Three Clinton Foundation Whistleblowers To Testify About Tax Crimes, Pay-For-Play

by | Dec 12, 2018 | Headline News | 19 comments

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    This report was originally published by Tyler Durden at Zero Hedge

    Following allegations of sloppy accounting, potential tax fraud and pay-to-play, the Clinton Foundation will be under a Congressional microscope this week after three whistleblowers have come forward and agreed to testify – one of whom secretly submitted 6,000 pages of documents to the IRS and FBI in August of 2017, and all three of whom have submitted various documents to Congressional investigators.

    Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC), Chairman of the House Freedom Caucus, told Fox News‘s Martha MacCallum on Monday night that there are three whistleblowers who have spent the past two years investigating the Clinton Foundation, and have “explosive” allegations which they will share during Thursday testimony on Capitol Hill.

    MACCALLUM: OK. With regard to the investigation, which doesn’t get a lot of attention, into the Clinton foundation, the DOJ designated John Huber to look into this. They have 6,000 pages of evidence that they’ve gone through. The foundation raised $2.5 billion, and they’re looking into potential improprieties.

    What’s next on this investigation?

    MEADOWS: Well, I think for the American people, they want to bring some closure, not just a few sound bites, here or there, so we’re going to be having a hearing this week, not only covering over some of those 6,000 pages that you’re talking about, but hearing directly from three whistleblowers that have actually spent the majority of the last two years investigating this.

    Some of the allegations they make are quite explosive, Martha. And as – we just look at the contributions. Now everybody’s focused on the contributions for the Clinton Foundation and what has happened just in the last year. But if you look at it, it had a very strong rise, the minute she was selected as secretary of state. It dipped down when she was no longer there.

    And then rose again, when she decided to run for president. So there’s all kinds of allegations of pay-to-play and that kind of thing.

    As we noted in late November, the Clinton Foundation has seen donations plummet approximately 90% over a three-year period between 2014 and 2017.

    While Hillary Clinton was Obama’s Secretary of State, however, the State Department authorized $151 billion in Pentagon-brokered deals to 16 countries that donated to the Clinton Foundation – a 145% increase in completed sales to those nations over the same time frame during the Bush administration, according to IBTimes

    Meanwhile, John Solomon of The Hill reported on Tuesday that one whistleblower who submitted 6,000 pages of evidence through a firm composed of former federal law enforcement investigators, MDA Analytics LLC., has provided evidence of potential tax crimes as well as a “culture of noncompliance.”

    That submission made with the IRS, and eventually provided to the Justice Department in Washington and to the FBI in Little Rock, Arkansas, alleges there is “probable cause” to believe the Clinton Foundation broke federal tax law and possibly owes millions of dollars in tax penalties. That submission and its supporting evidence will be one focus of a GOP-led congressional hearing Thursday in the House.

    The foundation strongly denies any wrongdoing. But it acknowledges its own internal legal reviews in 2008 and 2011 cited employee concerns ranging from quid pro quo promises to donors, to improper commingling of personal and charity business. –The Hill

    In some instances the Clinton Foundation appears to have misled the IRS, or lied when filling out forms. For example, the Foundation retracted a bid to conduct fundraising in Utah after they refused to correct a filing error which state officials would not allow.

    When contacted for comments, the Clinton Foundation admitted their errors, but told Solomon they were akin to “minor traffic violations.”


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      1. Those 3 will be the next ones to be “arkancided”.

        • I’m thinking they have some protection right now.
          The Clinton’s cannot stop what is coming.

      2. A better title for this article:

        Three DEAD Clinton Foundation Whistleblowers WERE GOING To Testify About Tax Crimes, Pay-For-Play

        Add three more to the Clinton “suicide” list.

        • I agree. I can see the headline now, “3 whistle- blowers found to have committed suicide by hanging from baseboard doorstops”.

      3. Either we won’t hear another word about this or word will leak out that the three died in an “accident” on their way to testify.

      4. “Will testify before Congress”

        Always has been and always will be a complete waste of time.
        Congress has absolutely no power to do anything about these crimes but talk.
        Wake me up when the Justice Dept indicts somebody. I gotta feeling I’m gonna get a nice long nap.

      5. She’ll have to find a new girlfriend in Gitmo.

      6. If you allow Mad Max to be in control of the money supply, I am just going to assume this is how you do it, and spend more time on self improvement. Thx for reading.

      7. A waste of time, money, and effort.

        Nothing will come from it.

      8. This is the warm up for the big game. They just want to give the public a little taste.
        She’s going down for money laundering, treason/ giving any and every country access
        to her personal server. You know, the one with the classified e-mails. Child trafficking.
        Those are just the ones we know about. Her life is overland she knows it.

      9. Sara Carter of The Hill says it will be explosive and this is likely why Hannity says the same as she is a frequent contributor.

      10. The deep state will protect its own so they will never be indicted, face a judge or see a jail cell. They have the keys to the Washington DC skeleton closet.

      11. Slick Willy is said to be related to the Rockefeller dynasty. Neither Clinton will ever spend a day in jail despite the lengthy list of murdered victims left in their wake. Actually both were identical to Republicans in policy working for the same masters.

        • Wrong. Tribunals and grand juries very soon. As in, Happy New Year.
          Slick Willie is headed for the presidential suite in a federal prison.
          The wicked witch is looking at natural life or worse for her treason.
          Those two are terrified right now. They will not escape justice. Believe that.

      12. Instead of a “circle jerk” it will be a “circlecide”.

      13. The Clintons are nothing more than a husband and wife criminal team that should have been in jail years ago for many crimes. In jail for life.

        Having said that, they will never see a day in jail. They’re like mafia bosses. It will be almost impossible to pin anything directly on them.

        On talk radio here I heard one conservative lawyer say why they won’t be touched.

        Lanny Davis, Alan Dershowitz and other elite liberal lawyers will surround and defend the Clintons. The Clintons with their all star legal team will claim it is pure vendetta politics by the Trump administration.

        They will fight every attempt by the government to obtain any records by citing confidentially of office that each one held.

        The strategy is to fight every request for documents in the courts, one by one.

        Hillary will go into her usual “Well, nobody told ME that I was doing anything illegal!” Both Hill and Bill won’t remember anything.

        Anyone who might testify against the Clintons will be brutally attacked by the Clinton lawyers (assuming they are still alive to testify).

        I pray that Hill and Bill are frog walked into some federal prison one day. If they are it will be many years down the road. Most likely they’ll die of old age first. It’s unbelievable what they have gotten away with.

        • Totally agree. I laugh at this Q nonsense and other “patriot” c rap. While they keep promising the Clintons are going to jail just around the corner, the Clintons jet around the world hob-nobbing with the world’s rich and powerful. They are untouchable.

          From the beginning of their political careers, the Clintons kept ‘dirty lists’ on all their opponants and those they wanted to control. They had everything on them: affairs, rapes, habits etc. The Clintons had been recruited in university by the CIA, who taught them how to operate.

          Ever since, they have dutifully carried out operations and missions for the Company. This includes Hillary at State.

          There is no way in heaven and hell they are ever going to prison for that. They are loyal government operatives.

      14. This is just crap. Between the Deep State, the FBI, the DJ, and the wholly-owned MSM nobody will ever be brought to justice. They are just running out the clocks of all the various statutes of limitations. We have been so screwed.

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