Top Hacker: Chicago Nuke Attack Planned for 2015

by | Nov 11, 2014 | Headline News | 366 comments

Do you LOVE America?


    Guccifer – the Romanian hacker who accessed private email accounts of numerous top government & military officials as well as the Bush & Rockefeller family – is quoted in the New York Times as predicting a nuclear attack on Chicago sometime in 2015.

    NY Times interview


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      1. shooterbob

        Chicago, really Chicago?

        • Anonymous

          I thought obama was the Nuke……

          • WhoWuddaThunkIt

            Obama is a Trojan horse inside wrecking ball of America. Death to the illuminati! !

            • sixpack

              Some good news! The EU got asomething right:


              *just remove the underscore…

              • sixpack

                3 red thumbs, because the EU decided to not to be forced to support their version of illegal immigrants? really?

                Think of what such a law might do here, if states like Texas and Arizona could choose to legally refuse to put illegal aliens on welfare or aid of any kind, if they were just here to get the freebies.

                …yet 3 people here think that’s a BAD thing?

                WOW. Just, wow.

                • SterlingSilver

                  If the terrorists had only 1 nuke, and they forced you to choose, do you pick Chicago or San Francisco?

                  • Burt Gummer


                    • Burt Gummer

                      This was from my other brother Burt.

                  • yourmotherwaswrong

                    Hey Mac:

                    What’s up with all the “flagged” posts?

                    I’ve never seen numbers like this before, and in such a short time.

                    Your piece is pretty innocuous to boot.

                    This doesn’t smell right.

                    This reeks of manipulation.

                  • Cede

                    Terrorists?? You mean our governments paid provocators?
                    HA!! I still don’t believe the 9/11 pile of horse poo story about 19 terrorists. So many gullible dumb asses out there who want to listen to the governments BIG BAD WOLF stories!! Hell!! If the government came out tomorrow and said the Big Bad Wolf was actually an ISIS terrorist from Syria who snuck across the Mexican Border last week ….. people would believe it! Because the Government said it!!!!
                    It’s not because people WANT to believe ….. It’s because some people, are as thick as pig sh..t. Can’t wake people up who are too stupid to think. There is such a think as “The Walking Dead”

                    • NetRanger

                      Cede, I believe the terrorists THOUGHT they were doing the deed. See, 911 was a Class C False Flag Event (CCFFE) where the desire was already there but they had to have outside (or inside, depending on your perspective) help. No, there were terrorists and box cutters and all that.

                      Does anyone realize the precision it takes to make a building collapse in its footprint? To have two plane collide with two buildings and having them pancake collapse into their footprint would be like finding a snowflake that looke like Obama’s face.

                      JUST CAN’T HAPPEN.

                      Just like you can’t wreck a federal building with a truck bomb 100ft away without demolition charges on the three main supports. Whew! That big FBI meeting cancellation was sure a lucky thing, right? :/

                    • Anonymous

                      Amen brother!
                      False flag here we go!
                      Operation “North Woods”
                      For anyone who thinks our gov wouldn’t do such a thing.

                  • infidel6actual


                    I can assure you SHTF is monitored by those of ill will, that’s how I found it because we intercepted an intercept.

                    Realize the red thumbs give hackers editorial control over what appears.

                • WhoWuddaThunkIt

                  Sixpack. Its the Tribe paid Trolls. When SHTF we will cut their REDThumbs off in the guillitine. I’m going to use a dull pair of bolt cutters.

                • WhoWuddaThunkIt

                  I am giving everybody Green thumbs in this article to counter the Red Trolls bombarding this website.

                • WhoWuddaThunkIt

                  Folks, Keep in Mind- lets pretend here, that these 20+ Red Thumb’rs are Hoards of Freaky Zombies knocking at your door. Can you personally handle and fend off 20+ Red Zombies at one time?? Do you have enough high capacity magazines all loaded and ready to go? Multiple weapons, strategically placed through out your home fortress, fully loaded and more ammo sitting in ready magazines in pouches or bandoleers ready to goat a moments notice? Get your SHTF Game Plan on. We are going to see some freaky stuff coming up. And set your emotions aside and respond in kind.

                • JoeBlow

                  Nah, don’t worry 6Pak – there are a lot of ignorant leftist trolls on the site. I think Mac did the right thing by killing the thumbs up/down thing. Maybe he will bring it back once the little leftist trolls have their “Yes we can/yes we have no bananas” chant-in sessions start up again.

              • swinging richard

                Good move Mac. Maybe the site will return to normal soon.

            • Mountain Trekker

              Sometimes I feel like that donkey pulling a cart stacked with a hugh load, and a carrot tied to a stick dangled just out of reach in front of his nose. First the Schummer is going to Hit The Fan in December. The world is going to collapse in 2015. The dow bubble will burst next week. Just wait until your my age! Boy, I don’t think I’ll ever catch up to that carrot. Trekker Out. But Keep On Preppin!

              • FreeSlave

                Here’s what the ZOG conspiracy theorists need to know: is the Romanian hacker Guccifer a Jew?

                • WIN

                  Does it matter? The main agenda of the people that run the world is to divide! Seems to me that it worked!!!

                • badpuppydog

                  free…no..but he IS in prison isn’t he?

              • Mountain Trekker

                How many times have you heard someone say, just wait until your my age. They either say you won’t be able to do this or that or you’ll see things differently. What I hate is, the only way you’ll ever get to be their age is if they die, and then you still won’t be able to disprove them, or maybe I should say, show them that they were wrong. Trekker Out. Keep On Truckin, By Train!

                • watching and waiting

                  This site being invaded by red thumb virus.

                  • JoeBlow

                    I’m sure Obungler will appoint another czar to look into this; he may even declare amnesty for all Red Thumb line jumping illegal immigrants, as apparently they are monolithic ignorant leftists

                  • MongoPissed

                    Notice that practically every comment has at least 3 red thumbs? The trolls must be hitting the bars in Tel Aviv, or there would be more.

                  • FreeSlave

                    “This site being invaded by red thumb virus.”

                    Could it be the Bolshevik ZOGs doing this?

                    • badpuppydog


              • The Old Coach

                Sooo, this guy’s been in jail since 2011 or 2012, his “predictions” were made 3+ years ago, and we’re going to make a big deal over this? Have fun, trolls & O.T. posters. This thread is worth less than the contents of my wastebasket.

              • WhoWuddaThunkIt

                I gave ya a Green Thumb Trekker vs 11 Reds. Something is being manipulated . Mac needs to look at theRed Thumb IP geograpical origins if possible. Or ban viewing from certain Tribal countries.

              • KY Mom

                Why does Russia need to patrol the Gulf of Mexico?

                Obama continues to gut American military and remove guns from the border patrol, so I guess we should all feel SAFER now. (not…)

                Russia’s bombers to conduct regular patrols, ranging from the Arctic to the Gulf of Mexico

                Yahoo dot com
                posted on Drudge Report

            • WhoWuddaThunkIt

              One thing about Nuking Chitcago, is that if it happens during the winter time, people may think the Nuke Fall out is snow and they would be out there making snow angels and snowmen with the nuclear fallout flakes. Wow man, Snow Party on Rush Street!!

              After Sundays Night football game where the Green Bay Packers beat the Bears 55-14 in a crushing Blow, a Nuke could be from a disgruntled team fan possibly. Just saying.

            • WhoWuddaThunkIt

              WOW, Mac took drastic actions and totally disabled all thumbs up or down mode on every article out there on this site. Now lets see these Tribal Freaks, mess with our comments. Let them show their faces and IP address locations if they want to respond.

              • WhoWuddaThunkIt

                Just goes to show you the Abuse of Tribal Trolls now forcing us to take away more green thumbs voters Freedoms. WWTI

                OK I Now Give “15 Green Thumbs UP” for my comment above. lol

              • mallardhen

                I’m glad turning off the “thumbs” was Mac’s doing because for a minute I thought my computer bit the dust. Well that problem solved for the day. This site is my go to site each day and for it to be gone would surely be a really great loss to many of us just trying to get through this life as best we can without each others help we would be lost.

                • admin

                  Thanks so much for that Mallardhen. I am glad that we have a place here where people can come together and chat, share ideas and just talk to people who have similar beliefs and ideas. Hopefully we can keep things under control over here! We’re trying!

                  • DC

                    Thanks for all you do Mac, been away for a couple days and come back to confusion

                  • poo

                    yall preppin for end of world , but cant handle red thumbs. talk bout thin skinned. jeesh

                    • admin

                      …. I got nothin.

                    • poo

                      sorry didnt know post were hidden.thought it was just everyday red thumb complaining

          • OutWest

            Couldn’t happen to a better place.
            Chicago is a waste of good Lake
            Michigan waterfront property.

            • Nathan Cline

              I have been predicting for some time that America will be hit with a nuclear false flag, based on various news items and statements that have been made by certain high officials, such as that sociopath Dick Cheney “predicting” this very thing on FOX “news.”

              Remember that Infowars article about the nukes in South Carolina a while back, which were supposedly taken from our arsenal and then (as the story goes) detonated underwater by some patriots? Just a few days ago there was a news article predicting that Charleston harbor could be nuked. Now this rumor says Chicago is the target? Hmm..

              It looks like all these rumors are a smoke screen, like you see happening in so many other places, with a bunch of rumors being put out to divert attention from what is going on elsewhere. My own personal theory happened to be that Chicago may be the place to get hit, but it could just as easily be somewhere else. All I know is nobody is going to nuke the podunk town where I live, and they ain’t drafting me for no war either.

              At the risk of being the boy who cried wolf, I think the odds are good we will see a false flag by the end of the month. If not by the end of the year, then it will probably be next summer.

              • Nathan Cline

                Wow, look at all the thumbs down on these comments. Those NSA robots must be hard at work.

                • watching and waiting

                  Red Thumb Virus

              • WhoWuddaThunkIt

                Stock up on potassium Iodide. @$14 per 30 day supply. Via

              • Spectrum

                Agree 100%. The only reason to pay any attention to the MSM is because after a while you begin to pick up clues as to the next false flag or psy-op they might be planning. Missing nukes, missing airliners, ebola brought here on purpose – high profile ebola patients miraculously cured after a few days, and then back on TV without so much as a blemish or dark circles under their eyes,looking like they just returned from a great vacation.
                Parents whose children were supposedly gunned down at school by a some maniac a few hours before, who are completely dry-eyed and only interested in gun legislation.
                No photos, the whole file is classified, and the school is bulldozed. They need better writers.

              • Hillbilly

                Yea your right. If all the media bigshots keep saying it, then when it happens….Oh yea we all knew it was going to happen, it’s not like we didn’t predict it.

              • WhoWuddaThunkIt

                Oh Dick Gravy Face Cheney, now there is a credible source, saying back in 2005 – 9 yrs ago, that the Insurgency was in their last Throes.

                Iraq insurgency in ‘last throes,’ Cheney says
                Monday, June 20, 2005;

                WASHINGTON (CNN) — The insurgency in Iraq is “in the last throes,” Vice President Dick Cheney says, and he predicts that the fighting will end before the Bush administration leaves office.

                Notice how Dick Cheney was also silent on the BP-Halliburton Gulf Oil Spill. Not a single word, even an I’m sorry. Texas oil giant Halliburton was famous for its links with Dick Cheney who was a previous CEO, and was hired to plug oil well before explosion.

            • Bohica1

              I don’t see why anyone is upset at this gift from God

          • FreeSlave

            That’s not good for Chicago Cubs fans.

            P.S. Have you ever seen Obama throw out the opening pitch of a baseball game? He throws like a girl.

            • Unreconstructed Southron

              He is a girl.

              • WhoWuddaThunkIt

                Wow Macs on a record pace, 5 articles in 2 days. We must be getting closer to real SHTF?

                Was listening to Local Ham Radio tonight. Seems all they old timers talk about is their old radios
                You can learn about it. But i want to hear more than hamm hobby. You can flip on a CB radio and listen to the Nigs swearing who probably can’t afford cell phones.

              • Steve

                And Mooch is a guy.

              • Nobama

                Obola is a faggot who sucks Moochelle’s cock.

                • Cede

                  Looks like all the trolls suck it too!!! Come on you Red Thumb trolls ….. It’s past your bed times …. Go to bed!! Sheesh!

                  Trolling Government Cock Suckers (T.G.C.S)

            • Medic719

              He is just not good at anything. :0

            • TEST

              But OF COURSE it’s good for Cubs fans. We now have an excuse as to why we didn’t win the World Series that should be good for, oh, probably another thousand years.

              “It’s not our players why we lost … it’s that radioactive Wrigley Field”

              • badpuppydog

       better get your buns out of chimp-cago.

            • Ever Vigilant

              Well Yeah…….!

          • Unreconstructed Southron

            You misspelled ‘puke,’ Anon.

          • Night Breaker

            06:00 12-11-2014
            I think your site is being hit with a DOS or has been DATA COMPROMISED ..
            This many red thumbs may be an indication of something narfarious going on .
            My curser goes wild while trying to comment , something or some body is seriously pininging my IP ( my IP is at an undisclosed Agency) when on this site it appears to be foreign (RUSSIAN) in origin, ( did some unauthorized IP security search with some heavy tech and IT talent , no don’t ask ( undisclosed alphabet soup sensitive security information )


            Everything points to something happening in the near future , prepare quietly , get your house in order BE ALERT , I have never seen this type of activity before .

            MAC you should contact JWR he has had similar problems , also WRSA was hit last week.
            I think we struck a nerve.

            Semper Fi 8541

            Semper Fi 8541

            • PKLL

              NB: Thank you for putting your neck out….


            • KY Mom

              Night Breaker,

              Re: “My curser goes wild while trying to comment”

              That is odd that you mentioned that. I have had that happen on my computer when trying to comment here.

              I assumed it was an issue with my computer.

              Very strange…

              • BJ

                Guaranteed that the cursor issue is related to nothing more than your computer.

                • Night Breaker

                  BJ ,
                  It’s happened on an iPad , blackberry and work computer ( we have some heavy duty firewalls and active.dynamic antimalware ,DOD sentinel.) the IP pings were about 90% positive from Russia particularly the Kulga region ( greater Moscow ) , IP masking doesn’t work with NSA tracking I can’t get into how this is done just take my word for it.
                  Every hour we get hit with over 10,000 attempts every day 24/7 . When that asshat goes to review his Hacked data he’s going to be a VERY SAD PANDA.

                  We know what is causing the curser jump , just make sure your antivirus and anti malware is up to date , never open unsolicited emails you do not recognize, NEVER EVER DOWNLOAD FILES FROM EMAIL LINKS YOU ARE NOT SURE OF.

                  Keep all your personal identifiable data ( PII ) off of your hard drive or encrypt it.
                  Also for my friends in the military , law enforcement or government , please remove all things identifing your address, family pictures with names , where you travel to or frequent , there is a credible threat currently being monitored and chatter has been on an elevated level.

                  Semper Fi 8541


            • badpuppydog

              night…bingo…although you are wrong about it being the russians.

          • 41MagMan

            “I thought obama was the Nuke……”

            Nope. A nuke is less destructive. He is what is commonly referred to as a “Manchurian Candidate”… a political wolf in sheeps’ clothing.

        • Rodster

          Why not, Washington? Somebody give them an iPhone with Apple Maps. That should put them on the right path. 🙂

          • Rellik

            Make sure that is Washington DC! I’use Ebola in the public transportation system myself. Ever see 12 Monkeys?

        • Nobama

          Sounds too good to be true.

        • Medic719

          Just a little refresher for all when dealing with injuries in a risky enviorment.

          ) Contain Scene and Assess Casualties
          o Return Fire and Secure Scene
          o Direct Casualties to Cover
          o Evaluate for Life Threatening Injuries
          o Triage – Immediate, Delayed, Minimal, Expectant
          o Call Medical Personnel for Assistance as Required
          2) Rapidly Identify and Control Massive Hemorrhage
          o Direct & Indirect Pressure
          o Tourniquet
          o Emergency Trauma Dressing
          3) Inspect and Ensure Patent Airway
          o Open and Clear Airway
          o Nasopharyngeal Airway
          4) Treat Life Threatening Torso Injuries
          o Occlusive Seal Dressing
          o Needle Decompression
          o Abdominal wound management
          5) Inspect for Bleeding, Gain IV Access, Manage Shock
          o Head to Toe Blood Sweeps
          o 18 Gauge Saline Lock
          o IV Fluids when dictated by Shock
          o Prevent Hypothermia
          6) Control Pain and Prevent Infection
          o Combat Wound Pill Pack
          7) Aid and Litter Team
          o Package and Prepare for Transfer
          o SKEDCO, Litters, Manual Carries
          8) Leader Coordinated Evacuation
          o Casualty Precedence – Critical (Urgent), Priority, Routine
          o CASEVAC or MEDEVAC Coordination

          • TEST

            Thanks. You will have a lot of value to add here.

            • JoeBlow

              And now the idiot leftist reds thumbers are against saving lives as Medic helps us to do. Nice job, leftist fascists.

              But then, as various flavours of leftism MURDERED around 100 mm people las century, I guess this is fitting

              • BJ

                People here with their labels prove themselves to be most ignorant. According to the “still stuck in the matrix” sheeple here. Anything or anyone who does anything what so ever that they don’t like get’s the label of liberal……..most here are in the dark and leading others to the dark.

                If your still stuck in the right left paradigm, thinking the left/liberal side is your enemy…..OR…..the right progressive side is your enemy……your LOST. Absolutely LOST!

            • John Q. Public

              @ Test

              Have you abandoned our debate in the “Death Blow” thread.

              I have responded to all your claims.

              In the “Ferguson” thread I was also able to post a very concise, complete, and representative entry from the Jewish Encyclopedia defining “Torah.” I have many other sources (as you yourself can Google “Oral Torah” and “Torah She Beal Peh”), but that entry is, as I said, concise, complete, and representative.

              I also provided details about the tiny minority Karaite sect (about 24,000 worldwide). They are the ONLY sect that accepts your truncated definition of Torah, the only sect that rejects the rabbis’ claims of authority to alter the Word of God, and the only Judaic sect that Israel requires to convert before exercising their “right of return.”

              • badpuppydog

                john didn’t look like much of a debate to me…you wiped the floor with him.

            • John Q. Public


              Have you abandoned our debate in the “Death Blow” thread?

              • BJ

                [email protected]

                JQP, could you email me please. I have some questions about a bible site you and someone else posted the other day.


                I see the thumb thing is gone….YEAH

                Unfortunately, I see a new message when posting a comment that if not yet, definitely will go the direction sooner or later of “censorship” if you attack another or tell them off. Always loved this site the most of all the sites I go to for the main fact that you could say whatever the hell you wanted to. I guess all sites go that way sooner or later

          • Medic719

            This little finger deal at the bottom of my post says hot debate. 🙂 Its just information take it or leave it. Hot Debate? lol

          • badpuppydog

            medic +1

        • Acid Etch

          I don’t even care to watch the shit patriot tear jerker music bin laden killer veteran ass lickers fox news bullshit interview for more than a few seconds.

          Fuck veterans.

          The second most troublesome group after the Jews.

          • LaughAtStupidPeople

            Sheer genius. /rolls eyes

          • Old Nam Vet

            Nothing like a whole bunch of abusive ad homs to start the day.
            Throw in a bunch of name calling and sit back and watch the responses. Your going to have to be a lot more threatening than that to get me worried. Some of think your on drugs but what do we know… ?

          • BJ

            I watched a little out of curiosity…..mainly due to the fact that the whole ubl / 911 story was such a lie.

            I am telling you this guy is full of shit! Watch his body, head movements, facial expressions and EYE movements. This is mind control PSYOP bullshit! It is conditioning for the something wicked this way comes.

            He spoke as professionally and as well as an actor and it all sounded like some cheesy script for a Tom Clancy novel.

            “We were ready to die, it was worth it.” “We knew it was a one way trip, but we didn’t care, it was worth it to kill UBL.”

            “We were NYPD, we were FDNY, we were the fist, we were the American people.”

            What a load of hogwash bullshit, made for american TV. To me the discernemnt is easy…….but I know 95% of the american public will gobble it up. Sadly even a large number of people here.

        • Da Yooper

          Wake after it happens


          It happens to $hit-cago

          Obola will classify it as

          urban renewal

        • FuckingPissed

          Well, if this is true, we need to get the good folks outta there and proceed to ship in all the scum illegals, scum politicians,scum muslims,scum banksters, and scum perverted sexual deviants for the big event. Then we’ll watch the place burn and have a party.

          • 41MagMan

            As with Sodom, are there any “good folks” there? Hard to say. My 1st inclination is that there aren’t but with a few million people there, the odds favor at least a couple of them being worth saving.

      2. Anonymous

        It’s only a matter of time. We will see a major attack on America. From where? who cares.

        • Acid Etch

          From the enemy within, likely.

        • WhoWuddaThunkIt

          The rich will be crushed economically because Oil will drop to $30 a Barrel over the next few years. (Per CNBC Today) Other news- Solar and Wind Tax credits end as well. This is a game to keep the planet dependent on fossil fuels.

          • TEST

            Don’t tell me you’ve bought into the Cult of Al Gore. Really???

            • Macro

              Yes he has. It takes an actual working brain to not be a liberal.

              • BJ

                It takes an actual working brain to not identify with either side of the political arena today

      3. badpuppydog

        Would anyone REALLY miss chimp-cago anyway?

        • sixpack

          I’ll bet Rahm will be miles away IF it gets hit. Let’s watch and see if he takes an unexpected leave…

          • WhoWuddaThunkIt

            Looks like Mac may have to disable the Red Thumbs feature all together. The site is being pounded by trolls. And given either a Green thumb or not. Many sites use just a thumbs up or they need to log in to give a thumbs down. Curios to know the IP origin of these Red Trolls. ???

          • WhoWuddaThunkIt

            Sixpack. You mean like on 9-11 GW Bush Flying to Sarasota FLORIDA to read My Pet Goat book to School kids, like insider info not to be in the DC area. Bush knew and had to act surprised then said he saw on TV both planes hit the buildings, before the 2nd plane even hit the 2nd WT Tower kida slip of the tongue. OOPS INSIDER INFO. Bus is a cowrard scumbag lying chimp.

            • sixpack

              Yep, WWTI. Exactly like that.

        • Medic719

          Yah buddy, love there hot dogs!!

      4. Matthew

        The Illuminati? Why even post this?

      5. BB

        If we’re lucky Obama will be visiting…?

        • 41MagMan

          There won’t be ANY luck involved in such a heavily orchestrated move as this.

        • Kulafarmer

          Ice climbing
          Now that sounds like the balls

          • WhoWuddaThunkIt

            Kula how about hot lava climbing over on the big island? Can’t they build dams or curbs to divert that lava? That lava rock will tear up a good pear of boots.

            • Ok

              The ignorance shown in this post can just make a person cry

              • sixpack

                So now EVERY POST is red thumbed and hidden? There are only 2 posts not hidden yet, and a few others that are pretty close to it. So virtually EVERY POST HAS BEEN SHUT DOWN.

                Mac, it looks like your site has just been taken over.

                There’s NO POINT in posting here anymore. I’ll come back once you get it under control, but for now, IT’S NOT YOUR SITE ANYMORE.

                • BJ

                  I was trying the other day to repost anyones post that had gotten hidden….even posts I don’t agree with and/or a post by posters I don’t like. But I am not going to re post over 100 comments. If someone wants to give me a hand, I’ll re post some ?

                • hammerhead

                  No kiddin SIX, It looks like a wasteland .
                  Someone has alot of time on their hands.

                  • WhoWuddaThunkIt

                    Everybody give green thumbs on every post to bring the posted comment back. SHTFPLAN Has been hijacked by trolls.

                  • Calgagus

                    no kidding. this aint worth the little bit of time I have to read at this site. Too bad it got taken over. Not holding my breath though. Still aint got a forum or anything else that was promised. Any other place we can meet up online?

                    • BJ

                      I was wondering the same thing Six. From the looks of the new commenting policy, even if we don’t ever get the forum that was promised as far back 2011/2012, it is going the direction of most the other sites with a team of moderators who can with their subjective opinions, and perceived fake authority, suspend or ban posters if we don’t stay with in their RULES and REGULATIONS. IOW, keep your velvet gloves on, be respectful blah blah blah, taking the biggest positive to this site, say what ever the hell you want, away.

                • PKLL

                  Calgagus, BJ, eppe, MountainT, Mike, Jim, Daisy, KY, Brave, BI, NightB, Test, CC, six, satori, kula, Nathan, Okie, archivist, posse, lonemum and all you other posters (SORRY, I can’t remember everybody’s name) who actually post helpful information, give an interesting and lively debate and don’t just shout filthy things and hate….

                  Anybody have another recommendation or place to go?

                  Sad to say this place has been infiltrated and there is virtually no meaningful information or discussion anymore. Now, the ugly posts are the majority in number…and I’m tired of wading thru excrement to find those few and far between pearls….

                  The clincher for me was when Iowa reaches out for help and a complete moron told Iowa to go kill himself. Or that we should have let an entire race of people be killed because years later there are some bad people of that race doing bad things. (FYI: there are bad people of all races doing bad things…) Unbelievable….and I’m done.

                  So, thanks all for the ride. Thanks to everybody who helped me and I hope to see you all somewhere out there… hugs…

                  Sorry Mac…but you may just have given “free speech” a long enough rope to hang your site….


                  • admin

                    PKLL, I appreciate your comments — We have most certainly come under attack in recent days from an unknown source, especially as it relates to our “thumbing” feature. This has now been disabled until we can secure the system (This is actually the third time this system has been directly attacked since we first implemented it!).

                    Insofar as the deeper issue of people posting unhelpful information and berating other users, we are working on clearing out comments that add no value to the discussion. Unfortunately, as you noted, there is a fine line between free speech and censorship. However, the purpose of this web site to begin with is the sharing of information. Thus, we will act more aggressively going forward to ensure a civil and informative discussion.

                    My apologies for the issues in recent days — from time to time some individuals and groups attempt to breakdown the credibility of the site, and more so the users who contribute their thoughts and ideas.

                    We’re working on it — but it has honestly become a daily struggle between literally hundreds of spam comments and injection attempts, as well as those who simply attack others in an effort to disparage or minimize their message.

                    Thank you all for your patience and your feedback.



                    • badpuppydog

                      Sounds like mac means he going into mega censorship mode and won’t allow any more talk about the ” tribe “. Looks like the Noahide laws just kicked in right here at shtfplan.

                    • badpuppydog

                      Oh and Mac..I’ll let you know EXACTLY who did this to the site….I traced a few I.p.’s for you ( your welcome ) and want to guess what the country of origin was? TEL AVIV, ISRAEL.

                    • BJ

                      With all due respect Mac, there is NOT a FINE LINE between censorship & free speech….it is a chasm!

                      I agree to weed out spam bots…..but never peoples opinions. And to tell everyone to play nice….an impossible thing to do with humans, is nothing more than slowly falling into the worlds way of PC crap!

                      So, not to affend Jews, are you going to start to censor the posters here that try to awaken people to a large group of NWO bankster elite? Are you going to censor comments as not to offend the pigs amungst us?

                      How about all the sheeple’s here misguided anger towards the right or the left….going to censor those too so we don’t offend any repubs or libs here?

                      See the slippery slope you are approaching?

                    • admin

                      Yes, I see it BJ — And we won’t be censoring posts unless they are just outright attacks, defamation, or incredibly long and unrelated to the information being discussed.

                      You and others have been contributing here long enough to know that we are not in the business of just deleting things we don’t agree with. However, there are those whose only purpose here is to destroy the discussion. That’s more or less what we are going to be looking for.

                      It’s a slippery slope to be sure and one that I’d prefer not to even have to deal with. But, unfortunately, it’s something that we are now actively having to look at on a daily basis.

                    • BigB

                      Thanks Mac. Your time and effort is as always appreciated.


                    • BJ


                      Thanks for the reply, I appreciate it….it’s been a while.

                      Again thanks 🙂

                    • admin

                      Thank you BJ! Your contributions to this community have been invaluable.

                      I know this particular issue is a hot-button issue for all involved and I most certainly appreciate your feedback!

                      have a good one!


                    • PKLL

                      Mac: Thanks for your reply…I really appreciate it. It gives me hope….??? What I think “slippery slopers” don’t get is this difference….it is not so much the content of a post…it is how it is stated…

                      “Youarealloldstupidfuckerjewlovingassholelickingsonsofbitchesifyoudon’tagreewithme….” (Ya, I’d censor…)


                      “You know, I disagree with that opinion for the following reasons…” (free speech)


                    • vtfree2

                      This might be a little late for the party

                      Psychological (website edited) warfare tactics?

                      Attacking the messenger (distraction) – The purpose of these insults is to distract observers from the topic being discussed and to try to prevent them from thinking critically about it or to try to cause them to lose interest in it.

                      Insulting intelligence or ideas (deflection) – This can be either an attack on the messenger or an attack on the ideas themselves by trying to make them appear stupid, unpopular, foolish, crazy, insane, etc. The purpose of these insults and belittling comments is to make observers think that the topic is unworthy of their consideration or investigation.

                      Negative association (deflection) – This tactic attempts to link one topic to another unrelated topic that sounds crazy or stupid to most people, like aliens, UFOs, shape-shifting lizards, etc. The idea is to get the observer to think that people who believe in one topic also believe in another crazy topic and to conclude that the topic in question is unworthy of their consideration or investigation.

                      Divide and conquer (distraction) – With this tactic they pretend to be one of their enemies, and then they proceed to say hateful, disgusting or inflammatory things to get people to attack the group they are pretending to be. They also do this to make their enemies look evil or stupid in the eyes of the other group.

                      Controlled dissent (deception) – With this tactic they pretend that they agree on most topics and even promote the topics they pretend to agree on, but they will defend the Established version of the topic they want to discourage investigation on, or they will use one of the other forms of Established psychological warfare tactics to discourage investigation of a new topic, for example attacking the messenger, insulting intelligence or ideas, negative association, divide and conquer, etc.
                      Role modeling (deception) – With this tactic they try to get the observer to think that reacting a certain way is normal or desirable. For example they will pretend not to be interested in a topic, that the topic or activity isn’t worth their time that they are afraid to do something or concerned about the consequences. In short, they will pretend to react how they want the observer to react to try to ensure that the observer does not take the appropriate action or react in the appropriate manner.

                      Behavioral projection (deception) – With this tactic they project their own behavior onto the person they are attacking or onto another group that they wish for the observers to attack. For example they may claim (while posing as a Freedom/liberty behind an anonymous account) that Target group would infiltrate a Freedom/liberty website and pose as proponents to blame target group for things they didn’t do, when in fact it is the posers that have infiltrated the Freedom/liberty website and are posing as Freedom/liberty to blame Target group for things they didn’t do (like 9/11) and to encourage Freedom/liberty to hate Target group so that Freedom/liberty will never think to unite with Target group to defeat the infiltrators.

                      Reverse projection / playing the victim (deception) – With this tactic they project a horrible circumstance onto themselves while actually creating a horrible circumstance for their victim. By pretending to be the victim of a horrible situation while attacking their victim they either catch their victim off guard so the victim doesn’t realize they are being attacked until it’s too late, or they catch observers off guard so observers don’t realize who the real attacker is and defend the real victim.

                  • FreeSlave

                    Thanks Mac. Your blog is great. PKLL is correct when stating that there is too much ethnic and racial hatred dripping from so many comments.

                    I myself thoroughly detest and despise both the philosophical/political basis of modern liberalism and its fascist outworkings. But liberalism is something that people choose, not what they’re born with. They are free to examine its corrupt center and free to leave it. And also free to defend it and argue for it.

                • MongoPissed

                  Don’t get caught up in the Facebook “like” meme, Six. Your comments stand on their own. Readers here take red thumbs as the Red Badge of Courage. Mine is having three accounts being banned from WND.

                  • badpuppydog


            • TLBaby

              Pears make terrible boots.

      6. Satori

        because my movie reviews have proven so popular
        (sarcasm off now)

        here’s another one !

        just got back from seeing Interstellar
        with Matthew McConaughey
        I don’t know what his politics are
        and I DON”T CARE !!!

        what did I think about the movie ?
        well let me say this
        at the end of it
        some guy in the back of the theatre yelled out
        “OK Let ME say it,THAT SUCKED”

        and everyone pretty much laughed

        not the worst movie I have ever seen
        but ya want to wait for the dvd on this one

        • Kulafarmer

          So what yer sayin is its not worth the 7$ popcorn 5$ red vines and 6$ soda

          • Satori

            you got it Kula

            now if the movie theatre had an open bar
            I’m sure the film would have been much better !

            although the beer goggles might have made it hard to see the screen !

            • Rellik

              Be patient.

              See it on your 70″ flatscreen with Dolby surround sound. Asahi Dry long necks, Teriyaki Shrimp, rice, and veggies.
              That’s how I watch movies.

              • Kulafarmer

                Thats why we never go to the theatre anymore!
                That and rewind!

                • Shi-thead

                  I never rewind rented DVDs.

          • BJ

            We refusel to pay that highway robbery and have only been to two mives in the 8.5 years we have been married. I can burn a movie off line while it is the theatres if we want to see it right away or we can wait for pay per view or family video….which is the cheapest and smartest IMO

        • badpuppydog

          satori sound about ready for a good old fashion hollywood boycott…don’t waste your time and money on that are too smart for that.

          • Satori


            Hollywood has ALWAYS produced a lot of propaganda

            ever see those old WW2 John Wayne movies//
            or all those other black and whites from that era ??

            all made in close cooperation with the government
            to help the war effort

            I know when someone is trying to manipulate me
            thats why I read a WIDE variety of political info
            both left and right

            not everything Hollywood produces is meant to influence you right or left

            a lot of it is just mindless entertainment
            and with all that is going in the world today

            sometimes I just need to turn off and glide for awhile

            the world can wait

            • Mountain Trekker

              Satori hate to disagree, but you state that “not everything Hollywood produces is meant to influence you right or left” it may not be right or left but you can bet somewhere in their Movie, Sitcom or Commerical, they are going to try and sway you to their ideology. Nothing that they produce is just “mindless entertainment” although it may seem that way. It’s amazing what the power of suggestion can do. Trekker Out.

            • badpuppydog

              I agree satori…it’s always been there even in the dukes days..I think it’s gone into over drive as of late…I just got fed up with not only the propaganda…but the fact most of the films they put out these days just flat out stink. Product placement films get on my nerves too…ever seen Taladega Nights with Will Ferrel? Thats the most ridiculous product placement film in history. ( even though it was kinda funny ) I just feel the people that make these films and run hollywood aren’t very moral people and don’t deserve my hard earned dollars. Anyway…I haven’t been to a movie in over a year and the boycott shall continue for me.

              • Indy Colts

                Light’n the hell up. Going to a good movie every once in a while is good entertainment. If you were to boycot everything with a left agenda, you would be cold, hungry, and on the street.

                Waiting for SHTF and hording everything you can won’t save a hair on your head if your stressed and don’t enjoy your life.I have preps and I have fun. You decide to what extent you wish to endulge either.

                • badpuppydog

                  Indy…the only vote you REALLY have left is voting with your ” pocketbook ” Why on earth would I want to give one red cent to the sicko’s in hollywood? My idea of fun is going hiking in the mountains, target shooting, bible study and reading other books, hunting, staying fit, staying clean and sober. ( yes , i’m completely drug free including no alcohol ) I don’t find the horrible movies coming out of hollywood as entertaining as nature. Oh, and I’d put that mary-jane down too if I were you.

                  • Indy Colts


                    I don’t pick up Maryjane….. All I can say is the language you use on this site is not on par with someone who attends Bible studies. Did you take your meds today?

                    • badpuppydog

             should choose your words more carefully.
                      you said this ” Light’n the hell up. Going to a good movie every once in a while is good entertainment.” I read it too fast and it appeared to say you liked to smoke out before going to a movie even though it didn’t. I’m sorry I upset you and take back the pot smoking comment.

                    • badpuppydog

                      Indy as for as your ” meds ” comment no..I didn’t take any today because i don’t use drugs or alcohol sir. and is ” turddog ” appropriate language sir?

                    • BJ

                      I used ot be of the same religious spirit Indy as you with the whole “language” thing. Until John Eldredge’s Wild At Heart mens ministry.

                      Check out Wild at Heart by John Eldregde, a book every man should read, every son and every woman with a son and/or a husband

      7. Townsaver

        Honestly it is amazing that a nuke has not gone off already.

        Thank goodness Jack Bauer is here to save us.

        A nuclear false flag is only meant to scare the sheep into voting Republican.

        Sadly, it is only a catastrophic event like this that unties people. Even more sad is we will turn our might towards the wrong enemy.

        • Townsaver


          Strangely unties kinda works too!

        • the renegade braveheart

          Townsaver, don’t be surprised if nukes go off in not only Sickcago, but LA, San Fransicko, NY, DC, etc. We have some kind of attack coming . Just don’t know when, where, or how until it happens.

          • Townsaver

            Hi RB-

            Well I hope it doesn’t come to that. While survivable, the world would be forever changed, and America would forever be lost. While those targets would be first on my list, I do not wish suffering and death on anyone.

            If that many cities are hit, I expect a few returned as well. Hell, maybe we will first strike and that will be our return.

            I never really prepped for NBC until recently. I want a doomsday bunker!

          • caveman

            You fag renegade what a homo

          • MongoPissed

            Too many of the elite tribe live in NYC and L.A. Of Course, they could bail like they did at the WTC before 9-11. My theory is that NYC will be nuked to cover the financial crash. A lot of bankers will die to silence them and destroy the “paper” trail, as on 9-11. The American goyim still have pennies to steal, so the time is not ripe.

        • Sean

          Actually, Jack Bauer failed once on the show. And a nuke did go off.

      8. WhoWuddaThunkIt

        Keep your powder dry folks. Lots of busy beavers out there plotting destruction.

      9. Kulafarmer

        I want to give myself a red thumb just to kick it off!

        • Satori

          forget red thumb green thumb

          how about a new system

          wet willies and wedgies ???

          • badpuppydog

            satori..i’m in.

        • Townsaver

          The red thumbs are in force lately. A true badge of honor.

          They mad bro.

        • Mountain Trekker

          I actually like the green thumb, red thumb idea, and we all have our followers no matter what we say. And the red thumb really shows that people have a dislike for some off-the-wall comment, unfortunately with what we have going on now, we get a false reading. But such is life! Trekker Out.

          • TLBaby

            Why don’t we just stop hiding comments? I click them anyway to read. I don’t need a mommy to hide things from me.

      10. WhoWuddaThunkIt

        My neice just took a nursing Job in Shitcago. I advised her I would have rather seen her go up to Minneapolis instead. Kids think they know it all. And she went anyway. Ill give her a year till she figures out it is a big shithole. Unsafe with 50 shootings every weekend. Ill has shitty 2nd Amendment rights so its an easy target ripe for exploitation. They will learn too maybe.. not.

        • Wallimiyama

          Minneapolis isn’t any better…the thousands of America Hating Somali’s that were dumped here make it a hazardous place…

      11. Foxglove666

        And that would be bad….why? Can they add Los Angeles and NYC as well? Just saying…

      12. Stolz Vorfahren

        You mean we’ll have Emanuel glow in the dark party? I’ll open the champagne.

        • SmokinOkie

          Thanks for the link Satori. There’s 6 on the list I haven’t read yet. I must be falling behind.

          • WhoWuddaThunkIt

            Mac, Due to all the Red Thumb Trolls, it is obvious you struck a cord calling out the right crowd behind all this World terror. This is a Badge of Honor and Just keep on Trucking posting, and cutting off the open Red Thumbs tag, or as some sites do makes you log in to click a red thumb. This surely says you are on to something here, with your articles and comments, and this Tribe just doesn’t like it and tried to sabotage your site and comment base., NEVER GIVE UP, NEVER STOP POSTING THE TRUTH, WE ARE AMERICANS, AND NOBODY WILL EVER BRING US DOWN. FUCK THE TRIBE, NEVER GIVE UP YOUR GUNS AND ALWAYS RESIST TYRANNY, EXPOSE THE TRUTH, AND CALL THE SHILLS OUT EVERY TIME WE SPOT THEM. BULLETS AND BAYONETS!!! LET ER’RIP!!

        • boiled frog

          THanks for the links. I’ll read a few of those.

      13. Kfilly

        Hopefully, Obama is visiting his hometown when it goes boom.




        TYPE IN




        TYPE IN






      15. Sean

        Don’t be ridiculous. No one is going to nuke Chicago. There is too much money in Chicago. Too much political power as well.

        • Nathan Cline

          Which is greater: the money inside Chicago, or the money outside of it? One of these cities somewhere is going to have to take one for the team, so the NWO can have their excuse to go to war.

      16. SmokinOkie

        Not to worry, folks. I talked to the Hermit the other day and he assured me that nothing will happen for a while. That is, nothing nuclear. He also sold me 7 magazine subscriptions and said I had a great chance of winning that publishers sweepstakes thing. Do you think the old boy may have sold out to the other side?
        Oh well, he still makes some great home brew, so it wasn’t a total waste…

        I sure do miss you guys here. Been staying busy at home and on the road. Looks like snow across I-90… got a new student driver. Wish me luck.

        note- grandson is doing well. thanks for your continued prayers. -okie

        • Satori

          hey Okie
          glad to see ya back !

          • Ghost Rider

            Hey Okie,
            I’m so glad to hear about your grandson. I have wanted to ask every time I see your posts but didn’t want to impose on you. Take care.


        • Archivist

          I just sent in my entry. I’m supposed to win $1,000,000 plus $5,000 per week for life. I already have plans for it.

          • WhoWuddaThunkIt

            Good News-Bad News in Chicago – WOW, I just saved 15% on my car insurance, Bad News we just got Nuked and my car just melted into a puddle of molten smelter.

          • Archivist

            “Poorly-rated. What do You Think?”

            I think some idiot has figured out how to red-thumb multiple times to screw with us.

            What’s wrong with entering Publisher’s Clearing House? It only cost me a stamp, and I have a 1 in 1,700,000,000 chance to win.

      17. Malfador

        Who could tell the difference?

        • WhoWuddaThunkIt

          Actually it would be better if they Nuked Detroit, and would save us a lot of money razing it to the ground anyway.

          • WhoWuddaThunkIt

            I figure there is about 20 to 25 Red Thumb IP’s tagging every posed comment. The US Air Force also under their Cyber Command has purchased software to create multiple identities to pose actors on websites to take over social media. Its pretty easy to spot a shill.

            • Indy Colts

              It’s not government trolls, It’s people sick of the turds coming out of your lips. It’s our way of flushing turds that keep circling but won’t go down the hole.

              I would love to see you in real life whosturd. I bet your the most skinny, virgin looking, pale, living in your mothers basement prick on earth.

              • BJ

                WHat was that comment you made up above that I just replied to? It was something from you in regards to language and bible studies……hmmmm?

                • Indy Colts

                  Where are the curse words in my comments. I call a spade a spade and whosaturd never shuts up. If I see a keyboard commando I call them out.

                  • WhoWuddaThought Indy is aTurd.

                    Bring it Indy Dork.

      18. WhoWuddaThunkIt

        So what day is the Grand Jury verdict in Ferguson case? Is the cop justified?

        • SmokinOkie

          Story linked at Drudge says the Grand Jury will decide whether or not to indict the cop in mid to late November. Gov has the Nat guard on stand-by.

        • WhoWuddaThunkIt

          Keep in Mind if you read the fine print on your homeowners Insurance policy Exclusion section, many policies, do not cover,(Acts of War, Nuclear Attacks, Looting or Riots, etc). Get out your policy and review the coverage. You can purchase riders to cover certain threats. I do know a business owner with a store location in a crappy section of town that bought a “Riot and Looting” rider policy for that store. Just saying cover your bases. Be in the know.

          I bet that Building #7 that fell all on its own on 9-11 was heavily insured. And for some reason nobody died in the or was in the building when it fell all on its own. hmmmmmmmmmm……. More dots to add to the Big Picture.

          • MongoPissed

            Lucky Larry Silverstein made billions off the Twin Towers. He didn’t even have to hire his own torch.

          • MongoPissed

            I notice comment flags are disabled. That is the best solution to the red-flag problem. This is not Facebook.

            • Ghost Rider

              Hopefully Mac will get the up/down situation resolved. Personally I like the up/down, but think all posts should remain in view without having to click on them.


              • BJ

                I’d go along with that and have stated as much many times as of late.

                But we need to be able to say what we want and express anger all we want and how we want with out the threat o being “moderated /censored” that is a slippery slope.

            • BJ

              Amen Mongo…..EXACTLY!!!!!

        • mallardhen

          As of the noon hour local news report they still haven’t made up their minds yet but Gov. Nixon has the National Guard on stand-by. I myself believe it won’t matter what the decision is the riots will come anyway just a matter of time.

          It is what it is, nothing is going to change an already pre-existing mind set just hang on for the ride it is going to be a wild one.

      19. T-town

        That’s it? Not very informative really.

      20. AC

        I dare them to nuke Los Angeles, San Francisco, Baltimore, DC, New York City, Denver, Seattle, Boston, Miami, Austin, and Atlanta, too.

        • Mountain Trekker

          AC, well I’ll up the ante and throw in Ferguson. I Double Dog Dare Them! Trekker Out.

        • boiled frog

          not seattle plz. all the others, ok lol

      21. citizen

        blacklisted from this site and I didn’t do anything

        • admin

          Very few people have been blacklisted from this site in its 6 years… You’re not one of them !

          Thanks ,


          • possee


            Appears the commenting problem has been solved.on my side of the equation.

            It also appears that your site is now overwhelmed by the red thumb brigade..


          • Townsaver


            Webmaster acknowledges the forum!

            Almost all comments hidden.

            Relevance FTW!

            Keep clicking trolls! And try to visit some product sites as well. You will need them.

          • sixpack

            Gee Mac, looks like even YOU got red thumbed and hidden — ON YOUR OWN SITE!

          • WhoWuddaThunkIt

            OK When Macs comments get blasted by about 20 to 25 Red Thumbs it is now confirmed that these Trolls are outside actors targeting this site. Let us know Mac. Where are the Red Thumb IP’s coming from? We can sick Anonymous on them and bring down their scam.

            • sixpack

              What makes you think anonymous isn’t already on it?

      22. Pissed Off Granny

        For an indepth article on the pregnancy vaccine that KY MOM posted in the last subject:

        Rappoport at nomorefakenews dot com.

        Tells who and why.

        • badpuppydog

          Test..a whole lot of chimps are left…a WHOLE lot of them.

      23. Socrates

        Of course a nuke will go off in a major city. They want something so large and terrible 9/11 will look like a walk through the park. Have to have something big enough to instill perma-fear into the sheeple, now that some are waking up. Russia (or others, like Iran) will be blamed. WWIII will get in full swing. Martial law will go into full effect and life as we knew it…will be forever changed.

        Did I miss anything?

        • sixpack

          Only the “preemptive strike” strategy…take out DC, before they facilitate a strike against us.

          I wouldn’t cry for Washington DC either.

          • Kulafarmer

            I might actually throw a party for that one!

        • fishandmud

          @ Socrates : Yea you did. You stated that it would instill permanent-fear into the sheeple. Not a chance. A few months to a year at the most. These dump libtard sheeple will only have the fear until cnn, cnbc, or msm tells them everything is ok. Then it will be business as usual.

        • WhoWuddaThunkIt

          Yes, every false Flag has to keep getting Bigger and Bigger.Just saying. Otherwise people just get desensitized. 5 people in the US had Ebola, and everybody freaked out. Sheesh, hundreds of Thousands die every year from just Hospital infections, and nobody blinks on that one. MSM is Hype.

        • Truth seeker

          Nope, you seem to have nailed it..

      24. Oh for fucks sake

        Oh for fucks sake. You are all retarded. Nuke info has to be true. A hacker predicted it. This is a sorry site

        • sixpack

          Oh for fucks sake, is that all you’ve got?

        • badpuppydog

          +1 for that name

      25. CJ

        So they are going to nuke Chicago? And this is a bad thing?

      26. Realtime Prep

        I live in the Chicago area, and I’ve notice a regular increase in military activity. Especially flying in and out of Ohare. Chicago’s strategic importance has been well documented. Not only as a hub for Air traffic, but ground traffic as well. 2 years ago, Indiana shut down Interstate 90 at the border of Chicago due to extreme weather, NOTHING MOVED… Shipments were extremely late, containers were impossible to find for months. If Ohare, I90, and I80 fall it makes life extremely hard for everyone in this country. Just like our power grid vulnerabilities, this could indeed cripple the US for quite a while.


      27. jeb

        Lol! I guess Paris is too beautiful.

        Why does everyone keep falling back on this Illuminati crapola?

        The evidence is right in front of you… look to the Council on Foreign Relations. In Canada, look to the Council of Chief Executives… every country has one of these – a foundation representing the corporate interests of the 1%.

        Alright, okay! They can be traced back to the Rothschild’s and Weishaupt, but still, who gives a shit “who”?

        Most people don’t even understand “what” – yet the Illuminati crowd is trying to explain “what” by showing “who.”

        If the masses don’t even understand “what” then it matters very little “who dun it.”

        Show WHAT they are doing and the masses will figure out “who” and “what to do with them” on their own.

        Saying “Illuminati” just discredits you, even though you are on the right track. “Elites” does a much better job, although, even then, it is a distraction.

      28. Turnthekey


        • TLBaby

          Pull the string.

      29. White Fox

        Frankly, the nuclear false flag could happen anytime and it would be the ultimate false flag to go for it all. I would not want to live in a major city. Lots of people have been trying to predict it. We’ll know when the world wakes up one day to massive breaking news, panic in the streets, and the POTUS will address the nation shortly from an undisclosed location.

        The new $100 bill folded looks like a missile or tail of an airliner and a mushroom cloud over a city with the golden 100s as fallout.

      30. Son of Liberty

        What is with all these red thumbs on this thread?

        This is nuts.


        Son of Liberty

        • possee


          This site has been attacked by the red thumb brigade


          • WhoWuddaThunkIt

            Give every post a Green Thunk to counter it.

      31. talon1776

        Now that would really be a “windy day” in the “windy city”

      32. medic719

        Sometime in 2015? That is a terrible time table.

      33. german boy

        Why do I think that all the thumbs down are manipulated ?.
        Just ban the site and be done with it, you know its in your best intrests

      34. Medic719

        Seems i have to triple click just to keep up with the thread. What is the world is happening with all these red thumbs. All I said above was I like chicago hot dogs. must be getting close to something for this to be happening.

        • Rebel in Idaho

          Seriously, I can’t read most of the posts today due to red thumbs. I “click to read it” a lot and they are at least worth thinking about so wtf?

      35. Townsaver

        A serious concerted effort to down-vote everything.

        Someone has some serious butt hurt issues.

        You mad bruh?

        Mac – you have truly made it, when non commenters attack everything. Little o they know you get paid per click… so more power to you. The very presence of them make you money! WIN!

      36. possee

        another test

      37. Mike in Va

        Have to euthanize my friend and 13 year old dog tomorrow. Life sucks. I hurt bad right now. I wish all on here could band together and help each other. We are lost otherwise.

        • Townsaver

          Sorry to hear that Mike. If he/she is suffering, you know it is the right thing to do. We stand together, with morals and practices.

          Sometimes even our petty arguments can bring knowledge to light. Not all is lost.

          Stand strong, and end the suffering for your old friend.

        • Jenn

          Mike, I am so sorry. Even though it was a mere 13 years for you, it was a lifetime for your dog. Whher better gift to receive than a full lifetime of friendship and love?

        • sixpack

          Mike, so sorry about your four-legged friend. I went through that just before Christmas 2012. It does hurt…I know it does.

        • JRS

          People say they will never get another dog.

          But, after a little time, get yourself a puppy. You will love your new dog as much as your old friend.

          I had to put mine down a couple years ago. I could not see through the tears as I was digging his grave. One of the worst moments I have had for a long time.

          Got one of his pups soon after and he looks just like his dad did. I love him just as much…he is my “new” best friend.

          • WhoWuddaThunkIt

            That’s what I would tell any Girlfriend when she started taking about having kids, I would say how about I get you a puppy. lol If you then break up, there is no Child Puppy support to have to pay. lol Puppies are cheaper.

            Like the Joke goes, If you locked both your wife and dog in the car trunk for a few hours, and when you open it up, who will be happy to see you? That’s unconditional love. lol

        • Sgt. Dale

          Sorry man!!!
          My best friend will be 7 in Jan. When I have to say good-by to him It will be a very, very dark day. Just remember you love him and he loved you back and remember all the good times you had with him.
          Get an other dog. He won’t replace him but you can give him the love you gave your old dog and he will love you back 10 fold!!!

          • WhoWuddaThunkIt

            Sgt- Is that 7 years in Dog life or is really just 1 YO? lol

        • Indy Colts

          @Mike in VA, sorry for your loss my brother. I’ll say a prayer for you because I know that will be hard. May GOD fill that void in your life. Think about the good times and the full life your friend had and hopefully your heart will slowly hear.

          I’m taking my friend to a VET specialists on Friday because he has a black spot in the middle of his eye. He’s the most loyal creature I know next to my wife.

        • KY Mom

          Mike in Va,

          Sorry to hear about your dog. I understand.

          A few years ago we had to euthanize our 15 year old shepherd/collie mix dog. Friendly, smart, loyal, and gentle, he was a wonderful dog and a valued part of our family. Toward the end, he was in poor health and suffering. I still miss him sometimes.

          With time, it will get easier. You will remember the funny and good times.

          Keep open the option to get another dog. (We did.) Something to consider. With the weak economy, there are many fine dogs at Humane societies. They would truly appreciate being rescued and taken to a good home. (We got our shepherd/collie mix as a puppy from such a place.)

          Take care! Just take one day at a time.

          KY Mom

        • Ghost Rider

          Hey Mike,
          Loosing a pet is always difficult since they are a member of your family. Good luck through this tough time.


      38. BJ

        This is ridiculous and disgusting. What is most maddening is that Mac isn’t paying attention or doesn’t care.

        Four years ago when I was having a deeper awakening and found this site I was spread out over 12-15 different current event /prepper sites……over time I widdled it down to just ONE…..right here. Then the posting style was changed, making it impossible and keep up with all the comments and even ones to just you unless they put your name in the post for you to search out. You can have a comment at the bottom of the page that is 5 hours newer than a post at the top….thee only site I have frequented that does this? While most all other sites do a much easier and common sense style of a “quote” system when replying to another poster and making it so much easier to follow the conversation chronogically. BUT this thumb BS is ridiculous. If it were just the green red thumb thing…so what. It would only matter to narcissistic immature insecure idiots that found validation in a lot of green thumbs from their groupies. And red thumbs in the times in which we live where In a time of universal deceit – telling the truth is a revolutionary act…..especially to the dinosaurs stuck in their matrix, would be a high number…..but the damn post should still be visible. BUT NO……..we have to have the complete broke system of ‘once the groupie hater anti freedom of speech morons’ give a person enough red thumbs…..that person post disappears. Now someone/s has come through and red thumbed the shit out of all of them. I was reposting so peoples comments could be seen…..even the ones I thought were just wrong, idiotic or by posters I do not like one bit…..but this is too much.

        • PKLL

          BJ: Yup….doesn’t care and laughing all the way to the bank….

          • BJ


      39. MommaD

        Prays for you Mike! Sorry to hear that.

      40. ridiculous

        its not hard. all it takes is one hard-core, government loving, liberal to call 10 of his friends, and have everyone come here and start logging on/off their computers, red thumbing every time.

        if you google “shtf” this site comes up first, im surprised is took this long for the red thumb trolls to show.

        • BJ

          So red thumbers are liberals? Govt lovers? You people are hilariously sad. Why can’t red thumbers be right wingers or independants? COnstitutionalists? Libertarians?

          • Baron

            Honestly, if you can’t leave the political mind control at the door, then how are you ever going to see what’s really going down?

            There are no political parties any more, there’s just idiots who think there is a difference. What? You think any American want’s anything that different from your own self?
            If you do then you’re listening to liars.

            What we need is political party call the Bill of Rights Rulers. The hell with these other two corrupted ass kissing corporate owned machines.

      41. Johnson J

        All these REd Thumbs.

      42. Miss DeeDee

        Mike ,
        Sorry for your loss. We are all with you. We except the red thumbs that are determined to shut this site down. Looks like Mac may have to ajust his hidden comment policy to foil their efforts.
        Take Care Mike
        — Miss Dee Dee

        • TLBaby

          I agree, Miss Dee Dee. I don’t see the point in hiding comments anyway.

          • BJ

            That’s what I have been trying to say for some time now…..funny how no one paid attention or just didn’t care because it was just me complaining. Now we see the problem in a big way last night and now all the sudden it has everyones attention and many are saying the same thing I have been for some time.

            • Miss DeeDee

              Many here were of the same mind as you but when Eisenturd/Sybil lost all control of his mental function the option of just thumbing him away was the simple and most expeditious way of moving this site forward without complete censorship. It was a relief to get back to learning valuable information once again.We should have known at that time it was not a wise plan. Unfortunately, In my opinion this site is becoming a refuge for hate speach and bickering from all points of view. That will cause the ultimate demise of all Mac’s hard work and patience with all of us.
              — Miss Dee Dee

              • BJ

                Need to have a forum to go and debate, argue or just all and out brawl and one for good information, how to’s, connections and meeting if people so choose etc. etc.

                I know that the worse things get and the more I learn the more pissed off I get and it definitely shows in my posts in the last year or so.

                • Miss DeeDee

                  I agree with you.
                  Life was so much more simple when I was uninformed.
                  — Miss Dee Dee

      43. Charley Waite

        Flattered that someone feels the banter we have here every day is worth a concentrated spam attack of red thumbs. We must be hitting some nerves!

        • sixpack

          Maybe we need to hit that nerve a little harder.

          • WhoWuddaThunkIt

            Pound the Red Thumbs, hit it harder with exposing Tribe Corruption. BTW/ you sure don’t see “BarnCat’ popping in here and posting anything do ya? Capt Obvious!!

      44. AMartinez no not that one!

        Red thumbs, obozo’s supporters!!!!!

      45. Adamantium

        A sad state of affairs when someone is capable of spending their time down voting comments on a website to the scale of 10 to 1. Is this what welfare pays for? Is this the “47%”? So quick speak about freedom of speech from one side of the mouth, while denying others who you disagree with? Hypocrits, all of them.’


        • BJ

          It looked like an across the board red thumbing of all posts….so the hypocrite statement in this case wouldn’t apply

      46. watching and waiting

        Ah! Cyber red thumb attack…….

      47. bulldog

        i have listen to american dumbasses talk about the banking cabal, and the nwo crowd all my life and they are still running things, does that mean america is a nation of fools and cowards, i think so.

      48. sixpack

        We need to spread out and see if this is happening to other related sites, or just this one. I’m kinda curious. Some other sites have stopped this red thumb shit by using Disqus. You can green thumb any time (once per IP) but you have to sign in to disqus to red thumb or leave a comment. It has stopped the multiple red thumbs.

        …then again, doing this red thumb shit, would be a good way to force sites to use a service like Disqus to stop it…hmmmm, makes you think…

        • Billy Hill

          I haven’t joined disqus and will not. I don’t do linkdin, my-face or reddit either.

          If this site goes that route I’ll leave.

          Forum = Green thumb
          Disqus = Red thumb

          I’d rather see the thumbs removed completely. If you like a comment, speak up about it.

          • Billy Hill

            Thanks Mac!!!

        • WhoWuddaThunkIt

          Yes Six, I mentioned the same thing above. I don’t like posting to Disqus, as I think they track and log all your posts history for anybody to see. Same with any email comment posting sites like Yahoo or AOL. I don’t need those kind of problems. Cause I let it rip and tell it like I see it, good or bad, and call everybody out. How are we ever to remain successful as a country or society, unless we call out those wishing to bring us down in destruction or dumbing down the population. I like waking people up. Screw that PC BS. I like calling in on CSPAN, and let it rip before they finally cut me off too with their delayed broadcast of about 5 seconds delay. They limit us to one call in a month if you can get it. Speed dial Baby!!

        • BJ

          That wouls be worse……same outcome as this system……just more BS for the patrons.

          WTF is wrong with all the people here….even the smart respectable ones?

          If everyone must have such a childish voting system for their insecure asses, go to a system that doesnt censor people.

      49. CorrectPrep

        Mark my words – there will be no nuke. It is in the best interest of every country to keep this consumer country going. Whether it is oil or cheap crappy products, we keep this world moving.

      50. aljamo

        I can’t believe the all the thumbed to another level posts. I can no longer read the comments with this older phone. When I do click to read it takes forever and then most of them never come up. It is depressing! Is there a logical explanation for all the hidden posts? How about getting rid of the thumbs thing?

        • Kulafarmer

          Theyll get bored and go away

      51. CJ

        In before the red thumb.

      52. Copperhead

        Old RAHM needs the money. Looks like SHTFPLAN has struck some nerves, keep up the good work everyone. With all the red thumbs flying and we still wonder why America is like it is. The TRUTH will set you free.


        • JoeBlow

          Red thumbs are the leftist trolls posting from mommy’s basement after waking up at noon and heading out to Starbucks to get their $10 cafe latte half caf decaf soymilk hemp flavoured drink with their food stamp card.

          Not enough that leftists MURDERED 100 mm last century, I guess. Nor are these leftists smart enough to realize that, as Che once said “Yes, of course the campesinos support us. But after the revolution is complete, they too will be liquidated.”

          Any unthinking “Yes we can” chanter out to have a clue by now, given that as a group they owe $1 TRILLION in student debt, but some people just never learn

      53. KY Mom

        White House reaches carbon emissions agreement with China…

        DEAL: U.S. to make sharp REDUCTIONG by 2025; China to keep INCREASING emissions until 2030…

        Drudge Report

          • Kulafarmer

            Im going to do my share,
            Ill stop producing food for market,
            Cue evil laugh
            Wont need to do all those pesky polluting deliveries or spend all that time running the walk in or ac in the packing room
            Wont need to run the tractor or atv for harvesting and planting

          • JoeBlow

            The famed, late Dr. Michael Crichton on the ignorant, anti-science BIG GREEN MONEY scamsters:

            “I want to …talk about … the rise of what has been called consensus science. I regard consensus science as an extremely pernicious development that ought to be stopped cold in its tracks. Historically, the claim of consensus has been the first refuge of scoundrels; it is a way to avoid debate by claiming that the matter is already settled. … Let’s be clear: the work of science has nothing whatever to do with consensus. Consensus is the business of politics. Science, on the contrary, requires only one investigator who happens to be right, which means that he or she has results that are verifiable by reference to the real world. In science consensus is irrelevant. What is relevant is reproducible results…There is no such thing as consensus science. If it’s consensus, it isn’t science. If it’s science, it isn’t consensus… Consensus is invoked only in situations where the science is not solid enough. Nobody says the consensus of scientists agrees that E = mc². Nobody says the consensus is that the sun is 93 million miles away. It would never occur to anyone to speak that way.”

            Incidentally, the consensus argument was also used by Adolf Hitler against Einstein. Below is a screen dump of One Hundred Authors against Einstein, from Of course, Einstein simply noted, why 100? Only one would be needed, if his data were correct. (“If I were wrong, then one would have been enough.” – Albert Einstein’s response to the 1931 pamphlet “100 authors against Einstein,” commissioned by the Nazi Party as a contradiction to the Relativity Theory) And of course Einstein pro-actively passed on his results to Eddington, so they could be verified – compare this to the ClimateGate scam, where faked “research” was shown to be intentionally hidden.

            BTW, KYM, I changed my screen name. The puerile leftist trolls on this site had my number, so I changed my name.

            • badpuppydog

              Joe Blow…i guess you are unaware that EINSTEIN was a complete FRAUD. All he did was steal some of Teslas ideas and pass them off as his own as many did including edison. TESLA was the real genius folks..not einstein.

            • badpuppydog

              Joe..if I read one more Hitler bashing post it’s gonna be on again…I’m sick of your lies.

        • Macro

          There goes another large chunk of the economy…

          • KY Mom


            My thoughts exactly.

        • WhoWuddaThunkIt

          KY MOM, While it all sounds good it is really about Depopulation. Read the inner details.

        • JoeBlow

          Worse, people are still gullible enough to buy into the scam of global warming. Lessee, Coldest Oct. – Mar winter period last year on over 100 years; same period in Asia, due to cold, people died and rice crop froze in southern China/northern Thailand; NASA reported THE coldest temp EVER of -135.8F; Antarctic ice at all time EVER record extent; Arctic ice up 50-60%, depending on study; even the co-opted IPCC now admits that there has been ZERO global warming since 1998, possibly longer; John Coleman, founder of Weather Channel, has literally called AGW a “scam” (as has Dr. Richard Lindzen, prof of atmospheric science at MIT, and Dr. Gray, the #1 hurricane forcecaster in the word – all using the word “scam.”). And say, what about ALL those hurricanes we’ve been having! (Actually, at century old record lows). Then there’s CLIMATEGATE, the lying leftist jackazzes think we forgot about, along with that idiot hockey stick and “hide the decline.”

          As you see, my intellectually honest friends, the whole thing is a scam, pushed along by ignorant, anti-science shills. Sad, really.

      54. Sgt. Dale

        Shitcago. Other that the deaths of innocent people. Us Folk from Down State Don’t care!!!! Most of us would like to see Shitcago leave Illinois.
        False Flag who knows? Until we deal with this Muslim problem we are going to see many, many years of war and attacks. Then we would only have one enemy the NWO!

        Off Topic: Be gone for a few days. Going Deer hunting at BOL#2. All you great folks stay safe.

        • WhoWuddaThunkIt

          My nephew just nailed a nice 10-Pt Buck up in Wisc Bow hunting.

          • Kulafarmer

            Cool beans!

        • Pissed Off Granny


          I am pondering your post.

          You said we need to take care of the Muslim problem and after that we would only have one ENEMY, the NWO.

          I agree, but with the Muslim problem taken care of, according to a lot of posters and the MSM, that should be the end all of most problems.

          So with the Muslims contained just who is the architects of this NWO, that you recognize as an enemy? Scores of posts with quotes and links to back them up have pointed them out. No one who has been posting here long can feign ignorance it has all been exposed.

          David Rockefeller stated America and the world will have a NWO whether we like it or not. He, along with Z. Brezezinski are the architects of the Trilateral Commission. Brez is also one of the architects of Obamas’ campaign.

          I would like to see your answer. Thanks!

          • Anonymous

            Sorry some in this crowd call any facts against what they have LITERALLY been brainwashed as the greatest victims in history “hate speech”

      55. JRS

        Will the administrator of this site kindly disable the “hidden due to low comment rating” feature so we can read the comments.

        Thank you in advance.

      56. Socrates

        Yes, it appears the trolls have discovered ‘proxies’.

        Little do they know the NSA closely watches all of those too and your activities do not go unnoticed. Might be time to use a verified ‘token’ system like PGP in that only verified posters receive a ‘token’ and then only they in turn can vote up or down. Want to play games? You have no idea what kind of smack down you are cruising for.

        • BJ

          As smart as you are Satori… are merely guessing. This site does not have hard enough core threats to warrant any sort of attack or even too much of a threat to the big boys.

      57. badpuppydog

        I’m writing this post for one reason only..I’m asking for red read that right…I WANT EVERY SINGLE FUCKING ONE OF YOU THAT READS THIS POST TO RED THUMB ME….I don’t want to see one green thumb…..I want this post to have 100 red thumbs…….let see what you have red thumb trolls…I want this fucking post to have the most red thumbs EVER…maybe this will help…fuck, fuck,fuck , FUCKITY , fuck. Shit, shit, shit, shit.

        • badpuppydog

          six..I have gone way beyond those topics you mentioned…That whole ” red thumb ” post I did was all about trying to get mac to scrap the stupid up/down vote thing..which he did thank god…the red thumb garbage is just a form of censorship. If you want red thumbs here all you gotta do is start talking about ADOLPH HITLER and people lose their f***ing minds.

      58. badpuppydog

        I’m writing this post for one reason only..I’m asking for red read that right…I WANT EVERY SINGLE FUCKING ONE OF YOU THAT READS THIS POST TO RED THUMB ME….I don’t want to see one green thumb…..I want this post to have 100 red thumbs…….let see what you have red thumb trolls…I want this fucking post to have the most red thumbs EVER…maybe this will help…fuck, fuck,fuck , FUCKITY , fuck. Shit, shit, shit, shit.

        • JoeBlow

          I just want you to grow up. Or quit posting. No red thumbs from me

          • badpuppydog

            Joe blow-me…you couldn’t hold my jockstrap you brain washed lemming. You could always take your ass somewhere else if you can’t handle the truth being posted here.

        • Stolz Vorfahren

          BPD….if folks are still under the assumption that troll attack via red thumbs is bad, just wait to see when these SOB’s actually start the real attack. Look at it this way..they want to stop the spread of the TRUTH and once they realize it is impossible so the next phase would be to implement their final plan.

          And if we still have doubtful souls then it is too late for them.

          • Anonymous

            Stolz <<< mega- genius

          • badpuppydog

            Stolz…we better enjoy this while we can..the noahide laws are going to kick in soon.

            • badpuppydog

              and what’s with all the green thumbs? I said red!


              • sixpack

                …ya can’t always git whatcha want…

      59. badpuppydog

        I have no idea why that posted twice ^^^^ just red thumb the fuck out of both of them…and red thumb the dickens out of this one too please.

        • Truth seeker

          I will give you one red and one green, just to be fair to both posts.

          • badpuppydog

   are officially my new hero. :>)

        • Archivist

          Those people don’t get up this early, or they’re in school and can’t red-thumb until after supper and they’re back in Mommy’s basement.

          • Stolz Vorfahren

            Actually is early afternoon in Tel Aviv so maybe their fingers are tired.

            • badpuppydog


      60. Truth seeker

        I lived and worked in and around Chicago most of my life. I can tell you that, this may not be as far fetched as people would like to believe. I have worked in some very prominent location in the city as well as trained as a firefighter, EMT and, Emergency Management in the Chicago area. My experiences in what they train the emergency responders for as well as how they are preparing the Hospitals tells me that, the powers that be know something is coming.I left Chicago a couple of years ago after, talking to several colleagues who were retiring from very high official positions (some in Chicago, some in surrounding cities). Everyone of them were moving as far away from Chicago as they could get, some out of the country. They told me, to start planning to move and get as far away as I can. They never said or, pointed out a particular reason but, they said to get out if I could. I was also told that, if I stayed in Chicago that, I should keep an eye on all Politicians retired and active with special emphasis on Former Mayor Daley. I was told that if you see or hear of them going on an extended vacation all around the same time, to be ready to move fast. Now, I’m not sure if my colleagues left because of fears of civil unrest, Biological or nuclear attack or, any of a hundred different reasons. What I do know this, the look in their eyes was real and, you feel and hear the fear in their voices when they talked. These were people that took their jobs very seriously, they loved the communities they served. That is why I left like they did.

      61. Kevin2

        I seriously doubt the validity of this but if it happens from here on out you’ll have my undivided attention. Actually you’ll have the attention of everyone.

      62. TEST

        Karen Hudes is a graduate of Yale Law School and she worked in the legal department of the World Bank for more than 20 years. In fact, when she was fired for blowing the whistle on corruption inside the World Bank, she held the position of Senior Counsel.

        Her thoughts on the nuke situation? Here her in her own words:

        Karen Hudes on South Carolina nuke

        BTW, given the idiot troll out, I have changed my name. You will know who what my former name is most likely if you have ever taken a test

        • badpuppydog

          Test? seriously? Karen Hudes from the ” tribe ” HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

      63. Archivist

        I don’t know if this is noteworthy, but I have seen an increase in the numbers of real copper pennies in my pocket change. I just checked my pocket. I only empty it when it gets heavy. 12 out of 27 pennies were copper, and one was a wheat penny from 1957. I think some people are raiding their old stashes for spending money.

        Keep saving your pre-1982 copper pennies and all your nickels, especially WWII nickels containing silver.

      64. Old Guy

        The site has been hijacked by the red thumb troll,s? any road my opinion is the thumb up or thumb down (ive gotten my fair share of both) is censorship by mob rule. So im gone until the whole thumb up or thumb down & hiding comments is done away with. Goodby & good luck.

        • infidel6actual

          could be

          this site

          was only flypaper

        • Stolz Vorfahren

          OG… I thought you are pro censorship?

          • Old Guy

            Your free to think whatever you wish. The fact is everyone has the right to voice their opinions. We all have the counstitional right,s of freedom of the press & freedom of speech. The real test is do you support the rights of those you disagree with. Kudos to Mac for doing away with the thumb up or down feature. If you disagree simply debate the facts. Don’t call names and attack the messenger just because you don’t like the message.

        • BJ

          “censorship by mob rule”

          Finally something I can agree with you on.

          Thanks Mac for starting to pay attention and fix things and I for one, like what I see in the newer new commenting policy….it has changed from an hour or so ago again 🙂

      65. Wolverine

        Hang all hackers, spam senders, spies , rumor spreading treason talking scum. Like this guys doing us a favor. Tomarrow he will be listening to your privet conversation.

      66. Pissed Off Granny

        News from the ACA (Obamacare):

        Just another Harvard graduate and 100 most influential people in health care:

        Jonathan Gruber

        Was caught on tape bragging about a few things about Obamacare.

        Obamacare details, he said, needed to be concealed from the people in order to pass. And the people had to be kept “stupid” and Obamacare supporters had to lie about the whole thing.

        Overall, Gruber would rather have lied than been honest and see it fail. That is all on an original video when Gruber was speaking among friends.

        • Stolz Vorfahren

          POG, Name called “Gruber” gives me cold sweat….. Sounds like an integrator doing water boarding in hotel California saying submit to the tribal masters.

          • BJ

            reminds me of “Die Hard” LoL

        • Kulafarmer

          101 reasons for NOMFI

      67. GoneWithTheWind

        Bat shit crazy…
        No not the crazy nut making this crazy claim but those who believe him. Bat shit crazy!

      68. George Washington

        Hopefully Obama and Holder are in town and close by when it happens.

      69. Satori

        well this article certainly pulls no punches

        Obama In China: Taking Candy From A Baby…rtner=yahootix

        “Chinese leader Xi Jinping knows something Barack Obama doesn’t: America is finished. The U.S. economy is an ocean liner holed below the waterline. In the stateroom, the band plays on – but, on the bridge, the outcome is clear.

        With the arguable exception of the late-era Soviet Union, America is sinking faster than any Great Power in history.”

        • Kevin2

          I don’t know if this is an accurate assessment relative to China. The US has sufficient indigenous food and energy unlike China. At present the US has enough industrial capacity to maintain the war machine and a technological base second to none. While the economy is predicated upon the USD maintaining reserve currency status loosing that status deprives the debt holders like China their wealth invested in same.

          We fall the world falls. That being said all of us will fall. Far too much worldwide is supported by far too little. The entire world is over leveraged.

      70. badpuppydog

        LOL ! mac took away the power from the red thumbers !!! victory !!
        wtg mac…scrap that piece of crap system for good it is censorship.

        • JoeBlow

          Yep, great. Poor leftist trolls will now have to revert back to watching “Love Boat” re-runs in mommy’s basement, as they pay off a collective $1 TRILLION in student debt for degrees in such areas as 18th C Belgian Lesbian Musicology, and worse.

          Heck, and for once, even BPD is right, with nary a word about Jewish people…

          • badpuppydog

            joe blow….thanks so much for the kind words :>)

          • badpuppydog

            “18th C Belgian Lesbian Musicology ” <<<<< That had me rolling there joe

      71. Kulafarmer

        I love it,,,
        Mac, you da man!
        Ten thumbs up bud

      72. Macro

        Someone thumb-attacked this website?
        It must have been the government!
        It was a false flag!
        It was the banksters!
        It was the Bilderbergs!
        It was the Jews!

        Laughing my ass off @ the conspiracy theorists!

        • Smooth Criminal

          Apparently you have never heard of the Hasbara Fellowship or the Internet Haganah? These Israeli trolls attack sites all day, every day. They are paid to do so. Definitely not a conspiracy as it is publicly acknowledged.

          • Macro

            Oh I’ve heard of them alright, it’s just that I doubt they’d waste their time on small potatoes like the conspiracy theorists here. These idiots have no impact except on each other.
            Strange that you’d pick the Jews off my list and blame them. What? Never heard of the NSA? Never heard of Russia or China? Why not blame them?

            Hey Smooth Criminal – “Thumbs Down” to you!

            • badpuppydog


            • BJ


              people here are more paranoid than necessary. I dont think it had anything to do with trolls, left or right and it damn sure didnt have anythign to do with govt, ours or the khazarian terrorist israel

            • Smooth Criminal

              Macro-such hostility in your post, it is apparent I hit a nerve. Being a condescending prick is not going to get you anywhere on this site big guy.

              The people that frequent SHTF are fully awake and offer valuable perspectives on a multitude of issues.

              Enclosing, screw you and the horse you rode in on.

              • Macro

                “In closing” is two words, dumbass.
                And for your education, since your mommy and daddy failed to provide it, I’ll say whatever I want on this site. If the admin doesn’t like it, they can kick me off. Not you, got it?

                Forget the horse. Fuck you!

              • sixpack

                I would prefer the horse in this instance…

            • Smooth Criminal

              Macro- You seem a little upset their big guy. No need to be a condescending dick because your precious tribe got called out. By the way, what is Russia? What is China? I guess I have never heard of them before. What a lame a**.

      73. Smooth Criminal


        Well done taking the trolls tool away. No we can continue to have some honest discourse on this site.

        • badpuppydog


          • Smooth Criminal

            badpuppydog-I checked out the site justice for germans that you mentioned. I found it interesting, thanks for the tip.

            • badpuppydog

     pleasure…great site isn’t it? Everyone should check that out who seeks truth.

      74. infidel6actual

        Red thumbs do not work when you are opposed by the Obama Regime, and their army of hackers.

        SHTF website is important for ebola intel as the mainstream media have agreed to non report ebola cases.

        I have only been monitoring for a month, yet I gave noted red thumb attacks have increased significantly the last week.

        Even the Washington Post does not give red thumb options on posts.

        • sixpack

          I thought the WaPo just didn’t want it to look like people disagreed with their masters…

      75. Enemy of the State

        I never paid any attention to the “thumbs” I got
        positive or negative ,, it never changed the way I think , or how I view things in my country or others

        My opinion is just that, Mine

        no one owns my thoughts , or could change them with a red or green thumb anyways

      76. BJ

        Wow, I see the “awaiting moderation” time is way way faster…..thanks Mac

        • admin

          BJ, it’d be even faster if you utilized an email addy in that comment submission field (even a fake one). Then it’ll be instant because you are a trusted user.

          No wait times for comments once the system “recognizes” you.

          User login system coming soon though, and that will make it much easier all around. (Also, anonymous posting will still be available for those who prefer not to register).

      77. BJ

        testing the email thing

      78. BJ

        Oh wow, all this time and I never understood that…..cooool!

      79. Burt Gummer

        Make sure obummer is visiting first.

      80. BellicoseFerret
      81. Baron

        Look just find that the PNAC Gang and their associates and put them under lock and key for life, which is where they belong, and the odds of this happening are going to be reduced about 99%.

        Wake up people, it’s corporate black ops running the games and has been for a long time. Immune from almost everything and protected by stooges sitting in benchs and behind blue lights.

        Evacuate if you can. Figure civilization is already collapsing because of insane nut cases called CEO’s and the odds of turning this around are near zero. So just figure it’s going to collapse, and by that I mean civilization is going to collapse. You can see it’s already started, hell it started in 2008 when the last bits of the rule of law went out the window.

      82. johnfornaro

        Well… Fortunately, the headline didn’t say “All Hell will break Loose”, so that’s encouraging.

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