Top 10 Factors Contributing To The COGNITIVE DECLINE Of Most Americans

by | Jun 13, 2023 | Headline News

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    This article was originally published by S.D. Wells at Natural News. 

    Opportunities to thrive in America are still abundant, but the globalists and elitists running the country would like to put an end to all of that by eliminating the entire “middle class” and replacing us all with AI robots and destitute illegal immigrants.

    To accomplish this sooner than later, the middle class must be dumbed down, bankrupted, sickened, and demented, so that nobody can support themselves any longer, defend their own rights, or challenge the ruling class in any way.

    For decades, certain apparatus have been in place to keep the IQ of the average American in the gutter, so to speak, which helps the government keep the populace “in check.” For example, ever since WWII, most of the municipal tap water in this country has been adulterated with toxic fluoride, proven in Harvard studies to significantly lower intelligence.

    As far as communism goes, a key factor for installing it and keeping it in place involves brainwashing the population to think about everything that does not matter and nothing that really does. That’s why the “woke” mentality keeps people’s minds on sex, sex partners, and sexual identity all day. Everyone is supposed to believe that “gender fluidity” is the most important aspect of life and social interaction, all day and every day. This keeps people from thinking about how badly the government is robbing us of all of our integrity, values, human rights, and the nuclear family. Notice that most liberals and trans-whatever peoples are either agnostic or atheist because religion does not fit the communist control narrative either. This is not a coincidence.

    Fake news and social media are prime factors in the reduction of overall intelligence and cognition in America. Millions of people, especially millennials and youngsters, falsely believe that they should give all their time, money, and resources to the climate change agenda and organizations because fake news MSM and social media tell them they must. If they don’t save the world from carbon and sunshine, they will be guilty of being selfish and careless forever, so they believe.

    Then, there are the beloved masks, that most Democrats, liberals, allopathic enthusiasts, and brainwashed hypochondriacs simply love to death (pun intended). These are obviously more than useless and support the communist movement to take away people’s personalities while lowering their cognition substantially. Science has already proven that masks do not prevent the contraction or transmission of the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19), reduce oxygen flow, and breed bacteria in the mouth, throat, and lungs. A “perfect” resource for perpetuating the sick-care industrial complex model and for furthering the installation of communism in the country.

    Ten key factors causing mental malfunctions and loss of intelligence for the majority of Americans today

    #1. The “Woke” Mentality

    #2. Spike Protein Injections

    #3. Canola Oil

    #4. Fluoride in Tap Water

    #5. Pesticides

    #6. Mainstream Media

    #7. Communism

    #8. COVID Masks

    #9. Prescription Drugs

    #10. Online Disinformation

    Meanwhile, the majority of Americans consume bug killer, weed killer, and canola oil in most of their meals and snacks, reducing their cognitive abilities and heading straight for dementia early in life. Canola oil coagulates in the blood causes loss of memory, and leads to mental decline (Alzheimer’s Disease), as proven in scientific studies.

    Stay smart, healthy, and frosty, because the powers that be want us all broke, stupid, and perverted. “Woke” is dying fast. Avoid it at all costs. Keep your truth news in check by adding to your favorites list and tuning in daily for updates on real news about surviving and thriving in the face of the Communist Regime in Washington DC that wants us all perverted, sick, and stupid.

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