Thousands Of Americans Are Fleeing The Big Cities In Preparation For The Coming American Apocalypse

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    This article was originally published by Michael Snyder of The Economic Collapse Blog


    Why are so many people suddenly moving away from major U.S. cities?  Recently, I wrote about the mass exodus that is happening out of the state of California, but the truth is that what is happening there is just part of a national phenomenon.  The populations of some of our largest cities are steadily shrinking, and many experts are completely mystified by the seismic demographic shifts that we are now witnessing.  Of course there are a whole host of reasons why people would want to move away from huge cities such as Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore and Cleveland.  For some families, it simply comes down to wanting a better life for their children.  But as you will see below, there are others that believe that things in this country are about to take an apocalyptic turn, and the big cities will not be a place that you want to be when economic collapse, rioting, looting, civil unrest and crime are all spiraling out of control.

    According to data just released by the U.S. Census Bureau, Chicago took the prize for the biggest population loss from 2015 to 2016, and it was followed by Detroit and Baltimore

    The counties containing Chicago, Detroit and the independent city of Baltimore were the biggest population losers in the United States from 2015 to 2016, according to data released today by the Census Bureau.

    Cook County, Ill., where Chicago is the county seat, had the largest population loss of any county in the country from 2015 and 2016.

    Cook County alone had a “domestic migration” loss of more than 66,000 people.  That is a staggering number of people to lose in a single year.

    Cleveland and Milwaukee were also very high on the list, and some are pointing out that all of these cities are in relatively colder climates and are all struggling economically.

    So you certainly can’t blame people living in these cities for wanting to find somewhere warmer and more economically prosperous to live.

    But others that are moving away from large cities are deeply concerned about where things are ultimately headed in this country.  It doesn’t take a genius to see that anger, frustration and hatred are rising all around us, and many believe that conditions are ripe for civil unrest and civil conflict.  In fact, best-selling author Doug Casey believes that we could soon see a “civil war” that is set off by a “financial collapse”…

    Best-selling author Doug Casey wrote “Crisis Investing” at the time when the U.S. political landscape was transitioning from the Carter Administration to the Reagan Administration. Now, Casey sees a coming crisis that is equal or worse than the Civil War.  Casey explains, “In the U.S. right now, there seems to be so much antagonism it’s almost like pre-Civil War.  There is actually hatred in the U.S. at this point.  It used to be the Republicans and Democrats could disagree, but they could have a civil conversation about a difference of opinion.  Now, it’s active hatred between these two groups.  This is not going to end well.”

    Casey thinks the coming financial collapse will be the trigger. Casey says, “It’s going to come down eventually.  I am worried about that, but we are in a situation where the country seem like it is just before a civil war.  It will be more serious than just a financial collapse, and it is likely to be set off by a financial collapse.”

    Without a doubt, our financial system is certainly primed for a financial collapse, and when things get really, really bad in this country how will people respond?

    Many have decided that they want to get away from the major population centers before we find out the answer to that question.

    For example, not too long ago the Chicago Tribune ran a story about why so many preppers are moving to the Great Northwest.  One of the individuals profiled was an ex-resident of California named Trevor Treller who moved up to north Idaho prior to the recent election…

    Trevor Treller, 44, who carries a small Smith & Wesson pistol on his hip, moved to north Idaho last year from Long Beach, California, and recently paid a little less than $400,000 for a defensible three-bedroom house on five wooded acres.

    Treller, a sommelier at a local resort, said Obama was a key factor in his decision. He said the president has inflamed racial tensions in America, presided over a dangerous expansion of the national debt, been “hostile” to Second Amendment rights and failed to curtail the nuclear ambitions of North Korea and Iran.

    Treller said any one of those factors could lead to crippling chaos, so he and his wife have laid in food, weapons and ammunition and are installing an iron gate across their long gravel driveway.

    Of course it isn’t just ordinary Americans such as Treller that are deeply concerned about what is coming.

    Less than a week ago, CNN ran an article entitled “Billionaire bunkers: How the 1% are preparing for the apocalypse“…

    Many of the world’s elite, including hedge fund managers, sports stars and tech executives (Bill Gates is rumored to have bunkers at all his properties) have chosen to design their own secret shelters to house their families and staff.

    Gary Lynch, general manager of Texas-based Rising S Company, says 2016 sales for their custom high-end underground bunkers grew 700% compared to 2015, while overall sales have grown 300% since the November US presidential election alone.

    So why are Bill Gates and his billionaire friends so interested in buying luxury survival bunkers if everything is going to be just fine?

    Can someone explain that one to me?

    Everywhere you look, retail stores are closing and economic warning signs are flashing red, but those that sell survival bunkers to the elite are making tremendous amounts of money.

    And I certainly wish that I could afford one of these survival bunkers, because they sound quite appealing

    One of those shelters, Vivos xPoint, is near the Black Hills of South Dakota, and consists of 575 military bunkers that served as an Army Munitions Depot until 1967.

    Presently being converted into a facility that will accommodate about 5,000 people, the interiors of each bunker are outfitted by the owners at a cost of between $25,000 to $200,000 each. The price depends on whether they want a minimalist space or a home with high-end finishes.

    The compound itself will be equipped with all the comforts of a small town, including a community theater, classrooms, hydroponic gardens, a medical clinic, a spa and a gym.

    These elitists plan to ride out the coming American apocalypse in style while the world above them is literally going insane.

    Meanwhile, most of the general population continues to be completely oblivious to what is about to happen to them, and so the events that are coming will close upon them suddenly like a trap and there will be no escape.

    GetPreparedNow-MichaelSnyderBarbaraFixMichael T. Snyder is a graduate of the University of Florida law school and he worked as an attorney in the heart of Washington D.C. for a number of years.

    Today, Michael is best known for his work as the publisher of The Economic Collapse Blog and The American Dream

    If you want to know what is coming and what you can do to prepare, read his latest book [amazon text=Get Prepared Now!: Why A Great Crisis Is Coming & How You Can Survive It&asin=150522599X].


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      1. Move back into the cities and start the insurgency. Shut the Marxist controlled cities down.

        • Michael Snyder makes his living spreading rubbish. He is not an economist nor a journalist

          • been hearing about this sort of thing since the 1960s, when I was in high school!!! and besides, all these ‘wealth preppers”?? what the HELL will they come out to when the DO decide, or have, to come out? not the same world they left!! & do they think no one will notice them in their clean clothes,nice shoes, etc., etc.? wouldn’t wanna be any of them at that time!!! LOL………oh well!!!

        • Snyder is a lawyer. That makes him a suspect. But what he writes is true. Of course if he had half the brains his degree says he has, he would move out of Florida.

          It’s one of the worst possible places to be. 🙂

          • DK, agreed about FL. I spent 7 years in SOUTH FL, the worst part of the whole state. NOT a good place for SHTF.

          • DK, I have met Synder personally, though he’s not a close friend or anything like that. He does not even live CLOSE to Florida, altho that is where he did his law degree, as noted. And yes, there are a lot of bad lawyers out there – but certainly not all, as you know. And for David’s point, yes, Snyder is more bearish I have found. But it seems to me anyone who can do a law degree is able to inductively reason to economic conclusions, and certainly able to write! I take your diss that “he’s not a journalist” a complement, right?

            Truth is, as Yogi Berra said, “Making predictions is hard – particularly when they are about the future.” I read Michael’s work critically, as I do everyone else’s, then try to form a gestalt. Snyder is a smart man, and a good man, and there is much to learn from him. No, he doesn’t have the whole picture, but no one does. So learn what you can from his writings, like everyone else here. And if you reeeeallly dislike his stuff, just don’t read it!

        • Don’t feed the cancer of big cities. They want people circle them so we can turn them into camps. No one escapes!

      2. Yup the ones in Cooks county fled all they way to the grave yard after being shot to death.

        • I’m trying to flee the city (not much of a city) but the danged weather won’t cooperate! Rain and snow, rain and snow, rain and snow grrrrr. Fookin muddy mess! I think they are doing it to me so I can’t get to work on my plans. Got a ton of materials to haul up and need to git mashed in too. Funny how the shit just pops up in the surrounding area out of the blue instead of moving across from somewhere else. Imma gittin’ cabin fever lol.

          • Yep Genius, 85 and sunny here in FL today. Location location. Formerly Zeus. All part of my OPSEC and changing costumes for the party here.


          • March is a mucky, muddy month. Keep your chin up! You’ll come out of it.

            • You couldn’t pay me enough to live in Florida lol.

              • Why would anybody pay you anything? Enjoy shoveling your foot of snow. lmfao!!! When you spend half your day fighting the elements and shivering that is not a life. That is constant BS survival. I mowed my vast lawn here today and about to drink a cold one.

                • Only a couple inches of snow lol. Half the day fighting elements? Not me, I will be sitting by the woodstove playing cards havin a drinky poo watching the elk and deer. No neighbors near me and no cops either. Do as I please, maybe do some shootin on my 800 yard range for fun.

                  Do you have enough insect repellent for the skeeters and chiggers and plethora of shitty little bugs that surround you? I hope it doesn’t wash off with all the sweat from the 90% humidity 90 degree climate lmao! Watch out for those snakes and gators and horseflies and, and and. I can go for all direction for miles and miles and miles without running into anyone but a few friends. 20 miles of shitty dirt road keep a lot of the shitty people away. Life is good there, as free as possible, nobody fucks with you at all. Snow is minimal and there is no phone service without an amplifier setup. From the deck I can see anyone coming for miles. Help is just a private radio call away. No skeeters, no chiggers, no humidity, very very few rattlesnakes, no hurricanes, no tornadoes, no floods, no skin cancer, I can go on but why ha ha ha.

                • The weak decide to live in warm climates like schooling fish…that eventually get eaten by the bigger fish.

                  Sorry Bud, but the hardy(German-Scandis) do live in northern climates and we do enjoy a good quality of life(the upper Midwest ranks at the top) despite the cold and snow which last 4 months with 8 months of great weather.

                  Winters for us are spent snowmobiling, icefishing in our heated ice fishing houses, working with friends on our toys in our heated garages…and we socialize.

                  We are surrounded by deep woods, lakes and farmland with low population pressure, clean water, low crime and good neighbors. You can keep your postage stamp yards and your lattes and riding lawn mowers……..and we’ll stick to our large acres of prime hunting lands, lakes teaming with clean fish, plentiful deer, pastures to graze our cattle herds on and neighbors who can handle a rifle and know how to handle a 6 wheel tractor that could pull your house off it’s foundation.

            • PO’d, April 1st is Sat. Just around the corner.

          • Genius, I’m also getting BOL fever, LOL! First week of May can’t come soon enough for me. Next gun show in my area is April 22-23. Need some more food for the ‘ventilators’.

        • Yep it really sucks out in the country. No conveniences, no cable LIE TV or diversity. Go back and shelter in place in the cities. Hunker down… lol Yep, form a neighborhood watch with all your neighbors in the cities and welcome your Agenda 21 rules and regs.. Remember Safety in numbers. They can’t take all your guns away house to house, can they? You too can be part of History as you are on the front line when they come for you. Show your resistance and fly your American Flag. Remember all the food is located in all those grocery stores on every corner block. Enjoy!!

          • I am in the country too in NY state. I am isolated and very bored and lonely. I hope it was worthwhile to leave the city 17 yrs ago due to Y2k. Here i sit all alone and waiting for doomsday…will it come? Or will i die first? I am in my late 60’s., and getting tired of waiting. I have some neighbors, but only one talks to me. The rest are very stuck up and everyone around here is friends, but they shun me becuz i am a female alone. I think there is more respect if one has a “man around the house”. Maybe when/if the sh*t hits i will be thankful i live in the country and am prepared, but right now…i hate it!!

      3. Fox News, outnumbered with Bill O’Reilly, stated that many people were beginning to flee Chicago.

        Cities will soon start to start to look like, Baghdad, Mosul,Beirut and parts of Syria.

        This is getting crazy.

        • Or Detroit!!!:-)

      4. Epocolips, collapse, war, whatever,,,, not the thing front of my mind.
        I would move to be able to get more acerage, or to have the seasons and less neighbors,
        Yea our politics here sucks,,, but man it would be nice to have 30-40-50 or more acres around us, have room for a couple cows, a small hay setup and farm, maybe on a flyway with some water so i could duck hunt,,,, or antelope for some target practice,,,,

        • Move west young man!

      5. For those of you who haven’t been paying attention to demographics I would like to remind you that Detroit and Chicago have each lost over 1 million residents in the last few decades. Why? The White residents were run out by crime, forced integration, taxes, etc. Why didn’t any of you know that? You just now realized that some people are leaving?

        • Remember all the massive Debt the Cities are piling up right now with huge Muni Bonds, they will soon be defaulting all on, will be spread amongst the City property owners to cover this mismanagement. So glad to see you all hanging in the cities Rat Race, making the big bucks to cover that. Hotel California Baby!! “You can come, but you can never leave.” Who will want to buy your city house with a massive annual property tax bill? Therefore you will have to sell at a loss or just walk away to escape the carnage. bwhahahahahahahahaha

          • Demographic of the town I live near, 92% white, 2% black, 5% latino, 1% other. Very low crime, mostly Mormons, vast expanses of beautiful country surrounding.

            Pros: Lots of jobs, low crime, very white.

            Cons: Low wages but low cost of living too.

          • Detroit. The only city you can walk 12 blocks and STILL be at the scene of the crime.

            Also, last Republican mayor was ~ 1960, and it was the first major city to adopt the socialist Model Cities Programme. Nice work, lefitsts!

        • Living in the western burbs of Chicago, I can tell you EXACTLY what they are doing: they are moving MASSES of people out to the western suburbs. Certain areas used to be solidly conservative, and now are solid fascist Democrat. Where I live in the Naperville/Aurora area has seen a MASS influx, including a lot of burqas, etc. Is this a racial thing? Only insofar as a massive subset of blacks are frantic to vote themselves BACK onto the nanny state plantation (thankfully, a good minority of blacks are also of the Crispus Attucks persuasion, and part of the battle for freedom; thus this is not a racial thing, but an issue of *stupidity and gullibility*).

          Let’s see… in 10 years, these areas will then, too, look like downtown Chicago, and they will just move their filth out to yet another area. Think California, home of former Gov. Ronald Reagan, now to the left of Kim Il Jong (and of course, the Learjet leftists and Hollywierd limousine liberals have their gated communities, so they are alright, Jack).

        • Demographics is a key.

          Anyone who has watched a Harry Dent YouTube video would know that large blocks of baby boomers are retiring. The cities are very expensive to live in and retirees are on a limited income. Of course they will move to cheaper, safer areas that have better health care services for the elderly.

          This is all very predictable, there is no mystery. Once these people leave their high paying jobs in the cities, they are out of there.

          This same demographic also means the likely hood the economy will shrink is very high. A shrinking economy is by definition a recession.

          • PTPO, spot on. We’ve been in recession ever since the financial crisis of 2008. The economy has done nothing but shrink since that time. Hell, I’ve been approached by more bums since 2008 than I ever was in my whole life up until that time. My Dad is retired in a small town in AR that has a good hospital he only lives a 10-minute drive from. At 85 [and being a heart patient to boot] he’s in better than average health and still drives. He stays active.

            • The powers that shouldn’t be, openly manipulate the global economy.

              When they can’t prop it up anymore, or don’t want to, the crash will come. It is inevitable.

              If anyone checks out Harry Dent’s work, they will find there are economic forces even the most powerful can’t control. They can push the timeline a bit into the future, but the day of reckoning will come.

              Demographics is a powerful social and economic force that really can’t be stopped.

              The worst possible situation is a reserve currency like the dollar that fights the demographic forces. When it loses it loses huge, because it has the power to resist, making the bubble even bigger, the crash is then all the bigger.

              Just keep stacking.

      6. I wish the truckers would organize and use their political power. If a lot of them dont drive for one day that will cause a lot of problems. If they dont drive for three days then the grocery stores will run out. Think about it.

      7. Thousands Of Americans Are Fleeing The Big Cities In Preparation For The Coming American Apocalypse

        Those that can afford to leave these cities … are doing so because, of the Democratic controlled policies and the filthy parasites that reside there within those city limits.

        That is the true reason … not some kind of apocalypse fantasy that Michael Snyder drew up out of his fairy-tale playbook.

      8. Important and good article. Prepping for any range of eventualities is important for any self-respecting, self-reliant person (Thoreau would be lynched by the left today for writing his book Self-Reliance, instead of entitling it “Nanny State Reliance,”

        But, understanding at some point something will go horribly awry (Cascadia fault, economic implosion, etc.) and we 100% DO need to prepare for that eventuality, we also need to remember folks like, e.g., Mel Tappan, a wealthy banker, who saw similar conditions back ~30 years ago. Moving to the Rogue River area of OR., he was very well prepped. Unfortunately, he died of a heart attack, when he was too rural for help to arrive in time.

        There’s no perfect balance for most of us, just a lot of compromises. Mr. Treller probably sold his home for a zillion dollars and could do what he did. Good for him. But a lot of us have to remain in places like the Socialist People’s Thugocracy of Illinois, or the North Korean Republik of Kalifornia due to family and/or work concerns and/or financial concerns. So, wherever we are, we need to be aggressive and try to roll back the dark immediately around us. Remember, their ideas SUCK (that is why they resort to violence, lies, etc.). All my neighbours here are utterly mindless leftists (one has been on disability for years… same person I regularly see out jogging a couple miles). But I am having some impact on a few of them.

      9. Alot of reasons people are fleeing Illinois is due to taxes. They are ungodly and many jobs are leaving, not a good state to live in.

        • I truly wish I could leave the People’s Socialist Hellhole of IL. Unfortunately, I have retired socialist siblings on the dole who won’t take care of a very elderly mother and mentally handicapped sibling who are here in IL… instead leaving it to my wife and I while we both work full time and then some (I come here to post for little ADHD breaks during the day). Go figure. Socialism… compassionate… as long as it is SOMEONE else’s money and time.

          • A question about Illinois – is the whole state socialist or just Chicago? I know it’s heavily Democrat at presidential elections but what about state level?

            Sorry……that was two questions!

            • Shaun, you are correct, Chicago is ground zero of the leftists and corruption. But, like all cancers, it is metastasizing. Here is a map FYI

              Disgustingly, you see formerly conservative counties like DuPage (just west of Chicago) are now Democrud. The are moving massive numbers of people from Chicago into the burbs, turning them leftist. I give it 10 years before the burbs are just as bankrupt and corrupt as Chicago itself.

              • Thanks, TEST for your response.

                I wasn’t aware it was spreading beyond Chicago but can now see the concern of you and others have to continue to live in that state.

                I hope for your sake you don’t live near there and that nothing happens before you (and other descent people) can get away from there before something erupts.

                Stay safe!

                • You only need look at a state like Virginia that is turning liberal before our eyes.

                  In just a few years it will be totally democrat controlled. Five years ago it was rock solid conservative.

                  • It’s particularly evident at presidential elections.

                    Liberals spread like locusts and the next states to fall will be Georgia and Arizona.

                    Colorado, New Mexico and Nevada are lost.

      10. Wow… I keep hearing that the end coming .. but it just never does… what if it never comes and we’ve spent all this time prepping for it and worrying about it… and it turns out to be a DUD!!!

        I’ll tell you when the REAL end is coming .. it’s when God gets tired of looking down and seeing all Us jackoffs saying and wishing that the end is coming … and when that day comes and he decides – you all get ready To bend over .. and just take it .. because there will be No Where to hide your asses!!!

        Go enjoy life.. leave all the worrying to the Democrats!!!

        • Well, Realist, you are part right. Porter Stansberry would say that in 2008, the end did come. GM blew up. AIG died. 100 yr old Lehman Bros. died. 50 mm on food stamps. If you lost YOUR job back then, and never found another one, you might be singing another tune! (The old joke is a recession is when your neighbour loses his job; a depression is when you lose YOURS).

          But, you are right. Nothing utterly apocalyptic has happened. Does that mean nothing ever will? (Cf “normalcy bias”) How many years do you think we will go without, say, a serious financial implosion worse than 2008, a nuclear incident, or the New Madrid or Cascadia faults going, e.g.? A hundred years? A decade? A thousand years? What if you were in Russia in 1918, with hundreds of years of Czarist rule, telling me nothing had changed, and therefor nothing would?

          Preparedness is like fire insurance. It is also about self respect, and living in the Western tradition of self reliance. It is also a recognition of reality – the government cannot and will not save you when push comes to shove in the end (just ask those in New Orleans during Katrina – in fact, a lot of the authorities joined the looting).

          We do need to keep a balance, for sure. But, respectfully submitted, I think the issue is a bit more complex. I continue to enjoy today, but prep. I don’t see them as mutually exclusive.

        • Can’t enjoy shit while they are still alive.

        • The Psychopath Inbred New World Order crew have made their preparations.They will pull the plug on our economy and watch the little people revert to the law of the jungle..short on food, water and medicine people will kill for those commodities.

      11. Cities= Crime, air, water and noise Pollution, massive property taxes and high rents, heavy traffic, higher car insurance, minorities, Agenda 21, liberal commie democrap socialists.

        Country= None of the above. Any questions? 98% White Folks in my area out in the Country. 2% POS others. Why it’s kind of like the original America I grew up in 50 years ago. Before America was hijacked.

        • I wonder (((who))) did the hijacking?

          No-one seems to know, especially around these parts. . .

          A picture of the hijackers:

          • BOLSHEVIKS!!

      12. Reverse of agenda 21, great first step to MAGA.

      13. Normal people are escaping the cities because we hate living with DEMOCRATS! That may sound funny coming from a citizen of Hawaii, but I live in one of the most rural parts of Hawaii and have a pretty good setup and will be going “Off grid” this year.

      14. I know why people are leaving Dearborn Michigan. Muzzies.

      15. Employment goes to shit and you wonder why people want to live somewhere cheaper??

      16. Why are they fleeing cities? Because Leftist never eat their own cooking.

      17. People have been fleeing cities for some time. South Jersey is essentially a suburb of South Philadelphia. The greatest catalyst was the loss of jobs, generally those in manufacturing. The other reason is just quality of life.

      18. …. Maybe because they are sanctuary cities being filled with rapefugees, etc…?

        • oops

          “Maybe because they are sanctuary cities being filled with rapefugees, etc…?”

          As bad as they are they’re no worse than the inhabitants of Camden NJ or North / West Philadelphia. There are some enclaves in South Phila and the North East that are ok (if you like cities). Camden? Maybe a block in Fairview, then again maybe not. The Islamics will meet their match with some of these people.

          They been downhill for 4 decades plus.

        Nibiru, Planet X, Nemesis, The Destroyer, Wormwood, Hercolubus, Comet Typhon. Is Nibiru real? Does it take Nibiru 3,600 years to complete one orbital journey?

        • The enemy within is a far more dangerous scenario for our country than some hunk of rock from space. I have faith that God would save us from such an end, but not so sure he will save us from ourselves. Wake up America and understand the One World Government Cabal has been hard at work tearing down everything our country was founded on for over 50 years.

        • I found Niburu hiding under my bed yesterday. Actually, it was under my Mayan 2012 calendar under the bed, but who’s counting!



      22. Was more worried about the brown stuff hitting the fan when it looked like Hillary Clinton would be elected. Hillary would have been the lynch-pin for finishing off the country and throwing it into chaos. We now have a little breathing room with Donald Trump, assuming of course he survives long enough to take down the George Soros machine. Last year I bought a retreat on 19 acres in southern Colorado and am working on making it self-sufficient and off the grid. It will serve as a vacation home and a family retreat should things go from bad to worse. Let’s pray the latter never happens.

        • You do know Trump was a Democrat all hi life. Then he became a Republican long enough to get Elected. He screwed his uneducated into voting for him. Now he’s back to being a Democrat. How’s that wall coming along. Trump said he and only he will fix Obamacare. He would defeat Isis in 30 Days. Keep drinking the Kool-Aid Trumptards.

          • Ann6

            Trump was never a Republican, he is a nationalist. The traditional Republicans didn’t want him. The Democrats leadership didn’t want him. A whole lot of those former Democrats, laid off due to NAFTA, voted for him.

            OBTW…….haven’t seen you here before

      23. Just finished putting two 55 gallon drums in my bug out trailer . Calling it a bug out trailer isn’t correct it’s a run to the gas station and get 100 gallons of gas trailer . Bug out or in.? Hopefully in. Tractor surplus sells vent caps and 2 inch pipe to screw in drums . Drums are free everywhere you see them . Vent caps 25 dollars. I ran the pipe out side the enclosed trailer.Two 55 gallon drums plus my cars fuel tank give me a lot of bug out or bug in ability. Each drum full weighs 350 pounds. But can be rolled easy. I just use a siphon hose to transfer fuel . I use 3/8 air hose. Have fuel will travel? Or run my generator long time.? Or duel fuel stove?

        • PRI gas treatment is recommended for long term fuel storage.

      24. O and store your stocked bug out trailer at an outside storage place.

      25. This is the intro sharing this article with my FB News Feed.

        While I take no pleasure is seeing the circumstances taking shape, I have been saying for years the Time is coming in the not too distant Future there will see a stream of Americans seeking REFUGEE Status in CanaDa to escape crazy, American style home grown terrorism.

      26. Finally !

        Eureka !

        Our oldest is leaving the big city of Nashville and the crummy neighborhood she and my grands have been living in.

        They are looking for 20 acres in our general direction.

      27. It would be nice if the coming apocalypse is purely social and or economic. However the thing you will need is to be away from the target zones of Russian and Chinese nuke retaliation strikes and there will be many. The Deep State hates Trump most of all for not instantly delivering the final war they desire and think they can survive. What do you think all the troops, missiles, and tanks being sent to Eastern Europe and South Korea are really there for? Those in charge are insane and to think otherwise is silly or foolish.
        The economy will collapse but there will much more to worry about and MSM is not going to alert anyone .

        • “Those in charge are insane”

          Power drunk. They have been getting away with so much for so long that they believe that they can do anything. The USSR folding wetted their appetites. The Wolfowitz Doctrine was the result that in effect said, “The entire world is ours”. They’re selling that flag raising over Iwo Jima over and over to get new cannon fodder to do the bidding of Wall Street / International Business Interests. I never thought this would happen after Vietnam; its sad, and likely hopeless.

      28. Bullshit, they are leaving due to the unltra taxes and high cost of living in these shitholes. This article is just more fear mongering.

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