“Time Is Running Out” – China Is Planning For A Crisis Along North Korean Border

by | Jul 25, 2017 | Headline News | 34 comments

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    Editor’s Note: Our geo-political analyst Jeremiah Johnson has repeatedly warned of the rising tensions on the Korean peninsula. Based on the following report from ZeroHedge.com, It appears that the issues may soon boil over as President Trump prepares decapitation strikes on North Korean leadership and an all-out assault on the country’s nuclear program. While many have discounted this as a non-threat, consider the consequences should America launch an attack. Does North Korea have Inter-Continental Ballistic Missiles with nuclear warhead capabilities? Are they able to fire an electro-magnatic pulse weapon over the continental United States via one of their two top secret military satellites? Or are their 50 missing submarines capable of launching a short-range nuclear warhead at targets on the East and West coasts? We really won’t know until after the fact, which is why we have urged our readers to review their nuclear preparedness plans and stock up on equipment designed to save your life in the event of a nuclear, biological or chemical event.


    Originally published at ZeroHedge.com:

    “Time Is Running Out” – China Is Planning For A Crisis Along North Korean Border

    Despite Chinese officials reassurance that “military means shouldn’t be an option,WSJ reports that China has been bolstering defenses along its 880-mile frontier with North Korea and realigning forces in surrounding regions to prepare for a potential crisis across their border, including the possibility of a U.S. military strike.

    While all eyes in America are once again distracted by “Russia”-related narratives and the dismal GOP efforts to replace, repeal, re-who-knows-what Obamacare, the threat of North Korea has not gone away… and neither has China’s preparations. As President Trump stepped up the rhetoric, pressuring China to do more to ‘solve’ the North Korean problem, and threatening military action to halt Kim’s nuclear weapons program ambitions, it is clear that China has used this crisis to not just prepare for potential problems with North Korea but to reinforce military forces elsewhere.

    The Journal writes that a review of official military and government websites and interviews with experts who have studied the preparations show that Beijing has implemented many of the changes in recent months after initiating them last year.

    Recent measures include establishing a new border defense brigade, 24-hour video surveillance of the mountainous frontier backed by aerial drones, and bunkers to protect against nuclear and chemical blasts, according to the websites.

    China’s military has also merged, moved and modernized other units in border regions and released details of recent drills there with special forces, airborne troops and other units that experts say could be sent into North Korea in a crisis.

    They include a live-fire drill in June by helicopter gunships and one in July by an armored infantry unit recently transferred from eastern China and equipped with new weaponry.

    China’s Defense Ministry didn’t respond directly when asked if the recent changes were connected to North Korea, saying only in a written statement that its forces “maintain a normal state of combat readiness and training” on the border.


    While Chinese authorities have been preparing for North Korean contingencies – including economic collapse, nuclear contamination, or military conflict – according to U.S. and Chinese experts who have studied Beijing’s planning, perhaps more intriguing, as Mark Cozad, a former senior U.S. defense intelligence official for East Asia, now at the Rand Corp, explains..

      China’s contingency preparations “go well beyond just seizing a buffer zone in the North and border security.”

    In other words, China is not letting a good crisis go to waste. Coad goes to note:

    “Once you start talking about efforts from outside powers, in particular the United States and South Korea, to stabilize the North, to seize nuclear weapons or WMD, in those cases then I think you’re starting to look at a much more robust Chinese response.”

    “If you’re going to make me place bets on where I think the U.S. and China would first get into a conflict, it’s not Taiwan, the South China Sea or the East China Sea: I think it’s the Korean Peninsula.”

    As The Journal further notes, Beijing also appears to be enhancing its capability to seize North Korean nuclear sites and occupy a swath of the country’s northern territory if U.S. or South Korean forces start to advance toward the Chinese border, according to those people. That, they say, would require a much larger Chinese operation than just sealing border, with special forces and airborne troops likely entering first to secure nuclear sites, followed by armored ground forces with air cover, pushing deep into North Korea. It could also bring Chinese and U.S. forces face to face on the peninsula for the first time since the war there ended in 1953 with an armistice – an added complication for the Trump administration as it weighs options for dealing with North Korea.


    China has long worried that economic collapse in North Korea could cause a refugee crisis, bring U.S. forces to its borders, and create a united, democratic and pro-American Korea. But as WSJ’s Ben Kesling  reports, China’s fears of a U.S. military intervention have risen since January as Pyongyang has test-fired several missiles, including one capable of reaching Alaska. In a notably outspoken article written in May, retired Maj. Gen. Wang Haiyun, a former military attaché to Moscow now attached to several Chinese think tanks, made his view clear (while carefully noting he did not speak for the PLA)…

    China should “draw a red line” for the U.S.: If it attacked North Korea without Chinese approval, Beijing would have to intervene militarily.

    “Time is running out,… We can’t let the flames of war burn into China.”

    China should demand that any U.S. military attack result in no nuclear contamination, no U.S. occupation of areas north of the current “demarcation line” between North and South, and no regime hostile to China established in the North, his article said.

    “If war breaks out, China should without hesitation occupy northern parts of North Korea, take control of North Korean nuclear facilities, and demarcate safe areas to stop a wave of refugees and disbanded soldiers entering China’s northeast,” it said.

    Beijing’s interests “now clearly extend beyond the refugee issue” to encompass nuclear safety and the peninsula’s long-term future, said Oriana Skylar Mastro, an assistant professor at Georgetown University who has studied China’s planning for a North Korean crisis.

    China’s leaders need to make sure that whatever happens with (North Korea), the result supports China’s regional power aspirations and does not help the United States extend or prolong its influence,” Ms. Mastro said.

    In other words, China may appear to be preparing for a North Korean crisis… but is really building its capabilities should President Trump decide the time is right for more international distractions.


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      1. Part of the playbook for a Zio-Communist take down in Zio-America includes a total blackout via a grid-down. North Korean missile could serve that purpose. Then in the black of night, the arrests begin. Dissidents, Patriots, critics of the PTB disappear into the night. Never to be seen, again.


        • That not making much sense.

          Arrests begin how??

          Whose radio will be working?
          Whose cars will be working?
          Whose anythings will be working?

          Even those who hardened stuff won’t keep it long.


          Black out yes.
          SHTF yes.
          WWOL yep.
          Gangs and violence, sure.

          Never to be seen again will go on without the contributions of PsTB. Probably more than they could ever hope to achieve.

          Best to bury yourselves deep in the hollers of TN. High in the mountains of the Blue Ridge. Sticks of AL or GA (no offence BH). Many places to go for that first yr.

          Don’t be a Venezuelan. Prep your soul and house.

          by the way–you can pickle most any veggie for preservation. Recipes abound on the web. It’s the way they did it once upon a time, long, long ago.

          • Grandee, no offense taken I promise you. Most of my supplies are already at the BOL in storage. I’m going back first week in Aug. Not sure how long I’ll be there the way things are looking? HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM! Could turn into the BUGOUT. We’ll see.

            • If we get EMP’d you won’t get to your out of state BOL. Have fun in Apeland.

        • BC, Gotta wonder how much of your thesis may be accurate ? Problem with it is there are not enough of them to corral all the dissidents or supposed dissidents ? So they would surely go after what they consider the worst of the bunch to scare the rest. Just as they did with Finicum and the Bundy crew ! So how many of you supposed patriots are prepared to die for your supposed beliefs ? Or are we just talking crap as usual ?

          There are two things that concern me greatly. One is an outlier event, which certainly could be NK ? And how that may cause some form of martial law and a take down of Trump and crew. The other is a purely economic outlier that could also be coupled with something like NK or Syria or whatever. Problem is there are so many outliers it is quite impossible to prognosticate what may develop if any of them ? Everything is a psyop, lie or distortion and all quite deliberate at this juncture. All any can do is try to stay well informed outside of PRAVDA/MSM and that simply means reliable sources which are available but require a lot of research and time to find and keep up with. The other issue is to stay healthy, fit, well trained out and clear minded with the correct mindset, not fantasy !

          I think TPTB are quite desperate because much of the deep state DEM apparatus has been exposed for the masses to see. And for whatever reason the DEMs are much more aligned with the deep state at this juncture ? They expanded it greatly under BHO and crew. Control freaks that are desperate do desperate things. Now that their Russia scam has failed it concerns me what they will do next in that desperation ? These ideas go back years for me, not weeks or months. Lots of moving parts in the mix. So only makes sense to actually have your shit together at all times. Besides you get to enjoy it all right now and never live in fear, just questions ! Big difference

          • DownToEarth.com, you make some valid points but I can only speak for myself. I WILL stand and fight. IF anyone comes for me they’d better be ready to die. I don’t talk crap. It’s a promise. You paint a target on my back and fail to show any legitimate basis for it, you will have a fight on your hands. I don’t have any obligation to let anyone hurt me.

            • Deplorable, I agree we may well still have a fight on our hands. I am old enough, wise enough, experienced enough, fit enough and tuff enough to still kick most asses in any form of battle. So I will certainly die standing up, not on my knees to any illegitimate government minions ! In fact I expect I may likely die this way, given the state of affairs in our country. So yes, I have given it all a lot of thought and made my decisions a long time ago. I will die with my self respect intact. I cannot think of anything more important than that. Maybe we will get lucky and save the nation and our society ? I did not expect to come home from the Cambodian border in 1968 and I am stronger now than I was then and a lot more dangerous in some ways ! But they are good ways to be sure. I only wish more people had their shit together because I know we are gong to need them one day.

        • B from CA, when that starts happening, all of those people need to be armed and ready to shoot whoever comes for them. Make the oppressors pay such a high price they’ll forget it.

      2. Already on a mountain in TN an stocked up!

      3. America is more likely to do clandestine strikes rather than open war.

        Look for cyber attacks, missiles blowing on on the test pad, infrastructure failures at the hands of a 5th column.

        • Stiner, several days ago I saw an arrticle that showed USA had issued dire warnings and restrictions for any travel to Korea. I imagine that means something is about to happen. I have no idea exactly what, take your pick. Surely seems a major event as all seem to be preparing. I am convinced if NK has a capability to EMP us or whatever, they would do it now or never ! It is also possible we have the ability to neutralize any of their efforts except the artillary at the border. We simply do not have that info. But supposedly we have some very sophisticated laser weapons not commonly known. I think Trump wants to deal with these maniacs once and for all, but does not want to kill an buncn of them as they are not the guilty parties, just their leadership. Same is true right here in USA, Hey ? That is waht Trump is fighting !

          • DowntoEarthThinking.com, it has always been my understanding as well, that when they issue such travel warnings that something is about to happen.

            It’s impossible to read the signs because so much of what happening is unprecedented. That is why I got out of the Stock Market, because you had blatant government manipulation occurring. The free market was dead, everything was fixed.

            I don’t play rigged games. They may let you win a little, but they will clean you out before they are done. Remember, it’s only fake profits until you cash out. We will see who walks away with ANYTHING!

            • Oh no… as you speak, a minimum of our 500,000 super-duper-secret Ghost Forces are mustering on NK’s border. And don’t forget our super-duper-secret Ghost Combat Air Craft are assembled further South in SK and Japan. And Lay-zerr Whep-ons, don’t forget those.

              And, and, and, clandestine 5th columns that are sooooo secret, we could be assassinated by the 5th column for even speaking it!

              • hello Curtis i just have to ask you a question how is it by talking about it a person or person’s could be assassinated this is interesting to me so can you explain what you are talking about or give some more of an idea thanks for listening !

            • DownToEarth.com and Justice, if travel warnings and restrictions have been issued, hell yes something is going to happen. And I’ll bet the only Americans allowed to go to Korea at this time are MILITARY, except for some high-ranking govt. officials.

              • Braveheart, I looked for the article but cannot find it. But I remember reading it a few days ago. I think it was on Drudge regarding travel restriction to NK. Sorry.

                • North Korea Travel Warning
                  LAST UPDATED: MAY 9, 2017

                  The Department of State strongly warns U.S. citizens not to travel to North Korea/the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK).

                  from: ht tps://travel.state.gov/content/passports/en/alertswarnings/north-korea-travel-warning.html

            • “hey may let you win a little, but they will clean you out before they are done.” Yep, just like a casino.

            • Justice, I completely agree on every point. I got out of all markets when Corzine took down MF Global, and yes it is all paper profits unless you cash out prior to the RESET. I was a professional trader and had a friend that was a VP at MS. We had mutual friends at GS as well. He told me what was going down at MF Global a few weeks prior and I got all my trades unwound because of his help. It is all so corrupted most people have no idea ? MFG was a democrat take down by BHO forces because they only wanted CME as the big gun in Chicago. My friend dated J Daleys daughter in Chicago when he was in high school so I know exactly what happened and why. It was a turning point for me with our government criminals.

          • You arm-chair strategists are a LMAO a sentence. Woo-hoo, and look… there’s that super-duper word… clandestine!

            As in:

            “Look for cyber attacks, missiles blowing on on the test pad, infrastructure failures at the hands of a 5th column.”

            That’s right folks! Our super-duper-secret Ghost Forces USA Bigly will take NK down!

            Because, as we all know… NK’s are stoo-pid.

            Clandestine strikes? LMAO.

            Lay-zerr whep-ons… (Doctor Evil quote marks please).

            You guys are a laugh a minute.

            • so are you 🙂

              we’ll all laugh at each other till…..

              the lights go out

      4. I won’t put it past Trump and company to pull out some type of military action against NK. The fake news mainstream media will celebrate wildly and flip praising any war action. Do you see where the msm has lost any clout, I must have missed it, that assertion is fake news itself. The American people will buy the threat lie just like the comatose response to Iraq’s WMDs, 9-11, Iran the enemy and on and on. Easy pickings.

      5. Not mentioned at all is the Russian wild card – China will likely IMMEDIATELY enter North Korea and set up a blocking action against Russia making any moves of it’s own …

        • Huh. What? Really?

      6. Just thinking. They probably are fine tuning EMP weapons specifically to take out CPU’s? . How long would it take to manufacture, deliver and install almost all car computers.? And trucks and planes and factories and fork lifts? We could be totaly destroyed in one hour.? And the fear of what’s coming in the next hours ,could scare some to death? Strong men’s hearts will fail from the fear of what’s coming? Even fully prepped, most would be panicking?

      7. Well it’s the end of the world then, I’d like to dedicate this song to all who fought the good fight and will be sitting eating beans in their bomb shelters.


      8. wow I am in my 60s. I remember a lot of presidents. I remember Nixon and Carter and the Mafia Don Clinton….I don’t remember things ever being this bad….I guess the end is near.
        Listen, all this ” I will stand and fight” is BS…One squad of GIs will take you out in five minutes…believe it.
        The only way we can survive is to try it using the Constitution. The Congressional bastards can be impeached and sent to jail. The problem is the real thieves and thugs ( read the book ” throw them all out”)…are not targeted but someone with the NY MOXIE to TRY and change the system…TRUMP, is targeted. The DEMONCRATS could not defeat him in the poles with the Clinton mafia so they are trying to defeat Trump using Russia and by not trying to pass legislation. The GOP is playing “pouting baby” because their boys were not elected by THE PEOPLE…It behooves Every Loyal American to contact their political “leaders” and YOU TELL THEM, that ” You are mad as hell and are not going to take it any more”….What are you mad at?..1) politicians who do nothing but ” have another study”…to push issues down the road…2) politicos who keep throwing away tax dollars on programs that don’t work…do you realize the gov’t is the only one who contacts a contractor when the contractor is late or over budget..instead of firing them…they are tempted with MORE money as bonuses…if they finally finish the work? Do you think your boss would give you a bonus….to finish your work late and over budget? NO…he would fire your a*&…!…3) stop backing businesses and industries with tax payer money…its NOT in the Constitution…There is no requirement to help any business with tax dollars. If you want to encourage a business in a location you can LOWER taxes in an area but don’t make it TAX FREE…This is just graft and corruption between companies and politicos. Every one needs to pay taxes….there could be reasons to lower taxes for incentives…but when gov’ts have negative taxes ( ie..the gov’t PAYS businesses to relocate here or there….etc)…this is just wrong…4) I believe in the bible principal you pay what you can afford. Its the widow giving the smallest offering in the temple the “widows mite”…To have any one get off tax free is wrong. Its said 20% of the biggest corporations pay NO TAX…5) have every politician retire at 20 yrs service. This life time serving is just making them too powerful….6) we need a meaningful space program….Apollo increased our technology and respect around the world. We have been floundering since Apollo..The shuttle to no where was a disaster accomplished nothing except killing 14 people needlessly. The International Space station is NOT international ( read ” star crossed orbits”)…and accomplishes nothing worthwhile. We should be going to Mars using the Mars Direct plan created by Dr Zubrin of The Mars Society…( read (the “case for mars”)…a Mars Direct program would employ hundreds of thousands of US workers and get us to the top of technology again..7) if we go to Mars using SpaceX rockets we can also launch solar satellites, REad ” High frontier” and ” colonies in space”…WE can get FREE solar power and beam it to earth. With receiving stations, we convert the microwave to electricity and it is electricity without burning fossil fuels, a finite source.8) we can tell the Mid east to go to hell..With solar power we don;t need oil for gasoline and for heating any more…Why should we have one more American boy killed in the mid east?….Let the Sunnis and shiites kill each other…since we dont need their oil we don’t really care what the arabs do…Israel?…they are tough monkeys. They have supplies for a two year war. THey figure if they can’t win a war in two years they deserve to be pushed into the ocean….Go to the blog…non-intervention.com…we do not need to have bases over seas…this would save TRILLIONS of dollars……Yes tell your representatives you want all of the above…and if they don’t deliver you will have them voted out of office or impeached….

      9. We really don’t need to get into proxy war in NK. Their backers are quite cold-blooded about doing what must be done. I don’t like what NK is doing with their newly found capabilities. Is it a tread carefully situation? Or is it “The Mouse that Roared” kind of situation?

        Another concern is how far our military is spread. On sheer numbers of troops, we are in low numbers especially compared to other military powers in the world.

        As noted in posts above, too many moving parts in this scenario to make a good guess.

      10. Once again, some realism is needed…

        1) NK does NOT have an ICBM capable of reaching Alaska. What they have is a short-range IRBM with an additional stage which can BARELY reach Alaska – depending on its trajectory – and totally UNGUIDED – meaning it can’t hit anything except by accident.

        2) NK has no demonstrated – or as far as I know, even speculative – ability to launch an EMP attack, and the effectiveness of EMP attacks is highly speculative.

        3) NK has no ability to launch nuclear missiles from its submarines. Their submarines are mostly old, small and used mostly for infiltration of SK. They MIGHT have the ability to place and detonate a nuclear missile in a bay or on the seabed near to a US West Coast city, but that’s it. Given that their only known nukes are somewhere around 10 kiloton at most, the effect would likely be minimal depending on how and where it was done.

        4) It’s MUCH more likely that if NK has usable nuclear weapons (probably between five and ten at most) that they will use them against the immediate US military threats, i.e., the US fleet (if NK can reach it with their subs), or the line of advance of US ground forces. Trying to shoot at Japan or the US would be an utter strategic stupidity and waste of valuable weapons.

        5) Again, NK will not do ANY of these things (IF they can do them) unless they are under unilateral attack by the US. They will not initiate attack against any country except possibly South Korea, and since they haven’t done that in sixty years, that’s HIGHLY unlikely.

        6) The results of a US attack on NK is, according to Pentagon war games, to be fifty thousand US military casualties in the first ninety days, with a potential for 250,000 US military casualties if the war continues beyond that point. This is ONE QUARTER of the ENTIRE US military. This means reintroducing the draft among other things. It means forget about being able to fight in Syria or anywhere else during a war with NK despite the Pentagon’s vaunted “we can fight two wars simultaneously” nonsense.

        Not to mention one million or more civilian casualties on each side of the border and the destruction of one of the US’ biggest trading partners – the guys who make most of your electronic toys.

        7) China is VERY likely to enter the war if it looks like the US will win and establish, as the article mentions, either US bases in the North or a hostile government in the North.

        8) So the best outcome that could happen would be another armistice with the Chinese setting up their own more cooperative NK government and the border more or less remaining where it is.

        Possibly the US sees that outcome as the best possible option and would consider going to war if it thought it could get that without WWIII. If so, it’s a pretty stupid approach – but then most of the US government is run by ignorant, arrogant people.

        9) Russia is extremely unlikely to get involved other than to try to stop the fighting in the UNSC. They have too much on their plate at the moment in Syria and Ukraine. They will likely support whatever China decides to do but won’t do much directly.

      11. china will stop them from crossing into China and causing problems. we need to pay attention because the Chinese are not stupid. when they sense a problem they act with prevention. is something going to happen. most likely. As the patriot veteran my move would be to get the special forces to go in and take the fat little pimple away to the south and put him up naked on public TV and broadcast it to the world. then tell the north to stand down and the south will take over and restore civilization. first and foremost for the support received all destruction of any machines of war shall be destroyed. this includes subs. it would all be destroyed by American contractors and any nuclear material. Aid to be supplied by both the south and America to insure China security for the border

      12. Wow, China maybe invading NK to secure nukes, etc. This sure ain’t 1954 under Mao any more!

      13. Stop with the speculation already. Nobody knows what is going to happen. Pukes.

      14. NK has the forth biggest army in the world. Only Nuetron bombs will work?

      15. “Are they able to fire an electro-magnatic pulse weapon over the continental United States via one of their two top secret military satellites? Or are their 50 missing submarines capable of launching a short-range nuclear warhead at targets on the East and West coasts?” But, the U.S. Government is able. And, the U.S. Government can supply its “nemesis-on-call”, North Korea, with the ability–if wanting to really make North Korea the fall guy for attacking U.S. civilians as an excuse for “humanitarian” martial law (to round up, eliminate and silence dissidents).

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