Top Online Gun Retailer Suspends Sales of Firearms: “Effective Immediately”

by | Dec 18, 2012 | Headline News | 374 comments

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    Online retailer Cheaper Than Dirt!, one of the world’s largest sporting goods stores and a top online gun distributor, has suspended sales of firearms as of Tuesday.

    According to an alert posted on its Facebook and Twitter accounts, the “temporary” suspension is effective immediately as the company reviews its policies and promotions related to online gun sales.

    Cheaper Than Dirt! has temporarily suspended online sales of firearms. As a long time supporter of the Second Amendment, Cheaper Than Dirt! will continue to promote the safe and responsible use of firearms by law abiding customers. During this temporary suspension, we will review our policies and promotions.

    In the aftermath of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings gun control advocates and politicians on both sides of the aisle have called for bans on the sale, transfer, importation and possession of semi-automatic rifles. One of the most outspoken anti-gun legislation supporters, Mayor Bloomberg of New York, pleaded with President Obama to take executive action that would essentially nullify the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

    Retailers like Cheaper Than Dirt! are not alone. Dick’s Sporting Goods, another large distributor of firearms, has also taken action by suspending the sale of certain rifles and removing public display cases for firearms. “During this time of national mourning we have removed all guns from sale and from display in our store nearest to Newtown and suspended the sale of modern sporting rifles in all of our stores chainwide,” says a press release on the company’s corporate website. Celebrus Capital management, an investment firm with a stake in firearms maker Freedom Group, which manufactured one of the guns used in the Newtown shooting, said it would sell its ownership in the company.

    While thousands have signed an online petitition calling for new anti-gun laws, so too are thousands of Americans taking up arms, so to speak. Within minutes of the new CheaperThanDirt! policies being put into place, hundreds of comments criticizing the company’s move began flowing on social networks:

    With free market retailers already bowing to the pressure of anti-gun groups, it shouldn’t be too difficult for legislators to start taking aim at the Second Amendment through guns bans, as well as banning the online sale of ammunition.

    The event in Newtown, CT was tragic to be sure.

    Equally as tragic, however, is that millions of Americans may soon lose their right to defend their homes and their persons as a result of half-baked, emotionally driven policies and laws.

    How many innocents will die once Americans are stripped of their only defense against criminals who will stop at nothing to use deadly weapons to get their way?

    The solution is not to try and ban or collect the some 300 million weapons in circulation in the United States; it’s to allow Americans to carry these weapons freely, openly and in a responsible manner.

    It’s that simple.


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      1. First I have heard of this. Most gun retailers are backlogged anyway. Unless Cheaper Than Dirt cancels backlogged orders, they probably couldn’t keep up any way.

        No inventory, no sales. Its that simple.

        • My issue is that it plays right into the Lib’s hands. They’re going to sit back and say,”See, they know what they’re doing is wrong. That’s why they quit selling those evil semi-autos. They’re enabling despicable people to murder innocent kids.”
          I’m wondering if CTD knows that one or all of the weapons were bought by the mom from THEM.


          • The key word is TEMPORARY, give them the opportunity to explain themselves. Maybe they are so backlogged they want to catch up with current sales. As an example, on Saturday, background checks in Colorado were up around 18 – 20 hours behind because there were so many, a new record in Colorado, that needed to be done.

            Several years back Smith & Wesson got in bed with the anti-gunners and they paid dearly for it. Now they are among the top sellers and have been since early 2008 when the “greatest gun salesman in the world”, Barrack Obama, was on his way to being elected.


            • Jezebel? If you were backlogged do you not think they would mention the fact that they were backlogged? If any thing they should have used that exact excuse. “During this temporary suspension, we will review our policy and promotions.” Translation; We are scared of catching any heat for what we “Legally” do as a buisness. We are very Sorry but we must bow to the liberal media mindset so that we appear to be compassionate for what some looney did. With that said we are prepaired and content to lose all of our buisness from law biding Americans to further maintain our business.
              Even if they had sold the guns and ammo to the “forbid”, selfish prepper mother, as long as it was legal, what happened in Newtown was not their fault. I actually deleted them from my bookmarks after i sent them a comment of what thought. People, wake the hell up! This is our rights as Americans, do not give one inch!

              • Well said Sal. I got this e-mail yesterday:
                Should THE U.S. pull out of Chicago ?

                Body count: In the last six months 292 killed (murdered) in Chicago;
                221 killed in Iraq (where EVERYBODY has a gun) AND
                Chicago has one of the strictest gun laws in the entire US.

                Does THAT tell you anything?????

                Barack Hussein Obama
                Senator: Dick Durbin
                House Representative: Jesse Jackson Jr.
                Governor: Pat Quinn
                House leader: Mike Madigan
                Atty. Gen.: Lisa Madigan (daughter of Mike)
                Mayor: Rahm Emanuel

                The leadership in Illinois – all Democrats.
                Thank you for the combat zone in Chicago.
                Of course, they are all blaming each other.

                They cannot blame Republicans; there are not any!
                Chicago school system rated one of the worst in the country – teachers highest paid.
                State pension fund $78 Billion in debt, worst in country.

                Cook County (Chicago) sales tax 10.25% highest in country.
                (Look ’em up if you want).

                This is the political culture that Obama comes from in Illinois .

                And…… he was gonna ‘fix’ Washington politics for us???

                Guns have only two enemies; rust and politicians.

                eres something to read:

                • A few others have pulled out as well, sadly.

                  On the other hand, a lot of smaller/newer operators are taking advantage of it to grow their own businesses, and are stepping up.

                  One of these is a gent I know of personally at fr33dm arms (a local outfit in the PDX metro area)- his site is at I can vouch for the man personally (it’s a one-man operation), and he’s seen a huge increase in orders since CTD stopped selling firearms online yesterday.

                • Why be so self-centered? Maybe, just maybe, Cheaper Than Dirt has a good reason for this.

                  Maybe the BATF touched their Achilles Heel. There are myriad laws and administrative codes that can change at a bureaucrat’s whim. If Cheaper Than Dirt is trying to dot some i’s and cross some t’s to stay out of jail and to stay in business so that they can sell guns to their fickle customers, I say, “Let them do it.”

                  Once the facts are known, IF this is just pandering by CTD to appease the gun banners, there will be plenty of time to boycott them.

                • Never mind. The evidence is in. $59.97 per non-windowed 30rd P-Mag on CTD @ 1pm ET this afternoon…up from $30 this morning.

                  Profiteers and turncoats.

                • Plenty of $15- $20 30 round clips at century international arms.

              • It is due to backlog. I went into their only retail store and they cant even stock that. They sold over 300 thousand guns in one day after Obama’s press release.

            • No….not giving them time to review squat! They know what their policies are. I was just just getting ready to order ammo today….glad I read this first. I’m done with them until they come to their senses……and maybe a bit beyond… a punitive measure. I will certainly be spreading this to all I know….Sorry CTD… blew this one big time.

              • You nailed it, review what??? they already know .. just trying to blow smoke… They lost my business, emailed them to remove me from thier mailing list.

              • “was just just getting ready to order ammo today”

                So you must read their mailers and *their political rants*. So this means to me that their political commentary was 100% motivated by their desire to sell products, and not by honest ideology. Very disappointing.


                • Another hypocrite smoked out. Talk about oil companies profiteering, ctd should be ashamed. I hope they lose their shirts for stabbing their customers in the back. We make them rich, they sell out at the first sign of trouble. BOYCOTT!

            • They suspended sales to “review their policy”

              aka…cover their ass

              • It does make sense to do that.

                If you know that you’re about to become a big, fat BATF investigative target (and CTD is big enough to qualify), you want to take a bit of time to CYA and consult a lawyer or two.

                • To the negative folks: Smart business, like prepping, is all about planning and executing long-term survival.

                • I’m certain that their legal counsel has been on top of every possible batf/legal issue there is before any of this took place, what more is there to review? A review of policy is just Obama talk for buckling under. And by the way, what about the sudden price increases. Next we’ll be told that they need the extra money for legal expenses.

            • i just went to their site and Jezebel is right. they have recieved so many orders they have to figure better how to fulfill the orders. it says this right on home page.

              • After the lashing and criticism CTD received, not to mention a drop in sales, I have no doubt they quickly reconsidered their move.

              • I just checked their website (12/20/2012 @ 11:55AM) to see if they have re-instated the pages for any of the rifles or high cap mags. They have not. Perhaps they put up that notice to prevent further order cancellations. Nothing like hemorrhaging sales to get a company to reconsider a policy.

            • I was in Toy R Us in Las Vegas today shopping for a toy gun and gun belt for my son. Toy R Us did not have a single toy gun! They had “police” belts with radio and handcuffs, or a “SWAT” belt with helmet adn night stick, but neither had a gun. Seriously? Do we not have police and military that carry guns? Was our country not estabished by men with GUNS? Have other countries not paid money to see “American” movies about the wild west(with guns)? Have other countries not been rescued by “Americans” with GUNS? Guns are part of our heritage; however, when other cultures are not required to assimilate but are allowed to change this country into shadows of the countries that were so great that they left them to come here, then this is what we get. If you voted for Obama, then this message is sent to you!

              • We used to have police that carried guns (as seen in the movie E.T.); then apparently we had police who no longer carried guns (as seen in the politically corrected version of the movie E.T.).

                Check the security tapes at Toys R Us and see if somebody let Spielberg in.

          • Interesting point, maybe the firearms, or other stuff was was bought from CTD and they’re doing a CYA.

            Regardless, I called CTD a couple of years ago and asked them to cancel my account, etc. It must have worked because a couple of months ago I called and they had no record of me ever purchasing from them.

            • Go to, select your state, get busy buying.

              • Went on Midway USA last night to pick up a few extra hi-caps for my Glock 20. There were few available, most were sold out already but I was happy to see that they were limiting the sales of hi-caps to 2 per customer. That will keep the greedy who want to re-sell them at a huge profit from doing so. Good move Midway

                • @ vaportrail,
                  What a nice little Socialist you are. Everyone gets 2, nobody gets more because we all want to be treated the same and get the same outcome. You want to “spread it around”, just like BO. You and John Q Public (above) complaining about people who risk their personal capital (money) in hopes of making a profit are to be condemned, they’re GREEDY. OMG, we can’t have profit. Oh hell no. We’ll start be redistributing your preps based on their dollar value. They will be evenly distributed between yourself and fifteen other non-preppers. Everyone will get some, but nobody will get more than someone else. Do you two realize just how similar you sound to BO? badmouthing people who make a profit?

          • I’ve been reading through the comments below and realize there is a ton of anger and frustration here over what CTD has done on a temporary basis. I have read on this site and other sites about concerns with what it’ll be like when the SHTF and people are off their meds. Yikes, based on the tone of what I read here it’s time for everyone to take their chill pill.
            I know, I know, the thumbs down are coming. They’ll beat my record of thumbs up I’ve gotten for another comment.

            • I saw an interesting political cartoon tonight. The caption was “Why don’t they blame cars for drunk driving”. Good point. More people are killed every year with fists, feet and bats than by guns. Stupidity also takes a huge toll.

              • On an even more ironic note is the fact that liberal democrats support abortion which kills way more babies than gun crime.

                What that animal did was absolutely one of the most evil things I can ever recall hearing about but I have no illusions that more gun laws will stop anything like that from happening in the future. If anything, we need to have better security at our schools, possibly even armed guards.(Maybe some of our good marines coming back from overseas standing guard at the ready? I dont know what the answer is, but I know it is not more laws-of which this psycho broke over a hundred that morning.)

                • Here’s some irony for all of us free market fans. The world of Wall Street and big business is one of the lib’s major money donors. How ’bout that? We defend capitalism and free markets while the ensure a place at the table so they can dine on the remains of civil liberty with the other crony-capitalists and oligarchs. Makes me want to puke. You can’t trust anyone. Maybe that’s why CTD is getting slapped around so much. People are just fed up and frustrated.

              • Ifmaking guns illegal saves lives maybe we should make meth and heroin illegal also just sayin

            • This outfit is a loser. CTD capitalized first and in a
              BIG way on marking up ammo prices a few years ago when the buying crunch was taking place. Now they are doing so again with magazines. CTD is the perfect pansey sponsor for the always pandering/compromising NRA, who ALWAYS allow for the 2nd amendment rights to be whittled away in their ‘negotiations’ with the anti-gun weasels. EVERY piece of anti gun legislation that has been passed since the Gun Control Act of 68 has been in concert with the NRA. Wake up folks and start rallying around the no-compromise PRO-gun groups like the Gun Owners of America and the JPFO. Ken

              • Dear anti-capitalist,
                Please see my comments above to BeInformed. They apply to you.

            • @ Josephene. Do you understand why people are so upset? They see day in and day out their freedoms disappering. Organizations are corralled off in some corner because their free speech is not deemed appropiate enough for the majority of the population to hear. Political correctness is another term for censorship.

              People cannot order a certain size soft drink because the state has established that you are not mature enough to decide what is right or wrong for your own body. Restaurants cannot serve certain foods that people may want to purchase on their own free will. Places are forced to be smoke free, even those places that a smoker chooses to go to. Granted no worker should be forced to work around smoke that hurts their breathing, but places should be able to decide whether or not to allow such a place, not the state.

              You bet people are upset, the 2nd Amendment is one of the bedrocks of the constitution that prevents a future government from enslaving the people. Those revolutions in the Middle east were only successful because people had firearms. Do you understand what happens when people cannot defend themselves? History has showed this, it is called concentration camps, genocide, torture, imprisonment in dungeons, etc.

              You bet people are upset about gun rights. Why should a homeowner have to risk getting too close to a very dangerous intruder? Lose some firearms rights, lose the rest over time. People have the right to defend themselves and their family. What gives anyone the right to not protect themselves against some doped up meth head with all sorts of dangerous diseases like AIDS, herpes a through z, something rare and contagious?

              I dealed with liberal retards out in california that actually had this whacked out notion not to harm the criminal, that the criminal had more rights than the victim. I also dealed with the biggest superficial phonies on the planet that used coined phases like time out, time in, chill pills, off their meds, loud not allowed, and other terms that had no originality at all. In other words people that were totally shallow, every hair in place, narcissistic, in love with their mirrors, tunnel visioned, lack of any uniqueness of their own thinking. Androids that had this illusion that their own thoughts were not a reguritation of what they had heard and been conditioned by others to react and think by.

              This is exactly the type of people that want to take away people’s right to defend themselves, because they are so self centered and only understand what their little circle of society tells them to think is right. Real people that think for themselves have opinions based on facts and they think for themselves with something called a mind. The good people here are mostly non-conformist free thinking mavericks that don’t just take what the mass media says as true, they analyze and put together the facts as best as possible. Those facts are that self protect rights are at stake.

              The people here are too intelligent to be poisoned by doctor quack’s mind medication and are not “OFF their meds”. By the way it is called medication, not meds another “trendy term”. How dare you insult the people here that are only concerned about their protection of themselves and their families and the dwindling of freedoms around them.

              Missy you need to take a look at your own self and see just how mentally controlled by society and the masses you are, like a fish swimming in synchronized motion with the rest of the school. You should really look at your own life and decide if you want to be a mindless robot of the masses, with each thought only a reflection of what society tells you to think. Or decide to start free thinking for yourself and break away from the control of “the herd” that bonds you to sameness and blandness. This choice is up to you, but don’t insult the really good people here that have minds of their very own.

              • CTD is doing this for one reason: money. To the dummies out there (liberals and other simple minded folks) they appear to be a concerned company. But to the rest of us their stated reason is bullshit. They don’t mail anyone a weapon, it’s sent to a local authorized gun dealer and an FBI check is still done, so what do they need to review. They are pulling this little stunt in order to figure out how much to jackup all of their prices from ammo, to magazines (20’s&30’s) as well as receiver parts and anything else they think that Obama/Feinstein/Schummer (Axis of Evil) are going to go after. Local gun shops here in Florida are doing a brisk business and it will continue until all those pesky laws get passed. So the word for today is : HURRY. Hurry and get all the parts, mags and ammo you can get before the prices skyrocket. Good luck!

                • Dear Gregory8,
                  Please see my comments above to BI. They apply to you.

              • Be informed,

                +1! Two thumbs up.

              • @ Be Informed,
                @ YH,
                @ PO’d Patriot,
                @ Live Free or Die,
                & To Whom it May Concern,
                Holy Cow, You and 80+ others DID NOT GET MY POINT. My point was the anger and frustration directed at CTD by a whole bunch of people on this site who are jumping to conclusions about why CTD is doing what their doing, and ranting and raving without a whole lot of facts is unbelievable. Give them a chance to explain themselves. And while your waiting, take a pill. NOTE to B.I.: “meds” a term commonly used by my mother a WWII nurse, my dad a WWII Army medic, his older sister a WWII Navy nurse, and my Uncle a WWII Navy doctor, my brother an RN, and my sister an RN. Hardly a “trendy term”, eh BI? Evidence of “mindless robots” is found through several of the knee jerk reactionary comments about CTD. Try thinking for yourself and breaking away from the herd, and the sameness and blandness. Think about it BI, my comment was away from the herd and that is EXACTLY why you and 80+ others turned on me. How dare I think differently!!!!!!!

                • @ Josephene. I don’t care what companies do, this is their business, that is what is called freedom. What I do care about is how trolls and other individuals come on to this site and attack people over and over again about the common sense logic that the people express over survival and preparedness. You said that you were expecting record number of thumbs down, and you received them. You told everyone to take chill pills. You could have said “let’s just see how this goes, it could be interesting”, or “that there are far better issues that are deeper than one company, it is the whole slew of companies cowarding down”.

                  People like JoeinNC, as I thought you might be him or his sister or wife, constantly tick off people with comments that remind others of the herd. Then you said you have read what it is like for people to be off their meds, then say take your chill pill. This sure sounded like you were telling everybody that were expressing frustration over having their freedom taken away to take their medication while they still could, before it was no longer available, then look out for the good people on this site that are off their medication. This is sure what it sounded like, a comment by JoeInNC.

                  I understand when you write something sometimes you get ahead of yourself, we all make mistakes. Assumptions are stronger though when you mention your record number of thumbs down only strengthened that it looked like you were trolling around. You must read some trash of these retards that ONLY look to infuriate others by idiotic opposite comments to common sense. Trolls also call people names or insinuate degrading comparisons to the people here, like what is common that trolls call us Gun Nuts.

                  I have dealt with total phonies that will use all sort of terms that the rest of society uses, it is nauseating because the person has no self identity at all. Remember the fad of Valley Girls in the 1980’s? Someone that has that uniqueness are the people here that see what the masses don’t. I am amazed at some of the brilliant observations and new ideas that so many come up with here.

                  Please reread your comment and see just how confrontational and debasing it sounds to others on this site. Telling people to take a chill pill sounds just like what the classic YUPPIE non prepper above it all would say to the self sacrificing hard working and very honorable prepper/survivalist. It sounds like what that character valerie that wrote that all preppers are selfish would say. If this was NOT what was meant, then please try in the future to not insult the people here intentionally or unintentionally. You can do so much better with a little bit of politeness to everybody.

                • Josephene and Jezebel appear to be the same person. If you are and you’re using two different names in the same thread, that is bizarre to say the least.

                  In any case, even though “chill pill” is more of a ghetto slang euphemism, it is wholly inappropriate to extend such language to anyone on this site Josephene-Jezebel. The people here think far more independently than 50+% of Americans who’s pathetic religion includes Kim Kardashian, mainstream news, reality TV, Dancing with the Stars, and hanging on every word that leaves Obama’s mouth. We do not need any “meds”, thank you.

                  Even with our “War on Drugs”, Americans are already the most heavily medicated and addicted population in the world as we have tragically seen in most if not all of the recent mass shooters. People are taking “uppers” to address their depression followed by “downers” to return to earth. It’s insane.

                  With the Constitutional storm that is brewing over our Bill of Rights, specifically the Second Amendment, I know I want a clear head for what lies ahead Josephene-Jezebel.

            • Josphene, hopefully the one I added to the pile will.

            • Josephene,

              I bet if we ban knives and forks that will cure the world of obesity. Right?

              We do not live in a pure democracy where the majority has all the say, and the minority has none. We live in a Republic where the minority can tell the majority to go to hell if we see the majority is about to jump off a cliff without a parachute. That is how the Founding Fathers wanted the U.S. to be structured so that someone would be left alive if the majority awoke on the dumbest day of their life and committed suicide. Someone would be left alive to pick up the pieces and rebuild.

              Today we are seeing this horrific scenario unfolding right before our very eyes, on our watch.

              As a person who has been a law abiding citizen all my life, with heavy emphasis on citizen, it is incumbent upon me to perform a sanity check every so often by comparing the current social, political, and moral landscape with what was originally intended for Americans. How you ask? By studying documents such as the U.S. Constitution, The Bill of Rights, The Declaration of Independence, and The Federal Papers among other historical documents.

              I am not overly concerned if another American wishes to disarm. That is their right. I mind VERY much, however, if that same American orders me to disarm solely because it makes him feel better or more comfortable. I call B.S. on that! Since when is ‘feeling better’ or ‘being comfortable’ a prerequisite for being free? It never has and never will be.

              Thomas Jefferson once said, “I prefer dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery.” He summed up my entire reply to you in 7 brief words. That’s how smart our Founders were.

              • @YH,
                Regarding your comment about Jezebel and Josephene being the same person, maybe she forgot to take her drugs and now multiple personalities are coming to the surface??? Maybe it is a lack of sunlight exposure?

                • Excellent Jasper! Merry Christmas!

              • Amen! I’m sick of the sheeple in the mainstream applauding when minority groups get their way against the big mean conservative Christians and angry white men. We are the minority now and what was sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander. If we aren’t heard, we’ll make ourselves heard. Let’s take a few lessons from the left and use their playbook against them.

            • Josephene,

              You make my argument valid, you said thake a “chill pill”, yep there is a pill for everything now isn’t there? You come across as one of the zombie kool-aid drinkers and pill poppers.

            • Unfortunately this is why our country is in such a state these days, a lack of self reliance and a lack of vision beyond your starbucks cup and facebook page,, Ill give you the pre emptive welcome to the FEMA camp,,, enjoy its nice and coze in there.

          • I sent an email to Dick’s Sporting Goods, informing them that I will no longer patronize their stores. I told them that they had the right to carry or not carry any merchandise they choose, and I have the right to patronize retailers that reflect my values as well.

            I would imagine that if Cheaper Than Dirt continues this policy, they’ll get similar treatment. I’ve bought quite a bit of stuff from them over the years, but I’ll cut it off if they are going to cave in to pressure from the left.

            Now is not the time to lay down and let them roll over us because the act of a few evil individuals. We gun owners have none nothing for which we need to be ashamed.

            It’s time to stand up and face down the idiot left.

          • As a self described liberal I too am dismayed but the gun grabbing rhetoric. I and many liberals have no issue with gun ownership. I fully support the 2nd Amendment. If you step away from the us vs. them you would find there are many of us that agree that FREEDOM should trump all. We aren’t all pants wetting, pearl clutching gun haters. Gun grabbers like religious zealots on the right are a small minority. They are just getting a loud voice at the moment. If you need to hush any critics simply ask them how long it took the police to arrive at a elementary school in a very upscale New England neighborhood (roughly 20 minutes).

          • Dont do business with them, see if they fail, maybe Obama will bail them out.

        • What could have stopped that massacre at the school?

          “The truth is that every single day mass murders are averted by armed civilians.”

          “The massacre at Sandy Hook could have been minimized, if not averted completely, if just one teacher or administrator at the school was armed – one teacher like you see in that picture from Israel.”

          “No law could have stopped that short of disarming all law-abiding Americans. And that would just mean more death and carnage – and the end of liberty for all.”

          How to Stop the Slaughter of Innocents
          wnd dot com

          • KY Mom,

            Those folks in CT found themselves in a combat zone completely defenseless. The outcome was predetermined a long time ago. Those folks were lulled into a false sense of security by police and politicians telling them law enforcement would be their savior in their time of need. In my time of need, my Heckler & Koch 40 USP will do just fine thank you.

            These same clueless politicians are now coming for all our weapons to force us to be dependent on a law enforcement system that could not stop a 7-Eleven robbery much less an armed incursion by heavily armed, heavily medicated, well trained cut-throat, blood thirsty killers.

            I don’t care what obscene gun laws or weapon bans are signed into law. History is my guide and teacher, and nothing good has ever come from disarming civilian populations.

            • damn right! if they ban semi-auto weapons i know which side of the civil war i will be fighting for. i have no intention of turning in or giving up any of my weapons.

              • +1!

              • How long since the tree has been watered? Maybe too long. Who knows? Things happen so fast that no one can predict them.

            • I have had two HVAC guys at my house in two days.
              You would not be surprised to hear their attitude.
              They both say—no way, no how, any time–not in Ky.
              One guy carries his Glock while riding his horse and each time he is asked by LEO why he is carrying, he says “”because I can!!””
              As I stated earlier–4.5 million residents in ky…2.5 background checks last year.
              You do the math.

              • jayjay,

                Outstanding! Those numbers are being repeated across the nation. Not even the biased main stream media can hide the huge number of applications being processed.

                I think many people who were sitting on the fence waiting to buy their first firearm “get it” now and realize that their window of opportunity now has an expiration date.

                • Many fine folks in Indiana stand with our neighbors to the south! We will not roll over!

                • to follow Indiana Jones quote. there are many fine people in Michigan that will stand with our brethren to the south.

          • And when will we get concerned about the kids killed on a daily basis in this country through the abortion clinics???

            • Bathsheba,

              The liberals refuse to see their crime, they call the child a fetus, unwanted growth, an inconvience to the tune of over 56 million butchered! Yet these same liberals are going to attempt to pass gun control bills designed to disarm Americans, especially people like yourself who recognize murder for what it is.

              • I think we should start referring to the lib’s as fetus’s and parasitic masses, undesirable by products of sexual coitus and all the other euphemistic terms they use for murdered babies.

            • Not to make light of that, Bethsheba, but what about the millions of innocent adult and children civilian with OUR bombs in other countries with our human rights efforts (sarcasm here), etc.

              • The precise goal of the “elite” Culture of Death is for you and your children to die—abortion, “birth control,” vaccines, war, or gun bans—whatever it takes.

                Remember their Master Race creed, “The best of the Gentiles should all be killed.”

        • I agree with durango kidd, no one unless they are masochistic is going to take their company and flush it down the drain. Money drives everything with companies and this is likely a way to boost sales in the long run. I have seen super deals on assault rifles offered because individuals think that they may have to turn their firearms in after “unfine”stein gets her laws put through.

          What is wrong with diane feinstein, isn’t she jewish? She wants to disarm the population, yet in what would be her native Israel countless jewish people have been saved because some Israeli citizen had a firearm to stop a muslim terrorist from killing hundreds. Twice an arab hijacked a bulldozer and twice some citizen stopped the arab from rolling over dozens of cars with a firearm. How about the arab with an automatic weapon that could kill hundreds in a few minutes, yet stopped by a jewish person with a firearm. Where the hell is she coming from anyway? Can’t she see how many of her whole race were saved by a citizen owning a firearm?

          I have looking over the radical sweeping changes that these liberal extremists are trying to push through. Some of these crap mouths are calling gun owners supporters of child killing guns. Others are saying this is just their first step before they finally will be able to thankfully take away ALL firearms. I can’t believe what these lib-tards are saying about people that simply want to protect their families from maniacs and criminals breaking into their homes.

          I look at some of those “so called” gun rights supporters that have turned coat on their support because of the masses having a field day on firearms. What is disconcerning is that there are about 55-60% of the country that doesn’t own a gun. There are about 300 million guns in the country, but most people that own a gun have more than one, so that number could be closer to 2/3. When someone doesn’t own a gun they are far less to support the rights of someone that does.

          You know what I worry about is that some psycho copy cat or a true false flag event is going to happen that is even worse than this hideous massacre, if that is possible. Then the congress and/or BO will fast track some of the most restrictive firearms laws ever. I don’t know about executive laws, but could BO use this to bypass congress and the supreme court? I don’t know, but this country is getting more separated and more polarized daily. The whole country is pulling apart and destablizing, a perfect time for a foreign invasion.

          Right now everyone should be coming together in respect of those children and their families. Instead we have a real battle coming up over gun rights and those anti-self defense radicals are fiercely stoking up all sorts of fears that our rights to defend ourself against something similar happening in our homes will be abolished. Leave people’s rights to defend themselves alone “liberals”, there are tens of millions of gun owners that have done nothing wrong and need their firearms, especially after society collapses for whatever reason.

          • Be informed,

            The furor surrounding the current gun rights debates makes me highly suspicious about the timing, nature and Modus Operandi of the attacks.

            Fast and Furious obviously was a complete bust and failed to achieve the desired results for the governments in D.C. and Mexico so they went back to the drawing board. I know that sounds callous and black-hearted, but there are now far too many dots on the wall to be just coincidence.

            • YH
              sounds real to me


          • The politicians hear folks like us fed up, they know we are sick of their crap, they are also acared i would imagine, so this is a vonvenient way to garner the support of all the passive members of our society and try to infringe on our second ammendment rights. This is just plain wrong,

            • Politicians no longer care a what we think. they have no fear of us only the contempt we deserve. Boner and Obama negotiating as if they are the only ones who have a say in what is decided.

          • Because Judaism teaches that only Jews are human, practicing Jews believe that only their lives are valuable and worth protecting.

            Recall when Mel GIbson noted that 55 million died in World War II, Rabbi Hier of the Simon Wiesenthal Center wrote a letter pointing out that the “6 million” Jewish lives lost were special. When attention was drawn to this MasterRace belief that Jewish lives are more special than non-Jewish lives, Hier’s letter was pulled down. Google “Rabbi Hier’s letterto Mel Gibson, go to the Simon Wiesenthal Center link, and click any of the links to the very revealing letter.

            Feinstein, Schumer, Bloomberg, Lieberman, Levin, and the rest of the tribe’s loud-mouth gun banners are more than happy to send you to your death.

            “…although our Sages declared, ‘Kill even the best of the gentiles,’ and that, as mentioned above, the Rambam [Maimonides] states in Hilchot Melachim 8:10 that any gentile who does not accept the seven universal laws commanded to Noah and his descendants should be slain. These directives, however. can be interpreted to apply only in a time of war or in a time when the Jews have control over the gentiles.”

            Scroll down to the Commentary on Halacha (Law) 1:

            • You need to get over your Jew hatred. How many years ago was it your wife ran off with one. get over it already. You sound like someone with agrudge not based on logic. Jews for the preservation of firearms ownership beats the NRA anyday.

              • John W.

                Wrong answer, pal!

                You NEED to pony up w/ some proof of your own, so as to refute the truths “JOHN Q” has presented.
                …your reply reeks of the standard “kosher” modus operandi. Which goes thus:

                …if you cannot destroy the truth, then you MUST attack its messenger!!!

                —classic BAIT & SWITCH—

                • Gunsmith,
                  What truths? Just a bunch of irrational ranting. Yes I understand that for whatever strange reason Jews vote Democrat by a huge margin, and Boxer,Fineswine,Schumer and most other Jewish legislators suck. I am not attacking anyone. You however sound like a left wing putz which is where most of the rabid anti Jew feeling resides.

                • John ~

                  I know you think I’m a jerk but I wanted to comment on this.

                  When I first started reading and posting here I was pretty horrified too by what I saw as anti-Semitic ranting. I am kind of a peace-loving hippie chick and I saw it as racist hatred.

                  But as I tried to reason with people like John Q and Gunsmith and NinaO regarding the issue, I also tried to see their side of it (because in a debate thoroughly understanding the other side is your best weapon.)

                  I really had no idea about the difference between Zionists Jews and people of Jewish descent but as I took the time to read their links I realized that everything that they were saying about Zionist Jews was correct and accurate and that they had many different sources to back up what they were saying.

                  I lived in NYC for quite some time – I have Jewish friends that I met when living there that I adore and am still in touch with – it is the Zionist mindset that I find appalling – it is the purest meanest most hateful form of racism I have ever witnessed.

                  You may have already taken an open-minded look at the links and information provided and made your decision that they are full of baloney based on that – but it’s important to be sure that your opinion is based on facts and logic, not a knee-jerk reaction to what you are seeing as “anti-Semitism.”

                  Just be sure you are speaking from an informed place. It isn’t racist to abhor an evil mentality.

                  ~ D

                • @ John W

                  We can—as I have repeatedly done—quote the Oral Torah, the rabbis, and the Israeli press. You may indeed fairly characterize them all as “irrational rants,” but they are also genocidal, misanthropic, and, since the ravings are the official state religion of a nuclear power,dangerous.

                  Interesting too that you pose as though you have no dog in this fight, but use the Yiddish epithet “putz.”

                • @

                  Actually…my opinions/beliefs tend to be so far to the right…they’re measured on the Richter-scale.

                  Perhaps you should “click” on the link John-Q provided & actually researched, whether or not he is correct….but, I suspect you’re not inclined to…”go there”…as you kosher-kommandos aren’t inclined to do such.

                  …because truth is ofttimes painful for your types!

                • Oops….should be @John W

                • Thank God I finally found a sane prepper site! We are the ones that need to survive all this craziness. White people are a minority and the Jews are doing all they can to keep it that way. Once SHTF, we can take our rightful place and eventually send all the Jews to Palestine and let the Arabs deal with them. Once again, thank God I finally found some intelligent preppers that know their God-given place as leaders of a restructured world.

          • Another thing that makes me sick is these politicians always say the same thing, “We need to get these guns off the street!” When I bought my AR-15 I didn’t put it on the street, it’s in my home!!! I need my guns because they never take the weapons off the street. If they did we wouldn’t need ours so badly.

            It’s coming down to the wire, if any of us back off and give in on this, it’s over! This is a day in history, they have beat the constitution with everything they got, and the crack has started to show. If the 52% of the libs that are bringing this country down want CHANGE this bad, we need to give them everything we got and CHANGE it back the way it use to be. NEVER QUIT!!!!

          • I just found out yesterday that 3 countries have the highest murder rates in the world….Russia, Brazil, and Mexico…….. and they all have disarmed their populations…… no civilians are legally allowed to have guns… Why hasn’t the press reported facts like these?
            Because it doesn’t fit into their agenda! Tell it like it is!!

          • there are NOT 300 MILLION guns in this country. There are three hundred million PEOPLE. How can so many of oyu be so clueless. You wonder why they don’t want your stupid asses carrying guns, let alone on school properties.
            I wont bother telling you how many guns there MAY be in the country. Figure it out.

            Oh wait…there are a billion. Hows that for hype. You people seem to DEVOUR hype.

            • Hey asshole, Google search, it’s free and easy.

              At least 300 million firearms in the US. “one in four own guns (private), most own at least four”. Heck, only four for most of us would be a tragedy.

              And yes, I’m soooo glad libs hate guns. Figure that one out, troll.

        • Note that Cerebus says they will SELL their stake in Freedom group. They HAVE PRINCIPILES! (but love money more)

          • Wish I had enough money to buy it!!!!!!

        • Seems that the mindless sheeple would feel better if these drug crazed mass killers changed the method of their madness.

        • That Atlantic Ocean WETBACK piers morgan is once again going after our rights as United States citizens to defend ourselves against attackers and criminals. It is like one of us going over to England and telling everyone that the royal family is worthless pieces of crap, stuffy, disgusting, spitting on the Queen’s picture. This is their country and we have no business telling English people about their country. Morgan though feels like he can come over to this country and get “English” creme puff laws passed over here so the criminal and evil has the advantage over all of us.

          By the way Mr. Pratt handled that piece of horse nut his ass tonight. Please see this tonight on the rerun at 12:00 eastern time, you will all be so proud of Mr. Pratt, he was classic and brilliant and absolutely infuriated that buttcrack anti-protection empower the criminal and evil creep piers. Please see this, as Mr. Pratt totally put over his point on your right and my right to defend ourselves and got in some wonderful digs on that baboon.

          • yep, p asswipe was pouring it on heavy tonight. missed Pratt. Will catch the rerun. P’s other guest was down on “assult weapons” but was speaking about semi-auto handguns used in both Arizona and Newtown.

            P is so sure that American citizens will now see the need to regulate guns.


          • Missing Larry Pratt hand Piers Morgan his head is one of those rare worthwhile moments I will miss because I tossed my talmudvision in the trash years ago.

          • SAY BE,but the reason we have a problem right now is the whore in charge of england,she has been allowed to come here and buy almost everything with the drug money she made and NOW tells our government what to do…….and OBAMA is her personal little fagot whore…..check on it……ITS true….

          • @Be Informed, Sir. You are correct! The Royal family are a bunch of useless and stuffy old buggers. As someone born and breed in a Commonwealth Country, I, like many couldn’t give a hoot what those inbreds get up to. They are as useful as tits on a bull. Mate, the Queen, the Poms can keep her and the dip stick she’s married to. She and her family are well past their use by date down under here.
            As for Piers Morgan??? He’s just a moaning Pommie bastard.

          • BI, I won’t watch any news on TV but do appreciate your briefings. Keep us posted!

        • I was in a fairly large gun store today and they said it’s been a mad house. What’s been going out the door like wildfire have been the “AR’s” and the high capacity mags.

          So, I purchased a Colt LE 901 (.308) with a number of accessories. I’ve been building up a nice little nest egg of gold for many years now and decided to take a couple of Oz’s of it out from their “hiding” place and get the gun. My logic? This AR is probably going to be worth it’s weight in gold, “someday”.

          • PS The fellow I purchased my rifle from said that the warehouses are going dry on all the items related to what “FEENstein” is after. There was plenty of ammo, though.

            • @ European American. You, unlike piers, I can say I respect. Tonight, piers really could not supports his point against Mr. Pratt. This was better than last night, as Mr. Pratt is far more intelligent than piersless. Please check it out in about 2 hours if you can. He brought up an excellent point of the fact that England has MUCH higher violence per 100,000 than the U.S. because the criminals have the total advantage over the victims over there. I just can’t believe how Europe has taken away even non-lethal devices for citizens to defend themselves, it is like they have gone to a different universe or something. Glad some Europeans such as yourself value protection of the citizen and defending the innocent that can’t defend themselves without a weapon.

              • No … That’s not true. Poms, like Kiwis and Aussies aren’t afraid to get into it and mix it up with their fists. Americans are just tooled up and tend not to mix it up. So, that’s why the much higher volume of violence per 100,000 … At the moment.
                If you’re tooled up or tooling up like most of America seem to be doing, it’s obvious. You’re gearing up for a Civil War against the imposter government. Understandable. Pretty obvious. It’s plain as day. I doubt there are many fools out there in denial these days. It’s not the financial cliff that’s the worry. It’s the first incident, like Fort Sumter was that will finally spark and ignite all out conflict.

                • You have absolutely, positively hit the nail on the head. The acceleration across the board of surveillance, weapon witch hunts, prosecution of whistle blowers etc. is because these people are NOT STUPID. There is a window of opportunity they mean to exploit, BEFORE it becomes obvious that a full-blown coup against the Constitution is in the works.

                  What is amazing is that the vast majority is so unversed in the methodologies of modern dictatorship they don’t see that what is being followed is the same “Tut, tut…we have no intention of doing anything but making a few necessary adjustments” as they erode our rights relentlessly.

                  If ALL law abiding gun owners make up their mind this is the fucking line in the sand, this will fall on its face. No matter what laws are passed,ignore them and stand up for the truth. 99.5% of gun owners are being made to pay for a total fucking head case, and the sheep think this is how you retool the Bill of Rights on the fly.

                  Come and take it.

        • DK

          Cheaper Than Dirt sold old time relics as I have seen. Pre 1898 stuff.

          • CTD sold everything you could ever and more. I live near there and shop there often. But I will never go back due to this!

        • This is BS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          What companies that sells firearms would suspend sales unless something ominous is coming down the pike?

          Ask GOA Mac..

          Ask some industry insiders..

          Best get your houses in order and start stacking asap..cause if they pass any legislation whatsoever when they convene after Christmas..all hell is going to take place very quickly…public sentiment is on their side..

          Welcome brave new world
          Welcome 1984 revisited
          We will become like Australia..

          Think not?

          Think again!


        • It’s not that simple, all the scum bag phony cowards are caving in to be politically correct. They don’t want to figure out why this happened, they are all buying into the knee jerk movement that it’s the guns. The administration is taking full advantage of the deaths of these innocent children and their parents in order to disarm us supposedly free Americans and leave us at their mercy.

          The whole world is going nuts and the commies are in charge now, even some of the staunch 2nd amendment advocates are drinking the kool-aid. Where the hell this will lead, I don’t know but it is growing by the moment. I just hope the American people will stand strong and not allow this abomination to happen. Who the hell do they think they are, how much more will they accomplish without any real push back. Both parties are nothing but blow hard opportunists. We are sitting ducks and right where they want us. This is unbelievable.

        • DK, you are 100% correct. And with no sales, no company. We’ll see how long this “policy review” lasts before they start to get hungry.

          In the meantime, they lost us as customers. The auto-mails were just cancelled and then I wrote the following:

          Regarding your decision to suspend online gun sales, our family has decided to permanently suspend any purchases with Cheaper Than Dirt.

          What a pity that this company has decided to join up with the vapid Progressives in pushing the anti-gun agenda. Our family will not support ANY business or person who threatens our Second Amendment rights.

          I just wonder — are you going to become an advocate for proper maintenance of mentally ill people who are ‘free’ to cause chaos and harm to others in our society? Will you also become an advocate to fight against the SSRI medications that have been known for their violent side effects?

          An armed society is the only safe society. Cheaper Than Dirt does not deserve customers, except the Commie-loving Progressives.

          We are done with you and your kind. Cowards.

          • Guns will not go away in America no matter how hard the Liberals try to ban them. First, Patriots will not allow it to happen and OUR Constitution guarantees OUR access to them.

            The Globalists in government must dissolve the Constitution to remove OUR guns. That is their intent with Illegal Immigration and Free Trade, but it will NOT happen.

            Second, there is a vested financial interest that is too big and too vocal to be silenced and shut down. Hell, weapons manufacturing is the major manufacturing left in America.

            Cerebus is Chaired by Dan Quayle a Globalist from the word “Go” who inherited his wealth from his daddy and hid out in the Indiana Nat’l Guard using his father’s political influence to avoid Viet Nam.

            Just another scum bag politician with a Global hedge fund trying to appease his Global Investors who want to eviscerate the United States.

            100 million American gun owners hold the future of this nation in their hands. Lock and load.

        • They were probably sold out to the years end anyway. Most are.

        • already back up folks…chill.

          These people have to deal direcly with the devil to be allowed to operate.

        • They have inflated shipping prices and a “handeling” charge…. I dont buy from them anyway!

      2. I buy local to keep gun stores in business. I like to try before I buy.

        • Best to buy ammo locally for cash — no record.

      3. MOTHERPUCKERS !!! ;0p


        CORKSUCKERS !!!


        ~N.O. ;0p

        • @NinaO:

          You’re the BFG, Boss.

          Buy local. Keep Montana Free.

          Live free and make them pay…..BA.

        • I have also received 3 cancellations on Form 4 items that the companies say they would/could not honor. With no real explanation. And they were not disapproved. Other items I ordered on form 4 went though fine. Long wait but went though as always.

          Also I have been told all M855 civilian ammo is spoken for period. No more a coming for a while.

          Also we bought some IR sights and the company is only fulfilling 1/3 of the order and returned the other $

          • Reason is that they have been told that within ten days some kind of total gun banning will be instituted. This will be Obamas big test as to how far he can go with a EO. That is the only thing that can explain cancelling orders that are already in process.

        • @ Da’ ZOG FedCommieGov ATF FBI NSA CIA MOSSAD TRAITOR Boys and Gurls monitoring this website … ummm … ;0) just in-case some of you very nice polite sweet kind good hearted ATF ZOG FedCommieGov Boys and Gurls read my above post .

          ummm … ;0) I was only buying the Beretta .50 Cal BFG for Turkey and Gofer Hunting … “HONEST ABE” ;0p .


          ;0p pssszzt

          ~N.O. ;0p

          • Nina I still have not been able to get rid of the 50s I was trying to sell. No one seem to have the money. But the new Walmart ARs are flying out the doors on paper. I can figure.

            Nina Notice I am trying to be nice. Why don’t you try. Maybe your posts will be taken seriously.

      4. They did a really poor job of explaining their reasons. It’s going to cost them. I was already turned off after seeing PMAGs at $29.99, but this is more confirmation my money will be spent elsewhere. Dick’s sporting goods has done the same.

        They are receiving pressure from somewhere, be it Government or some Soros funded group. Something sinister is going on. I know you all already do, but heads up. They usually make sweeping changes when no one is looking, and the holidays are in full swing.

        Esse Quam Videri

        • Don’t blame them for 29.99 pmags. My local gun store raised them from 15 to 30 this week. They’re a good shop. They said the manufacturers are doing this due to demand. that’s just what they’re getting charged.

        • Southpaw,

          you are dead on accurate, NDAA was signed into law on Dec.31st after everyone went home to celebrate, this is exactly what is going to happen.

      5. Guns and chocolate should be purchased “hands on”.

      6. This plays right into the Libtards’ hands. What morons. The only way to win this argument is to fight fire with fire. The NRA and the firearm industry needs to spend big bucks on an ad campaign touting the successful DEFENSIVE use of firearms. There are, literally, MILLIONS of examples.
        This is the big one, ladies and gents. Obama and his evil little minions have been patiently waiting to pounce on lawful gun owners and that little sh!t in Connecticut has opened the door for them. My guess is they’ll go for the assault weapons ban Feinstein has been pushing for, but what they want most is to start registering firearms. They’ll start with the “military type” semi-autos, and then they’ll eventually broaden it to handguns, then eventually to all guns… and then confiscate them ala Hitler.
        Evil, evil times are about to descend on us. It’s going to get ugly.


      7. You gutless wonders, CTD!

      8. We knew it was coming…

        • Cocked, locked, ready to rock

          • Sounds like a responsible gun owner.

            • Coming from you, that is a complement, excrement breath.

            • Whoa Joe, is this all you have to do with your time? Too bad, since you are well hated by all here. One would think that with all that intelligence you would be able to solve the worlds problems, oh I forgot, you are the problem…

          • Just remember, this ain’t no video game!

          • Just remember, this ain’t no video game!

            Sky’s Falling!


          • And its cocked, locked, safety off, then ready to rock!

      9. I need more ammo.

        • Yeah, thats whats on my Christmas list. I saw some crap today that their going to go after ammo. After all why does a person need 100 rounds? (not my quote, theirs)

          • I don’t…I need 10,000.

      10. Nullify the 2A eh???
        Sounds like tyranny to me, the second ammendment has nothing to do with sporting rifles and everything to do with the preservation of the constitution and of the preservation of our liberty.
        This would be an event that would be considered treason.

        • How is a private business exercising its right to conduct its business as it sees fit? Stupidity like that expressed here makes you unfit to own a firearm.

        • How is a private business exercising its right to conduct its business as it sees fit nullifying the second amendment or treason? You are saying Cheaper than durt should be forced to conduct its busines as YOU think it should. I guess all the babble I see here about liberty does not apply to those who do not do what you think they should. THAT is the real tyranny. Stupidity like that expressed here makes you unfit to own a firearm.

          • JoetheN(ut)C(ase):

            I, like others, vote with my wallet, CTD just lost.

            Back under the bridge…..troll…BA.

            • Joenc must be one o them inbred redneck types, doesnt read so good

              • Easy now! Dont be throwin off on the redneck types!

                • Sorry bud, no offense meant to upstanding rednecks

            • BA i wasnt disin you, just in case u thought maybe i was, tryin to be neighborly and joke around a bit is all

              • No worries, none taken, Kula.

                Beef stew over taters, with corn and jalapeno frybread, life is good…gads I’m full.

                …aim small, miss smalll…be safe…BA.

                • Sounds good! Breaded chicken and beans n rice with sweet corn here, be ready to pass out after the gf and i polish that off,
                  God bless us all

                • @BadAmerican…..that frybread sounds real good…..I have been looking for a good recipe for frybread… you share? If so, I would love to have it, and thanx in advance!! Take care! CC

          • I didnt say anything about CTD buy from them regular, move on troll

          • @ JoeinNC. If a company makes a mistake of flushing their business down the drain is their own business, as well that customers going somewhere else. There will always be desire to purchase protection, and that is exactly what it is PROTECTION. Can’t you come on to this site without calling everyone names? You totally lose your point and your argument when you call people that have done absolutely no harm to anyone with such words.

            Even after you have time and time again have been the rear end of a jack ass to everyone here, when you were making a little bit of sense once or twice, people responding to you positively. Doesn’t that show to you that everything you say is completely wrong about the integrity of the people here?

            Joe, do you really believe what you say, or do you do this just to get a reaction from everyone? Either way this is pathetic. You either believe that people have no right to defend themselves against true criminal element, before and after SHTF. Or you are one those annoying kids that comes to a group of other kids, makes obnoxious noises and says stupid things to totally heckle everyone and then gets their daily ass kickings by the group, and turned upside down into a trash can. Then the next day comes back for more. Which one is it Joe?

          • @JoeIsLostInNC: I guess all the babble I see here about liberty does not apply to those who do not do what you think they should. THAT is the real tyranny. Stupidity like that expressed here makes you unfit to own a firearm.

            Right! That’s exactly what our American Revolution was all about…throwing off the yoke of citizens to express their intent not buy from a commercial outlet.

            You’ve got a point, Joe. But if you part your hair on the other side, it won’t be as noticeable.

        • Considering investing in some pvc pipe and caps. Can anyone suggest some details oh how to best employ???

          • OS if its time to Bury them, its past time to USE them!

            Semper Fi

          • www thehomegunsmith dot com

            build your own…….

      11. I didn’t know you could buy guns on the net.

        • Where have you been?

          • Drinking scotch right here.

            • @tk

              make that single malt a double, gonna get cold tonight.

              I hunt turkey from the bottle, 101 and counting.

              …be safe…stay the course….BA.

            • Say hello to MaryJo for me.

            • I’d rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobodomy!

            • been swimmin lately?

            • Thank God some things never change.

        • Ted Kennedy says:
          Comment ID: 954060

          December 18, 2012 at 6:57 pm

          I didn’t know you could buy guns on the net.

          Through an FFL and a background check just like any gun store.

        • You can buy them but you have to pick them up at a FFA establishment. At least that is how it works in Ca. and I think that is a good policy.

      12. Oh crap ! BOOOO fucking HOOOO , yeah its a tragedy …………..but time to stop focusing on that , its short term , the loss of the 2nd amendment will be the biggest tragedy for the american people both short and long term …….FOCUS ON THAT !!!

        • Honestly dont see how we can loose it unless we all give in, this is why the 2A was written and any attempt to nullify or limit it THIS time will be = to tyranny and a usurpation of power. This should be punishable by overthrow of the house and senate by force if necessary.

      13. What happened to the freedon to conduct one’s business as one sees fit? Cheaper than dirt can do what it wants. They are doing nothing more than exercising their right to conduct their business as they see fit. Why are you fuckheads who are so quick to piss and moan about lost liberty complaining about an intitution is exercising its liberty to conduct its business how it sees fit? In addition to being stupid, you idiots are egregiously hypocritical!

        • little harsh but I agree.

        • Sure they can.

          And we can choose not to do any further business WITH them as we see fit.

          Everyone’s got a choice.


        • Too bad we do not know where you live, dain bramage.

        • EAT SHIT.

        • This is true , when you see Hitler gaining power , Its a wise move to placate Der Fuher , than to be sent to Auschwitz later . Good thing our forefathers didnt have the same attitude , Tea anyone ?

      14. Probably from heavy sales.

        I’m feeling that a useless leftard gun ban won’t be going anywhere.

        But, I may grab a couple .556 lowers and some mags to tuck away for a rainy day.

        • I hear ya , I grabbed a few more 20 rd mags that I didnt really need just in case .

      15. Buy local ,buy fresh!Support your local business!

        I will continue to purchase any firearm related products at my local dealer..always have & always will.

        These big box stores are obviously liberals in disguise who do not support the 2nd amendment and have fallen to self imposed guilt..and there are many small arms manufacturers nowadays producing very fine instruments as well..

        This ain’t over’s just beginning!

        I hope that a few 2nd amendment types still exist in Congress…but given their cowardice of late on all matters..they will probably cave and vote with Feinstein to garner votes in the next election..

        Maybe it’s time for all of us to protest en what avail though?
        We’d probably be scanned,tracked and cataloged as enemies of the state..if we aren’t already!

        Tough times are ahead..on all fronts!


        • We already are…

        • This is serious folks…!!

          If you don’t believe they will impose some draconian gun laws very soon..then you are indeed imbibing the hopium !

          Even 2nd amendment advocates are turning as we speak.
          Many on line retailers are cancelling all orders as Mac posted..

          I would hope that Mac will be questioning GOA asap and get the lowdown..maybe Oathkeepers,ammo, and gun manufacturers as well..

          Are we to become England or Australia after the new year?


          • POSSEE, I don’t think most americans GET IT YET,WE ARE THE LAST HOLD OUTS,after they have americas guns (which they won’t)they plan to take down the rest of the planet and enslave everyone,THE US MILITARY,TSA,CIA,DEA,DHS,FBI,ATF,all these scared little rabbits are going to come at the same time,and all there going to get is death,its there choice,sad to say,they been brainwashed into believeing they can do it…….THEY CAN’T……sad HUH…………..

      16. CTD–you sicken me for years you took our money instead of hanging together and trying to ride this out you turned and ran—now I have to turn my back on you!

        • Ruger did the same thing. Express your displeasure with your wallet.

          If you physically see something AR, AK, etc related, want it, and have the cash, you better buy it (but you will pay panic prices). Lots of people will be “taking orders”.

          • Ruger had exceeded their production capacity.

          • True , they say on their web site , that all orders will be taken on a first come , first serve basis . I live in AZ , and Ruger only has 2 factories with one of them here , Prescott is a small town , neither factory is very big considering the severely increased demand nation wide .

      17. Warning : Cheaper Than Dirt dot Com – is Definitely Done Selling FireArms … which means that the ATF ZOG FedCommieGov is All Over Them like fly’s on Sheeit .







        HIDE YOUR SHEEIT if you want to keep it !!!

        ~N.O. ;0p

        • Dead on…

        • ALL ammo purchases for the past two years are CASH ONLY. No trail to follow.

            • No, this kind of story doesn’t suit the current agenda of exploitation that is now the only topic of discussion/exploitation in the lame-stream-news. “Guns” don’t save lives…they only take lives. Any of the morons that believe that are welcome to move to the ghetto/suburbs of Detroit or Chicago and report back with how irrelevant legally possessed firearms are with respect to individual safety.

              The second Amendment was not added to “provide for hunters obtaining meat”…it was stipulated to protect citizens from unopposed GOVERNMENT TYRANNY! Equal, or near equal firepower is the only reasonable expression of the Second Amendment…which shall not be infringed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      18. support your local economy!,and they will support you! We have a limited time to arm ourselves, so make every purchase count!

      19. ctd and dicks have cut their own throats…what a bunch of knee-jerk dumbasses…screw ’em…buy local and buy now!

      20. I wonder how much “safer” America will be if the gov. does trample the 2nd amendment and demands 30,000,000 guns be turned in. Only to find 30,000,000 patriots saying ,”No!!”

        • THERE MUST be ten web sites where FEMA says there getting ready for mass war with americans,SO how is a tax payer funded government agency declaring war on america,SIMPLE THERE ALL COMMIES,here to take america for the russians and chinese,who they work for,wanta live in a slave labor camp,I don’t,34,000,000 combat trained veterans in america,100,000,000 gun owners above that,NOTICE TO ALL FAGOTS IN GOVERNMENT,want to meet your daddy LUCIFER,try for the guns,OUR LORD SAYS WE WIN YOU COMMIES LOSE………..

      21. I think we should have a little compasstion for the children that died and the families that lost them. We would all like to do something to help them. We all know it wasn’t the gun’s fault. I think the gun sellers are just trying to say; we are sorry it was miss used this way and we will respect your mornig time. It is only a temp thing as I understand it. They are the ones missing out on the sells. So I really don’t know what everyone is getting all up in arms about.
        Now what the goverment does with the laws. That is a whole different story.

        • I also don’t care Dick’s or CTD does, just the image they portray. Dick’s usually overprices pretty much anything in the store anyway.

      22. I dont own a gun yet. Been thinking about a 12 gauge?

        Most my prepping has been food, supplies, knowledge on ‘free’ water, ‘free’ food from the land, etc.

        Still bothered that the media has made no mention about the guy captured in the woods. Was he innocent and set free? Was he part of the deal and no-one is saying anything?

        The MSM bloggers are definitely pro-gun control and anti-NRA. havent read too much about anti-videos or anti-movies that provide masacres.

        Life is changing.

        I hope we never forget these kids and teachers as we Americans have forgotton 911….

        • 12ga is a good choice. If you only buy one, its the most universal. It provides protection and can be used to put food on the table. Loaded with 00 buckshot, you don’t have to be real accurate to take somebody’s head off. I’m sure a lot of people will disagree, but like I said, if you only buy one, its the most universal.

          • Arco,

            The few prepper friends I have all say the same thing. A 12-guage is the best start.

            Here are my gun plans–12 gauge, pistol (not sure what yet), pellet gun, and BB gun.

            Probably wont do a rifle as I heard a missed shot can travel well over a mile plus. I am a lousy shot.

            I am also thinking about a stun-gun.

            My intention on guns is not civil war, but just defense and food.

            • Mini-14 Ranch Rifle with a wood stock. Not one of the dreaded pistol grip guns and fun to shoot as the recoil does not beat you to death. I like the Ruger target carbine also but it looks like it has a flash surpressor which is forbidden in Ca. Screwed up state.

              • I have the mini 30 , I like it , and yes it doesnt look like what everybody is afraid of apparently . Its more like a small M14 .

            • 12 GA and a 4/6 Inch 357 for the lest then properly trained good choise. Forget the stun gun.

            • for the cost of both a pellet gun and a bb gun, you may want to look at a .22 rifle. good for hunting small game and amm is super cheap!

          • The accuracy, specifically the lack of accuracy necessary, of a shotgun is a myth barring you using an illegally cut down weapon.

            You need to be just as accurate with one as with anything else at any distance you’re liable to use one for home defense. Unless you’re living in one of the 1%’s houses. 🙂 The spread is _roughly_ 1″ per yard of flight on a cylinder bore. Tighter with a a modified bore. So at 21′ you’re looking at a 7″ shot pattern. In my house at best I’m looking at maybe a 5″ pattern at the extreme encounter distance and more likely a 3-4″ pattern.

            Please google shotgun accuracy myth.

            I will agree that a 12 or 20 gauge shotgun in a pump is my first recommendation for a firearm. A 20 is almost as powerful and for many people allow for much better follow up shots. At home defense ranges, it won’t matter to the perp which you shoot them with. They’ll still be dead.

        • Ug ly
          Get a mossberg 590 blackwater model, holds 8 and has ghost ring sights, sorta hard to miss when its jacked full o 00 buck

          • Kulafarmer.

            Thanks. Im assuming the info is related to a 12 gauge. Ill write the info down. Again, thanks.


            • Depending on your size or any user in your group look at o Buck or TAC 4 Shot. 00 can hurt the shooter to in a sustained fights. Keep 00 for the true hunting.

            • Yep, the mossberg is a 12 or a 20, I have a couple of 500 pumps also, they are inexpensive,never given any trouble, and lots of good parts, the 590 is a little higher grade in the mossberg line, the 500 is the lower range, Mossberg has a lower grade line as well called Maveric, they are also real reliable, and inexpensive, and all the parts are interchangeable with the mossberg 500 line got a maveric pump with a 16″ barrel, only holds 6 but is a nice little shotgun, I think it cost about 275 new from Buds guns online,,,

          • Problem with shot guns is the kick. For someone not real big or not used to firearms they are not much fun to shoot especially with Double Ought.

      23. Glad I have what I need as far as hardware. Time to stock up on ammo.

        • Same here, plenty of guns, no where near enough ammo and reloading supplies!!!!!!

      24. You’re telling me Obama DIDN’T revoke the 2nd Amendment yet?

        …why, he can basically do anything he wants at this point, and if you don’t like it you’re a terrorist…

        Hmmm. Maybe there’s a shred of hope afterall. Heh hope springs eternal (sarcasm). I mean… seriously there is absolutely nothin stopping him. The only thing stopping him… is him.

        So I guess we’ll see.

        • @ The Guy,
          Seriously???? Are you that ignorant of the Constitution that you don’t realize it lays out a process for repealing any amendment? 2/3 of the states must agree to consider repeal, followed by 3/4 of the states voting for repeal.

          • wilson the election was rigged,ron paul won hands down by over 50% above obama and fagot breath rommey,OBAMA is the anti-christ of bible fame,HE’S COMING FOR THE GUNS as sure as I’am writing this,he’s the anti-christ,get it,the really bad guy of history,his plan is to start a war in america……this is it and he knows it…and HE don’t give a flying fuck about the constutition OR WHAT YOU THINK……..

          • Sure, I realize that’s how it’s SUPPOSED to work.

            I also realize that anyone that bucks the executive branch is a domestic terrorist, by current definition.

            Hey, we need Congress in order to declare war too, right?

          • You better get with the times. Going by the law is so yesterday.

      25. i bet you a ounce of silver that @ctd was connected to the recent zog fedcommiegov cia false-fag mass shooting attacks . as their supplier of firearms and ammo .

        *** makes no sense that they wont sell you firearms but they will sell you ammo / bulk ammo .

        ~N.O. ;0P

        • “We DON’T SELL FIREARMS … but here’s some Ammo Good Huntin’ ;0P WTF !”

          it’s friggen stupid …

          It’s like saying “Your only Half Partially Gay !”

          which is friggen stupid …

          You either “Ride the Hershey Highway” Puff Puff Give ;0P or you don’t … which is it !?

          ~N.O. ;0P

      26. ammo…check


        apple jacks…check

        ………….I’m ready……….BA.

      27. Hide your guns? Is that not being a sellout to the

      28. Bad move by CTD.

        We have to as a society move on from the right to bear arms – to the responsibility to bear arms.

        Its a cliche but “an armed society is a polite society”

        • The 2nd is not just a right, it is a moral obligation to keep our government in check which this nation has completely failed at.

          2 days ago there was a shooting in a movie theater in San Antonio TX that was stopped by an armed LEO thank goodness. Has anyone seen or heard about this in the media? WTF!

          Make no mistake there is only ONE solution that satan ( you know, the new communist government ) is looking for and I believe it has nothing to do with saving children.

          Everything that we here have been concerned about that might happen but didn’t know what it would be is happening. The high up anti-gun people love this slaughter and could not buy this kind of propaganda with another trillion chinese dollars.

          SOME school districts have cops at every school but EVERY politician has a security detail at taxpayer expense.

          Those teachers who died did show bravery, courage, and did what they could in the few seconds they had to react to this asshole. Airplanes have air marshalls. How about school marshalls. I have to believe some teachers would gladly get training and be prepared to protect those kids. They love those kids.

          A sherrif buddy of mine told me today a local principal asked him if he could get a permit and carry at school and the answer was it is 5 years in prison if you are caught at a school with a gun. Period. ( You know, those gun free zones? ).

          I believe we could all make a list of proactive ideas/suggestions and submit them to Mac and send them to TPTB. We certainly cannot expect them to come up with any real ideas on their own that would offend Lord obama.

          Some time needs to pass so these families can mourn and this can all sink in and clear heads can rise above the liberal bullshit.

          Having said my 2 cents worth unfortunitly I feel “it’s” coming people and I don’t like what I feel.

        • The most popular gun store around here has also pulled everything as to being available for sale. I would guess they have been told major rule/banning legislation is coming and save yourself the trouble of processing sales that will not be allowed to be completed.

          • I checked and it is simply that they are sold out. We can probably relax until after Jan.20.

      29. It’s all about the dollar. Stock prices for gun manufactures are dropping since the shooting. The best way to hit them back is by not spending your money there. Dick’s pulls all their guns, take all of your other business elsewhere. When total sales drops significantly, maybe they will wake up.

        • JAS,don’t worry they won’t wake up, the liberals own the company…..besides their all devil worshippers,YOUR rights are from YAHUVEH not man,the government has no say about your GOD given rights,the lord told his followers ” NO WEAPON,SELL YOUR COAT AND BUY ONE”….thats from the lord,so screw OBAMA and his little fagot friends………..

      30. This is sad. I loved ordering from CTD. I kept them on my favorites bar and everything. Well, no more.

        Let me explain why this is such a bad business decision. CTD caves to the anti-gun liberals to avoid bad publicity, and loss of business. UNFORTUNATELY, none of those liberals were their customers!! Now, they’ve PO’ed their true customer base and it will likely cost them more than had they just stayed the course.

        • I guess they are also willing to forego the sale of any other outdoor equipment you may have bought at the same time.

      31. What does this say about “When they come for your guns, most will give them up without so much as a whimper?? Cheaper Than Dirt folded like a house of cards!!


      33. i made a comment– where is it?

      34. WE have been screaming about this every since summer.2008,BUT NO everyone said lets give the anti-christ a chance,we screamed he’ll destroy america,NOW YOU GUYS BETTER GET READY, ITS COMING,and OBAMA THE ANTI-CHRIST is going for the GUNS as sure as the sun sets and raises,DIE IN YOUR FRONT YARD or BE TORCHERED TO DEATH IN OBAMAS FEMA DEATH CAMPS,we warned he would try to ENSLAVE AMERICANS FOR HIS BANKER BOSSES AND HIS DADDY LUCIFER,anyone rolling over will die for sure,NOW comes government rewards for turning in gun owners and christians,watch your children,OBAMA and his DEMONS HATE CHILDREN,they will be causing them serious harm to them,start keeping them home…………….

      35. This is ridiculous. People are allowing their emotions to drive their decision making. They aren’t using logic and it is going to bite everyone in the ass if our gun rights are revoked. You can bet that once Assault Rifles are banned, they will crawl after Handguns and then all guns period. Prohibition does not solve anything, it never has and it never will.

        • LOOK how they did it in california,first it was register them ,when pete wilson took office,he said turn them in,police and all,PROBLEM is, it was a lie to fool everyone,the POLICE never turned theirs in….NOW EVERYONE IN THE STATE HAS LOST THEIR GUNS…….except the ones who went screw you pete wilson………………..

      36. Keep alert friends…as this BS and all the rest gains speed other things will also gain speed…for every action there is an equal/opposite re-action…rebellion of some sort is very close on many levels…contrary to the lefts thinking they are not the majority,oh,they are in places but theyre not the final say….there are over 300 million people in this land…there are 50 states…if only 1 in 10 rebel thats like 30 million rebels,no police/military force on earth can stop that and if several well placed states band together and withdraw from this so-called union those 30M have a homeland…sad to say but this marriage is over,send DC the divorce papers…get a restraining order against the US Federal govt…we have no obligation to remain in this mess,we have been sold out by a fed govt that we caught in the sack with that marxism whore…throw the bum out…this is getting way past serious…way passed the simple abuse state,if we remain in this relationship we will have the crap kicked out of us and end up dead as a people…like a wife who just couldnt walk away from an abusive mate,telling herself that he’ll straighted up…if somehow I can just get him to be good…he’s really not that bad a guy…I can make him love me if I just give in more to his demands(give up my guns and all those silly liberties that make him angry…then he’d love me again) gotta work a little harder to show him Im not against him…we gotta see the fedgov for what it is/has become..its no longer looking out for us(if it ever was) its violated the marraige vows(constitution) and it time to either walk out or waste him…maybe both…okay end of rant for a bit! “Live free or die tryin”

        • Im in Hawaii, i cant even get an answer from any of our reps and one of the poor buggers died yesterday, we really dont even have representation and the feds are talking about limiting our constitutional rights??? The constitution was written in a time of war, the founders intended us to be able to repel tyranny, that IS AND ALWAYS WILL BE THE INTENT OF THE SECOND AMMENDMENT TO THE CONSTITUTION!

        • For .gov, an endless game of whack-a-mole, with an ever-increasing expenditure of recources, as those resources shrink.

        • Excellent analogy REB

      37. THE LORD sent me a VISION,the children in schools were kiddnapped by the government and the parents were told IF they want them back WE’LL TRADE FOR YOUR WEAPONS,the children were moved to a new place no one knew about,and brought to the school,when you showed up with your weapons,and then they arrested you and took you away too……..TO A FEMA DEATH CAMP,….IF OBAMA PASSES THIS GUN BAN,KEEP YOUR CHILDREN HOME from then on…AND WARN YOUR FRIENDS ABOUT THIS……………..





          LOVE GOD


        • CPS

      38. It could be that CTD may have issues with the BATF. One would guess they sell a boat load of guns, so the chances some paper work is not entirely in order is plausible. So they may have to temporary suspend sales to insure their internal controls are completely solid as to prevent further noncompliance.

      39. They will lose my business for other products. On Saturday, I ordered several 20 round magazines for my Ruger Mini14’s and paid $32 each. I checked today and the price had increased to $59.97 virtually overnight, although they had already committed to and shipped my at $32.

        Can’t say I think much of these pussies both for suspending gun sales or for price gouging. Where are their principles? They certainly have no need to try to look good to the anit-gun crowd who won’t do business with them anyway, but they sure are giving their customers reason to deal elsewhere.

      40. My guess is that either a.) they’ve got the boots of TPTB on their throats or b.) they know something that we don’t and the only way they’ll be able to be allowed to stay in business is if they cowtow to the evil forces and stop selling firearms asap.

        My guess would be the latter. I’m sure the ceo’s and investors in these companies are in with TPTB’s cliques in some way and they know that a ban or repealing of the 2nd is about to happen. So the only way to survive in business is to disassociate themselves with that which will very soon be deemed illegal.

        This is bad. This is very bad.

      41. Settle down folks, Relax and take a deep breath. Stock up what you can. There will be some fighting to take place but at a later date. Obama wants to float this shit ship along about two more years. This is why he is getting a 2 year debt ceiling increase no congressional questions asked. Everybody will think things are great for a period as they are lulled to sleep with an artificially propped up America. He will keep feeding his army of orcs freebies to keep em happy until the midterms. Then out go the wacko, rich loving, gun loving Repubs from the house. Then it is game over. Constitutional changes legitimately and unabated. We have already seen that the Supreme Court lost its spine as well. All being said, the future is very dark.

      42. Israeli Mossad death squads on American Soil involved in Sandy Hook bloodbath: Intelligence analyst

        Would Israel order the deaths of twenty tiny children to make a political point? Have they done this before?

        Is Harris right about that too?

        Moments ago, Harris phoned me. I asked him if, hours later, he was still willing to back up his statements.

        His answer was simple: “You murder children as part of ‘business as usual,’ you shouldn’t be surprised that when children are murdered, people look to you.”

        * see link below …

          • You really are a retard.

            • @john w … GFY ;0P – Honestly After All this Time do you really think i even give a sheeit what you and the rest of your ZOG Zion “baby jesus killers” Troll friends who troll here think of me .

              A “Day of Reckoning” is soon coming to Once Free AmeriKa … a AmeriKan Fascist Zionist Freemason Traitor cleansing Wild Fire of PISSED OFF FREEMEN FREEWOMEN AMERICAN PATRIOTS IS COMING .

              You best tell your Traitor GLOBALIST COMMIE ZIONIST FREEMASON BANKER friends their time is soon up .



              ~N.O. ;0p

              • Of course not. You post nonsense and I posted some back at you. what’s the matter can’t take it? Only you can post crap? As for being a zionist that is a laugher. The equivalent of your buddies always using the racist term to shut up any opposition. You lefties are so set in your ways. All the Jew haters are lefties though somehow the right gets the blame. Pretty clever.

          • I just read that article. It is accurate in some ways. I like reading different points of view.

            I did hear one of the kids interviewed saying that he saw someone getting arrested. The MSM never explained who that was really. Anyone know anything about that one?

            It’s always possible that there is a connection to intelligence operatives, but how can you really prove that?

            The part about Hagel was illuminating. I didn’t know Obummer, of all people, was going to try to stick it to the Israelis like that.

        • Was your grandpapa in the SS? You certainly seem to have the gene.

          • @Da’ Ole’ Cooch TROLL … No not german … I’m a WASP actually with bloodlines to the Real true blood British Royals of pre-German Royal infection of the Brit Royal blood line …

            AND a family childhood friend who was a Day Commodities Trader working at Tower #2 WTC ON 9/11 was murdered by the Israeli Mossad Dancing Jews on 9/11 2001 when they BLEW UP , deliberately MURDEROUSLY imploded exploded THE WORLD TRADE CENTER TWIN TOWERS and Building 7 with Semtex Thermite Explosives !!!

            His name was D. Bernard .

            So I guess you could say I have taken it kinda “Personal” .

            “An have a “Personal Vendetta” against the ZOG AND ALL THOSE WHO SERVE THEM !”

            Got a Problem with that ???

            ;0P pssszzt

            ~N.O. ;0P

        • coco

          Where’s the link?

        • You are trying to say the Jews murdered little children?
          You sir are the biggest MORON I have ever had the non pleasure of reading!!!!

      43. Gunmakers Fall As Momentum Builds for Gun Control

        Calif. teachers fund reviewing firearm holdings

        Investors turn against gun makers after massacre

        Cerberus to Sell Gunmaker Freedom After School Massacre

        NYC pension funds may sell $18 million in gun-related stocks

        Why Smith & Wesson Shares Shot Down

      44. This all ALMOST, almost i say, makes me want to trade in my AR’s and buy a nice 338Lapua and primo optics, and about a million rounds of 300grain SMK’s to load up and just wait, they cant take u in if they cant figure out where ur at right, 338L has about a 1600yd effective range, pretty easy to hide

        • * Used in November 2009 by British sniper Corporal of Horse (CoH) Craig Harrison to establish a new record for the longest confirmed sniper kill in combat, at a range of 2,475 m (2,707 yd

          • Cool, i know my gunsmith buddy said itll punch holes in 1/2″ mild steel plate at close to 1800yds, sorta amazing to me, goota get those groups tighter!

        • Armalite AR-30 in 338 Lapua with NightForce Scope. Lapua brass. Lapua scenar 300gn with vihtavuori powder. Sweet!

          • Nice rifle, one of my friends uses one for goats, the heard doesnt even hear the shot its so far away.

        • The morons are even talking about banning Garands. That is how ignorant they are. It’s an antique that you have to be careful what ammunition you use in it. Sad.

          • You know what would be funny is if a whole bunch of guys with black powder rifles took over the capitol and got the whole house and senate to capitulate. That would be some news.

      45. Like this is a big surprise out of nowhere. You should have stocked up on all your gear and ammo supplies long ago. This just means regular practice will be curtailed while the re-supply prices spike up.

        Either this will pass and things will return to some level of market normalcy, or SWHTF and buying crap online will be the least of your worries.

      46. In 1775 the British Army marched toward Concord Massachusetts to confiscate arms and ammunition the Massachusetts Militia had stored there. They were met at Lexington Green by a small number of Patriots, and the first shot of the American Revolution was fired.

        While there had been political discontent before this event, it was this attempt to confiscate arms that was the trigger event for the outbreak of violent revolution.

        I think we are again in pre-revolutionary times just like before 1775 and before 1861, and that the crisis period that began about 2007-2008 will similarly end in violence sometime in the next decade or maybe earlier depending on continued economic deterioration and possible foolish moves by Obama and his pals like attempted gun confiscation or restriction that could backfire on them.

      47. I always carry a loaded weapon in my pants .. It’s used only for pleasure at any given time.. I sure hope that right isn’t taken away as well!!

        This country is Scewed.. We are all screwed.. I have many semi-automatic AR-15s.. The reason why is – BECAUSE I CAN.. BECAUSE I LIVE IN A FREE COUNTRY!!!

        I am a very Sane, tax paying person.. I work .. I bother no one..

        They can “kiss my ass in the crack” about taking my frickin guns away..

        God bless America – and screw the rest ..

        • Im with you bud, they want them, come n get em, Without freedom we got nothing anyway!

      48. This is a tragic event committed by a firearm, but what about the 3700 children killed by abortion by medical doctors on that same day in the US and nobody say’s a word! We are all doomed! What is the matter with our country???????????

      49. We’re going to end up just like Russia, before it collapsed and millions died; just like Greece, and now Spain, Portugal,etc. But first they have to take our guns… THAT is the point.

        The Global Banksters, in cahoots with politicians, stole all the Russian peoples’ assets. They sent in a trojan horse in the form of a debt deal… sound familiar?and millions died. (Worked so well, they decided to try it again in Greece, etc.)

        • But if we dont give em up!! And we send them the ammo one bullet at a time!!

      50. The main distiction between the U.S. and China is that Chinese are prohibited from owning guns (and, thus, the government can do whatever it wants!) Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely. Take away our guns and we’ll end up just like Red China.

      51. ANOTHER VISION,the children HAD TRACKER CHIPS INJECTED INTO THEM by school nurses and the PARENTS WERE NOT TOLD…….what few parents noticed the injection site ,were told when they confronted the teachers,they were told it would make their children smarter and healther,hahaha,WHO would fall for that?someone injected something like that into my kids,they better know who the lord was,cause I’am going to stamp their bus ticket to go see him……….

      52. I’ll never buy from Cheaper Than Dirt again.

        (Law biding citizen who loves freedom & guns)

      53. Nobody has yet pointed out that sites like the NRA and CTD are “high profile” to libtard hackers. It may be that they had to shut their sites down to defend them against cyberattacks. When you do that, you most emphatically do not say so up front, because that would just encourage the Dictator’s horde to go after more sites.



        • Eisenkreutz, I have to agree with you there. We got a rougue government that carries firearms over the US/Mex border, buys gadzillion rounds of ammo, kills innocents almost daily with errant drone strikes, shipped arms out of Libya at their “supposed” consulate in Bengazhi to arm Syrian rebels to overthrow Assad, and set up the raid on the consulate to silence those who might reveal what was going on. People to top it all off…..they want to disarm YOU! I don’t give a rodents arse about CTD, Dick’s and any others that want to stop sales. If they want to do that its their right, just like its your right where you want to spend your ducketts. Just be aware that we were able to kick the camel’s nose out from under the tent concerning the last gun ban. I get the feelin’ that that camel is going to walk right in the tent this time. This coming year is gonna be interesting. I got a feelin’ that a positioning is taking place on legislation for guns. They may wait till after Christmas and then it’ll be game on. Keep vigilant, enjoy the holidays, but don’t get sidetracked

      55. Does it make since now why DHS bought all that ammo?….hmmm

      56. Son of a b**ch–I’m glad the shooter(s) didn’t use a knife!!!

        • Eventually @jayjay the ZOG FedzCommieGov will have another Domestic Terrorize the Sheeple Tax Debt Slaves False-Fag involving a Mass Stabbing Frenzy Attack murder death kill like they had recently in Salt Lake City Utah and China …

          Initiating a nation Wide Ban on All Knives over 3 inches …

          Just as they will have more CrossBow Attacks like the had in Wyoming recently and Bow Attacks like they had in Massachusetts recently .


          This is only the beginning .

          ~N.O. ;0p

      57. Typical actions of gutless, spineless cowards. CTD you have lost many and I am one. That said lets face it the time is coming when it will be us vs them and the gloves will come off. There is no representation with the slimy cowards that frequate dc, we have an illegitimate pos, a murderer for justice and an old dyke for state. In the other buildings are those who have made millions from weapons but remember they do everything to line their pockets and create a new order of slaves. I for one am taking a refresher on tactics used by an enemy I once fought in SE Asia. Those that monitor are you really so in bed with these things that you will sell out your heritage, if you are alls fair in love and war.

      58. ~~~The solution is not to try and ban or collect the some 300 million weapons in circulation in the United States; it’s to allow Americans to carry these weapons freely, openly and in a responsible manner~~

        Move to Kentucky.

      59. “How many innocents will die once Americans are stripped of their only defense against criminals who will stop at nothing to use deadly weapons to get their way?”

        So, not even shtfplan gets it? The 2nd Amendment is about having the means to protect ourselves from government tyranny. Being able to also protect oneself from criminals is just a side benefit.

        • Seems to me that we have devolved to the point where criminals and govt. are one and the same.


        Content Writers Needed Today (West Chester, Pa)

        The Baby Jesus Killers are at it Again … Israeli Mossad mission Quote – “By Way Of Deception, Thou Shalt Do War.”

      61. Ugly, I hope you buy yourself some type of weapon and a shitload of mags and ammo for it ASAP. I believe this latest tragedy has created a new “window of oppurtunity” for the gun grabbers. I’m going to a gun show myself in Memphis Dec.22-23 and get everything I can. Interesting how the NRA has been silent about this latest tragedy. It looks like certain sources for firearms are getting a helluva lot of political pressure right now and the antigun zealots are trying to shut down major sorces for guns first, then go after the mom-and-pop gun shops. I’ve always bought all my guns and ammo locally; i support local gun dealers and sporting goods stores. After I bought my S&W M&P .22 in August, I checked all local gun shops for extra mags and nobody had them in stock and said they had trouble getting them. I ordered some online from CTD and they shipped them to my home in just 3 days. Even after Christmas, I’ll still be stocking up on everything related to guns and other survival supplies. People, we as preppers and gun owners are being targeted now like never before. I feel an impending sense of doom coming to this land. We are all going to be forced into a war none of us want. When someone makes it clear that they have evil intentions toward you, you damn well better take that person[s] seriously and be ready to take appropriate action to defend yourself and your family. Going back to the Roman Empire, manmade governments have always had bad intentions toward the people they ruled over and the US government is, I’m sorry to say, no exception. They make it clear every day that they’re on a collision course to war with we the people. I don’t think any of us will ever be as prepared as we’d like to be, but i urge everybody GO AND GET EVERYTHING RELATED TO SURVIVAL, INCLUDING GUNS, AMMO, MAGS, CLEANING SUPPLIES, ETC NOW WHILE YOU CAN BEFORE THAT ‘WINDOW OF OPPURTUNITY’ CLOSES. Once all the legitimate sources for guns are shut down, we’ll all have to wait for TSHTF and foreign troops to appear on our streets and start neutralizing them in order to get any other guns, ammo, etc. I feel Obamanation pushing his agenda at a faster pace now. It’s finally coming down to the wire; I think everything will come to a head after the inauguration. Best wishes to all. Braveheart

      62. I was going to order some accessories and cases from them, this week. I guess I’ll support the local shop instead. I’d love to save a few pennies through a discounter, but I won’t toss good money at a their bad idea.

      63. People and now even companies are starting to take sides.
        Everyone will be forced to choose sides this time.
        “THEY” will leave no room for neutrality.

      64. Remember, the constitution only guarantees the right to keep and bear arms. Not the right to keep and HIDE arms!!

      65. Wait til you see the whites of their eyes…MAC?

        • Iowa, good to see you. quick note: “Project Iowa v1.0” (code name for our forum beta) should be up and running the first week of January. Just wanted to give you a status update 🙂

          • good to hear Mac, thanks

      66. Not to sound insensitive, but I’m glad I bought my rifle a couple weeks back.

        It is cool to see that some people are throwing political correctness to the four winds and buying arms. Sales have picked up in spite of the shooting.

      67. Be Informed, I’m only now caught your comment #952980 in the last article. Yes, it is very eerie that we only recently had Hurricane Sandy hit the East Coast, then the tragedy at Sandy Hook school in CT, then the revelation that the name “Sandy Hook” appeared on a map in the latest Batman movie. I also feel more tragedies are about to hit at any time in order to bring on the disarming of the American people. Will the name Sandy be connected to any future incidents? Only time will tell; whether the name DSandy is in these incidents or not, i think is irrelevant. What is relevant is the agenda being pushed by the gun grabbers. Tayronachan, i can promise you the entire shtfplan community does “get it” all too well. We all know our history. We all know and understand the Constitution, ESPECIALLY THE 2ND AMENDMENT. We all know what is at stake here. I won’t try to speak for anyone else here, but I myself am ready to stand up and fight this criminal organization called the US government, and if I have to give up my life for my people and nation, then so be it. Try to spend more time reading the comments here; you might learn something. We’re all here to share info, survival tips, learn from each other’s experiences; it helps give everyone here a better chance to survive the hell on earth that is certainly coming to this land when TSHTF. Braveheart

        • @ braveheart. I become very upset at just how unfair it is that these horrible anti-self defense sludge crawlers want to go after our freedoms. It won’t be enough for them to limit the magazines to 10, and to get rid of all semi-auto assault rifles. There next target will be hand guns, just like what they tried to do in Illinois and DC. They will try to go after all guns then, even shotguns and hunting rifles. Then after that “accomplishment” they will try to dimish our freedoms in another avenue.

          Just look at this garbage with political correctness. Those ass monkeys in california are having some lottery to see what religious group can display what they want for Christmas. You can’t say certain words without being in danger of offending and getting a ticket for using profanity, this even if someone starts an incidence with you. All over the country free speech is being regulated. I am not talking about dangerous talk like threats of harassment or something, just something that people don’t like to hear. I guess “inappropiate” speech is not guaranteed anymore under the constitution.

          Non-free states, and there are a lot of them put all sorts of fines on people that don’t comply, that opt out to enjoy what little freedom is left. This gun issue is huge, because it is just the beginning to the loss of freedom. IF the world does not blow itself up, the future will be like people walking on eggshells not to get arrested or ticketed for all sorts of “offenses” as these liberal extremists blacken out most of the constitution. The gun issue could be that catalyst for the bill of rights becoming extinct.

      68. Well, at least we are seeing who really supports the second amendment.

      69. Today I went to a large gun store and it was packed. People took off work to go buy guns. Background checks are now taking 3 days when they used to take less than 30 minutes. Over 4 thousand people are waiting for their checks to come back to buy thier guns. If I was a libtard I’d be a little worried. We may be lighting up more than our Christmas trees on the 25th. -Oh yea… They can have them after I give them my bullets. -AP

        • Put a firearm up for sale on gunbroker. Whithin fifteen minutes it was almost up to its reserve price. The next day a buyer hit the “buy it now” button and ended the bidding. Fastest sale I ever had.

      70. NRA Statement…
        And their next installment will be on such an auspicious day too… 12/21/2012.

        Perhaps the Mayan’s knew the NRA was going to throw their membership under the bus from a 1000years ago… again.

        Tragic event, yes but lets remember that 100million lawful owners did NOT shoot those kids, only a single deranged asswipe.

        But rapists, home invaders & killers are still out there and will turn up someday sometime at one of our doors, and their best solution is to disarm everyone beforehand … what a grand idea from the people that have 24-7 security details.


      71. ” There is Going to be Blood … ”

        Prepare Preppers and FreeMen FreeWomen American Patriots !

        “It’s Time Once Again … for the Tree of Liberty to be watered with the Blood of wanna be Tyrants and Free American Patriots the Defenders of Liberty !”


        ~N.O. ;0p

        • @CPCH: Yes it is. We have to stop, TALK the TALK, but WALK the WALK. It has arrived! All my FRIENDS are saying the samething.
          With you all the way.

      72. I saw a news flash and now I can’t find it! Lanza left the AR in the car and took the pistols into the school. Has anyone else seen this? (HELP)

        • CNN still had this posted as of yesterday. Been reported since friday. see wilkow’s site for more info.

        • The problem is that the media will work in lockstep with the government to make this into a reason to remove our rights, we the people need to assure that the constitution is not marred in any way shape or form, this would have been the intent of the founders. the second ammendment was written in close proximity to the first for a reason, we have theright to speak freely, then we have the right to defend ourselves and the constitution that assures us the rest of our rights.

      73. A really stupid reaction to a massive tragedy. Why do these idiots believe that this sort of action will stop tragedies like Sandy Hook happening. It smacks of a liberal/socialist agenda that is pervading US politics.

        People will always find ways to kill other people take away the gun and they will use a knife, take away the knife and etc. etc.

        The only people that this sort of gun control hurts are those who hold and use guns responsibly.

      74. I heard Cheaper Than Dirt is changing their name to Dumber Than Dirt.

      75. this action is a knee-jerk reaction to the threats emminating from gestapo hq on Cap Hill… i will be purchasing at least 2 more firearms and accompanying ammo in support of my personal rights as innumerated by our 2nd Amendment… screw these freedom-sucking, welfare-promoting, entitlement-pushing, rights-destroying parasites trying to drain this once great nation’s lifesblood of individual liberty…

      76. If everyone is desensitized to only see guns come out in defence i wonder what would happen if the gun owning comunity started open carrying as a protest to the removale of our rights. I live 25 min from ” help” so i open carry in my home when my husbend isnt home. Who is with me. Time to desencitise the population and quick.

        • We can open carry in Ky.
          I was not clear as I read the laws online.
          But, a tech working on my propane heater said he wears his Glock riding his horses and when asked by LE why, he says, because I can.
          So, my interpretation of Ky statutes was correct–we CAN open carry here.

      77. Take note that there are 2 cheaperthandirt businesses.
        One is: AND the other is
        Each is owned by different individuals.

      78. Lots of guffawing and loud talk here about not complying with gun control laws. I’m in total agreement with you all however… and that’s a big however. The one point that I have never seen written by anyone on any of these sites is whether or not any of you are REALLY ready to die for what they believe in. This takes a lot of reflection because that is exactly the mind set you need to overcome when TPB come knocking on your door to collect your weapons (and food and money and anything else they can steal from you at gun point). While your wife and children are hiding meekly behind you, are you really ready to die and sacrifice them to defend your God given right to defend them and yourself from an onslaught of overfed, stupid, testosterone driven police state thugs? Have any of you talked this over with your loved ones? Burying or hiding your guns is NOT the answer since then they will be out of reach for when you need them to defend yourself. You really need to have every gun in your home locked and loaded and ready for action since home invaders (regardless of the flavor) come crashing into homes very quickly you probably have less than five seconds to respond. Are you ready to respond? Are you really ready to take out one or more of them before they overwhelm you? Are you ready to die defending your right to self defense? If you are not ready to die defending your beliefs then you are blowing hot air and placing everyone around you in danger. Reflect on this long and hard.
        I’ve read several articles lately that claim there are approximately 50 million gun owners in America. Personally, I doubt if even one percent of them are ready to die to defend their rights or their family. I believe that most people are like sheep and are content to live out their miserable lives enslaved by their masters and when they come face to face with a gun wielding state sanctioned thug, they will pee in their pants, cower in fear and die on their knees whimpering and pleading for their life. Having said that, and if I’m wrong, then I honestly believe that if only five percent of the gun owners were to fight back and slay one or more invaders, then I think the push to confiscate weapons would end very quickly. Reflect on this long and hard because we don’t have much time left before the jack boots come calling.

        • you bet yer ass Roger….
          live free or die

        • Why does everybody Have to wait till they come to our homes?..IE: Snipers, Guerilla warriors etc can be good too for our side no?

          Whos at rouge cops or feds homes protecting Their familys while they do “Wacos” on Ours?…Hmmmmm…

          Nobody as yet has figured out how to be IN Two places at same time eh!…Not them neither eh!

          So far in 10-12 Yrs time the worlds finest bestest military(usa’s) Along with many other Nato nations trained forces has NOT won or stoped so called Insurgents (Or to some folks, Freedom fighters in Their nations), in various mid east nations right…Hmmmm..

          And all them “insurgents” in 2-3 nations number Far less than we do here eh!

          Ever heard of the IRISH? aka IRA?…How Few was they compared to “Mighty” brit england?…Ever seen on tv yrs ago what ira accomplished IN Britian when the irish got pissed enough?…I bet they had very few compared to brits OR usa….

          Most All of 100 Million gunowners here look the same. speak same language, wear similar attire, and blend in Everywheres!…Which are the 3% who Will react?

          Time will surely tell eh?…TIC-TOC-TIC-TOC!!!!!

      79. Everybody should be flooding their elected officials phones in opposition to this new legislation……can anybody say nazi germany

      80. MY heart breaks for the families that lost their babies at the hand of that demon. My prayer is that God gives them comfort in their grief.

        Funny none of the media, no not even the pretend patriot FOX, seems interested in the data where some 2 million times a year lives are saved because of a firearm. In addition, all the simple-minded media fools keep pushing the narrative that Americans don’t need an “assault weapon” or a 20 round mag to hunt squirrels. Too bad these lemmings can’t defend the 2nd amendment as vigorously as they do the 1st amendment with all the trash called art or free speech and lies and slander out there. Point is, the 2nd amendment is not about squirrel hunting, it’s about stopping dictators and a rogue goverment, which most discerning Americans think we are rapidly getting too. Really this isn’t news, people just don’t want to say it.

      81. 2600+ people a year DIE in cell phone related traffic deaths. I say we grab the pitchforks and torches and demand congress stop EVIL companies like Apple and Samsung from selling their DEADLY products. These cell phones are killing people for no reason.

        • 400,00 people a year die from Tobacco products…50,000 of those are from second hand smoke. That is a much bigger problem than guns.

      82. Question, did Cyribus, aquire them?
        Cyribus aquired Winchester, Bushmaster, Barrett, ect… was this a coup?

      83. Do not buy firearms from Dick’s anyhow. They want you to fill out their crazy log book in addition to the Form 4473. They never sold anything with a flash hider anyhow.

      84. I’m not a gun person, I bow hunt and I use to duck hunt. I have an injured right shoulder that goes to crap if I shoot a hunting rifle but the motion of pulling a bow doesn’t effect it. I’ve only once wish I had a gun with me when I was out in the woods and that was because of a face to face encounter with a black bear. The direction that this country is going concerns me more that that black bear did. I was able to make the black bear back down by screaming and yelling at it. I know what the purpose of the 2nd amendment is and it isn’t to allow me to protect myself from a black bear, it’s to allow all of us to keep the government in check. These days yelling and screaming at the Red White and Blue bear isn’t making it back down, it’s crazed and out of control with an agenda, power, control and a limitless credit card. These are some screwed up times that we are living.

        One side of me believes in this country and says that the political pendulum swings back and forth and that these days will end with the pendulum swinging the other direction. The other side of me says that with the establishment being the radical left, that the pendulum has stopped swinging and this is the time that will try man’s soul.

      85. I see this tragic event in CT as ‘collateral damage’ from the past four years of Obama’s leadership and appointments and also his re election has recharged the psychopaths in congress and out….Never give up your arms…. natural law trumps man made law..even our constitution…as it has been corrupted by less then righteous men and women

      86. They want too much personal info for ammo sale anyway; Try Natchez Name, credit card, what do you need, shipping address.

      87. “And another one bites the dust”
        At this time……I will no longer be spending my money
        at Cheaper Than Dirt! I will NOT support cowards!

      88. I wrote to CTD and told them the I am suspending doing business with them permanently. I can not do business with a cowardly organization like CTD.

      89. i just can not wait to see what biden will come up with maybe he will abolish the right to bear arms,you can see that obama does not want any part of this gun control thing that why he gave it biden to handle–god help us

      90. Here is a copy of the chat session I just had with Cheaper than Dirt. Their phone lines are jammed, I assume from people telling them what a bad decision they have made.

        11:51:47 AM [Pa] So you decided to suspend firearm sales?
        11:51:51 AM [Latasha] Welcome to Cheaper Than Dirt! Customer Service. My name is Latasha.
        11:51:59 AM [Latasha] Yes at this time.
        11:53:15 AM [Pa] As a longtime customer I will never shop with Cheaper Than Dirt again. I can’t believe they took this ill-conceived step. I tried to call but all your lines are busy.
        11:55:09 AM [Latasha] May I assist you with anything further?
        11:55:42 AM [Pa] Your lack of response says it all…please pass this along. I will not shop with your company again and I will tell everyone I know not to as well.

      91. We are literally at a CROSSROADS !!!! Its either we stop this NOW or pack your BOB for the camp !!

      92. Paul Craig Roberts on gun control

        “I told RT Moscow that the United States was the most compete police state in human history. Thanks to modern technology, Washington is able to spy on its subjects far beyond the capabilities of Joseph Stalin and Adolf Hitler. Even George Orwell’s imagination in his dystopian novel, 1984, has been surpassed by Washington’s current practice. The “war on terror” is the excuse for the American Police State.

        A police state, I said, was inconsistent with an armed population, and as all other constitutional amendments have fallen, the sole remaining amendment, the Second Amendment, will not survive much longer.”

        a police state is inconsistent with an armed population

        the BULL SHIT war on terror is the excuse used to establish the police state

        Roberts has got their number big time

      93. Ok, Dick’s removing those automatic evil dirty military assault weapons of war that causes mass shootings in exchange for free publicity and PR isn’t all that surprising especially since they probably sell more nike and under Armor branded socks in one day then all their AR’s in one year.

        But, for CTD, “America’s ultimate shooting sports discounter” which have a fling bullet as part of their logo, to temporarily suspend selling firearms, doesn’t make sense, especially during the Christmas season. Even if they miss estimated the backlash, wouldn’t they wise up after just a day of soon to be ex customer comments on face book.

        There has to be more pressure from somewhere else. Probably an ultimatum from a friendly gov entity to either suspend their firearm sales pending a complete audit or get a court order to shut down their entire operation while a lengthy and expensive legal battle ensues.

        The gov uses established channels to immediately react to the tragedy while the legislative branch works to build more laws. If they sit idle, and a copy cat or some holiday seasonally depressed idiot executes another tragedy, then they had better update their resumes because the additional public outrage will replace them during the next carnival election.

        The train is already in motion. CTD looks hypocritical, but they may just be caught in the middle. Although they should communicate with their customer base more than just a brief and contradictory ‘review policy and promotions’ statement. Customers are making the same type of ‘knee jerk’ reactions before learning all of the facts. That being said, check out customer facebook comments, most are funny.

        • There is a reason it is called “Dick’s” !

      94. Here we go again…blame the gun and not the person. I wish the mother would have lived, then she could be charged with negligence.

      95. New Update: Cheaper Than Dirt Will Resume Firearm sales once we update and improve our process. Firearms will continue to ship only to FFL dealers. We have received an overwhelming number of orders; Please allow up to 72 hours for your order to ship. Thank you for your patience.







      97. It’s sad that during a time of high emotions, we see pro gun politicians and gun/sporting goods companies cave in, but this is the times we live in. But this is not the time for Constitutionlist to sit on our hands and complain to our friends and neighbors about what is happening. It’s time to take action. Get busy, call or email your Senators and Congressman, they will listen. But you better understand they are going to listen to who ever puts the most pressure on them. Let it be us-not them.

      98. Boycott both of them , they are giving into Communism , and by giving into it , they are giving support to Communism .

      99. Roger is absolutely correct.How many times do you hear people parrot that old saying, They can have my guns when they pry them from my cold dead fingers. But you can’t pry $35 from their live warm fingers to join the NRA who has been fight for our Gun Rights for decades. I know some will say we should’nt have to pay dues to an Org. to protect a Constitutional Right, But the powers that be, don’t adhere to the Constitution. So they have to be approached by a force greater than the individual.This is why Corporations hire Lobbyist. When the NRA speaks that represent 4 million people, hard to get 4 million individuals to speak at once. If you won’t give $35 I doubt you will give your life.

      100. DUMBER than dirt!

      101. When I was a kid, young and stupid, I used to hang with some guys who were known for being “stick up kids”. Basically they would hang around clubs in NY, which don’t close until the sun comes up mostly, and wait for people to walk to their cars. They were never afraid because in their words “We know they don’t have any guns in the club.” It seems that soon we will all be coming out of the club and the “stick up kids” are waiting patiently. SMH

        • When I was 15 yrs old and resided in the Detroit Projects, one eve aprox 9 pm I was walking down Joy rd towards Southfield Fwy corner gas station.

          I watched a tall aprox 25-30 yr old African Black guy walking Towards me. It was chilly and Fall time(sept?) so I wore a leather waist type jacket.

          As soon as the african guy was within 3 ft in front of me, and as I tried to swerve aside to pass him nicely and noded to him. All of a sudden he too side stepped, to in front of me as to block My path.

          I in very nice way said Oh sorry man, and side stepped to Opposite side. He again halted my progress and it was plain as day this guy had a “Plan” or something.

          I at first assumed he was going to try to fight or punch me or???…But then he spoke up and asked “hey bro ya got the time?”…I replied yes as I raised my left arm/wrist to view my watch.

          The very moment I took my eyes Off of him to look at my wrist watch(very nice 18KT gold gave to me by my distant father a year ago). the guy says “Hey man! Gimme dat! Gibme dat nice watch!”

          I said NO! Guy says “ifin you don’t gimme dat watch NOW! I gonna shoot yer ass honky!”

          I looked downward and sure enough the fucker had what looked like a Very cheeply made, badly falling apart type small snubbie .22 Revolver!(like the ones blacks turn in to gun buy backs, Pure Junk!) well I knew junk or not it may be loaded and able to KIll or seriously injure me.

          But I also got really Pissed off big time! I mean pure smokin mad as hell at his crap and calling me a “Honky”.

          So, I said to him. wait a minit to hear me out ok..Heres My deal!…My dad whos been divorced from my mom since I was a kid 3yrs old Gave me the watch…It is All he ever gave me that was “His” own possession etc.

          And I got zero ideas to hand it over to You understand?

          I began to attempt to walk away, still in orig direction as prior. He got kinda mad and shocked at same time since I a kid 15 told his ass off but swell!

          Then his eyes got cold and evil and again he raised his revolver right at my Gut and said I’m a gonna shoot yer honky ass for dat and Take the fuckin watch!

          I knew he meant it, or at least believed he did, so I said listen and look at My eyes when I speak to you asshole…If You kill me You will either #1 go to Prison for LIFE!…And even if cops don’t never find you?…GOD will cast You into Hell for Eternity because I am a child of His see?

          So either way YOU Lose! and One more thing here…You aint as yet noticed it…But while You was gawking at my Left hand and wrist watch…See where My RIGHT Hand has been All along?

          Still holding His gun pointed at my stomach area..He shifted His eyes downward to gander at my jacket pocket which Concealed My right hand!

          Thats when I imformed him I also had a revolver( I really Did too and loaded with 6 .38 HP rnds!!)!

          The fuckin monkey thiefs eyes got big as saucers!…he said “You fo real man?”…I didn’t answer, just pushed the sbub nose Colt .38 2 in barrel Hard against the jacket pocket so he’d see, no mistaking it Yes I did have a gun too (and better or larger caliber!)

          All of a sudden monky boy backed down, lowered His gun slightly and says “hey bro!(bro Now! instead of Honky eh!) I was Only Jokin around! jez funnin ya bro! never meant it fo real man!

          I remained silent and all he heard was I Clicked Back the Hammer and it was All me and him could hear!

          I swear it was the Loudest hammer cock noise he ever heard and he got Terrified!

          He starts saying “No! No! Please don’t kill me bro! just kidding and never wanted the watch anyways!…Then he abruptly spun around did a 180 degree on One foot and took off in oppoiste direction at a very “brisk” and scared fast walk, almost turned White as casper the ghost on tv cartoons!!

          He took 3-4 steps and began to Run away so damn fast it was comical…Thats when just to be sure, I pulled out My gun and fired One round into the air!

          I never seen Anybody run so fast ever!…He was scared shitless!…Never again seen the bastard…But will remember that episode as long as I live as if occured Yesterday…..

          Soon as I fired my gun I too turned and walked away back to My home base area incase any cops in area may have heard gunfire!

          Went to a pals crib across Joy rd aprox 2 blocks from incident..Told pal about it all and he wasn’t able to stop laughing at the stupid monky would be “thief”.

          That day is when I officially realized I would forever always carry one or more loaded guns EVERYwheres- Always!

          I had no lic or ccw(werent avail then) and lets say the gun I had was “from a street sale”.

          I been armed ever since regardless what laws existed or not since, and that event was 45 yrs ago last fall!

          Never back down if at all posible, especially from his type clowns!…I could have whacked him, but couldn’t justify it as he already turned and ran away..

          I Was at the ready with finger on trigger in coat pocket and I kid you not…That turn and ran IS the Only thing he did correct that nite since it saved his life, as I was one or two seconds from pulling trigger, and then simply walk away as calm as can so nobody, if anybody was observing would pay atten to me..

          Man I get a kinda nervous rush or adrenaline just writeing and Reliving this now!…Tyrone got Real Lucky that nite, he knew it too when he heard my gun fire…

          I said a thank You God Prayer asap as I walked back to pals crib too!

          • I call BULL S–T.

      102. The Million Minuteman March…

      103. I don’t know but if I were the gun sellers, I would have simply put up a very nice memorial for the children and their families and then would have advised all those purchasing guns to take a moment to reflect what went wrong here or something to that effect and to ensure the safety of their children and families, i.e., safe, locked up so the children can not access them, and have a safe happy holiday, something to this effect. I think this would have had more of an impact than just closing the site down. Then they could have donated % of profits to the community for training, education, etc. relating to guns are tools not toys, mental illness and guns, etc. The gun sellers also have a chance to educate and help the community, they aren’t the “bad” guys just for selling guns.

      104. Only two choices. Back the Citizens of America.
        Or support the Enemy!

      105. You at CTD will never see another dime from me. You will never see another dime from my friends. You will never see another dime from their friends. I am personally going to make it my mission to see that you receive no business from anyone I know. It doesnt matter what kind of special you have, nor the apology you make. You bought into the political correct cowardice that runs rampant with the cowards in this country. You are cowards, and I hope that your business implodes. We need companies of principal to represent the shooting sport culture in this country, and apparently you arent it!

      106. Yep CTD got hate mail from me to today as well. They will not get another dime of my money even if they don’t pull the guns. We NEED them to be strong now more then ever. So just out of bad timing they lost my $$$… I’ll pay twice as much to avoid them!!!!!!

        Tragic as it is, this shit was planned. I’m telling you it was planned!!

        Everyone was ALREADY scared as shit when obama got reelected. Gun sales were through the roof. All it took was 1 incident to start the ball rolling. Well they got/made there incident.

        We need to band together right now more then ever. Kick a few extra bucks to the NRA, write your congressmen. Do something!!!!

        If they ban guns I am leaving this country denouncing my citizenship and getting the F.. outta here.. I’ll take my chances down Mexico way…

        The handwriting is on the wall and most preppers are to fixated to see it. There’s is going to be NO big event.. It’s going to be a gradual decline into a full fledged police state. You have to decide where to draw your line in the sand.. Because if you keep settling for this and that you will wake up one day a slave with no rights.

        Most of you probably don’t know this but just like 2 weeks ago. We narrowly escaped losing our right to homeschool our disable children by like 6 votes. That’s right a bs UN resolution was voted on and was shot down by only 6 votes..

        People they are chipping away at our rights. Right in front of our faces and all ‘we’ seem to do is go on the web and b1tch and moan in the comments of a prepper site. The EVENT is here, it is now!! Draw your line and stand behind it locked and loaded while you still can, legally!!!!!!!!


          • “Your respondsiblity to get ready for the fight is coming”.

            I’m just waiting.

      107. Personally Ive never forgiven Smith&Wesson for selling us out to clinton back in the day…havent bought one since!

      108. ALERT: Cheaper Than Dirt to RESUME online firearm sales soon. Look at their homepage.

        • screw them!


          Traitors to the 2nd amendment..


          • Wed at aprox. 1:30pm afternoon time I turned tv to see stockmarket stuf at MSNBC…Soon as it came on I seen full screen image of kommieBOY Hobammy live giving another “Scripted” speech.

            This time he was all about Admiting! that He alone can’t do much due to the 2nd amendt rights and how so many folks, especially them in Rural american and Small citys has alot of guns and are very prugun etc.

            It was near unbearable to keep tuned into his kommie crap. As usual I got riled and began to spew My venom at he and the tv(Talmude Vision) set.

            So I really didn’t pay strict atten to all he said. I listened for aprox Two full minits(a record for me if hes on!) He seemed to be admiting he wont be able to do much of anything even With support from reps and senate.

            Was obvious he weren’t too thrilled to be saying this stuf neither. But he also did say he will try to do something(libs Always say Do Something! its how we got most every BS law on all stuf).

            Then while babeling on and stopping alot to READ his pre written(by who?) statements he said stuf like Limits to ten rnds, renew assualt weapons bans(Bolshevik Kommie Finestiens pet project since noah exited his ark eh! or Her tribe exited egypt!).

            I began yelling at tv(talmudevision) so loudly I didn’t hear what else he said after that. Then switched back to Gunsmoke episodes!…Gunsmoke is about all I can watch thats Not anti whiteys-or Problacks- or Hitler(history) channel always daily updated Reruns of them “Only Victims that count….Persecuted jews!..

            Hard to judge what the head honcho-Monky kommieBOY really feels?…Was it real? or a set-up to throw us off track?

            Personally with so long now all Faux shows so fixated on “renew bush era taxcuts” and “Fiscal Cliff” BS crapola, is it all a swindle?

            As in a method that dem libs planned a long while in advance now to set up repubs? specially us reps house repubs and Tea Party types reps?

            So repubs can “Compramize” (like NRA Always did/does since 1968 fed laws)? And seek legit(yeah right!) “Cover” as reason to cave on 2nd to obtain such taxcuts?

            I rekon if the repubs Propaganda shills like Hannity and Rush L, et al, soon start non stop saying how “Important” it is to “Compramize” or else God Forbid! without bush era taxcuts…Amerika goes head first Over that ellusive “Cliff” of “Ficalness” eh.

            Then thats probobly a Clue next up is non stop explainations Galore, how repubs had zero choises folks! cause if repubs refuse dems gun bans or antigun laws?

            Repubs Will get 100% blame of go over fiscal cliff(is that located in grand canyon?) and LOSE every house repub seat in congress come Next Midterm elections cycle folks!!!! OY VEY!!! Hannity and pals(who earns $20 Mil per yr Plus many mega million book deals per yr) will begin to Pay more fed taxes!

            And if zero bush taxcyts?…No new “Jobs” for usa!(as if we seen any good jobs from bush tax cuts Prior right?)

            These assholes Are up to some type Major Swindle…One of such proportion even Worlds Top Bolshevik Kommie jewbanksters will find hard to beat!

            I also think, just how repubs due to allow Carl Rove to manage last Two repubs prez elections Failed so miserably and was so very wrong headed by adviseing every repub at fed level to 100% Ignore ALL white voters nationwide!

            And concentrate all efforts to win elections and whitehouse back on Mexicans and Illeagle mex voters and African Blacks voters as a sure ticket to win baby win! and destroy for good dem party once so many “colored” folks votes switches to repubs!

            Because as Carl Rove told Bush Jr when Jr was worried about White progun voters that Did get his ass elected, and for first time in 63 yrs got total repub kontrol of prez+house+senate!

            When bush jr asked “carl what if I re-sign assualt weapon bans since I did say if it reaches my desk I will ok it and sign into fed law, And all them progun and whiteys voters gets really Pissed off for it”?

            Carl Rove answered “Shrub” Jr…”Do Not worry at all as WE know them white progun voters will NEVER Ever again vote dem libs no matter What Sir!”

            Carl again= “because Where Else can them voters go but Back again to Us”?…They got nowheres else to go Mr prez Jr!

            ME to CARL+Repubs THEN and NOW!= You are correct Mr Rove! we got nowheres else to go besides repubs or lib kommie antis…SO…Perhaps we Will AGAIN remain on Our Couches! and same as “designated Loser” McSTAIN for prez LOST BIG!

            So did Romney, and again So will EVERY Fuckin Current repubs LOSE Massivly if ANY antigun “Compramizes” for ANY taxcuts occures!

            PS Mr Carl Rove and ALL repubs now in office…Thats so certain! You All can take that to Your Jew banks!!

        • Found this on a prepper site:

          December 19, 2012

          Facebook Twitter YouTube

          Cheaper Than Dirt! will Resume Online Firearm Sales Pending Policy Changes

          Cheaper Than Dirt! recently announced that it was temporarily suspending online sales of firearms pending a review of its order processing and procedures. Well-known for its ability to process and ship orders within 24 hours, online sales have skyrocketed to a point where it may take up to 72 hours for firearms and other items to ship.

          “In light of recent events, we believe it is prudent to review our policies and procedures to ensure we can continue to provide the products and firearms our customers demand,” said Chief Operations Officer Roberta Wilson. “We will resume online sales once we update our process and continue as we have always done by shipping firearms only to FFL dealers.”

          Ms. Wilson closed with, “As a long-time supporter of the Second Amendment, we will continue to serve the needs of the firearms community while ensuring our unsurpassed level of quality and customer service.”

          Cheaper Than Dirt! prides itself on being America’s Ultimate Shooting Sports Discounter since 1993. Cheaper Than Dirt! boasts over 100,000 items available for purchase through their Web site and catalog. Articles, photos and videos appear daily on the Shooter’s Log at

      109. Geez, this way, they won’t have to confiscate anything. They’ll just intimidate all sellers of guns and ammo into not selling, maybe even have “bail-outs” for them, too, when they start to tank. On the other end, they’ll pass legislation further restricting the use of what people already have. Either way, the ultimate aim is to do away with the second amendment and our right to bear arms. And they don’t care how many they have to kill to do it.

      110. Not so smart an Idea CTD

      111. All the media hype and lightsaber rattling has accomplished ONE THING and ONE THING ONLY… it has driven every .223 and 5.56 round of ammo off the shelves and into owners personal ammo stocks. Lake City will be backordered for years now.

        If you want to do something send the NRA a hundred dollar bill. The only thing the asshat politicians understand is monetary pressure to deny their seat at the trough next feeding cycle.

        (…and Yes!, I borrowed the term “asshat” from Yankee Prepper!)

      112. I sent this email to CTD.
        “Your gun sale suspension gives the appearance to 2nd amendment foes that we are cracking. Only by standing united will we be able to fight off the coming attacks on our rights. You need to fix this like TODAY if you ever want to see my business again.”

      113. Tennessee to “Secretly” Arm Teachers in the Schools! Governor “Best Way to Protect Students.”
        {not giving the link..takes too long..Ixquick it if wanting to read}

      114. No link–takes too long–Ixquick it.

        GunUp Starts Selling Guns, Limited Supplies Of ARs / AKs Available

        This is in direct response to a number of notable gun stores suspending the sale of firearms.(interpreted: we’ll gladly take your money)

        While the shooting in Connecticut was a horrific, evil act by a mentally ill person, we do not believe that retailers should be abandoning gun owners in this uncertain time.

        We have pushed up our timeline for gun sales dramatically and will be launching features regularly over the next couple of weeks. Bear with us during this time as we update our site, we felt it absolutely essential to immediately support our customers and gun owners in light of current events.

        We have a limited supply of AR and AK style rifles in stock. Due to the recent ‘POLITICAL BLOWBACK’ from the shooting, these types of firearms are completely out of stock from all the national distributors. We are doing everything in our power to get these products for our customers.

        {Job creation, folks, job creation!!!}

      115. Firearm Found Inside Mpls. School Staff Member’s Locker
        “The staff member did have a gun permit, but guns are not allowed in Minnesota schools. In fact, the Harrold School District in Texas became one of the first in the nation to allow teachers and administrators to carry guns.”

        I think this person made the wrong move. A better move would be to turn in notice and refuse to work there. If every person in America that supports the 2nd Amendment decided to collectively boycott gun free zones what would be the results?

        Churches would be more than half empty.

        Schools would have many teachers and other staff not show up.

        Take your children out of schools that are gun free zones, either homeschool them or enroll them someplace else.

        Theaters would be near empty.

        Hospitals would not have enough support staff.

        Leave Chicago to the liberals and gang-bangers. Move and/or cancel all business and/or pleasure trips.


        If they want a gun free zone, then let their clientele and staff be only the liberal idiots and criminals.

      116. When the going gets tough Cheaper then Dirt runs, we don’t need cowards but people willing to stand up and fight for our rights . Sorry CTD you lose!

      117. Everyone slow down, take a deep breath.

        As a retired emergency responder, we would go in when everyone else was running away. Most important is to have as much information as possible and get the big picture.

        I’m going to wait till after the new year to see how this plays out. As a kid i remember a story i think it was called, CHICKEN LITTLE.

        Stay Brave

      118. haha, whoever wrote this article is an idiot

      119. Bye Bye CTD. So sorry, but good things do happen to bad people. Thank goodness.

      120. Sign of the times. They need to pow-wow with their attorneys to make sure they protect themselves. I would rather they suspend selling temporarily and cross their t’s dot their i’s than wind up a target of the Fed because some moron got a gun from them before killing some sheeple.
        Expect TON’s of regulations. They may not try for the guns directly, so they will try to regulate them to oblivion.

      121. The reason online sales were suspended was because they sold over 300 thousand guns in a single day. They can’t even stock there one retail store in the Dallas area.

      122. Thank god someone has shown some sense. Online sales are stupid. The waiting period should be 30 days. No gun shows. No private sales. Melt all of them. Slowly, we can get rid of them in every hand but that of our “well regulated militia”, namely the National Guard. Scalia and the Supreme Court was wrong and it’s time to fix it.

        • And then, our country can be completely gun free! Same way that completely outlawing recreational drugs has successfully made our country completely drug free!


      123. Lol for schizz and giggles I propose that (according to their logic) any kind of sport-performance auto/motorcycle etc be banned.. Because there is no reason for anyone to travel faster than the stated allowable posted speed limit. That would make the big money sponsors poo their pants. Also, a gov. sponsored tax dollar program should be established to support the triangle. After all, the circle has been a majority for way too long. I want a mandate that at least 50% of all “round or circle goods” are replaced by triangles. This includes tires, canned goods, sewer pipes, roller bearings etc…
        Wow with this logic I might get elected….

        Kepp your stocks and mags full, barrel clean, and eyes sharp.

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