This Man Is Leaving The Democrat Party And He’s Not Looking Back

by | Jun 28, 2018 | Headline News | 38 comments

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    A YouTube channel called The Unsilent Minority has put out a powerful video in which one man speaks about walking away from the oppression of the democratic party. The video has a whopping 101,000 so far and once you see it, it’s easy to see why.

    The man in the video, whose name is unknown, speaks with a passion.  It is undeniable that he’s experienced the horrific side effects of participating in the cult called “liberalism” for so long. But he’s breaking free, and walking away and he’s asking all other Democrats to do the same.

    The Unsilent Minority‘s caption for this YouTube video reads:

    Today I’m kicking off the #WalkAway campaign by releasing my video about why I am walking away from liberalism and the Democratic Party. It is my sincere hope that you will join me in this campaign and that we may start a movement in this country- which not only encourages others to walk away from the divisive left, but also takes back the narrative from the liberal media about what it means to be a conservative in America. It is up to all of us to make our voices heard and reclaim the truth. The Democratic Party has taken for granted that it owns racial, sexual, and religious minorities in America. It has encouraged groupthink, hypocrisy, division, stereotyping, resentment, and the acceptance of victimhood mentality. And all the while, they have discouraged minorities from having independent thought, open dialogue, measured and informed opinion, and a motivation to succeed.

    *Trigger warning: if you’re easily offended by people speaking the truth, don’t watch this video, or make sure you’ve got a safe space available for when it’s over.

    To those not in either political party (who view themselves and libertarians or voluntaryists) it’s incredibly easy to see how absolutely insane the left has become. Sure, there are some crazies on the right, but the left has become a cult completely mentally enslaved to its politicians. It’s impossible to have a discussion about anything, including freedom because the left insists only some are deserving of the “privilege” of being free in the first place. What’s absolutely mind-blowing, is the bravery and courage of one man to stand up and say it.

    As written by Wayne Dupree:

    I am so proud of this video and the specific points he has made. I hope that you find a spot on your timeline for this message as it is clear-cut ready to help others leave that evil political establishment.



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      1. Not to worry Libtards, YouTube will pull this Video very quickly, can’t have the truth out there ya know.

        • He’s wrong; don’t walk. RUN!

        • That is not a “man”.

      2. Congratulation to the young man for seeing the light. The Demonrat Party has lost touch with reality. My advice is to maintain healthy skepticism of any political party, hold your nose, and vote for the candidates with views you can tolerate.

        • I used to be like him (well more of an anarchist) then i started thinking after we destroy the govt then what? what happens next after we win?
          so i started looking deeper into the society that we come from and found that the anarchy that i was wanting was a extremist lie and if we didn’t sort some plan out for the aftermath that the Eden that we created would be corrupted by fellow librators that we gained along the way,
          then i ended up here and started prepping

      3. This guy talks like he has a dick hanging out of his mouth.

        That is really why he became a liberal.

        • Now, he’s a fierce, fabulous, baby Republican, who does all the same things.

          • (♡ Inspirational background music.)


              • As a recovering psyc/soc double major, I was convinced except for the racial inequities we see. Then, I started reading conservative black economists like Walter Williams and Thomas Sowell.

                Only then did I discover that the average black person achieved a middle-class affluence after 3 generations in an urban environment (same as for other races). The Great Society killed that with the welfare trap.

                Became conservative and never looked back.

        • I agree. I tried to watch and listen to the video, but the guy’s lisp was so nauseating that I had to bail out within the first 3 minutes.

          Incidentally, the traditional conservative ‘Alt-Right’ does NOT need to welcome in disgruntled lefties like this guy. If they do, this guy and other supposedly ‘disgruntled’ white liberal lefties will immediately start trying to move the right to the center and to liberalize and water down the alt-right agenda. I have had my fill of liberalism and their abnormal fascination with trying mainstream degeneracy, rampant and irresponsible promiscuity and their sickening Social Justice Warrior baloney. I am also fed up with anti-White, White liberals or cucks who refuse to take the side of the race they belong to in any conflict that involves competition with racial competitors.

          I would remind staunch Alt-right oriented conservatives that, in the past, one of the always predictable reactions of the left – whenever they get thrown out of power, and especially when the numerical margins (Seats held) are relatively narrow, is to call a secret meeting and start scheming up ways whereby they can still thwart the agenda of the dominant party. One tactic they use quite often, is to pick several politicians within their own party and instruct them to suddenly announce that they have decided to switch parties declare that they are now ‘Republicans’.

          What they actually are – are RINOS. Liberal moles pretending to be Republicans. Whereupon they immediately become a thorn in the side of the legitimately conservative GOP – or, in today’s case, a mole who’s job it is to stymie or water down as much of the Trump 2016 promised agenda as possible.

          With the predictable upset of the 10 term White male liberal Democrat Crowley in NY, the diabolically evil and virulently anti-White ‘White’ Democrat establishment are at long last, seeing their chickens come home to roost – as the millions of third world non-Whites, who they were so eager to bring in, start throwing their lily White liberal hiney’s out of power and replacing them with pathetically unqualified, but racially similar candidates such as this 28 year old Communist-Socialist Cortez female, who was a bartender just a year ago. I strongly suspect and predict that White liberals are going to realize that their day is over in the new minority infested Democrat party and many of these race treasonous worms will try to flee into the Republican party and try to jigger it into a party that pushes liberalism.

          We can’t let that happen. Liberalism, in all its forms, is a mental disease that is destructive and fatal to anyone or any party that embraces it. It is time to eradicate this disease. Root and branch.

          • Mole-ification is rampant among Libs, they think they are cute by infiltrating us Alt-Righters. Some states allow ‘open primaries’, where Democrats can vote in Republican primaries.

            There was a substantial effort by the left in the last two election cycles. Mcain received substantial ‘help’ from Dems in that election.

        • He may talk like that but you have a dick in your mouth!!!! That is why you are a homo liberal!

        • Patriarchy, traditionalism, and swpl (stuff white people like).

          It wa(th) never (th)o difficult.

          Fine by me, to be running this thing, if nobody else knows how.

      4. #WalkAway:

        I’ve been waiting for this.

        There is a pattern for how to boil a frog.

        Go beyond your target to an extreme beyond the point where you aim to move your manipulated masses so that when you settle at the new norm, the masses accept this which is not as bad as they thought. It is another tried and true method. It works. Don’t be fooled, tricked, bamboozled.


      5. The Democrats abandoned the middle class for identity politics finding the “oppressed” wherever they could. In their absence they did their very best to convenience as many as possible that they were oppressed while ignoring and oppressing others in the process.

        One of the greatest causes of depression is habitually focusing upon perceived oppression at the expense of advancing happiness having it become, “your reason for being”. Progressives in number fit this mindset. While an argument can be made that they are “crazy” for what they believe they’re certainly mentally ill for the depth and intensity of thought and action devoid of logic.

      6. I miss the Democrats of yesteryear when they actually had policy ideas instead of hate speech. During the 60’s and mid seventies they had statesmen and women. Now they got the lunatics running crazy taking up every looney cause that comes by including the looney tunes that come with them. I miss those days

        • SO side,
          You mean the statesmen that gave us the gun control act of 1968? Great society programs? Vietnam? Oil embargo?
          I’d rather have the nutcases we have now because they demonstrate that they are not normal, so more of the Independents, Libertarians, and “moderate” nutcases will oppose and help defeat the batsh it crazy Liberals.

          • WORD.

          • The Nixon Shock of August 1971 abandoning Bretton Woods followed by the oil embargo was done with Republicans in office. The last decent Democrat was JFK. Truman was likely the zenith of a working mans Democrat occupier of the White House.

        • How about the traitor, LBJ? Real heroic statesman that one.
          He pushed and signed the immigration act, which cut off the immigration of White people, and opened the borders to the third world.

          The “Democrats of yesteryear” opened the doors for the Frankfort School to turn universities into indoctrination camps, etc, ad-nauseum…

          There is nothing lamentable about them.

      7. I don’t see how you can call the media liberal since the media is the voice of our controllers and owned by them. A liberal media would indicate truths hidden being exposed.

      8. Its a beginning –
        The midterm RED wave will be graet
        The Democratic Party will NOT be a National party after the 2020 elections

        • Dream on. The Dems will morph into the Communist party. More and more people are supporting communism. It’s actually a good thing, in a way. The NWO Globalists have fractured into two factions, the Marxists and the Rinos. As of yet, it doesn’t seem that we the people have regained enough power to overthrow the deep state.

          I have advocated secession for years now, but that too has it’s perils, as the nation subdivides into a group of smaller nations we will be more at risk against the super-groups of the EU and the Brics and the Chinese behemoth.

          We need to still secede and keep our technology to ourselves, as well as have plenty of Nukes. If we do not, we will be a Marxist society within 10 years.

      9. When trump had a rally in Minnesota it turned out 30% of the people that showed up were dems and independents. That should tell you how bat#*it crazy that party has become.

      10. 100% TRUE

      11. I don’t understand how the anti-thugs side with the party of Lincoln, and the anti-whites site with the party of the Klan.

      12. Here is a prominent Cincinnati Republican who is going to switch to vote Democrat this fall:

        “I’ve been a Republican since the 1980s – including 12 years in elected office. But this year, my vote in national races is going to the Democrats.

        Here’s why: I’m scared – scared of losing our rights to free speech, fair elections and the rule of law. You see, we’re witnessing a dangerous trend in which dictators come to power in once-promising democracies and crush dissent.

        Turkey’s president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, has shut down 149 media outlets, fired more than 120,000 civil servants and jailed more than 45,000 dissenters.

        Philippines leader Rodrigo Duterte encouraged his country’s police to kill more than 12,000 alleged “drug suspects,” and revoked the licenses of TV and radio stations that criticized him.

        Vladimir Putin reversed the democratic advances initiated by Mikhail Gorbachev and Boris Yeltsin by cracking down on free radio and television, eliminating the independence of the judiciary and creating a virtual one-party state.

        What do these strongmen have in common? They’re deeply admired by our president, Donald Trump. In May, 2017, Trump warmly welcomed Erdogan to the White House (while Erdogan’s security detail beat up peaceful demonstrators outside the Turkish ambassador’s residence).

        Trump praised Duterte’s drug war as a “great job” and invited him to the White House. Of course, Trump’s affection for Putin is well known, including his hands-off approach to Russia’s interference in the 2016 election.

        Trump also has showed little respect for democratic values. He’s talked about toughening libel laws, putting reporters in jail, and labeled the free press the “enemy of the people” (a term introduced by Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin for the purpose of annihilating those who disagreed with him). The president has asked the Justice Department to prosecute his political opponents and interfered in the Russia probe conducted by Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller. Finally, despite warnings from his intelligence chiefs that the 2018 mid-term elections are being targeted by Russian influence operations, Trump refuses to take any steps to stop the attack.

        Trump has hinted at pardoning those under investigation in the Russia probe – apparently using his recent pardons to encourage potential witnesses not to cooperate with Mueller in hopes of receiving a get-out-of-jail-free card. That means the only justice for any crimes committed by Trump is likely to be impeachment. The Republicans in Congress aren’t patriots – they’re partisans, willing to sell out the country rather than stand up to the Republican base. Therefore, only by electing a Democratic majority in the House – if not both chambers – will Trump, his family and associates ever be held accountable.

        I lived through the Watergate era in the 1970s and know that if cowardly Republicans like Devin Nunes, Jim Jordan and Paul Ryan controlled Congress then, there would have been no investigation into Richard Nixon’s crimes and no threat of impeachment. The Washington Post stories about hush money paid to burglars and a cover-up of the break-in would have been labeled “fake news.” Democracy was preserved because the opposition party controlled the House and Senate.

        That’s why in 2018 I will vote for Democrats in U.S. Senate and House elections.

        Former Secretary of State Madeline Albright points out that some of history’s most brutal dictators came to power through elections. She quotes Benito Mussolini, who said, “If you consolidate power by plucking a chicken one feather at a time, people don’t notice.”

        President Trump commented recently at a closed-door meeting that China’s President Xi Jinping had term limits abolished so he could stay in power for life. “I think it’s great,” Trump said. “Maybe we’ll have to give that a shot someday.” Perhaps he was joking, but I’m not taking the chance – I’m voting Democratic this November.

        Phil Heimlich is a Republican who served on Cincinnati City Council from 1993-2001 and the Hamilton County Commission from 2003-2006.”

        • Well Fred do you really think Hellery would have been any better than Trump. And even if the claims about Trump are True. Myself I would rather have Putin than Hellery. At least Trump Has done away with things like the Paris Accord and the Iran deal. He at least is attempting to addess the illegal immigration problem. The Dimocrats don’t think there is a problem with immigration. The USA regressed terribly during the Obummer years. Folks worrying about Trump being a dictator so much that they will endorse a NWO communist is laughable. There is no proof Trump made any statement as asserted during a closed door meeting. First and foremost Phil Helmrich in my opinion is a sleazy lying politician who would say and do whatever is necessary to promote his personal agenda. There is something folks don’t like to think about. Its actually the military who are the ones in power. Remove Trump. And Gen Dunsford will take over. Martial law and no elections until the outcome of the election is certain to be the Militarys Puppett. I hope Calif breaks apart. The Dimocrap party will be finished for decades if they lose the 55 electorial votes. Actually the USA might split up someday?

      13. Just a thought on the “RED HEN INCIDENT”,I just finished reading several reports on the problem Sara Sanders had at the Red Hen up in Virginia.I had a bit of trouble trying to figure why her family would drive so far just to have dinner at that particular place.Then I read an article alluding to the fact that the woman owner had a silent partner who had been in the slammer for child porn.I then read about the thing the woman wears on a chain around
        her neck was a child molester symbol.I don’t think the Sanders family just went for dinner I’ll bet they went to investigate the place.The owner wasn’t being political but was scared out of her mind that she was fingered and was being checked out by one of Trumps people under the cover of a family night out for dinner.The
        people that work for her must be involved in the racket also, due to the fact they notified her that they were there.The Red Hen owner also went over to the restaurant that the other family members went to eat after Sara and her Husband went home to tell the owner of that place to run them out.It is my opinion that they struck pay dirt.Lets keep an eye on these pitiful libtards and watch what happens at the town of Lexington VA.

      14. Go to check out the articles on The Red Hen.

      15. Yep. Sure. And I am betting he is having a new profound respect for the freedoms and liberties we have lost, once enjoyed by our forefathers.

        In other news:

      16. Republican Dimocrap libturd it doesn’t actually matter. They all try and make political hay out of whatever they believe will get them reelected. None of them actually care about the citizens, nation or the God given rights of the citizens. Those politicians are almost totally service to self individuals. However the conclomeration of people who are the looney left and will support any Dimocrap no matter how horrible they are. Those liberal retards are something else. They are true believers in their cause. Much like the Crusaders who killed anyone not a Christian. They actually think every one who voted for President Trump is a Deplorble who should be killed. They actually think its a upholding of moral values to ignore and refuse to accept the results of any election or court ruling that dosent agree with their illogical belief. They have the wrong Core Concept that the Rule of Law doesn’t apply to them if their opinion runs contrary to it. That makes it inpossible for us to all get along. They refuse to play nice or even pretend to be rational prudent or logical. Its a pig headed thick skulled stubborn as a mule additude. So we are now in the first stages of a so called Cold Civil War. I think if the mid tern elections don’t agree with the Looney Left. They will indeed go berserk and open warfare will occur. Please continue to show restraint. Martial Law will happen. And hopefully the military will be able to imprison the ringleaders at Gitmo and rid the nation of these cull’s. At least give the military the chance. If they waver of fail to act. Then we must do whatever is necessary. Its open War and there are no viable chance for compromise or appeasement with irrational looney nut jobs. A culling is necessary.

      17. Disillusionment by a Democrat/liberal makes them not a Conservative or Republican by default. But then again, I have always been a registered Independent, WTF do I know, right? Enough not to identify with faker crowds identifying themselves as either of these two parties and vote for the best freedom outcomes and common sense.

      18. we have to embrace new people coming back to sanity – the ‘alt-right’ just like the left has many degrees – not everyone will embrace strong christian values – that being said – baby steps count – with the radicalization of the left – it is a win in bringing some over to a less myopic world view – frankly I prefer not to be governed at all – either left or right as both become toxic with power – but the vast majority want to be told what to do – they have given up their responsibility for their lives…they want a ‘safe life’ , without the need to think. I heard a great quote awhile back – out of the population 95% do not think, 3% think they do – but in fact just regurgitate memes and the remaining 2% actually think for themselves….there we have the 1% running the game folks

        • “…but the vast majority want to be told what to do – they have given up their responsibility for their lives…they want a ‘safe life’ , without the need to think.”

          There is a guy in history, who spoke German with an Austrian accent, who told the population of Germany to leave the thinking about society to him and his team, and just get on with your lives; this way you will have freedom, he told the population.

          History does not repeat it rhymes.

      19. Does a pretty good job of explaining why I was raised a Democrat but realized as a young adult they changed and I no longer could support ANY of what they were doing.

      20. I suspect this is actually happening a lot but most people aren’t vocal about it.

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