Top CEO Warns Of Global Reset: “It’s In The Cards For Sure”

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    Over the last several months there have been numerous reports highlighting the frantic activities of the world’s ultra-wealthy elite. From the purchasing of emergency hideaways and airstrips to warnings from their financial advisors that it’s time to shift their assets into physical holdings, it appears that a lot of powerful people are afraid of a significant shift set to take place in the near future.

    In his latest interview with Future Money Trends Keith Neumeyer, who recently penned a very public (and very viral) letter to the Commodity Futures Trading Commissions outlining the rampant manipulation by concentrations of shadowy market players taking place on commodities exchanges, shares his insights on what many believe to be a coming global reset.

    According to First Mining Finance Chairman Neumeyer, the day of reckoning may come a lot sooner than most people think:

    It’s in the cards for sure. Predicting exactly what it’s going to mean or what it’s going to look like… that’s the big challenge… I think a lot of people are ignoring it… but there are some forward thinkers out there who talk about it.

    I think that the Chinese want their currency part of a floating currency… I think that’s really going to be the next leg in this whole change… in this reset going forward. It could even happen this year.

    Watch the full interview with Keith Neumeyer

    When this reset comes to pass the manipulations so apparent in commodities and broader stock markets today will be exposed, and according to Neumeyer, may lead to the biggest surge in precious metals we have ever seen.

    Echoing the forecasts of one of the world’s leading trend strategists Gerald Celenete, Neumeyer notes that the monetary system that takes hold after a global reset could result in gold rising to $3000 an ounce or more. Such a move would have a similar impact on silver, which may stabilize at it’s historical silver-to-gold ratio of 16:1, putting it’s strike price somewhere above $150 an ounce.

    Right now, you’re mining 10 ounces of silver for every one ounce of gold.  So gold is trading at… let’s say $1,200 just to round it up. So that would be $120 silver, if the ratio was 10-to-1. So I say silver should be $120.

    The other key ratio is the ratio that has been common for 500 years… Sir Isaac Newton came up with the ratio of 16-to-1 and that’s how they created the pound sterling. And so there was a theory that there was for every one ounce of gold, 16 ounces of silver in the earth’s crust. So using 16-to-1, at $1,200, it’s somewhere around $80-$90.

    Silver should be trading, in my view, somewhere from $80 to $120 an ounce.

    The prices Neumeyer cites are based on current trading levels, suggesting that silver is significantly under-priced already.

    Now imagine what happens should we see a widespread crisis and subsequent global reset of the financial, economic and monetary systems. Markets are so fragile that even something as simple as China publicly declaring their true gold holdings could spark the next bull run in precious metals:

    Of course it would and that plays back to what I was saying earlier. I don’t know if China’s ready for that to happen, because once they do it gold will probably go up by multiples… hundreds and hundreds of dollars.

    I could see gold going up to $3,000 or some number like that.

    Who knows exactly… but I do believe that that would occur because the people would see the hoard that the Chinese have actually accumulated over the last decade and that would completely change the market.

    Countries like China and Russia are secretly accumulating massive stockpiles of gold and silver. Further, the ultra-wealthy have been warned in no uncertain terms by their advisors to do the same.

    If there were ever a tell-tale sign that a momentous set of events is soon to take place, this is it. Follow the money, which at this time just so happens to be shifting to physical assets of real value in anticipation of the next leg of the global reset.

    This report is taken, in part, from Keith Neumeyer’s latest interview at Future Money Trends. Click here to learn more about Keith Neumeyer’s latest Mineral Bank project with First Mining Finance.


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      1. I hope all you readers have taken need and prepped to the max…
        Bless all here…

        • For those that have not,again:Slickguns/ammoseek/gunbroker,screw it,use a credit card if necc.,once it hits,collection calls WILL cease!

            • Good link there – thanks!

              • seconded! excellent stuff!

              • “””Silver should be trading, in my view, somewhere from $80 to $120 an ounce.”””

                And that is based on the fraudulent paper price of gold.

                In reality, a silver dollar is worth more than a ton of federal reserve notes, regardless of the denomination.

                Got a mortgage? Within a year you will be able to purchase enough FRNs with an ounce of silver to pay it off.

                I no longer consider values in dollars. When I look at my possessions, or the possibility of buying something new, I think of how much it will be worth in terms of production.

                We are looking at a future where “money” is very hard to get. I remember a guy who was talking about his grandmother and what she said of life during the depression. She said “We had everything we needed except for money”.

                I foresee and plan for a time when my small flock of 14 hens and a rooster is worth more than a big stack of $100 FRNs.

                Money is the mechanism of bankster control. The less you have, and the less you need, the less control they ultimately have over you.

                Don’t ask how much money, even gold and silver, you need. Ask yourself what you can buy or make today that will provide food for you in the future.

                Once the banksters money is found by the masses to be the worthless paper it really is, food will become the weapon of control.

                Storing or possessing food is not enough. You must be able to produce it, all year long. If you can feed yourself, you will be beyond the reach of the banksters weapons.

          • Oh, PS: About that over-extension on credit…

            The good news: inflation will make debts much easier to pay off, and creditors will actually hide from you.

            The bad news: if you lose your means of income (job, business, whatever) before collapse is complete (or far enough along to remove the rule of law), you’re fscked. Why? Because as long as a sheriff’s deputy (and his armed buddies) can show up and kick you out of your now-foreclosed home, or someone can still repossess your vehicle(s), and etc? Well, let’s just say that all the bluster and talk of holding them off will crumble awful quick when what’s left of law and order is no longer restrained by such niceties as Mirandizing, restraint, rights, etc…

            • “I could see gold going up to $3,000 or some number like that.”

              I predicted earlier this year or late last year that gold would hit $3500 an ounce when SHTF. Its in the archives.

              The historical ratio of silver to gold at 16 to 1, while accurate with respect to silvers occurrence in the earth and artificially fixed as such in years past by the American government, does not reflect the market ratio, the markets such as they are.

              The market ratio of silver to gold is more like 50 or 60 to 1 in the new normal. In an economic collapse the demand for silver would plummet as most silver is used in solar cell production.

              If demand plunges for the industrial use of silver, demand could still make silver a safe haven for some, and if gold triples, silver could triple too, but the likelihood of silver finding the historical norm of 16 to 1 is nil.

              NIL. 🙂

              • Mr. Keith N. Neumeyer is the Founder of First Majestic Silver Corp. (formerly, First Majestic Resources Corp.) and has been its Chief Executive Officer and President since November 3, 2001.

                Mr. Neumeyer has been the President and Chief Executive Officer of First Silver Reserve Inc. since June 19, 2006. He has an extensive experience dealing with the financial, regulatory, legal and accounting issues. He founded First Majestic Silver in 2002.

                He is only out to improve his financial portfolio, and will do anything, including this BS speculation of the financial problems to improve his own wealth.

                He is a SILVER, speculator nothing more nothing less.

                Prep but use common smarts, when dealing with all these wealthy speculators, and their phoney schemes, who are only out to enrich their own pocketbooks.

                Remember they are the 1%, that are out to do away with the rest of us, or enslave our children.

                Locked and loaded

                • @ A Christian….what a surprise!!!! All these authors having a hidden agenda to sell something or increase their blog viewing to encourage more sponsors.

                • You can add Jeff Berwick to the list of money grabbing frauds.

          • Mac
            Never let it be said that I would square off
            your intelligence or intuition.

            But I think you grossly under estimate the
            cunning and devious character of the US gov.

            Gold really has no intrinsic value other than
            what someone attributes to it. In this instance,
            gold has always been valued by the governments
            throughout history and the legality thereof.

            Just as the “King” allows us the use of their ferns,
            so it is with the “Kings” use of their precious
            metals, properties, rights, and freedoms.

            To say that we can hoard money or gold is an effort
            in futility when they have the power to devalue
            either to nothing or make their possession illegal
            under penalty of imprisonment or worse.

            One must only look to the past as prelude in the
            form of the Great Depression and the illegality
            of gold possession and the government regulation
            of price controls on such.

            It’s possible that the legalization of gold in
            this country was nothing more than a ploy to sell
            their commodity to an unsuspecting public at a
            high price only to later devalue and confiscate
            it back at a later date.

            Please excuse me sir, if my tinfoil hat is showing.

            • OUTWEST – I agree, they didnt use a lot of digital currency with their debit cards in the 1930’s.
              Once the “king” declares all forms of payment other than digital , its over, all the gold and silver and stashed cash are worthless.
              But i still cling to some silver………..

              We are in uncharted waters folks and all this historical BS is just that , BS .
              Currency of tomorrow could be bootlaces for all we know !

            • Old west, The US Gov cannot control the price of Gold on tje world market, unless you control the entire world. Thus NWO-Agenda21, exactly where the world is headed with the puppet dictator psychopaths with large Army’s.

              So get busy living or get busy dying. SHANKSHAW Redemption Movie.

          • I Don’t know about gold or silver, but eggs have gone from 3.25 to almost 5.00 for a dozen and a half. Seems that the Chicken might have laid the golden egg. Trekker Out.

            • Yes my chicken farm (sustainable,non-confinement) is doing well, much better investment than gold. More then 50 million bird have been culled due avian flu in the us. Supply /demand. MT there is gold in those eggs 😉

              • If you can’t:
                Eat it.
                Shoot something with it.
                Build something with it.
                Or fornicate with it, it has no real value.
                Gold & Silver have no real value.
                A few silver coins and some of those green toilet tissues for brief periods of breakdown.
                After that above 4 rules apply.
                Having grown up in a low money barter culture I knowz dis.


            • Believe it or not: Recently seen at my grocery store was a 20 pound free-range turkey going for the asking price of $160.

              NO LIE

              • We got a couple turkey chicks to raise with our new flock of laying hens this year. One is a Tom and the other is a hen it turns out. They need 20% protein food in order to grow properly due to their rapid weight gain. I wish we had bought 4 of them. We could have sold 2 of them off in the fall and made back all the cost of feeding both them and all of the hens for a year.
                They are already bigger than our older Barred Rock hens and the new Austrolorp layers we bought at the same time this spring are half that big.
                I’m glad we started raising chickens years ago and have a hen house for 24 layers. They free range all day. At times we have eggs running out of our ears, but it looks like that’s a good thing nowadays.

            • Yeah I woke up to that 6 point Buck 3 yards from my cottage front door. Remember the food plots and 50 Lbs bags of cracked corn to draw in wild game. If there is any wild game left after the hungry poachers destroy it all. Yeah you know who you are.

          • Warchild,YOUR CLOSE,but the Gold and Silver will fail,and then it leaves only one thing of VALUE,”AMMO” it will be the new currency,would you trade a bag of beans for GOLD,when there was no money,NO,but what else do you have to trade,OH,AMMO,anything you have will depend on how much AMMO you have,no ammo,they’ll take everything you have…..STOCKUP ON AMMO,it won’t go down in value,everything else will………..

      2. If there were any actual demand for gold and silver in excess of normal trading prices would be going up as people bid more and more to get it.

        As it is, prices are anemic and slowly dropping because there are more people actively trying to unload what they have as prices slowly collapse than there are buyers for it. When supplies exceed demand, prices drop (same for everything from oil to wheat to pork bellies).

        • In general I would agree with this — but I believe we are in an exceptional environment.

          As an example, how is a company like Netflix trading at something like 600 times earnings (Or The price of these assets does not reflect reality and they have been pushed to extreme levels by market manipulation (in this case, it could be the easy money being cranked in by the Fed).

          I believe the same (but in reverse) is happening with gold and silver.

          To demonstrate the disconnect between paper commodity trades versus physical assets (whether in the possession of an individual or a company that owns a mine), consider what happened in Greece in May of 2010.

          The price of gold was officially trading at around $1000 – $1200 an ounce globally. However, in Greece, where panic had taken hold during their first economic collapse, the price on the street was $1700 per ounce.

          While an isolated incident, I think this demonstrates (albeit in a small microcosm) that a disconnect can exist between the paper trading price of the metal and the physical price.

          Link here:

          I think the Chinese are OK with the manipulation right now because it has given them, as Neumeyer noted in the interview above, the ability to purchase precious metals in the form of physical end product AND mines like those being acquired by First Mining Finance at a significantly discounted rate.

          The letter Neumeyer wrote a few weeks back cited in the article above specifically spoke of price discovery issues because of this manipulation:

          It occurs to me that such massive speculation in COMEX silver futures may not be in keeping with the spirit and intent of commodity law and may suggest something is wrong with the price discovery process, since real producers and consumers of silver don’t appear to be represented. “ (link here: )



          • Mac, in reality we really do not know which way things will go.
            Thank you for having a place to go, and vent…

            • eppe,
              something to remember, years ago the markets were pretty much stand alone and hardly anyone could do to much to swing it, but for many years now there are sooo many things that are NOT normal manipulating the markets yet people still try to use the old knowledge to predict them. and it is entirely to erratic to try soo with that said, prep for the worst is the best thing going!!

          • “but I believe we are in an exceptional environment.”

            In many ways and that includes the Chinese and Russians. When the fecal storm arrives everyone Nation will be on the same exact sinking ship with no lifeboats. The Chinese and Russians have based their business, economic and banking models from the West. They have cheated their way to the top better than the West and for that I give them credit. Just think about that for a second. How much faith can you have in the new players when they were bigger crooks than the guys they replaced? None, if you ask me.

            When the reset occurs it will be BAU Part 2 along with the current Banking/Financial/Economic systems, just modified to give the appearance the problems have been fixed.

            There’s way too much greed, power and control over the Plebs to give that all up.

            As i’ve said many times, it will be the same movie with different actors.

            • Rodster: “How much faith can you have in the new players when they were bigger crooks than the guys they replaced? ”

              An astute observation. That’s why NO nation will back its currency in gold and watch its real wealth exit the country.

              After 9,000 years of human use, gold DOES have intrinsic value; after bread, water, wine, and twinkies: and it can buy them all. 🙂

            • Rodster.

              The only thing you can believe in is yourself. Everything else is open to suggestion, deceit and illusion.
              And believing in yourself is not as strong as you would believe too.

              • I use to believe in myself, until myself took up with a whoring and drinking. I woke up way too many mornings with a screaming headache and with the appearance of a glazed doughnut.

                After much discussion with myself, I decided to relieve myself of it’ duties as leader of this filthy vessel, and return to the roots of my childhood deliverance from sin.

                Now days, I believe in a much Higher Power than myself, and therefore fear nothing that man, woman, beast, nor myself, can bring upon me.

                That, my friends, is called….freedom.

                • Here. Here!

          • Just listened to an interview by Nomi Prins on king world news. She made the statement that the FED was fully aware that all their QE etc has done nothing and that all the underlying problems in the banking industry are still there, and it is a house of cards.

            Most notable the FED and US Treasury know where all the fraud is because the people manipulating markets are the only ones making money! They are making the markets climb and in essence keeping it all together. The stock market is that last tendon keeping the camels back from breaking.

            There is virtually no money being made in the classic sense, via improved sales, or productivity etc! The only thing creating wealth is fraud!

            The government won’t even prosecute securities fraud except in isolated instances, because they are afraid it will break the system. It’s that fragile in their eyes!

            • To add one minor comment.

              Greece has been in the news for years, it is no surprise to anyone, except to perhaps the blind and deaf!

              It will probably not be a major trigger for a collapse, or even a small correction, since it is already priced into the markets.

          • MAC,

            “Further, the ultra-wealthy have been warned in no uncertain terms by their advisors to do the same.”

            If this were happening, they might not sweat the little stuff but there wouldn’t be a monster box available anywhere.

      3. Actually,amazon and netflix work together to a large degree,PE’s in general though completely insane for a large amount of whats on the market.

        • ???
          Amazon Prime vrs Netflix, hello-


          • Amazon will swallow netflix in a year with no crashes thru a huge buyout,just watch.

      4. What would anyone expect this man to say? Anything other than that which could drive people to buy precious metals…..LMAO!

      5. blah blah blah

        it will happen when the zionist ptb are ready for it to happen.

        the markets are 100% international zionist rigged.

        they wont just suddenly collapse unless the zionists want them too.

        And they will only do it when they are ready to assume a lead role in global governance from their new puppet state Greater Israel!

      6. John 3:16

        The number one prep anyone can do is accept Jesus and repent of your sins.

        • Miggy.

          “Jesus is just all right with me. Oh Yeah!”

          Doobie Brothers

          • SLING-
            Thats way deep , man.

      7. If a “Global Reset” happens (and it will happen) it will probably be on a Friday after the banks are closed.

        With speed-of-light communications it will happen within minutes and not hours/days.

        • I agree, OR,

          and most likely, and highly possible, that “global reset” will begin on the weekend of Sept. 12th/13th.

          If my silver hits the 16 to 1 ratio of price soarage, as predicted by Mr. Neumeyer, in the above article; I will sell at the proposed 150 dollar per ounce price and make a hefty 1000% profit.

          The only problem i can then foresee on the horizon, is if my ole Evinrude can hold together long enough to make the voyage across the Pacific, so I can take full advantage of trading those Yuans, that i got for that silver, for a lifetime of beef chow mien, and a little china doll to help with the laundry.
          And..”his hair was perfect”.

          One can only dream.

          • More likely cat or dog chow mein

      8. AMEN!

      9. In the roaring twenties prior to the great crash the markets were openly manipulated. Everyone knew it, millions of Americans still bought tons of stock on margin, borrowed money!

        Crazy bankers looted the stock market during the twenties.

        Here we go again!

        History is repeating itself. Here we go again. Everyone thinks they can get out first if the market crashes. Yeah that’s gonna work out!

        Smart money is getting out now! Smart money is buying gold and silver now! The rich are even prepping like only the rich can.

      10. The wife and I have concentrated on our preps rather than the playing the rigged market. We think there is trouble coming. I was uplifted by the reaction of the people of Charlestown SC. True christians and an example for all.

      11. If a total collapse occurs, I’m not sure what good gold and silver will do for we the average. Food, water, shelter and protection will be paramount. All can be taken by a foreign or domestic military force. I fear much suffering is on the horizon. Prayers to all.

      12. To paraphrase a certain Monty Python parrot sketch…

        “This economy is dead! It’s bereft of life. If you hadn’t nailed it to the perch with massive debt, it’d be pushing up the daisies! It is no more. It’s gone to meet it’s maker. This is a late economy!”

      13. Oakie,I find it insulting you compare our economy to a dead parrot,insulting to the parrot that is!In fact,is down right “disparaging”in regards to deceased parrot,please stop.

        • My humble apologies to dead parrots everywhere. Especially the Norwegian Blues. (lovely plumage)

          • How about all those dead “parrot heads”. Do they still count?

      14. i tell you the freight seems like its drying up the last time this happened in 08 and i got laid off in a downsizing move by the company ive been working and doing ok but i still see the shit coming down the pipe.glad i had the brains to look out for my future needs. gardens coming along great already have peppers coming in. i feel with a little luck and gods blessing i can pull through and survive the coming shit storm. with more gun rights attacks by the left if you dont get one now the rules to aquiring one may change overnite. racial tensions between black and white youd have to be a straight up fool not to be armed. but its not all about being armed know how and a willingness to take the bull by the horns cant be bought.

      15. Or it could have happened last year……

        Or it could happen next year……

        Or the year after that, and so on……

        Or we might continue this long, slow slide for longer than anyone here will be alive.

      16. I think this interview is very telling: if you are currently hunkered down in your bunker with beans and wieners, you are missing out on great opportunities to make money. The economy is cooking on high octane, the key is to find where that is happening. I agree some places are in the dumps (Detroit, Ferguson etc.) but that is only one part of the picture. There are many places that are just humming with business. New buildings going up everywhere, deals being done. My best advice is to do two things: either move to one of these places that is humming (Singapore, London, Geneva etc.) or get a passport and travel most of the year so that you can get in on the deals. The worst thing you can do is to revert to being a cracker hiding from the rest of the world. As a rule of thumb, go to where there are lots of white people and lots of Asians. They tend to be the places with the most economic activity going on.

        • The worst thing you can do is to revert to being a cracker hiding from the rest of the world.

          I prefer to be referred to as a saltine American. Thanks.

      17. Was talking to a guy I know yesterday. He just retired. He said he believed that Bill and Hillary Clinton were very honest people. I told him that was the most naive thing I’ve ever heard an adult say. He said that Republicans are falsely accusing the Clintons of criminal activity. All his life he was taught from the media that Democrats are good and honest. Republicans are bad and evil. I told him they’re all crooks. Both parties. He couldn’t accept that. And that’s why we are lost.

      18. The political system is corrupt. And everyone in the system is corrupt. Everyone. No exceptions.

      19. There are plenty of subjects we have discussed over and over again. The rehash is becoming boring. How much warning do people need? I don’t want to warn except if it is something NEW on the Horizon. We need to get into the FIX or Prepare to weather the storm. You better get the tools, materials and the skills to use them.
        To argue what is best is non productive. I prefer the word “advise”.
        So to have cash or precious metals, works for some and not others. Some may be better than none. And the best gun is the one you have in your hand when you need it most.
        Want to go to Montana or Fiji? Whatever floats your boat.
        To clear your conscience. If they do not want to hear your warning. They were not worth saving in the first place and would have become a burden or a liability.

      20. Sorry to repeat, but it will not leave me; Watch the NORTH and it will happen right before or during the dead of WINTER!!! The snake is coiled and ready to strike. Prepare for there is no tomorrow.

      21. Things are far from perfect. Something, or a combination of things, are going to happen eventually. Wise people are well-prepared, waiting for show time.

        Don’t ask the barber whether you need a haircut. What else do you think a silver mining CEO is going to say other than, “Things are terrible. Collapse is IMMINENT. Buy silver.”

        These woe is us articles would be more credible if it was someone without an axe to grind saying so.

      22. Good advice.

      23. Could have, Would have, should have!
        We will see.

      24. Doing a little rounding off at Kitco, Gold at 1185 (asked price) and silver at 16 (16.10) you divide 1185 by 16 you get 74. Means silvers’ price today is at a ratio to gold of 74 to 1. Conversely, if you go with Newtons 16 to 1 ratio of gold to silver, you get a price of silver of $74 an ounce. 74 less 16 is 58, which converts to silver being under priced (manipulated) by $58 or 362% today. Since Newton is long gone, and the Fed is manipulating the price of everything, it’s fair to say the worst of it, monetarily speaking, is silver, since fiat paper dollars have no worth. Buy all the silver you can? No, just buy some. Your preps should include many things for barter (one commenter recommended ammo, and I concur) just as the Wall Street and Banksters are diversified so they can cover as much as possible and not get burned concentrating in just one area. We all have portfolios, and while not fancy, just as important as the big guys. A little gold, if possible. Look around and listen.

      25. We haven’t seen anything yet! The people put a black man in the White House. Just take a look at what black people have done when given the chance to be responsible and accountable to make things better.
        Gary Indiana shows what happens when you let blacks try to run things.
        Detroit Michigan shows what happens when you let blacks try to run things.
        Jesse Jackson Jr showed that blacks can not resist stealing.
        Al Sharpton showed that blacks can not pay their taxes, yet bitch about everyone else.
        A black can hate your f’n guts but if you even mention the truth about their monkeyshines, then you are a racist.

        Just wait, because in 2016 they are installing a woman in the Whore House. And we all know that the murdering machine of the Clinton Murder Ring will leave no opposition alive.

        • Free Trade decimated cites that had a manufacturing base in the US including Gary Indiana and Detroit Michigan.

          When it comes to thievery no one beats those white guys in the financial sector. Bribes? Where is that ex California US Congressman that was a Navy ace from Vietnam?

          Its a fact that blacks commit a highly disproportionate amount of violent crime including murder. The good news is that they get little for their efforts the bad news is they’ll kill you for $5.

          Although mathematically extremely rare the heinous crimes of the psycho crazies like Jeffery Dalmer and John Wayne Gacy are virtually always a white male crime that has blacks saying, “White motherfuckers be crazy”.

      26. Curious? Can you eat gold or silver? One would think to stockpile food and water.

        • Dammit,no one is saying just get precious metals,if your essentials covered having a few extra eggs in the basket a good thing.A shrewd dat sales could be inflation hike and make some serious cash and quickly add to their “essential pile.Gold/silver has been currency for thousands of years and thru many rises/falls of empires.

      27. I still cannot believe there are those out there who believe money (ie gold and silver) have NO value. If they had NO value, why did our ancestors start using money in the first place? How is it that 5000 year old gold still can be used to trade for items of real value? Not to mention the fact that I really don’t want to carry eggs, or chickens, or any other ‘real’ item around to trade with others… especially if I want to equate value to value.

        C’mon folks. Time to use some common sense. Money has value for a REASON that is SELF EVIDENT. You will see that when trade begins again after fiat fails, and nobody wants to trade item for item, or deal with counter party risk…


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