Thought Police: British Cops Are Building AI Program That Will Stop Crimes That Haven’t Been Committed

by | Nov 28, 2018 | Headline News | 24 comments

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    A dystopian future awaits humanity if we cannot realize the dangers of programs such as the one the British police are working on.  The cops want to create an artificial intelligence program the will somehow stop crimes before they’ve been committed, aka, the thought police.

    Police in the United Kingdom are piloting a project that uses artificial intelligence to determine how likely someone is to commit or be a victim of a serious crime. These include crimes involving a gun or knife, as well as modern slavery, New Scientist reported on Monday. Ironically, the police creating the program don’t see government as modern slavery, yet that’s exactly what it is.

    The West Midlands Police department is heading the trial project through the end of March 2019. They are expected to have a prototype at that time. There are eight other police departments reportedly involved as well, and the hope is to eventually expand its use to all police departments in the UK.

    According to Gizmodo, the program is dubbed the National Data Analytics Solution (NDAS), the system pulls data from local and national police databases. Ian Donnelly, the police lead on the project, told New Scientist that they have collected over a terabyte of data from these systems already, including logs of committed crimes and about 5 million identifiable people.

    The system has 1,400 indicators from this data that can help flag someone who may commit a crime, such as how many times someone has committed a crime with assistance as well as how many people in their network have committed crimes. People in the database who are flagged by the system’s algorithm as being prone to violent acts will get a “risk score,” New Scientist reported, which signals their chances of committing a serious crime in the future. –Gizmodo

    Donnelly told the New Scientist that they don’t plan to arrest anyone before they’ve committed a crime, but that they want to provide counseling to those who the system indicates might need it. He also noted that there have been cuts to police funding recently, so something like NDAS could help streamline and prioritize the process of determining who in their databases most needs intervention.

    Even with that “assurance,” it isn’t too difficult to imagine how tyrannical this kind of technology could become, and quickly. There’s a serious invasion of privacy that must happen when it comes to intervening with individuals before something traumatizing has even happened. This system would be responsible for sending mental health professionals to people’s homes because an algorithm suggested that, in the future, there’s a chance they may commit or fall victim to a crime. To enact that type of intervention across an entire country most definitely paints a picture of an eerily intrusive, dystopian, and tyrannical future where the government wholly enslaves the public on a whim.


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      1. This is straight out of “Minority Report”. That PRECRIME concept has not been proven. Even the theory is totally illegitimate. What is called ‘police work’ no longer has any legitimate basis to it. Their primary job description, according to the federal and state supreme courts, is collecting revenue and protecting GOVERNMENT, NOT THE PEOPLE. That’s who cops serve, not us. protecting citizens and fighting crime is not part of their job description. They don’t even care about the public or about crime. As recruits at the academy they are totally indoctrinated to be against the public. Ever since 9/11 they’ve been taught that the public, THE ULTIMATE SOURCE OF THEIR PAYCHECKS BENEFITS AND PENSIONS IS THE ENEMY. This is the same attitude the federal government has had toward us since the Civil War. If I ever get faced with any home invasion, etc. I already know that I’M ON MY OWN, I HAVE TO HANDLE THE SITUATION MYSELF, I HAVE TO BECOME MY OWN “FIRST RESPONDER”. IMHO, that “thin blue line” is totally useless. It’s a safe bet that if you dial 911 cops will just turn against you. Shoot, shovel, shutup.

        • The UK police should all just turn their badges in, and lock themselves up, for aiding and abetting the pedophile rape of literally hundreds of children by muslims. And, they will literally arrest anyone who speaks out about it.

          Defend yourself, even if violently attacked? You will go to jail, and the assailant may well sue you.

          The U.S. has been manipulated by English aristocracy, and it’s owners, since the war for Independence, and it will likely never end.

        • Amen brother! Truer words were never spoken!

      2. Looks like time for another poem! 🙂

        Their makin a list
        Their checkin it twice
        Their gonna find out whos naughty or nice
        Federal Claws is comin to town..

        They see you when your sleeping
        They see when your awake
        They know if you been bad or good so shut up for goodness sake

        You better not pout
        You better not cry
        Just do what your told and never ask why
        Federal Claws is comin to town

        The NSA is watching
        The CIA is too
        The FBI is on your trail
        Now whatcha gonna do?

        Oh you better not pout
        You better not cry
        Think of fighting back you better not try
        Federal Claws is comin to town..

        With facial recognition
        And cell phone spying too
        A database as big as hell
        Has all the dirt on you

        Oh you better not speak
        You better not type
        Orwell was completely right
        Federal Claws is comin to town….

        Thank you people thank you! 🙂

        • Genius, you’re good with poetry. I wish I could laugh but I can’t, knowing how serious things are.

      3. Related article at The Daily Coin, “Yes, You Can Talk Back To The Government But It Could Get You Killed.”

      4. “People in the database who are flagged by the system’s algorithm as being prone to violent acts will get a “risk score,”…
        Newsflash: Its already happening here. The police in several U.S. Cities now can bring up a “risk score” for anybody in their database. This is all chaired as a way to protect police when they are called to a home or business (especially domestic violent calls) or serving a warrant.
        And the FBI has a risk score on everybody. Including you. I suspect that if your a nationalist, gun owner, veteran, etc…or frequently visit a site called SHTF, you will have a higher score…meaning you a a greater threat.!!!!
        Welcome to the new world order.

        • JJ, let me add to that. If you’re a white male, believe in liberty, stand for the Constitution and Bill Of Rights, love your country, stand up for white people, language, culture, traditions, etc. the score will REALLY be up there. I’ll wear that with honor and pride. Police are already Gestapo on steroids. When I have to look at them the same way I look at common criminals, Antifa, Black CRIMINAL Lives Matter, New Black Panther Party, etc. you know something’s wrong in this nation.

      5. The Simpsons did a knockoff of 101 Dalmations, called, Two Dozen and One Greyhounds, in which Marge reasons that it is more efficient to put flea collars on her human family members.

        That is how the algo works; mob or herd behavior is considered blameless, for the sake of taking measurements. JSMN said, nowhere to run. Actually, running would be fine. Run where everyone else runs, if you want to blend in.

        Anyone going against the flow of traffic is collared or assumed guilty.

        Since the process is mainly automated, they believe this counts as privacy (from other humans).

        Testing a lie.
        Throwing sh- at a wall and seeing whether it sticks.
        Anon tip from imaginary fried (aka voices in your head)
        Phishing expedition

        As long as you call it a parallel investigation, sounds legit.

      6. Be Well

      7. I have a BS degree in computer science.
        I worked most my life as an engineer,
        but my instructors repeatedly reminded me
        that I was educated as a scientist.
        With the technology we have, you cannot
        give a computer a “soul”. I can program
        a computer to “learn” but I can not make
        it wise. I can and have designed systems
        that can do amazing things, but nobody
        can predict the evil that lives in the
        hearts of all people. It is simply not
        compute-able with present technology.
        I’ll source that with the text
        Elementary Computability, Formal Languages, and Automata.
        McNaughton 1982 ISBN 0-13-253500-9
        Computer science is a hard and boring degree to earn.

      8. Rellik, the one bright spot to everything is that an EMP can kill the tyrants electronic toys just like it can to ours.

        • So true! Over 10 years ago a transformer went down that delivered electricity to the UK’s spy Centre GCHQ. They absolutely dropped a deuce over it and scrambled police from across the country to the remote location. The whole thing would have went dark and the U.K. blind to threats.

          • Sounds like it might be time for something –


      9. it won’t be programmed to stop the real criminals, the government. just like every govt official, it will be programmed to ignore all the crimes and treason committed by any government official!

      10. Desertspeaks, what are the chances it could also be programmed to ignore crimes committed by the “minority groups” against white people? That seems plausible to me, considering the libturds are trying to turn American society into a “hostile environment” for white people, ESPECIALLY for white males in particular.

        • That already happens. The police know that the majority of violent crime and murder in urban areas is perpertrated by black males, but they do not take the necessary measures to stop it. There is already an attempt to ignore crime by certain groups. Paedophilia and abuse of women and girls is rife in Islam, but mostly ignored by the authorities. It’s “their culture” and so they can do what they wish.

          All these systems will be directed at the one group in the population who is already the most policed, legislated and harassed as it is: white European males.

      11. kill them now. Youll be arrested if you dont.

      12. They need to go after those high-level child abusing freaks first. Jimmy Savile abused and procured kids for decades right under their nose. Savile got protected from his ghastly crimes.

      13. It will invade everyone’s privacy except the high-level psychopaths.

      14. Chicago and New York already have this program. It doesn’t work. It hasn’t prevented any serious crimes. Here’s a tip what this is all about…money. It’s a rip off. A scam.

      15. Conservatives believe the police are on their side, but nothing could be further from the truth. The police are upholding, enforcing, and defending communists and communism in many areas across the USA today.

        If the so called good guys in LE dont want to force the new world order policies (UN strong cities/resilient cities/agenda 21/2030 and all the cultural narxism (transgenderism is perfectly normal to kindergarteners) they’ll just find some academically mind fucked true believing useful idiots to force it on us and trust me there is no shortage of those types who will follow orders no matter what. At least half of all LEO are already these types. Their oaths have only become ceremonial and do not mean shit to most of them. (If the oath was taken seriously we wouldn’t have a government full of criminals) Not to mention if and when the SHTF occurs we’ll more than likely be dealing with MERCS in police uniforms. Mercenaries who love to kill just to be killing and for the hudge government taxpayer dollars. Under the US patriot act they have already labelled most of us as terrorists and will label anyone as a terrorist that is the entire purpose of the patriot act as well as the same reasons PDs across the country are weaponizing militarizing and becoming hostile predatory belligerent militants against america in our own backyards folks.

        The bottom line is that the police are not your friends regardless or anyone in a government uniform for the matter.
        They want depopulation of regular people in order to replace them with faggots transgenders, Islamists, and third world trash for their ideal mentally ill utopia.

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