Top U.S. General Warns: “The Decision To Use Force Is No Less Than An Act of War”

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    For those politicians in Washington and their supporters who think engaging the Syrian army with a “kinetic action” akin to Libya’s “no fly zones” is all it will take to oust the regime of President Bashar al-Assad, consider the latest assessment from America’s top commanding officer.

    On Thursday Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Martin Dempsey told a Senate committee that the Obama administration is considering the use of military force in Syria.

    Gen. Dempsey warned “the decision to use force is … no less than an act of war,” adding that the U.S. “must anticipate and be prepared for the unintended consequences of our action. … Deeper involvement is hard to avoid.”

    Before going over the options, Dempsey reiterated his non-committal stance: “The decision over whether to introduce military force is a political one that our Nation entrusts to its civilian leaders. I also understand that you deserve my best military advice on how military force could be used in order to decide whether it should be used.”

    Translation: We’re looking at another long-term quagmire similar to Afghanistan and Iraq, or worse.

    This will not be merely sorties being flown over Syria. It will involve large-scale troop movements. We know this as evidenced by the statements of the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, and that’s why we’re not the only ones putting boots on the ground. Last week Russia staged massive full combat readiness exercises involving some 160,000 troops, naval ships, fighter planes and strategic bombers in preparation for the possibility of a U.S. led attack on Syria, and just a few weeks ago it was announced that the Syrians have been armed with weapons never before seen in the middle east.

    Russian President Vladimir Putin may have sat on the sidelines while the United States took control of other mid east nations over the last decade, but all indications suggest he won’t be sitting idly by should the United States go to war in Syria.

    It would not be an overreaction to suggest that a military engagement in Syria could engulf the U.S. and Russia in World War III, something that numerous analysts and contrarian thinkers have suggested would be the end result of our current global economic and political tensions.

    World War III will occur in the next five years. That means the Middle East will blow up. New regimes there will be less Western-friendly. The West has also figured out it can’t contain China, which is rising rapidly and will have more military and naval power in Southeast Asia. The only way for the West to contain China is to control the oil tap in the Middle East.

    Dr. Marc Faber via SGT Report [January 12, 2012]

    When our supposed global economic recovery is revealed to be nothing but smoke and mirrors, and tens of millions more Americans lose their jobs and the ability to put food on their tables, and they subsequently take to the streets to loot what they can, there will be few options left. One such option that democidal governments have always kept in their back pockets is to start a war and divert attention away from the real problems facing their countries to manufactured enemies. It’s a tried and tested technique that has been used by conquerors and psychopaths for centuries, and they’re prepared to use it again when the situation calls for it.

    The threats posed by Syria have not only been manufactured, but are being actively fueled by this administration in an effort to sway the sentiment of the American people.

    President Bush had weapons of mass destruction. The strategy worked so well that President Obama, less than a decade later, is using the exact same excuse for our need to involve hundreds of thousands of American lives in another mid east country – one that we had a hand in destabilizing from the get-go.

    In his book and documentary, strategic relocation specialist Joel Skousen warns of the coming war involving Russia, China and the United States.

    What we’re seeing now are the open stages of that war. It may still be “cold,” but you can be assured that the people in charge, along with their partners in the multi-billion dollar military industrial complex and financing cartels, are not only willing to start a war, they’re very much planning on this very outcome.

    World War III has already begun, and those in power intend to send us, our children and our grandchildren to do their bidding.

    WAR is a racket. It always has been.

    It is possibly the oldest, easily the most profitable, surely the most vicious. It is the only one international in scope. It is the only one in which the profits are reckoned in dollars and the losses in lives.

    General Smedley Butler (1935)
    At the time of his death in 1940 General Butler was the highest decorated Marine in U.S. History



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      1. WE HAVE NO BUSINESS BEING THERE NOR SENDING OUR MEN AND WOMEN TO BE KILLED THERE. Defend the constitution and our freedom here and from the politicans.

        • Perhaps its time We The People start contacting the military leadership in person rather than relying on our non representive reps.

          • It sure is easy to go to war when they are sending
            someone else’s son to fight it and making their
            fathers pay for it besides. Such an effing deal.

            • What would the chickenhawks and bankster war profiteers do if by the tens of thousands soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines refused those deployment orders? Said, “I’m staying [or returning} to the US to defend our people and soil. If you’re so eager for that profitable carnage, mister power eliter, you go shed your blood.”

              Saw a MLN LAVE license plate yesterday. Took a moment to decipher it. Very big grin.

              Empire. Welfare for the Rich. War for the Poor. Come on Princeton class of 2014, it’s your turn to do the bleeding and the dying.

              • Off Topic…

                Recall of Deer Corn due to toxic substance.

                “Aflatatoxin at high concentrations is fatal to some animals.”

                Both mammals and birds are affected. Birds, including quail and turkey, are particularly sensitive to this toxin.

                The deer corn was contaminated with high levels of aflatoxin. It was sold in 50 lb. bags. The UPC code is 68913948193.

                This corn was distributed to Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio, and Michigan by Rural King Distributing of Matton, Illinois. Anyone who purchased this corn should return it to the store where it was purchased and will get a full refund.

                According to the newspaper article, “Experts believe last year’s drought conditions may have contributed to the aflatoxin appearing in the corn.”

                • About two genearation ago in 1965 a song came out to show what was happening to the world during this time.

                  Barry McGuire’s Eve of Destruction song lyrics

                  The eastern world it is explodin’
                  Violence flarin’, bullets loadin,
                  You’re old enough to kill but not for votin’
                  You don’t believe in war, but what’s that gun you’re totin’
                  And even the Jordan riverhas bodies floatin’
                  But you tell me over and over and over again my friend,
                  Ah, you don’t believe we’re on the eve of destruction.

                  Don’t you understand, what I am trying to say?
                  And Can’tyou feel the fear that I’m feeling today?
                  If the button is pushed , there’s no running away,
                  There will be no one to save with the world in a grave,
                  Take a look around, boy, it’s bound to scare you boy,
                  But you tell me over and over and over again my friend,
                  Ah, you don’t believe we’re on the eve of destruction.

                  Yeah, my blood’s so mad, feels like coagulatin’
                  I’m sittin here, just contemplatin’
                  I can’t twist the truth, it knows no regulation,
                  Handful of senators don’t pass legislation,
                  And marches alone can’t bring intergration,
                  When human respect is distegratin’,
                  This whole world is just too frustratin’,
                  And you tell me over and over and over again my friend,
                  Ah, you don’t believe we’re on the eve of destruction.

                  Think of all the hate there is in Red China!
                  Then take a look around to Selma, Alabama!
                  Ah, you may leave here, for eight days in space,
                  But when you return, it’s the same old place,
                  The poundin’ of the drums, the pride and disgrace,
                  You can bury your dead, but don’t leave a trace,
                  Hate your next door neighbor, but don’t forget to say grace,
                  And you tell me over and over and over again my friend,
                  Ah, you don’t believe we’re on the eve of destruction.

                  Since then China is now capable of blowing up the U.S. easily, back in 1965 their first nuke test was only 1 year old.

                  In 1965 practically no country other than the superpowers had accurate arrays of surface to surface missiles. Today Hezbollah alone has 200-400 thousand or more.

                  Back in 1965 Bio weapons were only for use with any type of mass killings by the superpowers. Today even terrorist organizations are believed to have them.

                  Back in 1965 only 5 countries had nukes. Today you can add to those 5 countries; Israel with several hundred, Pakistan, India, North Korea, probably a few in Iran, and a whole slew of other countries that simply don’t advertise it like Japan, Germany, Argentina, Brazil, and many others.

                  Back in 1965 the U.S. still had hard currency backing it in silver. Now nothing is holding it together other than the hope that OPEC will not trash the U.S. dollar to sell their oil.

                  Back in 1965 race riots were all over the place, including LA. Now nothing has changed, and black people hate other races even more so.

                  Back in 1965 the people actually cared about corruption in DC and got after the theives and traitors. Now today, the country has and is being sold off to the enemy China, and politicians get away with anything and everything.

                  In 1965 people listened to radio and some TV and actually used their brains to learn, read, and be part of their country. Now, the masses are chemically poisoned walmart day and night walkers that are zombie brain dead.

                  In 1965 most people took preparing for disasters, war, anything very seriously and had full pantries. Now 1% of the people prepare and most people’s cupboards are bare and depend on something else to fed them.

                  Back in 1965 BO was 4 years old and helicopter ben was locked safely away in a Georgia zoo with the other baboons. Now, well……..

                  And you tell me over and over and over again my friend,
                  Ah, you don’t believe we are on the eve of destruction.

                  🙁 🙁 🙁

                  • Thank you for that song, Be Informed. Brings back memories for me. Also shows how far downhill we’ve gone as a nation. braveheart

                  • Ahh, Be informed— Flashbacks
                    The truth can be buried,
                    but it can’t be destroyed.

                  • “Somewhat” off topic, but well worth the watch. Especially for the “Trayvon troll patrol”!

                  • @bi, I was thinking of this song after reading this story,then scrolled down and saw your post, although I visioned Larry from Stephen King’s The Stand singing it as a city burned down in the background,the song is dead on!

                  • Nice post BI. I put the song on while reading it for more effect. Can you imagine what we’ll look like 50 more years from now? If the current state of sheep don’t give a shit, how much more apathetic can they possibly get?

                  • @Be Informed

                    Hey pal, you can give an even more depressing outlook on modern life than I can. Kudos.

                  • Generals gathered in their masses
                    Just like witches at black masses
                    Evil minds that plot destruction
                    Sorcerers of death’s construction
                    In the fields the bodies burning
                    As the war machine keeps turning
                    Death and hatred to mankind
                    Poisoning their brainwashed minds
                    Oh lord yeah!

                    Politicians hide themselves away
                    They only started the war
                    Why should they go out to fight?
                    They leave that role to the poor

                    Time will tell on their power minds
                    Making war just for fun
                    Treating people just like pawns in chess
                    Wait ’til their judgement day comes

                    Now in darkness world stops turning
                    Ashes where the bodies burning
                    No more war pigs have the power
                    Hand of God has struck the hour
                    Day of judgement, God is calling
                    On their knees the war pig’s crawling
                    Begging mercy for their sins
                    Satan laughing spreads his wings
                    Oh lord yeah!


                  • “…helicopter ben was locked safely away in a Georgia zoo…” I don’t know about the zoo, but Ben did some “interning” in the 60s at the I95 attraction called South of the Border. His mentor was that local political hack and crook Richard Schafer who also owned South of the Border. Lying with a straight face and talking doublespeak were some of the skills he picked up from Schafer in his teen years.

                  • @BI, well put.

                • @Ky Mom

                  I had a 50 lb bag of deer corn that I was planning on putting out for the deer this fall. I had it stored in a shipping container and mice got into it and just about eat all of it. I wondered why I haven’t seen any mice around my chicken coup lately. Hmmmm.

                • In Croatia, global companies that are buying milk from farmers and produce milk and other dairy products, found that some of the farmers had aflatoksins in milk. It was found in corn (which had some humidity and lead to aflatoksin build up) which was feed to the cows. After they replaced food for cows and milk had less aflatoksins, this global companies are still not buying milk from local farmers (from some of them) which will lead to farmers going bankrupt and companies will be able to import more milk powder which is cheaper. Importing will also lead to more debt of the country… So alfatoksin is just another tool to make us all slaves…

                • off-topic: Mac, I herd that BO co-sponsored a bill to STRENGTHEN the “stand your ground” laws in 2004 in Chicago…

                • A lack of water make a Chemical toxin appear in corn? Do you have a bridge for sale too? I do not think this was caused by drought! This was introduced one way or another intentional or accidental. Ok I went and reseached it a bit, it comes from a mold/fungi, which need a lot of moisture to thrive, so evidently there was excessive moisture with this drought? To me this does not work for some reason.

                  • 006…actually the lack of moisture can indeed cause this spore to infect grains “preharvest”…the following in brackets is from Cornell University (QUOTE: preharvest aflatoxin contamination of peanuts and corn is favored by high temperatures, prolonged drought conditions, and high insect activity; while postharvest production of aflatoxins on corn and peanuts is favored by warm temperatures and high humidity.)end quote)…so there are actually two types of conditions that this toxin can infest KY Mom is correct… 🙂

              • I am dense, please spell it out, I could use a grin!

                • Spelled Out: Ok it is another case of…Antisemantics.

                  Damn haters! all a bunch of antisemantics! Better?

          • If done correctly, this will have the greatest form of action to take control of this nation…

            Question, will this improve or decrease our quality of life?


            P.S. this guy in the video has a cool site. I like videos way better than charts and graphs…

          • Standard military procedure
            if you have expressed your dissatisfaction to your superior without acceptable results it is your duty to bring the issue to their superior on up the chain of command

            that means…
            wait a minute…
            we have already taken it to our superior…
            and theirs…


            what do we do now take it back down the chain of command until we find a true patriot?

            THATS IT!!
            We The People are the superiors to the politicians
            The President is their superior (LMFAO)
            Now, Do we go down the Military chain or up it

            I say we surround them with our words and deeds
            and capture theit hearts and minds with truth and liberty

            That went well….

            the Watcher

          • “”””Gen. Dempsey warned “the decision to use force is … no less than an act of war,””””

            Let the People remember that when force is used against us here, regardless of the stated reason. Maybe if it can be recognized by the masses that war has been declared against us enough will stand up to neutralize the threat (and maybe neuter those responsible).

            “””World War III has already begun, and those in power intend to send us, our children and our grandchildren to do their bidding.”””

            The only bidding my family will do is in case my first comment comes to pass. Those who believe they are in “power” have none over me or mine.

            They will find out what the People are made of when the act of war is committed here at home. As many as there may be, there are not enough idiots for them to win the war here. Unfortunately, there are enough idiots for them to start one.

            • Gods Creation, I’m with you. Let the feds declare war against us and we the people will make them regret that decision. braveheart

              • I honestly believe they already have declared war on us.

                Would someone please issue a call to Arms…my guns are starting to rust already!

            • Only bidding ill do is mine!
              would rather be gunned down by DHS than live as a slave

            • Acts of war have already been committed her at home against people and nothing was do. But, this time it will different. Yea. Right.

        • True, but I’m willing to send every lawyer in DC to War at a moments notice. Especially if I can drop them out of an airplane, with a parachute, or not.

          • new legislation..New war, new rules

            want this war? want this conflict..? ( distraction)

            ok Senators, Kids send em and the senators too
            Congress, Kids send em and congress too
            Politicians ..any and all of them
            Lawyers send em all and any of their kids thinking of becoming lawyers, we really need to get a handle on that population Jeeze!

            President needs to be on horse back leading the way, with his DOJ in tow..and Secretary of Defense

            Or No DEAL!

            • Lets go back to having our leaders settle the conflict with a duel: Obama vs Assad. Whoever wins the duel, wins the war. The end.

          • Wait till they start sending out them Green “You are hereby notified to report to your local draft board” cards in the mail and on the internet for men and women under 30. That’s when you can say “The Big ONE” aka:WW3 has officially started, cause that’s when you have no choice in the matter anymore, you are drafted baby!@

            • Wait till they start sending out them Green “You are hereby notified to report to your local draft board” cards in the mail and on the internet for men and women under 30. That’s when you can say “The Big ONE” aka:WW3 has officially started, cause that’s when you have no choice in the matter anymore, you are drafted baby!@


              Local Board Stamp: ____________________________________________
              DATE OF MAILING: ___________________________________________
              SELECTIVE SERVICE No.: ___________________________________________

              The President of the United States,

              To __________________________________________________ _____
              __________________________________________________ _____
              __________________________________________________ _____


              You are hereby ordered to report for induction into the ARMED FORCES of the UNITED STATES, and to report at __________________________________________________ ______________________ (Place of reporting) on _______________________________ (date) at ________________________ (hour) for forwarding to an ARMED FORCES INDUCTION STATION.

              Signed: __________________________________________________ ______
              (Member or Clerk of Local Board)

              IMPORTANT NOTICE
              (Read Each Paragraph Carefully)


              Valid documents are required to substantiate dependency claims in order to receive basic allowance for quarters. Be sure take the following with you when reporting to the induction station. The Documents will be returned to you. (a) FOR LAWFUL WIFE OR LEGITIMATE CHILD UNDER 21 YEARS OF AGE – Original, certified copy or photocopied certified copy of marriage certificate, child’s birth certificate, or a public or church record of marriage issued over the signature and seal of the custodian of the church or public records; (b) FOR LEGALLY ADOPTED CHILD – certified court order of adoption; (c) FOR CHILD OF DIVORCED SERVICE MEMBER (child in the custody of person other than claimant) – (1) Certified or photocopies of receipts from custodian of child evidencing serviceman’s contributions for support, and (2) Divorce decree, court support order or separation order; (d) FOR DEPENDENT PARENT – affidavits establishing that dependency.

              Bring your Social Security Card. If you do not have one, apply at the nearest Social Security Administration office. If you have life insurance, bring a record of the insurance company’s address and your policy number. Bring enough clean clothes for 3 days. Bring enough money to last 1 month for personal purchases.

              This Local Board will furnish transportation, and meals and lodging when necessary, from the place of reporting to The induction station where you will be examined. If found qualified, you will be inducted into the Armed Forces. If found not qualified, return transportation and meals and lodging when necessary, will be furnished to the place for reporting.

              You may be found not qualified for induction. Keep this in mind in arranging your affairs, to prevent any undue hard ship if you are not inducted. If employed, inform your employer of this possibility. Your employer can then be prepared to continue your employment if you are not inducted. To protect your right to return to your job if you are not inducted, you must report for work as soon as possible after the completion of your induction examination. You may jeopardize your reemployment rights if you do not report for work at the beginning of your next regularly scheduled working period after you have returned to your place of employment.

              Willful failure to report at the place and hour of the day named in this Order subjects the violator to fine and imprisonment. Bring this Order with you when you report.

              If you are so far from your own local board that reporting in compliance with this Order will be a serious hardship, go immediately to any local board and make written request for transfer of your delivery for induction, taking this Order with you.

              SSS Form 252 (Revised 01-01-00)
              U.S. Government Printing Office: 2000 0-785-193
              Fuck being a hero. Do you know what you get for being a hero? Nothing! You get shot at. You get a little pat on the back, blah blah blah, attaboy! You get divorced… Your wife can’t remember your last name, your kids don’t want to talk to you… You get to eat a lot of meals by yourself. Trust me kid, nobody wants to be that guy. I do this because there is nobody else to do it right now. Believe me if there was somebody else to do it, I would let them do it. There’s not, so I’m doing it.

              • will a note from mommy work???

              • or if we are from south of border are we cused from dis sheet.sarc

                • No, because if you’re from south of the border we will reward your service with US citizenship. That is SOP right now and has been for a long time. Can we all say mercenaries?

              • They should all be ignored crumpled and tossed ,
                What if they called for war and no one showed up?

              • Said it here before…I will fight to the death to defend America and my family…I will not lift a finger to fight for or defend the US Govicorp…they start a war they can fight it…this isn’t 1940 and the goodwill the people had towards the govt then is no more!

                • I would lift a finger, but not the one they expect….

                  • 🙂

              • @Billy

                Your masters got rid of the draft because it was drawing too much attention to the American Empire.

                They now rely on Propaganda and Fools.

                So far, it’s worked. But, when the day comes it doesn’t, they’ll order conscriptions.

                We will then see what the American people are made of.

                Slaves, or Freemen.

              • All the gamers out there will be lining up, thinking that they’ve been prepared to fight since the age of twelve. At least they’ll know the names of the weapons so they won’t be totally clueless.

                • Spoken like a true gamer, however, I also fall into that category. At least, I was gaming as soon Atari hit the shelves! Damn straight about the names of the weapons, AND how to operate & repair!
                  Standing ready in Daytona

                • H
                  Yeah, but their gonna realize those bullets and bombs really hurt, maim and kill. No more make believe.

                  • no more respawns

                • Does “Pong” count? That’s the only one I ever mastered.

              • Billy, I remember those forms all too well. I received one in the mail in February, 1975, just one month before my 18th birthday. I simply “forgot” all about it.

                • @Chickenheart…….Or maybe you were Chicken shit ?

              • If they send the notice to your persona aka “all caps name” just send them all their documents i.e. “drivers license, birth certificate, and SS card” and let their persona go to war.

            • I have done my time doing the dirty work for these communist bastards and well learned my lesson. I get one of those in the mail and I WILL go to war, but it ain’t going to be on foreign soil.

          • Paranoid—That is NOT fair–not lawyers and congress critters…no way.
            Send their precious children!!

            • Actual Boots on Ground us Military fighting forces in mid east, is about the Only place in all of society-govnt-msm medias-universities-etc, where there is NO disproportionate percentages of those members of americas smallest minoirty group. The Less than 2%-er’s.

              Unlike all/every forementioned section of society’s rulers-govnt’s-msm’s etc where that same less than 2%-er’s minority groups involvments are usually between a Low of 65% to highs of 99%, even 99.9% in several areas.(TV/newspapers,msm tv, hollywood).

              Yet Ironically the main area in which we see an actual Proportionate or even Less than proportionate number that is close to 2% of usa population, is in Fact…USA Military at lower levels and combat soldiers, especially in the Mid East regional conflicts of the last 12 yes or so.

              Of that 2%(or less) minority group who Do partisipate in military affairs under the usa banner, the vast majority of those are in positions at the Pentagon, Wash. DC, various think tanks, and other high level positions where the chance of being shot-wounded-killed-are slim to none. Unless of course they by random chance are attacked by street level savages and harmed or killed. But when compared to actual Battle wounds and deaths in other national regions….Slim to non existant.

              So far in all my personal research I fail to locate Any other area in anything within govnt-military-society at large, where this phenomonon exists for that 2% minority in america. Only it seems, in the Military and positions such as actual Boots on the Ground positions Most likely to be harmed or killed in Battle.

              This is very disturbing, as when one considers that while just barely at a 2% of total usa POP, they still represent aprox 6.5-million persons.

              Even More disturbing when one considers that, the major players who instigate these mid east wars and conflicts, are not only of that same 2% minority, but are also the main bennificiaries, and profiteers, here in america and abroad in that Other nation which is the main hornets nest of instigations, of which many if not Most of that 2% of americans have a Dual citizenship with.

              Therefore it would seem, that although only a 2% minority of usa pop overall, with aprox. 6.5 million membership, that 2% should be well able to Provide the Entire necessary boots on the ground fighter forces they and Their leadership here, and in their dual citizenship nation There, think is required to achieve Their goals in those Mid east regions, and leave Our 98% of “Other” americans to remain home and deal with ongoing Internal troubles such as violent savage outburst’s and of course Tens of Millions of Illeagles flooding into Our nation.

          • MY BAD! Anybody know if droping American lawyers on another country would be a war crime?

            • Depends if they land Head first or not I suppose.

            • I’m sure they have litter laws there too 😀

          • Paranoid, you can do as you please with the lawyers. But you can’t have No Chickens or Bee’s in Casper. So get out of that big city while you can. Trekker Out.

        • The Head she baboon in washington wants to push gun control while her hubby is trying to get us in a war!
          MOLON LABE

          • KULA: The Head Sheboon’s a Joke. She already requires aprox. Two Dozen personal aids in her ever expanding group of whitehouse aids etc, to assist the sheboon in Pushing Her ever expanding Clydsdale Horse sized ASS thru every normal double door entrance or exit the sheboon encounters. And now sheboon desires to Push antigun crap too? If she is as successfull at antiguns as shes been at controling the size of her massive Ass size, we got zero to worry about.

            • This government is out of control and no longer legitimate,
              Refuse to cooperate
              Refuse to pay
              Refuse to yield
              MOLON LABE

            • You guy’s comments makes me wonder about Omar. I have not seen him around the last 5 years or so. Makes me think Omar must have taken up with Sheboon. You ask who is Omar? Omar was the local tent maker.

          • @Kula, Agreed, the Gov has lost all moral standing to tell us what or what not to do.

        • What needs to happen is our military to say NO!

          Tell all the sons and daughters to just say NO…I’m not going..

          Can’t court martial Everyone if they all say NO!

        • DRD5508 you could not have said it any better job well
          done fifty thumbs up

        • DRD5508 there’s a article on (off the grid news)that
          there are Russian troops in Colorado (Peterson AFB)
          training wearing American uniforms American soilders
          were told you didn’t see anything check it out see if
          theres any truth to it

          • @swampratt-

            There is more than that going on. The ruskies are here all right, and more than we knew. I have personally seen cell phone video footage of them doing live fire exercises in ACU BDU’s with no name tags or insignia as well. Have also run into more than enough fluent speaking Russians in one of the national forests with AK’s and short, trimmed military style haircuts. They were firing at targets like many of those who go there do. I heard them talking and when I asked one- “Das Ruskie?” He replied, “Da”! And he also got a quick elbow jab from the guy next to him. They all packed up and left 5 minutes later…so we picked up all the spent 7.62 brass they left behind. 🙂

            • @Socrates, “so we picked up all the spent 7.62 brass they left behind.” You sneaky patriot, LOL!! Your mission, should you decide to accept it….let us know where and when you come across any more foreign troops, and try to get pictures.

            • Socrates thanks I had a feeling the commie bastards were

        • @DRD5508 ~ Well spoken.

        • He’s bringing us to World War 3.

        • The way Americans see it: If America invades other countries, don’t blame the american people. But if Muslims or others fight back, all 1.5 billion Muslims are labeled as terrorists.

          People need to learn that they never posed a threat. Just leave them alone. There was much, much, much less corruption and killing in the middle east up until America put its nose in their business. Than corruption and dictators ran loose, so America can take the oil.

      2. If they wanted to start a war it would be on by now ….since 2005-2008 when we were sending naval armadas into the gulf we couldn’t get a war started with Iran ….now 8 years later its no different …..same OLD story

        • Difference is, now we are screwing with the Russian warm water port. That is and has always been the line in the sand for them. Tell me our administration doesn’t know this.
          Buckle up!

          • We will certainly back down when push comes to shove ….unbuckle up !!

            • RICH99

              Didn’t I know you back in ’62?
              You remember– you told me then that little flare up
              over in SE Asia was just a little piss fight amongst
              neighbors– remember? You told me not to worry about
              registering for that draft thing–you remember– you
              said we were over there only in an advisory capacity
              and it would all just blow over, that I didn’t have
              anything to worry about. Hell yes, you remember me…..

              • And 50 years ago has WHAT to do with today ????????

                • @RICH99
                  Are you retarded or something?

                  • RICH99—I’m sorry. I guess you don’t remember.

                  • History repeats itself , I hear tiger strips are coming back in style!

                    Semper Fi 8541

                  • Your asking if i,m retarded while your falling for the same war with Iran rhetoric for the past 8 years ……geeezzzzz
                    Oh and don’t even get me started on the economic collapse for the past FIVE years and OH YEA …martial law and bank holidays and gold 20 ZILLION and market collapse ….and I’m the retarded one

          • “just a few weeks ago it was announced that the Syrians have been armed with weapons never before seen in the middle east”

            BIG DEAL, during the first gulf war the Iraqi army was using the mighty T-72 Russian tank. Oh, that was the export model of the 72 and not worth a darn against the American armor.

          • “Tell me this administration doesn’t know this.”

            OK, I’ll tell you. C’mon?! They’re the most clueless f*ckers to ever sit in the Oval Office. And everyone thought that was impossible after Carter!!

            They’ll blindly answer the call to “do something” from the UN and march into Syria. And Mac has it exactly right. There’s a darn good chance that’ll lead to war with Russia. Russia never really gave a crap about Iraq and they hate the Afghans, but Syria is a tried and true Russian ally. They won’t abandon Syria.

            And while we’re engaged against a real enemy that can hit back, just wait and see what China does. (Hint: It would be the best time for them to grab Taiwan). — And that would TRULY get WW III off and running.

            I’ve always minimized the chance of nuclear war. And that would be a ‘hole’ in my preps. We go into Syria, I can tell you, I’ll be addressing my needs there asap.

            Have a great night!

      3. SHTF is only for some people — The Middle Class.

        After many years this is the conclusion I have reached. The poor are poor and always will be. Much the same as the rich are rich and will see to it they always will be. It is the Middle Class that will be the only group to suffer.

        What can you do? You either get rich or you get poor. There will be no middle ground. And the only one’s feeling like SHTF will be the former Middle Class as the vast majority of them become poor.

        I am going to go ahead and start that business I have had on hold for the past several years. I can make it counting on rich people to still be around. Time to take the plunge and get in one camp or the other.

        No Middle Ground — No Middle Class.

        • I think you are on to something here…..I have always held that the economic engine that drives our country is the movement of quantities of people in and out of economic classes. The rich become richer by putting more people in the “poor” class. To have more from the poor class move into the middle clas the rich have to give something up. Sad…..

        • Go for it!…no sense sitting around with your life on hold for those morons! 🙂

        • It was planned by the banksters.

          House said of their fraud system something to the effect that most would be so taken by the profits or dependent on it’s favors that they would have no trouble from those groups.

          So it has come to pass, and that is the reason they are trying to get the rest dependent on the favors.

        • The ghettofication of America begins. What a shame.
          DAMN sure hate to see it go. Peace.

      4. WW3 has already begun ,, well I wonder who said this a few months ago?

        is there an echo in here?

        • wars start many many years before we actually see it as what we view as far as what is seen on the ground, I firmly believe we have entered a world war possibly a few years ago, its just getting ramped up now

          • the ultimate distraction..and boy do they NEED it bad right now

            • What if they threw a war and no body came…

              • OOPs…didn’t see you posted that above…ah heck it bears repeating 😉

                • It does ;-0

            • VRF: You are right again! And NO better example can be found to prove you correct on wars begin way before folks see or notice it, than when in american and euro newspapers back in 1933- Blared huge headlines stateing.

              “Judiaca Declares WAR! against Germany!” while yet other newspapers here and abroad had “Jew’s of the World Unite! WAR Against Germany Declared!”

              While the actual full blown WWII War did not take full effect untill nearly a Decade later!

              Just like Todays Main Pre-war methods employed, back in 1933 the Eaxct Same method was used. Declare Economic war first, No flys zones, Penalties to all nations who resist…”BOYCOTTS” of the Target nation, back then that nation was Germany(for booting Out jewish banksters and regaining german control of money and its issuance, Nothing makes jew banksters, and jew corp devils more worried than a Booting Out of jew banksters from any nation, the Only thing more worrisome to jews banksters and their tribe members is “what If Other nations gets same ideas?!!”).

              Yes indeed, whats the Main cry we always keep hearing from usa-Kommie leftists for every issue or agenda they have?…”BOYCOTT”! Regardless What their newest latest agenda is…BOYCOTT! What does Jessi Jackson claim when he goes to any company to Demand a few Million in Cash payoff’s?…”Gimme dat cash Now elsewise I shall declare Rasisim and order…wait for it…BOYCOTTS! against company abcd etc…Kommies= Boycott! it always begins with boycotts…Sanctions…no fly zones…Frozen acounts of nations who Reject Boycotting target nation.

              Now Finish connecting those Proverbail Dots, and follow the Money trails, and you Will end up with the very Inventors of Communisim…..OyVeh!

          • @VRF, I think you are right. Every 75 to 80 years we have some kind of financial crisis, and then get into a revolutionary war, a civil war, or a major world war. We should be in it hot and heavy by 2020 by that math. And we should see another financial crisis very soon too.

            • Does the Federal Reserve have to renew their “charter-contracts” every…40-75-80 yrs or so… wonder how many wars happened around these dates? Don’t they have a 100 yr anniversary coming up?

        • “Trade Wars, Currency Wars, World Wars”

          – Gerald Celente

        • Show me your proof ?

          • Exactly…….NO PROOF !!!!!

        • VRF,

          Yes. I have been one of those people echoing that for many years in my tireless effort to educate the slumbering sheeple.

          I often start with a rhetorical question, ‘When did WWII start?’. This is typically met with blank stares. I go on, ‘Pearl Harbor? Invasion of Poland? Reichstag fire?…’.

          When I posed the question to my younger brother (PhD Chemist), he immediately responded, ‘When WWI ended!’.

          Smart kid.

      5. As many on here have said, this does not bode well.

      6. As many on here have said, this does not bode well.

        • Just wait until they’re citizens….

          Call the House TODAY at 202-224-3121, and tell your Representative to vote NO on amnesty or they will be out of office next election.

          • And how is that when there are no opponents??
            That’s how they stay so long–no one can afford to compete against big money and big business.

            • These types make me see red….DC wants these types here to water us down and terrorize us into compliance…time has come to ignore and monkey wrench DC…time for we the people who have said no to this madness to become the enforcers of law and order that TPTB refuse to be…illegals move in…run em out…they commit crimes…hang em high…by the rule of law of course…the govt is supposed to enforce the rule of law to protect our borders and us…when they refuse to do what they are lawfully required to do then it falls to the people…they will say its “illegal” to undertake this action but it is “lawful” and there is a difference!

            • JayJay: even more than big money to run for office a person Needs BIG TV MSM promoting them. And all who defy the usual, defy banksters, state claims against more wars etc….They will be labled and slammed by Every newspaper and TV MSM, as a Raysis Nazi-an anti american-a Traitor.

              Look at Ron Paul treatment by msm. And Paul is very Meek-Mild-More of a quiet wishy-washy kinda guy.

              What will MSM say and do is for example a guy with My views and facts takes a stand and begins to Speak out?

              MSM will litterally Crucify that man. And dumbed down majority of usa folks will believe whats on TV or in newspapers every time.

              Otherwise a reg avg guy on shoe string budget Could run and Win high offices across america at every level.

              MSM=way More a factor than even cash sums are.

          • Voting…?
            Voting you say, hahahahhahahahhahahahahhahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahhahahahahhahahahahahahha sorry I cant stop laughing

        • WAY too close to home…

      7. It is within human nature to lust for war. Even in a civilized and enlightened time. The motives for this war are greed, pure and simple.


      8. We fought for Independence , so we wouldn’t have to care about the royal baby..

        why is this brat news over here? have people forgotten history s dam much that the celebrity nature goes beyond self preservation?

        • s= so

        • VFR…brother youre on a roll…pushing all the buttons 😉 …I ask myself the same question and just shake my head at all the sheep who act like this is just great and wonderful…hes the spawn of a tyrants line…the continuation of a bloodline that has murdered and destroyed untold numbers of freemen and stolen their hopes and dreams and the fruits of their labor, this kid is a part of TPTB… in pampers perhaps but even the meanest lion or bear was once a little fuzzball…they do grow up and get fangs and claws…God only knows what this kid may one day turn out like his forebears….besides I have a deeply held grudge going back many generations towards the crown…Ive no love or admiration for any of em…too much blood spilt for me to forget or forgive… sadly too many people don’t even know who their daddy is much less who murdered their great grandfathers!…they havent a clue that those murderers great grandkids still carry on their fathers agenda…I do!

          • Howdy, REB and VRF. I’m with you and everyone else on this issue. NO WAY IN HELL I’LL GO TO WAR OR DO ANYTHING ELSE FOR THIS GOVERNMENT! Remember, this is the same government, along with the banksters, that are destroying our economy, setting up a surveillance and control grid unmatched in the history of the world, taking the fruits of our labor in taxes and spending that money on things we don’t approve of, brainwashed our military and police to treat us as an enemy, and committed numerous other injustices against us; even planning to go to war against us; now they want us to do something for them? I say, F#$% the federal government and the horses they rode in on! As far as I’m concerned, we have no obligations to the feds, none whatsoever. The only people I’m willing to fight are the feds, PLUS any foreign troops they bring in to act against us. So, Obamanation wants to invade Syria, huh? Where is the money going to come from? The Army is planning to furlough 80,000 personnel, the Air Force has grounded half of our fighter and bomber squadrons, the Navy has all of its carriers in port, BECAUSE THEIR BUDGETS WERE CUT! Somehow they still find money to keep us in Afghanistan, albeit with a reduced presence. Could it be a setup for us to lose WW3? Nothing surprises me anymore. braveheart

            • The Navy Site lists four aircraft carriers and four amphibious ships at sea.

              • Sling shot, B/H has a lot of good things to say on this site that I value, but when it comes to anything about the military I take with a grain of salt? As far as the draft goes in 1975 the only thing you had to worry about was leaving your mommy!

                • I know. I was the last of the draft in 1972. Received notice but I had already enlisted a few weeks before. Lucky number 10.

                  • Slingshot, i never responded to that letter. I simply threw it away. i never registered. I refused to be anyone’s cannon fodder in some illegitimate war. braveheart

                  • @ Slingshot……Got my notice about that time, I believe my # was about 230. So I was wondering how much a bus ticket to Canada would cost ?? I knew that Viet Nam was a HUGE mistake but I don’t take anything away from those Guy’s that went there.They paid dearly!! So my dumbass young self ending going to Orlando acting like a wild indian and got caught DWI .. Was on probation for two years ,when I was FREE again ,it was over!!…

                • Z-71, back in 75, we had already pulled the troops out by then, the country was totally antiwar in anyplace on this earth, the military was scorned by everybody and didn’t start getting any respect again until the Reagan era, the vets were tired, and nobody wanted to go fight anywhere for any reason. the whole nation was disgusted with itself seemingly. As for my position on the military, I’m at best neutral concerning the military. If they turn against the people, they can expect to be targeted in return. you don’t submit to ANYONE with evil intentions toward you. Google “The Bonus Army”. there’s already precedent for US military being used against US citizens. sad, but true. bravheheart

            • braveheart


              They’ll most likely utilize 2 scenarios..

              First under the guise of a “kinetic humanitarian” mission via NATO…as in Libya..and continued funding of the insurgent rebels aka Al Qaeda aka cia funded proxy mercenaries..

              Second..drones and stealth technology..

              The only monkey in the middle is Russia..

              somehow this does not play well in my book as they are heavily vested in Syria..then again backroom deals have most likely been reached as usual..

              Perhaps they’ll use the good cop bad cop backdrop and allow collateral damage on both sides of the aisle ..then carve up Syria to the spoils of the bankers who always fund both sides and make out like bandits after the dust has settled..

              Who the hell knows anymore?


            • Curious: Lemme guess on that Link…ok hows about Trumpet org is all about British-Israel-Herbert W. Armstrongisim Cultic false christianity. Is that close?

              Or is it more about how in late 1500’s era, Cromwell got the real english kings seat Diverted to pro-jewish brits, who bought the lie that if brits inter-marry judah tribe jews and allow jews Back into england, where they got Booted out from 4-5 times prior, then Together british/mixed jews can gain total Control of the entire world! and also can believe its somehow “Gods Will”!!

              Too bad cromwell and his several jewish swindler rabbis back then forgot to alert them Brits that them so called Judah jews were really Imposters from Khazerians of eatern european areas(lower russia and moscow today) eh.

              • @Them Guys–

                Thanks for the hidden history that our would-be masters have striven to hide.

                The British “upper crust” has completely merged with Jewry through marriage and very few of them today are devoid of Jewish blood or Jewish in-laws. Lord Balfour, author of the declaration that handed Palestine over to the Jews as payment for their having gotten the US into World War I, was one of these crypto-Jews. Likewise, the royal monstrosity born this week, third in line to the throne, is indeed also “one of the boys” (just Google “Kate Middleton Jewish” to see various JEWISH sources boasting of this).

                It was Oliver Cromwell who set England upon the path of total Jewification. After he became Lord Protector, he invited the Jews to “return” to England, from whence they had been expelled by King Edward I for coin clipping and other crimes (once they were kicked out, inflation ENDED completely and the prices of basic commodities remained stable for about THREE HUNDRED YEARS).

                Cromwell also abolished the royal seal and replaced it with a device covered in Hebrew script, and it can be said that Britain’s spiritual separation from Europe began with him. Further, what Werner Sombart called the fundamentally Jewish nature of Amerika was born with the philo-Semitic Puritans, i.e., ideological allies of Cromwell, who emigrated to North Amerika before the English Civil War.

                Less widely known is the fact that Cromwell’s New Model Army was funded by Sephardic Jewish financiers from Amsterdam. His expedition to Ireland, when he laid waste Ulster and ethnically cleansed it of the real Irish, was partial payment to his Jewish benefactors, for he guaranteed them a monopoly on the sale of all Irish captives who were to be rounded up in Ireland as “prisoners of war” and shipped to the Caribbean as SLAVES. In Ireland in the 1600’s, the expression “barbadosed” was the popular name for the fate suffered by these tragic Irish deportees.

                The Caribbean island of Montserrat is home to this day of a race of Afro-Irish mongrels DELIBERATELY bred by the British by separating Irish men from their women and immersing these isolates in a sea of Negro slaves. Communications between British colonial officialdom reveal that this admixture of races was a consciously pursued plan which, as they noted with smug satisfaction, increased the industriousness of the Negroes while it quelled the rebellious spirit of the Irish (this is the obvious precedent for Amerikan racial policy since the 1950’s). As a final footnote, the Scottish Presbyterians (today’s “Orangemen” moved into the ethnically cleansed territories of Ulster as colonizers and settlers by Cromwell use a red SIX-POINTED star on their flag to this day.

                Thanks again!

                • Ahab: Thank You for your compliment of my post reply!

                  It is I who should be thanking you Ahab, as I have stated prior and will do so again here. You are the Most well informed, Most articulate, and likly the Wisest of all the good folks I have ever read an article, or a reply posting from. And I have been Reading this site almost Four years, and posting my replies close to two years if I recall right.

                  This related info you now posted here explains things far better than I am capable of. It is just too bad we continue to see so many folks that come here to read and post replies, who seem litteraly Unable or Unwilling to even “Consider” issues that You, I, and several others post so much info and links to prove these issues and statements we make.

                  I think of those type folks as I do Liberals. They know much about many issues and things, yet also have an abject rejection for these facts and truths we post, only due to the fact that these issues and facts include such words as, Jew-Israel-jewish-Zionist. Many have even replied to such postings with something like “Gee I liked all you stated…UNTILL I saw you make mention of, Jews/zionists/israel”, Take your pick!

                  Now what does That type reply really say? They like alot whats said or written…Untill they see a “Non-PC” word used! Ok so what then? That use of non pc wording’s automatically causes the entire post and message wrong?

                  I have come to the conclusions, that Two main reasons are the total cause of this phenomonon. One of course being a lifelong brainwashing job from MSM’s and Public Schools/University, educations.

                  The other, second major reason being even worse than the first! Massive Mis-interpretations, and Falshoods, taught to these folks by their Pastors and preachermen, also for a lifelong form of brainwashing regarding those very non pc words and all issues revolving around Jews/Israel.

                  A great example is that Link to that “Trumpet” website posted above, and to which I addressed my first post that You commented on.

                  I spent almost a decade researching and studying that Very phony “christian” group/org. After posting my reply, I went to that Link just to confirm if My Suspicions were indeed correct…As I expected, yes they were correct!

                  That trumpet site is from a TV preacher show called “The Key of David”. Begun 75 or so yrs ago by herbert W. Armstrong, now deceased. he had as many as 8-Million church followers prior to his death. His entire church went nearly defunct after, during his final yrs, the last 5-10 yrs he was alive, he began to Insist every member Believe that He Mr armstrong Was in Fact…

                  A New Human life in the Flesh Return of the Prophet Elishah!! You heard of that prophet! he got taken Up to Heaven in a Chariot with Fire under its wheels and handed off His Scroll to a Jr. Protege’ Prophet to take his place etc.

                  Herbert Armstrong said and Believed HE was Indeed and in Fact THAT same Old test Prophet RETURNED in the Flesh, since Jesus CANNOT return untill “some man” comes First to “Pave” the path or way! Or as He said it a “Man to come prior to Christ’s return who is to RESTORE ALL Things!” Of Course Mr armstrong Believed HE was That Man!

                  So did Most of his Followers too!…Untill True Christians got wind of it all and Exposed and Debunked all of his fake, phony Falshoods he taught about “British Israelisim”.

                  So far My best guess’s after a decade of reading his stuff and website etc and studying it Compared to actual bible scriptures and plain Common sense!

                  Is that basically His “Brand” of “christianity”(?) is a vast Mixture of…7th day adventists Plus, Mormonisim, Plus Huge dose of New Ager non-senseical nonsense. With a Portion of biblical christianity and a Most Massive Dose, a Lethal Dose of Judiaisim heavely mixed in!

                  IE: Main teaching is: We are created in Gods Image And “Likeness” as it says in Genisis book bible. So! acording to armstrong and his “replacement” gerald Flurry whos the TV show pastor sunday mornings, this “likeness to God” means WE are “Little gods” that Must Learn how to Think-Act-BE-real “gods” same as the Only True God the Father creator of all etc!

                  Because: Only after we become LIKE God in Litterally Every way, thought and deed shall we Then be “complete” little gods like the Real one! And as complete little gods we will be allowed in the NEXT life of eternity, to Fly to Outer Space regions so WE can “Finish” creating on EVERY Planet of the Universe that the Real God was Not able to finsih to completion! Because God requires Our help to Finish His work!

                  In other words herbert armtrong and his followers believe They shall become Like God litterally! And will in next age and life Create Animals-Humans-Trees etc etc Eaxctly as God created here on Earth! and of course they will be able to Master and Run that planet’s creations(humans animals etc) As a God! Helpers and Little gods!!!!

                  However: the True God does NOT need us or them or anything else to “Finish” Gods work! Its why we call HIM God eh!

                  And the current universe, the bible states it shall be totally Burned with Fire by God and a NEW heaven and new earth shall Replace it all as ONE unit we shall Share with Christ as Our Lord and King!..No mention of humans go to outer space to build Life or create life as little gods!…Falshoods preached to the Extereme by armstrongers Clan and Cults!

                  Which berings this to the Final part: Moost of todays TV preachers and churches, especially the big megga churchs and very Pro jew pro israel types, seem to be Off Shoots of Herbert Armstrongs main ministry which came UNglued big time after folks wised up to his Phony Prophet Elisha “Claims”!

                  Look at the end Credits on the TV preacher/church shows every sunday on TV see if any credit or mention is given for “This is a broadcast of the Curch of God” orgs. OR..

                  “This broadcast was made by a FORMER Church of God misistries orgs” or very similar to that.

                  Armtrong promoted His ‘church” as THE ONE the ONLY One true one and called it “The Church of God”.

                  It seems many or Most of todays ministries are From those folks who split away after armstrong was debunked as False Prophet etc. Yet all still basically teach Falshoods, are mainly In it for the $$$$$!! and all worship all things jewish-jews-israel and of course Zionisim!

                  Just yesterday on TBN Paul and Jan Crouch TV station it had full lenghth Video of…”CUFI” Org Yearly event!

                  CUFI= christians united For israel!! Indeed they are!

                  Their heads are collectivly Stuffed so deep up jewish ass, all they can now acomplish is to Worship Jews and Israel! While almost entirely ignoring entire new testement and Christ!..No Wonder america is so damn Fucked up! They are assisting jews and israel build and cereate the AntiChrist systems! with Much help from “British Israelisim” aka Mr armstrongs followers!(now Gerald Flurry’s followers!).

                  Pray that such ‘christians” awaken and asap! While the usa is still savable…

              • Them Guys—Try reading the bible in it’s entirety and have an understanding of lineage. If you can muster through it, you’ll be able to understand that England’s ( Ephraim ) Crown can be traced directly to King David and Christ. Research the Throne of David and you will see that it resides in England, to this day. I don’t expect most people, let alone some Christians to fully understand without releasing their past indoctrination of Satan’s ruling here on Earth. Your hatred of Jews ( Judah is only ONE tribe of Israel ) shows me your interpretation of the bible is incorrect… if you’ve read it at all. Israelites were split into three tribes, one that resides in Israel ( Judah ), one that resides in America, ( Manassus ) and one that resides in England ( Ephraim ). I truly feel sorry for your unjust feelings of hatred towards Judah perpetuated by the hatred and ego of Satan in his attempt to control minds. Free yourself of that bondage or be mildly surprised when your time arrives. Be on the watch for German military, allied with Iran, China, Syria and Russia among others, to surround and walk into Jerusalem with Israeli support… then and only then will Germany ( King of the North ) betray the world. This is a key element to Armageddon. Germany already has “interests” surrounding Israel today, … “interests” including African States, today. What follows will be exciting to say the least. At least to me and mine.

                • @ Curious:

                  Your “predictions” do not mesh with existing or likely strategic, military and economic conditions.

                  Under the tutelage of its arch-enemy zio-Amerika, Germany (which fought the GLOBALIST New World Order against overwhelming odds twice and lost) is heading toward extinction and it is in no position to deploy its military independently. Its cities are filling up with Muslims (whose right of entry into EUROPE is backed by AMERIKA) and its people are utterly demoralized. Russia sees what is happening to Germany and in its own interests has made overtures to reestablish the old Russo-German friendship of the 19th century and cut off the toxic Merkin influence that is culturally and spiritually destroying Germany. I HOPE with all my being that Germany gives Murka the big FINGER and joins with Russia in order to REMAIN GERMAN, but unless the present regime there is removed, I don’t see it happening.

                  Now to Britain: Britain is being filled up with violent and primitive Africans and Muslims with the wholehearted support of British Jewry. The indigenous British people are also legally disarmed and rendered defenseless before this onslaught, again with the support of British Jewry.

                  You assert that the British are “Ephraim” (they are more accurately called by the names of Angles, Saxons, Jutes, Normans, Picts, Scots and Cymru than the name of a tribe of genital-mutilating Bronze Age desert marauders). But if they are the literal or figurative descendants of Jews and therefore “of” Jewry, why does “British” Jewry support policies that will with MATHEMATICAL certainty result into the extinction of the INDIGENOUS British people? Don’t take my word for it — read this:


                  P.S. Your kind of Jew worship is rare to non-existent outside the Anglosphere. It is in fact PROVINCIAL in that it reflects the limited understanding, education and life experience of a very small cultural subgroup, which nonetheless fanatically labels non-believers and outgroup members as “evil.” This is the classic definition of a “cult.”

                • CURIOUS: No You need READ My reply to Ahab’s Post.

                  Yes I have read the bible and studied it over 40 yrs worth.

                  NO! Never have I ever said I “hate” jews. Nor have I ever said “all” jews are evil etc.

                  What I DO Hate is the pure evils done BY Flase or as Jesus called them in rec ch 2 vs 9 and John ch 8 vs 44 the IMPOSTERS who Call themselves Jews but are NOT! Rather they ARE of the Synogogue of SATAN!

                  LOOK: Back at Older articles reply posts I have posted at This site. I recently posted the DNA-PROOF by and From a Jewish Man scientist, Published BY John Hopkins Hosp and University, in cahoots with HEBREW Univ Bio-Ethics Labs etc which agres with that jewish scientists DNA-Research which PROVES that as many as 98%..Thats NINTY-EIGHT-PERCENT, of ALL today who call themselves JEWS or Jewish are in FACT…KHAZERS!

                  From: a Nation called Khazaria, which is Today Lower Russia and Moscow regions.

                  Back in 750-800 AD era, Khazers which really are a Mix of, Pagan-Hunn-Turk(edomites aka Esau!) Mongrel-and Caucasian peoples. NO DNA of ANY of the 12 tribes exists within them! DNA don’t Lie! Will You call That Jew scientist and Hebrew univ bio labs “Jew haters” too? Why Not?!

                  Back in 750-AD The King or Kagan as he was called, Ordered every single person in His Kingdom of Khazaria to CONVERT to Talmudisim. That is what Jews Base their Jewishness and religion on, the Talmude(Christ Condemned Pharisee rabbi and their jew followers for Talmudusim False teachings etc!) see John 8 vs 44.

                  750 ad is when askenazi jews of Today, aka Fakes Frauds, NON israelitie Edmoitie of esau NOT of Jacob! First Became, “jews” all based on Converting to beliefe in the Talmud.

                  YES I DO HATE: the Facts that Jews of Russia like Karl Marx Invented comunisim, then took control of 150 million folks of Russia, then next Poland-Ukraine-Most of eastern europe begining in 1917-18 when Jacob Shiff, Jew NY bankster and Main “agent” of Rothchild(jews) bankster Family(FED Reserve fame, bank of London! NY! and most of world today) Gave Trotsky $20 Million in Pure Gold to take Back to Russia along with aprox 300-NY-Jews trotsky Trained to do the Revolt in Russia!

                  That revolt in russia 1918 caused a total of a THIRD of a BILLION Deaths of Mostly WHITE Christians! before stopped in 1990 era!

                  OF aprox 505-Main soviet Top Inner circle all except for “13 persons” were JEWS! The communist Revolution was Invented BY, Done FOR, Profitted BY…JEWS! Designed to EXTERMINATE Whites and white christians! That is well Proven by More history pro writers avail Today than You can read in Two lifetimes.

                  Your ideas of “germans” are way wrong. I am well aware of every single thing Taught by herbert armstrong and his side kick Gerald flurry!…A total JOKE!

                  READ Ahabs exallant Historicl acurate post of British jewish israel etc so YOU will LEARN truth!

                  READ MY Past article posts on: True Facts of WWII-Germany-jews decalred War in 1933 and we have the Many Many newspapers Headlines to PROVE it!

                  Along with so much Proof that there was never anything remotly close to 6-Million jews killed by germany or nazis!…Entire Book length amounts of evidence and proofs from USA Archives-Russian archives-RED CROSS of america archives!! Actual Camp photos of aushwitz etc!

                  Did You know “Curious” it was Russian Jews that first BUILT aushwitz camp prison and many other camps to House white christians of russia and Poland in til they Butchered em all?! NO I bet all I own you never knew any of thses factual Truths. Because you sepnt too long wasting time and $$$ believing False teachings, Christ Warmed You of! IE: Falshoods like Mr armstrongs “key of david” crap.

                  Yeah I know they preach england has the actual Throne Chair with some rock under it claimed to be Jacobs stone etc. SO WHAT? even if true which I do not believe, the Bible says “God Promiced David a Son to always sit on the throne…UNTILL SHILOH Comes”

                  Are You aware Curious, that Christ IS and Was that Shiloh spoken of? Therefore once Jesus was Born as the True title holder for being the world KING of KINGS, that Promice to David was FULLFILLED! BY Jesus!

                  So all of flurrys and armstrongs british israel hoopla phony Bullcrap that the Queen and her eirs are NOW those “Sons” God promiced to keep Davids throne ‘warm” till Christ comes to occupy it…IS Pure Bunkola as the bible affirms! Its YOU need RE read and RE think things pal. I already Have! Now Go Read Ahabs and MY posts above your and this post please.

                  Then READ your bible Pay strict atten to NEW testement verses that Expose Pharise Rabinical Talmudic Jewish Falshoods, and Warnings to Avoid like a Plague False Preachermen, False Prophet men, and especially Preachers called “Judiazers” teaching You to go Back Under the OLD testement Mosica Laws etc!

                  The Bible verses state: If You fall for Judiazer pastros?…You will LOSE your Salvation In Christ! and there won’t be nothing left to again Re-save You with! Paul taught that if I recall it right.

                  Thanks for your concerns, and I sincerally Hope My factual truthfull info awakens you, Curious.

                  ps: after you are wide awake from new study etc, if you are interested in a set of Laws called “Noahide Law” which GH Bush prez signed into FED Law in 1991, and which is phony JEW based Talmudic Orthodox Rabbi BS laws that never existed untill them jew rabbis invented it all!

                  Thats the Laws Jews and Zionists are planning to Use for Their NWO one world govnt of Antchrist, to Murder christians who refuse to Obey Their Noahaide laws!

                  The ONLY penalty for violations of any noahide laws is DEATH By Decapitation!(heads cut Off!).

                  You can view a color photo online of GW Bush prez RE signing that same Fed law us code, in Honor of the Dozen Black Hat Black coats Orthodox Rabbi’s surrounding Bush at His Desk in the whitehouse Oval Office! that photo is from aprox 2003 era. NOAHIDE Laws! I will tell and Teach you of it After you awaken from your current delsuional herbert armstrong mis beliefs ok.

                • There were 12 tribes— Curious. Let’s not forget the words of Jesus… Rev. 2:9, double witness Rev.3:9. What does Jesus say about the “tares” Math. 13:35-40. All of Matthew 8-… There are MANY more examples in GODs Word where HE is telling us what’s going on… Ecc. 1:9-there’s nothing new under the sun. Pray for understanding…you’ll get it

                  • Them Guys, sorry I didn’t read your post before I added my 2cents. Thanks for all ya do.

            • So,you “think” Im wrong and rather than show me some evidence of such or engage in an intelligent discourse you insult my intelligence…okay…I don’t wish to come down to your level…but if you actually believe that ridiculous article you linked then all I can say is I hope theyre treating you well in that institution youre in….eeyiyi.. 🙁

          • We can always hope it becomes a SIDS baby…..


              • That baby is the devils spawn. He was born an enemy of God, from the deepest depths of evil, and will grow up to fulfill his vile purpose in a world you can not imagine.

                He will be raised to believe he is better than everyone else, and will not find out otherwise until he wakes up in hell with a horn stuck up his ass.

                He may have a great life in this world, but when he leaves it not so much. His best hope is to die a baby, while he is still innocent and before he turns into what he was bred to be.

                The king of the enemies of God.

          • REB, in reference to your comments about the royals, yes, I’ve studied the history of the british royal family and there AIN’T NOTHIN NICE ABOUT ANY OF THEM! they’ve had blood on their hands ever sinmce they first started, especially with their British East India Company. I couldn’t forget or forgive either. My ancestors came to these shores with the first group of settlers under Captain John Smith and founded Jamestown in 1607. My ancestors came from Stratford-on-Avon in west central England, Shakespeare’s hometown. I’ve never had any reason to be proud of my English ancestry. I’ve never felt any affection or even loyalty to England, especially toward the bloody royal family. I had ancestors who were already settled and raising crops in Virginia for 13 years before the pilgrims arrived at Plymouth Rock. America was founded in the SOUTH, AT JAMESTOWN, IN VIRGINIA, NOT BY THE F#$%ING PILGRIMS AT PLYMOUTH ROCK, MASSACHUSETTS! America was settled by 2 different groups of people with 2 totally different cultures. The northern colonies were settled by Anglo-Saxons from the east coast of England while the southern colonies were settled by Celtic people from the northern, western, and southern parts of England, along with some Wales, Scotland, and Ireland. It’s a wonder how the nation stayed together for the first 100 years. braveheart

            • Excellent post, braveheart! The Puritan settlers in New England were of a totally different breed than those who settled in the South. In a very real sense, the Amerikan Civil War was a continuation of the English Civil War, with the North representing the Roundheads/Puritans and the South the Cavaliers.

              One thing though — England was not always what is now is. Before the 1500’s and Henry VIII’s and Elizabeth I’s holocaust of English Catholics, it was firmly part of European Civilization and ruled by many great kings. The problem is not “England,” but “Great Britain,” the prototype of the New World Order, of which Amerika is the ultimate incarnation.

            • Braveheart…thanks!

              • Braveheart:!! Very exallant Post!! Bravo Sir! Yet More of massively Hidden truths of americas foundings!

                I a few articles Back posted the very info copied and pasted in my post which fully described and Named the rabbi guy jew and cromwells honchos that assisted in THEFT of the Royal Crowns True Heirs!

                Once again we see more Proofs solid, Historical evidence that cannot be refuted, that behind every evil deed and war or civil war or kommie revolt it is and was and shall again be led and Run By and For, Imposters calling themselves Jews.

                Because what we all call the NWO should really be called the JWO as in Jew one world govnt…Which the bible calls the ANTICHRIST systems! And anti Christ indeed they were and still remain to this day. Exceot of course for the One Tenth of One percent of jews who truely convert to christianity. I say 1/10th converts due to so many historical factual repetitions of cases where so Many supposedly “converted to christians” jewish persons have Faked that conversion also! Like in Spain.

                In Spain Jew converts to Roman Chatolisisim actually Faked their catholic ness, and converted so they can Remain in spain while the jews got…..Wait for it!…..

                BOOTED Out from Yet another Host nation after it was discovered of all there Nation Wrecking ways!

                Some, called “Conversios” acted like a cathoilc christian to stay in spain and not be booted out. Thats the folks who assisted MUSLIM Hoards Gain entrance into Spain, and take it over for total Muslim run nation lasting for 600 yrs!…Them Muslims Never would have sneeked in to spain if not for so much help doing so by…Conversio Jews! aka False Catholics! Yet who does Toadys jews whine and cry about non stop?…Muslms! The Very group jews of spain assisted to RUIN spain and Butcher/Murder off so many christians of spain!

                No wonder again in, 1492, Jews were Booted from Spain once christians took Back control by defeat of the Muslims who controled spain under sharia law 600 yrs.

                And Jews will whine and cry “OyVeh! why oh Why does we always get persecuted and Booted from EVERY nation-City-Region-on earth that we Infiltrate”?!!

                Gee such an imposible to figure out delema for jews to figure out even with 3000+ yrs experience of nation wrecking and being Booted from EVERY sq ft of land to Host em! Funny as it may sound…I do NOT believe jews are That stupid to not know the answer to Why them?

                The stupid ones are whiteys and christians who Keep Falling for Jew-Lies and infiltrations again and again it seems…Need more proof?…Ok Try Americas troubles for last 150 yrs!

            • I thought you were from Midtown BH ?

      9. Further enrichment of the military complex and bankers, nothing beneficial for the people, and a quickening plunge towards serfdom. Isn’t America great? They are prompting a response from we the people.

      10. The children and grankids don’t have to do the bidding, by no stretch of the imagination.If they do, it was their free will.

        • People have too much belief in “free will”. You can only exercise “free will”, with regards to valid decision-making, if you are aware of all the facts of an issue.

          People will not be exercising “free will” in this coming war, any more than they have in any war in memory, or even history. People will never be aware of the parasites and thier lies who drive these wars.

          People will stand to, wrap themselves in the flag on command, this time just like last time. And, still they will refuse to see who is really running the game, and what the real goals are.

          I used to believe it was one’s patriotic duty to serve, but no more. The star-spangled lies are just that, lies. And the parasites become more powerful.

          And, just like every other war the parasites have instigated, it will be Whites who will be sent do the bulk of the dying and suffering.

      11. Can anyone think of a period where we haven’t been “engaged” in some way in another country? War is big business, and our government doesn’t seem to have the ability to resist.

      12. If the US enters a into a war involving China or Russia; our forces will be destroyed. Russia and China are class A fighting forces that are discipled. Our country is so screwed. Thats why I prep

        • While a war with both countries would be devastating, even if it remained conventional, your analysis is not quite right.

          Despite China’s rapid increase in military prowess, its blue water navy is pitifully small compared to ours. We can eliminate it quite quickly and blockade their ports. Their industry and people will eventually start to starve. No need to invade.

          The Russian Army is nowhere near where it was in the 80s. It suffers from a corrupt officer corp, low morale and decades of neglect despite recent increases to its budget.

          And if it were indeed WW III, the US would not fight alone. NATO, for what it’s worth, would fight with the US. And Japan, South Korea, Australia, India, and possibly Vietnam would side with us against China. Many, many governments in Asia are scared sh!tless about China’s exponentially increased military budgets and the bellicosity that’s accompanied it.

          That being said, let’s pray Obama’s few functioning brain cells are smart enough to keep us out of a country we have no business being in. Let the Syrians keep killing themselves. There’s no ‘right’ side to take.


          • They’re burnin’ the land, Mal…

          • Not to mention that the so-called world class military of China doesn’t even invent it’s own weapons… I dont expect they’ll employ their stolen weapons as well as we’ll employ ours.

            And Russia has put more of their own subs on the ocean’s floor than they have anyone elses.

          • @ Mal R

            Russia signed a 650 billion rearmament bill so your analysis of them being corrupt and weak is incorrect. China has the manpower and the money to buy a navy. They recently purchased a state of the art aircraft carrier. Your America is superior to every other country is the exact reason we will be destroyed. After our economy crumbles; we will be a shell of the republic.

            FYI NATO is a joke!

            • Interesting post. While I agree with the folly of another Asian war for the US, I must correct your statement regarding the relative military of the US, China and Russia. China and Russia are continental powers with weak navies. The US is the worlds strongest naval power and only (declining) superpower. The worst choice for our potential Asian enemies is to fight a conventional war. The use of asymmetric warfare is a much more serious threat.

          • the only good sandy is a dead sandy, my son suffered thru that ill conceived crap and now he knows the truth, they don’t want democracy they want sharia. wouldn’t piss on them to put the fire out ack

        • You really don’t believe that. Do you? Russia? Hahaha. China has no relevant navy. However Chinas economy is crap. If it gets worse russia won’t be able to sell them the amount of natural resources they are selling to them right now. They have really only started to upgrade their military. They are screwed if china won’t buy because of fighting a two front war. And not selling their trinkets here and europe.
          None of the top countries can go against the other in all out war. It’s called mutually assured economic destruction.
          Of course I could be wrong so I prep like there’s no tomorrow. Peace

          • Where do some get russia info from? Old soviet ways info maybe? Russias recent deep well oil strikes has russia as #1 oil nation of oil reserves in world, usa likly has same if mot even More oil. Russia if they want to could cause Most of the EU nations to Freeze to death in Two weeks time during an avg winter if russia cuts Off all the Nat Gas suplies sent to heat euro homes etc.

            Russia has also established itself in last 2o yrs, as a World Class producer of Top Notch High Tech Hosp. devices etc. CT scans etc. Best in the world equipment.

            Many more very high tech ventures also is todays russia.

            If all russian info is obtained from usa or euro reg news services, Ruters-AP-NY times USA Magazines etc…Then all you are getting is a jewish owned perspective. Full of false info and outright lies same as most american info we get from same souces. Especially so called Inteligence orgs such as debkafile and all israel supplied sourced infos. Double check and Recheck again such info.

            Christ didn’t call them Liars like their Father the Devil aka satan for no good reasons!

      13. act of war?…well, duh!…that reminds me to go to the hardware store and buy a new shovel to dig some foxholes before the shooting starts…God help us all!

      14. How does any one feel about a march on washington en-masse like eastern europe did it. Thats the only semi peaceful way I can see ot change the polititions in washington. They all have to leave and hold new elections.

        • Not a bad idea at all Numba. I like the prospect of a national strike better, though. Imagine no truck drivers, train engineers, HOSPITAL workers,etc,etc, all taking a day or even a week off simultaneously ,that would get uncle goobermints attention quickly. Yeah,I know that some people may die because of it,but did you really think that anything will change without extreme actions by the people at this point?

      15. Tyranny is being wrapped in the package called democracy (Mob rule). Democracy alone is nothing but a state of mitigated civil war, it’s the state we here in America are living and have been for too long.

        Half of our nation has been infected by the evil of one possessed paper hanger and the ship of state is on course for perdition.

      16. While I am at it why not a DRAFT EVERYONE OVER 50. let those who start it fight it.

        • Us 50 and over don’t take orders too well and know how to think for ourselves,, that’s not the group they are looking for, but nice try

          • I’m in the “over 50” group and I’d have no problem telling them to go fuck themselves, I’m not shooting anything that doesn’t come after me on my own property.

            • VRF and Sixpack, I’m with you all the way. If no one is threatening me in any way, shape, or form, i just let them move on. but make one wrong move against me and it won’t end well for the perpetrator. braveheart

              • Right on ! Don’t tread on us

              • Ditto. I’ve been to China and the former Soviet Union. Nice people. Didn’t meet anyone that I felt inclined to shoot.

                Been to DC a couple times too. That’s a different story.

          • They’re just as likely as to turn and shoot their OWN commanders as the enemy,THAT’S why they don’t want over 50’s.

            • Fragging is something I can support, in this case

            • My temper was much hotter in my 20’s and 30’s, and my opinions were carved even deeper in granite and I had a lot less life experience…I for one, was just as dangerous then as I would be today.

              Today, I have a lot less to lose.

          • Just remember…If we wait for our government to come after us before we do anything, then we will have lost already. Also remember that one small flea can drive a big dog CRAZY!!!! 🙂

            • Not sure what happened…this posted in the wrong place.

        • Numba 10, better yet, why not draft all the gangbangers, ALL OF THEM, REGARDLESS OF RACE OR GENDER, and send them to Syria. Crime would take a nosedive in the cities and get rid of some undesirable elements. braveheart

          • Ya know, I don’t think they’d even have to draft them. Give ’em what their hearts desire…

            • Hold on there! Their Main Hearts desires is to get sex with white women! Thats reason so many white ladys get Raped by savage beast blacks. Let em have dope and guns ok…But Not white womens sex too ok!

        • Why not draft those over 50? Because it’s hard to take a knee to squeeze one off with an aluminum walker in front of you.
          (I’m over 50, y’all. Don’t flame me too hard.)

      17. So we end up fighting Russia in this battle ? Didn’t I just read here awhile back that in case of a national emergency that the US made a deal to have 50,000 Russian troops sent to fema zone 7 ? WTF are these idiots doing ???

        • They are getting Russian troops behind enemy lines ahead of the declaration…what else would we think, that Russia will send their guys to fight us for our government, while Russia fights with our country simultaneously? I think not.

          • What kind of sense does that make?

            • If we were to go to war with Russia, their troops would already be on our soil, they would have a better insider view of our system and American citizens would already be somewhat acclimated to their presence here. I’d say that would be to their advantage.

              • IMHO: I think the Main Goals of a Vast majority of Russians is simply to keep Rebuilding the 24,000 orthodox christian churches that were ALL burned or destroyed by bombs etc during the kommie bolshevik jewish run era called, communisim aka ussr aka soveit union.

                After 70+ yrs of litterally seeing all you own and love taken-destroyed-family murdered-nation totally wrecked-by them evil bastard bolshevik kommie jews, it would make much sense that most in russia today still have way more to repair even with ongoing 20 yrs worth of Fixes so far done.

                Also with a true return to honest real christianity that was forbidden for 70 yrs or longer, it don’t make sense many russians really desires war with usa or any other nation. Basically every single russian alive today, has at least one or more dead family folk due to such devestating ruin imposed upon them by those bastard bolshie kommies. Glad to see a turn about in russia.

                Yet Sad to see vast majority of bolshevik kommies who did not go live in israel came here to the usa. A Majority came here. Beware! Especially if in NY or Chicago areas!

      18. IF we deploy to Syria, the Russians will be knocking on the Aleutian Island Door and then Alaska. Majority of our troops will be deployed. This country has never seen war on our soil from another country.

        We shall see how bad ass south central and all the gangs across the nation are when the Russians are moving through.

        • I guess that depends on how much cash soldiers carry on their person.

        • I agree with your sentiment, but look into the War of 1812, the one where the Canadians came to help to the English. Also, I wouldn’t call the Civil War a walk in the park either. Both the French and English pulled strings from the sidelines and Sherman burnt the South to the ground, except for Savannah. We just haven’t had a hot war on American soil in a long time.

          Some of us have ancestors that lived through those two wars I mentioned. Many of them wrote about their experiences so their descendents wouldn’t forget. Every drawing I’ve ever examined and every journal entry I have ever read from those periods describes a very dark time. Not something anyone should ever wish for, but should ALWAYS be prepared for.

        • Russia’s ability to invade Alaska is quite limited. They don’t have the naval transports and they would have to devote the bulk of their strategic airlift to support airborne troops. Currently, the VDV (Russian Airborne) consists of four divisions, one for each of Russia’s military districts. Three out of four of those divisions would be required to invade Alaska and have any hope of winning. And then you have to look at resupply. Again, they don’t have the Strategic Airlift to do it. Opposing the Russians in Alaska are:

          9,000 army soldiers, 5500 Guardsmen, 13000 airmen, 3000 Coast Guard, and 500 Marines and Sailors. The Air Force has a squadron of F-16s at Eielson AFB and a squadron of F-22 Raptors at Elmendorf. The Russians have no planes capable of flying with the F-22. It would be a bloodbath. And if we’re busy plowing through Syria, I don’t think Putin would be concerned with a foolhardy invasion of Alaska.

          Now if nukes start getting lobbed, well, that’s another story altogether… Worry more about pointy missiles than an Alaskan Red Dawn scenario. Oh, and don’t forget about the bears. Crap load of bears with big, nasty teeth to contend with too.


          • Foolhardy invasion of Alaska is right. They are armed for sure. I certainly wouldn’t be stupid enough to mess with any rural Alaskans. They are smarter than the average rabbit.

      19. Like some of y’all have said, this is all planned out, maybe they start WWIII with Russia & China, send all our troops to be slaughtered in some unjust war & DHS is in charge of taking care of the rest of us with all that ammo they are purchasing ??? Interesting !

        • Nice twist. interesting




        • Op; I hear you! Uncle Sam came after me 43 years ago with I WANT YOU! What goes around comes around!! Now I want UNCLE SAM, The politicians and their Master Jew owned Bankers made the war ,Funded the War ,You should “Fight” the war! You and your shit on a rock by a crow and the sun hatched em children!!! My real american children will have no part of it!! Over my Dead Body ,I will not contribute any further!

      21. If any question why we died
        tell them because our fathers lied.

        The PTB considers every one to expendable.
        Death and eternal damnation to all enemies of the constitutional republic of the former USA.

        • Funny, I consider the PTB expendable.

          • Aren’t we all!

      22. There are some truly honest military people still.

        My dad was retired at age 60 from the military when the Iran Contra stuff was happening cause they knew he would “go by the book” and could not be corrupted.

        Let’s pray that the real non NWO military leaders get control of things.

      23. but,but,but didn’t our komrade in khief say ” he would stop all wars and empty gitmo ,i guess got his gps mixed up by 6000 miles.dam drones are messing up signals now.all drones are supposed to be looking for terrorists what happened?

      24. Alternate translation: Carefully consider the recent events in Egypt where the military, with close ties to US military and many US trained officers, eliminated a radical and destabilizing administration.

      25. Clearly, Dempsey serves the MI complex, the bankers, the scum of the earth. Who is this guy fooling? Look halfway carefully and guess who you see. Hint. Came from Khazaria.

        • His third finger (no, not that one) is longer than his index finger. Clearly a sociopath.

      26. I can see the future now. We will be in FEMA camps while ‘Bammy is in Hawaii in his taxpayer paid mansion. Sounds like the best of deals.

        • I think the best method for now that All patroits and Real americans can do to attempt a fix and potential return to what the usa is supposed to be, is for EVERY patriot and ESPECIALLY every person that Writes Articles in alternate media online, is to Begin Nameing who exactly are the so called “TPTB” “Eliets” “Banksters” “One Percent” and all other regularly used words or terms dsigned to AVOID being UN-PC by Nameing WHO and WHAT those ptb really are.

          Every article writer nationwide talks alot of Honesty-Truthers-Outers- Facts-etc etc…Yet Barely a Few on any alternate websites actually Name the actual Culprits.

          If if wasn’t for the few comment Posters here and several other sites that DO Name the culprits, and Defy PC “rules” nobody would be yet wised up!

          Its High Time for everyone to learn and Speak out who and what TPTB are…HINT: Begin research on Khazarians of Khazaria era 750-800 ad…Connect the Dots…Then begin to OUT the bastards BY NAME! BY Org BY Religious belif(why not? everybody outs Muslims and the Koran right? Hows about that Talmud too?!).

          Just maybe if enough folks do this, it will cast a Light of Truth, and Revealing to so many americans that it shall cause that evil tribe of misfits and satanic sons of Lucifer to need find Dark places and closets to Hide away from Public scrutinity. instead of freely operating UNDER Your very Noses while You sit Unawares of the true agendas and whos doing it all.

          What have alternate website writers have to Fear? Most receiev zero paychecks right. So Unlike MSM reporters who get Fired, like CNN’s Rick Sanchez when he was on His own time, on a radio talk show, and when asked “why is mainstream TV news so screwed up?”

          Sanchez answered the radio show Host “Oh that! I thought By Now most everyone in america already knew, that ALL TV and Hollywood Especially MSM-TV-NEWS is Owned lock stock and barrel by…Jews”!

          The Very Next day at CNN he was Missing and his replacement reportr anchor was there with His former job!

          So maybe MSM folks gets a pass…WHAT about Website repoters and writers?…Thay cant be fired right.

          Name Names. Name groups. Name religion they practice. Name Un american UN patriotic, Kazarian Fake jews.

          Force Them to FEAR True Patriotic Real Americans for a Change…See how That plan works out.

          My bet is it will work swell. They will scurry and Hide like Cockroaches does when the Kitchen Light is flipped ON.

          ps: wear Very Pointy Toe Cowboy Boots, as that Pointy Toe works wonders when them Buggs run for the Corners of Kitchen wall areas!

          Col. Orkin Standing by.(orkin bug exterminators)

          • Them Guys…Do you have any names we can jot down? I mean the REAL insiders. I think most of us know about the Rockefellers, Rothschilds, CFR, Trilateral Commission, the BIS, World Bank and IMF.

            I am looking for other individual names. Black Pope? Someone with the House of Windsor? There seems to be many trails but a lack of individual names. How will they be flushed out into the open?

            • JRS: Off hand now and here No names I can recall. However I can provide you with a couple websites that the articles written Do out and Name many or Most of the current crop of khazers and fellow traveler gentiles or as they are known and called by them khazers the “Good Goyims”. The first website is a former born and raised Talmudic NY synogague jewish man who aprox 25 yrs ago converted to russian orthodox christian. Bro Kapner at

              www dot realzionistnews dot com Has over 700-800 articles that covers it all from A to Z on Past and current corrput issues in banks-fed govnt-congress-etc etc. He names names, shows full size color photos etc. And has tons of proof links to documentation and evidence galore.

              www dot khazaria dot com tons of evidence/proof of entire history on khazers from 700 ad era to todays era,(not sure if names names etc?) good info very good proofs.

              www dot iamthewitness dot com many articles exposeing the culprits many named etc. An exallant read is article interview of US SEnate aide to NY sen Jacob Javits, hes who spearheaded the 1965 Open Borders revamping of laws which halted euro whites migrations to usa and instead let in 3rd world mexicans-south amer-african muslims etc etc. His aids name, hes now deceased, a likly Hit due to his interview expose’ of so much jewish run swindles in usa fed govnt etc! Aids name was Harold Rosenthal.

              My saved Link to that interview is…

              www dot iamthewitness dot com/news/2009 dot 04 dot 14-Rosenthal dot html

              Rosenthal outlines and exposes so many hidden details of how the ruin of usa is happening etc, and hes braggs constantly how its such a great plan by and For jews to gain total NWO control of america.(its interview in 1993? era, date is at top of article) No actual proof, but reasons to believe he was murdered shortly after the interview was found out of! Died in plane shooting by Israeli Mossad is suspected! In isreal during a hezbolla hostage attempt or something like that if I recall right.

              I will look see if can locate more websites with moree names etc. You will find quite alot at especially that first site I listed IE: realzionistnews dot com. Check out his indexed list at right side home page. USA downfall in a nut shell so to speak.

              Even if we cannot find actual Names of culprits, we do have tons of proof and evidence galore that it all ties in with khazars-Britian going back to 1500 ad, many falsehoods taught by many preachers today, and many current or recent events tied to them. By exposeing such info and rejecting all forms of, PC-corectness, be it whiteys-blacks-jews-zionists-isreal-us officials-feds etc, it Will force many dumbed down americans to awaken. Once awake they will begin their Own research or ask questions we can answer. Its just really a matter of Break that Mode of beliefs they been so deluded with, BOTH secular and religious wise. Especially religious wise falshoods! If enough folks mention ‘forbidden” issues or subjects often enough, PC will wither and Die as it should. Then real talks can be had. I have zero issues with true patriots regardless what race or religion or group they belong to. I do have Many issues with the Not so patriotic types of which usa is Infested by. They are who need be exposed.

              Hope this helps. Them Guys

              • Thanks…I’ll check them out. I’m familiar with the khazarian migration to the west but hopefully I can find some specific current names to link to their bad behavior.

      27. I need therapy if you buy me a condo in Chicago.

        • Ted, Baby, My Man!, Roomie?

          • Jr needs help or he would have been famous in prison. How is love child. There’s no question mark!

      28. Some have mentioned being too old for the draft. Don’t be too quick to count yourself out. During WWI, men eventually had to register up to age 45. It wouldn’t be too much of a stretch to extend that past 50.

        I just hope 60 is beyond reach. I’d hate to cause a scene.

        • Archivist, I didn’t sign up for the last draft and won’t sign up for any future draft, either. Let someone try to make an issue of it and I’ll do more than “cause a scene”. braveheart

        • Your logic is sound. Indeed, it was Geraldo himself that said “70 is the new 50”. Get your draft cards ready old timers. 🙂


        • Am over 50 and still in. Can out run you and out swim you. FU KMA

          • So where are you on all this?

          • I have already served as well and I would be happy to use what they thought me on the people in Washington DC. 🙂

        • “Already served.”
          I will show them my DD214, and my cane.
          If that ain’t good enough then F* em.
          I can still shoot though, and Feds and blue helmets are near enough the same thing, ain’t they?

          Unfortunately, if we go against Syria, we’ll be fighting Russia… and that, is just stooopid.

      29. dont agree with the theory that powers are intentionally heading towards WW3, but i’m fully on board that the ineptness of western governments to do anything meaningful to prevent the middle east from becoming the powder keg it has become.

        planned or not, if the world goes 5 years without WW3 staring and/or being a full on world war; i would be suprised.

        the peices are in place for it, all we need is for someone to light the match.

      30. When I was in the service we went to a pub in Italy and in that pub there was a poster and on that poster there was a mushroom cloud and under that mushroom cloud there was a caption “Nuke um and feed um hotdogs”. Nuff said.

        • But they already nuked hotdogs in PDX…

          • I took my wife to PDX this morning, she’s on vacation for two weeks, FISHING, HUNTING, EXPLORING TIME.

        • Naples or Sig.

      31. The video is correct, we are in a sort of “Cold war” with the SCO (Russia, China, Iran, ect.)

        We are doing it because the Saudi’s are dictating our Middle Eastern policy to stop Iran expanding.

        We really don’t have a dog in the fight (Shite vs Sunni) except for all the money the Saudis gave to get BHO elected, and the oil.

        NATO feared an attack on a weak Europe by the Russians coming out of Syria from the Med via naval forces. Same thing we did to Hitler by attacking Italy before Normandy. Attack Europe’s soft underbelly.

        The Russians are freaked out by our doing the Saudi’s bidding in the area (like Libya) because about 1/2 of their population are Muslims. They don’t want to loose their southern states to a “United States of Islam” run by the wealthy oil countries. Remember, Russia was occupied by Islamic forces for almost 1,000 years.

        The Russians and Chinese are counting on a much weaker Europe and U.S. within the next 5 years from a collapse of the EURO and Dollar and are gearing up for that. Bye-bye Alaska!

        A very big war is coming soon, BHO can not refuse to do the will of the Saudi Royal Family and they want Shite Iran crushed, so that they can spread their version of Islam all over the world.

        I stand by God’s Elect, and will only fight to protection those who belong to Christ. Everyone else is dead already, they just don’t know it yet.

        • Russia is not the Soviet Union anymore, they are not going to attack Europe. 30 years ago they could have and succeeded, today Europe wants treaty with Russia, because they see the future of Asia, and militant islam, and the expansion thereof.

          The old Russians may dream of taking back Alaska, but that too is a lost pipe-dream for them. Demographically, Russians are in decline. Illegal immigration from the islamic countries is quickly becoming thier bane.

          And, Russia cannot even contain illegal immigration from China into thier eastern provinces. At some point, maybe 50 years or less, China will probably annex Siberia, and there will be little Russia can do about it. If the Russians ever manage to take Alaska back, they won’t hold it for long.

          • You really don’t know what you are speaking about. Russia wants their empire back. An attack by sea from the south bypasses Germany.

            Recently they have made the statement that Moscow considers Alaska part of their territory.

            Russia needs to take control of Europe before it goes Islamic. THE ONLY way to accomplish this, and regain it’s power is by bold aggression, typical for the Russians.

            Although the video mentions all the countries that the CIA was to over thrown, it failed to mention all the countries that the Russians and Chinese took over, or the 100 million that died at their hand.

            You are correct concerning Siberia.

            • Russia can talk about taking Alaska back all they want to. Never mind the fact that it was legally purchased from them… They may have grandiose dillusions of thier old empire, but that is all they are.

              The only way they can take Alaska back, is if the traitors in dc give it to them. The Red Army is long gone, the current Russian military is unable to invade and sustain an invasion, plain and simple.

              It would be against Russia’s long term intrest to try and invade Europe, they do not have the manpower to deal with nato alone. They could niether invade Europe, nor hold it. The only thing they have that Europe does not, is a very large nuclear arsenal.

              Russians are demographically in decline, they will probably one day be displaced in thier own land. Sound familiar?

              • Nato is weak and broke, now, just wait until an economic collapse. 25 years from now both England and France’s nuclear weapons will be in the hands of Islamic citizens of those countries.

                A huge part of the old Soviet Unions wealth came from the other Warsaw Pact countries. To Survive Russia HAS TO regain their old empire, otherwise, like you say, Moscow will be re-occupied/overrun by Islam.

                Russia needs control of Germany and Poland, maybe the Czechs, to survive into the future.

                • Don’t wager that Russia will try to rule Europe the hard way. The only way Russia could rule Europe, is if Europe becomes so stupid and weak they can no longer defend themselves, that they grovel for Russian “protection”, and any such “protection” would not be much.

                  I am not saying Russia can do nothing, they just are simply not capable of doing what you think they will. I’ve been watching Russia for a while, and understand thier capabilities.

                  If we end up at war with Russia, it will be because tptb want it to happen, not because Russia goes imperial again.

                  Russia has many internal problems they can barely handle, and trying to be an empire again will solve none of them.

        • Your Facts are beyond Wrong! So wrong it will take a entire Book to explain it all to you. Thats why You need RE research it all from step One. Start with Jews money got hobammy elected. Chicago and NY and Telaviv jewery.

          No such thing 1/2 russia is islamic!!!!!

          Prior to russia it was called Khazaria, khazers are a Mixture of: Turkic(edomite/Esau) HUNN-Mongrel-Caucasian aka 98% who Today calls themselves Jewish are Khazerians.

          REV 2 vs 9 John 8 vs 44….And way to much More to explain here so do Your homework and get back with us on WWIII please.

          • Spoken like a true useful idiot!

          • @Them Guys,
            Spoken like a true useful idiot. Is it cold in Moscow today?
            1/2 the population of the Russian Federation is Muslim, plain and simple.

            You Russians are as bad as the Nazis, always trying to blame everything from head lice to WW 3 on “The Juice”.

            Did BHO go to Tel Aviv first after his election? Did he address “The juice” on Israel’s TV stations. Did BHO bow to the head of Israel?

            No, His first address was on Arab TV, His first visit to the Middle East was to the Saudis, where BHO, President of The United States bowed to the King of Saudi Arabia.

            You want to know if you can trust the American Government, ask an Indian, you want to know if you can trust the Russian Government, ask a Pole, ASSHOLE!

            • Fuck You asshole. I am 1/2 Polish. It is you who fell for all the msm jew run BS. I never said anything about hobammys tv talks etc. I said his Main cash and help in installing him in to the prez seat was from NY and Chicago Jews. That Fact written of in a Jew israel newpaper article was just Posted entirely as written With full atributes to that JEW written newspaper Praiseing Hobammy and all oh Hfs Jew handlers in chicago and NY.

              AHAB posted that article a few srticles Back on This site. Go Read it before calling me a nazi or asshole.

              Its about True factual evidence is where the Blame belongs. Historical factual proof beyond all doubt has been Outted the last 20 yrs or so which Proves beyond all doubt the Many events that so many evils were caused by and run by and profitied by jews. Its facts so get over it already and accept truth.

              You sound alot like a Pastor John Hegee CUFI AIPAC Devotee’. If so? You really need rethink what you think you know. Or continue denial and remain deluded by the many lies we all been taught to believe, now proven False.

        • Its about Islam, for sure.
          The Pale Green Horse mounts as the black horse hits the dirt.

          But Russia can take Europe easily without firing a shot. All they have to do is turn off the natgas, and Europe freezes to death. The same with the Saudi’s, just turn off the tap and give an ultimatum.

          Europe will cave. What, you think Fearless Leader Barack will save them?

          Russian doctrine may have changed. Instead of land armies they might just use tactical nukes, and submarines. They were reported considering a small scale nuclear war survivable. They have invested a lot of money fixing up their navy and air force as well as their ICBM’s. Don’t count Russia out, they still got more nukes than we do… now.

          • Piper, well said. One flaw in your post, ask the people of northern Georgia, if Russia’s new (Red) army isn’t dangerous.

            I guess nobody took the time to view the video. Russia just had “THE BIGGEST WAR WARS EVER, IN THEIR HISTORY”

            Yet we are to buy the Russian crap on RT that the Bear has become a Teddy Bear? That mad Vlad, is a really good guy! Both leaders, BHO and Putin are dangerous men out to impact the Middle East. Problem is, their plans are in conflict, thus war will follow.

            • Where do you think that Prez of Georgia was from? he was an Israeli Jewish Export. Sent to run Georgia and hes who caused that last war with russia. FOX or CNN jew media wont mention that fact though. I wont bother to post any links to who does out such clowns as I doubt you’d even read it. So typical. everyone who mentions them forbidden topics or refuses to Unquestionably believe whatever is told or taught of jews or isralel Must be true so never question any of it right.. and all who do question or note it are “nazis”! and “haters” for outting them SCV’s(self chozen vampires). Enjoy that delusional scofield bible.

      32. Everyone is out for themselves.

        I’ll just stay in the burbs….ha

        I have depression and asthma…so no way they’d draft my old ass.

        I have about 25 years left… let it all fuck up.

        Let the cities erupt with all the negros.

        who cares.

        The best thing that could happen to the US is a massive collapse.

        Just look at dem led detroit.
        Fucking dems..and the repubs are just as bad.

        I say…we restart slavery…but it’s not race..
        If you are caught here…mandatory 20 years sentence..
        Enslave the illeagals. Watch them run home.


        I’m looking forward to the day we hear Fat Al Gore dies of a heart attack.
        Remember this fucker telling us all about nafta.
        Then his little slide show….then they start chem trailing wiht nano aluminum.

        • I agree with the Al Gore part.

      33. I thought berry had the peace prize, or is that just another Document he copied off. the internet along with his College diploma, an Birth certificate.

      34. In the long haul, years away – I can see Russia eventually siding with allied nations (better laate than never), owing China and ME and regional extremists, that they themselves have trouble with already. Russia risks losing its far east region to China, its people simply walk across and occupy already. (Vladivostok).

        Re above post regarding Russian decline and the influx of populating muslims, that is true not just for Russia, but for England, and continental EU, their birthrates well exceed European peoples.

      35. Absolutely no fucking business being in Syria. This shit is getting old fast. Not much else to say. Thanks

      36. Some how some where American interests crept in.

      37. According to There will be a war in the Middle East among 7 nations and the person who brokers the peace will be the Antichrist.

        Therefore, OUR government’s policies are intended to rock the boat HARD enough to get THAT war STARTED.

        If you choose not to believe what are in the Messages at, then consider this: on a Message dated 7/3/13, Maria was told that very soon China will suffer a devastating earthquake and so would Russia soon thereafter. Yesterday, an earthquake registering 6.6 hit China. Fluke coincidence? Absolutely not!

        My friends, it’s time to repent and get right with your God.

        After Marital Law is declared, you will see godlessness and evil like no fictional movie has EVER depicted. August will be THE last month to get prepped for ANYTHING.

        And the most IMPORTANT Prep of all?

        SPIRITUAL Preparation: Go to Confession, and if you are not Catholic, get right with your God in your own respective way. Because not everyone will survive the upcoming War, and not everyone will survive The Warning.

        – The Lone Ranger

        • Lone Ranger,
          I’m Serbian Orthodox, so I can participate in the Sacrament of Reconciliation. Beyond that, some contemplative self-assessment is in order. And prayer. And repentance. It’s times like these that cause one to consider ultimate issues. Thanks.

      38. This is assenine.

        All it’s going to take is a limited nuclear escalation (very possible where Russia and China are involved). Survivable? Yeah… would be… mostly… I guess… EXCEPT.

        Except when a couple get lobbed over and detonate 15 miles outside a few fission nuclear plants and crack those little kiddie pools they store all those spent rods in.

        And then… not to put too fine a point on it, we’re all fucked. All of us. Everywhere.

        What, you don’t think that an economic catastrophe is going to be adequate to get people kissing your ass? Everyone talks a big game about that but rest assured, less than 1-2% of the population will do anything OTHER THAN kiss your ass when that all goes down.

        • Hey there TheGuySays!

          Before you dismiss as “assinine” what I have written, read it for yourself at– you just might get a HINT of the unfathomable evil about to descend upon the entire planet, especially when the world-wide banking system COLLAPSES (on purpose, to give way to the new world DISorder).

          Or, are you feeling TOO LAZY to read and would rather just lazily dismiss something with a word like “asinine”?

          Yes, I AGREE that if someone in their frustration LAUNCHES a nuclear weapon, we ARE all freaked up!

          Moreover, the “economic catastrophe” of which you speak has ALREADY BEEN HAPPENING!

          In addition, the Military and all LE were put on alert to be ready for Martial Law by 8/30/13!


          Because the TOTAL and FULL Collapse will occur BY then or SOON thereafter!

          – Stores will run out of food in 2 days or less;

          – The Grid will be out indefinitely (or perhaps everyone’s smartphones will carry messages from the PTB to get us to capitulate and be submissive to the new DISorder;

          – Thus, POSSIBLY, the Internet and all cell phones and landlines will most likely be unusable and there will be TOTAL chaos;

          – They will try to round up us posters here for having the testicular FORTITUDE to UNmask their crap here online– as Edward Snowden was implying, a Net is for CAPTURE and the NSA-NET is ALL AROUND us!

          You don’t think the government bought over 2 billion bullets since Labor Day FOR NOTHING, do ya?

          The Mark of the Beast will be the RFID chip but those who take it will be controlled with voices ala all the electromagnetic towers that make ugly the landscapes where you and I live!

          The Collapse AND Martial Law are just the BEGINNING.

          August is THE last month we have to PREPARE.

          And I have written before, the MOST important prep is the SPIRITUAL one.

          May God bless you and your family, all who support and come to this site, and all their families as well.

          Let me summarize: you see, my friends, WHEN the shit comes, it is NOT going to HIT the darn fan, it’s going to TAKE OUT that fan– AND LIKEWISE DESTROY EVERYONE who was and is in the WAY of that Economic &/or Nuclear &/or Rfid old world DISorder crap!

          Do you get what I am saying? These people want to wipe HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS AND EVEN MORE OFF our planet!

          Call me paranoid, call me psychotic, call me delusional, call me a conspiracy theorist– none of that bothers me because the facts are the facts, and we all have been Examining them here at this site for months on end.

          I really don’t care what you think of me, in fact, it is none of my business.

          What IS my business is my getting right with God and preparing my family and friends.

          What is YOUR business?

          “I believe…that truth needs to be repeated as long as there were men who disbelieve it.”
          – Gandhi

          – The Lone Ranger

          • So instead of actual biblical scriptures we instead should place faith in some woman called Maria? at some website ? What happens when her dates dont happen as predicted? Then what? search for a new visionairy who sees or heard “things”? Lemme guess…Her insight comes thru some statue of mary? or some icon picture of whoever?

            I agree things are way beyond messed up. But we have been pre warned to look out for those type “prophets” etc. Thanks for the info but I will instead trust the Holy Spirit and scriptures.

            • For some reason it’s really really hard to get through to you: what the Book of Revelation speaks about is happening as you read this, my friend.

              A Prophet is NOT someone who predicts the future!

              A Prophet articulates the mind, heart, and will of God AND a prophet INTERFERES– with the way things ARE, to announce the way things GOD WANTS them to be, my friend!

              Revelation CONTINUES to unfold!

              God CONTINUES to speak not only through His Holy Word, but through His people!

              With respect, because you are quite learned, if you choose NOT to connect the dots from the Book of Revelation to what is happening in our country NOW, and then to what the Blessed Mother and Christ have been REVEALING to Maria, then, my friend, you have chosen to be LOST and I for one do not want you to be lost, because we NEED you!

              The shit has BEEN hitting the fan and when it is ALL unleashed after Martial Law is declared,, the fan will be no more.

              http://www.the and show the way OUT and THROUGH so that you and your family will be PROTECTED by Almighty God when martial law is declared, currency becomes useless, the beast comes to prominence, and panic and chaos ensue– all prior to THE WARNING.

              The truth might hurt, but ultimately it heals. Connect the dots, my friend, and utilize the next 30-days before the worst six months in our nation’s history unfolds.

              – The Lone Ranger

          • I looked at the site and found statements contrary to the Bible. As soon as that happened, I knew the site was worthless. Also, we’re supposed to believe Jesus is talking to us through some crackpot on an obscure website almost no one has heard of? That is sacrilege, perhaps even blasphemy. I didn’t know Jesus was a Catholic, as implied by one of his “messages” referring to the “sacrament of confession.” I missed that one in the Bible. The only two sacraments given to us in the Bible are baptism and communion. And all her prices are in Euros. What’s up with that? And the improper use of caps makes you look like the other raving loonies who show up here on occasion.

      39. My first post, RickInOregon, Glad to see someone in the Pacific Northwest posting. It seems like I know you all as I have been here awhile. I live just a few miles west of Longview, Wa. on 6 acres

        Does anyone know what happened to “odd questioner”? Have not seen his post in a long time?


        • Yesterday. On the “Chart” post. Click on his name and it will take you to his blog.

        • Cathlamet? I am in central OR, Bend area. Use to live in Knappa near Astoria.

      40. Oh, but what I’d love to say, but that’s for me to know and you to find out dear NSA.

        I’m freakin fed up with all of this. Just want to enjoy my life and not worry about tptb bending me over a barrel and taking everything I’ve worked for and giving it to lazy shits, while one son puts his life in harms way for $800 a month in Afghanistan and they other can be called up to fly out to only he can know where on an hours notice for not much more. No. 3 son can’t wait to graduate and join the Air Force. I’m very proud of them and the fact they are willing to give their lives to defend our country. Just pisses me off to think they may give it up to save some POS American-hating camel herder.

        Done. Thanks for letting me vent.

        • “`they are willing to give their lives to defend our country.“`

          I don’t have tv, but I hadn’t heard we were attacked or in harm’s way.
          Will someone enlighten me??
          My husband served in Vietnam and said IF he had a child, he’d hide him/her before he let her/him enlist.

          • That’s just my point. They are willing o give their lives to defend our country, but they may lose their lives in a place where it doesn’t really benefit USA. For peanuts, and our politicians try to write our vets off as nut jobs as well.

          • Years ago the word was that 500 million in drugs each year was brought in just by CIA…now that’s not the street price..imagine the profit.
            AND it isn’t stopped because that IS part of the GDP of this nation.

            • Oh wait..that should be billions..with a B!!!

        • She better do it soon while he’s got a pension.

      41. In Flanders fields the poppies blow
        Between the crosses, row on row,
        That mark our place; and in the sky
        The larks, still bravely singing, fly
        Scarce heard amid the guns below.

        We are the Dead. Short days ago
        We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow,
        Loved and were loved, and now we lie,
        In Flanders fields.

        Take up our quarrel with the foe:
        To you from failing hands we throw
        The torch; be yours to hold it high.
        If ye break faith with us who die
        We shall not sleep, though poppies grow
        In Flanders fields.
        John McCrae

        Just a salute to our men & women that may be misused by the ptb again soon. Whole generations of people are destroyed by war. War no more.

        • Amen,
          But without a new System, old ways of thinking will just return us, eventually, to old solutions.
          We need a new way of thinking.
          We need all the ideologies and doctrines to be thrown on a pyre and burned, along with the bankers, politicians, mullahs, preachers and suits who support it.
          Otherwise, the truth of the ancient symbolism will be revealed; The Phoenix will arise from its own ashes.

        • Lest We Forget!

          Our elected representatives may have, I never will.

      42. I recommend we all get our heads around the things we CAN have influence over rather than the things that are out of our reach.

        Do you have enough food, friends, beans, bullets, band aids, communications gear, perscriptions and extra eyeglasses, barter items, night vision, EMP hardening, family on-board etc??

      43. I’m not the Fortunate Son (CCR)….

        They can control us very simply with just 4 methods.

        1. The Power Grid (On or Off)
        2. Food availability and prices
        3. Water Availabilty
        4. Economics of dollar and jobs and freebies

        Any disruption of one will cause chaos.

        Russia, China, Syria are not stupid nor helpless. They know how to disrupt us.

        If we have another big war, I wonder if they will use Affirmative Action for whom gets the front lines?

      44. This is the first attempt by the government to kill off part of its population so the Elite will be able to thin the herds so to speak. Since there are no jobs, and too many people competing for so few jobs, what better way to get rid of them instead of them going on unemployment or getting Obamacare benefits. Look for the military draft to return, and riots in the streets to protest our involvement in wars overseas. The U.S. will destroy itself both economically and militarily in the process.

      45. I would like to contribute the following to this article’s discussion. The website to access Smedley Butler’s war is a racket, is: Every American should read this! At this website,if I recall correctly, it refers to the book: The Law by Frederick Bastiat..written around the French Revolution…it is only around 70+ pages, and everyone should read it. The website, has been great..but they are closing shop, so to speak, July 16th, but leaving all the interviews they have done, and news stories, available at their website. On april 12, 2012, they interviewed Colonel Douglas Macgregor (ret.)…I highly recommend you read this as he covers so much, in particular the financial Armageddon that is coming…he covers much about the wars…the title of the interview is: 2 failed wars and why he supports Ron Paul for President… he touches upon all the things that yall are commenting on….so please print it out and read it…At the website, the daily bell, they have at the bottom of the page…”Exclusive Interviews”…you can find Colonel Macgregors interview..and also, of note, look at the one with James Jaeger…recently…he is producing the movie….(drum roll please…) Molon Labe! with Ron Paul, Pat Buchanan, Chuck Baldwin, Larry Pratt of Gun Owners of America, the president of Oathkeepers, and others..well, of course, with Dr. Edwin Vieira…as it is based upon his latest book, Sovereignty and the Sword..due out around labor day (will post later on Dr. Vieira…his writings are at He is a constitutional attorney and , well, just outstanding…well, just read these articles by him at NWV’s: Homeland Security, for what and for whom (2005)…The Shearing is Nearing (around 2007)…Shadows of Nuremberg…”Going to the Roots of the Problem” (4 parts)…Death Squads…to mention a few. The answer to all this fiat money, (federal reserve notes), crisis…hyperinflation, etc…is…”sound money and honest banking”…STATE BANKS…Well, that is plenty to read for now…hope you will…

      46. Even the taiwanese / chinese are now laughing at ‘YOU’ ZOG AMERIKA JEW.S.A. !


        Detroit goes bankrupt declares Chapter 9

        Jul 19, 2013

        Detroit made history on Thursday by becoming the biggest municipality in U.S. history to file for bankruptcy protection under Chapter 9 of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code.

        The Motor City used to be the country’s fourth-largest city in the country during the 1950s with almost 2 million residents, but the numbers have tumbled down to around 700,000 as residents exit en mass due to rising crime and deteriorating basic services.

        60+ more JEW.S.A. cities and even some ZOG AMERIKA states WILL GO BANKRUPT …

        this is still just the beginning , just a taste of whats to come for All ZOG AMERIKANS across the JEW.S.A. .

        • Umm… to the best of my knowledge, Detroit is not Jewish.

          • True, but it is under the thumb of the Zionist dual citizens in “Israel on the Potomac”.

            • Plus detroit was totally controlled by Dems and Unions. Both of which leaderships have been Jewish run at least 60 yrs or longer. I saw AFL-CIO’s head honcho Sweeny, get hekeled by a person on a LIVE Cspan talk swenny was giving about a decade ago.

              The Hekler accused sweeny of being a Kommie! Swenny got real pissed off, stopped his speech and said “Yeah so what?! Wanna see my CPUSA Membership Card? Then swenny yanked out his wallet, found his CPUSA(kommie party of usa) Official member card, held it high faceing the cspan camaras for all the world to see it!

              Not certain? But I do think swenny is also a bonofide tribe member. aka jewish also.

              But we keep being told its all them Muslims! Muslims like Bloomberg-Finestien-Schumer-Nadler-Goldman-Sachs-Warburg-Swinestink-etc etc…Damn them Moooooslims eh! Bunch of Gun grabbers too!

              Alex Jones claims even all of Hollywood and MSM tv is owned and controled totally by….Arabs! Muslim arabs!

              He must have gotten Off that Nazi kick hes been on for so long as to who to blame eh?

              I am going to see of I can again find all the info and actual Names of who invented and funded and Ran the NAACP and Post that info for all here to read of!

              Maybe then these scoffers and deniars and deluded folks who so reject all such info on kommies and khazers etc will Finally be forced to Admit that YES it really was/Is a whole lots of khazer/jewish folks who are running-Bankrupting-Wrecking-america and Us folks too.

              I especially Hope Black folks who read here will finally see who really is the NAACP so they can stop blameing us whiteys and place true blame where it Belongs! at the feet of them Khazer kommie bastards. I will look for that Proof of who did usa slavery orig also! HINT! Yep same folks! Khazer fakes from synogouge of satan crews.

      47. @ RICH99. Oh the doubting Thomas you are. You want a little proof of the dangers that we are all facing in regards to world war? OK

        I have showed this before, but you need to see this, it is similar and easier way to basic college statistics. You can calculate the overall odds of an event occurring on the premise of how often it happens. For example a 50 year event has about a 98% chance of not happening the first year after it has occurred. 1 into 50 is 2% chance of it happening. The second year there is a 96.04% chance of it not happening, .98 x .98 or 98% x 98%. By the time you get to 50 years there is a 36.4% chance of not happening, but a 64.6% chance of it occurring. The more years that go by the higher the probability grows.

        Many stock market analysis use similar formulas to track stocks that are way overdue for success. They also use this to chart commodities such as crops that are overdue for freezing temperatures, floods, drought, etc. to help gauge what is due to rise or sink in prices.

        Take down percentages are calculated in ballastics in a comparable manner. One hit from a .38 might have a 80% take down, but two hits would be 80%, first hit, and then 80% of the second hit would be 20% x 80% or 16% added to 80% or 96% chance that two hits from a .38 will take someone down. This of course is not precise, but it is close enough. In other words statistics has its place in most sciences all the way to self defense and to the business world.

        To world war. It has been 68 years since a world war was fought, 1945 the end of it. Some people use the formula as the start of world war, which WW2 either started in 1939 or 1941 depending on your viewpoint. What is really accurate is the 1945 date, 68 years. So any number you use will have the multiplying factor of 68. So what are the odds of WW3 starting this year with all the terrible fireworks to go with it?

        If you say that a world war happens every 50 years, then you would multiple .98 by itself 68 times. This would be 25.3% chance of no world war this year. 74.7% chance of a world war if world wars happen on the average every 50 years.

        100 years would be .99 times itself 68 times. Or 50.4% no war this year, and a 49.6% chance there will be.

        Every 200 year would be .995 times itself 68 times. 71.1% chance of no wworld war this year. Or 28.9% chance of WW3 this year based on the 200 year cycle.

        Let’s say that world war occurs every 68 years. Then you would take .9853 and multiple itself 68 times and come up with 36.5% chance that there won’t be a world war this year or a 63.5% chance world war 3 will begin this year based on a hypothetical 68 year cycle.

        Now that I have thrown enough numbers at you to throw you into a frenzy, the whole point is that people have not grown spiritually, intellectually, or gotten more common sense not to fight to the death of themselves and the world around them. So these statistics can be applied with some degree of accuracy. Choose your poison RICH99. Which figure do you wish to use? 50, 68, 100, 200 year cycle. Which one seems most reasonable? 200 year is naive. 50 is kind of pessimistic. How about 68 or 100? How about 75 years? That would still be a 60% chance of World War 3 this year.

        I hear friends in California talk and talk the same as you have about the San Andreas not breaking in 1990, 2000, 2012. Yet each year that goes by the odds increase that it will break that year. On top of this each year more catastrophic stress builds up and the more chaos will occur when it does break. War is inevitable, because just like a huge stress on a fault, nothing is being done to reduce this stress. If anything Russia and China have built more per capita military hardware than anytime in history. The U.S. is not far behind. Countries continue to stockpile more and more weapons. Do you feel that these countries are just going to sit on them forever and waste all that money spent on them? Come on Rich, this defies logic.

        Just like statistics on practically every other event in life, world war has that same day of reckoning based on just chance. I don’t know about you but having odds in the 50-60% range of it happening this year with a massive Russian presence in the Mediterrean and Syria getting hit again and again each new moon by Israel sure makes me nervous. By the way Rich the next new moon is August 6, and the window for Israel is August 1-11 when the moon is dark enough. A pattern they have been following the past several months.

        • you can also multiply by a factor to cover the “area affected”. E.g. there is a 100% chance today that TSWHTF for someone. disease outbreak, mudslide, war, job loss, volcano, hurricane, accident, train wreck, car wreck, plague, vermin/insect swarm, GMO crop collapse. And a 100% chance that large scale SHTF events are playing out: GMO sterilization, autism vaccine epidemic, type II diabetes factory food epidemic, bankster dollar collapse, stazi state, etc.
          But an important factor is “will there affect me”? I think most things from the first list can be multiplied by a small factor. Most things from the latter list you could reduce by rephrasing “will these affect me today“.
          Species thrive by not planning ahead. Humans too. Why waste the effort? Nobody knows the future – except those making it.

          • ~~~But an important factor is “will these affect me”?~~~
            What a naïve attitude.
            We are all in this together as Americans.
            What happens here affects other countries and vice versa.
            Maybe not today, but eventually. Does Fukushima ring a bell?
            Gulf disaster?? Sandy Hurricane or Katrina???
            Wow, it must be so nice to live on a planet by yourself.
            Get lonely much???

        • “For example a 50 year event has about a 98% chance of not happening the first year after it has occurred”

          No real need to read further than this gem. You write horribly.

          • @ Not so Much. Go get a better education in mathematics and then you will understand. I have never excelled in English skills but I do understand math and science very well. Maybe both of us should improve our skills, me in writing and you being able to figure out basic arithmetic.

            • LOL, Yea I’m the one that needs education.

              Oh wait, that right, I studied computer science. I had ‘A’s up thru Calc 1 and then blew it with a B in Calc II. But the prof didnt allow us to use any type of calculator in that class. That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it.

              Ok, so I understand math plenty good – go ahead and please explain the calculations you used to arrive at ‘…event has a 98% chance of not happening after it has occurred’. Please name the theorems and/or the formulas you used.

              I’ll wait.

              • @ Not so much. My grades in the same subjects were similar long ago, what I had problems with were English classes because I was solely interested in science. Basically what I was trying to show was statistical averages. You pick out a card, any card out of the deck of 52, say an Ace of Clubs. Then you put that card back into the deck, there is a 1 in 52 chance of pulling that card out, but a 51 out of 52 chance of not. When you don’t get that card, you reshuffle the deck. Even though it is “thought” that there is still that same 1 in 52 chance of pulling out the ace of clubs, this is just not the way it works. I have tried this and experimented with chance. The bending of the cards, the placement of the cards, the feel of the cards all plays into drawing this card again or not.

                A more real way of looking at chance when it comes to war is an analogy I gave back awhile about the chances of a dishwasher breaking down after the AVERAGE life span is up for most dishwashers. The average time is 10 years, but after that time each month goes by the chances increase expontentially and the formulas for this are extremely complex. They have to deal with all sorts of non mathematic variables such as hard water, usage, how many dishes on the average are used, detergent, how many times a fork falls into the rotatating spinner, which manufacturer put it together, etc.

                I could have gone into what is called “situational probability” in reference to RICH99’s assertion that WW3 will never occur and lost everyone in the process. I tried to put out something that was more down to Earth that people could understand. I should have said that after an event has occurred, for that event to reoccur based on a 1 in 50 chance, the first time after that event occurred there is a 2% chance of it happening and a 98% chance of it not happening. As I said, my writing skills have had to be refined enough over the decades. Now each year or each cycle that goes back without that event reoccurring the chances of it occuring go up and the chances of it continuing not to happen go down. The law of chance.

                Was it really necessary to say something like you write horribly rather than have me explain myself? Without some form of communication your statement sounded like that of a troll. I spend much free time trying to help people understand the world around them because I also enjoy them teaching me. I can go into very elaborate explanations the way JustOneGuy use to about why things work the way they do, and people often asked JOG to clarify what he meant. I fully realize that statistics are not just cut and dry like I tried to show above, but the odds I gave are probably + or – 3 to 5% or so within the true answer.

                There are hundreds of different equations that go into what leads to war, and just saying that it is like figuring out the free throw averages of a basketball player and which to foul to stop the clock is not that easy. I was trying to show others that eventually, given time almost every other event that has occurred before will occur again. There are extremely complex manners in which to obtain this like situational probability. And simply means with just the most basic of solving equations.

                My suggestion to you since you have taken the advanced math and fully understand everything about a scientific calculaor is to learn not to appear like a troll on a site with many such characters like ncjo(k)e(r), finx, and many others that only want to f with everyone’s minds. People with solid schooling, such as you, can be of strong assets to this site and others before this whole nightmare occurs.

                • If I wasn’t willing to read past sentence 3 of your original post above, what makes you think I want to read your bloviating here?

                  • Would it help you to understand it better if he had reworded it as follows: “For example a 50 year event has about a 98% chance of not happening a second time the first year after its previous occurrence.” His sentence structure was just a little awkward, but it was perfectly obvious to me what it said. He was writing a comment, not a doctoral dissertation.

                    Maybe you could use some lessons in parsing the English language and perhaps some in logic and math. Or were you just trolling for something to jump on?

                  • @ Not so Much of anything. I may be what you consider a blowheart, but at least I have the consideration to try to communicate with others and spend time, free time, doing so to help those that don’t understand something and want to learn to the best of my abilities. One liners are those of trolls. Try in the future not to be one as defined here:


                  • @ Archivist. Thank you. I just sent this person a definition on internet trolling waiting for moderation from Mac. I spend a lot of free time I have to help others understand a subject matter a little bit easily, just as I appreciate when I don’t know something when someone spends their free time to try to explain it. I liked science and political science such as geography so much in school that I neglected English and writing until I had to in term projects and many essays. This site offers so much from all of us, it is too bad when individuals come on to cause problems like ncjoe and many others.

                  • You can call me a troll all you want.

                    Amazingly, you’re still a ‘Blowhard’ and your writing is still poor.

                    You’d do well to learn to old adage, BREVITY is the soul of wit and you aint got none.

      48. Wow, it’s been months since I’ve been on here. Anyways…

        Another week, another war. It seems inevitable that we the United States) are going to be involved in Syria, some way, somehow. Eventually this could, and very likely, bleed over into Iran (no pun intended).

        Hezbollah is deeply involved in Syria. If you love freedom and democracy, that is not a good thing.

      49. Be warned, ye sheeple. Shearing time is getting closer. Don’t let the powers that be pull the wool over your eyes…

      50. Here I go thinking. WW3 will start in the late spring (May) to Mid-Summer (Aug). By Oct. our troops will be deployed. We have presaged since the end of WW2, with forces and equipment in at least 135+ countries around the world now. Shortly before or right after deployment, a number of false flags will occur around the country. The four main targets will be; Transportation, Fresh Water, Food supply, and Natural Resources. This will allow the Government to declare Martial Law (for the protection of the people). Right after the declaration all communications will be cut off other than Government run (no TV, radio, cell phone, or inter net). Disarmament will start, all FFL holders will be detained, business closed and 4473’s taken. Next: confiscation of all stored food, water, etc. (peoples and/or store’s) etc.
        Hey there Watchman you think you have watched RED DAWN a little too much? The movie to me is one of the best WARNINGS of things to come. Replace the Foreign Troops with the alphabets (FBI, DHS, FEMA, and Paramilitary Police etc.). Drive End; FEMA Camps and lists go on.
        Will the people rise up, a few Patriots will, we know that, but the majority will raise their hands for the Government Handouts or to point a finger at their neighbor’s. The camps are for the Patriots and or their families.
        Martial Law will not be declared until it’s the dead of winter this will cut back on a lot of resistance.
        Pick it apart, add to it, or take away. Maybe I’m just crazy. These are just my feelings, on the things to come. One thing for sure DARKNESS APPOROACH’S!

        Keep the FAITH

      51. I must admit it is long past time to break the stalemate and get this party started. It is the pregnant balloon theory: the pressure is so extreme right now, the balloon must pop.

        I actually feel nothing at all for seeing this generation of youth put in uniform and shipped overseas. As far as I can tell, the youth are either lazy slobs with their jeans hanging off their asses, pathetic mommy’s boys who have spent their whole lives being pampered with crap, or, are the product of broken and degenerate homes living on welfare. Going into the Armed Forces would be good for them.

        • FT, while I agree the balloon must pop we as a nation regardless of our so called leaders desires shouldn’t be going to yet another country and fighting a war.

          I also would suggest that “this generation” isn’t all “either lazy slobs with their jeans hanging off their asses, pathetic mommy’s boys who have spent their whole lives being pampered with crap, or, are the product of broken and degenerate homes living on welfare”. My sons were not raised as such and ARE NOT anything like that and TNS from anyone, nor are most of their friends many of which are already serving in the military.

          I’m not going to expound on what those young men have to say about this countires leadership but it isn’t kind and they are seriously questioning what they are doing overseas. We need to bring our troops home and be concerned about our country and where it’s headed.

          Molon Labe

      52. IDF faces oncoming Al Qaeda tide on three Israeli borders: Golan, Lebanon, Sinai

        DEBKAfile Special Report Jul 24, 2013, 8:45 AM (IDT)

        The Netanyahu government’s wrong turn in its policy of non-intervention in the Syrian conflict was manifested by the warning from the IDF’s military intelligence (AMAN) chief Maj. Gen. Aviv Kochavi Tuesday night, July 23, when he said that Syria had become a global battleground for al Qaeda. Gen. Kochavi, just back from talks in Washington, remarked that the peril from Syria is also closing in from Sinai. debkafile: Coordinated attacks on Israel are beginning to shape up from Syria, where Pakistani Taliban has just arrived, as well as Sinai.

        Keep the FAITH

      53. So, I guess we are going to get into another un-constitutional war with another Third World country that never attacked us. If this happens, we will all be guilty.

      54. Ask yourself these questions

        Why are Obama and Clinton (Hillary) trying to cover up the crimes in Benghazi?

        Why did Obama and Hillary refuse to send help?

        Why did Obama and Hillary apologize to the terrorists for offending them?

        Why are the Democrats in Congress intimidating the witnesses and obstructing an investigation?

        Why did Congress just cancel a hearing in which we were supposed to hear from Benghazi survivors?

        Someone leaked the names of the witnesses who were than targeted for intimidation..more then likely who leaked the names was a Democrat.

        I am not pro any party, so im not bashing just Democrats, so with that said, why arnt the Republicans up in arms about this? why? …
        here’s why

        Because neither party is representing us the American public, us citizens. Both parties have proven to me they only exist for themselves, not us..we have lost control over this government. Both parties need to go..and where they need to go is straight to traitor prison.

        We are at war, and have been..and if you cant see this, your part of the problem. Period!

        The issues above are just current, and just the tip of this Iceburg ..were hitting the wall at 2,000FPS and you and I are the projectile for this administration and this entirely corrupt and self serving elitist group of overtakers..our government, and our Republic has been hijacked by both “parties”
        and if we ALL don’t wake up to this ASAP..were going to be FUBAR’ed and SOL

        • Because Ostupid and the bitch were knee-deep in gun running for the rebels and Stevens was their messenger?? 🙁

        • VFR says: “both parties need to go”

          True- but what replaces them?

          If voting changed anything it would be illegal. The only choices offered by the system are system generated and system vetted choices. Choices that are part of the system and do not existentially threaten the system or change the system in any meaningful way from the movement of the system towards its never changing goal > the accrual of more power & more control. More, more, more.

          The change you propose – a new party – is ultimately no change at all.

          Real change will occur when enough of us withdraw our support from the system (any system imposed upon us by some group claiming a monopoly of violence) by not cooperating w it, actively frustrating & subverting it and refusing to fund yours and others oppression by paying into it.

          Stop being obedient tax cattle. Its that simple. Anything short of that? Hail to the new boss, same as the old boss.


          >> My name is Legion, for we are many. Expect us.<<

          • we do not forgive, we do not forget.

      55. Why should we give a damn about the middle east and its peoples? Treat them all like the bears in a national park.
        The general rules are that you don’t let them in your home.
        You don’t feed them and you keep your distance from them.

        If they the middle easterners are in the homelands of the white man and that is between Vladivostok in the east and the two Vancouvers in the west then you drive them out and relocate them in the middle east. If they invade then you destroy the invaders. If they resist expulsion then you use force to expell them. There is no place for jews, muslims and non whites in white countries and we will be better off without them and their fans for.
        Interacting with and getting involved in wars for middle eastern countries is none of our business and is too expensive in more ways than one.

        • Japan scrambled fighter jets on Wednesday after a Chinese military aircraft flew for the first time through international airspace near its southern islands out over the Pacific, in a move seen by Japan as underlining China’s maritime expansion.

          Ties between China and Japan have been strained by a territorial dispute over uninhabited East China Sea islets and hawkish Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe won a decisive victory in upper house elections on Sunday.

          Japan’s Defense Ministry said a Chinese Y-8 airborne early warning plane flew through airspace between Okinawa prefecture’s main island and the smaller Miyako island in southern Japan out over the Pacific at around noon and later took the same route back over the East China Sea.

          “I believe this indicates China’s move toward further maritime expansion,” Japanese Defense Minister Itsunori Onodera told reporters, in comments carried on public broadcaster NHK

          • I don’t own a island. Do you own an island?

      56. An out-of-control natural gas well off the Louisiana coast has caught fire, hours after a blowout that prompted the evacuation of 44 workers.

        Meanwhile, officials stressed that Tuesday’s blowout wouldn’t be close to as damaging as the 2010 BP oil spill, in which an oil rig, the Deepwater Horizon, exploded off the Louisiana coast, killing 11 workers and eventually spewing millions of gallons of oil into the Gulf of Mexico.

        Well there goes Natural Gas prices,,, you know they will use this as an excuse..and probably try to find a way to tie this into raising Gasoline prices too, wait for it

      57. It is a simple as this>> If you pay taxes to these thugs you are as culpable in these invasions and killings as the guys who pull the triggers.

        The money you give to the gov pays for this, pure & simple.

        And to those who say “what am I going to do, not pay my taxes?” I give you the world of George Washington himself.

        ”A free people ought not only to be armed and disciplined, but they should have sufficient arms and ammunition to maintain a status of independence from any who might attempt to abuse them, which would include their own government. The very atmosphere of firearms anywhere and everywhere restrains evil interference – they deserve a place of honor with all that’s good”


        >>My name is Legion, for we are many. Expect us. <<

        • Sigh…too bad he didn’t follow his own advice.

          Whiskey Rebellion?

      58. President Obama has done so much for our country and has spread peace to other nations.

        In doing such a wonderful job, he received the Nobel Peace Prize.

        Y’all Beware! Not bad at all for being Present.

      59. Just send those tough ass pink/black panthers to fight for Uncle Tom, they voted for him as well as perpetual poverty.
        Lets see if they have the parts to go after armed combatants instead of threatening women and children.

      60. This is BS send all our children to war and then replace them with 30 million illegals. When and if they return what jobs would be open for them.

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