Too Big To Die

by | Dec 8, 2009 | Headline News


If you’ve ever wondered where, exactly, on the totem pole the average American citizen lies, USA Today’s Corporate employers got scarce flu vaccine should make it quite clear:

When the swine flu vaccine was most scarce, health officials gave thousands of doses to corporate clinics at Walt Disney World, Toyota, defense contractors, oil companies and cruise lines, according to a USA TODAY review of vaccine distribution data from three states.

USA TODAY examined how state health departments distributed H1N1 vaccine after public outcry last month over Wall Street firms such as Goldman Sachs receiving doses while doctors and hospitals encountered shortages. The data show other companies got the vaccine in October and early November. In some cases, early doses went to people not deemed most at risk by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Whether we’re talking about financial death or physical death, there are specific organizations, individuals and ‘clubs’ that are simply too big to die.

In a truly disastrous event — think Katrina on a national scale — will the too big to dies be at the front of the line for emergency services like food, water and precious medicines?

You can bet your ass they will.

The rest of us are just too small to live.

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