Trayvon Riots Are Perpetuating the Racial Stereotypes They Claim To Be Railing Against

by | Jul 17, 2013 | Headline News | 514 comments

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    Zimmerman Verdict Spurs an Outbreak of…Temper Tantrums?

    While Hollywood and the media puppets play their harps, write their poetry, and weep gracefully over the Zimmerman verdict, riots erupt across the United States.

    Except, as any mom or dad who has ever raised a child through the toddler years will recognize, they aren’t really “riots” but temper tantrums.  It is like a bunch of hungry, overtired children, melting down and having a big, screaming hissy fit.

    Basically, these people who are angry about the Zimmerman verdict are stomping their feet, running around, shouting, crying, and breaking things…just because they’re mad.

    They are doing absolutely nothing that will effect a change, nothing that will increase their own credibility, and nothing that will prove to the world that they are right and the Zimmerman jury was wrong.


    Wouldn’t peaceful protests with large numbers of citizens standing in unity get across the point that they are trying to prove with more clarity?  Aren’t these people trying to show that an injustice was done, that Zimmerman should not have been fearful of Trayvon Martin?  By rioting through city streets, threatening and hurting innocent bystanders, aren’t these “protesters” proving the complete opposite of their alleged point?

    With this complete lack of dignity, you can’t even call these actions “protests” – you have to call them what they are – temper tantrums.  Here are a few examples.

    From Los Angeles

    Several protesters ran into a Wal-Mart store and knocked down displays before store security chased them out. Police began guarding the door.

    Tonya Williams was shopping with her daughter when the protesters burst in and security briefly locked down the store.

    “We thought we were going to be stuck in there,” Williams said. “We saw the merchandise all thrown around. They had pulled the rack down, and there was merchandise all over the floor.”  (source)

    From Pennsylvania:

    In Chester County, Pennsylvania, police are investigating graffiti on a building before it was set on fire: “KILL ZIMMERMAN.” Firefighters were called to the scene of the fire at ProSigns, a company manufacturing commercial signs for business, and found that phrase spray-painted in red on the front of the building. The firefighters put out the fire without significant damage. The fire has been ruled arson. (source)

    Zimmerman protesters shut down I-880

    From Oakland:

    Dozens of demonstrators briefly blocked all lanes of Interstate 880 at the tail end of rush hour, stopping traffic in both directions for several minutes before lanes were cleared by authorities. Several protesters laid their bicycles on the ground in front of stopped cars.

    “You’ve got to go. You will go to jail,” one police officer shouted at demonstrators who were blocking traffic, the Oakland Tribune reported. However, police decided not to make arrests as the marchers, chanting “Justice for Trayvon Martin,” were directed back to surface streets.

    Later, another group tried to march up the onramp to Interstate 580 before being turned away by Oakland police and California Highway Patrol officers. (source)

    Also from Oakland:

    There were scattered reports of vandalism — including Dumpsters pulled into the street — but not at the level of destruction that happened Saturday night when numerous downtown businesses had windows smashed or were covered in spray paint.. (source)

    Across the San Francisco Bay area:

     A BART police car parked outside the 12th Street BART Station had its windows smashed, and protesters spray-painted “F- the police” and “Kill Pigs” on the side of the vehicle… The crowd later moved away from the intersection and headed east on 14th Street, stopping at a McDonald’s restaurant shortly after midnight to burn several flags and to spray-paint “Kill Zimmerman” and “FTP,” an anti-police epithet, on the side of Alameda County’s Rene C. Davidson Courthouse. (source)


    Reporters were also a target in Oakland…but why?  Those are the people who were there to do what the protests were allegedly supposed to do – get the story out about the outrage at the verdict:

    …a small number of Oakland demonstrators — some hiding their faces with bandanas, as demonstrators did during the Occupy Oakland melees — turned violent late Sunday, setting upon an Oakland Tribune photographer and KTVU cameraman with kicks and punches.

    “I’m OK, but protesters had our photog on the ground,” Bay Area News Group reporter Natalie Neysa Alund tweeted a little before 11:30 p.m. Sunday. “I tried to get them off him. An #SFgate photog came to the rescue — 1 camera is destroyed.”

    Shortly afterward, another reporter with the news group — which publishes the Oakland Tribune, Contra Costa Times and San Jose Mercury News — followed up: “Just patched up my assailed colleague. He’s shaken but not stirred. Should be ok. Senseless.”

    A KTVU tweet said that news agency’s cameraman was also “attacked by masked protesters.” (source)

    Some of the riots resulted in serious harm…but what is the point of injuring a person because of the color of his skin? Isn’t that what the “protesters” are protesting against?

    From Baltimore:

    Real estate agent Christina Dudley said she was walking to her car just before 9 p.m. when she saw several young black males and two black females chasing a 37-year-old Hispanic man west on North Linwood Avenue past East Fairmont Avenue.

    “One of the boys had a handgun out and it was pointed at the back of him,” Dudley said in an interview.

    They caught up to the man at the corner of Fairmount and N. Streeper Street, and the male with the gun beat the victim with what appeared to be his gun while others kicked and stomped him, Dudley said.

    “They were just yelling and calling him names as they ran after him, but once they were hitting him and after that they started yelling, “This is for Trayvon, [expletive],” said Dudley, who heard the chant repeated multiple times. (source)

    From Mississippi:

    A man who says he was jogging alongside of a road when three black men abducted and beat him claims the alleged attack was in retaliation for George Zimmerman’s acquittal, police in Senatobia, Miss. told Fox News.

    Police Chief Steve Holts told Fox News the alleged victim, who is white, was jogging Sunday night along Highway 51 when, he said, the suspects pulled over and ordered him to get inside their car.

    “One of them asked, ‘Do you know who Trayvon Martin was?’” Holts quoted the man as saying.  At that point, the men in the vehicle allegedly attacked him.

    The man, who the chief described as a young resident of  the area, was treated  at a local hospital.

    Memphis television station WREG reported the assailants allegedly told the victim, “This is for Trayvon.” The television station and The Democrat newspaper reported the jogger was badly beaten and later dropped off on a road between Senatobia and Coldwater, Miss. (source)

    So, clearly, it should be judged a hate crime when George Zimmerman shot Trayvon Martin, but it should be considered an act of protest when they beat up a bystander “for Trayvon” , selecting their victim just because he happens to be white or Hispanic.

    There are hundreds, perhaps thousands, of people who are peacefully protesting the verdict, as is their Constitutionally protected right to do.  Unfortunately, the positivity and unity that they are trying to convey is being overridden by a bunch of kids having a tantrum. As Ted Nugent wrote, “Martin Luther King Jr. is rolling over in his grave that he sacrificed his life for the cause of judging people by the content of their character instead of the color of their skin, as so many of his own race carry in in self-destructive behavior while professional race mongers blame everything on racism.” (Check out his essay on the subject of the Zimmerman verdict HERE.)

    The people participating in this big national melt-down are actually doing more to vindicate George Zimmerman’s actions last February than the jury did when they acquitted him.  They are, without direct provocation, destroying property, committing arson, beating the daylights out of people because of their skin color, and purposely attempting to incite fear.  They are perpetuating the racial stereotypes they claim to be railing against.

    So, judging by these childish and vicious tantrums, why wouldn’t people be feeling rather suspicious?

    Someone needs to take away their spray paint and their matches, and then send them to their rooms so the adults can have a conversation.

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      1. First for Treyvon

        • Die in a fire, moron

          • Well maybe it is time to stop using words and just lets see who’s standing at the end of the fight.

            • And yes I have picked a side.

              • Facebook if you start shooting monkeys PETA will be
                knocking on your door

                • There was a black woman on that jury. Why hasn’t she been attacked?

                  • NOT Black Hispanic

                  • DK, I just hope all of those jurors are hiding like the Zimmerman family. they’ve all got targets on them now. they need all the support they can get. braveheart

                  • I agree Braveheart. Targeting is a two way street and the aggressors are out numbered and out gunned. Lock ‘N load and carry concealed. If attacked empty your magazine and reload.

                    There is no substitute for self defense.

                • OK as long as they leave there clothes behind. I don’t agree with them but do enjoy the PIV and the view.

                  • These black “people” did not all of a sudden become racists and start protesting. They have always been racist. They are angry because true racists are now the big minority in our country, and mainly consists of blacks showing racism against whites.

                    God Court first judges the accusers, so there is no doubt their complaint will go unnoticed.

                • One has 8 children. What’s the story on that, this century? Octo mom.

                • Then cap them too! 🙂

            • You notice all the news organizations are trying to push the removal of the “stand your ground laws” except FOX. The sole reason for that is, and they know it, because they can use as an excuse (noun), that uses white racism to excuse (verb) black misbehavier and criminality. How far would they take this? Make it illegal to defend yourself against someone thats a minority? If your white. Black on black ok, black on hispanic ok, black on white ok, hispanic on white, well ok, hispanic on black illegal, white on hispanic, well think about it ok, white on black illegal, with OH HELL FUCKIN NO We gonna burn all you crackers. Is that basically what they and AG Holder and the White House wants. Very Interesting.

              • This had nothing to do with stand your ground. that was not even an issue in the trial. The media made that up.

              • So far so good here in Florida also know as the “Sunshine and Gunshine State”. Florida has more blacks than the national average but we also have 1.1 million CCWs, far more than any other state in the country. That means that around 1 in every 12 adults is carrying. And one in four Floridians owns has at least one gun in their home. Florida is tied for third is size yet we rank 17th in homicides. Draw your own conclusions. Since a jury here Florida decided that self defense was a good and legal thing, folks around here are treading even more lightly than before. Crime here is at a 40 year low and this has been trending since CCWs, the Castle Doctrine, and Stand Your Ground laws have been enacted. Again, draw your own conclusions.

              • Remember Pat Mahaney who was brutality beaten by six black teens who were bored and went “polar bear hunting”. He recently died of his injuries.
                Hunting white people or “polar bear hunting” is a new growing sport in the USA for blacks. Where is the outrage? Where is the press? What are the white people going to do about it?

                • Where I live, ALL the polar bears are armed. No one is going to use my head as a tambourine if I can get to my bear claw first.

                  • GO BEARS!

                • This is exactly correct,and it shows why many humans prefer a negroe free lifestyle.

                • Amen Brother

              • While there little animals are running amok and throwing a ball thru a ring called hoops ours are out paint balling or playing video shooting games. This tease about a rising up and killing is just all talk . Sure they will attack some that are gullible or caught off guard but a race war we could not get so lucky. Just keep loaded and aware thats all. There to fuck’n stupid and cowards.

                • I’m glad you feel that way about us. Just know that there are those of us that have 20+ yrs in the military. Cowar; I’m not, after being in 3 wars bring it on.

        • Only someone dumber than dirt would openly support a person committing felony assault and got himself killed in the process. Treyvon was no saint moron. I don’t don’t give a $hit what CNN and PMSNBC says. Get you head from your a$$.

          • i am so fucking tired of hearing about this damn court case. both sides are pissed for no damn reason. half of the people are mad because zimmerman got off. the other half of the people is mad because the other half of the are mad protesting and rioting. both sides are acting like fucking children. both sides are saying they don’t want a race war but their actions say otherwise. mainstream media is pushing this story like they want sometype of race war and the alternative media is pushing for a race war too just on the other side. both sides want to act like the victim. so when it comes to the the zimmerman case fuck them both.

            • It’s a shame that the young negro died. It’s a shame that the white guy of Hispanic origin will never really be free again. Wait what the hell am I saying ? That soul bro assaulted t5he Mexican and the mexican killed him. Thank G-d the Soul Bro didn’t have a gun. That retard can rot in hell. Next issue please !

              • Yeah, it sure seems to me like this whole thing was nothing more than a weapon of mass distraction.

                Glazed over Fast and Furious? CHECK!

                Made the IRS scandal go bye-bye? CHECK-MATE!

                NSA spying get buried by Zimmerman story? CHECKERS!

                No mention of 2.5 Million silver Eagles sold by the US Mint in June? CHECK-A-ROO-SKI!

                Israel bombing Syria and losing a jet story disappeared? CHKDSK!

                Vaporized all the talk about this shitty economy for a while? CHECKITY-CHECK!

                Wiped out any chance of Russia holding the largest military drill since the Soviet Union? CHECK-O-MATIC!

                The list could go on and on and on. So, while the zombie crowd was busy wasting their June and July away on a trial, that by all rights would never have made national news on any other day unless it was cherry picked to serve another agenda, all that shit above and way, way more was just disappeared from the national conversation.

                Yep, the way I see it, a total info-nuke. The weapon worked so well, many in the awakened community even wasted time on it. This was a “mission accomplished” moment for the psychopathic ruling class. As real as they tell you it is,….suckers.

                • “Wiped out any chance of Russia holding the largest military drill since the Soviet Union?”

                  Should read, “Wiped out any chance of Russia holding the largest military drill since the Soviet Union making national headlines?”

                  I’m just so disgusted by this whole mess. See, I’m suffering from the side effects of being info-nuked.

                • LOL, Checkity-check & CHECK-0-MATIC!

                  Everything you said, true, true…and True-kity-check!

                  • I personally liked “CHKDSK” which is a DOS utility for checking disk integrity and fixing errors—sounds to me like someone needs to run CHKDSK on this whole damn world.

                • @JoeRepublic,
                  A-Men Brother preach on! Astute observation: I have been saying the same thing to my wife and I think she is really getting sick of it. LOL!

                  I am all so sick of the fluoride headed, zombie, sheeple being so easily manipulated by the grade school, news media.. Oh…No… The big bad cracker’s are going to lynch you and get away with it!!! And on the other hand Oh… No… the big black thug is going to loot and burn and rape your women and kill you!! What a total joke! If white folk try to lynch some poor sod I hope they get their asses blown away, leaving bodies and empty brass behind. Same for the white folk, except the metro sexuals and liberals will drop their pants and get on their knees with their rear ends in the air screaming they are sory for being born white and that they deserve it.

                  MOLON LABE!! Not One More Inch!

              • Well, we can’t comfortably “next issue” this because the race rioters joined up with the anti-gun left and now they’re all coming for the second amendment.

                This is a serious problem, and I’m not talking about the bullshit “race riots.” This country is dangerously close to declaring self defense illegal and forcing a total reliance on the state.

                Every single person who values his independence should be glued to this news.

                • abso-fucking-lutely!

                • Yep, when psyco adam ladza doped up on ssri’s went postal stupid on the grade school that bullied him, did not do the trick because no one could relate to the extreme freak incident then the PTB found a new method. To bad the black community can not see they are being exploited for political gain and are shooting themselves in the foot. Stand your ground and concealed carry are not exclusively white only. This is like a drunk driver hitting and killing a black person and the response is to outlaw cars instead of the drunk driver.

                • I now buy guns from people in the paper, face book and freinds. No one but my wife knows how many. I buy ammo in small quantities and pay cash. Any store asks for a name and number I thell the to piss off and i will spend my cash else ware. As far as any one know I own one pistol. When the come I will happly hand it over while wearing my Obama 2012 shirt. Then as I shut my door in thier face (with the many guns hanging on the back of it) I will have a big laugh. Prep, Pray, Plan….

                  • Inside man. Don’t worry. You, your guns, your spelling, your made up scenero will not happen. Let’s take a lookie.
                    -there were no black panther riots or killings. A few rumors, old footage and a few parties were about it.

                  • The state of New York has a snitch hotline so your neighbor can pocket cash if they turn you in? I think I’ll call up with the names of a bunch of Democrats in the neighborhood, let them harass them.

                • It will never be wrong in my family to defend ourselves. If the law of the land changes, that still won’t make it wrong. We’d just have to do some digging out back.

                  • Agreed. But I still see that state of affairs as problematic.

                    You can never outgun the state. It will get you eventually. That’s why the political part is still important, and why I bother worrying about the laws they sling at us.

                    If we all have our guns buried in the backyard, the state has effectively disarmed us. If we keep them where we can get to them, then we’re going to be arrested and disarmed. In New York they set up a snitch line with a bounty so that people can report their neighbors “assault weapons” anonymously and get $500.

                    You just have to do the politics to protect our rights, or we will lose them. There’s no question of it.

                  • Selkirk,

                    You misunderstood what the digging would be for…

                  • HA!

                    I suppose I did.

                    Same principle applies though. How many revenuers can you shoot before the SWAT Team comes?

                • Relax. The Great State of Texas is NOWHERE NEAR declaring self-defense illegal, I guar-on-tee it. Austin knows the state capitol building would be under siege if they did.

                • Glued to the news? NO. In the face of your elected Representatives. The squeaky wheel gets the grease. Be loud. Be vocal. Be obnoxious about your Constitutional rights.

                  The PTB no longer fear God. Let them fear an Army of Patriots; armed and enraged!

              • A shame the young negroe died?!! My joy,delight, and elation know no bounds. If a young primate attacks a human it should be put down.

            • OmegaGrayKnight,

              I’m royally pissed off because this Zimmerman case is designed to split Americans right down the middle into two violently opposed groups by Obama and Holder, and it’s working! People cannot see this thing for what it really is; a feint, distraction, hoodwink or whatever folks want to call it.

              Now mastermind Eric Holder is calling for a national review of “Stand Your Ground” laws, and this case was NEVER about stand your ground.

              As I’ve said before…. watch the other hand.

              • We have been ‘split’ along racial lines for a lot longer and a lot farther back than the beginning of this trial, YH.

                When we see blacks and every other minority voting 90 plus percent for the Democrats, who have been pulling out all stops ever since the 1960s to push anti-White race hate and to promote anti-White Cultural Marxism, which is a form of soft-core Communism, and who’ve also been shoveling mountains of hate and contempt and demonization on our Founding Fathers and every White European ancestor who are considered a heroic historical figure to the vast majority of White European Americans, only an extremely stupid idiot would believe that all of this racial division suddenly popped out of nowhere and was caused by the verdict in this farcical Zimmerman trial.

                Blacks are acting like spoiled children who didn’t get their way. They cheered and hooted and were smirking and backslapping and high-fiving each other, after OJ got away with murdering his race traitorous White wife and that jewish fellow. Don’t tell me that blacks on the street didn’t know that OJ was guilty as sin. His guilt had nothing doing to with it. They were cheering because a brother got away with killing two people, and in their warped eyes, that meant he ‘beat the White man’s system’.

                Make a note, White man. This trial and the subsequent temper tantrums that blacks are now throwing all over the nation, is a preview of what sort of nightmarish future awaits White European Americans if and when these Communists on the left and the race traitorous scum in both the Democrat and the RINO GOP manage to pass amnesty and throw open the flood gates to the non-White third world, and Whites are reduced to a subjugated minority inside their own nation and then subjected to permanent rule by these temper tantrum throwing minorities.

                If that happens, Whites can kiss the rule of law goodbye and say hello to the laws of the jungle.

                  • The Sydney Morning Herald (Australia) “THE RACE WAR
                    OF BLACK AGAINST WHITE” by Paul Sheehan. Saturday, 20
                    May 1995:

                    “The longest war America has ever fought is the Dirty
                    War, and it is not over. It has lasted 30 years so far
                    and claimed more than 25 million victims. It has cost
                    almost as many lives as the Vietnam War. “It
                    determined the result of last year’s congressional
                    election. Yet the American news media do not want to talk
                    about the Dirty War, which remains between the lines and
                    unreported. In fact, to even suggest that the war exists
                    is to be discredited. So let’s start suggesting,

                    “No matter how crime figures are massaged by those
                    who want to acknowledge or dispute the existence of a
                    Dirty War, there is nothing ambiguous about what the
                    official statistics portray: for the past 30 years a
                    large segment of black America has waged a war of violent
                    retribution against white America. * * *

                    “Nearly all the following figures, which speak for
                    themselves, have not been reported in America:

                    * * *

                    “* Almost 1 million white Americans were murdered,
                    robbed, assaulted or raped by black Americans in 1992,
                    compared with about 132,000 blacks who were murdered,
                    robbed, assaulted or raped by whites, according to the
                    same survey.

                    “* Blacks thus committed 7.5 times more violent
                    inter-racial crimes than whites even though the black
                    population is only one-seventh the size of the white
                    population. When these figures are adjusted on a per
                    capita basis, they reveal an extraordinary disparity:
                    blacks are committing more than 50 times the number of
                    violent racial crimes of whites.

                    “* According to the latest annual report on murder by
                    the Federal Bureau of Investigation, most inter-racial
                    murders involve black assailants and white victims, with
                    blacks murdering whites at 18 times the rate that whites
                    murder blacks.

                    “These breathtaking disparities began to emerge in
                    the mid-1960’s, when there was a sharp increase in black
                    crime against whites, an upsurge which, not
                    coincidentally, corresponds exactly with the beginning of
                    the modern civil rights movement.

                    “Over time, the cumulative effect has been
                    staggering. Justice Department and FBI statistics
                    indicate that between 1964 and 1994 more than 25 million
                    violent inter-racial crimes were committed,
                    overwhelmingly involving black offenders and white
                    victims, and more than 45,000 people were killed in
                    inter-racial murders. By comparisons 58,000 Americans
                    died in Vietnam, and 34,000 were killed in the Korean war.

                    “When non-violent crimes (burglary, larceny, car
                    theft and personal theft) are included, the cumulative
                    totals become prodigious. The Bureau of Justice
                    Statistics says 27 million non-violent crimes were
                    committed in the US in 1992, and the survey found that 31
                    per cent of the robberies involved black offenders and
                    white victims (while only 2 per cent in the reverse).

                    “When all the crime figures are calculated, it
                    appears that black Americans have committed at least 170
                    million crimes against white Americans in the past 30
                    years. It is the great defining disaster of American life
                    and American ideals since World War II.

                    “All these are facts, yet by simply writing this
                    story, by assembling the facts in this way, I would be
                    deemed a racist by the American news media. It prefers to
                    maintain a paternalistic double-standard in its coverage
                    of black America, a lower standard.”

                    The “New Century Foundation” studies Federal crime reports, and found significant differences in crime ratio between races, verified by the FBI’s NCVS, National Crime Victimization Survey, and The Department of Justice’s UCR, Uniform Crime Reports, FBI Communication’s Division, 304-625-4995.
                    They state emphatically that the Judicial System is not biased against minorities.
                    Blacks are seven times more likely than people of other races to commit murder, and eight times more likely to commit robbery.
                    Blacks are three times more likely to use a hand gun, and twice more likely to use a knife.
                    Hispanics commit three times more violent crimes than whites, but the statistics are nebulous because sometimes they are classified as white, so it could be far higher.
                    The best indicator of violent crime levels in an area is the percent of the population that is black and Hispanic.
                    Blacks are 39 times more likely to commit a violent crime against whites then vice versa, and 136 times more likely to commit a robbery.
                    Forty-five percent of black crime is against whites, 43 against other blacks, and 10 percent against Hispanic.
                    Blacks are seven times more likely to go to prison, Hispanics three times, and the reason is clear, because from 1980 to 2003 the US incarceration rate has tripled, and so proves that Justice is not only hard won, but well served.

                • Tucker, i know exactly where you’re coming from and i dread what’s coming as much as everyone else here, but I am prepared to rise to the challenge. braveheart

                  • I wonder if childish-tantrum is the words Those who got their face smashed in by a solid Brick to face wielded by some NFL-sized ape would use to describe this.

                    Or those who got attacked from behind, punched hard to the ground and there held captive while 1/2 dozen more crazed savages, also NFL sized kept kicking their faces and heads into oblivion would use those words to describe such savage brutal attacks.

                    Good article overall…Not sure why such overuse of childish-kids-tantrum are used though?

                    If it is supposed to be to act as a way to send a messg to africans who may read it, and somehow cause them embaressment which in turn is hoped that will halt such rioting and violence etc?

                    As one who Has resided amoung such thugs a lifetime(43 yrs) in Detroit, and experienced such black hate of whites, as well as the typical methods blacks employ when acting savagely, I can tell folks that no such wordings if designed or hoped to cause embaressment in “Most” blacks, and that, that will cause blacks to re-think things and begin to act normal or civilized is the goal?

                    Is akin to winning the mega lotto, when you didn’t buy any lotto tickets. In other words the likelyhood of black-embaressment being any type solution is wishfull and White Civilized Based ways of thinking.

                    And by now it should be quite obvious to all folks that the Vast majority of african blacks do Not use similar civilized based thinking like Most whites Do.

                    We really are vastly Different. Much like a Racoon is different from a Rabbit. Both have similarites yes. Yet both Remain Vastly different in many ways. As it is between whites and non whites.

                    There is Nothing in all of creation universe wide that is truely “Equal”. No two snowflakes are the same. No two stars in the sky the same. Equality is a swindle based on communistic ideals to gain control of all folks equally as serfs, with a small seperate group as Ruler-class.

                    Identical Twins are Not really “Equal”, so this liberal commie invented “equality” goals, are another kommie swindle. Equality begins and ENDS with Laws-BOR-rights-etc. Thats it. No other equality has nor will exist anywheres in creation.

                    Therefore the main swindle of it is to Keep whites to Feel guilty, while persueing this unatainable phony “equality” in every possible and thinkable way.

                    Nothing is More dangerous than a single dem liberal kommie with an “agenda” and of all the last 50 yrs of such liberal kommie agendas and ideals…Such quest by “guilty self Loathing whites” to attain non-existant equality for races etc is the most absurd of liberal Swindles. The abject Proven worst and Most costly endevor by dem liberal kommies and Their “Pet” monky savages to Date.

                    The Very word “Individual” is a direct Opposite of “All are equal”. It ties in with, anti Individual Personal Rights, and Responsibilities, and the fact that each Individual Person Is an individual and NOT a “collective equal” anything. Blame all whites and use Laws to attempt to create a False equality of all persons and Races uses every Un american, un Godly, none sensical agenda and method to destroy america by first destroying and exterminating Whites while seemingly achieving a goal to “Equalize” races and individuals by hook or Crook, and Force by laws and violence.

                • If I’m gonna live by the “rules of the jungle”, then I might as well live in the real jungle.

                  • They are going to call You a Raysis Nazi no matter what…So you may as well go All Out. incogman dot net

                  • As these rioters prove so perfectly, live with the negroe, expect the jungle!

                • Sadly whites are either too cowardly , stupid or both to push back. They keep voting when the y bother to for the same traitors that are selling them out. What recourse is there when people will not defend their own interests.

                • AMEN, Tucker. When I hear people saying, Oh, we need to get along, I tell them when a thug sticks a knife or gun in their ribs, just tell the thug we just need to get along.

              • YH, what Holder really means is a national review of self-defense. The ultimate goal of the trial was never about trayvon; its about siarming us and doing away with self-defense. I don’t give up anything to anyone! let anyone come and try; it won’t end well for them! NOMI CATIMF BRAVEHEART

                • I meant to say disarming us. My mistake.

                  • Did you hear Holder say, “A duty to retreat.” WTF is that? A DUTY to retreat. Criminals now have a lobbyist and his name is Eric Holder.
                    On another note, do you know why you don’t see white people rioting? They have to go to work in the morning.

                • Braveheart is correct. This was all staged by barry to try to cram gun control down our throats. Holder said yesterday he wants to stop state (stand your ground) laws. Bottomline: Trayvon tried to jump Zimmerman and ended up dead. This should be a wake up to everyone that WASP are not weak people and we will defend ourselves no matter the cost.

                  • It also shows that it you defend yourself, especially with a firearm, the established regime will go after you no matter how clear-cut the situation and you have nothing to gain by sticking around to tell your side of the story.

                • Someone should send the Presidental Primate a letter:

                  Dear Mr. Obama:

                  Please get your brotha primates under control and back on their leash, or we will do it for you.

                  Pissed Off White America

                  • “Presidential Primate”

                    I like this. Tough but respectful!

                  • Slick why are you insulting primates???

              • I heard two msm outlets Hosting people’saying ‘all white jury’. No correctionsJust say report on fla stand your ground. Blacks using ‘stand your ground’ were greater than whites, and a much much higher percentage of their respective demographic.

                The blacks who’ve successfully used stand your ground need to tells these punks to STFU

                • I was on a jury where the case was one guy throwing a 5 gal gas can through another guy’s front window and also trying to set his dog on fire by soaking it with gasoline. The woman sitting next to me said the perp couldn’t be guilty cause he looked like her grandson. I told her, lady, they bathed him, cut his hair and covered his tattoos. He isn’t your grandson. Don’t feel sorry for him. I think the prosecution figured a female jury would be sympathetic toward Trayvon. THEY SURE FOOLED THEM, EH?

              • Actually a much simpler explanation can explain this entire media fracas. Any time you watch the media, including the alt-media, cover any ‘issue’ always keep this in mind: you are not the customer, you are the product the media sells to the advertiser; the advertisers are the the real customer.

                The days of providing news as a public service are long gone, along with any pretense of journalistic integrity. Today’s ‘news’ has one, and only one, goal: maximize viewership (or page views as the case may be) and they will do or say anything to accomplish that goal.

                This is excerpted from an interview with a former fox news employee: “We’re not here to be fair and balanced. We’re here to stir up the crazies, basically. We’re here to stoke up anger in our conservative fan base, and that’s how we get ratings.” see:


                Making more sense?

                • Very good synopsis. On average the more a ‘viewer’ is agitated or upset the more likely they will buy something to alleviate that state of psychology hence the more effective the content is for the commercials and the more they can charge for the advertisement and the more they can profit.

                • I am no fan of Bill O’Reilly, since he is a greasy, stinking, overpaid establishment neo-con war mongering, gun ban supporting, race traitorous sell-out in almost every instance that arises that hints of ethnic/racial conflict. However, I urge everyone to watch this clip.

                  Bill O’Reilly Skewers Mainstream Media: Perpetuating ‘Lie’ Blacks Are ‘Being Hunted Down By Whites’


                  • I always just assumed that he was an ‘on-air’ persona like John Stewart. Many years ago, before I realized it was just and act, I remember he asserted several ‘facts’ that just didn’t seem right. Several hours of research later, I realized he was wrong,wrong, and more wrong. I haven’t listened to a word he has said since.

            • Just what two sides are you referring to? All the anger and violence is from the blacks. Are you stupid or just dishonest? Related to Nancy Disgrace maybe?

            • Any black that wants a race war is nuts. Their white liberal support will quickly dry up because they attack all whites. During the Rodney King protests, remember the blacks chasing a car and yelling “Get the white conservative bitch!”? No, any whitee was/is a target. If these monkeys had understood anything in math class, they’d realize the math of 12% of the population fighting over 70% doesn’t work out in their favor. If all whites are rasis,why don’t the blacks simply move away from them? They never will because they know any predominately black society looks like most of Africa (or Detroit). Name one predominately black country, city, or neighborhood people are flocking TO. Without constant external inputs Africa would be much more of a shithole than it presently is. When white Europeans first ventured into Africa, they found no evidence of anything that could be called a civilization.

              Just like in AA, the first step is admitting you have a problem.

              Interesting to note that these same observations are true of Muslims.

          • You lootin, we shootin! – as close to ebonics as I get

            • 100 city mob weekend = glad I’m prepared

              • Mac, where the chat forumn so we can alert others of local info?

                • Your in it now. Have you not figured that out yet.

                  • Something good was named after Iowa, thats all. FB, thanks alot…JERK.

            • Close ‘enuff

            • I be shootin n scootin

        • Only someone dumber than dirt would openly support a person committing felony assault and got himself killed in the process. Treyvon was no saint moron. I don’t give a $hit what CNN and PMSNBC says. Get your head from your a$$.

          • YH says:

            “Only someone dumber than dirt would”…

            … double post.

            “Get your head from your a$$.”

            • The trolls are out today, YMWR

            • Up yours. My first response had typos from responding to a racist asshole like yourself. God I HATE dealing with assholes like you, especially a race baiting, mental midget, scumbag ass-wipe like yourself. Dealing with cretins like you is like catching a terminal degenerative disease from which there is no escape.

              This whole Trayvon non-sense is designed to do one thing and one thing only, get Americans violently angry at each other. Your Best F’king Friend Al Sharpton would be out of a job if he couldn’t take advantage of opportunities like Trayvon. People like you and Sharpton are blood sucking vampires in this society.

              • Problem is IT IS WORKING.

                At what point to we realize it has gone to far and we must just clean house.

                • Facebook,

                  I’m angry at myself for getting angry. The nation is at the mercy of hate mongers like Obama, Holder, and Al Sharpton and Americans cannot seem to call their bluff. If Americans are losing their minds over this Zimmerman trial, what the hell happens when we have to deal with a REAL national crisis like the approaching economic/monetary collapse and people cannot put food on the table? What are Americans going to do? Resort to cannibalism?

                  • This mob action is another reason why Americans have an unalienable right to keep and bear arms. Be armed. Be alert.

                    If anyone crosses the line with you, make them pay.

                  • I don’t think I can eat black long pork. I guess I’m racist.

                  • Flavor comes from what they eat.

                  • Whites allow this to happen and in actuality the ones who started this are left wing whites. Why is everyone afraid to pushback? Someone better start taking a stand soon before they get so confident they go Rwanda on our asses.

                  • @ YH…….Kinda put’s a new spin on the old high school ‘term’ EAT ME !! …

              • Howdy, YH and I have to agree. Check out my comment #1917910 which goes into greater detail on what you’re saying. It is definitely the old divide-and-conquer strategy. braveheart

              • Sorry, the media coverage of this mess has one single goal: sell advertising. See above for more detail.

          • It is a pretty bizarre thing, to listen to Holder and these black critics of the Zimmerman verdict trying to ignore the fact that the Martin thug was on top of Zimmerman and had a two fisted grip on his head and he was banging Zimmerman’s head into the concrete sidewalk.

            I’m no expert on banging human heads into concrete, but even an inexperienced rube like myself can realize that the human head being repeatedly banged with brute force into a slab of concrete is almost certainly going to wind up resulting in the death of the owner of that head. In the best of circumstances, it would result in a concussion, unconsciousness, and possible serious brain damage. And, had Zimmerman not pulled his pistol and allowed Martin to render him unconscious, Martin could have found his weapon and shot him dead as he laid there completely vulnerable.

            It seems as if Holder and his ilk are saying that Zimmerman had no right to take any defensive action to end Martin’s attempt to bash his brains out. As incredible as it may sound to every sane American, Holder expected Zimmerman to allow himself to be either killed or to be subjected to the possibility of permanent brain damage.

            Let me state it once again. We’ve had 5 years of being ruled by virulently anti-White, virulently anti-Western, resentment filled, militant, and intensely hostile leftists who have zero ancestral or genetic or, even philosophical, connection to our 100 percent White European Founding Fathers. In fact, these minority leftists despise literally everything our Founders stood for and they clearly have a passionate lust to destroy the very foundations upon which this nation was built, and then create it in some kind of Communist, Marxist, Socialist Utopia – much like the failed experiment we saw with the former USSR.

            This reaction by Holder and this administration and by their leftist followers is a preview of what White European Americans can expect to see, if amnesty is passed and Whites are reduced to powerless minorities inside the nation that their ancestors founded and passed down to them.

        • Trayvon the criminal got owned!

        • Satan always rules by ignorance and emotion, and he apparently has plenty of willing disciples.

          • The devil can afford to be lazy. Too many people do the devils work
            for him gleefully.

        • Personanongrata, you picked the perfect name to post under. since you’re standing up for that young thug, you’re “personanongrata” at this site. Go to an MSM site; they’ll appreciate you; WE DON’T! braveheart

          • Really? I thought his post was satire and a good one at that. It’s so hard to tell these days, the hard Left, race baiters and their ilk being almost beyond parody.

        • Wish you were with him.

        • ……..I had really hoped alot of theses issues should be resolved when Barry was elected president,the really crazy thing is that barrey could have made such a difference in black America, I know he’s not a dumb man

          • If you ever thought that Obama had any good intentions about anything then you are part of the problem in addition to being dumb as a fence post. What are you a child that you cannot detect a sociopath?

          • Hemii,

            Is your last name Rhoid?

            • I knew there would be HemiiRhoid rage!!

        • Trayvon was a punk,
          He got what he deserved

        • Brainwashed.

        • #99 to flag you down.

          • Thats the sort of human garbage that needs to be eradicated!

          • @ R.Leader……Good Video….shows just how senseless a crowd can be !! ( especially in LA ) Sounds like egg-layin time at a henhouse in th CONGO !!….mm~

        • The lesson learned here: Never take a bag of Skittels to a gun fight with a chip on your shoulder when you don’t live in that hood.

        • What was so bad about Trayvon getting shot? I mean its not like its going to cause a shortage of negroes in America.

        • what if some of these “temper tantrums” are staged?

        • Thank you Trayvon Martin. For opening my eyes to how racist and corrupt the Black establishment is.

        • As dirty Harry would say to any black who wants to give a cracker an assertion ” you feel lucky punk”?

        • Same as it always was—Different day, different excuse.



            • Whitey can no longer afford to bribe darkie to behave, so in the near future, ethnic cleansing will come to USA, and it will make the Balkan war look like a weekend picnic. It will suck loudly, but pretending things are fine won’t make reality go away.

        • Exactly VRF! And Holder is using our tax money to push this divisive agenda against us. I am so bent right now I better get off the computer before I say something I’ll regret later.

          • YH

            Say what you damned well please.
            When you’re right, you’re right.

            Ever since Obama got in office,
            we’ve seen nothing but a black
            or other minority agenda run
            rough shod over the backs of the
            real Americans without one iota
            of concern for who really holds
            the fabric of this nation together.

            I for one am sick of being the
            piss boy for every scumbag that
            comes along that wants me to
            wipe their ass for them.

            • OutWest,

              I couldn’t have said it any better. Bravo!

              • I believe without any doubt that leftist liberals and the MSM’s, in and out of govnt both, really think and believe that they can use these racist against whitey methods to stir up enough fed-up-ness to cause a white reaction the libs can Then use to their advantages.

                What I firmily believe is that those same liberals are very wrong in thinking it will just be a small minority of hard core Militia types, and so will be very easy for fed govnt to deal with and it will be a final solution to guns etc and an end to 2nd amendt once and for all.

                The leftist libs have Always portrayed progun and nra folks as a small Minority of the overall usa population. And have used That assumption as a springboard to promote not only that idea or belief of “few” proguners, but also to convince fellow travler antigun libs, once stirred to action it will be a piece of cake exercize to thwart and overcome such small progun minorities nationwide.

                By Default libs Must emain Glued to That idea or belief, for if they actually admit more than 2/3rds of americans own or approve of guns and the 2nd amendt, it will blow Their agenda and beliefs out of the water and put Their antigun agenda to a Final Rest.

                Their, the liberal leftists inability to admit when wrong Will be their downfall once they finally realize they by stirring a vast backlash of pissed and fed up whiteys across the entire nation, have created a huge Monster that no libs-no lib orgs-no black sharpton orgs, no naacp org, no Fed Govnt actions will be able to halt it untill it plays itself out.

                Which will end in Dire consequences for all leftist libs and savage black thugs everywheres. Their colletive Eyes shall open wide, as their collective open mouths gape aghast at the real troubles they have foisted upon themselves by litterally playing with Fire!

                When all thats heard across this vast land of america is the words…Open FIRE! and instead of a few or ten thousand so called “Militia” progunnies, it will rather be 50+ Million Likewise royally fed up Patroitic American Warriors of which most will undoubtedly be of the White varyity.

            • OutWest and YH, I couldn’t agree more and real Americans have been getting run over going back to the 60s. I’m especially in agreement about saying what you damned well please. Sometimes it hurts to be right, but i’ll take being right over being wrong anyday. I don’t submit to political correctness, anyway. When someone tells me to watch what I say, I tell them, “I don’t submit to censorship, period!” Has anyone noticed only white people are ever told “watch what you say” and it’s never said to any minority people? that’s race-based censorship. No form of censorship has any legitimate basis to it, so I don’t follow it, period! braveheart

              • Does anyone remember back in the 2008 campaign when Obama promised that if he was elected, young black people would start improving their grades in school and change their behaviour? It’s not going to happen. The situation is still the same. I can still remember the people pushing for desegregation claiming that relations between black and white would eventually get better. 50+ years of integration have not brought about that result. It’s a real shame. I’ve always known there was a shitload of hatred in the black community toward us. It’s made itself known even more so since the 2008 campaign. Plus, black-on-whitecrime has seen some increase since then. Go to and click on bjs statistics for every year since 2008. also check the FBI’s Uniform Crime Report for every year since 2008. braveheart

                • Braveheart There is no program, education,or law that can make an inferior species equal. Look in Africa today, once the white farmers were killed off and their lands seized and redistributed, the savages couldnt farm anything. Then previously prosperous nations began to experience famines, that are only relieved by Western nations via the UN.

                • Look at any workplace break room or school cafeteria. Blacks self-segregate. Their only interest in mixing with whitey is in extorting handouts. OTOH, I can see the attraction black men find in non-black women. Most black women are beastly.

                  Whitey mixing with or interbreeding with darkie can only drag whitey down.

          • You wouldnt be alone!

      2. wait until someone scared or pissed enough mows them down on the freeway,, its illegal to be a pedestrian on the Highways of this country..

        so they all should have been rounded up and given tickets,,, aren’t the cops out to enfoce money for the state? oops I ment enforce laws..? yeah that’s what I ment

        • And if someone mowed them down, that would enrage more hoods to get out and tear stuff up and hurt people, which would then cause someone else to have enough and off a few more hoods, and so on and so on. I am afraid that this kind of escalation is exactly what the PTB want from us so they can step in to “save the day”. We can talk about what we would like to do to these idiots all we want, but unless we have to directly defend ourselves or our neighbors, we are much better off letting these morons smash a few windows and discredit themselves. The PTB want violence and need violence to take their plans to the next step which is military control of the streets.

          • So you’re saying that the only appropriate response it to let these thugs and savages destroy your property and allow them to rob, beat, rape and murder you and yours?

            And guess what, for some people their vehicle is their only available weapon and people get scared and panic, too.

            • No, I said that people have the right to defend themselves and their neighbors, but if all they are doing is low level hood vandalism, then let them be.

              • It always starts with low level shit.. Stop it now with force.

                Yes Whitey is armed and we aint going to take it anymore.

                • Just make sure your aren’t playing into the PTB hands. Is this really about white versus black. I’m sure the rioters think so, but I’ve read your posts on here before and I think you know better.

                  • It plays into their hand if you just talk about it.

                    I am truly saying it is time to go in and mop this mess up.

                    If we just eliminate the diseased parts we can then go after the cause.

                  • FBP,
                    There are those who would consider you the diseased part that must be eliminated (that whole useless eater thing). In fact, they may be working on that right now.
                    To quote Mr. Al Einstein, ” We can’t solve the problem with the same kind thinking we used to create the problem”.

                  • We have never use this approach we always wuss out or expept someone else to do the dirty work.

                    How do you suggest we solve this issue which just won’t go away.

                  • I think the time is coming when we will have to do what you say, but I don’t think that this is it. Don’t overplay your hand.

              • So, rainy, you understand that duty to retreat thing?
                Just a little low level vandalism until it’s your stuff they’re vandalizing.

                • I’m not going to shoot someone for spray painting and yelling stupid crap.

            • rainyday: is Parroting exactly what I heard at age 10yrs old, 50 yrs ago when the First Blacks moved into Our prior white sections of detroit.

              “Oh..Just give them colored people what They Want, and, maybe they will then leave Us alone already”

              Then the same dems elected JFK and when Prez LBJ-Johnson, replaced jfk as new prez, and lbj promoted His “Great Society” agenda of welafre for african savage violence, the same libs dems Again said “Just Give the Colored folks what They want and maybe then they will leave Us alone finally”

              Obviously “some folks here” have not Learned one single Iota of whats so vastly Wrong with “Just give negro colored folks what They demand” that has been an Abject Failure of the Utmost proportions, and at a total collective cost to Mainly White taxpayer middle class folks, if numbers I recently read or heard are correct, of Over $17 TRILLION to date the last 50 yrs if Pro-Negroe agenda costs.

              What Have Whites gotten In return? More idiotic rants of “Just give colored folks what They demand, maybe this time they will leave Us alone” and stop demanding More, More, More, More, More?

              With All Due respect, to that attitude I for One say FUCK That and FUCK Negroes Demands!

              Try this for a Change: :Just tell colored folks..NO! and if necesary…Fight Fire With Fire. Before colored folks Demand Your pak of matches too!

            • With my beat up old pickup truck, I would not hesitate to mow over any attackers.

          • Oh don’t get me wrong I agree, but scared people do scary shit..and accidents do happen..

            I think you are also missing the point that PEDESTRIANS no matter their color do not belong on the highways..and if it caused an accident and killed someone from hitting another car or motocycle those people standing on the road are to blame

            this police department is failing their true reason for existence .. public safety, for everyone..those rightfully driving on the roads and those ILEGALLY standing on the dam freeway

            Darwin award just waiting to happen

            • Lol, I like the Darwin comment. I agree they don’t belong on the highway and its obviously due to cops being scared to death that they’ll get tagged a racist or some other stupid crap. The thing that bothers me is when I read some of the comments from here and other sites about what they would do if they encountered some of these people, and I feel exactly the same way, but it just feels like the bastards are baiting us to do something. Pisses me off to think about any of the good people that believe in real freedom having to eat any of the shit from these lowlifes, but unfortunately that’s just what we need to do for the time being.

              • Baiting us to violence is exactly what I believe is the game plan. The scandals were nudges, to see if they could get us to act out. These riots are opening shoves. They could be far worse and they may become so until someone reacts violently. If this doesn’t do it, expect something more threatening soon.

            • Why does it have to be an accident.

            • Back in the late 70s when I lived in Massillon Ohio I remember a group of these thugs surrounding a fella in a caddy and he stomped the pedal as he was surrounded by about 30 black thugs as I recall…if I recall correctly he killed a half dozen and maimed a dozen more…was ruled justified as I recall…that incident may have happened in Canton or Akron…don’t recall that now…point is like you say itll happen more…just like the incident one of our posters told about a thread or two ago with the VW…I know Id run em down rather than take a beating or have a loved one do so…hope I can avoid that!

            • Pipe bumpers work GREAT !!

              • Another reason i wont drive anything less than a 4×4 truck or jeep with a 4″ lift and 33s,
                Dont want to get hung up on some crap in the road.

                • The Post comment I made a couple weeks ago, of finding quite a nice list of Used-Great condition-Diesel-alison autos-Ex/used Amored Trucks like Brinks has that were for sale from $12-20 Thousand. And how such trucks are Bullet Proof and still have Intact the Rear and side Gun Port openings to fire a gun thru, could be outfitted with One Driver, One front seat rifleman, and Three well arrmed Men in the Back of truck with 20,000 rnds ammo Per man to use for Driveing thur such Violent areas may now consider More merit eh.

                  Amazeing how just a few Hundred Thousand Wild Savage Brutal Beastly Animalistic African Blacks gone stark crazy wild across the USA, can so quickly change so many white folks prior attitudes.

                  • An excellent idea for primate control!

          • God forbid if some one did mow them down ,Then we would all get the Reginald Denny treatment.
            This is really getting out of hand , they are trying to create more martyrs to fame the flames.
            This will not end well this is the kind of shit I would expect from totalitarian regimes not America.

            Our fearless leader did promise he was going to fundamentally transform America.
            I can not wait till these assclowns are out of office.

            Semper Fi 8541

            • What makes you think the next set of assclowns will be any better? You can’t keep running and dodging the day of reckoning. Just wait until sharia law starts to be followed. We better get a solution to this quick if we want any kind of future.

              • My Neighbor blames Enviro whackos for all of this recent “Primate Change” stuff.

        • I say cross them up in intersecting sectors of fire and eradicate them. Is only a matter of time till their pack mentality causes injury to innocent people, if the cops wont stop it the Un Organized Militia should be the ones next in line, be ready to protect your lovedones!

          • I would think a WW1-style line of machine guns would be quite effective.

            But in all seriousness, innocents have been hurt already and the cops responded with sweet fuck all. I would bet the average cop wants to act, but just like the Ontario Provincial Police in my neck of the woods during the last few years in the Caledonia area, I would bet they are under strict orders not to “antagonize” the demonstrators and come down hard on whitey standing up for himself and his family and friends.

            So really, the law is cast in stone and comes down like a ton of bricks when it comes to the white man but when it comes to non-whites, the law is cast in jello and comes down like a feather.

            • Yea, the machine guns would work, sorta hard to get class 3 weapons though, a few guys with compact sniper rifles with varmint ammo in inconspicuous locations should do, gotta be ready to move and evade.

              • 22lr 60 grain sub sonic. Suppressed.

        • A vulcan minigun in one chopper could quell the revolt,supress the insurrection, and restore law and order.

      3. You wouldn’t understand, it’s a “Black Thing”.

        • Sarcasm alert, SARCASM!

          • @Zeke — The mental zombies on this site wouldn’t know sarcasm if it punched them in the nose and bashed their head on the concrete. They just jump your ass without thinking.

            • Posting, the only zombies at this site are trolls like you, so F#$% you and go away!

              • braveheart,
                What’s up you butt? it’s not like you to start calling people trolls.

                Was it the goof put on you about speaking like a Scot, blue face, and broadsword? Dude that was ment to be a joke, not offend you.

                You are one of the most respected names on this site, and I hold you in great respect.

                You always speak to the truth, don’t start becoming a douche like Eisen, Facebook, Eppe, or Nino.

                Keep it real, O.K.

                • Zeke, the comments were not directed at you. they were directed at the one “Posting from the T or See you at the Y”. It sounded to me like he was referring to the good people on this site and I get tired of that. If not, then I’ll apologize. If he’s referring to the ones you mentioned, then, hell yes, I can agree with that. braveheart

                  • PS, Zeke, I never had any problem with the remark about the kilt, blue paint, and broadsword. I said at the time that the movie “Braveheart” is one of my favorites and no one plays the underdog like Mel Gibson. braveheart

            • FUCK YOU

              • lol.

              • Face,
                Would you say that to Rev Ike?…and the horse that you rode in on.

                • Yes I did say it. When it is deserved it is deserved.

                  It time ti say fuck you

                  Tired of this shit. Its time whity did stand up for being white.

            • 17 Thumbs up (by my count) says you’re wrong.

      4. This situation makes a great argument for CCW.

        • …as well as Neighborhood Watch!!!

          • Neighborhood Miltias Time to saddle up

      5. Is that Eisen I see throwing the trash can through the window? Just ask’n

        • Person was way to skinny and didn’t have a diet coke in his hand.

          • No he wasn’t old enough.

            • The guy in the pic was to old.

        • Not wearing a dress. Not Eisen.

      6. Well said!

      7. When they ( rioters, protestors, the “Rev” Al Sharpton, Jesse “useless” Jackson, etc. ) show even 1/10 as much concern for the multiple young people shot, stabbed and beat to death in Chicago by young thugs.. then I might give a rats rear end about something that they have to say. Until then, shut the F up.. you are a dirt bag and a racist. You have nothing to contribute except more disharmony.

        Liars, thieves and evil doers pretending to be righteous and interested in constitutional rights.. I’ve had a belly full of all of you.

        • You do realize that the two “reverends” don’t care about blacks or racial harmony. They are only in it for the power and money. What they need to remember, is that God is watching…he knows their hearts.

      8. They don’t have adult leadership.

        • Yes they do they are doing exactly what their leaders want them to do.

      9. I believe all the victims of black-on-white crime should march in the streets. Read the large city local news pages and you will get a picture of the true crime situation. There are millions of instances of black criminals doing their thing every year and whites are making excuses for these crime waves. That is why the blacks are raising hell in the streets. They are the only game in town. My family has suffered death from the black criminals. I am armed to the teeth and pity the sob that happens to attack me. I will give them something to protest. Maybe the white pacified sheep will wake up and see what is happening to them. But I am not holding my breath.

        • 2012 Stats:

          Black on black murders: 6000
          Black on white murders: 1700
          White on black murders: 600

          Uh, so why are we worried about the smallest stat? I’ll tell you why: its not about whats best for the people. Its an emotional trigger in order to form divisions and division is good for political power! Now you have the secret. There is an agenda here and it doesn’t do anyone, black or white, any good!

          The blacks and whites demonstrating for Trayvon are BEING PLAYED!!!

          Way to show your stupidity.

        • Well put Infidel. Your statements are the undeniable truth of the state of race in America for the last 50 years. Can anybody produce ANY evidence of white rioting, white “youts” stealing and beating up negroes in their stores? Did anybody see any white guys kicking the shit out of a negro while saying ” This is for Nicole and Ron,motherfucker ! I won’t hold my breath waiting for any evidence, but I will say that anybody who thinks the only option is to let them do whatever they please is part of the problem, not the solution.

      10. EXCLUDING the criminal elements in every race and color who I believe and support to be prosecuted when they commit crimes, all of the law abiding citizens in every race and color, are being used and being placed against each other by the corrupt leaders in both black , yellow, white purple, red, communities. If you are a racist then don’t bother to even read this post since this is specific to anyone who believes in one race that is HUMAN RACE. These voices who are screaming for someone to be portrayed as a victim and just to find someone to be hanged simply don’t care about a 17 years old teen named Trayvone nor the 28 years old man named George. They are after their own corrupt agenda by putting the non criminal humans against each other.

        • @tactical, Age ole’ divide and conquer technique at it’s finest!

        • @Tactical

          You have obviously never had a member of your family gunned down in the streets. Which means all of your observations are bs. You are brainwashed to the point you are blind to what is slapping you in the head. Sing kumbaya and chortle “why can’t we just get along” until you are caught in that dark alley on Saturday night. I am awake. One of the few.

          • @Infidels-r-us

            If you noticed I pointed to the criminal elements. I think you missed my point. You referenced being in a dark alley late on Saturday night… about if your attacker is white? It really can be any color or race who may attack you and in such situations and you have a god given rights to protect yourself by any and all means. Are you going to hate the entire white race if your attacker is white? If your attacker is spanish, are you going to hate the hispanic race? If you say that you do then it is end of our conversation. You think you are awake….actually you are in coma and not even able to comment in an intelligent manner.

            • @Tactical

              Look at who is doing the vast majority of the violent crimes in the U.S. Look at the statistics man. Do you deny them? A black-on-white national crime wave has been going on for years…now getting worse because the upper gov politicians are black. I still believe this has to touch you personally before your eyes are going to open. Time will probably take care of this. Did see me say that I hate all blacks. I didn’t. So don’t put words in my mouth I didn’t say. You are what is called a wigger.

              • @Infidels-r-us

                Let me be very clear here….first and foremost I am sorry about your loss but my main point is the same corrupt politicians who generate the statistic you are referencing are also generating the statistic showing the gun owners are criminals. I am a gun owner and I know that I am not a criminal and have no intentions of doing any crimes but being labeled as such. Consider the source my friend. No doubt that there are criminal elements all over. If any one of them tries to harm me or my family, I’ll use deadly force without any hesitation but at the same time I am not going to judge the entire communities due to ones actions. YES, Blacks are 13% of the entire population and their crime rates are higher than other other segments but have you noticed the mobs are not only black? There are a mixture of whites, browns, yellows, blacks. How do you judge in this case? In a town that I live, there were two teens who did a home invasion last week. Both were whites and both deserved to be shot as they got shot but I don’t care if they were whites or any other colors……THEY WERE CRIMINALS. Period.

                • @Tactical

                  I apologize for the wigger characterization. I am just down in my bones disgusted over what I see is ass kissing of the black race that causes them to act out and lash out at other races. I will not apologize for pointing out facts about what is causing this mayhem. Pc is not in my blood.

                  • @Infidels-r-us

                    Hey brother. No need for apology but I do appreciate the reply. I do share your frustration 100%. I get ill in my stomach when I see JJ and AS and EH and the far left spells their garbage. I wish you and your family the best and again I am sorry for your loss. Take care.

                  • Infidels and Tactical, I read the exchanges between you with great interest. both of you do make valid points. infidels, my condolences for your loss. On Dec. 15, 1981, my wife, a nurse at Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami, was walking across the street from the hospital to the employee parking lot after finishing her shift. She was run over by a drunk driver flying down the street at 50 mph in a 25 mph zone. She was from Cuba and the drunk driver was from Haiti. people can say what they will about the statements I’m about to make, but they’re based upon my personal experience in Miami from 75 to 82. The Cubans were the only foreign group there that made a favorable impression upon me as people. As immigrants, they played by all the rules. they insisted on doing for themselves and still do to this day. Most of the other groups, Haitians included, jump right onto the public dole. Haitians are useless. They are too lazy for anything. I had trouble with them, my wife and her family had trouble with them, all of the Cuban exile community had trouble with them. there’s more than enough hatred between all of those different groups to go around. At the time I was there, Miami was only 20% African-American; it’s even less today. Haitians are some mean, cold-blooded people. Whenever the Cubans have serious trouble with them, they’ll find the one responsible and take him out into the Everglades on one of the back roads and leave him stranded out there. And I don’t know whether any of them made it back into the city; don’t even care. My point is that there is race-based hatred not only here but all over the world. it’s sad but true. My feelings for Haitians has nothing to do with race, but LACK OF CHARACTER! There are African_Americans I’ll take over Haitians any time! Look at the pictures and videos of these Trayvon riots and tell me how many white people you see in them. It’s not a black thing as some people have suggested! anyone of any ethnic group can become violent. I saw more than enough violence between all the various groups in Miami to know. Anyone who attacks me, I don’t care what your color is, be ready to pay the price for it! braveheart

                • Tactical: It is Not polititions that generate those actual Crime stats though. The true stats and actual numbers are from a Vast FBI nationwide colletion every year, from every single: Village-Town-Township-City-County-State nationwide, of actual: Arrest-Charges-Convictions-based by: Age-Race-gender.

                  And litterally every org that checks or comments on these FBI yearly stats agrees, from NRA to antigun libs, agree that FBI statistic’s Crime numbers Are probobly The Most Unbiased-Untainted-Real actual documented figures of all fed govnt agencies etc.

                  The numbers come from so many cities etc, litterally Every single Police agency with arrest powers and at every level, local-county-state-federal cops records of arrests and every single Courthouse in usa files of convictions.

                  Plus the FBI seperates all crimes. The Main crime concern for our and progun discussions are of all VIOLENT crimes committed, and arrests made for them.

                  FBI Lists Crimes of Violence in aprox 12-catagories. Again listed By crime-perps: age-gender-Race etc.

                  You can look back since FBI started to keep track this way for aprox 40+ yrs now. It takes on avg 18+ Months to fully Compile Last yrs numbers! So you usually can Only trace Backwards from today, for example to year of 2011 and farther back From 2011. For last yrs 2012 stats it wil take till begining of 2014 likely. Due to Massive numbers from so many locations nationwide.

                  Now going back decades…Nearly 1/2 Century now…Each yrs stats shows an Overwhelming Disproportionate amount of every of all 12 catagories of Violent Crimes arrests and convictions etc, is BY….BLACK-MALES-Ages of 14-15 yrs to 24-25 yrs old brackets.

                  FBI percentages also listed(last time I looked a year or longer ago), showed an avg that Varries from each catagory of Violent Crime.

                  But in ALL the Major “Biggies” IE: Murders-Murder With Weapon, then seperate side list for each weapon Type knife-Handgun-Rifle-Barehanded-Choking-Poison-etc etc.

                  Avg percentages show a Low(from memory here) of aprox 65% to Highs of 89% depending on type weapon-type crime-etc.

                  FBI also Lists Black ON white crime,and visa versa, etc.

                  So while Yes polititions and MSM Trump up quite a plate full of falshoods and propaganda to divide us folks into groups etc…There is NO more correct and accurate stats than FBI crimes listings for each year.

                  Bottom Line is: Like it or not, African Blacks ARE who Commits way more violent crimes, Rapes, Murders, of each other as well as white victims every year, year after year, decade after decade, that it is by No means a stretch of imagination Nor is it “whiteys are Raysis” for us to state that…FBI Stats PROVES Beyond All Doubts, that American African Blacks commit so vastly higher crimes of violence nationwide, they are a True MENACE to Society in General, and Especially Dangerous for White Folks to be around them if at all avoidable.

                  PS: All who bother to look at FBI crime list stats KEEP In Mind, Blacks represent Far Lesser Population compared to Whites. Aprox white=70% vs. Blacks=12-13% Totals usa wide. I do not now recall If FBI makes that distinction when compileing their crime stats and numbers etc.

                  Welfare basically just shows a list with for “example here”..Whites on welfare=31%…Hisppanics=33%….Blacks=35%

                  Which gives the “Impression” all three groups are close to equall in reciept of welfare benifits. WRONG!

                  They Fail to take note of vastly More whites IE 70% whiteys vs 12-13% blacks and 8%? Hispanics.

                  Therefore Far fewer whites percent wise Based upon the Whole POP of whiteys compared to Far Greater black and hispanic based the same way. But their welafre numbers make it look close to same for all three groups. I hope I made this easy to comprehend.

        • Cannon fodder to distract Patriots from opposing Tyranny

      11. Howdy All…off topic, but have a few things to share. I am very interested in the drying of foods and made my own drying racks utilizing several old picture frames, a couple of hinges, and some window screening that I had……two frames, any size but larger is obviously better (I used 11 x 14). Cut screening to fit and attach to one frame on both sides and on one side only on the other frame. Attach hinges on the 14″ sides so that the frame with only one side screened is fitted with the screen on top, allowing some space between the frames for the items to be dried. Hope that makes sense……fill with what you wish to dry and place in the sun so that air can flow between the screens but insects cannot land on the food items themselves…..I used cement blocks to place them on. Have also been experimenting with solar oven…..I had success with my cast iron dutch oven. I lined it with heavy duty foil and placed a glass panel (from a picture frame) on top and weighted it with a small rock placed to the side and baked chicken thighs….worked well. Then I just tried the dutch oven by itself with the cast iron lid…..also had success here. Actually baked some corn bread. Before you ask, I am not sure of the time involved and not sure if the times would be accurate in all parts of the Country….I live in Southwest Missouri and the temps here right now are rather high. Just experiment as I did. I also have picked up some old 10 gallon aquariums at thrift stores and yard sales. I want to attempt to grow herbs in colder weather when we may not have the utilities we have now for warmth. Hoping that the sun will provide the warmth. By herbs, I mean medicinal herbs which may help to take the place of prescription meds. I would recommend you obtain a book which informs you not only which herbs to grow for particular medical conditions, but also how to best use them. I like “The Herbal Medicine Maker’s Handbook: A Home Manual” by James Green. All books by Phyllis Hobson are great and should be acquired as to your individual needs. Her drying book will tell you how to dry eggs and milk.
        The greatest tool /weapon you have lies within your mind. Knowledge and the ability to remain calm during any situation will be what saves your life. All of your preps may be taken from you, but no one can take away the survival skills which are secure within your mind. I believe that those who survive will have fought the battle with the full armor of God. See Ephesians Chapter 6 verses 10 through 20
        Have Faith and Have Sisu

        • Thank you for some practical useful information. Will have to try that later this week, as our harvest gets into full swing.

          It is a refreshing, to find something useful on this blog, instead of all the hate and distrust.

          • You don’t have to insult us — you Nazi infiltrator dipstick!

        • FOB– hey, try taking an old satellite dish, sticking some chrome tape on the parabolic surface, ( or glue mylar film there ), then bolting a piece of metal on the shaft at the focal point. place your dutch oven on the metal surface to cook your meals QUICKLY. this will not take all day to cook something. don’t forget to aim at the sun… this set-up boils liquids real fast!

        • stop hi jacking the thread bitch.

        • Very good…this is what this type of site is about…not just the retards throwing tantrums in the streets…thanks for the info!

        • Today I picked a large amount of parsley to dry. Rinsed it off, then put on large containers and placed on the dashboard of car. With windows rolled up, temperature outside in the low 90’s, didn’t take but about 5-6 hours to be bone dry. I think back to the time I thought I needed to put all the foods in an expensive dehydrator, for a longer amount of time. Live and learn…

      12. Here comes another run on guns and ammo. Buy while you can. The shelves late going to be empty.

        • We did not have a run on guns yet. Ammo rush still the same..

          I believe the ones who want them have them or are out of cash to get them.

          Now many are starting to wake up and realize they don’t want to go to the store at the beginning of a riot.

          Wholesale shop I know are out of beans and rice pallet amount as soon as they arrive.. Not a shortage yet but 99% spoke for as the train comes to the dock.

          Just saying.

          • And for the record I do believe you should have one gun before a stockpile of food..

            Protect self first then water food More guns More ammo then High teck then more ammo More food. Land some silver maybe gold more amm more food now some MREs Solar time. Knowledge stop and read a few survival books.. Yes learn from Rambo.

      13. How long will it be before a “This is for Trayvon” is met with a “This is from George”? Blacks are being manipulated into becoming cannon fodder in a proxy war against the middle class so Tyranny can assume complete and total power…

        • What’s worse is that they are being sold down the river by Obummer, Revs Sharpton, and Jackson.

          • Yes, it’s sad. Since the “High-ups” chimed in, this whole Trayvon thing will live on in the anals of history.

          • Fred- ….. reverend…. REVEREND!? WTF makes those two reverent towards ANYTHING!?

      14. They tried to DIVIDE to country first it was the Rich against the poor + didn’t quite work + then the gun owners against the pussy’s didn’t work + now lets try the Race Card that might get everyone hating each other and loving us believe me it’s been the plan the whole time!

      15. This has nothing to do about Martin or Zimmerman! This has everything to do about the D.O.J. and the removal of more of our rights! First the 2nd amendment, second stand your ground or “castle laws”, and third unconstitutional hate crimes! This event is being used as platform to remove our constitutional rights period! The media in conjunction with all forms of our government are in cahoots together and their agenda is to divide our country! Meanwhile Russia shipped another 160,000 troops over to Syria, and the U.S. debt clock has been stuck at $16,866,515,522,000 for the past 57 days!The bond market is about to tank as interest rates are going up! however you will never hear whats really going on in the mainstream media as long as their rioting about Trayvon! Be safe and may God bless ,…Steve

        • @Stinky Steve——Very Intelligent comment.

          • Ditto
            I said this to someone yesterday and they looked at me like i was speaking a different language.
            Watch your 6

            • You can bet everyone of the rioters have a EBT card and Obammiephone. Working men, regardless of color dont do that shit. The next big fucking we get will be the immigration bill. As the MSM says…. stay Untuned.

        • Finally, someone on this site gets it!

          This is classic misdirection….drawing attention from the real issues while our liberties continue to erode.

          Even helicopter Ben says the economy will tank without QE!

      16. Lets see a civil trial. Everything will come out about Trayvon that you didn’t hear during this trial. The Justice Departmrnt and the president said the wrong things about this event and made statements that should have kept quiet. They want this mess to go on.

        • If all that was then on the record Gerge would be the one receiving the Payday.

        • If i understand Florida law correctly, once found not guilty using self defense in a criminal court, the defendant is immune to civil suits by surviving family members.
          I may be completly off key, but that should protect GZ from the Martin/Fulton flock of legal vultures. The only recourse is a federal “civil rights” suit, and that probabily won’t happen, as it will hilight the cracks in the mask.

          • Uncle Ted says Zimmerman ought to sue the treyvons…kid was 17 when he attacked Zimmerman and got caught with stolen items… in most places parents are responsible for underage kids criminal behavior!

        • Just remember that George H.W. Bush was the one who ordered the LA cops in the Rodney King fiasco to be tried on Federal charges after they were acquitted on the state charges. The white elites are all the same in that they hate their own kind and maybe themselves. Hopefully tempers will calm down soon and people will start thinking. Trayvon is not worth anyone getting hurt or killed over.

        • You’re assuming that the judge who presides over any hypothetical civil trial would be any different than Nelson was in the criminal trial. I’d bet the farm that Holder and Obamy will hand pick the judge and it’s going to be a commie leftist one. Like Nelson, they will disallow the introduction of anything from Martin’s past that might help bolster the case against him.

          If Zimmerman is smart, he’ll sue MSNNBC, collect a few million in damages and then move to Peru and live like a king (under a new identity) for the rest of his days.

      17. I used to be very supportive of the “coloreds”. I thought I had some good black friends but was I in for a surprise. Black folk are black first and whatever second. I even tried to mentor a black and it was a disaster. It took me 60 years to realize that the black race is hopeless. Give them the northeastern states and let them regress into savages. I make no apologies. Let me add that there were 2 black gentlemen that I had the pleasure to know. Geno and Andrew RIP. 🙁

        • You know that brings up a point Ive noticed lately…namely several people I know who were always VERY defensive of the blacks in general have told me they are starting to look at them differently lately and no longer feel that they are like they knew years ago…if this is happening anywhere near more commonly then things will begin to change for the blacks…seems maybe the collective “give a damn” is breaking or busted…they wasted a lot of goodwill that aint coming back!…anyone else seeing this happen in their circles?

          • Those people you refer to are probably Obamy voters. I really don’t want white Obamy voters to wake up. I am convinced that Whites who have conflicted notions about the idea of racial loyalty are never going to be truly reliable or trustworthy allies. They’ve already demonstrated the fact that they have a flaw in their character, and even if they claim to be finally ‘awake’ to the realities of race, I am 100 percent certain that they will always be a weak link.

            Such people are the sort who will wet their finger, stick it in the air and try to see which way the wind is blowing on any given issue and then try to get into step with the herd. This means that they have no real core set of convictions of their own. They are lemmings.

            Lemmings are not reliable allies. The people we can trust are those who’ve stood by their convictions and their principles and their beliefs, even when those things were deemed to be ‘Politically Incorrect’.

            • Naw Tuck,to the contrary…first off I have no friends or even associates who would/did vote for barry the fairy…secondly I would never allow myself to hang around with them there types! 😉
              No, the people Im actually referring to are good people…work for a living and love liberty…they are just people who are very wary of racism…I am too and I know the difference twixt true racism and reality…..Im just wondering if its being noticed by others out there as it seems to me theres a shift in thinking going on…like a lot of people have just said screw it,Im done tryin…cant just be here!

              • I feel motivated to clarify the difference between being a ‘racialist’ and a ‘racist’.

                The enemies of White European people, i.e., the Frankfurt School of virulently anti-White Cultural Marxists – have devoted a considerable amount of their evil energy over the last 50 or so years, working to seize control of the language. Their reasoning was that they needed to redefine certain key words and to ‘weaponize them’ and, in the case of the word ‘racialist’, they wanted to equate it with ‘racist’ and then try to blur the distinctions between these two terms.

                A racialist, no matter which race they belong to, is someone who is proud of his or her race, and who believes it is essential for them to be able to defend their race and to be concerned about the perfectly legitimate ethnic specific interests of their demographic group.

                This defense, naturally, has to include being wary and on one’s guard against efforts by racial competitors of other groups to exploit, take unfair advantage of, to hustle or cause harm to come to your specific racial demographic group.

                An excellent book on this topic is the one by Edgar J. Steele, titled
                “Defensive Racism” – which I recommend highly.

                At any rate, I believe the primary and most important difference between a racialist and a ‘racist’ is that a racist is probably more inclined to want to subjugate, dominate and put their boot on the back of the necks of other races of people. Whereas, in contrast, a racialist is more apt to desire to live separately from other races and has zero desire to rule over, or to subjugate any other race – which in an racially exclusive ethnostate situation, would be guaranteed to never happen.

                Hence, I fit into the category of a racialist. I pose no threat whatsoever to any other race – unless, of course, they are genetically predisposed to parasitism and consider any attempt by White racialist to permanently sever their attachment to my financial resources visi vi ‘separation’ to be a threat to their survival.

                And, if that is the case, then I say tough beans. My paycheck belongs to me exclusively, because I’m the one who exchanged my labor in order to be entitled to it.

                Judging by Reb’s description of his experiences with many of his race whipped, probably white guilt brainwashed White friends or family members, I would say that they’ve swallowed the entire Cultural Marxist concocted White racial suicide programming.

                In essence, I would almost guarantee that every individual that Reb refers to would label any effort by anyone who is white to defend, promote, or express concern about their perfectly legitimate, perfectly moral, perfectly reasonable racially specific interests – in the exact same manner as do all other racial groups – to be included within their brainwashed understanding of ‘racism’.

                This is a illustration of how successful the Cultural Marxist anti-White left have been with their efforts to blur the distinctions between ‘racialist’ and a true ‘racist’.

        • Take it easy, I meant NY MA RI CT not PA which is my birthplace. How about sending them back to africa?

          • KIngcrazy, Its cool, I think Africa would be the best place, and on their over Accidents happen..pep on.

      18. DRD5508 says:
        Comment ID: 1910338
        The busiest profession will be grave digging, God forbid.

        Leonard M. Urban says:
        Comment ID: 1916305
        So THOSE are the shovel-ready jobs…

        LOL. Too damn funny. Best laugh all week Mr Urban, Thanks

      19. So why weren’t people out handling business? This shouldn’t have been even news or allowed to make it a block.


        And remember…stay hungry my friends.

      20. The Zimmerman/Martin debacle was NOT racially motivated, it was “we had enough of criminals” motivated; from everything the obviously biased media has promoted, Zimmerman was just as sick of people and their excuses for being criminals as you, me, and the next guy and had the blessing of the neighborhood to be their neighborhood watch guy; hence, was doing his job, although if 911 told me not to follow, I wouldn’t have. HOWEVER, I would have defended myself the same if attacked. Thank goodness TPTB screwed it up big when they picked an obviously Hispanic guy as their “white racially motivated” poster child — that was a nice backfire.

      21. Blacks are rioting because they are so indoctrinated with the entitlement mentality, they refuse to accept that for once they didn’t get their way. Zimmerman wasn’t even going to be charged with anything until ‘public outcry’ orchestrated through Martin’s family lawyer and the Federal Social Justice Department forced it to happen.

        The real tragedy is, had this been a black on black or a black on white shooting, nobody outside the local news media would have paid any attention.

        Also, this rioting over the Zimmerman acquittal is payback for all the white looting and rioting that happened after O.J. was acquitted of a double murder. Oh wait, there was no white rioting and looting.

        Never mind.

        • This is and has been about rekindling the gun control.

          • “He” has gotten all he has asked for so far.

        • That’s an inconvenient truth the political correctness imbeciles will choke on trying to make excuses for.

        • Just wait until the EBT and food stamps go away. That should be entertaining.

      22. Out here in the boonies the highways are littered with the corpses of coons.

        • I want to live there! 🙂

      23. Awesome! Hope it gets out of control and the cities burn.

      24. Martin had watermelon and entitles not tea,so he had 2/3 of the drug “purple drank” so he was probable high tho not on weed.he was already at his father’s fiancee’s house and decided to teach the creepy was cracker a sympathy for someone who assaults someone then gets stopped,although I am sad he started it in the first place.lesson for youngsters just walk away because you never know when someone has a way to defend themselves.

        • If the lazy ass cops in Sanford would have responded in a timely manner this whole mess would have been avoided. They had what a half hour to show up?

        • Meant skittles Dam autocorrect

      25. When OJ got off for killing his WHITE wife, there wasn’t angry protests. Also let us not forget was commiting a CRIME before he was shot. Poor Trayvon my ass.

      26. At least the negroes do more than flap their lips like you white boys!

        • Truth Hurts doesn’t it.

          The White have become a bush of pussy willing to laid down and get pounding on at all the other race desires.

        • lips?

        • @ jackson. The white part of Zimmerman did more than flap his lips.

      27. There is a basis for the development of a “stereotype”.
        These rioters are just providing support of the
        stereotype of the angry, violent, black, criminal.
        They do not represent most blacks, but they are the ones making the news.

        They seem to have forgotten how effective MLK’s non-violent method of protest can be.

        • But Most Blacks Do support and stand With these type. No matter what or how bad it gets with the lesser group of violent protester blacks, a vast majority of blacks never go against Their own.

          • to say that most blacks support the behaviors described in the article above is simply ridiculous. i don’t believe that for one second.

            while they may not get involved, that does not mean that they agree with what is going on.

            i mean, you don’t agree with many, many, many things going on in this country (as evidenced by your novellas posted here), yet you aren’t doing anything to actually get involved and stop the corruption. so, can we safely assume that you support and stand with our government?

      28. Thanks for the thumbs im getting a good laugh from em. But i didn’t know this sight engaged in race bating. Posting this article will achieve what? More “lock n load bring it on jigaboos” or ” send they’re asses back to Africa with their African koon president” I mean unless this type of post somehow furthers the SHTF awareness i don’t see how it’s relevant. I come here for the knowledge and like mindedness. It’s getting to the point where i have to skip certain post all together and not even bother to read the helpful comments. The same goes for before its news. This is supposed to be a sanctuary or oasis for the aware, so i thought. I don’t know now maybe im just being naive.

        • “Jigaboos” – LMAO — Baltimore?

        • Persona, part of being prepared is being prepared for civil unrest and rioting. That is what is taking place now. I suspect the police are soft pedaling making arrests in the hope this just flames out on its own. If the police, or citizens, start shooting it could blow up big time. The “protesters” seem to be playing a very dangerous game, given that if some of the people they are attacking were carrying there would have already been bloodshed.

          Part of my preparedness for this scenario was to relocate to an area where it would be absolutely impossible to have a race riot. If this gets worse I will make some popcorn and watch it unfold on TV.

        • I prefers the name boojey tunes if it be all da same to you suh.

        • @Personaonograta

          The truth is not pretty to read or mind soothing is it? But if you read the posts on this site, you will at least get a broad picture of the way things really are. Sorry that doesn’t fit your picture of the world. As to your last sentence, yes, you are being naive. Drop that bowl of coolaid my friend and have some reality stew.

        • @Personanongrata;

          “They shall know the truth shall make them mad”

          The Zimmerman trial and its fallout has really brought out the worst in some of the members here.

          Why are you getting red thumbed for telling the truth?

          Lots of keyboard cowboys with revenge fantasies.

          None of that will help address the real crises facing us.

          Cant say I agree with you very often but I do in this case.

      29. Could this be any more predictable? I suppose at any given time in history there has allways been a mob of missdirected youth and disgruntled ill-informed malcontents that offer nothing to society other than complaints and an open palm ready for public dole money. This sort of shit is or was readily observable in europe but seems to have made its way here(aint it great we’re so cosmopolitan these days) thanks to the grass is allways greener on the other side of the political system crowd, you know, commies.
        So what do we do about it? Nothing, not a dang thing. This is not the time to take to the streets. Its the time to go camping, fishing and anything else you can think of that keeps you away from this nonsense. Get out of town go visit someone you hav’nt seen in years. The best medicine you can use for this sickness is to completely ignore it. Do you think that these clowns can keep this up for any length of time?
        If we all stay home and just let the blacks and trust funded idiot white kids go have their little black panda parties it will fizzle out in a day or two. If we all get involved it could get out of hand. The worst thing that can happen to a cause is for it to be ignored and dissmissed as trite.
        The ole Hog will be sitting this one out on a mountain top retreat over a nice single malt and a few days of target practice with my brand spanky new 45acp. You know I may just get crazy and throw a hook in the brook, Im a wild man I know.

        • Boss Hog, I totally agree. I’ve seen a good-size of libturd white people at these protests and riots. they don’t understand that any of those blacks could turn against them without warning. I’m going to see my Dad in the Ozarks this weekend, so I won’t be near any riots. On april 4, 1968, my Dad and I were going home from downtown when MLK was shot. We were only a few blocks from where it happened. Almost at the same moment we heard the news on the car radio, ,TSHTF. our car, a 1964 Ford Galaxie, was attacked by a black male with a baseball bat. Dad yelled, “Hold on, boy!”, hit the accelerator, and ran over him. We never heard any more about the incident from anyone. We don’t know if that black male survived or not. While what Dad did was technically illegal, his action saved our lives that day. To this day, we don’t talk about it. I catch hell if I bring it up to him. If I get caught upin anything, and anyone tries to attack me, it won’t end well for them. NOMI CATIMF BRAVEHEART

          • We have become afraid to hit the gas.

            There are to many that would just curl up and die..

            A salute to your DAD.

            • Afraid to hit the gas!??? You dont know me that well!
              VRRROOOOOMM, crunch crunch!

              • I hope its not just talk.

                • I for one will not be another Reginald Denny!

          • No body NO crime.

            • Piper: WOW! Man what a Tale! That teacher explained blacks like no other ever did. 100% truth too. If he didn’t say it was a southern state school, I’d swear hes from Detroit schools system. EVERY whites needs Read this guys “letter” of teaching black school kids. What a eye opener. Especially white guilt folks need read it.

              • What gives: sounds like he/she got an A+ Grade in Univ African “Studies” and ethnocentric social re enginering class. Or believes every hollywood “slavery” movie which are Identical to Holyhoax movies, except about blacks.

                Less than 3% in the south states Owned any slaves.

                The Richest slave owner lived on HER Plantation in GA, owned almost 300 slaves and…She was a BLACK Woman Slave Owner!

                The very First “slaves as owned Property” like Land or Homes are property Owned, that was Decided BY the US supremes, concerned a Case BY a BLACK Man slave owner, whos run away slave was found being shelterd in the NORTH states. The BLACK Slave Ownerman said the party in North MUST Return missing/now found Slave as it IS the BLACK Slave Owners Property and his Right to retrieve His Property/slave.

                The US supremes Agreed and found in Favor of the BLACK Slave Owner man and he got His Slave returned.

                Who first SOLD Blacks into slavery during the usa slave eras?…AFRICAN Black “Kings” sold fellow Blacks to slavers.

                WHO were those who BOUGHT african Blacks for Slavery?
                Jewish Slave Ship Owners and even all or mostly all Jewish ships Crews!

                WHO Financed Slave ships Jewish Owners? Various, Jewish Banksters did!

                So…Blame whiteys? even Now today when 630,000 WHITE MEN from Both sides in the civil war gave their Lives, and it ended in Freeing 3 Million slaves.

                THAT is aprox, 5 freed black slaves for Each DEAD whitey soldier of both sides(although Lincolns war of agression against the southern Whites was Never mainly about freeing slaves as Liberal Kommie public schools taught each generation since the end of civil war.)

                Slavery ENDED when? 1865…NO africans in the usa for at least 5 or More generations was ever a slave, likewise NO whites alive today, Nor their past ancestors for same time frame ever owned any slaves.(so Get Over it assholes and white guilt fools…You white-guilt libs are worse for racialy aware whites then gabgbanger blacks whom You whiteys Empower by never ending Excuses made on blacks behalf. How much Longer before all so called wrongs are done and finsihed crying over, whitey/blacky?

                NONE of MY grandparents etc came to america untill After 1865. As a White Man, Native Born citizen, I Resent being constantly Blamed for things NObody in MY family Ever had ANY part in or Of! Please tell the savage africans of this “new development” of NOT all whites did slavery.

                ps, I also Resent that Most/All but Two far as I know of, of My Polish side were Murdered By Russian/Polish JEWERY Kommies of 1918-1989 eras when kommie Jews run russia killed off almost 1/3 Billion mostly white christians Just in the 20th century alone! God alone knows how many More christians/whites, Jews murdered since their Murder of Christ.

                If Any such white guilt delusional folks here doubt the factual truths of these stats I posted…Go Research it all as many have done before you. Then You too will know Real truth, not Hollywoods and MSM’s Kommie-Lib Tainted Versions, that BY design are used to Delude and Guilt You because what Libs-Kommies-Hollywood/msm jewish folks Fear Most, is another woke up whitey who never again shall fall for so much Hoaxes-Lies-Propagandas-Swidnles of whiteys.

                One final Note here: To believe Fairy Tales by hollywood movies and public school history text books etc and believe that the slave owners Paid aprox $500-$2000 Per slave, and then actually Bull Whipped that slave all Nite or Raped and Gang raped female slaves Nightly till Dawn.

                Then forced that now near death slave to Work 18 hrs per day, with even More whippings for “fun” etc…

                Is akin to believing Todays farmers buy a brand new John Deere Tractor for $50,000-$100,000 and spend all nite Beating it with a 5lb sledge hammer…Then spend all day tomorrow driveing the tractor at full speed and abuseing it as much as possible, repeating that scenario Daily for Decades….And actually expecting his expensive tractor will do a Good Job and Last and Last a long while!

                Is anybody that stupid for real? What If Most slave owners took Good care of their “Investments” same as Todays John Deere owning farmers does?

                What makes More sense? (guess it depends if you a lib dem and have univ degrees taught by bonifide kommie jewish professors eh)

                Next time take a Course in “Talmud Studies” and Karl Marx manifesto plans to kommiize usa and destroy Whites.

                I refuse to harbor white guilt as I never owned nor harmed any blacks-slaves-and never tossed any jews into “ovens”(germans didn’t neither unless was already a typhus infested dead body). Now all we need is for africans and jews to Get Over the Past and stop blameing whites for Their black/jewish Failures due to Both are the parisitic folks of the world.

                Let jews go to Israel and blacks go to africa and Prove I am wrong on their being such parasites. See if Those two vampiire races are able to subsist and live on Other parasitic Vampires like themselves!(no wonder 1/2 the jew vampires are here or euro white nations…Vampires and Parasites cannot Live upon other parasitic beings, they always Require a “Host” body/peoples/nations to exist off of.)

                Oh! and Please Post Your Valued Opinions of those Talmud sections after you study Talmud verses, especially of intrest to some of us here is Your opinions of verses like “Kill the Goyim(gentiles.all non jews) Especially Kill of the Best of the Gentile Goyims(means whites?).”

                Also Your valued Opinions of talmudic mentions of Jesus-Christians-Christianity, etc…Perhaps after studying it, you will agree that maybe whites are the Wrong folks to Blame! Indeed will stand by awaiting opinions of your talmudic studies. Thank you in Advance.

              • With a large broken glass rod! 🙂

              • Even worse, your niece’s uncle is a racist who is about as bright as a 3 watt bulb in a burnt out socket.

              • @Yental:

                You’re right, I guess I’m just a plant who masquerades around town as an idiot.

                Apparently, you have a comprehension problem in which you can’t decipher between someone agreeing with you and someone who is blatantly going against everything one says.

                I’m not going to stoop down to your level and hurl insults as is the case with you. I’m actually here for real intellectual conversation in which many on this board lack. Does it bother you that i’m not speaking in broken English, or (Lord help me) Trayvon’s friend on the stand. Yes, that as a black man was embarrassing, but not the way you may think. The education system is a problem for inner city kids. This is one of the root issues to the problems facing kids who are subjected to this and the environment that they live in. Yes, parents should be held accountable. Yes, each individual needs to be responsible for their own actions. However, the bad seeds that you see on the nightly news is just a small sample size of any cultures poverty stricken areas. Would the news channels get any good reviews if they focused on the good. I’m not saying don’t report the violence, but how about a more reasonable balance? The first thing to reverse the curse is building moral. NOT CONTINUING TO TEAR PEOPLE DOWN FROM THE COMFORT OF YOUR (OUR) SUBURB COUCH! Isn’t that too easy? Now who’s the lazy one?

                • @What gives

                  I am not a racist and grew up with a black family as our best friends. In the last couple of days I found myself looking at people I come across to see if the stereotype exists. Here’s my findings.

                  Tuesday night I went to McDonalds at the truck stop by my house. Not very many minorites where I live but the bus visits the truck stop a lot with iner city types to get a bite. While waiting for my food I see a black teen and he was minding his own business, then another black teen comes up and they start dancing around slap boxing in the middle of the line. Then another black teen comes up and joins in. So all 3 are jumping around acting crazy in the line before ordering all while “I assume” their mom was standing their watching and not saying a thing. If my Mom seen me doing this she would have corrected me and not allowed that behavior.

                  Today on lunch I went to a dollar general to get some stuff and heard a couple black kids running a yelling in the store. Time to time their white mom would yell something but not stop them. Finally she got them up in the front of the store and started yelling at a high voice making a scene while the kids got mad and ran off again. One kid mixed other to dark to be mixed.

                  My point is I see more of this behavior from blacks then any other race. There seems to be a difference in how the parents raise the children.

                  I hope this blows over because I’m finding myself in a position of not taking crap anymore and speaking my mind. This “creepy ass cracker” don’t bow to anyone other than than GOD I serve. I’m not going out of my way to be rude but I’m not going to smile while someone gives me a turd sandwich either.

                  Happy Friday

                  • Black thugs like Trayvon don’t have parents…unless there is lawsuit loot to split.

                  • @ IndyColts

                    So if I understand what you said correctly, you start off by saying you’re not a racist. You grew up with a black family and were best friends. But then years later, you run across black “teens” joking around in line, and another couple of black teens running and yelling. So with this scientific observation that you’ve been enlightened with these last three days you’ve figured out the black race as a whole?

                    No further questions your honor!

                    Happy Friday to you as well.

                  • You aint been in the slums of alabama, mississippi or georgia……………..all of ’em kids is wild, white and black alike……..what God you serve, his name is lucifer.

                  • Blame parents- that’s how so many raise their kids today. I see them in all colors- no one disciplines because they’ve been programed not to. They all want to be their kids’ friends instead of being parents. If another adult tries to call them back in line they become aggressive, just like Trayvon Martin did, just like teens I’ve run into in my life do. The youngest generation, regardless of race, is aggressive and feel entitled to our unquestioning complacency.

                    • Finally someone using there brain instead jumping in line with the racist sheep.

                      Good day to you sir!

                  • Nice to see WHAT GIVES, Finally Admit hes a black guy! After he posted a dozen or More posts acting as if hes a disgusted whitey all so ashaned of his brother whites here! I had him figured out after the 3rd post reply he made. The first two posts had me thinking hes a likley liberal dem whitey who Gorged on a few Gallons of Kommie lib Koolaide. Then his constant posting as if an ashamed whitey got too phony. Especially the Non stop Excuses made for Black savage atitudes and actions etc.

                    All this CRapola about blacks got no chances-bad educations-no money-on and on and on excuses.

                    So how did a whiteboy like Me grow up in a Detroit Fed housing Projects next door to blacks-mexicans-porto ricans-arab(one) and whites too become “Normal” in society if all those “problems” faced by Blacks is the true reasons? I turned out good and sucessfull.

                    Obviously “what gives” is a black man who like so many others and also like Liberal dems are seriously Baffeled and worried that all a sudden lately Most usa whiteys are Fed up to the Max with savages and low life animalistic africans and even More sick and tired of footing the bills 50 yrs now and HOW MANY Blacks such as “What Gives” EVER asks whites how we feel to get so short changed?

                    After 50 yrs of monky crap whats in it for whites? ZERO is what. And ZERO more is all them type blacks wil get from here out. We are tired of being Blamed for what we had nothing to do with, And that todays Blacks like all blacks the LAST 150 yrs have never lived with such as slavery etc! GET OVER SLAVERY!

                    White IRISH folks were the Very FIRST usa slaves Before the first fuckin black african off boarded any slavery ships in usa! FACT! Look it Up!

                    Most blacks today have had an entire lifetime being taught such crap and hate of whites and to blame whitey or enviroment-lack of cash-lack of Inteligence capibility-lack of goof parents etc. Excuses Galore but same as bonofied Lib dems Never able to admit to Their wrongs.

                    Its always “gee I agree on what You said about this or that….HOWEVER! or BUT! Yes its always a however or But when it comes to Lib dem and black mentality aint it.

                    Because NO they Never really do agree. Its a falshood to Pacify our sides folks so we think finally they get it.

                    no they do NOT get it and likley never will due to Liberalness is akin to Mental Derangment. I refuse to say Mental “Sickness” as that will just give libs and Blacks another claim! IE: “ya cantz blamz us po po black folks cuz we gotz dis mental sickness so we deserves Mo Mo MO! Mo everything FREE!….

                    Too Bad but I DO Know as I was Born-Raised-lived in Detroit 43 yrs beofore finally moved far away as posible up North. Now for 18 yrs NO crimes-NO murders-NO Raped women-and NO negroes!!! Coincidence? I think Not!

                    After observing whites since I was age 10 yrs old keep saying And Doing: Just give them colored folks what they want maybe they will LEAVE us whites Alone finally! NOT work at All ever! all it did cause was the big Chance for african savages blacks to Invade detroit like a fuckin tidal wave of biblical proportions, and in FIVE yrs TOTAL go from white-flight due to Negroes flooding in, to LOOT-RIOT-DESTROY-BURN Down 1/2 detroit…That took whites 300 yrs to build and Pay for and maintain as a World Class Most Famous city of “MOTOR CITY” famed world wide. Till Negroes said “We a gonna shows whiteys crackers what we kinz do wit a pack of matches after we loot all not bolted down solid.”

                    Do Not try to swindle Me with lib dem afrcian woe is us bullshit as I was THERE and I KNOW! Not all, yes…BUT Most of your race have proven in EVERY nation of every era or century to be best suited for african jungles where they cannot fuck up nor loot much if any.

                    NAME a single nation-city-state-anything ever in recorded histroy africans did that society at large benifited from?

                    Save yer time as I searched far and wide. None exists.

                    Oh yeah eli whitney invented the cotton gin! Yeah while whites invented every fuckin thing Else, Including Civil society which whites TRIED teaching to africans for several or More Centurys…Most never returned with Glowing reports of mass success since most got EATEN by Savage Canibals!!! So Far we got ONE cotton Gin invented, and tons of Recipies for Raw and Cooked Human canibale din din!…So ok Lets keep Blaming whites economy areas ghettos(they made it a ghetto) and lack of a shiny New caddy car full of Chrome! I aint buying it. I Lived thru it all in Ground ZERO= Detroit! Look at detroit Today July 2013! More examples of african liveing arangments eh!

                    THanks for at least finally admitting you are black after a dozen posts acting as if werent.

                    PS: This is what Liberal dems and jessie jackson will NEVER Teach You blacks:

                    #1-Facts are NOT Rayyysssisss!

                    #2-Truths are NOT Antisemite(98% worlds jews aint semites neither as they are Khazer edomites aka turk and Hunn and Mongrol caucasian mixtures).

                    If speaking facts and truths gets me called raysis etc?

                    I will wear it like a Gold Medal Proudly, as I am a Racialist and happen to Like MY race and whats Good for Ours too. Lets make a Deal! the NEXT 50 yrs blacks act like Normal whiteys all civil like and lets see how That works out!

                    pss, wont ever happen as play race card is ALL blacks has in entire Deck of cards. Thats reason they getting nervous cause whos going to Pay the tab if whites no longer suffer whitey guilt?! Hey I know! ask Jews to Pay for a change! as it Was jews mainly who brought slaves here white and black slaves both. Yeah blame jews for 50 yrs next. I will Help That effort!

                    • I never attempted to hide who i was. If i was talking objectively and leaving race out of the discussion and talking merely from a human perspective, is that wrong? I guess from the rage that came over you once you realized i was black pretty much speaks volumes to who you are and what side of the racial divide you reside.

                      No further comments, as one person on here put it, i can’t change peoples bigotry views.

                      It appears most people on here only want to hear what they want to hear.

                      I clearly stated several times that there are some bad seeds in every race. The ones who are bad, i agree, they should be dealt with accordingly with all of the scorn that one could muster up.

                      However, my point that everyone keeps overlooking is that, why put every black person in the same hat as the thugs and gang bangers?

                      If you are only referring to the thugs, gang bangers, KKK, child molesters, mass murderers, then we are on the same page. If you think all black people are bad because of the few bad seeds, then you SIR ARE A RACIST!

                      Answer this question and i think we will be getting somewhere, or depending on your mental capacity, nowhere at all.

                    • Dude, chill pill, you cool…
                      Stop listening to the MSM —
                      There’s nothing wrong with being a racist.
                      Some of my best friends are racists.

                • Wastin’ your breath, these devils dont respect intellectualism, this is a site that caters to a certain mindset, predominated by racist overtones. You are casting pearls before swine. They dont want human dialog, they want the sewer, replete with the racial slurs and silly baseless rhetoric. These chumps are an example of the sickness that permeates our society. I attempted to interject some manhood into the process, however certain folks are satisfied to be craven bitches. They are mostly phony pussies.
                  Take care, my brother, keep your skin on tough, get your train on if possible and hopefully you’ll be able to stomach the silly immature banter better than I………….I cant take futility.
                  ps. ditch this site, it a trap designed to foment racist exchanges, an possible incite violence, as evidenced by the resident racists commenter’s and their provocations.

                  • @I HATE PUNKS

                    I was actually done with this discussion but it’s good to see at least a couple of people who agree with equal opportunity and judging someone solely on ones character. Not until a lot of my posts started getting thumbs down did I ramp up my responses. I was naïve enough to think that this was more of a prepper and self reliant site for those who opposed big government. With the prepping and living off the land topics, I was like wow this is the site for me. However, I quickly realized some of the people here are really bigots. I’m not the most religious person but I assumed since there were so called “Christians” frequenting this site it would be less racism.

                    I thought it was common sense to everyone that if you have any culture in poverty stricken areas it would be obvious that those individuals are going to have less education and will be surrounded by a larger criminal presence, which those people will have to adapt and make difficult life changes to survive in said environment.

                    Yet, they want to label ALL blacks and non whites as scum, gangbangers, and thugs. This is short sided and hypocritical at the very least, and completely racist at best. What if blacks judged ALL whites by the actions of the KKK, trailer trash, pedophiles, or mass murderers?

                    Again, even with my eye opening experience on this thread, i’m not going to hold the whole white race accountable as they do when a black person is brought up in a negative light on the news or in the media.

                    If those who say every black person that they’ve encountered in their life were thugs and gangbangers, you may just want to take a step back and look around at your current environment. You may be one too!

                    • “Trayvon Riots are Perpetuating the Racial Stereotypes
                      They Claim To Be Railing Against”
                      by Daisy Luther

                      That was the title and subject of this thread.
                      Thanks to all all the Trayvon’s who posted for proving it true.

                      Keep them chips on your shoulder so mine keep rolling in!

                    • Actually i believe the “Trayvon’s” were telling the racists to don’t lump all blacks into the thugs and gangbangers.

                      Looking at those who choose to do so explains why race is still an issue in 2013.

                      I think everyone agrees that thugs and gangbangers are a problem. When you stereotype a whole race, then it’s a problem.

                    • @Al Sharpton
                      Actually the posts from the “Trayvons” were to the racists who put all blacks in the same category of thugs and gangbangers.

                      This is the Racial Stereotypes that Daisy was talking about. It’s funny because it’s the racists whites who validate the mistrust from blacks, and why the race card is pulled.

                      Most black people i know could care less about race because being a bigot is the last thing on their mind. They just want what everyone wants, and that’s to raise and support their family.

                      Don’t point to the ghetto and make this your reason to hate blacks. This is the stereotypes that causes problems.

                    • What Gives: You are correct on that final part. So what you wrote in that final part sure does fully describe Most Jews and blacks eh.

                      Jews= “OyVeh! Ve been Booted out from every nation to ever Host us, all 109 nations for grand total of Over 250+ times Booted Out! and Always due to us jews never ever deserved it!!! Oy Veh I tell ya we is always so perfect and never does no worngs yet always gets BOOTED!

                      Most Blacks at Least last 60 yrs= Read above jew info as BOTH are ironically the same.

                      ps you mentioned KKK. I agree their long reputation does alot to show many wrongs by KKK folks…

                      Yet if one were to give Credit where due, one then Must admit at least ONCE KKK was 100% Correct…That being 50 yrs ago when almost weekly tv news had some KKK events or marchers on TV, warning Whiteys to Beware because if whites refuse to wake Up asap to the Facts that jews, most, are Kommies, they Invented communisim, invented the NAACP and funded and Ran naacp untill late 1980’s, and were training Blacks to assist those kommie jews in destroying america by first destroying White folks.

                      Well then KKK desreves credit for being correct as can be, and a thanks for alerting us whites. Too bad our Parents gen got brainwashed by MSM and hollywood and so trusted fed govnt too, and because of such Misguided trust of govnt and msm and hollywood, Rejected that so correct KKK alert-warnings.

                      Just keep makeing excuses for black failures. While you keep blameing whiteys and everything else posible, Beware of Mexican Illeagle Hoards who definatly hate blacks with a burning Passion…Illeagles who soon wil Out number african blacks big time when lib dems that 96% black voters always vote for abandon blacks in favor of their New PET Monkey 3rd worlders…Mexicans!

                      Wait untill hoards of crazed Very Violent hot tempered mexican 3rd world assholes attacks Africans they so hate. And Most whites who put up with same type crap from blacks for last 50 yrs sit it OUT and let mexicans and blacks go at it! You can later again Blame whiteys, this time for Refuseing to assist Your sorry asses when them violent mex’s go Ape-Shit, like you blacks are so good at doing! That be worth watching on Live TV!

                      CNN/FOX/CSPAN-LIVE EVENT! Mexican Baboons vs. African Apes! Las Vegas’s Jimmy da Greek should do oddsmaking!

                      Return Tuesday to CNN-FOX-CSPAN for Round Two! African Chimps vs. Mexican Gorillas!

                      Final Winner gets the Prize!…One Giant 400LB Watermellon! or 400LB Buritto! each stuffed with 50 lbs of T.N.T.! and a Long fuse to allow news staff/reporters to evacuate area pronto quick!

                      Ok back to Blame whitey mode..

                    • @Them Guys

                      Let me make it clear for you, if you’re able to comprehend.

                      The only whites that blacks blame are the racist whites (KKK, trailor trash, etc). If you are not racist, you have nothing to worry about.

                      All of the empty rhetoric you keep spewing out your mouth let’s me know who my comments are directed at.

                      There is a large majority of whites who blacks have no problem with and vice versa. This so called race war is only between the racist whites that think all black people are thugs and gang bangers.

                      Did you understand that? Or do i have to put it in sub titles for you?

                    • What Gives: Either You are ignorant of Facts or refuse to admit to them, regarding that todays Public schools and especially Universities, most all prof teach that ONLY whites are Racists and that ALL whites are Racists.

                      Go Read the UNIV of PENN if I recall right, Mandatory statement all whites Must swear to in order for permission to reside ON Campus!

                      It basically states and whites MUST recite it in front of univ Board of control of ON campus liveing, “All whites thru history are or were racists as Only whites can be racist, and a few more sentences I cant recall now…All and ONLY whites Must recite and Agree with it or get rejected for ON campus residence.

                      Research a Book by Israel Cohen, published in 1912, hes a Kommie jew in England, kommie Party honcho there, His Book is “The Racial Plan for America in 20th Century”..Or close to that exact title. READ That or about it at least…Then spew More of Your Uneducated MSM-Hollywood generated Crap beliefs and nonsense. You are a typical Delusional deluded Lib dem black. Every post you make confirms it.

                      Everything in that 1912 Israel Cohen book DETAILS all we today see happening that TV amd MOVIES-MSM-GOVNT Entities do to make whites look Bad, to portray whites as Buffons, while Praiseing africans-Pushing white girls to screw blacks to make Biege/Tan babies. READ 1912 Racial Plans for america by a actual commie party Head honcho Jew, Mr. Black man.

                      You are typical Lib dem as well as typical lib Black man who refuses to admit to any facts and instead goes to name calling or declares it Rhetoric etc.

                      Go Research actual Facts see for yourself as I am finished with attempting to get Your head straight on these issues.

                      You cannot handle the Truth is the real deal. Typical.

                      Finally: You say “IF” I am saying “ALL Blacks” etc etc…IF You paid atten to every post I ever wote at this webiste since day one, I NEVER said ALL blacks nor all jews nor all of anyone. You assume that as You are pre-Programmed by a lifetime of total liberal kommie hate whitey crap. And all the rest of MSM-Govnt-public school crap, and do not even realize it is You are the raceist and race card playeing Baiter. Have fun cause most whites today aint falling for race card games no more.

                      Biggest Mistake ever made by Blacks and jewish folks was to believe all they each needed to keep screwing whiteys, was: Race card for blacks…six million jews/antisemite nazi, Card…As long as whites are guilted into falling for that crap…Both Parasitic races gets Paid $$$$$!

                      But Both blacks and jews never realized about “Do Not put all yer eggs in same single Basket!”

                      So far, the Black “shoe” race card has Dropped. No cards left to play.

                      Pnly one Shoe left to go…The Jew shoe. Once that shoe drops, and its comming-Soon!-Both blacks and jews will need find a New host to swindle as whiteys aint buyin or payin any more from neither. Perhaps you can get more done by alerting all your Boot Lipped racist blacks the Jigs Up! Go Research that info so You too can wise up.

                    • @Them Guys:

                      Why do you get upset when I say all Black people are NOT THUGS or GANGBANGERS?

                      You must have a lot of time on your hands or my posts directed (as I’ve mentioned several times) to the racist white people is hitting a nerve with you. Why are you intent on preaching to the choir about the history of race and their respective relations? If the whole “recite” thing is true I understand your frustration with that. That sounds crazy and I would think in today’s society that would bring out all kinds of lawsuits??? In America, the majority of blacks, whites, and other races can get along amicably. This section of the population is the sensible working class in which is driving America. Yes there are extremists on both sides, that the majority of any race aren’t proud of.

                      I initially started speaking up when this thread became a blame ALL BLACKS topic. I clearly pointed out that not ALL blacks are gangsters and thugs. HOW DO I GET THUMBS DOWN FOR THAT?

                      If this is the consensus of ALL whites,(let alone those on this site) then I must be the most naïve person in the world. However, as I’ve said all along I don’t think that is the case.

                      Do you think every Muslim likes hearing that they may be a terrorist?
                      Do you think every White person wants to be called a pedophile?
                      and NO every black doesn’t want to be called a Thug or a Gangster who’s lazy.

                      Does every race have those types of people in them? Absolutely!

                      Does every race have positive, hard working people in them? YOU BET CHA!!

                    • @ what gives. I disagree. whenever a white person disagrees, or has any kind of dispute with a black person, the black claims racist. Blacks in general seem to me are more racist than whites. (except japanese, I lived there, and there is NO blacks). The reason there is alot of racism is because of the very EVIL media. They stir shit with half truths and editing. Omit facts intentionally. They are the main reason why America will fall. They were supposed to report un biased and they didnt. They give credibility to Jackson, Sharpton, and other race baiters. They also turn a blind eye to white banking thieves who steal billions from the tax payers and walk free. This is are first enemy. Without the destruction of the media, we will not ever get the race issues mended. But remember… there is no race in a fox hole and everyone belives in God when they are shot.

                    • @ Dave in ID

                      I disagree with the blacks in general statement, but everything else you said is more or less on point. I think it really depends on the individual, not all. Some people no matter what class, has had bad experiences with an opposite race, and choose to stereotype the whole race. This happens on both side of the fence. But to say blacks are more racist, just doesn’t ring true in my opinion. If you go back not too long ago, we’ll just start with post civil war. Blacks were targeted and hunted in the south like animals. Not the other way around. In no way did blacks go and seek out white people to hang and do so many unthinkable things. So be careful when you use the “Blacks are more racist than Whites” statement. In some cases maybe, but i dont think history validates that statement. Now if you’re looking at the outcome of the civil rights movement and the atrocities that have been inflicted, you get what you see in the ghettos and poverty stricken cities in America that is bred in mistrust. I don’t think the chicken or the egg analogy applies, it’s pretty clear the cause and effect of this. Now, now, now, before you go and say I’m making excuses for the blacks and other races that are thugs and gangbangers, I’m not. Everyone should take responsibility for their own actions, but if generation after generation is raised in this environment, they really don’t know any different.

                      By the way, I like the “There is no race in a fox hole and everyone believes in God when they’re shot” line.

                      I might steal that one…lol

              • @ Fuck You,

                You know i was going to come up with something clever and witty for you, but your name says it all.

                Now i almost respect you more than the others on here. At least you’re not hiding behind your racism and speaking it loud and clear. The problem is, you’re the one who will be all buddy buddy with blacks in real life face to face, and make comments like ” I like black people, i had one over for dinner before”.

                The ones who scare me are the ones who hide behind empty rhetoric and false left handed accusations.

                I SALUTE YOU SIR FOR STANDING UP FOR WHAT YOU BELIEVE IN, no matter how ridiculous it may sound.

                • @ Fuck You,

                  If you are unable to get along with not one black person in your life, that would be somewhat surprising. Something tells me that blacks aren’t the problem. If how you sound in everything you wrote comes out in your personality, I would think your bigotry sticks out like a sore thumb, and you don’t make many friends. Like I said before, I’ve known some great people in all races, and some scumbags as well in each.

                  I can probably go out on a limb and say you don’t get along with anyone. Has anyone ever called you cynical?

                  Nevertheless, I’m assuming you’re no more than a troll, and you may have won being that I even took the time to respond.

                  If all Blacks acted like you, what would they be????????

                  • @ What Gives

                    I would rather you addressed what I said instead of what you heard. However, I can appreciate a man that tells people fuck you with a smile in his voice.

                    But that still doesn’t make you anything special. Stop kidding yourself.

                  • The white and black folks I got along with all have jobs. The white and black folks I didnt get along with didnt have jobs, didnt want one and are/were assholes. Coincedence?

                    • My point exactly! Pragmatists and i get along with no problem. Leave all of the hate and bigotry views at the door, and maybe, just maybe we’ll ALL get somewhere. Unfortunately, this site may have shifted recently to the ladder…….

                      I don’t think it was always like this here. At least not since i’ve been coming here for the last year or so.

                • You are so right,I am racist because the negroe primates taught me to be so.

                • You were a punk at seven, and you still are one now……

              • Obviously, you will never be found scoffing down a bowl of Cheerios for breakfast. 😉

              • Lost a woman, huh? lol. I got a great idea, instead of keyboard soldiering, how about challenging a local minority of equal weight, age range and stature to a friendly sparring/boxing match to settle you differences? Because yo are to cowardly to even choose a moniker…………anonymous coward.

                It’ll never happen…….I keep a “legal waiver” on hand for just such an occasion, in fact I had a whole hood of racist devils talk a gang of shit, and each time I offered them the chance to “sign a waiver” and handle business they ALL refused, all nine tough guys, ages 18-50. They ALL made up excuses. They ALL left us alone and most of them wave now………… See you gotta get that “waiver” so it becomes a “civil” matter and they have no legal redress when you “check that chin.” lol.

        • I’ll miss the Stevie Wonder concert.

          • He must not have seen the trial.

            • I hate it when somebody betters me.

              • You got OWNED

                • Yeah just like Stevie you didnt see that commin, bwahhhhhhhaha

          • he will be playing in Floriduh, he’s blind how would he know where the fuck he is if his promoters don’t tell him..
            he’s a slave to the dollar too, and he don’t make the Stevie..his investors do, and they know how to get around his little fit.
            It will come down to, Mr Wonder, do you want to wonder where your next paycheck is going to come from? or should we just invest our money in some young punk kid instead..Boom he’s back in Floriduh with some lame ass excuse

            • Braille on the tp?

            • How does he tell the $100’s from the $1’s?

              • Blind Folks have a person they can trust, tell them which bills are a $1-$5-$10-$20-$50-$100 then they Fold each a different way before putting in wallet. They have no other method of knowing. Thats how a blind guy I delivered Pizzas to when I was a teen did it.

                Yes it be easy probobly to cheat a blind person when returning bills change back. But anybody who’d cheat a blind person is lower than a Worm or Cockroach in My book.

                If I saw a person cheating a blind person…It is very likly I would beat their ass badly. If unable to beat them physically…I’d do dammage to their car or something as a “lesson” sorta.

      30. If you put a monkey soundtrack to the animals in these pictures jumping up and down it would totally fit.

        • We resent that remark, as we are at least 5000 years ahead of whats in those pictures! 🙂

      31. My take on this case is a little different than most. It’s a scandal in reality. It’s not really about the death of Martian, who had a history of drug abuse, fights and other crimes. It actually goes back to when Zimmerman exposed 4 crooked cops in the death of a homeless black man the year before. I think what really happened was when the state got wind of this case, which is self defense, they saw a way to get even with Zimmerman who was a thorn in their side and training to be a cop. The first thing they did was kick him out of the police academy, doctored documents and tried to run him up a flag pole. The MSM picked it up and used it to the Obama admin’s advantage as well. In reality what we have is a political which hunt of an innocent man because he made the cops look bad the year before. I think they went after him out of revenge.

      32. These riots occur becuse no one has the “balls’ to use force against them to end their criminal sctivity…..

        Hey Mo’Fo’s…. Come to the suburbs and try this crap….. you won’t be going home….

        • Strangely in WA it been peaceful. We may be a blue state but we are a heavily armed Purple State when it comes to this shit..

          Except Bellevue. Your fucked there.

      33. Daisy, another excellent article. These people are only using Trayvon’s name as an excuse to riot; they’re really doing it for themselves, not Trayvon. They don’t care about Trayvon Martin or any of the other black people that get killed by OTHER BLACK PEOPLE SOMEWHERE IN THIS COUNTRY EVERY DAY! WHERE IS THE OUTRAGE OVER THEIR DEATHS? WHERE IS THE COMPASSION AND SYMPATHY FOR THE FAMILIES THEY LEFT BEHIND? Whenever blacks are killed by other blacks, the black civil rights criminals like Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, NAACP, NBPP, are never anywhere to be found. but just let a black get killed by any white, lo and behold, the civil rights con artists appear like magic. Black-on-black crime is the worst of all crime in this nation. But you wouldn’t even know it exists if you listen to the civil rights crowd. THERE IS NO RIGHT, CIVIL OR OTHERWISE, TO GO OUT AND HARM OTHER PEOPLE OR DESTROY OTHER PEOPLE’S PROPERTY, ETC! I’m carrying one of my pistols in the truck with me everywhere I go. There’s some talk of protests nationwide this weekend, and you can bet a dollar to a doughnut they’ll become violent. If i get caught up in anything like that, I’ll be locked-and-loaded, ready for trouble. Idiots attack me only at their own peril. NOMI CATIMF BRAVEHEART

        • Didn’t even notice it was a Daisy article.

          Daisy you are stepping up your game.

          And yes the everyone want the WHy stories.

          Leave the HOW TO to the little site. If this is the way you are going your site will explode.

          Because when the mothers finally get mad. Then this from terrorist to thug will be clean up in no time flat

          And you can put that feeling out there.

          Once the woman in my life starts making my life suck because she is afrasid to go somewhere. And not giving it up because she didn’t get a movie.

          Oh I am going postal people. Just waiting.

      34. I understand that an underclass has increased difficulty moving up the ladder of success but how do you explain 12% of the population in prison for 55% of the murders and 68% of the armed robberies?

        Regarding racism most often whites fear blacks and that appears as racist when in fact its a factor in survival by avoiding danger. On the other hand black racism is hatred that I believe is largely fueled by jealously; “Whites made it, I didn’t, it’s their fault”.

        • @Kevin2

          Thank you for pointing out facts and not trying to be pc. That is what got us where we are now. Pc causes people to misunderstand and think they are right. Call it what it is in my opinion and let the chips fall. That has gotten me in a lot of hot water over the years.
          Galatians 4:16 “Am I therefore become your enemy because I tell you the truth”.

          • Its can’t be more obvious.

            Who sells drugs to their kids? Who fathers these kids w/o any sense of responsibility? Who allows themselves to get pregnant in this environment from males with zero intent of accepting the role of a father? Who drops out of school at 2x+ the rate of other races when their ancestors where forbidden an education? Who makes death by murder the most likely cause of demise for males between 17 & 26 years of age?

            The social pressures to conform to lawlessness and personal irresponsibility are so great within these communities that they’re for all intent and purpose a structural framework of how to behave. Escaping from that environment is like fleeing a POW camp.

            The above collective behavior is an insult to those that fought an unjust system that held down a people.

            • Kevin 2 Are you sure your not Dr.Jane Goodall or Diane Fossey? YOU DO KNOW PRIMATES WELL!:)

              • Slick One

                What you said is racist and is not factual.

                The problems within the black community have nothing to do with genes but everything to do with culture.

            • A Person can learn more by watching old black and white or very early era color, TV movies of…Tarzan!

              Those old movies used real actual Jungle Savages, Real Zulu Tribes etc. Without a doubt, even with more advantages-perks-welfares-freebies-afirmative actions(racisim against whiteys aka Reverse rasisim) etc, when you compare actual Jungle african Zulus and other real tribes in Tarzan movies with 40-50 yrs Later, todays usa blacks you see barely any changes for the better.

              One 2hr Tarzan Movie is a Better education for whiteys, than the avg K thru 12th grade public school ed is if learning about african blacks is the objective.

              An Added Plus is: Tarzan Movies of that era are Not PC at all! They show and highlight the african negroes In their True element and depictions with soch clarity, nobody can deny the massive vast differences between the races.

              I am convinced that the saying of “You can take the Monkey Out of Africa…But regardless where else you place him you cannot take the Africa out of that Monkey” is true. Therefore it must be some type of DNA issue as to the ironic uncanny fact that no matter what efforts and what vast amounts of moneys spent in attempting to bring africans Up to higher standards, like whites for example…It is an abject Failure of great proportion.

              If only dem Libs would see that. Perhaps someone from here can send a nice Tarzan Movie to the US Congressional Black Caucus members as a booster reminder for Halting and Cutting Federal dollars Wasted.

      35. look @ the pics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! their stage”ddd

      36. If someone stood in front of my car and stopped traffic like this “childish” protestors did … I would sit on my horn until the bastards went deaf. I would have ear plugs of course.

        • Should of step on the gas..

          Even in CA that is clearly self defence in fear of life.

        • Most likely youd be the one dragged out the car… beaten/stomped and worse…best to not draw attention to yourself… act or be quiet…

      37. Yea there was a bunch of these thugs pulling this kinda crap on an expressway in Houston yesterday. What I want to know is why aren’t they all being rounded up by the local LEO’S for breaking the law ? I bet if they were of another skin color they would all have been thrown in jail by now !!! Sick place we live in now days folks & the sad part is that it’s going to get a lot worse before it gets better……if it ever does get better again !

        • They are hoping it will fizzle and it probably will

        • About that ‘standing in the freeway’ business- How many idiot protesters does it take to stop a Freightliner? (gross weight 80,000 lbs)
          Answer- Don’t know yet… never been stopped that way.

          • I hope you never have to find that out my friend…too much risk of damage to the truck and yourself!

      38. Wait until the trucks stop running, and those screwballs have empty stomachs. This is just the beginng. Much more to come in every form of violence I,m sure.

      39. I don’t care anymore what those people do, as long as they stay away from me. Burn down the cities and riot all you want to for TRAYVON. Maybe a little Blow Back for the PREZ and HOLDER and all those CIVIL RIGHTS leaders. If we are really lucky they will have racial fights in CONGRESS. Both on the House and Senate floors.

        They are pleading for JUSTICE now. I hope it gets so bad they will plead for Peace. Fucking Hypocrites and Morons.

        • @slingshot… “racial fights in CONGRESS. Both on the House and Senate floors” LOL:) !! I’d like to see something like that happen and be televised! That would surely show the entire rest of the world what a bunch of crackpots and hypocrites our government is. I’d like to see a shrieking, hair pulling cat fight between feinstein or pelosi or miss piggy landrieu or hairy reed and somebody else on the other side. Better than an MMA!! That would go so viral they’d have to shut down the internet!!

      40. And none of these thugs are being arrested for any of the laws they are breaking ? WTF, bet you if they had a different color skin they would have already been rounded up & hauled away to jail !!! What a shit hole we live in now days !!!

      41. I would have dropped every single one of them with my AR-15. On ran them over on the fucking freeway. Try to stop my car or break in and I’ll just have shot you. This is what is wrong with America and every one of them should be executed.
        Fuck this huge group of N*(*)%$, and ill say it again. Fucking N)*)*)#$ throwing a fit. They are just going to end up dead like that Travon idiot.

        • Just doncha dare call me late fer supper…Id have to…ahh…go hungry 🙁

        • first thing i thought:

          i know more whites that fit those ‘words’ than blacks.

          of course, i live close to Kentucky.


      42. I, nor none of my friends, nor I’m sure none of you rioted when OJ was found “innocent”. Why should these people get a pass?

        Idiots. Just looking for a reason to steal, beat people up and destroy property.

        Society has sunk to a low that we will never recover from.

        • I believe we people respected a Juries decision.

          May of laugh about not agreed with it.

          But respected their decision.

          OJ was able to continue with his life.

          I don’t remember him or his family having to fear for it life.

          Even her family kept it in the courts..

      43. OK Nina you are spot on.. And this is why I carry extra mags and a Long gun in the vehicale always.

        And this is when you need knock down power

        45 357 shotgun 10 MM

      44. It is getting DANG CLOSE TO TIME that protests start taking place outside of Main Stream (biased and corrupt) News Media headquarters. Protest with signs comparing the 17 year old Trayvon that was obviously a crooked hoodlum with the 12 year old innocent looking Trayvon picture the news media portrayed. Also, pictures of Zimmerman’s bloody and broken nose and bleeding back of the head should be shown in the protest. The Lame Stream News Media is highly culpable for all of this mess thanking place. They should be made to be held accountable for their irresponsible and malicious reporting!!!

        • Who is them? And exactly how are you gonna hold them responsible? Scratching out their eyes? Hitting them with your purse? What exactly? Empty vessels make the most noise… aint gonna bust a grape, except maybe against some old man or disabled person. I think you are a agent provocateur with a big phony mouth.

      45. Damn dumb freed slaves are running a muck. When this is all over there will be plenty dangling from trees all along The South.

        • You guys got banana trees in the South?

        • And north,east,and west.

          • lol………….you wont be doing it, you’ll be under the bed with your guns, top ramen, and your computer talking about what you are gonna do…… Not in Calli, minorities too deep, fully armed, professional urban war fighters (gangs) over 150k strong in Southern California alone………….its nice to fantasize….
            ps. Northern and Central Calli got another 100k gang members……….at least 250 thousand killers and sympathizers in calli alone…………good luck with that lynching……..
            “Make a country pass……..get a city serve!”

            • A few B52’s with napalm bombs could be used to deal with the ghetto gangs.

            • I Hate Punks.

              You bring a valid point that many fail to realize the danger of these groups. The membership is staggering with many being trained by the military. The concentration of these groups in one city will turn it into a living hell. The Police will not be able to handle them and neither will the National Guard. That leaves the Army that will choke each city off. No in or out.
              As for me, IHP, I have no desire to go looking for trouble. I do want to use your posts as a teaching aid as to what happens when you do despicable things. Lynching is one of them. You are irritated by the mentioning of it and what it represents. This tactic is self defeating. Although it can be used to induce fear it has a reversed
              complication that it can also instill more violence. Other forms like beheading or body mutilation displays only drives us further down into the abyss. It is one thing to shoot a person but to hack a body up after it is dead and put in on display. Hang them from trees? Or put the head on a pike. Really! I would hope that after an event like that, should it happen, it would not be tolerated again. Least we all become barbarians.
              I get the feeling I may be talking to a future opponent.

              • Slingshot………….nah, we aint opponents, unless you are some asshole who would target and harm another innocent human being based upon their skin color, then yeah if I was present I would be forced to protect that human being, black or white, and use the proportionate legal force to stop unlawful conduct……….that just me.
                I dont make decisions from a position of fear, and I suspect you dont either. Thanks for the rational voice, and it speaks volumes that you are human, mature and noble enough to fear becoming a savage….me too. We need leaders by actions in this perilous time, and the race baiting shit starters have no place in the future world I hope to live in…………………..peace.

            • Whats sad is you sound proud of it…good state over run by vermin…beyond fixin!

        • Tell’em Punks. You want to kick some ass, then get to it!! It’s not like they are hard to find, they are on TV. Saddle up and have at it!!

        • Is that what you call Southern Wind Chimes?

        • oh shut up or karma will make sure you are one of the danglers.

      46. “What we have here is a complete lack of respect for the law.” ~ Buford T. Justice

      47. Rolling Stones cover is a great pistol target.

      48. What I’m doing with my life…

        I’m a software engineer….

        I’m staying up night creating my systems that will be fully automate.

        This way…. I will never have to provide health benefits
        to DEMS and all the lazy fucks who voted for Obama and who are not protesting.

        You can go work for Uncle Sam.


        Zimmerman was out there risking his life to keep his neighborhood save and he got attacked…so he shot the kid dead. End of story.
        Young lad rotting in the grave…. you brought this all upon yourself.

        Just like the black population to blame someone else for all their issues.

        The country is folding up.
        It will be fun to watch it all go down.
        Quite the adventure if you are ready.

        ps. I got a kick out of “mammy”. ha

        Yeah…. send her to college….she will give freshman 15 a new name.

      49. Eliminating Self defense / Stand your Ground Laws and executing Gun Control. That is what this is really about.

        Obama and Holder socially engineered this situation for their political agenda.

        They picked up on one incident 1 1/2 years ago. The media falsified manipulated digitally altered a tragic incident to race bait. Because that one incident is the best they could find.

        The x subculture demanded a trial, which seemed fair, someone was killed so let the facts and truth come out as it seemed a 21 year old white wanna be cop with violent past and a rich white judge dad got away with stalking and killing an innocent 12 year old in a privileged gated community.

        Well as the facts came out there was obvious manipulation and the incident turned out almost completely opposite of how it was first portrayed. Reasonable doubt, star witness was racist and appeared mildly retarded and caught in several inconsistencies and the prosecution and judge were horrible and likely just as retarded, guaranteeing an appeal if found guilty.

        No one should have died in the incident, but
        In large cities with the strictest of gun control and WITH OUT Stand Your Ground, Concealed Carry, all across America innocent young black people are murdered every week by the dozens and this has been going on for months, years, DECADES!

        Where is Obama, Holder, Jesse, Sharpton? NOWHERE
        What have the said about these murders? Crickets

        These murders are thousands and thousands of times worse than this one anomaly.

        But they are hypocritically and disproportionately focusing on this one instant. Why, because the shooter was non-black.

        So they did not get their guilty conviction. Now race baiters want a civil rights trial, one that Holder suggested. GOOD, please go on the which hunt, let ALL the stuff come out at the trial. If he’s guilty he’s guilty, but every nonracist will see it for what it is and that is the administration singling out and persecuting a citizen.

        They think the civil rights trial will be difficult. Tough, they opened this can of worms, now they better fucking eat ever last one. BUT!!! Now Obama and Holder are pulling the bait and switch! NOW it’s pushing expanded gun control and to eliminate self defense stand your ground laws which is exactly what they wanted in the 1st place. They don’t fucking care one bit about Trayvon. And the black racists are too fucking stupid and full of hate to see they are being used.

        I agree with Boss Hog’s advice:
        So what do we do about it? Nothing, not a dang thing. This is not the time to take to the streets. Its the time to go camping, fishing and anything else you can think of that keeps you away from this nonsense. Get out of town go visit someone you hav’nt seen in years. The best medicine you can use for this sickness is to completely ignore it.

        That and take the higher ground, show genuine compassion for those hurt, turn the other cheek but still watch your back.




        • Didn’t see your post before I said that above.

      51. Florida has a petition with 1 million signatures to repeal the stand your ground law. If they can get Rick Scott to go along you can bet CCW laws will be next. Jesse Jackson is in Jacksonville, preaching in a church to the local community. S.A. Angela Corey is trying another case, “herself”, where a Black Teenager was killed. Going to make up for Trayvon. White guy was WRONG! Going to be a long hot summer.

        • It will be a “hot summer”, LONG is becoming an “iffy” prediction. While this Zimmerman/Martin “pimple on an ant’s ass” continues to occupy the headlines…other rather extraordinary EVENTS are “playing-out” under the cover of this diversion.

          Time has literally become “sand-in-our-hands”…VERY DIFFICULT to hold onto or predict the “remaining sand grains”.

          By “dia de los muertos” is still MY “by then” prediction.

      52. Those crazy Africans are at it

      53. Zimmerman is a fucking racist — I heard it on NBC!

        • Good to know. Even if he is, he is a free one and Trayon ghetto rat is still dead.

      54. Well said. Ditto.

      55. @Sierra Dave

        We have our own local “Jessie Jackson” named Christopher 2x.
        I swear that is the truth. He has aspirations of becoming a money magnet and I guess from the way he shows up at all the Police shootings, he must be succeeding. Truth stranger than fiction huh?

        • Infidels r us

          We live in the same city I see since you know about Christopher 2x We finally got rid of Lewis Coleman but still have to listen christo tell us how they aren’t treated equally. West end is full of the “violence has to stop” speaches but it never does.

        • Infidels r us

          We live in the same city I see since you know about Christopher 2x We finally got rid of Lewis Coleman but still have to listen christo tell us how they aren’t treated equally. West end is full of the “violence has to stop” speaches but it never does.

        • Infidel………..change your moniker.

          a little lesson………

          “Infidel” was the term used by Pope Urban I to describe the “Mohammedans” of the middle east. Christians were never connected to the term.

          So when you say Infidel you are actually saying you are a Mohammedan. The NWOers laugh at y’all.

      56. These blacks that riot don’t realize that they are locking their own chains right back on to their necks that they had during the slave days. The government wants to use ANY excuse to enslave us ALL. ANY excuse. The government wants to use any excuse to disarm us, ALL of us regardless of skin color. The government WINS everytime Americans fight amoungst each other and allow the government to further corral ALL of us.

        The biggest threat to the enslavement of everyone is to see whom is the true enemy, those whom want desperately to control us and ROB all of us of our freedoms. Blacks say they are rallying against the system, horseshit they are. If blacks were rallying against the system they would be like in Egypt, Turkey, Libya, Tunisia, and any other country that says fuck you to oppression to those that are oppressing you. Since when does another race oppress blacks?

        Instead blacks burn down their own neighborhoods and have to go miles to shop somewhere else for weeks or months or even years afterward. Blacks decide to burn down “whitey” neighborhood all they do is strengthen the government’s notion that the civilians don’t deserve any freedoms and that everyone needs the iron thumb against them. The government wins again. Blacks better start to see the real enemy to their freedom and every other race, and it is those that want to put micrchips into their bodies like the mark of the beast AND take our liberties completely away. You would think that blacks that read the Bible would know about the mark of the beast and the last days of government enslavement. You would think.

        • Be Informed

          Can’t have it both ways. Either they riot like a bat out of hell and we fight. Or let them do what they want to do and put up with the crap forever.

          Do you think they have a concept of FREEDOM?

          • @ slingshot. They lost the concept of freedom long ago when they failed to see that the real enemy of everyone are the elitists and those that want to turn all of us into Borgs like Star Trek. Blacks are cementing their own future in the chains of the government. Blacks are outnumbered in this country by white people 80% to 13%, that is more than 6 to 1. Blacks start to assininate white people and they will lose. There are some of the best trained with firearms and ground to ground war in white people that there is. Blacks don’t want to wake up the sleeping giant in white people. Besides all of this, we all lose then with mass martial law. It won’t be the white people to blame for a police state that everyone has to suffer with if riots start it up. If riots don’t start it, then square blame for martial law will likely fall on the bankers.

            • Be Informed.
              I think you speak the truth. This rioting is only to further governmental control. The Blacks don’t care only to blame Whitey for all their woes. Fifty years of civil rights and they are returning to square one. But this time Whitey has had enough of the bullshit. We will fight on two fronts. Bankers and the Blacks.

              • Thats a myth…most blacks dont blame whites for anything. Thats the media black flunkies who get on TV and blame white people. Most black people blame “white police” as the police are actually responsible for a great majority of the friction. The white police have terrorized, murder, framed, robbed and abused the poor communities of this nation, black and poor white alike. The communities are flooded with drugs, by you know who, and the result is a ongoing and continuous bloodbath over a few dollars…..Get rid of the drugs and the pigs, create hope and jobs and see what change it would make………………

                • No, we don’t know who you know who is, are you afraid to say?

                • I Hate Punks.

                  Were I come from it is, TRUE and FACT that Blacks blame WHITES for their PROBLEMS. Why do I know this? Because I have been told TO MY FACE , many times that I am their Problem. I have found it in the work place in the military and anytime I have had conversations with black people. Yes and I may add that the blacks were educated people. One Gentleman asked me how it felt to have the shoe on the other foot, as we discussed “Race Relations”.

        • Howdy, BI, and as always you make valid points. We know the true agenda behind the riots that are coming. this is a fight we’re all being forced into. It’s the nightmare scenario that I have long feared will take place. it’s a war we’ll have no choice but to take part in. We’ll be fighting for our lives and our country. braveheart

          • That’s right braveheart, you won’t have a choice. That’s my whole point. Know thy enemy.

            From Starship Troopers by Robert Heinlein;

            “To kill the bug, you have to understand the bug.”

      57. So what happened to the Panthers? They haven’t been in my neighborhood. Have they been in yours? Has anyone seem the Panthers???

        In some of the protest they haven’t even been able to muster a dozen people. Little Al and Jesse are has Beens and are starting to stink or is that a load in there depends?

        • @ Pariot One. The black panthers are plotting with their little terrorists buddies like Al Qaeda, Hezbollah, Hamas, or other international terrorist organizaions to kill Americas, regardless of their race. The black panthers are part of international terrorism and needed to be treated as such, off to Gitmo.

          • Be Informed

            If the Black Panthers are doing as you say then are those who riot with them to be considered terrorist?

            Or do we split hairs and ask them what cause are they rioting for, before we shoot them in defense.

            • I don’t think most of them know or care why their rioting, their just rioting! I’ve looked at just about every photo and video on these riots and have not seen a single beret. These are just a bunch of anarchist looking for a riot and some may even be professional and paid activist.

              More propaganda please!!!

              • Patriot One.

                I have seen some Blacks wearing T-Shirts saying, “By any means necessary”. Malcom X in the past couple of weeks.

                Makes you think.

                • I hate to say this but most of these blacks are just pawns of a bigger agenda of communism, fascism and socialism. They are just to stupid to understand the agenda and it always ends badly for them.

                  Before we had government anti poverty programs there were more black business owners then there are today. What they don’t understand is those that are a burden on the system are usually they first to get purged once the government changes.

                • Back in Detroit about 20+ yrs ago, when all of a sudden most every black male began to wear a black ball cap with a large white color X on hat front above brim.

                  Some of us biker type whites got hundreds of xact same type ball caps…Black hats but with a large white O on the front of hat. Soon we got every biker and white guy we could find to buy a hat at cost to wear everwheres.

                  Then as expected many negros with malcom X ball cap hats started to ask us “hey whats with that big O on the hats you whiteys wearing?”

                  Our answer was. “Blacks wear an X, so Us whites are wearing an O to represent OTHER People!” The blacks seemed confused asked us “What ya mean Other people?”

                  Our answer was “Other Than Black!” they mostly got pissed but unable to do shit. Didn’t take too long after wearing Our Other than black caps, and them blacks stopped wearing their X hats.

                  It was kinda funny as the blacks took their X-hats so damn serious. They took our O-hats as some type of makeing fun of them and their hats…Their minds work very different from ours usually.

                  I bet it looked real wierd for strangers who came to our bars or neighboorhood resturants and seen a bunch of blacks with X hats, and on Other side of aisle were a bunch of white bikers with O hats on!

                  We just refused to allow them Uppity blacks to get away with their malcom X uppity hat attitudes is all it was.

                  Worked swell too. Take a stand and they will back off.

                  • That’s funny, and probably indicative of their mind set.

                    They do think differently, they are all emotion, very little reasoning.

                  • You are silly, are you grown? WTF? Grown ass men wearing hats with O’s on it? How childish, moronic and silly.

                    A little lesson………….
                    The “X” on the hats were not racist, nor did it represent black people. The “X” means UNKNOWN. Alluding to the fact that slaves were brought to this country and their true names were taken and they were given names like JONES, SMITH, JOHNSON, WASHINGTON, ETC.

                    In light of the aforementioned your “O” hats seem even more pathetic and inflammatory.

                • Hates Punks is a true idiot, likley a troll new comer here it seems. You Know Zip Zero Nothing about Me or My Born in and lived in Detroit neighborhood.

                  And it is obvious that you know even Less regarding the True meaning of those blacks and their X as in Malcolm X hats. So either Wise up or Fuck off with all of your attempted antagonizing crap. If I were to Guess at your age it would likly be younger than most Men here.

                  You are too ignorant to realize that several posts by you has Confirmed what most folks here been saying about Blacks actions and savage behaviours etc,yet you seem to think the exact opposite. That Your asinine comments somehow depict blacks in a different or better light.

                  Kalif sounds about right for you.

          • So who is Obomus going to play “get out of the ghetto ball” with?

        • As I said in a previous post it was “Ghetto Bravado” which is used within their communities upon each other and upon the “white” community to obtain some influence in the absence of real economic power. A black co worker once told me that, “Power comes when you have lots of money or lots of people”. If one thinks you have either you still weald the power because perception can often fill in for reality.

          • We have a new eisenkreutz in town folks. He’s I hate punks,tee heee. He’s big and bad with a MARTIAL ARTS teaching certificate. He’s taking on all challengers to go toe to toe with him. Read this sorry assed douchebags comments, another troll to ignore and thumb down.

            • Naw sissy….its not just that, I hold 19 belts, 25 yrs of training, and never claimed to be bad, ANY man can be beat. I teach and was taught by a 9th degree GRANDMASTER from Korea..and my shit is real. I dont fuck with anyone, verbally or physically, due to my skill level, however, I have a duty to speak out against injustice. Its quite the opposite on SHTF, most chumps on here talk big and bad. My point is not all perceived tough guys are tough, and not all perceived punks are punks. I try to bring a sense of reality to all this racist FANTASY TALK. Why, because its fake and I hate fake shit, and especially fake bitch ass men who never even been in a fistfight…………..

              I aint hard to find…

              • You overestimate your importance in life punks. First,why should anybody be interested in ” finding you”. Second, who gives a fuck about your belts or experience when all they need do is to properly learn how to use a weapon? Kinda negates having to waste time on martial arts training,doesn’t it. But the real reason we know you’re a liar is you’re prone to hysteria in your commentary.

                Reading your ranting you sound like a little girl who knocked over a hornet nest. I know some martial arts experts and here is where the difference is between reality and lies south central, you see, a real expert KNOWS he’s good, doesn’t have to go around on internet chat boards thumping his chest about how bad he is, that’s what’s the candy ass bullshitters do, but I’m not telling YOU anything new there, am I.

      58. Good trial. Good verdict. But the reaction is the best part of all. This has the makings for a great reality show. I am going to be bummed out if this shit just fizzles instead of intensifying.

      59. Your argument would hold water if there were not so many killings with guns by blacks. The days of the fist fight, one on one, is over. Now there are beat downs by two or more and get shot. I will take the Jungle Rules any day and it is the only way to level the playing field.

        • Most predators hunt in packs and that’s exactly what they are Predators!!!

          Even if your just on your way to work you need to have a defensive strategy in today’s world. Notice all the attacks happen to 1 person or 1 couple and they are extremely vicious attacks!!!

        • Your premise is still no excuse for being a coward. You pull that gun on the wrong person and you’ll get it took. Most so called tough guys are only so with a pack. Most tough guys want attention and are PUNKS inside. Usually a open hand slap sets them straight…lol.
          On the flipside we all know, a scared man will shoot quick and wont throw a rock in a riot………….lol

          • If you think you could get away with slapping me, Molon Labe’.

          • If you’re trained properly and/or have experience handling a gun, you’ll know NOT to get close enough to allow someone to take it away! You remain at least a foot or so away from your arms length (about 5 feet) from your potential opponent.

            So no, someone that knows what they’re doing won’t get it “took” as you stated. The opponent will be DEAD trying to take it away!

            • I know, I usually never address a troll, but he’s annoying.

            • You dont know what you are doing obviously….you motion to pull a gun a five feet and you will be disarmed instantly and crushed……You need at least 15-20 feet to adequately distance yourself from an opponents charge and grasp……………………fact.

              You envision drawing unmolested, but to a “trained” person your “posturing” before the draw will “telegraph” your intentions, at which time the gap between us will be rapidly and violently closed, i.e 15-20 feet in three bounds………it’ll never get out the holster……. Try it….have someone stand 5 feet from you and try to draw…..its not the draw, its the 3 motions/actions before it that kills you off…………

      60. Prepare to be horrified………

      61. hey its about time that whites quit taking abuse from these uncivilized primates and start loading up and fighting back

      62. Good ole USA, aka United States of Africans.
        I feel sorry for the citizens that love the US, it is destroyed, will never feel like home. All thanks to that little f&cker with the big ears.

        • Agreed — George W. Bush was a lying piece of liberal shit.

      63. I hate punks, if you’re referring to the people doing all the rioting, well OK, you’re preaching to the choir on this site. We do have a few members who are “questionable” to say the least, but there’s no way all the members of this site are like you say. This is my community and I don’t care for anyone stereotyping my community. Choose what size brush you use very carefully before you start painting. braveheart

        • Your community is a bunch of narrow minded racist stooges for the NWO, evidenced by their racist comments. Racism is the most primitive form of oppression. I hate for actions, as NOBODY has control over their color. God created ALL beings, and who am I to challenge his wisdom? You racists must havent visited the “hood” because the race thing is dead, its class warfare as there are just as many white living in the hood too… least in Calli.

          • Well if you dont like our community, then go elsewhere!

          • Well if you dont like our community, then go elsewhere!

      64. This might be BS but from the discourse of the TM GZ dog and pony show George Zimmerman:

        When to prom with an African American
        Was a Big Brother to a couple of African Americans
        After the program ended continued to mentor them.
        Fought for a helpless Black homeless person that was being abused by the police.

        Now compared to Jesse Jackasson and the non Reverend Al Sharptongue, he has done more at his own ‘expense’ than either of these two race baiting profiter’s ever did.

        Would it be possible for Zimmerman to work on a career as a multiculturist antiracist humanist. If his past is correct he has more credentials that those fucking hypocritical race baiting assholes.

        Just imagine if he calls on Obama and Holder for a candid beer summit of race relations in America. Let’s see if the NAACP and the BLACK CONgressional Caucas are really about integration or racist explotation.

        • Took blacks to a Pogrom, then after the Pogrom ended he kept mentoring them. Sounds like a real swell Pogromer kinda guy.

          So whats a Pogrom anyways?

      65. We are watching Whites being Set-Up. They in charge are unable to do like they did in Russia 1920-22, when the Very First Law passed by Lennin, and enforced by Trotsky and the CHEKA-secret police,was that Lennin made it so anyone “Suspected” of antisemitisim got an Instant Death Penalty decision. And were promptly Shot in back of head dead. NOT convicted! simply “Suspected” of that “Thought crime”.

        They cannot make such an absurd anti first amendt free speech law, in the usa(yet!) so whats the Next Best thing comparable to russia and lennins antisemite death penalty laws?

        I will Tell you what. They are setting up whiteys to be NOT allowed to use self defense, while NON whites, especially Blacks for now, soon to also Include mexicans or hispanics, are not just allowed to brutalize but even to Kill, Murder whites with zero arrest nor any convictions.

        This will cause the exact same end results as in russia back then did, extermination deaths to whites. Just a new different method used today than Lennins antisemitie “suspect” laws did. Dead whiteys and NO arrests or guilty partys convicted.

        If we were already unarmed/disarmed, they very likly would use the exact same laws as Lennin did and get away with it too. Instead here in usa they Can use “antiblack” laws or rules for same results Lennin achieved…A Hundred Million whites snuffed out dead.

        • The Communists on the left seldom ever change their techniques or tactical template, and for that reason, I find myself in a permanent state of complete bafflement as to why so few White European men and women seem to be capable of recognizing the enemy’s pattern of repetition as it is being rolled out right under their noses.

      66. 9,000,000,000,000,000, THUMBS UP!

      67. Fascinating read and I am sure true. But is this not something that is down to the widespread gang culture that has its tightest grip on the black community (though you can see similar things in Mexico, Central America etc.)?

        Take children away from these influences and see a change in their behaviour I am sure.

        Another factor has to be American culture: there is something that has profoundly gone wrong in the US and it is down to many things – the media culture, ideas about what is or isn’t success, what is culture, what is the right behaviour, how to treat others, etc.

        I have seen the behviour get considerably worse with young people when they take this gang culture as their personal influence. Children are very impressionable and do not think about the consequences. They have no concept of how screwed up gang culture is and how worshipping it and mimicking it is putting them on the path to loserville (death or a jail sentence or poverty).

        I think you make some serious mistakes in conflating the particular social-economic and cultural circumstances of the US to an entire racial group. It is even sadder when you do this at a time with a black president in place who does not behave in any way you have characterized.

        • Frank, you state ” It is even sadder when you do this at a time with a black president in place who does not behave in any way you have characterized”.

          You’re correct, he doesn’t behave in the way he extrapolated on, Obama is FAR worse, as he’s a Marxist war criminal that’s incrementally removing our liberties under the guise of “security”.
          In addition, he is NOT black, he’s half black and half white! You’re deliberately omitting this FACT. And deliberately ignoring his white half. I wonder why that is???

        • You are sick……somebody needs to love you, its obvious you are in emotional pain……I just hope you dont act out with the wrong people and end up hurt. I’m concerned about you mental state, perhaps we should have the cops do a welfare check, and secure them weapons until you are better before you hurt yourself or other innocents….lol

          ps all humans migrated out of africa.

        • PS. You are shining example of christianity, the same christians who enslaved millions, was in charge of the inquisition and murdered and cannibalized thousands in the first crusades in the city of Ma’arra (ma’arrat al-numan, see Seige of Ma’arra …………….you and others like you are the reason modern christianity is a failure….and in fact blasphemous on its face…………..true christain readily tell he difference.

      68. Here it is people! Zimmerman was in the wrong for getting out of the car and that. Martin was in the wrong for being so close to his home…and just not going home and confronting Zimmerman. Plain and simple. Having said that I don’t give a shit! Here is the more truth…

        The next time a white well anyone not black, kills another black person in self defense. That is when you are really going to see the shit explode! (IMO) I tell my g/f all the time. I don’t care if you believe in racism or not. Because racism believes in you.

        People can start rioting in every city or not over this whole thing. It don’t matter either way. The only thing that matters is. Zimmerman is Hispanic and I am White. Yet because of all the bullshit going on, I have to watch my back now. Cause some black dude might be angry over all this, see me, and try and kill me!

      69. Daisy

        This is the end result of century old plans.

        Create a massive class of uneducated,alcohol and drug addicted, totally dependent on the state loyal subjects(slaves to the system).

        Promise them equal rights,civil rights, great societies,hope,change,opportunities,and promises promises promises never delivered..ever!

        Give them state sponsored media outlets to placate them into submissive,non cognitive thought and reasoning..consuming the ever present barrage of buy buy buy,mindless tv shows unending,glorifying the rich and famous,etc etc etc..

        Voila..perfect results every time..

        Total parasites living a world of false hopes,no hope, clustered in drug and gang infested neighborhoods..

        of course there will be rage..

        it is fueled by their state sponsored media and the usual local/national community organizers all well funded by the top..

        Everything is planned by design!

        Nothing..nothing.. is by accident by these disgustingly evildoers..

        Enjoy the day


        • Nice post Posse.

      70. The fact is, a young black male is more likely to have a criminal history than have a job. Think about what the cost of the black underclass is to America. Not only in welfare but prisons costs and the costs to all the crime victims.

        • Possee: Pegged it! IE:Century long Plan!!

          READ a Book called(from memory, close enough to find it)

          “Our Racial Plan for AMERICA” or else it is “THE racial plan for america” Written and Published in, 1912, by an admitted member of the Real Communist Party of England, where he lived. Book writer name is “ISRAEL COHEN”

          In the book he admits not only is it a “Kommie” plan, but also a JEWISH-Kommie, Plan to use Multicultural Diversity Tactics as a “cover” to Flood usa full of as many NON white Blacks and hispanics as possible.

          While useing the recently invented and enacted Also jewish russian CHEKA-Kommie, NAACP and many Other similar Jewish Kommie ran Orgs, to gain control of Hollywood and Major Sports, so to Promote Blacks to High places of Honor and Pay etc, while Lowering and Denigrating and defameing Whiteys, so that will make it possible for Blacks and All Non whites to be seen in a new Better light.

          Especially by White Women so they will Mate with and make Babies with Non-white males and result in 1/2 breeds aka Mulatos.

          Israel Cohen, one of Englands top Ranked Famous Kommie Jew, also outlines their Final plans to gain control of usa fed govnt or enough control(like today they have!) to Change Marriage Laws to FORBID white men and women from Marriages with a white mate!…To Faster Force the kommie jewish zio plan to finally live to see an END totally of ALL Whites worldwide. With a resulting Single Class/Color of persons where ONLY Brown to lighter browns exist.

          Of course these racist evil antiwhite plans of kommies such as ISREAL COHEN-Jewish Kommie in England, in NO way shape or form shall be planned For nor Tolerated for Jews to be forced to comply and make Black babies that are Half breed jews/black/ Biege…This is ONLY to Exterminate,whites by brainwashed into whiteys a self hate-self Genocide by Marriage with Non whites Mandated BY fed laws.

          Before all the naysayers begin the usual Foam at Mouth/Hoofinmouth ranting or rageing crys…READ THE BOOK!

          Or at least articles about Israel Cohen jewish kommie england 1912. ONE Hundred Years ago as Possee stated of a “Plan” Indeed there is/was/still is such plans.

          Wake UP! Whiteys. Got white Kids? white Grandkids? Well? want them to be a small Minority of the white founded nation YOU enjoyed? No? Ok good! so Wake UP whiteys! NOW!

          Read of israel kommie Cohens jews plans for american whiteys…Then try to say its Not any such “jewish” kommies plans! I thought so to..Till I got jewised up.

        • Were America not so cursed with these hoards of welfare primates, I believe we would have permenent bases on Mars and the Moon.

          • slingshot……..
            whites make up the largest demographic of welfare recipients, war is the largest drainer of the american dollar……………….do your research and stop race baiting, you embarrass yourself

        • Let’s remember folks that as despicable as these actions are by a large number of young black thugs, they are the symptoms of a population that has been AGGRESSIVELY targeted by the Mossad and the CIA to sell them drugs and perversion.

          They are a deliberate underclass that perpetuates division between races to the benefit of the Master Race, and create a perpetuate money machine for the Lawyers, and investors in Media and prison systems.

          The black underclass is necessary to the NWO Police State. Kudos to those in the black community who refuse to be a victim and have escaped THAT slavery by assimilating into society and pursuing their education.

          A good education goes a long way toward alleviating ignorance and criminal behavior.

      71. Mornin all,
        Sorry for the long post, but here goes.
        Just a couple of observations and a little story (true story that happened to me recently). I would also just like to say “My God is an awesome God , still alive, and just waiting for us to get on our knees and PRAY, pray, and pray some more.”
        In our area here in S. California (about 15 miles outside of Los Angeles), things are pretty peaceful regarding recent events. I even took a little walk: Young men, who are usually the troublemakers (White, Black, Brown, Yellow) all playing basketball peacefully together without a care in the world!!! If I had to classify our neighborhood, I would say its “lower middle class” mixed Ethnicities.

        Point is….DON’T contribute to the “hype” and mayhem and fall victim to your own emotions and possible hatred, I definitely agree with some of the posters above: This issue can definitely be used to “divide and conquer” the domestic masses while other domestic and world events are taking place (it almost feels like the powers that be are laughing in our face).

        Also, not pointing out anyone in particular…..Just a general statement: You show “your true colors” when using deragatory negative racial slurs to describe a group of people. In my neck of the woods here, saying stupid ignorant crap about a group of people can get you hurt very badly. Especially when more groups are intermingling and trying hard to “reach out” to each other as I have personally seen in my area. From experience (about 4 decades on this crazy planet) including the ARMY where I had the opportunity to live and work very closely with all races…..We all breathe, shit, bleed, cry, and die the same. Yes, some stereotypes are based on “some element of truth” (for all Ethnic groups!!). I remember this statement from my Ethnic Studies 101 class in College…BUT, when you get to really know people outside your little comfort zone your “eyes open up” and you become a better person I believe. Of course we are all “Free” (for now I guess) to associate with whomever we want (the way it should be – nothing should be forced down our throat), but you do free your mind more if you get to know people. On to a little story (true, that happened to me recently) next post….

        • Me too. See as a man from So Central myself I can feel you, you are speaking the real, but these busters just aint trying to hear it….they’ll learn………..a hard head makes a soft ass…………peace to you hometown. Thanks for shining that light.

      72. Frank Thoughts.

        You said.

        I think you make some serious mistakes in conflating the particular social-economic and cultural circumstances of the US to an entire racial group. It is even sadder when you do this at a time with a black president in place who does not behave in any way you have characterized.

        You have to be kidding! This jerkoff in the White House understands that his powerbase are functional illiterates that continue a degenerate way of life on his own race. What is he without his teleprompter? He is nothing more than a snake oil salesman. Willing to say anything to sell his product.

        • Slingshot,
          The power base of ALL politicians are the ignorant (with a degree or not), close minded, and programmed masses.

        Finally………….It is Said Publicly. I have never seen the white side explained better!
        Pat Buchanan had the guts to say it. It is about time!!

        By Patrick J. Buchanan

        Barack says we need to have a conversation about race in America .. Fair enough. But this time, it has to be a two-way conversation.. White America needs to be heard from, not just lectured to…. This time, the Silent Majority needs to have its convictions, grievances and demands heard. And among them are these:

        First, America has been the best country on earth for black folks. It was here that 600,000 black people, brought from Africa in slave ships, grew into a community of 40 million, were introduced to Christian salvation, and reached the greatest levels of freedom and prosperity blacks have ever known.. Jeremiah Wright ought to go down on his knees and thank God he is an American.

        Second, no people anywhere has done more to lift up blacks than white Americans. Untold trillions have been spent since the ’60s on welfare, food stamps, rent supplements, Section 8 housing, Pell grants, student loans, legal services, Medicaid, Earned Income Tax Credits and poverty programs designed to bring the African-American community into the mainstream. Governments, businesses and colleges have engaged in discrimination against white folks — with affirmative action, contract set-asides and quotas — to advance black applicants over white applicants. Churches, foundations, civic groups, schools and individuals all over America have donated their time and money to support soup kitchens, adult education, day care, retirement and nursing homes for blacks.
        We hear the grievances. Where is the gratitude??

        Barack talks about new ‘ladders of opportunity’ for blacks. Let him go to Altoona? And Johnstown, and ask the white kids in Catholic schools how many were visited lately by Ivy League recruiters handing out scholarships for ‘deserving’ white kids…? Is white America really responsible for the fact that the crime and incarceration rates for African-Americans are seven times those of white America ? Is it really white America ‘s fault that illegitimacy in the African-American community has hit 70 percent and the black dropout rate from high schools in some cities has reached 50 percent?

        Is that the fault of white America or, first and foremost, a failure of the black community itself?

        As for racism, its ugliest manifestation is in interracial crime, and especially interracial crimes of violence. Is Barack Obama aware that while white criminals choose black victims 3 percent of the time, black criminals choose white victims 45 percent of the time?

        Is Barack aware that black-on-white rapes are 100 times more common than the reverse, that black-on-white robberies were 139 times as common in the first three ye ars of this decade as the reverse?

        We have all heard ad nauseam from the Rev. Al about Tawana Brawley, the Duke rape case and Jena. And all turned out to be hoaxes. But about the epidemic of black assaults on whites that are real, we hear nothing.

        Sorry, Barack, some of us have heard it all before, about 40 years and 40 trillion tax dollars ago. This needs to be passed around because, this is a message everyone needs to hear!!!

        OK………..will you pass it on ?

        YES. I did but will you?

        Because I’m for a better America

        I am
        Not racist,
        Not violent,

        Just not silent anymore.

        • Sounds good, but i think its all too convenient to dismiss the horrible atrocities that African Americans(families) have gone through. Slavery, Broken families torn apart and sold so that the biggest and strongest slaves could breed. This was not too long ago folks. As much grief that blacks receive i think blacks have come along way from a pretty shitty start in America. Even today the covert racism and social engineering contributes to alot of what white people hate about blacks. If the shoe was on the other foot, and you had the same cards dealt, i don’t think every culture could survive the inhumane conditions blacks were forced through. To say get over it, it was a long time ago is a cop out and alot of black families (family tree) were uprooted and had to start from scratch when forced into slavery.

          So when you say blacks should be thankful for being in America, you’re right. However, i think a comedian said it best. “From the perspective of a black man, America is like that Uncle who paid your way through college……but molested you when you were a child”

          Instead of focusing on the cause of the bad shit blacks have been through, which is why there are so many programs to try to atone for the many wrongs, lets appreciate where blacks have come, and what can be done to ease that transition.

          But, if being segregated and to love having someone to point the finger at is what you want, then this comment wasn’t for you.

          God Bless

          • What gives, I’d like to ask an honest question of you,and that is this. At what point, and what level of providing help, at what time will your stated goals be reached, if ever?

            • good question. no response.

              • and this was your only input to this topic?

            • With or without the injustices that still are in affect to day? The point is, blacks have come along way in spite of the resistance from so many on so many levels. The only ones who disagree with these statements are….well, you know. Whether you care to admit it or hide behind illogical reasoning.

              • @ What Gives

                What injustices are STILL in effect today?

          • @What Gives;

            Can’t say I agree with all of that, but can’t deny blacks have had a tough row to how.

            Unfortunately, much of it has been self-inflicted.

            At some point in their lives people need to stop blaming others for their lot and get to work on improving it. One of the signs of dawning adulthood is the realization that your life is not your parents’ fault; they may not be perfect but they probably did the best they could.

            We could all stand to do the same.

            • @ J.Roy:

              I absolutely agree. I in know way condone or support anyone who won’t get off their a$$ and work for themselves and their family. There are some who really need government assistance, which it was intended for. However, there are a lot who take advantage of it, which i am completely against, and would be wholeheartedly for drug testing for those who get aid and don’t work, or try to find employment.

              My comments are solely for those who just have nothing but negative comments about blacks and who clump all blacks in with black extremists or the thugs and gangstas the media loves to portray blacks as.

              Alot of people here are open minded and understand where i’m coming from, and then theres the others…..

      74. “God is alive and well, Don’t forget to pray pray and pray some MO!!!” (AND keep on PREPPING!!)
        I believe that with prayer, “things” can be mitigated and possibly averted (even disasters that appear to be imminent and staring at us right smack in our face).
        Don’t be too proud to ask for forgiveness and get on them knees. We are all guilty of something. Just a little story that happened to me recently (coincidence?, Maybe …I’ll just take it as God letting me know that he is alive and well and wants us to do “his will”):

        This past Sunday, one of the readings in Mass mentioned “Love your neighbor like yourself”…and the Deacon gave a very spiritualy uplifting/moving homily in which he mentioned who “our neighbor” was and gave examples, one being the Homeless amongst us.

        Anyways, one day this week I decided to get out of the office and eat lunch in my car at a park nearby. I was munching away when a “family van” pulls up a couple of parking spaces away. I observed them and they were enjoying themselves and it appeared that all their belongings where packed in that vehicle. I did not want to appear that I was staring at them ….but I had this strong urge/calling, “help them”. I thought, DANG, I am living check to check myself but if that’s what you want Lord, “So let it be written, so let it be done!” I was trying to figure out how to approach them without embarassing them (or myself). I noticed they had a little US flag on their van so I used it as a conversation piece with the father of the family when he was alone. He was very very thankful after I gave him the last $20 bill in my wallet, he said they were about to run out of gas.
        Walking back to my car…..(I got a lttle emotional as I am a father myself and have small children) I thought
        WOW, God you have blessed me with so many things including a “stable” job right now, thanks for letting me be part of your plan. It was wierd, as soon as I turned on the radio in my car (I had it on a Catholic Spanish radio station, but I have rarely listened to it recently) …The priest talking on air was finishing up his statement: “..the Christian has to take the initiative, and many times has to take action and do what is necessary, uncomfortable as it may be…..”.
        Peace out all, have a blessed week!!

        • Wonderful story, and I would like to think I would do the same.
          However, if it was not a family, but a bunch of gang bangers down on their luck, would you have still had that same heartfelt sense of charity? Or would you have gotten up and got away as fast as possible?

          ’nuff said??

      75. Some of you whites out there still guilty? Even tho some are paid to disrupt, and stir up trouble, others are just using it as an excuse to be violent and tare up stuff.

        It’s time to see things the way they are, and protect your family and home. Obviously not to go out and start violence, but if it comes to you, end it anyway you can!

        I tell you this, if martial law roles in, everyone will be in the same boat. There won’t be anyone rioting, or anything else! Freedom will be gone for good!

      76. Run the animals over !

      77. Once again, to quote 1984 –

        O’Brien: “And perhaps you refer to your old dream that the proletariat will rise up and overthrow the Party. Put it out of your mind Winston. They are helpless animals. They are not human – humanity is the Party.”

        The poor, the uneducated, the downtrodden, the manual laborers. TPTB (aka The Party) keep the peasants in a never-ending circle of death, filled with entertainment, sex, porn, drugs, toxic food and plentiful drink.

        The Proles of Orwell’s 1984 and those of today are hopelessly, hilariously, and completely outmatched, out-gunned, out-maneuvered, and out-witted.

        TPTB could not care less if they go nuts and destroy a few McDonalds, smash some WalMarts, block the freeways, cause riots. It is merely the Proles killing the Proles. It benefits them; the insurers of these business under duress get to raise their premium requirements due to the damage, use the violence as a means to warrant further police control, more surveillance. Win, Win, WIN.

        The Party uses its head, the proletariat uses their hearts, their emotions. They use a scalpel, the proles use a club. When the proles learn to STOP playing their game, to START using their head, control their emotions and logically act, then they will turn the tide.

        That will never happen though.

        -Heel out

      78. Why should anybody here listen to you? Perhaps you will regale us with your tales of exploit against the “powers that be”, because you sound like just another keyboard Rambo yourself.

        • PUNKYBOY: is thinking hes just Too Too good for This planet compared to all you others!

          Sounds like very “YOOTSFull” an age. Praises Kalif Gang bangers. Loves wild savage beast blacks…Praises them banger crowds, learned some karate moves and now is MR Big. While he thinks guys aged 60-70 yrs old are a coward or punk if they pak a gun! That alone shows how Young the clown really is! A Fool and a Sucker fool.

        • Cali-Punk-Hater…..Prefers Fist-Fights so he can show what a 37 degree BlackBelt,trained by a 59th level GRANDMASTER ,then he can BEAT th CRAP out of his opponent with EASE !! And THEN ,someone pulls a GUN on him ,he screams “That’s NOT FAIR!!” Cali-Logic??……Ole Sissie with a gun…

      79. Hey punks, you’re the biggest coward on this board. why did you post your diatribe down here toward the end of the comments section, instead of inserting it toward the middle or even earlier? Perhaps it was your own pussification at giving more people a chance reply back to you that made you hide down here?

        • Moron…….I have no control over where the post goes, it goes in the order of posting…………musta struck a nerve, huh? I aint hard to find, anyday actually, except sunday………..holla! When in Calli, drop by and introduce yourself…..

          Be careful, “HOJO” pull that little pea shooter on the wrong person and you’ll get it took….quick……………….lol.

          • punks says “I have no control over where the post goes” You just got caught in a lie you little troll. You know exactly how to use the reply button. So now that you’ve exposed yourself as a full of shit coward, I’ll ignore your childish ranting. And please, don’t be so damn stupid as to think anybody here would believe you are tougher than wet noodle.

      80. Piper:

        A 1500 yard sniper shot with a 30 mph cross wind. Spot on.
        I’ve seen it, I’ve seen it, I’ve seen it. Brutal but true.
        I give you the number one thumb up of the year.

      81. That’s idiotic and one dimensional thinking.
        Some of us are too old to stand toe to toe and go blow by blow with anyone. Start a fight with me and I’ll tell you;

        “I’m too old to fight you, so I’m just gonna have to kill ya quick.”

        • Old folks, handicapped, disabled exempted……….I agree. Dont be a fool. Get down like how you have too. I’m talking about able bodied MEN with no heart(cowards),BIG RACIST MOUTHS, hot tempers and armed. Im a traveling man, and have seen it all in many places. The pussification of the male species is in full effect, and big mouths racists lead the pack. Spend a million on arms and cant even fight….wont even consider it.

          We have a saying in the martial arts community, “coward in, coward out.” People can train, arm, exercise or whatever, but without courage people are just a trained, armed, in shape, pussies………and AGAIN, big RACIST tough guys lead the way…………………lead on.

      82. Why are the police not arresting these rioters in Oakland? The police pepper sprayed those white college kids right in the face as they were sitting on the ground at Occupy Seattle, point blank… so they stand down while the innocent drivers are being terrorized in their cars??? Wow!

      83. I think it’s safe to say that this has become a predominately racist website. When this site was more about smaller government and prepping, i believe it had a lot more diversity. Now even the articles here are doing what most here can’t stand about the mainstream media, by fueling the racial fire. From the comments and thumbs up/down buttons, you can clearly see what this site has become. Oh well, I’ll keep prepping and believe that all men/women were created equal, and leave this site to those who have the same racist views.

        Also, i still find it funny that some people actually believe it is blacks that are the most racist (SMH)

        • What Gives, welcome aboard. i’ll be the first to admit there’s an awful lot of emotion on this site. It’s sad that Trayvon was killed, but according to the best available information, info NOT covered by MSM, trayvon attacked Zimmerman and Zimmerman was forced into shooting him in order to survive. Trayvon was neither profiled nor chased after like the MSM claimed. regardless of how you look at the case, NOBODY has any right to go out and destroy anyone else’s property, attack people, etc. The rioters claim they’re doing it for Trayvon and we both know that’s not true. they’re doing it for themselves. They don’t care about Trayvon or any of the other black people KILLED BY OTHER BLACK PEOPLE SOMEWHERE IN THIS COUNTRY EVERY DAY. Where’s the outrage over their deaths? Where’s the outrage or sympathy for the families and friends they left behind? Where is the NAACP, Jackson, Sharpton, NBPP, etc. when blacks die at the hands of other blacks? Black-on-black crime is the worst in this nation and the only black people that address it are “Uncle Toms”. I love Uncle Toms. they know how to live right. everyone engaging in this senseless violence have been brainwashed by the NAACP, etc. and are losers. they’ll never get anything decent out of life with their way of thinking. I’ll take uncle toms 24/7/365, but no losers. The losers can’t be trusted and wouldn’t have any use for me anyway. I don’t want to see any war break out between black and white, but given the present circumstances, I don’t see how it can be avoided. It will actually go beyond that; it will be about a great many things. if I’m attacked by anyone, regardless of color, be ready to pay a price for it. It won’t end well for the person. I would hope the person would forget the idea for his/her own sake. braveheart

          • @Braveheart,

            I agree with everything you said, but i must take exception to the Uncle Tom comment. This is where the problem actually starts with this whole race issue. The “Uncle Tom’s” that you are referring to are actually “regular black people”. Nothing more nothing less. Just as “white people” are regular white people. By saying Uncle Tom is implying that a black person is portraying something that they are not. I totally disagree with the notion that there are Uncle Toms and there are Gangsters. That’s like saying there are Rich Elitist white people and trailer trash. The truth is in the middle where the majority of America reside. Unfortunately, the media only focuses on blacks as either Colin Powell/Barack Obama or their Lil Wayne/Tupac. That is not fair. That would be saying whites are only Warren Buffets/Rockafella or Trailer trash.

            Nevertheless, i do know what you meant by your Uncle Tom reference by the context of your reply. However, some will take that and run with it, which is inaccurate in describing blacks.

        • @What Gives;

          Not sure why you got all the thumbs down since everything in that post is correct.

          There are many voices of reason on this website, some with viewpoints contrary to my own (Be Informed, for example) who I respectfully disagree with and others (not going to mention any names, but operating under multiple accounts, “ZOG” for the win), whom I cannot respect because they are idiots with a painfully transparent agenda.

          Despite arguments to the contrary, many members have allowed their emotions to become inflamed by the Zimmerman case and its aftershocks. Racial insults, real and imagined have prompted a sort of “keyboard cowboy” mentality. This is precisely what TPTB (first time I have ever typed that, feels silly) want; a weak and divided populace easily distracted from the real crisis.

          You seem level headed. My advice; don’t get mad at the racist idiots that post here, life will get mad at them.

          Keep your powder dry, hope to see you keep posting.

      84. An excellent, raw and realistic take on the state of things. One sentence caught my eye:

        “Therefore, schools must change, America must change. But into what? How do you turn quantum physics into hands-on instruction or group work? No one knows, but we must keep changing until we find something that works.”

        I think you hit the nail on the head there, but not in the direction that I would take it. I think America must change, but not in trying to find a way to make racial lines and inequality disappear. I think it should grasp reality by the short hairs and once and for all make the divide. Abandon this childish and facile notion that the weak need to be accommodated. Weak in mind, weak in body, weak in will. Why should the strong (in mind, body and will), who the future of humanity lies with, be continually saddled with the mediocrity and failures of the weak?

        The philosophy of Herbert Spencer, that is, the “survival of the fittest” (often mis-attributed to Darwin), is the unspoken dogma of the true masters of this nation, in deed the world. Make no mistake, they are the ones that will survive and prosper in the centuries ahead. I go further in saying that it is not just blacks, but anyone of any race that is not equipped to survive will perish. They survive today only because of the accomplishments of those better equipped to survive. They know this. As you point out, they see it quite starkly; if the Whites left, “they screwed.” Much the same as a parasite dies if the host dies, or is able to remove it.

        Why keep up this veneer of caring any longer? Why prolong the inevitable? Those ABLE to improve their lot in life, quite simply, WILL. Those too ignorant, too lazy, too hopelessly addicted to entertainment, sex, drugs, etc., need to be allowed to face the music.

        I welcome ANY race, ANY creed, ANY national origin as my neighbor as long as there is intelligence.

      85. When BO Medical Care comes out, will the Libs have to get a picture I.D. and show it, to exercise it?


        Could you post martial laws for each State. One each week.

      86. Why do riots never take place in rich neighborhoods? During the Rodney King riots, I worked in South Central L.A. A Black customer told me that someone had tried to firebomb the Muslim Temple on Central Ave. He said the staff were out front and armed. The word on thewas that agente-provacateurs

      87. Black Panthers calling for race war. Hello negroes, war is work and work and negroes has never worked shall we say. The Mexicans hate lazy negroes, the arabs sold negroes into slavery for thousands of years. Whitey is all you negroes got for all the free shyt you been handed…Race war? Really…lmfwao (laughing my fuckin white ass off)

        Go ahead, Have a war, but you can bet the day after you start, your EBT card will be Void..Do it, I’d love to see your faces when all us crazy ass crackers knuckle in and stop funding your free ticket to lazy town

        those FEMA camps aint for hard working americans, there for you lazy do nothing bitches,, all you do nothing bitches white brown black or yellow..

      88. Some more Racist Crap.

        HHS Sec. Sebellious commented that we have to stand up to those who oppose ObamaCare as we did the lynchings during the Civil Rights movement. Also comments along those who oppose ObamaCare are racists.

        On Fox News.
        Everything is Racist. My Damn dogs are Racist!

      89. Your rant is pathetic and straight outta “Birth of a Nation.” I teach (martial arts)myself and as a teacher you control to arena. Your whole spiel exemplifies your lack of control, discipline or commanding the arena. You can make up all the excuses you want for your own self hate, because thats what it is….you hate yourself for your own shortcomings and what better way to bolster your esteem than to rant about your perceived racial deficiencies. Poor people, Black, white and brown are ALL a damaged lot in this nation, and once you understand that, its your job as a TEACHER to espouse a different path and show by example the noble truth of real humanity, and what YOU claim this nation stands for. I am ashamed to hear you give up on yourself, and your fellow humans. I am ashamed that you bitched out instead of leading and I am ashamed that you, a so-called learned man woulds stoop to such low level by being an obvious racist. Its teachers like you, and your underlining indifference that allows the generational stagnation in both poor blacks and whites alike. The sad part is as a TEACHER you had a chance, still have a chance, to make a difference, but you did nothing except complain and contribute to this nations racial division and destruction……………….yuck! Its not about “them”, its about “You” and the world you project to others.

        • Hate Punks: You did not Read that long essay by the Teacher or failed to grasp his main messg. His entire long essay dispells and Refutes every single crap claim You made about him. He Devoted his Life-Carrear to TRYING to assist Black “Yoots” become civilized and Improved humans. Read it again Slower and Pay atten.

          And for You to compare yourself as a Karate teacher to a life long History teacher is absurd at best. Sounds like You are a whitey who drank the white guilt Koolaid and Gorged on it. ps: His main focus was on Black school kids since they were over 80+% of the entire school, and the Most difficult to reach and teach. Due to ignorance and massive “Blackness” inability to Learn no matter What is done to help them. That whitey Guilt is going to do You in, if You refuse to awaken to REALITY.

          • Your reality and mines are worlds apart…I dont view other races as the cause of my woes, nor do I go through life WORRYING about what the golden hoardes are gonna do. I just dont. Cowards worry about the unknown, its just an extension for childhood fear, i.e. The boogieman…..As to the whitey guilt…lol. You got it all figured out, huh?

      90. HolyMoly!…What’s going on in here? Is this the end? It really sounds like that. So much hatred going on out there. This is not looking good, S is really starting to hit the fan. No good, no good…

      91. Young Detroit suburban White girl abducted and murdered by “hoodie” wearing negroe.
        Where is the outrage?
        “Stand Your Ground” is MURDERING the thuggery and muggery business.
        They are not “perpetuating” the stereotype …. they are PROVING it.

      92. i believe it was a racist incident. a black attacked a non black. that is basically what happened. when is the media going to start showing the fact that racism can be a two way street

      93. The senseless rioting, damage to property and threats of assault are validating evolution. Perhaps we all evolved from a pack of raging Baboons.

      94. The teacher’s story was an interesting observation but it was delivered in an ahistorical context and ignored the tragic history of many black people in the US. Not only was there the brutality of slavery, but blacks were subject, until recently, to the worst experiments in eugenics by the state. They also were stripped of their civil rights until the 1960s. This has left many blacks very damaged and at the bottom of the social and economic heap.

        I would recommend getting to know black people who are not caught up in the nightmare of the Southern USA. You will find people who are well educated, hard working, and not behaving in the gangster stereotype.

        Remember, people are the same everywhere and there are no ‘earth’ people and ‘fire’ people – except in your bourbon-soaked dreams.

        • Frank,
          That was a pretty good post. I really liked the “bourbon soaked dreams” line!!

      95. True dat!!

      96. On Drudge.

        Jesse Jackson proclaims that FLORIDA is an APARTHEID STATE.

        Yes!!!!! Florida is exactly like South Africa. Obama has pictures to prove it.

      97. Many of you have very valid points. I hate reading through all the racism to find them. Are they succeeding at dividing us? Yes, they have. Though I suspect that division has always been there for some of you. Just needed a spark, or an acquittal, or a riot, for you to share. Sad, if not a little shameful. The jury was right. How many of us are voicing our opinions, however, is not.

      98. We, the Human race, are simply disgraceful! Does anyone know when is planet X expected to come around?

        • Planet X should hit MLK Blvd. Everytown, USA!

      99. lets see how many protest turn violent this week end ,a large police force should be at each one ready to take action in case .

      100. @ninao, zog whatever…

        Mobs by definition are not “one on one man to man toe to toe”.

        It is true less fuss in Florida than California. Prevalence of CCW very likely a factor in that.

      101. So what this article is really saying…

        “I’m racist and the actions of ‘these people’ are evidence that my racism is justified.”

        Gotta love humanity 🙂

        • And you can’t be racist towards snakes until AFTER one bites you.

      102. Sorry I only have two thumbs up! Priceless insight into the reality of your most noble profession. Deeply grateful for your post and wish many more could read it. The truth is we would be over run with these poor Souls if they were not killing each other so quickly.

      103. I hate Punks Like You…I am a Senior Citizen and a Retired Marine…I Have Taken and Givin Lots of Ass-Whooping as you call it..But its Stoopid to get your Head Bashed In when you have ways to even things up..Give me a Gun ANYTIME asshat and I”ll Make sure its put to Good Use..everthing else is pure Bull Shyte!

        Aim Mall Miss Small!

        Semper Fi

        • POPS you are missing the point, Im not talking about stupidity, I’m talking about young able bodied pussy men who resort to guns before anything else. Thats my point, be a man first, then if necessary do otherwise……kudos for giving out some ass whippings in the days gone by…………..


        When is stereotyping a valid and intelligent process? WHEN IT IS GROUNDED IN EVIDENCE!

        The recent photos above are ‘stereotypical’ of photos of collective African-in-America social behavior, psychology and communal culture that can be compared to any photos archived over the past five decades — and hundreds of billions of dollars in entitlements.

        How much would it cost to remove the stink and stripe of skunks? Is it even possible!

      105. @EVERYONE

        You know, a lot of you are right. The Poop is the definitely hitting the Propeller.

        I come to this site faithfully because of the survival topics and to listen to like minded individuals talk about their preps and exchange knowledge/tips that helps everyone. I really enjoy a lot of the posters comments in regards to the those topics, and after awhile its almost as if we’re family. Couldn’t ask for anything better.

        ………But then RACE is put into the hat, and everything changes. This is just so wrong and heart breaking on so many levels………………..

        Then again, I may just see things a little different because I was in the USN for four years and was able to work along side a lot of different cultures. I think I have a larger sample size of people from different cultures and from different regions of America. It was enlightening to say the least. I think to a certain extent I had my build in prejudices from growing up in my respective city. I learned quickly that the people you interact with from all over are much different than the stereotypes that the media portrays.

        Some people who post these racist comments have One, never been around black people or who only judge them by what the see on TV. Or two, never really taken the time to befriend a black person (or other race) and learn for yourself.

        Your views of blacks shouldn’t change do to inner city teens in a f’d up environment. Just as my views on the majority of those posting racist comments won’t change.

        If your opinions of inner city people of any race who live in poverty stricken environments are the rule then you’re not doing a proper analysis of that respective culture. At that point that’s where stereotyping starts, and if you don’t expand your horizons, after awhile, racism sets in. (and that goes for both sides of the fence)

        • ….Your views of blacks shouldn’t change do to inner city teens in a f’d up environment. Just as my views on the majority of those posting racist comments won’t change HOW I FEEL ABOUT THE WHOLE WHITE RACE AS A WHOLE. IN MY LIFE I HAVE MET A LOT OF GREAT PEOPLE OF ALL CULTURES, BLACK WHITE BROWN GREEN YELLOW AND IN BETWEEN.

      106. Dear Mr. What Gives,

        I have been following your interaction with interest and amusement. The only difference between you and your correspondents is that you refrained from using profanity. And that really is the only difference.

        Every post you made was to get in someone’s face. You did not change anyone’s mind. You did not make any converts. You articulately insulted each and every respondent. And you garnered more red thumbs than anyone you were arguing with in the process.

        We are all cynical. That is the story line of each and every article that goes up here. It was cynicism in what you have to say that collapsed half of your posts.

        You are not going to fix the world. Maybe trying to convert your brothers instead of the people here that are not the problem would be a good start. Your efforts certainly could not be any more futile.

        You ask What Gives?

        The hard working white man is fed up with giving.

        Tell that to your brothers, the gimme dats.

      107. @ Punk Hater……I guess you would prefer a ‘FistFight , I would too, if I was a 37degree BlackBelt ,trained by a 29 Degree GRANDMASTER with forty-eleven years experience !! The GUN just seems to take all th FUN out of BEATING someones ASS ,don’t it !?? ME? I’m just an Ole Sissie with a GUN !!……mm~ PS…better keep yer Cali-Logic to yerselve ,NObody here impressed!!

      108. smoke em all

      109. if a white guy brook your noes and was beating your head into the ground would you try to save your own life

        • Absolutely! I think everyone in the world understands this, so I’m not sure what you’re getting at.

          The issue at hand unless you’ve been under a rock is the fact that said white person pursued an unarmed kid who was just walking home from the store. He was told not to pursue and did. This action caused someone to die.

          Unless you want to take the case and facts out of context please leave your comments for your racist counterparts with half a brain.

      110. its to hot for this bs. words will never hirt me.but banging my head into the shoot too

      111. DON’T Y’ALL UNDERSTAND!!!


        Y’all Beware! HAD ENOUGH?????

      112. I have made greats friends with black folks and been nearly killed by them too. I know useless wiggers and white trash leaching off my labor. If you are not willing to abide by simple-to-understand Ten Commandments then I will make you a believer, And please don’t hand me that “Thou shalt not kill” from the mouths of baby killers, it is so pathetic. Religous or not the Golden Rule makes the world a better place!

      113. I have made great friends with some black folks and been nearly killed by others. I know white folks that leach off my labor and still whine. If you cannot abide by the Ten Commandments, then wish to physically harm me (or mine), I will make you a believer. The Lord’s justice (and mine) will be color blind. And you liberals don’t hand me that “Thou shalt not kill” as you condone the murder of innocents. Religous or not, the Golden Rule will make the world a better place!

        • @Sheepdog

          Thank you! You couldn’t be more right SIR! There is actually a sense of humanity on this site. Unfortunately, there are bigots on this site that seem to respond and make their presence known. I thought this site would be more open minded about race. It’s just those racist trolls that take up the most space when racial topics are discussed.

          God bless you!

      114. If the media would print all the facts and the truth in the news, we would have a whole different country and racial tensions would be limited. As I stated, they are the real enemy. Without thier coperation, the PTB couldnt get away with all the shit they do. I moved up here to get away from gov in general, and people. Plus, a hostile environment (weather, services etc) makes people more friendly and curtious. If you have a vehicle breakdown on a backroad in the winter, there may be only one truck coming by that day. Almost everyone is in the same boat (foxhole). Point is, evironment makes people have different attitudes toward each other quite a bit.

      115. oh lord, what a windbag. blah blah blah. this just makes me want to be as nice as possible to every single black person i see. and i only read the first paragraph (i think).

        • well, i had to go back and read a little more to make sure i wasn’t jumping the gun.

          nope, your post is sad. for you. perhaps you should get out more.

          while what you say may be true for where you are/were, you are still judging a whole RACE of people base on one tiny sliver.

          and while the crime statistics may be true (because what can you believe these days anyway), the fact that the racist hatred displayed in these comments is actually .. .well, displayed, goes to show that there are still plenty of white people who ARE racist; therefore, black people are defensive for a VALID REASON.

          sure, there is no excuse for their acting out as they do. but there is no excuse for the hatred whites have towards blacks either.

          have a conversation with a ‘non-ghetto/thug’ black person about how they have been treated just for being black. if you were treated how you treat them, would you not be acting in similar ways? i think so.

        • well, i had to go back and read a little more to make sure i wasn’t jumping the gun.

          nope, your post is sad. for you. perhaps you should get out more.

          while what you say may be true for where you are/were, you are still judging a whole RACE of people base on one tiny sliver.

          and while the crime statistics may be true (because what can you believe these days anyway), the fact that the racist hatred displayed in these comments is actually .. .well, displayed, goes to show that there are still plenty of white people who ARE racist; therefore, black people are defensive for a VALID REASON.

          sure, there is no excuse for their acting out as they do. but there is no excuse for the hatred whites have towards blacks either.

          have a conversation with a ‘non-ghetto/thug’ black person about how they have been treated just for being black. if you were treated how you treat them, would you not be acting in similar ways? i think so.

      116. Reading this artciel tells me one thing: the writer has no idea what a riot is and has never been in the middle of one.

      117. NOTICE: how there are barely any arrests during this protest compared to all other protests? cause this is their plan.. DIVIDE THE PEOPLE BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY, NO MATTER THE DAMAGE.. NO MATTER THE CONSEQUENCES.. AS LONG AS THEY WEAKEN THE POPULATION, THEY WILL ACHIEVE THEIR GOAL.. USING VARIOUS BURDENS, WARS & FEAR.

      118. I can say there plenty of people who are protesting peacefully that you fail to metion and say. Yet you just pick these riots out to show wrong side. But there many out there whom are doing it peacefully. With blocking traffic and reaching into someone car the police need to do there job there.

        Stop sterotyping cause few bad apples.

      119. amazing they’re so concerned about one self defense shooting, but not the thousands of black on black shootings and murders every month, across the Country. The Demonic Media pours gasoling on a small fire, while trying to smother a huge fire, and the Sheeple fall for it EVERY time, due to stupidity and lack of any common sense.

      120. anyone see the monkey on Leno last night? he’s more concerned about being a movie star than he is being prez. that whole family is a huge joke and the bros think he’s the best prez ever. should have never let #42 play in the majors. it all started there and they won’t be happy till we are in chains.

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