Totalitarianism: Buying A Hammer Now Makes You A Terrorist In The UK

by | Jan 31, 2019 | Headline News | 82 comments

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    If you need a hammer for any reason, the United Kingdom’s counter-terrorism policing unit will consider you a potential terrorist.  They are also asking that anyone who sees someone doing something suspicious, like purchasing a hammer, to report it to the enforcers.

    Buying a hammer is suspicious and is potentially an indicator of criminal activity according to the Tweet below posted by the U.K. Counter Terrorism Policing office.

    It’s hard to see in the Twitter photo, but the guy looking at the hammer also has a few knives in his shopping basket. That’s apparently supposed to be a context clue that he’s maybe a very bad person, if not a terrorist. The U.K. has a borderline-comical campaign going on trying to convince young people not to carry knives around. According to Reason, there’s actually a very logically and likely explanation for needing some knives and one hammer. The man might be a chef doing some work in his restaurant, but the point of this ad campaign is that they actually don’t want you to think of the most likely explanation. They want you to be suspicious and live your life in fear of other’s everyday activities. Complete with the scary “Life Has No Rewind Button” motto. Reason further pointed out that the entire video ad is actually a lot more sinister; not because it’s eerie at all, but it’s a bit horrifying what the UK counter-terrorism police demand you feel is “suspicious” behavior: like taking out the trash.

    Similar tweets and the video ad above did get some good and decent mocking (and rightfully so) on Twitter:

    They [the counter-terrorism police] try to blow off the idea that people are going to end up reporting innocent activity with the statement “Reporting suspicious activity won’t ruin lives, but it might save them.” Do they really think there’s no consequences to being investigated as a potential terrorist? Law enforcement in the United Kingdom goes after and prosecutes people for the content of their tweets, for heaven’s sake. These investigations would most likely upend the lives of their subjects. This ad isn’t just mockable, it’s horrifying. For the love of God, do not go through life being suspicious of common daily occurrences. And be very wary of a law enforcement organization that tells you to treat people who record the behavior of law enforcement as potential threats. -Reason

    The worst part is that some people are constantly in fear of what others are doing.  They pay far more attention to the daily goings on of others than they do to themselves. If someone actually does report another, it amounts to little more than a slave tattling on their fellow slave to the “punisher.” The good news is that if the ruling class and their hired enforcers are this terrified of the everyday lives of the public, it really won’t take much for the entire empire to come crashing down under its own weight.


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      1. When they outlaw hammers for the commoners, only criminals will have hammers.

      2. I confess, I bought a hammer last week.

        Now PLEASE get all those rats off me – PLEASE.


        • Naw OC… you gotta be singing the new Muslim theme-song at the same time, “If I had a Hammer”… never knew Peter, Paul and Mary were of the Islamic persuasion, huh?

        • Of all the times I have defended myself against street punks and thugs, and I truly cannot count them all over a lifetime, a hammer was my main defense. I just didn’t happen to have a dun on me.

          I would rather have a hammer over about anything except a gun. It goes without saying a gun trumps everything, but a hammer is powerful. In the US it can be thrown into the back floorboard and if seen by a cop, it’s just a “work tool”, stick a nailbag belt alongside it for looks.

          That’s the gist of the UK law, to cut away every ability for the common man to defend themselves against hateful thugs.

          Most thugs dont realize that when that hammer comes down on their blocking arm, presto, broken arm, they’re totally out of the fight.

          A bowie and a hammer are invincible. In such battle, you are going in for a blow to take them our of the fight quick, before they can aquire a superior weapon. Fights are fluid, you want them contained as quickly as possible.

          • Who the hell are LE to classify anyone as anything and just what is THEIR definitions of “terrorism” and “suspicious activity”? It’s just like the DHS’ BS of “If you see something say something.” I see an illegitimate government campaign against the public taking place. There you go. I saw something so I said something. [SARCASM] BTW, DHS has NEVER defined what they call “suspicious activity”; never set any criteria for it.

          • Truth is these are all anti-christ laws, read the Bible Luke 22:36 Where Jesus is saying to arm up !

          • A pair of socks and two ‘D’ size batteries work just as well and cost less than a hammer.

            Remember, when socks are outlawed, only outlaws will have socks!!!

      3. That guy looks more like a shoplifter than a terrorist.

      4. United Kingdom goes after and prosecutes people for the content of their tweets, for heaven’s sake.

        No freedom of speech in the U.K.

        That makes them the terrorists.

        • Talk about Hammers in the U.K. how about a Sickle ?.
          The U.K. is already a Socialist Society.
          What is the next step ?

          • The last Labour socialist party to rule in the UK was your Presidents Bush Gulf War friend Tony Blair and we all know how well that turned out. Since then the conservative party Democrats have been in power and still are today voted in by democratic people not socialists like you say. You guys really need to get updated.
            We also voted for Brexit and coming out of the EU which we are doing now not very socialist isn’t it ?.

      5. Remember when they wanted to take knives away, and the subjects asked how do we cut our meat ?

        • Plastic picnic knives are permissible…. for now.

          But you better watch yourself. One wrong move with that picnic knife, mister, and MI5 will be all over you.

          • Tactical Plastic Assault Knives…

      6. England brought this on themselves by bowing to their monarchy for hundreds of years which why we had the war for independence. They scoffed at our idea of a Constitution, the 2nd Amendment and now they are being overun with muzzies with no way to defend themselves because they have remained local to an old bitch and her arrogant offspring. They will never learn their lesson as they voted for a muslim for mayor of London. No sympathy for them.

        • England has been owned by banksters since the battle of Waterloo…

        • Check out yourself the percentage of people as you claim have overrun the UK again nonsense talk.
          The old bitch queen as you disrespectly call her has been a pillar of strength since the 1950’s since she came to power and with her worldwide connections and help from her arrogant offspring as you wrongly refer bring in hundreds of millions of pounds of business a year from trade deals and connections for the UK. She is the world’s longest reigning monarch and has no political power but massive respect from the British public of all race and colour and also throughout the world.

          • You folks are going to find that the only way you get control of your people will be by becoming a Republic.

      7. And do not forget if you do see questionable activity, and report it.

        YOUUUU will be watched, and investigated too.

        Is that a good thing or a bad thing ????????????

      8. The statement, “Reporting won’t ruin lives,….” is a lie. The police are using a lie to get people to do what they want. That’s manipulation. Lies and manipulation are sociopathic behavior.

      9. Buying a cross too as the UK is no longer a Christian nation.

      10. Yaknow, I have this dangerous toothpick..

        Of all stupid things, like at airports everything is considered suspicious.
        Yawning, sleeping, looking at someone or something too long, pacing..

        I wonder when the left will :jump the shark: and the rest finally react, badly.
        The left eventually eats it’s own, a historic thing truth.

        • I can eat a green pepper, and expel a terrible gas.
          My dog runs, and barks and cries to get out.

          • Let’s not forget prybars and tire irons. Need to keep your options open.

      11. Bu-bye Britain….

        • I’ll have to deep six my tool box…

          • Jim, if you like your tool box you can keep your tool box, LOL. Don’t cut it loose. I’ve got a few hammers including a SLEDGEHAMMER, the king of hammers. Give me hammers or give me death! Oh, I’m having fun with this one…..

      12. How much would a hammer cost, on the black market?

        • I don’t know whats on your computer screen Beau, but on mine the add right above this comment section is two terrorist tools that are for sale, one for $10.99 and one for $20.97 maybe we should stock up before this comes to America. Wonder where I can buy a flag with a Hammer on it, that says “Come Take It” Trekker Out

          • MT, “they can have my hammer when they can pry it from my cold dead hands”. LOL.

          • I can sell it for $100.

      13. I guess that cleaning my guns after a day at the range is off limits too? Just asking.

      14. Stupid jackasses.

      15. A way to destroy a church is have one major wealthy donor. That spawns a very unhealthy lack of giving and tithing stops. Then everyone stops volunteering and paid staff have to be brought in. Then nobody is doing ministry except for the pastor.

        In a nutshell, that is what happened in England. Earlier in history, wealthy patrons paid for a parish priest and the rectory and upkeep. Then in the Anglican faith, the English government started paying the priest’s stipend. It ruined the parishes.

        A vibrant church has balanced giving and is careful about the budget and most everyone does ministry of some sort. These places are full of very positive health and new people always are visiting because they see the good work being done to help the suffering in the community.

        In a dead church, you see the opposite, and no one visits except at Christmas and Easter and at weddings and funerals.

        • M: Its not so much as the common members stopping giving as the richer businessman (chamber of commerce) elites and their big checkbooks taking over. No matter what the budget of a church is, the rich will try and expand it so their big checkbooks are vital.

          They takeover the church, because giving a lot gets them power over everybody else, and more “Say” in the church. The rich are usually bibically illiterate, so in comes the liberalism and appostate doctrine and misled ministers from WCC seminaries.

          Church after church does this. The average person off the street isn’t welcome in the oldline mainlines, because their votes will change the balance of power. Elitism is what kills churches. Every member should be equal in a church, brothers and sisters, no board, deacons or pompous elders.

          Christianity survives by forming new churches constantly, when its healthy, to bypass the oldsters and their grasping elitism and their stained glass. I say that and Im in my 50’s.

      16. The Beatles were prophets.
        ” Maxwell’s silver hammer”.


      17. Try carrying a cross or bible in some of the neighborhoods in London. You would be machete’d to death. And the perpetrator would be justified because you were guilty of inciting violence by prothletisising your faith, and offending the sacred Muslims.
        However, if a Muslim walked down a London street with a Koran or headscarf, you would not even be allowed to say or do “anything” that might offend him…or you would be charged with hate speech.
        The UK is finished; as is a dozen other countries in Europe.!!!

        • Honestly I really don’t know where you get this fake disinformation from as its total nonsense this never happens as you say. Any religion or faith is punishable by the same laws in the UK and just because you believe this or that it doesn’t make any difference at all. Do not believe the crap you hear in the media as it is far from reality.

          • Na Ua

      18. But you can spray poison like Gyphosate/Round Up on wheat to ‘dry it out’ and that’s NOT terorism…..


      19. Spineless liberal scum in England… Don’t forget your tire iron. That’s worse than a hammer… lol

      20. Please report any such crimes to the UK’s “Special Terrorist Activity Tracking Institution”
        Any comment comparing the UK STASI and the East German STASI will be treated as a “Hate Crime”

      21. Who cares the Brits are done – gone – stupidity is a run away disease.
        Our leftie looney here in the USA have gone bonkers 4th term abortion 20 trillion dollar health for all. No border walls

        Ammo up

      22. All part of the worldwide new jew order.


      23. All part of the world conspiracy to turn 99% of the people into downtrodden slaves.


      24. does that make my 16lb sledge a hammer of mass destruction?

        did anybody else get hammer adds in their pop ups ??? lol

      25. To defeat terrorism just go out and start attacking the real terrorists, the invaders and the traitors who brought them in.

        Use a hammer, if that’s all you have. Why not start smuggling in some cannons, bombs, and machine guns. If you can get your hands on lasers, the sky is the limit.


      26. this country is going down hill by the day.
        all my purchasses are done with cash for obvious reasons.
        but when the day comes when you have to register buying a hammer then were all fucked over here,soon maybe.
        just thinking if i bought a padsole nail gun ,would that make me a potential mass murderer
        i live in a great country with great leaders
        great fucking british wankers
        seconded only to the great country of the united states of assholes ,government that is ,not the people

      27. Notice there’s absolutely nothing being said about banning AUTOMOBILES even though more people are killed annually in automobile accidents than anything else..

      28. ht tps://
        Lieutenant Colonel Mad Jack Churchill must be turning over in his grave. He was one of the last Brits to use a longbow in battle and carried around a Scottish broadsword that he wielded during combat in WW2.

        There is a GREAT series of books on famous and infamous badasses in history, and he is on the chapters.
        htt ps://

        He probably would label his people “simpering twits” and say “bollocks on the lot of you”.

        • He helped create what the UK has become. World War 2 made the world safe for communism, plutocracy, and the destruction of Western Civilization. Hard cold truth, but it’s over. Thank people with names like “Churchill”…

          • Well, that is a stretch as he was one of the bravest commandos of WW2 and not directly related to Winston Churchill.

            He was a remarkable, larger than life, brave as they come MAN in every sense of the word.

            From that prior wiki link.

            “In July 1943, as commanding officer, he led 2 Commando from their landing site at Catania in Sicily with his trademark Scottish broadsword slung around his waist, a longbow and arrows around his neck and his bagpipes under his arm, [20] which he also did in the landings at Salerno.

            Leading 2 Commando, Churchill was ordered to capture a German observation post outside the town of
            Molina [ it ; nl ], controlling a pass leading down to the Salerno beachhead. [21] With the help of a corporal, he infiltrated the town and captured the post, taking 42 prisoners including a mortar squad. Churchill led the men and prisoners back down the pass, with the wounded being carried on carts pushed by German prisoners. He commented that it was “an image from the Napoleonic Wars.” [21] He received the
            Distinguished Service Order for leading this action at Salerno .[22]

            Churchill later walked back to the town to retrieve his sword, which he had lost in hand-to-hand combat with the German regiment. On his way there, he encountered a disoriented American patrol mistakenly walking towards enemy lines. When the NCO in command of the patrol refused to turn around, Churchill told them that he was going his own way and that he wouldn’t come back for a “bloody third time”. [7]”

            • He was captured by the Nazis after one of his many dangerous missions, and escaped successfully, but ended up being captured again after almost evading a patrol. Allegedly the Nazis respected him as his iron will was indefatigable.

              Imagine the near lunatic, impossibly brave commader shooting arrows, playing the bagpipes, guns ablazing, throwing grenades, shooting mortars, rescuing prisoners, then hacking away Nazis with a sword!

              That’s a SOLDIER.

              • 3ZRVpYPFOl0
                You have to love and respect this manner of unparalleled steadfastness in a SOLDIER. He just wouldn’t quit and worked his way up to being an officer and could have rested on his laurels.

                Hollyweird will probably ruin his life story if they get the chance.

                • I do not doubt the individual courage of the soldiers who fought in that war. But, their actions have led to the consequences we see playing out today.

                  I grew up on the WW2 koolaid. My father helped reduce Germany to rubble, and my step father helped destroy Japan. It took some guts to fly B-17s, and B-29s. I met many of their Veteran buddies, as well as others.

                  But, the fact remains. Most of those men knew full-well who really instigated that war, and the one before it. But, they fought anyway. Later on, many looked back in regret.

                  I recall one Veteran saying, in his later years, that if he had known what was coming, he would have fought for the other side. They got their parades and memorials, and still got used and screwed in the end. They could not foresee that their war would lead to the death of Western Civilization.

                  • WW2 is a long complicated topic. We instigated the war with Japan by helping the Chinese. But what people will not admit to is Russia, Germany, France, and Britain were all carving up China before Japan decided to do the same.

                    FDR broke at least three laws to help Churchill with armaments. He did so because he wanted the USA to be a superpower. Meanwhile some people in the UK suppirted Hitler as did wealthy progressives in the USA. Tell that to a Democrat and his head will explode.

                    Harming Hilter and the Nazis valididated the USSR which then annexed Eastern Europe. The Iron Curtain was born.

                    China fell to the Communists and nearly infected Japan.

                    Japan was so crushed that Communism was attractive to them. So MacArthur was forced to release the zaibatsu. They were the powerful industrialists who had been the power behind the Japanese Imperial Army and Navy. In effect, that would be like releasing the Nazis in Germany!

                    All the major Japanese companies to this day were built by the Zaibatsu! That led to deleterious effects in the US economy in the 70s through the 90s.

                    Germany recovered from the war and due to the Marshall plan, was able to recover so much that it harmed American industry just as the Japanese had done.

                    It went full circle. And stayed that way.

                    Reagan defeated the Communists but Nixon’s meddling resulted in facilitating Chinese industry. And that is where we are now.

                    • Um… No. “We” did not instigate the world wars. That was done by English aristocracy, and their owners. The seeds of those wars were planted in the early 1900’s.

                      Communism was never “defeated”, as communism was not the sole province of the Soviet Union. The Soviet Union was going to collapse under it’s own weight, Reagan just happened to be the POTUS, when it happened.

                      The infestation of communism is very much alive today, right here in the U.S., right now. And, the progeny of the bolshevik revolution are the ones directing it. And, they are driving the destruction of Western Civilization, and they are the ones pushing for White Genocide…

                    • Proof

                      htt ps://
                      ht tps://

                      Look at the famous cartoon illustrating this carving up of China circa 1898. Now it’s forgotten and people are taught that it merely was about Japanese imperialism.

          • Johnson Beharry from Grenada awarded Victoria Cross in Iraq 2005 for bravery. British Army one of many hero’s we honour not born in UK but fought like a Lion for his brothers.

      29. Ghostgunner, or some tri-axial milling device, could be used to build an illegal, framing, ball peen, or even sledge hammer, from nothing more than a photo.

      30. If you’re a white person doing what Caucasians do, e.g., build, fix, create, read, etc., then it seems to be suspicious. If anyone else does that, all sorts of excuses are made.

        What else is suspicious, embroidery?

        • Watch out! That white lady has knitting needles!

          • -KaN1iJc84w
            Watch as a dangerous white lady discusses using her many knitting needles. She is obviously a fanatcal terrorist and must be stopped before she harms someone!

      31. I own a nail gun, is that considered a full auto hammer?

      32. It’s not about hammers. It’s about ratting out each other so the police can have a reason to investigate. forget about the hammer and think about the see something say something snitch program they want people to bury eachother. Don’t do it. Where I cum from snitches get stitches. We always find out who the rat is.

      33. zNRTUtoJfX8
        Here’s a video which features the awesome power of a medieval warhammer to penetrate a helm and mess up a knight’s whole day.

        The gottendag (gottentag) was a super inexpensive medieval weapon which had two business ends. One end was a club and the other end was a spike. And there were battles where ordinary men wielded them to defeat professional astonished soldiers wearing leather armor and chainmail.

        • ht tps://
          It has various spellings.

          It’s amusing because it means “Good Day!” while spiking the enemy’s brains and helmet!

          Here he swings and demonstrates one version.

      34. _ENqg-jX-6s
        Warning, a dangerous white lady carpenter who might be a terrorist as she possesses…(shock) hand and power tools! She needs to be on a watch list!

        I knew a lovely radiant petite Christian lady carpenter when I was a young craftsman, but she was already married.

      35. E0_8_Cidw_w
        Be on the lookout for this radical lady homesteader as she is armed with an axe! She might harm her enemies by discussing the Bible!

      36. Notice how they haven’t released any articles targeting people who buy acid?

        Wouldn’t want to upset all that cultural diversity coming from the Muslims……

      37. v-ZuSrmeyDg

        Every school choir in America used to sing “If I Had a Hammer…”

        It’s the hammer of justice.
        It’s the bell of freedom.
        It’s the song about love between My brothers and my sisters All over this land.

        Too bad that it’s an insidious Communist song.
        ht tps://

        You see how the Communists are subversive?

      38. From the same link.

        “The song was first performed publicly by Pete Seeger and Lee Hays on June 3, 1949, at St. Nicholas Arena in New York City at a testimonial dinner for the leaders of the Communist Party of the United States , who were then on trial in federal court, charged with violating the Smith Act by advocating the overthrow of the U.S. government. [1] It was not particularly successful in commercial terms when it was first released. It was part of the three songs Seeger played as the warm-up act for Paul Robeson’s September 4 concert near Peekskill, New York, which subsequently erupted into a riot . [2]”

        If Americans knew how often such subversion happens, all the time, in schools, concerts, films, even churches under the WCC, then en masse the mainstream average Americans would rise up and eliminate these leftist SCUM.

      39. I am proudly British and a massive patriot of my country and all these nonsical comments abouts hammers our royal family and such is pure myth anyone can go to any store and buy a hammer a sledgehamner a pick axe a crossbow of any power without registering it. You guys had a president of mixed race and so what as long as he does the best he can. Our metropolitan police have many fast armed response units that will there in minutes if needed just like our fully automatic armed airport police. Just because we don’t have many civilians armed it doesn’t mean we can’t look after our selves. Anyone can apply for a shotgun licence if you pass the criminal checks which are very thorough and an interview at your house you will get one and that is how it should be everywhere in the world for everyone’s safety. Our armed forces army navy and air force are ranked alongside the us as one of the finest in the world so maybe a lot more respect and a lot less criticism is in order as we are only a very small country but we pack a very heavy punch too.

      40. There are no right pure answers to WW2. It’s messy and what is taught in American public schools in utter tripe and propaganda.

        There were admirable aspects to the some of the Nazi soldiers and disgusting satanic elements of the Nazi soldiers. They had heroes and total villany. The wretched perverse eugenics programs were an abomination and yet the USA vastly accelerated science due to Operation Paperclip. The Nazis destroyed Christianity by turning it into a nationalist occult religion. I am not convinced it ever recovered.

        People who adore Hitler ignore his failures like the Battle of Britain, insane slavish devotion to the occult and astrology, having advanced jet fighters then not listening and exploitig them, etc.

        People who hate Hitler ignore the massive German recovery after the ashes of WW1. Now it is so biased that it’s impossible to actually study German WW2 history that is not propaganda as they shamefully are cowed by events 70+ years ago! Get over it.

        Japan is the same way. I could write another whole comment on the reality of the Japanese mindset due to Meiji abandoning samurai principles and adopting Prussian tactics and strategy.

      41. Well the Brits through the Rhodes and others tried to orchestrate control of their former American colony. That gets into two previous topics Mac ran. It ultimately was a Rothschilds and Illuminati globalist takeover that persisted into the formation of the EU centered in Brussels.

        But the Brits were hopeless in WW2 before American intervention. See Dunkirk. They stalemated the Nazis in the Battle of Britain and would have lost in a naval invasion.

        Nixon’s meddling through detente empowered a diminshed China that would have collapsed into anarchy and a new revolution. Deng Shao Peng managed to transition China into a capitalist/communist hybrid.

        And the collapse of USSR into a gangster run Russia might have done the same had meddling DNC subversives and Marxists not come to the aid of the Russians. RINO greed did the same and they are globalists trying to turn both Russia and China into megacorporations and bringing the USA to heel as one as well.

        Then you would end up with the Antichrist’s NWO one world government.

        • ht tp://

          This is the Rhodes British conspiracy overtly beginning in WW1 to bring their American colony back into the Illuminati fold.

          The Rothschilds through extreme wealth controlled so much banking that they became royalty. Nobody actually knows their total wealth but it’s staggering.

          The monoarchists never got over the American and French Revolutions and their loss of power to republics and democracies in Western Civilization and the loss of colonies in general…worldwide (see India/Pakistan).

          The Freemasons had originally began as guild members in medieval times and eventually overthrew the monarchists, but got co-opted by occultism largely from theKaballah and the writings of the scribes ieTalmud.

          Eventually they all were co-opted by the Illuminati who began with Lillith-worship in Sumer and discussed in theTalmud.

      42. Lucifer (Helel ben Shahar) has been a very busy archangel as he became first the Accuser, then the Destroyer. He created mystery religions all over the world that are alluded to by Paul of Tarsus.

        Jesus Christ came to save us and oppose these Luciferian demonic religions.

        Here is where it began. And the more you study, the more transexuals and alternative genders and abortion and feminism are revealed as Luciferian in origin. Likewise one world government and order out of chaos are Luciferian in origin.

        ht tp://
        ht tp://

        • Baphomet is a transgendered Aphrodite/Venus/Lillith figure in a Luciferian religion. This is where the OTO, the Church of Satan, The Temple of Set, the Satanic Temple, and on and on into Wicca and all pagan New Age religion, Urantia, Gnostic thought comes from.

          Baphomet influenced the Templars and the Freemasonry and the Rosecrucians (Rose Croix).

          If you dig around, it’s seen in chakras and prana in India and “serpent power”.

          You can even find its influence in Buddhism where good and evil really don’t exist aa conceptsm

          You can find it Taoism in Ying and Yang.

          You can find it in now dead Middle Eastern religion.

          You can find it in Hoodoo and Voudon (Voodoo) and Santeria.

          • In Occultism, where do you think that these come from?

            As above, so below.

            The Divine Feminine.

            These Luciferian ideas infected alchemy. They were not just trying to create endless wealth like gold, but were looking for the Philosoher’s Stone.

            But they ended up summoning demons.

            Like this.
            ht tps://

            • ht tps://’s_stone

              If you read the last link, that demon is either male or female. It’s the same transgendered idea.

              These Luciferians are pure evil and willing to do anything to achieve wealth,power, and they think…immortality if they sacrifice enough.

              They refuse to believe in eternal punishment in Hell. They believe in an eternal powerful life exploiting anyone.

              A central theme of The Ninth Gate film is this idea where Lillith/Lucifer grants them this ultimate wish.

              ht tps://

      43. Song: If I Had a Hammer –
        I’d hammer the U.K. Counter Terrorism Policing office.

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