This Is What Is Going To Happen If Ebola Comes To America

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    This article has been generously contributed by Michael Snyder. You can follow his regular writings, research and analysis at The Economic Collapse Blog and The American Dream. Read his recent book The Beginning of the End to get an idea of what America may look like in the very near future

    ebola campsIf the worst Ebola outbreak in recorded history reaches the United States, federal law permits “the apprehension and examination of any individual reasonably believed to be infected with a communicable disease”.  These individuals can be “detained for such time and in such manner as may be reasonably necessary”.  In other words, the federal government already has the authority to round people up against their will, take them to detention facilities and hold them there for as long as they feel it is “reasonably necessary”.  In addition, as you will read about below, the federal government has the authority “to separate and restrict the movement of well persons who may have been exposed to a communicable disease to see if they become ill”.  If you want to look at these laws in the broadest sense, they pretty much give the federal government the power to do almost anything that they want with us in the event of a major pandemic.  Of course such a scenario probably would not be called “martial law”, but it would probably feel a lot like it.

    If Ebola comes to America and starts spreading, one of the first things that would happen would be for the CDC to issue “a federal isolation or quarantine order”.  The following is what the CDC website says about what could happen under such an order…

    Isolation and quarantine are public health practices used to stop or limit the spread of disease.

    Isolation is used to separate ill persons who have a communicable disease from those who are healthy. Isolation restricts the movement of ill persons to help stop the spread of certain diseases. For example, hospitals use isolation for patients with infectious tuberculosis.

    Quarantine is used to separate and restrict the movement of well persons who may have been exposed to a communicable disease to see if they become ill. These people may have been exposed to a disease and do not know it, or they may have the disease but do not show symptoms. Quarantine can also help limit the spread of communicable disease.

    Isolation and quarantine are used to protect the public by preventing exposure to infected persons or to persons who may be infected.

    In addition to serving as medical functions, isolation and quarantine also are “police power” functions, derived from the right of the state to take action affecting individuals for the benefit of society.

    “Isolation” would not be a voluntary thing.  The federal government would start hunting down anyone that they “reasonably believed to be infected with a communicable disease” and taking them to the facilities where other patients were being held.  It wouldn’t matter if you were entirely convinced that you were 100% healthy.  If the government wanted to take you in, you would have no rights in that situation.  In fact, federal law would allow the government to detain you “for such time and in such manner as may be reasonably necessary”.

    And once you got locked up with all of the other Ebola patients, there would be a pretty good chance that you would end up getting the disease and dying anyway.  The current Ebola outbreak has a 55 percent percent mortality rate, and experts tell us that the mortality rate for Ebola can be as high as 90 percent.

    Once you contracted Ebola, this is what it would look like

    Sudden onset of fever, intense weakness, muscle pain, headache and sore throat. That is followed by vomiting, diarrhoea, rash, impaired kidney and liver function and internal and external bleeding.

    The “external bleeding” may include bleeding from the eyes, ears, nose, mouth and just about every other major body cavity.

    So how is Ebola spread?

    Well, medical authorities tell us that it can be spread through the blood, urine, saliva, stools and semen of a person or animal that already has Ebola.

    If you are exposed to the disease, the incubation period can be from anywhere from two days up to 21 days.  But the average is usually about eight to ten days.

    In other words, you can be spreading it around for over a week before you even know that you have it.

    There is no vaccine for Ebola and there is no cure.

    Not everyone dies from the virus, but most people do.

    Needless to say, this is about the last disease that you want to catch.  And the doctors that are treating Ebola patients in Africa are going to extreme lengths to keep from getting it…

    To minimise the risk of infection they have to wear thick rubber boots that come up to their knees, an impermeable body suit, gloves, a face mask, a hood and goggles to ensure no air at all can touch their skin.

    Dr Spencer, 27, and her colleagues lose up to five litres of sweat during a shift treating victims and have to spend two hours rehydrating afterwards.

    They are only allowed to work for between four and six weeks in the field because the conditions are so gruelling.

    At their camp they go through multiple decontaminations which includes spraying chlorine on their shoes.

    But despite all of those extraordinary measures, multiple doctors have already gotten sick.

    For example, one of the doctors leading the fight against Ebola, Dr. Sheik Humarr Khan, died on Tuesday

    A doctor who was on the front lines fighting the Ebolaoutbreak in Sierra Leone has died from complications of the disease, Doctors Without Borders said Tuesday.

    Dr. Sheik Humarr Khan fell ill early last week while overseeing Ebola treatment at Kenema Government Hospital, about 185 miles east of Sierra Leone’s capital city, Freetown.

    He was treated by the French aid group Medecins Sans Frontieres — also known as Doctors Without Borders — in Kailahun, Sierra Leone, up until his death, spokesman Tim Shenk said.

    And two American doctors that went over to Africa to help fight the disease are now battling for their own lives…

    Dr. Kent Brantly, who was treating victims of the Ebola outbreak in Liberia, is currently being treated in an isolation unit in the Liberian capital, Monrovia, the AP reported Tuesday.

    “I’m praying fervently that God will help me survive this disease,” Brantly said in an email Monday to Dr. David Mcray, the director of maternal-child health at John Peter Smith Hospital in Fort Worth, Texas. The Texas-born Brantly, 33, completed a four-year medical residency at the hospital, the AP said.

    Brantly’s wife and two young children left Liberia to return to Abilene, Texas, days before he began to show symptoms of Ebola. They are being monitored for any signs of fever, a City of Abilene spokeswoman told the AP.

    A second American, aid worker Nancy Writebol of Charlotte, N.C., is also stricken with Ebola, according to CBS/AP. Writebol had been working as a hygienist to help decontaminate people at an Ebola care center in Monrovia.

    This is not like other Ebola outbreaks.

    Something seems different this time.

    But instead of trying to keep things isolated to a few areas, global health authorities are going to start sending Ebola patients to other parts of the globe.  For example, one German hospital has already agreed to start receiving Ebola patients…

    A German hospital has agreed to treat Ebola patients amid widespread fears of a possible outbreak of the deadly disease in Europe. Over 670 people have already been killed by the disease in West Africa with doctors struggling to control the epidemic.

    A German hospital in Hamburg agreed to accept patients following a request from the World Health Organization (WHO), Deutsche Welle reports. Doctors assure that the utmost precautions will be taken to make sure the disease does not spread during treatment. The patients will be kept in an isolation ward behind several airlocks, and doctors and nurses will wear body suits with their own oxygen supplies that will be burned every three hours.

    Will Ebola patients also soon be sent to hospitals in the United States?

    And of course there are many other ways that Ebola could spread to this country.  For instance, all it would take would be for one infected person to get on one airplane and it could all be over.

    Federal authorities seem to have been preparing for such an outbreak for quite a while.  As my good friend Mac Slavo has pointed out, “biological diagnostic systems” were distributed to National Guard units in all 50 states back in April…

    The Department of Defense informed Congress that it has deployed biological diagnostic systems to National Guard support teams in all 50 states, according to a report published by the Committee on Armed Services. The report, published in April amid growing fears that the Ebola hemorrhagic fever virus might spread outside of West Africa, says that the portable systems are designed for “low probability, high consequence” scenarios.

    Some 340 Joint Biological Agent Identification and Diagnostic System (JBAIDS) units have thus far been given to emergency response personnel. The systems are “rapid, reliable, and [provide] simultaneous identification of specific biological agents and pathogens,” says executive officer for the DOD’s Chemical and Biological Defense group Carmen J. Spencer.

    Let us certainly hope for the best.

    Let us hope that this latest outbreak fizzles out and that we won’t even be talking about this by the end of the year.

    But experts are warning that if a major global pandemic does break out that millions upon millions of people could die.

    If that happens, many people will go crazy with fear.

    And we got just a little taste of some of the paranoia that an Ebola epidemic in America would create in Charlotte, North Carolina earlier this week…

    A corridor of Carolinas Medical Center – Main’s Emergency Room was roped off on the first floor, near the entrance Wednesday.

    A security guard was posted outside, to prevent anyone from crossing the line.

    During a 4 p.m. press conference Katie Passaretti, who is an infectious disease specialist with CMC, said precautions were put into place when patient was brought in Tuesday night.  The patient was traveling from Africa and arrived at the hospital around 11:30 p.m.

    Around 3 a.m. the security precautions were put into place at the hospital, Passaretti said.

    Passaretti said they determined the patient did not have Ebola.  The patient has been discharged home.

    It is not too hard to imagine forced quarantines and people being rounded up and shipped off to Ebola detention facilities.

    In fact, if Ebola were to start spreading like wildfire in this country, many people would actually start demanding such measures.

    For example, one member of Congress is already proposing that citizens of Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone (and any foreigner that has recently visited those nations) be kept out of the United States…

    In a letter addressed to Secretary of State John Kerry and Department of Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson, Alan Grayson, a Florida Democrat, proposed that citizens of Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone, as well as “any foreign person who has visited one of these nations 90 days prior to arriving in the United States” be kept out of the country. He urged the secretaries to “consider the enhanced risk Ebola now presents to the American public”.

    So what do you think about all of this?

    What do you believe will happen if Ebola comes to America?

    Please feel free to share what you think by posting a comment below…


    Michael T. Snyder is a graduate of the University of Florida law school and he worked as an attorney in the heart of Washington D.C. for a number of years.

    Today, Michael is best known for his work as the publisher of The Economic Collapse Blog and The American Dream. If you want to know what things in America are going to look like in a few years read his new book The Beginning of the End.


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      1. I saw this the other day and it caught my eye as well.

        It all falls back on that ‘Shelter in place’ drill they did back in Boston when supposedly hunting for the marathon bombers. It allowed them to see just how docile and afraid the general populace would be and how much manpower was needed to do the ‘job’.

        Now imagine that Obozo (or another clown) appears on the boob tube and says America is Quarantined and on lock down. You know what comes next.

        • O/T

          The guy who video taped this thinks this is FEMA. After watching it, it seems more to me like it is UN. Looks like the UN has arrived and are out scoping foreclosed trailers. Possibly to house a certain people? What do you guys think? Are UN boots on the ground?

          http s://

          • Isolation, quarantine …

            If Ebola should spread in the U.S., I would expect martial law would be the next step.

            • “Will Ebola patients also soon be sent to hospitals in the United States?”

              Yes, within the week.

              Emory Healthcare to treat Ebola patient

              htt p://

              • Geez,
                Now thats just freakin stupid isnt it,
                If it hits here im not leaving my house, and if my sweety wont sit tight as well ill tell her to hit the road,
                Rather be isolated than bleeding through my pours!

                • That’s why it’s the perfect scenario. Keeps everyone isolated and out of comunication.

                  • What do you bet that many so called undesirables get tagged with that label that they MIGHT be sick. Like pro Constitution people maybe? Then once in these death FEMA camps a perfectly healthy person is exposed to God knows what.

                    Until it becomes air borne, Ebola is something that hits people like the Bird Flu, very few numbers. 1000 cases out of millions is very, very low number of people sick. Doesn’t mean that you can’t be one of those numbers from someone getting very sick and vomitting all over you. The chances are extremely low, but I like everyone else hates those odds still.

                    It is almost certain that Ebola will come to the U.S. on a plane from someone that has just started to show symptoms. It is interesting to note that a person is not contagious until symptoms appear, just like a believe rabies you can’t catch until an animal starts with the classic rabies madness. This is the one saving grace is that unlike the flu someone is pretty visible when they have Ebola. The nightmare would be someone that is like Typhoid Mary that somehow is only transmissible to others and yet the Ebola remains as only mild or unrecognized symptoms. This is something to be very concerned over.

                    It has been found in almost all species of life to have individuals that are resistant to germs, chemicals, etc. Like the super bugs that pesticides won’t touch, they are people that will not be affected by Ebola. The mere fact that Ebola doesn’t kill 100% shows that certain people, 10-45% survive it, depending on the strain. This means that there are people out there that can be either vessels of antibodies for serum, or carriers of death walking around possibly touching others and infecting them. I know scary thoughts, but this world is turned upside down and we all need to expect the weird and most intense events and TRY to prepare for them.

                  • I grew up in Africa very near a outbreak. I myself spent time helping ebola patients and im still here. Ebola has been around a long time and is very selective on who it effects. Even getting blood splattered all over you wont mean you will get it.

                  • “””There is no vaccine for Ebola and there is no cure.”””

                    Colloidal silver.

                    Protect yourself. There is NOTHING to fear, only those who want to make you afraid. There is a cure, and the same cure can do a lot towards prevention as well.

                    The corp want’s you to believe there is no cure, and that the best doctors in the world are looking for one. Doctors have NEVER sought a cure, nor have they ever found one for ANY disease. The money is in treating it and hiding symptoms.

                    But they will come out with a vaccine to sell, which will hit the pharmacies and doctors office at just the right time to maximize profits, and most likely will lead to many more cases of the disease and many more victims.

                  • You can’t catch Eboli using a Ham radio. Even if they shut the Internet down, the Hams will be passing on info. Get yours today, it may be the only true communication source available or left out there.

              • As I posted on the other Ebola article on this site having Ebola come here knowingly sanctioned by the government is like playing Russian roulette with six loaded chambers. The CDC will be in charge and they’re so good at containment procedure that they left two small pox and a couple of other vials of some other nasty shit BEHIND that they were studying in a lab that they moved. Really confidence inspiring.

                We’re from the government and we’re here to help!!!

                • Anyone here ever seen the movie Outbreak [1996] with Dustin Hoffman, Rene Russo, Donald Sutherland, and Cuba Gooding, Jr.? That’s what this article reminds me of. Looks like it’ll become the real deal soon. So the feds think they can quarantine the whole country, eh? Lotsa luck with that. Braveheart won’t get quarantined. If they come for me, they’ll receive ‘lead and brass nutrients.’

                  • Brave,is “brass and lead” a ebola cure?!

              • If, if, if: That’s the biggest word in the English language; ‘If a bull frog had wings it wouldn’t bump its ass every time it hopped’. Why don’t you all just put your paranoia on simmer for a while. Martial Law, now there a joke if I’ve ever heard one. With just around 4 million (total) military personnel and LEOs Federal, state, and local, from around the entire country, our “Oh-So-Powerful” government couldn’t lock down more than a couple of large cities. You’ve all been watching way too many doomer movies (Outbreak and Contagion) for starters. IF-ebola were to hit here there would be no U.N. troops because all the other counties would have had the outbreak first because they are all much closer to the source (Africa) and receive far more flights than we do.

                • Chicken,even if a bull frog had wings would still bump it’s ass every time it hopped,why it would hop if it had wings is another question.

                  • Perhaps the reason the winged but yet still hopping frog hops is because it is a “progressive bullfrog”,stupid frog!

                • Did you see what happened freer th Boston marathon bombing. People cowered in heir homes. It won’t take much to keep the sheeple in.

              • I cannot think of one logical reason to let Ebola victims out of their own country. To bring them to the US or Germany stinks of pure malice and the intent to spread it, not to contain it.

                • The CDC and certain medical centers are most likely begging to receive ebola patients for prestige and money. They can justify new facilities, fancy isolation systems, expensive diagnostic equipment if they “need” it to “take care of” ebola patients. And, that gets them on the map, as well, pulling patients from other facilities in their catchment areas. Competition between medical centers is fierce and they lunge at ANY advertisement, inducement to get more than their share.

                  • …but is it worth dying over? The STAFF being the first to go? Not the kind of hospital I’d trust with my life.

            • After our gov impounded the Japanese Americans in
              internment camps during WW2 when our country was a
              kinder and gentler place to be, nothing, and I mean
              nothing would surprise me today.
              Obama is not a nice man, we should all be wearing
              t-shirts with his shoe prints up the back.

            • And martial law means we never get rid of Obama. How convenient!

              • Are you better off now than 6 years ago?

                • Ugly, we were ALL better off before the Kenyan got elected.

                • Im more independent,

                  • Agree Kula,am a bit more prepared both mentally and goods wise,whether that helps depends on how things go south.

                • Nope!!

              • Obama had a job to do, which sadly is reaching its inevitable conclusion. He’ll retire with a fat wallet and multiple tax payer funded vacation destinations all tax payer funded. He’s the monkey, a very well behaved monkey but NOT the organ grinder and he’s been a really good boy for his masters these last few years.

                The only way he’ll stay in power is if the ptb figure they need a scapegoat to take the heat cos the masses have awoken. Frankly in the US I can’t see that happening anytime soon – the TSA proved that.

                Political dissenters (that’s us!) will be quarantined IF they have the manpower to do so. Large cities will simply be locked down – drone technology will help here. If Ebola hits the West then noone will be leaving places like New York or London (which was equipped with missiles on the roofs of residential buildings for the Olympics). The remote country side offers the prospect of having to live with the same terror of home invasion that Argentinian and Southern African farmers face – even IF you manage to remain under the radar and your home is not sequestered for the comfort and safety of a party official and his family. You will need neighbours for security – but not too close.

                Almost every extended family has one useless drunk, junkie or general wastrel – if you haven’t cut yours loose (tough if its your kid or spouse I know) you need to do so now. In the event of a pandemic like this they become a risk that’s too high to tolerate as they may rat your food supplies out to the authorities, even if they don’t bring the infection to your door. Likewise if you still have a kid in a tax payer funded school then be aware that you are trusting that at the end of each day your child will not have been herded onto some bus to goodness knows where. Here in the UK our school attendance laws are draconian, so if anyone is contemplating pulling their kids out and home schooling, Ebola provides the greatest incentive I’ve seen to date.

                It’s time to seriously consider how to create a quarantine space in your living quarters (including how to safely dispose of any bodies as the African experience teaches us that mourners are at very high risk of contracting the disease when handling the deceased for burial or cremation). It’s also time to take seriously your plans for a failure in the just in time delivery systems at the stores – an outbreak in one part of the nation will impact the supply chain all over.

                Homes thought to contain the infected are likely to be razed to the ground by a fearful mob or the authorities. Fire fighting precautions should form part of your preps. Be aware that official news channels LIE. To control some areas they may say there is Ebola where there is none as people will then sit tight in their homes or tolerate the unlawful disappearance of individuals who have offended the regime in some way. They may also lie and say an area is safe when it is not to prevent mass panic. Be careful upon whose word you choose to rely.

                At this point I personally would be very surprised if a crucible of Ebola is not incubating quietly in some corner of the West as the authorities seem to have gone out of their way to prevent it’s containment. (e.g why the hell are commercial flights still going from known areas of infection, why are we importing patients?).

                Something about this whole situation stinks to high doh as far as I’m concerned, from the intial incidence of a brand new strain occurring in a nation previously known to be disease free, to the importation of patients to the West. The Georgia Guidestones keep springing to the forefront of my mind.

                • Could have written that myself, except that the news of the last few weeks has me too depressed.

                  My short version, which I’ve posted before: Obama is the Zaphod Beeblebrox pResident. Put in office not to wield power, but rather to draw attention away from it.

              • Hey ya’ll, stop hatin’. Obama is da man.

              • Vicky, “Martial Law” means there’s always ONE WAY to get rid of a dictator…choose the caliber well.

            • Don’t mean to sound hard and uncaring, but a decade or two ago, the whole world was going to die from AID’s, and now there’s more queers than ever. So now the big scare is Ebola. Kind of like being in a crowded theater and some one yells fire, more people killed by the panic than the fire, or maybe I should say on account of the panic. Trekker Out

            • The whole reason they will be bringing Ebola patients here is to spread the disease so that Americans will be forced to take the vaccine. It’s the vaccine that’s the true culprit. If you don’t take it your family won’t be allowed to buy food, go to work, etc. Maybe you’ll get sent to a FEMA camp for quarantine. If you do take it, it will affect you in a few years with another disease that the media won’t link to the vaccine. Or maybe sterilization? Check out the post by “Meat Eater” from the previous days’ article on this site.

              My husband will insist that our kids get the vaccine. This will be a huge blowup. He’ll think I’m crazy for even considering not getting it. He gets the flu vaccine every fall. Oh, and did I mention he’s a scientist who knows better than me?

              • That would make sense if there were a vaccine. There isn’t.

              • California Girl.

                I left a repy for you on the other post, but I have copied and pasted it here for you and added a bit more:

                >California Girl,

                Sorry for the delay in replying.

                The information I have was passed to me over 20 years ago, at a time when I was totally ‘asleep’ to the system, and therefore in disbelief as to what I was hearing. To be honest, at the time, because I did not believe what I was being told (even though it was by a senior government official and high degree freemason), I did not pay as much attention as I should have.

                I appologise, but all I can remember is what I have typed above in my first comment. However, from other experience I have had with foreign law enforcement I can speculate. I would speculate that people who refuse to be vaccinated will be dealt with quite harsly by the authorities – as such people will be designated as ‘threats’ to public health.

                If the government manage to instigate martial law then the harshness of the treatment of people can be raised exponentially. From previous experience, such people could be dealt with summarily (ie shot and thier bodies burned in situ – a situation I have seen before where the occupants of a home were shot and then the house set on fire with the bodies still inside).

                Fear filled people are capable of doing things we currently consider abhorrant, and the threat of contamination from a person carrying a flesh eating plague will give justification for some terrible abuses.

                Since this plan was revealed to me I have noticed a significant focus being given to the ‘zombie meme’. This is part of a larger psy op to condition people to view diseased people as no longer human and to be disposed of on sight.

                As I say, I can only speculate as to what could happen if this gets traction, and although I could give many more potential scenarios I wont (because all it would do is incite just as much fear as the government are currently trying to do).

                Just keep in mind this is all part of a bigger plan to control the movement and actions of the population. Humans have made these plans, and humans are not infallible, so lets hope/pray that the plans of the NWO fail.


                Modern biological warefare systems are WELL BEYOND most peoples comprehension. Most people still think in WW2 terms such as anthrax, plague (or ebola) etc. Even medical professionals may not be able to think beyond 1960’s cold war tech.

                The sophistication of modern bio-weapons could be considered in the realms of science fiction to the common person. For example 20 years ago we (NATO and the Soviets) already had in a ‘ready to go’ bio-weapons of various types form electro-chemical (ie activation of an agent upon exposure to a certain electromagnetic frequency such as that emmited by a smart meter or cell phone), to gene-specific (ie effect only race/sex/family/individual or efect only a particular organ to mimic natural causes death), and multi-generational (ie no affect on first recipiant but germ line mutation passed to children, or childrens children – think ‘soft kill’).

                I have been out of the loop for some time now but can speculate that modern bio-weapon technology has progressed exponentially, especially with the advent of methods of powering nano-tech using EM fields.

                Incidently, every man-made bioweapon can be switched off with the appropriate chemical/biological/electromagnetic ‘key’. If these things were not controllable they would threaten the elite, and that just would not be permitted.

                • Thank you, Meat Eater, for replying. I’ve been thinking about your posts all day and, unfortunately, what you’ve said makes the most sense to me. Thanks for stepping up and telling us what you know.

                  You reminded me of something I heard recently regarding NASA. The American tax payers fund NASA, but are not the recipients of the knowledge gained by that funding because we only get the sheeple info. Supposedly, there is a section of NASA (and other government research groups) that makes the real breakthroughs and is vastly far ahead of what anyone could imagine in the realms of space exploration, time travel, alien artifacts, etc. Then there’s the NASA that only recently put a rover on Mars. That’s the kind of pretend breakthrough info they give to us sheeple. According to people like Andrew Basiago, Richard C. Hoagland, and others human exploration is way beyond what they’d have us believe. Supposedly, they achieved teleportation in the 1970’s based on the work of Tesla and have already taken steps toward colonizing Mars. Don’t ask me, there are lots of interviews with these guys and others. The point is, when you say we still think of biological/chemical weapons in the same way we did during the Cold War it coincides with what these guys are saying. We have no idea what kinds of advancements our government and military have access to.

              • Whether or not you are right, please look after your marriage first! Your comment seems rather bitter. I just went to A Weekend to Remember with Family Life Today, and it was absolutely excellent. Do it for the kids, at least….

                • If you had to choose between prepping so that your children had food or becoming one of the sheeple to please your spouse, which would you choose? I’ve been doing my best to prep for the past 5 years and he’s either tried to prevent me from doing so or ridiculed me all the way, so yeah, I’m a little bitter.

                  • CalGirl: Hang in there…I heard a very smart man say recently that there will be many a husband who owes his life to his wife’s being awake and prepping. He’ll come around, one way or another.


              • The Weston A. Price foundation is a good source on Information regarding the risks of vaccination (especially infant and young child). The vaccines most likely to be harmful at least in the long term are those packaged for mass inoculation (the flu vaccine is probably most common) as they contain preservatives that can cause nervous and possibly neurological damage.

            • Apocalypse… we are on the verge of this. WW3, Ebola, un-affordable food (due to lack of enough water for agriculture out West. Read about this at What is that I read in the Bible? “Plagues, famines, wars and more wars”)?

          • Just a FEMA task force doing training. The dogs need to work or they get rusty. My guess is they are running the dogs on trailers that are supposed to be empty to see if they get a hit. Good exercise.

          • Could they be searching for vacancies to house the illegals

        • Sorry but I disagree. With an incubation time of 2-21 days this is not going to be done. Why would they? They would just as soon we died off, the best way to do that is do nothing. All they care about is themselves so why waste time with us. They will just hide in their holes and issue press releses telling us to stay calm they are working on a soluton day and night. End of story.

          • Thinking about this story reminded me of all those bodybags the DHS has stockpiled. All the signs point to the Feds expecting some serious trouble; the supposed FEMA camps and untold numbers of bodybags suggest pandemic and the need for quarantine and isolation of infected remains. I am sure this has been wargamed to death; if the objective is depopulation of almost all of us then those preparations are short by orders of magnitude.

            It is as if one can see the outlines of something monstrous but the image is still blurred; soon enough the picture will be clear but by then it will probably be too late to avoid what our masters have planned for us.

            • Congress goes on the long vacay for weeks and weeks.

              Coincidence or part of the plan to be out of DC?

              • Cal, No it’s a blessing! Trekker Out.

                • That depends on whether oblunder does things he’s supposed to wait for congress for. Remember he loves to catch congress gone, and he just got hit in court for it. His new placements were considered illegal — although I didn’t hear that that meant they were discharged, either…

        • The problem I have is that I see the duality of it all. Do I want anyone infected with this horrible virus put into isolation? Yes I do. It is the only logical way to halt it’s spread. However, I also see the abuses that can come from such a power being given to a government that has been showing itself to be increasingly untrustworthy.

          Do I want Ebola patients shipped from the area they were infected in to places around the world that have never had any known cases? Are you F**king kidding me? That is just about the stupidest thing I have ever seen suggested. If these nations really wish to help these people then let them ship equipment, materials and personnel into the hot zone to treat these people there. I want the victims to be helped and to get better but shipping the infected to other parts of the world only ensures that it will spread out of control. Sorry, but I just don’t trust human beings to be 100% perfect in the handling of such things and all it takes is one mistake to start a global pandemic instead of limiting it to a local epidemic. There’s a reason that these diseases are kept in high security labs. Even taking extreme measures doesn’t ensure safety for doctors. If it did then we wouldn’t be seeing the tragic high rates of infection for care givers. Bring it to another country and you 100% ensure that it will spread to that country.

        • Being 60 miles away from ATL, this is a truly scary scenerio. And considering the inept medical society we have, and this is just a theory, ATL will be ground zero for the outbreak of Ebola. Once it wipes out a majority of the population, us patriots will be stuck in FEMA camps with these who have the Ebola, so all can die together. While it will spread exponently everywhere else from the Hartfield airport to evrywhere else in the USA. Maybe that is the reason for the Georgia Guidestones being where it is now. Maybe GA will be the place to regroup and start over. JUST A THEORY, but it does make you wonder why the stones are here, in the middle of a field, out in the middle of nowheresville. MAY WE ALL COMWE OUT ON THE OTHER SIDE INTACT… IN CASE I DO NOT MAKE IT, IT HAS BEEN A PLEASURE TO HAVE BEEN ON THIS SITE…..I hope thes best for all of us, hope for the best, prep for the worst….

          • You’re safe until the dollar crashes, then all sorts of bad things may appear. Distractions and things to blame will be needed.

            • Yes, you are correct, like I said before, if a multitude of ‘problems’ happen(in a 8-12 week) scenerio, the USA cound be shut down for a while. Then it would be easy for TPTB to take over, and the worst nightmares would come true for most of us, I hope we can hold out a little longer, it just seems too many things are going on that seem to be preplanned…

              • “”” Then it would be easy for TPTB to take over, “””

                As soon as the US corp gets “shut down”, the people will begin protecting their own. The attempts to “take over” will be met by rednecks determined to keep EVERYONE out, and off of their property.

                If they are counting on easy, they will be wrong…

              • How do you know any of this Eboli is even real at all?? And all TPTB and Media are passing this off and in reality it is a Big Hoax, are just trying to put more fear into society to crash our economy and nation faster?? How do you really know? Nothing like people staying home to crash the economy at a fast pace. Do you trust much of anything the Main stream media says, true or not. How about the Government? How many lies to they tell that they never get caught at? Or the lies they do get caught at, like this Big Fat Lie about Malaysian Airline shot down by the Russians surface to air missile. And was really a jet fighter shooting at the planes cockpit. What ever, liars suck.

          • Good thing there are few blacks in the ATL area. I would bet that they might be just a little more susceptible as a race given that the virus will “feel” like it is on home turf in the hot, muggy environment of Georgia in August. Nothing could go wrong here. This looks like one fucking stupid idea to bring that shit intentionally onto US soil.

            • There are so many, it is scary. I do not even go to ATL on anyday. Far change from the 60’s and 70’s….

              • I never saw so many black people, than when I went to Atlanta. lol.. Even more than Chicago. Ever notice there are little to no black people in any sports where water in any form is used? No Swimmers, No Divers, No Hockey Players, No Snow Skiers, No Boaters, or Sailing crews. Is it that 1700’s and 1800’s boat ride from Africa embedded in their system? Any comments on that. I am not trying to be racist, just an observation.

                • WWTI, does make one wonder about that, water seems to be the last thing they want to do. And I agree on the ATL, just drive around the projects on a Saturday night, you WILL never do that again, unless you are the ultimate thrill seeker. Amd yes, I am not racist, I hate/love everyone equally, but to be a friend of mine, you have to prove yourself….

            • They’re bringing it on purpose. They’re not stupid.

          • Eppe,

            Here is a joke that those of you living in Redneckistan can appreciate.

            Two good ole boys, Bubba and Cooter are sitting outside, shooting the bull.

            Bubba says to Cooter “Lemme tell you bout this show ah wartched the other night, it was about somethin’ called logic!”

            Replies Cooter, “logic, whats that all about?”

            “Well,” says Bubba, “it’s like this. You’s has yourself a lawn mower, right?”

            Says Cooter, “yeah, ah reckon ah do.”

            “So, logic would say that if you’s has youself ah lawn mower then you must have a lawn. You has yourself a lawn, right?”

            Cooter replies “yeah ah shore does has myself a lawn.”

            Bubba said “so if you has yourself a lawn then logic would say you’s probably has yourself a house; you gots yourself a house, right?”

            Cooter replies, “yeah, ah gots myself a house.”

            Then says Bubba, “so if you has yourself a house then logic would say you probably has yourself a wife; you has youself a wife, right?”

            “Yeah” says Cooter, “ah gots me a wife alright.”

            “So,” says Bubba, “logic would say if you gots yourself a wife then you must not be queer; you not queer are you?”

            Cooter replied angrily, “you damn straight I ain’t queer; you can tell all that just by logic? You’re right, that logic is interestin’ stuff!”

            The two of them go there separate ways, and as Cooter is walking down the street he runs into his good buddy, Skeeter.

            Cooter says “hey Skeeter!”

            “Hey Cooter!”

            “You have a lawn mower?”

            “Naw, ah don’t gots me ah lawn mower.”

            “You’re queer aint’cha?”

            • oh shit ,, my neighbor’s a queer!.. he has a lawn service mow his lawn AND hes single


            • Mistress, very good and yes, we southerners can appreciate it.

          • You know the one about the life support patients who kept dieing on Tuesday nights, I think it was. They researched the machine. Could’t figure it out. Then one night someone stayed to see what happened. Sure enough. Cleaning lady unplugged the machine and plugged in her floor waxer.

            • It was in White Coats, I believe, and it was Friday.

          • Eppe,patriots stuck in fema camps?They really going to go to the trouble of shipping the bodies of those dying in the fight against evil?I hope this doesn’t happen but if it does,get a piece of heavy equipment and knock those damn stones over,oh,and hold your breath while doing it!

          • EPPE….

            You said a mouthful! God bless you and yours, and may God have mercy on us all!

          • The CDC is in Atlanta.

            Coincidence or part of the plan?

            • “Walking Dead” series also started in Atl. Coincidence?

            • “Walking Dead” series also started in Atl. Coincidence

              • Dont look now Outlaw. You have a zombie ghosting you.

          • As a member of the Inept Medical Society, I wanted to respond. I sense a mixed message on this blog. It seems a lot of you want to isolate and quarantine everyone that possibly is exposed or sick, as long as it is not your town or neighborhood. Kind of a NIMBY perception.

            I’m less afraid of the patient(s) they are bringing to Emory where we know they are sick and will be held in strict isolation with extreme precautions to prevent any spread of infection, than I am of the thousands of passengers traveling through Hartsfield-Jackson Airport in Atlanta that you don’t know about their potential to be spreading disease (Ebola or anything else). That is where the real danger is.

            Or the thousands of illegals coming across the border and then shipped by the Feds all around the US. We KNOW they are bring in disease and have already had cases of chicken pox, in addition to less serious infections with lice and scabies. These are non-immunized kids which will be sitting in a classroom somewhere in the next few weeks. I know there are alot on this blog that oppose immunization, but that is where the next epidemic is likely to come from.

            The mortality rate is certainly lower for these other diseases, but it’s not zero. And if it’s your kid that gets whooping cough and dies, then it’s 100%.

            • WRONG! Anyone suspected of Ebola will not be placed in a cot in some quarantine area to bleed out all over the place while waiting to die. They will be rounded up while still healthy, put on a truck, taken to a location, placed on their knees facing a big hold in the ground, and shot.

              Now you know what the NSA lists, and the blue dots and red dots represent. They represent who has Ebola, and who does not. They have known who will become sick for the last 6 years…

              Anyone who does not believe this to be the case will see themselves and their family die on their knees.

              • The State of Florida had had 3100 Illegals shipped to us here. Like WTF Governor? A sleep at the wheel or just drunk?

                • I dread to see how many get shipped to ATL. But we have our share of every flavor out there….

          • Ebola isn’t the problem. The coming vaccine is the problem. That’s how they’ll get 90% of the population.

            • I don’t doubt that, one bit.

          • @Eppe

            Makes a lot of sense….Now I am sorta glad I didn’t look closer at “Oconee County “……

            I wish you the best…but…but just in case …What size tactical boots do you wear…I could sure use another pair !!!

            I figured if anyone could laugh at that ….you could.

        • Anyone attempting to round up me or mine will promptly be shot in the head. You better fight back no matter the odds here. The only ‘authority’ they have is what you will give them.

          • That will have to be for ANY reason!

        • “Now imagine that Obozo (or another clown) appears on the boob tube and says America is Quarantined and on lock down. You know what comes next.”

          Now imagine if Obama had Ebola.

          • Wishful thinking….

          • If Obama had Ebola would he look like Trayvon?

            • Ebola Gay

              • Dark. Clever/witty. But dark.

            • yeah…DEAD.

        • You make a good point. With 24hr news channels telling every American to shelter in place to avoid becoming infected with Ebola, the UN, Obama and his loyalists will take over the USA quickly and easily. It gives them time to setup their command and force structure while everyone else is huddled in their basement afraid of the boogey man virus.
          Good patriots will know the BS when they see it. I predict that Obamas soldiers will die of severe internal and external hemorrhaging and bleeding, which will be completely unrelated to Ebola.

          • It would be a good way to minimize street protests as well.

        • This is brilliant!
          They saw how ineffective their gun grabs were in CT & NY, so if they cannot “get our guns away from us”, they’ll “get us away from our guns” by forcing us into FEMA ebola camps.
          Good effing luck with that!

        • wow I expect an outbreak with in say one full year the
          .. US.. just brought back the death of north America stupid (*&^**^%*%*&%&^%&^$%&$%&$&^%$&^%$I cant just take this so called cure medicine or cure to them they bring it to you wow good-by everyone I thought they had the public’s interest first priority apparently we the north americans can loose millions of people when all we had to do was say NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO as soon as it has escaped there little tent they have the right to say martial law and then say whether you have it or not, you have Ebola and can just friken shoot you,.. martial laws lets hope the plane carrying two americans with ebola crashes and saves 302 million instead of

      2. I’m very surprised that we have not been hit by a biological attack by now. All it would take is 25 Jihadists looking for their 72 Virgins and some Small Pox.

        • How about 100 jihadists exposed to Ebola and walked through 100 major airports during airport rush hour on a Monday or a Friday?

          My only question is do they still get their 72 virgins if they don’t die by gunshot?

          I actually asked my doctor recently about whether my childhood smallpox vaccination would still be effective against an outbreak. Her non-answer was “Smallpox has been eradicated world wide, so there’s no need to worry”. I pointed out to her that she did not answer the question that I had asked and got the three headed stare in return.

          • I had to get the smallpox vaccine before a deployment to a former soviet central Asian republic. That was over a decade ago. At the time of the vaccination I was told that vaccinations from childhood were no longer effective; however those who had been vaccinated in childhood had to be stuck with the needle (it actually looked like a fork) multiple times to ensure that they had enough of the weakened virus to produce antibodies. I believe that there would be minimal effectiveness to smallpox; that being said, smallpox historically killed the most healthy young to middle aged adults, the very young and the very old were usually spared.

          • First, the smallpox vaccine you had as a child would probably not help you if smallpox were to break out again. It has been too long without a booster so the immune system is unlikely to register a defense. Also, if smallpox were to break out, it is likely that it would be an engineered form that would be different enough from the old treatment to no longer be effective.

            Second, here is what I worry about if we start seeing Ebola patients. I have seen how poorly most medical centers carry out quarantines. I have had quarantined patients where staff and visitors completely or mostly ignored the posted precautions. This is especially true if the disease is one where the patient looks well but is still seriously ill. (As in the incubation period of Ebola) For example, some of the diarrheal diseases. People can look well but be spreading germs all over the room through aerosols from the toilet and poor hand washing.

            Sadly, I think the health care will have to see some of their own people get sick or even die before they will initiate proper precautions.

            Then there will be the worried well overloading the emergency rooms while sick patients try to hide from the authorities. Not enough isolation rooms at the hospitals. Hospitals and FEMA centers with recirculating air flow and lack of adequate incinerators for waste products. Litigious idiots making everything worse. It could get real bad.

            • Hello Merree,

              I know you feel it’s your calling to care for others.
              Most here have great admiration for you as I do. BUT…

              At what point do you walk away to care for your own exclusively…

              I ask this because I have this gut wrenching feeling this particular strain is courtesy of our friends at fort detrick and there’s no stopping it.

              Numerous movies have depicted, or more accurately, predicted this would happen someday…

              Godspeed … dans tout ce que vous faites mon ami.

              • I for one will walk away if Ebola hits. I too have seen lazy
                Lax providers who think they know everything g take short cuts on safety procedures. Anesthesia is much like the airline industry in terms of safety checks. I know people so confident in themselves they walk in and turn the machine on and give an anesthetic without performing the most basic safety checks on the machine. Arrogance in healthcare = deadly mistakes.

              • I hate to say this but I have already walked away. It was not the fear of pandemics. It was just my lack of tolerance for the dysfunctional system called Health Care.

                I left my patient care centered job a year ago. I took a huge pay cut. Now I mostly do telemedicine. There are a few part-time locations that I visit a few times per month. But I am doing very few actual patient visits and I expect those to be zero by the end of the year.

                Of course, I privately help out people that I know who need help and don’t have money to pay for the regular medical care. But they need someone to vouch for them before I’ll see them just because I have had some bad experiences.

                My current step is to move to my planned bug out location as soon as I can. Family matters have delayed things and I still need to tie up a few loose ends. I have found that the further I move along this path the happier I become. It is strange how normal everything seems when you’re inside a dysfunctional system and how it gradually becomes obvious from the outside.

                • Ironic isn’t it, how a pay cut can be synonymous with happiness…
                  I do know the feeling and how painful it was getting there.

                  Take care….and please, continue to give us your insight for as long as you can… These are certainly troubling times…

                • @ Merree

                  Obviously you are in the Medical field…I have wondered for the past few years what all the shots were that we were given in the Military….and especially prior to deployment to Vietnam…

                  I just remember lining up forever for shots….sometimes with needles…and numerous times with the guns…I also think about what could have been past from one person to the next with those guns they used to inject us ….They never cleaned them that I noticed…or even wiped them off…they would just shot 1 guy after another…Hell, guys would be walking around with blood streaming down their arms…..

                  Guess I need to Google it…but then I have wondered if I would get anywhere close to the “Truth” about what we were really injected with….

                  • PS…..Any other Vietnam Vets on here that could chime in on the shot post I did…ever wonder what we were given ….I mean “Really ” given in all those shots !!!

                  • I know they gave guys in the military some vaccines not used for the general public. Some people got the latest smallpox vaccine, some got the anthrax vaccine, and there are many other possibilities. You could have your current doctor send a request to the base where you were stationed asked for a list of vaccines received. Sometimes they will send that information but not always.

            • What’s the average re-infection rate in hospitals? Like 15%. I remember because several years back my gfather was in hospital that bragged theirs was like 5%. If you figure 15% of the patients got infected with Ebola while in the hospital and that each in turn infected 3 others then you have a spread of 4*15% per bed turnover. 60% > 55%. OTOH, if those infected are kept in the hospital and only infect the next patient or the occasional nurse, then the disease dies out (statistically). So, looks like this would be well contained. BUT – and here’s the math that WHO and CDC KNOW but WE don’t – what is the incidental infection rate? What was it in the healthcare facility where people were treated in Sierra Leone? What about in Monrovia, Liberia? If we know how many medical staff (or just doctors) worked there and how many contracted, then we will have a good metric. I don’t know but have read 1/5 of victims were in Liberia (1/5 * 700 = 140). Assuming 4 month period that’s 35/month. Very possibly the two doctors who died were 50% of the staff? See where I’m going? Infectiousness could be >> than what the naywsayers claim (“it’ll die out any day now”).
              And THIS, my friends, is probably why GERMANY and the USA are snagging these patients. They NEED to research before the next wave/potential next wave. (really, probably more like 5th or 6th wave).

              • And a research project some decades ago showed that the reason hospitals infect or reinfect patients is that many hospital workers do not practice basic sanitation. Handwashing, f’rinstance. And that was before hospitals became so over-populated with Third World workers.

          • Navy Vet,

            I once asked my doctor this question as well. What sparked it off was after giving birth, the nurse came and told me that according to blood work, I was no longer immune to measles/rubella and that I needed a vaccination. I was young and naive so I took the vaccination, out of fear of giving it to my baby.

            Second time after giving birth, same scenario. They claimed that I was no longer immune and wanted to give me another vaccination. This time I was older, wiser and refused it. I asked the nurse that this had happened before 3 years prior, and that I took the shot. If I’m still not immune, why bother? Shot didn’t work.

            I also got the small pox vaccination. I’m going to bet that I’m no longer immune to that either.

            • Patriot Mom,
              This amazes me because I have tested many patients for antibodies to measles (Rubella, which is what they test in pregnancy) and almost every single one has acceptable titers.

              If anyone is in this situation, ASK TO SEE A PRINT OUT of the test results. I have experience with this test from patients all around the world and almost every person has evidence of antibodies from the disease or from vaccination.

              What you report makes me very suspicious that the doctor just routinely vaccinated mothers after delivery whether they needed it or not.

              • Merree:

                So do I understand correctly….we should get smallpox, rabies and TB titers…anything else we should test for?


                • PK
                  No, I was only talking about Rubella titers. Titers are used to measure how effective a vaccination has been. It checks whether your body has built immunity to that disease. The only one that is cost effective is the Rubella titer. It usually runs $25 to $75 dollars. We check it because Rubella in pregnancy can cause some severe birth defects, like deafness.

                  We check tuberculosis “titers” by doing a purified protein derivative skin test. It usually costs less than $75 and this is what they are doing on some of the recent “arrivals” from Central America. It takes two days to complete.

                  In this case, you do not want to have tuberculosis antibodies. They will cause a positive test and it means you have been exposed to tuberculosis. (If you are from a country outside the US, it might also mean that you were vaccinated against tuberculosis.) If you have a positive tuberculosis test, you need treatment because you either have active (symptomatic) tuberculosis or you have a latent (asymptomatic) form.

                  You will only have rabies titers if you were vaccinated against rabies or you have the disease.

                  If you were vaccinated against smallpox, it would be possible to have titers done to see if you have some degree of immunity. However, I do not know anyone who does these so it would likely be outrageously expensive to have done and it would attract a lot of attention as to why you were having it done. In addition, I think, if we ever see a smallpox outbreak, it will be genetically engineered to make the old vaccines worthless.

                  • Meree: Good point about the “genetically engineered.” I was hoping that we could test our blood to see if we needed a booster.

                    Have you thought about expanding your medical tele/video practice and posting your information here? I think you just might have more biz than you can handle. It’s hard to find a doc who is awake and that you can trust.


          • It is still an open question if our smallpox vaccines would work, not work, or only partially work. To prove it, they would need to test, of course. I was born in the early/mid 50s, and I suspect, from what I read, that I would have some immunity.

        • I think they would have more fun with 72 whores.

          • There’s a number of those in the leftist media and the Democrud Party, if you need to find any

        • Or a handful of Israeli’s who are never searched entering our airports with a bag of some nasty virus to be blamed on Arabs.
          That way the stupid Goyim in America rally around the flag & destroy yet another nation Israel cannot control.
          Israeli’s live by deception & false flags and the USS Liberty & the Lavon affair are proof of that.

      3. I just heard a few hours ago that one or more individuals with Ebola are to be treated at Emory University Hospital in Atlanta. Interesting to say the least with the CDC being here too. I believe something is a foot.

        • Yeah, it sounds like now may be the time to start considering bugging out if you have a safe, isolated location to go to. I wish I did.

      4. I believe they are going to let or just bring it over here. Great excuse for the last article. Great distraction to implement other plans while nobody is paying attention.
        Stock up on your colloidal silver.

      5. Perfect way for the gov’t to declare martial law. And few would complain seeing troops on the streets.

      6. Just great, I work at a hospital, I’ll let you all know when we get those “special kits” in. And when they start to prepare and get worried, and when I stop going to work!

      7. If plagues were widespread they wouldn’t have to declare any kind of quarantine to get me to stay home.

        • True, but how would YOU now know there was a bona fide threat? Same as radiation, contagion, etc. Odorless, colorless unless you have a good Geiger counter or some way to ‘prove’ the threat exists in your area.

          Unseen or invisible threats are much easier to ‘spoof’. You just send up the flag and tell everyone, everywhere is a hot zone…whether it is or not.

          • Agreed, but this is why you should have some sort of reliable radiation detection device and a shortwave radio or two in order to corroborate what you are told with foreign sources. These things don’t even have to be that expensive as a regularly used CDV-700 or DP-5V (Soviet) geiger counter will last a long time and let you know about gamma radiation increases (provided you use it regularly and document what it normally reads). There is also no reason not to have some sort of shortwave radio. Even a prepper on a shoestring budget can afford one as they go for as little as $10 on Ebay. On Ebay you can also find basic radiation detection instruments like the “Air Counter S” for around $40-50. These were designed for use after Fukushima, so the instructions are in Japanese, but they do work (but not as good as a full on geiger counter). None of these instruments is good at small amounts of radiation though (such as found in some food imported to the US from Japan). For that you need a much more expensive tool like a SE Inspector, which has a alpha sensitive pancake tube and the ability to do long term counts. (I dream of one day owning one but they are $600 and I can’t afford it right now.)

        • True, but how would YOU now know there was a bona fide threat? Same as radiation, contagion, etc. Odorless, colorless unless you have a good Geiger counter or some way to ‘prove’ the threat exists in your area.

          Unseen or invisible threats are much easier to ‘spoof’. You just send up the flag and tell everyone, everywhere is a hot zone…whether it is or not.

        • What’s scary about this, is that by the time they realize that the plague is wide-spread and institute a quarantine….the quarantine could be ineffective because you could have so many infected people.

          At that point…the ONLY way you could stop the plague is to institute martial law with an indefinite 24 hour curfew for EVERYONE. And that would be impossible to enforce…because people would run out of food and water and would violate it anyway.

          Maybe this is why the government has all those coffins.

          and this…

          • Quarantine for “everyone?”And who will enforce it? Troops, half of whom would desert to protect themselves or protect their family, the other half who might have it themselves???

            • …or know they are risking GETTING IT themselves, by working quarantine lines?

        • Hey Graphique – Quest:Will God save Christians from Eboli? lol -So why do Christians Prep? Or why should they Prep, If God promises you everlasting life? What’s the reason for prepping then? You are going to be saved right?

          A-Its either they seek a backup plan like prepping cause they know that religious shit Ain’t true. Or they really are not believers or maybe they need to pray more. Which is it?

          • Please – and I mean this kindly – think for yourself. The reason people prep as Christians is the same reason we go to work every morning, brush our teeth or eat. God doesn’t magically provide – he also gave us brains and a body. Also, Christians see the signs of the times, which **seem** to bode ill. To start thinking for yourself, try simply reading through the New Testament **on your own** with no one around. But please – and I mean this kindly – don’t simply parrot memes that you pick up from the culture, as you did above. And yes, eternal life is the final destination. You need to review Blaise Pascal’s wager to compare the two alternative destinations.

            • Ok so then the Bible is giving you false hope claiming if you believe you will be saved.. And or he doesn’t really love you very much, if he lets you die of Eboli.. You have quite a dilemma here. A real game changer.

              • What is causing you your dilemma WWTI, is the definition of “saved”.

                Being “saved” has absolutely nothing to do with our physical life on this planet. Nothing.

                We will not be “saved” from fate. We will not be spared any suffering, or be whisked away before the tribulations because we are “saved”.

                What it means is, our SOULS will be “saved” from condemnation and eternal hell. It means we will rest with Our Father. For that to happen, our lives must end here.

                You see WWTI, if you knew the TRUE definition of “SAVED”, you could answer your own questions quite nicely.

              • You seem to place too high a value on this life, as if it were the only one. Christians do not see salvation as pertaining to this corporeal existence but rather the next. We see this existence as corrupted as sin has entered into the world and brought death with it. Google “The Law of Sin and Death”. Also consider Jesus’ temptation by Satan at the end of his fast. We are not to “tempt God”. This means taking reasonable precautions in life and to treat this life as a gift, all the time knowing that there is a better one to come. The Apostle Paul came to the conclusion that the purpose of this life is to spread the gospel and bring as many souls along to the next life as we can. That is not possible if you are dead. Also, the Christian’s life is to be a living sacrifice to God, not a selfish seeking of ones own pleasure. Suicide to get to a better place then is not spiritually compatible with the way a redeemed persons soul thinks. Since you are not redeemed and have not the Holy Spirit, you cannot understand fully what this means.

          • … and incidentally, when the plague hit places a thousand years ago, it was the **the committed Christians** who stayed to take care of the ill. And many did, in fact, die. Part of my preparedness is to take care of the weak, mentally handicapped, etc. in a crisis.

            Again, you need to reflect on this matter, not just parrot the anti-Christian sentiments that float around you

      8. The third horseman rode a black horse, pestilence and famines followed….

        • You’re right Ugly. If it breaks loose here, it will basically be the worst parts of the bible. Interesting times we live in for sure.

        • wonder if thats whats up with that lady walking all dressed in black robe…did she see this coming? was her vision this?

          • She said she wished people would just mind their own business. Why she’s doing it is her own business.

      9. It’s got a 90% mortality rate.

        What do you expect the government to do?

        I mean… this is all fine and good and all to loathe this sort of behavior when it’s all voluntary on the government’s part and just for the sake of being a-holes about it… but this definitely ain’t that.

        • I expect that the government not intentionally bring that shit (Ebola) to US soil.

      10. We are being reassured that Ebola is not “airborne”. Just contact with blood, and body fluids.

        Thank goodness we don’t have any insects that can fly from person to person that might suck blood from an infected person….

        • I was at the monkey house in Reston. Ebola went airborne and infected most of the people working there. The only reason we did not die was because the virus mutated from Ebola-Zaire to Ebola-Reston which does not affect humans. The fact is, Ebola is so dangerous because of it’s ability to mutate. The one positive is that it kills quickly. Therefore, isolation works.

          BTW, what is the big argument against silver? Well, a couple years ago, a man named Paul Karason got on the Today Show and was dubbed “Papa Smurf” because of his blue skin he said was the result of taking colloidal silver for the past 14 years. On the same article, “doctors” claim that it can be harmful to the kidneys and the liver. Interestingly enough, there are no studies on the page associated with the article and no names of these mysterious “doctors”. So what about this “blue man” skin color issue?? Is it really a problem?? Yes, if you don’t make the colloidal silver correctly and you actually absorb it! There is a very intricate, specific way to use purified water to make the colloidal silver and to use an electric charge to create the colloidal effect, neither of these Papa Smurf did in his home-made concoction. When not suspended in solution correctly, the cells of the body can absorb the silver, tinting the skin blue. That is why you should never make your own and you should buy from a reputable company.

          All of the attacks on silver are unfounded and not backed up by any scientific evidence. Actually it is quite the opposite. Silver is shown to kill disease-causing organisms within 6 minutes of exposure. In the medical journal the Lancet, they examined the many uses and successes with colloidal silver. Brigham Young University tested colloidal silver against a host of different bacteria and found it effective against: Lyme, Herpes, Legionnaire, Staphylococcus, Aureus, Samonella, Choleraesuis, Streptococci, Pseudomonas Aeruginosa, Neisseria, Gonorrhea, Gardnerella Vaginalis, Gangrene and Candida. And unlike antibiotics, bacteria do NOT become resistant to silver. Why?? Well, it’s really in the way that the silver actually kills the bacteria. Silver is a catalyst that disables the enzyme that all one-celled bacteria, fungus, and viruses use for their oxygen supply. So in effect, it suffocates them! But it doesn’t harm any of the body’s normal enzymes or any of your good bacteria because of the charge put on the silver when put into solution.

          • I ran into one of those blue men at the grocery store a couple months ago. Older guy with white hair. And definitely blue. No, he did not wearing a red suit nor was he knee high…

          • Bob: +100 thumbs up…


      11. Flying Ebola patiients all over sounds like the plot of an insane person. Why not set up more tents and send the medical teams in. Heck, you could set up medical bases near the countries in isolated areas.

        DON’T have the bio-agent travel halfway around the world risking who know how many people! Accidents happen.

        • I agree…..

          This idea of flying infected patients all over the world is really, really dumb.


          If you want to use a plague to destroy a few billion people, it’s really, really clever.

          So…you got your choice here.

          Are they really dumb? Or really clever?

          • I’d bet my macaroni ration that none of THOSE planes crash land in any war zones…

        • Accidents Dave…..?

      12. “So how is Ebola spread?

        Well, medical authorities tell us that it can be spread through the blood, urine, saliva, stools and semen of a person or animal that already has Ebola.”

        It would seem that if one has the willpower to abstain from certain “things’, the likelihood of contracting Ebola would be reduced to zero. Am I missing something here?

        • Sweat also spreads the disease and nasal fluid, so if someone sneezes you are screwed. It’s going to be time to call in sick soon. When my gut feeling says to do something I listen. In the past I haven’t listened to it and I was wrong. I’m going to stock a lot of water tomorrow, at least a months worth in addition to what I already have.

          • And the super scary part…school is about to start back in session. Kids spread disease quick.

            • My daughter is homeschooled. The only safe thing to do these days for many reasons.

              • As are ours.

        • Sweat also spreads the disease and nasal fluid, so if someone sneezes you are screwed. It’s going to be time to call in sick soon. When my gut feeling says to do something I listen. In the past I haven’t listened to it and I was wrong. I’m going to stock a lot of water tomorrow, at least a months worth in addition to what I already have.

        • Your missing coughing and sneezing, eye hand wiping, and generally good old casual contact. Especially given that it takes 2-21 days to incubate and often causes hemorrhaging from misc. areas. So yeah, I wouldn’t be rubbing elbows with people at Wally world, homeless shelters, or many other places with a high density of people.

        • “”” it can be spread through the blood, urine, saliva, stools and semen of a person or animal that already has Ebola.””””

          If they come to “isolate” you, spit, piss, shit, sneeze and ejaculate on them. Put a cut into your head to make sure anyone touching you becomes a “blood brother” for their trouble.

          Ebola is one thing, attempting to force me to do anything is something else entirely.

          • OOOPS, I meant hand not head, but a bleeding cut anywhere will scare the shit out of them.

      13. “In Nigeria health officials said today, they are in the process of tracing 30,000 people at risk of contracting the disease after coming into contact with a Liberian man who died on Friday.”

        Above quote from this article:

        • Another quote from the above article:

          “This epidemic is unprecedented, absolutely out of control and the situation can only get worse, because it is still spreading, above all in Liberia and Sierra Leone, in some very important hotspots,’ he said.
          ‘We are extremely worried by the turn of events, particularly in these two countries where there is a lack of visibility on the epidemic.
          ‘If the situation does not improve fairly quickly, there is a real risk of new countries being affected.
          ‘That is certainly not ruled out, but it is difficult to predict, because we have never known such an epidemic.”

      14. It’s supposed to be airborne now.

        Why bring weapons grade ebola to Europe or US? Of course they have a plan to have an accidental outbreak here. They want martial law

      15. No where to go but down….

        I try to be positive. Yet what is there? I see nothing good ahead. Are there any positive indicators? Name one if you can….

        The nice thing about jogging uphill is that sooner or later you will be jogging downhill.

        But how do you rate a negative versus another negative? Are you happy cause you only lost 2% when you could have lost 6%? Hey, that is a 4% savings on your negative loss. Yahoo!

        The to and fro, I want to lose. I don’t like it anymore. Peace Shirts, hooters, and bare feet sounds good to me. Poetry readings and silence. It is life. Here we go !!!!

      16. Another thing to think about. Ebola break out occurs in the US or even Central America. People flee the cities for the countryside and die outdoors. Animals feed on the bodies and become infected. This establishes a low level infected population similar to the situation Africa. Ebola becomes established at endemic levels with intermittent outbreaks, especially among hunters. It doesn’t even have to effect very many people to lead to a scenario like this.

        • Merree.

          “Especially among hunter’s”.

          Thanks, I needed that. ;0)

          • Sling,think fishing gear!

            • WD

              The river has flesh eating bacteria and brain eating amoeba’s. I’m screwed. The mosquitoes have Dengue Fever Chick V virus and even a breakout of Equine Encyphalytus in the area.

              • yeah and suddenly herpes dont seem so bad.

              • Damn Sling,where the hell you living?!On a positive note,you are way ahead of many living in “challenging times”,you know,silver lining and all that nonsense.

                • North East Florida off the St. Johns River.

                  • In you live long enough you will be surprised how much bad stuff is out there and never paid attention to it. Infantigo, E-coli, samanella, tetenus, pink eye. Listen to the local news and things pop up in neighboring counties. A man was attacked by a rabid fox yesterday. People being bit by snakes.

                    The Closet Yankee’s keep on coming south.

          • Sling,think fishing gear!I guess this also means long pig off the menu!

        • Merree.

          Will Lysol spray kill the ebola virus? What would be an acceptable bleach mixture with 8% bleach in water.


          • Many compounds kill Ebola. By itself, it has been found to survive at least four days on surfaces that have not been disinfected.

            The one I like is 3% acetic acid, essentially extra strong vinegar. It can kill many germs that are resistant to the more commonly used disinfectants. It also gets drug resistant tuberculosis and many disinfectants don’t kill that.

            Boiling water for 5 minutes is long enough to kill Ebola.

            Other effective compounds are phenol solutions, sodium hypochlorite, ether, methyl alcohol, formaldehyde, and 2% glutaraldehyde. Although I haven’t seen any studies done, I suspect concentrated pool shock would kill it too.

      17. There is too much hype for me to believe this is a real emergency. The govt always hypes false flags/agenda items and down plays real threats. When the govt starts denying it, I’ll start believing it.

        • In effect…the government IS denying it. How else can you explain the fact that they are bringing Dr. Brantly and his co-worker back to the states? By doing this, they are down-playing the seriousness of this disease.

          Ebola is a “level 4” virus….meaning it should not be worked with…or people treated…in an environment that is NOT a “level 4” containment environment. Do a google search on level 4 containment and you’ll see what that entails.

          Because of one man (Sawyer who died this past week in Africa from Ebola), some 30,000 people are going to have to be contacted. That’s the number of people who were potentially exposed to him on two plane flights and four airport terminals he passed through while he was hot with virus.

          That’s one man.

          It is inconceivable that there were none of those people who perhaps came to the United States. Were any of them infected? Who knows? And we possibly CAN’T know for the next three weeks, because the virus takes 2 days to three weeks before people show symptoms. And if there is ONE person of those 30,000 who comes state side who IS infected…that person may not know he has it until he’s potentially infected everyone he/she has come in contact with.

          Even if none of the 30,000 came to the US, it really is irrelevant because they went SOMEWHERE.

          Maybe….hopefully…no one was exposed to this man and contracted the virus. Maybe we dodged a bullet. But I sure don’t like these odds.

          In past Ebola outbreaks, we were fortunate because the outbreaks occurred in very rural areas in Africa, and was quickly contained. What has changed the whole picture with this outbreak, is that it has made its way into major population areas in West Africa. It has made the task of containment EXPONENTIALLY harder….if not impossible. When you factor in fact that the people there are becoming increasingly uncooperative with health officials…it definitely becomes impossible.

          The genie may really be out of the bottle on this one. And if it is…it has serious implications for a wide-spread pandemic.

          This virus is much more serious than any flu or other pathogen we’ve ever had to deal with in history.

          It’s been close to 100 years since the world last had to deal with a global pandemic. (check out the Spanish Flu during WWI) The flu outbreak of 1918 had a mortality rate of 10-20% of those infected. In the US…..over 675,000 people died. Globally….50-100 million. That’s with a mortality rate of 10-20%. Ebola has a mortality rate of 50-90% Now…Ebola is not SUPPOSED to be airborne. But it is evidently contagious enough that there have been many health workers in the countries affected who have contracted the disease…despite precautions against it. If this virus does go airborne……it could be a slate wiper.

          Aside from the lethality of this virus….just the impact of a pandemic on the population from sheer panic and social unrest may cause untold damage.

          This thing could be the black swan…or trigger that finally causes the unraveling of our civilization.

          • Both the UK and our govt is fear-mongering this. UK has to contact 30,000 people for possible infection(death)? To announce that is fear-mongering. If the govt did not want to alarm people they would not be announcing it and just do it.

            Shipping the infected to different countries keeps the issue in the media and on the minds of the people. Heighten the fear.

            The govt is beta testing what we will put up with (or demand) in terms of increased ‘security’ reduced liberties because of a health threat. They will be honing their totalitarian skills on this one.

            I’ve read the books by Richard Preston, and know how deadly the virus can be. Until it mutates into an airborne virus, I do not fear an epidemic. I fear the govt seizing our liberties because of unfounded fear. The govt passed a law legalizing LYING to the people. Remember that bit of legal trash? Our govt will do absolutely anything to obtain its goals. Don’t forget that.

            • They would just do it and not announce it? 30,000 people?? You don’t think that would hit the alternative news (forget the leftist lamestream media – no one in their right mind listens to them any more).

          • One question: Ebola has been “out” for a while now, in an area of the world with hundreds of millions population, low sanitation, poor medical facilities. Yet, only 600 some victims. That is remarkably low. I’m not downplaying the matter – it IS serious – but it seems to me there is less than meets the eye here. I am not NOT saying not to be prepared – rather, that there seems to be some over-reaction. Now, if the thing goes airborne, then I will worry.

            Besides, Yellowstone going off should bring all this to a stop! 🙂

      18. Does this remind anyone of the Stephen King novel “The Stand”? This virus could spread either by accident or by some type of planned agenda. All bets are off either way. Say bye-bye to liberty and our Constitution.

        • So,if like the stand the constitution and all will not matter except as a blueprint for the future.In the stand 99.8% of all people world wide died.As always,I call dibs on being trashcan man if we hit “The Stand”!

      19. I suspect, if this is to get out of control in major populated areas of the West, that the state would not have the luxury of isolating people into Level 4 facilities. There won’t be the capacity and scale to do it.

        The only option they will have is to quickly kill and dispose of those infected. Most comments are made in the paradigm of rational behaviour: but imagine how irrational things will get if you had this running wild in, say, a neighbourhood of a major city. Politicians would go absolutely ape, right-wing politicians will splutter venom and bigotry, public authorities would look increasingly sweaty and desperate. Look at the film World War Z to see how it goes down.

        • Frank Thoughts,

          >>”right-wing politicians will splutter venom and bigotry”<< ?!?!?!

          Please. I KNOW it will be progressives who will panic first. They always do. It is a FACT that progressives, by their very nature, cannot function outside their comfort zones, and will crap their pants if Ebola appears here in the U.S. Just wait and see. At least conservatives are already prepping for a worse case scenario while progressives do what they do best, whine and ridicule anyone who has the intellect, moral fiber, and guts not to be progressive.

          • I have to assume this guy is a shill from George Soros’ By far, far, FAR, the most hatred, violence and ignorance I see if from the radical left, starting with the French Revolution and continuing in every country it has touched up to today

            • OP,

              I’ve never seen the country this divided in my lifetime thanks to Obama. Folks in the liberal/progressive movement are behaving like radical Muslims. It’s their way, or no way. No compromise, no negotiation. Their opinion is the only one that matters, and I’m sick and tired of listening to their ridiculous B.S..

        • ” right-wing politicians will splutter venom and bigotry”

          Ah yes, another hate-filled leftist projecting his OWN hatreds onto others. Let me give you a hint: Various flavours of leftist MURDERED over 100 freaking MILLION last century, according to Courtois’ book, The Black Book of Communism. Dr RJ Rummel says 160 million. And I should include the National SOCIALIST German Workers’ Party, with another 20 -30 murdered. You leftists are FULL of hate, ignorance and violence, then blame others. How classic.

      20. Soooo,

        We’re really no longer trying to contain the virus. Instead we trying to disseminate it throughout the globe at a faster rate by taking infected patients from quarantined zones to healthy uninfected zones. Brilliant plan, if you’re Rahm Emanuel.

        Does anybody else see a problem with this? I mean, it’s not like anything bad can happen right? After all, the government has show it can contain hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens who are actually trying to get caught. It will be an epic failure the government fails to contain the Hemorrhagic viral outbreak on U.S. soil.

        Doctors on TV today arrogantly boasted that the U.S. is not a third world nation, and our containment techniques are far superior to Africa. I would beg to differ.

        America has a third world debt problem, we have a President that thinks and acts like a Third World despot dictator, and Americans now have a Third World mentality. I wonder where that came from? So I would argue we’re just about at eye level with the rest of the Third World.

        Hopefully everyone here is stocking up on masks, gloves, medications, and disinfectants just in case.

        “Fortes Fortuna Adiuvat”

        • I would say as we are not YET a third world country conditions wise for most part we could easily send over supplies/knowledgeable workers and yes,even containment buildings to treat any type of outbreak including this nasty little bugger.I unfortunately think this will be a “What the fuck were they thinking?!”moment here and in other areas that will in theory be taking in patients.

          • Warchild Dammit!

            Why couldn’t the brain trust simply position a hospital ship in international waters beyond the 12 mile limit and simply treat infected patients there instead of risking a catastrophic release of Ebola on North America?

            At some point human intelligence must begin to reassert itself over compassion if we have any hope of beating this virus. And time is running out. So far Ebola is figuring humans out faster than we’re figuring it out, and the winner takes all! There are no do-overs in this race.

      21. The above article references shipping some patients to a hospital in Germany…stupid, stupid! Setting up a treatment facility in locations with known patients, outside of the hot zone is more effective for response and mitigation. It is a task that could easily be done. And more cost effective.

        Initially, Ebola is not discernible from Marburg virus…or even the flu, both, also dangerous. There are 5 strains of Ebola. One strain has been implicated to be spread by airborne routes. I did some reading last night and also found that this virus has been possibly attributed to “bush meat” food. The fruit fly bat has also been implicated as a vector, but I forget for which strain. The virus seems to jump species.

        I seriously hope that these patients being brought to Atlanta, will be donating whatever body fluids needed to work on a vaccine or cure in the labs of CDC.

        Another website reported immigrants from Africa coming in by way of America’s southern borders. So there is more to worry about in terms of the spread of disease and immigration.

        These are scary times, no doubt about it….

      22. I often wondered how the populace felt around the early spring of 1861. News wasn’t as fast getting to the people then as it is now. Still when it’s human reporting and sending it, it often take on a life of its own. This certainly bears watching. We’ve already had containers of diseases go missing in labs, some left out on counters for years, now reports of diseases spreading on the goat farms(illegal alien pens). Spaniards are not the only ones coming across the southern boundary with drug resistant TB and whatnot. There has been reports of Asians, Muslims and Russians passing through our southern welcome entrances. Another thing to think about. With all the preventive practices that is being used by the medical staff over in Africa, and the doctors and caregivers still are contracting the disease, what’s going to be so different bringing the infected back home and treating them here?

        M-O-O-N spells “moon”……….

      23. Rather than bring the ebola patients to the US for treatment, how about sending the treatment and research facilities to Africa. Who is responsible for this decision?

      24. I would say this article already dated,ebola patient Dr.Brantly from last article on this site is coming to cdc in Atlanta,an no spell check,will not give cdc or ebola a capitalization,they have caused enuff trouble!

      25. Just when you think that things can get no worse, something else comes along. The introduction of a deadly disease to another CONTINENT is remarkable and most irresponsible. I do not care how good the containment is and their procedures. Mistakes can happen. Many lives can be in jeopardy. Remember we are not talking about measles here.
        Many of us have preps for this but good judgment will be needed and a proper caution, for even the best of precautions and equipment usage by professionals did not prevail against the disease.

      26. I think the virus is being allowed to spread to create a pandemic


        Whether his appearance was previously scheduled or last minute in a transparent effort to calm the mom-and-pop investors in the stock market (if there ARE any left) is unknown. However, it seemed to me to amount to a kiss-up to Yellen and an obvious effort to justify the Fed’s actions in recent years, which have brought us nothing but a stagnant or fading economy and which gave away a tremendous amount of wealth to only a minute fraction of the country through the Fed’s QE policies.


        In response to a softball question about the illegal alien invasion into Texas, which polls clearly show is THE top concern of virtually every American…Fisher had the audacity to claim that Texas gets a larger “influx” (the host’s chosen term to use instead of “invasion”) of people from other states to work in Texas than from the current “influx” of foreigners coming across the border.

        Oh really?

        As I recall, the facts are that although jobs in Texas have in fact been growing, they are almost all very low wage jobs. Given that, it is probably very likely that the “influx” of workers into Texas from other states IS ACTUALLY JUST OTHER ILLEGAL ALIENS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        Driven around any decent-sized Texas town recently? Seen the oil field and construction workers being carted around in the company trucks and vans? Stayed at a moderate-priced hotel in Texas lately? Seen the large groups of non-English-speaking Hispanic male workers being put up there, and riding in the company trucks/vans, with their coolers, filthy clothes, and piling as many into one hotel room/truck/van as can be gotten by with?

        What country is Mr. Fisher living in?

        And if that wasn’t a prepared answer in anticipation of the host’s illegal alien question, then there’s a bridge in the Arizona desert to sell to some sucker.

        Mr. Fisher stated that he’s not a politician, so he doesn’t have to deal the with “influx” problem. Well, Mr. Fisher certainly appeared to me to be quite the politician — smooth-talking, soft voice, studiously coif-ed hair, perfect teeth, designer eyeglasses, undeniably photogenic….

        If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck…it’s a duck.

        Further, Mr. Fisher seemed to suggest that the “influx” of illegal aliens would fill jobs for which Americans either do not have the skills or the interest to perform.

        Excuse me?

        Illiterate, potty-in-an-open-ditch, diseased, bug-infested, un-employably overweight (remember the 2X-6X men’s underwear ordered for the illegals when they first started invading?) gang-affiliated, cartel-loyal, defiant, lawless foreigners from failed 3rd world pits do not, in any way, shape or form, have “skills” that supercede skills that Americans, of ANY social class, can offer. As far as Americans lacking the interest in performing the jobs and illegals take….well, that’s simply a function of culling the welfare roles. Cut off the welfare kings and queens, and the phony disability moochers, and it could just rise to the level of amazing to see how many Americans would suddenly acquire interest in performing low wage jobs for the sake of eating.

        The real explanation is that the illegals will work for less than minimum wage, IF they will work. Period.

        The reality is that the vast majority of them are coming here to rape, loot, kill, contaminate, joyride, mooch, prostitute, gamble, drug-deal, and destroy our culture, society and economy.

        What country is Mr. Fisher living in?

        This guy was so glaringly out of touch and blinded by his ivory tower arrogance that I actually found it entertaining, aside from finding it nauseatingly disingenuous.

        What country is Mr. Fisher living in?

        • It doesnt surprise you does it???
          I live in a far off US state, we have LOTS of immigrants working industries from Agriculture to hotel and visitor industry,
          NONE of the jobs are high paying and almost NONE of the jobs are considered full time, in many cases its a matter of simantics,
          the unemployment here is listed as 4.5%
          the reality is that there are thousands of folks out of work who have given up, if you worked in the visitor industry in any way you most likely were part time or what they call casual hire, so you were not elligible for benefits, let alone unemployment, if you were in construction, the only people working are pretty much the big site work contractors and a very few Union guys, or smaller contractors doing onsey twosey jobs here and there, Illegal aliens, ie overstayed vistors visas, or expired work visas, are sucking up all sorts of work in the trades through their networks of whatever you call them, (donkeys in my mind) The pacific islanders are all uneducated and working low wage jobs, and there are tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of them,
          yet the governor who has time and again shown to be a staunch obummer supporter spews the same crap as the asshole you site,
          these government people are wearing rose colored glasses of a whole nother type, totally out of touch with reality from their chauferred cars and gated homes, with their immigrant support staff, it is almost mind boggling, yet so many people chose to not see what is going on, my own significant other included, doesnt want to hear about it, doesnt want to know about it, doesnt want to talk about it, head in the sand plain and simple,,,
          It is absolutely amazing. frightening, amuzing, but just amazing that full grown adult humans who claim to be Americans chose to be completely in the dark and avoid looking at the reality of what is going on.

      28. His obituary read ..Notorious

      29. I was thinking about the different fatality rates of Ebola from 55% to 90% and this is really not the whole story. Those that do survive often take weeks, months, or years to recover, and that recovery is limited in many circumstances. People that survive Ebola are often disabled for life because of it. This means a person survives but is changed for the worst for it.

        The real number that people should be looking at is the morbidity rate for Ebola.

        This is much closer to 100% as there are very few people on the planet that get Ebola and are up and about like contracting the flu and recovering after it. Something with an almost near 100% morbidity rate is something that IF it goes air borne WILL end civilization unless science finds a way of treating it and/or is even allowed by those that what to thin the population out to be used.

        • Did you see over at infowars where obummer signed an EO for detention of anyone showing signs of respiratory distress.
          Im asthmatic, i always have respiratory distress!
          Guess my 1911 isnt leaving my person if im moving about, because im not going anywhere with anyone.

          • God protect you

            • Yea, and God help anyone trying to impede my freedom!

              • Surf’s up!

      30. Regardless of what any of us think, it’s here already or something just as bad. How do I know this, I’ve read the last chapter of the BOOK! Stay safe my friends it’s going to be over soon.

        River Rat at the ready!!! NOMI///MOLON LABE!! TSORIITA!!

      31. You need to VERY naive, to the max for sure, if you believe that the gooberment wouldn’t be using an ebola threat to round up people …. they have their lists and wouldn’t ever pass on the opportunity to rid themselves of their major pain in the azzes …. there would be “political” camps separate from the legit detainees … ebola would could visting – one way or another …. what better excuse?

      32. Fukishima seems so far away.

        • And so ignored

        • Not to all the starfish and other marine life “mysteriously” dying…..

      33. It wouldn’t be the first time they used quarantine in this country. 1947 Polio outbreak. They had many houses in my town with red papers on the door and residents quarantined.

      34. There isnt going to be a US outbreak…however none will know that as propaganda says it is happening..were getting rounded up regardleas be prepared…

      35. Why do you think TNT has created “The Last Ship” series for our consumption? THEY already know what (was) and is going to happen. This will be their perfect storm, unless the people of this world uncover what is behind this attempt to control the world through fear. Exposure is a two edged sword….

      36. Geez, compared to this Ebola crap, the girl who always seems to wipe her nose before handing me my coffee at the drive through window seems really, really trivial right about now.

        • It’s always a good idea to look at ANY news reports and government announcements through a fishy eye.

          With either scenario….real outbreak or just fear-mongering, any outcome has bleak implications for us.

          We could have a real plague on our hands…or we could have a false-flag that the globalists will use to justify further encroachments on our liberties.

        • BOO!!…scared ya back into your hole, didn’t I?

          Nice link EA…and I have to agree with him that all the fear mongering is designed to scare the people silly.

          I think people need to get away from their “blue light” devices and get outside into the fresh air and “yellow light” and dig in the dirt or plink a few to clear their heads.

          Too much worrying about shit that you have absolutely no control over. Enjoy what you got today while you prepare for tomorrow.

      37. Believing makes us slaves. Thinking sets us free.

        • Um… believing in Christ is the only thing that set me free, from myself, my sin and the bonds of evil

        • What flavor Tang is Poon?

      38. To error on the side of caution, comes to mind.

        • This puts a whole new twist on things….I’m so pissed right now I can hardly type…This is from the link above by Anonymous:

          THE AGE OF SEXUAL CONSENT IN MEXICO IS 12 YRS OLD…OR PUBERTY. OMG…you think TPTB didn’t already know this?????????

          “Given the fact that the age of sexual consent throughout the majority of Mexico (including Mexico City) is only 12, it is not difficult, except perhaps, for those in the mainstream media to understand the cause and effect for the as yet, ongoing human rights crisis taking place along Tobacco Road.

          Article 261 of the Mexican Federal Criminal Code states:

          Whoever, without the purpose of reaching copulation, performs a sexual act in a person under 12 or in a person that has no capacity of understanding the meaning of the act or that for any reason cannot resist, or demands that the act is performed, will be punished with a term of 2 to 5 years in prison.
          Perhaps, more disturbing is the 3rd clause of Article 266, which states:

          …the vaginal or anal introduction of objects, without violence and with lascivious goals, in a person under 12 or in a person that has no capacity of understanding the meaning of the fact, or for any reason cannot resist. If any of the aforementioned acts is performed with physical or moral violence, the sentence is raised in up to a half.
          Furthermore, in order to bring charges of rape in most Mexican states, the law basically requires proof from the girtl that she is a virgin (the law states that only those who seduce “chaste and honest” girls shall be prosecuted), and the rarely seen charge of statutory rape can often be dropped if the rapist expresses his desire to marry his victim.

          In light of the fact that the Obama administartion has completely abandonned its responsibility to defend our border with Mexico and enforce all immigration laws, combined with the so-called ‘sanctuary policies’ adopted by every major city in North Carolina, it is little wonder that being a child has become a rather dangeours proposition in that state.

          As evidence of this still-growing epidemic, children under the age of 15 accounted for 20.3 percent of all sex crime victims in the state of North Carolina, during 2012 (that demographic represented the second highest number of victims) according to a report from the NC Department of Justice.”


      39. Open the gates and let in people that want us dead. Open the gates and let in a pandemic. Open the gates and let in our replacement slaves. A sound immigration policy if ever there was one. Not.

      40. Soft Drink Bottle Silencer

        The following design is one of the simplest to manufacture, least expensive and yet, one
        of the most effective of all disposable silencers.

        All that is required for construction is an empty 1 or 2 liter plastic soft drink bottle, a 1 or
        1 1/2-inch hose clamp and some tape.

        … use your imagination.

        • Eh,tried that decades ago with a .22,didn’t supress much.You want a suppressor of quality /value yet made on your own plenty of videos,one uses a mag light/spacers/and freeze plugs,the demonstration seemed to show a significant decrease in sound,used with a bolt action/lever or a semi rifle with a gas block shutoff could be very quite.

          • I made one for a .22 cal pellet gun , yes they do make quite a noise , especially if you don’t want anyone to hear you shooting small game in your back yard

            pvc tube one big enough to fit tight on the barrel one smaller to go inside , ceramic wool for internal sound deadening

            cut slices all down the length of the inner pvc tube wrap it with the wool, slide the bigger pvc tube over it , cap the end and drill a hole slightly larger then .22 and stick it on the end of the barrel..I make mine 8″ its a bit long
            but you cant hear anything but the trigger click, the squirrels and rabbits hate

            works like a charm
            i think for a firearm that has an explosive charge exchange the wool for 000 steel wool

          • Only if you use subsonic ammunition, which pretty much limits the effectiveness to squirrels and rabbits up to 20 yards or so.

      41. when will all of you decide to bug in place? what will be the event?

      42. There is no need for an actual pandemic. Television can convince people that it is happening, much as Orson Welles’ War of the Worlds radio broadcast convinced thousands that the U.S. was being invaded by Martians. Look at Cable/Satellite, and the most prevalent meme is Zombie and other virus pandemics. We are being conditioned to where a false attack would be simple. The media is controlled by a few globalist corporations. We still see the same 9-11 fairy story presented each year, when Americans should be asking who placed mini-nukes into the towers to vaporize them. If people were told to head to their local football or baseball stadium for immunization, millions would show up (to be given a hotshot of the virus they seek to escape). The globalists want you dead, and count on your ignorance to enable them.

      43. Howdy again guys and gals… I’ll keep this brief…

        I have told people for years that TPTB don’t care about us.
        The last 2 months I have asked family and friends to pay attention to the Ebola outbreak and all I get are blank stares and “so what?” responses.
        I do my best to make the people I care for aware of their surroundings but it seems like they have a permanent welding mask with headphones attached to their skulls…

        So I’m done trying. When and if the word goes out that it is here (whether actual or false flag panic) I will look out for myself and those who have made preparations.

        Everyone else had their chance to listen or open their minds to the possibilities and they didn’t care.
        That’s just my mindset of course.

        Thank you all for your perspectives and the information you provide.
        God Bless.

        • Now you know how Noah must have felt.

          • “Knowing this first, that there shall come in the last days scoffers, walking after their own lusts, And saying, Where is the promise of his coming? for since the fathers fell asleep, all things continue as they were from the beginning of the creation. For this they willingly are ignorant of, that by the word of God the heavens were of old, and the earth standing out of the water and in the water: Whereby the world that then was, being overflowed with water, perished: But the heavens and the earth, which are now, by the same word are kept in store, reserved unto fire against the day of judgment and perdition of ungodly men.” (II Peter 3:3-7)

      44. Largest health emergency drill in history underway in NYC
        Medications dispensed; Bioterror Response

        Link on Drudge

        Coincidence or part of a plan?

      45. Well,no work today,so,went and bought some burger at actually a fair price,figure if things go south meat will be harder to come by.In answer to ebola about all I can personally do,I did.I bought another 20 pound bag of rice to add to the foods supplies,will be eaten one way or another.

      46. What is interesting to me is that there are “only” 600-700 people who have died from this, in an area that has high population density, with hundred of millions of people and a much lower hygienic standard in general. I don’t mean this callously, as I am 100% into non-violence and feel each human is of inestimable worth. Rather, I am just saying these are rather low numbers statistically speaking. What I am implying is that these lower numbers are at least a bit of silver lining in an otherwise very black cloud.

        Also, this doctor, part of Franklin Graham’s Samaritan’s Purse Christian ministry is a true hero. Remember to keep him in your prayers.

      47. Disturbing quotes from the left, relative to the Ebola outbreak:

        “War and famine would not do. Instead, disease offered the most efficient and fastest way to kill the billions that must soon die if the population crisis is to be solved. AIDS is not an efficient killer because it is too slow. My favorite candidate for eliminating 90 percent of the world’s population is airborne Ebola (Ebola Reston), because it is both highly lethal and it kills in days, instead of years. “We’ve got airborne diseases with 90 percent mortality in humans. Killing humans. Think about that. “You know, the bird flu’s good, too. For everyone who survives, he will have to bury nine”
        -Dr. Eric Pianka University of Texas speaking on the topic of reducing the world’s population to an audience on population control.

        “The present vast overpopulation, now far beyond the world carrying capacity, cannot be answered by future reductions in the birth rate due to contraception, sterilization and abortion, but must be met in the present by the reduction of numbers presently existing. This must be done by whatever means necessary.”
        – Initiative for the United Nations ECO-92 EARTH CHARTER (of course the authors of this are excepted, just like Nancy Pelosi excepted her cronies from Obamacare)

        “One America burdens the earth much more than twenty Bangladeshes. This is a terrible thing to say in order to stabilize world population, we must eliminate 350,000 people per day. It is a horrible thing to say, but it’s just as bad not to say it.”
        – Jacques Cousteau, UNESCO Courier (Jacques, of course, with all his globe-trotting, was equivalent a zillion Bangladeshes, but he was “special.” As in Orwell’s comment that in the socialist worker’s paradise, we’ll all be equal, only some of us will be “more equal” than the others.

        “A reasonable estimate for an industrialized world society at the present North American material standard of living would be 1 billion. At the more frugal European standard of living, 2 to 3 billion would be possible.” – United Nations, Global Biodiversity Assessment. Just don’t expect THEM, your betters, to downscale their lives!

        “A total population of 250-300 million people, a 95% decline would be ideal.
        -”Ted Turner, founder of CNN and major United Nations contributor. Hey Ted! You volunteering to go first?

        “A cancer is an uncontrolled multiplication of cells, the population explosion is an uncontrolled multiplication of people. We must shift our efforts from the treatment of the symptoms to the cutting out of the cancer. The operation will demand many apparently brutal and heartless decisions.” Stanford Professor Paul Ehrlich, The Population Bomb. Ehrlich is a classic nutcase. He predicted the world would end from global cooling in the 1970s – and if of course now a global warmer.

      48. This is on the illegal immigrant issue , and its not going to be popular with the white man

        paybacks a bitch ain’t it?

        I know I go back way before you were ever born,(same with me) and it wasn’t your choices, but I doubt it would be any different with you than it is today. so I understand that many here wont “get it”

        Native North American Indians delt with somewhat of the same issue. But the white man came and many had the intent solely to wipe us out, and its still going on to this day
        Raping our women, pillaging our villages , desecrating our lands,and our creed ,and wasting the men
        “The only good Injuns are tame”

        we gave it hell and still lost. Chances are you will too.
        sorry if the truth hurts and all about that history repeating itself shit ,reality is a mother fucker ain’t it?

        suck it up princess ,time to get on your horse and ride? or will you wait until your over run? today there are so few warriors , we should have took back over , we’d have a dam good chance if our numbers hadent fallen so low after our genocide
        lets see how you deal with your genocide

        wake up! ..Government is your problem, and you created it!, as once said “Can you trust your Government? Just ask the Indians”..that is if you can find one

        stop taking it out on the people., your problem is Politics and Government your creation, not ours your animal got loose and your too big a pussy to do anything about it

        every one of us Indians fought , even our women and children. Disease? , yeah that’s another tool of your government, it killed us too.

        thank you for all the red thumbs vindicates me

        lets see who’s Really awake on this site.

          • Walt
            who gets to write history? after the war or genocide is over?

            the winner…nuff said about your links.

            im not looking to be popular about this either, the man, or woman has a point.

            • Go ahead…ignore the facts and believe the revisionist crap being fed to you by the left.

              I swear…some of you people are dumber than a box of rocks.

        • Red Hawk, I had this exact thought. I’m not from India so I consider myself a native (Cherokee) of this land that we call America. My family tree is as screwed up as can be, I was married to a black woman for a while, I can’t be racist, I love everyone, even democrats. I love my country but you may very well be right, anyone that disagrees with us does not know about our history and therefor are doomed to repeat it. We’re heading into times that are basically the worst parts of the Bible. I pray that we are wrong my friend.

      49. Mr. Red Hawk,

        Why should people alive today, have to receive pay back for what happened to your ancestors? I was not alive in the 1800’s. I was not here when the genocide on natives took place. In fact, I am disgusted by what happened to natives and sickened by it. But please explain, why should *I* take responsibility for something that someone else did and why should *I* have to receive pay back for it?

        My ancestors were killed too. They were conquered. But I do not walk through life focusing on that, or blaming others today who were never there or perpetrated crimes of humanity. There’s no point in harboring such hate and resentment all of your life.

        • I dont think he ment he was giving the payback

          ” I was not alive in the 1800′s. I was not here when the genocide on natives took place.”

          he addressed that.. go back and read

          what I got out of this is our problems today with what is going on and what happened to his ancestors were GOVERNMENTS

          not the people
          again go back and slow down and read .. than comprehend

          • But he also views it as some kind of justified payback.

            The point of my post in response to him and the links describing the brutality of the native tribes (not all…but MANY of them) is that I’m sick of being branded as some kind of racist or deserving of retribution because of what happened 200 years ago.

            Where native Americans treated unfairly? Yes.

            Where the native American tribes innocent, wonderful people who did nothing to deserve the way they were treated? No.

            Many native American tribes were as brutal to each other…and more so…than settlers and our government ever were toward them. Many truly were savages who were guilty of atrocities toward other tribes, which had NOTHING to do with anything white men ever did to them. They were savage BEFORE white Europeans ever arrived on this continent.

            My argument is not that government is NOT responsible for what happened back then..and what is happening now. My argument is that there are no guiltless parties in what went on in the settlement of this country. And the revisionist history being propagated by the those on the left, is nothing more than another attack on the foundations of this country. Buy into it, and you simply help drive another nail in the coffin of the Republic that has, despite her problems, been the greatest experiment in individual liberty in the history of mankind.

            • Can’t believe I spelled “were”….”where”….twice.

              Muscle memory sometimes, is a bitch.

      50. Red Hawk – before you get too bitter do a little reading into the histories of the whites sent to the New World – most did not arrive willingly but were enslaved (described in the new pc sanitised histories as indentured servants I believe) driven or starved from their own ancestral homelands to arrive on your shores. (the Irish potato famine being just one minor example of many, blacks were only imported to work the plantations when the Scots, English and Irish slaves dropped dead with too high a frequency to be considered economic). This was the work of one power hungry caste with an insatiable greed for the control and the resources of others.

        The real shame is that the modern middle-class educated white has forgotten just how desperate an existence his forefathers was, and how long and sacrificial the road to freedom really was. It took many, many centuries to shake of the yoke of feudalism, more to obtain the right to an education, and the vote, but just a couple of generations to throw it all away in the pursuit of fools gold and illusions sold to you by your MSM. If the white man is guilty of anything it is of a wilful collective stupidity and amnesia despite the horrors of Communism and 2 world wars in the last century.

        At this stage of the game tptb plan that our suffering will global and will transcend race, creed and colour for all. Equal opportunity death and enslavement is the only game in town for these parasites. Instead of sneering at those nearer to the bottom than we are at this moment in time, it’s time to look under the sheet of illusion and discover how the community gardeners and security patrols in Detroit are bringing a sense of decency to those in the frontline? How have those on the reservations kept their memories, cultures and traditions alive? How are some keeping their families together in the face of predatory authorities and financial destitution etc? Visualise of it as waiting in line for your own turn on the hell carousel, and use your time in line to THINK.

        Sadly someone has always been there first, yet we refuse time and time again to heed the warnings. The locals on the ground of this Ebola outbreak are refusing to cooperate with officialdom and instead are implementing their own measures to halt the spread of this deadly disease in what are now some pretty densely populated areas. We need to learn WHY they are taking the actions that they are taking and IF it is proving to be effective for them. We all know that when our turn comes just placing our blind trust in our “masters” is not the answer.

        • “If the white man is guilty of anything it is of a wilful collective stupidity and amnesia despite the horrors of Communism and 2 world wars in the last century.”

          VERY well said.

          It should also be added, that at least half a million white men died or were wounded to free southern slaves during the civil war. Another unprecedented act by “evil white men” in this history of this country.

          People need to start doing some real research instead of believing the nonsense being fed to them by the left.

          • You are correct Walt. America is also THE ONLY country on earth to ever abolish slavery. Slavery is still a very common practice in some places and not all slaves were (are) black.


      52. I don’t see Ebola spreading in the USA. I’m still more concerned about H7N9, but Ebola sure is an ugly death.
        I see they’ve used Vitamin K in treatment.. I wonder if they’ve ever tried Blessed Milk Thistle.. It’s actually quite strong in protecting the liver (which produces Vitamin K)

      53. If one person is reported sick in America next week, not the doctors from Africa or those that are surrounding them to help them, then it means that it is here and it has begun. Someone came in and already infected more. Possibly on purpose, just think of all the enemies that we have made all around the world. Some of them have to be bright enough and angry enough to get someone in Africa or from somewhere else and get themselves sick and then travel to America and spend a few days eating at the buffets sneezing on the food and shaking hands with people at a church. Maybe just hanging out at a mall and in the food square making idle chat with people. Or visiting the 24 hour adult video a few nights and have sexual contacts with lots of different people. I say Quit your jobs and stay home, bunker in. It just hit! If one person is found to be infected then that means that there are more and they can be anywhere!

        • Yeah….I’m far more concerned about the 30,000 potential contacts with Sawyer (the American who died in Nigeria). Out of that 30,000, how many were infected? We may not know for another couple of weeks. Could have been none. Could have been dozens.

          The point of this is….those who may have been infected by Sawyer, could be ANYWHERE. If they don’t keep up with the news regarding this epidemic, they may not even realize what they have when they first start getting sick. Consequently, even more people will become infected. I do believe that at that point, this will be beyond containment. There will be no way to track everyone down and isolate them in time.

          I am less concerned about the two folks they brought back to Atlanta. Note…I did not say I’m NOT concerned. I said I’m LESS concerned. The thing is, those treating them will be closely monitored, so the virus will be much easier to contain, even if one or more of the folks caring for them become exposed themselves.

          It’s the people who are infected and do not know it yet that are the real threat. That’s what should keep you up at night.

      54. Anyone remember the H1N1 scare? Much like the drills, this could easily blur into a mass hysteria (to distract from this abysmal administration) or create a controlled FEMA scenario. Then it all goes away, or it morphs into a martial law thing. The contingencies, always have sub plans, and other courses of action to play out.

      55. Is this why the CDC unleashed it in Africa, to incubate it for spreading it here so they could use it as their weapon and excuse for rounding up those who don’t follow their orders? As dire as it would be, those who come down sick would need to consider their sickness as being an attack on them and consider anyone attempting to capture them as their mortal enemy. “Healthcare” is now the new “law” they use for getting around what few and weak constrictions on their government-supremacy that the Bill of Rights affords us.

      56. A small point perhaps but it should maybe read “feds grant themselves powers NOT given them by law”?…they been at this since at least 1861 and seem to have taken on an urgency since the new lincoln got himself appointed…pile up your powder and shot boys and girls,act II is fixin to commence…REB

      57. Therefore shall her plagues come in one day, death, and mourning, and famine; and she shall be utterly burned with fire: for strong is the Lord God who judgeth her. (Revelation 18:8)

        “And if any man will hurt them, fire proceedeth out of their mouth, and devoureth their enemies: and if any man will hurt them, he must in this manner be killed.” (Revelation 11:5)

      58. This is brilliant!
        They saw how ineffective their gun grabs were in CT & NY, so if they cannot “get our guns away from us”, they’ll “get us away from our guns” by forcing us into FEMA ebola camps.
        Good effing luck with that!

      59. I would like to share this because you guys are sensible surviors who are smart enough to use it…pet stores sell the SAME ANTIBIOTICS for fish in tanks as humans use…just as the same dosages since they are made to disperse throughout all water to get to the fish. They are however named differently, so google em…and NO PRESCRIPTIONS, NO DR. VISITS AND NO LIMITS!

        Please comment and or reply so i can see if this was useful

      60. I’m laughing my butt off at all you craven, shivering whites so scared to death of one President and seriously imagining that that weak, milquetoast corporate flunky actually lies awake at night with his First Lady plotting the mass deaths of a bunch of trailer trash.

        You’re not important. You’re all going to die of obesity, diabetes and cancer anyway, so why would any Administration waste resources and money to rush to get rid of you? You’ll die scooting around on electric carts in Wal-Mart or at your computers, grousing online about n66rs this the n66rs that, anyway. You’re toothless and think your 900 boxes of ammo and stocked up mayonnaise and Twinkies could protect you against the DHS. Idiots.

        What real threat do you present?

        Here’s the three Bible verses you’d all REALLY better be scared of, hillbillies. These three above all others, you’d best read well and memorize, because in them, Christ is talking to YOU.

        White people.

        “21 Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven.

        22 Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works?

        23 And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.”

        – Matthew 7:21-23
        The Bible, on the subject of White American “Christians”

        See you all in HELL; because the Lord Jesus Christ knows every single time you’ve used the word thug online and what it meant, and knows your heart, and knows the REAL reason you hate and fear Obama. HELL, folks: because that’s where you’re going.

        I don’t know whether to cry or continue laughing my butt off.

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