This Is Why We Prepare: Terrorists Publish Plan To Strike A Critical Part Of America’s Infrastructure

by | Aug 15, 2017 | Headline News | 71 comments

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    ISIS’ strategy for fighting the West has certainly brought terrorism into the 21st century. Their battlefield is shifting away from the real world and into social media, where they can indoctrinate people living in the West, and convince them to carry out terror attacks in their name. And rather than being sophisticated attacks that cause mass casualties, ISIS promotes multiple smaller attacks that can be spread out throughout a targeted country. It’s easier to cause these kinds of incidents, and a lot harder for authorities to foil them.

    It’s a strategy that is as simple as it is brilliant. They can wreak havoc on the societies that oppose them with little cost, and without lifting a finger.

    It’s such an effective strategy that it’s now being picked up by other terror groups like Al-Qaeda. Ibrahim al-Asiri, who is the group’s chief bomb maker, recently published a document in a magazine (it should be noted that the idea of a terrorist group having a slick magazine is also borrowed from ISIS) that shows any would-be lone wolf terrorist how to inflict mayhem on a critical component of America’s infrastructure.

    Trains are of particular significance to this plan, especially freight trains that carry a range of key consumer products.

    “In America, trains are considered to be among the most important means of transportation within the country,” the article states. “What becomes apparent is that it is too difficult to protect these means of transportation. And here is where we find its vulnerability—means of transportation today are considered to be a weak point which we must focus on.”

    The al Qaeda leader urges potential terrorists to focus on three key areas: The trains themselves, the routes they follow, and stations they might stop at.

    Due to the difficulty in policing and monitoring these areas, they are viewed as a prime target to cause the most mayhem. An attack would not only disrupt the U.S. economy, but foster panic in the American population and drain many resources, according to the blueprint.

    As for why Al-Qaeda would want to target our railways, it’s not just because they’re vulnerable. It’s because our infrastructure in general represents a severe vulnerability, and railways happen to the most enticing target in that regard. Roads, railways, docks, and airports are the lifeblood a developed nation. Without them, our whole standard of living would disappear. The article predicts that by targeting railways intermittently they can destroy our economy, which is absolutely true.

    Some transport companies may get into bankruptcy if targeted regularly and are unable to secure themselves, this will make people seize using such a company for their transportation needs,” according to the article. “These are the most important consequences that may accompany these kind of operations.”

    Attacks of this nature can be carried out on a small budget and cause significant amounts of damage and death, which is of particular interest to al Qaeda.

    “With little resources, it is possible to achieve great results, this is, if the operations is well executed and planned,” according to the blueprint article. “The results of these kind of operations are disastrous to the economy, especially if they occur regularly.”

    This is exactly why we prepare for shortages and economic calamities. We live in world where our very lives depend on long logistical chains that are extremely vulnerable to disruption. We live in a time where a handful of determined people can bring society to its knees. Prepare now, because the fact that this hasn’t happened yet is quite frankly, a miracle. We can’t remain so lucky forever.


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      1. This is also why we have Conceal and Carry

        • oh? you patrol all however-many-miles of rail with your trusty kel-tec 380 every day?

          Good luck with that

      2. Yes, we must prepare.

        But MORE important is Prayer with Everyone adhering to the Ten Commandments each of which will invoke Divine Protection for our Judeo-Christian nation, the same that was granted to the Israelites when you study the history of the Old Testament.

        Through prayer, getting right with God daily, and by obeying the Ten Commandments, neither terrorism nor globalism will defeat the Almighty who will protect His own.

        Now you know what St. Augustine meant when he said act as if everything depends on you but pray as if everything depends on God.

        May God bless you all.

        – the Lone Ranger

        • ISIS??? You mean the CIA and Mossad? Like the 5 dancing Mossad operates sent to the US from Israhell to film the planes crashing into the twin towers on 9-11. Then celebrating? Yes all enemies of the USA foreign and domestic. Gee how did ISIS get into the US anyhow? Oh the phony immigration plan designed by the zionists implated and embedded in our Government of course. Flood the cointry with garbage and call it diversity. So who is it again do we need to be on thr lookout for? Yep the Kosher Hebrew speakers. Thats who. Go check out Brother Nathanials channel on YTube. He will explain all about the Goyam Jewery and why they hate us and want to destroy us. Now lets see if the Truth here gets put into moderation again. How about release the 28 paged redacted from the 9-11 report and kept secret from US Taxpayers. What ya hiding and what ya afraid of. Give us the TRUTH.

          • uh, there were no planes on 9-11. CGI is what you and everyone else saw.

            • You’re dumb.

        • Fuck your pagan religion and fuck the 3ews. Take your filthy devine garbage elsewhere. As long as ignorant dopes keep believing that superstitious BS, we are screwed. Get right with reality and the truth.

          • The Federal Reserve has done more damage to our Country and Economy than any would be ISIS terrorist..

          • Sure, CSS.
            Everything in USA has gotten sooooo much better since we started ditching God.

            • Deplorable: CSS and other useless trolls/agitators/morons, etc. are only reason I never sign up for emails or join anything, incl patriot groups or churches. There are infiltrators in everything as the book 1984 proves.

          • Mr Crackhead , heres a headline from the Drudge report :

            “Cyberbullies more likely to attempt suicide…”

            Get well soon friend .

            • All of this Hyped up BS about N Korea Nuking us, is to rekindle the “Reagan Star War Program.” Create another boogie man to jack up their budgets to fleece the American Tax Payers. That’s all that it is, Fake News.

              Calling out Facts Regarding Religion: Show me even one person who ever got everlasting life. John 3:16. Until then, STFU until you can prove it. Its all a Fraud to dupe Stoopid sheep out of their wealth and dignity.

              • Dear CrackSkull-

                “To one who has faith, no explanation is necessary. To one without faith, no explanation is possible.”
                -St. Thomas Aquinas

                God Bless,

              • Dear Crackskull-

                “To one with faith, no explanation is necessary. To one without faith, no explanation is possible.”
                -St. Thomas Aquinas

                God Bless,

              • Well You have an everlasting spirit It is up to you where you spend eternity once you die.

                I have everlasting life. Saved and accepted. Sorry you do not believe and I can accept thats You choice. But for Christians we are saved and Yes John 3:16 For God so loved the world that he gave his only son that whom soever shall call upon his name shall be saved. I believe.

          • will pray harder for you!!

            NOT sarcasm (the use of irony to mock or convey contempt)

            this be from the heart WWTI

          • CrackedYourSkull – take your filthy mouth and faithless soul elsewhere. The sad TRUTH is that by removing GOD from America it only goes downhill from there… The founding fathers knew that!

          • Lone Ranger is correct. You need to get right with God to survive this. God is reality and God is the Truth. He will help anyone out of a sticky situation if you ask him with true belief. I have experienced this myself many, many times. There is no room left for doubt. It is not a superstition.

          • Well I guess your going to be screwed Because Im not changing my beliefs. No need to lash out at him.

        • Thank you for speaking truth. Have compassion and mercy on decenters that are blinded by the lust of the world.

        • Thank you Lone Ranger..
          Blessings are many, attitude of gratitude, and to ask forgiveness when we falter for we are only human.

        • The Bible promotes Jewish supremacism, and Christianity is subordinate to it.

          • God said This is my people I will bless those who bless you and curse those who curse you.

            God is not setting up for one to be superior over the next because when Jesus came he came to call the Jews and gentiles.

            But we are not to curse his people.

      3. I find it hard to believe that it has not already begun. A loose bolt, a stolen rail spike, a missing screw, shorted cut-off switch….. an million little crucial places to destroy this fragile society. Yeah, it’s coming. And nothing will be able to be assumed to be safe. And before some testosterone-addled soul says it (“I’m going to fight off the hordes @ my bug-out location” or some other drivel) – that means you too.

        • Heartless: gotcha, we are selling the house after 20 years, will be renting so as to be mobile if needed. Downsizing and getting needed supplies is priority now. Folks, sell or donate useless crap which will be useless when the take down happens, unload house if in cities or large towns, and move out from town in an RV, travel trailer on your land or on someones land you can trust.

      4. Well,as long as they hit the net,then watch the millions with their phones and pads wandering around in a state of shock/complete loss!

        • That’s what my wife stated if those cell phones stopped working those folks would go nuts. That I wouldn’t mind seeing!

          • Now that N. Korea canceled the big attack, I’m really glad I didn’t break ground on that big ol bomb shelter.

            I was musing that, wouldn’t it be awesome if people were walking about on a record hot afternoon and N. Korea detonates a nuke high in the sky for the EMP effect. Everyone looks up at the flash and goes ooh aahhhhh. But nothing happens. A few small blackouts. A few breakers get popped. The grid rebalances and everything just keeps working fine.

            N. Korea, all red in the face, says oopsie daisy!

          • Old Guy, when my phone stops working I’ll jump for joy. I get so many stupid calls from people over stupid things I wish it would go dead.

          • LOL – this was just posted yesterday –
            “Smartphone separation anxiety is growing problem, says scientist”
            ht tp://

            • I have a regular cell for calls and texts but half the time I don’t even have it with me. One co worker is glued to her phone 24/7. A couple of weeks ago it stopped working and she literally freaked out!! I was half way amused and half way sickened by her reaction. She took it to be repaired and had it back in 4 or 5 hours but she was lost without it.

              • Oh that’s funny about the woman with the phone, and tragic too. I have a cheap trac phone and most of the time it is turned off and IN a metal can so they can’t track it by picking up the frequency. I only have a couple people who text me anyway so it doesn’t matter that it’s turned off. I turn it on when i need to text my friend or son. Wait for their texts and then turn off. It is SO intrusive these phones! I read “they” can turn on the mic from the smart phone and listen to your conversation or whatever is said in the area of the phone. No thankyou!

            • Nomophobia– is a proposed name for the phobia of being out of cellular phone contact. It is, however, arguable that the word “phobia” is misused and that in the majority of cases it is another form of anxiety disorder.

              poor thangs

      5. I notice people praying nothing bad happens. They don’t know about : Even so Lord come soon,? That means we know the tribulation will be the worse. But hurry up? We want this Satan ruled world to be over with,regardless of our personal costs. Our lamps are full. Get it over with,already. With all due respect.

      6. Yep it wouldn’t take much to derail a train, blow up a pipeline or damage a substation. Now if just one of the locks on the Mississippi or Arkansas rivers where put out of commission that would shut down barge traffic.

        • Old Guy, you are right, I’m an old river pilot and every time I locked through a lock on the Upper Mississippi I would see all the traffic waiting their lock turn,I’ve been number 20 at times,I couldn’t help but think,what if a dam went out and we couldn’t move our tow of crude oil up river to St.Paul. Could the pipelines do the job? Maybe,but what if they were hit also? Koch and NW refineries are the only ones making gasoline for the area and they would be shut down within days,in turn the cities would run out of stored supplies within a week,also the airport would run out of jet fuel,it wouldn’t be pretty.The old Riverman that I trained under told me that during WW2 the Army posted armed guards at all locks and some even had anti aircraft guns set up to protect the locks and dams from enemy attack.After 911 I saw a few armed guards at the industrial locks in New Orleans for a while.The government knows how important river transportation is so lets hope they will properly protect it now.One other note, the Company I worked for had monthly terrorist drills for all boat crews and the USCG requires all vessels to have a security plan on board at all times.

      7. ISIS is funded by the CIA, Saudi Arabia and Israel in the middle east destabilizing governments. The fringe wing attempts to commit terrorism elsewhere but with CIA all through the organization no doubt little happens without them knowing it. The third level is rogue, lone wolf “want to be’s” that put sand in the gears.

        The US is wide open, the targets are endless. The culprits don’t parachute in behind the lines their virtually invited.

        Lets sum up:

        1. The US and its allies fund and arm terrorists

        2. The US allows them in

        3. Europe INVITES them in

        There is an agenda from TPTB. If they want these acts to happen they will. If they don’t the odds are that they won’t happen.

        • Keven2: and European women sleep with third world scum, and breed their bastards, Europe is full of sissified males in lacy panties- no real men left, and the women prefer macho Muslims. Europe is soon to fall into ruin and a caliphate will emerge turning it into a third world hell hole because there is zero leadership and a nihilistic, self indulgent mindset. The U.S. is full of morons as generations die off, folks are hooked on cell phones, even in retiree groups (my age) I see shallowness, stupidity. Hubby and I are social recluses, fed up with losers. We have few tuned in pals. We are not involved in any group activity. People would be smart not to join any groups and stay low key. Ditch apostate churches and home church with family or several friends.

          • TPTB with their one world goal are facilitating the equalization of wealth and homogenization of genes. One of their tools is the entertainment “industry” which creates what is and isn’t popular. The public desires to be part of the group thus acquiescing. I see and hear more about the majority and less about the individual. Human society is willfully becoming an insect colony.

      8. We’ve been told otherwise, but Islam conquered Rome at Constantinople. And put Islamic domes on the largest church in the world? You think one day they’ll say, Here ,you can have your church back?

      9. This is only one of several things I prepare for.

        • I have Preparation H for hemmaroids like you.

          • Oh yeah, you mean the hemmoride Left eh? Yep. That’s the one.

      10. While I do worry about that, I worry just as much about working in Philly, Chicago or even little towns worn out with meth heads. At a certain point, threats lead to a preemptive strike. Keep prepping, drilling and communicating. Worst comes to worse, know what to do, where to go, and who to rain justice upon.

      11. Many have large propane tanks above ground. Stray bullets?

        • I live about 2-3 miles away from train tracks and they do carry chemical tanks i see. Am i too close to them? It’s the one thing i worry about in the country here. I don’t have a bug out bag cuz i don’t know where i would go.

      12. Trains are well protected and patrolled. I’d worry about nk sinking shipping to America they could take out fuel tankers too. They may have stepped back for now but maybe that’s their strategy to calm the situation so the us pulls back they do a pre emptive strike with an emp then launch multiple nukes and sink shipping and who knows China might see them succeeding and help them. America has no shortage of enemies.

      13. I remember some years back one spring where several 18-wheelers jack-knifed or flipped at critical intersections around the Washington DC beltway along with the usual amount of accidents. Traffic was super ugly for days. Amazingly, no one died in all this.

        So, no need for high tech to create mayhem; the above mess was all coincidence with a little bad weather.

      14. The only group currently physically destroying America is the Antifa terrorists.

        • Correction, the only group using the same muslim terrorist tactics that are being used overseas in Europe, is the Antifa and BLM terrorist alliance.

      15. NY crowd gathers to chant “NY Hates Trump”H8TE” (54 seconds)

        Always remember: H8TE, violence & violating safe spaces is wrong… … unless you are the hypocrite, fascist left, such as those gathered in NY early this week to chant how much they HATE Trump. Video here, 54 seconds:

        Remember: Hate, violence and suppression are always bad… unless the fascist left brownshirts to it, such as the burning of Berkeley, putting that Middlebury College prof in the hospital after assaulting her for defending free speech, or the shooting or Rep. Scalise. Then the hate, violence and suppression is “understandable,” “justifiable,” and even “good.”

        And no, these non-Einsteins fascist left Antifa types have absolutely ZERO clue about their complete hypocrisy, or the fact that they, themselves are the biggest H8TERS on the planet. Nor do they even have the basic intelligence to know that Nazi stands for National SOCIALIST Workers’ Party, which adopted explicitly socialist plans Feb. 24, 1920 at their first convention.

      16. Trains, planes, and trucks. Transportation of goods and people is very important in a modern Country. But the Amish will hardly miss a beat. Granny and her flock will be too busy gardening, and she’ll just say a prayer when her phone goes dead, in appreciation for the peace of mind without these reminders of what can go wrong.


        • The Amish are smart, frugal people. They utilize our technology that works in generating a living and keep to themselves.

          They own businesses and are not shy to use whatever technology is required to run them. However, they’ll hire drivers and limo services to truck their goods and drive them home.

          I have seen them erect condos, by hand, in record time. A hundred men hammering and sawing away, while the women and children are in a nearby field, busy cooking up lunch.

          Then the hammering stops. All goes quiet. They will all sit down, pray and eat together as one family.

          Seeing them takes me back to my days as a child on the farm. I was adopted by a mother whom was part native, and a father whom was a mechanic. It was a life of hard work, with little time for TV. But it was paradise. I didn’t realize that until I join the Military. When I see the Amish, I see the American version of paradise living.

          Yes, they will do just fine.

          • “Yes, they will do just fine.”

            With one Achilles Heel; they won’t raise a hand to defend themselves.

        • granny and her flock don’t have the phone (Old Order)

          just no more trips to the phone shack at the end of the loooooong driveway

          life for them will hardly skip a beat, until…..

          the roving hoards come calling.

          they will not resist.

          it will be hard to hear.

          prep your souls.

      17. Acts 16:31
        So they said, “Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and you will be saved, you and your household.”

      18. The Amish buy a lot from us “English”. Their horse-drawn farm machinery isn’t homemade. Look at a lot of what they use daily.

      19. There are so many different forces attacking our country from all sides it really is inevitable that the SwillHTF. Financial collapse under a currency based off of nothing, China and Russia wanting to take our place as the big hit at the trough, our continual slip into socialism, racism, political party hatred, the rich vs. the poor, our continual separation from everything the founding fathers stood for, regulation upon regulation, taxed to death, food becoming more and more processed chemicals, obesity, North Korea let by a nutcase with a nuke, Iran pursuing nukes…I could go on and on and on…

        My plan… Be prepared for as much as I can, love on people, stock the shelves, learn the skills, keep your powder dry and aim small miss small.

        And find out what’s eating the leaves of my apple tree. Ugh…

        Good bless,

      20. New York Muslem arrested with large cache of weapons . Did you read what this guy had. High dollar pistols with lasers. High dollar rifles. 50 cal. Ammo. No mention of food. We don’t realize the seriousness of our situation. They have had 8 years ,this guy could well arm 10 refugees. If we delay the civil war , we will just get deeper in the hole.?

      21. Granny will invite everybody over for a feast of fried crawdads, possum backs and pickled crow gizzards.

        • aljamo: I’m going to a granny style diner tomorrow for lunch, serving collards, black eyed peas, fried chicken and baby back ribs, etc.

      22. sure

        yer gonna tell yer enemy what your planing to do, and publicize it on the web

        how fuckin dumb do they think we are to buy this pile of steaming shit?

        seems they are just as good at distractions as our own government .. imagine that

      23. Old Guy, you are one damn good troll. How long are you expecting to convince everyone on here that you are a prepper, when in fact you attacks on me is proving daily that you are a 100% agency ass clown troll. You said that your a farmer. What are you growing, GMO corn to feed chickens and cows. If that’s the farming that you are in, your not a farmer in my mind. Nice try troll.


        • Houston, we have a problem. It seems the Chi-Coms still have not crossed the Rio Grande.
          Don’t worry. HCKS is ready for you. Still waiting for the fake Asian invasion.

      24. This is a much bigger threat than North Korea. Muslims, and radical Islam, live amongst us and can mess sh#t up bad, as we saw on 9/11 and since. On top of this, we import more of them by the week, increasing and spreading their population to every population centre. Transport sabotage has already started in Europe: a day does not go by without some incident where a bus or train ‘spontaneously’ explodes or catches fire. I didn’t know so many public vehicles were so badly maintained or engineered??

        As for North Korea, cut a trade deal with them and things get nice and cozy quickly. North Koreans are excellent with electronics and visual arts. The country is also a green tourism hot spot and the women are sublime. Trump could even open a casino in Pyongyang and flood it with Chinese. America could get in on the ground floor for what will be a mega business opportunity.

        • On a serious note, something has to give with those damn Gooks. I would not trust them as far as I could throw those damn sneaky ass dinks.

      25. Actually the over road trucking industry has out performed the railroad by far with faster and more precise delivery. The railroad still excels in massive delivery items like coal, tanks, grains etc. That are to heavy and bulky for trucks to haul.

      26. Yep. Comment goes straight to moderation. Been like that for years now. Guess I’ll check back in a couple of days and see if there’s​ any response. Maybe…

      27. “I Ain’t Skeered”

      28. The time to worry is when ISIS or some other terrorist group realizes how easy it is to destroy the electric transmission grid supplying power to a major city. Knock out just three critical transmission lines or three critical power transformers and a city the size of Chicago will be without power for weeks or months. An attack in the Winter will be the worst as the cold and snow will be a force multiplier. The electrical transmission grid, not a rail line, is the ultimate soft target. The effect on the people in the target city and the whole country will be the same as an atom bomb. Compared to other WMDs attacking transmission line and power transformers is very easy, low tech and requires just a few terrorists.

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