Top Economic Forecaster Warns: Have Cash On Hand To Survive For Three Months: “No Institution Is Safe”

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    Economic forecaster Martin Armstrong, who is known for having accurately predicted major events like the Savings & Loan crash, the collapse of Japanese financial markets and the destruction of the Russian economy almost to the day, says that a major turning point is coming to the global paradigm this October. While stopping short of calling for an all out crash, Armstrong’s cyclical turning point of 2015.75 suggests that very big changes are set to take place.

    But how do you prepare for the uncertainty of what’s to come?

    Armstrong says you’d better have some cash on hand for short-term disruptions, just in case your financial institution shuts down like they did in Greece:

    No institution is safe for all can be closed by decree, including credit unions. This is true of safe deposit boxes as well. They may not confiscate it, but they can deny access. PLAN B should be an amount of cash that is enough to live on for at least one month if not three months insofar as basic essentials, not mortgages, etc. Effectively this is food money and gas for the car. Gold coins will not help in this case, nor will silver coins, for we are not talking about trying to preserve wealth; this is the emergency stash for living purposes in case you need CASH, which is recognized by everyone. Try explaining a silver quarter to a teenage clerk who has no authority to accept a quarter for more than a quarter. Precious metals will be more of an underground economy of barter; it will not be useful at the local supermarket.

    Also, keep in mind that cash could come in handy in a computer failure, whereas you cannot access a bank, exchange, etc. just to survive for there could be a scenario where not even plastic credit cards or debt cards would offer any help.

    Source: Armstrong Economics

    If America goes the way of Greece and the government enacts capital controls you can fully expect hours-long lines at ATM machines and banks just to get your daily allotment of $50 – $100. That, of course, is not enough for the majority of Americans to cover their most basic expenses including mortgage payments, food, and other necessary expenditures.

    In such a scenario, having a one to three month reserve of cash will come in handy.

    And though Armstrong says that gold and silver will likely not be accepted at your local super market, he has also previously noted that gold itself is an asset of last resort to preserve wealth in a situation where the public has lost confidence in their governing bodies. Thus, while you may not be able to hand a pre-1965 junk silver quarter to your grocery clerk in the immediate aftermath of a financial emergency, barter markets will likely emerge just like they did in Greece following the initial collapse of that country and at that point trading directly with gold, silver or other physical assets like liquor, cigarettes and food may become commonplace.

    It should be clear that something is very wrong in financial markets. There is a wide body of evidence confirming this assessment, but most recently we learned that China has dumped over half a trillion in dollar-denominated assets and many of the same scenarios we saw in 2008 are playing out all over again.

    While forecasters like Armstrong understand that the system under which we currently operate is set to fail, what’s difficult to predict is exactly how such a collapse may play out.

    Thus, preparing for a wide range of potential scenarios is in order and that means positioning yourself to survive a short-term disruption to the regular flow of commerce, as well as longer-term scenarios that affect the credit markets and the systems that depend on them.

    Should the system buckle we can expect widespread rioting, panic and confusion, something for which the government has been actively training personnel to handle on a mass scale.

    Significant changes are coming. Be ready for them.


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      1. Ferfal in Argentina, said having silver coins was definitely something to have when no one wouldn’t/couldn’t take currency. I have all of those elements. Cash Gold/Silver junk silver. Dig in folks.

        • As noted above I agree that cash in the form of dollar bills will be the currency of choice in the immediate aftermath of the collapse plus all those preps we have been accumulating. PMs of all kinds for security and diversification.

          • Paper “money” will be the first thing to go when the store-bought economy collapses. There’s only enough coin to make every cent (yes, even the cheaper copper-plated zinc ones) worth what “$10” in paper is currently “worth” (accepted as). That’s where money should be in price. Now, the argument that “everybody–especially the rich, or government–will hoard coin” is counterable by reverting to straightforward barter until “Caesar” wants to spend some of that money he’s been “given unto”. Anything of value–except perishables, even those up to a point–is exchangeable for something else. That’s where coin got its start, being valuable metal exchanged and preservable as value in itself. Having some (crooked) government’s stamp on it shouldn’t necessarily mean anything–especially if it’s only a piece of paper!

            • Coins are fine but definitely not convenient for any major purchase unless you are using gold or silver coins. Paper money will still be of value until it is replaced by another means of exchange. Even in a high inflation situation dollars are likely to be the currency of exchange unless you live next to Canada or Mexico.

        • See just like I said last article, this guy refers to pre 1964-5 US Coins as junk silver as well. Go for it scrappers, as much junk as you want is out there. Then when you want to buy something you spend hours trying to convincve the seller its real silver. Just gi fir thw 1 Oz Stamped Rounds .999 pure.

          • I am all for one ounce rounds, but I believe that a currency event will lead to a very rapid adjustment on the part of merchants… It won’t take long for most to understand that pre-65 dimes, quarters and halves have 90% silver… If the currency hyperinflates over a period of days and weeks, most will learn very quickly what has value and that includes coins… IMHO

            • i trust “junk” silver coins MUCH more than a silver round…i DON’T recognize THEM, but i DO recognize pre 1965 coins!

              • Then you will be sacrificing a lot of business if you don’t.

              • Lots of fake junk silver on the market. You can buy fake dimes for 50 cents. Shtf I bet you will start seeing lots of fake castings. I wouldn’t trust anything.

                • There was a coin dealer or two that was had in the boston area a few years ago buying junk-literally junk “silver” . should’ve done the ring test.

            • I like those shiny 1 oz coins but also believe the pre 65 coins will be the ticket. Also, just because, my wife and I have been collecting all our coins in large jars for 25 years. Pennies in one, nickles in another and dimes and quarters in the others. We often wonder how much we have. Both our kids of course think it’s for them. Hah!

              • i have seen many kids that WILL end up with their parent’s stuff!…at least they’ll TRY to end up with it! once-upon-a-time there was a civil war, and it sure as hell wasn’t civil…brother against brother, fathers against sons….THAT’S what I EXPECT…no respect for ANYbody out of kids these days. the entitlement generation. hope your lifetime of collecting doesn’t end up being a months worth of food for 30…with YOU not being invited…

                • Not mine they won’t end up with….
                  One hand washes the other… my hands washed them until they left home….
                  Their hands have done NOTHING….

                • buttcrackofdoom, you’re the entitlement generation that voted for Medicare, Medicaid, and union jobs that drove any decent production overseas. Take your pension, SSI, and preps and shove em up your ass. See if big daddy Government will take care of you very shortly! You put my country down the toilet and sold our futures down the river for your cushy retirement.

                  • Eric,

                    Thanks for showing that big blowhard where the truth lies, he’d rather fight a war that’s been over with for 150 years than hear that.

                    • Eric and Andy, WHOA! I think you both misunderstood part of his post. As I recall, it was LBJ and Congress that came up with medicare and medicaid as part of that Great Society BS that turned this country into a welfare state and we the people never had any say so about it. We never had any say so about union jobs either. BTW, in case you never noticed, not only manufacturing jobs but even a lot of union jobs were lost thanks to NAFTA, GATT, you know, that “free trade” crap? we the people were never consulted about losing our manufacturing base, either, so hell no, none of us ever voted for any of that shit. Both of you need to do some research in the worst way.

                    • Nope…. You can thank your ruling class politicians for that..LBJ said ( when they passed great society legislation) “we’ll have these n!gger$ voting for us for the next 100 years”. It’s ALL design to control the general masses.

                    • LSB,

                      I love how you try to portray yourselves as helpless innocents who had no say in anything that happened to you. You say it was because of your representatives that you were forced into these programs. Well, who exactly voted for these representatives anyway? They just didn’t show up by magic, did they? Why didn’t people recruit and elect representatives who would reverse these programs if they were so unpopular? I’m sure there were plenty on the republican side who would have been happy to do just that, but democrats would go on to control the congress for decades until the 90’s. So, we can safely assume that there were plenty of people outside of the black vote that found these programs to their liking because there was never any effort, even of the most feeble, by any politician to get rid of them because it would have been political suicide to attempt it. So, we know SOMEBODY out there must have liked all the promised freebies, because if it was only the black vote supporting democrats in the mid sixties, they would have been roundly defeated by the overwhelming white majority that existed at that time. So, maybe you didn’t vote for them but your parents certainly did, and your generation just decided to go along with the program because, let’s be honest, you wanted the benefits for yourselves someday too, so please, don’t offer up this childish ” It wasn’t our fault mommy, THEY did it to us” explanation, it’s a load of horse manure and I believe you’re aware of it, but I don’t expect you’ll ever be honest enough as a generation to admit it, it’s just easier to blame it the younger generations for everything being a mess, and more importantly, it absolves your generation of any blame for why things are the way they are now.

                  • Eric…or should I call you Mr Rude? The entitlement generation did not vote for Medicare, Medicade, SS, on and on. It was our representatives in the past who started all that. We were required to pay into these programs. Many times in my past, I listened to people complain about being required to do this. Many of us could have invested our extra funds much more wisely. Butt crack had nothing at all to do with your country taking the big dump.

                    • Or, put it this way…Mr Rude, get your nose out of Mr. Butt Cracks face.

                    • LSB, spot on. I wouldn’t blame BCOD if he farted in their faces. They deserve it.

                  • Screw those unions, with there 40 hour work weeks,overtime,safe working conditions….

                    • Well, there’s enough blame to go around, but we’re doing what they want us to do ( Who’s ‘they’? The ones stealing the resources of our country that we’ve worked to secure all these years.) All famous and infamous military leaders know this: Divide and conquer. Remember this, all of you and this advice I heed myself. When we argue among ourselves, we divide and end up fighting. From being fractionalized we’re perpetually conquered by our common enemy. We’re all taken advantage of by these ‘leaders’ who ‘lead’ us down the path to slavery.
                      It’s going to be hard on everyone. The government only gave money that they’d already taken from us without our consent in the first place. No matter what many believe the “electors” elect the president–the rest is scam. Read the constitution. This gift from politicians didn’t come from them digging into their own pockets, but from us all these many years. It’s going to stop for everyone anyway because we’re worse than bankrupt, so we’re going to all be subject to starvation and maybe worse. They’ve ‘looted’ us of everything and now we need to stand shoulder to shoulder. No use in fighting among ourselves, we have too much to lose and nothing to gain by not thinking where our strength lies. It lies in numbers and a common goal and commitments to self-preservation and in helping others. It lies in much self-sacrifice and knowledge of who the enemy really is.
                      We’re going to need all these things to just make it and turn this all around. And we can do it if we stop telling ourselves it’s over and we can’t. It’s never over unless you quit, and if we want to live and see our families live, we can’t quit but unite!
                      I think of this great American who fore-warned all of us,
                      Thomas Jefferson who so aptly once said:

                      “I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies . . . If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around [the banks] . . . will deprive the people of all property until their children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered . . . The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs.” — Thomas Jefferson — The Debate Over The Recharter Of The Bank Bill, (1809)

                      I’m prepared to think of each of you as brothers and sisters, without further investigation of your characters. If you are wise, look also to all of us in that way. Know who your enemy really is and we’ll all prevail in the coming chaos. It was only a matter of time anyway, on this road to disaster. Let our generation be the ones to set it right again for ourselves and our posterity.

                      We’re lining up for an epic battle and it’s bigger than just what happens to each of us. It’s a battle for a cause, not just one of two of us and our personal ideas. It’s going to take all the intestinal fortitude we have, but I believe we have more among us than all those in Washington together in the last 150 years. As the fabled King Arthur said that I have to think sums it all about up:

                      May God grant us the wisdom to discover the right, the will to choose it and the strength to make it endure.

                  • Thanks..Think I will…nice pension, 1 yr from SS…
                    Things are looking up !..

                • BCOD, I couldn’t let it pass what those two morons were saying about your post. Hope you didn’t mind. I remember all too well when LBJ and Congress were forcing all that shit on us and we were never consulted on any of it. NAFTA and GATT are sore spots for me also because my mother lost a factory job under NAFTA thanks to POS Poppy Bush.

                  • Maybe you would like to explain for us how Johnson got re-elected in a landslide in 1964 along with a hugely democratic congress also. It wasn’t just because of the black vote, there were a hell of a lot of white people who liked what Johnson was doing also or he never would have gotten re-elected, so please go ahead braveheart and explain that to us, this ” moron” would love to hear your explanation for that.

                    • LBJ was seen as the ‘lesser of two evils’. Nobody liked Barry Goldwaters desire to make Iran, Iraq, and Pakistan into a hole that glowed at night. The majority in this country preferred the ‘freebee’ attitude of LBJ. Hel also claimed to end our involvement in Viet Nam. Lain Brain Johnson, despite his ‘good intentions’, really screwed-over the tax payers. O’Scamma is doing no better.

                    • Andy, I’ve always believed that LBJ somehow stole that election. He was supposedly involved in the JFK assassination although that’s never been proven. JFK was going to pull the troops out of Vietnam. At least he had the foresight to see it would be a useless military adventure. Had he lived, history would’ve been a lot different. I NEVER was a fan of Johnson. He was a commie POS and may he burn in hell forever. It was politicians who put this country in this situation, NOT average Joe’s like you or me. I don’t like my tax dollars going to unjustifiable BS anymore than you want yours to. The only thing that will save this country now is the cartridge box, not the ballot box.

                  • it was slick willy who signed NAFTA not Bush. I am not a big fan of either Bush but lets put the blame where it belongs. Remember Ross Perot warning about the sucking sound of all the jobs out of this country while campaigning against Billy Bob. And now we have Billary who wants to be our Pres.

                  • thanks for stickin’ up for me braveheart. sure can be funny to read some of these posts from people who know nothing(maybe even LESS than that)….BTW, if VOTING made a difference, they wouldn’t let us DO it!….most of the crap coming from people that only come on here once in a while that don’t know what i stand for. i wonder if any of THEM even HAVE a pitchfork(or even know what it stands for). i’ve stood with patriots at tea party rallies and protests against the cops beating people up…..wonder if even 10% of the people reading SHTFPLAN can say that? i’m against big gubmint, the FED, corrupt politicians, credit cards, buying ANYthing on credit, NAFTA, deficits……there now….that ought to get ’em stirred up!

                    • Buttcrack,

                      That’s a good name for you. First, I’m not really impressed by your cowardice, Yes, you read that correctly, cowardice. To show up 4 days after your posting in the hopes that nobody would be back to give rebuttal to your replies, yeah, you’re really a tough guy there. I like your excuse about voting not making a difference, gets your generation off the hook without any blame at all, ” It’s not OUR fault, mommy!” Who knows or cares about your tea party rally, you’re the only one here who ever will. If you’re interested in the type of people who know LESS than nothing, take a quick glance in your mirror, that’ll tell you everything.

                    • Everyone has a right to be stupid. YOU are starting to abuse the privilege, my troll.

                    • Lord, give me patience, and give it to me NOW!

                    • Butt,

                      So now I’m a “troll” for stating simple facts? Sorry, it’ll have to be a better argument than that, but I know it would really be too much effort for your small mind to take on, so, you’re excused from having to make an intelligent response. See, you got what you wanted after all!

                • I HATE generalizations! People use them for lack of logical argumentation. Maybe you know kids who steal from parents; maybe yours did. My 16 year old is working 2 summer jobs, paid for her own driver’s ed, saving for a car. My 14 year old does yard work for several folks, saving for his own deer rifle. All their friends are working, all doing well in school. It’s never one group to blame & it’s certainly not kids to blame. It’s those who raise those kids.

                  • so you don’t see a younger generation that’s been given EVERYthing, and has little if any respect for their elders anymore? this generation has not been taught about negative numbers, thats for SURE…spend, spend, spend, all on credit. i see kids(sometimes 40sumthin’) every week in my shop, calling mom, dad, or grandpa for money to fix their car, because THEY can’t, yet they got their head buried in the latest iphone, wearing designer jeans, and eating out every meal. you sure are RIGHT about WHO raised those kids! i’m here to tell you , when SHTF, it will be MUCH different than in the past. when I was a kid, people HAD to treat each other with respect, or get a beatdown…maybe things are DIFFERENT here in california, hee hee.

                  • Linda S
                    You are so right. It is how you raise your kids.

            • Mac

              Every comment I put in still goes to moderation. I have put in many comments. I just don’t understand now. I would have thought the system would have recognized me by this time.

              • A comment here that has been in moderation since July 24th.

                • I just tried a lower case A in my name. I am still using the same email I always have. Does not make sense.

                  • Well Mike,tis a time out for your “disparaging comments” to other posters of course!You perhaps running Linux,I do,some sites depending on os don’t play well as harder to gather all the info. they think they deserve.

                    • Not exactly sure I’m following some of the logic. The author writes as if the very tool that got us into this mess, will over the long run going to save us. Some cash on hand may be okay on the short run, but that is to assume it will be accepted as it is now. Countries are no longer accepting the hoax of this trash now.

                      Another misnomer I see here is the talk of gold and silver COINS attempting to be used at retailers… Countries settle debt in bullion form, it’s smaller counterpart is called an ingot. Cheap Gold generally refers to The Asset Class. Real life correlation- Red Delicious, Braeburn, Granny Smith – All apples but different prices. Cheap and gold cannot occupy the same space in my mind.

                      999.9%, 24kt, LBMA certified currency grade ingot is prudent and affordable. I trade a sizeable portion of my fiat trash for the purpose of opening doors that will be otherwise be closed to many. Pretty collectibles is not my intention. First hand account of a very RECENT happening.

                      A dear friend had the time of her life in GREECE, 21 days, 10 of which were spent during bank closings. Stopped NOTHING for her! As a matter of fact, her vacay turned humanitarian, because others needed to EAT. NOT one said “No Thank You, you deal in gold.” While at the same time, those who did not deal in precious metals, waited in lines hoping their cards would work. They didn’t, not before she departed, anyway.

                      I applaud her for the amazing spirit she is. Documentary forthcoming-her friends hope. Major networks declining to pick it up. Ask yourself “Why”?

                      If not your thing, that’s okay, but I’m encouraged that the discussions are happening. This experience confirms for ME that I am on the right path. I also believe that heirloom seeds and MRE’S/dehydrated food will become prized commodities.

                      Something to consider as a start:

                      In the Spirit of Peace and Abundance

            • Silver rounds as in Eagles or maple leaf’s are very popular up here along with bartering goods for goods. Junk silver is about # 4 just after work for goods. It has bee a way of life with the folks around here

            • Well its personal choice. At least I know what I have exactly, and the market is priced to the 1 Oz standard. Try caculating what a pre65 quarter coin is worth? vs spot price 1 Oz of Silver. And you are trying to give some $5 an hour clerk 59 quarters for beer…LOL. Yeah Right… Ok lets see pre-65 edges worn down, only 90%, graded horrible. The date rubbed off. No thanks. Its junk.

              Did you know they started minting coins with the ridges on the edge of the coin, because people would shave the side of the coin off and pass it on. Just more scrap for scrapers.

            • Diversification is the key to any investment, if anyone doesn’t think prepping is an investment just ask my wife about how much it can cost?

              There are a myriad of reasons we might need cash to purchase goods and services, number one is hackers. In any outbreak of war assume computer hackers on either side will take down banks and credit card systems at will. EMP’s and CME’s can take down financial grid, and electronic banking with it. Power grid failures are also a potential problem. In a financial recession, not even a crash, specific banks go bankrupt and close their doors, you may get your money, but it can take months. Yes one of my banks went bust in the S&L crash years ago. It was three months to get my money back. Luckily I had accounts at two banks.

              We set up a second account at a second bank, to spread the risk. We can also switch money to obtain best return. I was surprised how long it took to set up and fund the account. With new federal regulations it took 6 weeks before the account was fully functional. You aren’t doing anything without DHS signing off, and imagine how responsive the government will be if a major bank chokes and leaves a few tens of millions of people people out to dry. So much paper to process, and so few bureaucrats. FDIC insurance, yeah that’s backed by the bankrupt US government that has a quarter of a quadrillion dollars in debt and unfounded liabilities.

              Diversified investments are best. Some gold, some silver, some cash, some food, some lead and brass etc.

              Gold and silver are primarily a long term survival tools, short term is cash.

              1. Had a conversation about a collapse of the credit/debit card systems. We concluded it would be smart to have a variety of denominations, including change, not just a stack of twenties. In short order stores will be out of small bills and change, they won’t want fifties and hundreds.

              2. Have several well hidden stashes for cash. Assume dogs may be used to try to find cash and guns. A recent home invasion team that were hitting Texas would pistol whip the wife and kids until the husband opened the family safe. Yes he did in every case. Assume you could be surprised, everyone has to take a shower or hit the crapper sometime. Have enough in the safe so they think they are winners and you’ll live.

              In the beginning of a crash the signs will say, cash only. After a while they will say exact change only. Then the shelves will be empty. The debate about gold and silver will be moot.

              In phase two of an extended crash, If someone out there has a quarter ton of flour in their preps, they might be inclined to bake bread and sell it for silver! Remember in the Great Depression some people made millions! Team up with a local farmer and set up shop!

            • In post SHTF, how much do you think a Medical Facility will pay for my .999 rounds pure silver? I bet top dollar. How much will they pay for unpure junk silver? And why would you even pay $5 over spot for 90% pure of junk? I pay about .75 cents for 1 Oz of .999 pure. Its a no brainer. Just saying…. Every decision you make gets you where you are today. No doubt I have had failures, prep equipment not work, or not fit right, but I had backups. Its all a learning curve 1000x over. Also I lost about 10 lbs in my gut from all the work I have been doing the last 150 days, clearing land etc. and now my pants dont fit right and why you need a good belt to hold them up. Save your skinny clothes people, lean times are a comming.

              • So shtf and no one has food and you think your headin out to trade your gold and silver…..

                BWHAHAHAHA….WAKE THE F UP…… people will be killing you right out the door….

              • Where did get .999 silver rounds for .75 cents per ounce?

          • Wudda since you are so smart, why are you not a billionaire?

            • Who says he isn’t? 🙂

              • Nope no Billionaire, but I am not stoopid either. OK after about 150 days at my BOL, If you are looking to stock up on something that will keep you fed, go to the feed store and pick up a few 50Lb bags if cracked corn or whole corn. Sprinkle a few cups of that out in your back yard. I do that a few timea a day and it produces wild game at my door. I now have village of 15 turkeys, 2 bucks and a dow that live in the woods on my property. Less than 5 acres backed up to a wild life preserve. 2 more doe wandered in at dusk lime clockwork and I had 5 deer about 25 yards from by door. A bag of feed corn about $12, food for a year priceless. Turkey season I can bag 2 a day, and i know they will be tasty since they were corn fed. Nope not a Billionaire, will never go hungry out here. What the deer and turkey dont eat daily, the dozen squirrels finish off. Oh yeah buy a metal trash can with a lid, to keep the feed locked up and dry.

                • Glue some kernels of corn to the trigger pan of a steel jaw trap. you can catch all the turkeys you want.I hang plastic bottles filled with apple cider soaked grain. I hang them on a wire about 4 feet from the ground. I punch finger size holes so it can be hit by deer and some falls out. and the deer cant stay away. Small conibar traps set over the holes in den trees will catch plenty of squirrel. Traps are silent. Use a crossbow on the deer or rig up a choke snare. However the game will soon be hunted out.Ive stocked up on traps, salt, 100 pound bottles of propane, lots of canned goods. and of course guns & ammo and its in different places well hidden. of course theres a chance someone will find some of it. but not all of it.

                  • Old Guy, pending on location if “game” gets hunted out. Where I am, game is in large abundance, same goes for fishing. Lots of lakes, rivers, streams, and swamps.

                    The theory of game being over hunted in a SHTF scenario in my area is not going to happen. The dumbass’s that live in my State will not do anything to help themselves in this type of manner, they will be looking for Government to feed them. I have no doubt in my mind most will board a train and relocate to a “safe zone” because the Government says that is where they are going.

                    The ones who have not prepared and choose to fend for themselves are going to be the ones you’ll have to worry about. They are the ones who will think your stuff is their stuff.


                      Ahhh buried in the Nat Highway Funding Bill, looking to take effect Jan 1st 2016. the Senate has language that says if you owe the IRS more than $50K, that your US Passport will Cancelled and be Null and Void. Ahhh exiled in the USA. Ha. Wonder if that includes CEO’s of large corporations that hide profits in offshore accts as well… Naw just regular folks like you and I.

                    • FTW, well said. That’s why I hope to be out of the city before the balloon goes up. At least where I’m going there’s an abundance of game and fish plus a lifetime supply of firewood. the BOL sits on a 30-acre tract and borders one side with a year-round creek. The cabin already has a solar system for back-up but that will become THE source for power once the grid goes. Other people in the area are also preppers and already do for themselves. No worries about neighbors, just outsiders.

                    • @wwti….and damn, I was hoping the would ship al sharp tons arse back to a freaks.

                  • Great tip OldGuy about the jaw traps and corn, also hear a fishing line and hook with corn but that seems a little cruel. Bought a bunch of these misc traps a few years ago. Also conibear 330 worked great on the neighbors cat that kept taking a shit on my porch, when I lived in the City. Trap, shovel and shut-up.

                • You wont be the only bagging at your house…. your first shot will be a dinner bell for others

          • Ferfal stated in his book that all gold was considered to be 14K regardless of what form it was in and gold chain was the most useful form of transaction gold that where was as individual links could be snipped off.

            • One of the gold sellors sells a ounce that is not much bigger then a credit card,broken up with lines in gram squares,I suppose one or two might be a good thing,we get to that point forawhile all hell will be breaking loose ,good times/good times…….

              • What you describe are the Valcambi combibars. I have a couple myself. I expect those to be handy in times of barter, since once snap off smaller parts to trade.

              • Also have the combi bars in gold and silver.

            • Where you going with your gold to trade?
              When people dont have food but they have guns and ammo
              Where are you gonna go to trade?

          • And when the shtf (which hasnt happened in greece) where do you plan on going and spend this stuff?

            If stores are shut down where are you going… you people NOT understand when it happens here you wont leave your place period…. this isnt greece…. we have millions of guns, billions of rounds and our gov is your enemy…..

            There will be civil war going on and no time for taking your gold down the street…… wake up…. first day people will be shooting people for those things you plan on trading for

          • Avoid one ounce rounds. They’re easy to fake. Buy 1 ounce Canadian silver Maples instead.

            • I wonder how many folks accumulating silver and gold in any form have bothered to get a testing kit?

              How many have a scale to weigh a coin? Or a coin book to verify diameters, weights, precious metal content, or the design itself?

              Trading away some good preps for fake silver coins or rounds is not going to be smart.

              Some folks insist a US silver dollar contains an ounce of silver. They’re going to lose 23% of their trading value when they go to spend them.

          • JADE HELM has expanded to small town MINNESOTA. JADE keeps expanding like a pregnant shark. US even running ads for “crisis actors” to be drill dissidents.

            “The commercial rail network was put to the test during Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm, and no significant problems were noted. It proved to be a crucial link in transporting combat power. The successful use of the commercial rail network helped to ensure a swift end to the war, which was a real testament to how well the RND Program supports strategic rail mobility.”


          • Maybe scrapers will trade with other scrapers. If I was a Biz Merchamt I would laugh scrappers out of my store or only give them face value for their worn out old coins. I’d ask them “Do you want the beans and toilet paper or not?” OK beat it!! “Who’s next in line….

            • Go ahead and offer face value for junk silver coinage, see how far you get with that.

              Fair is fair, but gougers and thieves will get their reward during SHTF, no doubt about that.

        • If America collapses, cash won’t help. When Greece shut, they had the Euro that has value in other countries including Greece.

          If America shuts, then the Dollar will be worthless. I think Gold and Silver would be the best alternative currency. Of course at the rate immigration is going, it may be better to have the Peso.

          • You are correct, but even if the dollar collapses many will still cling to it! Many will keep taking it in trade.

            If the dollar is utterly destroyed understand the US government already has a replacement currency printed and ready distribute and to exchange one for fifty of the old dollars. After a grace period, old dollars will be useless. This is when you might be glad you are sitting on some gold and silver!

            There are many possible futures, a diverse approach to prepping is the only way to go.

            I would never invest 75% of my investment money in a single stock or commodity. I’ve met people who have hundreds of guns and a hundred thousand rounds plus of ammo. I suspect they have little food? When they get hungry enough they’ll either trade rose guns and ammo for food, or take their act on the road as refugees or thieves. Yeah they can carry about four of those guns, the rest will be left behind and likely lost.

            • After SHTF Collapse the Religious folks will keep accepting US Dollars cause it says on there,”In God We Trust” Bwhahahahahaha. One big hoax backing up the other. Some people believe eveything they read. Got to hand it ro the ZOG FED its a pretty clever marketing scheme. I bought a bag of candy the other day and on the bag it said “Fun Size”. So bwing a smart ass, I asked the stockboy, so why are these labled fun size? Are they more fun than another size of candy bar? He looked at me clueless. Its marketing BS. People are so easily duped. Maybe you silver junk scrappers can stamp Fun Size on your junk silver too to promo it. Bwhahahaha…

            • After SHTF Collapse the Religious folks will keep accepting US Dollars cause it says on there,”In God We Trust” Bwhahahahahahaha. One big hoax backing up the other. Some people believe eveything they read. Got to hand it ro the ZOG FED its a pretty clever marketing scheme. I bought a bag of candy the other day and on the bag it said “Fun Size”. So bwing a smart ass, I asked the stockboy, so why are these labled fun size? Are they more fun than another size of candy bar? He looked at me clueless. Its marketing BS. People are so easily duped. Maybe you silver junk scrappers can stamp Fun Size on your junk silver too to promo it. Bwhahahaha…

              • The real turning point in America’s Spiral Death Downward, was the Murder of JF Kennedy by the ZOG Fed. Look up EO-11110. June 4th 1964.

                • So, you offer this as ” proof” that the Fed executed Kennedy? Seems to me there’s a few missing players here, how about the Cubans, the communists who resented the fact that Kennedy was going to invade their country, plus the fact that Castro knew about bobby’s ” Operation Mongoose”, and the Cuban nationals, who were rightly upset that Kennedy withheld the promised air support for the Bay of Pigs invasion at the last minute without saying a word about it before hand, thus dooming the invasion to failure and getting a lot of Cuban nationals killed.

                  Than we have the CIA, who couldn’t have been to happy about the fact that Kennedy made no secret of the fact that he blamed them for the Bay of Pigs fiasco and swore he was going to disband the entire organization in retaliation, and we also have the mafia, who helped Kennedy get elected in what was the closest presidential election in history, by delivering the corrupt state of West Virginia and Mayor Daley’s Chicago in the wee hours of the morning, giving Kennedy the necessary slim margin of victory he had to have or would have been beaten by Nixon. And how did Kennedy repay their favor, by sicing Bobby on them to deport them and put them in prison, now that was a really smart move also. And the Russians who were not likely very upset about him being shot only a year after the Cuban missile crisis, probably had nothing to do with it but probably would have offered refuge to anybody involved who needed it. So, at the end of the day, Kennedy had succeeded in pissing off one hell of a lot of powerful people/organizations who had the resources to take him out, so nobody will ever know exactly who or what type of possible alliance there could have been between any of these countries/organizations to execute him, so it’s impossible to say that it was the Fed and the Fed alone that killed him, the truth is nobody will ever know the truth of who killed Kennedy.

                  • Then you also have the fact that Johnson was pushed out of the way by the “Irish Mafia” at the convention that nominated Kennedy. He expected to be President, and by golly he became President. Not surprising that it happened in Dallas, where Lyndon’s connections and influence were strongest.

                    • Old Coach,

                      Thanks for the additional info, that’s quite interesting to know that, just another piece of the puzzle that won’t ever be solved.

            • But your debt (and tax obligations) likely won’t be exchanged at that rate, it will remain the same .

              So you owe 20,000 dollars on various bills and the new money is exchanged so that you only get 1 dollar for 50 dollars. You still have 20,000 dollars in debt obligations with only 2% of the money and income to pay it.

              Of course, I’m sure you’ll be able to make some arrangement to reduce it if you only make a few concessions regarding your rights and such. Maybe some directed indentured servitude to the government or rulers in place of a free will pursuit of your own goals and employment wishes. (not just idle speculation, there is already some minor talk about this kind of arrangement in relation to forgiveness of student debt)

              Best prepping for any economic disaster is to be debt free, everything else comes in second.

              • Anon, I’m already debt-free and always have been. No credit card or loan for me, period. don’t want them, don’t need them. That way I can hold back more money and buy more preps at one time than I would’ve been able to otherwise. My prepping is my No. 1 priority to me and I won’t let anything interfere with that.

                • When you’re debt free Braveheart, you are a free man. You are not beholding to anyone and no one can control you. The debt system was created for control. I avoid debt like bubonic plague too.

                  • SC, you ain’t just whistlin’ Dixie about that. It’s awesome to be debt-free. there’s nothing I want or need bad enough to get any credit card or loan.

              • If we get some hyperinflation before a new currency, skip a couple of meals and pay off your debts with inflated money.

          • The peso or the REAL precious metal….LEAD!!!

        • All People, I have a question that would help me understand the calls for gold and silver metals. These are honest thoughts, and have been on my mind for a bit. Please be nice….my first time here.

          #1 : Please explain, why gold or silver would be valuable….mostly only used for ornaments for show on women and how would you melt in down into something useful (bullets, knives, throwing stars, etc.) in a environment of oppression?

          #2 Please explain, in a SHTF scenario, how would support or use of paper money do any good….understand the very short term, but no more than a day or so in my mind.

          I am just a beginner but have done decent on food, fuel, cash and energy supplies. Not to mention G&A.

          Just questions guy’s….please answer with wisdom and assistance, not anger because you may think I am unknowledgeable.. Look forward to answers!

          • Okay, Hank. First of all welcome to the board. In regard to gold and silver, First make sure you have plenty of food, water and whatever it is you need to maintain your safety. Then move on to metals. Unless you can afford to do all at the same time. The point of precious metals is to preserve ones’ wealth–Not to make a quick buck. For example, in 1930 a silver dime would purchase a loaf of bread. Today that same silver dime has enough silver value to purchase a loaf of bread. The price of metals fluctuates based on many things including confidence (or lack of) in the economy and strength/weakness of the usd. Right now gold/silver is down for 2 reasons, massive sell off of oversold paper (thats another post)and a strengthening dollar. No our dollar isn’t buying more, but it is gaining strength relative to other currencies in the world (and this is BAD for weak US economy, people overseas can’t afford to buy US products).

            So the idea is that when SHTF, and rapid inflation occurs (ie today gas is $3, tomorrow it’s $5, tomorrow evening its $10) The value of that gold/silver goes UP (not really–its just your dollars are worthless and it takes more of them to get an ounce of gold/silver than before). So when that loaf of bread goes to $15, and silver is valued at $65 an ounce, you can take your little 1940 silver dime and buy your family a loaf of bread. You don’t take the gold and make weapons, ammo etc. If you have gold/silver you’d better already have some means of protecting yourself.

            As for question #2, in a situation like greece that started out slowly unraveling cash will still be useful to a point–but only to a point. If a big time crash occurs, your dollars could be worthless in a matter of 24-72 hours.

            I hope this helps. Maybe one day i’ll do an article on metals, junk and 90% to spot value calculations that is easy for folks to understand.

            • Thanks for the reply man! I am quite covered in the essentials and understand the need for the basics (G&A, dried food, water, power and a loving wife(:

              However, I still do not see the value in metals. I do understand that it has been the primary trading medium in the forever past, but I will probably never understand any current value….just me I reckon.

              Thanks for the reply man….and God bless!

              • The reason it will be valuable in the future is because it has been valuable in the past. 5,000 years of use and acceptance by mankind. The last 200 years of central banking and paper currencies have been an anomaly in monetary policies of nations. Get beyond ‘current value’ thinking, that is the mindset that got us where we are now.

                Silver and gold have no use at all in forms other than money. Melting it down for use as a throwing star will be insane.

                You can buy your way out of trouble, too, but not with a lump of what may or may not be a precious metal cast into the shape of a star or blade. Keep it in monetary form, that’s what it’s recognized in.

              • Hank, there’s a few things that the gold bugs on this forum don’t want you to know. One is that the “collapse” will NOT bring on hyperinflation. It will be a DEFLATIONARY collapse, where vast amounts of notional “money” will disappear leaving people with no ability buy buy anything. All commodities will fall in price like a dropped rock. It’s happening now as economies slow down from more prosaic causes like over-regulation. Gold, silver, iron ore, copper, molybdenum ore, aluminum, coal, oil, zinc, lead, nickel, all are falling in price. A collapse will just accelerate the decline. There will be no hyperinflation.

                Second, it’s highly likely that governments will confiscate your PMs, along with your 401k accounts, and eventually your checking and savings accounts, to keep themselves in funds for another few months. Own P/Ms if you must, but buy them privately so the IRS doesn’t know you have them.

                Third, gold and silver in particular are still in a “bubble”, driven by the fear-mongering dealers. The natural price of gold as a commodity is probably south of $500/oz.

                Lots more to know, but that’ll do for now.

                • Thanks OC,

                  While I agree with most everything you wrote, my mind values metals at almost zero in the situation we could be facing.

                  I do realize that we are talking maybes, but I am doing food and ammo!

                  Please contact me at my email address.

          • Gold and Silver are money. Everything else is fiat currency. The only reason gold and silver have value is because people believe it has value, and historically they always have.

            You can’t eat gold though, so in a true crisis it would be worthless unless you could trade with it. The problem is how do you trade for a loaf of bred and a dozen eggs when you only have ounces of gold? Silver would be a more suitable trade for small amount items.

            Gold and Silver would preserve your wealth though any financial crisis and when the crisis is over you will still be considered a wealthy person when you cash out the gold and silver for the new money.

            The the 1925 money crisis was happening in Germany a school teacher wrote an journal in which she said that she got paid twice a day from the school. She met her husband at the playground fence and gave him the cash. He immediately spent it on anything tangible, like a shirt or some forks or spoons.

            Anything physical was better than holding cash.

            • Thanks John,

              I have just had a smallish safe stolen from my Houston temp place. Could only have been by some won with a master key……no broken locks….All of my good stuff is in the Texas hill country house, but this worries me a bit…..they did not take anything else (TV, computer, printer, my sexy pics, etc.:).

              All paychecks now going into the big safes….still plenty to live on for several years, while adding to my other stockpiles…..God Bless All!


          • When the SHTF, staying healthy will be very important.

            This Is Why You Absolutely Need To Stop Wearing Shoes In Your House

            “The University of Houston did a study and found that 39% of shoes contained bacteria C. diff (otherwise known as Clostridium difficile), this is a public health threat that is now also resistant to a number of antibiotics. C. diff infections can cause multiple health conditions such as bad diarrhea which can also progress to colon inflammation and further serious health problems, especially if it doesn’t respond to antibiotic treatment effectively.

            In another study done by the University of Arizona 9 different forms of bacteria were found on the bottom of shoes. Good Morning America did a test and found that the bottom of shoes were dirtier than toilet seats also. Furthermore, Dr. Charles Gerba, a microbiologist and professor at the University of Arizona did a test with a brand new pair of shoes and found that within just two weeks of wearing a new shoe 440,000 units of bacteria were found on the shoe. An astonishing 27% of that total bacteria were deadly E Coli. Klebsiella pneumonia was also found, which can lead to and cause pneumonia and wound and bloodstream infections and another type of infection called Serratia ficaria, which can lead to infection of the respiratory tract.”

            Healthy wild and free dot com

              • I went to this site, read the article, but then I also read any comments left by others. A couple of those made very good sense. One, if you have small children, crawling around on the floor, its better for them to build up immunity against bacteria, and by being exposed to it is what does this. If someones floor we were visiting was very dirty I wouldn’t put my child down to crawl around, didn’t want to haul changes of clothing around just so he could get down and dirty, and 2, I have dogs, who are now our children, and they move freely between the yard out back and the home, their feet are going to track things in, tho they frequently are washing their feet, I think their feet are cleaner than mine when all’s said and done 🙂 IF we had carpeting, which we don’t, I ripped those dirt traps out years back, and use our hard wood floors, but with carpeting I definitely would make any one coming in take off their shoes.

            • Cdiff is some serious shit….pun intended. If someone you know develops it everything, and I mean everything they have touched or anything items they’ve tched may have touched has to be washed down with bleach. This is one bug hospitals are more afraid of spreading than MRSA or vre

        • Obama will not finish his second term.Banned independent documentary reveals the truth.Current Events Linked to Ancient Biblical Propheciey.

      2. Most people are broke. 3 months of cash for most of us is out of the question. Got fractional gold and silver though. Bunch of food and water and many, many bullets.

        • Zero, it’s definitely out of the question for NONPREPPERS SINCE THEY DON’T PREP ANYWAY. But not for me. I got 1 month of cash in the safe now and working on more.

          • I am glad someone here has some saved cash. I have about 9 months worth to pay cash on bills/expenses saving it up since 2008 when I saw the writing on the wall. I also paid off all my Credit card and business loans at the same time. I sacrificed a lot to save this money and buy some PM’s.

            Now the Federal Reserve is afraid the banks don’t have enough cash to pay depositors so they voted on Monday to direct the eight largest U.S. banks to increase their capital levels. They are expecting an economic event soon..and required this cash build up in theses big banks immediately…

            If the Federal Reserve is expecting a crash of some sort real soon, it proves we who prepare aren’t just whistling Dixie.

            • The FDIC can only cover about 10% of all FDIC insured accounts. I tried looking for the source article, but cannot locate it. If even one major nationwide banking institution goes belly up, the FDIC will be broke and everyone else will be SCREWED. Ann Barnhardt had 2 youtube videos that describe the sham banking system going on in this country and what leveraging means and why banks are BROKE.

              • No pity. I posted that the other day. The FDIC only has $25 Billion to cover $2 Trillion in depositers money in banks. They/we are screwed if you leave your money in any bank.

                Thats why you take it out and go buy silver 1 Oz rounds as a hedge on currency collapse and inflation.

                • I only leave enough in the bank to pay the bills. When dads estate settled the teller choked when I told her I wanted to close the conservatorship account out in CASH.

              • nopitypartyhere,

                The chart in the article from 2013 shows the FDIC insurance fund as compared to the number of deposits.

                US Deposits in Perspective: $25 Billion In Insurance, $9,283 Billion In Deposits; $297,514 Billion In Derivatives

                “The American Banking Association reminded Americans that there is absolutely nothing to worry about when it comes to the sanctity of US deposits: after all there is a whopping $25 billion in the FDIC insurance fund which means “insured depositors are safe and their deposits are protected by a strong FDIC fund…”

                “The $25 billion in touted deposit insurance is supposed to preserve and protect (granted not in their entirety) some $9,283 billion in total US deposits.”

                Based on this information, the FDIC could NOT cover any sort of serious bank run in the U.S.

                (direct link below)

          • i had three months cash in the safe, but then my wife found it.

            I told her it was for emergencies only and she could not have any of it.

            And that was how the fight started.

            • <—- Wife

              <—- Prepping.

              Pick one!

              My wife is also totally delusional. She likes to brag about the preps when the present company is easily impressed, but takes no steps in her life to truly look forward. I did not pick a winner here, but now that 4 kids are involved, I made my bed, now I have to lay in it!

              Balancing prepping with work, life, family, home – is a tough road for anyone. Start small, and move up as time, money and skills allow. Food, water, shelter and firearms should be heavily covered in triplicate before you even consider Gold and Silver, in my opinion.

              I have cash in the safe only because it is not safe in the bank.

        • Zero, I hear ya. I’m on 20 hours a week thanks to obammie care. Used to work at least 50. That’s a big hit. I’m set food and brass wise, probably not enough, but oh well. I have some silver, no gold, had to sell it for medical bills. I do put aside the money I used go spend on camels and Coors. So even being poor now, I can at least stash a little cash, but as you said, 3 months is not happening for this vampire slayer…

          • You are right about Obamacare. I teach at the local community college but am limited to 19.5 hours a week because of Obamacare. If i work more the college has to pay health insurance.

        • food, water, heat, (wood) some fuel, and ammo will get you by better than cash, gold and silver. If I had to remove one on the list, it would be the money.

          • In Greece last week the government raised the sales tax from 13% to 23% in one night. Any prep bought before that move save 23% .

            With money in the bank returning 1.5%, and inflation running 3 to 5% anything bought for for your long term survival is already discounted.

      3. If America becomes what Greece has been and is now. Nobody in their right mind would be out and about buying things or even attempting to be in line to get cash.

        This is America, not Greece.
        Americans will freak out and panic, and therefore not behave in a civilized manner as Greece has been for the most part.
        Any sort of interruptions of the flow of monies, whether electronically or not. People will panic and the uncivilized behavior will ensue. Expect looting, and all elements of crime in the process.

        The day will come, and I’ll be hunkered down with my available items at hand. If you are prepared for this scenario, then you already know you are staying put and not traveling too far away from your comfort zone. Let the unprepared figure out how they are going to survive, and for your safety – stay away from the mayhem.

        • The commies will burn everything in sight.

        • When the SHTF the unprepared will be trying to cash in their 300 Beanie Babies collection. Or on the corner trying to sell their TV’s. Watch the yard sales pop up all over just to make the rent. Father time never stops nor the rent.. Buy land pay cash now. Debt free, off the grid should be everybody’s goal.

          • Your landlord might not be a prepper and could die, giving you a few months to prepare when he doesn’t come to collect the rent, BUT, TAXES will go on and on, and on and on without reprieve. The govt and the banksters who own them, WILL continue to collect no matter what. Bet on that.

        • FTW, same here. Although my check is direct deposited every week, I take most of it out every week at an ATM and take it home to put in my safe [Bank of Braveheart]. My combination is well-hidden and nobody else knows it. I only keep enough in the bank for 2 bills every month and the rest is transferred to my safe. I should be at my cousin’s BOL before it all hits. Most of my supplies are already there. My eggs are in more than one basket.

          • braveheart, same thing, I have been taking mine out more and more in 2 different safes and two different locations. once gets raided got the other, same for my weapons and ammo. Screw them. can’t wait till we can get our country back.

            • Clinthospo, for the past 2 years since I first got the arrangment to bug out to the cousin’s BOL, I’ve made a bunch of trips to GA to stash supplies in her storage building. 90% of my supplies are there already and I’m making another supply run in mid-Aug. I’ve got some more stashed in a 3rd location in the same area. I’ve got eggs in more than one basket. that really does pay. I don’t have as much as I’d like to have, but I’m getting as close as I can to that goal. Once I make the bugout trip, that’s where I’ll be spending the rest of my days.

            • and you think you are going to get your country back, thats an fing joke. Americans have sat on their asses and did nothing and are still doing it but when the shtf you are going to get your country back right, horseshit. I have heard this stupid nonsense many years, what is going to happen when the shtf is maybe half the country or more will be dead. and for most of you someone else will eat and take your stuff.

              • Sad but true, and unfortunately I have to agree with Charlie2dogs on his post. As is, the America that we all grew up to know or were taught to know is gone.

                Those that choose to be optimistic about regaining their country back are only fooling themselves. Being optimistic is not reality, it’s a false sense of hope and this illusion will only come back to hurt you in the long run.

        • I thought the same thing regarding civil unrest but I remember the power failure in NYC and all the people walking calmly for miles across the bridges.

          Then there was Katrina after the reality set in that nobody was coming to save them.

          I think our people could adjust to the banks closing but God help us when all the cell phones stop working, then comes the zombie-apocalypse!

        • The “who’s gonna take care of my kids” crowd will be out and about.

          • Get ready NOW !!! Remember it was NOT raining when Noah built the Ark !

            • I was out about an hour from home when the expected thunderstorms turned into a disaster with local tornados that made roads impassable. There were a dozen damaged areas that had law enforcement hog tied.

              I found alternate routes, yes we had paper maps, so we were getting home. When I finally got to the interstate it was obviously police free and everyone knew it. People were driving faster than I had ever seen. Some of these nut jobs were doing over a hundred, at night on rain slick roads. They could have turned a bend and found debris blown into the road.

              My point is people were acting out, and not necessarily to get home to family, just acting out because they could! If the SHTF expect crazy, bazaar and dangerous behavior from otherwise normal people for a host of reasons. The biggest reason is nutty people.

              It occurs to me that in a true SHTF situation their will be a lot of nutty people that will run out of the type of meds many mass killers have been on, that have led to psychotic breaks. Drug addicts will get desperate in days. It will get interesting, that’s for sure.

              • Great point!

            • That is exactly what I was and am thinking-really. Watching the whistler on TV does nothing for prepping. Get off the butts people. There is no more time…

              • To Arby:comment 3421123 That is exactly what I was and am thinking-really. Watching the whistler on TV does nothing for prepping. Get off the butts people. There is no more time…

          • Thats awesome

      4. Just good advice for everyday life.
        Relying on an ATM or debit cards is foolhardy IMHO.

      5. In the scenario described, will working folks with direct deposit be able to pay their mortgage, electric, water bills, etc. …online? old fashioned check? cash???

        Same goes for those that get a SS, VA, pension deposit or check???

        It sounds like the makings for a riot or two.

        I have never used an ATM. I don’t trust them, and do not need them. But there is one in town, and it would be interesting to see what happens in such a small town if cash restrictions were to occur.

        • if the financial system collapses, paying a mortgage is the least of your worries, the banks wont be able to come collect or kick you out, they will be overwhelmed.

          • OH NO they wont , banks will be strapped as well .
            And going forward will need assets to get more cash .
            Your mortgaged home will have the loan called in or foreclosed whether the bank is open or not.
            Just a simple letter or public notice in the paper , and they can take it , with you in it or not.
            Read the fine print.

            • You may be OK if your mortgage is held by your own state bank , but if it was bundled up and sent off to Fannie or Freddie , its lights out. sorry .

              • Hammer those repossesors will be killed in many cases,me granddad told me some pretty tough stories from the depression,and then,folks had a we are in this together attitude for most part,the bank buildings will be trashed,they will be fucked along with everyone else,which is fine as was made a unwilling investor in em with bailouts!

                • Once the foreclosures start falling like dominoes, the first thing the banks will do is have the electricity cut off.

                  No one will come out immediately and force people to leave.
                  They will wait until weeks or maybe even months later when things look bleak in the old dark house that once was home.
                  Then without warning, in the middle of the night, the doors and windows come crashing down, and in flows the night vision gestapo, screaming “down on the floor”.

                  Anyone not on the floor will soon be lying there in a pool of blood. Out goes the occupants, and up goes the signs.

                  The banksters own you if you don’t have a F & C deed.
                  Then you have to worry about the state and county for the taxes. No way around it, except live on the move.
                  Killing banksters hit men won’t work in the 21st Century.
                  That was a pretty dumb statement. Fire, on the other hand, will take care of standing buildings. There will be plenty of fire when the whole thing goes whackey weasely. Coast to coast.

                  • Nah, I don’t think so. How will these Gestapo personnel get to my house with every road and trail being blockaded and manned by gunmen ovewatched by snipers? How will they make it from their APC to my front door when my neighbors and I have a pact, that if were ever singled out, the Gestapo as you called them would start leaking blood out of the holes in their backs.

                    War is hell, Gestapo do not get a free pass and they do not have enough followers to keep all of us pinned down. Remember, the government is broke and trying to attack those who feed them.

                    Read up on 4th Generation Warfare.

                    • Boone for your faith in your neighbors will be your downfall. Very few folks pass the fox hole test. I have bought tax forfeted property and kicked the deadbeats out. Ive repossed vehicles too. Most folks are pussy,s and wimp out. At first they are all bowed up and tough acting. I tell them Ok if you don’t comply ill have you arrested. And I leave and have papers served on them. Then they cry and beg and try the sob story. I simply tell them When you buy on credit until you make the very last payment its not yours. Until the last payment is made your nothing but a glorified renter. A group like your describing I could shoot just one in the butt with a 22 and after the rest seen that one screaming & crying they would become unnerved.

                    • After Katrina, most of the folks gave us a reprieve on paying our bills for 2 to 3 months.

                      Louisiana Eagle

                  • Oicu812, I have a hard time picturing any evictions or foreclosures taking place in any post-SHTF scenario. With all of the chaos, unrest, etc. taking place, people will be focused more on survival than anything else. The times will be anything but normal so the last thing on anyone’s mind will be any type of reposession of anything. Those things are still normal for now, but once the balloon goes up, all bets are off. Ditto for any tax collections or anything else. just won’t be happening in post-SHTF.

                    • In 2008 foreclosures were blocked by the government, banks knew they couldn’t resell anyway.

                      They even tried negotiating low rents just to keep some money flowing and the bad loan off the bad loan books.

                      Many homes were destroyed by water leaks the minute winter came and pipes froze. It took years to work through it. This will be worse I suspect.

                    • Banksters are greedy, cold-hearted sons of bitches now…their disposition will not improve after shtf. They will become more ruthless, just like most everyone else. That’s my opinion.

                    • A forclosure can happen and the occupants never be confronted. The occupant gets a registered letter. if they fail to pick it up . the judge rules against them. Then they get served a eviction notice. They eventually go out and the law arrest them for failing to comply with a court order. If they burn or destroy the place. It don’t matter to the bank because the insurance covers the loss. and when the place is sold again for much less than the loan value. A deficite judgment is recorded against the debitor. and they will owe that debt for the rest of their days or until they pay it. Even in a collapse no one will get to keep property that’s not paid for. If a group managed to fortress they will experience a Waco type siege. No stronghold is safe from attackers.

                    • OLD GUY – Yer spot on .

                      No such thing as suburban commando survival land .

                    • So many people are saying people are pussies and they talk big but will eventually leave when force is on them. You might be talking about the average person who is a deadbeat in terms of survival. People like us will not go so easily if a collapse really does happen. There will be simply too many pissed off people and too much chaos for them to do it this time around. People are different these days weaker in ways and also stronger in other. Yes many will simply leave but people like us many of us will not leave our homes without a fight. I have already discussed to my wife that I will fight to the death and also my parents. Mother doesn’t want me to and hates hearing me talk this way but father is the same way as me and also my wife. I have served in special forces navy for 6 years and that’s all I’m going to say and father was a marine recon back in Vietnam so we both have seen our bag of battles.

                    • Old Guy, I understand what your saying as far as foreclosures go, but it also seems like your thinking of 1-2 foreclosures in a given neighborhood or even a functioning government. Personally I “think” there will be a grid down scenario play out over 3-4 months. How can the banks foreclose on all homes? How can the banks repo all the cars/boats/atvs/other toys? With that being said I’ve still got money to cover my mortgage for 3 mos just in case. They can have the car, if they can get it out of the back yard…

                    • The Great Depression didn’t stop banks and gov’t from repossessing homes and farms who didn’t pay mortgage or property taxes and putting them on the auction block to get what ever they could out of them. Unless there is a complete chaotic disaster like Yellowstone blowing up or EMP destroying our electric grid and all computers, banks (even in a holiday) will get what ever it can, and the gov’t will continue to take property.

                    • Old guy,you and with you will be dead you try that shit after the storm hits,get some deals on repoed property tax overdue lands also.Some of those folks you seem to despise may have fallen on hard times/ill health,not that you would care,hope you catch a permanent cold your next repo,as in room temp.

          • I figure the same thing. Just on my street alone I’d be willing to bet at a minimum 1/2 are mortgages. I also think about car loans. A large portion of the people in my (small) tri-city area use the local credit union and I’d also be willing to bet a lot of those people have car loans. It would be kinda hard for that one credit union to foreclose on houses all over the county and then try to repo cars. Who is gonna buy them? Even if the CU did repo say 25-50 cars, they’d have to rent space to put them. Not only that think of the 4-wheelers, boats, jet-skis and other little toys they’d have to repo.

            • Houses stay parked in one location of record…cars do not. They’ll have to find them, and my guess is unless that car is worth A WHOLE LOT OF MONEY, they won’t be roaming around looking for it until later.

              • Unless the bank can sell your house to someone else, they have no reason to evict you. Better to leave you there to keep the place up until ‘normalcy’ returns and they can get the advantage of their mortgage.

            • Foreclosures after SHTF…I believe banks will need to be VERY careful how they deal with this issue. If the shit has truly hit the fan, the insurance companies will be out of business. No house would be covered for fire. An angry, spiteful home owner would very likely burn it down.

            • SHTF repo folks are targets of opportunity,hell they work for the banks I and all forced to bail out,I feel is my right o shoot my employees!

        • Funny, Today I stopped at a FL Gun shop. Friendly people. Walked in and the flat screen on the wall was the CNN Story about the FL Gun Shop Muslem Free Zone. I said to the guy behind the counter, “See That Story?” He said Yeah Thats Us. Talked with the Mgr, and checked out a badass F&N .308 in an AR Platform. Aweaome for $3K. Lil pricey. But this story is a lot about nothing. Got an inside scoop that there is a deal for a Muslem to come shoot at the range with the owner, and he was going to tell n share the store owner what Muslem is all about.

          Its the racist media hyping this up. B/c a video went viral. There was a clear sign on the door thay read something like “We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone who seems to pose a danger.” Pretty clear cut to me. As about 50 handguns layed on top of the counters for display. Oh and a redneck came in the store all proud about his confederate he bought and was going to get a mount in his pickup bed to fly when he’s driving. I said right on brother, I have a Confederate Flag too. Packed away somewhere. The Gun shop shooting range 5 mi out in the country from the shop, is closed for a few weeks till this story blows over.

      6. Since the G-7 in Davos last October ’14, deposits in BIG financial institutions are legally debts to the depositors NOT money owned by the depositors.Its their money and you are a creditor who can be delayed or stiffed. Result? use local local financial institutions for a part of your checking money, never savings and never emergency cash.

        • True! Crazy yes!

      7. calm down folks, the system isn’t going to collapse for many yrs to come, just the usual monthly fear mongering

        • I,ve posted many time before, the system should know my IP by now.

          • old75 sounds like Rich99.

            • I remember rich 99 from years ago

              • Clint, rich99 still comes around on occasion.

              • forget the cash, the gold will be traded for food and other items to make it thru the next week, anyone would be crazy to takew any cash of any kind unless it was pre 65 silver coins.

            • I’ve been on here off and on many times over the yrs with different names, I do remember your handle, BH, but these others are new to me. This is just like a soap opera, you can stay away for a couple yrs and come right back to the same fear mongering, it’s like you never left, there is never nothing new here.

              • The government is now warning of financial collapse, including the Federal Reserve voting for banks to take immediate action to put more cash in their banks because they fear a run on them and FDIC won’t cover losses. (Immediately sounds dire to me). Too many circumstances that show problems to our own economy are mirroring 2008 before that crash. Looks ripe to me. But I wish you were right.

        • right on, old75….it has never happened in america, so it CAN’T happen in america!…..wait… HAS happened in america before?….many TIMES?….oops!….i don’t feel so good anymore!…when have you seen interest rates at ZERO for YEARS?..banks allowed to carry houses on their books that are now worth one third of their value at full price paid for it years ago?…20%plus unemployed….it’s more like 35 to 40%….hooooboy, you gonna git a SPANKIN’ when this one comes apart…nay, more like left on the side of the road naked, …and bleeding…..from an ORIFICE!….don’t worry, you won’t be in pain long, with YOUR attitude.

          • with your handle, you’ll be in pain a long time, I really don’t care what comes down the rd, I’ll survive as I’ve spent over 50yrs getting prepared, people like you will be fighting over road kill if ant autos are left to kill creatures on the rds. when the reset button is hit, it will be just like the last one, half will see hard times and the opther half will not even know that it’s here.

        • Ummm, the system is in the process of collapsing now.

          It’s not a light switch.

          Calm down folks, he’s just another low info.

          • @ Nunya,

            I guess it is just about what side of the fence you are on at the moment. You could be the half that it is not effecting at this point.


      8. So your family is starving and you have no cash for food.

        But you do have that gold coin you paid $2,000 for.

        A guy comes along with some cash, cash you desperately need to buy food since you have none and the kids are screaming hungry. He offers you a hundred dollars cash for it, maybe only fifty.

        You take it. A win win situation since you get a day or two relief from hunger for your family and he gets a nice gold coin for use in the future to make parting with his cash worthwhile.

        Maybe those of you who hold gold and silver or are thinking about it might want to keep a good amount of cash on hand as well, decide which of those two guys you want to be in advance.

        • That’s why you buy gold by the gram bar. You can have a shitload of it but not have to part with any except what is equivalent to your purchase.

          • No kidding, you’re not going to be able to spend a Krugerrand at the local grocery or at the farmer’s market.

            Get your gold in 1/4 or 1/10 ounce coins. The small additional premium you pay for the smaller size will be worth it when it becomes time to spend it.

        • How does it go???? Pay me now!!!??? Or pay me later? Either way ya gonna pay!!!!

          • “You can get a lot further with a kind word and a gun than you can with just a kind word.” Al Capone

        • That’s great if the cash you are holding is still acceptable/negotiable by the banksters.

          If it is a new frn of some kind, people will already have traded out dollars and pm’s for it. Even if it was for pennies on the dollar equivalent, because no one wants to be left holding something worthless or illegal.

          Pretty simple to follow their plan.
          The timing of it, is what is a bitch.

        • I’ll be the one who buys that gold coin for $100, but I’ll also throw in some survival tips so he can feed his family better without losing more. Knowledge can be priceless and worth a lot more that the $2,000 he paid for the coin. I have a heart.

      9. I’ve noticed one shortage developing which may suggest preppers are getting seriously ready. The premium on junk silver coins has shot up to $5-6 an oz over spot. Some favored items like Mercury dimes and Franklin half-dollars are often sold-out.

        • premiums are up on eagles/maples as well. My husband deals in ag/au, and has been getting steady emails from his supplier (who is a wholesaler and buys directly from the mint) warning against trading in this environment. says price may be low, but SO IS SUPPLY. delays from multiple sources in receiving new shipments greater than 3 weeks out. and premiums going up, up up.

          I was laying in bed awake last night, wondering if this is all a bubble about to burst. Or should I say intentionally popped by china or some other (USA–oh my) country.

      10. Let them eat cake.

        • Or lead.

        • “Let them eat fake.”

          Mr. Yellen

      11. no need to worry about ATM lines, panic stricken Americans will rip them all out of the ground and run with them, good luck finding one. Me – I am staying home screw that crap.

        • I saw a video of some thugs trying to run away with an ATM:

          They tied a tow chain around it and, instead of pulling the machine out, they pulled their bumper off. The cops ran the pate on the bumper and were waiting for them at their home.

      12. Only a fool pays $5 over spot on Silver. Try more like .75 cents maybe.

        • I agree $5 to $6 over spot is too much to pay for silver. But that’s what bullion internet dealers are now charging on old US junk coins. But there are still 100 oz bars available at about $1 over spot.

        • you’re not paying 5 bucks over spot for the silver, you’re paying for the coins and designs

          • I’m not talking about coins with numismatic value, but rather what the dealers call “junk silver”. The reason that some buyers prefer pre-1965 junk silver to newer bars and rounds is the barter value of more recognizable US Mint produced silver coins.

            I suspect if silver got valuable enough, someone might try to counterfeit 1 oz new US Eagles. But who would try to counterfeit a mercury dime in worn condition?

            • its’ already happened. dealer in boston got taken by a counterfeiter with a bag of junk coins.

        • You pay what everyone else pays, and you know it, WWTI.

      13. Newsflash: There will be no “crash” in America. This is a slow motion collapse, orchestrated by the elites, to steal the wealth. The economy will continue to worsen for the middle-class and poor, as the zero interest rate policies and QEs continue on. Median incomes will continue to fall, as prices continue to rise….until America becomes no more than a AAA third world banana republic. That is, it will still be better to live here in abject poverty than most of the 3rd world countries on the planet, as they become even poorer.
        And like all third world countries, there will be the upper 2% that have all the wealth. The rest of us can “eat cake”. And yes, you will see riots, shortages, bank runs, anarchy, and increases in Islamic terror casualties as the elites continue the flood of 3rd world “refugees” into the country…..all the way to the bottom. There is no saving us now. The point of no return has been crossed many years ago. FYI: don’t expect an election in 2016. The constitution and bill of rights will be completely shredded after the “false flag” event that will occur in October 2016. Elections “temporarily” suspended, “as we don’t need to be distracted by an election while we work thru this crisis”. Temporary will become permanent for the great OBAMA. Hail to the KING.!!!!!!

        • Kings throughout history have been beheaded, hung, shot, drawn and quartered, and beaten to death.

        • I agree completely on “no crash ” scenario , however i must disagree on the election thing.
          I dont think that they will want to cause to much of a disruption that may shake people into their senses , nope , another election , Jeb Bush, then more socialist/fascist legislation thru regulations .
          I believe the constitution will be made irrelevant through bogus treaties and endless UN mandated regulations , thus taking away sovereignty along with constitutional rights.

          American exceptionalism IS or constitution that limits government power, the US is the only country on this planet to have such a document.
          So its a big target , when its gone its gone and THEN its over , worldwide , and the UN becomes the NWO .

      14. Bullets
        To relieve people of their dollars and coins!
        Had to be said
        (Sarc off)

        • Kulafarmer, bullets to protect me and my supplies from the free shit army. And no sarcasm on my part.

          • Both you guys got me all “buss up”

            • “buss up”

              To throw a fit or to make a scene due to unfair Or unbelievable circumstances. This phrase first originated in Trinidad until later on, it was rediscovered in the Virgin Islands and refurbished into a completely different meaning. (urban dictionary) 🙂

              • Means something different here, where I live.

                • Laughing uncontrollably!

              • NO, NO, NO!

                The vocab word of the day is:

                Upper Decker

      15. If EBT goes down it will be time to board the sub and move offshore for a little while. If all you see is smoke and flames onshore when you up periscope make for safe harbor standing by the shortwave until the all clear is given.

      16. Mr. Armstrong is a smart feller. He got some important calls correct. We all think we are smart fellers…but we’re not.

        Mass starvation, resource wars, and the death of billions of unfunded liabilities is imminent. Money will be useless as well as PMs in the long run.

        There will be no “reset” to anything more than an AD 1400 lifestyle. If you can’t grow your own food and have a reliable clean source of water, you will soon die, too.

        There is a collapse of financial systems coming, that’s for sure. But, when that happens, all trade stops, too. You will not be able to buy anything after the stores clear out because nothing re-supplies without the global credit machine working…read the paper that has been posted on here numerous times.

        This is what happened in 2008, but the Fed and taxpayers bailed the credit machine out. Yes, if they did not, tanks would be in the streets. There are no longer any levers to pull or buttons to push in the global Ponzi scheme. Limits to growth have arrived. There are no solutions. Prepare to defend your soil or head for the hills.

        Sheesh…time for another drink…

        • No , JRS , The government needs taxpayers , there will be one more bailout , and that will be the theft of savers hard earned money.
          With it will come a more socialist government , they wont let us just go back to tending fields and minding our own business . Not gonna happen.
          They what control , and they want control over masses of people . These folks in washington dream of being dictators and that requires millions of needy people .
          No private water wells , no food gardens that are not controled and redistributed, its Agenda 21 , dont ya get it?
          I know ya do.

          • Well, hammerhead, I’m sure they would like to push that Agenda on everyone. But when liquidity freezes up again (worldwide this time) the supply lines break, and NO ONE gets groceries delivered.

            Money is but a proxy for energy and we are now on the backside of Hubbert’s curve.

            • JRS,

              I believe you are correct. The world runs on credit markets that most folks don’t realize exist. It requires a lot of faith that vendors will get paid by buyers. When that breaks, it will take a while, if ever, to repair, and goods stop flowing.

              I also believe you are correct in that we may well return to a middle ages sort of existence. That’s why we’ve spent many years developing the infrastructure on our farm to be as self sufficient as possible.

              For example, soil building amendments such as 20 ton loads of chicken manure I can get cheap now from a commercial chicken farm will be invaluable someday if commercial fertilizers aren’t available. Or tandem loads of river sand to mix with our heavy clay soils. Stuff that today is a simple phone call and a check, that years from now might not be available at any price.

              Or building a 3 1/2 season growing greenhouse we put in a couple years ago, and then learning how to make it produce for us….what works, and what doesn’t. You don’t build or learn that kind of thing overnight, and certainly not in a time of crisis.

              Or building that root cellar, or the solar power system, or getting the wood cook stove in along with a couple years ahead on firewood. ALL that kind of thing takes time and effort.

              • UM, adding sand to clay soils makes concrete. You want to add gypsum. In my heavy clay soil area farmers buy it by the semi-load.

          • hammerhead,

            They simply don’t have the manpower to do this, as much as they might like to do so. Who exactly would be the ones coming to my garden or well to collect ?

            Look at the number of active military (assuming you could get them to go along with this), and spread that out over the whole country, and you have maybe a dozen per county ?

            Anybody think local LEO’s would participate ? Nah…they live here too, won’t happen.

            Yeah…..I’m sure there would be some confiscations some places, but on a mass scale, it ain’t happening.

        • @JRS….

          You may just be right.

          Reminds me of the movie, “The Road”.

          My preferred beverage is Lagavulin.

      17. When one has loads of money, life is SO much sweeter… “LOADS OF M O N E Y”

      18. I’d witnessed in Venezuela, after devastating floods/mudslides killed 30,000+ in late 12/99, that the credit card companies there simply suspended all CC’s with billing addresses in the affected states. They figured few would still have a job and that everybody would be relying upon their CC’s even more, loading them up, so they’d just shut them all down at once. Did not matter if you were lawyer, business owner, cop, whatever. Friends had trudged up to 30 miles out of the devastated areas to buy food and medicine, to bring back to stranded family members left behind, only to discover then that their credit cards were no good anymore.

        I’m continually amazed at how often how many people at convenience stores will buy a couple dollars worth of stuff and not pay cash, but will swipe a CC. They probably don’t have any or much cash on them, I’d guess. They likely won’t adjust to doing without CC’s very well when TSHTF.

      19. I think it is short sited for anyone to compare the US to Greece. After all, the Greece banks closed and set capital controls to control Greeks, not to save the currency which was in full use all over the European Union.

        There is so much USD in use all over the world that if the US domestic banks ever did close their doors ala Greece, the world would end for everyone.

      20. 4 years ago we had a horrible thunderstorm. It was called a derecho and I don’t know how it is spelled. It is a very long line of storms that travel a long distance. I saw it on radar at around 1400 that day. It was in Illinois. It hit around 2200 at night where I live.

        3 days later you still could not buy things at certain stores in the town I am near. Food Lion shut down until power came back on. No gas either. I had cash for the smaller stores and hardware store. I had extra gas.

        That should have been a wake up call for all that live in my area. Unfortunately it does not appear that is so. That was a valuable exercise for me. I was so thankful that I was a prepper. We were fine but many were not. Some did not have power for around 2 weeks. Temperatures were in the 90s most of the days. The elderly really had a rough time. People pitched in and donated generators. The neighborhood helped each other as it always has.

        I wonder how long that attitude would continue in a prolonged collapse?

        • Mike, I don’t think that attitude can possibly last for long as resources start dwindling to the point that people begin fighting and killing each other over whatever is left, even scraps. I’m making another supply run to GA in 3 weeks, but I could end up bugging out in either Sept. or Oct. Just have to wait and see how things go.

        • The thing that keeps the lid on when these things happen is “hope”.

          People realize that eventually, things will get back to normal….aid will come….help is on the way.

          What will change all of that is when people realize that the problem is global. That help is not coming, because everyone else….everywhere….is in the same boat. At that point, desperation will set in, and people will begin to revert to the law of the jungle. Of course, not everyone will. There will be those who go out of their way to help others. But there will also be those….the ones with no moral compass at all to begin with….those without conscience…the sociopaths and psychopaths….the mentally ill without their meds…..they will begin to do whatever they think they need to do to survive.

          It won’t be pretty.

          • Now you have hit on a very important point, and that is medications.

            It has been said that 60% of all adults in the USA is on some type of medication. I don’t have any figures for the number of those that are on prescribed narcotics, but do know a few of them.

            I have tried to warn them that there very well could come a day soon whereby they will not be able to get their pain pills.

            Two of these people have been on opiates for over three years.
            I would hate to think what a body would go through if it had no opiates all of a sudden, after being conditioned with them for years.

            Quitting cold turkey is not an option that will bring about a good outcome for millions. Zombie-fied is not the picture I see. I think it will be more like piss-ant crazy and psychotic behavior. I have seen some drunk bitches that way before and I could imagine something worse, and with a weapon in hand.

            • part of prepping for people should have been to start living a healthy life style yrs ago, those that did will survive, those that depend on potato chips, soda, candy, processed foods and meats, then medicines and pills from eating all that garbage will fold up like a Walmarts store after the riots.

            • You are 100% correct. I have seen people get dope sick. At first they will do anything to get a fix. I saw a chick pull a steak knife on her mom. Bad scene for sure. After a while sans dope, they just lay wherever they are like a sack of shit. If withdrawals don’t kill them, they will die from dehydration. At first though, they will be a threat, they will have to be “stopped”.

              • Add some meds to your preps. They will be worth their weight in gold post-shtf. Great bartering item for getting blowjobs from people hooked on them.

                • Once the lowlifes know you have drugs, you are dead, and your family as well.

                  Don’t even think about using drugs for barter with addicts.

                  • Not if you are stocked up on laxatives.

        • Mike, I remember that storm very well, most of the local Mom and Pop stores (as well as the large stores) were wiped clean inside of 24 hours, mostly water and “comfort” foods. The power failure finished off the frozen food section. Lots got tossed. The people that lived in NW Mordor were hit crazy hard.
          Side note- if there is a collapse inside the next 6 months or so, it’ll be engineered- having a few FRN’s and PM’s ain’t a bad idea, but also this:
          Keep a written journal of day to day or weekly salient events, get a shortwave receiver to listen to what the Hams are saying in other parts of the country/world. One other item pertaining to PM’s – find out what the price (in Troy ounces) of both silver and gold before all goes “dark”. Might help in bartering.
          Be well.

      21. I’m at a loss regarding how useful cash would be to purchase virtually anything in the above event. If people aren’t being paid people won’t work. If people don’t show up and perform their job food and fuel won’t be delivered.

        There would be some serious disruptions in the supply chain.

        • That’s only if the whole system collapses.

          Greece, they were allowed to take out some money every day. If you have to stand in line for hours every day to take out a paltry sum of money, you aren’t going to spend too much time rioting, and some people were being paid, while some were not.

          And some ethnicities riot more than others – it just depends on how much of the system goes down, so:

          If SNAP cards stop = riots
          Can only draw out X dollars from your bank account = probably not.

          • PWYPreach

            Points well taken, thanks.

            While, “certain groups” have little tolerance and an affinity for violence a wise person once said that the most civil society was only a few missed meals from anarchy. I guess its the quantity of missed meals that determine when whatever element riots. One could therefore determine the severity of the crisis by what zip code is going nuts.

          • what good is money if it will not buy anything,. I suppose we could burn it for heat like the Germans done in 1920 if we had enough. fill the Homer buckets with mylar bags, rice, beans, wheat, oats,, salt sugar ect, and one with pre 65 silver coins., this may be the last chance to buy American silver at these prices..

        • In physics class, the professor said (@1984) “there will never be a shortage of gas, it may cost $5 per gallon but as long as you can pay for it, it’ll be there.” So, if you can pay for it, you’ll survive a bit longer than those who can’t. That’s why ‘they’ say have cash.

          • Assuming the truck with such precious cargo isn’t hi-jacked or the driver, who has to stand in line for cash reports for work.

            The implications of all the dynamics regarding this can occupy a lot of cause and effect thought. When, “sand is put into gears” do the gears first wear or do the bearings go bad or does the filter get clogged and the entire machine self destruct?

            The speed at which this all occurs is another variable.

            One thing is certain, it will be ugly.

        • Kevin

          Cash will be king in the very beginning of the event. My feeling is the first two weeks. If it is the event where the whole thing goes down then cash will be king for just the beginning. You will be way ahead of the rest when the banks are closed and the plastic cards don’t work. You will be a target too if people know you have cash.
          They will not be able to get anything while you buy groceries and gas. I would carry some cash in separate places. Also have throw money. Have a money clip with a dollar bill wrapped around paper. It looks like a huge wad of cash. IF you are in a bind throw it down on the ground. Thieves 9 out of 10 times will go for that supposed wad of cash. It can be a distraction for you to get away or shoot them.

      22. Yea, I want to take financial advice from a guy convicted of fraud.

      23. Traditional organized crime and crime not as organized like drug dealers would have a great time performing the public service of loansharking to a desperate public. Those pillars of integrity, used car dealers, will be buying up autos for pennies on a dollar.

        The IRS would go nuts as so much money changes hands without their knowledge.

        Imagine the dynamics of supply and demand which can work itself out in various ways. With little cash how can a merchant overcharge when so few have the ability to pay?

        I suspect consumable necessities to dramatically increase in price while barter drops the value of other trade able items significantly. Craig’s List would have some real bargains.

        The “oldest profession” would run rampant.

      24. The big cities will be burning down from untamed fires and looters everywhere. The police will be arresting people for anything even for just being in their way in the big cities since they have no patience. Small towns will bond together and need to stand up. Some troops will try and pull BS such as unlawful orders or their own agenda like going thru peoples homes looking for items they might want to have. I tell you this I will not stand up for anybody trying to search my home. I hate Kirsten powers the liberal bitch on fox and all of those stupid people. They will be in fear when this kicks off. They can’t handle people and they will be in panic seeing people with guns and dead people lying everywhere and people stealing their cloths off their backs and stealing their property. They will be screaming and begging for their phones to start working again so they can call or text their other liberal idiots.

      25. Blah, Blah, Blah–we can all speculate–when the push comes to shove NO ONE is going to walk away unscathed no matter how prepared we are. When the food stops comin–the shootin will start. Period. As I read above from several enlightened souls–if there is nothing to buy–money will be useless–Humans have been killing humans for resources since the beginning of time–we are not a nice species–If you actually read the history of the human race–you would see where we are going–things always revert to their rawest form. When that will happen–who knows–I myself just keep carrying on–when it’s time–I as well as many here will know. At that point–all bets are off–clan life will reappear-If you don’t have a clan (group)–you will be fuked–Beans and Bullets will be the currency. I myself am hoping for a good winterkill the first winter–it gets COLD here–saves my bullets for more pressing things when it’s WARM. The time to circle the wagons fast approaches people–get things in order. And–just to be clear–I DO keep 6 months worth of cash as well as several hundred silver rounds–just in case–Hey–a fella can have some hope, lol.

      26. I will get a hardship payment plan on everything. Ya right I’m going down to the bank and if I don’t get full access to my$ I’m ghost riding a truck through the front door so if they wanna play games they will get burnt. I’m sure other guys will be equally pissed when they find out that their family’s are gonna suffer because of greedy corrupt banksters. Who knows people might show up locked and loaded. FDIC people your $ is federally insured the only way you can lose it is if the gov goes belly up. They will never because they will just steal more of the people’s labor and $. The big lie is the pensioners bankrupt the gov. Lies they attack anyone that has earned a pension. If you work for someone for like 30 or 40 years don’t you think you deserve this for your sacrafice. The gov would have you think no. Let me guess the useless eaters deserve a free pass for the rest of their days though for doing nothing. Dindu nuffin compared to 40 yrs of service. When it comes to $ I will get ugly I don’t care. What’s mine is mine . I don’t steal from anyone and I’m not gonna let someone rob me. Nuff said. This would be the biggest mistake for the gov to let happen. It trumps anything else that could be shtf.

        • and you will die and accomplish nothing. Me I don’t plan on confronting anyone. I want to be unnoticed and simply out live the 90% who will die. And if that means hiding in a cave for a year . Ive prepped for that too.

          • I agree with that plan.

            The more visible and the more vocal someone becomes, the more they are seen as a threat. Threats are eliminated very quickly when the whole world is pissed and depressed at the same time.

            We will lay low until the place starts to stink from the dead, and then we move, or move the dead, whichever is most feasible.

            • Many think it will be a reset and the debt wiped clean. and it will get back to normal. they think at worst it would revert back to 1800,s lifestyle. They don’t realize it wont be over quick. It will drag on for decades maby even a couple of centurys. It will skyrocket back to the stone age. It will become a no holds barred Root hawg or die survival of the fittest meanest and crafty. and with the nukes melting many places will not have any living thing present. Those who survive will literally be cave dwellers & hunter gatherers. The best prep is Self Reliance and Know How.

          • What Old Guy said is what a true Prepper should be doing in a SHTF scenario. Stay concealed, aware, and incognito at all times. Never confront anybody unless you have been outed.

            I have 4 Ghillie suits just for the occasion to help me blend in to my surroundings [spring, summer, fall, winter]
            My home I will not defend, it will be a decoy. The home is 3800 square feet and I’m the only occupant, too much space for one person to defend.

            I have a BOL approximately 300 yards away from the house and I will be able to keep an eye on it. If my BOL becomes compromised, I have others to retreat to that I have set up.

      27. In 2008 the credit did freeze up. But the FED was able to buy our way out of the immediate issue.
        This just kicked the problem down the road. Now we have trillions more debt and hundreds of trillions in derivitives.

        The world economy is falling rapidly. Look at the commoditiies, oil, copper, iron ore not to mention gold and silver have all taken a nose dive. China seems to be imploding and just sold half a trillion of dollar demoniated assests. those could be treasuries but who really knows.

        Unemployment here is well above 20%, millions on food stamps, medicare costs billions, interest on the debt is billions, and 10k boomers a day retiring and getting into SSI.

        Obummercare is totally wrecking health care and the costs are going straight up. Food prices are increasing rapidly, gas is going up even when oil is going down.

        Who knows what will be the trigger to send the rest of the economy and the dollar off the cliff. Maybe the cliff is straight down meaning a fast and big crash or maybe the cliff is slanted once we go over and the crash is not slow motion but not like a bungy jump either.

        So how ever it happens having short term food, long term food, water, guns, ammo, cash, gold if you can afford it, silver and pre 65 coins and some really GOOD friends will help.

        a few other items a well if you can have one. A standby genset with 500 gallon propane tank just to keep the cold food cold.

        My wife and I know its coming. But it might happen 10 years from now or Monday…It really depends on how well the PTB can keep the schrade going. So far they have done well at the
        expense of the rest of us.
        Good luck to all…

      28. Hey Mac,
        There is a person “Kartographer”
        that posts your stuff on Freerepublic.
        I’m banned on that site( I have no idea why)
        but it is interesting that your site has such
        a “life”
        Keep up the good work!

      29. I see gold and silver being of some value for the first oh say 3 months after a collapse then the window will close. Gold and silver won’t be a trade able asset I think after that 3 month period things like clean water food antibiotics cigarettes alcohol fuel soap bullets will be the hotter ticket items. After that could really get bad. I also inherently believe people will eventually stop the majority of violence and come to certain trade and peace agreements allowing for the free flow of goods in turn allowing for a basic localized economy based once again on gold silver copper.
        I’m not giving a time line here only a sequence of events.myself I keep a moderate amount of silver I must say I’m partial to your American peace/Morgan dollars as well as the Franklin’s. Nice thing is there plentiful and cheap here. You folks might consider melting your more damaged coins into ingots pay a jeweler to grade and stamp them most would rather bargain for your silver then your cash or just have him melt rounds for you.

        • I disagree with the idea of a 3 month window for gold and silver. I don’t question the value of other tangible assets, but in a ‘Sunday Market’ or ‘swap meet’ type of bartering where individuals and families will gather to trade things, not every trade will be bullets for beans. There will be merchants with that spare M-4 barrel that you want, but you won’t be able to carry enough beans to buy it. Trade between communities or groups will eventually evolve in a similar manner. How will a merchant buy a truckload of fresh peaches? And don’t think for a moment that your taxes (or your protection fee to the local gangs) is going to be paid in beaver pelts. Yes, barter will be the main way goods are exchanged, but a box of 9mm will work out its own price – like a pack of smokes, a half pound of coffee, or two silver quarters.

          • People especially those in CITIES. You may have done everything right to prepare for a collapse, no debt, plenty of food, cash and PMs. But your next door neighbors are the opposite, lots of debt, no equity in their homes, paycheck to paycheck. Then the crap hits and they abandon their home and flee to a relatives. This abandon home becomes a gang thug hangout. Your slice of heaven you worked so hard for becomes amost worthless and out right dangerous. So what will you do??? Just one more reason right now to get the hell out of the cities ASAP, and away from mass population. At my BOL, I do not see people but can hear them across the lake. I now have 2 locked gates to go through to get onto my property on a dirt road, off a private road easement access. 6 Ft tall on the land side ans water on 3 other sides with Gators. You want to harden your BOL like a castle and a moat. My ramp up time for BOL to be finished is a year lead time prior to any SHTF. I habe a hard time finding materials and labor worth a damn in good times. Wait until after SHTF and think you will just bug out to your place and be all set, think again. Just a 150 days out and finally got some shelves built to put the can of beans on in my cottage. How would you or anybody work on your BOL and try to defend it at the same time or leave it to wander into town for supplies, gas, mail, laundry. What is your plan to do laundry wash and dry. Showers, a real water supply with a faucet, doing dishes? Getting bit up by mosquitos or bugs taking a piss outdoors at nightime.. Ha… you think you are prepared, I deal with this daily. Nothing comes fast and many prepared will be shocked and completely worn out and too tired to go make a meal. I ate plenty of food out of the cans uncooked, just to get food in me then make a bed up to sleep in and do it all again the next day. Your body will be beat and worn out. You shoes give out, gloves with holes, and all of this just to get thtough the day. Whats your power source fir night time. I went to bed at sunset and up at sunrise and had coffee pregrounded as part of my preps vac’ed in canning jars. Thats my daily treat. Boil water in a tea kettle andd strain it. Thats a luxury and we are still in good times and cash and pm’s cant buy productivity for daily chores or cooking for yourself or laundry. Then trow in bad weather, .

            • WWTI…I enjoyed reading that. We are off grid too. Water is so heavy. Trying to keep up the watering of garden with a bucket is not easy for an old woman. It does produce big shoulders.

      30. As stated in this article cash will be king (at first) there would be secondary markets develop in those markets pm’s would play a role for shur however I could trade a small amount of fresh food for a large amount of your pm’s ( at a point were cash has lost value ) the best tool in my opinion is to study basic survival ( rule of 3’s ) extra. And then expand on that in your preps. Those like many on this sight that have worked hard to expand there garden, procure meat, and work to be self suficent in general will be positioned best.

        As Justonemore might suggest a means to protect what you worked for would be of great importance.

      31. If a crash truly happens and the dollar is worthless, then all those green backs you have stashed won’t buy a can of beans, gold and silver coins previously worth thousands may, repeat, may, be traded for pennies on the previous dollar. Better to invest in dehydrated and non-perishable food goods, clothing, first aid supplies, bottled water(lots), and other tradable goods. Plus firearms and ammo, and the will to use them to protect you and your loved ones. If not, well, as the Mexicans say, adios.

        • I wonder how long bottled water lasts, when stored in a cool, dry place. If it were to go “bad”, could one use purification tablets to make it drinkable again?

          • six, you could boil it or use tablets.

          • if in doubt run it through a filter
            much cheaper and tastes better

            poor mans Berkey

            ht tp://

          • That would be my thought, dump it into the big berkey and it should be fine

            • Water doesn’t have an expiry date until man puts it in a bottle. The reason must be the leaching from the plastic then. I don’t know if that is able to be filtered out by ceramic filters, distillation maybe the safest bet when in doubt. But treat the byproducts of distillation as if it where hazardous waste. It very well could be. Using catchment rainwater as you do on the islands during these days of the Fukusizzle and chem trails brings additional hazards to bear.

          • The rule is going to be, BOIL ALL WATER before using it.

          • Most bottled water is stamped with a best buy date 1 year out from MFG. Costco water is anywhere from 12 months to 18 months. I would never push the 2 year mark on any water, treated or otherwise.

            That said, water could still be used for other things besides drinking and cooking, even if old and stale.

            If you ever have to boil water, and drink it, remember this:

            Shake the living hell out of your boiled water, for like 2 minutes, vigorously – in something like a Nalgene bottle or whatever is easy. It will taste like water, not flat, stale, boiled nastiness.

      32. Have cash put away. Wife just picked up $500.00 two weeks ago in Silver. I just got $100.00 bucks in 90% yesterday.

        I told her that silver was down to $14.75 an OZ.
        I walked out of the room and when I returned she was on the site she gets her silver from ordering more. She picked up and other $450.00, and I had her add another $50.00 dollars more for me. Another $500.00 bucks in two weeks. We are in pretty good shape.

        That’s my girl!!! Now if I could get her to start getting ammo.

        Aim Small, Miss Small

        • Wow, you spent almost as much on silver, as I get to live on each month. Total. SSD isn’t what it’s cracked up to be.

          • I hope you are reading what SSD is saying now. They will run out of money next year. You are right, SSD is not what it is cracked up to be.

        • We jumped in on our metals back in 09. Since then it’s been other “tangiables” like guns,ammo and magazines along with reloading for the 10 most common calibers. Long shelf life storage food and stuff like that.I had the foresight to plant a 24 tree orchard in 98 and 99. Those trees provide us with all the preserved fruit we need each year.
          I put an acre behind an 8′ fence to keep the deer out. Behind it is an asparagus patch, rhubarb, raspberries and 100 feet of old grapes that I re-posted and strung 5/16″ stainless wire rope for them to climb on.
          We put 10 225 watt panels out in the field and an 4500 watt inverter with diesel backup.
          We live in BFE and most everyone around here is fairly self-sufficient as well. The forest is 50 yards away and my “campsites” are well hidden in there. Caches are already in place in case we have to slip away.
          I have been on the “outside looking in” for most of this summer putting wood up for heat this winter.

          We still spend most of our cash on preps—luckily we are debt free and make the best of it. You should too!

      33. Here’s a tip for everyone. Takes some research but look into nickel historically. Its following the same trend as silver. From 1968-1999 Canadian coins were made of pure nickel right now. It takes 4quarters and 3 dimes to make a troy oz. Nickel per oz is roughly 45cents and rising. Its an industrial metal sought after to make stainless steal mostly piping for oilfield. So keep your eyes on it. Who now wishes he could go back and do the same with everyday silver coinage.

        • I have rolls and rolls of nickels

          • I use nickel rolls to weight down smaller safes so they are too heavy to be carried off.

            • And a couple rolls in a tube sock makes a good weapon in a pinch.

      34. Ive been trying to tell you folks for quite some time. The cash paper money don’t really exist in the gret amounts you think. Paper money wears out. The mint burns truckloads every day. The mint has been running 24×7 for decades. yet unless they start printing money in demonations larger than the $100.00 bill . no one will have wheelbarrows full of cash after the collapse. The debt is in the form of treasury notes or digital deposits. What they do is fund the banks and keep the actual cash out of the hands of the citizens. There is not a over supply of paper money. Even the banks don’t have a lot of the actual paper money.They have been attempting to wean the people away from cash. and every time you use a debit card or allow a direct withdrawal from your account your helping the move to a cashless society. Now if thing,s collapse they wont need to issue new paper money because there isn’t that much in circulation. So if you have the paper money in your hand it can still be used to pay your property taxes. I probably have about $500 in cash paper money in my hand at present. and that is likely more than most people have. I had quite a large sum in cash money not too long ago. I spent it on preps. I was tired of inflation stealing its value.

        • Old Guy: If it all collapse’s if you pay property taxes it’s beyond me why. They can forget it from me way to much to worry about than any kind of taxes and/or debt. As for cash to have put back to buy anything the prices will be to high to afford if there are anything to buy. Put it in rice, beans, and bullets, along with barter items. In the collapsed world clean water is where your wealth will be without a doubt. Source of CLEAN WATER. All this is IMHO.


          • If there is still the infrastructure in place to do so ill pay my property taxes. My grandparents did everything the could to scrape up enough to pay the property taxes during the depression and eventually that land became worth a fortune. You wouldn’t think it but folks lose land even today by not paying the tax. thousands of parcels are sold for taxes in Arkansas every year. You ever hear of Dogpatch amusement park near Harrison Ark? It sold for property taxes. Go to COSL for info.

      35. some of you folks are not paying attention to the lessons learned from history.

        it’s those who survived that you should be listening too.

        example the warsaw ghetto german nazi ss concentration camp for jews, gypsies and other riffraff .

        the jews used precious metals of all types to bribe their way to freedom and buy black market food and medicine.

        some even removed and used their own gold fillings!

        the jews setup their own black market in the ghetto’s, families collected everyones valuables and bartered with the german guards daily.

        so what does this tell us?

        precious metals of all types (after acquiring the shtf survival necessities) are worth having in your prep locker.

        precious metals for the last 2600 years are simply a means to ‘store’ ones wealth nothing more.

        • The stupid jews lives in judafeds (gated communitys) where they where easily rounded up. For everyone who used PM,s to buy his safety about a 1,000 perished.Try this experiment try and go down to the seedy side of town and try to trade a PM for something and see how long before your robbed. It will be twice as bad when there isn’t any law enforcement. Spend those PM,s now and purchase the desired goods now. interaction with others who are strangers or not trustworthy will be just as likely to get you killed as help your survival.

          • you are wrong , presently today there are 50,000+ illegals a month invading both europe and amerika transported by mexican coyote smugglers and local euro mafia. if they were to murder and rob everyone they would soon have no business.

            there will always be a international black market for those in the know.

      36. Good article and good advice.

      37. Somebody (gee I wonder who…) has been jacking with King World News’ website for the past two days.

      38. It’s been 50 years now since 90% silver has been removed from dimes, quarters and half dollars, in reality being replaced by worthless slugs to purchase ever inflating food and consumer goods. I was 15 when this happened soon after JFK’s death. It would not have happened had he lived, in my opinion. I wasn’t smart enough and didn’t have the money to hoard the old coinage at that age. Those older who had income hoarded the silver coins by the boatload. Then again, everything was so cheap then, most didn’t see the need to collect them. Flash forward to today, high prices for everything, even items thought of as insignificant basically renders Fed reserve notes and slug coinage as the song states, “your cash aint nothing but trash”.

        • aljamo

          When a good working mans wage was $8000 / yr those quarters weren’t cheap to save. I know a guy that moonlighted having an ice cream truck. He was still getting sliver coins on occasion into the 1970s. I just got a 1935 dated Silver Certificate in circulation recently. First one I seen since the 1960s.

        • Aljamo, we started hoarding silver coins then, too. It took about two years for it to disappear from circulation, with most of it gone in just a few months.

          I know the owner of a coffee drive-up, he’s getting two or three dollars face value in silver coins most weeks. Folks just want that cuppa joe more than they want to keep a piggy bank, I guess.

      39. “Martin Armstrong is a fun character to follow. The famous economic forecaster — the former head of Princeton Economics who is now spending some time in jail for conspiracy to commit fraud — regularly writes market missives from jail.” ~ The Rayno Report What a guy to trust, huh?

      40. Once again, the author has forgotten that gold/silver coins may still be used to buy food or anything else during the above described SHTF situation. While true that your local gas station/grocery store, may not accept ASE’s, 95% silver coins, or generic rounds or bars, directly at point of purchase, there will still be PM dealers around that will still sell/buy PM’s. You can transact there and bring FRN’s home to spend. Of course, you will still be paying nose-bleed prices for goods. You can expect nose-bleed prices at barter too. As a side note…I was around during the first gas shortages in the 70’s. Some gas stations accepted silver dollars for a fill up.

        • Um, if FeRNs are still acceptable at the retailers, why did you swallow a 10% – 15% haircut to put your money into silver, only to change it back again? Hmmmm?

      41. Furious Coal CEO Lets It All Out: “Obama Is Nation’s Great Destroyer”

        “His legacy will be that of the nation’s greatest destroyer, and he certainly is the greatest enemy that I, personally, and my family and employees, have ever had.”

        “[Murray] said President Barack Obama’s administration has issued regulations that illegally bypass the states and their utility commissions, the U.S. Congress and the Constitution in favor of putting the U.S. EPA in charge of the nation’s electric grid.”


          • And If republican Mitt Rommney had been elected it would still be the same exact result. Obama isn’t anything but a puppet. He just reads the teleprompter and does what he is told to do. They like him because if any one atacks his policy they can use the race card.

            • Old guy, you are right about the race card. That’s exactly why he was selected by TPTB to bring down America.
              On another note, I just read an article on Drudge about the olive tree disease in Italy and Spain. They are cutting down diseased trees and the price of olive oil is expected to go up, it’s already risen 10%. Does this make olive oil the new gold? I have recommended stocking up on it because I was told by the owner of an olive plantation in Spain that unopened, a bottle will pretty much last indefinitely. Of course it should be kept out of the light. I think people often overlook the value of oils and fats in their preps.

              • Gadabout,

                Good post about olive oil.

                It can be stored for a long time.

                Old olive oil can also be used in oil lamps.

                • Ahh, good point about the oil lamps. Never thought of it, also rancid canola oil too?
                  BTW – I got tons of wicks for my antique lamps from Lehman’s.

                  • Gad and other oil lantern/kerosene ect. lamp fans,large rolls of lamp wick can be bought at inexpensive prices on big net store sites,got 50′ for me mum,will last her longer then a lifetime!

                • For the Italian immigrants there were only two types of oil, olive and motor.

                • I know of one case where it was used in place of lubrication oil in an aircraft engine.

              • Coconut oil is better, lasts longer, is cheaper, and is more useful.

                • Aside from cooking with it, Virgin Coconut Oil is also excellent for dry skin, instead of wasting money on facial/body lotions. Most face/body lotions have some form of alcohol in them (usually Cetyl alcohol) which dries out your skin after it’s moisturized by the lotion you bought, so that you have to buy more lotion.

                  Also, a teaspoon a day really helps with digestion.

                  And, I know of a woman who dabbed it around her slightly receding hairline every day for 3 months and her hairline grew back — nope, doesn’t work for baldness, yep, there are many uses for Coconut Oil.

              • “That’s exactly why he was selected by TPTB to bring down America.”

                There is one more benefit of Obama as President in the event of a collapse. He takes the blame not the dysfunctional system of institutionalized corruption. Like the crash of 1929 and, “Blame it on Hoover”, the body politic will say in great numbers, “What did you expect, a black guy was in charge”.

                The real causes, the true culprits will go undiscovered.

        • Sorry KY Mom, coal fired plants and that criminal CEO deserves prison for the massive pollution and mercury that destroyed every lake stream and fishery in America. The Greedy CEO should be beaten to a pulp tared and feathered.

          • ‘Destroyed every lake, stream and fishery in America’? You like to tell lies, WWTI?

            Pull the plug on your refrigerator, and turn off your lights, WWTI, you use that electricity you hate so much.

            You still living on land stolen from the Indians, aren’t you?

            Bet you drive a car, too.


            • In a very limited way, he’s right. Sulphur leaching out of mine tailings piled next to the old mines ruined some good trout streams in WV that I know of. There’s still some mine ponds in my area that are Superfund sites. If the dams ever break, there will be one heck of a mess down the drainage, which will be 20 miles long and 100 yards to half a mile wide. But go five miles away, and you’d never know the mines were ever there.

      42. Many talk about staying put and fighting to their death. Ive got grandchildren that are my responsibility. If necessary Ill leave my place. and Ill try and burn everything when We leave so as to not be tempted to return and to not be used by anyone else. Ill not scrafice my life and my grand childrens lives for stuff. After the 90% die off there will be plenty of stuff. So We have several locations only accessible by foot to hide out. and the grandchildren don’t even know where its at. our children don’t know. I don’t tell them nothing. its part of DTA . Don’t Trust Anyone However when things first start getting bad they will come to mean ole dad for help. they already do. Its stuff like dad my cars broke or my pump quit. I don’t fix it for them I tell them how to do it themselves. It would be faster if I fixed it but they wouldnt learn anything. My siblings are not welcome they don’t even know where I live. I have a PO box in the next county. Nope this guy will set out the revolution. Only as a very last resort no other way out lives at stake will I resort to killing anyone. and I damm sure aint eating them.

        • Well old man,if some of us don’t stay put and fight,and I mean fight like hell till we die,there will be no world left worth living in for your grandchildren unless you want them to be slaves/prostitutes or perhaps part of a herd as a food source,so,though not a action for you be grateful as hell to any who stand their ground and fight,they are your grandchildrens hope for a better future.

      43. The reality for me and my husband is this, we live paycheck to paycheck, and pick up a bit extra on the side from my side project. That’s it. We are not wealthy people, but we do have some things aside and ready as ready can be. Cash on hand though? LOL nope. It always goes straight to bills, gas and preps. So, we’ll be up a shit crick as far as cash goes… but we’ll be eating GOOD, drinking clean water and have enough to see us through for a long time.

        • Your not alone! Same boat here, no $ but have everything i could possibly need and most of what i may want!

      44. Off topic-

        Amerika selling aborted baby parts to highest bidder-

        That makes Sodom and Gomorra seem almost innocent…

        • God reveals our sins, our wickedness, to us before he judges us.

          That gives us the chance to repent and avoid judgement.

          Repentance or judgement, it’s our choice as a nation and as an individual.

      45. good thoughts, all/

        Me, I kind of think in different ways. What can’t you get when the SHTF?

        1: Your health – NOTHING is worth more! A billionaire who just suffered a heart attack would be willing to trade EVERYTHING for one more day of life! Exercise everyday! It is your best investment. If you wear glasses – get another pair instead of that tenth gun. If you need dental work, get it done now! There won’t be a lot of dentists after the SHTF. Try to get off as many prescriptions as you can. Learn about and practice eating edible plants – you don’t want your body going into a tizzy because it isn’t used to all that fiber or whatever
        2: Gain useful knowledge every day – use the resources available right now. Do you have ANY idea how much information can be stored on a 32 GB flash drive? Back up to another media and have one stored off site – prepare for the unexpected. If you can anticipate 100 things that will go wrong, it will be the 101st that will probably happen. Store as much info as you can locally – the cloud will be gone and everything on it.
        3: Every week, go to the local store and think about what you would want after the SHTF and stock up. Sharpies and pencils, stool softeners and antacids, Benadryl and Aspirin – the list is almost endless. Who has gas stablizer stored away?
        4: Store cash in low denominations – silver in junk coins, canned gooods in cases – don’t worry about gold – there will be so much gold laying around after the SHTF! – of course, you will have to pull it off the ring fingers of corpses.

        There is a lot you can do every day to get ready! Just do it!

        • Just,would add print binders of your most specific needs,say med manuals ect.Hard print is a great asset along with the flash drive ect.,covers both worlds.

        • I am currently downloading PDFs of technical books and magazines from ht tp://

          There’s a ton of neat stuff there.

      46. That’s true, 1vet. We are in some dark and ugly times, where evil is considered good.

      47. To make matters even more interesting the New Black Panther Party was in South Carolina telling people to kill all whites. And the Nation of Islam tweeted out this week “that the black youth of today are the ones who are going to end it all for white people in our time”. Somebody is pushing for a big war. Soon.

        • Yes I believe we will if we live long enough see in no particular order. Economic collapse, Civil unrest, Martial Law, Race war, class warefare, genocide, starvation & cannibilism & ethnic cleansing.

        • I think the biggest threat to my world is
          #1 American Democrats
          #2 Moslem’s

          Notice I don’t worry about Nature caused events.
          Every place I have lived at as an adult has been
          declared a disaster area.
          I’m a Jinx, don’t live close to me.
          I always survived.

          Evil men are the threat.
          Be they street thugs, cops
          taking your guns, cultists,
          or politicians taxing you
          into poverty.

          Unfortunately they are also
          some of the most resilient
          life forms on this planet.

          Prep on!

          • Democrats
            Radical Kanaka
            Ice heads
            Sometimes they are all 3!

        • Prophet, there won’t be enough of those kids to do the job and they’ll just screw around and get themselves killed.

        • 15% of the population at best and not all of them are militants. Good luck to the stupid blacks who think they have a chance; they will be gunned down like dogs in the street. Target discrimination is not difficult and we hold the high ground with ranges known. Bring it Jamahl.

          It’s all wishfull thinking on the part of a bunch of libtards and reactionary militant towel heads. They will die in numbers that are shocking to them and that will end their uprising before it even gets started.

          Welfare is pretty sweet so sit down and shut the fuck up.


      48. I don’t wanna be political but democracy is to blame for all that’s going on IMHO. Mainstream popular trends and immigrant voters have the majority. I never agreed with democracy ever. It does sound fair however but it is far from that. Socialism just provides for dead weight bums and discourages hard work and innovation. I don’t share any ideas with my company fuck them they would just claim it was their idea. I play dumb doi doi this is something that is easy to do now with all the dopes out there.

      49. Concerning junk, junk silver.Major problem right now!And they say there is no way to easily detect it.And that statement comes from the major players.BS!If you can handle technical info/projects:at the following link (jimstone is) you will have to do some digging,but the info is there(somewhere:-).Or,if I need to check metal,just drag out my Fluke 26 III,ohms function.Hope this helps.

      50. You mean they will have trouble printing new money because of an CME or EMP attack?

      51. I really think it wouldn’t take very long for 90%to die. Look at them. most folks you see are fat or obese. On meds and live on fast food. couldn’t walk 10 miles. And stupider than a box of rocks. They think they don’t need to produce because someone else will produce for them. they pay between 30,000 and 80,000 for a vehicle. They will put blind faith that others will come save them, & protect or feed them. If your aren’t healthy and Have Know How and Self Reliance, no amount of cash PM,s or hoarded food will save you. and even those with the best chance will need a good bit of luck.

        • Old Guy,
          My sense is that after things unwind most folks wont trade useful stuff like food or ammo or fuel for $ in any form, i know i personally feel a case of spam will be worth more than a thousand $ or a few shiny coins and much harder to replace,
          When things go south i dont plan on being real visible and wont give a shis about money,

          • yep there will be many the empty belly.

        • As I recall- 3 days without water, 30 days without food. The fat ones take longer without food because they are carrying the grocery store with them. But then, it may not be starvation or thirst that kills them when they are stealing it.

      52. I’m getting doom chubby.

        • your comment sums this site up in a little nut shell

      53. Now tell me this isn’t a title from back in 2009 !!!
        The comments crack me UP !!

        • I agree, the stories never change, just like cable TV and dish network, repeats over and over every other yr and the people suck it up while someone lines their pockets and smiles all the way to the bank.

      54. Come on Eric. Buttcrackofdoom is one of the reasons you are not speaking a foreign language. When it all comes down the Buttcracksofdoom will be the ones in the trenches and the ones helping their neighbors. Please stop drinking the oligarchy’s cool-aide. The national debt is caused by the rich who run the government putting everything they printed in their pockets. Do you really think that the buttcracks of the world spent/borrowed 10 trillion in the last five years for us to pay?

      55. Would it be possible to post more articles/write ups that deal with how to survive a collapse or useful survival ideas?

        This economic fear mongering means nothing to anyone on SHTF as we already knew long ago the house of cards will come down. I am tired of wasting time on that. I want to know all that I can about ways to survive once it happens.

        • +1
          The financial stuff is the least of my worries,
          No money=no worries!
          Stuck about 6 hands of apple banannas in the dehydrator this morning,
          Split them lengthwise then soaked in lemon juice for a bit then into dehydrator (9 tray Excaliber)
          They come out sorta leathery, but good, got about 20# of apples im going to core/slice then do the same thing with tomorrow

          • While your doing that I’m going swimming with my kids

        • Smooth,there are occasional good survival articles here but agree too many financial why articles,if not for the posters here would have said a goodbye long ago.
          Try builditsolar for home made alt energy needs/hogwarts schoolof medicine for grid down med care/the american preppers network for a slew of different prep ides/USCrow invaluable for survival,those with a penchant for “cooking”/survivalsherpa for basic survival and bushcraft along with willow haven for the same.These sites should get you informed/make for enjoyable reading,any specific wants you have information wise post ? here and will get a slew of good answers and specific sites for your needs!

          • Thanks for the additional sites,
            Modern Survival blog and Preppers Journal are nice too, folks are civil there as well.

            • Eh,civil?!I look at dealing with the trolls and the hot debates as good mental prep training!Now go have a “leathery”bannana!

        • SC; consider walking through the aisles at Home Depot or Lowes ( go to MENARDS if there is one in your area, better prices and GREAT selection) and look at things with this question in mind… Would this be useful if there was no electricity?

          Pick up some extra nails, hatchets, bow saws, shovels, pick axe, rope, cable, pulleys etc etc. Plastic sheeting, nylon screen, this list could get really long.

          I think it is a good idea to do this when you can take your time and go up and down most of the rows.

          • Arby,agree with your shopping but start first going thru your garage and basement!I recently did a through go thru of stuff from last two years,literally forgot a couple 100 bucks worth of stuff I owned including silicon grease/a bunch of oils for eds red mixing/list goes on.I would also say,look at what you own,what else can you think of/improvise it for,figure some workable ideas now will be in your brain pan when needed hopefully.

      56. Hi folks, I read about half-way down the comments, and no-one else said this. Gold, silver, And copper, can be electrolysed to make an effective antibiotic. I started prepping about two years ago, lost my job recently, and work is thin on the ground where I am. So I’m relying heavily on my preps at the mo. Using the oldest stuff, reviewing my stocks, etc. So glad I’m a crazy paranoid nut-job dis-truster of everything.
        Great site, have learned a lot from both the articles and comments.

        • A lot of folks here talk about colloidal silver,best to make with the purest jewelry wire one can get.Tis one of the projects have not gotten to yet,good luck in the work hunt and preps are for times like what you are in now,not a disaster but just more challenging times .

          • use only .9999 pure or you will permanently poison your body with heavy metals. which leads to permanent chronic physical and mental deterioration.

            • I like me metal:Crue/Maiden/Sabbath/G’n’R/AC-DC,you get the point,metal health will drive you mad!

          • Too true, I had my eye on the growing instability in the financial/geo-political scene when I started laying down food stores. Work comes and goes, I’m a carpenter/joiner, so the informal economy means I don’t get to be too lazy. Next skill on my list to aquire is amateur alchemy, I have a ship-load of old computer hardware to dispose of, just reading round gold extraction and refining at the mo.
            Keep an eye on the ‘war pigs’ n Rock On 🙂

        • You sir, have won the internet today.

          You had a personal SHTF event, and are using your preps to make do. That is what they are there for. Resupply when you can.

          I applaud you sir.

      57. Kevin2… I saw someone get a 1964 silver quarter in change a few months back, it was worth about 6 bucks then. I’ve picked up a few silver dimes in change in the last decade, so yeah it is still possible for some to slip through. I always get rolls of quarters at the bank to look through, all clad coins. One I look for is a 1983p quarter, which is one of the higher valued clad quarters in higher condition. This date has a error coin called the spitting eagle, a die crack on the reverse from the eagle’s beak down to the feathers. I’ve found 3 of them, but the coins are overall not in great condition. One uncirculated is worth over 100 dollars.

        • At this point its kids raiding grand pops old coin jar. No doubt the Silver Certificate came from a similar source.

          I get a silver coin once a decade, maybe twice. My hearing has suffered having worked around noise but that bell like ring of a silver coin hitting the counter never fails as an identifier.

          How ignorant, how conditioned the body politic was to just, “shrug off” silver coins being replaced with junk metal and the abandoning of the Bretton Woods Agreement in 1971 never ceases to amaze me. How they failed to connect inflation to money creation in the 1970s rings of the Biblical, “None are so blind as those that will not see”.

      58. That reply to Kevin2 was actually entered below his reply to an earlier post of mine up the page. Why it ended up at the bottom I don’t know, but it’s not the first time this has happened.

      59. Aljamo,the answer to that tis simple,shtf is beginning!

      60. Warchild Dammit… Aint that the truth. BTW, a picture of the 1983p spitting eagle quarter that can be enlarged can be found at Old Coin Collecting, add the coin description also, to see detail.

      61. Martin also said gold would go to 5000 and he has had legal issues to say the least. He has added 17 years to his predictions and also subtracted time. I would not invest based on his ramblings. He has issues. Please, read about this guy. He has been steadily going down hill for a while.

      62. What cash?

      63. White couple attacked by six Black gang members, stripped and the woman gang raped by 6 Black suspects in Detriot … MSN REFUSES TO REPORT

        Forced Diversity is White Genocide!

        maybe you , your wife or daughter is next!

      64. Three basic “$#!+ hits the fan” strategies are
        Plan A – (Sub)Urban survival
        Plan B – Woods, water, farm
        Plan C – South America
        Plan D – Sailboat
        …or likely a combination or sequence of these.

        In any scenario, preparation consists of the “three Gs,” Grub, Guns and Gold (Silver), in that order. You do NOT want to trade the last for the first two, when there are shortages.

        Grub – The most economical is dried food (rice, beans) stored in Mylar bags with desiccants and oxygen absorbers, in 5 gal buckets with O-ring gasket lids. You cannot store enough water. Set up a rain water catchment system and get a (Big Berkey) gravity water purifier. “Grub” category includes seeds, farming tools, supplies and anything else needed to grow and preserve food.

        Guns – Recommend semi-auto pistols with high capacity magazines in a common caliber (.40S&W, 9mm), semi-auto rifles (ARs in .223 or AKs in 7.62X39) with detachable 30-round mags and cases of ammunition, and some 12 gauge shotguns.

        Gold – AFTER getting grub & guns, excess financial assets should be stored in gold or silver. Silver will be better for trade and its buying power should increase 4-5 times relative to gold, as the gold/silver ratio declines from current 75:1 to historic 15:1. A few thousand paper FeRNs or slug coins are a good idea for the first few weeks/months until they become worthless.

        In a suburban survival scenario, the free-$#!+ army will suffer heavy casualties if they threaten my compound. Deer rifles (30-06 or .308) with scopes will drop the leaders at 200 yards, causing the rest to rabbit. If not, ARs, AKs and a Sig 556 with stacks of 30 round mags (& 75-round drum mags) will mow them down like wheat. A .50 cal with AP ammo will put a neat hole through 8 storm troopers and their body armor lined up at my door.

        That’s just for starters; too much more to cover in one post.

        • NO fixed position is defensable long term!…think about that…really!

          • crack of doom your correct. most places a fire will rout the occupants very quickly. you better be well hidden or on the move. the crusaders castles all where breached. the three little pigs all ran in the brick house. the wolf gathered up the straw & wood and stacked it around the brick house. lit it on fire and had very tasty roast pigs. any thing man makes can be destroyed by man.

      65. I do believe eventually there will be a collapsing economy, but it will not collapse suddenly or in a brief amount of time or go mad max. And yes, it is wise to prepare, I am a prepper myself; but so many people placing a post on this site are actually desiring a catastrophic event. How empty and fruitless and inconsequential their lives must be. Judging by some posts a few are orgasmic about the prospect of disease, hunger, violence and mass suffering. I have read many times where people were quoting “inside” information and gave timelines; yet it never happened. Some so patently ridiculous I am stunned into the realization lots of people just do not have critical thinking skills. Every one is just quoting everyone else because misery and suffering is what they want to see and hear. I’ m laughing at you but feel sorry too because with this mindset you will
        be the first to fail and you do even know it. Here is a tip – plan to thrive and rebuild, not just to survive for a while, otherwise your life will be short and meaningless.

        • yes I want it to come to a head. this boil needs to be popped. from now on instead of voting for the lesser evil ill vote for the worst evil. Vote for Hillary. im getting old and am a prepped as I will ever be. If its eventually gonna happen anyhow why wait? Lets get the show on the road. lets separate the wheat from the chaff.

      66. Who is going to have even a smidgen of cash needed in the case of getting sick when the collapse happens. Nobody but those well off can survive serious illness. Then we have a completely corrupt medical establishment, everybody knows it, yet it get’s worse by the day. That’s corporatism, which is fascism clearly. Notice many of the alternative healing doctors are being killed off recently, Big pharma will drug us, shoot us up with poisons and kill us to protect their yearly billions, all with government complicity. Same with Monsanto bribing congress to pass legislation to outlaw labeling of what is in our store bought frankenfood. Like the fossil fuel polluters of our planet, killing anyone or anything that threatens their 100’s of billions income by thwarting advances in clean energy technology. Now the obvious plan, get rid of all the people who question these methods. Pure psychopaths running business and government. I don’t see a turning back of these monsters.

      67. The March Towards Civil War Is Rapidly Progressing

        Even local Officials Are Speaking Out Against the Tyranny of This Administration

        In October of 2014, a county official in Missouri suggested that American troops should overthrow President Barack Obama.

        Jefferson County Recorder of Deeds Debbie Dunnegan called President Barack Obama “our domestic enemy” and she even suggested the U.S. Constitution would give the U.S. military the authority to oust the president in a coup d’état, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported. Certainly, the betrayal of the American people represents a foreign and domestic enemy. Perhaps Dunnegan is correct.

      68. Foggy, you ain’t lying. I read that report. If this is what is happening now, things about and engineered calapse, which is in the making as we type, roof the EMP event, engineered of course, then the true russian and Chinese cross over from Mexico. That is a cake walk in comparison to what I have heard about when soldiers enter a city.. that type of behavior o. The par of gangster types is easy t deal with they don’t do have heavy weapons so buck shot will silver that problem. Use Remington a curios for trigger game type gangsters, for example lager 240 lbs, thugs types, the round can literally remove a leg from the knee. The round penetrator in impact, shatters then splits in two and go into two directions, that leads to infection post calapse and slow death. If the round impacts the upper torso, suffrage is minimal because that rapist thug, Latino or black gangster will be deceased. Invading armies jihadist, jad helm types of killer soldiers types, you have to upgrade to more longer range rifles Ar, AK, Ar 10, Siaga,.50 cal BMG, etc. I have talked about that very topic many a times and idiots have come on here telling me I have problems and issues with women.


        Like I have been told by my scientist friend, any women without a strong man is doomed and will have hell to experience because they are a target by men in general, the ones who live in their complex, the man they see everyday that says hi to them, will be attacking them post shtf..then you have the foreign soldiers, they are worst than the men in her local community. Women stand no chance in hell of helping them selves but I know a few who are preppers who will kill if it comes their way.. these women are a rear breed. I have to give them credit they are very smart women. Any women that live by them selves in apartments, by themselves will pay a heavy price. They are single a lot to of them rude, arrogant, hate men, complain about men, that we are loosers because we act like the Hollywood hunks in movies, so we are nothing. Women, your attitude sucks, that’s why your single.

        A gay faggot tied to rape me when I was a kid, that filed attempt led to his ruptured balls. I didn’t stand down then, and I won’t stand now because I am much bigger animal these days.and I live in the outskirts of a red neck community. I am bad news all the way around.

        The women who live with and are married to veterans and red necks, you have nothing to worry about, your kind is smart, you made the right decision. You and your children stand a good chance of survival.. like the scientist told me, women become extinct 3 yrs after a calapse, war, environmental, emp etc.. it is disturbing and nerve recking to see this type of assaults and attacks on women taking place in cities, its like we are living in another country.

        Had and attack at that level come down on me, I would have killed all of them, no way in hell I would sit there and watch black thugs rape my woman. Like my black high income conservative friends have tokd me,. They are peppering to stop black thugs, it not whites they are peppering for.

        Any gang or gangsters black, Latino. Etc try that with me, your dead. If
        That comes my way it’s a guaranteed death sentence for that gang. Even if they pointed a fun at me I am still going to respond. I am probably going to get shot. No one makes me strip down naked in public, no one stripes down my woman and do that crap to her in front of me, I would make international news. For the women who are new preppers just discovering this website, begin prepping immediately and get armed up, time is literally running the hell out..if your single, consider dating red necks and country boys. The suited up, Gay talking, clean shaven metro sexual.. type of BMW drivers are dead end street for you and you children from this time frame of July 2015-2019..

        • You are right about how women are treated in a crisis. You do not have to go far to see this happening right now in many places in the world: just pick up the New York Times and read the international news: it is all women being raped etc.

          As soon as the veneer of law and order goes, then women and girls are preyed on by thugs and horny guys. How bad it gets just think of how often you need to eat and drink: well, sex is just another need and people will chase that need every day. It is why Western civilization developed layers of law and order to prevent this from happening. But these layers have been getting very frayed since the 1960s and have come down at various times in the US (LA Riots etc.). Flaky liberals always fail to realize this.

      69. I was talking with someone about solar to save me $ on my electric being the biggest reason to do it more than self reliance. He said you have to buy the system for like $15,000 then you have to sell the electricity to the grid and they sell it back to you for cheaper than normal. He couldn’t tell me how much cheaper and who would maintain the system after it was installed. So I said if I drop$15,000 I gotta sell the energy I generate. Who’s saving the $ really in this case not me. Going green is a hoax it could work but the powerful utilities company’s are still involved and still getting the $ from it all. I will never get this solar gear as long as gov has a hand in it. See the more independent we become from the utility services the more a threat we are to corporate and gov profits. They will not let this happen. They have been closing down coal power plants left and right because they know the electric car is coming and folks will be charging at home instead of buying gasoline. This is gonna hurt the oil industry so they are gonna create a shortage of electrical energy in the name of keeping the environment clean. What’s the excuse with the solar it’s the cleanest thing going but your gonna have to sell it to the grid that’s bullshit and no one is fighting this. Those little solar panels at harbor freight are shit your not gonna generate anything usable with that they won’t power a clothes dryer or water heater or central air or kitchen range. People should be outraged by this selling back your electricity to the grid.

        • Do your own home made system,keep the power co. for one light,tis another corporate welfare scam,would never feed the grid,check out build it solar for some ideas and Genius when he is around,get off the matrix/go galt!

        • The harbor freight systems have worked great for our lights. We use a propane kitchen stove, and water heater. The clothes dry on the clothesline outside most of the year. Other than that its using the wooden clothes racks inside. Our central air here in the high desert is opening the windows and letting the breeze blow through. We have 2 panels on roof which charge our phones, tablet, run washing machine, tv. Have been here over 3 yrs.

        • The harbor freight systems have worked great for our lights. We use a propane kitchen stove, and water heater. The clothes dry on the clothesline outside most of the year. Other than that its using the wooden clothes racks inside. Our central air here in the high desert is opening the windows and letting the breeze blow through. We have 2 panels on roof which charge our phones, tablet, run washing machine, tv. Have been here over 3 yrs.

      70. “President Obama REGRETS NOT DOING MORE TO RESTRICT THE 2ND AMENDMENT and swears he will Annul / Take Down the 2nd Amendment of the US Constitution which guarantee’s American Citizens the Right to Bear Arms before he leaves office in the next 18 months!”


        — “The real beauty of the Second Amendment is that you will never need it, till they try and try and take it from you” —

        — Thomas Jefferson —


        F*CK YOU BARRY!


        • Frog,link to this speech/press alert?

          • posted on next report.

      71. Ever attack a mama bear with cubs? Some women are tougher than you think, especially with children.Pure instinct to defend with weapons, claws and teeth. Might not get out alive or at least
        End up dickless just saying……..

      72. I have personally been in these events in various countries around the world since the 90s (ex-communist, Africa etc.). He is right: cash still is the thing but it does depend what cash. What tends to happen is this: the financial system seizes up for some reason and civil servants etc. stop getting paid. Months go by and people pretend to work and the government pretends to pay them, as they say. As the circulation of money in the form of salaries stops, the local currency starts rapidly devaluing. Within months your dinner table is full in stacks of the local currency just to buy the weekly grocery shop. By this point people have lost faith in the local currency and another is the real currency. This, in my experience, has always been the US dollar. The dollar becomes the real currency and is traded on the black market for whatever people can get. People do not trade gold or silver.

        If the US dollar loses faith in a financial system crisis, then some other currency will fill its place: the Norwegian Krona, the Swiss Franc, the RMB, etc. This is because people like paper currencies for a reason: they work and are efficient. Even a moron understands how it works.

        This means to survive you will need to be sharp to the confidence levels of the local currency. You need a mechanism to get cash outside your salary. If you are a young woman, you have the easiest ability to earn extra cash: become an escort. Everyone else will have to work a lot harder at thinking of a business or need that can be filled. Become hyper alert to what people need: notice there is little toilet paper for sale? Then start manufacturing and selling toilet paper with your own machine (it is possible). Then charge for this product or service in the stronger currency and accumulate them. Within a month or two you will be flying high and far better off than the sad sacks waiting for their salaries and pensions to clear through the banks.

        Young women will become the new owners of all the fancy condos and new home developments because they will be able to pay hard cash for them by hustling their sweet little putooties.

      73. Doesn’t matter, I told you fuckers last year and have been telling you it doesn’t matter. It’s now on Steve Quayles website some body is telling you the truth. Get as far away as you can from the east and west coast. I told you about jade helm last year and you didn’t believe me. No one had said anything about it. But I was standing right there watching all this shit going in. I take inventory of all this shit and have been doing this. I didn’t know what it was all about and I didn’t care. But the longer I looked the more I knew this ain’t normal. Before I guarded other shit for the government and none of it was that crazy. Everything was routine. Now it’s ramped up so bad, so much shit is being moved and everything that goes into this place does not come out. It is being stored for future use. Everything that you can think of that you need for living. It is being taken into this place. Someone who works with me, told me to move my family close to this place and always have a phone with me to call them or have a plan ready to take them in with me. He said that they are going to get and order to take those white buses that you have seen and then they will go out into the city’s and towns and they will gather the people that they have already pegged out. These are people they think will be helpful in getting things back to normal after it all happens. These are not homeless people or criminals or even just normal Joe’s who work. These are picked for skills or what they can contribute. Some they actually already had a lottery and chose regular people that they will take with them. Others they do not want, but have given them over to other forces to do with them as they want. (And even those forces are being lied to and manipulated) Those are pegged for destruction. As this goes down they will take those white buses and take these people into the places of safety. Of course chaos and mayhem will ensue. Those that are in the know will make themselves known to be taken, those that are not some will fight thinking that they want to save themselves. Only it will be for their own destruction. I asked about me and my family and they said that I won the lottery. When I joined the military and that I was already picked long ago. They knew everything about me and that I have been given a spot along with my family, small family. Sometimes when they come pick you up it wont be to hurt you. They will try to be as quiet as they can be and try to talk sense into you that they are wanting to help you. So if you think the government has placed a red mark on your house or has you on some list, it depends what list they have placed you on. The camps are a distraction. They will keep most of you preoccupied looking at them and have you going for that. While they will quietly be going under at the places where all these things are being stored. They will close the door and that will be that. They will seal us in. You will all die! If you want to know more go to Steve Quayles website finally someone is telling you the same thing, but he is also twisting shit around to keep the truth of what I am saying from getting out. Get away from the coasts and go as far north as you can. Anyone in Texas and south is pretty much toast. Central and south America will be uninhabitable, most of it will be under water or to bad off for anyone to survive it for long. Manipulations and lies mastering the human domain. It’s actually a strategy that has several angles and some that I don’t know or can’t comprehend. I might even be a part of that manipulation without even knowing. All I know is what I see when I am at work.

      74. There is no doubt cash will be useful for a while, after a crash. And precious metals their place after a while. But I don’t even think grocery stores will be open for even a short time, after a collapse event. Cash payments, and panic shoppers, will strip the stores in a short while, after that, it will be looting as the order of the day.
        History shows this trend over and over.

      75. Looks like Martin Armstrong is on the ball again. Pastor Lindsey Williams was told by the Elites that a global financial collapse is coming and that he should prepare by doing 7 things before Sept 15. See his link here:

      76. My guess is the Quadrillion Derivatives Casino will start to unravel soon as interest rates rise and stock markets start to swoon. The major 5 US banks are exposed to $275 trillions of derivatives according to BIS. This is not sustainable as their assets is a fraction of that.

        Those skeptics who are not prepared should visit this website:

      77. I figured it out.
        Buy rental property
        And rent to lesbians with govt. Jobs and no kids.

        They never miss a rent payment.

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