This Is What a Currency Collapse Looks Like: Shopping Frenzy: “We Have A Lot Of Rubles Losing Value Every Second”

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    Russians have seen the writing on the wall and they know that they’re economy and currency are in serious trouble. Though the Russian central bank has pledged to protect and stabilize the Ruble, which has collapsed by nearly 50% versus the dollar in the last several months, people aren’t taking any chances.

    It’s a scenario we’ve seen repeated throughout history when a nation’s currency was threatened with destruction and it’s one we may soon witness in America should confidence in the dollar as the world’s reserve currency ever be lost.

    This is what a currency collapse looks like:

    “It is a real panic,” said Kirill Rogov, an independent political and economic analyst who is often critical of the Putin administration. “The ruble is being devalued by 5 or 6 percent every day, and nobody knows how to stop it.”

    The ruble has lost 50 percent of its value since the beginning of the year. Russian consumers afraid of losing their savings, as happened in a financial crisis in 1998, flooded stores, rushing to dump rubles that seemed to shrink in worth by the minute.

    Source: New York Times

    “I don’t need this car,” he said with a shrug. He already owns two Porsches and a Land Rover. But, he figured the prices will soon go up and the ruble will probably go down. “We are headed for a crisis,” he said.

    Electronics stores were packed late into the evening as shoppers scooped up iPhones and iPads at prices over $100 lower than what they cost in the United States. Apple’s Russian website halted online sales “due to extreme fluctuations in the value of the ruble… while we review pricing.”

    We came here because we have a problem. We have a lot of rubles which are losing value every second and we were too late to buy dollars at good price. We came here because prices on cars will increase tomorrow,” Katya said.

    Source: ABC News

    What’s happening in Russia with the collapse of the Ruble is that merchants are being forced to raise their prices on goods every day. If the slide in the Ruble continues that could turn to hourly adjustments as was seen in Zimbabwe when their dollar crashed.

    It’s a scenario that closely mimics the Argentine hyperinflation of the early 2000’s. As noted by author Fernando “Ferfal” Aguirre in his first-hand account The Modern Survival Manual: Surviving The Economic Collapse, when the country’s currency collapsed citizens had no choice but to spend their money immediately on anything they could get their hands on. Failure to do so would cut their purchasing power in half within a matter of hours.

    Ferfal explains:

    The banks had closed, and no one knew how much the paper currency was going to be worth tomorrow, or even in the next couple of hours.

    I vividly remember being at the local Home Depot (called “Easy in Argentina), and buying a few tools. The clerks would run around like crazy, replacing the old prices with the new ones, which sometimes changed within the same hour. 

    It was depressing to see a price and notice that after peeling it off, the old price was still there. There was no time for the clerks to remove them. There would be a five layer sandwich of ever increasing prices that were maybe just a couple of days old.

    After a few months, people found that they were in a very delicate position. Many were without a job, and those who had a job were paid in a currency where the value was dropping by the hour. Sometimes you had the problem of reaching the cash register and finding out that the price had already changed.

    Excerpted From: The Modern Survival Manual: Surviving The Economic Collapse

    This isn’t some theoretical forecast of what might happen during a currency crisis. This is how it was for people in Argentina in 2001-2002.

    People didn’t believe it was happening at first and figured their government would save them. Of course, government officials saved themselves and their rich cohorts, but left the people with nothing. Eventually the banks shut down, ATM’s ran out of money and cash became scarce. As Ferfal recollects, the economy quickly turned into a barter system where currency became physical assets like gold, silver, food, real estate and cars.

    Russia is yet another warning sign of what’s to come for the United States.

    The timeline for the collapse of the U.S. dollar is unclear. But that it will happen is an inevitable fact of life. And given the current national debt, long-term liabilities, economic malaise and deteriorating wages, it is only a matter of time.

    When that time comes it is in your best interests to already positioned for it. You need to answer the question: What is money when the system collapses?

    The answer, when you think about it, is pretty simple. When currency becomes worthless, physical assets will become money.

    In her book The Prepper’s Blueprint Tess Pennington outlines some key “assets” that will still have value – both for your use and as barter – should your dollars become worthless.

    Things like foods that last a lifetime, precious metals, fuel, clothing, footwear and firearms will be essential. Beyond that are other consumables that we take for granted today but will be worth a great deal should the currency collapse and stores run out of offerings. Cigarettes, alcohol, lighters, hygiene products, over the counter medicines, antibiotics and as Ferfal noted, hardware tools, are all worthwhile investments that will pay off in the future.

    While most Americans refuse to even contemplate the possibility of something like this happening in the United States, history has proven that every fiat paper currency ever invented has eventually fallen. We can pretend that this time is different, but we’d only be deluding ourselves.

    Confidence is a very fragile thing and given the economic, financial and monetary troubles we face, it wouldn’t take a whole lot to crush the world as we have come to know it. When it starts it will happen fast.

    Be prepared for it or face the horrific consequences that will follow.


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      1. I am pretty sure Vladimir Putin is really pissed off right now. One of these days he and his Chinese allies are going to turn the tables on us with “economic sanctions” and an attack on our currency. Argentina, Russia, Zimbabwe, Weimar….. they’ll be a cakewalk compared to what is going to happen here when 100 million government dependents have no money to buy food.

        GUNS. That’s one of my most important physical assets.

        • you remember what happened when EBT went down for a weekend. There were almost riots in the street. they had no idea how they would feed themselves and there 5 kids.

          • Agreed — had the Sony hackers turned on the EBT system a couple weeks ago we’d have riots in the streets by now.

            • dont hold your breath

              once they find out how to manipulate that system or get into the computers its GAME ON!

              matter of time

                • So your point is, Mac?

                  We should learn from the Russians, who are preparing themselves for a financial disaster, or is it that we Americans are too stupid to do the same?

                  Or were you just taking the opportunity to smear shit in Russians faces?

                  Take a look in the mirror, American…you’ve got some brown on your face as well. Look at the USD…THIS economy isn’t exactly the paragon of value either.

                  ‘nuf said.

                  • sixpack, don’t be such a dick.

                    • Let’s see now…… a few minor sanctions against Russia and the sky is falling. Meanwhile we’ve been pulling this crap on Cuba (Cuber) for 50 years and what good has it done? Not a thing which is why Obama has begun the process of lifting sanctions.

                    • 🙂

                    • Nobama, watch your mouth about sixpack.

                    • Amen. There’s no reason for speaking that way to Mac….

                    • Nobama, I respect Sixpack and his comments. If you disagree be a gentleman rather than a total jerk.

                    • Just want to point out…there is a major difference between “sanction” and “embargo”.

                    • If I recall correctly, sixpack is not a “him”.

                    • BJ, That video was good and he was correct. I liked his ground mount system. The only reason to mount on a roof is like he said, lack of space. Roof mounting causes a lot of heat which lowers the output of your panels and makes perforations in your roof. My prefered method of mounting is a top of pole mount. You can make the pole short enough to reach the panels for cleaning, AND you can make a handle to tighten and loosen the rack so you can turn the panels to face the morning and evening sun. By having a rack you can turn you will get about 40% more power in the summer months! By having a turning rack you will save around 25% on the cost of panels by needing fewer to produce the same KW per day. You can put about 1.8 kw of panels on 1 rack, just add more racks for more power. Ground mounting is cheaper BUT you trade off in efficiency and panel cost. And 1 more thing… DO NOT BUY MICROINVERTERS! When I was doing solar professionally we were always out replacing them. Whats the biggest enemy of electronics??? HEAT! And I tell you it gets pretty damn hot under a solar panel especially on a roof! Hope this helps 🙂

                    • Genius,
                      I know people in the U.P. of Michigan that have their panels on a rack that rotates automatically from east to west while facing the south 🙂

                      I wonder if you could put a protective plexiglass cover over the panels to protect them from things like hail??

                      30K seemed high, I was figuring around 20K for a nice system to totally power your home?

                    • BJ, The automatic racks are nice but very pricey! Probably about 2000.00 for one that mounts on a 6 inch pipe. Save a lot of fed notes if you just get a regular one and turn it yourself. A 2500 watt grid tie system on a pole mounted rack should cost about 6000 bux. If you do it yourself that is. That includes 10- 250watt panels, 6 inch 12 foot pipe, top of pole mount for 10 panels, wiring and conduit, 2500 watt inverter, disconnect boxes and breakers, or double the size for 12K, a lot less than 20-30K.. 🙂

                    • Oh ya about using plexiglass, DO NOT do that! Solar panels are pretty tough and rated for 1 inch hail. Plexi will just filter out sun and scratch and add wieght and be detrimental. No need to protect panels they have tempered glass and can take a lot of punishment.

                    • Between the plexiglass and the panel will become a solar oven, the archenemy of electronic systems.

                    • Nobama, I can be a dick when I want to be, but in this instance, I was just expressing my opinion. I very rarely mean anything personally, and I hope no one takes it that way.

                      Arguing/debating is like exchanging gunfire — it’s very unsatisfying when your opponent isn’t working with much ammo.

                      Mac has plenty of ammo to defend himself with, if he chooses.

                  • I’m in total agreement sixpack!!

                    • Look everybody is entitled to their opinions. Just gather all the info and decide for yourself. Seems the MSM and Government seems giddy and gleeful watching a country suffer.. And every dog has his day. KARMA is a Bitch. And there are those who have been playing the victim for 70+ years, as if somehow they keep needing charity, when they have been the biggest perpetrators of criminal activity and Genocide. Yeah you know who you are. Karmas a bitch. Just keep seeking the Truth and call out those spreading misinformation by providing the facts of the matter. Stay alert and prepared. ~ WWTI

                  • Re: Cuba. There are a lot of US Fugitives from the US, some on the FBI’s most wanted list that have been hiding in Cuba for years. Lets see how this plays out as the US and Cuba normalizes relations. Will Castros allow US Martials to come into Cuba and arrest and extradite these criminals back to the USA? Maybe Cuba wants to get rid of these criminals as well. I just want to get my hands on a fist full of those Cuban Cigars. About fricken time.

                    • Ive had the Cuban Cigars ,, a lot of hype about nothing. the only reason people want them is because they cant get them .. and once you have one you’ll understand they aint so special

                    • I agree Enemy, much ado about nothing. Don’t buy the hype. There are plenty of “good smokes” out there from places other than Cuba.

                    • Enemy – Not sure what Brand of Cuban you smoked, Kind of like Wine, if you drink ripple you can’t slam a good Cabernet. Life is too short to drink cheap wine or smoke cheap cigars.

                    • Wwti, the Cuban soil has lots of Iridium, from the meteorite that hit the North Yuacan that supposed to wipe out the dinosaurs. That is what makes true ‘cubans’ from Cuba. I get them via Peru SA. You will get a buzz if inhaled. Lots of seeds went to other places, saying Cuban, but it is the soil that makes the difference you mention. Got a few left, hope more arrive soon…

                    • WWTI, do your homework on Cuban cigars before buying one. Cigar Aficionado magazine is a good place for info on them. Some brands are better than others. Cohiba is a good brand.

                    • Central American cigars are better quality, the Cubans making theirs get paid whether they build a good product or not, and they choose not to.

                  • Could it be that this is the Saudi ploy, in conjunction with Obama to get at Assad and for the NWO to get at the Russians?
                    Or do you think the gas prices are a gift from….allah? Pfffttt!
                    The Saudi’s could go a long time on the money they’ve piled up, meanwhile allowing the world to drown in oil as they overproduce.
                    Russia’s economy is dependent on oil exports and the low barrel prices are killing them.

                • Thank you for the link, John!

                  ..GOD Bless you/yours…and Merry Christmas to you.

                • @JQP,
                  I have enjoyed most all your postings John, and have learned a lot….but this is a stretch and I can’t go here with ya. And I will be shocked with all you research, if you don’t know the truth about christmas and actually participate in it.

                  • BJ, You really want the truth? Its a Pagan Holiday that dupes the gullible. Or do you enjoy being lied to? Oh its a celebration of the Birth of Christ and the the 3 wise men followed the star into Bethlehem, to find that homeless couple that slipped a sucker out of wedlock and they named him Jebus who also grew up to be a drifter and homeless. Certainly something to celebrate with commercialized presents under a destroyed pine tree with a star on top.

                    • Absolutely 100% spot on truth about Christmas.

                    • Despite 2,000 years of attacks by Satan, his synagogue, his useful idiots and their Toledot Yeschu blasphemies, the Nativity, Ministry, Passion, Crucifixion, Resurrection of Jesus Christ, True God and True Man, Messiah, and His One True Church remain and light the path to Salvation.

                      Surely proof of His Divine Assistance and His Providence.

                    • Ehh, not quite. I realize many people assume it was placed on Dec 25th as a replacement for the pagan holiday of Sol Invictus, but that’s actually backwards. Sol Invictus began in AD 274, while Christmas was dated on Dec 25th in AD 204, seventy years earlier. The dating was based on the old Talmudic belief that all righteous men died on the day of their conception. It was an established belief at that time that the crucifixion occurred on March 25th, making that also the day of Jesus’s conception. Human gestation is 9 months, making the date of birth Dec 25th. Yes, I realize there are other historical issues with the December birthday, but I’m tired of seeing people twist facts to fit theories, instead of theories to fit facts. Also, happy Throat Punch Thursday, everybody!

                    • JohnQ. Show me just one person that has been saved and give never lasting life. John 3:16. You can’t, and you know why?? b/c Religion is a fraud. Stoopid Suckers get fleeced every Sunday.

                    • The publc life of Jesus was full of kindness, wisdom, and miracles. He founded a Church to continue His work so that all mankind may enjoy eternal life… And, while some men do fail Him, others succeed.

                      What is it that you offer with your mockery?

                  • JQP post about Pope and Pharisee should be a wake up call to all judeo-Christians. Picture there shows him in conversation with Rabbis with the holy cross around his neck stuck in a little pocket.

                    He covers it up so as not to offend the Rabbis! That tell you Christians anything?

                    • There is good reason to believe BERG-oglio is an anti-Pope, even to doubt the validity of his ordination as a priest, his supposed consecration as a bishop, and to notice the invalidating elements of his non-canonical election to the papacy. The lobbying done on his behalf before the conclave invalidates his election as pontiff. Prior to the 20th century, the Church declared about two dozen anti-Popes, poseurs who claimed to be, but never were Popes.

                      We may observe his manifest heresies, transgressions, and blasphemies, but laymen do not have the authority to formally judge and depose him. He cannot be the head of a Church to which he does not belong. It will be up to a good Pope in the future to formally declare him a heretic and anti-Pope. In the meantime, the world loves BERG-oglio precisely because he is NOT recognizably Catholic in anything he does.

              • They can only manipulate a system if THR government allows it …..make no mistake about it we know everything that’s going on in the cyber war …if the government wants EBT to be hacked then it will ….don’t be naive

            • As one anxious shopper noted, “none of us know what’s happening. We’re all worried that the currency will keep falling.” (Zerohedge)

              I hate to see any people facing a currency/economic collapse. It is the very young, the elderly and the poor that suffer the most.

              The Baltic Dry Index shows the true strength of the global economy. The Baltic Dry Index is the barometer that gauges the shipping dry bulk commodities around the globe.

              Just by looking at the Baltic Dry Index tells me MANY economies around the world are struggling.

              For comparison…
              Baltic Dry Index

              May 20, 2008 – 11,793 points

              June 2014 – The Baltic Dry Index Is Down 60% Year-To-Date; Worst On Record (Zerohedge)

              December 15, 2014 – 845 points

              What many people don’t realize is that the economies of the world are so interconnected.

              Keep praying and prepping.
              KY Mom

              • But, but the MSM and Obama tells us we’re in a recovery. Surely they wouldn’t lie to us. 😛

                • Rodster..No Obama would never lie…Can he tell the truth about anything?

                  • If Putin follows in the footsteps of fellow socialist FDR, he’ll surmise that a world war will bring his country out of a depression. Get ready for WW3

                    • Sterling. I believe Putin will defend his country and people from those trying to destroy it by putting it into a depression. Seems pretty clear to me. Can you grasp any facts from your invented fantasy? Post a credible link if you can.

              • To POGranny. To answer your earler quest why I would Vote for Elizabeth Warren. My answer is cause the other cadidates suck. No Hitlery or Jeb. And I don’t trust Rand Paul either. Warren made a nice speech during the Budget debate about breaking up the banks. Best ideaI head frony any politician out there. Banks donate money to most every candidate. Does not mean they own them. But you raise a good point and we are 2 years off yet to do more research. She seems like she has more integrity than anybody our there. Dont even know if she is running yet anyway. She said No. But its still early. Who would you vote for today so far?

                • WWTI:

                  If the November election isn’t proof enough that voting is a waste of time then I don’t know what is.

                  You are high on research, as I am, WTTI. For the love of Pete, do your research on Warren. She is even a better liar than Clinton. Another ‘Harvard’ socialist.

                  There will NEVER be a candidate at the national level that is not approved by AIPAC and you know that WWTI.

                  • Howdy, POG. Braveheart has never been a registered voter, period. Never saw anyone worth voting for. 2nd civil war and/or revolution is the only way to save this nation now.

                  • POG. I vote in every election. Other various Amendments on the ballot besides who is the worst clown. For the most part I vote againts who will the most damage to our country. Sad reality. But some elections come down to just a few votes. If you don’t participate then you have no reason to complain. Only Ignoramouses sit on the sidelines letting their destiny be chosen for them.

                    • “I believe if you vote you have no right to complain, people like to twist that around, I know. They say if you don’t vote you have no right to complain but where is the logic in that? If you vote and you elect dishonest and incompetent people and they get into office and they screw everything up, well you are responsible for what they have done, you caused the problem, you voted them in, You have no right to complain, I on the other hand, who did not vote, who in fact did not even leave the house on election day, Is no way responsible for what these people have done and have every right to complain as loud as I wanted at the mess you created that I had nothing to do with.” – George Carlin

                      ht tps://

                    • Said the ignoramus who would even contemplate voting for a POS like Warren.

                    • BJ – I voted against G W Bush Twice and still complained about his corruption. Your statement makes little sense. Only if you voted for the clown who gets in then screws up. How many people today who would love to take their votes back from Obama.

                • I’ll never vote for anybody who falsely tries to cloak themselves with minority status. Look what happened with Obama, who actually HAS minority status. Don’t like how he’s spending our money? You’re a racist. Don’t like how he refuses to get authorization from congress before attacking someone? You’re a racist. Took a dump this morning? You’re a racist.

                  Warren in no way represents any of the ideals I have about how our country should be run. Why the hell would I vote for her? I’d rather vote for someone who, while I know they won’t follow through, at least mouths the right words.

                  All that said, no, there is nobody I trust on the scene at the moment and if that continues then I won’t bother voting, at least not for the presidential race. There wouldn’t be any point, and while they say the ballot is “secret” I’m guessing the NSA would be able to find out who you voted for and make it hurt if they didn’t like your selection.

                • Really? Integrity? a person who lies about Native American heritage to get a teaching job at an Ivy League school and responds “well I have high-cheekbones.” It is funny to me that you would see Warren as anything but another Obama after following a site like this. The Democrats will not allow anything through their primary that is not full-blown sold-out Bilderburg approved committed to the NWO. People like Obama and Warren have to sell out more, not less, because they have absolutely nothing of their own to stand on, including integrity.

                  • Here is the way it is when it comes to voting and politicians.

                    Politicians, are for the most part, 99%; are in the political arena for three reasons. The percentages of those reasons vary with the amount of “sexual desire”.

                    1st: Money, which equals “greed”.

                    2nd: Power, which equals “prideful control”.

                    3rd: Sex, which equals “self gratification on a deviant level”. Lack of sexual desire can be fulfilled with larger percentages of the money and power.

                    Almost all politicians are after all three, and have basically sold their soul for it.

                    Voting for any plitician in this era, is basically saying I am voting my “conscience” for what a particular party “claims” to stand for.

                    Personally, I know voting will not change anything that is getting us closer to the NWO, from either party.
                    I do vote republican because I am against abortion and proliferation of the homosexual agenda. It is just a conscience vote.

                • WWTI, here in the people’s republic of Taxachusetts we call that old bat ” Chief Spreading Bull”. She claimed to be an Indian ( feather not dot) in order to get into Hahvahd. She is one of those Teacher’s Union pinkos who represents everything I’m pretty sure you’d hate. Trust me, don’t vote for Granny Warren.
                  Possee, back me up here ?

                  • Ha. Overwatch… You raise another good point, forgot about that one. OK who out there qualifies to do the right thinking for Americans? Anybody? I’d run, but my comments here would be exploited, cause I am too honest and Let er’ Rip!! as I see it. lol Unless you are self-wealthy, you need to kiss and shine a lot of shoes to keep your position in office like a good puppet prostitute. No offense to real prostitutes that need to make a living. There is a difference between selling your body and selling your soul.

                • I agree, Warren has so much integrity that she lied about being of Indian heritage to garner some leftist street cred.

                  If Pocahontas runs for President, she’s a goner. If you think Obama is a leftist, look at Warren. She’s the same if not worse.

                  And don’t think because she isn’t black she will end the racial divisiveness of this administration. She’s totally on board with eliminating ‘white privilege’.

                  Except for hers, of course.

            • Russian Bank Run Could Be ‘in the Cards,’ UralSib Capital Says

              “A full-blown currency and financial-crisis scenario seems to be unfolding in Russia in what was supposed to a quiet week as we head into the holiday season,” Slava Smolyaninov, deputy head of research, wrote in an e-mailed report today.

              “There is a risk that the economy will come to a sudden stop, along with the banks and the overall financial system. Hence, we may have underestimated the level of financial risk in the event of a full-fledged panic. A bank run could be in the cards.”

              “The financial system and banks in particular are clearly in danger as a crisis of trust seems to be developing as well,” Smolyaninov wrote. “We believe the worst is yet to come.”


              • Oh the Bloomberg Gun Grabbing Zog gleefully cheers on a bank run. They would love blood in the streets of Russia. Makes it easier for their parasite tribe to feed off of.

            • they should, i’m for survival of the fittest. I think the heard should be shocked into seeing the reality we are in.

          • you mean four kids. the max tax break/incentives is four kids. the 5th one doesn’t get them anything.

            • Unless you’re on assistance of some kind, then it’s Katy bar the door on how much you can milk the system for.

          • You are correct azampirri, and that was for less than one weekend in a small geographical zone. What happens when it’s nationwide: Choas! And contrary to what people ‘in the know’ are claiming, the only assets anyone will have is their prepper supplies, survival skills, an iron will, and luck. Money of any venue will be worthless. End of discussion. thanks and God bless.

          • Maybe ask for help from the 5 baby daddies? OOOH! You can’t find any of them?

          • Maybe ask for help from the 5 baby daddies? OOOH! You can’t find any of them?

          • Remember the EBT shutdown was just a test folks. No panic here.

        • Martin Armstrong suggest the dollar will stay strong while other countries are having their financial troubles. Right now people in Russia are buying dollars as a safe haven.

          • If I recall, “it’s the only game in town” is his argument for a strong dollar. When the world panics capital flows to America. In the near term I think Armstrong may be right unless we get Black Swan’d.

            • Question:

              A number of folks, a number of preppers believe that Obola wants a financial collapse, or some SHTF event to happen, so that he can declare martial law and extend his Presidential dictatorship beyond 2016.

              So is it possible that Putin wants the same thing as Obola? To welcome this ruble collapse so that he can declare martial law too?

              P.S. There’s a number of folks on this site who fully subscribe to a NWO Jewish Bankster conspiracy cartel. Is Obama and Putin both *in* on this NWO Jewish Bankster Conspiracy plan to collapse the ruble?

              • FS-
                Dont buy into the Rusian economy being shattered, it can take a hit .
                Russian rubles are backed by gold.
                FRNs are backed by nothing.
                The US is in more financial trouble than Russia.

                • Thanks for the heads up hammerhead.

                • Hammerhead: If the Ruble were backed by gold, the entire world would be clamoring for it. The truth is that it is NOT backed by gold and no one should believe it is.

                  More than that, Putin has been selling gold to buy DOLLARS!!! That’s right!!! Because his crony capitalist buddies in Russia must repay their western loans in dollars or go bankrupt.

                  This is more than a “hit”. The Russian people are repudiating the ruble. 🙁

                  • Sorry DK , But the ruble IS backed by gold.
                    And of course he is buying dollars at a 90ti 1 exchange.

                    • No HH, the ruble is NOT backed by gold. You cannot redeem a ruble for an established amount of gold. You can BUY gold with rubles, but only an increasing amount of rubles per ounce of gold.

                      If you believe otherwise you do not understand the basic concept of a gold backed currency. 🙁

                    • I guess Russia and China buy gold just because its shiny ?
                      I will do more research cuz i am a financial ignorant , but i am pretty sure …….

                    • HH: Fuck the fundamentals!!! The ruble is toast and it is being repudiated en masse by the Russian People. It is NOT the WRC of the New World Order and 147 multinational companies who control 60% of all global commerce with the dollar. Russian GDP is about 1.7% of world GDP. Russia is INCONSEQUENTIAL in the financial scheme of things.

                      If you believe what Simon Black has to say about anything financial, you probably believe Jim Willie, a rummy living in Costa Rico, who has been ranting against the dollar since at least 2009. Reality says otherwise.

                      I suspect Willie is one of the idiots who bought into Simon Blacks meme of living offshore as a “Sovereign Man”. Just buy Black’s monthly newsletter for the latest insights. Can you say Lindsay Williams??? LMFAO!!!

                      More fear mongers trying to make a buck off of you by disparaging the dollars in your pocket that they covet. Get a new perspective, please!!! 🙂

                    • So how much Au can a comrade ghet for his ruble?

                    • I say the dollar and the ruble is backed by; first and foremost “debt”, and secondly crude oil.

                      Hence the dollar, or shall I say the petro-dollar, is stronger against the ruble, because of cheaper oil and the Federal Reserves ability to print $$. It has to print, (along with the fuzzy math on the books), to support the trillions of dollars of debt it holds against it’s (small in comparison), measly 56 billion in capital. Not to mention, the 60 trillion dollars worth of debt held by the American Banking System against a flatlined GDP.

                      The Russian gov is trying to support it’s debt by raising the tax rates on it’s people by nearly doubling them, and causing inflation to run rampant. Hence why Russia has been seeing “frenzy buying” on a large scale. Folks that have been saving a ruble or two, see that value dwindling, so they are buying big ticket items at a frenzied pace lately, before those items get beyond their reach.

                      The Bear, has a ways to go before it implodes, but when it does, it gets mean and hungry. Mean and hungry looks for meat wherever it can find it. Right now it sees plenty of meat on the American bone.

                      When the mooselimbs are in place with their “no enter/Sharia law zones” (like they have in about fifty areas in Sweden/Europe), throughout America, the commies will have a backup force in and around all major cities.
                      With the mooselimb “caliphate” on the march, it won’t take much prodding to see the ISSL supporters, under the cloak of Syrian refugees, become impowered martyrs; as the blood runs red in the streets of America.

                      Russia and China can seek out revenge and a quick return on all those t bills they are holding, by marching right in and taking it right out of the hands of the liberals.
                      You know the ones, those that don’t believe in private ownership of guns. Ripe for the taking.

                  • The BRICS have no choice but to create a gold back currency
                    ht tp://

                • The Russians are backed by vodka. They’ll be fine.

              • Yes i some times think that Obama and Putin are working as a team and will continue to do so untill tanks from Russia cross the border to protect the people in east Ukraine.

                Strange that china signed two massive gas deals (maybe fixed price) and then the price of oil crashes.

                • The latest headlines says that Putin has been investing in weapons, lots of them.

              • Putin is now way in with the NWO. Where do you make that BS up? Putin is fighting the NWO right now. Hates them and Jews. Do your research.

            • The Russian economy is stronger than ours. No reason for it’s dollar to be slipping unless it is being targeted. They should start dumping dollars in retaliation. Or better yet, buy gold in our comex and stand for delivery.

              • Putin has been trading oil for China money and US Dollars and immedietly turning it in to buy Gold. Lots of Gold. Putin is smart = Chess player. Obama =Checkers. Yelling “King Me”.

            • Mac, someone here has been saying for four or five years that the dollar would be strong, that it would not collapse; that the dollar is the global currency of the NWO, and that the investors in the third world would rush to buy dollars and dollar denominated financial assets in a Crash.

              He also said that the dollar was the weapon of choice.

              Who was that masked man? Its in the archives folks. Where are the dollar haters now??? LMFAO!!! 🙂

              • egore: You are a complete financial idiot. The Russian economy is NOT stronger than ours. It is a one trick pony: oil & gas. Our economy is well diversified.

                Russia tried dumping our dollars earlier this fall; that has only exacerbated their situation. Putin is now selling gold to BUY dollars!!!

                My hope is that Putin gets the message and backs off of Eastern Ukraine, but that is not likely. 🙁

                • So what now?

                  Does the dollar head towards 100?

                  Does it stabilize? Go down?

                  The yen?

                  My hope is lower commodity prices in the near term, followed by a steady rise over the next two years. Will it happen?

                  Who knows?

                  • And when.

                    Not the yen.

                • DK, I agree that the U.S. is the world reserve currency as we speak. But I believe there are people/governments that want to change that. If you look at the federal reserve and it numerous QE, and the new budget deal where congress just upped out debt again because they refuse to balance a budget, I think we are committing financial suicide in the US.

                  I still believe there is gonna be a financial collapse of all world economies, but I think the U.S. has remained strong in spite of what dear leader and the U.S. politicians have done. And I believe that is because of the diversity that you mentioned. Not all sectors are broken, only a few. But the few sectors that are broken can cause some real damage, and when you keep bailing out losers, there is no end to the pain.

                  For years, the fed reserve has been buying mortgage backed securities to save our economy. I believe they are doing it so they own hard assets when the worlds economies all reset. Just my humble opinion that means nothing.

                  Keep your powder dry,

                  • JJsan: Yes, the BRIC’s attacked the dollar. Now the NWO has counter attacked. Its war and the dollar is the weapon of choice.

                    So far, its been pretty effective against all comers. 🙂

                  • JJsan, welcome back. How have you been?

                  • Yea you are right about the Fed reserve owning hard assets, such as 3/4ths the mortaged homes and businesses/ buildings in the ussag.

                    This same rhetoric and up down dollar demise will continue until about the end of August 2015, and then………..KA-Boom!!

                    Thar she blows, mate-ey! The dollar circles the whirlpool and then disappears into the drain on Sept 13/14th. Just a pre-destined, uneducated guess, based on the indicators. Better pull it out, before she loses interest.

                    There is a new masked man on the block and it ain’t duranko-kiddi=kool-ade-kidd. Kick the can until your cash runneth over, cause it’s coming.

                    The new congress/senate will feed the beastly bankers and walldoe street until everyone feels all warm and fuzzy with all their plush portfolios. Then pull the proverbial rug right out from under their noses, along with their mass fortunes of false securities.

                    Ka-thunk!.. as the stack of worthless paper certificates hit file thirteen along with stacks of lifeless bodies as their will to live evaporates. Scratched and clawed all their adult lives, to gain the mammon and upperhand of their neighbors and relatives to see it disappear with their dreams….overnight.

                    The Almighty dollar was their god, and now he’s a dead man walking. Who will save them now? How about some wonton soup?

                    • OICU:

                      Now that is one great post!

                    • Thanks granny,
                      just a little caffine infused chirping away this morning to see if sheeples are paying attention.

                      I know you are awake, and have been for a long time.
                      Anybody with half a brain can see thru the politicians like Warren. wwti? well like i said…half a brain.

                • Durango you need to stop embarassing yourself. Look up the Russian National debt. Its only like $400 Billion Vs US debt of $18 Trillion. Do your research, just pulling stupid comments out of your bunghole just smells up the place with disinformation. Fact check boomerrang. Boink again!!

                  • WWHTI: Yes and the Rooskies have $400-500 billion in currency reserves. (About the same as EXXON). It doesn’t matter. Putin spent $60 billion in the last couple of weeks in an unsuccessful attempt to stop the bleeding. It only got worse. At this rate Russia will be broke by march 1st and will likely invade Ukraine by June 1st to hike oil prices.

                    And THAT sixpack is why I care about Ukraine even though I do not live next door. Commodities have no value if no one is buying them; or less value if there is too much of them available for purchase. And that is the problem for Russia now, isn’t it??? 🙂

                    • durangokiddy. How will this affect you directly?

                    • D Boomerang – National Debt is not Currency Reserves. Sheesh where did you get your economics edumufication?

                    • WWHTI: Please point out the comment by number where I said that “National Debt is not Currency Reserves.”

                      Zero debt for Russia does not benefit them at ALL if they are blasting through their foreign currency reserves, the Russian people are repudiating the ruble, and companies like Apple and others will not accept rubles for their products, goods, and services.

                      You obviously have NO economic or financial education. That’s basic, Econ 101 stuff. Get a clue and make a valid argument. Your ignorance is showing. 🙂

                    • WWHTI: How does this effect me directly? The same way it affects you. Putin will not allow Russia to disintegrate. War is the likely response.

                      Personally, if I were him, I would call the Saudi Ambassador into my Oval Office for a meeting with me and my Joint Chiefs.

                      I would be very cordial but direct:

                      “Turn off the spickets until Oil is $100, and keep it there or I will turn the deserts of Arabia into a sheet of glass, and eliminate the House of Saud forever.

                      The King can save face by suggesting that the drop in oil prices has caused too much instability and hardship around the world; or any other way he wants to frame it.

                      But I will not allow Saudi Arabia and our mutual American friends to destroy Russia. My staff and I are in complete agreement that the current oil price is an existential threat to Russia, and we are prepared to move forward with this action and the consequences for everyone in the world. ”

                      Then I would politely show him the door. 🙂

                  • I tore the fart fan out of my bathroom. Don’t need it. My shiite don’t stink. When I get a new pencil, first thing I do is cut off the eraser. Don’t need it.

                    • lol…best comeback EVAH.

                  • Russia is paid for its res in dollars (at the moment !) these are now worth lots of roubles, the currency in which it pays its costs. It looks to me like Russia has found a way to dump 60 billion of its dollars at top exchange rate.
                    It is bailing itself out of its european debts and bringing its roubles home. Its offered amnesty to its offshore oligarchs who can now bring their ill gotton gains home at a brilliant exchange rate.
                    If DK really think this will end well for USA I like to sell her a bridge.

                    • Alice: I have a bridge in my Japanese garden over the KOI pond, but thanks anyway. 🙂

                • DK, why do you think what happens in Ukraine is any of your business, or any of OUR business? Do you live next door?

                  As far as the Russian economy, at least it is backed by TANGIBLE RESOURCES like oil and gas…OUR economy, OTOH, is backed by debt and warmongering.

                  No comparison in my book.

                  • Guess you’ve never heard of the ‘Arsenal of Democracy’ and the mind boggling natural and human resources that America has at her immediate disposal.

                    During WWII the war industry of the Empire of Japan managed to produce 75 lbs of war material per solider, the United States produced 300 TONS.

                    Our economy today is backed by the same damn thing it was then: immense natural resources, a hard working, and well trained work force.

                    All we need is an existential threat to focus our rather fracas family into a unified whole again….

                    • And where are those factories that the US was able to use in order to produce such vast amounts of war material?

                  • Sometimes you cannot reason logically with folks six pack.

                    Even though Russia’s economy is in shambles at the moment, I would much rather have a vast wilderness filled with timber, water, oil/gas, precious & industrial metals, etc…

                    Glad to see someone else sees the situation for what it is.

                  • Six Pack. Durango Kiddy is concerned about Russia, because he want to make sure his Stoli Vodka holds it value and he can get more and not be cut off. He is almost in crisis mode here. The DT’s are a bitch.

                    Definition: DT’s – Delirium tremens is a severe form of alcohol withdrawal that involves sudden and severe mental or nervous system changes.

                    Delirium tremens can occur when you stop drinking alcohol after a period of heavy drinking, especially if you do not eat enough food.

                    Delirium tremens may also be caused by head injury, infection, or illness in people with a history of heavy alcohol use.

                    It is most common in people who have a history of alcohol withdrawal. It is especially common in those who drink 4 – 5 pints of wine or 7 – 8 pints of beer (or 1 pint of “hard” alcohol) every day for several months. Delirium tremens also commonly affects people who have had an alcohol habit or alcoholism for more than 10 years.

                    Symptoms most often occur within 48-96 hours after the last drink. However, they may occur up to 7 – 10 days after the last drink.

                    Symptoms may get worse quickly, and can include:

                    Body tremors
                    Changes in mental function
                    Agitation, irritability
                    Confusion, disorientation
                    Decreased attention span
                    Deep sleep that lasts for a day or longer
                    Hallucinations (seeing or feeling things that are not really there)
                    Increased activity
                    Quick mood changes
                    Restlessness, excitement
                    Sensitivity to light, sound, touch
                    Stupor, sleepiness, fatigue

                    See the seriousness of this? lol

                    • Whodoo, sounds like you’re speaking from DIRECT experience!

                    • Paramedic Experience. These Pt’s were so bad we had to roll them in a sheet and buckle them down. Like a Quart of Vodka per day. The saying: “Oh I don’t have a drinking Problem. I drink, fall down, No Problem…” lol

                    • WWHTI: Not likely. I don’t smoke, drink, or use drugs. I can’t even remember the last time I took ibuprofen.

                      Midwesterner: Arizona has a number of defense plants in Phoenix, Tempe, Mesa, Chandler, and Tucson.

                      Advanced weapon systems are still produced here. 🙂

              • Durango Boomerang Kiddy. A lot can happen in 5 years especially economically. You still think the world is flat? Thanks for the laugh. You never let me down with your wizard economic knowledge. Ha!!

                • Thinking the world is flat is just like thinking Geezuss is gonna come back and save us.

                • WWHTI: Yes a lot can happen in five years: ask the Russians. Ask Venezuela, South Africa, and Brazil where they thought their financial status would be five years hence, five years ago.

                  The dollar is still KING!!! 🙂

                  • And will be for the foreseeable future.

                    • You got that right. Nothing but Yellowstone, EMP, Solar Flare, nuclear war or Pole Shift is going to change that. I have said that many times over the past four or five years.

                      Its in the archives. 🙂

                  • Durango. The US Dollar has been in a slide for quite some time, until just a few months ago with the OIL manipulation by the Saudi’s. The US just lost out as the largest economy, China is now King. The US Peaked in the 1990’s, and the political climate and massive debt has America to our knees unfortunately. Thus why the Psychopaths keep spending Massive amounts of Money on the Military. Cause when all else fails create false flags and start the bombing to distract from reality.

                    Also why you never should give up your guns, It is the last line of your own personal defense. You don’t want to be on the end of a Smoking Barrel. I tend to favor the fire breathers. Because all smoke is, is incomplete combustion.

                    • Guns??? Guns??? I don’t need no stinkin’ guns, I have Sheriff Joe to protect me. 🙂

            • For a short while longer, the USD will remain the least ugly girl at the bar. When our turn comes, it will hit like a lightening bolt.

            • Mac. Some are saying the Oil price collapse is the Black Swan. Saudis could drop oil to $15 if they wanted. They’re just getting started.

        • That’s why I’m investing in brass and lead.

          • Start picking up Silver. I still think it is going to go down some, but averaging and accumulating it now will be smart. Gold may be confiscated again, cause the US may need to pay their debt and they will come for your gold. Just saying, accumulate and bury it in various places. Of course gt all the rest of your preps in place, Food Water, Guns and Ammo. And don’t keep much of any cash in the banks. Just enough to pay the monthly bills, the rest under the mattress “wink wink.” And it is a great time to cash out stocks and pay your house off or cars etc, and any other debts. Pay off hard secured assets first like cars, before you pay your credit cards. Let the banks eat the unsecured credit. Move your assets (Checking Payroll Accts) to another credit union, where you don’t have credit cards. Banks make take your cash to pay your credit cards. They can do that legally if you read the banking rules when you signed up for your credits cards from the banks. Its going to get tricky here, Son’t get robbed.

        • If I was playing poker with Putin I wouldn’t try to bluff. You had better have a good hand.

          • Why? His hand is absolute shit.

            • Got that right. The people are starting to grumble and the loyal opposition is not so loyal anymore.

              Whats next, whats next, whats next??? 🙂

          • Playing Bridge is like having sex…

            You’ll need a good partner, or you best have a good hand.

          • No kidding. Americans play poker, Russians play chess.

            You’d better have the King boxed into a corner, or you’ll wish you had another Rook.

      2. This is a very importation thing to watch, expectantly for my family. I have a mother and father in law still over in Russia and they are loosing there retirement by the day. They have property and have been banking money into gold as fast as they can. Its going crazy over there.

        • Good luck to your in-laws Azampirri. This is no doubt a difficult time for them, especially as they’re life savings have been cut in half over the last year and will likely continue to diminish in value.

          I fear that this “financial war” will eventually lead to a direct military confrontation — at least historical that seems like the traditional approach taken by politicians and bankers and this time is no different.

          I wish your family the best getting through this tough time.

          Thank you for sharing and for pointing out the assets that they are trying to acquire now. We can theorize about such events all we want with respect to how this might go in the United States, but there is no better education than seeing it in real time (and/or living through it).

          • Russia can thank the USSA for the crash in the Ruble along with the Saudi’s dumping oil into a depressed market causing oil prices to collapse. Every major economy uses oil exports to fund their government and entitlement programs. Oil and LNG is Russia’s bread and butter.

            • A strong US dollar which has been manipulated pushes other currencies lower. A five months ago the $USD began it’s climb. There is NO reason the USD should be in the upper 80’s with it’s crap economy, HIGH unemployment and so many on govt assistance.

              • No reason except that those other currencies are in even worse shape. For all the wishful thinking on the part of SHTFPlan posters, the dollar is still the “safe haven” currency when things get bad.

                I don’t doubt that ruble holders who have the ability to do so have been buying dollars with them.

                Hopefully there will be no open war, and the example of Russia will enter the collective wisdom as an example of how not to run an economy. And that our own politicians take the hint. When all the other greedy screwups have collapsed their own economies, it will eventually be our turn.

                • Russia has no trade deficit, It’s central bank is 10 times more liquid than ours (somthing like 15% capitalized over our 1.2%). Someone is pulling the strings on the crash. I’ll give you two guesses.

                  • It’s pronounced eye-gore.


                  • Same ones that did it in 1998

                  • 🙂

                • In a world of midgets even a dwarf can be King. King Dollar!!! USA!!! USA!!! USA!!! 🙂

        • azampirri, Please keep us informed on what is happening on the ground in Russia through the eyes of your relatives. All we know is what we hear from the MSM which is totally filtered.

          Thanks for taking the time to post here.

          Best wishes to your family.

          • No doubt RL – MSM really filters.. I read somewhere today on an MSM site that the Russian economic collapse is a result of the lower oil price, but that Western sanctions had a “mild” effect as well… WTF?! Mild? The whole purpose behind the sanctions was for this to happen. Mission accomplished.

            Now what? Russia is going to pull out of Crimea? Mmmm-hmmmm.

            • Mac, the “sanctions” would have far less effect, perhaps none, if the oil price had held up.

              I won’t buy the argument that the Saudis are doing our bidding, either. They have plenty of cause to attack the Russians, not least the ongoing proxy war in Syria, which at the moment they are not winning. Granted they may be “piling on”, but to their own substantial benefit.

              Bankers? Don’t make me laugh. How do they benefit from any of this? In modern times war invariably weakens economies, which weakens their investments. In the current situation, war may kick over the derivatives house of cards, leaving them in a world of hurt.

              • Banksters fund the wars, often BOTH SIDES of the war at the same time…they make tons off of the death, destruction and subsequent rebuilding of decimated countries.

            • Will he pull out of Crimea? He will if he can find a formula that lets him save face at home. Several hundred thousand ethnic Russians have already moved to Russia from Ukraine, so that excuse is fading. (And what does that tell us about their expectations?) Basing for the Black Sea fleet? If they pay Ukraine some respect, Ukraine would allow it, for a fee. Why not? It would boost their economy. Pipeline rights of way? Ditto.

              • Coach: Putin will NEVER pull out of Crimea. It is Russian, with a population that is overwhelmingly Russian. Crimea was a brilliant strategic move as the ports there control the Black Sea.

                The clandestine invasion of eastern Ukraine, not so much. 🙁

                • I’ll agree with you Durango Kiddy on that one. Russia will never pullout of Crimea. Game over on that move. Russia Could also cut back or cut off much of Europe on Gas for heating. They are just in the Beginning of a long cold ass winter. You don’t Poke the Teddy-Bear that keeps you warm.

                  • WWHTI: That “teddy bear” that keeps Europe warm has CONTRACTS for its oil & gas. To unilaterally severe the contracts to supply gas would be to cut Russia’s nose off to spite its face.

                    It DESPERATELY needs Euros and dollars to save its currency. 🙂

                    • Not if it backs its ruble in gold…the dollar is toxic to banking and world trade and the Euro is on thin ice

                    • Russia doesn’t have enough gold above ground to back its currency at the current price of gold. 🙂

                    • About 1200 metric tonnes at last report. Not gonna cut it. 🙁

                • Well, we should annex Panama, then. Lots of Americans there, still an important shipping route. LOL!

                  • And destroy one of the best offshore business environments in the world?

                    There is a reason for Hong Kong, Panama, Isle of Man, Luxembourg, Dubai, and Bermuda. They are there to serve the Uber Rich. 🙂

            • The lower oil price IS a defacto sanction .
              The Saudis are holding down oil at the request of the US.

              • hammerhead

                Your 100% correct.

              • Ditto. Our economy is going to take a shit in 2015. Obama will then sit back and look at the newly place repub senate and say “what did you do?” Obama is making nice with Cuba, taking a shot at Russia’s alliance with them. Working with the Saudi’s to stick it to Russia at the same time killing any talk domestically of the Keystone pipeline. Once the fly-by-night oil guys go belly up over here, the Saudi’s will adjust there position and have a monopoly on oil once again. Who knows where Russia will in a year.

                • I expect Cuba to gratefully take whatever relief from sanctions the U.S. offers, but I don’t think they will cut alliances with Russia to suit the United States, their decades-long oppressors. Cuba got into that mess, because they didn’t bend over when western corporations said to bend over. Their hatred will continue and I expect a new round of sanctions when the U.S. realizes that Cuba is not for sale.

                  • Sixpack, the most likely thing to happen with Obama restoring ties with Cuba is to give a new lease of life to the Castro regime. Most people don’t realize just how much the Castros depend on foreign currencies, especially the dollar, to prop them up financially. Since the late 90s, Venezuela under Chavez has been one of the biggest benefactors of the Castro regime. He was sending 100,000 barrels of oil EVERY DAY to Cuba to prop up their economy. The US still buys around 10% of its oil from Venezuela. There are tens of thousands of Cubans in Venezuela, military and civilian, in essential positions in government and society, to make sure that support continues regardless of who the president is. That is how important the Castros regard Venezuela. When Chavez was alive, he allowed Castro to place certain Cubans in positions of power within the government and military. How is that for violation of a nation’s sovereignty? Nicholas Maduro, the current commie tyrant, is allowing that arrangement to continue. Venezuela’s infrastructure is crumbling, especially its power grid, due to lack of investment and upgrading. Chavez spent his country’s oil wealth on socialist giveaway programs for the poor to maintain his support base and Maduro is continuing with that. If American tourism is revived in Cuba, people will flock to that island in droves and spend dollars there which will go straight into the coffers of the Castro regime. Whether US corporations will re-invest in Cuba remains to be seen. Regardless of what happens, the Castro regime is not going anywhere anytime soon.

                    • “How’s that for a violation of a nation’s sovereignty?”

                      No worse than allowing dual citizens with allegiance to Israel before the US to roam the halls of corporate DC.

              • hammerhead, Exactly right. Saudis are the slaves to their ZOG handlers controlling the banking cartels in the US and in Europe. I am still not 100% sure if Putin is part of the same game or he truly is fighting the ZOG control of his motherland. If he truly is outside of the international banking cartels…..I would use anything at my disposal to defeat the enemy including nuke to make the Mecca and TelAviv to become a solid ice platform.

            • There is a “cabal” in Russia that is really in charge made up of the most richest Russian’s. Kind of like the Bilderberg group on a local level. The sanctions that the U.S. placed on Russia was / are pretty specific in targeting these individuals. Notice that exports into Russia are not really effected unless they are parts for manafacturing that these same people own and operate. Not so much on consumer goods like toilet paper etc.


              • BigB. You got any proof of that, like sources or links. I doubt your comment has any validity. Putin will crush any NWO Types in Russia. In fact I believe he indicted an oil Barron over there like a few years ago, and threw the Scumbag in prison and Russia took over the Oil co.

                • WWTI,

                  Who do you think brought the Russians out of the last mess? It was the Russian Mafia families. They are now the elite and the people who run Russia just like our Sorro’s and Buffets do here in America.


                  • “Who do you think brought the Russians out of the last mess? It was the Russian Mafia families.”

                    Russian “Mafias” did what they had to do to SAVE their country, while George Soros, Warren Buffett and their ilk have been solidly behind the degradation of America and the middle east, WHILE THEY STOOD TO PROFIT FROM THE FAILURES.

                    I don’t see how any sane person could draw a parallel between what amounts to rich countrymen putting their money where their country is, and global elitist parasites like George Soros…

                    • Sixpack, who said I was sane. LOL


                    • BigB, you sound perfectly sane to me.

            • Mac

              What about that trade agreement between Russia and China a while back utilizing their own ‘currency'(outside of the usd) to exchange goods and services?

              There’s more to this than meets the eye..

              Nothing is by accident

              Everything by design


              • May 20, 2014

                In a symbolic blow to U.S. global financial hegemony, Russia and China took a small step toward undercutting the domination of the U.S. dollar as the international reserve currency on Tuesday when Russia’s second biggest financial institution, VTB, signed a deal with the Bank of China to bypass the dollar and pay each other in domestic currencies.

                The so-called Agreement on Cooperation — signed in the presence of Chinese President Xi Jinping and Russian President Vladimir Putin, who is on a visit to Shanghai — was followed by the long-awaited announcement on Wednesday of a massive natural gas deal 10 years in the making.

                but wait…

                But the BRICS countries — Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa, a bloc of the world’s five major emerging economies — have long sought to diminish their dependence on the dollar as a means of reshaping the world financial and geopolitical order.

                In the absence of a viable alternative, however, replacing it has proved difficult…



                • maybe..just maybe..Putin and Russia are allowing the ruble collapse to usher in their new trade currency with China..

                  Surely.even thought the likes of the vampires on street relish this collapse,Putin and his ilk have another plan b up their sleeve…just perhaps..

                  All we can do is watch from the sidelines and speculate the final outcome of all this..the sanctions and oil price spiral down..

                  Should prove to be interesting…

                  Except for the usual collateral damage..the average folks..
                  They always get screwed..every time..


            • Keep in Mind the Saudi’s cost to produce a Barrel of OIL is only $4. and about $6 to $8 to bring it to market. They have a lot of room to crush everybody. Even the U.S.

              • Where do you get those numbers? Can’t find any corroboration anywhere. Do I need to check chicken entrails?

              • It’s hard to tell what Saudi’s costs to lift a barrel are. They don’t release that info. It costs them a lot more in social subsidies than that, but they do have about half a trillion in reserves to tide them through.

                I fail to see how they are manipulating the price this low. They have actually reduced output a small amount. Oil is priced globally by the supply and demand and the cost of the most expensive barrel that is in demand. No one producer can control the price.

                When demand tanks worldwide, the price goes down and the most expensive oil producers are shaken out (tight Bakken and oil sands).

                While there may be some amount of manipulation, it is small relative to the size of the world’s oil patch. No, I say this is a worldwide deflationary depression causing this and the price will not come back until supply equals demand once again.

                Many bankruptcies and mergers are coming and possibly a crash in high yield bond market that spreads to the rest of the world.


        • Very unfortunate to be sure, and it is all thanks to the greed and lust for power of a very few.
          If the people of the world united against the governments of the world we would all be better off.

          • Kula

            In hope..yes


            I couldn’t agree more with that statement..


            even here amongst a minuscule representation of supposed like minded folks..

            the divide is deep..

            Though some of us agree to agree most of the time..

            These are interesting times..indeed.


          • Amen Kula.

        • Some would say you can’t eat gold, it may be gold that allows you to eat.

        • Good luck to them.

          This is the second collapse of the Ruble in 25 years, so they will know what is going to happen and how to deal with it.

      3. Ocommie is poking a stick in the bears eye as he unilaterally reestablishes relations with Cuba. What is happening is absolutely incredible. The world is heading for a reset faster everyday. Think about it, what would you do if Putin caused your dollar to drop like the ruble. You better believe the Russians will respond to this onslaught of destruction of Ocommie unlike the American sheeple.

        • Fiat currencies DO have a backing, even without gold. It’s productivity. The ruble is dropping because Russia has no economy outside of oil and gas. No manufactured goods that anybody wants, very little in the way of agricultural goods. Not much in the solid minerals way either, except gold, which they don’t export. Putin’s economy was in sad shape before all this, and he’s been pumping the national media over there with jingoistic “Mother Russia” crap to keep the people from caring. (Classic dictator tactics.) Instead of developing his own country he tries to steal some productivity (wheat production, oil outlets) by a stealth annexation of Ukraine. When the Ukrainians failed to lie down for his chosen Quisling Yanukovych, he uses military force.

          If there’s anybody poking a stick at anybody, it’s Putin. May he be hoist by his own petard.

          • Not sure where your getting you info but apparently someone’s been blowing a lot of smoke. Anyone who would say “When the Ukrainians failed to lie down for his chosen Quisling Yanukovych, he uses military force.” must be watching MSLSD and CBS. As far as Russia having no economy that must be coming from ABC. My PERSONAL experience with the Russian economy for the past 10 years has shown me the Russian people are making money. The communist in America are certainly succeeding in brainwashing the sheeple.

            • What Russian manufactured goods are even for sale in the West? Ladas? C’mon, man. Almost 60% of their foreign exchange is oil and gas. Military hardware next, and that’s probably subsidized. Then you get into third world style exports like iron ore and lumber. They claim to export wheat, but I found that to get there they include wheat grown in Ukraine.

              BTW I haven’t even owned a TV since 1977.

            • Amen, maddog. Anyone who can still say America is backed by “productivity”, with a straight face, is simply fooling themselves. All we can produce at this point is brainwashed masses and welfare babies…

          • Better take off them rose colored glasses, seem to be screwing up your perception of reality.

          • OLD Coach. Russia has a very profitable thriving VODKA Market.

            • FYI-
              Russia’s Top 10 Exports in 2013
              The following export product groups represent the highest dollar value in Russian global shipments during 2013. Also shown is the percentage share each export category represents in terms of overall exports from Russia.
              Mineral fuels including oil: $304,559,452,000 (57.9% of total exports)
              Iron and steel: $20,050,729,000 (3.8%)
              Pearls, gems, precious metals and coins: $14,367,047,000 (2.7%)
              Fertilizers: $9,119,157,000 (1.7%)
              Machinery: $8,815,393,000 (1.7%)
              Wood: $7,324,251,000 (1.4%)
              Aluminum: $7,181,742,000 (1.4%)
              Inorganic chemicals: $5,009,209,000 (1%)
              Copper: $4,962,945,000 (0.9%)
              Electronic equipment: $4,914,638,000 (0.9%)
              All 10 of Russia’s top exports posted double-digit gains over the 2009 to 2013 period, the slowest of which was Russian aluminum at 24%.

              The top grower among the leading exports was non-industrial diamonds under pearls, gems, precious metals and coins — an export product category up 257.2%. Inorganic chemicals were in second place (up 126.4%) followed by machinery exports (up 65.7%)

              Russia’s unemployment rate was 5.8% in 2013.

              And what was the US’s “REAL” Unemployment in 2013= 15%+

              • WWTI…any stats on weapons exports?

                • This was Russia’s Top 10 exports. How about checking weapons exports for every country and post the list. US is up off the charts over any other country. The list is out there I saw it a few months back. Off my laptop for the night. Zzzzzzz

              • Compare those numbers to the EU or the USA.

                • Exactly Coach. Lets compare apples to apples and oranges to oranges. Russia’s commodities make it a national Wally World with unbelievable low prices.

                  Aggregate amounts may soar, but actual income will decline while purchasing power tanks. I guess Russia will “make it up on volume”. Not. 🙁

                  • Not even on volume. Everywhere I look their export volumes are going down. Aluminum to China 17% off, for example. That may simply be a reflection of the world-wide slowdown, but it still takes foreign exchange out of Putin’s Pals’ Pockets.

                    As for productivity – America still manufactures stuff by the shipload, as I’ve posted in detail elsewhere. Cars alone – Big 3 are off, but here’s Toyota, Mercedes, Honda, and I dunno how many other “foreign” makers who actually manufacture in the USA. Everything but the raw castings, (only because the EPA drove the foundry business to Mexico in the ’90s and early ’00s). And you can’t ignore our ag sector, no matter whether you are a GMO paranoid or not.

                    • China smarter than the USA. Yup! Won’t allow GMO grain into their country. Explain that one, Old Coach.

                      “GMO PARANOID”. Another brilliant statement.

                    • POG: Can’t find fault with that. The Chinese are eating our lunch, but not our GMO corn. Who would have thunk it??? 🙂

      4. This is absolutely terrible. If the ruble’s demise is the result of a global conspiracy (and we all goddamned know that it is), may god help us all.

        The banksters are playing with fire folks. They are actually engaging in brinksmanship with Russia…and incredibly bad move if you ask me.

        Remember, currency is nothing more than an agreement to use a common form of barter. If the Russians are being “sidelined”, and as a result, say frig it all, were not playing anymore, the banksters will soon find out that they have nothing to negotiate with…except their lives.

        • “the banksters will soon find out that they have nothing to negotiate with…except their lives.”

          thats fine.. its their lives then…. not one dam tear will be shed from my cheek

          paybacks a bitch!

          • 🙂

        • I’m including the media with the bankster’s, they also have nothing to negotiate with but their lives. If they were doing the duty the world would be a completely different place.

          • The media is going to get exactly what they have been giving us. I look at it this way for all involve
            I- Ignorant or
            I- Involved
            Either way according to Nuremberg you are guilty.
            As for the media we will lie to them omit the truth and then send them to FEMA camp for vacation, if they are lucky.
            Don’t like this response then step up tell the truth or suffer the consequence…

            • I prefer “if the media lies the media dies”. Fuck feeding them in a FEMA camp. To me lying and omitting are the same thing.

              • What is funny is that NFL Staduims can no longer get Terrorism Insurance backed by the Federal Government. So maybe No Superbowl this year. Not sure why any tax payer has to cover private corporations security. Oops they do for Oil Co and shipping lanes in the high seas and still give oil Cos subsidies and the NFL is a fricken 501c3 tax free status and the make Billions in profit. Whats wrong with this picture. And why our Nat debt is $18 Trillion. Its not the EBT Cards Crowd is it.

                • I guess you can add the NFL and Nascar both tax free Corps, to the FREESHIT Army list besides EBT ‘ers.

        • Cellar Spider: “If the ruble’s demise is the result of a global conspiracy (and we all goddamned know that it is), may god help us all.”

          Cellar Spider, I asked the following question above of Mac Slavo. I’ll ask you as well:

          A number of folks, a number of preppers believe that Obola wants a financial collapse, or some SHTF event to happen, so that he can declare martial law and extend his Presidential dictatorship beyond 2016.

          So is it possible that Putin wants the same thing as Obola? To welcome this ruble collapse so that he can declare martial law too?

          P.S. There’s a number of folks on this site who fully subscribe to a NWO Jewish Bankster conspiracy cartel. Is Obama and Putin both *in* on this NWO Jewish Bankster Conspiracy plan to collapse the ruble?

          • FreeSlave:

            May I suggest you start doing your own research?

            Your history shows, even as people prove to you the truth, that you really are not interested. Answers to most of your ‘questions’ can be found throughout SHTF if you are not too lazy to peruse them.

            You are a troll.

            • Pissed Off Granny,

              What’s your answer to: “Is Obama and Putin both *in* on this NWO Jewish Bankster Conspiracy plan to collapse the ruble?”

              Don’t call names. Just provide answers and give evidence and reasoning undergirding your answers. That is all.

            • PoGranny U R Correct on Freeslave. Zog shill disinformation Troll. Not even close to any accurat info.. Don’t waste your time answering him/her.

            • POG, Don’t waste your time with FreeASSLAVE. He really is troll.

            • Exactly P.O.G.- FreeSlave is undoubtedly a government shill, not to mention a pathological liar. Do not feed the troll as he is not worth it.

          • I think Vladimir Putin, is more of a Russian-nationalist, as opposed to being an active/privileged ‘goy’ …in the employment of the judeo-NWO apparatus.


            That said..

            ..just curious..

            Why are you -(ex-IDF guy)- suddenly focusing/concentrating on the -(your words)- ..NWO jewish Bankster cartel..subject?

            • Hunter,

              I’m not Jewish, nor am I an ex-IDF fellow. Sorry if you received that mistaken impression. I quoted a messianic Jew who was ex-IDF and folks thought that was me.

              To answer your question, I simply question the assertions and claims of those saying “It’s the Jews!” or “It’s the NWO!” or “It’s the Banksters!”

              They are assertions in desperate need of convincing evidence.

              • Fair enough, sir.

                ..convincing evidence can be found, via serious investigation/sleuthing…and the application of a logical deduction..thought process.

              • well FreeSlave, easily found with a search are Obamas’ top campaign contributors, which include Wells Fargo, Goldman/Sachs, JP Morgan-Chase, etc. (see Hunters advice below on deduction and reasoning- just trying’ ta help, ya’ know) 😉

              • – as far as Jews are concerned, also easily confirmed are facts like Bernanke, Volker, and Yellin being Ashkenazi Jews, as well as the Pres of the New York Fed and its chairman, as well as many US govt deputy secretary players- etc etc. — I mean, its a long list that’s easy to find. Just facts , I guess.
                I have some Jewish blood in me as well… (I’m tempted to over-charge you for this post, actually.)

                • alias—>


                  I don’t care if you’re a pure-bred..

         long as you’re a the truth!


                  After all..its what dwells in one’s heart/soul…that matters.


                  ..see the Samaritan the well..for details.

                  • –addendum to above–

                    Merry Christmas to you/yours.

          • Russia is a communist country. Will martial law really make that much difference that he’d risk “all that” for it?

            I (respectfully) think your logic is flawed.

          • @FreeSlave,

            Obama is harmless. He is an egoist and simply wants to go down as the greatest American president in history. Plain and simple. He marches lock stock and barrel with the Fed and the BIS in return for an America that muddles along….just like all the presidents have since Nixon.

            The issue with Russia is brinksmanship between the European Central Bank, Bank of International Settlements, and IMF vs Putin. Putin has been holding Europe hostage with regards to oil and gas in response to sanctions.

            Remember, Putin took back Crimea…which was really the only viable income (rental income paid by Russia) the Ukraine had. That income was used by Ukraine to pay back the IMF and ECB previous investments. Now that Putin has taken ownership, he ain’t paying Ukraine any rent….and Ukraine ain’t paying back the IMF/ECB….and the IMF and ECB are damned mad about that.

            Plus, Europe is getting nervous as their little tootsies are about to get cold. Thus, they’re in a pissing contest.

            However, this is different than the normal pissing contest. This time, the Russian economy has been collapsed…all in hopes that oil and gas will start flowing at a discount rate due to Russian desperation.

            But Putin sees it as Europe firing the first shot…and this means war to him because his people are starting to suffer. This could get bad awfully quick.

            Get your duct tape and plastic ready.

            • Cellar Spider,

              If I understand your response correctly (with response to my question at the end), you don’t believe that either Obama or Putin are in on this NWO Jew Bankster Cartel, is that right?

              If so, I have read other people who are insistent that Obama is in the employ of the NWO.

              This is one of the reasons why I’m skeptical about the loud claims of the NWO Jew Bankster Conspiracy Theorists.

              • @FreeSlave,

                I fully believe that The Federal Reserve, The Bank Of International Settlements, the European Central Bank, the World Bank, and the International Monetary Fund use money as a vehicle to manipulate countries and societies around the world.

                Their ethnic makeup does not matter to me.

                As for the NWO, TPTB. Absolutely I believe that there is a hierarchical group running things on a global scale. I deduce this from the great concentration of wealth reserved only for the few. Again though,

                Their ethnic makeup does not matter to me.

                • “Absolutely I believe that there is a hierarchical group running things on a global scale.

                  Cellar Spider, are Obama and Putin on the inside of this “hierarchical group running things on a global scale”?

                  • They all have thier Masters. As always you only have to follow the money. In this case the Saudie elite want to destroy the Russian oil industry and the Russians who are backing the Syrians. (see the connections?) Thus they are backing ISIS who the Saudies are deathly afraid of. The Russian Mafia families have pissed someone or some group off and the Russian people through thier masters will have to pay.

                    Again as always, just follow the money.


                    • Big B,
                      You are right they all have their masters. The ones on the world stage are not the real masters. The real masters are behind the scenes. It is a hierarchy.

                  • @FreeSlave

                    Is that you Zogby? I didn’t know I was on the polling list.

          • “So is it possible that Putin wants the same thing as Obola? To welcome this ruble collapse so that he can declare martial law too?”

            So you’re admitting that Russia is NOT a communist dictatorship? If it was, as many people think, then Putin wouldn’t NEED a reason to declare martial law, he’d just do it. That’s what dictators do.

            So by your own line of thinking, you openly admit that Russia IS a democracy, not a dictatorship, and a sovereign nation. IMO, any country who will not fight to keep their sovereignty, deserves none.

            Whatever the NWO wants, I don’t. The who, why and how doesn’t even matter anymore.

        • Cellar Spider: “If the ruble’s demise is the result of a global conspiracy (and we all goddamned know that it is), may god help us all.

          The banksters are playing with fire folks.”

          Cellar Spider, Stolz, WhoWouldaThunkIt, Pissed Off Granny, and other subscribers to the NWO Jew Bankster Criminal Cabal Cartel Conspiracy, please meet The Old Coach who says:

          Bankers? Don’t make me laugh. How do they benefit from any of this? In modern times war invariably weakens economies, which weakens their investments. In the current situation, war may kick over the derivatives house of cards, leaving them in a world of hurt.”

          • You are hitting on all cylinders on that one Free Slave.


            • Thank you BigB. And thanks to The Old Coach too.

              Cui bono? Who benefits? I would also add: How does the benefit work out for those who are said to be benefiting?

              Let’s say we have an economic collapse in Russia. Or an economic collapse in America. Or an economic collapse in Venezuela.

              What I invariably see is comments by those subscribers to an NWO Jewish Bankster Criminal Cabal Cartel Conspiracy that the collapse was engineered by these NWO evildoers. Why did they engineer the collapse? These conspiracy theorists answer:

              Because it was to the NWO’s benefit!

              The natural questions to these rabid tinfoil mouth-foamers is: What was the benefit? How do they benefit? (Amongst all the other questions one can ask)

              For example, let’s say Russia’s economy collapses and Putin takes military action, and then America’s equity markets starts to tank.

              The Rabid Tinfoil Conspiracy Theorists: “The NWO Jewish Banksters engineered this for their benefit!!”

              Thus, The Old Coach: “Bankers? Don’t make me laugh. How do they benefit from any of this?”

              • Freeslave,

                I agree. There have been many names in here (I tend to think they are the same people writing under different names) who blame everything on “Jews” “zionists” and “Jew backed NWO”. I even accused several of them of being closet jihadis which they never bad mouthed the prophet or denied. Their make up means nothing to me. But I do believe that greed and power hunger comes in all shapes, sizes, races and religions. So I don’t care what an asshole is, but I do care if they are hurting us, the U.S. or the world.

                • Thanks JJsan, I’m with you on your thinking too.

                • JJsan:

                  Thanks for the compliment. I could only hope that I am one half as smart as Hunter, JQP, Stolz, Condor, and the other ‘enlightened’ people who post truths here at SHTF.

                  It will be your turn someday to have to face the truth. And it seems ‘someday’ is getting closer every day.

                  • Yeah pog, ” enlightened” in your book is simply ” I hate Jews and love cops!” You have NO idea WHAT the truth is that jjsan or ANYBODY will have to face, if ever, except in your own warped visions.

                • Jesus, I would love to see an honest poll here as to how many of these regular posters/bickerers have time to be gainfully employed. Also, how many are on disability etc. Yes, that would truly be interesting.

          • @FreeSlave

            You said, “Cellar Spider, Stolz, WhoWouldaThunkIt, Pissed Off Granny, and other subscribers to the NWO Jew Bankster Criminal Cabal Cartel Conspiracy”

            Those are your words, not mine.

            “You Said,” In modern times war invariably weakens economies, which weakens their investments.

            Not true at all. War is actually doubly profitable. Both sides need to procure weapons…and they ain’t free and they ain’t cheap. Plus, both sides need to finance their war. War participants either can print Greenbacks like Lincoln did….(and get assasinated)…or the participants can borrow to finance their operations.

            Your statement about “derivatives” is naive. Derivatives are based upon an underlying asset. The underlying asset has to fail for the derivative to fail….and don’t echo that B.S. about the 2008 housing collapse. Housing just didn’t go bad one day back then. The ECB and their cronies just decided to no longer participate in the overnight markets thereby freezing US bank capital…because the U.S. banks were making too much money.

            • Geeze Freeslave is creating lists. My statements are due to my observations of the actions certain tribes or persons make. I do not like corruption, genocide, Theft, Land Theft, fraud, lying scumbags, invaders, murders, kidnappers, economic Terrorists, and those who hide behind religion to rape Children. Now if there is a certain group, Tribe or persons committing these acts. Then I am against them. Any questions of where I stand on the issues Freeslave? WWTI.

          • F-slave—-


            “Bankers? Don’t make me laugh. How do they benefit from any of this? In modern times war invariably weakens economies, which weakens their investments. In the current situation, war may kick over the derivatives house of cards, leaving them in a world of hurt.”


            This one is a gimmie!!!

            …because the (tribal) bankers fund both sides..w/ profitable interest rates on the loans…then, true to their parasitic nature..descend like vultures to feast upon the carcass of the loser…while their contract lawyers, write perpetual-vampire like reparation clauses, in the surrender document/paperwork!!!


            ..the “SHOAH Business/holocaust” know, that bullshit story where 6 million were exterminated by design/intent, ..via Zyklon-B showers, portable diesel exhaust fumigators and Gestapo-guard flatulence parties.



            ..I pity, poor Germany..’cuz they’re ‘fucked’ unto perpetuity..per the false 6 million dead..and the tribe’s guilt-geld/shoah-business profit scheme…

            ..or at least until enough of them(Germans)…awaken to the judeo-financial sodomy construct ..still pounding their asses…pay-checks…and pocket-books..

            ..almost 70 years later..and into the 3rd generation of survivors!!!!!!


            ..and per the ‘world of hurt’ said banking cretins will experience..come their derivatives/leveraging scam crashing??!!

            FYI..’we taxpaying gentiles are on the hook’..for that one too!!!

            –(see recent govt legislation for details)–

            • FreeSlave:

              Don’t you have any further questions about Hunter’s post?

              • A very Merry & Blessed Christmas…to you Granny!

                ..ditto, per everyone here!

                GOD’s blessings to all………………..

                • Hunter:

                  Merry Christmas to you and yours. GOD’s blessing to all here and may our prayers for America be heard by HIM.

            • “This one is a gimmie!!!

              …because the (tribal) bankers fund both sides..w/ profitable interest rates on the loans…then, true to their parasitic nature..descend like vultures to feast upon the carcass of the loser…while their contract lawyers, write perpetual-vampire like reparation clauses, in the surrender document/paperwork!!!”

              Hunter, you missed your 6 inch gimme putt.

              Are you not cognizant of the term “loan default” and its meaning?

              According to you and your fellow conspirators, there is some Bank Cartel which loans money with interest of course to a country involved in a war. So let’s suppose that this country defaults on its loan payments because of whatever reason you want to choose. Is it your wish to elicit more belly laughter by saying that the banking cartel is going to send their cousin Guido to collect on the overdue loan? Or that the banking cartel is going to take over that defaulting country’s natural resources? Can you conceive of the defaulting country sending assassins and soldiers and special ops to kill the folks behind this banking cartel extortion racket?

              Please. The tinfoil hat is destroying cognitive function and you’re unable to even make 6 inch gimme putts.

              • Insulting my headgear- now you’ve gone too far sir.

              • Freeslave, Guess who killed John F Kennedy?

              • FS—>

                Why of course I am cognizant, per (your words) the “loan default” meaning.

                ..ditto, I am also cognizant of the fact that the banking ‘Shylocks’ tend to own the governments they finance.

                ..its a tribal franchise after all.

                Thus, they never really suffer monetary a collective.

                Although they sometimes squabble amongst their various “branch-offices”….see the recent quiet-epidemic of manifold banker’s dying of late…for details!

                ..thus your (initial) pitiful cheap-shot & bait-n-switch tactic, per your Mafia-goon heavy: ..Guido

                ..just might possess some significance, in the above context.


                However, I’ll give you a bit of credit, per your following tidbit:


                ..”Or that the banking cartel is going to take over that defaulting country’s natural resources?



                What do you think the US/NATO coup in Ukraine vs. Russia is all about?

                ..Are you really that stupid to believe, that everything ongoing today in the Geo-political/global financial arena…is mere happenstance?


                Or is it a case…where you’re personally offended, because some here, are not afraid to…pin the truth on the wicked..the unscrupulous and those guilty of being so greedy, as to endanger the rest of humanity..

                ..via provoking a possible 3rd World to satiate their greed for ever more profits…and global a perk..

                ..should their gamble…pay off???


                And per my ‘tin-foil hat & poor golfing green skills’..

                ..well unlike you, I don’t have kosher callouses on my anus..or my knees…nor a taste for the self-chosen!

              • For the luvva Mike, will you people read something other than comic books?

                Take WW1 – both sides in Europe took huge hits to their economies. Never mind millions of workers dead. The death of the British Empire began in 1920.

                WW2 finished off BRITAIN, FRANCE and ITALY, never mind Germany, Japan, and all eastern Europe. The USA was sending huge amounts of aid for years after. (I’m old enough to know what a Care Package was, and why. I helped pack them in my church’s Parish House.)

                Russia also needed post-war aid from the USA, which they got until they upset the applecart by dropping the Iron Curtain, trying to take Trieste, and blockading Berlin.

                Not saying there wasn’t war profiteering, but it is always chump change compared to having your entire industrial capacity and your ag sector burned to the ground.

                • “For the luvva Mike, will you people read something other than comic books?”

                  Old Coach, these babbling chatter monkeys swear by their drool that there’s a NWO Jew Bankster Criminal Conspiracy Cartel behind everything awful that happens. Common sense, logic, reasoning, deduction all get flushed down when they’re reading their NWO Villain comic books.

                  Hitler and his Concentration Camps? The ZOG!!

                  JFK Assassination? The ZOG Banking Cartel!!

                  9/11? The ZOG Mossad!!

                  Falling Oil Prices? The ZOG NWO!!

                  Non-stop rabid drooling by these lumbering zombies.

                • Coach, they are unable to read anything else, it’s where they do their ” great research” for their posts, which ALWAYS degenerate to ” I hate Jews and negroes too!” Every article written at this site always gets the same response from the same one trick ponies, they can not discuss ANY other issue.

                  • Anonymous:

                    Please point me in the direction of YOUR informative posts, I cannot recall any.

                    You are the “one trick pony”; hired to follow truthtellers around to try to belittle them. Never any information as to why their posts are not correct.

                    You have been trained well by the Frankfort School and I hope the Israeli’s are sending you a monthly stipend as one of their talkbackers.

                    Lets have some real info about why posts are not the truth; people see you following specific posters around to bad mouth them, but never posting anything of consequence.

                    Think they may be catching on to what you really are?

                    • pog,

                      You have answered your own question but I doubt you have the mental reasoning to understand it. Your posts are ALWAYS the same religious dribble about you hate jews and anybody that doesn’t believe YOU and YOUR GOD will burn forever in the molten lake of fire. Let me tell you this, if ” heaven” contains the likes of you, condor, hunter, etc,etc, than most people will gladly take the other alternative. You’re right about one thing, I don’t parrot mindless dribble from websites like and try to pass it off as an undisputable truth. AS far as badmouthing people, you always seem to do the EXACT same thing as you accuse me of, but the difference is I don’t go insane and tell everybody they’re going to hell if they disagree with me, hopefully that will explain it to you but I wouldn’t bet on it.

              • you rang?

        • Russia could call China and have them call in America’s Debts and not take on any more US Debt. Want to see Wall Street take a Shit? There you go.

          • WWHTI: That is about the DUMBEST thing you have ever posted.

            The Chinese LOVES what is happening to Russia. It makes their eventual acquisition of Siberia that much easier and that much sooner.

            Why would China do anything that is not in their own best financial interests. China is giving lip service to Russia while it sticks a straw in Siberia, and interlocks its economy with the US and Europe.

            Get a clue!!! 🙂

            • D Kiddy. THANKS. I’ll take that as a Compliment. LoL

              • Take it anyway you want. I am just pointing out the obvious here for everyone else. 🙂

        • Seeing as though Obama hit them with the sanctions, don’t you think they will be POd at Americans first?

        • Cellar:
          “the banksters will soon find out that they have nothing to negotiate with…except their lives”.

          I want to see such level. I want them dead, their families dead. DEAD, DEAD, DEAD.

      5. The Chinese are dumping treasury’s…which they will ultimately call in the debt and decimate the economy. The Russian are seriously considering the Nuke option..according to the latest Christopher Greene YouTube video…The Japanese are the second largest holder of US debt and they are sinking faster into a nether world of low population growth that they almost are in Zen like acceptance of being one with death..the world at large is steeped indebt that can never be made whole…so what do you do when nothing from nothing leaves nothing? The last man standing will still have the question remains..what do you want to survive too and what’s in your wallet?

        Live Free or Die…the second option is more likely

        • The Chinese are NOT “dumping treasuries”. The Chinese hold more than $1.2 TRILLION dollars in US Treasuries. Their sale of $30 billion dollars in Treasuries over the past year is not much more than a statistical anomaly.

          They probably sold US Treasuries to BUY dollars on FX; which they do to manipulate the Yuan down. China is the Belgium Bulge.

          The Chinese cannot “decimate” the US Economy without shooting themselves in the foot. Nor do they want too. The CCP is a full partner with the NWO in global domination.

          Please folks, get a clue financially. You really embarrass yourself. 🙁

          • China, Russia Dump US Treasurys In October As Foreigners Sell Most US Stocks Since 2007

            Submitted by Tyler Durden on 12/15/2014 16:45 -0500

            Perhaps the most notable feature of the October Treasury International Capital report is that in October foreigners sold a whopping $27.2 billion in US equities, surpassing the dump just after the first Taper Tantrum, when they sold $27.1 billion in June of 2013 when they also sold $40.8 billion in Treasurys. This was the largest selling of US corporate stocks by foreign entities since the August 2007 quant flash crash, when some $40.6 billion in US stocks were sold by offshore accounts.
            However, what this month’s TIC data will surely be best remember for, is that both China and Russia dumped US Treasurys in October, some $14 billion and $10 billion, respecitvely, in the process sending China’s total Treasury holdings to just $1,253 billion, the lowest since February 2013 and just $30 billion more than the TSYs held by America’s second largest (offshore) creditor, Japan. This happens even as Belgium which many have said is a proxy for Chinese bond purchases, also saw its total holdings decline by $5 billion to $348 billion.

            As for Russia, after selling $9.7 billion in October (a process which certainly continued in November) its latest total is just $108 billion, or just modestly higher than the $100 billion hit in March after the Ukraine conflict first broke out, and the second lowest total Russian Treasury holdings since 2008.
            For a long time China and Russia have been warning about selling US paper, if only in theory. Increasingly, this appears to be also taking place in practice.

            • Again Durango Kiddy gets schooled. Do some fact checking Kid before you post. Nice Hat-Trick Talon.

            • $1,253 billion* should read trillion
              I like how you state unequivocally that “probably” as if it was fact..when your just guessing…this is a grind down as reported in this article. There are no anomalies in a artificially manipulated currency. When the US Treasury cannot find any more suckers to buy this worthless piece of toilet tissue…give me your most educated guess as to what happens? In the long and short of things…both countries will find nothing left to hold their currencies together and it will be the war we all know will occur..nothing left to gain…nothing left to lose. The old currency machine is dying and China and Russia are forming their own alliance and the US will be a bag holder.

              • talon; In about October of 2013, the Chinese held approximately $30 Billion more US treasuries than they do now.

                Now they hold over $1.2 TRILLION. $30 billion over a years time is not a ‘dump’ in relation to their overall holdings.

                Its a fart. 🙂

                • He’s using Tyler Durden, a financial trader excommunicated from the industry for life, as I recall. It must have been pretty egregious, or he was considered too crazy to keep on.

                  Chip on his shoulder much?

                  • I read zero hedge religiously, find it useful, and enjoy it, but I also recognize the BIAS promoted there as with other alt media sites.

                    In the final analysis some of these sites are no better than LSM, and to accept the drivel that is offered by many of these sites as gospel, just shows that there are as many alt media sheeple as there are LSM sheeple.

                    When did everyone stop thinking for themselves, Coach? 🙂

                    • I do too, but mostly for laughs.

                      These types never started thinking IMHO. Trained by rote to repeat memes that you and I know were false in the beginning, and are now decades out of date. The “war profiteer” meme, f’instance, appears to have been a child of 1920s Communist propagandists. You’d think it would be threadbare by now, BUT…it gets taught to each new generation of Red Diaper Babies by the previous generation of the brainwashed. Like a bad recessive kept going by inbreeding. (sigh)

                    • You and coach can go to Blomberg and see the same story with a video

                    • Talon I don’t like videos. They are too slow and a waste of my time. I can read, much, much faster. 🙂

      6. Niiice

        ht tp://

        careful who and what you trust

        • FukeU – Looks like LIVE Spear Chuckers From Ferguson. Brutal.

          • WWTI,

            I do believe you are correct sir. LOL The natives of Fergon are indeed restless. I think I saw Hold(e)r leading the charge. 🙂


            • Did you see that poor elephant pulling the spears out him with his trunk?. I watched the Movie Blackhawk Down the other night. Who would ever want to go there ever. That was Bill Clinton’s and Les Aspen’s Bengazi nightmare moment

          • Except I think these spear chuckers are doing it to EAT, not for fun…

      7. If things get so unstable in Russia that a civil war breaks out hold on. There are way too many nuclear weapons there and command and control of them is paramount.

        The financial markets would be the least concern but also the most likely to react under any global instability.

        We damn sure live in dynamic times. It makes one long for the old cold war where you pretty much knew tomorrow would look like today. Entropy is the new normal.

        • K2-
          What about Turkey and Pakistan.
          Nuclear countries already in serious upheaval .
          The world is getting more dangerous by the day.

          • hammerhead

            You won’t get an argument from me. When I was younger we would go for long periods of time without seeing, “We Interrupt This Regularly Scheduled Program, This Is A Special Report” on TV. Now it occurs all the time and you damn sure pay attention.

        • The only way “civil war” will break out in Russia, is if the western-backed NGO’s provoke it with provocateurs. Bet on that.

      8. I have been putting all my spare cash in the BBB’s concept.
        ( I hope I don’t run out of soy sauce for the beans.)

      9. As of 8 PM Moscow time, street exchange rates at 90 rubles to the dollar. Most stores and all car dealerships have stopped selling due to currency uncertainty, according to a relative I talked to a few hours ago. I’d send her money, but she said there’s no point. “Everyone’s looking to buy, but there are no sellers.”

      10. Something is lurking on December 24, that will change America forever: The United Nations Treaty

        Here is a quote from the Supreme Court which overrode the rights of Americans….


        “The treaty making power is an extraordinary power liable for ABUSE. Treaties make international law and domestic law. Under our constitution, treaties become the supreme law of the land. They are, indeed, more supreme than ordinary laws, for congressional laws become invalid if they do not conform to the constitution–whereas treaties can override the constitution. Treaties, for example, can take powers away from the states and give them to the federal government or to some INTERNATIONAL BODY (UN), and they can cut across the rights given people by the constitutional Bill of Rights.”


        So, there you have it. The Supreme Court tells you that here is a power, vested in the President and a few Senators, who can override our Constitution.

        Worst of all, their power can be exercised by the President alone without confirmation by the congress.IT CAN BE DONE DURING A TIME OF NATIONAL EMERGENCY! It is called the DOCTRINE OF EXECUTIVE AGREEMENT.

        So Merry Christmas, Americans. Your present is to be the absolute undoing of the Constitution.

        You would think this treaty would be high on the priority list of subjects at SHTF.

        • they can spew what ever they want about their little treaties and the UN..
          Like to see them come for the guns they say they are going to take away, and see what their plan is for that

          Also I have a different slant on a UN treaty signed by a representative of our so called government
          Its null in void!..this is a REPUBLIC not a democracy, and if they are not representing us in the best possible outcome, than it doesnt stick

          besides.. I personally didnt sign no F-ing treaty so they can suck it , and the barrel of my 45

          • Exactly, it isn’t any worse with this stupid piece of paper. We already have thousands of pieces of paper with the undoing of the constitution and no one gave a fuck about them. In fact a lot of brain washed fools here support them. Why would anyone care about this one? I will ignore it, but not because I support it, but because it means nothing to me and mine.

          • EOTS, I’m all the way with you on that treaty. I didn’t sign it, either, so can suck it and the barrel of my 12-gauge pump.

            • Amen

              I also am not signatory to the Geneva Convention ,, so they can suck on that too

              and my Hollow Points , or what ever i come up with against it
              War with me and find out what else I dont play ball with , No rules in a real war no matter what

          Treaties…??? Recognized as the supreme law of the land?…My American Indian Brothers and Sisters would call that BullShit!…My Native Hawaiian Brothers and Sisters would call that BullShit!..My Patriot Brothers and Sisters would call that BullShit!
          Bring it!…Let’s Rock…this is going to be one helluva war!..A Free Man can only be governed to the extent of which he consents to.

          When tyranny becomes law
          Rebellion becomes duty
          Thomas Jefferson

          Live Free or Die…MoFo’s

          • Amen,
            Let em try!
            It will be the rudest awakening of their lives.

          • Agreed. It is past time.


          • The Supreme Law of the land and of man is granted to God.

            Live by the Natural Law and our Constitution.

            A treaty needs 2/3 majority and at this time that aint happening. If and when it does, there will be a revolution that much is certain.

        • POG. The GOPCongress will never pass that. It has to be ratified first before it becomes a law.

        • Finally, something we should be focusing on besides BS. The rest of this is just distractions from the real threat…

          thanks POG. I needed that.

          • Hunter:

            I always wonder how many SHTF contributors read links. If they pass this one by, they deserve what is coming at them from Cuba.


            Please go to this link. I will be interested to see what you have to say about it.

            • So I looked at the same story from both links….does that mean now that I don’t deserve what may or may not be coming from Cuba?

              Not understanding what your post is trying to say or allude to?

              This isn’t anything new?

              • BJ.

                Look at who you’re trying to get sense from, THAT should answer ALL of your questions.

                • BJ and Anonymous:

                  My two favorite stalkers…..

                  • Not stalking you, just trying to understand your post. It sounded like you were saying that this thing Cuba now is different and really bad….so I was wondering how is it really any different now? Are you and Hunter saying that now all the sudden some invisible forcefield is down and nukes from Cuba could get through? And it sounded like you think anyone who didn’t read those links would deserve what they got….WTH does that mean?

                    I hate it when people use innuendos and insinuate….just say what you’re thinking.

                    • BJ, you’ve just put granny on the spot, she has NO alternative save to retreat and pretend she never saw your post. I mean really, what other choice does she have, she is incapable of cogent argument about anything except her standby default position of wait for it, ” I HATE JEWS!”

            • Granny, I saw a similar report last year but never found anything to confirm it. I heard a report right after Katrina that not all of the original missiles from the Missile Crisis in 1962 were withdrawn from Cuba, but never been able to confirm that one either. I wouldn’t be surprised if either report was true.

      11. Go long Russian pooontang because that has to be their best asset.

        The dollar will not collapse because the US economy was quietly bifurcated during the crisis. There is the dumb-sh#t economy – the food stamps, welfare, HUD housing, Ferguson, losers – and there is the ‘Brights’ economy of Google, 900 plus US military bases, secret State Department outposts, underground research facilities, space bases, the Pentagon, Harvard etc. This economy straddles the world and rules the world. It is flush with cash because it has, through the use of debt, a claim on the working lives of most people on the planet. A money printing machine if you ever had one.

        • bifurcated ?
          YEP , looked it up , divided , more or less.
          Thanks for a new word for the day Frank .

          • It is a good word, I just know I wont remember it. I have a hard enough time with my limited vocabulary as it is.


        • Six years ago I would have agreed. The founders of this country said two things that prove your wrong about the future of the US. I’m paraphrasing.

          1) “The constitution was created for a moral, God fearing people and is insufficient for any other.”

          2) “The United States can never be defeated by an outside force, the destruction of the country will come from inside.”

          God has been kicked out of our country and as far as morals I say simply watch the idiot box for a day for the answer. For the destruction of America from within I give you Obama.

          • Maddog:

            Amen. Kruschev said we would fall from within…..

            • …and Russian intelligence should know…

        • Why do I smell SPAM?

      12. If you reap what you sow, then we the people are in for a bitter harvest. Ask the descendants of the Prussian and Silesian refugees who’s grandparents met the Soviet infantry in 1945. The crimes of their leaders and the SS were revisited on these innocent German civilians, tenfold. The whole world wants to see us pay for the actions of our criminal political leaders and our banking Einsatzgruppen. Hitler terrorized the world for about 5 years. Our nation has been in a state of constant war for almost 75 years. Prepare for the whirlwind. I would pray for God to protect us but I’m not sure he would hear me over the cries of the tens of millions of babies our nation has aborted.

        • T Ted. Read Genesis 2:7. Abortion is not killing. To paraphrase this scripture. “Not until God breaths air into the nostrils does it become a living being.” So you now can rest easy, since a fetus is not a living being until is breaths air. So it is not murder or killing or anything bad. Why? Because your Bible told you so. You do believe the Bible Scriptures right?? Genesis 2:7. Loo it up. WhoWuddaThunkIt.

          • WWTI,
            Since you are such an expert explain Jeremiah 1:5.

          • That was the first man who Yahweh formed from the dust. Every one since was formed in the womb. Where there is blood there is life.

            • wwti is just another atheistic liberal looking for anything he can to twist God’s word to make himself feel right.

              BTW, why would an atheist, that doesn’t believe in the Bible and God, use God’s Word to prove a point, anyway?

              Life begins at conception, because an embryo needs life giving support to continue to form; and once blood, “that carries oxygen”, gets to that life, it begins to grow more rapidily; it is therefore, life from the fertilization point onwards.

              Ending life at any stage is murder/homocide, unless it is done willingly against an opponet that seeks harm against you or yours.

              Not seen any fetus pulled from the womb with blades in their grasp.

              • OICU:

                Spot on post. There is NOTHING the Lord HATES more than the murderers at the abortion clinics.

                • POG- When did God tell you this?

            • Yeah try to explain to your high school biology teacher, that women are taken from a rib of a man wrap some skin around it and Poof a woman was hatched. I believe you would be getting an “F” in that class.

              • WWTI:

                You seem to pick up a smattering of the Bible here and there. Why do you bother, WTTI?

                Spend your time learning more about that ooze you came from and leave the BELIEVERS alone.

                Believers will never believe your nonsense, WTTI, so give your babble blabble a rest.

                Spend your time looking up Elizabeth Warren…..So you don’t make the mistake of supporting another Marxist communist.

          • When does a doctor declare death WWT? Answer: when the heart stops beating. Biology 101 tells us that the heart starts beating between day 19 and day 21 after CONCEPTION. Conception takes place after “the egg” has been released from the ovary, around day 15 (Of the woman’s thirty day cycle) So if conception takes place around day 15 and around day 30, she has a period, that means that by the time she realizes that she is “late” for her period, the heart of the unborn child has already started to beat. Abortion totally destroys the fetus and stops that beating heart, by every definition available, causes DEATH. Science and Biology do not LIE. I will agree Religion distorts the truth, but this is a basic Biological, Scientific, and factual truth, abortion stops a beating heart and causes the death of a living human being. BTW “fetus” means little human in Latin. Twist that one WWT.

      13. hile I agree most of the world isn’t too happy with Vlad, I don’t think oil prices were manipulated to hurt the Russian economy.

        The primary purpose was to slow/stop US production. Specifically: 1. Slow expansion of any fracking/shale oil fields, 2. Stop expanded drilling/exploration, 3. Stop the Keystone Pipeline XL.

        The biggest threat to OPEC countries isn’t ISIS or Russia, it’s US energy independence.
        Ali al-Omair said at a lecture in Kuwait City: “Undoubtedly many of the shale oil and sand oil companies are producing at a cost higher that current oil prices,” Omair said. “It depends on the capability of these producers to continue pumping at such a low price,” he said.

        While the sinking oil prices effect on the Russian economy could easily be predicted, it wasn’t and isn’t the primary driver.

        Regardless, the Russian economy is going from bad to fucked faster than we say Stolichnaya. Interest rates jumped from 10% to 17.5% in the middle of the night.

        Vlad’s fix probably will involve infantry, armor and jets. Further expansion into Ukraine? Latvia? Lithuania? All three? The question is not: Would he do this? The question is: Why wouldn’t he?

        Is NATO gonna swoop in and save the day? Are Merkel and Obama gonna show Vlad their war faces?

        The ramifications for grabbing Crimea were slow rolled sanctions. They didn’t do a lot of damage to the Russian economy, OPEC targeting US oil production did

        • “They didn’t do a lot of damage to the Russian economy, OPEC targeting US oil production did”

          You might be right.

          • He IS right.

        • I don’t believe OPEC is targeting anyone.

          The only way prices go up or down in a worldwide oil patch is by lowering production below demand to raise prices or raising production to lower price. OPEC has done nothing to change it’s production. They refused to.
          How can they manipulate the price by doing nothing?

          What they did is say we’re not going to cut production…why don’t you? So, it will be last one to blink. The price will not go back up until the high priced producers shut down and supply equals demand again.

          It remains to be seen how many will be flushed out in a world of constrained demand. Some tight oil and bitumen producers will be among them.

          • JRS: Your naivete is showing. Read “The Prize” by Daniel Yergin. It should open your eyes. 🙂

            • DK:

              “The Prize” is one of the BEST books I ever read. I saw Yergin not long ago on an interview, he has written a follow up book, did you know that?

      14. OT
        Just got done talking to my brother inlaw in Belgium. It is a crime to display Christmas decorations in public. If you put a Christmas tree in your window, or lights anywhere they can can be seen you will be fined 75 euros. This was put in place so that the muslims that are over taking europe will not be offended. He said it doesn’t even feel like Christmas.
        You can draw your own conclusions on where this is headed next.

        • I think if that happened here i would cover my house and yard with Christmas decorations!
          New years would come early

          • Kula, I would do the same at my place and my “ventilation team” would be on standby in case of any threats.

        • “It is a crime to display Christmas decorations in public.”

          Belgium and Europe are Lib Socialists imposing Cultural Marxism. They have sown the seeds of their own destruction and they fully deserve to eat its rotten fruit.

          • What about early american puritans? What title would you put to them to describe their actions of not allowing christmas?

            christmas is not Godly and it’s only tie to the Bible is through the old testament pagans who are in hell now.

            God warned not to practice the traditions of men, which america was doing just fine with in regards to christmas until Charles Dickens came along and entranced the people with a stupid play. Christmas and Easter are no more holy than halloween. Even though christians hearts might be in the right place and well intentioned with christmas (Hosea 4:6 comes to mind) it is still wrong. And even what might of began with a well intentioned compromise, it has taken on a whole new evil in what it has become today….making it a double wammy!

        • Look at the demonstrations in Germany to see what’s next.

      15. ht tp://

        • Very good article and I can believe the slant of it. I know there is more to this thing, than I can know.

      16. I’m Luvin It.

        deep in the back woods, settin back in my korean made lazyboy easy chair, watching the daily zio-jew canned news on my BIG screen chinese t.v., with a bowl of monsanto gmo’d butter popcorn in my lap, as the world turn into Israeli Zionist puppet dicktator sh*t on a shingle. Can’t wait to see what 2015 brings next on the BIG tele screen.

        Zio-AmeriKa, What a Sh*thole!

        • Pigkiller:

          Truth in a few short words! I had to smile!

          • Pog, then smile about THIS, if that’s how you feel about America, why the hell do you stay here, maybe it’s because of you’re government social security payments?

            • Israeli talkbacker troll…..anon?

              • pog, can’t help but notice you’ve resumed your standby default position of evading the question, again, the only refuge of a sorry one trick pony.

      17. Push is really coming to shove here. One question who specifically do we owe all this money too? It must be an individual? A corporation? A foreign government? Seems to me all we would have to do is put a face to it and demon ize that person. Get there names out there pictures out them publicly. How can 6.8 billion people stand by and watch as a few thousand take and take I know no body wants to be the one to stick his neck out. We all are looking out for ourselves isn’t that what started all this crap to begin with? Me me me. A bank run of about 100,000 people would certainly draw some attention but were all sitting there looking at our big screen TV brand new suv etc and like it or not you are sitting thinking ill be the one who isn’t effected ill some his be allowed to keep all I have. No one is going to be immune. Really what’s your warning sign to leave and abandon that house TV and new truck quit his job walk out the front door with your worldly posesions never to return. Ill tell you NOT ONE OF US. There are those who have already given that all up.they are living in the bush out in the dessert etc they made the choice and their reality is what they make. The fact were all here commenting means were still pretty comfy right where we are. So well just keep doing what were doing and when you finally figure out its time to leave your gonna be trapped. Hour window gone.were not gonna wake up to tanks rolling up the streets helicopters overhead and a column of troops marching up the street. Its coming so slowly you can’t see it. Slowly day by day our generation gets older and fewer our kids will be the ones.they have under. Control turning us in rattling us out well be rounded. Up one by one on police orders a doctors orders a teacher. We won’t be rounded up enmass that surly would make people react. They know that. They’ll keep making laws and creating all manner of pyhco ailments that require we give up our freedom. And it will be some who you know who reports you for your own good. Wake up folks its here. The trap is closing.

      18. If Russia would just take out Washington, all of D.C., New York, and a few others, we (and they) would be better off. Small field grade tactical nukes please, unless we’re talking Tel Aviv (Satans Layer), in which case let’em have it.

        • Amen…sir!!!

        • akvalmet30….

          Let’s start with Tel Aviv first. Once their occupied land is iced the pigs in NY and DC will be running wild and that’s when the hunt begins.


        • 🙂 Would they like the coordinates for WDC?

      19. 10 like minded kings will give their power to the BEAST(One World Government, ONE WORLD RELIGION, ONE WORLD CURRENCY) for one hour.

        I am convinced that one economy after another world wide will crash. The domino effect has already started.

      20. The fact is the USA petro dollar is much stronger than it has been in years. Today I bought gas for $2.19 per gallon.

      21. John.

        The warning signs are already here for me. I plan to go nowhere and defend what I have accomplished. Probably there are 1% hardcore prepper’s off grid. Another 3% with a high grade to survive up to a year. From there I would estimate that another 20% can last with supplies about 6 months. The rest of the populace will be in trouble.
        There will be times you will have to stick to the plan and times to be flexible. The tricky part is knowing when to take the right action.

        • Well said id agree with those numbers. Personally I have no idea. When to (bug out) maybe when they start with the check points? Maybe when the store don’t have my favorite cereal. Who knows I have a feeling the guy to survive will be the one just trying to stay out of harms way 10 feet at a time. Many governments have fallen mist are on their feet again in a few years USA and Canada will be no exception. And 9 x out of 10 local warlords and those ofyou sniping people at 10000s of yards will face justice. Just try and stay safe warm and fed pray to whoever you call God let the overly violent dispatch themselves

          • That is a good argument for going on an extended camping trip with as much of your supplies as will be useful and practical, God save us all, out of sight out of mind!

            • I just haven’t figured out WHERE I can go, to be “out of sight, out of mind”… They seem to have every square foot covered.

              • I found a spot, NOBODY will be heading there or looking there, good cover, berries, wild watercress and ferns, water, deer, pigs, game birds, cows!

              • To six pack
                just don’t draw attention to yourself try to look like every other shlep who walks around looking at the ground. My advise just live normal myself I do everything I can to blend in I don’t talk about what guns I have how much food I’ve stored. I have 1 or two other people I talk to never have visitors and don’t disturb my neighbors if you have to toss a pack on and head for the nearest tree line try hook up with others have a few trade able items. Just keep going what your doing everyone will have the urge to flee but will you heed the warning?

        • The flexible part will be the key i think, we all have plans to stay put, there will be times when the plans need to go out the window, unfortunate but i fear true, dont want to think about bugging

      22. Obama is deliberately provoking the Russians to attack America. When the Russians attack, it will be with nukes and they will have China as their ally.

        Don’t forget, America is under God’s judgment. God is using the antichrist Obama as a punishment to America and the world. The enemies of America being the Russian government and the Chinese government also have their roles in America’s judgment.

        Time is short. Be right with God and repent of all sin through Jesus Christ. God loves you all.

        • 4th turning

        • Gott Mitt Uns?

          Its from a German Army belt buckle. Who’s side is God on in war? Everyones, just ask them.

          God on Russia’s side? Maybe Chinas? The UK was Christian; they didn’t act very Christian like to their colonies anywhere.

          I tend to think God does not support war.

        • Oh, for Pete’s sake…

        • What the hell is the point of this?

      23. 3 years ago, back when the gold bugs were happy and the USD was around 72, I mentioned the dollar would challenge the 118 level, but it would basically be one of the last remaining fiat currencies remaining, and that 118 price would only be temporary, then it will crash along with the entire remaining world fiat system. Then IMF SDR new money will be issued, and the USA will have to sign away most of its sovereignty. If you think you are tax slaves now, wait until the new game is released. The key thing to take away is never sell your metals for current paper fiat, for tomorrow it could be worth 50% less. Wait until after the collapse and a new money is issued into circulation. *** You should today sell a portion of your gold/silver if you can pay off your debts **before** the total collapse, as I’m certain your debt will not be forgiven after the crash, they will come for you in the new currency. Near the crash, stock prices will hyperinflate (everyone on the planet will be trying to get an almighty dollar in hand or buy equity in US), dow could double in the final six months even though corporate revenue-sales decline 50%. We will witness full shelves of stuff at the US stores but no one will have cash due to interest rates will have to rise 5%,6%,10% to curb runaway inflation, there will be no QE as FED debt interest payments alone will exceed tax revenues. Days/weeks later prices will hyperdeflate, products on store shelf will disappear, retailers won’t afford to restock, stores will close, prices will hyperinflate (scarcity), system then will collapse unemployment over 50% and most consumer stores will be boarded up. Those holding paper money now are KING. But then they too get beheaded…the end will occur overnight. I was skeptical against gold as no one would buy your metals at the time of the collapse as no one would have money, which I still think will be true. BUT the reason to hold metals is for cashing it out in the next currency system, or selling the metals for dollars to immediately pay off your debts before the system collapses. Best wishes to all of yous.

      24. OFF TOPIC:

        Anyone has used Buffalo Bore 44 Mag. Ammo – 200 gr. Hard Cast Wadcutter (1,300 fps) on hog using Ruger Super Blackhawk 5.5″ barrel or similar revolvers?

        I am interested on real life experiences of the actual user(s).


        • Not with that specific ammo but a S&W stealth hunter 44 with a 240g JHP
          We hunt with dogs though so is just a shot at 20′ or less usually always much less, to kill the hog with the dogs having it cornered.

        • How big are the Hogs? I load 240 gain JHP with WIN 296, 24 grns. 1500fps. You can load 300 grain Hornady xtp bullets with WIN 296 19grains to go 1325fps. Thats a whole lot of energy. Problem with using hardcast lead bullets is that you need a gascheck under the bullet and enough antimony in you lead to go faster than 1300fps. So I would use a heavier bullet at the 1300fps area to increase the energy developed to use against dangerous game, or have your reloader install gas checks and speed it up. Make sure your reloader is a pro…. bad loads can kill the shooter.These are MAXIMUM LOADS. These loads are for Ruger only…magnum research and freedom arms will handle these loads also. Not S&W, Tuarus, etc.

          • Buffalo Bore ammo has very good reviews. I have some that I bought at a gun show and reloaded them(brass). the 1300 fps as I stated is about as fast as a commercial bullet manufacturer is going to do for Hard cast lead. The 44 mag likes a heavy bullet(mine does)200grain is a little on the light side. 240 is real popular and you can get it going 1300fps developing more energy.

            • dave, Thanks again. I think based on all inputs, 240gr is the minimum so I’ll order some.

              I really appreciate sharing your insight . Merry Christmas to you and yours and God Bless.

          • dave & Kula, The Avg hog size is around 200-250. One of the local was saying don’t use JHP since it won’t break the bone and use hard cast by buffalo bore.

            I’ll be using Ruger Super Blackhawk and it can handle hot loads but I need to make sure the recoil with 300gr is not on high side in case I need the second shot.

            I may go one step higher to 240 gr HC but what is your take on using JHP 240 gr? Was the local guy wrong saying JHP expends very fast and won’t penetrate and I need penetration more than expansion!!!

            p.s. this would be my first hog hunt with pistol. 308 puts them down really fast but not sure about the bullet dynamic for 44 mag.

            Thanks Gents for the info. and replies.

            • My experience with the 240 G HP/XTP hornady bullet is quick kill head shots, did get a broadside mid vital low quarter shot on a sow we surprised. About 200-250# and it dropped her kicking for a few seconds then nothing, but again all short range, sow was under 30′ away, not sure on longer shots, think placement would be key there, a spine shot or quartering off shot that blows a hole in its heart will most likely be fatal at 30-40 yds, beyond that im not so sure. Pistol just doesnt have the velocity for longer range. At least in my experience, but am sorta new to hardcore handgun hunting.

              • Thanks Kula. I need to do some practice this weekend. I may load JHP and 3 HC and just do various testing. The only bad thing is these darn bullets are getting really expensive.

                Take care brother.

                • I have a feeling we will look back on these days and wish the components were still this cheap!
                  Happy hunting, i am looking into getting that S&W ported, the big bore is good for knock down but damn it is a bitch on the wrists, gettin old! Actually been considering selling it and buing a TC,
                  Can get all manner of barrels for it, just not sure i like the single shot,
                  Merry Christmas!

                • Winchester used to make a 240 grain hunting load cartridge at 1325 fps. With a large pig, you need a big bleedout hole because the fat will slow the bleeding. I would be more concerned about getting a shot in a vital organ/bleedout, than breaking bone as you would want for a charging bear. 250lbs… you will be fine with the buffalo bore. In central/northern Ca a boar can get around 4-500lbs. My friend shot one 15 years or so ago at 450+ lbs. He uses a 458 Lott (rifle)….and still carries a sidearm.

            • The trick for shooting the Ruger super Blackhawk in 44 mag with hot loads, especially the heavy 300 grain bullets; is loose arms.

              I loaded some super hot 300’s to carry as grizzly and mtn. lion fodder, when hunting backcountry elk in Montana.

              I still use the original western style slick wooden grips, cause they leave less chaffing on the hands and I just like the feel of them. So, I needed much practice to handle follow up shots while still maintaining control of my gun. A gun in the dirt with a wounded grizzly coming full bore at you isn’t conducive to a good outcome.

              The main thing is to keep a firm, and I do mean firm, grip on the gun the moment you pull the hammer back, and until you are done firing. Keep the arms loose and let the recoil flow up with the fairly loose arms, and with practice you can refire almost as quick as you are cocked again.

              Fluid movements between squeezing the trigger, felt recoil, cocking as the arms come down to target again, and firing again, thru all six shots can be done comfortably and with accuracy if practiced enough. I’ve seen many shooters hold a 8″ barreled 44 mag pistol too tight with their arms, and forget about their hands, and see the pistol flip backwards from their hands and come out, or be pointing towards their head.

              I love the feel of all that power when it all comes together. Autos are easier, but when faced with a beast that can kill with one swipe of it’s massive paw or a skull crushing bite from it’s massive teeth and jaws, I don’t want to think about the possibility of an ammo-jam.

              Just sayin’

              • oicu812…Good info. Appreciate it.

          • I kill hogs with a 22. Shoot them right behind the ear and down they go instantly. a 400 pounder will go down just a quick as a piglet. Well placed shots are lots better than big caliber.

        • SV
          Buffalo Bore ammo is some hard hitting stuff. I’ve used it and it works great. I’ve used it in 357 and 44 mag. If you are hunting pig with a hand gun I would use a 240/250 grain jacketed soft point. Hollow points expand to much and some will smash into the shoulder plate and not penetrate into the vitals. A soft point or a Buffalo Bore round will go through and into the vitals.
          I try to make only head shots so save the meat.
          Good luck It is a blast hunting them.

        • Thank you….!

      25. Yes, it’s that magical time of year again when the Darwin Awards are bestowed, honoring the least evolved among us.

        Here are the glorious winners:

        1. When his 38 caliber revolver failed to fire at his intended victim during a hold-up in Long Beach , California , would-be robber James Elliot did something that can only inspire wonder. He peered down the barrel and tried the trigger again. This time it worked.

        And now, the honorable mentions:

        2. The chef at a hotel in Switzerland lost a finger in a meat cutting machine and after a little shopping around, submitted a claim to his insurance company. The company expecting negligence sent out one of its men to have a look for himself. He tried the machine and he also lost a finger. The chef’s claim was approved.

        3. A man who shoveled snow for an hour to clear a space for his car during a blizzard in Chicago returned with his vehicle to find a woman had taken the space. Understandably, he shot her.

        4. After stopping for drinks at an illegal bar, a Zimbabwean bus driver found that the 20 mental patients he was supposed to be transporting from Harare to Bulawayo had escaped. Not wanting to admit his incompetence, the driver went to a nearby bus stop and offered everyone waiting there a free ride. He then delivered the passengers to the mental hospital, telling the staff that the patients were very excitable and prone to bizarre fantasies. The deception wasn’t discovered for 3 days.

        5. An American teenager was in the hospital recovering from serious head wounds received from an oncoming train. When asked how he received the injuries, the lad told police that he was simply trying to see how close he could get his head to a moving train before he was hit.

        6. A man walked into a Louisiana Circle-K, put a $20 bill on the counter, and asked for change. When the clerk opened the cash drawer, the man pulled a gun and asked for all the cash in the register, which the clerk promptly provided. The man took the cash from the clerk and fled, leaving the $20 bill on the counter. The total amount of cash he got from the drawer… $15. [If someone points a gun at you and gives you money, is a crime committed?]

        7. Seems an Arkansas guy wanted some beer pretty badly. He decided that he’d just throw a cinder block through a liquor store window, grab some booze, and run. So he lifted the cinder block and heaved it over his head at the window. The cinder block bounced back and hit the would-be thief on the head, knocking him unconscious. The liquor store window was made of Plexiglas. The whole event was caught on videotape.

        8. As a female shopper exited a New York convenience store, a man grabbed her purse and ran. The clerk called 911 immediately, and the woman was able to give them a detailed description of the snatcher. Within minutes, the police apprehended the snatcher. They put him in the car and drove back to the store. The thief was then taken out of the car and told to stand there for a positive ID. To which he replied, “Yes, officer, that’s her. That’s the lady I stole the purse from.”

        9. The Ann Arbor News crime column reported that a man walked into a Burger King in Ypsilanti , Michigan at 5 A.M., flashed a gun, and demanded cash. The clerk turned him down because he said he couldn’t open the cash register without a food order. When the man ordered onion rings, the clerk said they weren’t available for breakfast. The man, frustrated, walked away. [*A 5-STAR STUPIDITY AWARD WINNER]

        10. When a man attempted to siphon gasoline from a motor home parked on a Seattle Street , he got much more than he bargained for. Police arrived at the scene to find a very sick man curled up next to a motor home near spilled sewage. A police spokesman said that the man admitted to trying to steal gasoline, but he plugged his siphon hose into the motor home’s sewage tank by mistake. The owner of the vehicle declined to press charges saying that it was the best laugh he’d ever had.

        In the interest of bettering mankind, please share these with friends and family….unless of course one of these individuals by chance is a distant relative or long lost friend. In that case, be glad they are distant and hope they remain lost.

      26. “The timeline for the collapse of the U.S. dollar is unclear”

        How many times do we have to go through this?
        Endless TRASH about Jewish bankers and USD collapse go back YEARS to the Alex Jones/Lindsey Williams total BS when Lindsey said, and I quote, “the USD will be dead by the end of 2012”
        I openly called “total BS” back then too and copped the usual “shill” braindead responses. a few days it’s 2015. Who was right ?

        Look – the USD is THE, repeat T-H-E only global reserve currency there is now AND T-H-E only place serious money is going to flow to as it’s the lowest RISK BASE. Got it ?
        The USD will still be here in 2020, probably even 2030, although well before then digital currencies will move to prominence, but that will just mean the USD will exist in digital format.

        Wake up. Forget the repeatedly disproven BS because FACTS, HISTORY,EVIDENCE says otherwise.

      27. My thought for the day is, “How many things are stable?”

        Is my job? How stable is the government and the currency. Your Family or next door neighbor. Can your community be a problem where you live.

        Then ask yourself, “How many things are reliable or dependable?”.

        Your car. Friends. Gun or ammo. Your gear in general.

      28. I’ll bet gold jewelry is a very popular medium of exchange in Russia right now.

      29. Morning Thoughts.

        To recap a few items of concern.

        Few Speech Zones?
        Volunteer to search for guns in home by Police.
        Forceful removal of people from their homes. (Boston).
        President to circumvent Constitution.
        United Nation Gun Control Treatise.
        Body armor bill in Congress.
        Militazation of the Police and to become a National Police Force.

        Intrusion of privacy BY CIA DHS FBI etc.

        • but its a great day. Stocks are up on the Dow +230. Best day of the year they said. Were in a recovery.
          All the crooks are happy.

        • So why should I comply???
          nothing? no? nothing?
          in the face of tyranny it may become necessary to buck the system,
          at some point it will blow up, who knows when, but for sure things will not continue along this merry path of ignorance.
          It amazes me that people just dont get it, they dont see our rights disappearing, they dont see what is going on, it is mind numbing,
          and they I am accused of being a nutjob, for what? wanting to have a government that actually conducts itself the way they are supposed to and protect our interests within the country and that will be beneficial? all I see is a bunch opf wannabe tyrants passing laws, getting rich on the backs of the hard workers, passing laws to remove our rights and freedoms,
          DC is the tip of the iceberg, there are very few local governments that are beneficial as well.
          It is a shame, just a shame that things have gotten so screwed up, and we are supposed to just go along to get along and ignore all of these intrusions into our lives,
          Obummercare, thats gonna be fun, L can think of a bunch of other crap coming along in the near future that will just about finish nailing the lid on our coffins…

          • Kula:

            I feel your pain. Seems the insanity cant get any worse; then wham! another gotcha.

            It will come to a head, Kula. It is promised. However the decision is written in Revelation…..we are living it.

            It will not go THEIR way, it is promised. That I do believe.

          • “It amazes me that people just dont get it, they dont see our rights disappearing, they dont see what is going on, it is mind numbing.”


      30. People in Belarus that have access to a vehicle are driving over the border into Russia to fuel up their tanks as the Belarus currency is buying a lot more over there.

      31. It’s quite amazing when you see the pics of Russian shoppers who are desperately spending their rubles while it still has some value on TV’s, dishwashers and other crap like that. I know the first thing that I am going to go out and but when the dollar collapses is a dishwasher. We live in a world gone mad.

      32. I don’t think Russia will go quietly into the night. I suspect that this is the calm before the storm. The clouds of war are on the horizon. Top off your supplies, now. Go over your plans. Upgrade. Remember, what will you and your family do if it all goes bad while you’re away from home or away from each other? Predetermined assembly point. Good luck.

      33. Only the dead have seen the end of war.

      34. Everytime I see a county try to come off the U.S. dollar as the worlds reserve currency and trade in another currency their economy is devastated. Remember when Iran tried that not so long ago?

      35. My social security Ponzi check arrived yesterday. So today I paid my light & phone bill,s. withdrew the lions share of my money in cash. Filled my gas tank and bought some other things. and all of it was dollars. and everyone was happy to take the cash dollars as payment. The petro backed US dollar is far from dead. Ill make a prediction. Unless the mint starts printing paper money in larger bills than the $100 bill. There where never be a time when there will be a excess of the actual cash paper dollars. There will always be more things that the US dollars can purchase than there will be US dollars to buy them.

      36. I will point something out…
        Russians have been through a currency debacle like this before and within living memory… they know how to prepare for it.
        Russia has been buying 100 tons of gold every year (plus what they mine). They will let this current ruble die of hyperinflation, then roll out a gold-backed ruble. China and India are and will do the same. The BRICS will rule the currency roost, and their new cleaned-up version of SWIFT and LIBOR, and their commodities exchanges based on physical inventory will assure they stay in charge.

        The US doesn’t have gold to back a currency like the by the banksters at the Fed. As Jim Willie says, in order to trade, they’ll come up with a gold backed dollar for trade and a quickly devalued “scheiss dollar” for domestic use.

        The $1.1 trillion budget just passed by congress only lasts through September 2015… and it contains a proviso that the taxpayers will be on the hook to bail out the banksters when their $300 trillion in derivatives goes up in flames. All I can say is that if you don’t have precious metals and stored food, you’re in trouble.

      37. I find Fer’s comments about Argentina to be a bit disingenous, and he’s the only person in/from Argentina that I’ve met that describes that period in that way. I have lived in Argentina since 2003, and everyone universally describes that period as horrible, but they don’t describe scenes of hyperinflation. They describe a panic in which the dollar peg (the “uno a uno”) was removed, and the peso collapsing to 25% of it’s value, then recovering to a third of it’s value. What people most talk about about that period is the “corralito”, which is basically an extended bank holiday, when banks kept people’s savings and ended up returning them a third of their money in dollar terms. The banks in the financial district wrapped the lower portions of their buildings in protective sheets of metal, and it was a common sight in 2003 to see people with hammers banging on those buildings. Argentines DO describe the late 80’s, specifically 1989 as a time of hyperinflation, where prices changed several times a day. Maybe Fer, who is probably quite young, is collapsing two time periods, one which he experienced directly, and another related by people older than he about a time 10 or 12 years previous to the last debacle, which could only be described as a depression with a currency collapse, but NOT hyperinflation, as people had no money.

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