Those Who Don’t Take Heed Die of Ingratitude

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    This article was originally published by Doug “Uncola” Lynn at

    One evening, while in college, I attended an extracurricular lecture held by my college adviser on nuclear proliferation. It was a concern that was close to his heart and I admired his “doing something about it” at the time.

    During his talk, he shared the parable of “the frog in boiling water” and it was the first time I had heard it told.

    Essentially, it boiled (pun intended) down to this:

    If you throw a frog into a pot of boiling water, it will immediately jump out to save its life. However, if you place the frog into a pot of room temperature water and slowly heat it to a boil, the frog will gradually boil to death.

    The lesson from the story?

    For me, it was this:

    Inattention and complacency kills; gradually by degree at first, and then all once.

    I believe this applies to people on a personal basis as well as on a grander scale. Consider how much we have progressed since Y2K. After 911, I became that frog in the water before I jumped out and went Galt ten years later, in 2011. It was around the time the tsunamis struck Japan and a few months before Ann Barnhardt jumped ship. I couldn’t stop the boiling all around me, so I got out.

    For the next several years though, a sort of paralysis set in that was brought about by my anger and fear. In a sense, I was boiling still, but in a different way; from the inside out, as it were, as I’ve seen others do also. Earlier this year, I wrote about some of that in another essay, regarding the importance of honesty and how I leaped from that latest boiling pot:

    I began to recognize the pride behind my fears…  a type of pride that led to resentments and anger.  Beneath all mad is sad and underlying both is fear. I began to think about faith; how faith without works is dead.  In my own case, therefore, faith became right action; deeds more than words.

    …..All I have to do is try my best every day. Seek truth, speak the truth to the best of my ability, and take right action in the hopes it will benefit others; including some I may not ever know.

    Some of that is why I started my blog in September of 2016. It was something I could do; even if I did believe that Hillary was going to win the presidency two months later, and after that, it would just be a matter of time before the Stormtroopers darkened my door.

    Even so, my decision was made and any caution thrown to the wind. If I became a dissident who was targeted, so be it. If they tortured my family in front of me, or pulled out my intestines like Braveheart, that would be “on them” because I had chosen; and I wasn’t fooled.

    Looking back, I’ve come to realize in the ten years from around 2006 to the fall of 2016, I was working through my discontentment like the Kübler-Ross five stages of grief: Denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance.

    Yet, even now, I still can’t decide if acceptance is surrender by acquiescence or a best-option retreat by way of jumping out of the boiling pot. Or maybe those two constructs aren’t necessarily separate at all.

    In any case, there is a certain amount of acceptance that must take place before action can be taken; for either good or bad.

    This is the 100th original article I’ve posted since I started my blog in the fall of 2016. Ironically, my thoughts are out of focus currently and I am not sure exactly what I am trying say; even now as I type.

    In many ways, I think I may have said all I can – of that which I am willing to share online, and I don’t wish to repeat myself. Honestly, I’m not sure if I could say anything better than I have already.

    At this time, I don’t know.

    In the fall of 2016, Donald Trump’s speaking to truth to power inspired me. However, unless I’m missing something, he now appears powerless to reverse the tide.

    Deep down, I may not have expected him to make America great again anyway. He’s just one man.

    Nor am I surprised at the Orwellian media censorship taking place today. Again, it was just a matter of time. Even if Trump is real, and not a TV actor, he can’t tell corporations what to do, per se. Neither can he slow the force and flow of the overwhelming and inexorable stupidity flowing from therein and all around.

    There isn’t much I can do either. It is frustrating; and acceptance feels like losing, or rather, boiling in hot water.

    Subsequently, I will do what I can each day through positive action on behalf of myself and others, as opposed to the wicked deeds that would satisfy my prideful soul.

    It’s my leap of faith, if you will.

    For a while now, I have chosen to be mentor for my county. Some of my duties include assisting individuals in youth facilities, treatment centers, and the jail. Over the past week, I helped a guy find a decent car for $1,000. Not easy. I also help to set up meetings where alcoholics and drug addicts can speak to one another and I’ve had two acquaintances over the last month, who I knew from that endeavor, succumb to the Great Beyond: One from liver failure and the other by suicide.

    The liver failure was a 30-something gal with children who wasted many opportunities and she actually sort of reminded me of an older Amy Winehouse. Winehouse was a British jazz and pop singer who boiled to death in her proverbial “pot” around the time I jumped from mine, in 2011. In the now-deceased singer’s eponymously entitled documentary, “Amy”, footage of her is shown on the night she won a Grammy Award. Beneath that footage, a voiceover of her best friend spoke of how Amy lamented being sober on the night she won that Grammy because everything was “so boring without drugs”.

    Which, for me, raises the question:  Why can’t each day be sufficient?

    What’s wrong with the sunrise and why is sunset never good enough?

    Recently, headlines were made when an airline employee, by the name of Rich Russell, stole an empty airplane and used it to commit suicide on an island near Seattle, Washington. Russell “chalked up” his actions to the frustration of making minimum wage and for being a “white guy” in a politically correct world.

    Once one reaches the mindset of “all is meaningless”, they may fail to realize the anger behind that. And, from there, the spirit of “what the fuck” takes flight. At the very end, though, that anger will bring anyone down in flames; their hair on fire. It possible Rich destroyed himself because he didn’t want to hurt anyone else. Or maybe even that didn’t matter to him anymore.

    It’s true that resentment is a misplaced form of revenge; a bitter, poison pill that we, ourselves, swallow.

    If only this person, or situation, were different. If only my job were better and I made more money. If only Hillary would go to jail.

    If only the Deep State would wither on the vine.

    We hold onto these things and will not release them even after they become nooses around our necks.

    Why not just trade them away? To do so, is akin to jumping from a pot of rapidly heated water.

    The 2006 film, “Babel”, starts out with two Arabs negotiating a deal on a rifle. It’s a fascinating exchange with techniques as old as time. A similar process can be seen in the 2010 movie, “Wall Street 2, Money Never Sleeps”, whereby Gordon Gekko (played by Michael Douglas) leaves prison a pauper and shrewdly leverages one personal exchange at a time on his way to another billion bucks.

    It may seem complicated, but there’s nothing that is simpler. For whatever reason, we’ve made it too hard.

    What can I do for others today? What can they do for me? How can we work together through honesty and right action?

    I remember reading once that girls and boys have differing primary concerns but, in essence, they are similar. Girls want to be loved and accepted for who they are and boys want to know that they “have what it takes”. These answers will not be found on social media. On the contrary, they must be realized live and in person.

    It means, boys and girls, we have to show up.

    The author and philosopher, Ayn Rand, once said:  “Worry is the inability of Man to deal with his existence”; or similar to that.

    Worry is just fear. It is thinking and thinking isn’t doing.

    You’re never lost until you become afraid. Until then, you just don’t know where you are.


    As for me? I can build a fire, catch fish, filet them, and cook them. I’ve shot deer but I’ve never skinned one. Fortunately, I have friends who can do it in the dark while “half in the bag”. I might learn soon enough.

    I’ve never killed another human being and I hope I never will. On this last Fourth of July, I did kill an angry groundhog in my mother-in-law’s machine shed with a pitchfork and a shovel. It was like taking out the trash and I felt nothing.

    Would it have felt the same if it was someone from Antifa trying to burn down my, or my neighbor’s, house?

    I want to believe I would feel overwhelming remorse in the event of killing another human being but, at the same time, part of me fears I won’t feel it any more than I do with the other, lesser mammals.

    What would that make me? I hope I never have to find that out.

    In the meantime though, I’ll just choose to be grateful. They say serenity is when your mind and body are in the same place. That time is now.

    I’m grateful for the sunset.

    I’m thankful for fresh homegrown honey, apple sauce, and jelly.

    I enjoy walks with my loved ones.

    And I appreciate freshly harvested, rinsed, and spun lettuce.

    It’s the simple things.

    Yesterday is gone except for the memories and words spoken. For the ones I’ve lost, their actions mattered more. What does that mean for tomorrow when tomorrow’s not here? What can you do today? What will you do? It’s all that matters.

    Eventually, all things merge into one, and a river runs through it. The river was cut by the world’s great flood and runs over rocks from the basement of time. On some of the rocks are timeless raindrops. Under the rocks are the words, and some of the words are theirs.

    I am haunted by waters.

    ― Norman Maclean, A River Runs Through It and Other Stories


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      1. If people stop mentoring the young by passing on ancestral skills, in twenty years they can be lost.

        Nothing is more valuable than ancestral skills. They are why human civilization has lasted since agriculture was first invented to 12,000 years later.

        All it would take is a very bad pandemic, EMP…solar or intentional, bad famine leading to WW3, or global economic collapse, and then without ancestral skills, there would be a massive die off that would just about be unrecoverable as hundreds of years would pass before things would stabilize.

        Even with the Dark Age following such events, humanity can survive as long as these are not lost.

        Buy all the prepper gadgets you want,but ultimately it’s skills that save the day.

      2. In these “End Times” the situation with the NWO/5th Beast Kingdom gets SO BAD that no flesh shall be saved (See Matthew 24:20-22) UNLESS the Lord comes and intervenes for us. But, we have to ASK Him to do so as is told to us in Joel 2:12-20. See my video about this here, especially where I explain Joel 2:12-20 >>>

      3. The Author is a weak snowflake pussy.




        • So says Thar the little bitch who blows. LOL Great article Uncola

          • There are two things that stuck out with this article:

            #1 “before I jumped out and went Galt ten years later”
            #2 this guy has Trump derangement syndrome.

            I think that it is wrong to go “John Gault”. There is truly no reason for it. Why go live like a hermit in the mountains?

            Instead, stay put, enjoy your high standard of living, and when thing do get shitty, then bug out.

            Secondly, Why would anybody think Trump would fix anything?

            Try has he might, Trump can’t drain the swamp, now the author got himself all worked up for nothing.

            • That’s Right J Stiner. Only pussy’s go run and hide, instead of standing up to Tyranny. Defend your country by the real enemies hellbent on destroying her.

        • second that.

          it may be impossible to reverse the trend, but rolling over is gicing into the usa being just another shithole.

          • At least the USA will be the top of the shit pile. All other countries have lessor standards of living than USA.

        • Agreed. To continue from yesterday, I have just over 2000 gallons of water storage so in a pinch I am ok. I know of at least 10 different places in my area to get water also. I know 2 hand dug wells from early 1900’s that have water in them too. Like you I can do fine with 2 gallons a day water but I don’t have to. FYI you can get a solar well pump that uses 1 24v panel and fill a large tank with it and never run out of water. Search ebay for it.

          • Yeah G, I mean I have plenty of fresh water resources. and 1000 Ft of fresh water canal and lake on my property. I have been delaying many of these water projects until I can get my full permitting. I can easily set up a rain water catch, and I have a 12V pump out of an RV that would work off Car Battery, to set up a system just for showers with minimal filtration to take out simple nasties.

            RE: Water Well.. I want to dig about 120 Ft down to get the good water, and I know of the 12V Pumps you can drop down the well pipe that can pump water up 130 Ft in elevation to a holding tank. And then run that off of Solar. I’m just not quite there yet, and other priority projects in front of that project. Give me another year and this place will be really sitting sweet. Nothing comes fast here in this area. Can’t find people with any work ethic to get the jobs done. I was telling this engineer how to figure more of this project out. T]like they have no ambition.. WTF.. Or the contractors throw out these high ball quotes for the jobs. WTF on that also.. I will be doing most of all the work here myself. Bought a nice nail gun for framing, compressor, and a compound sliding miter saw. I have to hire a mini crane to move my building onto a mound with a foundation to get it out of the flood zone. Getting there, and a work n progress.

            That’s why I say, if you are going to move out in the country and set up a homestead, count on 2 to 3 years easy, to get most of it done. Don’t waste any time.

            And in this County Bld dept everything requires engineered drawings.. Another costly time consuming delay and speed bump.

            • Quite a rambo. Needs a miter saw ( electricity reqired) solar panels… can you build them yourself from natures bounty? Well dug…got a long shovel? Batteries, filters? Yeah, you got it all figured out Rambo. Got antibiotics mastered? Got tooth maintenance mastered? Know how to make your own clothes, shoes? Got all the 1700’s mastered when people lived to the ripe old age of 45-55?
              Good luck. Rambo. Your words look tough online, but you’ll be toast as quick as I…maybe.

              Guess you’ll stay alive living through your internet nonsense postings. Good luck, you’re gonna need it.

            • If you are serious about using solar power to pump from a well, go with a SQFlex pump. It will last 15 to 20 years of daily use. The 12 volt RV pumps will burn out quickly with daily use.

          • Infowars site is down.

            • Who will be next?? In the end the cowardly censors will lose badly and be slaughtered

            • Whooptee doo!

            • Zerohedge is up and down all day long. Been that way even before InforWars was whacked.

            • I love the latest, new propaganda coming out of MSM about how, even though they killed them, InfoWars is still plenty alive. Too alive. Not dead enough. Yet.

              Their point? Guess this means that censorship needs to be ratched-up, and some more of the Constitution and Bill of Rights needs to be burned.

              • We can;t let the truth get out… Must keep the slaves on the plantation.

      4. Doug said, “Gordon Gekko (played by Michael Douglas) leaves prison a pauper and shrewdly leverages one personal exchange at a time on his way to another billion bucks.

        It may seem complicated, but there’s nothing that is simpler.”

        Ann said, “froze customers out of their accounts WHILE THE MARKETS CONTINUED TO TRADE, refusing to even allow them to liquidate.”

        Did you forget the complication?

        In and of itself, privilege is amoral, or possibly a useful tool to be leveraged.

        Regardless, the outcome was not simply a matter or shrewdness or of chance.

        Levels or tranches are prioritized differently, whether on the trading platforms or whichever other Ponzi schemes.

        You’re welcome.

        • Not to speak for Uncola but I took from that “honesty, right action” and fair trading is worth more than a billion dollars. Just my two common cents

          • Your 2 cents won’t even buy you a gum ball.. My statement stands. You must be just like him, weak.

            • You must be just like him, weak.

              You should get a Twitter account. You and Trump can be insult buddies.

              • They swap photos and favors (in the movie).

          • I took it as boot strapping, because Uncola’s saying, a little at a time.

            Whether he’s talking about working your way up, or about mutualism, the point still stands.

            If Ann’s customers were trading at one of the different levels (aka L1, L2, etc, etc) there appears to be pecking order.

            There is nothing fair or unfair about that, per se, because they are just abstract ideas, no more loving or hateful than feeding digital pellets to a video game pet.

            The clever way to handle that, is to game the system.

            I look at ‘Wall Street 2, Money Never Sleeps’, because it contains stereotypes. Pop culture referenced these movies, constantly. So, I thought, maybe there is a kernel of truth, as with most sterotypes.

            You follow the protagonist, and listen to the lyrics in that background music, and, imo, it’s nihilistic. They have no obvious means of orientation.

            But, there’s a tranche system with formal guarantees. I don’t believe that rich people gamble, in real life, or not with scared money.

      5. Standing your ground isn’t rolling over. Possession is nine-tenths of the law.Keep dreaming your MAGA dreams, Lena.Once all your worst nightmares come true you can always then chase a few windmills, right?

        • Prep all you want to. When the USD collapses, taking the entire western world with it. There will be no cash because only criminals carry cash. Having gold and silver will be a crime punishable by immediate death. Hoarding (prepping) will be illegal subject to immediate confiscation. And the authorities attitude will be like Dirty Harry “Make my day.”

          Special Drawing Rights (SDR) will replace cash and the USD. And quess what? You (and I, and most of the 320-million Americans), won’t be getting any special or any other rights. Your only choice will be choosing (or not) to squeeze through some half-full sewer pipe of undetermined length.

          What are you going to do if the sewer pipe goes on forever?

          The new reality will outlast your meager preps.

          • And that is how the shooting started….

      6. The Author need to read the Book “The Art of War”, by Sun Tzu, and grow some Man balls and quit being a dopy pansy whining about it all. We all been through that period of uncertainty. Real Men step up too the plate and get busy learning real survival skills with hands on daily.. And I mean Daily hands on get er’ done.

        I bet half the preppers that come to this site still have preps sitting in their original store package boxes like some easy fix in a SHTF situation, just pull the prep off the shelf like magic. Then when SHTF really his, they are pulling out the paper directions in the dark, figuring on how to operate a simple stove. Get all the crap out of the boxes today, and get busy learning each device’s strengths and weaknesses, testing it all out front to back, back to front. No time for reading the direction or how to assemble this stuff when SHTF. Many times I would grab some preps and head out on a trail ride to field test all my gear, to see what works and what doesn’t. Being prepared leads to massive confidence in yourself and your preps, learning their limitations. Learn the mistakes in practice. How about today, go practice 5 ways of starting a fire, 5 ways to cook food. Get your bug out bag on and go for a 5 mile hike. Get your new hiking boots still sitting in the box broken in. Just saying.. Don’t be a lemming whiner. You can predict the future by being proactive and taking charge of your own destiny.

          • Yes I read the article, mostly was negative weak verbs showing weakness, and struggle with reality. It read more like a novel adventure and his personal struggle with his own internal demons. About a 16 YO writer.

            That’s my opinion whether you like it or not.

            • He talked about fear and pride.You of all people should read it again. You think you’re ready.You’re not ready. It would take a stronger person than you to realize that. That’s what the article is about if you had read for comprehension. That’s my opinion whether you like it or not.

            • Go ahead and tell some “my dick is so big” jokes too.

              • How did you know? Yes I have big hands also.

        • Anyone can read Sun Tsu’s The Art of War free as it’s in the public domain. It should be required reading in high school. It is considered to be one of the finest books on strategy.

          I also recommend The Book of Five Rings by Miyamoto Musashi. This is also in the public domain. It is very hard to understand as you almost have to know swordsmanship (Iaido and Kenjutsu) using a katana and a wakizashi (a long single edged sword and a short single edged sword) in order to understand the tactics he suggests. That admittedly is a very small subset of human beings living today.

          While at it, you might as well read Carl von Clauswitz texts as well. The man was a genius on strategy and tactics. And these two are in the public domain.

          All can be found at archive sites and Guttenburg.

      7. A powerful and inspirational article. Thank you. To all who have commented so far, what have you done lately, other than wallow in your own fear and anger. I choose the authors way over your pitiful mindset. I’m a prepper, but also a humanitarian and lover of life. Go live and love or why are you all so hellbent on “surviving” after all?

        • but also a humanitarian and lover of life. Go live and love….

          Dirty hippie…

      8. There you have it! The university education’s illogical and circular reasoning all summed up in one article.

        What a waste of time. Hope the author learns a little about life before tomorrow, because he didn’t yesterday, and wasted today writing this jibberish.

        • He created his own SHTF and put himself in survival mode even though it wasn’t necessary.

          • Glad you agree stiner the article was a turd.

        • Classic well spoken and accurate comment.

      9. One last comment and I’m out. So tired of the “bug out” this and that. Bugout bags, bugout locations blah blah. Most of us wouldn’t last a month in a bugout anything. I live in Upstate NY. Think I’m gonna last more than a few weeks living in a tent in the middle of winter? I ain’t no Grizzly Adams. Got a craphole up the road from my place, but what makes it any better than where I am? NOTHING.

        In a serious situation, it will come slowly, then all at once. Ain’t no wannabe Rambos gonna be better off than the rest of us, at least not for long.

        Bug in is the best we can hope for.

        Tpat out.

        • Tpat, Sounds like you approach prepping as some sort of fun hobby, aka: armchair prepper. See how that tactic works for you, when SHTF and you have to abandon your entire city home and belongings, or stay get slaughtered in the looting. And if you do bug out with no plan, then your remainder of your life will be spent as a refugee like the other 98% of unprepared, on the lamb scavenging for food. Sounds like Laziness is your weakness. Many people like you too, already gave up before SHTF.. What a defeatist attitude.

          Winners never quit,
          and Quitters never win,
          Vince Lombardi – GB Packers.

          • Okay, Rambo. Cool to be a prepper in words on the net. I hope it fulfills your sense of self fullfillment. You’ll be as gone as I in the end. Maybe a slightly different timeline but we’ll be the same in the end.

            Said I was out. Now I am. Let the Rambos reign??

          • Stink bait. This fish ain’t biting. Better luck next time?

          • That is just another piece of “the west is the best” white privileged propaganda BS. This is why the west is on its way out.

            My personal favorite is “Never quit. Never back down.” It’s so Middle Eastern, so unreasoning. So irrational. So unrelenting.

            You have to be merciless. Just shoot them in the head, three times, and leave. Stop flapping your gums. Stop making it all about you, you, you; me, me, me.

            An American novelist, Kurt Vonnegut, once said: “Sometimes the good needs to be organized along the lines of the Mafia.”

            • Do you remember when Men were Men? Go back to WW2 when young men 17 years old stepped up to the plate, and joined the military early, and were fighter pilots just 19 years old.

              Now look at the Pussified snowflakes males 19 YO, in todays society. They have snowflake purple hair, ears all pierced, always staring at their cell phone to how many Facebook friends they have to validate them selves. Their upper arms are like toothpicks and why they fail in todays Army, who can’t even throw a hand grenade 20 yards. They are pussified sissys.

          • And, of course, you know all about it….

        • Too bad that you live right next to a main evacuation route.

        • Bug in is the best we can hope for.

          I have been preaching that since 2005.

          Shelter in place. Why leave all your preps, your homestead, your land, food, shelter, and safety?

          Of course, I have everything I need or could need including a paid for house and land.

          I guess if you live in an apartment or rent house or may get foreclosed on, you may need an alternative place.

          • All depends on where you live. If you think you may need to Bug Out in a SHTF situation. Move now and go live some place safer. Only idiots sit in place in a horrible spot with their fingers crossed hoping and praying. That is not a plan for success.

            That’s why I moved 3.5 years ago after several years of getting a plan together. I’m already bugged out and building a homestead in the boonies. Those who hesitate, die.

      10. Interesting article. What did I get out of it. Do your best everyday, learn everything you can learn, try to pass it on. The truth is you can never give up and never stop learning and practicing to get better but that does not have to be your whole existence, you can still stop smell flowers, enjoy loved ones and realize the value of being a human who is blessed with a brain and a heart.

      11. Doug, good article!

        To all readers, learn more about and practice those great spiritual principles known as the 12 Steps, pray/practice the Serenity prayer, and recognize acceptance does not mean giving up choices nor does it mean enabling or furthering evil.

        Finally, let me share this from a Sermon given by the great Albert Schweitzer, who wore many hats and who gave so much of himself in so many ways as a Doctor, Writer, Preacher, and more:

        “That for which give thanks blesses us ever the more when we give thanks.”


        – the Lone Ranger

        • great spiritual principles known as the 12 Steps

          Alcoholics anonymous? Friends of Bill W?

          • I’m actually friend not of Bill W’s but of the 12 steps/spiritual principles. They are awesome and I strive to practice them daily. But I’m far from perfect.

            If you want perfect, you’ll have to contact THAR! haha

            – the Lone Ranger

        • That’s right Lone dope Stranger, give the Author a “Participation Trophy..” So he feels better about himself.

          • Hey THAR, after careful study of many of your posts, I have concluded you are a Narcissist.

            Nothing, and no one is ever good for you.

            Except, of course, yourself. Everyone is wrong and Only You are Right.

            How about that.

            You live alone, you post constant attacks, and you have a superiority complex. Only you know all. Only you prep correctly. Only you know everything there is to know.

            If I didn’t know any better, you probably call yourself God.

            But that’s right, you don’t believe in God, and I find that sad.

            Thar, only when you revisit your past, from your childhood years on, and heal the injuries to your psyche, will you see and recognize that most if not all of us here are decent folk, just like yourself, not perfect obviously, and each of us has our struggles and strives to heal in her or his own way..

            Only when you heal will you stop attacking the rest of us.

            If you clean up the stuff inside you, you will stop “seeing” it on the rest of us.

            – the Lone Ranger

      12. Correction, I left out a word!

        “That for which we give thanks blesses us ever the more when we give thanks.”
        – Albert Schweitzer

        • Albert Schweitzer was not a Christian. Although he was a missionary and a humanitarian, he rejected the holiness of Jesus Christ.

          Good people can do good things and not be Christians as Schweitzer, although, Albert Schweitzer is not someone who I would hold in high esteem.

          • Your understanding, John, is not my own. If you could cite a source I’d appreciate it.

            – the Lone Ranger

            • Albert Schweitzer’s autobiographical book “Out of My Life and Thought.”

      13. I just don’t get it.

        You have these comments sections. Everyone has their “name” — The Lone Ranger, or the Loan Arranger, or just Whatever.

        So, they write their comment and at the end they repost their name. Signing off “The Loan Arranger.” That type of crap.

        It’s like these movies coming out. You sit through the whole movie and at the end the first credit the title repeats itself.

        “The Man of Steel”


        • I am dumber for having read your post.

          • “Inconceivable!”

        • Yes, even YOU have YOUR name, Mr. BlameR!

          How fitting!

          All you do is knock folk down.

          In case you haven’t noticed, EVERYONE here has a name!

          I guess you resent that I chose one of the more interesting ones.

          Not my issue, nor my problem, friend.

          In fact, every one of your words in your post SCREAMS your name: you “blame” or tear down others and find fault in them, instead of building up the human community.

          How sad. And what a waste of energy and time.

          – the Lone Ranger

        • I’m with ya. Most of these yahoos are big arse Rambos while siiting in their underwear eating chips. These sites and comments sections are mostly for people who brag about their abilities, but in reality are mostly losers. I just pop on when I’m bored (raining outside and sore from hauling wood in the garage) just to bust their Rambo balls.

          I mostly don’t give a f other than to know the mindset of those who post here. It’s mostly the ssme old “I’m tough and you’re not” crap.

          Do your thing and don’t let the sissy macho Rambo types knock ya down.

      14. Dear Uncola:

        Are you writing to your girlfriend from a war zone? If so, I think you wrote well. But, for me, I don’t appreciate your thoughts. I have my own.

        Read the small book written by the master, Steven King. He says, “Kill your babies”. This baby is your composition, words. Edit. Be brief. Discard all but the most essential.

        I did appreciate the pictures with the sentence explaining it. Simple. To the point. That’s all you needed.

        Respect your readers time. Time is what life is made of. Don’t let anyone waste your time; and, in the future, don’t waste mine.

        I hope you appreciate my words and appreciate the time it took me to write them.

        Yours truly,
        (If you knew who I am you’ld shit your pants)



        • And in the end he enjoys his Honey, and hand spun salad lettuce no less, and his widdle Binky and pacifier and participation trophy, and surely he posted this Article drooling on his Fraud Book Page, and checks back frequently for other snowflake number of likes to help validate his fragile emotional mamby pamby ego.

          Grow some balls dude and join mankind.

      15. Steven King the author of ‘The Stand’? brief? Ha ha ha ha! James Clavell should of wrote Shogun on a post it note for ole B of the left coast.You get what you put in retard.

        • Richard:

          Steven King wrote a very small paperback book on writing. It is an excellent little book. In it he explains that his editor goes through his novels and crosses out most of it.


      16. And he has to explain the Boiling Frog analogy, like we all got that a decade ago. He musta just opened up his eye lids for the first time out of the birth canal last week, and its all new stuff and he feels the need to express his feelings. Like I said probably about a 16 YO writer.

        • I’m Dougy the Uncola, No not the Cola, The Uncola, how many times do I have to tell you.

          WTF dude? Some high school pet name you still carry around here? We already got the SGT Dale here who likes to think SGT, will help lend to his credibility or EGO driven Authority over all. Like demanding some respect. Here is a clue Respect is earned.

          Reminds me of this story about this Guy on the Fire Department who used to sign his personal checks “Lt D Schmidt” Yeah lieutenant. Like it gives him some authority. Or Attorneys who like to put ESQ on the tail end of their name. Esquire, like it lends some nobility to their name. How about Atty fuckhead Esq? Or like Dr, Smith Jackass? Uncola??? bwhahahahaha

          • WTF? Thar the She who Blows is obsessed as she rants and raves over the author in the comment sections of of an obscure survival website. She aches for a real man to satisfy her own need for validation. Pretty pathetic Thar.Your trying to to build yourself up while tearing down a good writer attempting to help others. Talk about being a pussy. You might consider getting a grip. It might calm your hysteria a bit. Just sayin’.

      17. You have to remember something. Before you started prepping, many of you were ignorant and maybe it took a long meandering road to get where you are today.

        If our mentors had verly criticized us, or told us the full TRUTH, many would have just quit as it seems hopeless.

        I have been prepping since I was a child, so none of this shocked me, but that is far from the norm and not everyone grows up in rural Kentucky.

        Don’t shoot down beginning preppers. That does not help our cause. We want as many people to prep as possible as many will not make it by bad luck, mishap, disease, being overrun, etc.

        Even the best prepared can all prey to those four elements.

        I’m pleased in general because in the seventies, other than a few isolated bushcraft folks who largely were interested in Native Americans and history of the pioneers, many ancestral skills were on the verge of being lost.

        And then a wide array of survivalists former veterans, earthies and hippies from communes became back to the landers, mother earth news got started with organic farming, Rodale publications came to be, Ragnar Benson wrote books, as did Tom Brown Jr., tracking got popular thanks to Tom, hunting/fishing/trapping started being embraced again, lots of magazines involving survivalism were being sold, the LDS was promoting having a year of food, etc.

        Lots of diverse groups with very different ethos were embracing ancestral skills again. And because they did almost fifty years ago, then we have preppers and preppers transitioning to homesteaders now.

        Don’t discourage them. Try to mentor them. Lots have kooky ideas because they live among the 81 % living in urban regions and that is chiefly why they discuss bugging out. That is what they face versus those of us in rural areas.

        Strangely enough, in Detroit, they are bulldozing abandoned homes and so removing these from the grid and law enforcement then abandons these areas from oversight. And urban homesteaders are taking these places and making gardens in them. Now that is totally alien to a Kentucky rural redneck like me, but if it saves them and they learn to live off the land, more power to them.

      18. In American history, has bugging out ever happened and worked? Strangely enough it has happened and did work in the Great Depression.

        What happened was first sharecroppers lost the right to work the land in the south, and so packed up the essentials and went looking for agricultural work. Some made temporary shacks in Hooverviles and thesemight just be holes in the ground ie burrows or wood and mud shelters like used by irregular militia during the Civil War.

        Then due to the Dust Bowl happening, those folks also bugged out.

        Now both had extensive ancestral skills. There is the difference.

        Prior during the Civil War and Sherman’s March to the Sea, many Southerners were thrown off the land by burnt out and so moved with what they had out West and became homesteaders. If you watch “Running With the Devil” you see a couple instances of this.

        Again, they had excellent ancestral skills.

        Why do you think I talk about them so much? Supplies are not enough and if you had to bugout, there’s a limit to what you can carry that is well established by military practice.

        In all honesty, bugging out is a military term to relocate from a hostile region by retreating to a perceived safe zone under military control from which to resupply and get new orders. As such, civilians imagining that by magic they can just evade and escape with a backpack, is rather absurd and without historical precedent UNLESS they have ancestral skills and most likely relatives in a rural locale.

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