TOTUS Kidnapped

by | Oct 18, 2011 | Headline News | 138 comments

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    Fox reports that the Teleprompter of the United States has been kidnapped:

    There was a brief scare last night for President Obama after someone stole his teleprompter, according to WWBT-TV in Richmond.

    The Teleprompter of the United States (TOTUS) was inside a truck filled with President Obama’s podiums and audio equipment. WWBT reported that thieves took the truck just days before the president’s visit to Chesterfield, VA.

    Sources told the television station that the equipment was valued at nearly $200,000 and included several presidential seals.

    President Obama is rarely seen without TOTUS.

    source: Fox News

    Weekly World News:

    Totus has long be a loyal and patriotic American, rarely is Totus seen without American flags.

    “I think Totus will  return to the White House someday and we hope it’s soon… the President hasn’t spoken a word in twenty-four hours.”

    WWN reached out to President Obama directly for his reaction… but, of course, he had no comment.

    Fox News also reports that a van with TOTUS was later located by police, though NBC suggests there is some confusion as to whether this van was the original stolen vehicle, or a vehicle carrying a different set of equipment.


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      1. How is this relevant to the theme of your site? I come here to get articles to scare my sister as she believes that there WILL be a SHTF scenerio. I just laugh at all you crazies that stock up on canned goods and toilet paper.

        • Finx, this is definitely a SHTF scenario for the White House…. (however, I do think they have preps and contingency plans for such a situation)

          • Mac – the Finx post is just another example of the unfortunate need to put this site behind a username / password wall.. IMO..

            Way too many Trolls..

            • Sam not sam…yes! Thank you!

            • And I think this would help us to get to know each other better, connect locally and share email, meet up, etc without worry about the trolls.

            • Sam, I won’t block the comments only because I want people to express their opinions no matter how jaded or in denial they may be, but we are working on implementing a forum, as well as following that up with a social buddy system of sorts so that people can communicate on a regional and citywide basis…. Forum hopefully later this week…buddy system some time in November if all goes well…

            • @Mac – I like that idea.

            • Mac,

              You told me 3 weeks ago there would be a forum. Hire someone if you’re understaffed…yet, keep up the good work.

              • Lol… I know… Its coming though!

            • How is my opinion being a troll? A username and password for what? To censor my opinion that hording food and supplies is a funny concept to me? That I feel that you are wasting your time and money. I read a comment that said “buy canned goods and max out your credit cards”. That’s just like the christans that got rid of their life savings because they thought the coming of christ was going to happen a few months ago.

              You want to censor my opinion?! You are no better than the Government you hate so much.

            • hey most christians didnt do that, the people that did were some extremist church who keeps predicting the end of the world. Its kinda sad that most people think all christians are like that

          • This article is just hysterically funny and indicative of the times. Everything that is not nailed down is being stolen and even nailed-down items are being stolen, so I appreciate the “lighter side” article…a good laugh is a nice change.

            • Seriously! 😀 If anything, the fact that even the So-Called President’s equipment truck is being stolen for the monetary worth of its contents should give a non-prepper pause… 😀 Oh, well, Mr. Finx, if you want to wander about in ignorance despite the facts in front of your face, that’s your choice. But you ain’t getting any of my canned goods — I’ll just have a bag of “Charity Rice and Beans” for you!

            • Reminds me of the old story about Joe. Joe worked at a factory in Ohio for many years. Everyday Joe would leave with a wheelbarrow full of trash. Everyday the guard would sift thru the trash looking for the expensive parts that he just knew that Joe was stealing. This went on for over 30 years.

              Finally on Joe’s last workday before he retired the guard said “Joe, I know you’ve been stealing from the company for 30 years but I never could catch you. What were you stealing?”

              Joe replied with a sly grin, “wheelbarrows.” 😉

            • If the belongings of the Pres, under the watchfull and fully armed eyes of the Secret Service is not safe then what or who is??

          • That is sweet about the forum, looking forward to it a lot. Clay

            • Mac I hope you can figure out a way for those of us in proximity to one another to meet-up. For a long time we have really needed a way to coalesce around a team concept. One family of Preppers in an area is not enough to provide the force multiplication we can get from a group: preplanning, common communication tools when normal comm may be out, and general sharing of manpower and resources. We suburbanites and country folks both have certain advantages in a SHTF scenario. Suburbanites realize their by having proximity to reliable people with common needs. For a person to be truly reliable they must be a ‘prepper’ too.

              Surely we all agree.

          • Mac: You said. “WWN reached out to President Obama directly for his reaction… but, of course, he had no comment.”

            He was grieving!

            Reagan had Nancy, O’bummer had TOTUS. No doubt October 31st, the Day of The Dead will be designated a national day of mourning!

            • he had no comment because he didn’t have the Teleprompter….. uh…uh….uh…..uh….

        • When it hits the fan, don’t come beggin’ to us for TP.

        • There should be an “ignore” button.

        • Finx, this morning the the Greek government 1 year bond yields rose above 180%. If you know anything about bonds you’ll know that it’s just a matter of time before Greece defaults on it’s debt. They are now paying more in annualized debt interest than their entire GDP. Germany, and especially France, have no choice but to pick from 2 poisons. Either continue bailing out Greece and lose their AAA ratings, or allow Greece to immediately default and trigger a massive run on the banks. Either option will plunge Europe into economic chaos and the contagion which will eventually spread to the US. This is no longer an exercise in theory, it is an eventuality, and if you’re not preparing yourself and your family for what is about to happen just remember the story of the ant and the grasshopper.

          • Joshua – thanks for the post.. I have to apologize, I did not believe your figures until I went and checked.. HOLY CRAP !!! 180% is a fact..

            Manos – keep your wits about you.. be safe..

            • Sam, no worries. I sat in stunned silence a few weeks ago when I saw the Greek 1 year bond hit 150% yield. Today I’m just numb to the fact that Greece is going to default. I will be very impressed if the Eurozone can pull off a Greek rescue without a default. I don’t know how bad things will get going forward but if I had kids there in Greece I’d probably be thinking of sending they abroad as a precaution. If the default turns out to be a cascading uncontrolled domino failure, bank runs will be the least of the problem Greeks will face.

            • Joshua and Sam,

              This is not an annualized debt interest.
              It’s an analized one.
              There is no doubt we are going down. Rumors speculate around this weekend.
              We see how it goes.

              Thanks Sam. Be safe.

            • @ Manos what is an acre, square kilometer or however you folks dole out property go for? Just Curios, but you never know!

          • Joshua, I’ve never owned a bond so I don’t understand this notation….180%…..can you ( anyone ) exilian. Does it mean if I gave them $100 now they are suppose to pay me $180 + my investment in a year????

            • Jim, you are correct. If you buy a Greek government 1 year bond with a face value of $100 at 180% yield. When the bond matures in one year you will receive $180 dollars in interest + your $100 principle=$280. This is extraordinarily bad for Greece. They are far beyond the dreaded debt death spiral. You could say they are nearing the bottom of that spiral which ends in a sovereign default. The European Central Bank is buying the bulk of these Greek bonds because no investor in their right mind will take the risk of loaning the Greek government any money when they are about to default.

            • Thank you Joshua; anyone that thinks they’d get their money back and the bonus of that interest is certainly smoking some serious stuff.

            • Well, maybe we could get in line as a creditor and get some of that gorgeous coastal property instead of money… Nah..

            • Sam,

              Come to Crete and i will sell you half of my property. We will become neighboors and i will teach you how to harvest olives. 🙂

            • Carefull Manos – with offers like that, you might just find a buyer.. 😉

            • No, that’s now exactly how it works. Exmple: person buys a $1,000 1 year bond paying 6% from greek gov. If Greece makes good on it, he’ll get $1,060 back (includes interest). Greece about to default, so if you want to buy that bond on the open market before it’s expiration date, you can buy it for $378. If you’re lucky and Greece doesn’t default, you’ll get $1,060 for that $378 investment, a 180% effective interest rate.

          • Hang in there Manos. Good luck, and keep prepping.

          • The USA defaulted on loans twice in the past. Nothing happened. Everything is a cycle in an economy. Things will get bad but it will always get better. Gas shot up and went back down. Houses shot up and went back down. Gold has shot up and will go back down.

            The theory of a total economic failure that will drop us down to the stone ages is a fantasy that will never happen.

            • Dear Finx,
              Does the term post WWI German Democratic Republic carry any meaning to your “nothing happened,things will always get better” line of thought.Roman Empire decline and fall ever cross your mind,perhaps even Great Depression?People were selling their babies to try to get food and money to live right here in the US back then.Fun times for everyone it was to be sure….

            • Fantasy? Interesting choice of words. It maybe a fantasy for you perhaps, but for those of us who have studied past economic collapses it would clearly be nightmarish. Only anarchists who want to see the downfall of Western civilization and the rule of law find the idea of total economic devastation appealing. The US may have defaulted on loans in the past, but the country was not $14.8 trillion dollars in debt and did not have obscene levels of entitlement programs. A US default this time around would be like nothing we have seen before.

            • i just gotta jump in here… ;0P psssszt

              1. finx has a right to post whatever he wants – 1st amendment and all that… even if he wants to post that he and his sister have their own love child! ;0) gawd bless the stinx!

              the writting is on the wall folks!

              2. in response to his comments my reply is this…
              weimer republic germany
              bolshivic russian revolution
              kosivo war
              america depression 1930’s
              etc etc etc… some folks turned to cannibalism… the average grocery store has only 3 days of food on it’s shelves…as hyper inflation kicks in your paychecks will buy less and less … so be a fool stinx … means nothing to me cause I’m stocked up, locked and loaded! ;0) just don’t come to my door a knockin! as times get hard we’ll see who is right and wrong!

              stupid is ; as stupid does!
              as hyperinflation kicks in the american gene pool will be that much better folks!

              so keep posting stinx, as I go to buy more silver food and ammo!

              tee hee ;0) stinx is a silly rabbit!

            • Joshua: The financial problems of the United States are not the fault of the poor, sick, or aged. Give credit where credit is due.

              It is the fault of the rich who have transferred the American means of production offshore to maximize their profits; bankrupted their banking business, then pushed it over the cliff to collect the insurance from US (TARP); and have allowed OUR trade deficit to balloon because it subsidizes their offshore factories.

              Last year the national debt was 1.2 trillion dollars. How much was the trade deficit from all sources? How long has this been going on?

              Hint: China alone cost US #300 billion.

            • One of the best books I ever read was “When Money Dies.” Right after I read this post I went looking for it, but couldn’t find it. It is about the Weinmer republic. It included the economics and the toll on the populace an awesome book, read it finx, you might be surprised!

            • So Finx you have not set back and food reserves, have no weapons and ammo to protect yor family, and you are trying to get us to join you? You might apply for a govt job as the Presidents spokesperson. SPOTUS.

          • Joshua: I would agree with your analysis except I believe that funds have been allocated to absorb the losses, ala the Bernanke Doctrine.

            Greek default is not EU collapse.

            • ninaorket: The US is not similar to any of those examples as the USD is the world’s currency and the US is the lender of last resort.

              Sorry to say, but the US banking system IS the perfect Ponzi scheme because the FED can always print more money. Most Ponzi schemes break down because an investor wants their money out. The FED never needs it’s money back. It just prints mo’money.

              As for your example of America in the 30’s, the British pound was then the world’s currency.

              Depression is not collapse. And default by Greece is not financial armageddon.

              Its inflation by a thousand cuts people with inflation at 20-30 percent a year. That is not hyper-inflation, but it is ugly.

              Buy gold.

            • durango, what are those allocated funds based on? Paper or hard assets with value? Greece is borrowing collateral from the ECB to qualify on paper for future bailout loans…from the ECB! Germans are already fuming mad about bailing out smaller EU economies and their local politicians are responding in kind. There is a limit to what the wealthier European countries will tolerate and I think that limit is very close.

            • >>durango kidd says:

              October 18, 2011 at 5:43 pm

              Joshua: The financial problems of the United States are not the fault of the poor, sick, or aged. Give credit where credit is due.

              It is the fault of the rich who have transferred the American means of production offshore to maximize their profits; bankrupted their banking business, then pushed it over the cliff to collect the insurance from US (TARP); and have allowed OUR trade deficit to balloon because it subsidizes their offshore factories.<<

              Durango, Not to beat the point to death, but those wealthy business owners who outsourced all those jobs and factories offshore could not have done that without the assistance of elected officials in Washington. Americans young, old, healthy, sick, wealthy and poor elected those politicians and have re-elected them time and time again. The loss of jobs in the US is very much like the illegal drug business. It's a $40 billion dollar a year enterprise across the US/Mexican border alone. You can't have that kind of cross border business without political assistance on both sides of the border.

              In 2009 China established it's own stimulus program for their economy but their stimulus money was required, by law, to remain within Chinese borders. When Republicans attempted to include a similar provision in our stimulus bill it was stripped out by special interests claiming it was racist and discriminatory.

              When I say the US has an obscene entitlement system, I'm not refering to people who have paid into the system and deserve to get their money back. I'm talking about peolpe scamming the system and getting away with it.

            • Durango Kidd all due respects to your opinion and statement!

              I’m out of British Pounds another False Failed Fiat Currency!

              The Dollar Failed! It is now only as powerful as the american / nato military industrial complexes ability to Strong Arm other countries and Bully them into keeping too / using the Dollar Fiat System! It’s no better than Monopoly Money minus (-) the Get Out of Jail FREE Card!

              All china has to do is DUMP all it’s Treasuries and america and the known banking world will be Bankrupted! Toilet paper will be worth more – used toilet paper at that! ;0P

              Why do you think we are attacking Iraq Iran Afghanistan Syria etc etc … So we can Destroy the ages old stable Muslim customer fair Banking system! To force them to Our Corrupted NWO One World One Bank Fiat Monetary systems and IMF Debt Slavery!

              The Dollar is only Perfect as long as people Fear the IRS Police and US Military!!! Fear always turns eventually to Anger!!! The Dollars Days are NUMBERED!

              when people lose everything… you all know the rest..

              BUY 1 oz troy SILVER! Gold will be counterfetted, confiscated taxed and not usuable in a Barter society!

              My 2 Cents – ball is in your court D K ;0P = pssszzzttt!

            • Joshua: Agreed. There has been complicity with DC and DC is just as guilty. But the problem doesn’t reside with the sick, lame, lazy, and poor. It resides with the Uber Rich 6,000 families that own and control this country.

              OUR 14 trillion dollar national debt represents the culmative year after year balance of trade deficit. In 2010 that balance of trade deficit was 700 billion. Deduct that from the 1.2 trillion annual deficit and you get $500 billion. Deduct the cost of illegals that are taking American jobs and surpressing American wages and you eliminate another $300 billion.

              That leaves a legitimate deficit of $200 billion. Something to work on for sure, but something WE can live with while WE do so.

            • Nina: The British Pound failed during WWII. It was a viable world currency during the 30’s depression in America which supports my premise, not yours.

              As for China dumping the dollar you clearly have no understanding of economics, finance, or international monetary policy. It would be suicide for the CCP.

              The Chinese Communist Party is not that stupid. Their economy would implode in a twinkling of an eye and tens of millions of Chinese would be storming Beijing.

              The CCP would be toast and their progeny who are now the CEO’s and Uber Rich in China,would be buried with them.

              If you believe the USD is a failed currency, please send Mac ALL of YOUR dollars. I will give you a dime for each one of them, so that I have souveniers of a once great currency. OK? 🙂

          • @Mac or anyone who knows:
            How long will it take to spread to the US?

            • GA Girl, this is a tough one to time… The system SHOULD have collapsed completely in 2008/2009…. But they figured a way to kick the can with in excess of $20 trillion in monetary stimulus… The variables are hard to identify here and I suspect they have some more ideas of how to keep things afloat a while longer…. We could be talking years… At the same time, however, when i see what is happening on the streets of Europe and the U.S., I can’t help but think that the mob may get out of control… Once the events are set in motion, especially the triggering event (whatever that will be; heck it may have already happened) then things can go fast..very fast.

              For an example of this I look to World War I and the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand on June 28, 1914. By August 2nd of that year — just a month later — the army of Austria had mobilized along with the Germans and began their march across Europe.

              By November of that year – just 4 months later – the entire continent was engaged in large-scale war and an estimated 2 million or so were already dead.

              Doug Casey said in an interview earlier this year that “it’ll be unstoppable, and it will destroy the status quo with a speed that will leave most people still waking up to the danger after the harm has already been done.”

              While I still believe there will be a prolonged, possibly multi-decade depression, there may be a waterfall event that takes the whole thing down very rapidly and involves the entire world in conflict — if this happens, it will be extremely fast and out of control.

              I am completely at a loss for time lines here in terms of “when.” All we can do is pay attention and make the best decisions we can based on what’s happening around us. Each family will need to decide when it’s time to bug-out or bug-in. Hindsight, I’m afraid, will be the only thing that’s 20/20.

        • Many people on the Titanic didn’t believe the ship could sink even when the water came over their shoes. Bon Voyage!

          • egore,
            Katrina too. Normalcy Bias strikes again!

          • Egore,

            A joke regarding Greece’s sinking.

            Why 500 blondes dive in the Atlantic ocean?

            To find Leonardo di Caprio.

            • good one

        • Stop being a stick in the mud place toungue in cheek.
          Or cheeks.


        • You’re #1.

        • Dear Finx
          So the people here are crazy?
          Have you noticed any differences in your American Lifestyle?
          Doubtless not.
          Baa! Baa! Ba!! little sheepie!!!

        • Finx,

          I’m sure you’ll love the accommodations at Camp FEMA!

          Thats where all the sheople will be. You’ll probably be there with most of your neighbors and friends.

          Have a nice time.

          • Oh, and Finx, feel free to enlighten us any time. While many on here like to limit the free exchange, I do not. Regardless of how much of a sheople you sound like, I figure there is no hurt in a few bytes of data for you to prove that you may know something that we don’t. It hasn’t happened yet, but it might!

        • If nothing ever happens, I can EAT my mistake.

        • joseph saw a famine. joseph was wise. he prepd.

        • Finx says:
          October 18, 2011 at 9:03 am How is this relevant to the theme of your site? I come here to get articles to scare my sister as she believes that there WILL be a SHTF scenerio. I just laugh at all you crazies that stock up on canned goods and toilet paper.

          Here’s the deal, there is only 1 space for a pessimistic and obscene ass on this site and its me even though I prep, even I can see the importance of this article and its to lighten the mood. You even ruined my mood

          • Now, that right there is comedy rich!

        • As a final note to Finx who compared this site to government censorship…unlike the government who has no loyalties whatsoever, Mac is “ours” and you are not allowed to disrespect him, so you just received a superior version of Amish disfellowship.

        • Finx – if you think we’re all nuts, why are you on here? Are you one of those pundits in the establishment that think everything is fine, nothing to see here, move along?

          If you’re so damn smart, why even come onto a site like this and ridicule preppers? I mean golly jee, since we’re all a bunch of fanatical militia preppers why even darken your precious aura to hang with us? Slumming much?

          Surely you should be out and about with your abundance of cash, living the high life, eating a hearty steak and drinking a nice scotch?

          Trolls like you are as useless as a tit on a boar hog. Nothing of value, useless minions.

          You’re either a parasitical government employee or just a loser who has nothing better to do by trolling sites such as this.

          When SHTF you might be a good slave. Those FEMA guards will just love people like you.

      2. I think some kind of reward to the thieves is in order here – lockpicking set for breaking in the van, $20, screwdriver for hotwiring ignition circuit $5, bing brass cajones for attempting the stunt $100, shutting the POTUS up so we do not have to see his ugly mug on TV every day, priceless!

        • Thumbs up on auto-pilot!

        • That was breathtaking!
          I start out reading the thread with a big smile,
          No doubt it’s funny to all of us.
          Then someone informs us of the Greek bond yield that is screaming default.
          Now I’m depressed again.
          Enter Moons credit card analogy, and Slick, is all smiles and giggling again.
          What an emotional roller coaster this thread has been today.

      3. that is funny, what would be funnier if they found out that is was obamas uncle or some illegals that needed some money or didnt understand what they did wrong, that made my day today. too funny.

        • I hope whoever took all that stuff takes it to the range.

      4. Now that’s funny. First good laugh of the week!! Happy Tuesday everyone.

        • Agreed! 🙂

      5. It’s only funny til you realize its friggin true, then its HILARIOUS!

      6. TOTUS wasn’t stolen, it just abandoned Obama like every other one of his staffer is doing… Thanks for the Laugh Mac.

        • Actually its not stolen, yeah its being recalibrated for Spanish, so the illegals can comprende!

          • You are to much copout! In a good way though.

      7. Hey Finx; upon post SHTF and you are wiping your butt with the leaves of some noxious plant, come by and see me. If you have anything worth a little something, it might trade for a roll of Charmin.

      8. Now if we could only get someone to kidnap the POTUS and reunite him with his TOTUS in Kenya we might stand a chance.

        At least the TOTUS was eligible for office in the US….

        • If TOTUS was made in China, then it would not be eligible for office in the USA, just like Obummer can’t produce a real genuine birth certificate but only produces a doctored up fraudulent specimen. And if we are re-uniting POTUS and TOTUS in Kenya, what about sending FLOTUS over to join them where like the Cinderella story, they live happily ever after?

        • roflmbo!!!

          And since only POTUS uses TOTUS, there is no inherent value OTHER than shutting up POTUS! The $200,000 value mentioned is what POTUS was willing to pay in ransom!

          • It’s going to cost a bunch of bucks to disassemble that van and everything in it to check it for explosives, toxins, whatever, make sure it isn’t a plot against the POTUS.

      9. We now have another comedian, akin to Bob Hope!

      10. That’s funny, I don’t care how prepared you are. We need humor it should be added to every BOB and SHTF plan. We are really gonna need it the next 10 days. Watch the market. Get your own toilet paper.

      11. Man… you just can’t make things like this up… I wonder if POTUS is experienceing withdrawal symptoms ?

        Whoever pulled this off should get a medal… PRICELESS !!!! LMAO.

      12. Remember Obama’s first press conference after taking office? The presidential seal fell off the podium as soon as he began to speak. If you believe in omens, that speaks volumes re. the ultimate fate of an America that could “elect” something like him…

      13. I read the headline thinking, “Who the heck is TOTUS? Oh, no – when is the war going to start!!!”

        Then I read the beginning of the article splurtoed Diet Coke all over my keyboard.

        You just brightened my day! (As well as the day of my coworkers, who watched me shoot soda pop out of my nose!)


        • Out your nose, owee! Now that burns!

        • I was also thinking TOTUS????? Not as dramatic as spitting soda, but I do love this.

        • At least your nostrils are clean now… LMAO… thanks !!

        • I have a friend who had a standing bet. Five dollars to anyone who would make coke shoot out their nose. If he’d seen it, he’d have paid up. Gladly.

        • Thanks for the belly laugh. Just glad I wasn’t drinking coffee. (or Kool Aid)

        • I think it was the phrase “Obama speechless” that really got me.:D

      14. How ever will the idiot-in-chief deliver his marxist rhetoric to us now?! The Horror!

      15. silence is golden, golden…………

      16. Haha he’s been speechless because Totus isn’t telling him how to feel

        • lol

        • did they steal the white one or the black one????

      17. Isn’t it sad that our President needs one of these things anyway! What did world leaders do when these weren’t around!

      18. The Teleprompter has been suicided for speaking ill of the recovery.

        • The ME’s report indicated the dried blood was dripping upwards.

        • The Joke of the day is attached above. Have a great day all…

          Thanks for the topic Mac love it!!! To funny!

        • love the cartoon. I laughed til I peed on myself.

          Not quite as dramatic as it sounds.

          I was already on the toilet…

          Still, it was very funny.

          • Thanks! 🙂 Glad you enjoyed it… I thought is was a great joke myself! 🙂 I laughed my ass off the first time I seen it!

        • That is awesome Bloodyfellow. As for the Finx Troll, is he a brother to Rich99? Mac, great topic, we do need a little laugh every now and then.

        • Bloodyfellow,

          God bless you. I laughed a lot.
          I’m going to do an exact practice for my wife.
          She is going to scream when she sees me peeing in the bath. 🙂

      19. Pay no attention to the teleprompter behind the curtain.

      20. In a day or two, the purloined presidential teleprompter will turn up on a badly produced “Al Qaida” video showing masked, Rolex-wearing “Arabs,” hurling invective and shouting “Allahu akbar” with Chechen or Israeli accents. The abducted furniture will be later be found chopped in half outside Najaf or Fallujah, and the tearful technician who built it will make the front page of USA Today. This brave presidential visual aid (which will have given its life for our freedom) will later be portrayed in a movie by Angelina Jolie.

      21. I have it right here and I’m willing to trade it for a new deer rifle.

        • All of my rifles are dear rifles.

      22. We will not be blackmailed by hostage takers! We’re going to need another trucking company and double up on that insurance.

      23. CripeS FINX,DER shit has already hit der fan.

      24. Finx reminds me of most of my family and extended family. There is going to be a wedding Holloween weekend. Everyoneis suppose to come in costume. Inclduding bride and groom. As we were slipping and stacking wood Saturday my father in law was trying to talk my husband and I into going. I said I haven’t dressed up for Holloween since I was about ten. Mother in law says Lynda don’t you believe in just having some fun. These are people in their 50’s and 60’s. Of course there will be kids there to. Well I ventured to ask, had anyone seen the news for the past few days.” No’, and don’t start talking crazy again”.As everyone laughed. You see why you guys won’t even miss me at the wedding party. I’m to serious, yup, I’m suppose to be the gloom and doom person in the family.
        Don’t get me wrong, it is none of our business how people get married, or how they party. They are adults. It really bothers me sometimes how they just stick the heads in the sand like the proverbial ostrich. I know for a fact that mymother in law will be a complete basketcase if SHTF happens.And of course we’ll be there for her.

        Claymation hunting season has started here. Black bear hunting and trapping season opens the last Monday in August and closes in November.Moose hunting season changes every few years and is done by lottery. We really protect our moose here in Maine. The season is usually split in two, i.e. Sept. and Oct. Deer season from Nov. 2nd through Nov.28th for out of Staters. Resisents start Oct.31st. I think bow hunting is going on now. I have a friend that still traps. He looks like a trapper to. So here in Maine we still trap bobcat,fisher,marten, mink, muskrat,primarily for their pelts. Coyotes can be shot any timeof the year because they are such a problem now.Back in the 70’s the state decided we need to help the coyotes popuation along here in downeastern Maine. So they moved a lot of them to our county where they thought they would have the best chance of survival. At that time you could not shoot them, they were protected. Now we have so many and they don’t even fear people any more. My friend who has sheep has stood at her back door with her gun and they will try to take a sheep. My friend Ted who traps told me otter pelts were $68 last year and this year will be $65. coyote pelts are $21. Ted is an interesting guy. He doesn’t like this century. The other day I saw him in town and hetold me he shot a black bird and it had one of thoes tags they put around their legs. It gave a State number to call andreceive $100 bucks for returning it to the Wildlife Research & Management Department. I guess they are tracking their flight.
        Do any of you guys in the Southern part of the country have hunting seasons?

        • Yes, but it’s open all year round.

        • There are no seasons when it comes to feeding your family, which is why there are no seasons in Gods law.

        • Bow opened Sat in this part of the NY state, My dad used to trap, but not any more so I am not sure of the dates. Small game has been open for awhile. Shotgun and limited rifle opens up about a week before thanksgiving, and muzzle-loading lasts about a week after shotgun closes. Since our dog died, we have had a lot more coyote action behind our house, you hear them cry and I have seen tracks near our spring the last time I went and cleaned it out. I went to a NYS DEC meeting with a neighbor this spring, it seems a few hunting preserves on both sides of the border between Pennsylvania and New York have had a lot of wild pigs get loose and they are breeding and spreading north towards us. They want us to shoot them then report it. They want the bodies to examine for disease and parasites. I guess these pigs have been hard on gardens, farms and orchards. I told the DEC officer outright that if I caught one in my garden he was going in my freezer and not the back of his truck. He just laughed and nodded as he walked away.

          @ slim and GC, in the worst of circumstance I would take what I needed regardless of time of year. But, with a shotgun, bow, and muzzle-loader tags I usually fill my game freezer pretty well, so I have never needed to. I did miss my turkey this fall though, long story, Peace Clay

        • Linda from Maine, In MD., Bow season has been in since Sept. 15th and muzzle loader comes in on thursday. Muskrat and the bulk of trapping season starts January 1st and runs till March 15th. My boy and I love Muskrat dinner. Every year we attend the Sportsman show at Golden Hill elementary school where the local ladies fix “rats” along with fried and raw oysters. Paid for my first car with my trapping money at age 15. Still have the bulk of my conibears and double-spring leg traps just in case.

      25. Michelle did it. She was always jealous of their relationship.

        • That would be FLOTUS.

        • lmao…

      26. Cold turkey

      27. Funny as hell. Let’s see our lusteruous leader make a speech using scribbled notes on the palm of his hand.

      28. It was stolen by Michele Bachmann.

        It is being re-programmed.

        From now on the only prompting that will show up begins:

        “My fellow Americans, Effective immediately I am resigning the office of POTUS. I am taking this step because I believe Holder is going to spill his guts and I want to be in a cave when that happens……”

      29. Obama is the TOTUS for George Soros.

      30. Is there a remedy to all of this? Who has it? Are we waiting for one individual to solve the problem or is it something WE need to fix together, since it is obvious that nothing works by way of narcissism…

      31. What we need is another Lincoln.
        Backwoods,self educated lawyer(and had enough desire to do it by candlelight)did all his own speeches by hand(including Gettysburg one,try reading the whole thing to see how great he was!!).Not perfect,but a savvy politician who had The Republic as a whole as his driving concern.All this in spite of a crazy,sometimes demented wife at his side and traitors everywhere.
        Good times for sure Finxs.

        • Who is we? You need to read a real book about Lincoln and learn how to think for yourself.

      32. I read on Drudge, due to cutbacks, TOTUS will be replaced with an etch a sketch until aditional funds can allocated.

        • That would be awsome.. 🙂

        • We all have to make sacrifices during this recession, remember?

      33. Al Jazeera is reporting that the TOTUS was carrying the nuclear football, and it’s now in Ahmadinejad’s possession. jk

      34. This story is complete and utter bullshit!

      35. gee finx if something does happen where will you get your handout, do you have insurance on anything? why?

      36. yeah

      37. Really?
        This is what we have for a President of this country?
        dudes and dudettes..were fucked!

      38. so, president obabma is the puppet to the Oz behind the teleprompter?

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