“Tremor Bursts”: Quakes You Can’t Feel Being Recorded South Of Seattle

by | May 21, 2019 | Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 15 comments

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    Earthquakes that cannot be felt are being recorded in record numbers just south of Seattle, Washington. Quakes 20 miles below our feet are slowly releasing, and have been since early April.

    For the first time since 2011, three distinct zones in the Pacific Northwest have been “going off” all at once. According to King 5 News, scientists say that the theory is that the sub-ducting ocean plate is being stretched like taffy in the heat that is the mantle of the earth. “Any signal you get is interesting,” said Tim Melbourne, a who runs the Northwest Geodetic Array, which is based at Central Washington University in Ellensburg.

    “If you have something out in the dark, and you know it’s dangerous, you know it’s menacing, and every now and then you get a flash of light from it. Any flash of light doesn’t tell you a lot, but you piece them all together and you can start to put together all the angles, and you can start to see the dragon, and it’s a big dragon,” Melbourne said.

    Melbourne’s metaphorical “dragon” is the Cascadia Subduction zone. Sections of the ocean floor are being pushed under the western edge of the North American continent creating pressure. Where the two plates join is a huge fault line, and the cooler upper portions of that fault are locked together. When they give way, typically between about 300 and 500 years, the result is a massive tsunami-triggering earthquake. The one scientists expect to occur off of our coast is expected to be a magnitude nine. And some government agencies have already been preparing for the inevitable event. 


    Episodes of tremors and plate slippage have been affecting the Pacific Northwest about every 14 months since at least the 1990s. Shaking from these events typically aren’t felt and don’t mean an earthquake is imminent. However, researchers believe the slip events are building up the pressure at the fault, which will eventually lead to a long-predicted magnitude 9 earthquake.

    Though it appears several slip events are occurring, the latest data doesn’t seem to indicate the “main” event or “the big one” has started north of Seattle. But it’s still a good idea to be prepared. 




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      1. WOOO HOOO! Seattle is gonna fall in the ocean yaaaah! Hopefully take the entire west coast with it.

        • Where’s it gonna “fall” into?

          • The whole western part of the state can crash down and the ocean will move in and cover it up.

          • It’s a pile dirt, folks. In many places, you can see where it has fallen, already.

        • Gen,
          Seattle is way away from the ocean.
          It is on Puget sound, a great place to sail, but not very deep.

          • relik, see above^^^ Anyway in real news got me a couple of flexible 100 watt solar panels to mount on the canopy of the pedal boat. Now I can cruise all day and not worry about the battery (has a small trolling motor). We have some real cool small lakes and reservoirs here and this is perfect for that. I got the doggie his own lifejacket too lol. He loves going out in the water and has a ton of fun. The great thing about a pedal boat is I can carry it in the truck bed with my custom carrier and it is wide enough that it is pretty stable and has a shade canopy and was only 500 bux new. The wife, me, the doggie fit just right with the cooler and battery and supplies. I can now add lights, stereo, etc. If it ever stops raining I will let ya know how it works out!

            • Check my comment to the Lynch Comey post.
              I have an interesting solar problem.

        • With all due respect, you need to take a flying fuck through a rolling doughnut. Lots of good, decent folks live there. How would you like it if perfect strangers wished a rain of death and destruction on you and yours? You have some serious POS thinking. Probably a good thing you are not a real follower of Christ. He would be appalled at what a small, little pissant you are…..

      2. Any good people left there? Get out and let the earth consume the Godless heathens that have fouled the air everywhere.

        • Menz,
          I left the Seattle area nearly 20 years ago and it has gone down hill ever since. I know a few good people that are still there, but they are preparing to flee.

          • I’m glad rellik. If I lived there I’d probably be locked up by now for killing scumbag antifa members.

      3. I do not currently reside in an area that is expected to experience earthquakes. But who knows.

        Tie down shelves, attach to walls, ceiling, or floors. Put a board across the front of the shelf. Keep heavyweight objects on floors, close to floors.

        Be sure to have lamps and flashlights somewhere easily accessible.

        Keep enough bottled water to last for a couple of weeks.

        Keep cans of food and manual can openers.

        Protect women and children from criminal gangs. Self defense.


      4. Covered in a wave of ocean water first in then out. Will do the trick on any coast city. Tsunami Survival Capsules if I lived up there. Buy or make.

      5. John Casey’s book “Upheaval” puts forth a connection between solar cycles and seismic activity. During the time of the Grand Solar Minimum, the sun’s output and magnetic field lessens which lets in more cosmic radiation. The increased cosmic radiation leads to greater cloud cover which means heavier atmospheric compression of the earth’s surface. This increases the probability of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. The cyclical activity of the sun translates to cyclical seismic activity. Mount Rainier is too close for comfort. If it goes the way of Mt. Saint Helens, it will be a hell of a time to try to flee the area in an electric car or bicycle. The pyroclastic flow and mudslides would cause serious casualties.

      6. What do we do? Stop buying Microsoft products since the owner lives there?

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