This Precious Metals Ratio Signals A Big Move Ahead: “We Will Ultimately See Triple Digit Silver Prices”

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    Earlier this year, as investors around the world panicked and stock markets crashed across the board, one asset class held strong and actually gained. It was, by all accounts, a capital flow panic out of broader stocks and into precious metals. As a safe haven, precious metals like gold and silver have long been sought by a panicked populace during times of crisis and given the current economic and monetary debacle created by central banks, we can safely forecast a continued rise over coming years for this reason alone.

    But according to Keith Neumeyer, there is another key reason for why we could see explosive prices, specifically in silver, because major shortages loom and current valuations for the precious metal are nowhere near where they should be. Given his experience and current position as the CEO of billion-dollar mining company First Majestic Silver and Chairman of mineral bank First Mining Finance, there is no better source for understanding what’s happening in silver markets today and where we can expect them to go in the mid to long-term.

    As Neumeyer notes in his latest interview with The Daily Coin, gold is currently selling for about 75 times the price of an ounce of silver, but from a mining and production standpoint, the physical ratio is about 10-to-1. Coupled with growing global supply shortages for this essential metal, that means prices for silver should be trading significantly higher than they are today:

    We are currently trading about 75-to-1 thereabouts and the mining ratio is about 10-to-1… so for every ounce of gold we’re mining 10 ounces of silver… so that tells you it’s way rarer than the market understands… I think that as gold goes higher over the next couple years, the ratio is going to collapse on a percentage basis… and that’s why I think we will ultimately see triple-digit silver.

    Watch the Full Interview via The Daily Coin:

    (Watch At Youtube)

    Neumeyer goes on to note that the silver shortage is already becoming apparent in electronics markets, citing a recent discussion with a large electronics company that was having problems acquiring the precious metal for components in their products:

    Markets go through periods of time where they’re imperfect, but they do perfect themselves over time. What I mean by that is eventually supply and demand will take over, particularly in the silver space where it’s such a tight market… We have seen in 2015, lower production across the board… and silver is a lot more rare than most people actually think it is…

    We were contacted by a a big electronics manufacturing company… a manufacturer of televisions and cell phones looking for silver supply… In the thirteen year history of First Majestic I have never been contacted directly by an electronics manufacturer for supply of silver… so that’s telling me there is something different going on in the market place… 

    What’s happening is that mine production slow-downs and global shortages are finally catching up with the market and electronics companies are having difficulty sourcing silver. This has been seen in other sectors as well, including the U.S. Mint and Canadian Royal Mint, both of which were forced to suspend sales of silver coins and bars respectively in 2015 as a result of high demand and lack of supply.

    These are key indicators that industries dependent on silver are already running into problems acquiring the supplies needed to continue operations.

    And while prices have yet to catch up, the trend is clear, especially considering the recent admission by Deutsche Bank that it has been complicit in the suppression of precious metals prices and that other large financial institutions are in on the scheme.

    Given the dire state of the global economy, failing monetary policies from central banks around the world, supply-demand fundamentals, and the fact that price suppression schemes have now been exposed, one can’t help but consider that the current gold-to-silver ratio will, as Neumeyer suggests, collapse to its natural state in the near future.

    That can only mean one thing: higher silver prices, and perhaps as the Chairman of First Mining Finance notes, triple digit prices that will see massive capital flows into silver related assets.

    To learn more about Keith Neumeyer and what his company First Mining Finance is doing to take advantage of the coming boom in silver click here.

    For more informative financial interviews like the one you just watched visit The Daily Coin


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      1. You can buy Gold, and Silver. The question is how are you going to trade it when needed? Impossible.
        How about stocking up on bullets, or Shot Gun shells of any caliber?
        Cans of soup? They will keep for a few years. and give you the liquid you would need.
        For an ounce of gold, you can buy enough soups or cans of beans to feed yourself for a few months, and it will be a lot easier to barter with than gold.

        • not all roads lead to a total collapse like you describe. further, gold and silver has been sought for literally thousands of years. There has always been a buyer.

          And even in the worst of it, like Zimbabwe’s hyperinflation people bought food with gold flakes. They’d spend all day in the river just for a few flakes of gold to trade for bread.

          by all means stock up. but for some people owning gold and silver is not only a good idea, but essential.

          consider someone with $50,000 in a 401k or IRA. should they trade that in for beans and bullets and guns? all of it? diversification is important here and circumstance for everyone are different.

          gold is too expensive for me. i have silver. besides, there is way more upside.

          • Silver is also made into medicine, namely colloidal silver. I’ve made the stuff for years and it’s rare for me to go to the MD for anything.

          • excellent advice , SIMMY .
            Thanks for the voice of reason.obviously i agree.
            There will be no total collapse , the bankers lose , it will be a slow slide .
            Just like we are doing right now , the collapse is ongoing .

            • Water

              I own both g & s, but in any kind of bugout senario I probably wouldn’t take it.

              • They are boiling the frog. We do need to be on guard and prepared.
                While growing up, my parents always had 2 years of food in the house.
                I tried to do that because of the teaching and warnings from them, and my wife threw out all the food. she is afraid it will come. If we are prepared, it scared her.
                Today my prepping is smaller, more of the grab and go, kind. The American people should take a lesson from the LDS, be prepared. There are lots of Great LDS guids they would be the first place to explore what to put aside.
                Simple bandages, Tape, Sanitizers, seeds, MRE’s, cash, silver coins etc.
                The Navy Seals are not successful because, they train, they are successful because they train for what can go wrong.
                When Fukushima occurred then, she woke up, and asked, are we ready for something like that?
                We are, although much more mobil than before. Let me ask, are you prepared for a Tornado, or major storm? How about an earth quake leveling your house, as well as everyone around you?
                Stockpiling “Stuff” is good if there is no disaster.
                The time is coming when even those my age who are children of Depression era survivors, will be gone. I fear for my children’s future.

              • You should at least take some. I have 10 oz in my BOB. Mostly junk. A few eagles and 5 gold tenths. Never know.

          • I have read these articles for decades about “We mine 10-1 but the price is XX to one” Stop being stupid: IF SILVER WERE $150 BUCKS HOW MUCH WOULD WE MINE? We mine so little because that’s all we want.

            • Para are you telling me that silver ain’t really going to triple digit. Well I’m cancelling my trip to South Pass City. Trekker Out.

            • Not completely true. If it were worth more, yes, the silver mines would mine more- that’s true. However since much of the silver currently produced is a byproduct of other types of mines, THEIR output is predicated on their primary source metal- NOT silver’s price. Additionally, one other idea to consider; much of the high grade ore in the silver mines currently being worked is degrading quickly. Since the price has been crushed for so long exploration of new ore deposits is about nil. To turn that around and find new ore and begin to extract it will take years, regardless of the price. As for the collapse issues- yea, ok, silver’s good. I’ll need food before I need silver though. Ammo too I guess if it comes to that (hope it doesn’t but you know what they say about hope NOT being a course of action) so it’s about 10th on my list. Sorry

          • First of all, you need to have the basics covered BEFORE buying PM’s. I call it the 4 B’s. Others may add a “B” or two, depending upon creativity. Beans, Bullets, Band Aids and then Bullion. In the listed order. I use PM’s to HEDGE, not invest. The Dollar can go to ZERO, but Gold/Silver will never go to Zero. (I have a 100 Trillion Dollar Zimbabwe bill in my wallet, to show how this can be.) Paper dollars are better than electronic dollars. At least you can spend them, where electronic can get frozen or in an EMP, deleted. Stupid people will take paper dollars for a little while, until they realize they are worthless. I digress though.

            BTW you can go PM’s for an IRA. Look into it, if you have a sizable 401k or IRA and don’t want to pull it all out and pay penalties if things DON’T go to crap.

            Back to using PM’s for Hedging. I assume like me, most folks have bills to pay and they need to use dollars. Well if the dollar goes to crap, but our infrastructure is intact, then my 1 oz Eagle will go for more dollars than they do today. Well, lets just say gold goes to $5000 an ounce. If I’m out of dollars, paper or electronic, I WILL be able to sell it to someone and pay my house payment, which will probably be pegged at it’s current payment and pay utilities too. Unless the TPTB decide to INDEX payments, I’m good here. My big issue would be food and other prices, like gasoline. Since I have several years of food stored, then I’m also covered. Other things like gasoline, would be my issue, but cutting back on driving, and if I still have my job, working from home several days a week could help here. (This isn’t all of the issues, but I hope you get my point.) Now if it gets so bad that car/house payments are being indexed to inflation, I quit paying them then. They violated my contract and since I am better off in these areas than most folks, because of my prepping, I certainly wouldn’t be alone, because it WILL be worse than 2007/2008 and banks wont want the house back anyhow. (I also have a paid for place in the sticks and a paid for car.) IF it got to the point that the bank did want the house back, then the keys are under the mat, I’ll deal with the fallout later.

            But the point is, unless it’s full grid down for whatever reason, PM’s will have value. Even then more value than the dollars in your wallet. Some may say, you can’t eat gold, and I say go back a read my 4 B’s, because I don’t intend to try.

        • Cover all bases. If hyperinflation were to take root for some time before a collapse or even a bank holiday/haircut then a metal could come in very handy if not to move you from one monetary system to another.
          If a TEOTWAWKI event does happen, then yes, lead and brass will be more valuable than gold or silver. So will Vienna sausages.

          .9999 silver is valued by some because it’s medical grade silver and may or may not bolster other alternative meds in a post event scenario.

          Hedge some like you would in any other situation. Don’t bet the farm on a single pony (even if you know someone that won).

          • boyo, good first point I meant to cover in my above post. PM’s can get you through a currency change, whether it be an Amero or a SDR, PM’s will be priced in the new currency. They can say that an Amero is on par with an Euro or pegged to gold, but not both, so the real value of the PM’s will equalize, or there would be some wicked arbitrage going on, which I will be a part of if they try and play that game.

        • If you don’t have the obvious squared away then the metals are not for you. After the reset there will have to be a new currency and it will probably be backed by metal. That’s when you exchange the money for currency (if you trust it). When the metals go ballistic I’m sure you’ll be able to trade with junk silver and that anybody who has anything worth trading with will know their value.

          Moved my IRA into BRIZF last January. WOW HOLY COW!
          Now I have a ton of FRNs that are soon to be worthless that I can’t even touch LOL.

          The truth is beholden only to those that seek it. Yeah. I said that.

          • HAHAHAHA
            INCOG , You could end up a hero or a zero.
            its really all just gambling in the end .

          • Incognito,
            Yeah Brazil Resources(BRIZF) stock has tripled since late January. Yeah “WOW HOLY COW”! Good move!

            I have some too!

          • Ouch! Look into Physical PM’s IRA. You can’t hold it yourself, but at least it will be in a vault somewhere. Still scary unless you live near the vault and can go GET a distribution, but far better than stocks, bonds or mutual funds most IRA’s and 401ks hold. Better than electronic dollars too. I know folks can’t move 401k’s to an IRA unless they quit, but if you do get laid off or fired, please look into the above. Don’t buy into anyone of them that says you can keep your PM’s at home, the IRS rules are very clear on this.

        • Perhaps trading PMs in a SHTF-type collapse is a misnomer.

          I don’t discount bartering. I believe that trading is already real, and would be present in any aftermath scenario. I can envision tradin’ posts where someone like me would take a silver US quarter for X amount of .22lr. I traded a HiPoint .380 for a 10th oz GAE this last winter.

          I agree that folks should stock up on bullets, beans, and bandaids. I would add bullion, booze, and buds to that list.

          Smaller transactions could be very simple trades.

          One can of soup for X number of .22lr.
          One can Spam for X amount of silver.

          How many cans of soup will it take to trade for a backhoe?

          True, one cannot eat gold or silver. But there will always be people like me that understand weights and measures, and already have the basics squared away that will turn it into food in a fair trade.

          • Ditto. You will do well Ben Raines.

          • Thats the kinda trading im thinking,,, wonder what its worth for a family to be allowed to join our little community here and have food, water and numbers,,, i know a few who dont prep but who will be worth more than gold with their equipment and ability,

            • Kula…

              Kinda sounds like a dowry situation.

              Events, abilities, and demographics will dictate how groups form up. And prejudices.

              I am former local haole. I will fare better on the mainland than I would during a SHTF in Hawai’i.

              I am not a racist. I am a realist.

              I am at least 17 months away from selling almost everything and moving back to Oahu. I still haven’t figured out the 2nd amendment inventory issues, but am working towards remedies/compromises.

              My Hawai’ian/Chinese/Portuguese wife is going back next month to stay with her elderly folks until August. It is very fathomable that IF there is an “event” in our USA that disrupts travel this summer, she will be safer there.

              I can’t seem to shake the feeling that something BIG is going to get in the way of my plans to relocate, and re-assimilate into local culture with a strong ohana support system.

              Chances are, I am being too paranoid.

              Time will tell.

              Plans A, B, C, and beyond all come with contingencies.

          • You should read about the Argentinian collapse if you want a better look at what bartering will look like.

            The Silver Bear Cafe has an article “Lessons from Argentina’s economic collapse” that you may find enlightening

        • Good Point Mac. One thing I also watch is after hours trading across the Globe for Silver. I want to see who is manipulating this and patterns of trades, and when certain markets are open to see who is doing it.
          The Hong Kong and Sydney Markets just pushed silver up to $17.30 / Oz. Like I said, $18 then $20 then $26.50 by End of July 2016.

          The true G/S Price Ratio History Charts can be found below’s link. The Lowest Gold to Silver Price Ratio ever sold in the last 30 Yrs was at 14.16 to 1 back in Dec 1979. And then a low Blurp of 35 to 1 in 2011. So I just don’t ever see Silver selling 10 to 1 with Gold, as this article projects. See chart here:

          These are the real technical facts, not a hypothetical wish and want. Next thing we will hear is Silver will be worth more than Gold Per OZ. I like realistic facts, not bs. As far as Triple Gains. Yep very possible. We could easily see Silver in the $40 Range in 2017. P/Metals are more of a several years to realize great Profits. Charts are the history and road maps, Study them. Not hype.


        • Today’s Close- Gold to Silver Price Ratio is at $72.22, as projected dropping just like the charts say will happen down to 47 as usually happens after it hits 80 to 1.

          Golds close today at $1244.30 divided by 47 takes us to sweet $26.47 just like I said will happen by End of July 2016 Silver could be higher with rising Gold pricing. We may see $30 by July 2016. Just saying.. Silver is a big Heavy pendulum swinging the UP direction now.


          • Wwti, excellent point.
            Something has to break.
            Who knows when or how.
            But if you positioned correctly, that is the name of the game…

            • Another BS Silver Post. There is no shortage of silver. If there were, silver would be much higher already. Most silver demand, by far, is for solar panels; not bullion, not coins.

              Industrial demand for silver could COLLAPSE overnight, long before the dollar does. We are in an energy revolution; particularly in battery, capacitors, and solar technologies. The latest, most efficient photovoltaic conversion does not use silver in the process, at all.

              Neither does the best batteries or capacitors.

              Industrial demand for silver could change, WILL change for silver overnight. Silver could see, $26-30 an ounce this summer. That’s POSSIBLE with SHTF.

              $100 an ounce for silver is a wet dream for Silver Shills. Don’t be a sucker. The silver to gold ratio DOES NOT have to seek the “new normal”. That ratio could go higher.

              This is another PUMP N DUMP !!! 🙁

              • $100 an ounce is possible, BUT not probable unless SHTF. Back before I really started learning PM’s, I remember some calling for $800 gold. I thought they were nuts. Gold was in the $270 range then, silver not yet $4. LOL, I WISH I would have bought a couple more mint tubes of Gold Eagles. Wife didn’t want me spending my whole bonus only on gold. She’s sorry now 🙂

                • Hindsight is always 20/20. Gold is only good if you can trade it. Food and ammo are always marketable, even if you don’t own a firearm.
                  Remember William Shakespeare was arrested because he had food in his house he didn’t turn over to the government, probably turned in by a servant.
                  In ancient China during one of their several famines the local police consficated food and of course used it for themselves.
                  When the SHTF and your neighbors are starving and you are not losing weight, guess who they are coming for? Remember, Christ said, a man’s enemies will be his family members.
                  No one will tell you what a great job you did preparing, they will just come for everything you have.
                  When Bernie and Hillary talk about taxing the rich to give to the poor, they consider YOU to be the rich and themselves to be the poor.

              • As usual uninformed DK is Smoking meth or crack. Anything he says about economics, just skip to the next post. Not sure why this dolt even gets to post here. Bad info is worse than No info. BTW/ Silver is up 25% from the Lows back in December of $13.65

                Buy Low Sell High. My last sell of Silver was at $42 and that was all that junk scrap crap that was collected back when. I am now a holder of nearly 39 Lbs of .999 and averaged in including with buy commissions at $16.74 / OZ. I will again start unloading some Silver in the $40 Range. More than Double my Profits. so DK, Cram your Pre-elementary BS else where, close your piehole and suck on your pacifier and watch how wealth is made.


          • I learned about GSR years ago. It was 1 troy oz Au per 16 troy oz Ag.

            Somehow, in my mind, I decided that I would collect at same ratio. So for every 16 oz i got in silver, I would switch to gold until I had an ounce. Rinse and repeat.

            This last time silver went to almost 50 and gold to almost $2K, I sold off all my ugly, broken, and unwanted PMs. Stuff like ingots, class rings, broken 14K chains, silver jewelry from my youth, etc. on Ebay for TOP dollar (perfect timing).

            I turned around and took those FRNs and purchased a shit ton of ammo and a few choice firearms.

            When ammo prices went through the roof this last time, I sold half of my ammo for 2-3 times what I paid.

            With some of those proceeds, I bought a shovel and some pvc pipe.

        • No question that you first need to stock up on the essentials to feed and protect your family. But assuming that you have more than a few thousand dollars, you will want to buy physical gold and silver to help protect your purchasing power. However bad things get for the short term, at some point there will be some kind of reset, a new beginning and Gold and Silver give you the best probability to start over financially in the next paradigm.

      2. On a percentage basis, silver will outpreform.
        Get all you can…

        • Another view on silver.
          ht tp://

          Be well all, your best asset…

          • Howdy Jawja cuz, from a different mother.

            What is your, or anybody’s for that matter, opinion on the best company to purchase junk silver from?

            I have read some good feedback on JM Bullion out of Texas.

            We are just about ready to make a move.

            • Passin, have not bought any in a few years, mostly .999, junk in ’99.
              So I would not know who to aquire from, but many here have mentioned dealers.
              You mentioned white oak acorns, I understand they have less tannins than the others.
              And deer love them. I got 75+ whites of aged, some 4 ft across at the compound.
              Catching hogs at 2am on cams.

              Be well rounded…

              • Get a copy of Coin World magazine. There are many reputable dealers there and the prices are great. I subscribed to it for a couple of years and bought a lot of stuff from the advertisers, coin depot usually had the best deals.

                • My father gets that mag, looked at it a few times. He inherted a pile of gold and silver from his dad, bought in 60’s and early 70’s.
                  I have made dibs on it, since they are getting old.
                  Kuggerands for 35 bucks, I will pass them on to my girls, hopefully…

              • I have heard if one takes used motor oil, soak a burlap bag, and tie to a tree will attract porcine to that spot.
                Good to know if pigs are a problem in your hood.
                Pigs have no sweat glands, so they find stuff to fix that problem.
                So they rub the trees…
                Thanks, Mac…

                • Funny the things one learns here at the ‘plan’…
                  So make the best of what you got…

                • eppe

                  Check out what a pig oiler is on Google.

                  No water no pigs. Oil is to keep parasites off them.

                  Pigs also rub on pine trees and it helps harden the underlying skin on their backs and sides that can form a shield. Large wild boars have them and the protects them when they fight from being gored with the tusks of other boars.

                  I have peeled one back like it was a turtle shell when butchering a 350 pound hog.

              • ht tp://
                Dance around this site for info.
                Find a local or close by coin collector/seller/shop and you will be ok. You do not have to order online for good deals. Walk in with cash, walk out with real money.

                • Salvador;
                  I do the same and pay way lower juice than I see people talking about on line. It’s nice to have a source that is within driving distance.

            • I have always had great luck with (dumb name; reliable and affordable tho). They have always had the best prices on Eagles that I could find anywhere. Fast delivery. Hope this helps.

              BTW: I LOVE reading your analyses on the various SHTF articles, PIWTW. The good Christian discussion is medicine for my soul. Keep em comin’!


              • Thanks Grunty M.

                Sometimes it is hard to know who, or how many, get something positive from my commentaries.
                This site has been a proving ground of sorts for my writings and leadings by the Holy Spirit.

                The calling for something else has been in the works for a while, but not in the sense as a church/preacher, no no not ever….well I think i am too controversial and gung ho for that…but, it isn’t totally up to me.

                Anyways, thanks for the feedback, and if my explanations help people prepare, then it is worth all the negativity and attacks that come with the territory.

                We all grow in one direction or the other, all the time, or we are just stuck in a rut.

                • passin, your welcome 🙂

            • My wife buys hers from Provident. Gets it with in 10 to 12 days. I buy mine from a local dealer.

              • GainesvilleCoins as low as .64 cents over spot. Delivered to your door.


            • Passin – hard to go wrong with JM for SAE rolls. For junk I like the stuff that you don’t have to look at the date to see it’s silver, like Mercury, Franklin, Walker rolls. Otherwise every coin has to be date-checked when tradeing as in “sure I trust you BUT just let me make sure these coins of yours are not post- ’64 garbage yer tryin to pass here…”

            • Passing,

              Check out m. Good luck!

              Louisiana Eagle

            • Jm Bullion is good. Delt with them several times. Shipped the order fast.

            • I buy my silver from JM . Free shipping is included always been very good with me . Just ordered 500.00 more of silver to add to my collection! Most of my silver I bought when it got down in 13$ range .

              • Well, I am not surprised at all the good response. There are some really good folks here at SHTF Plan, that we don’t hardly ever hear from, but know they are there.

                I appreciate the info and am sure there are others that are using it as well. I don’t mind paying a few cents more over spot than average, if I am getting above average junk.

                • Your welcome again 🙂

                • Your welcome again 🙂

            • I like JM Bullion for their service and free shipping. Their premiums are decent too. I have’t bought any junk silver from them though, so that may be a different animal all together.

      3. Plenty is being exposed and will continue to be exposed yet the feral perps continue to get away with their thefts and manipulation.

      4. That has to be the DRIEST interview ever!

        For silver to take off JP Morgan and the Government has to enforce the laws already on the books and bring the crooks to justice. Neumeyer said that and doubts it will happen. The German bank is tying to keep out of trouble.

        Did not make it to the end of the video and thought Henry Kissinger was talking.

      5. Just buy ammo it will be worth its weight in silver one day like a silver dime for a 22rd or silver 50 cent peice for 1 762×39 each weighs about 1/2 oz or 1 silver round oz for a 1 oz deer slug or 30 06 or 308 round i figure shot gun shot rounds be worth a 50 cent peice so just buy ammo now and if you want gold wealth then buy antibiotics to trade for gold cus that will be worth a fortune

        • Godsoldier, one caution: I hear what you are saying but folks need to keep ‘marketability’ in mind. What if their situation changes and they find themselves needing to sell some of their preps for cash?

          I invested in both ammo and PMs. I tried selling ammo online and at gun shows with dismal results. I even had a great selection of hard-to-find 22LR! Believe me, it was priced to sell but virtually no luck. On the other hand, I finally sold some PMs for current values with a phone call and also had awesome results on on eBay.

          • When the crash happens, there will probably not be an internet to sell anything on. It will be face to face on a Need basis.
            I have it, you need it, what is it worth to you? That is barter. No tax in that stuff.

      6. Quick question when the power goes out for the last time ive read where you can make electricity from any electric motor via wind mill so how much can i get from a celing fan and would it work cus i have 6 in my house that could be cannabalized when the time comes

        • GS
          You were kind of mis-informed.

          • I kinda figured that cus no one on here has mentioned useing celing fans or other fans no matter electricity is over rated anyhow but a radio would be good to stay informed i have a couple wind/solar ones for that

            • You’d better damn well hope the person running the transmitter knows a thing or two about electricity.
              As for radios, I have FM, AM, Ham, short wave, marine VHF, and GMRS.
              where I live only the VHF and GMRS are worth a darn. I’m so far away from anything, and surrounded by big mountains, that I don’t get much. Keep in mind most the stuff you really want to hear is
              all encoded. Cops and military don’t Xmit in the clear anymore.

            • You could rig something with car alternators, shaft with pillow blocks, some kinda propellor, belt drive, rig 4 or 5 or so alternators, some kinda rig to turn the prop out of the wind if its too strong,

        • When the power goes out “for the last time”, you’ll have 30 days left before all nuclear power plans melt down and kill everyone and everything except the roaches. Enjoy planning out those 30 days. If you don’t have any bullets you’ll want to trade some silver in, so you can blow your f-ing brains out. Good luck with your fan.

          • Great to have you aboard Larry. We all need some cheering up!

        • You can use a ceiling fan motor, BUT you would need to have permanent magnets installed and rewind it. Kind of not worth the hassle. It sounds like you are just starting out and this is best left to the guy/gal who knows their way around electricity. A ceiling fan runs on AC and you would need DC to charge batteries directly. An alternator from a car will work, but it looses LOTS of efficiency if you try to build a peddle powerd generator. You would need to rig an old lawnmower engine or something to make that work well. You are better off cannibalizing a toy car that runs on a 12 VDC battery and getting the motor(s) out of it and making a pedal powered generator. Anyhow google it. It’s really beyond the scope of a small comment for this stuff.

      7. The single attractive item about gold and silver is that for most people with retirement accounts precious metal is a safe haven for the money long term. If we have a recession and not a total collapse of civilization precious metal will be what people revert to as money and have done so for 6000 years. Even in a total collapse something follows and precious metal will play a role in the rebuild for the survivors

        • The Facts are, You are not going to see the US Dollar suddenly become greater, or worth more. Wait till all these Billions of Money printing over the last 8 years catches up with real Inflation. What then will they manipulate? A pure reason to trade all your phony dollars for something real like PM’s, which are at lows.

          This is what happens when the Aholes in charge have no clue what it means to compete on a global level playing field. In a Pure supply /demand economics setting. They need to manipulate everything because they are too damn “LAZY and STOOPID” To create original products that they world wants and needs in real free markets.

          Imagine if these Aholes would have expanded renewable energy like solar and wind, with the $2 Trillion Dollars they wasted on Genocide and wars toys invading sovereign countries in Afghanistan and Iraq, Syria, Ukraine, Libya, etc.. because they need to manipulate their phony Oil and Petro Dollar Propping up markets. Thats right Genocide for F-n Greed and the blow-back will kill us all. You know blowing up whole countries into chaos because they wanted to trade oil with other currencies. Its phycho time.. Keep stacking and hiding to protect your assets.


      8. Another of those BUY PM,s articles. Oh well you can make pretty jewelry out of PM,s

      9. Off Topic but a must read article by David Horowitz at Breibart. If this gets me banned then so be it, good-by folks it was nice knowing you!

        “A general consensus has formed on the right that the Democratic Party is moving so far left that its agendas threaten the very foundations of America’s social contract. These include a frontal assault on the system of individual rights that the Founders set in place. The left envisions a fundamentally transformed America where individual rights are secondary to the collective rights of races, ethnicities, genders and classes. That is why the particular circumstances of individual acts, such as the ones that led to the death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, for example, don’t matter to progressive mobs. It’s the races of the actors that do.”

        Changing from individual rights as enumerated in the Constitution to group rights is so fundamental as to break the social contract and therefore justifies revolution. Many feel this way and they are correct.

      10. It would have been wise in 1964 to put away all the silver coinage you could manage, if you were living and aware then. I was a young teenager then and was clueless. I got a ’64 quarter in change from the grocery store a week ago, How the cashier missed that shiny thing is remarkable. One other silver dime and a 40% Kennedy half is all I have found in the past decade. I guess the banks ended up with the bulk of it when it was pulled for the clad crap.

        • Me and the brother scarfed it all up in the 80’s while i owned a convenience store and game room. HA ha. We saw a shit load of it go across our counters, as we had large punch boards, with nothing but old silver coins on it. Only our best regular customers, or their friends/relatives ever got to see those. We ran through hundreds and won our fair share of the coins ourselves. We kept a knife board out on top of the counter, and LE that stopped in as they came and went to the County owned Shooting range nearby; seemed to always spend a few bucks to try their luck. Some of the county stores and beer joints got busted with having punch boards, but we never heard a word, even from the local church people.

          Well we did collect our fair share, and still have some pretty neat old silver dollars, and a rare 100 $ bill that was printed before they put “In God We Trust” on them. I think it is dated 1934.

          Me and the wifey, the last one, sold off most of our PMs in the near peak of 2012. Figured that the other pms were more valuable.
          They still are.

          Little brother still has everything he ever collected, even his first wheat penny as a little fart.
          I guess we will end up burying him with it all cause he loves his old money and stock certificates more than anything, or anyone else….even food stocks.

        • Huge amount of junk silver coins went into the melting pot in the 80’s….I doubt the banks have any to speak of. For 30 years, more silver has been consumed than mined….stockpiles such as coin silver have been the source of supply….that is nearly gone now.


        Like my scientist friend told us.


        Larry Nicols told Alex Jones that hehe super tankers are at sea, and they are not even moving right now.. yes folks I was told the same shit


        don’t waste your money investing in silver or gold, invest in preps because anyone going outside post callapse and war to go to talk to people about trading goods and services is stupid. He said that no in any of hot major cities wik be able to go out side and trade shit. So stop listening to idiots telling us to buy gold, it’s totally bullshit. He says to invest in guns, ammo, food water and get the phuck our of town if you currency trade of gold and silver will do crap.. I don’t dont look. For gold and silver when I was starting so what the phuck di I need it for, to walk up to people to get my ass shot post callapse trying to trade.. like I have learned personally, that every time that I ran out of money, I had nothing to eat nothing for gas in the car was broken down and was walking in the streets in the middle of the night in Houston out side for 4 days and nights, working and back out on the was food and lack of water every time.. I remember when I dipped the life staw into the bayou water and saw how clean and effective that straw worked…food, I can last for 3 weeks before it gets critical, water, you dead in 4 days I lasted 3 and am and in shape and is tough and I can tell you it’s bad..Now I am heading to the streets again in this callapse for the Big one before yeas end or next year or worst since I was told that it can hit any day, anytime, so we must be ready.. my scientists friend said the same thing that Larry Nichols said, that it can go down day. Tomorrow, the next year 3 months, etc. Those who have the BOL need to evacuate now and get tb hell our of dodge.. remember what the fema people told David Hodges that hey are leaving now that we have less than 3 years. Well we are in the last year of the BIG EVENT. SHTF EVENT HORIZON COMENSES.. it’s because I read and I listen is why I am indoors and not homeless and because of sites like this one, and other knowledge, and the first thing I did while I was homeless was to take the money and buy preps and food water, filtration and stocked up 3 month supply, I was now on. Full gut. Yes phuck getting a place it was fix the food and water issue now, then I Fixed my car and had another 1 year outside left and lived a very good homeless lifestyle..I ran out of food 12 more times and had the preps, cooked outdoors, had my monitor cooking equipment from, worked my ass off, boasted sales built up my business only to watch is crash again in next BIG shtf event that will put everyone our asses out on the street, my methods work, thank to Mac and his When I was kid, or even 10 yrs ago I never ever knew that one day I would become homeless. Yet it did. Nor did I ever think that my life would eventually end with a gun battle with chi-com and other traitors here to destroy what our fore father built for us, as off shore soldiers attack me in my city..i die a violent death in the future as I bleed out and die in my city between now and 2017. I would have never taught that this is how my life ends..


        You either listen, learn or get phucked in life.

        • Well said.

        • Hell, you can listen, learn and still get phucked in life. Keep your eyes on the tree-line, your nose in the wind, and your powder dry HCKS.

        • HCKS. After careful reading and translating your writing to English, I have determined you are the smartest person I have crossed paths with. Your citation of the scientist friend is impressive. Of course he would have to be a brilliant person in order to gain your trust and attention. Your scientist friend is all knowing about all science. From biology to economics. Although economics is playfully referred to as the dismal science, it appears your scientist friend has made fools out of other scientists and given more weight to economics.

          You have a way of related events like not thinking you would ever be homeless to knowing you will die at the hands of evil foreign forces. You not only plan to die by gunshots, albeit initial non fatal wounds resulting in bleeding out. No head or vital organ wounds for you.

          Your memory is astounding. Not many people would recall the number of times they ran out of food, but you know the exact number as 12. In a word..impressive. Some people could recover via boosting sales. Not you, In fact you boasted sales. Although boasting is considered to be an unattractive trait, you were a pioneer and didn’t buy into society and stupid rules. A lot of folks refer to a beginning as commencing. Not you, being a trend setting pioneer you have coined a new phrase. Comenses!! Well done and combination of a start and a sense. Not many people can make up word that make such sense.

          You wandered not just four days but days and nights. You used the magic straw before it was available. Almost biblical in a way. I can’t really figure out your writings regarding being in shape and tough but I am not on your level of intellect. 3 days without water but all the time in possession of a magic straw. An excessive way to prove toughness. I admire you and look forward to hearing more. I am not highly intelligent but you are. Please write using English words and dumb it down a little.

          • That’s worth a “thumbs up” !!! 🙂

          • Really, and to think I live in the same town with this guy and his scientist.

            • I believe Copper was being sarcastic in his statement LOL! Some may see praise in his statement which could be true . But the main thing is at least HCKS is preparing ! He has his way we have our way but we shouldn’t trash people for there preps at least they are doing it.

          • Yep, I’m gonna have to give Copper 2 points for the eloquent and carefully worded bitch slap.
            Stay quiet Be smart.

            • Please. Bitch slapping is such a harsh term. Let’s go with retard bashing.

      12. Folks, we’ve been brainwashed over the years to invest our money and reap big profits. That’s not a bad idea, it just doesn’t fit the precious metal market.

        I don’t remember where I read it but supposedly the 30 pieces of silver that were paid for Christ’s capture amounted to about a month’s wages on a farm. Roman coins weren’t pure silver but were “mostly” silver. Anyway, today 30 ounces of .9999% silver are worth about $510 – a bit less than a month’s pay but still comparable.

        The point is that precious metals may not show a huge profit after TSHTF but even with inflation they’ll still be worth what you paid for them. While you might not make money on PMs you won’t lose much either. You don’t buy PMs to make money, but to bring civilized trade back.

        Right now an ounce of silver sells for about $17. That’ll buy a tank of gas for a small car. When things go bad that same ounce of silver might be worth $110 – but it’ll still buy that tank of gas, though you probably won’t have a car then

        • From what I can remember, historically 1/10 oz of silver was payment for a hard days work or for a soldiers daily pay ( Roman or as measured by Sun Tzu ).

          It’s fiat vs money. Money was once money. Fiat was once a claim check to real money. Now fiat (corruption and rigging) dictates value of money…

        • Oldfart,
          I think your assumption regarding the silver content of the “30 pieces of silver” that Judas received for ratting out Jesus, is incorrect in my opinion. It is not proven that Judas received 30 “ounces” of silver, he could have received 30 denarius, which were 1/10 ounce silver coins. A roman soldier would have received roughly one of these per day as his salary.

          • You are probably on to something “T”.

            I am not as concerned to the worth or value of those pieces of silver, as to what it relates to.

            According to my mentor of Biblical truths, the thirty pieces of silver was also the cost of a slave.

            How appropriate that Christ was sold out for the price of a lowly slave. Judas Iscariot had a “worldly” moment when he sold out the Saviour. He was the banker, if you will, for the whole bunch, including Christ. As bankers do, they get greedy and big headed/high minded. Judas was thinking that he would be the “banker for the world” when Christ called down His legions of Angels to avenge him and take over the domination of the world from the Romans. I can’t follow the main theme by the so-called scholars that Judas was possessed by the devil when the betrayal came about. We have to remember that the Crucifixion was going to take place, no matter what, because it was the whole plan of our Heavenly Father.

            I don’t believe that Judas ever thought his betrayal would ever lead to Christ’s eventual crucifixion. When he did have reality slap him in the face…he then threw the 30 pieces of silver at the Pharisees, Scribes, and Sanhedrin in the temple. WHY?

            Because he knew, that in fact they were behind it all, and wanted Christ out of the picture, so they could continue their dominance over the people and rake in all the funds.
            The majority of the “church” leadership in Jerusalem at the time, had been infiltrated and taken over by the “fake -ews”, the Kennites=offspring of Cain and his father…the devil.
            A den of vipers, which fulfilled the prophecy and plan of Almighty God.

            I think Judas had some help with his death, and possibly repented, before he was hung and eviscerated. Only God, Christ, and he knows for sure.

            History has used Judas as a metaphor for betrayal and hence the term Judas Goat. Leading and playing along happily, with a plan of deceit and betrayal in mind at the end.

            • Passin, your mind is a polluted cesspool of BS. Wishy Hopey Pray… If there was a God and he knew everything, and oh so powerful.. then WTF doesn’t he control it, or at least print his own money and stop begging for yours every Sunday. Christ you Fn Religious Morons are the dumbest sheep on the planet. You are as Dopey as DK.


      13. I was sitting in a local bar enjoying an adult beverage with someone talking about things to come. He said you can’t eat gold. This is true, I said, but you can’t eat paper money either. I think I would have much more success putting food on my table with gold than you would with monopoly money. There will come a time when someone with a few ounces of gold will be richer than a person with millions of dollars in a bank. That money can disappear with the stroke of a politicians pen. Beware, That paper money only has value because someone says it does. In reality, it isn’t even worth the paper it is printed on.

        • Col, you just spoke volumes.
          Who knows what will be worth what in the future?
          Food will premimun one day. But who really knows???

          Be well all…

      14. One of my worst “fears” if you could call it that, is to wake up one morning to a bank holiday, haircut and then, a freeze on withdrawals. That is why I have food, water purification, defense and silver. But, one day, mark my words- that morning will come. Cleaning out our bank accounts is not my decision alone to make and my husband is not on board with that. He knows that I am taking substantial cash out on a regular basis though. Might as well, for all the interest it accrues in the bank. That’s why he doesn’t have a problem with it. I think the ptb will stave a collapse off until after the elections… and then maybe a little longer if Hillary is elected. But they are going to let all hell break loose if they get someone they can’t control in the White House.
        We are going to see a sea change in Walmart at the end of the year when China starts to pull the dollar down. I will make a prediction right now and say that they will not be able to fill the shelves because China is in the process of opening other markets. It’s barely profitable anyway, for Chinese manufacturers to sell to them. Many factories are closed or closing as I type this. WMart cannot survive selling groceries and tires alone. It needs the full package of cheap Chinese furniture, toys, clothes, doo dads, etc. Take everything Chinese made out of that store and there will be huge voids. And we will be very fortunate if we are weaned off the Mart slowly and not abruptly as I suspect. The only other option is for prices thereto rise, and by rise, I mean substantially. So the cheap crap you used to buy at Walmart will become expensive crap… still crap though.
        When we were in Japan a few weeks ago, i shopped for some porcelain items and was astounded at how much better the quality was there than what we have become accustomed to seeing in the big box stores. Seriously artistic… and reallynot much more expensive. You tech guys would have an incredible moment walking into the underground shopping area in Kyoto Station. 90 percent of the electronics were light years ahead of what is offered to us. That’s the truth. Makes me sick.

        • You will know when the Dollar is dead, when you go to Walmart, pay with US Cash and get the change back in the Chinese Yuan. Walmart will be the new Foreign exchange here in the US, to close out the Dollar. Since they are so deeply embedded and dependent in their business model.

          ~~Also Watch out for Hijackers Stealing Your Grocery Carts full of food, when you leave the Grocery Store. Be very observant at the Grocery store parking lot, both in and out for hungry lurkers. You may need to shop for food in pairs for security, and send one person out to get the car, to drive up to the door loading zone where the security guard is standing to get your groceries safely in the car. You are open game out in the vast parking lots, especially at night. Only do day time shopping. And absolutely you better have your carry permit and packing heavy heat just in case.


          • It is good to have small bills like 1’s and 5’s in supply.
            They do not weigh much and can be easily stored.
            If there is a “Bank Holiday” and they shut down the banks, you would be able to live for those few days.
            Years ago here we had a terrific rain and wind storm. Power Lines came down everywhere.
            It was a week before the banks opened again.
            I had enough cash that we could go to another area, buy gas, have dinner, and come home. The kids thought it was a real adventure. My wife asked where did you get the money, I said emergency money.
            That kind of thing will cover you for a while, after that you need something else.

      15. For the fella asking about good vendors for PM’s. JM Bullion, Provident Metals, and Apmex are all good vendors speaking from personal experience. Provident metals nearly always has the best price on 90% “junk” silver. You can check best prices and shipping charges at . Same for gold at .

      16. Please there is probably less than a gram of silver in smart phones and other devices. If silver was so rare wouldn’t it be worth so much more now. thinking about grabbing some shot molds for the 12g those lee molds to make buck shot and slugs out of cheap target loads.

        • You can do that but one 25# bag of buckshot is more than you will ever need. Just buy it, time is the one thing you cannot buy.

      17. The one item you cant have too much of is food. When your hungry and must leave your lair to obtain food you are vunerable. The native americans had very little use for gold or silver. Metal barrel hoops where used to make superior arrow heads. When you go and try to barter your PM,s for anything. Some mean person will simply kill you. Some Indians would melt a captured miners gold and pour it into the miners ear . a terribly bad way to die.

        • For the gazillienth time: GOLD is for after it’s over! Or when you have to move and you cannot take a truckload with you.

      18. Copper you know something, keep making fun of me like I am some kind of phucking idiot. Its the damn spell check that I am not able go turn off on this damn phone of mine.. a lot my customers that I do business with since I have my own business, make type errors ever day texting me in emails etc. They are not illiterate Like you think..I am busy a hell and don t have time for crap from people like you.. yes I am rough and tough, and am intelligent and am no longer homeless.. hopefully you will be able to handle yourself in this callapse because I have a lot of experience with starvation, life straws, and 18 months of hard time outdoors, what have you done?. and i don’t know where the magic straw that you talking about came from. I got that life straw later as in Life straw, after the fact and did use it several times and did dip it into street water and water settling in small puddles..and on one occasion a bayou.. i don’t have time to listen to your sarcastic bullshit on this site. I do not dive into my preps unless things are really bad..I did boost sales and boast is a type o, so don’t come on taking shit to me and phucking with me and keep taking crap..everyone likes to think that they are prepared and I can tell you one thing, until you are literally in the field, your really not ready. I just learned last year this winter how to start real fires, first outdoors, to chop wood, dry or wet and leaned that a flint is a bitch to use, and it took me two months of brutality with my friend to learn this art in his back yard and now I have it down.. lets see how many people on here can start a successful fire, maintain it, contain it, I cooked raw meat on it, lerned it distance in relation to heat. like I said, I practiced 2-3 times a week and a lot o practice and now I have added the ax to Mt bug our bag, the flint, the fore tabs to the bug out bags because now I know how to use it and by the way chopping wood is a bitch..I am a little more intelligent than you might think and taking a hit to me about my type o, grammar does make me stupid, so cut the crap. I am constantly upgrading and learning more… can you train a fire or start one, can you. In cold weather. You are totally completely phucked. Did you add safety glasses to you bug our bag, did you, the smokes in your eyes, while you cooking, while your at it, seal up your bug out bag contents because all your stuff is useless and you will learn this right away post shtf.. your not even ready yet much less in a position to talk crap to me. You think I got help to get my ass off the streets, you think I am weak..most never recover from what I have been through and with God by my side I prevailed.. you are still and amature and I am not..


        • I no wut yoo meen. That phucking spel chek makes mee look like a phucking dum ass.

      19. I think gold wedding bands will end up traded ,earrings ect stones wont matter due to no way to check by common people but stuff with 14k ect marked in it will be

      20. I think ammo will be traded by weight also as 1lb of 22 for 1 lb of 223/5.56

        • Well a 30 Round Magpul Magazine, full of 5.56 Green Tips weighs 2-Lbs. Shall we use that as a standard for bartering? lol


          • Yep 2 lb silver cus afterall they prob need the mag of ammo more than you will need 2 lb silver

            • I agree with that. However, the Lone Ranger did shoot silver bullets. Provided you can load your own.
              Gee what would that cost per round?
              I still think a box of .223 or 7.65 or some other popular round will be worth more than any gold if they decide to pull the plug on the dollar.

      21. On the show the waltons they jacked up the back of their truck and put a rim with no tire on it then ran a belt on that to run the sawmill anyhow could you use the lower intake hose on your car to suck water and the top hose to run it where you need bypassing the radiator and use your car as a big water pump to move a large amount of water gonna be alot of cannabalized items when shtf or should i say repurpose

        • I’ve seen that done for a woodsplitter, too. Weld splitting wedges or maul heads on a big rim, and run it with a belt to the truck wheel. Just put the wood on end under the big wheel and it splits just fine. Watch your hands and where you put your head, though, looked pretty dangerous to me.

          • Growing up, I saw those old farmers doing that with their own saw mills.
            I thought it was standard practice.
            Didn’t John Deere have that large wheel on the left side to put the belt on so they did not have to take the wheel off the Model A?
            They ran Saw Mills, and Thrashing Machines.
            Farm kids saw all that stuff.

      22. Where is the best place to get silver, a local dealer?

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