Toxicologists: Corexit “Ruptures Red Blood Cells, Causes Internal Bleeding”, “Allows Crude Oil To Penetrate “Into The Cells” and “Every Organ System”

by | Jul 10, 2010 | Headline News | 22 comments

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    This article was originally published at Washington’s Blog.

    Editor’s note: We’ve written and published several articles on the BP oil spill and the potential threats to the population, including Oil infused hurricanes, toxic rain and food security issues, real estate and economic damage, and methane and steam driven eruptions resulting in tsunamis. We’ve also written briefly about the toxicity of the cleanup dispersant called Corexit 9500, which is being used in the Gulf. While most are aware that Corexit may cause health problems, the following report from George Washington is an eye opener and will alarm anyone who may be in oil-spill affected areas or in the path of hurricanes.If a hurricane were to hit the Gulf coast region, we can expect storm surges infused not just with oil, but Corexit.

    The health impacts to those who are exposed to flooding, toxic fumes and drinking water will likely be very serious. We urge those of our readers near the coast to remain vigilant, and at the very least, begin planning for evacuation in the event that the situation calls for it. In some areas, it may already be time to evacuate.

    If you have any doubts as to the severity of the Corexit infused polluted waters, look no further than the article below. The government has found Corexit to be non-lethal in 96-hour tests performed on animals (EPA testing guidelines). Because the animals did not die, it was deemed safe. However, independent research summarized below shows that within two weeks, all of the animals tested were dead. Additionally, it is important to note that Corexit was used for the Exxon Valdez cleanup in 1989. The health affects on cleanup workers are shocking – with the average life span of a cleanup worker being 51 years. Almost all of the cleanup workers from the Valdez spill are now dead. This chemical was banned in the UK, they are now dumping it in our backyard.

    Toxicologists: Corexit “Ruptures Red Blood Cells, Causes Internal Bleeding”, “Allows Crude Oil To Penetrate “Into The Cells” and “Every Organ System”

    By George Washington

    As I have previously noted, Corexit is toxic, is less effective than other dispersants, and is actually worsening the damage caused by the oil spill.

    Now, two toxicologists are saying that Corexit is much more harmful to human health and marine life than we’ve been told.

    Specifically Gulf toxicologist Dr. Susan Shaw – Founder and Director of the Marine Environmental Research Institute – dove into the oil spill to examine the chemicals present.

    Dr. Shaw told CNN:

    If I can tell you what happens — because I was in the oil — to people…

    Shrimpers throwing their nets into water… [then] water from the nets splashed on his skin. …

    [He experienced a] headache that lasted 3 weeks… heart palpitations… muscle spasms… bleeding from the rectum…

    And that’s what that Corexit does, it ruptures red blood cells, causes internal bleeding, and liver and kidney damage. …

    This stuff is so toxic combined… not the oil or dispersants alone. …

    Very, very toxic and goes right through skin.


    The reason this is so toxic is because of these solvents [from dispersant] that penetrate the skin of anything that’s going through the dispersed oil takes the oil into the cells — takes the oil into the organs… and this stuff is toxic to every organ system in the body. …

    Similarly, marine biologist and toxicologist Dr. Chris Pincetich – who has an extensive background in testing the affects of chemicals on fish – says that Corexit disrupts cell membranes.

    He also explains that EPA toxicity testing for Corexit is woefully inadequate, since EPA testing for mortality usually only requires a 96-hour time frame. His doctoral research found that fish that were alive at 96 hours after exposure to pesticide were dead at two weeks, so the chemicals were considered non-lethal for the purposes of the test.

    Drs. Shaw and Pincetich are wildlife conservationists. But even industry scientists working for Exxon and the manufacturer of Corexit itself admit that the stuff is toxic.


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      1. Intentional depopulation effort?

      2. Well at least if they have to evacuate the whole gulf region and no reporters are allowed in the area, next year when Hillary and Barock O chimp want to disarm America there will be a big port for UN troops to come in and set up shop.  A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED.                                                           


      4. NWO….we’re in the final stages of the New World Order takeover we’ve been hearing ‘rumors’ about our whole lives…I can’t believe how much this matches up with my latest post at worldwidewakeupNOW. It’s all coming into place, fits with your earlier ‘Obama on the BP spill, what was he thinking?”  He was obviously thinking it’s time for the NWO to finally reveal what they’ve been working on all our lives

      5. Sorry as a geologist/geophysicist, I’m afraid your “asphalt volcano” hypothesis doesn’t make any scientific sense. As as active member of the oil/gas exploration community, with friends at BP I am as disgusted by these operational failures as much as anyone, maybe more than most since it is readily apparent to me they could have been avoided by standard oil field practices. Having said that, this is indeed a catastrophe, but going off on sci-fi type stuff simply detracts from serious preparatory action. Storm surge, Corexit/oil rain, etc. are all legit fears.
        At a minimum all BP executive (every single one) should be required/sentenced to hands-on clean up work until they croak. No prison! Hard labor cleaning up their mess. Let’s make this a movement!

      6. Great idea Geogypsy.  

        I’d like to add Pelosi, Frank, Dodd, and Soetero to fill the ranks of BP thugs pressed into hard labor to clean up the mess.  

      7. ……..” 195  Years “,  after  General  Andrew  Jackson  lead  the  defeat  over  the  British  at  the  battle  of  New  Orleans,  ( war  of 1812 )  the  British  ( BP )  are  back.  along  with  the  help  of  our  traitor  and  chief  thief ( Barry OBONGO ),  it  appears  we  are  at  War  again.  With  the  soon  to  be  appointed  Liberal  Lesbian,  communist , KAGEN  to  the  Supreme  court  along  with  the  other , Liberal Lesbian  Communist ,  a  (Puerto Rican woman  is  smarter  than  a  white  man )  Sotomeyor ,  only  time  will  tell  how  long  before  2nd  ammendment  is  dead  along  with  freedom  of  speach,  ETC,ETC,ETC.   We  where  all  promised  Change.       

      8. Awesome idea on the hard labor!  You need to add Dick Cheney and all the Halliburton execs in there too!  They’re in this up to their beady little eyeballs!

      9. If the gulf area is so toxic, why haven’t people left, or called for mass evacuation.  Maybe this is all hype as people aren’t dropping like flies.  Anyone care to comment?  Several so called experts said last month there would be evac.

      10. Comments…..I was tryingto access the projectgulfimpact website and cannot get to it. Has anyone else tried and been successful or is there some blockage going on?????

      11. Come on now childrens… you’re all just being paranoid… take looksie for yourself…

        NOAA: Gulf seafood tested so far is safe to eat…

        APALACHICOLA, Fla. – Shrimp, grouper, tuna and other seafood snatched from the fringes of the oil in the Gulf of Mexico are safe to eat, according to a federal agency inspecting the catch.
        To date, roughly 400 samples of commonly consumed species caught mostly in open waters — and some from closed areas — have been chemically tested by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Officials say none so far has shown concerning levels of contaminants. Each sample represents multiple fish of the same species.
        NOAA and the Food and Drug Administration began catching seafood species in the Gulf within days of the April 20 BP rig explosion off Louisiana that generated a massive oil spill.
        The agency is mostly looking for polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, or PAHs, the most common carcinogenic components of crude oil.
        The first line of defense in keeping tainted seafood from the market is the closing of about one-third of federal Gulf waters to commercial fishing — roughly 80,000 square miles.
        Seafood inspectors also have been trained to sniff out oily product. One fish sample has failed the smell test, but did not show concerning levels of contaminants, Kevin Griffis of the Commerce Department said Friday.
        Still, Don Kraemer, who is leading FDA’s Gulf seafood safety efforts, said the government isn’t relying on testing alone.
        “We couldn’t possibly have enough samples to make assurances that fish is safe. The reason we have confidence in the seafood is not because of the testing, it’s because of the preventive measures that are in place,” such as fishing closures, he said.
        FDA issued guidance last month that encourages seafood processors to heighten precautions so they know the origin of their seafood.
        The federal government plans surprise inspections at docks along the Gulf Coast, though Dr. Steve Murawski, NOAA’s chief scientist, acknowledged they can’t be everywhere.
        “It’s like enforcing anything. You can’t be everywhere all the time and handle every fish. We’re going to try to be real visible,” Murawski said.
        Associated Press writer Mary Clare Jalonick in Washington contributed to this report.

      12. I think I’ll let OTHER people eat that seafood.  No use taking unnecessary risks.

      13. BP isn’t British ! ! ! !

        principal owners of BP are bank of america,  state farm auto insurance, t rowe price mut funds, morgan stanley, bill and melinda gates, wells fargo, vanguard mutual funds, fidelity mutual funds, etc…..(reference yahoo “BP major holders”).
        bill and melinda gates have over 400 million dollars of BP stock! ! !

        interesting huh???

      14. Bill Gates owns BP!?!?!?  I’m local to him!!!, I’m gonna go egg his house right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      15. Rotten eggs, tomatoes, and dog shit too!!!


        July 11th, 2010 at 11:14 am
        If the gulf area is so toxic, why haven’t people left, or called for mass evacuation.  Maybe this is all hype as people aren’t dropping like flies.  Anyone care to comment?  Several so called experts said last month there would be evac


        We won’t know the full effect of the damage to humans until down the road when birth defects and cancers like leukemia start showing up in people.  Benzene is a highly toxic chemical linked to many types of cancers.  Maybe the Feds don’t have a pl;an at the moment to evacuate millions of people.  The logistics of that kind of evacuation is monumental, one that our President has no experience in, and is so incompetent that it is better for millions to die than have to deal with moving people.  His ratings are already in the $hit can, I think the next step is to impeach him him as soon as possible.

      17. Did someone say impeach the presidential poser ?   Now your talking!  And after that put his ass on a one way trip home to Kenya.

      18. “I think the next step is to impeach him as soon as possible.”

        The only way a president seems to get impeached anymore is if he’s getting a BJ from an intern.  It seems that starting wars based on lies, destroying the economy. ignoring ecological disasters and/or bypassing congress & the senate to do whatever the hell you please anyway just aren’t legitimate reasons to remove a president from office…;)

      19. To the person who just called to impeach Obama, I couldn’t agree more and think we should start a movement to do so.

        This man is the most incompetent assclown President in the history of our country. We absolutely have grounds to impeach him, I can’t speak for everyone but I personally donated hundreds of dollars to his campaign because I beleived he was coming to do what he campaigned on.  He sold me on ‘hope and change’ and delivered more of the same, and mind you he’s the FIRST president in history to ask for public donations and finance his whole campaign publicly, and he lied about everything he promised to deliver.  I feel like I was straight up robbed, how is that NOT grounds for impeachment??

        His incompetent response to the Gulf oil spill is about to leave thousands maybe even millions dead. I’m sick of this BS and don’t want to see thousands of innocent Americans suffer and die, I think it’s time that we raise some hell and start calling for this pompous assjacket’s impeachment, while he’s spending time on the Golf course millions of barrels of Crude Oil are spilling into the gulf daily. God help you all in the Gulf when the next Katrina comes, even if it’s not this summer this hole’s not getting plugged anytime soon.  get the f*ck out of there NOW

      20. I just found out from my dad at lunch today that my cousin and his son are taking part in the clean up. My dad said that the hazmat suit that my cousin wears gets so hot that he’s dripping sweat in minutes. It made me sick to my stomach to hear that they are doing this.

      21. Comments…..Chuckles, is it possible that you can get some of their first hand experiences posted here?
        In Oz we are not hearing anything about this disaster or attempts at cleaning it up.
        This site and some like it are the only source of info. I have found.
        I feel for you and their predicament.
        If this was a chemical spill from Union Carbide or a radiation leak from a Nuclear Power Station, do you really think that the LOCAL POPULATION would get involved or put themselves at risk to clean it up??
        Where is the CORPORATE Responsibility here?
        BP should be using THEIR TRAINED RESOURCES with THEIR HIGH TECH equipment!
        It is painfully obvious that the PTB are in no hurry to deal with the issue!
        Is there money to be made out of the prolonged procrastination??
        This too is sickening!


      1. Worldwide Wakeup Call: Martial Law by End of 2010? - [...] on his website SHTF Plan about the severity of the oil spill. Mentioned in the earlier post was the…

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