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    This article was contributed by Lior Gantz of The Wealth Research Group. 

    The markets WANT UP. We got our final chance (probably) to LOAD UP on our round 2 list last week and the returns are ALREADY ASTRONOMICAL. Several of the mentioned companies came within range and have BOUNCED HARD. Treat them as either short-term trades or long-term holdings – all of them are up over 10% already!

    All of this BUYING MOMENTUM is coming from institutional buyers, which means that we’re turning a corner.

    Jerome Powell went through flaming hoops and did his thing on 60 Minutes, sparking a MAJOR CONFIDENCE BOOST.

    He sounded patriotic, sympathetic, and professional. Most of all, he had an attitude of YOU AIN’T SEEN NOTHING YET.


    Importantly, up until yesterday, investors were SUPER-BEARISH, which means that the aggressive move higher from the March lows (as we said all along) was done on THIN VOLUME.

    It was sort of artificial, but now it is LEGITIMIZING itself with real buying.

    It may very well be that if more and more countries are successfully able to re-open, we won’t see MANY MORE corrections unless some major setback pops on the radar, which doesn’t seem likely (but you never know).


    We compiled CRITICAL DATA about the S&P 500 components to show how much TORQUE there is left if efforts to re-open DON’T FALL SHORT and are largely successful.

    Many stocks are still looking abysmal, so there’s more upside, going forward.

    1. 100 companies are down anywhere between 27% and 40% THIS YEAR ALONE. It sounds bad and it is bad, but these aren’t the WORST OF THEM.
    2. 100 additional companies (a fifth of the index, let’s not forget) are still down between 40% and 80%!

    The cruise lines are in this group, as well as airlines and mall operators.

    1. On top of that, 57 companies are down between 20% and 27%, which means that a total of 257 stocks are down more than 20% from January 1st.

    In other words, while the S&P 500 index might be EXPENSIVE, there are opportunities within it. Our picks from the exclusive SHOPPING LIST REPORT are up if entered into below the limit orders in just the PAST FIVE DAYS alone, substantially: AXP +12%, VFC +8.2%, UGI +13.6%, LEG +23.9%, and SWK +20.5%.

    Determine, if you indeed CAPITALIZED on any of these, whether you’re going to be BOOKING GAINS or to hold them as long-term positions. The profits from just a few trading sessions are more than the ANNUAL AVERAGES of these companies, so I’m THRILLED we published this report, allowing us to make DOUBLE-DIGITS RETURNS!


    As you can see, the Federal Reserve
    is CONSERVING AMMUNITION, as I said it would, intervening less and less.

    All of this is like a signed MJ jersey to a basketball fan – it is FREE MONEY, a dream coming true. As capitalists, we don’t mind HEDGING OUR SAVINGS in precious metals and making a fortune, since we have done our homework and know how this system works.

    Gold was trading above $1,776, a symbolic figure for Americans, until the markets became so convinced that Covid-19 was behind us that gold began correcting.

    Nevertheless, the trend has been SET IN MOTION.

    At first, the major-cap miners – those who HAVE THE GOLD – are making huge profits. In fact, out of all of the companies in the S&P 500 this year, Newmont Mining is the BEST PERFORMER, up 56.27% as of this writing. In comparison, the best of the FAAMG stocks is up (AMZN 30.41%), followed by MSFT (16.14%), but the other three are almost flat.


    In 2008, once the stimulus began in the fall, it took the juniors six months to KICK INTO HIGH GEAR.

    We could see a repeat of this in 2020. The stimulus started in early March, so the junior mining sector could light up by hundreds of percent ONCE PROVOKED, and could begin its mania around September, if not sooner!

    The time to position is NOW!

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      1. As I have been saying, the forced government shut downs were a Wall Street psy-op to remove blame from the high-rolling gamblers, thieves, and terrorist thugs -banksters! 

        The article in Salon by Glen Greenwald, was from 2009, and the date could be changed to 2019 or 2020.

        But still, corruption is the number one problem in America, because none of this would be occuring if it were not for systemic corruption, and societal decay. 

      2. Two dams burst in Midland County Michigan resulting in flash flooding and the evacuation of 100,000 people. Just saying, that this may be a sign from God or infrastucture that money is being wasted on coronavirus, and bailing out billionaires.

        I know that it is much more labor intensive and costly to repair infrastucture than it is to sit on your lazy asses and spy on people and test and research, and trade stocks, but this happens to be a pretty important issue.

        Can we get back to reality please? Some jack asses took a detour and went the wrong way!

      3. Exactly how is it that a Canadian dentist can steal a police car, and a police uniform, be reported to the Nova Scotia police for being seen with the police car and in police uniform in his driveway, by a neighbor, and the police don’t do anytning about it until after he murdered 22 people? The reaction was to ban assault weapons.
        Sorry, but I just can’t resist, the Nova Scotia police are lying dog faced pony soldiers!

      4. In keeping with Trump’s breaking traditions, he will break the tradtion of hanging a portrait of his predecessor, dating back to 1978 in the White House, which would be Obama, and will hang a portrait of Lloyd Blankfein instead.

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