Thousands Of US Troops Amass On Syrian Border For Military ‘Drill’

by | Apr 18, 2018 | Headline News | 17 comments

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    Thousands of U.S. Marines arrived in Jordan at around the same time the United States, the United Kingdom, and France were organizing a direct military strike on Jordan’s neighbor, Syria.  Shortly after the US-led bombing of Syria over alleged chemical weapons use, the Marine took part in military drills.

    According to Antimedia, nearly 3,600 U.S. troops, including roughly 1,800 Marines with the 26th Marine Expeditionary Unit, arrived in Jordan for the start of an almost two-week training exercise known as Eager Lion.

    Thousands of Marines and U.S. troops kicked off a major military training exercise that is reportedly set to include civilian evacuation operations, as well as chemical and biological drills. The drills followed the U.S.-led Anglo-alliance’s assault on neighboring Syria, which was allegedly in retaliation for a chemical attack in the Syrian city of Douma.

    It will be a rare display of allied firepower, reported the Marine Corps Times.  It also couldn’t come at a more tense time as U.S. Navy warships are steadily building a presence in the Mediterranean in preparation for what analysts presume will be a Tomahawk cruise missile strike on Syria.

    Last year, satellite photos indicating a massive buildup of military armored vehicles sent alarm bells through Iran, Syria’s ally in its nearly eight-year civil war, prompting media speculation about a pending invasion. The build-up was nothing more than the start of Eager Lion. Eager Lion was then launched from the Zarqa Jordanian military base, located near the Syrian border and roughly 100 miles from the Syrian capital of Damascus. The exercise has routinely been viewed as a pretext for an invasion of Syria by analysts and countries aligned with the Syrian regime.

    “Eager Lion is a major training event that provides U.S. forces and Jordan Armed Forces the opportunity to improve their collective ability to plan and operate in a coalition-type environment,” according to a press release from U.S. Central Command published April 2nd. “A wide variety of scenarios – from long-range bomber missions to maritime security operations to a ground force attack of a fictitious adversary – will occur throughout Jordan during the event.”

    Departing Augusta Bay, Italy, just before the US-led attack was the San Antonio-class amphibious transport dock New York which has onboard Marines and Marine Medium Tiltrotor Squadron VMM 162 (Reinforced), according to a post from the 26th MEU’s Facebook page.

    The timing of this “event,” both this year and last, however, is incredibly unsettling.  Both came at a time when the US had decided that the Syrian government had conducted a chemical weapons attack against their own citizens.  Neither chemical attack had any evidence, and in fact, there’s more evidence to suggest the attacks didn’t even happen. 

    While the media delivered a stunning performance on its coverage of Trump’s strikes on the Syrian government, as the Marine Corps Times notes, little has been made of the fact that thousands of U.S. and Jordanian troops will be training a short skip away from the Syrian border with armored vehicles and military aircraft.”


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      1. If I may make this off post comment but we live in strange times.

        But yesterday, as many of you know, I believe the left engine of a Southwest airlines blew up in flight, damaged the window (have you ever?) nearly pulling a passenger out the window, from the decompression. It was not immediately clear if the passenger who was killed was the woman who was reportedly “sucked out” of the window.

        Seven others were injured but the person killed was a Wells Fargo Executive according to CNN-New Day.

        I have seen pics of the air craft and hard to see any structural damage, but…

        Let you come to your own conclusions.

        Regarding The deployment to Syria, get out… But we won’t… Major war coming.

      2. The Starbucks incident was a planned event. Communist agitation propaganda. The purpose? Extort money and yearly contributions to the anti-White racial agenda of the communists.

        • Him, in other words, the Starbucks incident is just another scam from one of the Black criminal organizations. If I was Starbucks CEO I would just tell them, “People in hell want ice water but that’s not going to happen.”

      3. tick tick tick tick tick

        • That’s an excellent link for information about the Syrian conflict from a different perspective than you would get from US sources. I bookmarked it. It seems like a good addition to MofA and saker sites.

          His latest article is even better than the one you link to.

          This type of reporting is what needs to be ingested if you want to get all side’s perspective and not just the Anglo-Zionist empire’s propaganda.

      4. How sad this is.

        American ethics have been twisted. Our soldiers do not serve the USA. If any of them is injured or killed, it will be for naught. Those who understand the reality of their situation must be in a miserable state. I don’t blame the soldiers. They are, after all, just obeying orders. Which is all any soldier does.

        This action is truly deplorable. Bring our troops home.


        • Many in my family and extended family were in the military. My BIL was the only Marine. I was the only USAF guy, rest were/are Squids and Grunts.
          I thank all that serve their country, you go through a lot of BS to do it.

      5. Look back they have been training and doing this for years.

        There is nothing we can do or say the USA is and will be the worlds COP for some time to come. Who better to be the COP than the USA. All nations have problems, but we have the least. Don’t forget that the rest of the world are like the EATERS we have here in the USA. Just let US do it because we are too lazy to do it.

        Do I think it is right? YES!. Do I like it? NO! But I would rather have US do than anyone else.


      6. these are the words of a great American: can’t we all just get along?
        Rodney king.

      7. I think ALL of this is just a huge horse and pony show – if they want to bomb whomever, christ, just go and do it already and stop with the antics and nonsense…

      8. Some here know why I’m going to say this. I don’t want anyone’s son or daughter to die for this cause. All those who support such as this build-up and risking our kids to support what? Gas/oil pipelines? Israel? Some stupid notion of kumbayah diplomacy? …. what do you have in the game? Your kids? Your son?…. Until you know the cost of losing one I’d recommend S(ting)TFU. Take it from me – I hope they’ve left you some grandkids. There’s some solace in them carrying on.

      9. Nobody better not so much as fart in Syria or it’s all over. [sarcasm]

      10. A good source for real information on the Syrian crisis you can go to Veterans Today/Southfront. They are USA based but not a captured mouthpiece of the USSA evil empire. They are on YouTube also.

      11. It sounds as though the US military is fixing to go into Syria. It’s not going to matter what we the people think. The deep state PTB will do whatever they want, even if that means a war or a nuclear war with Russia. I would like to ask where the hell is the Israeli army?

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