Trade War Heightens Military Tensions Between US & China

by | Sep 27, 2018 | Headline News | 14 comments

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    The trade war is ratcheting up military tensions between the United States and China. So far, this war is being paid for by the American consumer in the form of higher costs and lost jobs, but it could eventually lead to a military conflict.

    Military tensions have risen in the beginning stages of the trade war when on Tuesday, China refused to allow U.S. warship entry to Hong Kong next month.  The Trump administration levied unprecedented penalties last week on a Chinese military procurement agency and its director for allegedly purchasing Russian combat aircraft, claiming a violation of U.S. sanctions.  Not to mention the tensions already heightened thanks to the tariffs and ongoing trade war threating to break the wallets of American citizens.

    “It all adds up,” said Jean-Pierre Cabestan, who teaches U.S.-China relations at Hong Kong Baptist University. “It plays into the hands of the conservatives like Xi Jinping in China’s leadership that Trump’s real intent is to contain China’s rise.”

    Tensions rose further when on Wednesday, president Donald Trump accused China of attempting to interfere in the U.S.’s midterm elections. Trump said he had evidence, but didn’t provide any. He also said he and Xi might no longer be friends. The Chinese government responded quickly to Trump’s accusations. “We do not and will not interfere in any country’s domestic affairs,” Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said at a session of the United Nations Security Council, through a translator. “We refuse to accept any unwarranted accusations against China.”

    According to Bloomberg, the U.S. State Department said its sanctions on the Chinese military’s Equipment Development Department weren’t intended to undermine the military capabilities or combat readiness of any country, but rather to impose costs on Russia in response to alleged interference in the U.S. election process.

    “In China, they are debating how they can respond and there are some who say, ‘We have to strike back,’” said Collin Koh Swee Lean, a research fellow at Singapore’s S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies. The country’s military actions this week are a way of “showing displeasure without crossing the line into something more serious.”

    China has already announced that they will cut tariffs on non-US goods imported into the country as a way to protect their citizen from skyrocketing costs of the unnecessary taxation by the US government. This move is to combat the economic damage done by retaliatory tariffs in response to Trump’s insistence on a trade war.

    Right now, it would appear that China has the upper hand while American citizens will be left footing the bill for this trade war.


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      1. Part of the reason I prepped was because of the expectation that items would continue to go up in price. Either by Inflation, Tariffs or War!

        No matter how you slice it Americans will be ground down into poverty. It was the inevitable result of Globalization!

        • Tariffs are opposition to globalization, aimed at either preventing or reversing a good deal of its negative effects on us.

          • My only point was that whatever the reason, prices are going to go up a lot. When things get tight people fight over the last biscuit and that means tariffs. Plus, remember that historically Tariffs proceed WARS.

            I believe that Nationalism will be the scape goat for the coming collapse. The Central Banks need a fall guys and that Trump and those “DEPLORABLES”.

      2. The alternative is to have essentially zero manufacturing in the US. No one said the transition would be painless.

      3. China will wait for the Trump administration to be gone….and hopefully, inherit another traitor into the White House. They know our disadvantage is a democratic system with a mandatory changing of the guard every 4 years. They have no such constraints to democracy. They will wait for the right moment in time to ATTACK. That moment in history draws ever nearer. A day that will live in infamy.!!!!

      4. JJJ, good points but Red China has been planning war against us for decades. The only real advantage they have over us is manpower. Their latest military hardware has yet to be tested in wartime conditions and is questionable to say the least. Remember, it’s still ‘made in china’.

        • Everything those damn yellow chink gook sons of bitches make is fucking TRASH!!!! Walmart shit for dumbass Americans to fight over, ha, how sad and pathetic, all of it.

      5. You can’t be an AMERICAN and support globalism, which seeks to destroy AMERICAN SOVEREIGNTY. Trump gets that. he was a world traveler and businessman long before DC. He’s not some jr senator, with prearranged job appointments irrelevant life experience and an still unknown academic record.

      6. You can’t be an AMERICAN and support globalism, which seeks to destroy AMERICAN SOVEREIGNTY. Trump gets that. he was a world traveler and businessman long before DC. He’s not some jr senator, with prearranged job appointments irrelevant life experience and an still unknown academic record.

      7. The Chinese could invade us and take over unless we secure our borders. They have enough people to totally overwhelm us. Wake up and smell the tea.


      8. Why would China (or Russia or NK or anyone) want to invade or attack USA?
        The only reason is to get the USA to go home and leave them alone.
        Every other army in the world is a defensive army, only USA and NATO continually practise offensive “Offensive warfare”.
        USA has nothing that any other country wants.
        No-one hates USA for it’s freedom, they hate you for wanting to enslave them and plunder their country.

      9. Instead of a discussion on materials, productions standards, and ingredients, put a label, that says you’d better buy it!

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