Top Chinese Port Experiences Its Worst Traffic Jam Since August

by | Oct 12, 2021 | Headline News | 10 comments

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    This does not seem to be a problem just in the United States, but all over the globe. A top Chinese port is now slammed with its worst traffic jam since August, sparking fears that the supply shortage has only just begun.

    Worldwide, shortages on everything from food to garden supplies, to toiletries are being reported. The U.S. still has shipping containers stuck off the California coast waiting to be unloaded, while a top port in China is also historically backlogged. Is this all an “accident” or a “coincidence” that this is happening all at once? You decide.

    According to a report by ZeroHedge, the number of container ships at anchor or drifting at one of the busiest ports in China has jumped to the highest level since August, indicating supply chain disruptions will continue into the holiday season. Right now is the critical period where US importers build inventory for Christmas shopping. If they fail to do so, expect shortages of popular consumer goods.

    Some large retailers have resorted to chartering their own ships in order to get supplies on shelves.

    Fust weeks ago, the number of container ships at anchor in San Pedro Bay off the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach reached a record high of 73 vessels.  Bottlenecks at container ports worldwide continue to snarl supply chains as vessels experience longer wait times to berth.

    As ZeeroHedge noted, there is good news, and we were one of the first to observe what appears to be a peak in shipping rates in early October, noting that there was a “glimmer of hope” for global snarled supply chains, even if the rebound will likely prove to be far more painful.

    According to a separate report by Yahoo News, shipping containers are piled high in Port Savannah. Nearly 80,000 shipping containers are stacked up on the docks.

    These shortages still appear to be growing and with no end in sight, perhaps we should all consider getting any last-minute items we can. Do not wait to get that holiday turkey or the perfect Christmas gift if you see it. This year may prove to be a difficult holiday season.

    We should all be aware of this and make appropriate changes to our preparedness plans. Learning to go without or planning ahead could make all the difference this season.


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      1. Speaking of jam, I woke up to a foot of snow this morning lol. Broken limbs on the trees. The best thing I ever bought was my snowplow! That thing makes quick work of clearing me and my neighbors driveways. I pile it up and the doggie loves to dive in it lol. Ebay has good plows cheap. I got a 60 inch with mount kit for 460 bux for my rhino. Off to play in the snow BBL!

      2. Shortages of stuff to sell for the Christmas season will result in lower profits for the retailers that sell them, many of whom rely almost entirely on making enough profit during that season to stay in business.

        Watch store closures in early 2022 to know how bad it was, and watch what measure the government institutes if it is bad enough to be devastating for that segment of the economy.

      3. HaHa…Christmas gifts and turkeys

        Soon enough, you will have much worse things to worry about than those.

      4. The NWO is in FULL stage destruction of the USA and it will have many far reaching effects worldwide! IF you are not smart to be prepped before this you are screwed!

        • If you/re not prepped with enough of everything you need to last the rest of your life then you’re not prepped.

          That includes some kind of place to live that can’t be taken from you by the taxing agencies that will demand your compliance to the NWO mandates to be able to pay your taxes on it.

          This, the coming troubles, are not going to be a temporary situation.

          No one will escape it.

      5. I live in the South. Though we do get some cold weather each winter, it is rare for us to see any snow. We don’t get white Christmases, we don’t need snowplows, we don’t need to winterize our vehicles, and we don’t have schools called off due to winter weather (but do for other types of weather). However, because we don’t have hard freezes the bugs and insects rule the world here.

      6. Remember when in July the globalists got together and had a supply break down scenario? There creating it just like the event 201 in 2019 with a pandemic and look what happened a few months later.

        • Supply of goods down raising prices. Seems a good deal for International corporations profits.

      7. “Some large retailers have resorted to chartering their own ships in order to get supplies on shelves.”

        So, boating still works. Ships remain buoyant and still travel to open docks. This is an example of artificial scarcity.

      8. Stop supporting China’s economy. Most of those shipping containers are full of crappy, unhealthy foods from China and crappy electronics to. Let those containers stay in those ports and let the mice eat that crap and chew on the cords to those electronics. I’m sick of seeing everything ‘made in China.’. Enough already.

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