for supplies and they’re still unavailable after the Ebola crisis has begun.”

              “Nurses have been left to train each other. Nurses have substantial concern that these conditions may very well lead to further infections of other nurses and patients.”

              For the whole article go here:

              • Slick One

                Well if the idiot liberals in our government, would allow the USA to halt any and all flights into America from Africa we would not have this deadly exotic third world disease in America. We must not stop flights out of Africa to America because that is “racist”. So when millions are dieing from Ebola in the US remember to thank politically correct idiots, who allowed another gift from Africa,( like AIDS but faster), into our country.

            • Pavo Nurmi

              the market is so overhyped and over valued, and stuffed with printed robo-dollars that losing 5000 points would actually mean the DJIA was just settling into its true valuation based on accurate fundamentals. at least a third of its height is based on total fraud. removing it would be a favor

          • eppe's Ex- Dog

            Hey every body click on that Berky Water filter Add on this web page, and pick up a water filter. I like fresh water daily too. Got to think about your pets. btw/ I’m looking for a new owner.

            • Anonymous

              Now that is funny!

          • durango kidd

            I have noted here many times that ALL of the precursors are lined up like ducks in a row waiting for the first domino to fall.

            But the PTB do not want a Crash at this time because their global hegemony has been attacked, they have counter attacked, and they are winning ….. unless the market Crashes.

            Thus, the ratcheting down of the market with two or three losing days, then a winner. 15,000 on the DOW is not, in and of itself, a Depression maker.

            The coming days will show how much control the Banks really have over the markets. When the Retards take control of both Houses of Congress I would expect a sharp but short rally. 🙂

            • ubiquitous


              The markets are and were rigged for at least a century or so…

              I say this with complete faith of the source..a relative(LTCOL) who worked the golden triangle(for the black bag opps) during and before Nam ever started and told my Dad and I back in the 70’s and 80 ‘s all the above.

              His most telling quote was this..if the American people ever knew just 1% of what is really happening..there would be mass hysteria nationwide..

              Everything is rigged and’s a dog and pony show for the proles..period!

              When they decide to pull the trigger..all bets are off..for all of us..

              Personally..I already am ready and have my required preps in good order and standing..

              Until then..

              I live life and enjoy every damned minute of life..and laugh all the way..

     one gets out of this alive in the end..

              Enjoy the day..


              • durango kidd

                Posse: Rigged markets for a century? Not true. Controlled markets like we have now developed as the results of computer trading.

                Historically, Floor Specialists as the Market Maker for a specific stock had the ability to manipulate individual stocks somewhat, but the massive manipulation and control that is exhibited today of the entire market is the result of HFT. 🙁

                • ubiquitous

                  1913 crash was rigged as well

                  even before..

                  at the battle of Waterloo..

                  Then tycoon Rothschild sent his messengers to view the battle between Napoleon and Wellington along with the Prussians..they returned to London informing him of the impending defeat of Napoleon..Rothschild then headed to the London stock exchange and quietly spread the word of Wellington’s defeat..false of crashed and Rothschild swooped in and bought stocks pennies on the dollar…

                  Everything is and was rigged think this is just a modern age phenomena?

                  False flags and manipulation in markets have occurred since the inception of monies and governments\..

                  Do your history..

                  of course you’ll reply by calling me a fool as you usually do to anyone who disagrees

                  but then’

                  it takes one to know one

                  Enjoy the day


                • ubiquitous

                  Everything is rigged..

                  Nothing is by accident

                  Everything by design..


                  By design..

                  Less one does some inquiring and realizes its always about the money,power, and flow of natural resources


                  Sierra Leone and neighboring countries hold the world’s vast diamond mines, gold, and other commodities..

                  Ebola is just a scare tactic, though real in itself to kill thousands, to allow the military a foothold there to secure the vast untapped riches..

                  Would our government unleash it here to kill untold thousands..or millions and create a panic..?of course they would!

                  We are just commodities like cattle to the bankers and politicians..they could give a rats ass about us..always have and always will..history proves it beyond any shadow of a doubt..

                  You always shout engage your employers..really?


                  Are you fucking kidding me?

                  Has any vote changed the world or our fate here in the gets worse and worse at every election local,state and nationwide..

                  Starve the beast..

                  Fuck em all..

                  Nothings new under the sun..

                  Live well..

                  It’s the best revenge

                  Enjoy the day


                • durango kidd

                  Possee: I am well aware of that ENGLISH history. Actually it was government bonds that he manipulated and bought for pennies on the dollar, not stocks.

                  But then as a “Chef” you are the financial expert aren’t you? 🙂

                • durango kidd

                  Possee: It is impossible to starve the beast. QE proved that to us. They do not need your participation in their economy. You are a useless eater to them consuming valuable resources that will be needed by their progeny.

                  And voting? La Paza will vote. ACORN will vote and they will turn NY into a bigger hell hole than it already is. You might live well there as a chef, but your kids will be more enslaved because you do not vote.

                  Voting is not enough. Especially in New York. You must organize, communicate, volunteer and become politically active. Even the ILLEGALS understand the power of political action which is why they occupy government offices, march, and demonstrate demanding rights they do not have.

                  “Chefs” are already being replaced by robots. The technology to create a Data-like android is on the shelf right now, down to the artificial skin that has sensory chips for “feeling”.

                  In five years robots will be ubiquitous and start replacing all manual labor. For robot employers, there will be no medical insurance, no vacation time off, no unions, and only their batteries will need to be replaced every eight hours before a new shift; or their energy will be drawn via wifi. Buy one.

                  Dallas is just the start. NYC will soon be on the list. 🙁

                • yourmotherwaswrong

                  Democratic political systems (government) derive their power not from guns and prisons, but from the willingness of those who are to be ruled to expend their energies on their behalf. For the democratic state to exist, a significant number of people must sanction (vote) the idea of being ruled by others, a sanction that depends, ultimately, upon the credibility of those who seek to exercise political power. When you vote in an election, you are declaring, by your vote, your support for the process of some people ruling others by force.

                  Seekers of true freedom and liberty reject this arrangement.

                  If I need “representation,” I will hire the most qualified person to do so.

                  Leaders??? I don’t need no stinkin’ leaders.

                  Only sheep need a Sheppard.

                • yourmotherwaswrong

                  “As democracy is perfected, the office of the President represents, more and more closely, the inner soul of the people. On some great and glorious day, the plain folks of the land will reach their heart’s desire at last and the White House will be occupied by a downright fool and complete narcissistic moron.” ~ H.L. Mencken, the Baltimore Evening Sun, July 26, 1920

            • Shootit

              Look for a 15-20% drop in one day. Then the game is on. You may see a slight rebound and than another free fall and the game is over. Next stop will be 4 thousand.

              • durango kidd

                Shootit: I agree, but I don’t think the GB will allow that, if they can stop it. They want an orderly retreat from these highs, and so far they are getting it.

                The banks are loaded with cash that they can use and based upon info I have read at Zero Hedge there seems to be some collusion to either taking the market or up against the grain at the end of the trading session.

                Flip a coin. 🙂

                • durango kidd

                  “the market DOWN or up against …” My bad. 🙁

                • Shootit

                  Right now banks and certain individuals are looking for start-up businesses to invest. I have a couple of banker friends that keep asking me if my business wants to expand or if I know of one because they have guys on the side with cash. Personally, if I were these individuals I would be buying ground and setting up a off grid situation.

                • yourmotherwaswrong

                  As of this post, the Dow Jones Industrial Average is down 2.48% YTD.

                  Translation: If you are in the stock market, YTD performance says you’re a looser.

          • Anonymous

            Ky mom.
            Ebola shuts down BSA in amarillo.
            Everybody else. Links are on google.
            Red thumbs. Ya, go back to huffington post.

            • nolongeramused

              Wanted to share some current moves ive made and intend to make as the sh*t is literally hitting the fan, take it or leave it, trying to help…
              Acquired 3 bucks and two more does for the rabbitry and have bred them
              Traded street bike for a two row planter, best trade ive ever done
              Planted some blueberry shrubs on sale at farm n home store
              Fitted nbc respirators to be ready for my family at a moments notice
              Will be purchasing more trash bags, duct tape, and bleach tomorrow
              Saw someone mention getting dm rifle glass sighted in-good call bro
              Picking up rooster saturday, time to breed hens ive decided
              Taking inventory of all preps and decided i may need more lantern fuel, just a thought
              Thought up a couple long positive stories to tell my 3 year old if tv goes black, little minds need distraction from trouble
              Have distanced myself somewhat from coworkers and half-friends, they may be dead soon and i need to focus on family
              Topd off tractor and tiller with fuel and stored inside for winter
              Last but not least, getting on shtf to scan for good advice from fellow contributers, please share any good moves while we can still communicate easily…thanks to all who do
              Nolongeramused…focused and terrified

              • KY Mom

                We’ll Tell You How Dangerous Ebola Is — AFTER the Election!

                “This summer, the U.S. government imposed a travel ban on Israel simply to pressure Prime Minister Netanyahu into accepting a ceasefire agreement. But we can’t put a travel restriction on countries where a contagious disease is raging.”

                “It’s becoming increasingly clear this is just another platform for Obama to demonstrate that we are citizens of the world. The entire Ebola issue is being discussed — by our government, not the United Nations — as if Liberians are indistinguishable from Americans, and U.S. taxpayers should be willing to pay whatever it takes to save them.”

                “The head of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Dr. Tom Frieden, justifies Obama’s refusal to prohibit flights originating in Ebola-plagued countries, saying, “A travel ban is not the right answer. It’s simply not feasible to build a wall — virtual or real — around a community, city or country.”

                What is it with liberals living in gated communities always telling us that fences don’t work? THAT’S WHAT A QUARANTINE IS.”

                “At the congressional hearing on Ebola last week, Republicans repeatedly pressed the CDC representative, Dr. Toby Merlin, to explain why Obama refuses to impose a travel ban.

                In about 17 tries, Merlin came up with no plausible answer. Like Frieden, Merlin kept insisting that “the only way to protect Americans” is to end the epidemic in Africa.”

                “Until there’s a treatment, we can’t put out the disease there, or here. The only thing Americans will be doing in Liberia is changing the bedpans of victims, getting infected and bringing Ebola back to America. When there’s a vaccine, we can mail it.”

                “Quite obviously, the only way to protect Americans is to prevent Ebola from coming here in the first place. The problem isn’t that Ebola will leap across oceans to infect Americans; it’s that Obama doesn’t want to protect Americans.

                “At the moment, more than 13,000 West Africans have travel visas to come to the U.S. Having just seen an Ebola-infected Liberian get $500,000 worth of free medical treatment in the U.S., the first thing any African who might have Ebola should do is get himself to America.

                Of all the reasons people have for coming here — welfare, drug-dealing, Medicare scams — “I have Ebola and I’m going to die, otherwise” is surely one of the strongest. The entire continent of Africa now knows that this is a country that will happily spend half a million dollars on treating someone who just arrived — and then berate itself for not doing enough.”

                Anncoulter dot com
                (link on Drudge Report)

                • sharonsj

                  I heard that there are no (as at least very few) direct flights between the U.S. and Africa. I tried to google info and all I could find were flights from the East Coast to Egypt (which is very far away from the infected countries). Most other flights make stops, usually in Europe. Keeping Ebola out of the U.S. means Europe has to do the majority of screening. Otherwise the cost to the U.S. to screen every arriving flight will be astronomical.

                  According to law, hospitals cannot turn away any patient with a life-threatening medical problem. Ann Coulter forgot to mention that.

                • KY Mom


                  RE: ‘According to law, hospitals cannot turn away any patient with a life-threatening medical problem. Ann Coulter forgot to mention that.’

                  Ann Coulter is AWARE of that fact. Most of us here are very aware of that too.

                  Medical care is FREE for illegals. American citizens get to pay for OUR OWN MEDICAL CARE and the MEDICAL CARE of illegals.

                  from the article…
                  “Thomas Eric Duncan’s family may be upset with his treatment, but they have to admit, the price was right. Medical bill: $0.00. Your next statement will arrive in 30 days.

                  And now we’re going to have to let in entire families with Ebola, because the important thing is — actually, I don’t know why. It’s some technical, scientific point about fences not working.”

          • eppe's Pet Snail

            Another 200 Pt drop today. At least a third of this Market bubble is corporations using cheap bank loans to buy back their own stock to prop up the price. Now they are getting crushed. Predator Hedge funds also getting their asses handed to them. You got a 401-K?, get out of all equities and move in to all Cash within the fund. sit on the sidelines and wait a few months like Mid January and then get back into Stocks at half price.

          • eppe's Pet Snail

            Another 200 Pt drop today. At least a third of this Market bubble is corporations using cheap bank loans to buy back their own stock to prop up the price. Now they are getting crushed. Predator Hedge funds also getting their asses handed to them. You got a 401-K?, get out of all equities and move in to all Cash within the fund. sit on the sidelines and wait a few months like Mid January and then get back into Stocks at half price.

            • eppe

              Eat shit WhoWuddaSuckedIt…

          • DMONIC

            @ Sterling- No shit right? WhyTF do these assclowns even come to our sites? I NEVER goto liberal sites. All they write are falsehoods and garbage!

        • Stan522

          I was on a Frontier flight from Omaha to Denver last Sunday and I was near the back of the plane. When I started my exit, a cleaning crew came in wearing gloves and protective coverings over their faces. This is BEFORE this news broke.

          Crowded airports? Sitting next to someone? People sneezing and coughing? How many more people must get sick before a panic sets in and all travel and commerce ceases? You know this will be the reaction most people have. I think the stock market would be secondary to an Obola epidemic to crashing the economy.

          As everyone knows, we enjoy a 3-day, just-in-time delivery system for goods and services. Prepare now.

          • Stan522

            If somehow this begins to spread rapidly in the US, expect a full out panic by most. Expect martial law to be declared. Expect our just-in-time delivery system for goods and services to shut down, which will include all food and water. Expect panic buying then empty shelves in days, if not hours. Expect those people who usually show up for work at your water treatment plants and sewage plants to not show up any longer. Expect toxic waste to begin building up in each of your homes. Expect you running out of food and water. Expect desperate people willing to do desperate things to survive. Is this out of the realm of possibilities…..? Absolutely not. It is already occurring in West Africa.

            I am convinced something will happen before this turd POTUS leaves office that will allow him to call off the 2016 election. I, and many of you are preparing for this too.

            • slingshot


              Are you having Fun Yet?

              • Stan522

                Focused like a red dot laser beam…..

                • DMONIC

                  More like a cat crazily chasing the dot…

                • oicu812

                  This is only a test.

          • Winston Smith

            I would check the type of plane the nurse was on and compare it to the model of plane you flew on. Hopefully you rule out having flown on the same airliner she was on. Otherwise, start monitoring your temperature and isolate yourself from people as much as possible.

        • SoapDish

          This disease could well be the Feds escape goat if a crash of the markets is coming?

        • maddog

          Another off topic:

          This country has filled to the brim with complete shitbags. Mike Savage writes and publishes “Stop the coming civil war” to try to prevent a horror that I personally think is inevitable and is met with censoring, lies and fraud. Bookstores will not place the books in areas that were paid for, they tell potential buyers they are sold out and hide them under piles off shit. It certainly shows they are afraid of the contents of this book. I have read it and recommend it to everyone here at SHTFplan. Please go out and purchase it if for no other reason than to support a patriot.

          • BJ

            I thought the DOW was supposed to hit 30,000 before crashing? That was what that one guy nsaid the other day who does all the cyclical studies and predicted so many things correctly in the past?

            • BJ

              Why is 15K the bench mark? That is only 2K sell off from the 17K high. Wasn’t the delta in the 08 much more?

              • dave in Idaho

                BJ ….
                What happened with the employment prospects?

                • BJ

                  Are you referencing BNSF?

                  I was offered a job a few days aafter the hiring event in Whitefish.

                  My wife and I prayed hard and got a “no.” There were many things I learned at the hiring event that were different then I was originally told and the situation would not of been the right fit for my family and me.

                  So I am still looking, but really only seeing things more towards WA….yuck, or down in Southern Idaho. INL around Pocatello has really been the best opportunity so far for jobs to apply for that is even remotely close to NW MT / NE ID……that is IF I want to stay in my career field.

              • eppe's Cockatoo

                Well Cock a doodle doo. The end I near. Sight in and recheck your Red Dots batteries, load all your high capacity magazines, get your camos ready. Refreshen your canteens, its Zero clock 30. Recheck your Culling Lists and prepare to deploy. Never give up and never surrender. Give em all your lead and vote from the rooftops. Its party time.

                • eppe's Pet Snail

                  Good Point eppe’s Cock-a-too. I like your name too, it’s kind of like mine. It’s not like we stole it, like a joke is it? Its not copy righted is it? I tried to find the owner who thought it up, but he is no where to be found. Oh well. Happy Prepping!!

                • oicu812

                  sounds like the Cockatoo and snail has the bola.

                • eppe

                  Eat shit WhoWuddaSuckedIt…

            • Winston Smith

              Suuuure it is, just like was predicted in 2007. Seems to me like things are playing out about the same now as then, well plus ebola and possible nuclear war with Russia/China.

          • Waiting in Idaho

            He was for an assault weapons ban, back in ’09. He is a native New York Citian, educated at UC Berkley, and lives in San Francisco. Mark Levin has lots to say about Mr. Savage (real name Michael Wiener, no kidding).

            • Daytona Matt

              We once again make contact with our leader,,, If I had one, he would be. Be safe brother.
              Standing ready in Daytona

          • Hillbilly

            I will, while Savage an I disagree on a few things from time to time, I agree conflict is unavoidable at some point. It’s wrong what the various bookstores are doing regarding the “Hidden Copies” Get your beans&bullets in order….

          • Upstate New Yorker

            @ Maddog ~ I like Michael Savage and have listened to him for years, when I was able. (working) Now, that my schedule has improved, I can listen to him almost nightly.

            I have yet to go to our local Barnes and Noble to purchase his book. But, I will get there.

            What I also like about the book – is that M. Savage backs
            up all his points with reference upon reference.
            Thus, the reader can look up the references at their leisure.

            This is not some flakey, ego ridden book.
            He brought up a lot of good points/topics/subjects,
            and can back them up.

            I respect him. He is educated.
            He calls out the Dems as well as the Republicans.
            He is not, ‘Dems bad, Republicans good.’

            He has a huge following of radio listeners,
            all ages and backgrounds.

            • Mark

              But does he ever criticize Israel regardless of what they do?

        • Calgagus

          You know KY Mom, we were watching some news earlier and heard that regular people in regular settings wont get ebola. Its been confirmed. Its only the nurses and the health care people who would get ebola.

          We dont have anything to worry about. I heard that. You dont get ebola from shaking someones hand or hugging or kissing. Its what I heard. The wife heard it too. Nothing to worry about unless youre caring for the sick ebola patients in a hospital.

          So KY, we can all relax. We heard this on the news.
          It was what Obama said so we know its true.

          Yeah, this is pure b.s. hokum.
          Keep your guard up and your preps well stocked.

          • KY Mom


            Again, the CDC is right on the ball in handling Ebola.

            2nd nurse with Ebola called CDC SEVERAL TIMES before boarding flight

            “The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said that Vinson called the agency several times before flying, saying that she had a fever with a temperature of 99.5 degrees.

            But because her fever wasn’t 100.4 degrees or higher, she didn’t officially fall into the group of “high risk” and was allowed to fly.”
            -Drudge Report

            MEMO: Troops assisting in Ebola mission may be quarantined
            (but apparently NOT other people flying in from African countries with Ebola outbreaks.)
            -Drudge Report

            • eppe's Pet Snail

              This Ebola is kind of like a House fire. First they smell smoke, and every sits there thinking somebody else if going to take care of it. As the smoke builds they decide to form a committee to go check it out, after a long discussion they decide to appoint a friend to head the new smoke agency. (Good Job Brownie) Hey did you pick up my dry cleaning? The as the flames spread, they wonder if Browning taking care of this? Maybe he needs more federal funding. Double his salary while you are at it. OK hey, its getting hot in here. Now I can’t even see across the room. Anybody got a fire extinguisher? No use the garden hose. OK Hey we don’t have a garden hose. OK, maybe we need to dedicate more funding to the garden hose committee. Hey Boss the flames are now shooting out the windows. Yes Maybe its time to get out of the house? No worry we have fire insurance. Well did anybody think about calling the fire department? Good Idea boss, but I left my phone back in the house. Well they will see the smoke and come to help us, right? Uh.. We cut their funding, to save us taxpayers money. Really? This could get serious. Lets call the President and see what he thinks? No can’t reach him either, he is still golfing.

              • Calgagus

                This is like Abbot and Costellos whos on first? What. What? Whos on first.

                Hey Eppe your the SHTF hero. Take a bow.More people identify w/ you than anyone else on here.You got daughters, dogs, snails latched on. You da man and the dog and snail aint got nothin on you,.

                • eppe's Pet Snail

                  Hey Thanks Calagus, Nice to see you having fun reading my posts. I try. Hey when you are in the area stop by. You know drink a few beers, shoot it up some. eppe PS.

                • Calgagus

                  When I toss back the brews, it aint at a snails pace. Best to leave the beer drinking to the adults in the room.
                  When your ready to dine on escargo, crawl on over.

              • eppe

                Eat shit WhoWuddaSuckedIt…

          • Charley Waite

            Obama admits to kissing ebola nurses in his statement yesterday. Popping popcorn and watching the calendar, seeing what develops.

            • swinging richard

              I take a shot in the dark and say those health care workers were screened before they were allowed to kiss and hug the president.

        • Mensa141

          Low grade fever is symptoms! She is now on here way or in the CDC at Emory in Atlanta in bad condition. If Dr Brantley’s blood serum does not match hers she will not be getting help from that direction

          • Tex

            I would think someone is symptomatic when the fever starts and definitely when the fever spikes and other symptoms appear. My concern is someone with a strong immune system could be infected and spreading the disease while they are “asymptomatic”. Also, the more human infections, the greater the probability it could mutate and become “airborne” (not the 101st type).

          • anonymous

            How much blood does that poor doctor have left????

          • Anonymous

            She is not in bad condition– she is in GOOD condition… and she already has been receiving blood from Dr. Brantley…


        • Mensa141

          Can you just imagine if you were actually sitting in here seat on those flights??

          • Anonymous

            Maybe youll shouldnt go to Drudge Report… getting a little scary.. upsetting…

          • jlindseyx

            I think I agree with your post, but the only language I am familiar with is English. If you could clarify your post with the language in which it is written, it would be most helpful. Thanks.

          • TheGuy

            I don’t think you quite get it.

            132 passengers on a single flight of that plane, and the sh*^ lives for 6 days on a surface.

            So now we have a potentially infected population of 6 TIMES 132 people.

            Many of which are the kind of stupid d-bags that would get on a %$&$# plane with a $^&# fever, knowing they’d been exposed.

            Containment’s toast, officially, IMO. Containment’s gone man.

            • TheGuy

              6 because of the 5 additional flights I mean.

              • eagle eye

                Only if you are assuming 1 flight per day. Any airline running that schedule is already broke.

                It is pax x flights/day x 6 days.

                Be very scared. An almighty cluster fuck is headed your way.

        • mark

          It seems to me that the way eba can spread the widest and fastest is through the virus bei g on our money.
          Also this seems like a great excuse for TPTB to pitch their cashless society sceme.

          • Lisa

            I agree. I’m even starting to get leery of cash, and it’s my preferred method of payment! It won’t be long now.

            • oicu812

              I’ll be glad to help you out, by taking any you are feeling leery about holding.

          • Smokey

            Send your filthy lucre to me, I’ll soak it in bleach for a week before returning it to the mercantile stream.

            Just willing to do my bit in a crisis, you know.

        • Anonymous

          and up to 90 minutes in aerosol particles…(Paul Craig Roberts article on right side of page)

        • Navy Vet

          “Dallas Commissioners Will Declare State Of Disaster Tomorrow Over Ebola”

          Story on ZH

          ht tp://

          Take out the spaces between ht and tp

        • TheGuy

          Let me put it to you this way, guys.

          The time to politely “ask” people to call? Yeah, we’re past that now.

        • TheGuy


          No no no no no no no no no no no no no %$^#@#@@ it NO!!!

          5 more flights?!

        • JeanneO

          whoops, I clicked the wrong thumb. So sorry!

      • maddog

        I see the thumbs down turd is running amuck with the Obama flu.

        • SterlingSilver

          As things begin to culminate and we see the acceleration of pandemics, dropping markets, bursting bubbles, and more indifference by the masses to these flashing beacons, its time for the prepared to put on the final touches of their stabiliztion preps, check the zero of optics, ensure the humidity level of their powder is down, and invest into the renewable methods of producing food, energy, and clean water. That’s where the future is boys!

          • eppe's dog

            Oh my the sky is falling, its raining cats and humans. So they finally decided to quarantine that Frontier Airline plane to de-sanitize it. I sure hope the DHS is finally working their asses off earning their paychecks. Keep em’ busy boys.

            Q: What’s worse than raining cats and dogs?
            A: Hailing’ taxi cabs!

            Q: What is a cat’s favorite color?
            A: Purrr-ple

            Q: What kind of kitten works for the Red Cross?
            A: A first-aid Kit.

            Q: Why are cats good at video games?
            A: Because they have nine lives!

            Q: Why can’t a leopard hide?
            A: Because he’s always spotted!


            Just some kid cat jokes for the childish mentality of some people here.

            • Anonymous

              like old eisencrap who goes by the undercover name of whowouldathunkit.

              • eppe's Pet Snail

                Sheesh, why all the red thumbs? I just cut and pasted a few jokes. With all the crap going on I need to get cheered up. Every time I read these jokes I spit coffee on my key board.

              • oicu812

                will the real Ass’ed Itch, please stand up?

            • eppe's Cockatoo

              I like your jokes I spit coffee all over my computer screen. My bird wide is rolling on the floor. Thanks eppe dog you are the greatest funny dog to walk the planet. Your jokes so clever.

              • eppe's Pet Snail

                Good Point eppe cockatoo, who cares if you borrow other people stuff. I tried to locate the owner but he was no where to be found, so I just took it. Cool beans, see on the flipside.

            • eppe

              Eat shit WhoWuddaSuckedIt…

          • AlphaFrog

            My heart bleeds for those that cannot see.
            Some people will never open their eyes to
            what is right in front of them.
            Maybe it’s just the way it should be. Sadness.

            • grego

              Roger that..I run into these folks everywhere please pinch me so I can wake from this nightmare..stay safe Alpha..

          • European American

            “… the Obama flu.”

            Ebama’s Obola.

          • Babycatcher55

            Aye,aye, Sir! Underway!

            • oicu812

              a screen full of OBAMAFLU’s, is about as appealing as, a turd in a punch bowl.

        • the renegade braveheart


          • Paranoid

            Quit that Brave makes me sick seeing his name that much.

            • the renegade braveheart

              Sorry, Paranoid, gotta have SOME fun on occasion.

              • eppe's Pet Snail

                Here Renegrade Brave Guy Let me cheer up up.

                A man goes to a Halloween party with a woman on his back.
                The host asks him, “And what are you?”
                The man says, “I’m a snail.”
                The host says, “And who’s that on your back?”
                And the man says, “That’s Michelle!”

                What is a slug?
                A snail with a housing problem.

                Whats the difference between a politician and a snail? One is slimy, a pest and leaves a trail everywhere, and the other is a snail.

                What did the snail say to his ex wife?….
                ‘I’M STILL LEAVING YOU!’

                A snail goes to a Cadillac dealership and buys a new car. But when he buys it he has specific instructions for the dealer.
                “I want you to give it a paint job” says the snail.
                “Sure, what color?” says the dealer.
                “I want you to paint a big red S on the hood, the doors, the roof and the trunk.” instructs the snail.
                “Sure thing,” says the dealer, “but can I ask why?”
                The snail looks at him and explains:
                ” So when I go driving up and down the strip all the people watching me say “Look at that S Car Go!!!!

                Why did the shy snail drink?
                ‘to come out of his shell!’

                why did the other snail drink?
                ‘because he was an alcoholic!’

                Why did the snail cross the road?
                I don’t know but I’ll let you know when it gets here.

                Where do you find Giant snails?
                On the end of Giant’s fingers!

                What did the snail say when he jumped on the turtle’s back?

                A snail walks into a bank to make a deposit. Then a turtle comes in and robs the bank. Afterward, the police are interviewing the snail and asks him to recount what had happened. The snail says, “I don’t know, it all happened so fast.”


                • eppe

                  Eat shit WhoWuddaSuckedIt…

        • ready down under

          Don’t worry maddog, turds like that are rabid deniers. Just the sort who will get Ebola first …….


          • maddog

            Thanks Aussie its people like you that gives me hope that after the culling there will something left worth rebuilding.

            • eppe's Pet Snail

              Maddog. I agree, I can’t wait for the great culling to begin. Thieves are at the top of my list.

              • eppe

                Eat shit WhoWuddaSuckedIt…

      • FuckingPissed

        The title to this article is a number of years too late. If you have not been buying food and ammo among many other things and have at least a year of supplies for every need, you are already fucking dead.

        • Warchild Dammit!

          FP,while late to the game till it hits never too late for a few to rub the sleep out of their eyes,they do though need to get crackin in overdrive!

          • eppe's Pet Snail

            Hey, I’m all prepped. I painted a big “S” on my Bug Out Vehicle. So when people see my driving down the road, they can say. Hey, let look at that S-Car-Go!! ~E’s Snail

        • TheGuy

          Oh I agree. At this point it’s fairly obvious is it not?

          From one infected to a potential list of 792 in four days.

          Party’s just getting started, but at this rate it’s gonna be one really short party.

      • Anonymous

        FROM PAUL CRAIG ROBERTS’ WEBSITE (right hand side), article called, “Will the CDC Listen?”(Long article):

        Adequate protection is essential

        To summarize, for the following reasons we believe that Ebola could be an opportunistic aerosol-transmissible disease requiring adequate respiratory protection:

        Patients and procedures generate aerosols, and Ebola virus remains viable in aerosols for up to 90 minutes.
        All sizes of aerosol particles are easily inhaled both near to and far from the patient.
        Crowding, limited air exchange, and close interactions with patients all contribute to the probability that healthcare workers will be exposed to high concentrations of very toxic infectious aerosols.
        Ebola targets immune response cells found in all epithelial tissues, including in the respiratory and gastrointestinal system.
        Experimental data support aerosols as a mode of disease transmission in non-human primates.
        Risk level and working conditions suggest that a PAPR will be more protective, cost-effective, and comfortable than an N95 filtering facepiece respirator.


        We thank Kathleen Harriman, PhD, MPH, RN, Chief, Vaccine Preventable Diseases Epidemiology Section, Immunization Branch, California Department of Public Health, and Nicole Vars McCullough, PhD, CIH, Manager, Global Technical Services, Personal Safety Division, 3M Company, for their

        • Lisa

          Quote: “Ebola targets immune response cells found in all epithelial tissues, including in the respiratory and gastrointestinal system.”

          Epithelial tissues? That’s also called “skin.”

          This confirms a statement I read earlier from a doctor saying your skin has receptors – you can get it from a virus particle touching you anywhere, without a cut.

      • ed

        watching the playoffs – baseball and spitting – seem to go together

        • oicu812

          On a happier note:

          Congratulations to my KC Royals and their impending visit to play in their first World Series since 1985.

          It was a good year, 1985:

          self employed and making good $$$
          the divorce came thru
          I realized all poontang doesn’t smell like rotten sardines
          unprotected sex was still “low risk”.
          good music and concerts everywhere
          folks didn’t worry too much about the gov/TPTB screwing them over everyday.
          gas was still cheap
          baby girl was still innocent and loved her daddy.

      • Anonymous

        Live on CNN (what I heard this morning)– where Nurses Union tells the TRUE story of what went on at the hospital in Dallas…

        Its at Drudge Report- go there NOW before they take it off!!! (UBELIEVABLE!!!)

      • Anonymous

        lEFT HAND SIDE OF DRUDGE REPORT- ARTICLE CALLED, “NURSES OUTRAGED!” Live CNN report (from this morning) where nurses tell what REALLY happened at the Dallas Hospital.. unbelievable!!

        • Lpopip

          Unions are full of greedy, retarded, socialist. But let’s all believe them when they support out looney world. Even though we all normally dismiss them and call them liars.

      • Anonymous

        CNN News: the nurse called the CDC before flying!

        AOL News: Obama says Ebola may become global threat.

        DRUDGE REPORT; the UN says we got 60 days to curb this thing or …

        Just gets scarier and scarier…

        • TheGuy

          Yeah and the gravitational constant MAY be 32.2 ft/sec^2.



          It’s bad enough that such a thing should be allowed to exist on the same planet as the rest of us. Once it hit the US? I mean… it’s sort of like a “limited nuclear war” or water that’s “just a little contaminated with radioactive sh**”.

          There’s no “a little bit” about this thing. Not the way it works.

      • PM

        Shemitah. The year of rest has begun. Stocks will continue to fall.

      • pup

        You win the “captain obvious” comment of the week.

      • Anonymous

        CDC gave the OK for the nurse to fly on the plane! Then (later) they said she should not have gone on the plane. Freiden needs to be fired!!!

        Not only has the CDC allowed Ebola to spread to the east coast (by allowing nurse with high fever to get on plane) but Frieden, head of the CDC, makes nonsense statements!

        According to him, it will make us less safe to cancel flights to Africa (quarantine Ebola stricken country). That is bull shit! France and British Airways have cancelled flights to Ebola stricken countries. That is common sense!

        He also says that if nurses have several layers of protection on, it will make them less safe… this guy is a full of sh–!!!

      • Anonymous

        As I have been saying for some time: first Ebola will spread and then comes Apocalypse. Unfortunately, its coming true.

      • Jerry

        Why wait

      • Marcus

        only reason its not still falling is some serious buying of futures by an unknown entity that afternoon. You’re looking at the first of the fuses to break. stay tuned, will be an interesting holiday season.

    2. The Prophet

      The only good news is that the unleaded gas futures are collapsing. Cheaper gas for awhile. Easier to drive out of the Ebola infected areas.

      • Arkaden

        And burning infected items.

        • maddog

          Would that include libtards?

        • Anonymous

          Are you relating to the BANKSTERS since they really are infected items?

      • ArmageddonProof

        You and the other million people who have the same plan. Stock up on gas and store it at home if you can. Get super grade to get more mpg per gallon. Everyone will have the same plan.

        • Winston Smith

          Also, consider buying a functional but ugly older high efficiency vehicle. The Geo Metro with the 3 cylinder engine and 5 speed transmission (avoid the automatics as they are 15 mpg worse on gas and far less reliable) is dead simple to work on and mechanically well made. Plus, they can be had for less than $1,000 if you shop around. Just be careful of structural rust in northern cars as the entire front suspension can come off in extreme cases. I would also look at an older Prius as they tend to be quite reliable and can be had for under $5,000 if you can’t find a Metro or Swift. The Prius 3 has better batteries than earlier models, so look for one of those. Again, cosmetics are of little importance so long as it has had good maintenance. Both cars are a mechanical known quantity and have good community support that can help you fix issues yourself inexpensively. I would avoid other hybrids as most use a variant of Honda’s IMA system that is less reliable and has poor battery systems. On the plus side, if you can find an Insight I (and possibly the original Civic hybrid), the car will run and drive with the hybrid system dead since the two work independently whereas Toyota’s hybrid synergy drive is far more integrated. Honda used a separate starter motor and 12 volt battery while Toyota integrated the two in order to get start-stop and regenerative braking (features the Honda system lacks).

      • eppe's dog

        $2.89 West Central FL- I can see $2.25 Gas by December. Now that the entire economy is destroyed and everybody is on Bug-In Staycation mode.

        • Archivist

          It’s 2.89 here in eastern NC also at a couple of places.

          • grego

            3.13 in Utah

            • wrong

              3.09 this morning on the way to work. 3.30 on the way home in northern Michigan

              • AlphaFrog

                Hey Wrong
                Maybe that says something about
                cumming rather than going. Snark!!

                • Ghost Rider

                  $2.80 in S. NJ

              • Jenn

                @ Wrong: I love & miss Northern MI. Making Pasty’s for Thanksgiving!

                • AlphaFrog

                  Hey Jenn
                  What part of Northern MI. do you miss.
                  The colors are beautiful here at the moment.
                  This Frog would love a sample of some Pastys.
                  Ummm um.

                • Jenn

                  @Alpha Frog, from Higgins Lake north, into the UP. you can’t beat the beauty!

            • texas grasshopper

              i miss my 12 mile canyon home right now…a lot

        • Winston Smith

          I paid $2.94 today here in Florida. So, now I can drive 525 miles for less than $30.

          • eppe's Cockatoo

            Gas is getting so cheap, I’m going to just drive around the blick all day waving at my neighbors.eppe dog will have his head out the window licking the wind. He I such a funny dog tells so many funny jokes.

      • ready down under

        The Prophet – EVERYWHERE will be an Ebola infected area if this gets loose!

        UN warns, “World has 60 days to get Ebola crisis under control”

        Link to follow….


          • lonelonemum

            Arrogance combined with Ignorance (AI) creates the most deadly pathogen of all. The West has AI by the bucketful already it seems.

            Our dear leaders are hopelessly infected with AI and I’m just hoping that when needed their helicopter pilots that are supposed to airlift them to the promised land do not show up for work!

            I’m gonna take another look at what has worked in a low tech way in previous pandemic disasters and what is working in the affected areas to save lives now. I’m also ignoring all official “advice” as I can’t turn my home into a space station, nor can I pretend that everything is OK.

            Short term preps –
            Vinager and/oil of the four thieves.
            Using silver eating utensils.
            Lots of garbage bags to use as protective clothing.
            UV lights
            eye & foot protection.
            proper handwashing procedures
            isolation from non-householders
            Vitamin C/general immune system boosters
            metal incineration barrel for infected materials.
            method of boiling not just filtering water (in case the water table becomes infected ith secondary pathogens).

            medium term
            first aid/birthing and dental emergency kit – (noone I love is going anywhere near a hospital if I can help it).
            Extra meds for anyone who needs them long term
            where there is no doctor/where there is no nurse.
            in a societal breakdown municipal water may no longer be safe typhoid and cholera could be a threat.
            Living without utilities and the internet – the elite will flick the switch on the web to facilitate their own escape to disease free islands if they need to.
            Vermin control – this wil be a major problem if society implodes. (I’m talking roaches/mice & rats here). Keeping the home clean has to remain a priority.

            Long term
            Cadaver clean up – yeuk! But if you survive this at some point it will need to be done.
            Gardening (seeds, soil improvers and the like).
            Plan for ending isolation – protocol for meeting others.

            Like most here I’ve been squirreling away an extra can here and a bag of rice there for a while. What I have will have to do, while I focus on ebola specific planning. The worst thing any of us can do is join the stampede to buy last minute groceries if we hear Ebola has arrived in our town. Staying away from large crowds in that scenario makes far more sense.

            For new preppers only-
            I also worry that to rush out now and make a large purchase of supplies risks blowing your OPSEC. You don’t want the last memory any of your unprepared neigbours have, before the stores close, being you as the local grocery store stand-in. If you have left it this late to start prepping, then perhaps arrive home after dark to unload your supplies or take other evasive action.

        • kynase

          60 days, IMO, is a barely educated guess. They’ve (the experts) been wrong about almost everything thus far. I give us 40 days. If not contained in 40 then we are up shit creek. Over the next 20 days watch what happens. If numbers are not drastically reduced, this will engulf africa and spread. The exponential growth is slowly building in the US. R0 of 2 and 2 medical worker have gotten it. If each of them give it to 2, and each of them give it to 2…you get the point.

      • PWYPreach

        Would you believe: Our area’s gasoline prices just went up, not down, to $3.26

        • lonelonemum

          40 days is the traditional biblical period of preparation and/isolation.

          I’m going with 40 days just for luck as I’m not sure my four leaved clover is much use in the scenario.

          The WHO have now admitted that in some instances the incubation for this thing can stretch from 1-42. I never did rely on averages and innocent people are gonna get caught out at both ends of this thing’s bell curve. No nookie for 60 – double that for safety, especially if it is the love of your life Do not trust the 21 day figure – averages and statistics can’t be used to lie our way out of this mess.

    3. 7 3/4 tinfoil hat

      even if it stays above 15,000; you should be buying food, guns, and ammo…duh! when, not if, it drops; you should buy it all!

      • Hammerun

        Macs warning is just about five years to late.

        • Camellia

          Hammerun – Macs’ had this warning for years. He just wants
          to alert those who may be new to this site and to those
          slow-learners. 😉


          • Hammerun

            No, what I meant was that I have been doing this (prepping) for five years. Ive been reading Mac for about five years or better I dont know. I was thinking that if someone was just now reading that warning for the first time theyre pretty much SUNK!!
            It just came out wrong, it was not meant as a knock on Mac. Sorry…

      • lena

        2nd and done and done on food and ammo.

        the stock mkt may drop 50% in the next yr, but thats just a massive buying opportunity.

        no matter what happens with the ebola epidemic, the stock mkt will eventually move on.

      • the renegade braveheart

        tinfoil hat, spot on. everyone needs to get everything they can while they can. My prepping continues no matter what happens to the stinking market.

        • grego

          Roger that..

        • eppe's Cockatoo

          Braveheart are you Mel Gibson? Good movie. You copy right that name or steal it?

    4. Just sayin'

      I agree with you it’s time to fill up the vehicles and the storage cans. Some silver quaters,dimes and dollars would be nice too.

      One silver dollar will probably get you $40 of gas with the Indians and Arabs at the gas station when the SHTF . They know that silver is real money.

      • Wolverine

        Indians and Arabs , they better get out of town, there’s a new sheriff coming.

    5. Turnthekey

      ..I got lots of ammo,that will get me food..

      • PO'd Patriot

        ….and the possibility of becoming buzzard fare.

        • Warchild Dammit!

          He hunting critters and gets a few big ones early on before everyone hunting then am OK with Turn’s idea,he is going to kill others for their goods/food,yep probably end up dead fairly quick.

          • natxlaw

            Uh, I think the guy is referring to hunting. I guess you all you red thumbs missed the hunting (large and small game) part of being able to provide a sustainable food supply, in prepper college.

            • Paranoid

              Forget hunting, In a few empty states where people already get a lot of game there will be some for a short time. You cannot feed a significant number of people on wild game. It just does not exist, The dumb asses will shoot whatever moves with no regard for seasons or sex and there will be no game. Same thing went on during the depression when there was half the population. You would be better off selling that average hunting rifle and buying wheat or corn

              • Sierra Dave

                Best bet is to be on the coast or Gulf. They won’t be fished out.

                • eppe's Cockatoo

                  I will use human limbs as shark bait. The rest as chum. Plenty of fish in the sea. I will never go hungry.

            • Turnthekey

              Exactly natxlaw…….But if these assholes on here want to play that way, I have no problem throwing there liver in a pan.

      • 7 3/4 tinfoil hat

        I hope you’re talking about hunting, not looting/stealing.

        • eppe's Cockatoo

          I think he meant lots if ammo used as a form of currency. And if that fails ammo used as influence.

      • David


        I hope for your sake you said that with tongue in cheek. Because if you come NEAR my place, your going to be wrapped in a tarp and taken to the closest dump!

        Now, do you want to rethink that one?

        • grego

          We stocked up on lime at our retreat for the thefts and thugs…

        • Turnthekey

          Nothing to re-think. Just make sure you follow your own advice.
          You’re head will be an empty shell of a skull.

      • Hunter

        Yeah maybe…but sooner or later…someone else’s ammo, will “GET” you!

        • Hunter

          …at Turnthekey!

        • eppe's Cockatoo

          After you are out of ammo you transition to fixed Bayonets.

      • Winston Smith

        Either that or it will mean you become a meal for someone who is a better shot. Once you get involved in a gun fight, your odds of survival go down markedly.

        • Turnthekey

          keep that in mind Winston if you decide to fuck with me.

          • Winston Smith

            I am like a Jedi. I only fight in defense, never offense. So, the only thing you have to fear is if you fuck with me first.

            • Turnthekey

              A jedi…….grow winston. This isn’t the movies. I’ll fuck with who I want when i want.

              You just keep your lighted sword or whatever you kids play with. Besides yourself.

              • Winston Smith

                Think what you want of my methods. BTW, I prefer 7.62×39 or .223 to a light sabre. It’s more real and more likely to be able to reach out and touch someone before they can touch me. However, I prefer not to fight if at all possible. Starting fights on purpose is for the weak minded who can’t think their way out of a problem and feel a need to “prove” their manhood by harming others who are no threat to them.

                • Turnthekey

                  You reach out..And so will I with my .300 WBY magnum.

                  As far as starting fights, look in the mirror. Ihave nothing to prove, because I have nothing to lose..

                  Really winston, you are a fucking bore.Fucking Floridians.

                • Night Breaker

                  Winston ,
                  In this case you would be better off with .308 in a MBR , reach out and touch .
                  I was reading an article on my short lunch break yesterday it was about the black death in Europe in the 1300’s the medical writer made the -affirmation ( convincingly ) that it may have not been bubonic / pneumonic plague due to the symptoms that were experienced and rapidlity of death from onset . What he stated was the symptoms resembled what is presented with Ebola .
                  This may not be the first time the world has delt with this organism . Food for thought and frightening .

                  Semper Fi 8541

                • Ghost Rider

                  Night Breaker;
                  I had been away from the computer for a couple of weeks, anything new on the local front?


      • Ms. X

        You won’t at my place.

        • eppe's Cockatoo

          The Morality in America went down the shithole right after 9-11. Its every asshole politician for himself. VOTE EVERY STANDING INCUMBANT OUT OF OFFICE. PERIOD!! We are where we are at now because we were too fat and stupid. Nothing wakes a person up more than hunger snd famine. The game is already over and these aholes stole all the chips. A 300 Million man army can take it back. Prepare for battle cause its gonna get really ugly for a while until we cull the thieves from their balconys. Have NO Fear. Victory is near. They are crumbling and are out of their bag of tricks to fool the populace. The last thing they do is loot the gold before they go into hiding. And that is when we pour gasoline down their vent pipes and drop the road flare.

      • Mark

        I hope you mean by hunting game otherwise somebody else may be shooting your ammo!

    6. maddog

      The economy has never improved no matter what the LSM has repeatedly tried to bullshit everyone into believing. With a crash of the stock market now along with the Obama flu and ebola running amuck together with a list of shit so long it would take me a week to type, things could go to shit pretty fast. If you are still waiting to stock up on anything your probably already dead.

      For those of you looking for a good radio for communication check out the boefang 5 programmable handheld two way.

    7. Uncle Mike

      I will start getting concerned about 9000, and then start buying stock like last time.
      SFHT will not be found in the stock market, but petulance or disaster.

      Cheaper petrol will be bad for some investors, but it will aid Main Street and the middle class, and will affect energy prices overall.We should see an over all market gain in the US as this frees up money to be spent by the public in other areas.

      • Burt Gummer

        When the mkt crashes, it will stay down for a long time. Oil will probably drop to about $75 and then rebound to $150. If you plan on storing fuel, now is the time to do it. China will double the price of gold/silver and dare the West to try and take it down. Won’t happen. If you do not have fire extinguishers and body armor, NOW is the time to get what you need. Looters will burn you out if you resist and try to shoot you when you try to put out the fire. The looters can run into a burning house to quickly look for food, etc after they’ve taken care of the defenders. Looters will figure out ways to avoid a gun fight. They will start houses on fire upwind at the end of a block and watch all the people flee, then loot all the houses on the block before the fire got to them. Then have their com-padres looting all those that fee a couple blocks away. “Food and ammo” if you do not already have that by now, you would not be reading this.

        • the renegade braveheart

          Bert, your points are well taken. When looters show up at my place, all they’ll get is hot lead.

        • sixpack

          Some well-placed sniper fire might put a crimp in that plan. So might a few pre-positioned surprises.

          Plan ahead. Retire happy.

          • slingshot


            They will find out very quickly what “Suppressive Fire” means.

            There is nothing in my neighborhood that I can not put a hole through.

            • the renegade braveheart

              Sixpack and Slingshot, same here. Braveheart can and will put a hole into any POS that comes to his place.

              • NorthGeorgiaIdiotsCousin

                Cuz, you sure talk awful tough for somebody what ain’t got nothin but an old bent barrel 12 Ga. and a 30cal. carbine.. The only thing you could shoot a hole through is a cardboard box.

            • Warchild Dammit!

              Sling,can you put a hole thru a hole?!

              • slingshot


                Rem ADL model 700 30.06 165 gr. core lock Leopold Vari III 50mm 3×9

                100 yards 3 rounds same hole. Benched and sandbag

                Verified by spotter.

                • Genius

                  Hmmm core locked isnt match ammo. I’ts just ordinary hunting ammo. I have the exact same rifle free floated and glass bedded a bench rest and precision match ammo and .5″ is the best at 100. Must have been a miracle 🙂

                • NorthGeorgiaIdiotsCousin

                  That ain’t nothin, Cuz can’t even hit the same sheet of newspaper with his 12Ga. at 10 yards.

                • Mr Rodgers

                  Howdy slingshot,

                  FINE shootin’ there friend!

                  I DO have a ‘favorite’ as well…Weatherby MK-V, 30-378, which with 200gr Hornady ‘Interbond’ leaves the muzzle at 3224 ft/sec. Utterly devastating. Laser flat…

                  Makes the most lovely ‘smiley faces’ at 300 yds…all day long…

                  BTW…YOU can be on MY team any day at all Friend…any.

                • slingshot


                  The range I was shooting at has high berms on the sides. It was dead calm. Low humidity. About 80F

                  Optics and good scope rings played a big part. As I sighted the rifle in, cleaning every third shot with patch.

                  Read an article on the Rem Model 700 and they are not all the same in accuracy. Some posters said the rifle was no good at all. Had problems with trigger pull.
                  I got lucky.

              • Tex

                5 in .432″ @ 100 but 5 in 7.75″@ 1000 is my best. Yes, the stars were aligned.

                • Warchild Dammit!

                  You guys have been practicing,mostly shooting iron at moment,doing fine with rifles,as for handguns,well,last week taught me I have a lot of catching up to do!I really just felt like all I was doing was wasting ammo with the handguns,tail still drooping on that one!

                • Hunter

                  That is phenomenal shooting Tex!!


                • Tex

                  Hunter, it took 5 years of load development and lots of range time. Each round takes about 10 minutes to build. Rifle is Rem 700 action, Krieger barrel, HS precision stock Burris Pos-Align rings and Leupold Mark IV 6.5×20 mildot. Bullet is Barnes 210 gr VLD. I shoot that rifle as much as all other firearms combined, about 100 round per month.

          • eppe's Ex Dog

            As a dog, I tried to be retired, but all I got was tired. Life is ruff.

        • ArmageddonProof

          Why would they set it on fire? That seems pretty stupid of an idea. No I think people will case a single place for days. See who goes in, who comes out, schedules etc. then quietly break in through the door or a window and steal all your shit.

          • HisArmsWide

            Why do people always start fires when there is a disaster or looting? They just do.

            Why risk getting killed when a slingshot made of inner tube or surgical tubing will launch a molotov a hundred yards and do it in arching fire with no exposure from behind cover?

            That kind of worthless cowardice scum is my biggest concern

        • eppe's Cockatoo

          Oil will drop to $60 a barrel. This is war and it will be a race to the bottom. Consumers actally win on this front. And it

        • Warchild Dammit!

          Burt,you live in a close home community tis wise to take out those thieves a good distance from your home.I was trapped in said community would not flee but at that point go head to head,perhaps some long pig for dinner,the other/other white meat!

    8. Ricky

      The Government here in the UK have released statistics ‘confirming’ the ‘recovery’ is underway.

      Unemployment down, the claimant count (for out of work benefits) down, investment up… goes on.

      BUT – No-one believes it! Not even the party members.

      It’s not just the USA.

      • maddog

        I wonder if there are any libtards on this site?

      • eppe's Ex- Dog

        Since my Ahole owner kicked me when he got home last time last night drunk, I decided the next time I get let out I’m taking off and hittin the road. I am gonna form a “Feral Dog Pack Militia” with some of my other dog buddies having a Ruff time too. so once I escaped, We decided to go harass some cats, corner them and show them our teeth. We get to stay out all night long howl at the moon, and eat some great food behind that Italian restaurant dumpster. And run wild in the fields. We chased a train today and barked at every car that went by. We are going to jump that postal guy tomorrow who has been making faces at me for months, knowing I was trapped inside and couldn’t do nutting about it. He is going to get a chunk out of his britches next time when I hide behind some bushes by old man Henry’s mail box. I don’t need no stinking master owner I am not a slave dog, sitting around having to listen to stupid jokes all day. I am a dog and I am now free.

        • Paleface

          You are very strange.

        • Kerry

          This is better than any soap opera I ever thought about watching. Who knew that about a prepper website!

    9. America

      This is a correction in the market. But, it will continue to fall below 15k. Simply put, not enough good paying jobs, a lot of folks are over their heads in debt, and now ebola. Yep, its in my back yard now in NE Ohio. Thanks Bozo in Chief!

    10. Anonymous

      Ohio… the plane trip of latest Ebola victim went from Dallas to Ohio and back. Too close for comfort!(right next to me!)

      • maddog

        Don’t worry I’m sure one of the sheeple on the plane is one of your neighbors. Its the plan. There is a video out there that has a government official confirming obola was brought here intentionally to get the American sheeple to be concerned. They knew if it stayed just in Africa we wouldn’t get to evolved.

        • KY Mom

          The Frontier Airlines plane made 5 additional flights before it was taken out of service.

          “Tuesday morning the plane was flown back to Cleveland and then to Fort Lauderdale, Fla., back to Cleveland and then to Atlanta and finally back to Cleveland.”

          (more info in comment near top)

          • Sgt. Dale

            Doesn’t Frontier fly into Akron?

            • KY Mom

              Sgt. Dale,

              They probably fly to a number of places.

              I think Frontier Airlines was just talking about the plane that the nurse now confirmed with Ebola had been on.

          • eppe's Ex- Dog

            Planes are stinking flying aluminum test tubes riddled with disease. Stay away from the airport too as well as all mass transit. Imagine force to ride the NY subway everyday with million of infected humans. As a dog I can lick my balls everyday to keep clean, I know you are jealous.

            • anono

              I bet those are not the only balls you are licking!

          • Kevin2

            The alternative to flying is driving. Any thoughts on the hygiene of a motel room?

            Selling our Class C motor Home might not have been a good idea.

            • eppe's Ex Dog

              With the price of gas dropping it’s cheaper to drive. Plus while driving, I can hang my head out the window ears flopping, and I can lick the wind all I want.

              • Mountain Trekker

                OPSEC, Ex Dog I’m sure it’s no secret to most, of who your true idenity is. But it’s interesting to study words and phrases. I only heard it said once of a dog or anyone hanging their head out the window and (lick the wind) that was in response to one of my comments. Trekker Out. Where’s The Dog Catcher!

        • Sgt. Dale

          What scares me is that if it flew into Akron my daughter lives there.

          • maddog

            Sgt. sorry not trying to scare but enlighten. I truly believe these evil basturds brought the shit here and for the reasons I mentioned. Same thing with the Obama flu (so called ev68) brought up by the illegals flooding our boarder. We better wake up soon and do something more than bitch or there won’t be anyone left to bitch.

            • eppe's Ex- Dog

              Obama just lied his ass off on TV. He just said if People are not showing symptoms of Ebola, they can not spread the disease. What a lying crock of BS. Eboli has an incubation period of 42 days, 60 days in Human sperm and can be active on surfaces for more than 6 days. Obama is a Big Fat Liar. The world is a stage folks. Don’t believe a damn thing the Government tells you. They are just saying this not to spread all of fear.

          • maddog

            Anonymous and Sgt. Dale this morning we found out one of the passengers from the plane showed up at our doctors office in Sparks, NV. Un-fucking believable, now I can’t even go to the doctor and better yet they won’t say who it is so it could be MY neighbor.

            • maddog

              Update already. Apparently the individual the news said was not a threat to the public is now in the hospital with ebola symptoms.

              • maddog

                That’s a good P-A-L. Got your thumbs down in right away. I’ll bend a little to make it easier for you. You do remember the meaning of P-A-L.

            • PKLauLau

              And it’s snowbird season….$#@$%#….they are coming here in droves….


      • Enemy of the State

        what airport and city in OHIO?

        • America

          Cleveland Hopkins International. Flight 1143 Frontier Airlines.

          • eppe's Ex- Dog

            I’m not riding in one of those dog carriers, down in the luggage hold. I want my own window seat so I can see out the window.

            • wrong

              That way when you lick your balls everyone can see you and be jealous. Maybe if you got first class you could have free drinks before you start licking. Might taste better?

              • Anonymous

                Ever wonder how many men would lick their balls if they could?

              • eppe's Ex Dog

                Yeah my favorite drink beside cold water in a dish, is Mad Dog 20/20 in a shot glass.

            • Warchild Dammit!

              Dog,your supposed to hang your head out window,not too bright a dog,are ya’s,obviously not Eppe’s dog!

        • John

          Must be Cleveland Hopkins Airport.

          • KY Mom

            I guess the CDC is concerned about getting Ebola on planes, but not on buses. ???

            CDC: You Can Give—But Can’t Get—Ebola on a Bus

            “Dr. Tom Frieden, director for the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), said during a telephone press briefing Wednesday that you cannot get Ebola by sitting next to someone on a bus, but that infected or exposed persons should not ride public transportation because they could transmit the disease to someone else.”


            • Archivist

              Someone needs to give Dr. Frieden an IQ test. He totally fails at logic and common sense.

            • TheGuy


              If I wasn’t scared of how dumb these people are before…

        • Home Stead

          Flew into Cleveland, but spent time with her family in Tallmadge, eastern Akron. 3 of her family members work at Kent State in Kent Ohio, they are now told to stay home from work for the 21 days. Since she was only in town for 3 days and was feverish on the third day what are the chances she infected her family, and in turn the population at Kent State?? Much too close to my homestead, the minute this virus moves south I duct tape the house and raise the drawbridge…

    11. Anonymous

      I already have it. Just waiting for the the GAME TO START.

      • Charley Waite

        I have a very bad feeling that Obola is going to suspend midterm elections due to fears of ebola in public congregations. Remember, as Rahm says, never let a good crisis go to waste

        • Hammerun

          I’ll betcaha hed like nothing better, but if it (OBOLA) is allowed to get out of control, people will do it themselves. And thats what I’m thinking is happening. If someone creates the illusion there is a Obola epidemic or pandemic occurring the thinking would be, people wont go out and vote.
          Think of the beauty of that. Its like a nerve agent scare. If you tell people that there is a nerve agent over on that section of land, do ya think people will go over there?
          If one tells people that there is obola out there, who knows where do ya think the masses will come out to vote?
          Do you notice that some twisted fate guided the epicenter of this is occurring in contentious states like Texas and Kansas?
          Yea, theres something afoot here and I aint buying it, not in the least!!!

          • Warchild Dammit!

            Vote absentee ballot now if you want to vote,even if candidates suck some states have referendum votes that should at least try and vote on(For all the good it will do!).

            • eppe's Ex Dog

              Florida Has Medical Pot on the Ballot and they are now making medical pot for pets.

              The Medical Cannabis Made From Hemp
              Canna-Pet™ Heals Without the High


              I needs this, cause sometimes cause I gets separation anxiety, cause I can’t understand a barking word people say. Like when the Fart are they coming back. Maybes never? Hate That…. Woof!!

        • DaisyK

          If not 2014, then 2016. I don’t think he EVER intends to relinquish power. By 2016, if things continue going the way they have, America will be unrecognizable.

          And they won’t! After the 2014 elections — if we have them — he will RAMP UP his illegal and unconstitutional power grab. Amnesty will be just the first thing. Then there will be censorship of the internet, a further war on churches, nothing but non-citizens in the military, food and gas rationing, sky high utility rates and lots of brownouts and blackouts, property rights dissolved by the EPA, free everything for the indolent, higher taxes for the employed, more low income housing in the suburbs, whites forced into FEMA camps or into the inner cities…..

          • Warchild Dammit!

            Daisy,easier to just say “civil war”.

    12. David

      Oh yeah, cheap gas blah blah. What you better realize is that it takes ELECTRICTY to run gas pumps. Just when ya’ll think it won’t get worse, Obozo will pull the plug on electricity. Does anyone remember when he was having one of his zillion photo ops he said “I want electric bills at a THOUSAND DOLLARS per household”. That’s when he was all hot and bothered about solar, wind, and anything but coal and oil. I’ll never forget that. He was wearing a white short, opened at the collar, no tie, and his elbows stretched on the table like he was getting ready to lick the table!

      So, for those of you that haven’t been PREPPING, your just about FUCKED! And those of us that HAVE been, we have plenty of ammo if you get the notion you want to take ours!

      Oh, and it won’t have anything to do with race, age, etc. Just simply if you don’t belong here, you are wearing a bullseye!

      Get out there and stock up NOW.

      • Old Guy

        There was a big ice storm and the local coop lost over 95% of their distrubition lines. I was getting low on gas but had enough to make west Memphis Ar. So I took off heading south. When I got to Jonesboro Ar. I seen some of those indian APUs at a convienence store. they told me closed no electric. I replied that I had electric a gen in the back of the PK. So we hooked it up and they opened. I got my gas and rented them the Generator. A mob happened and fights broke out. The police had to be called. those APU,s made everyone wait their turn. anyone who tried to cut in line was sent to the very back. With a generator the gas can be pumped.

    13. Enemy of the State

      “Start Buying Food & Ammo”

      WTF? where in the hell have they been?

      S-T-A-R-T my ass! you better have what you need already

      • maddog

        Kinda agree with you.

      • David


      • eppe's Ex- Dog

        I can help you bury it.

        • Archivist

          You know why dogs lick themselves?

          Because they can.

        • Mountain Trekker

          Two drunks came out of a bar, and there was eppe’s Ex-Dog laying there liking his balls, and the one drunk said to the other “boy I wish I could do that”. And the other drunk said well maybe you better pet him first.

          • Mr Rodgers

            YEAH…I ALWAYS like to ‘kiss’ first…usually…most of the time…sometimes…occiasionally……

          • PKLauLau


    14. Charley Waite

      You should already have bought food and ammo, just saying

      • the renegade braveheart

        I already have MOST of what I need and still working on getting the other items I need.

        • NorthGeorgiaIdiotsCousin

          Cuz quit blowing smoke, you ain’t got crap stored at our place.

    15. Mr. Jameson

      I am still completely befuddled by all the mainstream media zombies I see walking around thinking everything is okay, just because they have a roof over their head, food, and a TV to tell them what to think. Wake the hell up people. The collapse is here and if you need to be homeless and hungry to realize it then you get what you deserve. Our criminal government is repealing our rights, God given rights, to everything. Most of this country wont know it until their food stamp card stops shelling out free meals. We are at the precipice.

    16. Socrates

      Stock Market? Crash? Nah….this ship can’t sink!

      blub, blub…blub

      October Stock Market Crash? Possible, since October has typically been the ‘surprise’ month for that event.

      The ‘shot heard round the world’ is about to be eclipsed by ‘the scream heard round the world’. It really is the ‘perfect storm’ of ingredients for the world wide sh** sandwich if their ever was one. Again…it was a fairly decent run…while it lasted.

    17. prepper77

      I can always use more food and ammo.

      Attention all trolls: Flag me down if you one of them.

      • the renegade braveheart

        Prepper77, spot on. Here I am, trolls, bring it on! BTW, everyone, I just gave everyone here a green thumb and I’ll now start another round of green thumbs. Gotta give these turds, er, I mean, trolls some competition. OW…OUCH…BAD KEYBOARD [SARCASM]

        • Mr Rodgers

          Howdy TBH,

          Long time …NO SEE, Eh Friend?

          Sorry, been a TAD busy lately, what with market melt-downs, seismic, SOLAR, EBOLA….gets a guy down after a bit. Shew-wee I BE tired!

          BTW, GOOD move that…the thumbs. Glad to see that we think alike…keep up the good work Soldier. 🙂

          Adios Friend…

    18. bruiser

      i’m prepped and live in a very secure VERY REMOTE valley.

      ‘BRING IT!’

      • The Old Coach

        One standard for remote is that your only Internet is by satellite. Are you?

      • eppe's Ex Dog

        Bruiser, I can sniff you out.

      • Mr Rodgers

        You too!!! 😉

    19. Mike in Va

      Now buy food and Ammo.

      I guess these people have never experienced a hurricane or severe thunderstorm . Why do people not understand they should always have items on hand for an emergency. Even if they are not preppers.

      I just don’t get it.

      • Jim in Va.

        Mike…I’m prepped in the valley,hang in.

        • Mike in Va


          I am prepped as well. I just don’t understand why so many Americans don’t have food on hand.

          One day my friend we need to meet for a cup of coffee. It is always nice to have prepper friends.

          My knee surgery went so much better than expected.

    20. Warchild Dammit!

      That is one of the dumbest story post titles have seen anywhere,not just this site.You do not have food/ammo already then perhaps you scape together/borrow and get your ass in gear.What 300 will roughly get you food wise for 4:ht tp:// ,as always,space between http to avoid “Moderation Game”for new folks.You want to wait till markets start crashing if you have funds now you are suicidal!Ammo seek/slick guns/lucky gunner ect. for reasonably priced ammo on net,wally world for local purchases,wait till dow drops,jeeez!

      • The Old Coach

        I believe that Mac’s story is quoting a stock analyst/trader, who is using hyperbole to make a point, that’s all.

        • Warchild Dammit!

          Coach,just a dumb title in my book,not assigning who wrote it.

      • the renegade braveheart

        Warchild, spot on. If they don’t start prepping like yesterday, they are royally screwed. BTW, I’m munching on some goldfish crackers as I type these words. Oh, that reminds me, gotta go back to store tonight anf get more. They are part of my preps now.

        • Warchild Dammit!

          Big family boxes were on sale here last week,broke down and got a few,enjoy!

      • eppe's Ex- Dog

        Hey everybody pick up an extra bag of dog food, and not that cheap stuff. I’ll swing by later. Yes I will do ticks for you. I see your wife is pretty good at rolling over and playing dead for you.

        • Archivist

          What does “do ticks” mean?

          • eppe's Ex Dog

            Tricks, like if we go to the lake, I can train you to keep throwing the stick in the water for me. Eventually I stop bringing it to you, cause you will keep throwing it.

          • Warchild Dammit!

            Arch,am pretty sure you don’t want to know!

          • Mountain Trekker

            Arch, you can bet he does ticks, and probably fleas and even ear mites. And I wouldn’t doubt that he even has worms. He is a Mangy character. Trekker Out. He Leads A Dogs Life!

        • Charley Waite

          Here we worry about SHTF and people on here have the time and the heart to just waste their life trying to troll. Read a book, get a hobby, masturbate even. Just give the rest of us a break.

          • eppe's Pet Snail

            Hey Charlie, I could post a daily cut and paste stolen joke for you to brighten up your day. You sound just like that mean old WWTI guy, just got to serious trying to stick to the article, and SHTF stuff. I too have been prepping since 1979 and am really bored with prepping, and offer noting here but a space waster and posting stolen jokes. Got a problem with that?

      • Anon 1970

        Thanks for the websites. I have utilized them both.

        Its like my teeth are on edge today. Needed a glass of wine just to calm my nerves. I still feel totally unprepared no matter how much I prepare. Besides seeds (any suggestions on where to order)? I am thinking about some goats. Our chickens are fantastic but I think goats would be a perfect addition. We have 40+ acres after all.

        Does this anxious feeling ever get better?

        • Warchild Dammit!

          Yes,it does,you have accepted things CAN go wrong and are dealing with it in intelligently by doing things that can help you if things go wrong,no one in their right mind wants to be right on this.I look very stylish with a tin foil hat and would be glad to create a new one!Prepare by doing things you would do anyhow as far as food buying,with 40 acres goats could browse for free most of the time,might get some milkers,with that land food definitely with a decent growing season easy to do.All get edgy when things go south to a degree,tis normal reaction,that said “Live for today while preparing for tomorrow”(wow,have not used that shop worn phrase in awhile!).As for seeds,well,use friends seeds from each years garden so no good suppliers from me but sure a few posters have good sources.

        • Winston Smith

          Only after you’ve been doing this a while and have seen a few crises come and go without it totally hitting the fan. Hopefully ebola will be no different, but I think we will all be on edge until this thing passes.

        • REB

          Sure,just keep getting educated and working out a system for your own use…one day youll hear bad tidings and realize they dont even faze you anymore,youre ready!!!…REB

        • Archivist

          I have bought seeds from seedman (dot) com. They do not have any GMO seeds.

        • KY Mom

          Anon 1970,

          Look for “Heirloom Seeds”. You can purchase them at many different places.

          Here are a few websites that sell heirloom seeds:

          Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds —–

          Seeds Savers Exchange —–

          My Patriot Supply —–

          Heirloom Solutions —–

          Emergency Essentials —–
          (This is a huge website! They sell garden seeds, plus all kinds of useful things. Type in ‘garden seeds’.
          *They only sell seeds here in a packaged bundle.)

          Hope you find what you are looking for!

          I understand how you feel. I and many others reading here also can feel the tension too.

          Just take one day at a time. Keep praying and prepping!

          Take care!
          KY Mom

        • Anon 1970

          Thanks for all the 411. I am jumpier than a frog. Good grief, no fun. Maybe the rubber is hitting the pavement. I know TPTB are incompetent, but watching it play out is such a jolt.

          • nolongeramused

            Victory seed-got all my goats off craigslist for cheap-chill man you can handle more than you think-get those goats

          • KY Mom


            Daisy has ALOT of useful preparedness information.
            -canning information & recipes
            -lists for getting prepped quickly
            -Ebola info and lists
            -Prepping for an Ebola lockdown
            -Homemade recipes – eg. homemade laundry detergent

            theorganicprepper dot ca

        • Babycatcher55

          Take a look at Tess Pennington’s Ready Nutrition dot com…she has a series of articles called 52 weeks to preparedness and in those lists is one for seeds and we links on where to order them from. A very informative site. She has turned the series into a book, The Preppers Blueprint, and it’s great! Highly recommend it!

          • Canada Canuk

            @BabyCatcher55..Love both those sites…just a ‘wealth’of info on both. Have recently used Daisys’ recipe for canning beef, beans, etc. Take Care, CC

        • Mike in Va


          Check American Guinea hogs. They are a meat hog that does not get near as big as a regular hog. They are very gentle and they are foragers. I have 2.68 acres and keep them inside a quarter acre electric fence.
          Just a thought. See what you think.

        • Smokey

          Plow up 1 acre for each adult in your house, that’s how much garden to plan on.

    21. femaregion1

      If you like your Ebola you can keep your Ebola.

      • sixpack

        It’s a gift that keeps on giving…

    22. Sgt. Dale

      If I’m not ready now I will never be ready.
      Then again its just like going on vacation.
      When you reach your destination. S%^T I for got my what ever.
      All I can say is it never a bad idea to buy more of everything!!!!!

      • the renegade braveheart

        Good day, Sarge. How was your trip?

        • Sgt. Dale

          Well my friend we found only one site that was promising Near Shelbyville and Unionville. On Hant Hollow Rd. 20Ac. water close by, thick woods and great place to set up a home/BOL and easy to protect. I’ll let you know what is going on as soon as we find out a couple of things. Looks promising! I’m just hoping it is not too late.
          You folks in Tenn. have a lot of gun shops. Pick up some slugs for my Brother and my Brother-In-Law. For me more 6.8MM brass 45 ACP slugs and 9MM slugs.

          • Babycatcher55

            We went exploring the other day in parts we’ve never been, and the fact that we had no cash kept us from stopping in every gun shop in every hamlet we passed! But we can go back there!

          • 101st

            And Beretta is coming 2015. Just FYI on Shelbyville – Tyson chicken employs lots of international undesireables in that town. Also, plenty of olameo supporters. I’m with my back to the Cumberland Plateau. If I was looking, I wouldnt rule out Woodbury/Cannon Co.

            • Sgt. Dale

              Wee are looking in that area also. Just haven’t found what we are looking for or what we need. If you kno0w what I mean? Found a couple of places in Readyville, but they were sold before we could get there to look.
              Thanks for the advise.

          • grandee

            Your vills are very close to my hill, neighbor.

            • Sgt. Dale

              It would be nice to have someone from here as a neighbor.

      • maddog

        This is for you Sgt. Got stuck behind a pack of real chubbie bikers blocking both lanes again and were nice enough not to move over. When we got to a hill one of fatter ones could no longer pedal. Luckily he fell into the right lane so I was able to go around. Put the peddle down and that’s the last I seen of them, the black cloud engulfed them.

        • Sgt. Dale

          I hate those turds that ride their bikes on the road. The turds think they own the damn thing. SOB’s don’t have to buy license or pay tax to use it like anyo0ne that drives.
          Good for you for leaving them in the BLACK SMOKE!!!!

          • Warchild Dammit!

            Sarge,while some bikers annoying(pedaled and motored)you pay any taxes ie property are helping support roads(over priced in many places).

            • Sgt. Dale

              In Illinois we have to pay over $100.00 for license on our cars. So that we can drive them on the roads. They pay NOTHING!

              • eppe's Pet Snail

                Sgt. You first mistake is living in IL Flat Land of corruption. Home of Obaomola

          • eppe's Pet Snail

            pig dirtbag.

    23. prepper77

      Mac, perhaps you can limit number of flagging by one person/ip/computer.



      • Anon 1970

        I’m guessing you can’t elaborate more on this, could you? Possibly?

        • Warchild Dammit!

          I can,tis night in my part of the world.

    25. M

      Flee to precious metals while there are sill some left to buy

    26. The Prophet

      Market was all over the place today. Down over 450 at one time. Closed down 173. Living in the fake reality created for me by TPTB. They don’t know I can see them. “They Live”.

      • Warchild Dammit!

        Prophet,”Put on the FUCKING GLASSES!”

        • Townsaver




          • Warchild Dammit!

            Town and Prophet,seems some don’t like that great film!

    27. Libertarian in Canada

      Is the stock market decline going to affect Canada? The known menaces in Canada are Marxism, feminism, nanny state Ontario, lesbian premier, child molester teachers, high taxation, political correctness, faux diversity, decadence, perversion and soft communism.

      In Canada the stock market could go down by 5,000 points and the flouridated Canucks will never make a peep. I’m not sure why Canadians are passive-aggressive sheep.

      • Loyalist

        Canada is in a state of terminal decline too. How many people of color live there now?

    28. Burt Gummer

      The stock market will top out within a month of when gold bottoms out. It happened before and it appears to be happening now. I would be out of the market and switch into gold/silver.

    29. 1-800-U-R-F*CKED

      I’m comfortable in my ‘relative’ poverty.

      I quit working full-time 10 years ago. I don’t spend my compensation on the fashionable i-gadgets,petrol-fueled recreational devices, electronics, threads, etc….thrift is my middle fucking name.

      I give the tyrants 3-4 months of taxable labor and I spend the rest of the year living; growing my own food, traveling and chasing young skirts.

      Fuck the nwo zog elitists and fuck the FSA free shit army they enable with other people’s wealth. The shit you own end up owning you….and .gov is there to protect that tax debt slave servitude people are so willing to surrender to.

      Americans get the government (ie life) they deserve……..bask in your privately owned federal reserve’s tax debt slave serfdom, prepper bwiatchez.


      • Ricky

        Me too

        I couldn’t care less about the latest gadget – just the essentials matter.

        I’ll leave the sheeple and the elites to get on with it and that leaves me to increase my preps. I wont be sharing them when SHTF, they’re on their own…….

      • Old Guy

        You do have some valid points. Ive asked myself the question Do I own my stuff or does it own me. And afterward I went into a reducing mode. We downsized and relocated. Sold all my cattle but two. Sold a lot of tractors and other equipt that was necessary to maintain the cattle herd. Took down the mail box & rented a post office box in the next county. The gate is locked and the land overgrown. Our place looks abandoned. We pasture the livestock in back away from the road. You cant see the house or any sign of habitation from the road. The power line comes Im in from the side I now have more time to do as I wish. The house is just a little over a 1000 sq ft. and heats and cools easier. much less to clean & maintain. We put colored metal on the roof & sides. no painting ever again. and We bought the metal online got fre shipping and no sales tax! and its more fireproof than the original0 wood siding & asphalt shingles. And Ive quit producing beyond our own needs. Nothin extra to be robbed (taxed) and resditrubted to the taking parasite free shit army. any way ive come to terms that I still might be forced to leave. If I am as a last resort forced to leave Ill burn it all as I leave. shoot and poison the few cattle. take the donkey & goats and go to a hidden place only accessable by foot. Not a single person who had ought naught to do with me buying my stuff will ever benefit by me losing it. Its mine and if I cant have it nobody else will.

        • Ricky

          Old Guy

          Well said.

    30. oldseventy

      Trend Analyst on Stocks: “If The Dow Drops Below 15,000… I Would Suggest People Start Buying Food & Ammo”
      Mac, you couldn’t have wrote the above could you?, I thought the people who were on this board had been stocked up for yrs, I know that I have been here off and on since it started under different handles( I really don’t know how long as my memory doesn’t work so good anymore)

      • Jersey chainsaw

        Yeah people like BI INFORMED,

      • ScoutMotto

        I’m guessing it was Daniel Ameduri, not Mac.

      • sixpack

        Whomever wrote it, it was obviously aimed at the newbies and non-prepped crowd as encouragement.

      • Anon 1970

        I am sure many people are stocked, but I for certain do not feel at all prepared. I appreciate the “Get yer ass in gear” comments, even though, I am moving, it still is not enough. I just won’t stop until forced.

        • Mike in Va


          It is always nerve racking. None of us are ever fully prepared even if we have had years. Just get the main things first.


      • eppe's Ex Dog

        Yeah usually those Cops shoot my dog friends, in that No knock poo paper warrants. Aholes in uniform. R Dead Meat when SHTF. I’ll get my Licks in.

    31. Satori

      Why Is Texas Gov. Rick Perry Hiding From The Ebola Virus In His State?

      good question
      where has Perry been during all this ???

      oh yeah
      he’s over in Europe giving speeches !

      and what ???
      Perry opposed a travel ban ???

      “In the Ebola case, he’s cautioned against overreacting to the potential spread of the deadly disease. Last week, he opposed travel bans between the U.S. and African countries suffering outbreaks, saying that a screening process for travelers “makes better sense.”

      that’s gonna come back to bite him if he tries another failed run at the Presidency in 2016

      bad Rick
      bad bad bad !!!

      may as well be off playing golf with President Obola !!!

    32. Satori

      Are Local Hospitals Prepared for Ebola ?

      “While theoretically all hospitals should be able to manage an Ebola patient, in practice it is not possible. In my opinion, we cannot train hundreds of hospital staff including doctors, nurses, phlebotomists, and X-ray technician in meticulous isolation procedures.”

    33. Van

      It is coming to a close people – don’t wait for the 15K redline, buy your stuff now. If you don’t someone else will…

    34. Old Guy

      Whatever the stock marked does wont change my routine. Im not gonna give the stock market. the glowbull warming myth the Ebola scam and a host of other the sky is falling doom & gloom bull crap free rent in my head. Im content to cross bridges when I get to them. over 90% of the stuff folks worry about never happen.

    35. orn

      I only own 3 stocks.


      • the renegade braveheart

        I have all 3 of those stocks in my preps.

      • Archivist

        Ham base is good to have also. It’s harder to find than the others, but it can sure make beans and peas taste a lot better if you don’t have any ham or bacon handy.

        Try to get the powder kind. The paste type has to be refrigerated after opening.

        • Warchild Dammit!

          I have some rifle stocks(extra),did some remodeling awhile back and changed the “furniture”.

    36. George Washington

      Are there two douche bag trolls who come to this site and down vote every single comment?

      • Anon 1970

        Sometimes it seems like more. Annoying. But probably, that is the whole point of the red thumbs, to annoy. Because if you disagree with so much, why read it at all?

      • Archivist

        I think there are 8 or 9 sometimes, depending on when their mothers make them go to bed.

        • Mike in Va

          I have an idea that I would like all the good guys and girls on here to try. Lets not comment back to the jerks who try to cause trouble. If they get no arguing then it won’t be any fun and they may just leave.

          It is amazing how the red thumbs have picked up lately. Makes me go hhmmmmmmm.

      • Winston Smith

        I’d say 3-5 at minimum. Probably working for the NSA and they down vote people on sites like this when they are bored of watching porn or something.

    37. ScoutMotto

      I started buying food and ammo a long time ago, but severely picked up the pace in 2010.

    38. Mr Rodgers

      WOW…fine WORK MAC, that was FAST!!!

      ““If The Dow Drops Below 15,000… I Would Suggest People Start Buying Food & Ammo”

      Yes….absolutely…utterly. Any further questions there? …and you NEED BIGGER GUNS AS WELL DAMMIT!!! 😉

      Well, ‘What the HELL happened TODAY?!?!?” Eh?

      A variety of pundits are claiming that ‘this and that’ were the reasons that the market fell so abruptly today, and then thereafter CLIMBED – almost – as abruptly, the problem is that they are mostly WRONG…on every count.

      The central problem with the ‘market’ now is that it DOESN’T actually exist anymore. The Fed has STEPPED in over time – as a BENEVOLENT ‘Father figure’ – to smooth things out for us all, the problem there is that there is now no ‘free will’ left in that market by that action – in an othewise normal ‘function’ of any healthy society.

      Unfortunately, that has some very plain conseqences for us all. As the Fed drags investors kicking and screaming INTO the market by way of artificially low interests rates all around, those same investors DON’T really WANT to be there; they’d RATHER be elsewhere. Also, the WEIGHT of the Fed’s actions leads – directly – to a UNIQUELY false sense of security for many of the participants there, and thus those, begin to LEVERAGE themselves up higher..and higher…and HIGHER along the way, beleiving that they need to ‘beat the curve’ so that they CAN WIN!!!

      The problem is this…NO ONE knows what ‘complex systems’ like THIS ONE actually behave as when they are NEAR a ‘break point’ in thier otherwise graph-smooth, SEEMINGLY predictable NORMAL behaviours which we KNOW by way of a little thing called ‘Chaos Theory’ And Yes, that is actually a valid scientific discipline now, today…though one still proximally in it’s ‘infancy’. Go over to Wiki and look up ‘Strange Attractor’ or ‘Lorentz Attractor’, you’ll find what I am here talking about, READ what you find there…and then you WILL GET why I – and mine – LEFT, ‘Got the HELL out of DODGE’, almost two years ago.

      There is simply NO way – at present, based on any form of ‘deternimistic’ analysis – to predict WHAT is going to happen in something as complex as the market …it is THE penultimate ‘COMPLEX SYSTEM’…PERIOD …and once those are anywhere NEAR thier ‘functional’ boundary’s all predictability goes right out the WINDOW.

      Furthermore, this occurs in seemingly ‘simple systems’ where the ‘chaos’ is effectively hidden by various extraneous variables. Now, HERE we are dealing with a Human MARKET and THAT implies that the individual components – investors – being self-aware, can ALTER thier own behaviours…RANDOMLY, without any forwarning as seen in ‘pretty lil graphs and cute analyses’…which DON’T apply HERE in a COMPLEX SYSTEM! I did mention that ‘Chaos Theory’ is still rather immature? Yes I did.

      We now know a little about complex systems..but JUST a little…and the market – as an exanmple of onesuch – is – qualifiably – the WORST and MOST COMPLEX place to attempt such an analysis inasmuch as the individual ‘particles’ involved – investors – CAN change thier BASIC behaviour RANDOMLY. WHAT if a neutron (randomly) changed into a proton whenever it FELT like it?…or vice versa?

      That is what happens when investora go from being ‘Bulls’ to being ‘Bears’…and the same in reverse. Well, the Fed’s actions have another consequence, a REALLY bad one. Thier actions in the market – daily – further perturb the system and DRIVE the market from being ‘self-clearing’ and effectively STABLE long-term …that is ‘self-correcting’, to being DEPENDANT on the Fed for ALL corrections required. Well, the Fed’s actions actually serve to DRIVE the system neaerer and nearer – every day – towards the system’s ‘boundary values’…away from the central island of systemic ‘stabilty’ outwards into the DARK….where the “LIONS and TIGERS and BEARS, OH MY” live….where things get STRANGE. All because the markert is no longer able to naturally clear itself in organic fashion I DID mention that ‘Chaos Theory is ‘immature’, didn’t I? OH YES I DID!

      “What we have here Folks is a FAILUR TO ANALYZE..and NOT a failure to COMMUNICATE’ paraphrasing a line from the movie ‘Cool Hand Luke” here.

      NOW – here – we can SEE what is actually GOING on…AT LAST! IF everything I have postulated so far is ‘passably’ correct, the the FED cannot KNOW by way of ANY analysis that IT CAN currently DO, (based on ANY deterministic analysis), what the HELL will HAPPEN NEXT…and the MARKET is WAITNG on them to DO the ‘RIGHT THING’ since that market is EFECTIVELY ‘captured’ by the Fed’s VAST presence in IT.

      THIS is a recipe for the ‘Emd of ALL Humanity’ Folks … I – here – ‘SHIT you’….not one WHIT. IF the market cannot be stabilzed by any determinsitic action that we can apply, then it WILL “detonate”…sooner or LATER.

      Extend that thought out to all of Humanmity now, all of it, at large…a MUCH bigger system than ‘measly lil ol markets’ are….THINK Humnainty will survive itself another 10 years..1 year….hell, 3 months…do you want to WAGER on that one? Hmmmm?

      That concludes today’s “Gedanken”…you will now be returned to your regularly scheduled programming. But remember everyone tour happy thought or the DAY – that being;

      ‘No matter WHERE you go…..THERE you ARE….and BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING IT ALL” 😉

      Adios Muchacho’s

    39. The Old Coach

      I think that the Plunge Protection Team went into high gear today, to bring the Dow back from -400 to -173. How many days can they do that before they run out of ammunition?

      There will be no near-term warning of a real break. It will all happen at the speed of Internet.

      • Mr Rodgers

        Howdy TOC,

        Wow…that was a sight to BEHOLD, No? -434 (DOW) to juat under -200.

        Whew! as you say, “How LONG can they keep that up?” In truth the Fed is almost ‘out of arrows’ at this point so when that happens again – and it WILL…make no mistake about THAT! – then it’s ‘POOF!…”All gone through the tall corn with the short drawers ON”. So it is.

        We’ll see soon enough. As a complement to todays action, conider what THAT did to various ‘positions’ out there; those so effected don’t have much left to ‘survive on’ hereafter, do they? It gets thinner and thinner by the day…

        • The Old Coach

          @ Mr Rodgers: Didja see the story that the Fed’s liability-to-asset ratio is . . . . (wait for it). . . . Eighty to One?

          • Warchild Dammit!

            OC,seems a bit like facebook and twitter pe ratios,actually may be worse.I did not borrow that money so will not be paying it back,one good thing about things going to hell in a hand basket!

          • Mr Rodgers

            Howdy TOC,

            Sorry been a HELL of a WEEL, needless to say. Yeah…I DID see that one. Heh, there realy is no way that they can pull ‘the rabbit out of the hat’ beyond this point. They might be able to maintain the illusion of a functional market yet a bit, but not much longer IMHO. Naturallly, when that happpens it’ll be a ‘conclusive’ event. I have been glancing over your posts here Brother…we think alike in many ways, ‘of like mind’, thus ‘Well-Met Friend’.

            Gotta fly, till later then…

    40. mona

      Under normal conditions I do not shop from mid November through mid January. But this year we will be going into town and get the food I need for the animals at the feed store to last for the next 4 months. We can always stretch it to 6 months.

      Now is not the time to start a plan. Now is the time to start initiating your plan.

      If you have chicldren in school. You may want to think about homeschooling during the winter if the ebola situation gets any worse.

      God bless and keep on prepping.

    41. WGAF

      You should have already been buying food and ammo.

    42. Acid Etch

      The Sheeple’s latest thing are these new “affirmative consent” laws springing up in Calipornia and Taxachusetts college campuses. Basically, if both sex partners don’t say “yes, I want to have sexual intercourse now” and continue saying that throughout the shagging, it is “rape”.

      Yet any young man following this law or trying to be nice to girls will immediately be dumped for some obnoxious asshole.

      Statistics show that 15% of college boys get 60% of the sexual encounters, and 50% of college boys get no sex despite the fact the college girls greatly outnumber the male population.

      HOLY GOD DO I FUCKING HATE FEMINISTS. It’s not so much that I want to rape women, it’s just that I know how full of shit they really are.

      A Cambridge study measured womens states of arousal by electronic tools and by self reporting when looking at porn. It found that the vast majority of women said they were not aroused even though their bodies were.

      Every fucking day at work I have to hold the craziness inside and camouflage myself as a sheeple pussy and say how much I love diversity and support women and Obama is such a great man and the boomer destruction of Amerikkka is fucking great and the economy is coming back.

      But remember.

      In the woods, camouflage is camouflage. At work, a suit and tie is camouflage. And when dealing with sheeple, my personality is camouflage.

      I look perfectly normal at work. I’m like Lou Ford.

      Only you know that I am


      • Kevin2

        A gentleman I met years ago told me an interesting story that is a lesson for everyone (although we here ignore it for the most part).

        This gent was an Armenian border guard in the later 1980s. The guards were paired up and the SOP was for a guard to shoot the other if they were defecting. The guards were always different so the chance of forming a friendship was minimized. Guards were selected based on their presumed reliability. This translated meant you did not disagree with your government. This gent wanted out but felt it was unwise to express any unpopular views. When shown a film about the US and the West the “official” reply was “America Bad”. One day his partner failed to show up for duty. He presumes that the guy was drunk / hung over. This gent laid down his AK47 and just walked over the border. He said, “Never let them know what your thinking”.

      • Anon 1970

        You know, I agree, I hate the feminazis. I really do. I know I ought not be so hateful of them, but I have endured their spew for my entire life. I heard it grade school, middle school, high school. I hear it from the mouths of women I thought were ‘good’. I just can’t stand it anymore. It takes a whole lot for me not to vomit in my mouth everytime I hear the drivel they yell from the rooftops. I consider myself a ‘lady’ but whenever it, I honestly and truly want to just get physical. Real physical. As in, punch them right in the face. But I don’t. I say little, very little. Sometimes a little something escapes my lips but usually I stuff it deep down.

        Can you tell I am angry?

        Really Acid, I don’t care for any of the filth you spew about women. It is meant to be demeaning and received as such. You have some excellent insight. I just really wish you didn’t refer to women as, well….you know.

        • the renegade braveheart

          Anon1970, I understand where you come from and I also disagree with acid’s attitude toward women. I love women and always will, the influence of feminism notwithstanding. What alarms me the most is a growing gap between the two genders caused by feminism. Feminism is not about helping women, but turning men and women against each other for no good reason. Stop holding back your true feelings and let it all out. We are all only human and we have to let off steam on occasion. I’m also against rape and domestic violence, but the feminist approach to these problems will never work. Did you know the original legislation for the Violence Against Women Act was written by Sen. Diane Feinstein, who’s not only a gun grabber, but also a feminist? Did you know the domestic violence laws show favoritism to the women and are clearly gender-biased against the men? Did you know those laws say that the men in those cases have to be arrested regardless of the circumstances and the women are to be left alone? Also, the women in those case get taxpayer-funded legal counsel while the men are hard-pressed to get legal counsel. WHATEVER HAPPENED TO THE CONCEPT OF EQUALITY UNDER THE LAW? THERE’S NOT SUPPOSED TO BE ANY KIND OF BIAS IN THE LAW! THE LAW IS SUPPOSED TO TREAT EVERYONE EQUALLY BUT WE LOST THAT SOMEWHERE ALONG THE WAY! Feminism has caused a gap to emerge between men and women and if we don’t find a way to bridge that gap, I fear what the bigger consequences could be for all of us. Take care.

          • Anon 1970

            Completely agree with you. As a woman, I can tell you it is no picnic for those of us that understand it either. Two of my closest friends (women) and I were talking about how feminism has infected everyone, regardless or religion or creed. It has been difficult for them to watch as well. It is truly amazing that women cannot see the facts right before their eyes. Feminism does destroy both men and women, and sadly little boys and little girls. Teaching boys they are hyper, uncivilized, and useless if they can’t sit still for 8+ hours of institutionalization daily. Little girls are told how ‘dumb’ little boys are and “aren’t you glad you’re a girl”? Then it goes on to the college campus where women are ’empowered’ if they take many sexual partners and don’t get pregnant….but the minute they get pregnant, then by golly they need to head to the abortionist and get even more power.

            I was privy to an interesting conversation not long ago, between a bunch of feminists. The talk surrounded exotic dancers and how amazing it would be to have zero inhibitions to do that. They love how these women have cash, cash, cash and are ‘taking care of themselves’. The discussion went on and on to how some of these women were married and had children….playing soccer mom by day, and sexual dominatrix by night. I finally couldn’t take anymore of the foolishness, I don’t suffer fools well. So, I reminded them that these ’empowered’ women are using their bodies to please men and that many of these women had no education and fell into it because life circumstances dictated it and not because they wanted this position by choice. When a woman makes that kinda cash without an education, by taking her clothes off for men to jerk off to, I don’t call that empowered, I call that pathetic, from all angles.

            Feminism, the lowest common denominator.

        • Mike in Va

          Anon he is an idiot and there is not much hope for him. Obviously a flaw in his upbringing.

        • Acid Etch


          You will know that I STARTED OUT AS A NICE GUY BENDING OVER BACKWARDS TO MAKE WOMEN HAPPY. And I got treated like a pile of shit for several years by women while they chased after fucking obnoxious assholes who treated them like shit. Then one day I just FUCKING SNAPPED. I started treating them MEAN AS HELL. And do you know what happened?


          So yes it’s demeaning. BUT DONT FUCKING TELL ME THATS NOT WHAT WOMEN WANT.


          • Anon 1970

            How’s that working out for you?

            • Acid etch

              I wish I could find a girl who appreciated nice guys. The second I start to treat them with respect they all dump you for some fucking asshole.

          • Anonymous

            I thought you were bisexual from reading your past posts.

      • the renegade braveheart

        Acid, there’s 2 things you and I have some common ground on. I don’t submit to ANY PC crap anywhere. I also know feminism is NOT about helping women but really about destroying BOTH WOMEN AND MEN. The nation is overloaded with retards and it won’t end well for them once the balloon has gone up.

      • Anonymous

        A female may be aroused, or consciousness lowered, however, that does not mean she wants to be with that particular person, intimately!!

        If and when i am attracted to someone and want intimacy, they will know it! If a woman pulls back, tries to remove your hands, trys to pull back from your hugs, says, “no” or “stop”… she means it!!

        the way to tell if the female wants intimacy: she initiates it!

        So don’t give me that crap about you didnt know… if she wants to be intimate with you, YOU WILL KNOW IT!!

        • Acid Etch


          Women rarely if ever initiate sex.

          Women will rationalize anything and come up with any excuse to convince themselves and everyone else that they are not “sluts”.

          • Anon 1970

            haha, well….you are finding the WRONG type of women, that’s for sure.

            • Acid etch

              Only fat girls are so desperate for cock that they grope men. But I’m sure you’re old and fat.

              • Anonymous

                No, I am not fat.

                I have yet to come across a female who will not initiate if she is attracted to a guy. Guys who initiate it seem weak and turns females off.

                After marriage, its a different story. (Sorry you have had so few experiences like this, aciditch).

          • Jim in Va.

            Another sex expert. Give it up Acid,your inflatable doll will get jealous

          • Anonymous

            No, you are wrong, acid itch– I am female and every female I know initiates it…

            If this has NOT been your experience, it simply means very few females have wanted intimacy with you! (sorry, old man).

            It is true that after marriage, it seems turned around the other way. but at the beginning of a relationship– yeah, its the female who initiates it.

            Actually, women are turned off by men initiating it!! They seem weak!

            • The Old Coach

              Acidic Itch will be converting to Islam in 5….4….3….2….1….

              Then he can do it with young boys, too. The Koran says so.

        • Mike in Va


          It is just plain common sense that all men have known from the beginning of time. The problem is the lack of morals, manners, and the family nucleus. Men are just not taught to treat ladies special anymore. Men are not taught how to be gentleman anymore. So sad. A man like that deserves a beating and if rape happens then deserves to be tortured. Sorry just infuriates me.

          • Acid Etch






            • HisArmsWide

              How weird. I’ve never been any of that and have enjoyed the company of females since I was 15 and for the last 35 years I’ve been single all of 2 years when I was in mourning for my first wife God rest her soul.

              Strange how we’ve had two completely opposite experiences. It’s almost like you’re living in a psychological case study and I’m living in reality.

              • Smokey

                Acid Wretch IS a psychological case study.

            • Mike in Va


              You have crossed the line. I normally refuse to argue with people on here because it does not help the community. In your case I am going to make an exception because I am a gentleman and you deserve it.

              You need to get some morals in you boy. You have no class. What you need is a good old fashioned spanking and you should have gotten it years ago. Now it is too late for a peace of shit like you. You went over the line talking to women like that. So now if I met you I would give you a good old fashioned butt kicking behind the wood shed.

          • Anon 1970

            Yep. Couldn’t be any more correct.

      • Mountain Trekker

        Ass’ed Itch its’ very obvious that you ARE a man’s man. Trekker Out. Huh!

        • eppe's Pet Snail

          As long as he doesn’t kick the dog, step on snails or steal jokes.

    43. Satori

      Medical Research Org CIDRAP: Ebola Transmittable by Air

      “However, the US National Institutes of Health reported in 2005 that 50% of bio-aerosols were found to be less than 5 microns in diameter. The NIH calculated that after correcting for dead space and lung deposition, “N95 filtering facepiece respirators seem inadequate against microorganisms.”

      CIDRAP warns in regards to N95 respirators, “Healthcare workers have experienced very high rates of morbidity and mortality in the past and current Ebola virus outbreaks. A facemask, or surgical mask, offers no or very minimal protection from infectious aerosol particles.”

      in my opinion
      N95 masks are ok for the general public
      simply because the chances of being exposed to an aerosol are minimal
      if however you were taking care of someone at home with ebola
      I would recommend the N100 masks

      • RSDallas

        P 100 is much better.



    45. Mensa141

      If Ebola hits your city will you be going out shopping? Who will be manning the checkouts at stores? Who will be delivering things to stores?

    46. watching and waiting

      Why is he telling us that? That is old news here.

      New news is that I read a report that in West Africa, elections have been postponed, farmers have left their fields, schools shut down and the economy is crashing.

      And now Ebola is here.

    47. vapor

      Is the Military on the move? I saw 17 Military transports each loaded with 2 Humvee’ going north on U S 41 just north of I-64 in Southern Indiana, around 2:00 p.m. local time. Transports Desert Tan, Humvees Woodland is something going down soon, maybe. This is just an observation, for what it’s worth.

      Feed Jake

      • Enemy of the State

        Ive seen 2 MRAPS on semi trailers 2 days ago..and a few convoys a day or 2 before that mostly humvee’s and support vehicles , now the convoys could just be our local weekend warriors going from one base to another ..dont know

    48. Doorman

      Events are moving faster. I hope by now most people here have already been storing food, ammo, and weapons. It seems that the time is coming upon us very soon, where we will each have to make the decision of when we are going to hunker down and bug out.

      Have faith in Jesus Christ, stay strong, and under no circumstances allow yourselves to be forcefully innoculated and/or taken to a fema camp.

      God loves you all.

    49. vapor

      If you are in the stock market you’re only letting them (fat cats) play the game with you’re money not theirs so when it tanks who looses their money not them. They control it and can take out theirs before it happens. It’s all about OPM (other peoples money) and nothing more.

      Feed Jake

    50. Robert Alfonso Forbes

      Remember that Texas was one of the first states to recently announce that it was going to secede from the USA. The Jewish Power Brokers flexed their muscles and said: “The hell you will, Texas. Here is some Ebola for you to chew on.”

      Protocols of the Elders of Zion (version 2014)

    51. Chilton

      Picked up an extra 15 pounds of rice and got another $1,000 cash out of the ATM today.

      Each day do something to add to your preps.

      • Sierra Dave

        Get more rice! About $17 for a 50 pound bag at Sam’s.

        A 50 pound bag is about 106 cups. That should give you an idea how long it will last.

        I sleep well with my half ton of rice. Along with my other preps. 🙂

        • Warchild Dammit!

          1000 pounds of rice,damn,hope you like it!

    52. Chantilly Lady

      I pulled out my book on the Black Death by Robert Gottfried and the Black Death came to Europe on a ship in 1347 and the current outbreak of Ebola started in 2013— 666 years, yikes!

      • Kulafarmer

        Thats an eerie little piece of trivia,,,

      • vapor

        CL: Ebola came to U S A by airplane in 2014.

        Feed Jake

        • Chantilly Lady

          Current outbreak of Ebola started in Africa late last year in 2013…. but yes Jake, didnt get here in the US until 2014… Interesting– subtracting 666 from 1347 takes you to 68 where there was the plague in Rome that killed the Pope at that time.

          • Chantilly Lady

            sorry 681

            • dontbeanidiot

              On numerics, if Yeshua died around 36AD then 1036 would be a thousand years ( a day is like 1,000 years) and 2036 or so would be the next stage. If God gave dominion over the earth to Satan for 1,000 years, would that be ending in our lifetimes? Has God shown that his people will stand to Satan? I’d love to see true Christians start to stand up and bring about God’s Will on Earth.

    53. RSDallas

      I am sure the Fed intervened today. Hold on to your *$# the S is about to HTF! The only fools in this market are institutional, corporate or Fed. My bet is that the institutional boy’s sell first, followed by the Corporates and finally the Feds.

    54. Kulafarmer

      If your waiting for the dow to drop below 15000
      to buy food and ammo, you a few days late and a few hundred dollars short

    55. slingshot

      Interesting race we have here.

      How many people will Ebola infect and show up at the hospital. 5 a day. 10 a day.

      How many points will the Dow drop each day.

      How many dollars will the FED throw at the market.

    56. Feisty Old Broad

      20 days til midterm elections….will it be ebola?… or Ferguson? or the stock market? WHICH of many, could be THE event before the election? Hmmm…..something before or directly AFTER the elections? Only time will tell….
      Be Well, Safe, and Secure

      • Shaun

        I’m voting the my Democrat candidate this time. Hope he wins.

    57. James Burnette

      Ebola just might freak some people out. I don’t think were talking endgame here though. If Ebola actually becomes a problem though the DOW is the last problem to worry about.

    58. lowcalhexnuts

      Got out of my equities and all intangible investments a few years ago. Am 99 % unbanked. Don’t know or care what “the Dow” is doing.

      When I was investing I often asked WWWBD? What would Warren Buffet do? Followed his methods and was pleased with the results.

      If you’ve analyzed that company whose stock you own rationally … its revenue, debts, profitability, product pipeline, regulatory burdens, management team etc … you don’t care what the share price is. Or what some “indicator” says. Because YOUR OWN ANALYSIS is the only indicator that matters. Based on facts not media bullshit.

      If you haven’t stocked up yet but are waiting for “the indisputable indicator” before you do … you can kiss your donkey goodbye. You are lost because you don’t have the brains and the spine to make your own decisions.

    59. vapor

      If you are alone, if you are with family, if you are with a group of likeminded people in your BOL, the cold hard fact is this; YOU ARE STILL ALONE, PREPARE YOURSELF! The end is upon us. Good luck to all.

      Feed Jake

      • God Soldier

        vapor not right troops moving not weekend yet so its not reserve time and they would not be going north on 41 to go to camp atterbury and crane would be south and east of there im brazil so yea they may be heading farther north to chicago they may have come from crane

        • God Soldier

          they may have hit 70 and headed west over to st louis or east to indianapolis i know here in brazil our armory is transport unit but no movement here from what ive seen

    60. Cynical Me

      The Federal Reserve will buy every scrap of paper (stock) that’s available inorder to keep the stock market from dropping below 15,000 – they’ll never let it happen.

    61. Mr Rodgers

      ‘Evening Everyone.

      Ummm, FWIW, we have a new region coming around the eastern limb of the Sun at this point…something rather energetic, which was resposible for a M-2.2 earlier today. That region is NOT currently visible – at all – on the solar face sooooo that means that what we saw today registered – as stated …and wasn’t even in view when it did that. So, it might well be a ‘sight’ when it does come into view.

      Aside from that, we have – in the last 24 hours – we had two earthquakes that are ‘interesting’. One of those was north of western Canada in the Arctic Sea, relatively minor at a magnitude of only 3.5. However we see quakes in that region hardly EVER…a ‘Polar Bear’ as we used to call them here. Another ‘Polar Bear’ occured east of ‘Severnaya Zemlya’ deep in the Arctic ocean quite bear to the pole itself and is also at a location that seldom sees much activity.

      Taking those ‘in tandem’ we may take it that the pressure that the continuous activity at Bardavunga is producing is setting things rather pronouncedly for ‘aomething’ to occur rather soon since we seldom see TWO of those, that far north at the same time. The differential compression that is generated as the plates slide past one another rarely produces those in pairs thusly. As well, we are seeing a small uptick in Bardabunga’s activity; a 5.4 tremor was registered some several hours ago.

      Given that all that we see is generally ‘going nutz’ today, I wonder what tomorrow will bring? Keep watching Y’all.

    62. DaveM

      Well, must be time for some more fundraising – you know, when the going gets tough, the fakers get going……..

    63. Burt Gummer

      Copper is going to $90/pound. Calculate what everything else costs in relation to that.

      • Warchild Dammit!

        Burt,have about 80 lbs. of clean scrap,best I get is about 3 a pound,still,beats throwing it in dumpster ect.

        • Burt Gummer

          My source did not give me a time frame.

          • Warchild Dammit!

            I will not try and time it,while I can off to scrap/recycle yard with that and some steel and aluminum,usually get 3-4 hundred a good run,not a bad way to spend perhaps in total 4-5- hours,it adds up!

    64. Socrates

      Dallas Commissioners Will Declare State Of Disaster Tomorrow Over Ebola
      (from ZeroHedge site)

      While the message from the President is ‘keep calm and avoid bodily fluids’, it appears the commissioners in Dallas are slightly more concerned at the potential for Ebola to escalate:


      While we are not sure where a “state of disaster” ranks relative to a “public health emergency” such as the one in Connecticut, we are certain of one thing – it will mean civil liberties will be reduced as government takes control.

      Welcome to the new normal American police state.

    65. Bigbluedrew

      Off the subject but did nobody notice the story about city of Houston demanding copies of sermons, personal notes and a synopsis of private conversations of its Christian ministers today. IMO this is just as frightening as 3 cases of Ebola, or a 300 point drop in the DOW. In fact I find it much more frightening. The progressives have reached such power and arrogance that they feel they can dismantle our religious institutions openly and with impunity. Equally chilling is the near defeating silence this action has produced in most of the country. America is truly gone!!! Rome isn’t burning its burnt. Are there any real Christians left who have a spine, or true Americans for that matter, are we really going to allow TPTB to destroy the premier tenant of our bill of rights with a whimper.

      • The Old Coach

        As of a couple of hours ago the “mayor” has backed down. No doubt Valerie Jarret called and told her to drop it until after the election.

        • dontbeanidiot

          This is already national law. She’s just choosing to enforce it. By signing onto tax deductible, the church’s agree to only preach what TPTB deem acceptable and cannot teach various things from the Bible. Same would go for all religions. How Islam is allowed to survive in the USA under these laws is worth studying!

    66. 41MagMan

      “Trend Analyst on Stocks: “If The Dow Drops Below 15,000… I Would Suggest People Start Buying Food & Ammo””

      Screw the Dow. Buy food, ammo, and anything else you can think of that will be handy or necessary in a full-blown SHTF scenario. Don’t bet your life on the Gov’s ability not to f***-up. That is a losing bet most of the time.

      They tell us that Ebola is very hard to get, yet healthcare professionals ARE getting it. So are thousands of Africans. Will it take thousands or tens of thousands of US victims before they admit that they don’ know jack about it? Probably.

    67. the_nomi

      I wont be leaving my house due to bird flu, swine flu and now ebola. Grin.

    68. Mr Rodgers

      YO…HELP here!!!!

      Can anyone stop over at CNBC to check the pre-marhet page, tomorrowa FUTURES….I’ve bene trying to get a single vlip out of that damn thing for FOUR hours and it won’t come up at ALL….PERIOD. That’s NEVER hapapened before.

      I am wondering if this isn’t a really ‘bad’ sign; the Nikkei is in the TOILET at another 300+ down…the FTSE JUST opened 175 DOWN!..we’re waiting on the others. Ummmm, what IF tomorrows futures are not coming up becaue they’re THAT BAD?! The CORP owns the MSM – all of THEM – as we all know.

      I’ve NEVER had any problem getting in THERE…EVER.

      • Babycatcher55

        Mr.Rogers, does this help? It’s from MarketWatch
        Markets »
        160.38MDow Volume:
        Avg Vol: 84.86M
        3130 Advancers
        RANGE: 1 DAY
        1 DAY
        5 DAYS
        1 MONTH
        3 MONTHS
        6 MONTHS
        1 YEAR
        2 YEARS
        Asia Dow2,969-300.99%
        Nikkei 22514,721-3512.33%
        Hang Seng22,973-1650.71%
        Hope you can read it ok…

        • Mr Rodgers

          Morning Bc55,

          Thanks M’am…I was habing some rather ‘inexplicable’ difficulty getting that page to come up, and given tha activirty yeterday I ALMOST thought the ‘worst’ of the ituation…. I DO dislike not being able to get info when i need it….So THANKS or the EXPANSIVE ‘repporting’ M’am…

          GOOD JOB! 😉

      • Socrates

        @ Mr Rodgers

        Pre-Market page loaded ok for me, futures market up 48 when I just checked…

        • Calgagus

          More than an hour before wall st opens the Dow is down 126.
          Food, water, ammo all give better returns.

          Todays question- will the fence around the White Hut keep ebola out?

          • Warchild Dammit!

            Cal,depends on whether I get my obola corpse catapult up and running today!

            • Old Guy

              Warchild Are you going medieval? I read where when a army was laying siege to a castle they would catapult dead rotten livestock and live human captives over the castle walls. they tunneled under the castle and packed the cavity,s with wood & other flammables and lit it on fire. Slow roasted the folks inside.

              • Warchild Dammit!

                What can I say,tis raining,a bit bored,gotta do something.I to learned about the corpse/livestock attack,a bit bored,will research and get some info. and dump it here later.

          • Kevin2

            Actually those on a BB like this are in a unique position to capitalize on some very selective stock investments like Haz Mat Suits and the like because your well ahead of the curve by days if not weeks or months.

    69. Anon

      At this time, it would be wise to make a tiny investment that might be used as a barter item when trying to flee from an urban area to your bugout location. Or if you didn’t have a bugout location, but your were trying to get to friends and family in a much smaller region, this item would help you to be admitted to their town.

      I’m talking “fish” antibiotics. That won’t treat Ebola of course as it’s a virus. However in such a crisis, the vast majority would die of other infections while the medical staff is trying in vain to treat Ebola. That means very common infections could go untreated.

      But if you had “fish” antibiotics to treat your “fish”, then that small investment would be a remarkable barter item. Every place would run short of it, and so with that packed away among your things, then at some time in the future, whether immediate or long term, that tiny investment would pay off for you.

      Maybe Wall Street will crash, and there’s no time to pull out your money, for what good will cash be anyway in a collapse. Maybe you have cash, but you can’t convert it to physical gold in time.

      But if you took a tiny amount of money (I’m talking dollars of money not a major investment) and bought some broad spectrum “fish” antibiotics, then should other forms of infection break out, that would be sorely needed.

      If you had to bribe some volunteer security guards preventing entrance into some small town, what would be more valuable that that…save insulin, right?

      It’s something to think about for those bugging out. Nothing is scarier than a bugout during a contagion. Personally I’d shelter-in-place, but I’m not near a large populated area.

      • Old Guy

        Im a big believer in natural medicines. Ill bet golden seal( yellow poccun root) would be of benefit for treating Ebola. You can bet your ass the big pharma dr,s wont even consider any natural remedies.

    70. Mr Rodgers

      Evening Friend!

      T’anks a Bunch! At this point I am NOT comfortable ‘being out-of-the-loop’…especially when I can’t acertain WHY….I would relax just a bit, but the Nikkei is DOWN 300+ – AGAIN – and the FTSE just opened DOWN 170+. I am wondering with – what you say here – what the ‘ramp’ will look like in – Oh, say 3 hours – since those activities will boomerang back into our markets as the open appproaches. We-oH….might be ‘sn historic night’ tonight. “Taper-Tantrum’ om steroids…..

      I am more than a little worried per the Nikkei…they hold over 1.19 trillion of our paper….more even than China does now, last I looked and if they get ‘nervous’ then that will ‘come out’ when WE don’t NEED it OUT. What do you think there?…

      Wassup Friend….how ‘is it’ in your neck ‘O the Woods lately? HERE it BE GOOD!…’Moose on the Table’ good. Weather been a little chilly, making +13 F as of last night, still I sleep AWFULLLY well here! FWIW, I always liked your moniker Friend. It is good to KNOW that most everyone is OK here; that about drove me NUTZ for a long time. However, I am woried about that ‘one’ STILL…you know who, Of course. I can’t help but wonder if he is OK…certainly I HOPE so, such a MIND.

      • slingshot

        Mr. Rodgers.

        Had to move to the bottom.

        Where I am, shots over 100 yards are not there unless you have clear cut land. No hills or mountains. Flat as an ironing board. Could do 200 yards with about a 6 inch drop on target at range. But 300 yard Smiley Faces. Cool!

        Black Powder opens up Saturday. Have a CVA 50. cal, Shooting sabots 254 gr. 90 gr. of powder, iron sights.

        • Mr Rodgers

          Morning slingshot,

          Yep, ‘dat weatherby…”Hmmm Good…Hmmmm GOOD dat’s WEATEHRRY-eee, Hmmmm GODD!!” Unfortunately, the cost for the AMMO for that is really HIGH, still threre’s little elae that will do what THAT can do.

          When you het a moment drop by over Wiki and look up the page below…take at the space, of course… there look up the 30-378 and 336-378. Ol Roy Weatherby was basically the shooters version of Tim Allen ob ‘Tool Time’…”MOAR POWER….ATghhhh!’ Yep Ol’ Roy never met an overbore cartridge that he DIDN’T like!

          ht tp://

          if you have never een that one it’s a really informative read, ‘Comprehensive’ is the word I’d use here. I have lately begun contemplating BP for the first time…never know ‘how LONG’ we might have to worry over if this shit keeps up…’Generations’…Maybe…I dunno, look worse every time I stop over At CNBC to check the current ‘stats’ Damn indexes are ‘red’ again as I am typing this…”the momentum ‘don’t look good here”.

          Adios Muchacho…

          • dave in Idaho

            I think Weatherby got some of his Ideas from Newton. I have a 1928? Newton in 35 Cal. 200 grain bullet @3200fps. Kills from both ends. Ammo is VERY scarce. Reload my own.

            • Mr Rodgers

              Howdy Dave,

              35 Mewton? I have heard of that, though I didn’t realize that it was so ‘formidable’ I have a great place I go to ‘look up’ things, suprsingly it is over at Wiki. Specifically, at

              ht tp://

              Please note the space placed in the ht_tp to get around having it get ‘hung in mooderation’. I just have to go over there to look that up, Thanks or the lead…in truth, I DO beleive that ‘bigger is BETTER’ with respect to cartidges…very ‘Tim Allen’, yes I know. Nice ‘jabbering at ya’ here, Adios Friend. Thanks…every little bit helps, Eh?

    71. matt

      DO YOU REALLY THINK that the sheep would stay home due to fear of a real threat and missout on the Black Friday ‘Specials’ ??? I think not!!!!

      • Warchild Dammit!

        That actually might be a good way to cleanse some idiots,just lock em in homes afterwards.

    72. Frank Thoughts

      Ebola in the developed West will cause more chaos and confusion than deaths. Hygiene and sanitation levels in the West are on another level compared to Africa. Information dissemination in the West is also better compared to Africa, where governments are trying to censor the media.

      The Ebola thing will run and run for the next year but will come under control in the West. In Africa, less so. While Western aid and military efforts are gearing up on the ground, they cannot change the essential dynamic of these places within months (rapid urban change and crowding in filthy slums, no proper hygiene and sanitation, poor diets, lots of diseases, lousy governments, corruption, lots of ignorance and myths). This means Ebola will kill many in Africa and will need to just burn itself out there. I think the containment effort will switch out of the politically correct approach and will return to the tried-and-true strategy that works: quarantine, contain, and burn out the virus by cremating bodies, clothing and neighborhoods.

      One of the biggest failures in epidemics containment has been the ‘capture’ of health strategies by elements of the gay lobby. By politicizing containment into a rights-based approach rather than a containment approach, viruses have been allowed to cross borders and infect far more than is necessary.

    73. vapor

      Just look at how this country has become since Obama was elected President. Just one word says it all: CHICAGO, (Corruption Capital of the U.S.A.) enough said.

      PS: Hilary is from Chicago more of the same.

      Feed Jake

    74. vapor


      +++EMERGENCY UPDATE++++++++++
      +++EMERGENCY UPDATE++++++++++
      +++EMERGENCY UPDATE++++++++++

      Just passing this on.

      Feed Jake

    75. sick of it all

      Ebola this,stock market that.All
      The while our southern border remains a funnel pouring in additional disease and unwanted permanent guests.Typical
      Tunnel vision. Fucking people don’t want to see the big picture.

    76. Calgagus

      Cops going WROL -No Knock from Nowhere, No Warrant

      Family Dumbfounded After Cop Breaks Down Door And Kills Resident: No Explanation Given

      A Colorado family is dumbfounded after a Rocky Ford police officer broke down their door, and fatally shot one of the residents in the back without apparent cause or explanation.

      Sara Lindenmuth said that a Rocky Ford police officer, now identified as James Ashby, forced his way into her brother-in-laws residence after he came home around 2:00 am Sunday morning.

      Lindenmuth says her brother-in-law, 27-year-old Jack Jacquez, and the officer began yelling at each other.

      “He was standing next to his mom, his back turned toward the officer and then [Ashby] shot him twice in the back and then pepper sprayed him,” Lindenmuth said. “Then they hand cuffed his fiancé, for reasons I don’t know why. And the mom went to call the cops and the cop took her phone and threw it against the wall.”

      “He just showed up,” she explained. “No one knows why he just showed up. It just all happened unexpectedly.”

      ht tp://

    77. 1-800-U-R-F*CKED

      a fun zog fedgov fact:

      “Obola is zog amerikan c.i.a. made , patented and weaponized.”

      makes me so proud to be an zog amerikan.

      1 800 u r f*cked

      • eppe's Pet Snail

        Of course the American Zog is trying to kill us all off. Ship our Jobs over seas, Deny us affordable medical care, bankrupts us, kick us out of our homes in foreclosures, create killer diseases, poison us with toxic food, pollute our air, kill us with drugs, kill our fresh water streams and lakes and sea life, Over tax us, Lie to us, cut off our freedom of speech by allowing just a few ZOG corporations to monopolize the media, election corruption, stack the Supreme Court with 33% Jews, build up an military army to destroy us, but after all of that. These F-n Zogs still have not succeeded in banning our guns or can take them away from us without a fight. And because of all of that cause we out number them 300 to 1. They will be destroyed and lose.

    78. slingshot

      stock futures from Bloomberg

      All RED.

    79. Kevin2

      I think a 15,000 DJI is quite premature to go to deacon 5. Should one have provisions certainly but 15,000 is not the danger zone of collapse.

    80. JC75

      IMHO this ebola situation is a diversion. Just look at all the effort involved to infect people, starting in Africa. If you read the news from West Africa & do some research there are reports of very suspicious activity (eyewitness accounts of well tampering, people becoming sick AFTER being injected with vaccines, etc.) NWO members George Soros & Bill Gates (watch his TED talk on vaccination & population control) can be directly linked to this. Think about this: the controlled media is hammering this ebola scare almost 24/7. THEY DON’T TELL THE TRUTH, NEVER HAVE, NEVER WILL!!! Operation Mockingbird: the CIA controls all the info that goes out. Any news you see on TV is suspect! DON’T BELIEVE A WORD OF IT!!!! Fox, CNN, MSNBC, Newsmax, Rush, Beck, CBS, NBC, ABC, Alex Jones – they’re ALL controlled.

      I believe this is the last gasp from TPTB. The truth will come out; their power, their hold on this world is slipping. There are brave souls behind the scenes that have been literally battling with them & more & more are waking up to their plans. They’re losing control in the Middle East & need diversions.

      I might be wrong, but this scare will die off in time. Ebola could become a big threat in the future only if WE allow it to! Tried & true methods of quarantine & proper handling procedures will contain it. Don’t allow fear to consume you because these evil beings thrive off of it. Prepare but don’t panic.

    81. JC75

      Also related to what I posted above: think about the billions that are not only being lost but are being MADE on the stock market casino right now. The price of oil is fluctuating – look at the price of gas at your local station. These are signs of major financial moves!

    82. Spudweb

      Oh come on….the DOW dropped to half that in 2008 and it didn’t turn into Mad Max world. I’m usually all in agreement with your articles but this one is fear mongering and exageration

      • dontbeanidiot

        Elites printed may Trillions for themselves to cover their losses. If they had not done so then the average home price would be around $100K and even people who work for Wal-Mart would be able to buy a home.

        I don’t see DOW drop as Mad Max. Its actually net positive for the working people. Stock market is a tool for wealthy to extract more from the workers. Period.

    83. Y'all Beware!

      Y’all Beware as there is a ton of free info below.

      I believe I had posted this site before back in 2012.

      For you and others you can go here and download PDF info and I believe it is still free.
      You can always donate some support dollars too.
      Back up the info the way you would like and Keep Smilin!

      Select a Category Below to Visit the Correct Download Page

      First Aid/Medical
      Civil Defense
      Evacuation/Bugging Out
      Food/Water Storage
      General Survival
      Movies/TV Shows (Survival/Doomsday related)
      Nuclear, Biological, Chemical (NBC) Warefare
      Off-Grid Power
      Retreat Preparedness
      Screen Savers/Desktop Wallpaper
      Survival Tools

      For a good solution to most pathogens, go to:
      pathogenkiller com.

      Good Luck

      • WhoWuddaThunkIt

        YB. Most all of that info is already locked in my brain. But, I’ll take a look again, Thanks, Its a good list for Newbees. Youtube used to be a great source of Prepping info, but a lot of the good posters have turned into advertising gurus and now just looking for a buck. SurvialBlog is another great source of info. Years of data to check out.

        • Y'all Beware!

          Well, for the newbies just in the first two sections there were 42 books and over 6,700 pages. so good luck with all that info folks.

          “Most all of that info is already locked in my brain.”

          Y’all Beware! Who wudda thunk it!

    84. Trailer Park Investor

      ALL BETS are already off.
      We know it’s gonna happen if not today then tomorrow or the next day. It’s so close you can smell it.
      It’s called FEAR, DREAD, DESPORATION.
      But mostly just RAW FEAR of the unknown.
      Every one is on Pins and Needles afraid to breath.
      The time for planning and preparing have come to an end.
      As we are about to enter uncharted waters.

    85. boc

      Very important Ebola warning at Veterans Today and the site was hacked for awhile after this was published!

      veteranstoday dot com/2014/10/15/vt-issues-first-ebola-warning/

    86. infidel6actual

      To put this in perspective, ask yourself what happened to all the wealth when Rome collapsed?

      The stock market collapse and Ebola are, in and of themselves, tragic and will cause much unnecessary human misery. But they pale into insignificance if they are used as a trigger for martial law and FEA camps.

      So hug your kids, visit your family, walk in the sunshine.

      Obama’s failure to impose an air quarantine, abandoning the southern border, etc… means you could be in your 21 day ebola incubation period right now.

      As we speak.

      • Warchild Dammit!

        Now I know why there was a bit of blood dripping from eye this morning.

    87. Anon

      Here is a population density map of the USA based upon older statistics:

      If people bugged out, which is a bad idea in general as bugging out is a military/state department idea based upon getting from an insecure location to a secure location…then at some point we could expect a faster breakdown of the rule of law in these urban zones.

      Based upon that population density, we’d see a migration of traffic from the Northeast to areas of lower population density and with the generalized idea that “it’s safer in that little town then it is here”.

      Now the big problem is that mass migration (often labeled the Golden Horde of bugging out urban dwellers to places of perceived safety), is that they will almost certainly run out of fuel in their vehicles and get stuck in traffic jams as they flee.

      But some will make it, or they will end up walking, and so you could see streams of people from the Northeast headed toward your town or city.

      Others in turn will see that mass migration. It’s highly likely given the Autumn that a lot of them will head South but trying for places of lower population density too.

      Which means that if you live in say the Atlanta region, you could a HUGE WAVE of these mass migrating folks, and lots of sick people among them, and not necessarily from Ebola. Merely traveling together under poor sanitary condition would result in lots of stomach viruses and probably Norovirus, right?

      It seems like it’s impossible, but wouldn’t it be prudent to consider what that mob would do to your small town if they got there? They would strip out any resources in their path. They would at first buy things on credit, use up available gasoline, they would use up any firewood, etc.

      Now people West of the Mississippi have very low population density but have their own problems from California as well as other places suffering due to this terrible persistent drought. I’ll leave you to consider the path of migrating people from the West Coast as well.

      All of these things have implications for those who live in urban areas and are thinking about bugging out at some point. Pray about it and discern what’s best for you regarding the soundness of your vehicle, the effective travel radius of it (and expecting traffic jams and an inability to purchase fuel), and weariness too.

      Don’t get stuck in traffic under contagion condition. It means if things got hairy, then you can’t wait until the last minute to make the decision to flee.

      You should be checking everything about your vehicle to see if it’s “tip-top”, right? It should be loaded with gas, make sure the radiator is properly mixed with anitfreeze, brake fluid, oil, and transmission fluid.

      Your main issue if fleeing is how much water you can carry. You can’t expect to get more fuel or water along the way. You can expect the major roads to be log jammed. Even if your vehicle is perfectly maintained, it only takes one person who hasn’t done that to cause people to be stuck at some bridge.

      God bless you all, and carefully consider where would be the best place to flee to. Now me, I’d do the opposite of others (if in that situation) and head to Maine, if on the NE coast as everyone else is headed south, and Maine is not densely populated.

    88. BOR

      Umm ya? ( Face palm )

      Either this man is as dumb as the one sitting in the White house or this ranks right up there in the top 5 false Flags in this Country…..We may be witnessing nothing more than paid actors here folks…terrible ones at that.

    89. Mr Rodgers

      Good Morning Everyone,

      Siesmic is curiously quiet today…Solar is not.

      Another ‘behind the limb’ event this AM produced an M-4.3 recorded a few hour ago. The region from which that emannated is STILL ‘in-shade’, ie, not yet visible to us on the LOS (line-of-sight) face of the visible disk…a curious occcurance IMHO, at this point in things. A breif stop at the current SXI imaging (soft X-ray imaging) provided by NOAA DOES show an extremely bright, LARGE solar coronal ‘sky shine’ region coming around the edge – Oh say – about 14 degrees south, near the solar equator from where all this is manifesting… this COULD get ‘interesting’, I was not anticipating any ‘real lively’ stuff at this point in the current Solar cycle. Hmmmm?

      On a a similar, related note here… be advised that we have apparantly LOST the ‘STEREO B” imaging feed…posssibly long-term, which thus serves to ‘blind us’ as to WHAT is coming therefrom…the Eastern limb; that satelitte is the ONLY means we have of ‘seeing’ what is around that edge of the Sun…that has BEEN ‘down’ for over 10 days at this point, ‘inexplicably’ so.

      As I said above, “I DON’T like being ‘out of the loop’ where DATA is concerned” and the absence of that feed is all but ‘crippling’ to our knowing of WHAT is coming up.

      Any-who, gotta go Friends…WATCH the markets, they’re STILL “all fooked-up” again, TODAY….Sheesh, that just gets better and better every time I look at it….NOT.

    90. The Old Coach

      All good, until the last paragraph.

      Maine may be a decent move for a temporary bugout, but don’t be in Maine in spring and summer – black flies, deer flies, and mosquitoes the size of buzzards. With somewhat the same tastes.

      Mainiacs (I used to be one) tell the story of two mosquitoes who discovered a camper in a sleeping bag.

      Mosquito #1: “Should we eat him here or drag him into the woods?”

      Mosquito #2: “Whatever, but we better be quick or the big guys will take him away from us.”

      It would be a rough go as a permanent bugout, without heavy resource inputs from outside. Poor soil, short growing season, fields that are more rocks than dirt. Only thing it ever had going for it was lumber for shipbuilding. And offshore fishing, when the cod were still abundant.

      I’m a permanent refugee from all of New England, and not just because of the politics. My own BOL has no mosquitoes, no black flies, no deer flies, and aside from the coal miners, no Democrats.

      • Anon

        I’ve been to Maine and lived there for awhile. I found it to be a remarkable place. Are there problems there? Sure. Is it perfect? Nope. Would it be better to follow the herd mentality and head South if living in the NE when every other yahoo is trying the same thing? Nope.

        One might save their entire family by retreating to Maine, especially further North, for while the growing season is not ideal, and while it can snow every single day in Winter and pile up against the house, there is an abundance of wild game, trees, and low population density.

        You don’t have to STAY in Maine long term. If there was a mass migration, then that will clear out from the lunacy of the masses attempting it, and coming through later might save you.

        If you study that map link, there’s a swath of low density population on the map as well, and one could make a home along that way. Good luck with that. There’s a lot of gun owners and they won’t be wanting strangers unless you have skills and supplies they need. Read One Second After by Forschen to see that play out.

        Shelter-in-place if you can, but don’t just follow the herd to your doom. Most of them will only get from one major NE urban center, end up getting lost due to stalled traffic and trying to find a way around it, and will end up running out of gas in a strange city. Bugging out from the NE is a very doomed strategy unless you leave WAY WAY ahead of the mass migration.

        I know a very ideal spot. I’m sure that regular readers know one too. It’s not too difficult to think of all of the things a pioneer would have needed as they migrated, where would be defensible and have water and fertile soil and safe.

    91. Anon

      A whole lot of nonpreppers may be coming to the site. If you’re one of them, and you don’t know what to do, then why not read this older article published in the last year:

      You know, if a pandemic sweeps across America, while it’s always great to have lots and lots of supplies, it might be that those who have 1-3 months will make it by social distancing. Every little bit helps. More helps more. If you only have $300 to spend, then why not consider that article as a way to begin prepping just in case it happens.

      If you do that, and there’s an ice storm this Winter, then you would be better off than 90% of your neighbors, right?

    92. GySgt Bob USMC Retired

      Just a reminder to the unprepared who’ve had 7 years to prepare … have sent the following (scroll down) ‘BE ADVISED … The following advice/warning applies to ALL INTRUDERS’.

      Trend Analyst on Stocks: “If The Dow Drops Below 15,000… I Would Suggest People Start Buying Food & Ammo”
      16 Oct 2014 By Dave Hodges – The Common Sense Show

      FYI …
      Gy Bob SAYS … BE ADVISED … The following advice/warning applies to ALL INTRUDERS!!!


      On Wednesday, October 23, 2013 9:18 PM, MS RAGDOLL wrote …
      ‘I’ll Come To Your Place When The Shit Hits The Fan – No You Won’t’!!!


      God Bless America!
      God Bless Israel!
      God Bless CA, AZ, NM, TX!
      GySgt Bob Pinkstaff
      USMC Retired
      American Citizen By Birth, United States Marine By Choice!
      Korean War Veteran (80 yrs young) & still ready to fight for freedom!
      American Citizen By Birth, United States Marine By Choice!

      • Choctaw Warrior

        I built a Home for a Marine Colonel that had just retired. He had been in the Pentagon for 12 years when he retired. We became friends and he gave me lots of financial info. He was always right too.
        He told me when the STOCKMARKET went over 15,000 to get prepared for a GUT WRENCHING CRASK. He said when it passed 15,000 the elites would have a lot of sucker rallies to draw the middle class into the market and take all of their money. He said when they got all the money they could from investors they would crash the market and damn fast.
        He said they want to break everyone and exspecially the Millionaires. All they want left is the multi Billionaires. Everyone else will be wiped out.
        He said the elites will crash the market to 1500 or even 1,000 if that is what it takes to meet their goal. Right now they are fulfilling what he told me would happen.
        This Marine Col. never mislead me. Everything he told me happened except the crash that is happening right now. This is the truth so do with it as you please. Look at your Family before you choose to ignore this info. May God Bless all of you during these horrible econimic times.

    93. Joe

      Thanks GySgt Bob USMC Retired. Yours was the best post on here. Thanks for your service too!!

    94. Choctaw Warrior

      Bankers start all wars and then they finance both sides and the Bankers make Billions To TRILLIONS off of the wars.


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