This Survival Capsule Could Insulate You Against Any Disaster: “More Control Than Safe Houses”

by | May 26, 2016 | Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 45 comments

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    Depending on your outlook, this could be the ultimate in survival gear.

    In the wake of an extreme threat – such as a tsunami or earthquake – this capsule could be the best place to withstand the impact, no matter what.

    It is water-tight. It is extremely durable. It floats, and it can withstand against the impact of super-strong winds, crashes, heat and many other factors.

    For the right price, it could hold between two and ten people, protecting them from literally just about anything that could come your way.

    As the London Guardian reports:

    The Survival Capsule – a personal safety system in the form of a giant ball – has been designed to combat this issue.

    This capsule, which features two small porthole windows so the occupants can see what is going on around them, was created to give individual groups and families more control of their survival in emergency situation than traditional ‘safe houses.’

    It is designed to float so it will never be inundated by water levels rising too high, as they do in tsunami situations.


    The sphere is designed to withstand the initial impact of a natural disaster, as well as sharp object penetration, heat exposure, blunt object impact, and rapid deceleration.

    Occupants are strapped in to the seats with crash-test proof seat belts and can expect to survive in spite of rampant destruction and perhaps unsurvivable conditions.

    It appears that the unfortunate loss of life and vast property destruction that took place during some of the most recent tsunamis inspired the ball’s inventors to hedge against all possibilities.

    Since earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanoes, hurricanes and other extreme weather events seem to be increasing right now, particularly surrounding the Ring of Fire, that could be a good thing.

    Watch the video:

    The test model is bright red and would be easily spotted by rescue crews once they arrive for clean-up after the event, though it could be camouflaged for those who also want to stay off the radar after a SHTF situation in which the political situation may be part of the threat.

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      1. It needs an air supply. Otherwise you would suffocate. A similar device was once used by a dare devil who went over Niagara Falls in it. Downstream it became caught in an eddy, and he died because it had no way to get air inside.

        • I hate this shit! This is something that only an elite or very well-to-do person could afford. I don’t know anyone who might be able to afford one. This is just like rubbing most of our noses in something we will never be able to have.

          Reminds me of those slide shows “(Some celebrity’s) HOME WILL DROP YOUR JAW” — meanwhile, the next day they tout the blessings of “tiny homes” for the rest of us…

        • I’m gonna wait for the Deluxe Model with the kitchenette, bathroom, and entertainment center!

      2. It doesn’t look like it would hold enough air to last more than a few minutes. It’s too small for me to even get in it because of my height. It would be claustrophobic. If it got covered by debris, you would die before being found.

        It might save someone, but I’m not getting into one.

        • Not enough air? It should be easy to lure Bernie supporters in an lock them up. They’re like turkeys that drown when they look up to see if it’s raining.

        • I’m not getting in. I didn’t see any mention of ballistic resistance.

      3. This Is How Much Your Health Insurance Payment Is About To Jump By

        “It’s official: years of warnings that Obamacare will lead to dramatic increases in healthcare premiums are about to be validated.”

        “According to the insurers’ filings with regulators, large plans in states including New York, Pennsylvania and Georgia are seeking to raise rates by 20% or more.”

        • Might I suggest to anyone here that if you are stuck with ObunglerUnCare, that you google health sharing plans. COBRA for my wife and me was 1,000 bucks. I get IDENTICAL coverage for $300. Smokers, drug users are out, only moderate alcohol, and most require church attendance. We are VERY pleased. We use Liberty Health Share out of Ohio, but there are others, Samaritans, Christian HealthShare, Medishare, etc.

          I am just shocked that more people don’t know about this….

          • good one, test! thanks.

      4. I’ll pass on that damn thing and take my chances wherever I’m at. I don’t like the idea of having to stay inside something like that.

        • i want one!….hope they don’t cost more than 20 bucks….

      5. Archivist, I agree. The whole damn thing is a joke. I would also get claustrophobic and I don’t like to get claustrophobic. Like I said, I’ll take my chances outside of the damn thing. Whatever’s going to happen will happen. That’s just the way it is.

        • Now hold on minute…what if it was cammoed with opening gun ports and other cool stuff…

          Turn it into a submarine with jet packs… fly over london and drop balloons filled with pig blood…

          Take it away fab four…

          ha ha ha …. sorry guys… couldn’t stop myself…

      6. I doubt it would stop a 7.62 round. It would be like shooting cats in a refrigerator.

        • like shootin’ fish in a cracker-barrel!

      7. more than half of Americans fat asses wouldnt be able to even get into one of these things

        and If i found one of these floating around in my flooded back yard, I dont think I’d be opening it up

        • Just an expensive coffin, and nothing more. I’ve no faith in thing “money-mongers” toss together “preying” on the fear of others. This is the same shit that was going around with “bomb shelters” in The 50s as many will remember quite well. Few of those shelters would have done the job (except perhaps to prevent a twister from tearing you apart in the mid-west)?


      8. Basically a waste of money. Unlike a firearm and grab bag you can’t take it with you as you change locations.

        • Didn’t look to me like there was any shock absorption between the roll cage/seat and the outer shell. That means when you come to an abrupt halt, it’s like going over Niagara falls in a barrel — Oh wait – THAT’S where I’ve seen this! LOL NO THANKS.

          Maybe build a bigger one, arrange a covert breathing port and bury this thing with only the port exposed but hidden, and one might wait out the zombies as they sack your house.

          Otherwise, it’s useless….but it might make a good dog house.

      9. Another report…

        Pedophiles and other criminals see “transgender rights” as an opportunity to do things they could NOT do before.

        Man Peeping at Girls in Women’s Bathroom Is Registered Sex Offender

        “After questioning a man seen peeping at little girls in the women’s bathroom of a community park, California police discovered he was already a registered sex offender.

        Police in Placerville, Calif., arrested Kenneth Tincher, 62, for harassing little girls in a bathroom of the city’s Rotary Park. The girls were at the park on a field trip for school, police reported. Witnesses told police that for much of the time Tincher was hovering outside the bathroom and leering at the little girls, but at one point even went inside the bathroom with some of the girls.

        The suspect fled the park before police arrived, but he was later arrested at another city park.”

        ht tp://

          • Mom, I have devised an addition to one of my church’s tracts “Modesty. Why?”

            I now have printed on the space on the back:
            Modesty also includes the use of public bathrooms in stores, shopping malls, restaurants, and public schools. As modest women, we will refuse to shop in places or make use of facilities there that include people whose sexual orientation is on display within the confines of the gender inclusive public bathroom.

            I WILL be handing them out to business or school offices where I find myself being forced to use immodest accommodations.

          • my retired prison guard buddy says by the time a sex offender is caught, he has molested over a HUNDRED kids….a real statistic, according to him…i find it very hard to believe…but that’s what he insists.

        • Could it be that this was done to just give “authorities” the right to arrest parents taking their children to the restroom to prevent an attack by a pedo? There are already many that have been arrested for taking their child to the bathroom …so lets start pissing in the isles and on the clothes versus a nasty bathroom filled with pedos, gays and molesters.

          Just the latest in Obama’s gifts to America. If I had a store I’d weld the damned bathroom doors shut forever… (for starters).

          • To me, this all ‘smacks’ of arresting law-abiding citizens who choose to NOW TAKE THEIR CHILDREN TO THE RESTROOM (for their safety of course), but allowing registered offenders, pedos and what-have-you to “do as they please” with no fear of the law (cuz it is in their favor now).

            We, as NORMAL PEOPLE, don’t have the guts to put an end to this shit? What is wrong with “challenging” these pervs, and if they reach for a weapon (which they all have, or you should assume they DO), beat them to it and no jury would ever find you guilty of anything.

            When my wife uses the bath, I do not allow anyone to get into the bath until she comes out. Open carry makes for a very friendly and polite society that refrains from giving anyone ‘lip’. 🙂

      10. HAHAHAAHA. Yeah, that looks like a really good solution! Fact is, they could paint half of it white and attached some 550 cord to it and Badabing badaboom: Now your a bobber… I think this is the perfect escape plan. I think we should start a go fund me account for some deserving soul: Chelsea, Kerry, and a couple of others. Fact is, we should spring for one for Bill and Hillary. That would be poetic justice seeing him trapped in the “bobber” with skankles…

        • They should probably get one of them “lead lined” ones in case of WWIII or a reactor meltdown.

        • Second to none, better yet, why not weld the doors shut after putting the Clintons in them?

      11. Thanks for the insurance info KY Mom. I live in one of those states.

        Yes, the man on the street will be taking it up the schwing-schwing with insurance premiums of ALL kinds. It’s mainly the Fed’s fault that this is going on. Insurance companies invest the bulk of their money in stocks and bonds to gain yield income. With ZIRP they can’t get much return and so they have to take their expenses out on the customer in the form of higher bills.

        401ks – ZIRP will soon translate into NIRP on these investments as managers and administrators take out their fees and percentages. Unless you have a high risk 401k I predict they will soon be falling in value.

        Annuities – Yep. Returns also based on interest rates. Again the old people get fucked.

        Pensions – Well, we probably know what shape they’re in. Not gonna get any better.

        Look for insurance companies to go bankrupt along with defined pension plans coming down the pike. Also continual hikes in premiums and taxes as the .gov parasites grind their boot into the taxpayers neck.

      12. Perfect ball for Japanese who live in tsunami territory, otherwise useless.

      13. Hmmmmm…..,reminds me of the boy in the plastic bubble movie in the 70’s with travolta!

        • Warchild, that was a good movie. How about putting some trolls in those capsules and welding the doors shut? LOL. I can be devious at times.

      14. Not for me. Family of 2? What about other members in their pods. Where the hell would they end up? More control? Looks like you at the eill of the wind and currents. Needs a damn motor or something and a steering wheel.

      15. WOW, dual purpose survival capsule-burial vault all in one. I’ll pass.

      16. ahhhhhhhhhh….claustrophobic….claustrophobia….ahhhhhhhh

        no! no! i won’t get in. no no no no

        (heels dug in, screaming)

        not doin’ it. NOT

      17. Two points:

        a.) This capsule, which features two small porthole windows so the occupants can see what is going on around them… Thanks, but I’ll take the one with NO windows!

        b.) How in tarnation are you going to GET to it in a crisis?

        Disaster preparedness is wise; on the other hand, we are all going to die, and in the not too distance future, and stand before the Lord. Preparedness for THAT is even wiser.

      18. “Get me to the pod…” -President, Escape from New York

        • His was an “Egg”, much like Morks…

      19. You only have to see the multiple videos on YouTube of the 2011 Japanese Tsunami to see that if caught in the incoming tidal surge in that you would not survive. Those surges destroyed everything in their path including steel plated ships and threw them around like kindling. Buildings and bridges were flattened in seconds and his mention of these Tsumanis travelling at 25mph maybe correct, but the force of it is incredible. And as someone said, getting lodged in the debris would be a death sentence.

        • Dunno, glass bottles have been known to survive the oceans for decades. But how many were destroyed compared to how many “made it?”

      20. more control….that’s a joke, once your floating in the great blue sea…..what then, rock in one direction, then rock it in the direction….within minuets you’d be sea sick, and then your living in hope of anybody else surviving in order to be rescued….no room for food, drinkable water, toileting….no thanks.

        • Not to mention if one opened the hatch while at sea…
          Whoops, we sunk…

      21. i would be concerned about being stuck under water – or having it tossed on the side and you cant open the door – death trap, but possibly mounting it to a concrete structure on top of a hill? then I would feel safer. oxygen is also a though – couple SCBA tanks behind the seats, few snacks – good to go! haha

      22. Well, why not weld “paddles” on it and just walk where you wish to go? James Bond has one, so why should we go without?

      23. And how is the oxygen vented once the lid is closed? How many minutes of air does it hold?

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