Top 7 ways the USA is already under TYRANNICAL RULE like Communist China

by | Dec 14, 2022 | Headline News

This article was originally published by S.D. Wells at Natural News. 

Most Americans would call it a conspiracy theory if you told them that most of their “freedoms” and constitutional rights barely exist anymore, just because those freedoms have yet to be removed from them personally, or so they think. Was your vote really counted in the most recent elections? Is your home or land yours as long as you pay the loans and taxes, or can it be stripped away by the government during some declared “emergency?”

How many people are really seeing certain social media posts, especially if you post discontent about the (false) narratives regarding the scamdemic? Maybe you’ve already been ‘shadow-banned’ across all media, removing your freedom of speech, because the current government administration is communist-run, and not American at all.

Do you find it ironic that BLM and Antifa rioted in America’s biggest cities for 2 years straight, burning property, stealing from stores, beating people up, and even raping and murdering people, yet very few of them are serving any time in jail or prison for it. On the other hand, innocent Americans who peacefully protested the 2020 POTUS election results at the Capital in Washington DC are STILL in jail, being abused daily, with no trial in sight.

It’s time to face the truth. Communists have taken over a large portion of our government and infiltrated the highest ranks of our regulatory agencies and military. They are wrecking the economy on purpose while endangering the health and safety of every single American with this supply chain crippling and these senseless plandemic mandates.

NDAA and scamdemic mandates cancel your rights as an American, whether you realize it yet or not

Right now, the Biden Administration, at any time, can stage a war, national emergency, new pandemic, or media-made-panic, and send in troops to confiscate your home, land, and food in order to supposedly “protect” the nation, all according to the NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act) Obama put in place a decade ago.

Now, disinformation is doled out by the government and pharma right and left, but the truth that dismantles and debunks it is banned, censored, and declared “domestic terrorism.” If you don’t realize this, then YOU are the conspiracy theorist who still believes the US government and the medical industry are trying to help you stay safe and alive.

Now consider these 7 ways that the USA is already under tyrannical rule, just like the people of Communist China. This is no conspiracy theory. This is fact, unfortunately:

#1. Elections are fixed for tyrannical rulers to stay in place (one-party rule).

#2. Mass media and social media ban, censor, and remove anything that opposes the government narratives.

#3. If you protest the ruling party’s crimes, you go to jail indefinitely, with no right to a trial.

#4. Most religions are persecuted.

#5. Population reduction mechanisms are mainstream, including deadly medicine and toxic vaccines.

#6. “Disinformation” is determined by the corrupt government and insidious big pharma that create it in the first place, but prohibit anyone from countering it with truth, especially regarding a national crisis or emergency (Emergency Response Law).

#7. Government has a right to seize your property (NDAA and “Property Rights Law”).

The Emergency Response Law in China is designed to put citizens in jail for criticizing government actions

If you are not familiar with Chinese laws, and how similar they are to how the US government now functions, then you should consider these. In China, if you “spread rumors” about the socialist system not being the best thing ever, you can be put in jail for the rest of your shortened life for trying to “overthrow” the government, and your organs can be harvested and sold on the black market. This is a common fate for activists, journalists, and bloggers in Communist China.

Are you familiar with the “Emergency Response Law?” That’s Chinese law that is designed to put citizens in prison for talking about the government’s efforts to “cope” with emergencies in a manner that they don’t like. In other words, no citizen shall ever dare to contradict anything their communist government says or does during this scamdemic, or face permanent incarceration. Get ready for that same law to be enforced in America very soon.

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