Trade War CONTINUES To Cause SEVERE PAIN As Bankruptcies Surge

by | Mar 19, 2019 | Headline News | 33 comments

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    As the trade war continues to rage on, it is causing severe pain in the United States’ economy. Bankruptcies are surging and are way past the level seen before the last recession.

    Farmers all across the country are going bankrupt at an astounding rate. Now, over half of all farms in the U.S. are now losing money and there doesn’t appear to be any relief coming down the pipes. According to a report by Zero Hedge, bankruptcies in three regions covering major farm states last year rose to the highest level in at least 10 years.

    The Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals, which includes Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin, had double the bankruptcies in 2018 compared with 2008. In the Eighth Circuit, which includes states from North Dakota to Arkansas, bankruptcies swelled 96%. The 10th Circuit, which covers Kansas and other states, last year had 59% more bankruptcies than a decade earlier. –Zero Hedge

    All of these bankruptcies affect every single human being.  We all eat, and the food system is already perched precariously on a cliff. The debate is still currently ongoing as to whether or not the economy is headed for a major disaster in the form of a recession. Either way, it’s safe to say that the farm industry has already hit bottom. But is it rock bottom yet?

    And now, the floods have all but destroyed what little some farmers had left. The floods which have pummeled the Midwest are inflicting a devastating toll on farmers and ranchers at a second after they can least afford it, elevating fears that this pure catastrophe will grow

    “While you’re dropping cash to start out with, how do you tackle further losses?” asked Clint Pischel, 23, of Niobrara, Nebraska. Pischel’s lowland fields were flooded by the ice-filled Niobrara River after a dam failed. He spent Monday gathering 30 lifeless child calves from his household’s ranch on this northern area of the state, discovering their our bodies beneath big chunks of ice. “There’s no more durable enterprise to be in,” Mr. Pischel added according to The Mayne Press.  “However with demise and the whole lot else, you’ve obtained to reply to bankers. It’s not our alternative.”

    “There’s [sic] not many farms left like this, and it’s most likely over for us too, now,” stated Anthony Ruzicka, whose alfalfa and corn fields have been crammed with large ice chunks. “Financially, how do you get well from one thing like this?

    Farmers, by and large, struggle with massive amounts of debt – relying on borrowed money to make ends meet.  The Trump administration’s “bailout” has done little to alleviate the pain that was caused by the government.


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      1. Greed will always bite your butt.

        • Then why is food still expensive in the US, if there is an over supply. More BS not adding up. Maybe the mega farmers who export. And why send food over seas, feed America. Screw the rest of the world. Let them eat their rubles.

          • “Then why is food still expensive in the US”

            I but pork for $1.88 / lb, chicken likewise, beef a tad more but I get rib eyes at $6 or $7 an lb. Pasta $1.00 / lb. I doubt compared to wages its cheaper anywhere else in the world. We have lots of Germans here and they say food is cheaper here.

            • OK Preppers and Off Grid’ers. Here is topic that has come up quite a bit when discussing “Off The Grid” and How to eliminate your property taxes once and for all.

              Many people do not know of this common tactic but it works and makes your property Absolute Ownership of you and and our heirs, can never be taken away from you for delinquent Property Taxes or Income Taxes or any other reason if you have a this legal instrument. Ready for the answer???

              Go apply for a “Land Patent” and legally publicly record the land patent on your property and that should eliminate that problem. Now there are conditions with patenting your land, and that is since you will no longer pay any taxes on your land, you will not receive any government services like police, fire, ambulance etc. They are worthless in my County anyway. Also keep in mind, once file this, you are Golden, but it may also hurt your chances for any financing on your property because they cannot place nor collect liens on the loan and use your property as collateral against the loan. So if you have your property paid off, and can keep your own house from burning down, or who gives a Sh!t, and get the Government out of your lives forever just go get a “LAND PATENT”.

              What to do: You need to contact the US BML, Bureau of Land Management for your State, send in all your property warrantee deeds ever filed on your property to create the chain of ownership, land surveys and property legal descriptions.. Then get a few certified copies of the land patent once completed, and a certified copy of you plat map.

              I am going to do this and really get off the Grid. Also no-one can ever take my land for any reason, or create any easement on my land because a Land Patent is the Supreme document in any disputes. I have water canals, and a-holes trespassing and I want to fully eliminate that problem by getting a land patent. I will win in court every time with a certified and legally recorded land patent. I also got a letter from the FL EPA Land Mgt Bureau, that states my property and man made canals are not Public waterways, which also I filed and recorded to crucify trespassers who think this is a public boat trail, on my private owned canal. Private owned canals are just altered private owned submerged lands with no legal navigation. Look up Navigation-in-Fact.

              Be smarter than all the other A-holes out there who get ripped off, who do not know how to protect and insulate themselves or their properties from getting stolen.

              So if you want to own land or a BOL Property Off Grid with no property taxes, this is what you need to do. Get a Land Patent and legally record it in your county records dept.

              • TharSheBlows, thanks for the info.

                • TSB,
                  I’ll look into it but somehow I don’t think it will work in Hawaii.

              • This is great! But why do those old “monthly compact disk clubs” that were completely effing impossible to cancel membership to come to mind? Like… ok shouldn’t *magic words* *poof* “LAND PATENT” have been always how it was by default to begin with? No?

                “We’re sorry to see you go! Before you do can we interest you in Bon Jovi’s Greatest Hits? No? Well then just call our help line, fill out this form in triplicate, mail it certified mail, wait three months, spin around and do the hokey pokey… oh shit sorry Bob you forgot to state the reason for leaving in triplicate, guess you’ll have to start the process over…”


                LOOK. Dear .gov: You KNOW what we ALL (as in fucking literally EVERYONE) mean here, RIGHT? Why wasn’t it this way BY DEFAULT…

                As an aside what happens if you try to rent out the land when you have a land patent? Is that even possible anymore?

        • While tragic, the demise of another farm because a river overflowed during a flood and destroyed the crops WAS preventable.

          It’s called CROP INSURANCE !!!

          Anyone living in a flood zone, or flood hazard area is required by their lender to purchase FEDERAL FLOOD HAZARD INSURANCE to protect the lender from the potential loss of the home from a flood.

          One would think that a farmer living so close to the land relying upon the weather, and understanding the nature of nature would have purchased CROP INSURANCE.

          Just proves you can’t fix stupid. It’s called Business Risk. There is NO SHORTAGE of food in this country. If anything there is a surplus.

          As a taxpayer it’s NOT my problem. 🙁

          • Screw Flood Insurance Rip off premiums. Just build a few feet higher than any recorded flooding elevation.


          • If I am not mistaken, it has gotten impossible to afford crop insurance, after the last few years of “100-year” or “200-year” storms. The insurance actuarial tables getting blown out of the water as well as the really low returns from premiums being invested, means insurers and reinsurers are refusing to insure crops or charging more than farmers could ever hope to make.

            • It has been reported that there are more than $1 billion in damages. Potus will declare it a “disaster” and Congress will reimburse farmers & ranchers.

              As usual, the TAXPAYER will get stuck with the bill. 🙂

          • Except you did not read the clause that said :
            “If the flood is caused by Ice on the dam, or by high temperatures at the dam surface or by water overflowing the banks of the nearest or any other river anywhere in the continental US, then the insurance is void.”

            • If Farmer’s cannot afford crop insurance then they need to get into another line of business; or farm another way. The future of farming is vertical and indoors. Necessity is often the mother of invention.

              A little common sense goes along way. American Farmers are not applying their brains to their business. They continue to do business as they have for generations with the only innovation of consequence being higher yields that lowers prices, moving farmers to seek higher yields, again lowering prices … etc. See a pattern here ???

              In the meantime American Taxpayers pick up their losses. Fuck them !!! I am tired of subsiding BIG BUSINESS and that includes farmers !!! 🙂

              • So tell me again how Sugar beet and Potatoes work in a ‘vertical indoor’ farm.

      2. Maybe elsewhere, here in the Gunshine State I see fields of Strawberries, Blueberries, Citrus groves, Peach groves, cotton fields, Pecans, tobacco and lots of Cattle ranches. We also produce pork too, SO WATCH OUT FUR DEM HOGS!

        • And them guns do shine here in state of FL State, eh? Just renewed my CCW license in 15 Mins. Boom done. Good till 2026

        • Read that over 400 guns have already been confiscated in Florida under Red Flag laws.
          Take the guns first and follow due process later. MAGA!

      3. tariffs on us agricultural goods began at the end of June last year.

        Are you seriously telling me 9 months of tariffs (less than 1 growing season) have suddenly caused a wave of bankruptcies in the farming community? These tariffs weren’t even in effect for half the year they are citing (2018)!

        ZH compares the rate of bankruptcy in 2008 to 2018, note thatis after 8 years of Obama policy and 6 months of post tariff Trump policy. THAT alone is very telling.

      4. no the trade war isn’t the only reason for those bankruptcys. There are a larger number of factors involved. Mostly its debt. Those farmers paid too much for land machinery ect. because they bought on credit. And they are not farmers. They are Agribuisnessmen who grow commodities. and they overproduce so the US dept of agriculture pays them support checks. Welfare for commodity growers. The commodity growers in the Arkansas Delta are nothing more than chemical spraying , water pumping mosquito growers. They are greedy they pay their help starvation wages. They have already pumped so much water from the Sparta Aquifer that the Elevation has dropped 10 feet. they have lowered the water table by 100 feet. And you watch every square inch of land owned by a bankrupt agri businessman will still get planted this season. The present flooding in Nebraska will cause bankruptcys. Are you gonna blame the Tarriffs for them also?

        • OG,
          You are wise.
          Debt is the killer. I have what you would call a “hobby farm”
          Once all my stuff comes on line I’ll be self sufficient and debt free, but certainly could not make a profit. Insurance, Federal regulations, alone make it un-profitable, and that is without a
          debt load.
          In today’s world you have to be a business if you are a farmer. You have to incorporate, and play the game. The home 160 acre (quarter section) farmer is long gone.

          • I also have a hobby farm. Nothing that would make a living. Just to put home grown food on the table. We are debt free.

      5. Stocking up on food is the best way to secure your personal survival and it helps out struggling farmers. Buy locally grown and support farmers markets. We enjoy going to farmers markets and there are many in our area.

        I have a feeling that there are many more people with large pantries now than a year or two ago. Awareness has spread because of sites like this one.

        Thanks Mac, I hope you make enough money to continue for a long long time.


        • OK Imagine if the 40 Million people on Food Stamps instantly lost all benefits. Now that my send a ripple in the food demand, and food prices would surely drop like a rock. Sell it cheap or throw it out.

          Anything that the Government subsidizes, creates much higher prices on the general populations. Healthcare costs, college education costs, food prices, housing prices, ect.. It ruins true supply and demand equations.

          • Never happen. The financial hit to Wally World would crash stock portfolios of the Uber Rich”. Have you lost your mind ??? 🙂

            “Whose gonna feed my six kids ??? ” Remember her ???

      6. I am back from my bug-out location. Every-time I go I bring supplies that have been replaced or upgraded. I keep the good stuff with me and I move the “old stuff” there. This time I brought I few older battery powered lanterns that would be really redundant here at my primary location.

        Doing this makes me feel better about spending more money to upgrade my survival supplies. Most recently I have made rechargeable lights my primary lighting sources. If something happens to my solar power setup, I don’t have to immediately resort to liquid fuel sources for light.

        • For every rechargeable light/device I have, I also have a backup power bank for it.

          ANYONE looking for a Portable Charger, External Battery Pack for a reasonable price I recommend this one (a solid brand at a really good price ONLY $10.99):

          [Upgraded] Portable Charger, BONAI Power Bank 10,000mAh External Battery Pack and Flashlight Compatible with iPhone X 8 7 7+ plus 6s 8 Galaxy S8 S7 Note 8 Other Phone Smartphones Tablet (Black)

          • If you can afford it, the NEW K2 Solar Inverter Generator is a great way to go. Only 25 lbs and you can recharge it by plug, solar, or your 12 volt cigarette lighter in your vehicle.

            Check youtube for reviews. Just make sure you are looking at the new, 2019 model. 🙂

      7. i raised hogs for 28 years and farmed for 38 years. The average farmer is at the mercy of the market place. The market place is manipulated by everyone but the farmer. The system is designed to keep a farmer in debt and working until he drops.

        • My Uncle who was a full time Wisc farmer for decades, said “farmers are the biggest gamblers in the world.”

          You got your yearly savings planted in the ground…sitting there for the taking..

      8. I just in the last hour killed skinned and processed a small young pot belly pig. got about 20 pounds of lean meat after I trimmed off the fat. My wife has one back leg and one half of the tenderloin in the oven at this very minute. I agree that some things like pigs and cattle ect. A farmer must pay whatever price for his production cost. Then when he has something to sell he has to take it to market and ask what will you give me for it. the Mennonites have a USDA approved slaughter facility. They kill and process their animals. and sell it for retail in their store. and they make money because they do the extra work and cut out all the middle men.

      9. Somethings up! Another Clinton crony has committed suicide. Arkancide? But, he had everything to live for! Alan Krueger.

      10. years of bad trade decisions from the 70’s forward have caused the issue that Mr. trump is trying to correct! It doesn’t matter who is President these items need to be corrected, they tax our exports, we allow their imports with no tax! does that sound like fair trade?It’s not set up that simple, but that is what it boils down to they tax us we allow them in for free! You can argue and split hairs, yes there are tax’s just not equal tax’s across the board, make it fair.

      11. And now, the floods have all but destroyed what little some farmers had left. The floods which have pummeled the Midwest are inflicting a devastating toll on farmers and ranchers at a second after they can least afford it, elevating fears that this pure catastrophe will grow

        Wild card…

        Greaaaaaaaaat. That’s great.

        Something told me “economic shit show”…

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