This Is Why You Stay Home When the Rioting Starts ***Graphic Violence***

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    Since early 2009 we have often discussed the very real possibility of large-scale food riots, political protests and other situations with the potential to devolve into violent uprisings. We’ve also suggested that the best way to plan for such events is to be ready to hunker down and stay out of the way.

    When rocks, Molotov cocktails and bullets start flying indiscriminately, everyone becomes a target.

    The following footage from Egypt depicts a civilian being shot and killed during the ongoing riots sweeping north Africa and the middle east. Really, it could have been any one of the four or five people standing next to him.

    [WARNING: Graphic Violence]

    If you want to be party to a riot, that’s your prerogative, but understand the risks. There will be much confusion, and many different sides. First, there’s the chance you’ll be mistaken for someone else and protesters you thought were with you turn on you for no apparent reason. Second, you may very well get hit by “friendly fire accidently. Third, there’s an increased likelihood that multiple factions of different groups get mixed up in brawls for personal or random reasons and you just happen to be in the vicinity when it happens.

    And finally, the most compelling reason to either stay home, or go home when things seem to be spiraling out of control – deployment of U.S. military under emergency powers and/or martial law.

    When hungry, broke and angry protesters hit the streets, government will respond, first locally, and then federally with the U.S. military. For an idea of how quickly a peaceful protest can turn violent, we recommend the Battle in Seattle, a movie based on the 1999 World Trade Organization riots. If you don’t think the U.S. military is prepared to get involved, think again. The 1999 riots saw very limited U.S. of military power.

    If we were to see widespread, multi-city riots across America, be assured that the military is standing by to act as a policing force, as evidenced by the following picture which we pointed out in Pentagon and Military Actively War Gaming ‘Large Scale Economic Breakdown’ and ‘Civil Unrest’:

    foodnow1More military training exercise pictures and descriptions

    Notice the sign being held by the the role player acting as the protester.

    Like Egypt, the U.S. government will deploy in force. Remember that soldiers are not trained to be police officers. The first thing they learned when they joined was to kill the enemy. Many of them have fought in urban settings overseas. And they will be deployed in the event of mass rioting or anything that is perceived to threaten national security, which these days includes everything from threats of violence to refusing to strip for TSA security personnel. Whether they want to, or they are deployed against their will, rioters and protesters will be the enemy, and if they feel threatened, they will fire.

    If you want to avoid the obvious increased risk of being hurt, injured or killed, our best advice is to not be in the area. Stay home and protect your family if you have one, as there will be an increase in crime outside of the riot area as police shift to the hot spots.

    If you’ve taken our past advice, you already have at least a 30 day emergency and reserve food supply, as well as water, fuel and a minimum of one home defense weapon. If the SHTF, you won’t need to worry about leaving the house at all.

    The riots we are witnessing around the world are spreading. People are tired of being hungry, they’re sick of rising prices, they feel robbed of their pensions, ripped off by corrupt politicians and shadow bankers, and they are pointing the blame squarely on the elected (sometimes self appointed) officials running their countries. Europe, North Africa, the Middle East – could the US be close to seeing the same in our cities?

    If you think there’s even a small chance of this happening, why not prepare for it?


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      1. Yup… you’re right.  That’s the whole reason behind stocking your larder and your ammo.  I’m in a suburb of a major market city, so I’ve seen how stupid people can be before and after hurricanes. It follows that when the WIC cards can’t buy adequate groceries, and social security and/or welfare fall far short of requirements… or if the checks simply bounce… people are going to get desperate pretty fast. The military has long since been war-gaming the SHTF meltdown… and the FEMA camps have been built.
        I have recently witnessed groups of military helicopters flying in formation… as if herding.

      2. Yea but the guy shot had a good day at Family Fun Cuts with a hair cut.  I told you not to eat at Kentucky Fried Chicken over there.  Today could be an even bigger day courtesy of Facebook.  Net will go down, damn you Al Gore.

      3. I wear the badge of being a “prepper” proudly – meaning along with the provisions that I’ve set aside for SHTF meltdowns, like the government, I too have “war gamed” for possible SHTF events. My plans don’t include sheeple thinking or actions. 

        Article and videos are good reminders of what can happen and reinforces being prepared and vigilant. Given the almost thirty years, the commitment, the investment and living the lifestyle, I’m as ready as I can get.

        May God guide and protect us all

      4. This mornings headlines on Fox News 

        Egypt Braces for ‘Day of Rage’

        Egyptian government deploys an elite special operations force in Cairo and disrupts Internet service hours before an anticipated new wave of anti-government protests.

        If you woke up to this, what is the plan?

      5. What does a WAR TIME protest video you posted above have to due with the USA ?
        This is why people are dying off this retarded site. Most of you idiots are so over the edge nothing makes sense.
        You constantly post stupid shit that has nothing to do with the riots. Maybe 15 seconds of that video was relevent when he talked about peaceful demonstrations. MORONS!

      6. I’m in Phoenix, and it’s rough here. There is lots of crime. Thank Goodness we can concealed carry with no permit. We take nightly walks, armed, to canvas the area and see what is going on, drug deals, graffiti artists, kid snatching. Things are quiet tonight. They got the guy that snagged the little nine-year old, within the evening, last night, people are watching, and it’s excellent when people are. We are moving, though, to a smaller community where everyone knows your name!

      7. This is a pure propaganda piece most likely written by an agent of the government to quell opposition and cow the people.  Survivalism is for old men with families to protect and cowards.  If no one fights the New World Order and the death of individual liberty, then nothing will change and you will wake up one day and realize you and your family are slaves.

        They want you to fear them.  They want you to believe they are omnipotent and omnipresent.  They want their NSA dragnets that surveil the entire internet and DHS data-mining that builds profiles on every intenet user to have a chilling effect on free speech in this nation (and they have, severely – use TOR…but most of you are already on a list and there is no way to be removed).  They want you to be intimidated by the TSA and other thugs they have at their disposal.

        Crawling into a  hole when the shit hits the fan is no solution.

        They are not all powerful.  Their toys are impressive, yes, but they can’t even defeat a rag tag force of less than 50,000 in Afghanistan using Soviet era weapons.  And that is why propaganda pieces such as this are being written by paid agents of the government and disseminated across the internet on a daily basis – to convince the people that they cannot win so they do not fight.  Because the NWO knows that if the people resist it, their plans for permanent global enslavement will fail.

        Looking forward to the Obama administration’s gun bans?  All according to plan.

      8. Good advice, especially in the beginning of a long term SHTF situation.  “only fools rush in”.

        As you mentioned, at first the uprising will be ill-defined and you will not know who you can trust, who has your back, and what any group of people stand for.  Best to step back and observe the entire situation for a time before getting in on the action if you feel you must ie fighting for freedom.

      9. Having lived in one  of the once biggest and most violent cities of the US..this is definetly good advice.
        I have seen riots break out for the dumbest of reasons..hell one time because our home town basketball team won some stupid game. My GF at the time (and we were on a motorcycle no less) she wanted to get “closer to the action”…ha! yeah right, i dont think so honey..i got the heck outa there and fast, even used the sidewalk when i needed to.

        I have since moved as far as i could from that area, or anything like it. Call it a buffer hoping that the distance will give me tome to react properly. and to batten down the hatches so to speak.
        Been paying close attention to whats going on all around the world, and right here locally..dilligent information, and a watchful eye

      10. These demonstrations that we presently see happening of TV are going on in places where they have strict gun control laws. The ‘Genie’ never got out of the bottle in these countries; the average citizens can’t own or possess firearms.

        Just how many guns are there here in the US in the hands of private citizens? Demonstrations of this magnitude here in the United States would be a whole different ‘ballgame’.

        We live in one of the Western suburbs of Ft. Lauderdale, FL; a more afluent area with a heavy police presence. But more towards the city center in some of the poorer neighborhoods and further South into Miami, the crackle of gunfire is a nightly occurance. The police,  irregardless of what they say publicly, don’t go into these areas after dark unless there are multiple carloads of them in convoy.

        Can’t you just imagine what it will be like when the S finally does HYF? I am already ‘hunkered-down’ here at home with at least one magazine always loaded for each weapon and my a–hole puckered up tightly! Coming soon to a neighborhood near you ….. perhaps even your very own neighborhood. 2011 promises to be a very interesting year for us all.

        God Bless and good luck to all.

      11. it will take a lot to get the average american off thier behind and into the streets for a mere organized protest. It will take ten times more to get them to riot.

        there are a couple of issues that down the road could lead to a riot situation. The BP oil spill has gotten worse and I expect people to evacuate in 2 to 3 years. The spill has caused this wierd weather patterns and we are heading into an ice age. In 3 to 4 years it will be obvious to the average bumb down american.

        People will not riot in a blizzard for the most part.

        Couple the ice age, economic meltdown, the middle east policy, we are probably going into WW3 in less than 5 years. I’m expecting a draft, rationing, and very cold weather.

        If I’m correct and I hope I am not, the global elite had just initiated a way to reduce the world’s population by half in the next 10 years.

      12. While the protester in the film clip says they have the right to protest may be true, I will not allow myself of my family to be party to such an event.  As Mac has stated, if you have made your preparations you will have no need to go outside — let alone risk injury, death or capture.

        There will be plenty of other sheep willing to protest for you…just hunker down, stand back and watch remotely.  If you are injured or in jail, you are no earthly good to anyone.

        GMAFB – Sill no apology intended, extended or implied.

        The riots we are witnessing around the world are spreading. People are tired of being hungry, they’re sick of rising prices, they feel robbed of their pensions, ripped off by corrupt politicians and shadow bankers, and they are pointing the blame squarely on the elected (sometimes self appointed) officials running their countries. Europe, North Africa, the Middle East – could the US be close to seeing the same in our cities?
        If you think there’s even a small chance of this happening, why not prepare for it?
        Why would the US be exempt from it happening here?  Do we not have hungry people, unemployed people, inflation, homeless people?  We are witnessing our elected officials living high on the hog (people like Pelosi, the Obumma’s, et al), vacationing and fine dining on our dime while people do without.  What we are seeing in Europe and the Middle East will spread to here.  Wait until the cocoapuffers can’t buy their favorite junk food, because the government has cut back their food stamp rations.  Prep, sit back and watch it all unravel.  We need a good revolution to clear the air.

      14. Comments…..Egypt is a dictatorship. Muslims are always killing muslims besides killing Christians and Jews and Bhuddists. The muslim follows a pedophile murderous prophet and a cult moon god. The muslim is inherently a racist and a butcher of humanity.Comparing the riots in Egypt or anywhere else in  muslim countries to the USA represents the thinking of a sick moron. This is a Judeo-Christian country that embraces freedom and democracy not a racist muslim murdeous cult that embraces death and destruction. Americans solve their problems with discourse and reasoning. Muslims solve their problems with death and destruction.

      15. even in smaller downs under 15,000 there is crime, primarily robberies and assults, car theft.   I never attend any group functions, gatherings, civic meetings, etc.  Live low key and keep your biz to yourself.  Tell no one what your doing to prep. or what you have, etc.   Don’t join anything as all patriot org. fail.  Only Oath Keepers in local area will be supported if shtf.   Live for self/family and have a close knit group for support.

      16. Here are some real-time comments on what’s happening on the ground, from protesters and reporters alike. Good info. All else in terms of communication is down right now over there. El Baredei is now under house arrest as well for participating in yesterday’s demonstrations. Many expect Mubarak to roll out the army any moment now:

        Or, follow it all on Al Jazeera in real-time also:

      17. p.s. Although I really dislike the left-wing slant of the NYT above, it’s the commentary section at the bottom I’m suggesting. The paper itself is nothing but TP.

        Ditto  on the Oath Keepers, Laura.

      18. I agree with what was stated here, but I do wonder why anybody would voluntarily venture outdoors in the middle of urban demonstrations/violence. It’s one thing if you just happened to be outside and it started; it’s another if you join in the rabble for the fun of it.

        Many years ago, I was in a South American city. It was a relatively safe neighborhood, but it was working-class, and I happened to be in a somewhat “empty” part of the town. I was walking to where I was staying when I noticed a crowd of young men arguing… then fighting. Some tried to run away – and were caught by the others and brutally beaten, some with sticks. I saw at least two totally bloodied.

        I was paralyzed by fear and just kept walking. Those young men left me alone – but I saw a young couple who just happened to be walking home and also saw the whole thing up close… fortunately they too were left alone.

        It’s just the most basic common sense/human instinct. When faced with danger, RUN AWAY. And if this stuff happens here, stay INDOORS.

      19. I have never seen a riot, just videos of them.  I do laugh at the mindless, crazed violence.  I agree, at the first sign of one starting, get the heck out and to your bunker.  As long as you have prepped, you can wait it out until the smoke clears.  It seems that the drug and looting crazed rioters run out of drugs/items to loot/energy in a few days to a week.  Good luck to all!

      20. emptyhandkiller,

        24 years ago riots started in Crete because of arguments between farmers and the government. I was studying back then in the Greek university. We had just finished the daily class, and we drove downtown to have a coffee.
        We were watching the farmers, the tractors, and vehicles making a terrible noise in the town’s central square.
        Suddenly riot police forces started to hunt down people, throwing tear gas and flash grenades.
        We jumped up and started running towards the beach. The cops were beating everybody without any exceptions; farmers, kids, students, women, and older people.
        I still remember my eyes hurting and a river of tears coming out. It was a bad experience.

      21. there’s no police or military anywhere near where i live and they don’t pay them enough to come here. pay for me here is real good because people really need me when they need me which is quite often. so suffer all you mainlanders, cringe  in fear and write disneyesque posts and show horror films while your friend mushroom goes fishing with his neighbors.

        don’t forget to save as many new crisp uncirculated federal reserve notes as you can..

        certified diesel mechanic
        saint lawrence island, alaska…

      22. Comments….. In the late 60’s, I witnessed riots in San Francisco, people were demonstrating over the Viet Nam war.  Police in riot gear were arm in arm pushing the crowd back.  I saw them using belly clubs on people.  I was on the 10th floor of a building watching it all unfold.  I wasn’t scared, I had more disdain for the cops than anything.  My plans are to lay low.  I live in a rural area, so protests here are highly unlikely.  Places like Detroit, LA, Chicago would be cities to stay away from.  Heck, there’s been brawls lately in Denny’s, IHOP, and Wendy’s.  The cocoapuffers are getting restless.

      23. remember kent state

      24. Comments….. I can’t possibly understand how some think this wouldn’t happen in the US. Have we already forgotten the LA riots, the Katrina aftermath? I mean, we have riots during celebrations for sporting events – and those are good times!

        Penny – you can’t honestly tell me that when the welfare checks start bouncing and the WIC cards start getting denied at checkouts all over the country, that there won’t be massive unrest amongst those who solely depend on government handouts to survive? I live outside of a moderately sized city – about 100K, and there is a large percentage of the population that are lower income and who receive government assistance- their sense of entitlement is second-to-none. When the faucet of public funds is shut down, they won’t take it lightly, I guarantee.

      25. Comments…..Hey Mushy, when tshtf and the banking [money] system collapses so will energy delivery systems. St. Lawrence Island looks pretty remote [looked at a web video], doesn’t seem to be much firewood, maybe the locals will share some whale oil with you for your stove. Good luck on that one.


      26. Scars are sexy.  There’s no better way to go.

        Give them what they bargained for -AND THEN SOME.

        Missing this is going to be like missing the greatest happening in history.  Woodstock will pale.




        I don’t give two sh-ts about the Rights of Man anymore.


        Don Robertson, Director

      27. Game Over!  Tilt, Tilt!  Would you like to play a nice game of tic tac toe?  Metals are talking….

      28. It is a bit disengeneous to present the military as just beginning Gaming in urban areas as something new.

        I  recieved my first riot training in 1971 while with the 82nd Abn. Later MOUT/MOBA*  in 1982 at Ft. Lewis. None of this is new.

        More importantly, training the military for this contingency is just good sense if we want the miltary to defend our Constitution. Rioters repect nothing, nobody and rights don’t exist.

        Stay out of the kill zone. Never presume that those who took their oath serious will defend rioters. See previous paragraph.

        MOUT: military operations in urban terrain
        MOBA: military operations in built-up areas

      29. They’re going to need some more men in black with sticks to smooth that crowd back over there.  Cell phone/net, yea right.  VHF & FM band is free.

      30. @butch …he’s got plenty of rolls of crisp $10 bills stored in #10 cans to burn…no problem keeping warm for a while anyway, ’cause that’s all they’ll be good for by next winter. No guns though, so he’ll probably be pretty hungry except for warm whale oil and maybe some blubber.

        GMAFB – Still no apologies extended, intended or implied…

      31. Comments…..I live in Arizona and I have been pretty perturbed that people are so complacent.  I don’t worry about all the sheeple too much.  I am ready for whatever comes my way.  The complacency is destined to end.  Food Stamps are being reduced, heath care is being drastically reduced; that means major lay offs coming in the health care field, reduction of med students, an exodus of health care specialists leaving the state for fairer grounds (I’m not sure where THAT is!), etc.

        I just know that I am cranky when I’m hungry.  I’m cranky when I am sick and in pain.  I am cranky when all the comforts that I am so accustomed to, whether paid or free, are stripped from me.  I feel entitled to some things; not necessarily free food or health care.  But 21% of Arizona’s larger county’s (Pima) is on Arizona’s free health care plan (AHCCCS: AZ Health Care Cost Containment System) which no longer provides NECESSITIES, and there are more cut backs to come.  Food Stamp recipients took a huge cut and they can expect more cuts this year. 

        Complacency will end with the end of comforts; comfort food, comfort medical care, etc.  It’s a comin’!  I know people who are thriving on the expectation of riots and needing BOB’s, food storage, etc.  It’s great to be prepared, but stop being so itchy for the STHTF!  Let’s enjoy a little more peace time (albeit fake) for now.

        I am ready for them to bring it on, but I don’t mind living a nice quiet life in my small town.  Riots can and most likely will happen in the US.  You can bet that the best source of the real news will be youtube and sites like these.

        It is naive to think it won’t happen here.  If you’re not preparing don’t come knocking on my door when your food stamps only buy a day’s worth of food.  Dang!!!  How nice would it be to have food stamps to stock your pantry?!  Oh well, the sweat of my brow is much more fulfilling.  Get something to eat….to keep you full for several months!

      32. in that video at :13 is a very good lesson to all preppers,  law enforcement, riot control, or just an innocent bystander unaware of WTF is going on around them…one well placed shot ends the game for you, from out of the blue your seeing black.
        and the guy that ran in..could have very well been shot to lay right next to his buddy
        as a smart armed person would be “camped out” in a well protected and or elevated position can pick and choose who gets out alive.
         or what target would be concitered a threat or future threat
        Most would have no idea where a shot could come from..and high powered rifles with scopes can do some serious picking off from well over 400 yards away…or more…notice it wasnt some guy shooting a fully auto ak-47 or the was one well placed waste of ammo..and no attention brought to themselfs

      33. “their sense of entitlement is second-to-none. When the faucet of public funds is shut down, they won’t take it lightly, I guarantee.”

        I used to think this way too….that the day the checks stopped, all hell would break loose.  The problem is, we tend to think in “normal” terms…I can’t spend more than I earn.  The Feds, on the other hand, don’t think that way.


        Think about it a minute…..WHY would they ? 

        They are making up money out of thin air now, so why would they stop ?  They know as well as you and I that chaos would reign if the checks stop, so why not just keep printing and add how ever much is required to the check ?

        Heck, that’s part of the problem NOW in the middle east…..our printing is causing world wide commodity inflation, and it’s hitting the folks that are living right on the edge of starvation first….and a lot of those places don’t have the welfare system in place that we do.

        No, when the checks finally “stop” here, it will be because the US dollar won’t buy anything…..and that means all the folks that have savings in US dollars or still have a job will be in the EXACT SAME BOAT as the welfare dependents.  The checks won’t stop until the workers at the federal agencies stop getting paid to write the checks.

        THEN it will be all over for everybody.

        Have gold, food and guns at that point.

      34. @pp: I understand your point of view, however, I believe that all the article is saying is that we should exercise some intelligent restraint. Getting “caught up” in riot fever, while temporarily satiating, can get you maimed, killed, or worse….you’ll be entertaining some FEMA guard’s PR-24 with your a$$ on a nightly basis just for shits’n’giggles. Would you call a real ninja (and yes, they do exist) a coward? How about a Delta or SeAL operator? No? Well, they are very proficient at striking at the time of THEIR choosing, and then fading into the darkness before the echo fades. Not cowards….just tacticians….and self disciplined. Just a thought…..

      35. Having first hand experience working as an LEO in a riot I would like to relay my experiences. 

        We were called down from northern California as mutual aid for the Rodney King riots, about a 6 hour drive.  I remember driving into the Los Angeles basin and seeing plumes of smoke from burning buildings going straight up in the air.  I commented to my partner that it looked like the pictures of Beruit from the war there. 

        We were first assigned to a Los Angeles Sheriff’s Sub-Station between Compton and Watts.  There was a supemarket complex behind the station with National Guard troops with M-16’s at every entrance.  After briefing we were assigned to a seven car element with two cops each.  They told us never to stop at a stop sign because we could be shot at.  I told a deputy that worked there that this riot stuff was serious if you did not stop at stop signs.  He told me that it had nothing to do with the riot, it was SOP all the time down there!

        We had no communications, all the units had different radios that operated on different bands and frequencies.  We got in our units and the next thing I knew was that our seven unit parade was going Code-3 and I was trying to keep up.  (I was not used to inner city driving and had no idea where we were headed)   They stopped and talked to the victim, it was a car jacking and off we went again Code-3.  We parked in front of the Imperial Courts housing project.  ( I Later learned this was the birth place of the Crips gang)  The deputies bailed out and went in foot pursuit of a suspect between a row of what looked like apartment buildings.   I took off running with my helmet and baton down another row of  buildings to head the suspect off.  I made it about 100 yards when people, men, women and teens began streaming out of the buildings yelling that they were going to kill me!  What do you do when there are more people that want to kill you than you have ammo and they are unarmed?  (At this point I remembered something at briefing about not getting seperated from the rest of the team)  I ran back towards the units at mach 3 with 50 to 75 screaming people chasing me.  I thought; Hey, how can this be happening I’m the police and I am here to help?

        As I approached the units I saw my partner and the two officers that had come down from a neighboring city.  They had their shotguns leveled on the crowd.  The crowd is lucky I out ran them and made it back to the relative safety of the units.  If the crowd had caught me and got me down, those mountain boys would have cut loose, I know them.

        About 30 other two man units arrived to back us up and it looked like the whole housing project had surrounded us.  They were cursing us and their courage grew as their numbers grew.  My most vivid memory was a handle bar from a sting ray bicycle come sailing over the light bar on our unit right in front of my face.  The sea of angry black faces who were screaming they wanted to kill me simply because of the uniform I wore.

        The seargeant in charge got on his PA and told us all to drive away code-3 and run over anyone who got in our way!  Nearly 40 patrol units were in full retreat!  I could not believe what was happening.

        A lot more happened over those two days.  A few quick snapshots from my memory.  A “Churche’s Fried Chicken” building burned down and the rubble pile was about 6 feet high.  Structure Fires with no firemen around.  A really nice BMW that had been used as a battering ram to punch a hole through the block side wall of a store.

        To this day, I find it difficult to understand why these people burned the businesses in their own communities.  Also, I have to admit that I did the tourist thing and took lot’s of pictures when I could.  I also am fully aware of the many mistakes that I made.

        I am also 100% sure I made the right decision to live 300 miles from a major city.  I can only  imagine what would happen if people had something that really affected their lives to riot about like food shortages or reduction in public assistance.

      36. Gun? check
        Ammo? check
        Silver? check
        Gold? check
        food? check
        water? check
        first aid supplies? check

      37. “Have gold, food and guns at that point.”

        TnAndy: you mean have gold, food, and guns right now.

      38. Of course it can happen here, and it does from time to time.  People don’t even need a good reason, ie. Rodney King?  OJ Simpson?  Please, who gives a crap about them???  Some people just want to burn, kill and steal.  I think it’s coming here this year or next.  Any time.  If you don’t have a plan to protect your family you are in trouble.  The only good thing about it is if the government uses real bullets then maybe a lot of the dumbass troublemakers will get out there and it first.  One thing I’m pretty sure of is when the riots break out here the world as we knew it will be a memory. 

      39. What kind of ghetto scumbag idiot would burn down a Church’s Fried Chicken? 

      40. Could you smell chicken?  Popeye’s spicy is better.  Thunder Thighs or Alfa Kitty Kat will shut the net/cell service down here also.  How will I be able to track metals when they go to da MOON?

      41. Regarding the military or for that matter the police in a riot:  They may or may not intend to do you harm however if you become a threat to them they absolutely will do you harm.  Think about it!  What other choice is there.  They have weapons and cannot let those weapons fall into the hands of the rioters.  Every policeman and soldier knows that if the rioters get tehri weapons they will use them to kill the same police or soldiers they took them from.  For this reason even a “peaceful” protest is very dangerous.  YOU do not control the nuts, anarchists and rabble rousers in the crowd.  YOU do not have the ability to predict when it will get out of hand.  

        Also because the police and military are likely to have backup a few blocks away you may not be able to escape once TSHTF.  You will run from the police you can see and into the hands of the police you cannot see.  And no matter how peaceful you claim to be you are part of a mob destroying property and killing/harming the police.  They will not treat you nicely. 

      42. GWTW…put down the bong and back away slowly. I’m thinkin’ there’s some confusion here. The only reason anyone has a weapon when facing someone else is to do bodily harm. The police and the military carry weapons for one reason only — to do bodily harm. The threat is obvious, and if you put yourself in the position of having the barrel of a riot shotgun or assault rifle pointed at you, you are going to get exactly what you are asking for! Weapons come in all shapes and sizes, and those rioting use anything that is handy — rocks, bottles, bricks — just name it’s lethal. A pencil is a very deadly weapon. If you are there, the shit has already hit the fan. IF you are there, you are part of the mob simply by conspiring with those that are destroying property or attempting to bring bodily harm to another — law enforcement, military or whatever. The best advice is don’t go at all — if you need to see what’s happening, just stay home and watch it on teevee.

        GMAFB – No apologies intended, extended or implied.

      43. I’m surprised the shooter didn’t wait for “two for one” but he still sent his msg. and it was received.  I guess it’s not a good time to tour the Middle East unless your job demands it.

      44. Officer, look, they’re looting the Taco Bell!  Run for the border……

      45. All of the answers are here for every nation on this planet.  Just stop these devil banksters from destroying country after country by their manipulation of world currency and the placing of one country after another into debt that was contrived by these evil creatures for the purposes we are reading about now.  Those politicians in public offices that tell the people to calm down, and that they will fix the problems are the same ones that have given a green light to these banksters to kill, steal and destroy.  One thing to make sure of.  If the SHTF, make sure that those people responsible for destroying your country don’t make to the D.U.M.B.S. where they want to hide from the chaos that they have manufactured.  No one wants to die or be wounded, but if it should come down to making that decision, are you ready to do what it will take to fend off an out of control government?  Whatever you do, do not let them take you to one of their FEMA camps, you or anyone from your family.  Finding out what awaits for you and your family on the other side of life is the only way that you will be able to do those things needed to be done to keep your family safe from the evils that await those confined in a FEMA camp.  Without that knowledge, for sure you will be boarding one of their cattle cars to be taken to a camp of their choosing.

      46. Rachel; there is no scientific evidence that we are entering an ice age. The “strange” weather patterns occuring right now are normal for the el Nino conditions across the Pacific.

        I know you and Michelle believe that an ice age is coming and that’s fine. Everyone is entitled to their beliefs. I have read that theory too and while it is an interesting one, no one really knows the result of the current changes. (Still, remember to prep “long johns”, it can’t hurt.)

        The case can be made that the earth is still emerging from the last “ice age” because the ice caps are definitely melting, and the perma frost is definitely thawing. As the perma frost thaws it is releasing carbon and methane.

        Whether someone wants to label that “global warming” or not is irrelevant. The caps are melting and the perma frost thawing and these gases are entering the atmosphere in increasing rates. Not to mention the carbon (coal) pollution from China.

        As the ice caps melt that very cold water will move to the Equator, cooling other waters as it passes below them: not unlike a plastic cup of of ice smothered by warm sweet tea at Mickey D’s: the ice melts and the tea cools.

        What the final result of the melting ice caps will be is up for grabs and neither you or I will be here when the results are known.

      47. @Durango Kidd – Nice.  We don’t always agree (and lately I’m rarely here so doesn’t much matter haha) but on this I do fully agree with you.  I never bought into the Ice Age thing nor Y2K (then again I am a computer geek).

        The world is in constant flux, where it stops, no one knows, especially the scientists.  Since they just theorize and guess.  If you have a crystal ball that works, don’t sell it, get rich!

      48. Does this mean that my teevee cable bill that I pay to see commercials might have the plug pulled? 

      49. The PTB will be guaranteeing (at taxpayer expense) entitlement payouts long after we have lost every single freedom “guaranteed” by the Bill of Rights. Hell the Bill of Rights is all but null and void right now should push come to shove. Heard of Martial Law? TPTB are not concerned with preserving your freedom, in fact it would be quite preferable to them for us ALL to be on welfare and simply have work camps.

      50. Oh, Durango, we meet again.   The legitimate published evidence for both South Pole and Greenland is that the ice mass is increasing, not “melting”.   Ditto the Himalaya glaciers.    You seem to be reading from a script developed from three 1998 issues of Popular Science.    Some readers may want to start reading  and  which is where the real engineers and scientists post.   Durango won’t, and I don’t expect him to.   Religion requires faith, which is defined as absolute belief without proof.

      51. I agree too DK.  I think it’s a Al Gore beard woman thing.

      52. Comments…..   I think sooner or later, the government will try a false flag event to check the reaction of the public to a cutoff of entitlements.   Perhaps the food stamp card not being loaded on the date that it’s supposed to, so while the low income person is standing in line at the local Wally World at midnight, with a basket of groceries, their card doesn’t work.  perhaps another glitch as the computers are down, and people can’t get their benefits they think they’re allowed.
            There will be a flash point at some future date.  How many times can our congressional reps tell us what they are doing for us, and at the same time, ignore the crooks whos caused the problems in the first place?  Why have there been no banksters go to jail over the bailout fiasco? The list of questions goesd on and on.  I sick of the so called representatives we have in congress.  What a bunch of do nothing useless people they all are. 
             But I mean that in the nicest way…….

      53. The king bee is still in charge but firing all of the drones that take care of him.  The guard bees are doing their job.  The worker bees are pissed.  Where is all of the golden honey?  Who needs who….

      54. Why are these people rioting over there in Africa.  Don’t they have unemployment, food stamps, free housing, free phones, free health care, gun rights, social security, guaranteed jobs, 1 month vacations, cheap energy & help with their heating/air conditioning bills? 

      55. GMAFB:  I have never seen a bong never mind use one.

        Durango:  One thing is sure:  there will be a global cooling following this 33rd cyclical global warming since the last ice age.  When?  who knows.  But cool it will…

      56. Anonymous: If they had Second Amendment rights like us, it would be a revolution not a riot!

      57. Most of everything in the Cairo Museum is fake, I hope……  I’ve been there. 
        Red Leader, what does your state law book say about a state of emergency or martial law imposed and “second amendment rights” out on streets or in your home after a Katrina?


        The importance of this Dam is monumental in Egypt when you consider it militarily.  If you don’t know after reading this, ask…..

      59. merlinv12: We have never met before, as I recall. As for your opinion that the ice caps or glaciers are not melting, tell it to the polar bears, I don’t care. I am basing my opinion on the pictures I see and the reports I read; not to mention the fact that there is a new “northwest passage”. But hey, I will check your links because I am always interested in the “truth”.

        GWTW: You are absolutely right about that.

      60. Merlin: I didn’t find your first link very useful as it seems to be professionals debating among themselves about “how many angels can dance on the head of a pin”. Pin heads you might say.

        The second link looks more interesting to me but I don’t have enough time right now to scour it. Didn’t see anything to suggest that the caps are not melting as one guy was musing about the current warm period in respect to other warm periods, like the Roman Warm Period.

      61. GMAFB, just an observation, the police and the military carry weapons for More Than one reason only,… they are, for Fear and Intimidation.

        Red Leader said, “I ran back towards the units at mach 3 with 50 to 75 screaming people chasing me.  I thought; Hey, how can this be happening I’m the police and I am here to help?” – That is a clue.

        Did you say, “I’m from the government, and I’m here to help.” ?

        Or did they call you?

        “They had their shotguns leveled on the crowd.” – Us vs. them, masters vs. subjects?

        “The sea of angry black faces” – Not just angry faces?

        “…they wanted to kill me simply because of the uniform I wore.” – another clue?

        “The seargeant in charge got on his PA and told us all to drive away code-3 and run over anyone who got in our way!” – innocent person, child, old woman, it didn’t matter? – Clue # 3?

        “authorization to cut and leave” ?

        “What this means, of course, is that the state-created armed tribe… is an army of occupation — primed to kill, given broad discretion in the use of lethal force, and trained to consider all of us who don’t belong to their tribe as potentially lethal enemies.”

        “I find it difficult to understand why these people burned the businesses in their own communities.” – said the occupier to the occupied.

        “I am also 100% sure I made the right decision to live 300 miles from a major city.” – Hmm, maybe it was more about being an outsider? Did the people on the other side of your barrel seem to be fighting amongst themselves, or were they ok with each other? – Clue #4. Things may be the same everywhere?

        By the way, thanks for sharing, I appreciate that.

        “Everyone knows that the State claims and exercises [a] monopoly of crime … and that it makes this monopoly as strict as it can. It forbids private murder, but itself organizes murder on a colossal scale. It punishes private theft, but itself lays unscrupulous hands on anything it wants, whether the property of citizen or of alien. There is, for example, no human right, natural or Constitutional, that we have not seen nullified by the United States Government. Of all the crimes that are committed for gain or revenge, there is not one that we have not seen it commit – murder, mayhem, arson, robbery, fraud, criminal collusion and connivance.” – Albert Jay Nock

      62. Clark, your post made my head hurt.  What was your point in critiquing everyone else?  It’s a shame to put that much work in to a post and not have a clear point.

      63. @clark…time wake up and smell the coffee here, buddy — just what do you think the end result the  fear and intimidation of the business end of a firearm is?  Would it be the simply fact you are afraid of or being intimidated by the end result of the projectile lead impacting the soft tissue of your body — resulting in injury or death?  The only purpose of a firearm and the direct result and use of a firearm is injury or death.  Call it what you want — fear and/or intimidation — but the end result is the same — to kill you if you are willing to put yourself in the front sight with someone who is willing to pull the trigger.  First lesson in use of a weapon – only point it at someone if you are willing to pull the trigger and live with the consequences – both real and imagined, in your case.

        Just a question, have you ever been in a firefight?  I’d guess not by your absurdly wordy and trite response…maybe some original words of your own would let us all know what you really think — cutting and pasting is for amateurs.

        GMAFB — no apology what-so-ever…

      64. Sorry, USA government won’t be overthrown by riots. In no deomcratic country has the government ever been overthrown by riots. After all, voters are getting exactly the politicians they wanted.

        For USA, a slow slide into socialist grinding poverty and a USSR-like breakup is much more likely IMHO. The oligarchs will be relatively rich, but will live in a cesspool and will be impoverished compared to what they could have had under capitalism.

        In USA, localized riots with desperate people are quite possible. I recommend avoiding violent riots for your own safety. And do not participate in violence: in committing violence you lose any moral standing to complain about others commiting violence against you. Besides, running around throwing things is kind of dumb. If you want to effect real change,  inspire people with knowledge instead.

      65. >For USA, a slow slide into socialist grinding poverty and a USSR-like breakup is much more likely IMHO

        BTW I think this process will take about 50 years.

        Even a currency collapse (which has happened before) or shutting down of the federal reserve (our 3rd central bank now) will not cause USA to breakup.

      66. @Dr. Acula…are you mushroom’s brother?  Apparently you aren’t preppring either…another 99.9999%er if I’ve ever seen one.  I sure hope you don’t like to eat food.

        GMAFB – no apologies extended, intended or implied…

      67. Steve, I was just looking at GMAFB’s statement where he said, “The only reason anyone has a weapon when facing someone else is to do bodily harm. The police and the military carry weapons for one reason only — to do bodily harm.”
        I asked myself, Why do some guards have guns but no bullets? Obviously there must be more than one purpose of a firearm? The first two lines of my reply were about that, the rest wasn’t addressing that, exactly, but it kind of addressed what else he said, “The threat is obvious, and if you put yourself in the position of having the barrel of a riot shotgun or assault rifle pointed at you, you are going to get exactly what you are asking for!”
        I just wonder about the many people who didn’t, “ask for it” you know, like say for example the students at Kent State in Ohio way back when and people since then in similar situations, I won’t suffer you the all-too-real links.

        Whenever I see someone say, “The best advice is don’t go at all” I have to wonder if they thought it was also a good idea for those early Americans who protested against the King of England back in 1775 to stay home too? And if not, why should any one else? I’m talking protest here, not riot.

        The comment about what Red Leader had to say was an attempt to shed some light on questions he seemed to be posing, “how can this be happening I’m the police and I am here to help?” and, “To this day, I find it difficult to understand why” Perhaps, by seeking the answers to those questions more people can live peaceably with one another, now, and when SHTF?

        Cutting and pasting is for learning and understanding, for those who seek it anyway.

        And, GMAFB, I am afraid of the end result of the projectile lead impacting the soft tissue of the body of innocents, you should be too, but it doesn’t seem that way.

      68. @ clak –

        If you put yourself in a position where you will meet the police or military presence opposing your position, you are no longer innocent, but rather you are there of your own free will and have made yourself a target.  As such, you must be willing to accept the consequences of your actions – or the actions of someone you cannot control that is beside you.  I remember Kent State well, and I can tell you the innocents there did not deserve what happened.  However, when you place yourself within range of someone with a lethal weapon who is charged with ‘keeping the peace’,  the results are often unpredictable, especially when they are young-and-dumb and are being trained to follow orders and kill.  What’s the death toll in Egypt now — over 100?

        There will be plenty of time for your revolution, Clark, but in the meantime  Speak not of revolution until you are willing to eat rats to survive, come the RevolutionThe Last Poets or of things of which you apparently have little or no experience.

        I’m betting you aren’t willing to eat rats, get shot at or suffer being wounded or killed – or having an innocent friend or family member injured or killed either.   Having been in the military (during Viet Nam) and seen a few things in my lifetime I would like to forget, I’d prefer to avoid the avoidable and do what I can to ensure my family will survive.  If you believe riots and demonstrations will bring about a better form of government for the people, you’re fooling yourself.  Thomas Jefferson is quoted as saying “A democracy is nothing more than mob rule, where fifty-one percent of the people may take away the rights of the other forty-nine”.

        Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want, and deserve to get it good and hard. – H. L. Mencken

        I’ll be happy to defend my family and myself, but I’m wise enough not to go out asking for it good and hard.

        GMAFB – no apologies extended, intended or implied…but I sure pray you will see the light.

      69. So you’re saying it was also a good idea for those early Americans who protested against the King of England back in 1775 to stay home too?

        Do you suppose they thought they were defending their families by protesting?

        There’s short term survival and then there’s long term survival.
        From what I gather, simply walking outside or trying to go to work is a risk, one that, “you are there of your own free will and have made yourself a target.” Are you going to hide from life too?

        Small matter, but I wasn’t mentioning riots and demonstrations, I used the word protest. And I’m not telling anyone what to do.

        Simply “Opting Out” would probably be the best improvement.

      70. @clark — February 3rd, 2011 at 12:53 am
        “you are there of your own free will and have made yourself a target.” Are you going to hide from life too?

        Less than 1% of the population of the colonies participated in the American Revolution.  Maybe reading a bit of reading of real history instead of the revisionist nonsense you apparently learned in whatever education you received would be a real eye-opener for you.

        Pro 18:12

        Before destruction the heart of man is haughty, and before honour [is] humility.

        Pro 18:21

        Death and life [are] in the power of the tongue: and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof.

        You are a fool, and you simply can’t argue with a fool. 

        I surrender…

        GMAFB – yadayada…

      71. “The revolution was in the minds and hearts of the people and in the union of the colonies, both of which were accomplished before hostilities began.” —John Adams

        So now you’re calling John Adams a fool too?
        What kind of American Are you?

        You are very mistaken about the 1% figure, please read further to see why:

        “The widespread, persistent, and dangerous myth to which I should like to call attention here is the notion that the American Revolution was carried out by only a minority of the people.”

        “…how can the collapse of the legitimacy of British institutions even before the outbreak of fighting, which will always tend to polarize the neutrals, be explained? Further, the patriots managed not only to subdue the internal Loyalist opposition, which had the support of the British army, Hessian mercenaries, and Indian allies, but also to mount an assault on Canada.”

        “American academia has become so fragmented that a specialist apparently does not now read much of what is written even in areas relatively near his own. That perhaps explains why more intellectuals have not come across the exposure of the misreading of the Adams letter. But it does not explain the obvious relish with which intellectuals have repeated the minority myth. The answer to that problem, I suspect, lies in the elitist assumptions that intellectuals have about social change. They rather like the notion that small minorities, like themselves, are the prime movers in history.”

        The American Revolution and the Minority Myth
        January 1, 1975
        William F. Marina
        Modern Age

        Biblically speaking, is it not true that you should attempt to understand the other side before you make condemnation?
        It appears that you have not done this.

        Please try again.

      72. “…a short, honest, compelling video by a young Egyptian girl, Asmaa Mahfouz, who decided to assert her natural rights, in the great tradition of peaceful withdrawal of support for dictators and their gangs advocated by St. Augustine, Etienne de la Boetie, Thoreau, Gandhi, the Dalai Lama and Martin Luther King.”

        “Whoever says its not worth it coz there will be only a handful of people, I want to tell him, you are the reason behind this. And you are a traitor, just like the president or any security cop who beats us in the streets.”

        “If you stay home, then you deserve all that’s being done to you.”

        “And you’ll be responsible for what happens to us on the street while you sit at home.”

        “Don’t be afraid of the government, fear none but God!”

        “…there is no need of fighting to overcome this single tyrant, for he is automatically defeated if the country refuses consent to its own enslavement: it is not necessary to deprive him of anything, but simply to give him nothing; there is no need that the country make an effort to do anything for itself provided it does nothing against itself. It is therefore the inhabitants themselves who permit, or, rather, bring about, their own subjection, since by ceasing to submit they would put an end to their servitude.” – De La Boetie

      73. Best bet is to have a plan to leave the country. Say “Hi” to the passing illegals trying to get in. lol

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