TRADE WAR Rhetoric Intensifies: ‘No One Is In A Position To Dictate To The Chinese’

by | Dec 18, 2018 | Headline News | 30 comments

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    The trade war rhetoric continues to heighten tension between the United States and Chinese governments.  The president of Communist China, Xi Jinping even said that “no one is in a position to dictate to the Chinese people,” when referencing U.S. demands during the trade war.

    There appears to be no end in sight to the economically destructive trade war banging up the wallets of the American consumer. According to CNBC, Xi is set to signal on Tuesday whether his idea of progress aligns with the West’s increasingly vocal demands for less state control. That could have significant consequences for whether the U.S. reaches a trade deal with China by the end of its 90-day tariff ceasefire. Xi called for his country to “stay the course” and emphasized that “no one is in a position to dictate to the Chinese people what should or should not be done.

    This year, Xi abolished the presidential term limit for his one-party-led country. The clause “Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era” was also added to the Chinese constitution, following mentions of former Chairman Mao Zedong’s and Deng’s contributions. –CNBC

    Meanwhile, the U.S., and more specifically, Donald Trump, is stepping up pressure on China with tariffs on the bulk of the country’s exports to America. Beijing retaliated with duties of its own, and the escalating trade tensions between the world’s two largest economies have roiled global markets. Trump and Xi reached a temporary ceasefire earlier this month with the U.S., agreeing not to increase tariffs if the two countries can reach some resolution on issues such as forced technology transfer within 90 days.

    So far, there have been no resolutions. This month’s arrest of Meng Wanzhou, chief financial officer of Chinese tech giant Huawei, in Canada for alleged violation of U.S. sanctions has only increased tensions. Adding to geopolitical concerns is China’s detainment of two Canadians in the last week.

    “The United States is closing the door to the prospect of compromise with China over economic practices and henceforth insisting on a decisive return to the earlier spirit of reform and opening as it was understood internationally,“ The Chinese Dashboard, a joint project between the Asia Society Policy Institute and the Rhodium Group stated. “China’s private sector is shrinking for the first time in two decades — an extraordinary development contrary to the hopes seeded by the 2013 economic reform objectives and decades of talk about withdrawing the state from the marketplace,” the Dashboard said in its Fall 2018 report.

    It sure would be nice if the U.S. withdrew the state from the marketplace too. Some Americans are now beginning to worry about the economy which is on life support and the trade war.  More trade war rhetoric threatens to push the already strained economy to snap.


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      1. Marc Salvo is weak – He buckles at the first sign of resistance.
        Trump wins because he is right, strong and persistent.

        KAG 2020

        • agreed. “Chamberlainesque” mindset.

      2. No one may be in a position to dictate to the Chinese, but the entire world seems to be in a position to dictate to the United States.

        On trade, immigration, and just about everything else.

        That’s because they’re strong and we’re weak.

        Best to just surrender now and let the UN take over governing our nation the way the EU governs the European nations. Hopefully they’ll be benign and merciful to us and not demand too much in the way of our reparations to them for all the evil we’ve done in the world.

        • Anonymous, “Hopefully they’ll be benign and merciful to us”. If I have to be someone’s pet, I volunteer to be Raquel Welch’s.

        • Anonymous, speak for yourself. Maybe you need to go find a country that works for you. We’re not surrendering, period.

          • You’ve already surrendered, you’re just not smart enough to know it yet.

            • NO! We have not surrendered, and we are smart enough to know not to cave, we have not given up the fight. Sounds like you’re a f’n coward. You want the easy way out.

        • What’s wrong with you asshole? have you no backbone what-so-ever? Man up!

      3. “The president of Communist China, Xi Jinping even said that “no one is in a position to dictate to the Chinese people,” when referencing U.S. demands during the trade war.”

        Yes, no one can dictate to the Chinese Government. That however does not change reality: China cannot win the trade war simply because the trade relationship has been so one sided in China’s favor. The numbers don’t lie.

        Now the chickens are coming home to roost. Must come home to roost if the USA is to remain a viable nation state. No country can share so much of its wealth with another country and not feel the ramifications of that wealth transfer. Michael Snyder has documented those ramifications here time and time again.

        While China is the largest manufacturing country in the world, it means nothing if they do not have American Consumers to buy their products. When American stop buying those products, the Chinese factories will stop running, they will shutter their plants and equipment, and layoff tens of millions of Chinese workers.

        Tens of millions of unemployed Chinese workers are not going to be happy campers after a generation of prosperity. That loss of production and revenue will translate into HUGE company losses, bankruptcies on a grand scale in China, and a collapse of the Chinese economy that will dwarf anything every experienced in world history.

        If you think the end of the business cycle here will be tough, you ain’t seen NOTHIN yet !!! 🙂

        • You speak the truth Kidd. It will be worse for China, Xi Jinping’s brainwashing does not work here in the US.

        • “‘No One Is In A Position To Dictate To The Chinese’”

          OH YA? Cleanup your pollution and STOP killing the ocean! Sterilize your population too! God damn stupid zippers! By the way… thanks for the SKS.

      4. China deep in USA debt bonds, Treasuries.
        If USA goes down.
        Then EVERYONE in world economic system goes down.
        If China stop buying debt. COLLAPSE.
        World collapse. House of cards. Domino effect.

        Any economic experts here? I’m not.
        Is my understanding correct?
        What am I missing?
        Stock market is Lotto. About to get slammed.
        Is my understanding accurate?
        –thank you

        • If the USA goes down, yes everyone goes down but that isn’t going to happen any time soon. But by down I mean it ceases to be a viable nation state by meteor strike, emp, nuclear war, Pole Shift or Yellowstone blowing. Anything other than those events are more than manageable.

          China has about a trillion in US Securities. A large number but peanuts in the scheme of things as the US Bond market is HUGE. (US bonds are where the NWO Globalists park their cash until they can find a safe alternative with a higher return.They US Bond market is DEEP and liquid.) Investors are rotating into US Bonds now, as they always do at the end of the business cycle. I explained that here to this community a few years ago when I described the events that would occur as the business cycle ended.

          It is NOT essential that China buy US debt. It IS essential that US Consumers buy Chinese products, or China will collapse. 🙂

      5. Pat Buchanan has a great article on Townhall which discuses China and it states…”by nurturing China for decades before recognizing she was becoming a malevolent superpower whose Asian-Pacific ambitions could be realized only at the expense of friends of the United States”.

        Further, “Belatedly, the U.S. establishment has recognized the historic folly of having chaperoned China onto the world stage and seeking to buy her lasting friendship with $4 trillion in trade surpluses at our expense since Bush 41.

        Consider how China has reciprocated America’s courtship.

        She has annexed the South China Sea, built air and missile bases on half a dozen disputed islets, and told U.S. ships and planes to stay clear.

        The article continues on how China has repaid the US for opening up our markets to them. It’s a long list of abuses. They are a hostile threat that we have built up into a serous rival. What folly!

        • This is by design. USA taken down by it’s own politicians.

          There is a commie fifth column called the democratic party and the media. Republicrats are also guilty.
          Round up these anti american commies.
          Put them in prison.
          President Trump should act like a commander in chief.
          Arrest the FBI special counsile with USA Marines?
          Round up commies. Round up Obama as a antiAmerican muslim TRAITOR.

          FBI that attempts to subvert the electoral process and go on witch hunt against ELECTED President. That FBI needs jail time. Use Marines, Army, Air Force, Navy, FIGHT the dirt bag commies politicians and media.

          Deep State needs prison time. Use full military to arrest?

          • Roger that!

      6. 18% of Chinese exports went to the USA BUT then became critical components within our industrial manufactured devices. This is a strategic issue as much as an economic issue.

        I say we can turn this around by whittling away at that 18% so that at least they are mission critical parts for technology, medicine, utilities, and defense. That is dangerous to allow to persist and not only causes American unemployment but the Chinese could use that as a weapon by cutting off the supply.

        America was not ready on December 7, 1941 but we sure showed the world how rapidly we can gear up not only a war machine but full industrial capacity with reduced labor and efficiency using then untrained American ladies. America’s strength is improvise, adapt, and overcome.

        Believe it or not, the Chi-coms will collapse if America stops buying their products as a new revolution will overthrow the regime. Already the Chinese dolts are putting in robotics and cutting employees. They brought in peasants from the farming provinces to the industrial centers but promising them eventual real estate ownership. That is their Achilles heel.

        • Robotics in China is predicted to adversely affect 70% of their workers. This means that will vastly reduce labor costs and whatever limited benefits they receive. It will drive down prices even lower on Chinese goods to the point there is no way whatsoever to compete.

          The big cost is shipping and they hide the fact that those ships moving cargo containers are the worst polluters in the world as they pollute more than millions of cars.

          How can communists even call themselves proleteriats if all the workeres will be unemployed! How can there be peasants if robots replace agricultural workers? Quite a conundrum, right! Is there anyone who thinks a billion Chinese workers will let robots take their jobs now that they have been lied to about owning an apartment???

      7. Without some kind of forcible market control, inflicted upon Americans, noone would buy Chinese, mass manufactured goods.

        This seems to have bankrolled foreign belligerents, who threaten us, with hot war.

        Show me a capable, traditional American, who made your consumer goods. Show me your support of that person, in a free market, if you’re so concerned about my wallet, please.


        Shop here for your Christmas presents and for your happy new year. The classic wooden toys will last for many years to come, and there are many other items you can purchase, which of course are all made right here at home in the USA ??.


        • We don’t buy xmas presents nor acknowledge xmas fraud. Same with easter, 4th of july, haloween, it’s all BS. However that is cool to post a USA shopping site! Thanks I will bookmark it. For a gift that will last a lifetime give out small moonshine stills! 😛 Or reloading stuff.

      9. As someone with primitive skills, myself, I still challenge the WASP readers to learn how high tech is made — preferably, independently of close scrutiny. You might also find a better way to do it.

        Many technical courses were like infomercials with branding and product placement. Maybe, they will teach about your product, then.

      10. In any stress situation the US is at a greater disadvantage. Just look at history and recent events. When US wars became too bloody, the American people buckled, and the government was forced to beat a retreat. Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan – and today, Syria.

        The trade war is no different. Chinese people who have known real hardship and poverty are better equipped to weather bad times than Americans are.

        How do you know a society has much ‘slack’ in it to weather hardship? By the beauty of its industrial workers. China’s factories are filled with beautiful women. America’s factories, what ones that are left, are certainly not filled with beautiful women. China can shift those beautiful women over to other sectors, office work, fashion, art, and, yes, even sex work. A society hums along based on the beauty of its women. ALL successful societies and economies share the same quality: the beauty of their women. Prosperity buys you more beautiful women: they are healthier, cleaner, fitter, wear nicer clothes, have time to be primpt and primed. Where does America have millions of surplus hot women waiting to move into new economic growth areas?

        Future industries will flourish with beautiful women at the helm. China will be fine because it has millions of FINE women.

        • Once again Frank, you’ve proven yourself to be an idiot. Beauty has nothing to do with work! If anything it is the “Pretty” little helpless women who are useless. You always seem to be consumed with beauty and sex like some 13 year old boy. GROW UP!

        • Hey Frank,
          You’ve got that all wrong. Taos county, New Mexico, has an obesity rate of 90 to 95%…the rest of the nation about 65%. Now there’s something to brag about. When those fat kids grow up, the majority will also suffer from diabetes and early death…like much of the rest of this good old U.S.A. If you check with the official federal U.S. government’s own web sites, you will learn that the death rate in this outstanding nation is increasing…life expectancy is dropping and both maternal death and infant mortality are increasing. Sorry to give you the bad news or maybe our government is just lying to us about those figures. Certainly seems like we’re showing those commies a thing or two about our “exceptional” nation. Boy do they have some serious problems!!! Then again, we could cut off all trade with China…Wal*Mart, the biggest U.S. employer would close. No more Apple products…screw Apple. No more computers of any brand…no more electronics of any kind…cell phones, internet, grid electric, cars of all brands, banking, investment industry, police communications, satellite systems,GPS, airline traffic, cash registers across the nation, military hardware of all kinds, electronic payments and Social Security…we don’t need any of that stuff…we’ll be fine without all that Chinese junk…1800 here we come. We can just ask the Amish if they’ll sell us a few spare horses.

          • Obesity seems to be a problem in all nations, not just the USA. Also, did you ever stop to think that the decrease in life expectancy could be due to a long list of what has happened in the last 100 years? Nuclear testing, nuclear accidents, pollution of air, soil, and water, chemicals added to our food and GMOs. Think about it!

            • Norrak,
              “Think about it”…great suggestion, sir. And actually I’ve been thinking about it for the past fifty years or more. In the past fifty years Autism, for example, has increased from less than one in ten-thousand to one in thirty-eight children. Maybe when it reaches every single child born in the U.S. we might take notice. In the meantime, the pharmaceutical industry will continue to inject your children with whatever chemicals they want to. If you “Google” the CDC (Center for Disease Control) web site you will find a notice to parents, “..that if you are concerned that your child might be ‘allergic’ to MERCURY, FORMALDEHYDE (embalming fluid), or ALUMINUM, you should consult your pediatrician before having your child vaccinated.” Otherwise that industry will do what it wants because they have paid-off your government to pass the laws that allow and protect them in doing it. That was a “gift” from our people to the industry thanks to the “Citizen’s United” Supreme Court case allowing industry to legally buy-off law-makers so that their “representatives” will write the laws they want written. If you think that eliminates the American people from the decision-making process in this country…your not quite right…if YOU happen to be a multi-millionaire or billionaire, you’re just as welcome to buy-off a Congressman, or two, yourself…if he hasn’t been bought off already by someone else.
              And that’s just one example, Norrak. Want another one? A very popular car-maker in Europe is marketing a passenger car now that reportedly gets over three-hundred miles per gallon. Of course that car is illegal in the U.S. and for comparison, one of the most popular vehicles here was the Hummer, which bragged about getting eleven miles per gallon. Just guess who writes those laws here that protect our auto manufacturers.
              And then there was Ross Perot…remember Ross Perot? He’s the candidate who told Bill Clinton that “if you pass NAFTA, there will be a giant sucking sound as all the jobs leave the U.S. and go overseas”. And here we are, years later, with our manufacturing on it’s deathbed and all we can do is blame those Chinese for “stealing” all of our good-paying jobs.
              Shall I go on? Name one industry…one profession…whose laws have been written to protect the American people rather than the profits of the speculators and CEOs. Last year I was called jury duty. The guy, on trial, was arrested for stealing two-hundred dollars from the 7-11 convenience store. The thing that bothered all seven of us was the fact that the bankers in the 20008 crash stole something in the neighborhood of $10,000,000,000,000…that’s TEN-TRILLION dollars…and they all walked! Nobody was charged, nobody indicted, nobody went to jail…certainly not to prison. And yet we were supposed to send this guy to the penitentiary!!! It was a “hung jury” and the county court system doesn’t know what to do now. A lot of publicity has made another trial problematic. They can’t let him go and they can’t convict him. So now what? Community service? Ha! Everybody can see where that would lead!!
              This nation is getting to a crazy place. Too many people can’t abide any longer with the corruption and the public tolerance of that corruption…and no way out, and no way to repair it. As you hear more and more these days…”Crete, here we come”…but who knows.
              Happy Holiday, anyway!

              • Thanks for the respectful use of ” sir”, but I’m a ma’am, as I have stated in a previous post. I agree with you on a lot; vaccines, political corruptness, judicial corruptness………..yes, the government is our enemy. I once was asked to work for a particular pediatrician in my community, but turned the job down because in good conscience I could not inject children with vaccines. I’m just saying don’t necessarily blame the individual for their obesity, because a lot of it comes from issues beyond their control. Recently this month I came close to going to jail for my standing up to a policeman. I believe in doing the right thing , according to my conscience, and I realize my conscience may be different from someone else’s. I come from a military and a medical background, and will fight along side anyone willing to fight to save what’s left of this Republic.

                • Dear Norrak,
                  Please accept my apologies for saying “Sir”. It’s difficult to know how to address someone these days…and I certainly wasn’t going to call you an “It” !!! Anyway, we have a lot in common as I have a medical background as well. I also had a run-in with the police, recently, proving that the Chief and his deputy both lied on the witness stand to get a conviction in at homicide trial. That particular crime is known as “malicious prosecution”, a felony, and the judge, after overturning the guilty verdict and releasing the defendant, suggested to me that I should “Be happy with the outcome and walk away” rather than testifying against these two men. As he explained it, “There’s one thing you never want to do, and that’s put a policeman in prison…they’ll get you even from behind bars”. That, coming from a judge, I took to be good advice. Anyway, keep up the good work…there aren’t many of you left out there with a moral conscience and congratulations on calling this a “Republic” which is what it is…or was!! Happy New Year

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