Top Mining CEO Forecasts Triple Digit Silver Within Two Years: “The Manipulation Is Coming To An End”

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    As the Chairman of mineral bank First Mining Finance and the CEO of First Majestic Silver, one of the world’s largest primary silver producers and this year’s best performing stock on the Toronto exchange, Keith Neumeyer has an intimate understanding of silver’s strategic importance. Not only has it served as a trusted currency of last resort throughout history, but the modern world simply couldn’t function without it.

    In his latest interview with SGT Report Neumeyer highlights the fundamentals responsible for silver’s meteoric rise. You may recall that Neumeyer is the only Chief Executive who has publicly called out the manipulation schemes being operated by a small concentration of institutional players who are likely acting on the behest of governments and central banks in an attempt to control prices. That manipulation, according to Neumeyer, is now coming to an end, which means silver and gold’s recent upward trend is likely only a small taste of what’s to come.

    I’m a believer in triple digit silver… I am obviously a bull on gold as well… I’m looking at $3000 plus on gold and I’m looking for triple digits on silver… It sounds almost foolish… but we are mining today nine ounces of silver for every ounce of gold… Silver is way more rare than people actually think it is and the market is slowly waking up to that fact. I think the ratio should be trading at more of its natural ratio… closer to 9 or 10… not where it’s currently trading of 70-to-1… I don’t think that ratio can last and over the next couple years I am expecting the ratio to get to those prices which will translate to triple digit silver.

    Watch thefull interview with Keith Neumeyer: Wall Street Knows Silver Is An Exceedingly Rare Strategic Metal

    We all know the saying… where there’s smoke there’s fire…

    All this talk of manipulation… I’m sure your listeners know there’s not a single market in the world, whether it’s LIBOR, or oil, or gold and silver, or the S&P… governments are manipulating all markets around the world, period.

    We know that… People might disagree with that statement… but I am a firm believer that governments are behind every single market on the planet and manipulate the market on a regular basis to make the population feel warm and cozy and look the other way so they can continue to act against peoples’ rights.

    Being long gold and silver is your anti-establishment trade… There’s been this invisible hand over the gold and silver market for quite some time… we’ve seen the big crash down $50 gold in one day…down $1 silver in one day…  these are the manipulators that are doing that because they’re on the other side of the market.. and it’s in their best interests to let these metals move, so they move them in their favor and reap the rewards of their manipulation…

    And of course the governments are all behind what’s going on and that’s why no prosecution ever takes place.

    But regardless of the manipulation, Neumeyer notes that more and more players are moving into the precious metals space, including China which is now pricing gold in Yuan and will soon do the same with silver. That means that despite their best efforts, the manipulators who have controlled prices for a decade are in for a rude awakening when their monopoly on the pricing mechanisms are allowed to function freely on the open market.

    As more and more of these players come into this market it’s going to be a lot more difficult for these manipulators to continue their games… that’s why we are seeing the moves we are seeing… the big money is coming into this market realizing the game is afoot… the manipulation we’ve been witnessing is coming to an end.

    The takeaway, according to Neumeyer, is a continued bull market in precious metals for a number of reasons that are all converging at once:

    With the problems in Europe and China, people are buying gold because it is an alternate currency… But I don’t look at silver as a precious metal at all… I look at silver as a strategic metal… everything we do as a human race requires silver… Your home wouldn’t work, your electronics wouldn’t work, your automobile wouldn’t work… You wouldn’t be able to do the same things you do on a daily basis without silver in your life… As we electrify the planet over coming years we’re going to require more and more silver.

    Neumeyer highlights the fact that people all over the world are fed up with politicians, central banks and financial institutions working together to further degrade our rights and pillage our wealth. The Brexit vote is the latest evidence of this, but so, too, is the rise of Donald Trump’s popularity in America.

    The anti-establishment movement is pushing back and with it will come collapse of the status quo, panic and violence. Anytime throughout history that confidence in the system has been lost and chaos is the norm, precious metals become the only safe haven asset and currency of last resort. It is for this reason that Neumeyer’s mineral bank has been rapidly acquiring gold and silver assets and why he suggests others should do the same.

    For more interviews visit SGT Report.

    Learn more about Keith Neumeyer and his latest mineral bank gold project


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      1. Sure. Triple digit silver in two years but I might be dead by then.

        • Might be dead by tomorrow, too.

          All I know is I am seeing the whole damn system unravelling. If I happen to survive until tomorrow or two years from now I am pretty sure I will see some insane events transpire, in which case I would like to increase my chances of survival. That explains my guns, food and homesteading. Gold is a bit expensive for me, but silver is something we have been buying slowly and consistently for a few years now. If the dollar crashes anyone who is doing the same will benefit from having it.

          • Very entertaining how these precious metals speculators are trying to maximize their profits by luring gullible and ignorant audiences to purchase their worthless investment products.

            Ordinary Americans DO NOT have a single clue of what an economic collapse is all about and guns, ammo, gold or silver won’t do any good.

            • Guess what happens when the Mine stops finding Silver? They dry up and become worthless. The most solid investment is what you can hold in your hand and that is the PM themselves. The Mining companies can be mismanaged, deficient in taxes, cost of overhead, gasoline costs and other outside factors like the EPA, can shut a mine down for violations, workers goes on strike wanting more wages. Mine collapses… The Owner dies,… Just goes to show you that the Mining company stocks can be feast or famine. Holding the Metal in your hand will not have these variable costs compares to Silver producers trying to find it, or costs of ramping up more drilling on a mine that contains little value.

              ~WWTI… If you cannot hold it in your hands as Physical, it is not really yours. Mining stocks are paper stocks. Stupid!!

              I would avoid PM Miner stocks and stick to the actual Metal itself. As the insiders always get out of their own stock, before the public knows what the hell just happened. Ask the Enron Employee stockholders who were lied to how that works. Most Enron employees lost it all.

          • +1
            Enjoy the time we got!

        • hows that fucking diversity going, cuck boys???

          blacks and Mexicans are part of amerikkka and enrich our culture

          yeahhhhh methinks white people would do just fine without them

          methinks if the native amerikkkans didn’t die off from smallpox, this country would look like any other south American shithole

          white people + belief in freedom + hard fucking work= ‘Murica


          Books I am reading:

          Animal Tracking Basics

          Guide to Trapping

          The Illustrated Guide to Edible Wild Plants

          The Beginner’s Guide to Reloading Ammunition: With Space and Money Saving Tips for Apartment Dwellers and Those on a Budget

          Dressing & Cooking Wild Game: From Field to Table: Big Game, Small Game, Upland Birds & Waterfowl (The Complete Hunter)

          Root Cellaring: Natural Cold Storage of Fruits & Vegetables

          • Acid, that’s some damn good advice. Can’t eat gold or silver.

            • You might be able to buy your way out of a situation with a little bit of gold or silver.

              • Or a lot

              • Presuming the other side of the equation is not a venal psychopath who will kill you anyway.

                We’re not going to be dealing with honorable thieves when SHTF.

            • @braveheart1776 – you can’t eat books, dollars or hand tools either – but I still have all these items, along with a lot of the other non eatable items that are as useful as gold and silver

              • Shovels and hand tools are useful no doubt and certainly can’t be eaten. I don’t think stating silver can’t be “eaten” means it falls into the realm of useful like a tool. Silver is useful for idiots willing to trade essential items for it. I doubt too many people will be that stupid if they are hungry.

            • No need to eat Gold or Silver when you have several Years of food supply, because you are smart and prepared. Can’t eat your guns either or ammo either, but they can help you acquire food. All of these assets, are part of a well balanced Prepping plan. After 2 years of a dollar collapse how will you purchase more food?

              Gold and Silver will be right there as one of the most sought after mediums of trade for needed goods. Silver especially, as it is values in smaller increments and hard to counterfeit unlike Gold. A coin shop I buy my silver at, said a fake Gold Kugerrand came in, and the shop refused it after several tests. They test everything. Do you buy from a Certified Reputable Dealer or other hacks off the street selling BS Junk silver and possible fake gold? Get the real deal, .999 Fine Silver- 1 Troy Ounce Rounds clearly stamped on the face. You will never be disappointed with the real deal and always get premium top dollar as there will be no disputing its validity, unlike junk jewelry which may just be electroplate, and fake stamped ss BS.


            • Braveheart is right. If the entire system collapses, silver or any PM won’t matter. They may e worth something decades later. If you look at disasters just in the US it will give you a clue. Loiusiana during the hurricane. Even though it was evident the flood wouldn’t last long, people caught up in it were thinking about survival. A financial collapse is different and wouldn’t mean immediate death so it will take people a short time to realize they are in deep crap. So PM’s may initially have value but not for long.
              The other side of this story is that a person involved in mining silver is saying it’s going to be worth a lot in the next few years. Seems he is giving advice to invest in something that benefits him. Say what you want, but there are smart players in the finace world and most aren’t making the same bet. Buy metals if you want to play the upside but I wouldn’t expect huge gains. I wouldn’t hold much past 50 an ounce. At that point convert eagles into preps.

          • Read How to Track a Man, and how not to get tracked, doubling back, loosing your scent, throwing dogs off your scent. Lots of good YT Videos on all of this. Add all of these training films to you library.


        • Silver is up @$20.475 in the Hong Kong Monday Market. There is no looking back from here. $26.50 by end of July. Well today,….we are half way there. I said this when Silver was at $16 few months back. And told you all this was going to be a $10 Gift by Mid-Summer.

          Keep stacking.. $40+ by next year.


          • The problem no one seems to talk about is: Yes we mine only 9X as much silver as gold. But that’s at the 70 to one ratio; just how much would we mine if silver did hit 9 or ten to one? I love silver but these people talk foolishly At $100 bucks an oz there would be a lot more silver mines

        • Re: Video Quote: ~”Being Long in Gold and Silver is the Anti-Establishment Trade.” BINGO!! – He was talking about me. That’s why I did it, besides Silver was at a low point when I bought. So I win twice.


        • Pigs and Kaffirs are killing each other in the streets.

          Smoke ’em if you got ’em.


        • Triple digit Silver and Triple Digit loaf of Organic, non-GMO, gluten free, bread.

        • Triple Digit Silver juxtaposed to Triple Digit Loaf of GMO free, Gluten Fee, Organic Bread.

      2. We’ve been hearing about $50 and $100 silver and $2000 or $5000 gold for decades.

        The reality is the mines will produce both ores as long as the price of the metal is greater than the cost of it’s production. No one can predict the price, there are too many variables involved.

        If you want or need either PM, go ahead and plunk down the money for it, but don’t do it because someone is touting a big payoff in some nebulous future due to equally unknown events that may or may not occur.

        • Well said, smokey.

        • He said in the Video his Cost to pull silver out of the ground is $10 So many on here said it was $16,, That’s when I bought. and some more at $14.99 incl commission. No Brainer. And he was going to stop selling Silver to banks for 30 days to tighten up the supply and rise in value.


      3. These so-called “experts” are a big part of the whole rice “manipulation” on precious metals. Being in the mining business, it is in THEIR best business practice to do all they can to hike the price of their main metals mining ore.

        How stupid do people have to be to keep falling for this utter crap being hawked by various websites?

        Do your own research people, it’s not that difficult.

        • I get what you are saying, and I think if you do your research you’ll find that Neumeyer is solid. Not only that, the guy knows how to run a company… First Majestic Silver, mentioned in this article, was a $3 stock in January. It is now trading around $15. This is a primary silver producer and trades millions of shares daily. Before the run up this company had a market cap of $500 million (after being hammered down 80%+ during the commodities collapse) and now has a $2.5 billion market cap. They produce 20 million ounces of physical silver yearly.

          His other company, First Mining Finance, is in its infancy and if it goes like the previous ones, it will be Keith’s THIRD billion dollar company (he is a quarter of the way there already).

          In my mind Neumeyer is the real deal. Yes, he is the CEO of a silver company, and therefore touts the benefits of silver, but I suppose the real question is, can we argue with him on any of the points he made?

          Disclosure: I am a shareholder in both First Mining Finance and First Majestic Silver and have been for a while. I personally benefited when the stock shot up $12 per share over the last 6 months and I do not intend to sell these assets until such time that I feel a bubble has developed in silver and gold.

          Why did I do it? Well, we have retirement accounts and college funds and such — I don’t want to be holding the Dow Jones stocks, and it is not feasible to buy physical gold and silver for these goals, thus I went with mining companies and mining company ETF’s (NOT direct commodity ETF’s like GLD) as part of our diversification strategy. The huge benefit here is, as Keith noted in the above interview, that when silver moves up $1 per ounce, his company sees an additional $20 million in revenue per year. Equities are a way to leverage the power of gold and silver’s bull move. Definitely do your research and look at what just happened in the last six months. Pull the gold/silver charts and then pull the charts from companies like First Majestic (NYSE: AG) and ETF’s like SGDJ and SGDM which own shares of actual mining companies. It is clear that when physical prices rises, these mining companies will benefit multi-fold.

          I realize this could go either way. And I also realize you can’t eat gold and that paper gold markets could fall apart. However, I also understand that there is a probability that we don’t go into a Jericho-style collapse and that our market systems and exchanges will continue to function. It is for this reason I believe it important to share the kind of info Doug Casey, Marin Katusa and Keith Neumeyer put out there.

          All I am saying is that if one is considering gold and silver, consider owning some of the best managed mining companies in the world. You won’t be sorry if prices continue to go up.



          • well said, mac. y’all got all that OTHER stuff you need…. THEN consider some gold/silver, instead of those FRN’s….inflation’s KICKIN’ YER ASSES right now.

        • I love reading these articles with the gold/silver bashers. Once you have a fair amount of food/ammo/medicines/how to literature, I believe it’s fundamentally advanced thinking to buy gold and silver. It’s a great way to preserve your wealth especially if you can’t afford land.

          I remember when I passed on 500$ an ounce gold and 7$ an ounce silver when I was younger, and never going to make that mistake again.

      4. I bought 20 Walking Liberty 1 ounce about 3 years ago in plastic coin flips for about $24 a piece. I wrapped them in a plastic bag to store away, checking them I see they are all heavily tarnished. I bought another 20 around the same time in a US mint tube, no tarnish at all. Is it wise to somehow clean the tarnish off, don’t want to rub with silver polish, there must be a better way to clean them or is that even necessary.

        • aljamo, try FLITZ polisher. Then use FIIX WAX to prevent the tarnish.

          • Mac.. thanks for that tip, baking soda would be a cheap solution. I have tried silver polish in the past on 90% coins using a toothbrush. You could tell the coins were cleaned and I have read that’s not advisable. I saw an ad on TV once that showed silver being dipped in some type of liquid and came out untarnished, thought I’d ask.

            • On Eagles it’s tarnish and Mac is right. On coins, just wash them first, with plain old soap and water, You will be amazed at how much just dirt they have on them. If you are going to polish any coin, wash it first. The oil and crud are what make them hard to polish.

        • Do store them in the capped tubes or slab holders, the little flips are for short term storage. Go to a coin shop and they should have a bottle of solution you can use that will not erode the surface.

          Don’t rub them or any cleaning method involving friction.

          They’re just bullion coins, but buyers like them without surface issues.

          Toning is generally OK with a lot of folks, though.

        • I put Moisture absorbents in each main container filled with the original containers of 20 silver rounds sealed. Hoping that will help preserve the finish. It will also still test .999 silver regardless if it is tarnished or not.


      5. Remember when you unload your metals in a few years you will pay capital gains tax on it. Who knows what that amount will be by then. Forget the get rich schemes they are all rigged. The whole system is rigged. Skills are what matters.

        • Only if your transaction was made in a traceable manner…

        • Agree: people keep forgetting taxes. The government can levy them in a million different ways and use technology to snoop on you to make sure you comply. There is no magic ‘get rich quick’ scheme. Look for things people will always want and need – food, clothes, p#ssy, shelter, heating, water etc. Own and trade those and you will always have income.

      6. Lock and load. The groids are rioting everywhere. Braveheart get ready the Memphis groids are shutting bridges down. They are fixing to find out who bought all the guns if they don’t calm down. When blacks riot cities burn. When whites riot countries change names.

      7. Now, if I had $20 in my pocket, I’d be thinking–
        “Hmmm,… 1 oz of silver or
        10 gallons of gas or
        a new pair of blue jeans or
        another case of new canning jars or
        a few pounds of 16 penny nails or
        any of a hundred other needs when we return to the okie compound.
        80, Counte ’em, 80 McNuggets from mickey D’s
        (no actual chickens are harmed in the production of these nuggets)
        Something chrome and shiny for the Kenworth
        A boatload of downloads from Netflix
        Dang! Decisions, decisions. Oh, Wait! I don’t have an extra 20. That’s a load off my mind….

        • Id go for the shiny chrome for the rig

        • “80 McNuggets from mickey D’s
          (no actual chickens are harmed in the production of these nuggets)”
          really? no chickens harmed? how the hell do you cut their little wee-wee’s off without hurting them?(what other part on a chicken is THAT small?).

          • bcod:

            This medium fails us so often because we can’t see facial expressions or hear tone of voice. “No chickens harmed…” was a humorous dig at the synthetic nature of McD’s “food,” not a comment about whether chickens were harmed. Your name suggests you are trapped in the last part of it ‘doom.’ Let’s see your SMILE 🙂 <bb

            • atchly, i was lookin’ for a few smiles from OTHER folks.

        • I will give you $20 for that 1 Ounce round today. By next year it will be worth double that in the $40 range. I can buy 2 pairs of genes, 20 gals of gas, etc. Its called investing, Buy Low and sell high.

          You don’t pay any taxes if you just sell off the same amount you originally invested or purchased. Get both your Buys and Sell numbers to match for tax purposes. Keep the remainder silver as 100% profit and sell a little here and there when the price goes way up. Sell the rest at flea markets with other goods or items. No paper trail.


      8. Capital Gains tax?!?!?!? Pssshhhhh. Like I am going to declare it. Hahahahhaha. I spit diet coke all over my computer. Just think of all the things that you can get for dirt cheap when people are struggling to get by.

      9. So tired of hearing this ever since the late 1980’s. sure one day it will go up but were in a corrupted market that can go on for decades . Silver will be 1000 an oz now that will be true one day .About 100 years after i am long dead and gone .Sad but true !

      10. If PM’s reach those levels, the economy will be in pretty serious trouble. As our friend Eppe says, be well rounded.

      11. Silver and gold are only emergency money. Any world where they would be the only money would be a world you would not want to live in. After a major reset, trade will re-start and governments and others will offer new currencies and scripts to get trade going. It is how commerce works. Gold and silver coins and bars are awkward and would not be suitable for daily trade.

        Better to have skills, businesses, land, contacts, friends, passports, options and just get yourself back up and running after a crisis.

      12. Tough choices where to put $20.

      13. Yes acid right again. Try waking our side in shtf collapse to trade gold and silver.. people think I don’t know bullshit when I hear it. Even Steve tells us that you must get your preps first. To prepare, and once you are prepared you can afford it, then get gold and silver. Every collapse type of situation I have ever experienced was about food and water running out, and nothing to eat.. now that snipers. Possible muslim snipers have been deployed into our cites taking out cops, and other crimes that they are comiting..then I will keep listening to my scientist friend and the fact that we will not be having a 2016 election because if the assholes, all 10,000 of them that’s being truck loaded to get to the Cleveland convention, and we are now hearing from our legitimate sources that the cabalist plan is to crash the Cleveland convention to declare martial law.. does this mean that civil war starts in one week?.. this is serious stuff to to be concerned about..but then then again who would listen to a miss informed moron like HCKS..crap being thrown at me about, I have to see to it believe it..Like B from CA once quoted, I just read his post and have learned to just ignore his BS and move on. OK B, let’s see it turns out..i think B, you need to give me a chance first before calling BS on me..the fault is getting ready to blow, so if I were you, I would get the hell out of CA while I get th chance if you have the money to make the move..


        Just another Brainless moron..

        • In SHTF Collapse, Stoopid Lowlife Hicks on the bottom of the food chain that say you can’t eat silver, will be trading wooden nickels or toothpicks for a few beans to eat that day in SHTF. Those smart people higher up on the food chain, who preserved their wealth by purchasing Gold and silver today, will be eating Steak Filet Minion and Lobster Tails cause they were smart, and had plenty of silver rounds to trade for food in SHTF tomorrow. And the smart Meat Store Owner will gladly trade a side of beef for a few silver coins. Try that with your sawdust and wooden nickels. Wudda Shoulda Coulda. You will be laughed out of his store. Or try dumping a pile of Junk Silver which is half lead on a store counter and think you will buy anything for that junk. You will get low ball offers for that and just embarrass yourself.

          Your Ignorance and stupidity and lack of understanding of PM and Wealth today, will not feed you either in SHTF. It only fills your head full of nonsense today. A promise you will NEVER Receive.


      14. And just why might the price fixing in the paper maket come to an end because they are not running out of digits and the ratio of physical to paper certificates could even go as high as 10,000:1 like happens in the derivatives maket.

        Some guy that owns a mine thats in debt to the bankers would see tripple digit prices for silver during his wet dreams but in the real world the fixers are selling high and will buy back cheap when they next crash the markets, rinse and repeat.

        Base metal prices agsint sugar (better than oil) and you have you come out about level even if silver was ever to go to $100 Oz without it’s being a quick peek.

        Sorry no get rich quick and the current flash in the pan could well reverse after 30% gains and it needs to drop even more before i’ll be adding to my stack.

      15. The point has been made before, but if collapse is imminent, why would you(as a producer of PMs) want to be stuck with a bunch of FRNs, or worse, a bunch of 1s and 0s in a computer file somewhere ? You would be worse off than the last person who hasn’t made it to a chair when the music stops…


      16. O.K. It’s Monday and all is quiet. All the protestors had to go back to work. Hehehe! Organizers are down at the Chicken Hut planning their next moves for the weekend. I see we have a Convention in a few days.
        News media gearing up. Cops gearing up. Protestors gearing up.

        “When the sun goes down and the moon comes up, three boys will shine”

        Camping song.

      17. I agree when silver/gold hits the moon you can better believe the tax man will want his 75% cut…


      19. Silver does have a medicinal value. Also it can use to keep the microbes out of water.

      20. This top mining CEO should hold his silver until it reaches triple digits.


        Off topic – this video needs to go viral, Comey testifying Hillary isn’t sophisticated enough to understand the marking on documents making them classified.

      22. In Ragnar Benson’s last book he carefully considers what might be valuable barter items. In all his travels and work in some 95 nations he never ran across a situation where smokepoles and inserts were very valuable barter goods. Look at Venezuela now, I suspect that about the only valuable barter good is food. Amazing that Venezuela imports some 70% of its food, this came about because of all the oil they could used to sell at a good price.

        I agree with Mac that the CEO of AG and FFMGF is perhaps the best mining geologist on the planet, and I own a fair amount of both stocks. That said, our major effort is being able to be self sufficient in food and having veggie seeds to give to our neighbors when things go south. As I’ve written before, when the Kuomintang Army fled China to escape to Taiwan in 1949 a massive hyperinflation followed in which the ONLY good that had ANY value was food.

        I opine that when things go south any good that is useful in producing, processing, and storing food will be valuable, perhaps the best of all barter items. Seeds, fertilizer, canning jars and lids, All American Pressure Canners, dehydrators, and such will be in great demand in rural areas. We’ve extra of all these items. Each year we save literally gallons of veggie seeds, and I encourage all the gardeners reading this to do the same.

        We save the seeds in glass mason jars with the air pumped out in our cool, dark, root cellar. We gently dry them at 85 F in our four ExCalibur dehydrators.

        I would also suggest Coni-Bear traps and snares. Ragnar Benson points out that hunting per se may use up more calories than it provides. He has an excellent book “Survival Trapping” that I have and recommend.

        We all had better start thinking out of the box and examine our preps VERY analytically.

      23. Silver is used in the production of Solar panels, which the demand is growing daily.


      24. It’s a matter of exchanging rotted fiat currency for REAL money. Don’t forget that. Everyone measuring the value of precious metal in “dollars” is missing the point.

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