Threats to Family Farms & Homesteading from Agri-Business and Groupthink

by | Oct 16, 2018 | Headline News | 16 comments

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    This research-based article details the multiple threats to good, community farming practices and small-scale organic/cooperative endeavors. The threats take the form of social engineering in the guise of “managed providers working for the common good of the majority of people,” when in effect it concentrates the wealth and resources in the hands of the few and leaves the average family farm and homesteader out in the cold, or worse. “Legislates” them right into illegality with previously legal practices (such as rainwater catchments systems, or sustainable family farms.)

    An older article I recently stumbled across is particularly revealing of the mindset that governs this struggle: one characterized by that mindset’s reliance on “technology” and “mechanization” to provide a plethora of bountiful harvests. The article is entitled “8 Solutions for a Hungry World” and it lists those “solutions” as such:

    1. Farm the desert – using a greenhouse that converts seawater to freshwater,
    2. Grow with precision – using soil sensors to inform when water and fertilizer are needed,
    3. Rebuild rice – the genetic engineering of the photosynthetic capabilities of rice,
    4. Replace fertilizer – with a mixture of 300 natural microbes (now synthesized) for Nitrogen fertilization,
    5. Re-map a continent – to target new farming technologies in Africa,
    6. Use robot labor – to monitor, prune, and pick produce,
    7. Resurrect the soil – biochar machines the size of shipping (sea-land) containers,
    8. Make supercrops – more genetically engineered crops.

    All of these proposed solutions (although possible) can (and probably will, if implemented) have far-reaching consequences. Items 3, 4, and 8 involve genetic engineering and manipulation of other species. Items 2 and 6 are unnecessary, replacing human labor with faddish gadgets that consume both energy and fuel. Item 5 concentrates and categorizes geographic spreads of potential profitability (a return to medieval serfdom, fiefs and all) instead of viable human communities.

    Item 7 is particularly disturbing, stating, “Gases containing hydrogen, nitrogen, and carbon monoxide are fully burned in a separate process, generating heat to run the cycle.” The whole concept of biochar is about conservation and utilization of materials in an ecologically friendly fashion. Their description smacks of the hypothetical “Rube Goldberg” machine that, once started, runs perpetually ad infinitum (as we know, ridiculum ad infinitum!) with no need to maintain it.

    Item 1 does not take into account the “dent” that may be placed within the hydrological cycle and the potentially resultant side-products (toxins or unusable detritus) that may have to be carted away. With increased evapotranspiration induced artificially, we have no idea of the effects of such large-scale endeavors as this on the oceans. We would also be clueless regarding long-term effects of changing a desert ecosystem to the “friendly Cargill-Monsanto-type” farm they envision.

    The article may be summarized as a representative slice of the predominant mindset: moving away from actually working close to the land and being a part of the ecosystem to sitting back in a lawn chair and pressing a button…”Farmer Jetson,” so to speak.

    Establishmentarian interests wish to make it happen. Another article entitled “States Pressure Local Producers” shows how state governments use strong-arm tactics on small community farms and local community-sponsored agriculture groups. One community with an organic and wholesome foods cooperative in LaGrange, Ohio was raided (yes, actually raided!) by SWAT gear-equipped police who claimed the cooperative was not a co-op but “a retail establishment and therefore operating without a license.”

    They confiscated all records and computer equipment and the actual food supplies. Other examples of such horrors can be seen on the site Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund (as cited by the article). Indeed, such actions parallel the mindset of the current agricultural paradigm, to one end: control. Not for altruistic reasons but for the same, self-serving interests visible throughout every segment of society. “Song as old as time,” so to speak.

    In order to return to sustainable family farms and sustainable communities, it is necessary to take action at your local and state level. Granted, as preppers and self-sustaining individuals, our primary duty is to our families and ourselves: to be able to provide for them and see it through the tough times that arise…and the collapse to come.

    But what of this?

    I appeal to your good natures to become involved at the “grass roots” level, because what happened to that example cited in Ohio can just as easily happen to you. As the saying, “No man is an island unto himself,” shunning others allows the “fence” and the “cage” to creep up further to your own boundaries. In reality: the moneyed interests and big businesses are pushing it to the edge of your property.

    It is just as important to take action at your community level with like-minded individuals and families in order to stymie legislation that is onerous, or to pass legislation that will protect you in your daily endeavors. Your rights are threatened if you do not use them, and do not stand up to challenges that threaten them. Returning to old-fashioned pioneer values and ways of sustainable home farms and economies will help the country get back on its feet…and along with it, you need the modern savvy of one well-rounded in current events, business practices, and forming alliances with others who hold similar values. Fight that good fight, and fight it to win.

    Jeremiah Johnson is the Nom de plume of a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces (Airborne).  Mr. Johnson is also a Gunsmith, a Certified Master Herbalist, a Montana Master Food Preserver, and a graduate of the U.S. Army’s SERE school (Survival Evasion Resistance Escape).  He lives in a cabin in the mountains of Western Montana with his wife and three cats. You can follow Jeremiah’s regular writings at or contact him here.

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      1. They sure are a bunch of arrogant SOBs, aren’t they.

        The only reason they’ve gotten away with their bs is that nobody believed anybody was capable of being such pricks. They are. And they’re in charge. But I think people are about to take the reins away from these maniacs.


        • Sorry about the language.


          “Crime of The Educators”

          Book about dumbing down USA children
          while their own kids go to good schools


          • B, no apologies necessary. I don’t exactly have virgin ears, LOL. BTW, interesting article at The Daily Sheeple, “Is The Blue Wave Actually A Crime Wave?” It’s a real eye-opener.

      2. My relatives just down the road from the BOL all have homesteads and are self-sufficient in most of their needs. Every one of the homesteads has gardens because someone in the family was born and raised on a farm so they can grow food in their sleep. at the earliest possible age they all learned how handle firearms, hun, fish, forage, etc. They were preppers before the word was even invented. All the homes have solar energy for backup and woodstove inserts in the fireplace for heat and cooking. Lifetime supply of firewood surrounds all the homes. All of them have deep wells for water. The BOL sits on 30 acres with a well AND has a year-round creek bordering one side of the property with good fishing. all of the homes are also well-defended against any and all incursions. I’ll leave it right there. The globalist scum had better back off.

      3. B, they won’t stand a chance with the people in flyover country aka 100,000,000 gun owners with up to 300,000,000 firearms at their disposable.

        • Sounds great DR.


      4. B, I’ll be headed back there just 2 more weekends from now for a whole month. If Antifa and the rest of the ‘useful idiots’ start rioting on Nov. 6, I’ll already be in the right place.

      5. Many farmers are in their sixties;their children don’t seem to be following in their footsteps. Since the revenues come at the last with the harvests after the expenses of raising the crops, they need some form of advanced financing. Even with crop insurance, it is a risky profession with so many variables that are not under the farmers’ control. It wouldn’t take much to cause a lot of farmers to abandon farming. The biggest challenge is climate change;not because of using fossil fuels but because of the cyclical world we live in. Change is coming with more hydroponics, aquaponics, and vertical growth under led lights. Brace yourselves!

      6. Family Farms???? The weak already conquered families of dumbed down toxic dump drunken bum addicted to electronic INSANITY pharmakia junky American COWARDS are no longer capable or able to do ANY physical labor required to run a CHEMICAL FREE ORGANIC SUSTAINABLE “Family Farm” in the collapsing Police State hell on earth of damned and domed New Babylon America. If there is not an app on the dumbed down fat ass toxic dump American COWARDS I Idiot phone, then it simply cannot be done by the chemically lobotomized toxic dump fat ass drunken bum pharmakia junkie COWARD pussy American!!!! PLEASE UNDERSTAND THESE FACTS ABOUT NEW BABYLON AMERICA!!!!

        • Oh come on, Ron. Tell us what you REALLY think.

      7. Yall know me, i used to be Kulafarmer,
        The biggest threat to many small farms has to be the FSMA (food safety modernization act)
        This was one big reason i ditched growing.
        The FSMA was brought about by outbreaks of food borne illness.
        The reality is, all these outbreaks were from mega farms.
        They primarily employ immigrant labor on the handling side.
        Think about that for a minute.
        The small farms can produce food, better quality, lower price because their overhead is lower. The big farms came up with the FSMA after the buy local thing started.
        The FSMA when fully implemented will kill most small farms. The FDA is continuously moving the goalpost as well.
        Who is John Galt!
        Let them eat sand……….


        This video I made with the help of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit shows the ONLY SOLUTION to feeding our population CHEMICAL FREE and SUSTAINABLY-FOR OUR DOOMED VAXXED UP DUMED DOWN CHILDRENS FUTURE………PERMACULTURE, PERMACULTURE, PERMACULTURE IS THE ONLY SOLUTION…. All other solutions being shown in this article still involve the use of so-called organic chemicals, large scale farming techniques, and PURE EVIL Lucifer and the Fallen Ones PSYCHOPATH INSANITY…..INSANITY such as GMO “Supercrops” and “robot labor”, so the already conquered toxic dump weak fat asses can get more fat and stupid on the GMO Super Stimuli EDC laden chemical filled “SUPERCROPS”……and the toxic dump dumbed down COWARDS will still scream how “FREE and BRAVE” they are, oh Dear Lord what these Monsters have done to our people.

        THIS VIDEO SHOWS THE SOLUTION TO ALL FOOD AND HEALTH PROBLEMS, end of story, no need to look any further, no more painstaking research needed, no millions and millions of dollars need to fund Corporate WHORE Satanist American Universities, no need for genocidal murderous chemical INSANITY…. this is the ONLY SOLUTION…this is how our CREATOR grows food “PERMACULTURE” for REAL HUMANS and those who want to be REAL HUMANS:

      9. Nail, my relatives are all homesteaders and grow most of their own food. They don’t even think about the damn FSMA. They march to their own song.

        • Yup,
          Thats the drum im marching to,
          They told me
          “You will need to be FS certified”
          I said fine,
          And plowed under all my fields.
          Poof, no more kale
          Now im growing my own stuff when i feel like it, and lots and lots of nice grass,
          Am thinking about making a privat 6 hole golf course on our place, IMHO, a much better use than feeding the masses

      10. Swell, Making criminals of our farmers
        who only have bounty for farmers markets
        is not going to stop food born illness if the
        FDA allows food from foreign farmers.
        Several thousands of Chinese swine are
        spreading a deadly virus. How many of us
        believe they have quarantined ALL OF THE
        INFECTED SWINE ???
        Sure… they did. Just like they told us the
        GMO corn would not be raised here.
        Then lied to us that yes, that corn would
        be used for fuel only…..then when tests
        showed glyphosate in our food….. they
        lied and told us it was harmless.

        The same thing with “Wasting Disease”,
        a highly contagious disease
        they found in wild in wild deer.
        Surprise….surprise! It is also known as “hoof-
        and -mouth -disease.”

        A disease so horrible they once killed whole herds
        of cattle and buried them in 10 foot deep trenches.
        Research has claimed that, “to eat such meat could
        cause dementia in humans”.

        Yea, it is all about draining the dollars from the public,
        and destroying the (uninformed) human race intellectually.

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