This Is What Has Kept More Tomahawks From Falling On Syria: “The Russians Appear to Be Using Leverage That May Damage The President”

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    One of the reasons that Syria is “on hold” is that the Russians are now leveraging the President with the connections formed in his campaign prior to the election.  Paul Manafort, onetime manager of President Trump’s campaign apparently has received payments from a pro-Russian political party in Ukraine.  An article covering it entitled Manafort firm received Ukraine ledger payout by Jack Gillum, Chad Day, and Jeff Horwitz was released on Thursday by the Associated Press.

    The bad news is that the ledger is substantiated by records booked by Manafort’s consulting firm in the U.S., already under a corruption investigation by the FBI with even more overlap.  Apparently, the FBI and Congress are investigating Manafort’s activities with Russia and possible ties to Vladimir Putin regarding the President’s campaign.  These activities which could have included payoffs allegedly occurred in 2016.

    But a distinct pattern is observable here.  Tillerson is still “on the attack,” today demanding that Russia oust Syrian President Bashar al-Assad…and the President in the meantime has announced we wouldn’t be sending troops into Syria.  Perhaps he is hesitant, as (if they have such evidence) Russia would certainly not shirk from releasing information that could be damaging to the President.  At this stage, the threat of such a release appears to be keeping things in check: we haven’t launched another Tomahawk strike yet.

    According to the Los Angeles Times, Russia is not being “soft” with Tillerson either, as he has been warned by Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov for the U.S. to “refrain from similar actions in the future.”  As more information comes out, it calls into question the pre-election relationships and activities of the President.  Not even three months into the term, and observe what is surfacing.  As I mentioned, it will take six months to see if the President will be making changes necessary to move his campaign forward.

    Remember how the President was going to fire Comey, the FBI director?  For some “nebulous” reason, not only did that not occur, but Hillary Clinton skated right out of the melting ice rink of scandal and corruption that threatened to drown her just prior to the election (courtesy of Comey).  Then the President declared that Hillary was not to be prosecuted.

    Now the administration is under investigation for the pre-election campaign relationships with Russia, and it would appear there are no less than 8 people in the forefront of the FBI’s crosshairs…two of them being Tillerson and Jared Kushner, currently working in the administration.  Kushner is Trump’s son-in-law.  On Tuesday, the President gave an interview with Fox Business and said the verdict is not in on whether Comey stays as the director of the FBI.

    It doesn’t appear to be “above board,” with all the flip-flopping as to whether Comey should stay or go.  Perhaps if no evidence of links to Russia are found, Comey will be welcomed to stay, and if evidence is found, then he’ll be fired.  The Russians obviously have not released all information that is pertinent to the allegations.

    Nothing stops a bombing or invasion in its tracks as this information that is beginning to surface.  Even if the administration deflects it totally, damage will have been done that will hinder needed positive accomplishments prior to the mid-term election campaigning for Congress that will begin in November.  The Ukraine government (created by Obama, essentially) is on the offensive with the release of the ledgers of Manafort that tie them to his consulting firm in the U.S.  The President has been leaning toward Russia, a reason for Ukraine’s Kiev government to expose the ties with Manafort.

    With the Syrian Tomahawk strike and the adamancy of the administration that Assad must go, however, the Russians appear to also be using leverage that may damage the President.  Keep this in mind: no matter how “good” the relations with Russia may become, Russia is still for Russia first; they would rather lose the President’s support than lose a vital strategic interest such as Syria.  In the meantime, this is what has kept more Tomahawks from falling, as the President must contend with this.  The potential for damage to his credibility and effectiveness is high as more issues related to this matter surface daily.  The depth and intricacy of these relationships will soon be unable to be denied plausibly, and they will eventually have to be addressed.

    Jeremiah Johnson is the Nom de plume of a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces (Airborne).  Mr. Johnson is also a Gunsmith, a Certified Master Herbalist, a Montana Master Food Preserver, and a graduate of the U.S. Army’s SERE school (Survival Evasion Resistance Escape).  He lives in a cabin in the mountains of Western Montana with his wife and three cats. You can follow Jeremiah’s regular writings at or contact him here.

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      1. Politics is GARBAGE!! Awful, awful “business” if you will call it that.

        • It’s quite clear that Gerri Johnson is in love with Vlad, the Russians or both. I wouldn’t be surprised if he/she is a columnist for say HuffPo or maybe RT. Vile fraud

          Stay quiet Be smart

          • Jackknife

            I guess you missed the previous article. The US is on the side of the ISIS terrorists. Reminder, 911 was supposed to kick off a war on terrorists not be the excuse to create them to overthrow sovereign secular (non religious) governments.

            Please respond.

            • I don’t remember reading the article you’re referring to Kevin. I won’t argue with your comment but I did read an article today that says the US just killed a bunch of Isis terrorists. My comment was mainly concerning johnsons seeming love affair with Putin, the Russian collective or both. Most of his/her articles about the Russians are quite favorable or sympathetic towards them. And maybe you never read my comments concerning his supposed special forces skills or participation, but I don’t believe him. I know a little about SOCOM and if you learn anything, you can most likely spot a fraud in what they do and DONT say. I think he’s a fraud. So most everything else he says, is probably garnered by means other than what he implies, meaning he’s trying to make people think he’s something he’s not, or his info is gotten from some clandestine source. I take it personal. Maybe I shouldn’t but if you were me, would you? Can you even answer that unless you did what I and my teammates have done? I know everyone wants to see Trump bomb the shit out of Isis, and I don’t wanna sound like I’m excusing him, but even for all he said, he can’t fix everything overnight. Hell, I’d bet he had no idea of how much interference would come from even his own party. It took Reagan the better part of 3 years to turn the economy around. Trump ain’t even been in office but about 3 months. He’s doing probably bout as good as he can and a damn sight better that Obama did in 8 years. Btw I read one of johnsons articles on daily sheeple, I think it was, there were quite a few commenters that seemed to have the same opinion as me.
              Stay quiet Be smart

                • Shut up ass, you obviously didn’t read my initial comment or did my second one make you jealous? I’m not arguing at all with the “US created Isis” narrative. It’s been implied that Isis was born out of a power vacuum, I don’t believe that. I think it was all entirely planned, funded and supported by more than just the US. But none of that has anything to do with my original post. So know your facts before you start spouting your mouth off fuckstick. Get a clue, and a job

          • Trump is Putin’s Puppet. And his Trumpets got

            • Ann6

              Everyone that wants war is a puppet either wittingly or unwittingly of the Military Industrial Complex. Never seen you on the BB board before. Welcome and read this from a Liberal Democrat Congresswoman

              Tulsi Gabbard | Stop Arming Terrorists Act, End Regime Change And War In Syria


            • Ann6

              Welcome to the BB, your new. Its interesting that anyone who doesn’t want war is Putin’s puppet when its oh so obvious that those for war are the puppet of the Military Industrial Complex. I looked around the Western Hemisphere and can’t find the Russian military, they can’t say the same about the US.

              Why is the US arming and financing ISIS terrorists who lop off the heads of Christians while Syrian Christians are protected by their government? Please explain.

              • Kevin, arming Isis did not start with trump. I don’t know that the US is still arming them because the MSM doesn’t report anything positive that he is doing. From what I’ve been able to learn, through various sources including conservative websites, he’s doing a lot of good stuff. Just sayin

                • Trump started none of this, campaigned against it, is informed about it so if ISIS continues to be armed its on his watch. According to sources there are no Islamic Moderates fighting the Syrian government as the groups are virtually indistinguishable. As long as the US fights Assad ISIS continues as it was born out of that goal.

            • Every time there is an election people get a new shafting no matter who wins the election.

          • Agreed–sounds more like MSNBC garbage.
            Manafort’s Firm worked with Ukraine with it’s prior administration over a decade ago and any “financial interest” is clearly shown to have ended by 2009–long before Trump even planned for a presidential run.
            He had no dealings with Ukraine during the short time he worked on the Trump campaign–and even if he did once have business dealings with Ukraine, who cares? It’s not a crime.
            Every politician who has association with any bankers or former bankers has had similar dealings—this is more of JJ’s MSNBC anti-trump propaganda.

          • Problem is that Manafort was not working for the pro-Moscow camp in Kiev but for the pro-EU camp. The article written is omitting that completely. What else is the author hiding?

          • Problem is that Manafort was not working for the pro-Moscow camp in Kiev but instead for the pro-EU camp. The article written is omitting that completely. There is no connection with Manafort with the continued illegal US attacks against Syria. The assertion is totally absurd.

          • Jacknife…..what else could it be? Trump quickly pivoted to N. Korea and they have been testing for years ???? Kim should have always been the focus….not Assad. But even Kim is a paper tiger….we can electronically disable his missiles obviously.

            Bad judgment on hiring Maniford….no wonder he got canned so abruptly– but wouldn’t that exonerate Trump? Maybe he should have just come clean at that point and said why he fired him. Maniford had to go down anyway.

            That on again off again Comey thing is a red flag too….and exonerating Hillary was very strange. What do they know?

        • CC, I hear you loud and clear. But politics is part of life and we can avoid it ONLY so much.

        • Once again Jerimiah you prove you are not a true American. As I have said before I don’t trust a word you say or wright.


          • Uh, no particular insight with this article. Just saying. 🙁

        • at least 2 B1-b lancers landing at Wr1ght P@tterson AFB approx. 90min ago. Visually confirmed. Unusual for this AO. I’m not at liberty to photograph. Could be something, could be nothing. Just reporting whats seen.

          • Loose lips sink ships.

            • Agree Anonymous.

          • They stopped to pickup the Roswell aliens.

      2. BS

        • ??

        • Nuts!

      3. Deep state owns Trump. No way he can fight CIA,NSA,neocons and central bank(s).
        Forget POTUS. More like PINO. President In Name Only.

        • Well, he seems to be getting a lot done in spite of them.

          And they seem to be getting hysterical about it.

          • Define ” getting a lot done “. Who is ” they “.

            • So far no changes in NAFTA or China Free Trade. So far Trump has attacked who the Establishment wants attacked. Despite some executive orders that are primarily social in nature Trump is following the established program. Its sad but true.

              • You have got to be kidding.

                Read the news, and quit demanding instant gratification like an immature child.

                Illegal immigration is way down, Mexico has agreed to make concessions about NAFTA, and there are bids being taken on the wall.

                Nothing is instant outside of Harry Potter books, major things take significant time to accomplish.

                • It takes time and space to move an Aircraft Carrier around vs. a fishing boat.

                • ” executive orders that are primarily social in nature ”

                  The Wall and Immigration are social in nature and neither pivotal to TPTB. I see no Mexican concessions regarding NAFTA. I see an extreme about face in foreign policy.

            • If you actually need those things listed and don’t know who “they” are when a post in a reply to a post about the Deep State is made, you need to do some internet research before asking those questions.

              • Be just a tad more specific. Thats all.

      4. Fill them tanks boys.

      5. This time I’ll support whatever the Russians do as long as it keeps the neocons in check. I always suspected SOMEONE had some kind of dirt on Trump. If he were to break away from the neocons’ grasp I would go back to supporting him, but it’s hard for me to see that happening. Both of his national security advisers are CFR and his son-in-law has ties to George Soros. The only person in the WH who may be going elsewhere is Steve Bannon. I have viewed Bannon as more of a moderating influence on Trump to keep him on track with the right agenda. Trump can’t see that his son-in-law’s advice is detrimental to the nation. As POTUS, he is supposed to consider what’s in the best interest of the nation. If I was POTUS and had to sacrifice family from my staff to save the nation I would do it, without question or reservation. As POTUS, my responsibility is the entire nation, NOT to just my own family. But will Trump wake up and smell the coffee? Nope. Don’t count on it. Don’t hold your breath on it.

      6. Oh what tangled webs we weave when we practice to deceive. This adage covers all government entities world over. There are so many investigations go on now that it’s hard to keep up. One thing I will give Putin is that he looks out for his country’s best interest; can’t say that for the US…..the people in power sell us down the river in order to promote themselves. Why were there no investigations into Obama and his cronies? There certainly were laws being broken in the Obama administration. Could it be because Obama and Hilary were doing the NWO’s bidding? Every time you turn around there’s a new investigation into the Trump administration; the NWO is using this BS to control Trump. Trump needs to buck and call there hand. If Trump will just come clean and fight for the citizens of the USA and start being honest and drop the Israeli puppeteers, the American public will support him. If not and things continue as in the past, then the constitution gives us, the patriots, the right to overthrow this fascist government.

      7. More speculation

      8. Nail, bingo my friend! At least I’m smart enough to know what I don’t know!Don’t worry one of the wise ones,with the”Intel” will pop in here and tell us what we should think!Oh where,oh where are you old wise one,lol !
        Be well all
        Maniac –out

      9. Trump, Reagan, even Washington – all not perfect. While Trump is orders of magnitude better than Hilary, we still need to be aggressive in keeping him in line with the tenets of freedom, liberty and the Constitution. You know, even if I, myself, were president, I would hope people would do the same. The price of freedom, as you well know, is eternal vigilance.

        • Test,

          Good points! That is why the founders had checks and balances in the Constitution.

          Louisiana Eagle

      10. What a load of bullshit from fascist pig..

      11. BULLSHIT!!!!!!! I Call Bullshit!

        The man has only been office around 85 days now. Obullshit was in for 8 frigging years and let everything go to hell. It takes time to set up a strategy. He had to have something in place to respond if they crossed the red line. Not just using the words Red Line. When they used the GAS then He acted with something he had his people plan. Just that simple.

        Russia isn’t going to tie his hands. Remember when Obullshit told Putin after he wins his second term He would be more flexible. There was no plan in place and that is why Donald hasn’t used them. Not only that he needs a good reason for using them. Believe as you may GAS was used, and The Donald acted like he told us he would. That is why I voted for him!!!!


        • Yes, gas was used, but it was not Assad and Putin using it. It was the radical Muslims that Obama and Hilary set in place; and the CIA is still backing them. Trump is now listening to and doing the bidding of the NWO because they have something on him.

        • A need for instant gratification is a sign of serious immaturity.

          Avoid association with those that demand it.

          They will get you killed.

          • blah blah blah tell us something we don’t know

        • Sgt. Dale

          ” When they used the GAS then He acted with something he had his people plan. ”

          You frequent this site. There is considerable evidence presented that cast doubt on the governments claim and their previous track record with the truth is not stellar. Why buy into the “official’ narrative. No its not “that simple”.

          • K2,

            What is the evidence that the CIA or another US entity/surrogate was able to load airplanes with nerve gas from a Russian/Syrian operated airbase/depot and drop it on people in Idlib? If the CIA can direct Russian/Syrian forces to do something they would never do then the CIA is more competent or omnipotent than I thought. They control the Russians! Wow! Can you give us an outline of how this was done? I am sure they are controlling the NKs as well and their determination to become a nuclear superpower!

            Louisiana Eagle, in awe of the CIA!

            • laeagle, who said they did that?

              • Him,

                Who gassed the folks in Idlib? Are not some folks saying it was the CIA? A planted false flag? Did not the plane that dropped the gas bombs come from the Russian controlled airbase? Please some one explain!

                Louisiana Eagle ?

            • laeagle

              “What is the evidence that the CIA or another US entity/surrogate was able to load airplanes with nerve gas from a Russian/Syrian operated airbase/depot and drop it on people in Idlib? ”

              Nerve gas wasn’t used period. The victims were handled in a manner that would have killed their responders. The “canisters” shown as “evidence” were exploded from the outside, inconsistent with an air delivery.

              Apparently a phosgene / chlorine derivative gas, known to be in the possession of AQ / ISIS was in the munitions storehouse bombed as the canisters were broke open from an external explosion. This points to them being in AQ / ISIS possession.

              It was not a nerve agent.

              • This is just one of many articles.

                Exclusive: Top Missile and Chemical Weapons Expert Debunks Trump’s Claims About Syrian Chemical Weapons

                h ttp://

                • K2,


        • No more excuses for Trump. Let his action speak for himself. Trump has renigged on 90% of his Campaign promises. If you didn’t get the memo Sgt D: New Boss same as the Old Boss.

      12. Great.

        Warmongering corrupt candidate #1 vs warmongering corrupt candidate #2.

        Spiffy whatever happened to Ron Paul damn it…

      13. I had high hopes before the election for Trump to win…Done.

        I had high hopes AFTER the election that trump would finally get America on sensible track…UNTIL he stacked his cabinet full of bankers and NEOCONS (all of them in the intelligence and military areas)…and then I lost hope for America all over again.

        They just replaced the scumbag NEOCONS that have been their for years with new faces and the same TREASONOUS ISRAELI AGENDA SERVING SCUMBAGS…that nothing has changed really except a POTUS with a white face. 40 years of my life a NEOCON agenda in full effect, shit, my ENTIRE LIFE the NEOCONS destroying America (Johnson was the first OPEN POTUS TRAITOR) in the white house.

        Nothing changes in America, same scumbags in charge, same foul agenda, same rubes and dupes toeing the lines. America deserves what comes next, they had their chance to take a different path…Time to pay the piper. There are two myths about America people refuse to see.. American “patriots” worthy of restoring a constitutional government and country, and FREEDOM. Myths, unadulterated MYTHS. you are slaves and you do it to yourselves, you lock the bracelets and shackles on and go on about your day saying you are free….ZOBIE APOCALYPSE!!! Come on APOCALYPSE!!! Save us from ourselves!

        • You Nailed it Neil. We were fooled again, Trump’s a bold faced liar. An actor. Notice how all the sudden the left loves Trump. All the Trump bashing from the left disappered? Trump and the left flip flopped.

      14. “The Russians Appear to Be Using Leverage That May Damage The President”

        Trumps been damaged since the day he was born. He was raised damaged and allowed into the club of sicko damaged beings that are running this damaged production.
        And that’s all it really is. A production.
        Has anyone else noticed the subtle shift in the news cycles? It seems like it started right around the selection/election process and has taken off since then.
        It’s like the main stream news has adjusted their reporting up to “conspiracy level 1.”
        I think this is being done for two reasons.
        1) More and more people are paying attention and are becoming hip to the Maggotry’s bullshit. So by throwing out conspiracy minded news the MSM can appear to be staying fresh while also feeding the need for conspiracy minded news.
        2) Throwing out conspiracy minded news in a specific pattern with carefully couched terminology only polarizes and fractionalizes the American people further. It’s pretty clever when you think about it.
        A couple of years ago we would have never been reading about something like this. This is something, if true, would have been kept secret from John Q. Public. Of course, just because the Associated Press wrote it doesn’t make it true.
        Remember, the Maggotry controls the news. Not the other way around as it sometimes appears.
        If we are hearing about it, it’s because the Maggotry wants us to hear about it.
        Remember what William Casey said:
        “We will know our disinformation program is complete when EVERYTHING the American public believes is false.”
        What is everything?
        Everything is everything.

        • “Maggotry”? Explain please!

          • That’s just the name I give to the politicians, bankers, lawyers, corporate cronies, Main stream news outlets run by the CIA…etc.
            Anyone who hates freedom.
            I just lump them all together and call them the Maggotry.

            • I will start using that as well! Thanks!

      15. Jeremiah, your article is a complete bullfrog.

        Birdseed. Stop writing this kind of crap that you know absolutely nothing about.

        • Maybe he means well and just needs some real world education to give him a better view of the larger picture.

      16. This site is becoming less useful every day

      17. What Trump is setting up is a No-Fly zone courtesy of Russia… Russia is moving to support Syria protect it with anti-aircraft batteries covering the entire country…

      18. I wonder if Trump got set up with the gas. If he didn’t respond immediately he would be a Asad lover. But to fire tomahawks at empty lots and Isis covered his ass?

      19. “Damage to his credibility” He lost that when he drank the koolaid and launched the missiles…..

        • Isnt this entire article and the responses related to the person I elected to office Who Is the most deceptive liar and misinformed idiot of any president in the world> TRUMP is a deceiver of the American SHEEP !!

      20. This fake East vs West narrative is fooling many people.
        Putin is a Zionist puppet just as Stalin was. Research the relationship between Putin and Berel Lazar.
        What Trump and Putin are doing is putting on a good show. Why do think Trump completely reversed his stance on Russia?
        A chemical attack again in Syria like when Obama was President.
        Trump says “they crossed a lot of lines”.
        America are you really that stupid to fall for the same narrative again?
        And the missle stikes carried out by Trump directly aided ISIS.
        The U.S. Airforce has been providing air support to ISIS.
        There are many people here claiming to be “awake” preppers, but they are sound alseep.
        Many have heard about the planned Zionist New World Order, but there’s more to it.
        The Zionists seek to give the world a “Jesus” to rule as our God king.
        The fulfillment of so called prophecy will be brought about by Zionist planning not divine deeds.
        Those following organized religions are being deceived.
        The Zionists continue to hide behind their veil of money, Judaism, and Christianity.

        • Truth is wrong. Putin is no Zionist. You are a moron if you believe that. Putin is at war with the zionist. Will not obey to their Banking cartel. Putin kicked out all the Chews and zionists from all government positions in Russia. Thats why the zionists are demonizing Russia and Putin, Iran and Syria. The USA once again is on the wrong side of History. Another decade of sad chapter of American history. Death to all Zionist and any one in similar cloth. You are all dead parasites!! You are the enemy of the American people who you hate and are jealous of.

        • In what way was Stalin a zionist puppet? Do you read books? Because Stalin killed off a practically all the old guard Jewish Communists as he rose, i.e. Kamenev, Trotsky (conspiracy theorists believe he even poisoned Lenin). His last act was an attempt at show trials for a bunch of Jewish doctors just before he dropped dead. He was no friend to the Jews.
          As a mass-murdering megalomaniac, Stalin was pretty much a self-made man. Only Uncle Joe could have turned a mere secretary position in a fringe political party into the most powerful office in the land and arrange the deaths of countless millions of people, goosestep Russia into modernization, and turn himself into a living God on Earth with a cult of personality that still has adherents to this day.

      21. It’s difficult to read the comments here today. Individuals who get all their news from the MSM claim to be knowledgeable about so much. The general lack of objectivity and civil conservation is troubling. But I still enjoy this site.

      22. Conversation not conservation. I hate myself.

        • It happens to all of us!?

      23. April 12, 2017 1983 CIA Document Reveals Plan To Destroy Syria, Foreshadows Current Crisis

        Prophetically foreshadowing the current crisis (and apparent action plan), leaked CIA documents from the reign of Bashar al-Assad’s father in the 1980s show a Washington Deep State plan coalescing to “bring real muscle to bear against Syria,” toppling its leader (in favor of one amenable to US demands), severing ties with Russia (its primary arms dealer), and paving the way for an oil and gas pipeline of Washington’s choosing.

      24. Hermes

        You’re the real moron. You obviously don’t know what you’re talking about.
        Putin is a Jew and he is close to Berel Lazar.
        It was the Zionists who were behind the Russian revolution.
        Communism was a tool used by the Zionists.
        Keep believing Putin and Russia are champions against the NWO. You’re a naive fool and it’s going to be funny when
        you’re proven wrong.

      25. Reader1

        You actually believe the history books?
        You have no idea what you’re talking about.

      26. Hermes and Reader1 are disinformation agents selling the Zionist East vs West narrative.

      27. It appears to me, and this is only an opinion, that our president, and last hope, has been waltzed into a trap.

        Here in the backwoods we have a saying, you always leave the dance with the one who brought you. Trump has been slowly stripped of his cadre of loyalists to the point that Mr. Bannon is now relegated to a broom closet and he is, in my opinion, the only one on Trumps’ staff who has a clue.

        Minus the people who covered his back he is now encircled by the same minions Obama relied upon to do his bidding. Trump now resides in a fishbowl where everything he sees and hears passes through the Red filter. Up is down and black is white such that every decision seems to be a reversal and repudiation of campaign promises made.

        President Trump is slowly being stripped of his political base while at the same time being “advised” into decisions that make him appear to be stark raving mad. What method to their madness.

        I predict that before two years in office has passed Trump will be impeached and globalist Pence will take up where Obama left off. So, where does that leave us?

        I made a prediction to some family members that with the Tomahawk raid in Syria Trump had virtually guaranteed a civil war here in the US.

        The zeal with which the left has waged war against a Trump presidency makes one tend to believe that the communists are attempting a takeover of the US. That would be dead wrong. They’ve had control of the US for over sixty years. What we’re witnessing isn’t a coup it’s a counterinsurgency to retain that control. Counterrevolution if you will.

        This means that our last and best hope to wrest control back from the communists by political means has fizzled. We are now faced with a decision nobody wants to make. Throw in the towel and accept life under communism or fight. My decision was made three years ago and reaffirmed this past weekend when most of my grandchildren were here for a visit and I was forced to ponder their future. I didn’t see and don’t see any way around the decision to fight. If there is any hope for any child on this planet it rests on the outcome here in the US. This is not how I envisioned my old age. To have survived Vietnam only to face the communists again in my own country is a bitter pill to swallow. “Live free or die” is about to be tested so pick your side and give it all you’ve got. If you stand for the Republic you have nothing to lose and that should, at this point, be painfully obvious.

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