Trade War Created A ‘Ticking Time Bomb’ For Texas Companies

by | Jan 28, 2019 | Headline News | 28 comments

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    Many companies across the United States are reeling from the tariffs imposed by China and president Donald Trump during the ongoing trade war. Even though there’s been a so-called “cease-fire” by both nations and tariffs aren’t going up, many companies in Texas are “ticking time bombs.”

    Layoffs at auto manufacturing plants such as Tesla, Ford, and GM are all having their impact on the economy.  Thanks to the trade war, it’s become harder to make ends meet for businesses unless they raise their prices to cover the cost of the tariffs.  Unfortunately, even though tariffs are stagnant for now, it’s an ever-increasing financial burden on many businesses in Texas.

    According to Dallas News, a small business which relies on stone-coated steel roofing from China has been forced to take out high-interest loans to cover their costs. And that kind of pain lingers all over Texas as many companies face the choice of shouldering the now expected costs of the trade war or passing along the burden to consumers or seeking relief through an unforgiving bureaucracy or even confronting the sometimes impossible task of seeking new supply lines.  Everyone seems surprised by this, and we hate to say we told you so, but we told you so.  Americans will pay the cost for this trade war, and at a time when most families live paycheck to paycheck, it’s become a rather daunting and eerie overhanging concern.

    While many Americans have all but forgotten the trade war, the backbone of the U.S. economy, small businesses, are still facing every single tariff.  Not one of Trump’s tariffs has been removed, but the focus has been about the government shutdown instead.

    To make matters worse, the trade deficit is now at record high levels; the reason Trump started the trade war was to lower said trade deficit. Trump has long claimed that the tariffs are all part of his plan to get better trade deals, correcting what he says has been a long history of other countries ripping off the U.S. and its workers.  But the only thing ripping off the U.S. and its workers now, are the tariffs.

    Tariffs Hurt the Heartland, a coalition of business and farm groups, has calculated that Texas companies have paid $1.1 billion in additional tariffs on products subject to Trump’s import levies through October, the most recent month with available data. “This is a ticking time bomb,” said Ralph Bradley of Jammy Inc., a Fort Worth auto-parts importer swamped by tariffs. “I don’t know why everybody is like, ‘Things are OK right now.’ They’re not. They’re bad as they’ve ever been, and they’re about to get worse.”


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        • “Many companies across the United States are reeling from the tariffs imposed by China and president Donald Trump during the ongoing trade war.”

          The companies most impacted by TRUMP’S TARIFFS are those companies who have profited MOST from the systematic dismantling of the American Means of Production and the transfer of 70,000 + factories & tens of millions of American jobs offshore …. to a COMMUNIST COMPETITOR …. at the expense of the American worker, family, and taxpayer !!!

          FUCK THEM !!! 🙂

        • “Many companies across the United States are reeling from the tariffs imposed by China and president Donald Trump during the ongoing trade war.”

          The companies most impacted by TRUMP’S TARIFFS are those companies who have profited MOST from the systematic dismantling of the American Means of Production and the transfer of 70,000 + factories & tens of millions of American jobs offshore …. to a COMMUNIST COMPETITOR !!!

          FUCK THEM !!! 🙂

      1. And this my friends case in point it should all be made here but it never will and the companies will NEVER come back because who – which ever commie f$&@ gets in the White House next will repeal the tax cuts and ALL the other maga incentives!! And there we will be slave to the commies AGAIN

        • You did not notice how they began to live according to the principle of the communists. Huge social spending, even more for the army create all the time increasing debts.

      2. Yes, there will be pain felt as we try to reverse the vast damage inflicted by the last 3-4 decades of corporate greed.

        • and immense debt at interest.

      3. Buy products that are made in the USA.


        • Try to FIND made in the USA

          • I understand that you are trying to make a point about white nativism or locavorism.

            Your point is defeated when too-big-to-fails hire the misfit and morally-retarded, however, they accept business mail, here.

            • Beaumont 2.0, know this: the Chinese are buying “MADE IN CHINA” almost exclusively now. Play their game or devolve into total poverty. Your call.

          • All clothing/shoes we own is either from the middle east, parts of Africa (Lesotho, etc) or Asian countries. Plastics (home use, storage containers, laundry, etc) (Sterilite,Bella, Home logic housewares, etc are made in the U.S. clothing made here is pricey.

            • The same cultures are imported, to make that stuff, here.

              Slavery was a labor subsidy, supposedly leading to assimilation.

              There is no other way, humanly possible, to make a shirt or a container?

      4. Hillary is almost starting to sound good. I would never vote for her, but the way things are going and rather or not its trump’s fault, you can look forward to it. You’d think a party would try to appease the masses instead of just ramming thru a predertermined agenda but I guess since were split down the middle it’s impossible.

      5. What yall should be worried about is what these tarrifs are doing to farmers. We are already being taxed and regulated out of existence by epa, fda etc now we are having trouble selling our soy bean, cotton, corn and wheat to other countries. If you dont buy your veggies at a farmers market or co op then your spending money with the corporate farms

      6. Wars are caused by economics.

      7. “Trump is not Hillary”. That’s about the most you’re gonna get for your money. All hat and no cattle.

      8. This is why the economy has crashed and unemployment has skyrocketed.

      9. I know how merchandise and people are found, at wholesale. A free agent can choose where they have come from, arbitrarily.

        I question whether you have used WASP masculinists, in your hiring, whether you have used American materials to produce goods, for an American market, and on competitive terms.

        Many Texans claim violence, in the name of honor. You get figures of speech, from basic cable, then, live as the Marxists. Your business works the same way in southern California and New England.

      10. TRUMP has been EXCELLENT for America!

        DOnt beleive all this BS hype and nonsense. The Tariffs are hurting China more than they could ever have guessed. They will back down and we will win BIGLY! Stop being fucking RINOs and flip flopping on a dime. No wonder this site is dying.

      11. Texans are letting illegals register to vote. They get zero sympathy from this redneck Kentuckian.

        • ht tps://

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      12. Yes the gravy train that big companies had going is ending. They imported stuff made by slave wage labor and made a killing by selling it in the USA. and undercut prices until those who where still making a similar product went broke or had to leave. If your a importer I hope you go bankrupt. Made in America is a great slogan . Just last week there was a article blaiming the FED for raising interest rates? Now it Trumps Tarriffs. And then again we all knew a collapse was gonna happen. Bullshit article

      13. Stupid I said it before put tariffs on imports and when they get here the costs are passed on to the consumer. Tariffs don’t work. It sounds great in theory but the people exporting it pass the costs on. So if the Ford Focus made in Mexico was 15 k before tariffs and trumps tariff imposed another 2k will say the consumer will pay 17k for the car. It’s not science it’s just how shit works. If anything trump knew this going into tariffing. He had to raise the $ for his tax cuts it’s just another tax in a hidden form like fees inflation and whatever name they wanna call it. But it’s a tax period. Don’t buy anything they are screwing us all. Protest by with holding your $ from the economy is the only resistance other than war. Your not even referred to as a citizen your a consumer to the corporatists cabal.

        • Its not as easy for companys to pass the cost on to the consumer as you make it sound. There is such a think as pricing your self out of the Market. Companys will lower their profit margin to sell their products a often as they attempt to pass on the cost. Without Tarriffs the workers in the usa will not have a equal playing field until third world wages rize to USA wages . Or USA wages decline to third world levels. Which do you think will happen first?

      14. I can’t help but shake my head when I read that most American families are living paycheck to paycheck and the next newscast I watch shows thousands of people with little or no talent marching here and throwing rocks and burning shit at border guards. Anyone who welcomes them should go to the other side of the border. Come on, show us how compassionate you are!

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